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ECHOES Of The Past

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Echoes Of The Past (1.1)

The limo drove down the path, leaving a spray of gravel behind it. The driver didn't want to be caught by anyone, let alone members of the British Intelligence Community.

"I thought you were dead" Beckett said. He had recognised the voice coming from the front of the car. The only reason he had not placed it at once was that he really thought that she had been killed nearly seven years before.

"Rumours of my death were exaggerated Nicky - I am alive and well"

"And kidnapping and killing people" Ros added. She didn't know what was going on, or why she had been dragged in to it.

"Mr Mosby was not as helpful as his profile had lead me to believe. He turned Stephano down. Then you and Nicky turned up and forced the issue. It's sad - I don't know what his wife will say"

"So why did you need Adam's help?" Beckett asked "And why are you back in the country?"

"That's another story Nicky. One that we should only discuss when we get to where we are going"

"Which is where?" Ros asked.


Echoes of The Past (1.2)

The car came to a sudden stop outside the abandoned building. The driver got out and looked around. The street was pretty deserted and no one had been paying any attention to him anyway. The back streets of the town were like that - no one wanted to pay too much attention to anything, just in case it came back to bite them in the arse later on.

He started walking towards the building when another car screeched to a halt behind him. He turned quickly, his hand already on a gun hidden in his jacket, but relaxed when he saw the young woman climbing out of the car.

"Maxine. He called you in too?"

"It seems it's all hands on deck today Lorne. Micah sounded worried"

"That he did" Lorne Cash said to himself. It was a bit of an odd situation - Micah never worried about anything. Even in his position as head of the Emergency Counter Hostilities Organization he never seemed to let anything phase him. But the call he had received that morning - the one that had brought him and Max down there at some ungodly hour - had been from one very concerned person.

They went inside to find Micah sat in front of a console. He was talking to someone on the other end. He noticed his two agents come in and signalled they should sit down. Then he continued talking.

"Yes Mr President. I understand the importance of this. My two top agents will take care of it"

"I hope so Micah. If she is back in the country then anything could happen. No where is safe. Understand?"

"Yes sir. I will make sure she is caught and dealt with"

The line went dead and Micah sighed. He saw Max and Lorne looking at him and turned to face them.

"The Mage is back"

"The Mage?" Max asked.

"Codename for a mercenary. She hires herself out to the highest bidder" Lorne said "She is a genius at electronics - there is nothing she can not build, no where she can not hack in to" He turned to look at his boss "Do you know what she is after?"

"No. It could be anywhere. Given her previous jobs and her abilities we could start to narrow it down but that might be a dangerous thing to do" Micah turned back to the console "All we can do is try to find her. Then follow her until we get an idea of what she is doing"

"Do we have a picture of her?" Max asked "I mean - if we are going to follow her around then it might help to know what she looks like"

"As a matter of fact we do" Micah replied. He tapped a few keys and a picture came up on the console. A youngish black woman with bright eyes. "This is The Mage. Find her and capture her"

"Will do" Lorne said as he stood up.

"Count on it" Max added. Then they left.

Echoes Of The Past (1.3)

The car slowed up and stopped outside a nondescript building in the centre of the city. The driver got out and looked about. The city was busy - it was the middle of August - almost tourist season. She smiled a little and then walked towards the building.

"Miss Powers. It's nice to see you back. Was your little trip a success?"

"No. Harmony and I looked all over Tunisia for the damn scrolls. Nothing was there. We did sort of get interrupted by a few film crews, but they didn't find anything either"

"It's a pity. The scrolls Nyssa described could have been very useful to our cause - indeed to the world as a whole. Are you sure she was telling the truth?"

"I think she was. But when she died she took the location of the scrolls with her. After two years Harmony wants to give up - and to be honest so do I. I think I can make better use of my time - and of The Society's resources as well"

"And with that in mind I have some news. I was hoping your sister would come in as well - it kind of concerns her too"

"She wanted a little break. We have been together every day and night for the past six weeks. I think if we don't spend some time apart one of us is going to end up killing the other. Since that would be a bad thing we tossed for who would come in to work"

"Who won?" The director smiled.

"She did" Melody sighed, then looked up at the smiling face of her boss "Not that I don't like being here. It's a pleasure"

"I get the idea" He turned and picked up a file from his desk "We received a tip from an anonymous source. We think your father might be in danger"

Echoes Of The Past (2.1)

She looked at the note for the third time. It was such a short message, yet it now defined her future in a way that nothing had before. She had been summoned before a special sitting of the JSC to account for the recent events within B2.

She had been expecting it, but not so soon after the wedding. She had expected them to give her time to find her missing agents and to help Alex with her loss. But apparently Mr Dent did not want to give her the leeway she needed to fix it.

After Michaelson's death she had resigned as Jan. Then - when Dent took over and made a total hash of his term as DOIC, she had taken her job back. Within days of her decision two of her agents were missing and Adam had been murdered. The head of the JSC was not happy and wanted explanations.

She had left word with Ed about where she was going. She didn't know how long it would be, or if she would ever be allowed to talk to any of her staff again after the Committee made its decision so she figured she owed it to them to at least tell them why she had to go.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come" She said and was not totally surprised when two Marines walked in.

"We have instructions to..."

"I know. If you will give me one moment to finish up here I will come with you" She replied.

