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A Collection of Middle-Earth's Best

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Things never go quite as planned in this specific group of dwarves.

From random attacks from Orcs to getting stuck in a mountain range with fighting rock gods, there is never a boring day. 

The attack from the goblins proved to make everything so much harder, and then almost right after the scare with those hideous beasts, Azog and his merry band of assholes corner Thorin's Company at a cliff side. Gandalf ultimately ends up saving your sorry butts with his call on the eagles, and Thorin almost dies. 

All this happens, and you find that you're as useless to the group as the flies that bother these unwashed dwarves throughout the day. 

Even as you were attempting to outrun the huge demon bear on everyone's trails, you were still useless to the group because of your inability to run as fast as the others. You held up the end of the running line, Bombur outrunning all of you despite all his pudge which would actually be quite the funny sight if you weren't all running for your lives.

Suddenly, a building came in sight and you tried to speed up, but you only stumbled and almost knocked over the dwarf in front of you. Both Bilbo and Fili who were holding up the back grabbed your arms, hoisting you back up without stopping. 

Once you regain your footing you fall back into the rhythm of running, able to make it the rest of the way without incident. Eventually Fili runs up towards the front as Gandalf and Thorin take the back to make sure no one gets left behind. "Run faster. Y/N!" You hear said mountain king yell, but you've got nothing left in you. The dwarves end up piling up on the door, none of them thinking to actually open the door, and when your body slams into Ori from behind, you use him as leverage to flip the hatch up.  

Everyone piles in, and they waste no time in forcing the door shut, hitting the large snarling snout of the beast. The door closes and the latch is secured, and then everyone finally gets a chance to just breathe. 

There is silence for a bit aside from the sounds of everyone breathing heavily, before Gandalf speaks slowly.

"That is our host." 

His dramatic timing makes you sigh, and you reach up and adjust your wild hair, looking around the large home skeptically. Even when everyone else's breathing starts to calm, you're still panting as your heart rate struggles to calm down.

Bilbo approaches after a few moments, his hand resting gently on your shoulder. "Y/N? Are you alright?"

You give him a simple nod, settling down on a mound of hay against the wall, "I'm fine, Bilbo. Just tired from all the running, is all." 

He pats your shoulder lightly in response, then turns and joins the others in speaking with Gandalf. 

Eventually you did completely relax, energy replenishing as everyone settled in for the night. Some of them are starting to drift off to sleep already, but your mind is running a mile a minute It seems you have no hope of actually getting any rest.

Many thoughts come and go, but eventually your mind decides to settle on the usefulness of your role in this group. 

You don't cook like Bombur, burglarize like Bilbo, do magic like Gandalf, lead like Thorin or his nephews, hell you can't even grasp simple medicine like Oin. You were just a stupid little hobbit girl, tagging along with her brother because she didn't want to be home alone. You don't even have a proper weapon to protect yourself with, the dullness of the blade you were given only dueling that of the intelligence of a troll. 

These reflections only made you feel discouraged and dejected, your mind wandering to the possibility of everyone seeing you as nothing but a liability.

After a bit more of dwelling on this, you began to upset yourself greatly.

You can feel yourself becoming emotional, and when you can no longer withhold your sorrows you get up and rush off to a more private area of the large house to avoid grabbing anyones attention.

When you finally achieve seclusion, you sit yourself down and bury your face against your knees, trying to fight the self doubting thoughts plaguing your mind. They've no proper place to call home, and the hardships the have suffered are great, so what right do you have to drag them down? 

You hear the distinct sound of hay crunching under the weight of someone's feet, and you find yourself looking up rather quickly. 

Fili and Kili stand in the open doorway of the room you entered, both of them looking straight at you with matching expressions of confusion and worry.

You hurriedly wipe your face and offer up a forced smile to them. "O-Oh Kili, Fili... I didn't hear you two get up", you pause and clear your throat, "Is something wrong?"

The puffiness around your eyes and the obvious tear streaks on your cheeks are clear indicators as to why you left so suddenly, and you can see that they're trying to process what's going on here. 

The two brothers exchange a look, and then they both walk over and plop down on either side of you.

You look between the two slowly, questioning showing clearly on your face.

Kili's heavy arm rests over your shoulders, and he leans in closely. "Y/N, whats got you down so? It's practically killing us seeing you so sad like this."

You shift around a bit, looking at him shyly, "I-I'm not upset! I am... having an allergic reaction..." Wow, you can't even come up with excuses properly. Where will your horrible pathetic-ness end? 

Next to you Fili chuckles, and you feel yourself becoming even more embarrassed.

Fili shifts next to you, and then his head is laying in your lap as he stares up at you with his big blue eyes.

You look down at him for a moment, then tilt your head back and close your eyes. "If I tell you, you will both laugh at me." You state simply, strangely comforted by the two brothers presences despite your apprehension to share. 

Kili reaches over with his other hand and gently turns your head towards him, looking at you seriously, "There is nothing you can say that would make us laugh at your sorrows," he assures with a small smile, "You can tell us anything." 

A moment of silence passes by where you just look at him, searching his face for any sign of deception of insincerity.

When you find none, you let out a long and overdramatic sigh and begin, "I..." you clear your throat, "I don't provide anything for the group. I slow you all down. Even Bilbo has done so much more than I, and he claimed to hate adventures. All I do is... fall and stand in the middle of the group why you all put your lives on the line." You're amazed that you're able to say it so clearly while keeping the tears a bay, but your resolve is quickly declining. 

You sniffle quietly, a small whimper leaving past your lips. You breath heavily a couple times then hide your face with your hands shamefully, "I-I'm sorry, um, I..."

Fili sits up from your lap and you feel the arm around your shoulders pull you a bit closer. "Is that really what you think? That you drag us down? That's ridiculous." It's Fili who speaks up first after your explanation, but you find yourself doubting his words. 

Kili removes his arm from your shoulders and pulls your hands from your face while he offers you a reassuring smile. "You bring many things to the group, Y/N. I mean... we all enjoy your company, Fili and I think you're great you know, and you think quickly on your feet." 

The doubt still shows on your face as clear as day, and you retort in frustration. "Enjoying my company doesn't keep anyone safe, Kili! I'm useless! Completely useless to this group, and to the both of you. Even Bilbo thinks I should've stayed in the shire, and he's right!" You don't mean to snap at them, and your anger isn't actually directed at them, but you're just so furious with yourself. You take a deep breath and whimper out, "And now I'm being a total jerk when all you're trying to do is make me feel better!" 

They both exchange a worried look. 

Fili reaches up and cups your face gently in his hands, and you can see determination in his eyes. "Remember today when the beast was chasing us, and none of us had the brains to open the door? Remember how you jumped up and unlatched the door so we could all file in?" You give a slow now, eyes flickering between him and his brother who still hold your hands rather tightly.

Kili then speaks up, "What about the time when the trolls had us all caught, and you convinced those fools that eating you was would poison them and you released our ponies?" You give another slow nod.

Fili speaks again, "Or when the goblins were chasing us after Gandalf killed their king, and you cut the ropes behind us as we went so they couldn't follow?" 

You are beginning to understand what they're getting at. 

"I-I guess I see what you're saying..." Your voice is whispery as you look Fili straight in the eyes, watching as a smile lights up his face. 

"You've got to be one of the smartest in our group."

"And the prettiest!" Chimes in Kili.

You feel your face heat up at that, your eyes dipping down to look at the hay shyly. "I-I don't know about that..." 

The brothers laugh loudly, and you smile a bit at their joy. "There it is! She's smiling Kee. Look how pretty she is when she's smiling instead of crying!"

This time you laugh a bit, sniffling quietly because of how terribly stuffed your nose is. "S-Shut up you two, you're embarrassing me", you're mumbling again, but the smile betrays your feelings to them. 

Kili releases your hands and Fili lets your face go, but neither of them move to leave.

Fili sounds more serious when he speaks, "You're not useless you know. We know that you won't just drop everything you believe and listen, but it really is true."

Chewing gently on your bottom lip, you nod your head slowly to let him know you understand what he means. "I-I understand... um, thank you two, for, uh, talking to me, I-" You're silenced suddenly by a weight on your mouth, and it takes you a few moments to realize that you're being kissed - by Kili. 

He pulls away after a few moments, and you're about to say something before the same weight returns, only this time it's Fili who's kissing you.

When he pulls back, you're in a daze. They'd only kissed you for a few seconds each, but that's enough to fluster you.

They are both looking at you with cheeky smiles, meanwhile you're so red someone may mistake you for a fruit. 

"We've made her all red, but I think it suits her." Fili states proudly. 

"Don't be so loud, Fee, Bilbo will kill us if he thinks we've done something to her."

"Oh, good point..." he mumbles quietly. His expression brightens suddenly and he perks up as if struck by a great idea, "but I'm thinking that I need to kiss her again, incase I am to forget." 

"And me as well!" Kili agrees. 

You tap your finger against your knee a few times, listening to them speak back and fourth quietly. Honestly, you've not a clue what to make of this. "Boys... perhaps we should all go to bed and sort things out in the morning?" Two pairs of eyes move to you, and two mischievous smiles light their faces.

"Ah, good point. Go ahead and lay down, we'll both keep you warm!" Kili states cheekily, pulling you closer to him.

Fili laughs, wrapping his arm around you gently. "Common, stop teasing her brother, I think her head will explode if she gets any redder." 

That one makes you laugh, and you find yourself almost finding this normal. 

Which is why you chance a soft, and very bashful, "I-If you want to share a sleeping space... I won't, um, be upset about it."

They smile again, and now your bed arrangements have been sorted for the rest of the trip. 


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The two of you have been two peas in a pod ever since you can remember. There were very few people allowed around the sons of Denethor, especially Boromir being as Faramir was always the least-liked child, but being the daughter of a noble family did have its benefits in that regard.

But the constant weight of knowing you'd someday be married to someone you don't love kept you down a lot of the time.  

Growing up, you were one of Faramir's only friends. He was blamed for the death of his mother, so his father's viciousness against him naturally steered other children away from him. You didn't care though. He was nice, and fun to play with, so you spent the majority of your free time with him. 

By the time you were a teenager, you had fallen for him (maybe more of a crush), and your time spent together started to mean even more to you. Not that it meant little before, but when you're in love everything just seems to be so much better.

When your mother came to you one day, though, and explained that someday your father would choose for you a husband, your heart shattered into a million pieces. At least it felt that way. You hadn't even thought about marrying the man you fell for, much less some man whom you've never met. That very day you ran to Faramir, tears running down your cheeks as uncontrollable sobs racked through your body. He held you and let you rant your sorrows away until you could cry no longer and he could coax a smile out of you.

"I won't let you marry some man you haven't met! Even if I have to marry you myself!" He had said to you. It got a laugh and a bright smile from you.

You both shared your first kiss that day. 

From there, the feelings you both held for each other only grew, as did the constant fear looming over you that someday you would be forced to leave him. Your relationship with the stewards younger son had been kept a complete secret, with fear of what his father would do if he were to find out. 

These thoughts of the past are what plague your mind now as you sit under a tree outside the gates of Gondor. All is calm for the time being, and you are at peace, simply staring out at the shining lake ahead. 

You are so lost in your thoughts that you don't hear Faramir approach where you sit, nor did you hear him clear his throat. He finally catches your attention when he settles to sit next to you, his leg pressing up gently against yours.

You turn your head rather quickly, shock apparent on your face for just a moment before a smile breaks out onto your face. "Faramir! When did you get there?" 

His smile reflects your own, and his answer reflects his amusement, "Just now of course. But I suppose that faraway look in your eyes explains why you didn't hear me approaching." He drapes his arm around your shoulders, allowing you to lean into him. "What had you so distracted, my dear?" 

Voicing your thoughts would undoubtedly prove to be a bit embarrassing, but you never hid anything from him, nor did he, and you aren't planning on starting now.

"I've just been thinking about the past is all. Faramir... there is something important I need to discuss with you", you had to get it out now, otherwise, you'd never be able to work up the courage again.

You can tell by the way he looks at you that he's confused and a bit worried, so you offer up a soft smile. "I know not how to say this without causing you to worry, so I suppose I'll just say it... my mother has informed me that my father...", you pause, biting your lip nervously, "My father has found me a husband." 

The look on his face morphs, and suddenly all the happiness is gone from his features.

He presses his hand against your cheek lightly, shaking his head decisively, "I won't allow it!" Is his opening line, "I-I'm practically a prince, I'll tell your father that I wish to marry you, he won't make you then, will he?" The way his voice breaks and he stutters breaks your heart, and as much as you want to tell him that he won't, you don't know for sure. 

A soft sigh leaves your lips as you press your forehead gently against his, "I don't know... b-but we can try, can't we?"

His thumb smoothes gently against your cheek, his eyes tender and slightly sad as he looks into yours. "I won't let you marry someone you don't know... someone who isn't me." 

You offer a small smile, pressing your lips lightly against his for a few moments.

Faramir's other hand moves up to cup the other side of your face, deepening the kiss. Your hands wrap around his neck securely, pressing against him heavily so that he's essentially holding all your weight. He doesn't seem to mind though, for he just pulls you further onto his lap. 

Pulling away after a few moments, you keep your forehead pressed against his and whisper, "I love you Faramir..." 

"And I love you."

You had been so sure that it would work. That Faramir asking for your hand in marriage would prove to save you from this abomination of a union. 

But as it turns out, marrying Faramir's father proved to be a better option in the eyes of your own father. 

When the news was broken to you, you felt numb. Your hand clutched in Faramir's dropped, and all you could do was stare.

"Father...The steward is many years older than me...," you begin hesitantly, quickly losing your grip on sense. "Y-You don't really wish to send me off to that man, do you?" You ask softly, tears gathering in your eyes.

Your father only scoffs, arms crossing over his chest stubbornly. "No daughter of mine will disobey me! Nor will she marry the lesser son of the man she has been promised to! He's had his eye on your for some time, and you will not disappoint."

You take a step back, feeling as if you'd just been hit.

Panic begins to settle in, and before long you feel as if your heart has stopped beating and your lungs have frozen. You can't seem to draw breath, and the tears stinging your eyes only further your descent into hysterics. 

So you run. 

You run, and run, and run until you can go no further. 

By the time your feet can no longer carry you, you aer halfway across the length of Gondor, sweating and panting as tears stream freely down your cheeks. You collapse to your knees behind a tree and just let yourself cry, arms wrapped around yourself tightly.

Your grip lessens though when you feel a pair of strong and very familiar arms wrap around you. Releasing a very audible sob, you bury your face against his chest, hands bunching up in the fabric of his shirt. "I-I can't marry him, Faramir! Not him, not your father!"

His hand strokes at your hair soothingly, holding you against him chest firmly, "I know, Y/N, I know. But... there is nothing I can do", he was whispering again, as if he didn't want to admit the words to even himself. "Your father told me that you have an audience with him in a week for dinner... I will be there. Perhaps we can convince him that this isn't right? He may be cruel but perhaps he is still reasonable." 

At this time, all you can manage is a weak nod. 


The day of the dinner with your 'betrothed' arrived much sooner than you would've liked.

You spent the rest of the days with Faramir, dreading the time for your audience with the 'king'.

Your mother dressed you up, did your hair, and enhanced your natural beauty in an attempt to make you as 'appealing as possible' for your husband-to-be. You feel beautiful, but you don't want to be beautiful for him. You want to be free to marry the one whom you love, not his goddamned father. 

You are seated at a chair along a grand table, a shawl covering your shoulders from sight as you await the stewards arrival. Faramir was already there, seated next to you since he refused to sit anywhere else. You simply stared down at the table, your leg bouncing up and down anxiously as you awaited the arrival of your to-be-husband. You felt a hand grab at yours, Faramir's, and squeeze your own gently. 

Glancing at him from the corner of your eye, you notice that his eyes are already trained on you, a reassuring smile on his face. "All will go well... even if we cannot convince my father, I will figure something out."

All you can manage is a nod. 

It feels like years before the Steward himself arrives into the dining area. He looks like a drowned rat with his hair slicked back and his slouching shoulders. You feel his prying eyes on you the moment he enters, your face flushing from both embarrassment and nervousness.

At the moment, you want nothing more than to disappear into the chair you sit on, or maybe for the ground to open up and claim you within it's depths. Anything is better than being here.

The deafening silence drags on forever, and dinner is served by the time the first person speaks, and surprisingly, it's Boromir, the favored son himself. "Y/N... It's nice to see you again." You had seen him just the other day, but you surely appreciated the distraction from the awkwardness.

"Y-Yes, and I you." Your reply is robotic, nervousness making your hands clammy and face red. 

"So. You are to be my betrothed then, an honor I would say." You had to physically keep yourself from flinching at his words, again all you can muster is a shallow nod. 

"Father... speaking of, I wish to tell you that this is a terrible idea. Y/N... she is younger than even I, 2 years younger than me in fact, father. It wouldn't be right for you to marry someone so young, the people would be appalled", Faramir speaks his piece while sounding a bit rushed, but you appreciate his words nonetheless. And it's not like he's bluffing or exaggerating either. Denethor is in his eighties, and you're only in your 30's. 

His father doesn't like what he has to say, though. "Not right? And who are you to tell me what is and isn't right? My lesser son, telling me not to marry a beautiful young woman to produce you more brothers."

You cringe at his words, bunching your hands up in the skirts of your dress.

Meanwhile, his sons both look appalled.

"Father!" Boromir protests, looking over at you with a positively alarmed expression on his face.

You still say nothing, though you appreciate Boromir's attempts at smoothing things over. He's known of you and Faramir for years now and has always approved of the two of you. 

"If you only showed up to try and dissuade me from this marriage, then you might as well just leave because I am not going to discuss this with the likes of you. Get out of my sight." Denethor hisses cruelly, ending all attempts at negotiation with just a few sentences.

Faramir doesn't move to leave right away, but more harsh words from his father and the calling for the guards drive him out of the room rather quickly. You can only watch him leave helplessly.

"Father, I know you like not to hear of it but Faramir is right. She's only just reached her 30's, and her and Faramir-" 

You look at him quickly, shaking your head slightly. 

Boromir sighs and corrects himself, "Her and Faramir have been friends for a long time." 

Denethor only ignores Boromir - surprisingly - and looks away from him. 

His attention is now on you again. "Your father was rather hasty in having your things brought here. I'll have a guard show you to your room."

The rest of dinner is carried out in silence, and all hopes of being saved from this are extinguished. 


You are directed to a rather extravagant bedchamber with walls decorated in velvet, and a bed grand and soft enough to be fit for a king. The floors are decorated with lovely carpets as well, while the rest of the decor is just as over the top and luxurious as everything else.

Your things are all put away into a beautifully carved wooden wardrobe, but you can't find it within yourself to enjoy much of the scene with how heavy your heart rests in your chest.  

Throwing yourself down on the bed, you wrap your arms around yourself and huddle up against the pillows, wishing for nothing more than to be with Faramir and allow him to hold you. This aching in your heart refuses to cease, and neither will the fear that things can't be changed that poisons your mind.

You stay like that on your bed for quite some time, not noticing the way the door opens quietly as you lay there.

You don't notice the entrance of the steward until he demanded your attention.

"Stop wallowing in your self-pity and look at me."

Turning rather quickly, shock apparent on your face, you gape at his form standing at the end of the bed. 

Scrambling to your feet, you bow down quickly out of 'respect', more so formality, and glance around the room for any way out. You stand straight again and look at him, rather jittery from anxiousness. "W-What brings you here, my lord?" Your voice is soft from nerves, but you refuse to look away and give him the satisfaction of seeing your fear. 

There is a moment of silence, his eyes trailing up and down the length of your body rather grossly. "Take your gown off, and lay down on the bed for me."

You simply stare at him blankly, unable to process what he just told you to do. "W-What?"

"Don't make me ask twice."

You do as you're told. 

There was no way you could've possibly slept after what happened.

Instead, you simply lay there all night as he sleeps on the opposite side of the bed as you, and when the sun starts to rise you are quick to get out of bed. You dress quickly, and rush out of the room as soon as you are presentable. 

You hastily leave the 'castle' as soon as you reach the doors, practically jumping down the staircases as your brain yells at you to run. To escape and never look back.

You don't know where you are going, just that you need to be far, far away from that cruel man. 

By the time you feel that there is enough distance between you and Denethor, you are outside the city gates and leaning against a tree rather heavily.

Collapsing to your knees, you finally allow yourself to cry, for you didn't allow Denethor the pleasure of your tears the night before. Your hands begin shake so bad that you can barely even cover your face, so you draw your knees up to your chest and allow yourself to fall to the grassy ground. 

And you just sit there, hours passing by with little more than huffing, soft sobs, and shaking to accompany you.

Eventually the tears do dry, but the numbness that follows after makes you wish they would come back.

The soft sound of someone whispering your name is what brings you back to reality, for it's the first thing to actually register after your breakdown. At some point you managed to prop yourself up against the tree, curling in on yourself pitifully. 

You turn your head up slowly, eyes met immediately with the sight of a disheveled and very worried Faramir. You couldn't muster up even a smile, you just turn your head away to avoid looking at him as shame burns your cheeks. 

He kneels next to you, grabbing the sides of your face gently into his warm hands, comforting. "What has happened? Nobody's been able to find you since last night! I was so worried-" You start to cry again at the mention of 'last night',"Y/N? What's wrong?" 

Shaking your head out of his grasp, you whisper to him, "Your father..." You couldn't get the words out, chagrin enflaming your flesh as fresh hot tears run down your cheeks. You can barely stand to look at him, feeling guilty for what has transpired, like you betray him in some way. 

"What did he do, Y/N? I can't help you if you don't..." Realization dawns on his face suddenly. "N-No, he didn't-" You shake your head, pushing his hands away to hide your face once again.

He pulls you into his lap lightly, arms wrapping around you so tight you think your head might pop off. "Did he... completely...?" Faramir wasn't sure how to say it, how to even formulate the words properly. 

And the flood gates open. "H-He said that I-I was crying too much for him to enjoy himself", you recall bitterly, hands fisted in the front of his shirt, "S-So he stopped and let me lay there, my dress on the ground. He slept like I wasn't even there. Like I wasn't crying to myself and absolutely mortified."

His embrace tightens and his nose presses into your hairline lightly. He feels his heartbreaking each time you stutter or release a sob, blaming himself for not going to you as soon as dinner was over. 

You press your face against his chest, willing away the tears as you rest in his embrace. "I-I'm sorry Faramir..."

Your voice is so soft, he thought he might've imagined it. But his questioning quickly passes as he is appalled that you were apologizing. "Don't say that! What he did... it isn't any fault of yours... more of my own, I should've been there to keep you safe. I should've convinced him... I left you there alone..." Emotion breaks his voice and he stops. He didn't think it possible for his heart to hurt so much over a trauma non-physical.

Shaking your head quickly, you mumble against his chest, "Don't say that! I don't blame you... How could I?" 

He doesn't address your question and replies in kind, "And I don't blame you... but I cannot allow this to continue on, nor can I allow him to succeed next time..." He stops, and for a few moments he says nothing. "I see no other alternative other than... than leaving for Rohan together." 

It was your turn to be shocked. "We can't, Faramir. You're essentially a prince, Captain of the Gondor forces, they need you here." You tell him softly, grip tightening on his shirt. 

"I would give up everything for you, Y/N. A place that has a ruler cruel enough to do something like that... is a place I want no control over." There isn't a trace of hesitation in his words, and you find yourself, somehow, falling more in love with him. "I will travel to the ends of this earth if it would only mean that I can keep you safe and happy." 

You hiccup quietly, looking up at him with sadness and adoration together seeping through your entire being.

"I love you, Faramir..." 

He offers a smile, his lips pressing to your forehead. "And I love you, Y/N." 

Chapter Text

Sometimes you wonder what you wouldn't do for these three children.

Tilda, Bards absolutely adorable and super sweet youngest daughter, first told you she and her siblings needed your help with a little project. Of course, you couldn't say no to her cute little face (though you didn't quite know what you were agreeing to)! Then there was Bain, looking at you with his big blue doe eyes that reminded you of his father, saying that he knew you wouldn't approve. And finally, Sigrid, you weren't sure what you expected from her, but this certainly wasn't it.

Apparently, they needed your help messing with their dad.

At first, you'd said no.

The second time, you still said no. 

But the third time?

Oh, clever Bain, persuading you with his words. 

"Miss Y/N... You know our Da. He's always so busy, never smiling or having fun. We just want to make him laugh, and if you help us I'm sure he'll think that it's funny!"

His sisters both nod and the three of them all look at you hopefully. 

And then you're hooked. 

You thought back on this moment with both fondness and contempt, for your undeniable weakness when it comes to his kids is surely going to get you into trouble. 

Often times you will help watch them while Bard is away, and while he offered payment for your assistance with his kids, you kindly declined and explained how being with them is payment enough.

And it was true. You couldn't ask for a sweeter bunch to look after, even if they get mischievous every now and then. 

You loved those kids as if they were your own, and you would do anything for them and their lovely father. 

But this? You should've never agreed. 

Tilda and Bain are distracting Bard outside the house with the cover of wanting to show him something, "completely amazing", while you and Sigrid are inside, switching out the clothes in his wardrobe with lovely dresses from your fathers shop (you promised that they'd be brought back, so he agreed with little persuasion) and stockings. 

After that is completed, Sigrid hands you a wooden bucket full of leaves, sticks, and nutshells and has you remove his bedding.

You strip the sheets from his bed and help her in spreading out the contents of the bucket onto the shallow mattress, then return the sheets to their former place while wiping your hands on the skirt of your dress. 

You turn to look at Sigrid and ask "Is that all?" You can't help the smile, slightly excited to see what his reaction will be despite your previous apprehension. 

You were already invited to dinner, so luckily for you, you don't have to wait to hear about it until the next day. You suddenly hear steps approaching the front door, so the two of you scramble out of his room to hide the evidence and appear normal. Tilda is saying something to her father, keeping him back as Bain opens the door and looks over at the two of you. Sigrid gives him a thumbs up and Bain nods. The two of you then rush into the kitchen to seem like you have been preparing dinner the whole time and avoid suspicion.

Tilda enters next, and then finally Bard. He looks pleased, and when his eyes land on you and Sigrid a wide smile forms on his face. Sigrid drops what she's doing and runs to hug him, earning a laugh from you as you continue to the cut potatoes you'd brought from your home. 

Sigrid nudges him over to you once she's done greeting him, and you don't hesitate in going in for a hug. His arms wrap firmly around your waist while you press tightly against him, meanwhile his sneaky kids giggle in the background. 