"You have two minutes DOIC, or you will be lead away in handcuffs. I don't think either of us want that"

"Fine" She turned back to her console and finished the message. It would be in the mail box when - if - Ed and Alex returned to work. Then she stood up and took a look around the office, knowing she might not return.

"Very well gentlemen" She said to the two marines "Lead the way"

Echoes Of The Past (2.2)

Alex stormed in to the office with Ed trailing behind her. For the past three days she had been lying in bed, crying over Adam. When she wasn't crying she was sleeping, but she stopped then when the nightmares became too much.

Then, the previous night, she had decided she had had enough of feeling sorry for herself. The people who had killed her husband were running around free. In all probability they had Nick and Ros too. She didn't know where she would start, but she knew she had to do something.

"Ed - don't stop me. I have had enough of not doing anything. I am going to find the people who killed Adam and I am going to make them pay. Now you can either help me or stay out of my way. But god help you if you try to stop me"

"I wasn't going to try Alex" Ed smiled "I was just wondering if you had any idea where you were going to start?"

"With Stephano" She replied, sitting down at Ros' terminal.


"Adam's friend - or at least that's what he said he was. I met him during the reception. Since everyone else there was accounted for it has to be him"

"Ok" Ed sat down at Beckett's terminal, then saw a message flashing "Alex - what's this?" Alex stood up and looked at the screen "It's a time delayed message. Must be from Beckett" She clicked the activate button. Jan's face appeared.

"If you are seeing this you will have come in to the office. I would like to be there but I have been summoned before the Joint Security Council to account for my actions over the past few weeks. I will return when I can, but until then you will have to carry on the Bureau's work without me"

The screen went blank and Alex and Ed just looked at each other for a moment.

"I take it that's a bad thing?" Ed said.

"The JSC control funding, staff and pretty much everything else for the Bureau" Alex said "And they have carte blanche to do what they want in the interest of National Security. I hope Jan can explain herself, or we might not see her again"

Echoes Of The Past (2.3)

She looked up at the screen behind the chairman and wondered how long they would keep here there. She had been sat at the end of the table for over two hours and the committee showed no signs of slowing down. Whether this was fuelled by Dent's accusations or not she wasn't sure. However she was sure he wasn't helping her case.

"It's clear she has lost the ability to do her job" Dent was saying, not for the first time "The death of a civilian. The death of a member of my staff. The abduction of two of her agents. The near disaster over the CatFlap incident - do I need to go on?"

"Mr Dent you have made your position quite clear" The head of the committee turned to Jan "Do you have anything to say in your defence?"

"Anything new?" She asked in a sarcastic voice "I can only tell you what I have told you before. I advised Mr Michaelson against taking part in the operation. He defied my orders and the orders of my staff. While I am not blaming him for his own death it was not wholly the fault of the Bureau either. Mr Mosby was not my responsibility. The security at the wedding was organized by the local police force. If I had been allowed to set up the security at the wedding - as I asked - then none of this would have happened. Mr Mosby would be alive, Alex would not be a widow and Mr Beckett and Miss Henderson would not be missing"

"And the debacle over the CatFlap disk?" Dent asked.

"You know as well as I do CatFlap was being kept at The Hive. If anyone is at fault it is the security at The Hive. If I had not intervened Wymark and his associate would have escaped with the money, and taken the entire world's banking system down with him. Just be glad I came back when I did"

"Without any authorisation you came in and hijacked a government operation" Dent said "You don't deny going way outside of your authorised duties?"

"It was a good thing I did" Jan replied. She realised she was shouting and took a deep breath "I did what I thought was necessary to ensure the good of the country. Can you say you did that too Mr Dent?"

Echoes Of The Past (2.4)

The computer was scanning through lists of contacts. Ed had never been a big computer person, but he was quite impressed at the depths of information the Bureau machines had. Right now it was looking through all the records of various criminal organizations, their members and any associates or friends of the members. He was pretty sure some of the stuff they had on the machines went way beyond the privacy laws, but right now he didn't care. The more he could find out about Stephano the quicker he could help his friends.

However the list was quite large and at the moment he had nothing to do. He stood up and walked over to where Alex was working. Rather than have two computers searching the same records Alex was looking in to Adam's background. Where he had gone to school, things like that. She had told Ed it was in an effort to find out how Adam had known Stephano, but he suspected she also wanted to find out as much about the man she loved as she could, and he wasn't about to stop her.

"Anything yet?" He asked.

"No. And the trail is getting cold" She snapped, then turned to him "Sorry. I didn't mean that. It's just..."

"I know" He replied "It's getting to me too" Suddenly his computer beeped. He looked at Alex then turned back to his computer. It was showing a face
"Alex - it's got something" He looked through the information on the screen then turned to her.

"It appears this Stephano was once part of an ultra radical student movement way back in the seventies. It was called.... The Lowell House Coalition"

"Lowell House?" Alex asked "Does it say where this group was based?"

"Just a sec.... Oxford"

"Adam's old college" Alex replied.

"Do you think he might have been a member?" Ed asked "It would explain how they knew each other"

"I will try to find out. What else is there?"

"It lists some of the other members - those who were of special interest to the authorities" He scanned through the list then stopped "There are two names with stars next to them"


"A woman named Jessica Ridley. She was listed as the defacto leader and the prime mover in most of the groups operations"

"Who was the other one?" Alex asked. When Ed didn't reply she came over and looked at the screen. She read down the lines then stopped. "You are kidding? I didn't think he was the type"