The hug doesn't last too long, but it still makes your heart flutter. After he releases you, you turn back to the potatoes rather hastily and go back to the job at hand to hide your growing flush.

"How was the water today, Bard?" You ask, feigning an innocent chime to your voice to disguise all your assistance in shenanigans.

"It was cold, but that doesn't change. I brought back some barrels that are in a rather good condition, as well, so I can get a bit extra coin for this load."

All you offer is a nod, listening along as Tilda excitedly shows him the doll you brought for her that morning. 

The four of them caught up while you continue to get the food going, a content smile on your face the entire time. 

It was so nice, sweet and tranquil, you almost forget about the jokes and tricks hiding in Bard's room. 


"Alright children, Y/N. I'm going to go get more comfortable. I'll be back." He turns, and just like that he's off to his room. His children start to laugh, and you allow yourself to giggle mostly to yourself as you await the inevitable yell. 

But there is no yell or gasp, or anything really. 

All he does is call your name. 

"Y/N? Come here for a moment!" He doesn't sound angry, but you can't help but feel a bit worried suddenly. 

Three pairs of young eyes land on you, your smile long gone as you stare at each and every one of them. "I won't hesitate to tell him that you all put me up to this, you know." You get three collective nods, "I'm glad we understand each other, then. Now, run outside and play while I take care of this." You offer a smile, then head to his room with a mask of innocence on your face.  

Upon entering his room, you notice one of the dresses on the floor and another hanging from his hands, both confusion and light amusement showing on his face. When he sees you he raises an expectant eyebrow and purposefully drops his small grin, "There you are. Care to explain this?" When he says 'this' he shakes the heavy garment in his hands.

All you do is offer a lame shrug, biting your lip gently to hold back your grin. "Explain what? Is something wrong with your wardrobe, Bard?" Keeping your voice level, you flash him a sweet smile. "I think you've picked a rather lovely gown for the evening." 

You hold your hands behind your back as you watch him size you up, the amusement on his face only becoming more prominent. "Well if I were to pick a gown for the evening it would certainly not be this one." He places the dress down and continues, "It would seem that my clothes have disappeared and been replaced with dresses from, coincidentally, your own wardrobe. Any idea on how that happened?" 

Shaking your head, you walk over and take a seat on his bed, ignoring the uncomfortable poking on your bottom from the leaves and sticks under his sheets. "I've not a clue. Take a seat and we can discuss it." You can see the distrust clear as day on his face, but he takes a seat nonetheless only to jump back up with a cry of surprise. 

At this point, you can't help but finally let out a loud laugh. And when you start, you find that it's impossible to stop. Your hands clutch at your stomach and you fall back onto the bed, hysterical from the simple joke. You're so caught up in your hysterics you're not even bothered by all the earthly things poking at your body as you lay there. 

Your laughter ceases rather abruptly when the bed dips down on either side of you, and you know exactly what kind of weight it is. Your eyes open slowly, vision blurry from tears of laughter, but the figure hovering above you is unmistakable. You blink a few times to remove the tears, and you can feel your face flush almost immediately, your gaze focusing in on Bards own which is trained on your face. 

He shifts his weight to one arm, the other moving so his hand gently brushes against your cheek, the amusement gone and replaced with something different and more alluring. Suddenly, his face is hovering just above yours, his lips barely an inch away and positively teasing you.

The two of you stay like that for a few moments before he presses his lips down against yours, and you don't hesitate in burying your hands into his hair.

His chest is pressed down against yours, his actions only spurred on by you tugging him closer by his hair. 

The hand caressing your cheek slowly slides down to rest at your waist, simply letting it rest there until you pull at his dark locks once more and make him press his fingers into your side. 

The two of you carry on like this for a few minutes, and the innocent lip lock transforms into something more passionate. He ends up biting and sucking at your lips as you allow him to have complete control over the kiss, enjoying his hovering form and the more intimate nature of this moment.

Finally, he pulls back, and his shallow breaths fan across your face in a similar fashion to your own. Your fingers are still tangled in his hair, and you can tell your lips are undoubtedly as swollen as his. You can't help the shy smile from creeping onto your face, nor can you resist the boyish smile he flashes you in response despite him being anything but a  boy .

Bard's knuckles brush down your cheek gently, his own smile reappearing as he observes the way he can so easily undo you, "If you continue to look at me like that then I don't think I'll be able to stop...", Your face was red from breathlessness before, but now you were most definitely the color of a newly ripe apple.

Still, you find yourself saying despite your coyness, "Then don't stop..." 

There's a brief silence, his eyes searching yours as if he were unsure, but when he sees no hesitation or discomfort he relaxes.

"Perhaps later, sweetling... I'm afraid my children don't much like to be kept in suspense..." Ah yes, something you definitely have experience with.

"But of course, they do take after their father after all", you sound amused like before, earning a chuckle from Bard.

He returns to his feet slowly, seemingly reluctant to remove himself from you. When he speaks again, he sounds both bashful and roguish at the same time. How he manages that, you don't know.

"I would very much like it if you were to stay the night... and, perhaps, every night after." 

Chapter Text

You don't know exactly how long it had been since the two of you came together as lovers, ac couple hundred years ago give or take, but each year has been a blessing. 

When he decided to journey to Rivendell for the meeting regarding the Ring of Power he insisted that you stay behind, fearing the possibility of something happening to you. But you paid that no mind, telling him rather firmly that you refuse to back down on the matter, that you will go wherever he goes.

So you went with him, and the two of you were joined at the hip the entire time. 

You both fought together, bled together, laughed and cried together. You loved together. And neither of you would have it any other way. 

The journey wasn't over yet, though. 

It's dark out, and the two of you are keeping a lookout under the stars as everyone else, who require sleep, rest. The two of you are hanging out at the bottom of a tree not too far from camp, speaking idly and occasionally surveying the area around.

Legolas is talking about the stars passionately, the wistful excitement in which he speaks only causing you to feel excitement yourself. His arm rests around your shoulders while his other hand points up at different constellations so he can show you which pattern he's speaking of at any given time.  

He is adorable, fawning over the sky as he holds you against his side. 

Listening proves to be quite entertaining, but you suddenly have an urge to play with those lovely blond locks of his, so you reach up and begin to run your fingers through his hair, noting the way he pauses his little speech to look over at you with curiosity sparkling in his eyes.

You lay your head on his shoulder lightly, eyes closed as you enjoyed the tranquil night. He squeezes you against him gently, relaxing against you comfortably. " Gi melin*,  Y/N...",  *I love you

You offer a coy smile as part of your reply, still gently threading your fingers through his hair. "And I love you...perhaps I could get a kiss?" You ask softly, removing your head from his shoulder to look up at him with a smile.

He offers his own smile in return, leaning down slightly to press his lips against your own. 

Keeping your hands buried in his hair you return the kiss more fervently, his own fingers dragging down your sides slowly in response to your eagerness. You can't help but shiver slightly, fingers lightly tugging at the roots of his hair to elicit a stronger response from him.

He releases a quiet groan before pulling back slightly, "Are you attempting to seduce me,  meleth* ", there is amusement evident in his voice, but no small amount of desire. *love

It feels like your face is getting warmer, and it is, from redness. You shake your head quickly, letting your hands slide down from his hair to his shoulders, "I-I'm not trying, but if you see it that way then it must be working?" You can't keep the question out of your voice, but he only laughs and pecks your lips again. "I think it is... but you need to behave yourself because we are still on watch." 

This only makes you laugh lightly (and disappointedly) as you squeeze his shoulders, "Watch? When has that stopped you before?" You ask slyly, running your fingers down his chest slowly.

Legolas reaches up and grabs your hands in his own, squeezing them lightly, "Y/N..." He says warningly, though amusement shows clearly on his face. You press forward and push your lips back against his again, easily getting him to melt into you. 

His hands release yours and you press your palms more firmly against his clothed chest, pushing him back against the tree gently as you move to straddle him. Legolas's hands fall to your waist, resting there lightly as you pepper kisses from his lips to his jaw, then along the length of his neck.

His grip on your hips tightens as he pulls you closer, your chests pressing against each other acting as an anchor for you. He tilts his head up to give you more access, relishing in the feeling of your lips expertly claiming his throat and pulse point.  

As you litter kisses and small kitten nips at his throat, you feel the beginnings of his excitement pressing against the bottom of your thigh.

You pull back, albeit reluctantly, and press your forehead against his, "Legolas..."

He offers you an embarrassed smile, gently rubbing his hands up and down your back, "I cannot help myself around you,  meleth ." 

This earns a laugh from you as you reach up to cup his face in your hands, "I feel the same, but I don't think I'll be able to satisfy you like this."

He only shakes his head, gently playing with the ends of your hair as he calms the fire raging between the two of you, "That's fine... allowing me to hold you is enough for me." 

What a doll. You can't help but to snuggle up against him and close your eyes, simply allowing the moonlight to illuminate the two of you as the throes of passion and fires of need douse into something more tender and innocent once again.

You lay your head against him and close your eyes, for you know you will always be safe in his arms. 

The two of you return to your slow, quiet moment from before and really appreciate the feeling of being wrapped up in each other's arms, for you know this could all end in a moment's notice with the stroke of a sword or snap of a bow. 

Time passes by slowly, yet quickly at the same time as you sit there.

Just enjoying the moment. 

Chapter Text

You don't know how many nights this has gone on now. It feels like a thousand, but that's just an exaggeration. 

Most nights you opt for sleeping on the outside of the group, dwarf, sleep, circle thing. The wishes of the others is for you to sleep in the middle of the group where they can help keep you safe, they wish the same for Bilbo as well, but the two of you simply can't handle that night after night. Bilbo is a sweet little hobbit, and you're a human, so naturally, neither of you can handle the mannerisms they partake in when they rest. 

One may ask, why the hell would you chose to sleep in the cold away from all the dwarves and the fire? 

Your answer to that is simple really. It's a mixture of many inconvenient things. 

The blanket stealing. 

The unconscious passing of gas.

The kicking. 

The personal space getting invaded. (you didn't mind this one as much since the body heat kept you nice and toasty at night)

And worst of all.

The snoring. 

To be honest, these things aren't even that big of a deal, but each day you convince yourself it is terrible and simply unbearable, and each night you regret your decision to sleep on the outside away from the fire and comfort of your friends. 

At least you aren't completely alone though, for Bilbo shares a sleeping space outside the dwarf pile and away from the fire with you. He always seems to be comfortable though despite the cold. 

And now here you are again tonight, curled up in on yourself next to a tree with mister Bilbo Baggins, shivering underneath your bedroll and wrapped up in your blanket.

Your back is pressed against Bilbo's underneath both your bedrolls, but the indirect heat from the hobbit does nothing to ease your shivering, unfortunately.

Finally releasing a frustrated groan of defeat, you sit up and wrap your arms around yourself, teeth beginning to chatter uncontrollably. 

You hear some shuffling nearby, and then someone whispers your name. "Y/N?"

You turn your head towards whoever it is, eyes meeting Fili who is also now sitting up in his bedroll too. Offering a sheepish smile, teeth still chattering, you whisper back, "S-Sorry. Did I w-wake you?" You're not able to keep yourself from stuttering embarrassingly. 

He flashes you a sympathetic smile, seeming to understand what's wrong. "I can't sleep when I can clearly hear you shivering over there."

This draws a sheepish laugh from you, redness flushing your cheeks and providing a bit of warmth to your face. He gestures for you to come over, successfully making your heart flutter. You sit there for a moment before making up your mind, getting up and walking over to him. You plop down next to him with your blanket still clutched tightly in your hands and glance up at him shyly with your fingers buried in the soft material of your blanket.

Offering you another smile, he reaches around you and pulls you closer to himself. "You're freezing Y/N. Why do you sleep all the way over there when you're this cold?" He asks, rubbing your back delicately. You could feel his warmth practically seeping into you, your shivering calming down as he holds you. 

He presses one of his hands into the back of your head to gently guide your cold face into the crook of his neck. From the way he inhales sharply you can tell that your freezing nose and forehead aren't the most comfortable, but he keeps you there nonetheless and rubs a large hand up and down your back in a soothing and warming manner. 

Your hands are pinned between your chest and his, and you can feel your heart beating fast. The hand closest to the center of his chest picks up on his own rapidly beating heart, and a small, pleased smile appears on your face when you realize he's just as nervous and affected as you are. 

You mumble a quiet thank you, fingers loosening on your blanket as you relax against him. The beginnings of sleep are already taking over, and soon you're being lulled to sleep surrounded by this wonderful warmth and the feeling of his chest rising and falling with each breath.

Fili can't tear his eyes away from you, for he's not only awed that you actually joined him, but entranced at how peaceful you look pressed up against him like this. It's like a dream. A wonderful lovesick dream. And soon, after situating himself so he lay down with you half on top of him, he's also drifting off into a comfortable sleep with the most gorgeous women he's ever seen nestled in his arms. 

That night you have the best sleep ever, for you not only fell asleep quickly, but you also stayed asleep throughout the entirety of the night. You feel warm, safe, and calm. All is well in this tranquil little world containing nothing but you and Fili, holding each other and as comfortable as can be. 

At least, until the others start to wake up. 

You don't really know what woke you up first. Maybe it was the whispering. Maybe it was the sudden shadows looming over you the two of you...

Or maybe it was Fili being roughly shaken awake by a very amused Kili.

Fili jumped a bit when Kili started to shake him, looking down at you rather quickly to see if you were still there. Then he focuses upon Kili with a heated glare promising nothing good or fun in his future, "Shh! She's sleeping", he hisses, arms not retracting from around you. He trains his glare on everyone else gathering around, not really all that embarrassed luckily for him. 

You decide to pretend that you're still sleeping though, hoping to avoid any and all confrontation on this matter. So, you press your face further against his chest to hide the oncoming red from onlookers and hear more soft laughter and feel someone clap Fili on the shoulder. "Congratulations, Fili." 

"Go away you beardless animals!" He's whisper yelling again, and you can feel his arms subconsciously squeezing you tighter against his chest.

The hovering shadows begin to disappear, and then you feel Fili relax once more. His hands move up and down your arms slowly, and then there's a light kiss being pressed to the top of your head.

You open your eyes up slowly, turning your head up to look at him. "Fili..."

His eyes meet yours and a smile breaks out on his face, "I hope they didn't wake you up... you look embarrassed." He must've known you were awake already.

"I-I didn't mean to fall asleep on you, Fili. Everyone was making fun of you..." Your eyes drift away from him, redness creeping up your neck from embarrassment again.

Fili only laughs though, brushing his fingers down your cheek tenderly with a fond expression on his face, "Don't mind that, Y/N. You were supposed to fall asleep. And... well, I would take all the teasing in the world if I it meant I could awake with you in my arms each morning." 

If you weren't red before, you sure are now. 

All you can manage in response is a rather lame, "R-Really?"

He laughs again before dipping down to press his lips against yours firmly, and you don't resist, only pressing yourself closer to him. Your hands press against his cheeks gently, the scratchy texture of his beard eliciting a few giggles from you.

He pulls away slowly, a smile matching your own on his face again. "I guess it's not too much to assume that you appreciate me as I do you?" 

You offer a nod, and then he's kissing you once again, rolling over so he hovers above you. 

Of course, the moment is quickly ruined by the sound of someone yelling at the both of you to get a room.

Your face burns red, and you sit up, legs pressed together as he straddles your thighs. You look up at him coyly, bitting at the inside of your cheek. 

"L-Let's get some breakfast.." 

Chapter Text

It has been a total of 2 month since you were brought to middle earth by some unknown force for some unknown reason. It's been approximately 59 days since your phone ran out of battery, and now you're left with a backpack full of now-useless things you were bringing to a cafe in the town you lived in. 

When you first fell into their world and became forcefully inserted into this quest, they wanted to leave you behind (since you were mostly moping deadweight), but Gandalf ensured that the abnormality of your arrival couldn't just be a coincidence and you'd most likely end up being useful at some point. So here you are currently, roped into an unexpected journey to some dwarven mountain that heir Thorin Okenshield needs to reclaim.

Now, you are a valued member of Thorin Okenshield's company, a member that they actually like. 

At first, you cried and denied everything, thus earning you some sympathy that you didn't want and words of acknowledgment and understanding that you didn't need. 

After your denial and depressive stage, you just began to accept it for what it was and roll with the punches, though not literally. You aren't allowed to fight yet. 

You even begin to learn and enjoy things along the way. Bombur taught you some of the basics of cooking, Fili and Kili constantly entertain you with their stupid jokes and bickering, Bilbo is always pleasant to speak with, Bofur tells you stories along with Balin who helped you learn some of the basics of this middle earth. Ori is a sweetheart too, and you enjoy trying to speak with Bifur even if you can't understand what he is trying to say to you. Even Thorin is growing on you, and you him.

In exchange for what they taught you, you help them where you can and teach them quite a bit as well. Your unique viewpoint is something that has proven to be rather useful.

As mentioned before, when you were transferred here against your will, you had a backpack with you. A colorful galaxy bag that you liked to carry around back when you were on regular earth. You always keep your bag with you no matter what, refusing to ditch it even when you need to get rid of things weighing you down. Some of them have urged you on multiple occasions to go through it or chuck it, but you can't quite bring yourself to do either. You haven't gone into it since you got here, having forgotten what was in it already, and you are afraid of losing what little you have left of where you lived before. Anything can happen, after all. 

Of course, you know you can't hide from your past forever, so you decide that today's the day to go through your bag and get rid of the, now, useless things so you don't drag the others down anymore. Before you were afraid of falling back into your depressive state, fearing that a single look at your mementos will cause you to relapse, but you know that dancing around the problem is only causing more issues. You have more people to think about other than yourself anyway. 

You sit on the ground in front of the fire, pulling your backpack up into your lap.

For a few moments you just stare at it, playing with one of the zippers idly as you try to recall the things you packed that day. You almost chicken out, the thought of getting rid of anything at all dampens your mood, but you have to start pulling your own weight. So you swallow your nervousness and slowly open the biggest pocket, peering inside. You have a book, a few notebooks, a big package of gummy worms, and your computer.

You pull your computer out first, running your fingers along the smoothness of the lid. 

"What's that Y/N?" You hear someone call from around the fire, Kili. 

Offering a small smile, you open it and show it to everyone (they all started paying attention at Kili's call).

"It's my laptop. See, when it's charged it turns on and I can look things up on this thing called the internet, I've told you about it, I used to do my work on here." You get a bunch of collective nods, some of the dwarves scooting closer to you to get a better look. You hand it off to Bofur who is sitting next to you, and he looks at it as they begin passing it along.

While they marvel at your computer you move onto the book in your bag. It's by your favorite author, but you never got the chance to finish it. You go ahead and place it back into the big pocket, because it's never too late to finish reading, and take out the notebooks and quite literally throw them away from you, not wanting to look through them at the moment.

Most of it is boring work related shit, anyway, but one of them is more of a journal than work book. A journal containing notes from your little siblings, like the parking violation your youngest sibling gave you that one time when you blocked their bike.

You haven't the patience or heart to go through it right now, otherwise you will most definitely cry. Ori picks up your notebooks, equally confused like everyone else as to why you seemed to agitated about it. Though, he figures it pretty quickly when he opens the notebook and sees all the notes from your family and thoughts and opinions jotted down on separate pages. Nori and Dori peeked over his shoulders at it, but you simply ignore them. 

Finally taking out the gummy worms, you squish them a few times. They're still squishy and soft, and you find yourself smiling brightly. You had bought a large bag of them from the grocery store the day you were brought to middle earth and haven't even opened them yet. 

You went ahead and popped the bag open, excitement lighting your features. This was the last of your candy from home.

"Is that food, Y/N?" Bombur calls, earning a laugh from you.

"These are gummy worms, Bombur! They're my favorite candy from where I live..." The wistful look on your face brings smiles to everyone else's, none of them ever having seen you so you look so nostalgic and happy before. 

"Worms? You eat worms where you're from?" Dori asks incredulously.

This elicits a laugh from you, the smile on your face unwavering, "They aren't real worms. They're just shaped like them as, well, as a theme." The explanation seems to ease some of the disgust showing on everyones faces. You pull one out of the bag and show it to Nori who is to your left.

It was a red and white one that you pulled out first, and he accepted it to you when you offered it.

"Go ahead! Try it!" You're so much more enthusiastic than usual, and they can all see it.

Nori cautiously does as you ask, biting the top off experimentally. His face lights up immediately and he exclaims, "It's wonderful!", the others immediately start asking to have one as well.

You pass them around to everyone, showing them all the different colors they come in. Even Thorin asks to have one, and you go ahead and give him two.

Fili and Kili jokingly take each others, fighting over who gets which color, and the others laughing at their antics as they enjoy the gummy candy you share with them. 

It's pretty silly childish, yes, but you couldn't be happier. 

You grab one for yourself, looking at it as the excitement slowly leaves your face. The bag is still three-quarters full, but soon they will be gone and you'll never get to eat another again, because god knows they don't have anything like it here.

Trying to not let this get you down, you move onto the smaller pocket of your bag after shoving the thing you've decided to keep inside.

You see your wallet and a pair of gloves, and your scarf and umbrella are shoved to the bottom. Finally, you see your keys on a little hook inside your bag, and a small flashlight in the pocket next to it. You pull your keys out and hand them to Dori who was looking over your shoulder, then you take out your umbrella and flashlight and place them next to you. Leaving the gloves and scarf you take out your wallet and place it in between your legs, then once again pick up the flash light. 

"Who wants to see something cool?" You ask out loud, seeing all heads turn back to you from the other things you let them mess with.

You turn the flashlight on and shine it at Kili's face, earning a yelp from him and laughter from most everyone else. You shine it somewhere else quickly, not wanting to bother the younger brother too much.

"A torch?" Thorin asks, looking at it skeptically.

You shake your head.

"It's a flashlight. It provides light with a battery." 

He looks at it a bit longer before slowly asking, "May I?"

You flash him another smile and place it in the palm of his hand, fingers gently brushing against his own.

Once he's got it, he turns it on and waves it around a bit, looking at the white beam of light that shines around the camp.

"It's like Gandalf's white light from his staff..." pipes in Bilbo, who is holding one of your notebooks. 

"Yeah, kinda. I also have this umbrella that we use to keep rain off. It's mechanical." You lift the umbrella and open it up, feeling satisfied in the attention everyone pays to your things. It's out of curiosity you know and none of these objects are really all that awe inspiring to normal people, but you still can't help but to puff up with pride at how you manage to amaze the lot of them.

Closing the umbrella again, you place it down and grab your wallet, opening it up. 

You pull out the money first, the coins and few dollar bills you have.

"What's that you have there, Y/N?" Come's Dwalin's voice next to you.

Knowing that even he, the ever gruff and grumpy Dwalin, is interested in what you have increases your self-satisfaction.

You hand him the coins, pointing out how much each one is worth. "So, I had 5 pennies, 4 quarters, and a dime. So I have a dollar and 15 cents, and with my dollar bills I have 10 dollars and 15 cents." You enjoy teaching them these minuscule things for some reason. 

"Only 10? How do you survive on that?" Fili asks in shock.

You explained some aspects of the money system to him and Bilbo a few times before, so he understands that it isn't much.

"I'm glad you asked." You reply, pulling out your debit card theatrically. "Well, you see the rest of my money is on this. It's invisible, I guess. So when I buy something with this it takes money out of my account that I have at my bank. I have more then 10 I can promise you." He doesn't seem to really understand the method, but he nods nonetheless.

You toss your cards into the fire, then open up one of the flaps in your wallet. 

Everything goes cold for a moment. 

It had only been a month and you already forgot about this. 

A picture of you with your family there, and a note from your sibling(s) saying how much they love you from your last birthday. 

You just sit there for a moment, looking at the picture staring up at you from the palm of your hand. God, you miss them so much.

Suddenly, theres wetness on your cheeks and dripping down to your hands. You reach up and tap your cheek lightly. You're crying, and you didn't even realize. 

It hurts to look at, but you can't tear your eyes away from the photo or note despite that. Your hands start to shake, and you pull the picture out of its plastic covering slowly, a soft sob leaving past your lips.

Everything is silent you realize, and you can feel multiple eyes burning into you. But you can't bring yourself to focus on that. 

Your thumb runs down the smooth coating of the photo, your gaze flickering to each face on the picture. The note is stuck to the bottom of the photograph, and you find yourself looking at each childishly written word. 

Releasing another sob, you reach up and hide your face from everyone, the photo falling to the ground next to you.

You vaguely hear a bit of whispering and the sound of paper moving next to you, "It's her family", you can tell this time that it's Bilbo who speaks, he sounds so different than the others after all. 

And then you're enveloped into warm arms, and then another pair. And another, another, one more... and soon you're in the middle of probably the largest group hug in the history of everything. Your arms go around whoever was the first to hug you, and just sit there, sniffling and willing your tears to go away. 

Eventually the tears do dry up, and one by one everyone peels away from the comforting embrace. Though whoever held you first lingers a bit longer. 

You sniffle a few times, overheated from all the warmth being transferred onto you via said hug. Lifting your head up slowly, you see the comforting face of Thorin himself. He offers a smile, awkward slightly, but it still warm your heart. He drops his arms back to his sides and sits back down, glancing around at everyone else still looking at you with varying amounts of sympathy and their own sorrow.

"They look wonderful." He tells you in a soft voice, picking up the small photo from the ground to give back to you. 

A small, sad smile comes onto your face, and you nod your head. "They are... God they use to get on my nerves so badly," You tell him quietly, looking down at it again. "I miss it so much..."

You smooth your thumb across the glossy surface of the photo slowly, "They probably think I'm dead or that I've been kidnapped or something...," you pause for a moment to sigh shakily, then continue, "I can't imagine what they're going through right now." 

A small hand gently rubs your back and you glance over, seeing Bilbo sitting there as he looks out at the fire, "It's just like you to think about that when you're risking your life everyday by staying with this lot." He comments fondly, turning his head to look at you.

"Aye, it is." Bofur agrees, poking at said fire with a stick to move one of the logs while Fili and Kili nod their heads in agreement next to him. 

They're only trying to make you feel better, you know, but you can't help but to feel a bit flattered that they think highly of your character like that.

"I know we may not be them, Y/N, but we care for you all the same." Balin says from across the fire as he pulls out his pipe, his eyes soft and understanding. "We won't leave you to fend for yourself, because you're one of us now."

Ah, Balin has such a wonderful way with words.

His statement makes you smile a bit more brightly, and you dip your head gratefully, "Thank you for saying that, Balin." 

"We can take great care of you, just ask Bilbo!" Kili pipes up kinda loudly, earning him a jab in the side from his brother. 

Bilbo's expression turns sour, though only jokingly, as he grumbles, "Well, I wouldn't go that far." 

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Kili exclaims indignantly, as if Bilbo just insulted him very deeply. 

"Oh you know exactly what it means." Bilbo sasses back, glancing at you from the corner of his eye. 

Their antics draw a few giggles out of you, and, seeing how you're now laughing and forgetting about your worries, some of the others start to join into the silly argument. 

"I think we take care of you just fine!" 

"Well, maybe the lad has a point." 

"Shut up you old dwarf!"

Yeah, these guys are pretty great. 

Chapter Text

You're a worker a the local tavern of Lake Town, a waitress of sorts, and your main job is to serve drinks and bring in customers. The bringing in customers is easy, all you have to do is walk around in your dress and smile at people passing by. 

The hard part, you ask?

Serving the people in the bar.

You always get an assortment of creeps, drunkards, and, once in a blue moon, a few nice people.

Things usually go by without much incident, maybe the occasionally slap on the bottom and inappropriate comments, but things could be worse. You just do your best to be positive, determined to save up money so you can eventually invest in something yourself. Maybe a fabric shop, maybe a booth at the market.

Anything to get out of this horrible place someday. 

You're cleaning up for the day, occasionally refilling a drink or something for those lingering, and anticipating the end of the night so you can just go home.

The night goes by rather smoothly all things considered. Yeah, a couple dirty things were yelled at you and there were a few uncomfortable moments like that very forward man, but people kept their distance for the most part today, so it seemed like a pretty good day.

The last of the customers just left and you finish cleaning his table rather fast, really wanting to just get out of here already, and as soon as you finished cleaning up the dishes and tables, you head out (though not before collecting your pay). You tell your boss to have a good night, and then you're on your way home, watching your step to ensure that you don't step in-between any of the boards that pave the walk way. 

It happened once before. You were on your way and not quite paying attention to where you stepped and nearly fell into the lake. Luckily, Bard was there to catch you. Ever the hero he is, you're quite fond of him. 

It's almost pitch black outside, you probably would've fallen into the water if it weren't for the lamps lighting the walkways, but the lighting from the small candles really isn't all that great. Yes, you can see in front of you and a little ways down, but for a town surrounded by freezing, murky waters, you'd think they'd light the boardwalks better.

You make your way to Bards home with a smile on your face, the way the day went making you feel rather optimistic, and decide to make a stop. You enter a small shop and buy a few fresh apples for him and his children, and though it uses up the majority of your earnings from today you find that you'd much prefer to see the faces of his darlings light up at the treat than saving a few measly coins. 

After you pay the shop keeper and wish her a lovely evening, you go about on your way once again.

You're barely a minute away from your previous spot before you begin to notice the sound of footsteps close behind you. You furrow your eyebrows and turn your head a bit, still walking forward to avoid any awkward encounters incase this person isn't actually following you, and are surprised to see the dark figure of a man not too far behind you.

You squint slightly, steps slowing, and make out the figure of the of the man you kicked out for drinking too much and causing a ruckus. And by ruckus, you mean that he quite literally tried to kiss you while you worked and spouted countless filthy words at you. You got fed up and sent him on his way when he began to feel you up, because there's only so much you can take in one night.

Turning your head back forward you begin to walk a bit faster, clutching the bag closer to you.

Maybe he isn't following you. Maybe you're just being paranoid since it's night out. Yes, that has to be it. There's no way he's actually following you. 

He is. 

You hear the footsteps speed up in time with your own and you look back again, nervousness making you speed up once more. He just does the same, and then you start to run, holding your crappy cloth bag tight against your chest.

The hope you have is that he'll give up once you start running, but you have no such luck.

He starts to run after you and calls your name with a slur to his voice, he was so drunk you wonder how he even managed to walk let alone run, but you don't stop or look back again.

You turn a corner and run into a wall, falling onto your butt roughly as shock slows your reaction time. You scramble to your feet and turn (not wanting to be caught sitting like that), and find that the man is standing right in front of you now. 

His eyes are dark and not very happy, and the way his prying gaze observes you up and down make your skin crawl. 

The wood creaks slightly when he steps closer to you, still not saying a word which successfully unnerves you to no end. 

Suddenly, he reaches up and slams his forearms on either side of the wooden structure behind you, entrapping you against the wall with his arms on either side of your head.

Not sure what else to do, you laugh nervously and look around for anyone who may be near enough to help you.

But you're alone. 

Hopelessly, dreadfully, alone. 

"S-Sir I need to get home, s-so if you would move..." You stammer unintentionally and curse looking so weak and frightened in front of him, but you can't bring yourself to put on a brave face. 

He says nothing, simply staring at you completely quiet before he begins to lean in closer to you.

Right away you know he's going in for a kiss, again, so you turn your head to the side and yelp, "L-Leave me alone, please!"

And then he's latched onto your neck. 

Without another thought you jerk your knee up and nail him in the groin, successfully making him collapse to his knees and cry out loudly from the pain. Bard taught you that one, knowing fully well the evil men are capable of (especially in your line of work)

You snatch your apples back up into your hands (when did you even drop them?) and don't hesitate in attempting to run, but before you can even get in a step he grabs your dress in a vice grip.

A telling tear resounds throughout the empty walkway and you lose your balance and fall into the water with a cry.

The water is freezing, bone-chilling, and positively dreadful. It's so cold that your skin burns and panic settles in your chest as you claw at the water to fight back to the surface.

When you break through the surface of the water you gasp and sputter as harsh coughs rack throughout your body. With trembling fingers you grab at the end of the boards, and pull yourself up and onto the walk way once more.

You chance a look at the man and see he's still out of commission in a fetal position on the ground, and if you weren't so cold and frightened you'd probably feel pretty smug about it.

You push yourself up to your knees and look around for the apples, finding three of them floating nearby, the other one missing from sight. You scoop the three up and place them into your soggy bag, then make a bee-line for Bard's home once again, soaking wet, humiliated, and freezing cold. 

When you finally arrive you're completely numb from the cold.

You can barely move your fingers or toes, your neck is throbbing where that awful man bit you, and everything is burning despite the icy nature of your skin and clothes at the moment. 

To say you feel terrible would be an understatement. 

Your shaking hand knocks on the door slowly and in seconds the door is swinging open as you're met with the worried face of Bard. 

It seems he was waiting for you.

There's a short moment of silence, him just taking in the sight before him, before he's ushering you inside. "Y/N! God's, what happened to you?" He cries, pulling his coat off to wrap around your shoulders. "You're soaking wet!" His hands brush your wet hair out of your face, and he brings you to his room. "Sit down, I'll give you some clothes"

You shake your head quickly, chattering out, "I-I'll get your bed w-wet, Bard." 

"I don't care, sit down."

This time his tone is more demanding, so you listen and reluctantly take a seat. 

He goes into his wardrobe and pulls out one of his older button ups and a pair of his bottoms, lifting them up a bit to make sure they'll fit well enough.

Placing them next to you, he kneels in front of you and begins to help you pull off your shoes and stockings.

Usually you would be really shy about it, but you're so cold and freaked out that you just let him do it numbly.

He places the discarded underclothes next to him and stands, reaching up to hold either side of your face in his hands, "Get changed and we will talk after." He then leaved without another word. 

You grasp his hand before he can walk out and whisper, "Please don't g-go "

Bard looks at you in confusion, but seeing your desperate and ever sorrowful expression, he concedes and takes a seat next to you. "Do you need help, sweetling?" 

You shake your head 'no' and stand up on shaky legs, "N-No, just stay there..." 

It's very difficult, but you eventually manage to peel off your heavy and soaking dress and put on his offered clothes. You're warmer already, but your skin is still cool to the touch. 

As soon as you're dressed he stands and sits you down on the bed, looking down at you silently, seeming to deliberate on what he's going to say to you. 

Opening his mouth to speak, his eyes land on your neck and he pauses, his eyebrows furrowing worrisomely.

There's a moment of silence, before he slowly asks, "You've a bruise on your neck..." His fingers come up to gently touch it, and you lose it.

You know your face is red from warmth flooding to your cheeks, and then you feel tears begin to fill your eyes. You sniffle at first, and before you know it tears are cascading down your cheeks.

He reaches up and cups you cheeks with a delicate touch, concern evident on his face, and you waste no time in wrapping your arms around his middle and burying your face against his stomach.

When you do that his hands drop from your face and move too rest on your upper back, rubbing slow, soothing circles there while he waits for you to calm down.

Your tears begin to cease after some deafeningly quite minutes, and eventually you pull away with your head tilted downwards.

Bard kneels down in front of you, his large hands reaching up to hold your face. "Y/N... please tell me why you cry so... It hurts me to see you so distressed."

Reaching one of your own hands up, you grasp his left and stutter out, "I-I was walking here from work, I h-had just bought some apples, and..."you begin slowly, taking a deep breath to calm your stammers, "a-and a man from the bar followed me...s-so I tried to get away and I h-hit a wall." Suddenly your explanation begins to accelerate and you rush out, "He cornered me a-and bit me on my neck and then I kicked him and fell in the water and lost my apples and then I ran here as fast as I could!" At the end of your explanation you began to talk even faster, tears flooding back into your eyes again as you take less breaths to get it all out and have it over with. 

Letting out a quiet hiccup from all your crying, you turn your head away, embarrassment making you feel ashamed.

His eyes harden and anger appears on his face, his hand clenching yours a bit tighter, "Who was it? Tell me who it was and I'll take care of it."

Yeah, that's what you thought he'd say.

You only shake your head though, "I don't know who it was... P-Please, I don't want to make a big deal of it", you tell him softly, reaching out your other hand to touch his face gently, "Please don't pursue it... I just want to forget about it." You can see his reluctance to leave it alone, but he abides by your wishes either way. 

He stands normally again and pulls you to your feet so he can wrap his arms around you, crushing you against his chest a bit tighter than necessary. "I love you, Y/N... Please, just quit that wretched job already. For your sake, and mine. What would I do if that man had hurt you? Or killed you?" He doesn't sound mad, but you know he is."The children need you, Y/N. I do too... I'll do anything, please just quit the tavern..."

The pleading in his voice sways you almost immediately, so without much thought you nod your head. "Okay... I'll quit, Bard..."

His hand drags down your back gently, then he leans down and picks you up into his arms like a bride. 

"Let's go to bed, then. Perhaps sleep will help you keep your mind off of everything..." He lays you down gently on the covers, following shortly after, after changing out of his barge shirt.

As soon as he's on the bed, he pulls the covers up to rest over the both of you, then he drags you over closer and holds you against his chest. 

There's a small moment of tranquil silence before you turn your head up and press your lips to his, and he returns the kiss easily with one of his hands moving up to run through your hair gently.

The day may have quickly transformed into something bad, but now that you were here, safe in the arms of the man you love, you feel happy. 

Truly happy. 

Chapter Text

Sometimes the best way to battle stress is to enjoy nature with those you love. 

You weren't stressed or anything, but Bard was. Being crowned King of Laketown proved to be more taxing than he let on, and on top of that he had three kids to take care of. So you invited him out for a romantic picnic, using those exact words which got you a laugh and kiss to the forehead, and prepared a nice assortment of food and drink for the both of you to enjoy. 

The basket was almost completed, a soft blanket you made folded at the bottom with a bunch of different foods that Sigrid helped you prepare. She knew what he liked best after all. You put the small container of water into the basket, then turned and walked out of your home. 

Excitement was evident in the way you walked and how you smiled so brightly. It didn't take long for you to arrive at his door, and it took even shorter of a time for him to answer when you left a quick rhythmic knock to show that you have arrived. When the door swings open there he stands, dressed much like he did back when Laketown was under the rule of the Master. You always thought he looked dashing before, and not a thing has changed. 

"Y/N! You're late you know, a whole 5 minutes. I was beginning to think you changed your mind." He was teasing you could tell, and it got a sweet laugh from you.

Offering up the basket for him to hold, you stand on your toes and press a gentle kiss to his lips.

Bard returns it without any complaint, taking the handle of the basket into his hand when you hold it out to him. 

You return to your feet after a couple moments before grabbing his arm into your hand. "Well I've got the perfect spot for a picnic, so allow me to lead the way." Another laugh leaves your lips, and then the two of you are on your way. 

After quite a bit of walking you finally arrive at the spot you had been anticipating, the smile on your face showing your clear excitement.

You take the basket from him and fish out the blanket, smoothing it out over the grassy ground after pulling it out and unfolding it.

There's a beautiful field of flowers to the left, and the blanket you set up is under an overhanging tree that provides very nice shade. The reason you consider this to be the perfect spot is because of the tranquility of it. There's a nice view over the city of Dale, the lake where you all once resided, and because of the time the sun hangs overhead and out of your eyes. The shade from the tree keeps your heads from getting too hot, but since it's a mostly open area you also have a nice breeze to keep you cool. 


You sit on the ivory and red blanket, laying out all the food from the basket for him to see.

When you look up at him to see what he thinks you see a smile similar to yours brighting up his face.

He takes a seat down next to you and stretches his long legs out across the blanket, reaching over to grab your hand.

Before he can get ahold of you, though, you reach down and take off your shoes, wiggling your toes as you enjoy the freedom from your feet's confines.

Crossing your legs over one another, you grab one of the sandwiches Bain helped you prepare, and one Sigrid helped with (you employed all three of his children to help with this outing). You pass over one of the sandwiches to him and begin to eat the other, flashing a smile at when when he accepts it gratefully. 

The afternoon was going well. The food was nice, the water clear, and the dessert will be great.

You pull out a pie from the the basket and brandish it off to him, "It's apple if you're interested, Bard."

The look he gives you when you ask if he's interested is rather funny, like he's surprised that you even have to ask, "Interested? How could I not be?"

You laugh at that, offering him one of the pre-cut slices and he accepts it without complaint. In minutes half of the pie is gone. You had one slice, and he had two. It isn't a big pie after all. 

The food is gone and now the two of you just lay back on the blanket, looking up at the sky. His arm is stretched out for you to lay on, one of your hands pressed to his chest and your head resting on his shoulder as your gaze flickers over the clouds floating above.

You point up at one of the clouds, mentioning to him how it looks like a rabbit. 

When he laughs at your childish antics you can feel his chest move, and when he looks down at your nestled up form a sudden feeling of joy washes over him.

You turn your head upwards to look at him when his laughter stops abruptly, the fondness in his face making you feel all warm and fluttery inside.

You rub gentle circles on his chest, a small closed mouthed smile making its' way onto your face.

Bard reaches up with his free hand and brushes some of your hair out of your face, and without further hesitation you scoot closer and press your lips against his.

Almost immediately he responds to the kiss and his eyes slide shut as his lips begin to move lightly against your own. 

It starts out gentle and innocent but quickly transforms into something more intimate for at some point he rolls over on top of you, entrapping you with his arms on either side of your head to hold himself up.

You fingers move deftly through his hair, tugging and twirling as your hands get tangled in his dark brown locks of slightly tangly hair.

One of his hands slides down your side to grip your hip gently while pressing his chest down gently against yours. At this moment he just wants to feel all of you.

Eventually you both part, panting quietly as you look at each other with the beginnings of something more burning in your eyes.

His lips trail down slowly from your jaw to your neck, soft nips and wet kisses being left along the expanse of your ever sensitive throat.

Sometimes you will gasp or let out low groans, each reaction noted by Bard.

You feel a particularly harsh bite inflicted on your neck, but you only gasp and pull on his hair a bit harder to portray your approval. 

He pulls back and looks down at you, straddling your hips as his hands move up and down your sides slowly. The sight of your flushed face and disheveled clothes and hair making him feel both proud and like the luckiest man on this side of the mountain. 

You reach up and cup the sides of his face, an expression so tender and fond on your face that he nearly gives it all up to just cuddle you, "I love you, Bard." Your voice is just a whisper as your hands run down his chest, fingers unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt.

As you continue your trail downwards, unbuttoning his shirt as you go, you feel his own hands move to the hem of your dress, lifting it up slowly.

After all the buttons are released you smooth your fingers over the hard plane of his stomach, the dark trail of hair leading downwards simply teasing you. He shrugs out of his jacket and shirt, leaning down over you to press his lips gently against yours once more. 

The belt wrapped around your waist proves to be rather simple for him to remove (most likely because of all the practice he's had ;), for he unbuckles it easily, then tosses it off onto the basket.

Your coat is removed from your shoulders gently, and he bunches it up and places it under your head to make you more comfortable.

His shirtless form is magnificent in it's self, but with him hovering over you and undressing you so easily you feel even more excited. The buttons that were previously hidden beneath your jacket and belt are exposed to him, and he wastes no time in popping each one open with quick and gentle movements.

Your chest is exposed to him in moments and your face becomes red again. Though, the love on his face makes you a lot less nervous.

"Sometimes I wonder if this is just a dream... being with a woman as beautiful and kind as you."

His words make you feel rather shy, but you definitely don't dislike it . Bard leans down slowly, pressing his lips along your collar bone to leave a trail of kisses downward, and then the warmth of his mouth envelops one of the hardened peaks of your chest.

Letting out a soft breath your hands run into his hair again and begin to tug at it gently. 

Bard leaves gentle licks and nips along the expanse of your bosom, and your arms leave the sleeves of your dress so you can pull it down. Bard assists you by pulling back after finishing his piece with your breasts.

His large calloused hand runs down your stomach slowly, thus eliciting a shiver from you.

He slowly drags your dress down past your hips, and when he's faced with your underclothes his eyes flicker back up to yours to ensure that you aren't uncomfortable.

You offer a shy smile in return, reaching down to slide his trousers from his legs. 

His thighs are well muscled and his own garments under his trousers show through.

You can see the outline of his manhood through the thin material still covering him away from you. Slowly your eyes trail up the length of his body to his face once more, seeing that he's observing you the same way that you are, him.

His hands slid down to beneath your thighs, pulling your legs up to wrap around his waist so that you're close and very open to him.

You can feel his excitement press against your still covered womanhood, earning a soft gasp from you.

His lips press fervently against yours as his hips roll down against yours, eliciting another soft moan from you as you push yourself up a bit to press back into him.

Bard gathers both of your wrists in one of his hands, pressing them down against the picnic blanket as you press your hips back up against his and mumble his name heatedly. 

The teasing goes on for a bit, his eyes focusing in on each reaction you give him until he finally stops his games and gets to the point.

He pulls your undergarments down slowly, tossing them off to the side as he finally gets to drink in the sight of you before him.

He releases your wrists and moves his fingers down your side, his thumb ghosting over your clit once he reaches his destination between your legs.

You reach your hands down and slide his undershorts off as well, the tips of your fingers teasing the skin around his already hardened manhood with hopes of encouraging him to take you already. 

When he doesn't move to stop you, you take him gently into your hand and slide your fingers along his length slowly and gently.

Above you he takes in a sharp breath, his eyes sliding closed as he lightly thrusts into your palm during a moment of lacking self-control.

You move your hand back and fourth a few times as his excitement provides slickness for your hand to slide along him easily.

After a few moments, though, he grabs your wrist and pulls your hand back and grunts out, "I can't wait any longer." He says nothing more and you nod your consent. 

There's a few moments of silence as he adjusts himself, and then you're filled to the brink and he begins to breath heavier above you.

You're gasping and lightly clawing at his back in seconds, your lips pressing against his hotly as he moves inside you. The heels of your feet press into his back tightly, loud cries leaving past your lips each time he pushes in and soft pants escaping you as he pulls back out. 

His forearms rest on either side of your head, and the mere sight of you below him is enough to push him closer to his end.

Your hair is splayed out like a halo, and the sun kisses your skin and brightens your hair, making it shine and practically shimmer. Perspiration has begun to form on your forehead, and your eyes are squeezed shut and mouth partly open. 

He can't help but to press his lips down against yours once more and claim your mouth as his all over again. 

Your mouths mesh together and tongues slide against one another, and at some point your hands end up tangled in his hair. 

The noises you make are swallowed by the passionate kiss you share, and when his thrusts forward begin to get more erratic and less controlled you realize he's getting closer to his end; as are you. 

He starts to feel the beginnings of his orgasm building up so he drops one of his hands down to start toying with your clit, determined to make you come before he does.

Your feet drop press harder against his waist when he starts to rut forward with less precision and more passion, your heart beating erratically in your chest as pressure starts to coil inside you.

There's warmth and pleasure, both being the only things you feel before suddenly it releases all at once. An intense and wonderful feeling. A fulfilling moment of a slow build and a quick and sublime end. 

He follows in release not long after you, the sudden tightness making him release a long, and low groan. 

Bard thrusts a few more times to ride out the remains of the swift and pleasurable climax of this moment before pulling out of you, his breath mixing with yours as he hovers over you.

His fingers gently run down your cheek, a gentle smile upturning his lips as he takes a moment to just look and appreciate the sight of you.

When his arms begin to shake with effort of keeping himself up, he rolls over onto his back next to you and gathers your tired form up into his arms. 

He presses a gentle kiss to your forehead, his eyes lazily drifting close after you've settled and made yourself comfortable.

You press your cheek against his chest, allowing yourself to also relax and enjoy this moment of sated tranquility and serenity. 

After some time of silence where you caught your breath and let the suns rays warm the both of you, you mumble slightly muffledly, "I hope that this outing has succeeded in reducing your stress..."

"I would say it more than succeeded, my love. But let us save the talk for later, for now, I just want to hold you."

Chapter Text

The celebration that ensues after the Orc's are defeated and the mountain is reclaimed is grand.

There's dancing, singing, alcohol, food, and many, many celebrating dwarves.

You're a human girl who was dragged along for the ride during the journey to reclaim said mountain, and after many hardships you somehow managed to it all.

Along the way, the blond Durin brother caught your eye and vise versa, and eventually the two of you began courting. 

It started with him asking to braid your hair, you of course hadn't a clue as to the connotations behind his request, but when you did find out you gave him the most passionate kiss anyone had the pleasure of receiving from you (followed by some rather heated lovemaking).

During the battle you helped to save the lives of his family and himself, warning them off from going to the abandoned tower alone, and now here you are, celebrating the victory as everyone carouses oh so exuberantly. 

You've been sitting with Fili at the end of a long clothed table for the majority of the night so far, his brother on the other side of Thorin - who is in the middle.

Eventually his brother leaves to dance with the beautiful she-elf Tauriel, and his uncle is ushered away by some of The Company members to drink together. Thus leaving you and Fili alone.

Your chair is pulled up close to his and he has his arm around your shoulders so you can lean into him more comfortably.

The cool beads of his mustache press against your cheek as he pecks your lips gently, and his expression is soft and fond as he looks at you. 

He reaches up and rubs his knuckles along your opposite cheek lightly, his nose brushing against yours as a small smile comes to his face. 

"I'm glad you're safe, Fili... I don't know what I'd do without you." Your voice is soft and the room is loud, but he hears you despite all the noise. 

His hold on you tightens just a bit as he presses another kiss to your temple this time. "And I don't know what I'd do without you, Y/N..." He looks at you in the eyes as his expression becomes more somber, "I feel like I can finally take a break and relax now that everything's been settled. Like I can give you the proper attention you deserve." His voice is soft and expression tender, so you press a kiss of your own against his whiskered cheek. 

Thats how most of the night goes on, the two of you drinking some while mostly just enjoying being alive with one another. 

Eventually, he does get up to retrieve more drinks for the both of you, and you began to realize how boring this is getting. It's not that you aren't enjoying yourself, but god you wanna get out of here already.

And then an idea pops into your head. 

Your eyes skim over the room quickly to observe the state of everyone around you.

Seeing as everyone has their attention in other places or are too drunk to notice anything at all, you quietly slip under the table.

The table cloth hides you completely, and the carpeted ground is rather plush against your knees and not uncomfortable. 

Now all you have to do is wait.

And it seems that you don't have to wait long because you see Fili's feet suddenly appear from under the cloth and hear him mumble about wanting to know where you went.

He takes a seat and you heard the dull thud of the drinks being put down on the table, and you can't help but to smile mischievously to yourself. 

You scoot closer to him and gently place your hands on his knees, feeling him tense up under your touch no doubt from surprise. Laying your head gently on his leg, you watch as he lifts the table cloth up a bit to look at you.

Confusion lays on his face as clear as day, and a bit of redness floods his cheeks too.

"Y/N? What are you doing down there?" He whispers, glancing around the room.

You finger walk your hands towards the hem of his pants rather tellingly, rubbing your cheek against his clothed thigh with a smile curling at your lips.

One of his hands envelopes your own and he stutters out quickly, "Y-Y/N, we're at a party." 

All you do is smile at him some more.

You can see his reluctance, but when he doesn't move to stop you from shifting down his trousers and pulling his length out of his pants, you smile again.

He's already getting hard which speaks opposite to his reluctance, and his hands rest on his thighs with his fists clenched.

Pressing your cheek back down against his leg again, you tease your fingers gently along the underside of his cock and bring up your other hand to curl around his knee. 

Someone laughs nearby and he drops the table cloth in alarm, trying to look normal and like his to-be wife isn't under the table preparing to do some very unladylike things to him.

When he drop the table cloth, he leaves you to do whatever you want down below, which is all you wanted in the first place.

You take this opportunity to gently grasp his hardened member into your hand, twisting your wrist and sliding your palm against him in slow pumping motions.

His foot taps lightly against the ground next to you in what you assume is both impatience and nerves, and you hear a slightly loud thump against the table from above you.

Fili is completely at your mercy, and honestly you find yourself feeling rather proud of yourself since it's usually the other way around. 

You decide to finally ease off on the teasing as you dip your head down and take the crown of his shaft into your mouth, sucking lightly as you lift a hand to fist the lower parts of his cock.

There's another thump sounding from above you, probably him slamming a hand down on the table next to his head, and you begin to worry that he may actually draw someones attention. 

A couple of times you almost completely take him into your mouth before releasing his cock from your mouth with a soft 'pop' and begin to gently suck along the side, and each time you do this his hips shift and twitch with clear discomfort.

One of his hands flies under the table cloth without hesitation when you start to pull away again, his fingers tangling into your braided hair tightly as he pushes your head back down atop him.

You don't resist his urging for you to take him into your mouth again and simply wrap your lips back around the head of his manhood and continue on as you before when you were being merciful. 

His fingers grab your hair by the roots, and though the grip isn't that harsh you don't try to pull back and tease him anymore since it seems he's had enough of your games.

The hand in your hair begins to guide you and take control over your movements when his pleasure starts to build into something more, and you don't protest and simply follow the push of his hand.

Fili's hips jolt upwards suddenly, his grip on your locks getting tighter, and then he's spilling into your mouth and his thighs tremble slightly.

His hips drop back down to the seat after a few moments and his hold on your hair relaxes and becomes more tender as he starts to smooth his fingers down your still plaited hair.

The bitter taste of his seed in your mouth isn't something you are unfamiliar with, but you spit it out into a napkin nonetheless. Your hands gently massage his thighs to make him ease up a bit more; and then you tuck his cock back into his pants and, once the coast is clear, slip back up into your seat. 

His head is pressed down on the table, and when you emerge his eyes fall on your cocky face.

You can tell that he's panting quietly which only makes you smile and giggle mischievously.

Reaching out, you gently rub your hand along his face and run your fingers of your other hand through his hair.

Thorin choses then to return, his eyes immediately falling on the distressed form of his oldest nephew.

"Fili? What's got you looking like that? Are you drunk?" He asks gruffly, looking at you as you feign concern. 

"Thorin I think he's drunk himself sick! I'll take him back to our room to rest, if you don't mind us leaving early?"

Thorin gives you a curt nod, his own expression betraying a very small amount of worry for his nephew. 

You make a show of helping Fili to his feet and bringing him out of the party room.

As soon as he has you alone, however, the arm around your waist tightens and he presses you closer to him, leaning down to whisper in your ear, "You think you're going to get away with that with no punishment, my love? Enjoy your triumph while you can, because as soon as we get to our rooms you are in trouble." 

His words promise a thousand sinful things, and you find yourself shivering from anticipation. 

"In trouble? Whatever for?" You ask with faux confusion, looking up at him with a clueless expression on your face. "I only pleased you, didn't I?"

He glares at you half heartedly and growls back, "You won't be so proud of yourself later on, I can assure you."

"Is that a promise?"

Chapter Text

Smaug is dead, so are many of the innocent people of Laketown, but most devastatingly of all, Thorin's honor is no more. 

The absence of the Arkenstone is driving him mad with greed.

At first he just began working you and everyone else to the bone. Then he became paranoid, accusing others in the Company when they aren't around of deception, and now? You and some of the others aren't allowed so much as to even leave the treasury until the stone is located. 

Bilbo will search around from time to time as well, but Thorin doesn't harp on him quite like he does everyone else.

Whether it's lack of trust or too much, you don't know, but the last time you'd seen him was a day or two ago.

You're hungry, tired, and your feet ache so terribly that most of the time you find yourself crawling around in the piles and piles of gold instead of getting up and walking around.

Thorin will wander around the walkways over looking the treasury during the days keeping his eye on the progress, and it seems like he always has something negative to say about someone. 

You're seated in a large pile of gold and jewels at the moment, sorting through things with Ori who is just a few feet away doing the same.

As you're looking you come across a particularly pretty blue sapphire, and the excitement it makes you feel is almost overwhelming. It's a gorgeous, polished stone, and simply looking at it is enough to fill your heart with excitement. 

You found yourself wanting to show it off, so you scoot closer to the young dwarf and show him, "Ori! Look at how pretty it is!"

At your call he looked at the large gem in your hands, a smile coming to his face. "Aye, it compliments your eyes, Y/N!"

You laugh a bit louder than you intend, and then someone yells to you a few paces behind you both.

Thorin is quickly making his way towards you and Ori, the expression on his face intense, and when he arrives he grabs your shoulder and pushes you dow. His yells are frantic when he does finally speak, "Show it to me! What did you find!"

No doubt your eyes are really wide, for he has caught you completely off guard, but you shakily show him the sapphire clutched in your trembling hands as he demanded.  

You hadn't intended to seem so scared, but you had no time to prepare yourself for the berating.

Usually you have time to compose yourself and show no fear, but seeing as how even Ori is quivering under the glare of Thorin you know you would stand no chance even if you had seen him approaching before. 

Thorin snatches the sapphire from your hand and looks over it, annoyance clear on his face. His gaze flashes to you again, "So you waste your time looking at things like this? Wasting my time by not searching for the arkenstone?"

You shrink under his gaze, looking away from his sharp leer with a quivering bottom lip. The silence is deafening, and no one moves or speaks for a few moments. 

He scoffs scornfully, then throws the blue gem right at your head, "Spend your time doing something actually productive. All you've found thus far is your own worthlessness."

You let out a yelp when the sparkling gem hits you in the head, hands flying up to hold the spot where it struck you.

Ori protests and crawls over to you quickly, but Thorin ignores that and walks back up the steps he came from, grumbling to himself. 

Ori looks at you worriedly, no doubt because he can see the beginnings of tears gathering in your eyes.

You look at him sadly, mumbling quietly, "I hate this new Thorin. Him, and his stupid stone." You see him nod a bit, most likely feeling the same, as he gently rubs your head.

"At least you aren't bleeding... he threw it so hard, I didn't think he would do something like that!"

You can tell he feels guilty, so you offer him a sad smile and pat his head gently. "I think I need to take a break for a while, Ori... I'm going to go sneak out, alright?" 

You see him nod and he helps you to your feet.

"I saw Bilbo sitting outside on the balcony... incase you were wanting to see him. There's an exit out back, I'm sure Thorin won't see you go through there."

Reaching up you gently squeeze his shoulder appreciatively and head out as he suggested. 

The young dwarf was right in the whereabouts of Bilbo.

As soon as you walk out onto the rampart you see him sitting there, observing something in his hand.

You find yourself curious, so you walk over rather quietly and peered over his shoulder to see what he's got. 

Only to gasp from shock at what lays in his outstretched palm. 

Bilbo flinches rather violently, his eyes wide as he looks on at you in horror. You look him in the eyes, the shock showing clearly on your face as your hand flies up to cover your mouth.

"Bilbo...Oh, oh no!"

He stands and walks in front of you rather hastily, tucking the stone into his shirt as he grabs your hands. "Y/N, please-"

You don't let him finish though, instead you whisper yell to him in a panic. "Thorin will kill you Bilbo! If he finds out that you have that? He won't even hesitate! Have you seen him, how he yells and doubts everyone? Do you know what he will do?" 

You squeeze his hands gently, looking out over towards the mountains.

The dwarves are on the brink of war with the Mirkwood elves and humans, so things are already pretty nasty as is, so you quickly zero in on the only solution you can think of.

"You need to take the stone and get it as far away from here as possible, Bilbo. Take it to the Elf King and Bard the Bowman down below, they can bargain and we can avoid this whole mess." You can see the reluctance showing clearly in his face, so you insist again, "You can't let him get the stone, my love.. You have to go before he gets worse. I'll help you leave tonight, and once you get beyond the walls you won't look back." 

The sadness shining in his eyes makes you sigh. Your hands cradle his face gently as you press your forehead against his.

His expression shows his clear despair for what he must do, his own arms winding around your waist, "He will know you helped me, Y/N. He'll hurt you most certainly if you stay behind." 

You know he's right, but that would be something to think on tomorrow. "Bilbo, dear, the sun will set soon. Let me stay with you until the time comes." 

Bilbo was gone for a long time that night, and as you sat outside looking off towards the tents not too far you felt a heavy sadness weigh on your heart.

He hadn't left your thoughts once since he left to bring the arkenstone to the 'enemy', and now that you're alone with your thoughts your worry only grows. 

Of course, that is until you hear shuffling not far from you, and someone mumble your name.

Your head turns to fast you almost get whiplash (not really), and though you are relieved to see your brave hobbit, you cannot relish in that feeling.

"Bilbo... no. No you can't be here! Thorin will kill you where you stand when they arrive tomorrow and demand their payment!" He wraps you up in his arms and you press against him, burying your face into the crook of his neck. Your hands clutch tightly at his shirt as you try to hold back your tears. 

"I think.. we should've just stayed in our little hobbit hole, love." 

Just as you had predicted, the following day was a nightmare.

The two leaders rode on up and thanked Thorin, explaining that they've accepted his payment; and when the stone was brandished and Thorin freaked out, you figured it could get no worse. 

Until he turned on everyone standing on the open stoop.

Bilbo was holding your hand tightly while he ranted, accusing everyone of the theft of the stone and exclaiming how it must be come trick. 

And then his eyes fell upon you. 

"You... you did this! You stole from me and gave my possession to that elf and lowly human!" He roared in outrage. You shrink down and released Bilbo's hand, opening your mouth to reply before he continues, "Because I threw that worthless stone at your treacherous head!"

Thorin stomps over to you in a few large steps and grabbed the front of your shirt, shaking you violently back and fourth. "It's because of the sapphire, isn't it!? You stupid, stupid hobbit!"

Some of the other dwarves protest, yelling at him to stop before Bilbo speaks up in a surprisingly strong voice. "Stop! Don't hurt her, Thorin! It was me!"

Everyone pauses, and then there is deathly silence, "I gave them the stone, Thorin. Y/N had nothing to do with it. I figured everything would be resolved if you gave them what they want, and they give you what you want." 

Thorin pushed you away roughly suddenly, zeroing in on your Bilbo. And then he was shoving him towards his nephews, "Throw him from the ramparts! Do it!" he's gone completely mad.

When neither of his kin move to do as he demands, he grabs Bilbo once again and shoves him up against the stone.

You scream at him to stop, running over to try and stop him. You're not the only one either, because some of the others move to stop him from killing Bilbo. Thorin pushes you back again, throwing Bilbo over towards you right after. 

You wrap your arms around him tightly, taking a few steps back to avoid toppling over.

Bofur rushes to the two of you, and before you know it you're both being propelled down the side of the mountain. 

He walks with you a few paces away, looking around as if he's completely lost. He's in a daze much like you, simply trying to process. 

Bilbo finally looks at you after a few moments, the both of you in shock from what has just transpired. 

A few beats of silence, and then he's wrapping you up tightly in his arms. "He was going to kill us... over a stone." He doesn't sound like he even believes it, and you certainly understand the feeling.

Burying your face against his shoulder, you whisper to him softly, "I'm afraid we aren't welcome company anymore... Let us return to Gandalf now, I would like to avoid getting shot by an arrow."

He presses a gentle kiss to your temple, and then the two of you are making your way back towards your wizard. 

Chapter Text

Sometimes you find yourself hating your parents for leaving you alone. 

Sometimes you wish they would've come back so that you never would've turned out the way you did. 

Perhaps you were lucky, after all you became who you are today after being abandoned by those who should love you most and left to be raised by surrogates in the realm of Rivendell. A bastard elven child, barely cared for and left to fend. 

Hating your own race is rather ridiculous, even you knew, but sometimes you wished you were just a human, or maybe a lazy hobbit, or loyal dwarf. 

Instead, you were stuck as a snobbish elf, judged for your parents dying as if it were somehow your fault. 

And over time you began to accept that maybe it was your fault. Maybe you were the reason they left on a patrol that day and died in each others arms. You would never know the truth, but the one you formulated over time just made sense to you. 

That was the only thing that made sense to you though. 

At least, until Gandalf the grey and his company of dwarves and a singular hobbit came across your path. Most of the dwarves were hostile, but Gandalf and the cute little hobbit were both warm right away. And when Gandalf suggested that you join their little company, theres much yelling and protesting. Gandalf shut it all down swiftly. 

It was decided for them, and you weren't exactly sure why you decided to agree to the terms and tag along but something drew you to them.

And after so many things, you finally found yourself being accepted by this odd group. Of course Bilbo accepted you right away despite not wanting to speak much. He did most of the talking for you, telling you many different things. You even found yourself enjoying his company often enough, listening intently to his stories of his home (the shire) and of the dwarves and how they were before you tagged along. 

The more you warmed up to Bilbo, the more the dwarves began to like you for some odd reason. It was probably because of Bilbo, you thought, he would always speak so highly of you despite how little you shared with him. You mostly enjoyed speaking with him on more opinionated topics, finding that you both had a lot in common surprisingly enough. And the longer he spoke, the more you found yourself wanting to never stop listening to him. He had a sort of voice that could help someone rest, even if you didn't need sleep, a soothing voice that could lull even the most restless child to sleep. Maybe it was just you, but you quite liked it. 

All this thinking, though, made your head hurt after a time. 

It was late out and you were on watch as everyone spoke, after a while you admitted to the group that you required no sleep and offered to watch so everyone could always get full nights of sleep (brownie points for you!). 

Releasing a quiet sigh, you allow your gaze to drift around the camp. The fire was slowly dying, and while you could feel no cold, you found yourself worrying that everyone would get cold. So you get up and head over, tending to said fire and helping it build so it could keep everyone warm. You finished that up rather quickly, and you found yourself becoming bored once again after you finished the menial task. 

After staring at the flames for some time, you find your eyes drifting over to Bilbo's sleeping form. He looked comfortable under his bedroll, and the relaxed expression he wore made you smile. He was remarkable in your opinion, brave and very interesting to talk with, not to mention how natural being polite was for him. 

Something about him drew you to him quite strongly, though you weren't exactly sure as to what it was. 

Your thoughts carried you away to another place until you realized that you'd been staring much longer than appropriate. So you advert your gaze rather quickly and settle back down at your spot at the entrance of the mountain cave. 


Someone had gotten up to relieve themself at some point during the night, and while they were walking they stood on something they weren't supposed to and now everything was a mess. 

Goblins. Goddamned goblins everywhere. Thew were grabbing at everything and everyone, not holding back in the slightest. You were all brought before the goblin king, and there was some monologging that you didn't care for, a bunch of searching and you having to smack hands while you were searched for weapons, and then Gandalf showed up out of virtually no where (he did that a lot). And now? You were all running for your lives from the hoards of goblins looking to avenge their horrendous king. 

At some point you realized that Bilbo was nowhere to be found amongst the running dwarves, but you could never properly survey because you were being pulling along to avoid being killed. And you didn't mind that all that much because it meant they didn't want you to die (yet at least). Knifing down goblins with daggers wasn't all that great being as you had to get close to the ugly beasts, but at least you weren't dying. 

There were platforms below you held by ropes holding many of the foul creatures. You pull out one of your throwing knives and aim, and then you throw it. It cuts the two front ropes, and the platform plunges forward, dumping the goblins to the chasm below. Things continue to progress much like that. 

After a nasty fall caused by the corpse of the horribly huge Great Goblin, you find yourself trapped underneath a wooden beam much like the others, heavy dwarves on top of said beam making it nearly impossible for you to haul yourself out. And then the damned Goblin King falls on top. "You've got to be joking!" Dwalin yells angrily, sounding winded. You manage to slip yourself out from underneath the pillar, and as soon as you're on your feet you help to pull some of them out of their confines. 

Kili shouts suddenly, "Gandalf!" He's pointing up above, and the sight that greets you is one of some sort of horror novel. There are hundreds of goblins climbing down the walls. 

"There are too many! We can't fight them all!" Dwalin yells once again. 

"Only one thing will save us now, daylight! Come on! Here, on your feet!" Gandalf helps someone to their feet, and then he leads you all out of the cave, everyone making sure to run as far as possible to avoid getting dragged back. 

You drop to your knees as soon as the excitement is over, trying to catch your breath. You hear Gandalf counting behind you, "Bofur thats ten, Fili, Kili... thats twelve, thirteen is Bombur, Y/N is fourteen. That makes fourteen. Where's Bilbo? Where is our Hobbit? Where is our hobbit?!” You get to your feet quickly at his exclamation, a terrible feeling of dread filling your entire being. "Bilbo isn't here? I thought he was with us when the cave collapsed!" You yelled, doing your own headcount to make sure. 

Everyone starts to argue about who saw him last, who was keeping an eye on him. No one dared blame you as you paced back and fourth, biting your thumb as you tried to not panic. You found that your heart was hurting horribly at the mere thought of something happening to dear Bilbo. 

And then Thorin opened his big fat mouth. “I’ll tell you what happened. Master Baggins saw his chance and he took it! He’s thought of nothing but his soft bed and his warm hearth since first he stepped out of his door! We will not be seeing our Hobbit again. He is long gone.” Your gaze snaps over to him so quickly it's almost a flash. 

"How can you say that!" You cry, hands clenching at your sides. "How ignorant of you! And to think he thought himself your friend! What if something happened to him? Assuming something so terrible when he could be lost or hurt! He's a very kind hobbit, he cares, and you doubt him so! Shame on you!" None of them have ever heard you so upset before, nor have they heard so much come out of your mouth at one time. Your face was red and it was clear that you were very upset. No one spoke, Thorin didn't even retort. 

But the anger melted from your face as soon as you heard the ever so familiar voice of Bilbo Baggins himself. "No, I'm not long gone, not at all." Everyone looks behind you, and you turn expeditiously. "Bilbo Baggins! I’ve never been so glad to see anyone in my life!” Gandalf exclaims. 

You're rather shocked to be honest, you don't even process the rest of the conversations really. You vaguely hear Thorin ask how he escaped and why he returned, and you finally tune back in, “Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right, I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. And that’s why I came back, cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.” You sigh quietly, running a hand through your hair. 

You didn't know what to say honestly, you had just chewed out your temporary leader for doubting your hobbit- your hobbit? When did you begin thinking like that? You shake your head a few times, then step over to Bilbo.

He looks up at you while the others turn to speak amongst themselves, and you give him a smile. "If I had known you were there, I wouldn't have wasted my time in defending your honor." You joke quietly, the relief showing clear as day on your face. 

Bilbo smiles in return, reaching up to take your hand in his gently, "Y/N, what you said to Thorin... I don't know what to say other than a lame thank you. I'm... honored that you would stand up for me like you did."

You kneel down next to him, gently squeezing his hand. "I'm just glad you're okay! I was practically drowning in worry for you! I don't know why I felt so devastated but I wanted nothing more than to go back and find you when Gandalf found you were missing." His expression is gentle as he looks at you, an emotion unknown to you shining in his pretty blue eyes (when did you begin to find his eyes so lovely?).

After a couple moments of thinking on what you just admitted, you release a quiet sigh. His hand releases yours gently after a few moments, and he instead wraps his arms around you. You don't hesitate in doing the same, pulling him closer to you as you return the embrace happily.

Bilbo gently pets your hair as you hug it out, and you try not to crush him by squeezing him too hard. "Promise me you'll be careful for me, Bilbo? I don't know what I'd do if a goblin had eaten you after all." 

He laughs this time, not letting up on the comforting cuddle, but when he opens his mouth to reply, Azog shows up. 

You'd have to postpone the feeling talks for later. 

Chapter Text

How you survived the onslaught of fire from Smaug was beyond you, perhaps it was good luck from the she-elf that saved that dwarf, but whatever it was, you were thankful. 

You had to watch his children after all, though you did a poor job of stopping Bain from running off when that blasted dragon was still rampaging. 

The trek to Dale was long an terrible, but Bard was there for you, and you were there for his children when he couldn't be. Things were looking up somewhat, the place you slept in was old, cold, and dusty, but it was better than nothing. It seemed like you'd actually be able to make a home here in the city of Dale with Bard and his three wonderful kids. 

But nothing good is meant to last. The stupid mountain king was withholding his promise of the treasure, and without the help of the kind, you and the rest of the people would never survive. And when everyone was on the verge of fighting with the dwarves, all hell broke loose (again).

The best part came next. 

The Orcs. 

They were storming the city and had already slaughtered a bunch of people, and you were lucky enough to be with Bard's children when things went south. All you could do during this time was keep them safe for him, and make sure that nothing bad will happen to them. 

Bard's children were insistent on finding their father, and you had a hard time figuring out what else to do other than that. Bain was still young, and you weren't extensively trained in defense, but your father and Bard taught you some things so you knew enough. 

The four of you were running down the streets, dodging Orcs and helping people up along the way, but they just kept coming.

"Miss Y/N! This way!" Bain exclaims, grabbing Tilda's hand as he runs down another street away from a bulking orc charging people left and right. Bain stops suddenly when one of the foul creatures jump out at you. He lifts up his sword and stabs at it, hitting it in the shoulder. It falls back, and you gather Tilda into your arms, "Bain, we cannot look for your father exclusively anymore! Your sisters need to be sheltered somewhere safe." Bain looks over at you pleadingly, "But Miss Y/n-" 

You only shake your head and look around. You pick up a sword dropped by one of the men of the town, sadness showing clearly on your face, "Bain, we have no choice. Your sisters are in danger out here." After a few moments you see him nod finally, "As soon as they are safe, I'll come back with you and we will find him. Okay?" Another nod from him. 

Orcs begin filling into the street you just came from, so you turn, "Run down towards the end of the street and follow what I tell you." Thats all you tell them, and they start running as you ordered. You take up the front while Bain runs in the back, Sigrid holding her sisters hand to make sure she keeps up. 

An orc jumps out from around the corner when you reach the end of the street, and you lift your sword and deflect its' blade. You kick your foot out and hit it in the stomach, knocking it over and onto the ground. You jam the sword into it's stomach, then look over at the kids. "Come on!" Bain kills and orc that got to close, then he follows as you run down into a clearing. 

You look around quickly, trying to find a route of escape. There are orcs virtually everywhere, and you look around quickly. "Come this way!" You turn and run around the length of the clearing, only to be cut off by a long stream of orcs flowing out from the street ahead. You and Bain get cut off from the girls, and they disappear. You look around frantically as Bain calls for his sisters. 

More orc's enter the market area, so you grab Bain's arm, "We have to get out of here! We will find them!" You tell him, backing off. Some of the beasts spot you both, so you turn and run. 

The both of you run, twisting and turning to avoid being stabbed, and once you lose the ones on your trail you both begin to look for his sisters. 

Ahead at the end of the street you see them, running as fast as they can. You both speed up in time to kill the two orcs that were chasing them. Bain gets shoved to the ground by a third, so you jam your sword into it's back. You pull it back and away from him, pull your sword out of it's back. 

You hear Sigrid and Tilda yell, "Da!" So you turn quickly to see where he was. He was at the end of the street, not too far from you. A smile of relief lights your face, and you open your mouth to call to him until you hear a scream and the ground shakes. You turn, and there stands a huge disgusting beast. The girls scream, and it steps closer as it bares its ugly teeth. Bain pushes his sisters behind him. You stand in front of the three of them, raising your sword. 

It walks forward , it's club dragging behind it. "Get back!" You scream, pushing the kids backwards a bit. It looks up suddenly, and you turn your head to see Bard riding down the road on a large wagon. "Get down!" He yells to the four of you.

You drop your sword and pull them to the ground, watching as the wagon rides over head and Bard is thrown on top of the huge beast. He jams his sword into the monster's chest, and it's dead in moments. You stagger to your feet and pick up Tilda into your arms, releasing a shaky sigh. 

Bard runs over, embracing his son and eldest daughter tightly. Once he releases them, he does the same to you and Tilda. "You're all okay? No injuries?" He asks, looking over yourself and his kids. You shake your head and put Tilda back down, "No, they're okay. Bain was incredibly brave, protecting his sisters like he did!" The pride shows on Bard's face clearly, and Bain seems sheepish to be complimented like that. 

Though Bard doesn't allow himself to dwell on that for long, for his face hardens suddenly. He kneels down next to his son and grabs his hand, "Listen, I need you to gather the women and children, take them to the Great Hall and barricade the door. You understand? You must not come out for any reason."

Bard looks up at you and opens his mouth to speak, but you beat him to it. "I know what you're going to say, and I refuse!" You see the warning in his face, but you continue, "I'm going with you, and you cannot stop me." He gets up and grabs your arm, pulling you off to the side. "Y/N, we don't have time for this. You could very well die if you don't go to safety with them!" You shake your head quickly, narrowing your eyes at him, "I know that! But I won't stand around and wait to die in some hole either."

He looks at you for a long few moments before sighing deeply. "Fine! But you stay with me no matter what, and if you get separated you either find me or hide. No exceptions." You roll your eyes, but nod your head nonetheless. You look over his shoulder and find that the kids are already leaving with Alfrid leading them along. Bard tells him to comeback once they are safe, but he says nothing. 

Once they are gone, you reach up and grab the sides of Bard's face, pressing your lips against his. He doesn't move for a few moments before his hands grab your arms and pull you closer to him. After a few moments you pull back, forehead pressing gently against his, "Just in case", you whisper, running your thumb along his cheek gently. He nods his head slowly, smiling gently at you before taking a step back. 

"Let's go." 

Chapter Text

You had so much faith in the dwarven company and their wizard. Bilbo had gone with them after all, you tagging along, and he was an adequate judge of character. He wouldn't put his and your life in the hands of complete morons. 

Or at least you thought as much. 

First Fili and Kili manage to lose all the ponies, and when they beg the two of you to help them find the ponies, you both agree.

You come across three ugly trolls holding them hostage (luckily they haven't been eaten yet), and you felt rather confident that you could all retrieve them. 

Of course, until Bilbo tried to take something from one of their pockets and then he gets caught. 

Poor Bilbo gets troll snot blown all out onto him, and once they put him down they start speaking on eating him! Outrageous! The trolls try to grab him, and he almost runs around one of them before he's grabbed by the feet and held upside down. "Are any more of you little fellows hiding where you shouldn' be?" The one holding him asks. 

"No!" He exclaims

"He's lying." Another counter.

"No I'm not!"

"Hold his toes over the fire!Make him squeal!" 

Kili then runs out and slices one of their legs twice, "Drop him!" He cries, holding his sword up. 

"You what?" The larger one asks. 

Kili smirks, then repeats. "I said, drop him."

The troll throws Bilbo at poor Kili and they both topple over, and then the rest of the company bursts through the bushes with their weapons raised and ready to strike. You stay in the bushes, watching with wide eyes. One of your friends is lifted and then thrown down roughly, so you run out and pick up one of the dropped weapons. They start yelling about getting the sacks, and you run over and hand the blade to Fili who lost his after getting kicked away.

He flashes you a smile, then tells you to find better cover. "We'll handle this!" 

You nod your head and run over to the cage where the ponies were kept. Bilbo rushes over with a large blade, "We'll set them loose!" 

You nod your head quickly and help him saw away at the ropes, panting quietly from the exertion of the same movement. The rope finally breaks, and the ponies break away, running quickly away from all of the chaos. You turn to Bilbo with a huge smile, "We did it!" He smiles back, but he looks up slowly with wide eyes. You furrow your eyebrows and look up slowly, seeing one of the trolls standing right behind you. 

It reaches down, and you shove Bilbo to the side. "Bilbo, run!" He begin to skipper off, but it grabs him, and then you. It's hands are rough and, of course, huge, squeezing the breath out of you as it walks over to one of the others. Your arms and legs are grabbed and you're held like a starfish while the third holds onto Bilbo. "Put down your arms! Or I'll rip 'ers off!" The one to your right yelled. 

Everyone stops what their doing, eyes going between you, Bilbo, and the trolls. Everyone begins to put their weapons down, while you just stare in a bit of a panic. 


Truth was, they couldn't handle it. 

Surprise surprise. You should've assumed things would end up this way, whether it was you or someone else.

One of the trolls was holding onto you while the other two were bagging everyone up into sacks. The poor dwarves unfortunate enough to be chosen to be roasted of the fire looked burning up, while the others all piled up were no doubt being squished by each other. 

Once they were all in sacks, they put Bilbo in one, and when they grabbed another bag and tried to do up you, you protested loudly. "Wait! Has no one told you that bagging up a lady is improper!?" The shorter one pauses, and looks at you in confusion. "You what?"

You wiggle around a bit, then gesture down to yourself. "I'm a female! And if you try to force me in the sack you'll all die horrible deaths! You've already touched me more than you should, so I'd say your demise will be soon!"

The smaller, and obviously dumber, one gasps in horror and looks over at his companions. "Do you hear this?!" 

You're placed down slowly, and they all stare. "That's a load o' crap! I've eaten women before!" The one at the roaster yells. 

You shake your head quickly. "No! You've never eaten a woman hobbit! We've all got curses that- that um.." You trail off, running out of things to say. Then Bilbo hops up. "The curse makes your stomach explode! If she even so much as touches any of us, we die!" You nod your head quickly to what he's saying, "You've only survived so long because you're all so large!"

There is silence in the clearing for a moment, then one of them pokes you in the stomach with a stick. "A poisonous woman? Well fine then! We don't need YOU, because we've got them!" It raises the stick and swings at you. You shriek and duck out of the way. "Shoo! Shoo!" It yells. You run off and out of the clearing, and Bilbo uses this as his chance to convince them to not eat the dwarves either. 

You take the long way through the trees, then creep up on the pile of dwarves in front of you. You slide down the side of the rock and land next to Thorin. He looks at you, a bit of a smile showing on his face as you try to loosen the tie on the bag. Bilbo is saying something about cooking dwarves over to the side, and you realize that you're running out of time. After a few moments of fumbling with the ties one of the trolls grabs Bombur, so you throw yourself to the ground behind Balin. He lays back on you to hide you from their beady eyes.

And then Bilbo says something genius. 

"He's got worms, in his... his tubes! In fact they've all got them. All of them are infected! Parasites!" You stifle a quiet laugh, and hear Bombur get thrown to the ground. You then sit up and crawl back over to Thorin and finally loosen the ties. He shifts around a bit as you begin to untie it, and then you're being lifted up. "Hey! How come you're touchin' 'im and he isn't exploding!" You squirm around, trying to free yourself.

And then Gandalf yells, "The dawn will take you all!" He breaks off the rock, and the sunlight begins to engulf them. You're thrown from the troll's hand, and you fall into a heap on Kili, hitting your head on his rather hard. 

You both groan from that, and you roll off of him. You sit up slowly, rubbing your forehead as you stand up. "Stupid troll!" 

It doesn't take long for you and Gandalf to free all the dwarves, and by the time everyone is out you and Kili have matching bumps on your head. 

Bilbo walks over to you, laughing as he pats you gently on the back. Before he can speak though, Fili exclaims playfully. "Careful there Bilbo! You'll explode if you touch her!" You feel your face get red, and the group lets out their own volumes of laugher at your expense. With a huff you step away from Bilbo, nodding your head curtly. "He's right! So right in fact, that I probably shouldn't even look at any of you, or make your food, or help heal your wounds, or help with watch and camp!" 

More laughter, this time with you, and you turn swiftly. "Dwarves..." You grumble under your breath, kicking the stone troll next to you. You weren't actually upset, more stressed from almost dying and being thrown. 

Once things begin to calm, Thorin approaches you. He stands next to you, silent for a moment before speaking. "You did well, Y/N. Your story with the trolls and curses seemed to work quite well..." You offer him a small smile, reaching up to gently squeeze his shoulder, "I couldn't very well let them eat us, now! Bilbo was excellent too!" Thorin offered you a smile much like before, then turned. 

"Perhaps you'll really make quite the group member after all..." 

Chapter Text

You thought Thorin tolerated you before all this. He was finally warming up to you, seeking you out for assistance, not turning his nose up at a pleasant conversation with you, even entrusting you with important things like watch and information. But now?

It was like he did a complete 180. 

You weren't allowed anywhere near the treasury, and when someone asked if you could help out he went nuts. Yelling about how you would steal from him the moment you had the chance like "the elvish whore you were." And now you were reverting back to how you were when you first joined Thorin's company. 





So you spent most of your time on the rampart, looking out over the chaos that would soon ensue, sadness plaguing your entire being. And what was worse? You hadn't seen Bilbo in forever. It was like Thorin was purposefully punishing you for a crime you didn't even think of committing.  

At least it was just him though. The others didn't shun and accuse you as he did, if anything they felt bad and apologized on his behalf which did do well to make you feel slightly better. 

You were resting on the rampart again like you did every night since you needed no sleep, the boredom and depressive thoughts plaguing your mind in these quiet moments to yourself. You found your mind wandering to Bilbo again like they usually did after a time, wondering if he was alright and how he was fairing against the constant rage of Thorin. Releasing a quiet sigh, you sit yourself closer to the edge to peer down at the moonlit water. It brings a sense of calm to you, a small smile lighting your face as the tranquility reminds you of the lovely hobbit. 

Though it would appear that your mind didn't need to imagine him for long, because suddenly, there he was behind you. "Y/N?" He calls softly after watching you for a few moments. You look over your shoulder at him, and a small smile makes its way to your face. 

Hopping off the stone you move to kneel in front of him and grab his hands. "Oh! I thought I would never see you again with how Thorin has been behaving." Bilbo seems almost taken aback at how enthusiastic you were, but the warmth in his expression reassures you that you said nothing odd. 

"I know... Things have just been a mess recently I must admit, but this madness won't last I assure you. He will come to his senses eventually..." You find yourself strongly doubting his reassurances, but you smile anyways, 

There are a few beats of silence where you both simply look at each other before you pull him into your arms and embrace him into a comforting hold. He wastes no time in returning the hug, his chin resting on your shoulder as he looks out over the stone and into the dark blue sky. You release a shaky sigh after some time, surprised at the overwhelming emotions taking over you.

"He's changed Bilbo... terribly changed. Have you seen the humiliation I've been the subject of because of him? Accusing me of so many terrible things because I'm an elf? I understand his inner turmoil, but he won't so much as let anyone speak to me, much less look at me when he is around... I'm beginning to think that it would be better if I left..." Bilbo's arms tighten slightly at your admittance of wanting to leave, and he shakes his head a few times as he pulls away. 

"You can't leave! What will I do without you? Stuck with all these uncivilized dwarves?" He asks with a smile hinting on his face. "I'll die from their smell if their antics don't kill me!" This time you laugh and your hands drop from his shoulders. You settle yourself against the stone with your back pressed against it, and you pat the spot next to you for him to join you. "Will you stay with me? I'm afraid we won't be able to see each other for a while..." 

Bilbo sighs in understanding, sitting down next to you instead of answering verbally. He reaches for your hand and holds it gently, his thumb smoothing gently circles over the back of your hand. "You shouldn't worry so much... because I feel like our luck will be changing soon." Something about his certainty unnerved you, but you brushed it aside and curled your fingers with his. 

All was silent for a while after that, your hands together as you simply enjoyed each others company, and soon you found that you were dreaming. 

Bilbo knew fully well that you weren't really sleeping and that you could become conscious again at any moment, but he had to go now. He just wanted to see you once before he went to deliver the Arkenstone to the kings below. As much as he loathed leaving you, he knew it had to be done in order to prevent war. Bilbo observed you for a few moments more, unable to keep the adoration from his expression as you lay there peacefully, and then he left. 

 When your dreaming ended early that morning, you realized Bilbo was gone. You felt bad immediately, worrying that you bore him away sometime before. Your thoughts then went back to the fact that he actually needed sleep unlike you, so you assumed he must've retired to rest in a nice and comfortable bed. The thought of him snug and warm in his own bed bringing a fond smile to your face knowing that he was safe. 

You stretch until your back is no longer sore, then you get to your feet and head back into the kingdom. 

Little did you know though, that Bilbo was scaling the wall while you were heading in, leaving you completely oblivious to the deed he just did. 

 Which is why you were so shocked when Bilbo confessed to giving the Arkenstone to Thranduil and Bard. Thorin had turned on you first, yelling about how you sold him out for his kin an that he never should've trusted you, and then Bilbo stepped in and said you had nothing to do with it and that it was him.

And now? Thorin was screaming for him to be thrown from the rampart. Nobody moved at first, everyone was in shock for two reasons. One? Bilbo gave the Arkenstone to enemy and seemed to be a good burglar. Two? Thorin was trying to have Bilbo killed. 

Thorin snatched up Fili's arm and tried to drag him to Bilbo to make him do it, but he only snatched his arm away while everyone else looked on in horror. You placed your hand on Bilbo's shoulder and pulled him back a bit, eyeing Thorin warily. "I'll do it myself!" He storms forward and you try to step in his way, but that only gets you a backhand. You fall back, mostly from shock, and Thorin takes the opening to grab Bilbo.

He slams him against the stones and starts to push him up, then Gandalf intervenes as Bifur and Bombur help you to your feet. "If you don’t like my burglar, then please don’t damage him. Return him to me. You’re not making a very splendid figure as King under the Mountain, are you, Thorin, son of Thrain?" 

Thorin releases him slowly, eyes trained on Gandalf. Bilbo basically collapses to his knees, and Bofur and Fili help him up. You break away from the two dwarves and follow after them, taking ahold of Bilbo's arm. Bofur looks at the both of you and simply mumbles, "He has to go..." And as much as it hurts, you know it's true, and you cannot go with him. You help Bilbo over the wall, and he simply holds on for a few moments, looking at you while the man and elf speak to Thorin. 

Bilbo looks at you sadly, "You're not coming with me..." You shake your head, and he seems to only become even more sorrowful. You then reach up and gently caress the side of his face as you leave a gentle and very brief kiss to his lips, and he returns it just as sweet. 

He smiles at you dolefully, and then he's scaling the side of the mountain, slowly becoming smaller and smaller until he retreats back to Gandalf. Your eyes never leave him for a moment. Feeling dejected, you turn around slowly and rejoin the others, arms crossed over your chest defensively. You weren't sure what to do, you couldn't even stop Thorin from declaring war over the stone. 

And now all you could do was look out over the rampart as all hell broke loose. 

Chapter Text

It took all too long for Thorin to come to his senses while so many died below, the hoards and hoards of orcs cutting down the innocent refuges of Laketown and Elves and dwarven warriors. Thorin had come to you and apologized for his treatment of you, even telling you that you need to return to Bilbo if your heart demands it.

You weren't quite sure how he knew of the chemistry between you and the hobbit, but you were grateful nonetheless.

No time was wasted in searching for your sweet hobbit, your eyes scouring the expanse of battle before you. Thing's weren't looking very hopeful at the moment though because all you saw was death. Everywhere you looked, there was something dead, whether it be an orc, human, elf, or dwarf. You were already sick of it, but at least none of the bodies you came across belonged to any of your friends.

You were currently locked into intense combat as you followed by foot your comrades up the mountain. They may have been faster on their goats, but you were more skilled in climbing, so you managed to meet them at the top. They dismount their goats, and you get four respective nods. "Have you found master Baggins?" Thorin asks as the Dawlin, Fili, and Kili observe the area to make sure there are no more orcs coming. You shake your head, your expression betraying sadness for a few moments, "No... but at the moment there is nothing to be done. Where is Azog?" 

Fili looks to the stone ahead, "Yes.. where is he? It looks empty, perhaps Azog fled?" 

Thorin only shakes his head. "I don't think so." He's silent for a few moments, then he continues on, "Fili, take your brother and Y/N. Scout out the towers. Keep low and out of sight. If you see something, report back, do not engage. Do you understand?"

The three of you nod, and then there are more beasts. "Goblin mercenaries! No more than a hundred."

Neither of them look worried, "We'll take care of them. Go! Go!" 

You and the brothers then head off towards the tower where Azog had last been seen, silence engulfing the three of you. When you enter the tall structure, there is nothing at first and you become suspicious. You nudge Fili in the side and he turns to look at you, "What?" He asks, voice but a whisper. "Something isn't right... perhaps, we should retreat?" He only shakes his head. "Not yet." You fall silent. 

There is then a sudden noise that echoes throughout the halls and you tense up as Kili moves to charge forward. Fili places a hand on his chest though and shakes his head. 

"You two... stay here and search the lower levels, I've got this." Kili looks at him seriously, taking a step back with hesitance clear on his face. But he turns anyways and runs down the hall, not waiting for you. "Fili, I don't trust this." You insist once again. But he doesn't look worried, only cautious. "There isn't much time Y/N, just go with my brother and I will meet you back down here." He then turns and leaves you there.

So you follow after Kili. 

The two of you roam the halls until you eventually come to an exit, clear view of Thorin at the end of a balcony as the voice of Azog speaks over head. "Here ends your filthy bloodline!" There's a noise above, and when you look up something large is falling towards you two. You yank Kili back as the object hits the ground with a heavy thud, and your eyes fall upon the body of Fili. Kili stares in shock for a few moments, and you release a cry of anguish at the sight as dread fills the both of you. 

Kili releases a yell, then he storms up the stares with anger fueling his movements. You call his name and follow him up the stares, fighting back the terrible sorrows overtaking you. There are orcs littering the place, and you find that you have to put minimal effort into fighting them unlike the grief stricken Kili before you. He decapitates every orc in his path, leaving you only a few to deal with afterwards. 

The red headed she-elf then joins in, calling Kili's name as he calls back. Bolg, the disgusting beast who was sent to kill the dwarves in Laketown, ambushed the red-headed elf. He lifted her by her neck, and when you kicked out of his hold he threw her like she was nothing against the wall. 

You run over and throw your last dagger at him, only managing to graze his leg when he goes to crush her skull. You slide out from between his legs and get in front of her, watching as Kili jumps on his from behind with his sword drawn. Kili is thrown forward and he hits the steps with a harsh thud, and while his attention is elsewhere you spring forward and wrap your arms around his fleshy neck and pull backwards to draw him away. 

Bolg only slams his back into the wall though, and you're forced to release him as the breath his completely knocked from you and your head smashes into the stone. You fall forward with a painful smack, but both Tauriel and Kili are back on their feet. Kili slashes his sword along Bolg's belly but it doesn't do much so Bolg kicks Kili back and he collapses. Tauriel jumps ontop of him again and he stumbles over towards the edge. Bolg tries to throw her off of him and to the drop below, but she grabs onto his neck and kicks the both of them off the ledge. 

Kili screams her name, and you scramble to your feet to see if she fell all the way. When you look over, she is laying in a daze on a stone slab, Bolg gaining on her with his weapon still in hand. You jump down after them, rolling up next to him. You kick out his leg from beneath him and he stumbles, but doesn't fall like you had hoped for. Kili was trying to run down the steps with as much swiftness as he could manage, but he couldn't run fast enough.

Bolg turns his attention from Tauriel and looks at you, the slight frustration that he's straying from his task showing through. Bolg swings his weapon at you, and you throw your head back and watch as it flies over your head. You grab the handle of his weapon and try to rip it from his grasp, but he grabs hold of your neck much like he did to Tauriel and lifts you off your feet. You kick your foot up and jab him in the face, and he drops you right when there is a large crash from behind you. 

You turn your head, momentarily distracted, and see one of the towers falling quickly. It creates a bridge between you and Tauriel to the other side, and there stands the blond elf prince with his weapon drawn. Kili yells your name from above, and you look back up at Bolg quickly. He has his weapon raised above you, and you roll to the side when suddenly a searing pain blossoms in your right shoulder. Your name is cried from Kili's again, and the pain intensifies as Bolg rips the blade from your shoulder. You turn onto your back again, hand clutching your shoulder as Bolg raises his weapon above his head again. Before his next blow can hit though a dagger flies into view and embeds itself into his arm. Bolg drops his weapon and looks up at the blond prince, stalking up to him as he forgets about you and Tauriel. 

Your hand presses harshly into your quickly bleeding shoulder and you turn your head to check on the red headed Tauriel, eyes quickly scanning over her. Her eyes open a fraction and relief floods you knowing that she lives. Sitting up slowly, you remove your hand for a moment to check on the wound, relief filling you when you see it's just your shoulder. And then Kili is there, concern flooding his features as he looks at you, but you only shake your head and gesture to the other she elf with a flick of your head. "I'll be fine, Kili, go to her." 

He nods his head, then turns and kneels next to the redheaded elf, his hands cupping her cheeks gently. 

Staggering to your feet, you begin your climb up the rocky stairs as the battle between Bolg and the he-elf comes to an end. But the fight with Azog and Thorin rages on, and Kili quickly races to join him once Legolas joins Tauriel to watch over her. You walk after Kili quickly on his way to his uncle, but he only shakes his head, "Stay away, Y/N. We will take care of this!" 


And take care of this they did. 

At the end of the fight, Fili is dead and his brother and uncle live. Azog was also very much dead, and Bolg was too. And you? Leaning heavily on the steps as everyone hugged it out. 

And then you saw him. 

Bilbo, standing with Dwalin across the frozen water with a sad smile on his face. Relief fills your entire being, and you feel tears of happiness flood your eyes and blur your vision. When he sees you his smile broadens, only to disappear at the state of you. He runs over as fast as his hobbit feet can carry him, standing next to your hunched form as his hands more up to cup your face in his hands gently. 

"Y/N? Can you hear me?" You nod once. "Your shoulder, we need to get that taken care of right away now, but don't you worry because it'll be okay now." You nod again. 

A single tear falls from the corner of your eye as you reach out to him with your not injured arm, an uncontrollable smile brightening your bloody and dirty face. "I don't think I've ever felt such joy before.. seeing you in front of me as you are.." Your voice is but a whisper, but he hears you nonetheless. His expression softens exponentially as his thumbs gently smooth along the plains of your face. 

He leans down after a few moments of simply looking at you and presses his lips against yours. You don't hesitate in returning the kiss, your uninjured hand pulling him in a bit closer by his sleeve. When he pushes against you a bit too harshly though, you take in a sharp breath and mumble quietly to him, "I think I'll take that medical assistance now..."

Bilbo laughs this time, giving you another quick peck on your lips before helping you to your feet, allowing you to lean on him despite how much you tower over him. 

And for the first time in a while, you feel like things are going to be okay. 

Chapter Text

Sometimes you wonder about the necessity of your presence in the company of 13 dwarves, a hobbit, and a wizard. They're all very capable in their own ways you see, and for the most part you only contribute very little. You help set up camp, you speak with everyone to help keep spirits high, hell you even help make sure that they're all washing up effectively. But things like self care and camping arrangements aren't all that important in light of what everyone else does. 

For example, the life or death situations you're all put into so often is much more important than making sure your knickers are clean. Not getting stabbed by the blade of an orc will always triumph over talking about feelings in the importance department as well. 

You didn't really see yourself as useless because you know you do bring some things to the table, but in comparison to everyone else (yes, even Bilbo!) you just aren't all that important. 

Today though, it seemed that you would finally be put to good use instead of lounging around all day while the boys got all into the hard work. You noticed a change in the way Bofur was walking, actually, thats how it all started you see, and after quite a long while in watching him move from place to place during his turn for watch, you finally got sick of it. 

You sat up in your bed roll and whispered, "Psst! Hey Bofur, come here." 

He turns his head over to look at you rather quickly, most likely not expecting you to be up, but nonetheless he makes his way over to you, the light of the dying fire providing enough light for him to see. He crouches down next to you, shifting his shoulders from side to side uncomfortably. "Is everything alright Y/N?" He asks softly, the unspoken question in his voice showing his obvious confusion. 

You gesture for him to take a seat and he does as such, "What is it?" He crosses his legs and offers a smile, realizing that it's nothing urgent since you would've said something already. "Your back is sore... I-I've noticed how funny you've been moving so, if you don't mind, I could massage the muscles to help the soreness ease." He stares at you for a few moments, before he smiles again and laughs quietly, "Well, go on ahead if that's all it is. Sound's quite nice if you ask me actually." 

With a curt nod, you have him turn so his back faces you, then reach up and gently squeeze his shoulders. You hear him release a quiet breath, and when you begin to rub ad squeeze certain knotted up areas along his back he starts to make quiet noises. Of course you realize that this would seem very inappropriate to anyone waking up in the middle of the night, but you were so engrossed in the task at hand that you found yourself actually enjoying this. 

Working deftly on his back, you realize at some point that he fell asleep during your little massage there. You don't have the heart to wake him up, so you end up finishing out the rest of his watch for him. 

You weren't even tired the next morning from taking two shifts, instead it seemed like providing care for one of your friends energized you for the day to come. When Bofur awoke the next morning, he approached you with guilt shining in his eyes. "Y/N, lass, I'm sorry I fell asleep on you like that. You should've hit me upside the head..." Laughter bubbles up from your chest and you reach up and pat his back, "Don't worry about it, Bofur. If I minded then I certainly would've made you get up." 

Though he still appears to be regretful for falling asleep, he too laughs and nods his head. "Alright alright, but I promise I won't be doing that again!" 

The next night you were laying in your bedroll once again, preparing yourself to fall asleep. Until you heard someone whisper your name. You sit up slowly, looking around until you spot Kili sitting up in his bedroll as well. You stare at him for a moment, wondering if you're just imagining this until he speaks again. "Y/N, can I come over there?" You look around you a few times, then point at yourself. He laughs and nods his head, "You're the only Y/N in the group, so yes." 

After the clarification you nod your head, and he crawls over. Settling in next to you, he asks simply, "Bofur told us about the back massage you gave him. He said it's like you've got magic in your fingertips. So, I'd like to request one for myself." 

You simply stare at him for a few moments, considering his proposal. Bofur certainly was a big mouth, you noted, but you didn't really mind. If you could help out even with something as simple as that, then it brought meaning to your companionship. So you nod your head and pat the ground in front of you, "Alright. You can sit up or lay down, I don't care either way. But laying down might be more comfortable." He nods his head excitedly, then stretches out on the ground below you. 

Sliding your blanket over, you bunch it up under his head so he won't have to lay it on the hard ground, "Try not to fall asleep, okay?" You can practically hear his grin, "With such a pretty hobbit working on my back for me? Not a chance!"

Yeah he fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of the back relief massage. You didn't mind much just like the night before, you simply ended up taking over his watch too. 

That morning when he woke up, he reacted in a similar manner to Bofur. The guilt washed over him heavily, and when he went to apologize you only waved him off. "It's fine, I only had to watch for an hour or so. How does your back feel?" You ask him to quickly change the subject.

The smile returns to his face, "It feels amazing! I appreciate what you did for me lass, next time wake me up though!" You both knew very well that wouldn't happen, but you told him you would nonetheless. 

 This pattern of massaging someones back, them falling asleep, and you taking over watch continued on for another few nights. Almost everyone came to you and asked for you to 'work your magic' during their watches, and after they fell asleep you'd take over for them. It wasn't that bad though since the watch periods weren't all that long. And you only got asked once each night anyways, so it made no difference to you. 

One night quite a few days later, Fili finally asked for his turn to experience one of the 'life changing massages' that you give out. He was all too happy to flop in front of you, he even offered to take his shirt off which you swiftly and very shyly declined. 

Reaching down, you began to work with what you were given. His back wasn't the worst you've worked with, but it was definitely up there. He was tense in so many places, and the knots littering his poor back made you nearly sore yourself. 

Fili let out soft sighs every now and then, his head propped up in his arms as you 'worked your magical fingers', and much like the others he seemed to be enjoying himself. 

That is, until Thorin woke up and asked rather gruffly, "What are you doing to my nephew?" You almost jump out of your skin at his sudden appearance, turning your head up to look at him. You didn't even notice him get up from his spot, though it's probably because of how focused the task made you. Though you hadn't a clue how to answer his question, thankfully Fili beat you to the punch. 

"She's giving me a back massage uncle, everyone's been getting one. All that pony riding is tough on the muscles after all." You nod your head quickly in agreement, face becoming red under the strong stare of Thorin. 

The silence drags on for a few moments before Thorin declares, "I would like one as well." You don't know what to say really, so you nod your head. "O-Okay, well... I'm not done with FIli yet so you'll have to wait bu-" Fili cut you off quickly though, "It's fine, Y/N. I feel better already. I'll just return to my bedroll... Besides, we can always finish this another night!" He winks at you, successfully making you flush again, and then he scampers (yes, scampers) off to his sleeping spot. 

You stare after him blankly for a moment before returning your gaze to Thorin. "Well, lucky you then. Just lay down like Fili was and I'll get to work." He doesn't say anything, just nods his head as he mimics the position Fili had been laying in. 

After rolling your shoulders and popping your fingers, you place your hands gently on his back to see where he felt worse. You started to work on his shoulders first, quickly realizing that he had the worst case out of everyone. Somehow though, you weren't surprised. Most of the dwarves you worked on had maybe one or two knots around their shoulders and lower back, but Thorin? He had at least four, and you could tell they were painful simply from touching them. 

When you begin to work on one of the ones under his shoulder, he releases a quiet sound that sounded between a groan and a sigh of relief. 

Your ministrations seemed to be working though because soon he was reduced to nothing under your skilled hands, relaxing more and more each time you finished with a section. He spoke to you quietly about a few different things, and when silence finally settled after a bit you noticed that Thorin was drifting off. So you continued on, and when he finally fell into a deep sleep you got up and put your blanket over him, finishing out the rest of the watch. 

The next morning, Thorin seemed to be in an excellent mood. He moved swiftly, occasionally laughing and smiling at others, and it seemed like the spirits in the company were raising all together. You were happy to help, though, even if all the leaning over people thing was causing pain to enter into your own back.

You didn't know what to do about that really, massaging your own back was basically impossible so at this point you were simply stuck. 

Another day passed by, and luckily for you no one asked for you to work your magic on their back. So you got a night off. 

Not that it did you any good though, because your back was so sore you could barely lay on your side.

Releasing a quiet sigh, you sit up and reach back to knead your shoulders gently, though it was in vain. 

You let out a frustrated half whine half sigh, then stand up to sit closer to the fire. Spotting Thorin sitting on a log by the flames, you decided to sit down next to him and cross your legs. He turns his head to look at you, eyes trailing up your slouching form with furrowed eyebrows. "Are you well, Y/N?" He asked slowly, looking up the curve of your back. 

Nodding your head rather hastily, you sit up straighter despite the painful tug of your muscles, "I-I am fine Thorin, you see it's more comfortable for me to..." You trail off when you see how little be believes you. Biting your lip gently, you just get out with it, "No... my back is aching horribly actually. So many nights with massaging back has messed up my own, you see." 

He nods his head along with your words, thinking over what you had told him. His face brightens up a bit though when he comes up with a solution (it's barely noticeable though), "Perhaps I can repay the favor you did for me the other night?" You could feel your face become red at his suggestion, but for some reason you couldn't find it within yourself to decline his offer. 

So you nod along and offer him a coy smile, "Alright.. thank you Thorin." 

He has you lay down much like he did the other night, and you realize that he's hesitating. You turn your head and look back at him, seeing his apprehension. "If you're afraid of hurting me, then stop. If you're being to harsh I'll say so. Just focus on a spot and work there until it feels right to move on." He nods his head slowly, then presses his hands lightly into your shoulders, giving you an experimental squeeze, "Like that?" You simply nod and lay your head down in your arms. 

Once he finds a rhythm he falls in to a pattern much like you do, and you feel yourself completely relax into his capable hands. 

He works on you for quite a while, seemingly like he enjoys it himself almost, and you find yourself drifting off after a bit, mumbling a quiet thank you. 

When you're completely asleep he stops, sitting there as he looks at you quietly for a few moments. He reaches down and gently brushes your hair out of your face, watching as your nose twitches a bit as you rest. A small smile creeps onto his face, but he then realizes that he's been looking for far too long. So he brushes off his pants and stands, placing a blanket over your sleeping form much like you had for him. 

He could get used to this. 

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I know begging for requests is completely lame but I'm running out of original ideas and I would really really appreciate some requests for characters and scenarios you'd like to see. I had so much fun writing the Bilbo requests and it literally took me like, a day to write each one so the waiting aspect is really minuscule!

Of course no one is obligated to request anything I would just really appreciate it. 

Anyways, thank you for reading this far, and I hope you have a great day! 

Chapter Text

What a lovely man you roped in. 

Tall, blond, beautiful in every aspect in the word, fierce (and judgemental at that), and an excellent lover. 

He treated you so well, and the conversations you both conjured up were equally informative and interesting (sometimes even humorous if you were lucky). 

But today? You were not in the mood for any such conversations. 


Instead, you were entranced. Entranced with the beauty of Thranduil as he sat with you in one of the many beautiful Mirkwood gardens. 

At first you busied yourself with walking around and basking in the warm sun as it beat down and brought life to the lovely flowers surrounding you, and then you caught sight of Thranduil watching from the entrance, with a gentle smile gracing upon his lips. 

You clasp your hands together and run over to him, a blur of white trailing behind you from your flowing dress. He opens up his arms to you and you wrap yourself around him, a bright smile lighting up your features. "I though you were going to be busy all day! Would you like to sit with me?" You ask him, excitement shining bright in your eyes. 

He laughs at your childish antics, gently running his fingers through your hair. "That's why I'm here Hiril vuin*, I managed to escape my duties for a while." my lady*

You reach up and cup his face in your hands, pressing your lips gently against his for a few moments before turning and skipping back over to the middle of the garden. You gesture for him to come over to you, flopping down onto your back as you spread your arms out to sit in the sun. Whatever had you in such a weird energetic mood was contagious though, because moments later Thranduil was taking a seat next to you as he places his hand over yours. 

The two of you just sit there for a few moments, a comfortable silence engulfing the both of you as you simply enjoy each others company. You sit up all of the sudden, grasping his hand in yours gently. "Thranduil, Meleth*1, perhaps we can spend our entire day out together? If you aren't busy after this of course." He reaches up and presses his fingers against your cheek gently, a small smile showing on his face. "We've got forever, melda*2 , so I think I can spare enough time to be with you today." You can feel happiness course through you at this, so you throw your arms around him and press your face against his neck. love*1, beloved*2

 "You've been so busy lately, I was beginning to worry that you'd forgotten about me..." You murmur softly, pressing a caste kiss to his throat. He reaches up and runs his fingers through your hair gently, releasing a quiet sigh, "I could never forget about you Meleth... I know I've been terribly busy as of late, but that will change soon enough.." 

He massages your scalp with soft movements, pressing a light kiss to the top of your head. You pull away after a few moments, still settled gently in his lap as your hands rest on his shoulders. "Okay... well now that I've got that out of the way, let me play with your hair!" He laughs at your quick subject change, nodding his head as he carefully removes his crown from his head. "I won't stop you." 

You excitedly move behind him and waste no time in burying your fingers into his hair, wiggling your hands back and fourth at a fast pace to see how his hair flows when you move your fingers. Removing your fingers from his hair, you start to part his hair into different sections to braid it up, fingers making quick work of twisting the sections of his hair up into three even braids. As soon as that's done, you braid the three interlaced sections into one and pin them up into a bun. You view your work and smile brightly, wrapping your arms around his torso from behind. 

Pressing your nose into the back of his neck, you close your eyes and press your chest against his back. But then you find yourself suddenly wanting to press kisses against the expanse of his neck. And that's exactly what you do.

Your lips move down the side of his neck slowly, your hands gripping the front of his tunic in a tight grip. He tilts his head back for you as you pepper small kisses back up the length of his neck and to his jawline. This pattern goes on for a while before he turns you around and crashes his lips against yours. Your hands cup his cheeks, and he moves to press you against the ground beneath him. His chest pushes against yours from his position above you, his lips moving against yours in a hypnotic way. 

He pulls back after a few moments of over taking your mouth in a heated kiss, reaching up to caress your cheek gently, "Seducing me in the gardens... you should know better than to tempt me, Meleth." His words make you shudder, as your fingers gently press into the hair under his braided bun.

Lips descending back on yours again his hands run down the front of your gown and pull it open, the sash around your waist loosening so he could pull it away from your shoulders, he pulls back again much to your disdain. "Nothing underneath? I am beginning to think you've planned this..." You open your mouth to defend yourself from his playful jab, but the only thing that leaves your mouth is a soft gasp when his thumb and forefinger pinch lightly at your perked bud. Your hands tug lightly at the roots of his hair, a sharp (but not serious) glare shooting up at him. 

Thranduil only laughs, pressing down against you as his lips begin to trail wet kisses from your jawline all the way down to your collarbone. As much as you enjoyed putting his hair up, you find yourself undoing all the braids holding his beautiful locks up and away from your grabbing hands, lips pressing against the top of his head as his mouth presses more kisses around your areola. 

He's settled himself between your legs, his hips pinning yours down below himself as he finally encloses his mouth around the soft pink nub to his left. Your grip on his hair tightens slightly, knees pressing against his sides as your legs up his hips down harder against your own. Thranduil teasingly rocks his growing manhood into your uncovered sex, enjoying the small whimper of his name you release upon his actions. 

He quickly grows bored with simply sucking at your chest, though satisfied with the marks littering your skin, so he moves on with his lips trailing paths of fire from your chest down to your lower abdomen. His hands take ahold of each ankle and he lifts your legs up and further apart. Warm breath fanning across your warm skin, you feel goosebumps invade your skin as he leaves one kiss on both of your thighs. 

Theres a moment where nothing happens, and then you feel the feather light touch of his lips against your very sensitive clitorus. A chill caused from anticipation makes you release a premature moan, and when he chuckles you feel your face grow warm again. He then dives right in, mouth latching onto your clit while his hands slide down to your thighs. He lifts your hips up off the ground a bit, eyes trailing up to your flushed face. 

Your eyes were closed and your hands were buried in his hair, relishing in the pleasures he withdrew from you, and he found that he quite liked this expression on you. His left hand moved closer to your womanhood, his thumb gently tracing along the side of your entrance which got another shiver from you. His tongue trailed a long line from your entrance and back up to your clit, his thumb working gentle circles on it while you squirmed beneath him. "T-Thranduil!" You gasped out, hips bucking upwards slightly as you felt a coil slowly building up pressure within you. 

It seems he could tell that you were close too, because his thumb began to move much faster as he added more pressure. He leaned back a bit and inserted one of his fingers inside of you, thrusting his finger in and out of you at a steady pace. 

Your grip on his hair tightened suddenly and your legs tensed as you released a soft cry. He replaces his thumb with his warm mouth once again, sucking gently as you dally in the lingering pleasure of your release. When you spasm from slight overstimulation he stops and looks up at you, desire darkening his expression as well as a hint of amusement from how easily he could reduce you to a panting and whining mess. 

Sitting up slowly, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him down on top of you, lips ghosting over his which were glistening from his previous ministrations. 

He gathers you up in his arm and whispers to you teasingly, "We should go back to our room now... because if we stay here, you'll be alerting the entirety of Mirkwood of our... alone time." His voice is as smooth as honey, and you find yourself nodding enthusiastically without a second thought. 

Oh, what a fulfilling day off. 

Chapter Text

When you first fell for the unique red headed she elf Tauriel, it had been quick. You didn't even realize it at first, for you were simply smitten all of a sudden. When Tauriel began to creep into your thoughts so constantly you began to pick up on it, but you hadn't been completely sure until you began to notice how your heart sped up in her wonderful presence, and how your mood would always brighten when she spoke with you.

It was odd. At first you thought it ridiculous, she was simply your friend (and superior at that! Captain of the guard ladies and gentleman) and would never think of you in such a way, at least those were the things you told yourself. 

In hindsight, you weren't sure why you tried to hard to convince yourself that you didn't love her, what was there not to love after all? She was the very definition of perfection in your eyes, even in the way she stood up to the King when he made some ridiculous decree. You admired her, loved her, cherished her, all of these things you did without her knowing. And how you longed for her affections. 

These thoughts plagued your mind as you were out scouting with said Elleth, eyes darting over to her much more frequently than you liked to admit.

You still weren't quite sure what initially caught your attention about her, there were a number of impressive things about her you see, but there was just something. Something you couldn't explain to anyone, much less to yourself. 

Your train of thought was abruptly brought to a halt when she said your name out of the blue, you nearly jumped out of your skin for you had been so lost in your own mind. "Y/N? You've been spacing much more than usual.. perhaps we should head back?" She suggested, concern flooding her lovely blue eyes as they gazed into your own. 

Warmth spread to your cheeks when you realized you had been caught, even if she couldn't even begin to guess what had been keeping you so preoccupied all morning, shame and embarrassment making you turn your head away. "No, Tauriel I am fine. I simply forgot about something and was thinking about it I'm afraid. Let us continue on." 

She accepted your answer, though you could tell that she was quite hesitant to simply take that and move on. And then on you both were again, checking the perimeters, killing spiders, picking especially pretty flowers every now and then too as you both conversed. 

Little did you know that your lack of focus would soon cause some issues...

Tauriel had gone ahead to check out something, a suspicious noise that caught your attention was what alerted her, and you stayed back and waited as she had instructed you to. 

You, unfortunately, allowed yourself to indulge in your thoughts once again, completely missing the foul arachnid that was approaching from above, completely silent. You were picking at one of the flowers you came across, tugging off the petals as you contemplated telling Tauriel about your feelings. The secret was beginning to eat away at you, and you weren't sure how much longer you could last without her knowing of your feelings. 

There's the sound of snapping above you, and you turn reflexively only to be slammed into the ground by a heavy black and brown arachnid body. You gasp loudly, a cry leaving past your lips from the pure shock of having been so easily crept up on. 

Distantly you hear Tauriel call your name, her keen ears catching onto the sudden disturbance of silence, but you cannot reply.

You were pushing at the head of the foul beast, its pinchers snapping in your face as you try to avoid losing your head because of it. Tauriel is there in moments, her eyes quickly scanning over the situation. She wastes no time and throws her dagger, said dagger embedding itself into the spiders skull before it goes limp and traps you beneath it. The breath is knocked from you when it heavily drops on you, but you try to push it off nonetheless. 

Tauriel yells your name again and she falls to her knees next to you and the now dead spider, helping you slide out from beneath it. 

The very moment you're sitting up right, she's pulling you in closely for a crushing embrace. She presses her face into the crook of your neck, arms wrapped tightly around your middle as she holds onto you.

This has to be the first time you've seen her so venerable and emotional, so you wrap your arms around her in return and enjoy the hug you share. She is silent for quite a while, holding onto you as she draws comfort from the embrace before she finally pulls away and speaks, "What were you thinking! Letting your guard down like that, I thought you were dead when that wretched thing overpowered you like that!" 

You can't keep the guilt or shame from showing on your face, regret for making her feel so worried driving you to quickly apologize. "I've been so lost in my head, Tauriel. I am very sorry..." She sighs heavily, shaking her head as she looks away from you, "You have been distracted all morning, and now that you've almost died you finally realize that there is a problem?" You nod your head slowly, a look akin to one of a kicked puppy expressing on your face. 

Tauriel takes one look at you though and she immediately feels her anger falling away as concern washes over her, "Did it hurt you?" You shake your head, "Are you okay then?" You nod this time, and she finally offers you a gentle smile. "Well... alright. Since you didn't die I guess I will have to forgive you for your recklessness." A hopeful expression worms its way onto your face only to fall when she continues. "On once condition."

You narrow your eyes slightly at her, wondering about what she could ever want from you, "And what is that?"

She smiles her lovely smile once again, saying confidently, "I require you to join me for dinner tonight. And any other night I deem fit." She said it in good humor, and you felt yourself heat up in the face at her request. That was something you certainly wouldn't mind doing. "I-Is that all, Tauriel?" You ask, a little extra something in your tone as you practically purred your words. 

"I, also, require a kiss I'm afraid." 

That was definitely something you could get behind. 

Chapter Text

Legolas, the prince of Mirkwood and child of King Thranduil, found himself falling. 

Falling swiftly, harshly, and undeniably in love. 

In love with the beautiful Elleth who simply arrived one day. 

You had come from Rivendell, he came to learn when you first arrived, working as an advisor of sorts though you weren't required to do much really.

It was more for the experience than actual work, your friend Elrond simply used this as an opportunity for you to get out and see more other than the walls of the Rivendell area. 

Upon arriving, you first met Legolas.

Many elves were the definition of beauty in themselves, but you found that he simply took your breath away. And he shared the same sentiments, because he had been intrigued by you right away as well, the length of your hair intriguing him, for it barely reached past your ears. Most elves wore their hair long, allowing the soft tresses to shape their faces and underline the obvious beauty. Of course not all elves had locks with considerable length, there were others with hair more like yours, some with texture, while most possessed dark hair (unlike those who are part Vanyar or kin to Elu Thingol). It was simply something about the way you styled your hair that made you stand out to him. 

It didn't take long for the both of you to become close, for you both spent the majority of your time together after your arrival. He showed you noteworthy things, introduced you to his father, the king, and even shared many meals with you throughout the days. 

You were splayed out on your back as you peered up at the sky, a small smile lighting your face as you got to see the clouds roll by clearly with Legolas' arm resting beneath your head like a pillow of sorts. There weren't many places in Mirkwood that had straight shot views of the sky, and this was one of the few which still managed to make you feel tranquil. 

The relationship between you and the blond elvish prince was odd to say the least. He was clearly attracted to you, and you him, yet there wasn't exactly an established romantic relationship, it got to the point where others began to notice it too (his father included). At first you were uncomfortable with the idea of others gossiping about you and Prince Legolas, but eventually it seemed that your worries about that melted away. But with those leaving you, new ones surfaced. 

He hadn't a clue as to how old you are, much less the things you'd done and seen. If he were to know he would surely hate the idea of being with an Elleth so much older than him (nearly by 4,000 years already).

These thoughts and more plagued your mind as you enjoyed the serene afternoon with him, and he began to notice. "Y/N... I can practically hear you thinking. What is troubling you?" You find yourself slightly surprised with the ease in which he understood your perplexity. When you look up towards him, he's already looking down at you with curiosity sparkling in his eyes. 

"Troubling.. No I wouldn't say that. I'm more just, thinking about things that I shouldn't be is all." You didn't realize how odd it sounded until the words left you, and almost right away your face heated. "I-I did not mean that how it sounded, but I'm sure you understand.." You trailed off, glancing up into his eyes again only to be met with a sweet, and very understanding, smile. 

"Don't fret, Meleth(love), I know what you mean. What thoughts are troubling you?" He sounds genuinely curious, and the warmth in his expression soothes your nerves. 

"Well... there is something I feel you should know, but I worry you will feel... odd, about it." His eyebrows knit together as he thinks over your words, thinking over how to respond carefully. 

"Odd? In what way?" You shift around a bit before sitting up and releasing his arm from the confines of your head. 

"I've yet to tell you of my age, and of the things I've seen. I don't think you'd like what I have to say." 

He laughs, and you begin to feel rather sheepish. "I don't care for such trivial things, Y/N. You know that you can tell me anything." He was right, you did know that, but it simply felt weird to you. 

You fold your hands in your lap and you turn to face him, brushing a lock of your hair behind your ear as you formulate your thoughts into a sentence. 

"Do you know why I keep my hair so short, Legolas?"

He shakes his head. 

"You see, and do keep in mind this will probably sound inane, a long time ago, when I was much younger than I am now, I fought in... quite the infamous battle. And I was seized by an enemy, specifically by my hair, and came to realize how inconvenient it was to wear it long." He nods in understanding, reaching up to gently brush his fingers against your cheek, "That makes sense to me, what battle was that?" He asked with interest. 

You go quiet for a moment, then state simply, "The Last Alliance... The war against Sauron." His expression changes to one of confusion again until realization and then shock appeared. "You mean..." You nod your head, and then a smile spreads across his face. "That's incredible! You... you fought along side Gil-galad and Elrond against The Necromancer?" For some reason you find yourself surprised by his wonder and excitement, pleasantly so. "Yes... I thought you would dislike that, I mean, I could be older than even your father." 

He only changes the subject from that uncaringly, "How old you are means little in comparison to other things. We live forever... so a couple thousand years don't carry much weight." You nod your head along slowly, finding that you like the way his fingers trace along your face feather soft. "Perhaps you're right... but I'm afraid of what others-" 

Legolas sighs heavily, cutting you off the moment he realizes where you were heading. "What others think about you, us, matters not. If you care for me as I do you, then that should be the only thing to think about." 

You find yourself reddening slightly at how sure he is, and how he outright admit how he felt towards you. And you found that you were quite flattered, and also pleased to hear the words from him. 

"And do not doubt for a moment how often you fill my mind with different thoughts... If you think something minuscule like your age would drive me away then I'd love to disappoint you." A gentle kiss is pressed to your forehead, and you find that you're easily relaxing into him. 

"Alright, alright. You win, I've got it, Legolas." He laughs at your mock anger, his fingers smoothing up and down your ribs. You squirm around, releasing a breathless laugh at the way he lightly tickles at your sensitive sides, "Don't even try me or you'll be punished." You warn him with a smile on your face. He laughs once again, relaxing his fingers to simply rest against your waist. 

"I'll consider your threats if you kiss me first." 

Bold move, princeling, but you're feeling rather confident yourself, so you don't even hesitate in pressing your lips up against his. He hesitates for just a moment, mostly surprised at how easy it had been to steal a kiss from you, before returning the kiss just as gentle as you gave it. Your hands slide up to cup his cheeks gently, drawing him in closer to you as his arms press you against his chest by your waist. 

They two of you remain entangled in such a way for a bit longer than you cared to admit before you finally broke the lovely kiss. His eyes flutter open and he looks at you tenderly as your thumbs rub gentle circles along his high cheekbone, tracing the path of said bone from just below his eye to an inch from his ears. His skin was soft beneath your finger tips, and the way his cheeks slightly dusted red only delighted you more. 

He presses his forehead to yours, lovely sparkling blues never leaving your own. You're entranced by him, everything about the Ellon before you completely enchanting. 

"I think... I've fallen in love with you." 

Chapter Text

You were a skin changer. A race of people who can change their shape into many or one certain animal throughout the span of their lives. Sometimes they can control it, sometimes they cannot, and unfortunately for you, you are one of those who can't. 

It's common knowledge that skin changers have some attributes that carry over into their human and vise versa form (like Beorn's hair and the resemblance his eyes have to that of a bear). Your eyes were a distinctive amber, and your pupils were sharp and serpent like. They practically glowed, and they were so distinct that you could never let them be seen outright, otherwise you'd simply be slain like so many before you. But what was a girl to do?

At first, you secluded yourself completely, becoming but a legend in the town you resided near that parents used to scare their children into going to sleep on time. You hadn't so much as seen, much less talked to, anyone since you first went into hiding, which was why you were so shocked when Gandalf the Grey came knocking upon your front door. (you made yourself a pleasant little cottage alone in the deep woods (like Beorn himself) and kept yourself busy with homely things. Gardening, reading, music, cooking, simple things really. 

You were out in your yard, tending to the garden which both provided beauty and food for yourself, when he first arrived. 

He was welcomed with open arms, for you had both crossed paths before and you simply couldn't help but feel joy at the sight of the friendly wizard. Though your sociable attitude swiftly went away when he mentioned that he had quite the quest for you. 

At first, you declined without thinking it over. The chances of you being killed for your lineage alone was more than probable, and he had the nerve to suggest that you go on such a journey through many lands and put yourself at risk. 

But when he mentioned the favor you owed to him (and admittedly the dragons treasure) you really couldn't deny his request. 

And as time went on, you found yourself grateful for this adventure. 

You made easy friends with Bilbo, he was much like you in the sentiment of being homesick, and then Balin, and eventually everyone else. Gandalf had explained your odd circumstances to them before you met everyone along the way (shortly before Rivendell), and though some of them were unnecessarily weary around you at first, you soon found yourself considering them friends and they you. 

There were many instances when Thorin's Company had to reside in towns though, and while at the beginning you were simply left to maligner outside of the town and wait, it quickly became apparent that, that was not right. And when it came time to journey to Rivendell, Gandalf tied a blindfold around your head and they all pretended you were blind!

Of course the excuse of blindness couldn't save you from your random shifting into your 'other' form. 

The first time they saw you as your changed self, you were all settling in for a night in a forest. You felt that ever familiar sensation building inside of you, and before you knew it you were running away from camp to avoid being seen as you transform. 

You couldn't speak to anyone, but you would hear them and you could understand them more or less. You weren't huge in your changed form, in fact you were rather little for a dragon, much smaller than Smaug even and he was considered a small dragon by some as is. Your head barely reached the top of a tree, and your scales were a gentle and warm grey which reflected in the light of the moon. 

It was hard to control yourself in this form, serpent instincts screaming at you to do things that you knew you shouldn't, and while you couldn't control when you shifted, you certainly could control your actions well enough. That was probably amongst the reasons Gandalf entrusted such an important task with you. 

Everyone was weary with you that night, none getting much sleep since there was, quite literally, a small scale dragon in their presence. And the next morning when you awoke on the forest floor, very much naked and in clear view of the group, they were quick to bring you clothes and help you cover up to ensure your dignity was still intact. There were more than just a few red faces that morning. 

Eventually though, they grew used to the erratic sequences in which you would change, and they realized that they could trust you just as much in your dragon form as they did in your human. 

When you met Beorn for the first time you were enthralled, and he felt the same when he met you as well. You don't quite remember how many questions you ended up asking him that day, but you learned a great deal from him (even some tips on controlling when you would shift). 

And finally, there was Mirkwood. 

What a truly dreadful place. 

Time was nothing but an illusion here, and it seemed like the air alone was trying to choke the life out of you. 

When the spiders had tried to eat all of you, you found that the forest just kept getting worse. 

Oh, and did you mention the elves? 

You stood next to Thorin as the Elf popped up out of nowhere, and he hissed to you in alarm. "Keep your eyes closed no matter what..!" All you could do was agree, and for the a while since then your world was dark. 

The princeling had asked what your deal was, and Thorin hissed out simply that you were blind.

The elf believed it. 

Everyone was pushed along, and you were led with a gentle hand on your lower back. You felt venerable with your eyes closed like that, unable to defend yourself from anything that could be thrown your way. 

You were placed inside a cell with Fili whileThorin was taken to speak with the elven king, one of the elves murmuring something about not leaving a blind girl in a cold cell alone which you caught with your keen ears, your good hearing a result of your skin changing. 

Unfortunately though, you found that the enclosed space of the cell was making you nervous. If you were to change suddenly, surely you would be crushed, and Fili would stand no chance. So you huddled yourself into the far corner of the cage and made yourself as small as possible.

Fili tried to console you, though. "Y/N.. lass don't be so afraid of something that may not happen. You need to relax yourself or your stress may cause something dreadful.." 

He was right you knew, but each time you tried to calm yourself more doubts filled your head. Fili wrapped an arm around your shoulders and tried to comfort you, and when Thorin arrived a little time later, gloating about insulting the elvish king, you found yourself worrying immensely about never getting out. 

You were summoned form the cell some time after that though(probably having to do with being the only woman (and human at that) in a group of male dwarves, who also happened to be blind), the King himself walking along to gloat more than likely. 

He stopped outside the cage containing you and Fili, and you made sure to keep your eyes shut as if it were natural to you. "A blind woman making company of rabid dwarves. Come to the bars for me, child." You grasp Fili's hand tightly and you both make a show of walking to the bars, your free hand running along the smooth metal of the door slowly.

Everything is silent for a few moments as he looks you over before the king finally speaks up. "Most blind people I've seen can at least open their eyes... and I don't think I've ever seen someone move so surely in a new place that they've never been, much less seen", he pauses to take a breath, and you feel yourself fill with dread as he easily figures out the ploy, "Open your eyes for me and show me what's being kept so secret." 

Fili shifts uneasily next to you, and you a wash of unease go over you. You don't do anything for a few moments before you finally let your eyes flutter open. You're surprised to see the King leaning down only inches from the bars of the cell, Fili standing in your peripheral. His expression is blank as he processes the sight before him, then realization dawns upon his expression and one of disgust and pure anger over take his previous apathy. 

"Dragon!" He hisses as if the very word itself left a bad taste in his mouth. "A serpent dwelling in my kingdom! I will not stand for it!" He roars, hitting the bars once as he takes a large step back. You find yourself shrinking away from the bars, Fili lightly pushing you behind him.

This is exactly what you had been afraid of, someone figuring out what you were and being driven by anger. People like you and their kin had hurt many and killed even more, and now here you were in front of one of the very being who hated dragons more than almost anything else. He turned to one of the guards nearby and yelled something in elvish which made Fili tense up next to you. 

The door is thrown open and you're wrenched away from the oldest nephew of Thorin as the others around you yell and Fili tries to grab you. The door is quite literally slammed in Fili's face, and you find yourself practically trembling in the hold of the elf before you. The king says something else, and then you're being forcibly dragged away as your friends, your family, screaming dreadfully behind you. 


Chapter Text

You're brought down many a stairs and through many halls until you finally come upon a very open room weaved with the roots of the old trees above. You barely have any time to process your surroundings before you're harshly thrown to the floor like trash. The king says something else in his language, and then the guards move to post themselves outside the room.

The king stands before you intimidatingly, and you find that you can't help but cower under the pure hatred that is directed towards you.

"Show me your true form!" He demands, no trace of sympathy in his expression. "Show me who you really are, you lowly serpent!"

You're at a loss at this point, not only are you unable to simply change, but you didn't want to either. You were sure you wouldn't last long if you abided by his demands. "Do not thing I won't kill you like this, I know what you're doing and I won't allow a lowly beast such as yourself to return to the world!" He obviously wasn't thinking straight, anger driving him to threaten you in such a way.

"I-I am a skin changer! I am not dragon, not completely!" You protest meekly, looking up at him from your spot on the ground. He takes a step forward and raises his hand as if he were to strike you, and in seeing the way you flinch he stops for a moment and then repeats. "Show me... your true form."

And then you feel it, the transformation rushing through you almost at his command though you know it's truly from the terrible stress and fear of death.

The elven king steps back as you take on your dragon form, and he's almost surprised in how small you are. Huge compared to him yes, but he'd seen other serpents before and they were much more grand than yourself.

All you felt was fear though, your instincts kicking in as you lash out at the elven king. A sword appeared in his hand suddenly, you didn't see him bring it in the first place, but your vision was wavering and you simply couldn't focus. The serpent instincts within you were telling you to fly away, and thats exactly what you went to do. The king yelled something, but everything was becoming a blur, and the last thing you remembered before your human consciousness faded was a great pain. 

 You don't know how long you were out and lacked control of your actions, but the next thing you knew you were being lightly lifted from the ground with a heavy coat covering your mostly nude body. From then you phased in a out of consciousness from then, and when you did finally regain awareness you noticed that you were swaying slowly back and fourth.

It took a great deal of effort to push yourself up into a sitting position, a burning pain erupting in your side. You hiss lowly as the coat around you shifts and you peer down at your side. Immediately you notice the bandages wrapped tightly around you (and an old sail wrapped around you and serving as makeshift clothing) and confusion floods within you. You peer around hastily once it finally dawns on you that you're no longer in the company of your friends, meeting the form of a tall human man sitting on a box a few paces away from you. 

Your eyes meet and you see relief, and then confusion wash over his face. Fastening the coat tightly over your shoulders and the two of you stare each other down for a few moments before he finally speaks up, "I found you unconscious halfway in the water a few hours ago, around sunrise. You were bare and injured, so I brought you here..." He trailed off after explaining how you got there, his eyes focusing intently on your own. 

"Tell me what happened."

You weren't sure what was more surprising. The man not asking about your eyes, or the fact that he helped you out with no recollection of who you were or why you were in such a state. 

Shifting around uncomfortably under his intense gaze, you shift around some more and look down at the floor of the boat. 

He notices, and right away he eases up as a tender expression replaces his harsh face. "I'm not going to hurt you. I know I may seem scary, Miss, but I simply what to know what has happened... because it really doesn't appear to be any good, and I wish to help you." The gentle way he spoke to you helped wash away some of your fears, your tense shoulders relaxing slightly as he reassured you. 

And for some reason, you found yourself telling him almost everything (you carefully left out the intent of your journey and the identity of yourself and the company, careful not to reveal your status as a skin changer). 

And the man simply listened along, the look on his face displaying an emotion you couldn't quite name. He even nods along a few times, encouraging you to tell him as much as you're willing. 

When you finally finish with your tale, he stands. "Well, that is a lot better than what I was fearing... Perhaps I can help you find your friends?" Hope shines in your eyes when he offers to help you, nodding up and down quickly. "Y-Yes! Oh, I would do anything to find them again, a-and I'm sure that their worried sick-" you begin to stand, and a look of panic flashes across the man, Bard, 's face. 

"Wait! You'll make yourself bleed again. Leave it to me while you let yourself rest, and if I find something I will return immediately." 

You hesitate at his offer, settling back down in the pile of old worn rags that he let you rest in. Obviously you didn't trust him entirely, you'd just met after all, but he was your best bet at returning to your friends. 

So you conceded, and he left after offering you some dried meat and a small pouch of water.

He didn't return for a few hours after that, and you found yourself pleased when he finally returned. 

Bard stepped up onto the boat and kneeled down before you, "I think I've found them... but I must warn you, they are awfully grim at the moment and I withheld you being here just incase." He then steps back and turns as rough voices grow closer by the second. 

You brace yourself for disappointment, though you do allow yourself to have hope. 

And then you're filled with uncontrollable joy at the sight before you. 

All 14 of your company head your way, and you find yourself hoisting yourself to your feet despite the warning words from the Bargeman next to you. 

Bilbo sees you first, he's got keen eyes for a Hobbit after all, and you vaguely hear him exclaim something before 13 more pairs of eyes land on you. Ignoring the terrible pains in your side, you take a few steps forward and call to them, nobody wasting any time in making their way to the boat then. Fili and Kili move to envelop you in their arms, but the bargeman tells them to back off and quickly mentions how you've been harmed. 

Some of them exchange some words in their language that neither you, Bilbo, nor Bard understand, before Thorin steps up with clear anger on his face. "What did that fool do to you?" He demanded right away, taking notice of the bandages peaking out of your makeshift clothing. You simply shrug, silently pleading that you don't discuss this now. 

Thorin hesitates, and you can see that the others also are reluctant to simply drop it, but at this point knowing you were alive and that they didn't leave you behind was better than having the whole story.

And so for the entirety of the ride to this Laketown, you sat with your friends as you listened to their reconciliation of the events that transpired after you were dragged away. You couldn't help but feel a great sense of pride in Bilbo's rescue, and joy swelled up inside of you when they tried to go back for you, and then that's when Bard found them. You were nestled between Bofur and Kili at the moment, simply enjoying the fact that you and your company were alive and free. 

Thing's could've gone much worse you knew, but still you couldn't help the sympathy that filled you when you thought of how easily the king lost control when he learned of who you were. 

You knew you shouldn't feel pity for the elf who separated you from your family and tried to kill you, but these thoughts still crept into your head no matter how you attempted to focus. 

And as things were now, all you could do was be grateful for fate, the man in the boat, and your friends for not giving up on you. 

Chapter Text

You've seen it all at this point. The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the pretty ugly. 

But this? This is simply awe inspiring. 

The flowers surrounding around you were lovely, and the sunshine beaming down at you wrapped you in its warm embrace while you laid back and enjoyed the tranquility of this moment. 

The group was taking a rest over in a tree grove off to the side, and the moment your eyes landed on the field of flowers you were dropping your things and running off to pick some. Of course a couple of them yelled your name and Thorin told you to stop running, but fuck them man look at all those vibrant colors! 

You stood in the middle of the field for a few moments, looking over all the gorgeous blooms before you. There were many flower types you recognized, the meanings of said flowers bringing a lovely smile to your face.

A bit of guilt crept into your mind at the thought of someone else taking care of your things, and for a moment you almost went back to take care of things. 


Instead, you plopped down to your knees and looked at a butterfly a few inches in front of you. Its lovely wings flapped a few times as it sat on the petal of a lovely pink hyacinth. Movements slow, you poke your finger next to its little feet (you knew they weren't really feet) and watched with joy as it moved onto your finger. You pull your hand back a bit and look at it more closely, it's beautiful sunset oranges and yellows entrancing you. 

Someone clears their throat behind you, so you wave your other hand for them to come over to you. Whoever stands behind you approaches quietly , and you feel them kneel down next you you. You turn your head with a delighted and very self satisfied smile playing on your lips. When you turn your head, you come face to face with Kili, and your smile only broadens. "Look Kili!" You whisper yell joyously.

His eyes flicker down to the pretty insect moving around your hand, and he figures that he should give it a go too. So he raises up his hand and presses his finger gently against the your palm where it was moving around. 

It transfers to his hand after a couple moments, and his smile mirrors your own. Releasing a soft giggle at the goofy grin on his face, you reach up and pinch his cheek gently, "Isn't it pretty?" The butterfly flaps its wings slowly a few times before it takes off and moves on to another flower somewhere else in the field. He gives you an overdramatic pout, reaching up for his fingers to tickle along your sides gently. "Look at what you've done! It flew away you saboteur!" 

The amusement on his face shows clear as you squeal delightedly, reaching down to grasp his hands and push them back against his chest. "Don't you dare!" Your tone hints warning and weariness, but he ignores your halfhearted threats and snatches his hands away, fingers moving back to your ribs as he begins to tickle you relentlessly. You try to squirm away from his quick hands, but he only grabs onto your waist and pulls you closer right where he wants you. 

Kili doesn't stop with his tickling until you're panting with teary eyes and begging him him to stop. His fingers stop when you begin to gasp in air, breathing a bit heavily himself as his hands rest on your waist. His head dips down after a couple moments to steal a kiss, but you weren't having it. 

"You terrible dwarf!" You cry playfully, reaching up to push his face away with one hand. Your other hand moves up to push at his chest too, but he only grabs both your hands and leans over you. "Not even a kiss? I was only having a bit of fun!" 

Your face scrunches up but deep down you know you could never deny him, so you sit up and press your lips briefly against his before you slip out from his hovering form. Peeking over his shoulder towards the trees, "I didn't cause too much trouble for you guys by taking off, did I?" He only shakes his head, tilting your chin up with his thumb and forefinger, "No, I just settled your things with mine and came to find you. If they were actually upset I'm sure Thorin would've found you and chewed you out already."

Silence consumes the both of you for a time as you think over what he said, before you nod a few times, "Well, okay. May I play with your hair?" You then ask after another few moments of quiet. 

He seems taken aback for a moment before he offers you another broad smile. "I know we're already courting, but every time you ask such things it makes me feel like the luckiest dwarf in the world." 

You clasp your hands together excitedly, then grab the sides of his face. "Well thats because you are. Who else will offer to wash your socks and share a bed with you?" You ask him with a sweet smile on your face the whole time, like you were giving him the greatest of compliments. Kili laughs, nodding along, "Fair enough. But with all the warmth I provide you with, I would say you're quite lucky yourself." Your head bobs up and down in a nod without second thought, "Well of course I am! Now shut up and turn around, and don't crush any of the flowers either!" 

Another toothy smile from Kili, and then he was turning around so his back faced you, and you wasted no time in removing the clip that held some of his hair together in the back. Your fingers bury themselves in his hair, loosening some of the tangles. He lets out a quiet groan as you gently massage his scalp, his eyes falling shut as you finger brush the tangles from his lovely brown locks. 

Once you brush through his hair well enough you begin to twist a bunch of tiny braids into his hair. And halfway through you had a lovely idea. You leaned down and whispered next to his ear, "I'll be right back, stay right here, love, and don't even think about moving." He nods his head once, so you jump to your feet and start to gather a bunch of flowers. 

You work quickly as to not leave him waiting for too long, and once you've gathered enough you run back to him and settle behind him again.

"Back! Now, stay still." And then you get back to work. 

Weaving the stems of various flowers through the braids littering in his hair, it begins to take form. Halfway through you begin to feel pride for your work swell inside of you, loving the way it was turning out, and as you make your way around while braiding flowers into his hair you feel yourself completely relax. 

This is what sunny days were made for. 

At this point you're now sitting in front of him, having braided various flowers into the braids you made connecting to the clip you reattached around the back of his head. Scooting closer, you settle yourself into his lap, getting comfortable as he moves his legs apart so you can sit in between them. You're sitting on your knees, reaching up to weave some lovely yellow, white, and pink blooms into and around the top of his head. 

Picking up the final flower, a large, blue, and very lovely bellflower, you tuck it above his ear gently. Unwavering Love is what it means, and you feel that all the way from your heart to your head. 

You settle back to sit in-between his legs after admiring your work, a bright smile lighting up your face. "Oh! You're lovely!" You exclaim excitedly, placing your hand gently against his cheek. 

His eyes flutter open and he reaches back to gently touch his hair, feeling some of the flowers littering throughout. Kili offers you a sheepish smile at your compliment, a gentle pink dusting his cheeks. He simply stares at you for a few moments before he does finally speak, "Mahal... You're perfect." He was grateful for the hair, but the pure joy shining in your eyes made him fall even more in love with you (which he didn't even think possible). 

Your own face grows warm at his sudden declaration of your perfection and your hands move up to hide your face from him. "Y-You can't just say things like that! My heart will stop!" You complain, peeking at him from between your fingers. His loving gaze remains focused on you still, warmth filling his heart knowing that this is all his. Kili reaches up and gathers your hands in his as he brushes his nose gently against yours, "Well, I love you. What else can I say?" He murmurs quietly, lips brushing against yours teasingly. 

Pullings your face away, you grumble to him begrudgingly, "You're gonna ruin your hair. And if that comes out before tonight I won't sleep with you for the next month." You warn him while wagging your finger in his face. 

He seems taken aback by your demands before determination sets in, "Fine. But if I keep it in perfect condition then you're mine for the next week." He thought you'd deny that deal? Oh helllll no. You nod your head curtly, then stand up. 

"Alright. Well, come along. Let's' go get something to eat and see what the others think."

He hadn't thought this through closely enough. 

Chapter Text

When you first joined the dwarves on their adventure to the Lonely Mountain you were simply a confused, lazy, little hobbit girl tagging along with her adoptive brother, but as the time went on you and Bilbo began to transform into much more. 

You would say what first snapped you out of your little dream of this being a peaceful and all fun trip was definitely the trolls (it was the first major thing to happen to you all), and by the time there was that scare with Thorin, him having almost died at the hands of Azog, you were simply tired. 

And if it hadn't been for Fili and Kili through it all, you probably would've gone completely insane! 

They helped keep you, and everyone else, grounded with their good humor in appropriate times and you tried your best to serve as a beam for everyone to lean on too if they required some one on one talking time. And thats really how it went, everything nice and normal. 

The constant time you spent with the two princes could be considered odd, or taken the wrong way by most, but none of you cared. And soon enough they two nephews of Thorin Okenshield found themselves falling for you. It all happened too quickly when they stopped and thought about it, because soon they found that when they weren't thinking on important matters, they were thinking about you. 

Thinking about the way your hair curled around your face and framed your cute pointy ears nicely. The way you had a hop in your step when you were excited and how your eyes would light up when the sky turned all sorts of brilliant blues, pinks, and reds. Even the way you would hoard left over food for you and Bilbo was enduring to the pair of them. And it was only when Kili approached his older brother to discuss his feelings for you did the two of them realize that they both felt that way for you. 

And then the rivalry started. 

Pranks, jokes, practical daily inconveniences that would sabotage one or the other when they had something planned with or for you. 

When they and their uncle almost died and took weeks to heal, nothing changed still. 

You and Bilbo stuck around, wanting to stay until your friends had healed properly before separating from your new found family. 

And now? 

Only days before your and Bilbo's departure, and both brothers had yet to even properly plan their confessions to you. But at this point, they were desperate. The mere thought of you leaving and returning to the Shire was terrible, causing anxiousness and sorrow to fill each of them respectively. But what could they do to make you stay? Was there anything they could say or do to convince you to stay with them? 

And that's why they were planning on telling you how they felt sooner rather than later. The two discussed it with one another and finally came to an agreement. 

They both, of course, wanted to be the one chosen by you, but at this point they were just desperate for you to stay with them at the mountain. The thought of not getting to see your fuzzy little feet and cute face was disturbing, so they decided to simply come out with how they felt for you. 

The only problem was that neither of them were willing to give you up. 

Kili would bring you flowers, and Fili would put a huge spider in them. 

Fili would ask you out for a picnic together, and Kili would replace the food with awful smelling underclothes. 

And you? 

You were caught in the middle of it, and quite frankly you were sick of it.

You had only a week left before you and Bilbo would depart and all they could so was make a fool out of each other and yourself. And you'd made up your mind, you were going to tell them about how you felt whether they wanted you too or not. 

Which is why you currently had them cornered in the main hall, the stern expression on your face keeping both of them on their toes as they waited for you to speak. With a quiet huff, you asked hastily, "I've had just about enough of your silly pranks and jokes, boys. I don't know when I became the target of your practical jokes but I think it's high time you both realized that I'm going to leave and I don't want to be left with obnoxious memories of the both of you!" 

Though you were smaller than them by a good margin, you seemed to make yourself quite a lot bigger than the two of them while you scolded them on their behavior as of late. And it seemed to only dawn on them then that their actions had only been pushing you away. 

Fili and Kili shared a quick look, guilt shining on both their faces, before Fili spoke up. "Y/N... it wasn't our intention to upset you. You see... I- well, Kili and I more like, we've both..." he trailed off. It seemed that telling you how they felt was even harder than showing you like they'd been trying before. Then Kili spoke up, "We've fallen for you, Y/N. I-It's been hard you see, because we both have... I guess we really just didn't know how to act..." He too trailed off then, both their gazes trailing down to their feet shamefully. 

You felt your anger disappear after that, shock showing clearly on your face at what was just admitted to you. How the hell were you supposed to respond to that!?

Heat crawled up from your neck and tinged your face pink, your ears even taking on the color of embarrassment. "T-That's why you've both been acting like complete fools?!" Your voice is high pitched from both embarrassment and incredulity, and your hands rest on both of your cheeks as you stare the two of them down. They both nod slightly, but offer no verbal response. 

When the silence continues to drag on, you finally drop your hands to your sides and step forward, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. "You two... are a pair idiots", they both glance up at you with hurt showing on their faces, and then you continue, "but, I suppose, you're my idiots." Small smiles replace the sadness showing on their faces, and almost simultaneously they reach up and grab your hands resting on their respective shoulders. 

"Instead of fighting, you should've told me. I hate to get between the two of you, I mean, you're both family and I'm a little hobbit girl who managed to roll out of bed and meet you two ninnies." Your tone was humorous, but they picked up on the guilt laced within your carefully chosen words. "I care for the both of you so very much, so you can imagine how seeing you fight like that must make me feel, right?" The two of them only nod again. 

A smile lights your own face, and you then lean down and press a gentle kiss to each of their cheeks before you step back. 

"Good, now if you'll excuse me-" They both grip your hands a bit harder, and Fili asks in alarm, "B-But wait! Which one of us do you care for more?" Kili nods his head along, "Yes! I have to know!" "And as do I!" 

You release a gentle sigh and step forward, a smile gracing your lips again. "Both of you!" And then you pull your hands back and walk quickly back the way you came.

Truth is, you weren't quite sure who you preferred, but hearing them grumble to themselves and tease each other certainly amused you even as you walked off back to your own chambers.  

Chapter Text

You knew going into Mirkwood after Gandalf's warnings was a horrible idea, but for some reason you didn't think to stay behind. 

First everyone went nuts, yourself included (you could barely remember your own name at some points, it was ridiculous). Then there were the spiders, thankfully you got to avoid being webbed up by those disgusting arachnids but you got lost on your way to help.

By some luck you found everyone while they were attempting to leave their confines of the webbing, but then the spiders came back so your luck didn't feel so good anymore. 

You guys kill a bunch, Kili gets separated... oh, and there is also the elves who are speaking in their own tongue.

The blond elf who appeared to be the leader of this merry group of losers was talking about one of the swords you all acquired after everyone was searched (the only thing they found on you was a small weapon and your backpack from home, also a smack to the hand that was frisking you) when he noticed you. 

The male elf mouthing off to Thorin stops his little liar thief speech abruptly though when his eyes fall on you and your strange clothes and weird colorful backpack held by the elf who searched you.

"You. Come here." 

Uh oh.

Simply staring at him dumbly for a few moments, you turn your head from side to side and then point at yourself. "M-Me?"

He nods his head once, annoyance and a trace of amusement showing on his face. You twiddle your thumbs together and shrug your shoulders, taking a step forward only for a large hand to pull you back, "What do you want with her, pointy eared freak!" Hisses Dwalin next to you

The elf says nothing and continues to stare you down. 

Everyone is looking between the two of you at this point, and you begin to feel that all to familiar mixture of anxiousness and awkwardness creeping up on you. "Um... I'd rather not..."

He still stares, as if he's looking into your very soul. "I will not repeat myself." Now he just looks annoyed. 

You huff indignantly and shake Dwalin's hand off your shoulder, "Fine! Whatever."

You shuffle over awkwardly, ignoring the protesting of some of the others as you go to stand next to Thorin and in front of him.

His intense blue eyes drill holes into you as he sizes you up, "An odd human girl with 13 dwarves. Clothes I've never seen before and a bag that is otherworldly. Interesting." You do your best to hold his gaze, keeping your face as blank as possible.

"That isn't any of your concern." Thorin states next to you, but the elf still doesn't turn his leer from you.

So what do you do?

What you do best. 

"Is that a dagger in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Your expression doesn't change as you say this, face remaining neutral as he falters.

Ding ding, Y/N 1, this guy 0.

"Excuse me?" He looks to be shocked by what you say, but you only shrug your shoulders as some of the others behind you laugh. 

But your witty victory is short lived because now everyone is being hauled off to some elf kingdom where you're sure Santa must live.

When you go to rejoin the others though, the blond elf puts a hand on your shoulder and states in a demanding tone, "You stay with me."

Thorin turns quickly upon hearing that, "Leave her be, elf! She is one of us, and she will remain by our sides." Some of the others shout their agreement. 

The elf doesn't listen. 

And thats how you end up trailing behind the tall elf right in front of you while some of the others (Thorin, Fili, Dwalin, some others) look back to make sure you're still there from time to time.

It warms your little ole heart! If only you weren't all being led to imprisonment that is.

When the elf palace (you aren't quite sure what else to call it) comes into view, it takes your breath away. Yeah, these guys are kinda assholes, but the architecture is astounding! 

You couldn't keep the awe from showing on your face, and when the elf glances back at you he chuckles. "Never seen an elvish structure before?"

You saw Rivendell which was also lovely, but they're both beautiful in their own ways you suppose.

Yeah this guy is the enemy, but you just can't keep yourself from mumbling how stunning it all is. He laughs again, seemingly a bit more friendly towards you than your dwarven companions, and continued on his way. 

Upon entering the structure, you find that the outside is not nearly as awe-inspiring as the inside though.

The twisting trees and twinkling lights inside mesmerize you. It's so grand, you almost forget that these elves are basically abducting you from your company by keeping you separated so far from them.

Your eyes fall upon the red-headed elf who helped out Kili, and your mouth runs before you can stop it. "Woah, shes freaking gorgeous." 

At your sudden speech the blond male elf guy looks down at you with confusion, his eyebrows knitted together. "What?" 

"Er, your friend over there is really pretty." You restate, looking away as a flush darkens your face. 

He doesn't get a chance to say anything else before said she-eld falls into step with you and the blond.

She says something in that Elvish language of theirs and looks down at you, and once again you speak before thinking. 

"Excuse me, do you have a map? Because I'm afraid I've gotten lost in your eyes." It's cheesy where you're from, but here you're a damn poetic genius. 

Her face tints red at your words and she looks up at the blond guy briefly before looking at you again, "I-I'm sorry?" 

"Oh, forgive me that was so forward. I just can't help myself around someone so lovely." Yeah, you're laying it on thick, and it seems to be working in your favor pretty well cause she's blushing and- oh, is that flattery you see?

"I don't think I've ever been addressed in such a way..." She states breathlessly, looking at Mr. Blond again. 

"How is that possible? My dear you have got to be the most beautiful-" 

"Y/N!" Thorin states sharply, looking at you completely baffled (and he's not the only one).

A pout comes to your face at the one word scolding, but you get the hint. "Man... Freaking Thorin..." 

You look straight ahead and ignore the glares and confusion from your friends, crossing your arms over your chest as you continue to walk along silently. 

"What a cute little thing." She comments after a moment of observing your sulky form, reaching down to ruffle your hair. And, embarrassingly enough, you find yourself leaning into her touch slightly.

Hell yeah, this bitch is in. Maybe too much...

Yeah she actually is drop dead gorgeous, but you've gotta get these fools trust so you can crush them later. It's essential to your 45 step escape plan. 

"Me?" You ask, actually feeling a bit nervous to be getting as good as you gave. "C-Cute?" 

There's no time to answer verbally, because suddenly they split the group into Thorin, and everyone else, but you can see from their faces that it was meant to be taken seriously. You remain standing with the elves, a bit shy and confused as to why you haven't been led to the others yet. 

Some of them give you looks of concern, but you only flash bright smiles each time you make eye contact with someone. You can tell a few of them are annoyed with your lack of fear for the situation, but you hold onto the hope that Thorin will use his brain.

You break away from the elves and begin to follow after where the majority of the group is headed, but a firm hand landing on your shoulder stops you in place.

Glancing up at the blond elf, he only shakes his head, "You will go with him", he nods his head over to Thorin.

The confusion shows clearly on your face, but you listen regardless and change your course as you join the leader of the group. 

When you step up beside him, he looks at you with deep set confusion, "Why are you not with the others?" 

All you do is shrug in response. 

And then the two of you are being brought before the king.

At least that's what the blond elf said because all you see is a woman on a chair- 

Oh, wait. No, no, that is the King. 

Turns out, you're quite the jokester because you make yourself laugh with this line of thinking which earns you a sharp look from Thorin and two pairs of confused elf eyes on you.

You clamp your mouth shut and shrug your shoulders again, and then you and Thorin are being left with the elf king.

When he gets up from his chair you're shocked by how tall he is. Even the other elf who was bossing you around doesn't reach the height that he does. 

When he begins to talk to Thorin about things you care little for, your gaze wanders away to view the lovely scene before you. The structure of this place is simply amazing. There is nothing like this from your home, all you had were huge neighborhoods, strip malls, and google images that provided you with things not even half as pretty as this. 

While you gaze around someone clears their throat which effectively breaks you out of your little trance.

You turn your attention back towards Thorin and the large (and very pretty) elf quee-king.

Much to your dismay they're both staring at you expectantly.

You blink your eyes a few times and stare dumbly as you rack your brain for any clue as to what just occurred, but you only draw a blank. "Um... 'sup?" Thats all you could come up with? Really? 

You mentally berate yourself for not paying attention, but it only seems to amuse the blond guy. "Interesting. You are not from here, are you?" He asks curiously. Thorin's expression is sharp, and your eyes lock on him for a moment because you don't know how much to reveal.

He shakes his head. 

"Well obviously not. I'm a human. Have you not seen my ears? Or my height? Or anything?" Your sarcasm earns a snort of amusement from Thorin, but it seems that the king only found your sarcasm funny as well.

"You know what I mean. And the look you two shared only answers my question for me."

You release a long and over dramatic sigh, crossing your arms over your chest. "Well.. It's not your business where I'm from. So stop being lame and let us leave." 

He stopped listening though and turned back to Thorin, "Where did you find such a person? Because I can most definitely tell that she is not from Middle Earth."

Thorin only turns his head away and responds to something else probably stated while you were busy. He starts ranting about abandonment and how he wasn't helped. He yells something in one of their languages, and then Thranduil is all up in his face.

"Do not talk to me of dragon fire! I know... its wrath and ruin." The king makes a weird face and you find yourself become uncomfortable as his face warps and reveals horribly scarred skin.

"I have faced... the great serpents of the North." He then steps back and stops leaning over as his skin quickly returns to normal. "I warned your grandfather of what his greed would summon. But he would not listen. You are just like him."

Two guards seize him suddenly and you protest loudly, "Hey! Leave him alone!" You only get ignored.

"Stay here if you will... and rot." They start dragging him down the stairs and you move to follow after, but the booming voice of King Thranduil stops you. "Not you. You stay where you are." 

Thorin yells at him in his tongue, then yells out in an outrage, "She comes with me!" He only gets hauled further away as you look between him and the blond elf who is standing at the steps to his throne.

You take a few steps forward towards where Thorin is being dragged off to, but your arm is grabbed and yanked back towards him harshly. 

The king under the mountain continues to rage on until he disappears out of your sight, the hand on your arm not releasing you even after he is gone. 

You turn a glare up at the king and snatch your arm away, "What do you want? I have nothing to say to you!"

He only smooths his robes back down and steps away. "You and I have much to discuss..." 

Thorin regains his composure long before he reaches the dungeon down below, not wanting to alert his company of his obvious distress. Though he does brood more than usual and the constant scowl on his features immediately worries those looking upon him. 

"Where's Y/N?" Is the first thing he hears after he's shoved into his own cell. He looks over towards the area the question came from and sees Kili standing there with his hands on the bars. 

"That pointy eared pixie wouldn't let her come here with me."

Someone exclaims their anger loudly in a cell not far from his, but he only continues. "That elvish garbage refused to let her come with me, and when she tried to follow he grabbed her arm as if he had any right-!" He cuts himself off and sits down, hands clenched into fists as he thinks about it.

The others yell out their own anger at that, and then Ori speaks up softly, "What does he want with 'er? She's only a human..." 

Balin speaks up next, "Does he want to know about where she's from...? Perhaps that be the reason right there! She speaks oddly and her clothes are suspicious"

Nobody wanted to even think about that. If you refused to give them the answers they wanted, what would they do? 

Everyone is undoubtedly sharing the same dark and worrying thoughts. 


They all understand the feeling. 

Chapter Text

A great deal of frustration comes with talking to the King of Mirkwood.

He always speaks down to you, condescendingly, while carrying himself like he's the most important person in the room at every given time. Personally, you don't see the appeal. 

You're standing on the ground a few paces in front of said king while he stands at the beginning of the steps to his throne.

For a while all he does is stare, taking in your unusual appearance (mostly the clothes, you're in jeans after all) and the brightly colored backpack hanging from your shoulders. His hands are behind his back much like when he was speaking with Thorin, his scrutinizing gaze making you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. 

"It is very interesting... I've never seen garments like yours before, not even in my own imagination. And your bag? Unheard of. So do tell me, where are you really from? Because a creature such as yourself, speaking as you do, is in no way from Middle Earth." His little monologue was well thought out you had to admit.

Nothing escapes his keen eyes and ears, and you find yourself at a loss for words. There is no lie you could conjure up from your limited knowledge of this place that would convince him of anything, so instead you choose to hold your tongue. 

You can see your silence annoys him from the change in expression on his face, so he takes a step forward to intimidate you with his obviously larger size and broad shoulders. His gaze is intense, but you will yourself to maintain eye contact despite your waning resolve. 

There's another long stretch of silence and then he steps forward with another long stride.

You tilt your head up a bit to look at him better, attempting to keep your face as it was before. You aren't scared per-say, but you are intimidated. And you know that he can tell.

"Speak." He hisses to you, tapping his foot lightly against the ground.

For a few moments you make no effort to speak, then you drawl out lazily despite how unnerved you are. "I have nothing to say to you." 

His jaw sets tightly as clear frustration shows on his face. His hand shoots up before you can even blink to grab your jaw harshly, pulling your face in close. "You will tell me what I want to know, or your dwarves will rot in their cages."

You can't stop yourself from whimpering at the bruising grasp on your face, but you meet his eyes defiantly regardless, and it seems to successfully piss him off.

"I have been patient, but you will tell me what I want to know, one way or another." His hand drops from your face, but he doesn't move to step back.

So you do that for him, crossing your arms over your chest, "I don't have to tell you anything!" 

He stands there for a minute, anger radiating off of his entire being. The king turns away from you, hands still behind his back, as he stares out to the twisting roots that make up his kingdom probably in an attempt to calm himself down. "All I ask is where you are from. It is a simple question."

You huff in frustration, then shoot back, "I've already told you, I won't ta-" You're cut off abruptly by a loud resounding smack echoing out around you. Your head snaps to the side and a burning pain blossoms on your right cheek.

You hand goes up instinctively to gently hold the side of your face, eyes wide from shock. "Fuck you!" You yell at him, turning away.

Taking a few steps forward you move to leave, but he grabs your arms and yanks you back into his chest.

"Answer my questions and you will return to your friends." Even after he hit you, he still kept his voice even (with traces of anger).

You stomp down on his foot a couple times, but it doesn't effect him like you had hoped it would. Instead, his grip on your arms tightens and you feel the beginnings of bruises forming beneath his sharp fingers. 

Where does this bitch get the time to do his nails?

He pushes you down to the ground and looms over you, the glower on his face making an uncontrollable shudder pass through you. "Those dwarves do not care for you. The riches they want? As soon as they have it, you will be cast aside, and left to die hundreds of years before them. None of them will care, or even flinch if something were to happen to you. I simply want to know about you and you keep denying me."

You can tell he isn't used to being told no; which is probably the source of his uncontrollable anger.

"He told me not to tell you anything, and I won't!" Tears blur your vision at his harsh words, but you refuse to let yourself cry even with the horrible burning of your arms and cheek trying to coax the tears out of you. 

Thranduil almost felt impressed with your tenacity, but your determined expression hasn't changed and your refusal to give into him is what really spurs him on.

He crouches down next to you and reaches out to lightly press his hand to your cheek, seeming much more tender and soft than before. "I know you're not from here, and I need to know why and where. That's it. Nothing more, and nothing less. Tell me this and I'll let you return to your friends." 

The request is simple, and you know he's already aware that the way you got here is far from natural, but it feels like a betrayal to even do that much. You haven't done much to help the group as of yet, so the least you can do is endure this situation.

"Why don't you just let them go? I can do what you ask if you let us leave." 

His expression hardens again, but his touch doesn't become harsh like before, "You're not in any position to be making demands, girl. All I want to know is why someone from another world is before me with 13 dwarves. It is not a hard thing to answer, and I'll hardly learn a thing from it." 

You jerk your head back and scoot away as far as you can.

He lowers his hand slowly, staring you down intensely as all signs of kindness leave his face. "Perhaps I should send one of my guards to tell them you've told me everything. Tell them that you've decided to stay here with me and even shared my bed. And after your image is ruined for them, I'll let all of you go and throw you out and leave you at their mercy. I'm sure you know of how much they hate us after all."

You eyes widen from horror at his words, shocked that he would even threaten such a foul thing. 

"Y-You wouldn't! They wouldn't be dumb enough to fall for the lies of a stupid elf like you." You're surprised that you manage to keep your voice so even, but his expression doesn't change despite this.

"I will. Or you can tell me what I want to know." He repeats yet again. 

And you find that you have to comply this time. Even if you're sure they know how loyal you are to them, you can't stand the thought of such a thing being uttered to them, nor do you want to even entertain the idea of anyone actually believing it. You take a deep breath and wipe your wet cheeks, mumbling softly,"...Fine." 

The king almost seems surprised when you finally submit. He's mostly shocked that you care so much about how they perceive you, how none of his threats or battering managed to sway you but a simple promise to slander your character turned you in mere seconds. 

He gets up after that and folds his hands behind his back again, "Go on." 

And you do. 

You spill everything about where you're from to him, about what you do and what you plan to do, how you got there, and he simply listens along. And when you finally finish your rather unbelievable tale, he heaves a heavy sigh. 

The look on his face makes your heart drop, and you realize he no longer has any intention of fulfilling his promise. 

"Well... now that I know this, there's no way I can let you return to them..." He heaves a heavy sigh after saying that, looking out at the twisting roots and huge trees once more, "Such an important piece to their game in my hands? I can't pass up such an opportunity, I'm sure something like you could only bring me fortune and luck." He speaks as if you're some sort of magical item or accessory they carry around. 

You get to your feet and protest immediately, "W-What do you mean? You said I could go back! You promised I'd be allowed to return to them!" You find yourself pleading with him now to go back, eyes wide with a sad expression on your face.

Surprisingly enough he finds himself almost wanting to comply with your wishes, but he has his mind made up. 

He turns away from you again and walks ahead a few paces. "You really do care for them... it is peculiar..." he trails off for a few moments before turning his head over his shoulder to look at you, "You will get your own cell for the time being until I can prepare you your own room. Don't get comfortable." He gestures towards you and then heads back up the steps, his steely gaze not meeting your relieved eyes again. "Take her away." 

You don't bother fighting the tall elf that escorts you to the cells, for two reasons. One, you're eager to return to your friends, and two, despite the fact that it's captivity you're being brought to, anywhere is better than being under the scrutinizing gaze of the Elf-King.

When you enter the dimly lit dungeons you find yourself searching for anyone or thing that may be familiar, but you find that it's hard to see into the cells and the red-headed elf and blond one from before aren't anywhere around. 

The distinct voice of Kili calls your name suddenly, and you turn towards the sound to just catch a glimpse of something familiar.

A small smile makes it way to your face, though it's a bit painful because of the swelling on your cheek. You can see his face through the bars, but once he gets a good look at you his smile drains away from his face.

"What happened?!" Thorin yells a cell away from where you're taken too.

You're nudged in a bit harsher than necessary, and then the door is closed and locked without hesitation on the guards part. 

When you stand in front of the prison door and look out at the cells before you, you see the majority of your friends pressing their faces through the bars to get a peek at you.

"What did that freak do to her?" Someone asks in the cell next to yours, though you can't see who it is. 

"Did you see her arms?" Someone else calls. 

Thorin then repeats, "What happened? What did he want with you?"

A long, weary sigh leaves your lips as you look at the black and purple bruises and claw marks caused by his harsh grip and sharp fingers. "He was asking about my home and why I was here..." you trail off after a few moments. 

"Did you tell him anything?" Thorin presses, and you find yourself feeling ashamed. 

"I-I didn't want to! Thorin I'm sorry, but I had to tell him what I knew! He was very cruel, and he was threatening to-" You cut yourself off quickly, dipping your head down as your knuckles turned white from your grip on the bars. Discussing the things said to you isn't really something you want to do right now. 

Thorin's expression softens almost immediately when he sees how distressed you are over it.

"Threatening to do what?" His oldest nephew pipes up after a few moments, his tone voicing the concerns that everyone else had for you. 

You sign shakily and drop your arms, sitting down against the wall next to the door. "Nothing... I'm sorry... I really tried to keep quiet but he knew exactly how to get under my skin..." 

There is an unbearable silence for a few moments there, and then Thorin speaks up again. "I am not upset, Y/N. None of us are. Just tell us what he did."

You feel yourself relax at his assurance, but still you don't want to discuss any of that. "No... m-maybe later. I just need a bit to sit and think, okay?" You pause after saying that and add, "Though... I suppose I won't have much time to do that." 

"What do you mean?" Ori asks in his usual soft voice. 

"The king has ordered that I be taken to a separate location. He said something about me bringing him luck or something..." 

When you tell them this outrage beaks out amongst the dwarves. Dwalin begins yelling multiple curses, Ori whimpers in the cell next to you, Fili and Kili yell about how they wont let that happen etc, but Thorin stays quiet until the yelling dies down.

After most of the shouts have ended and everyone is quiet, he speaks calmly to you, "We won't let that happen... so please, do not worry yourself.. I'm sure master Baggins is taking care of the issue right away." 

You nod your head quickly at his words, feeling rather hopeful that what he says is true. A small smile makes its way to your face, then you press your knees to your chest. "You know I trust you.." 


You're not sure how much time passes between then and now, a few hours maybe, but eventually the lot of you stopped all the blabbering and quieted. 

From what you could tell a majority of the dwarves are either resting, sitting idly, or speaking in hushed whispers with their cellmates/cell neighbors, and you're apart of the middle group. 

You're seated right next to the gate with your head leaning back against the stone wall and closed eyes when the light is suddenly blocked. 

One of your eyes flutters open and you're met with the sight of the same red-headed she-elf from before. 

She's staring down at you with an expression you can't quite read, but you don't ask about it and instead stand up and ask quietly (so you don't bother the others), "What are you doing over here?" 

When you step out into the light her gaze flickers from your purpling cheek to your bruised arms, then back up to your face again. Her eyebrows furrow together and, instead of answering your question, she asks, "Did King Thranduil do that to you?" Her voice holds concern and no little amount of surprise. 

You grimace, glancing down at your arms before looking back up at her, "I'm afraid so." 

"I am sorry." She finds herself speaking without thought, feeling guilty almost, "That shouldn't have happened, you didn't do anything wrong..." 

"No, you don't have to say sorry. I'm fine...," you trail off, then add a bit more slyly, "Besides, I'm a prisoner in your dungeons." 

If you hadn't been smirking she probably would've thought you were upset, but she allows herself to smile slightly and steps closer to the bars, "They're hardly my dungeons, though I am the Captain of the Guard." 

You smile this time (albeit painfully since the movement hurts your face) looking up at her with amusement sparkling in your eyes, "Captain of the guard? Wow, beautiful and impressive." 

Pink tints her pale cheeks as she laughs softly, leaning down slightly to see your face better, "You're such a forward little thing, a complete charmer." 

"Charmer? No, my dear I just call it as I see it." Yeah you definitely are a charmer. 

She laughs again and her eyes flicker back down to your arms, the smile dissipating from her face right away. "Here, let me see." She states suddenly, holding her hand out to you. 

At first you don't quite get what she means, but then you notice where she's looking and understand. 

"N-No, you don't have to-"

"Just do it." She cuts off, smiling at you reassuringly since she seems to sense your hesitation. 

Despite your urge to argue further, you reach through the bars with both arms and turn them palm-face up. "Like this?"

She nods her head and places her hands beneath both your elbows, observing the darkened and red skin of your upper arms. 

A few beats of silence pass with her holding your arms and looking at you before she finally speaks, "Well, you will be glad to know that they aren't too bad. These should heal in a weeks time I'm sure." 

You nod your head and return your arms to your sides when she lets you go, but instead of leaving it at that, she reaches through the cell door and places her fingertips under your chin, lifting your head. 

She turns it left and right, then tilts your chin up, "This one isn't so bad either, though it will take a bit longer to recover." Slowly she trails her fingers up the good side of your face, her touch feather soft and tender, "It's a shame, you're very pretty." 

And queue the blush. 

Your face goes warm at her compliment and you begin to stutter as your brain goes into panic mode. "P-Pretty? M... M-Me?" You just barely manage to stammer out, pointing at yourself lamely. 

Once more she begins to laugh as she retracts her hand, "You certainly can give compliments, but it seems you are not familiar with receiving them." 

"Well...," before you finish that thought you realize something. "Oh! I haven't even asked your name." 

"Tauriel." She states warmly, "And what is yours?" 

"My name is Y/N."

"A pleasure to meet you." She replies. 

Gosh she's so lovely. 

"No, the pleasure is all mine." You begin to flirt again, really it's just so easy to do with her, and then say a bit quieter, "Thank you for looking over my bruises..."

Her humored expression becomes a bit softer at your thanks, and she replies just as quietly, "No need for gratitude. You didn't deserve that." 

"Tauriel!" Someone yells suddenly. 

Said she-elf turns quickly on her heel, looking up the stone stairs at the blond elf who brought you to the king before. 

"Legolas." She replies slightly nervously, glancing back at you. 

They exchange a few words in their Elvish language, the male elf glancing over at you a few times, before she turns and walks off. 

As Tauriel passes by she smiles slightly and says, "Goodbye, Y/N. I hope we can speak again." 

And then she's gone. 

The blond elf approaches your confinements and looks down at you, "I apologize for my fathers treatment of you." 

Your eyebrows furrow and you look at him weirdly, "And you are...?" 

"Legolas, son of Thranduil, the king." 

Oh shit, you didn't even realize. 

"I'm afraid I must go, though I wanted to tell you as much before leaving." 

You nod your head and smile up at him gratefully, "Thank you." 

And then he's gone too. 

Gosh, where the fuck is Bilbo.

Chapter Text

You were considered quite odd for an elf. 

Instead of being extremely tall, you were viewed a short. 

Instead of long straight hair like most others, yours had more texture to it. 

And instead of being slender and lean, your body contained a bit more fat in some areas than other. 

By no means were you actually 'chubby' nor "'fat like you were led to believe(which would be ridiculous even if you were, but that didn't make you appear as all the others did either), but when you were constantly in the presence of those taller and slimmer than you it was really hard not to doubt yourself. 

It has always been a well known fact that Mirkwood elves are much more judgemental than others, both when it comes to bloodline purity and appearances, and it seems that you were dealt the short stick in physique. 

It happened quite often where others would judge you harshly for the traits you possess, and no matter how nor how often you proved yourself, these bitter judgements never ceased. 

Even as you earned yourself a high place in the Captain's guard, admired by your superiors who were not childish enough to predetermine how they felt about you solely based on your size and stature, there were still many who looked down on you and treated you as if you were a mere elfling. There was little worse than being deemed as stupid simply off your stature, except maybe the comments of your size. 

You were also considered to be good friends with the king as well, the two of you had known each other since you were mere children with you being the daughter of a past guard captain and him being royalty of course, but even that offered very little shielding from the harsh judgements of your peers.

Sometimes you wondered to yourself if these unfair and cruel predetermination's were because of your fast rising in ranks, but the only reason you were so 'skilled' in the first place is because you had to work even harder than those around you to be noticed. 

Some blamed your relations with the king, accusing you behind closed doors that you offered 'favors' or even slept with him, calling it favoritism when you earned something that was worked tirelessly for. 

But you ignored it. 

Every time you brushed it off and were sure not to let it bother you (despite deep down, how it really did upset you). You didn't dare tell Thranduil about it though you had all the means and every right to, for bothering him with something as stupid as bullying by your peers in the guard was ridiculous. You weren't an elfling anymore, so surely you could get passed this on your own, right?


So very wrong. 

Thranduil had invited you to a simple outing, just the two of you, that day, and you found yourself to be excited and simply looking forward to it. 

But you were currently over 30 minutes late for said outing. 

It was almost like it had all been planned out when you really think about it, all these things happening to occur on the same day you were to spend the afternoon with your dear friend.

First, you were reprimanded by the captain for something that certainly wasn't your fault. A peer had decided to blame you for an intrusion of one of those slimy arachnids that lived in the Mirkwood, stating that you left your rounds of the perimeter early that morning and basically accusing you of laziness and slacking on your job. You were left with cleaning duties because of it.

After you were pulled aside by a tall Ellon whom had joined the guard around the same time as you only to be accused of manipulating the King into advancing in status faster than himself. You, of course, denied his allegations and outright told him that he was crazy if he really believed that, only for him to turn around and threaten you. "There's no way an Elleth as short, fat, and slow as you managed to pull ahead of us so quickly. You think simply because you associate with the king that you can surge ahead the rest of us?" You denied this quickly, but you never got a chance to speak, "If you refuse to back off, girl, then the captain will be hearing of a... sabotage that I just so happened to over hear you mumbling to yourself." It was stupid, you knew of course the captain wouldn't believe such a stupid and hastily put together lie, but you found no reason to risk it. 

So instead you simply complied for the time and left to grab your things. 

Only your things were not where you had left them, instead they lay upon a shelf you certainly couldn't even hope to reach. One even an average height elf would have trouble reaching.

And you, humiliating enough, had to ask for help from a taller passerby to get your things down. 

You would've told him, Thranduil, about these constant abuses going on in your day to day life. You would've spilled your guts to him much sooner, if only you didn't worry for him so horribly. 

What would the kingdom think if word got out that you ran to him for help with something as dumb as being bullied by fully grown Ellon's and Elleths? You didn't even want to think about what would happen if he actually did something about it. The rumors that would circulate would be simply brutal. You would be seen as a childish elf who cried to the king the moment something went wrong. And others would doubt his seriousness as a king, accuse him of favoritism and of making exceptions for those close to him rather then being fair and honest. The consequences of getting him involved simply outweighed the gain in your mind, so if it meant that you had to endure troubles from those you worked with then you would take that and so much more. 

When you did finally arrive at the royal gardens, where Thranduil had asked you to meet him, he was seated on a large engraved stone slab (which acted as a seat), while looking at something in his left hand in his lap. You were behind him so you couldn't quite see what it was, but you were too focused on coming up with an excuse to explain your tardiness. 

It seemed he'd already noticed you though, because the next moment he's putting whatever was in his hand into the pocket of his robe and standing up to greet you. 

"You are late." He doesn't look upset, but you can see the curiosity shining in his eyes. 

"I'm sorry, Thranduil... something came up during training today and I couldn't just leave." It was obvious that he didn't quite believe you, the king could practically read you like a book, but even if he suspected something he still said nothing and instead gestured for you to come stand by him. 

You waste no time in joining him by his side, placing your hand on the crook of his elbow when he offers up his arm to you. 

"Do you know why I wanted to see you today, Y/N?" He asked with a soft tone to his voice, the look on his face somber. You shake your head in response as he leads you past a huge bulking tree sprouting from the ground. He stops after some time underneath said tree, having you sit down on another one of the engraved slabs. He didn't move to sit though, instead he walked a few paces away with his hands behind his back, seemingly deliberating something. 

Thranduil finally turns and looks at you seriously, coming to a decision on a matter you had no knowledge of, before speaking. "I know about your troubles in the guard..." He trailed off, for the first time in forever it seemed like he was actually unsure of what to say next. But you play dumb nonetheless. 

"What do you mean? M-My guard duties are fine." You refuse to make eye contact with him, focusing in on the grass beneath your feet. 

He only sighs, and you hear him take a step forward before he stops himself again. "The captain told me of what has been occurring. Did you really think I wouldn't find out? That you could simply brush away the disgusting behavior of the other guards elves?" Your shoulder slump forward, and you finally admit to yourself that you've been caught. Guilt overflows within you, shame making your face burn red as you refuse to meet his gaze which is trained on you still. 

"You've kept this hidden from me... why? ", he asks, you can hear the sorrows in his voice again, but still you can't bring yourself to look into those wonderful blue eyes of his, afraid of the disappointment that will no doubt rest there. 

"I... suppose I didn't want to bother you, my king. With something stupid like tricks and harsh words..." Your voice is soft, almost a whisper for you can't muster up much else. "If you were to involve yourself... then I would never be taken seriously again. And you? The others would gossip terribly! Accuse you of all sorts of unkingly things that are simply unfair... you know I couldn't let that happen..." Once again you allow your speech to drift off, running out of things to say. 

Gentle fingers wrap around your chin lightly, tilting your head upwards to finally gaze upon him. You see an expression akin to pain wash over his face when he sees the sadness clearly showing through. His thumb swiped gently along your cheek, his other hand moving down to grip your own. "You suffer alone... because of me?" The way he speaks is slow and deliberate, as if he's afraid of saying the wrong thing to you. 

His gentle caressing continues on for a bit even as you nod your head slowly in response to his question. You were at a loss for words, and even if you weren't anything you had to say would simply look like an excuse. His expression hardens for a moment, but his touches remain gentle, before he speaks again. "Tell me everything." Not a question nor a demand, it sounded more like a plea than anything else. 

And you find that you can't help but to spill everything to him. It's like the flood gates have been opened, and all the secrets you kept were pouring out of you all at once. You tell him about your things being taken, and the accusations. You tell him about the threats and the insults thrown at you because of your appearance. 

And through it all? He simply listens. He remains silent with your hand clutched in his, squeezing every now and then when he thinks you may begin to cry. And when you reach the end of your confessions, you take a deep breath and wipe your eyes with your sleeve, avoiding his eyes once again. 

Thranduil reaches up and places his hand against your cheek gently once again, his own anguish shining in the unshed moister gathering in his eyes at your recounting of the abuses you've endured from your partners in the guard. "They will be punished immediately. You will give me the name of each Ellon and Elleth causing you grief, and I will take care of it." His voice is strong, much stronger than your own, and you feel relief fill you. 

"Thanduil... do not dismiss them from the guard... simple jealousy, what they've done has been hard for me, but please don't be to harsh. They are young, a-and I'm sure they have much they will be willing to learn, but do not ruin their futures for me." 

His eyes flash with hesitation and slight annoyance, his grip on your hand tightening slightly, "You're too forgiving, mellon. But, I will heed your wishes... even if I wish to give them a taste of their own treatment of you." A small smile plays on your lips, and he can't help but to return the gentle upturn of his lips either. 

You reach up and press the palm of your hand to his face gently, whispering tenderly, "I'm so very grateful for you, Thranduil.." You can't even keep the loving expression from your face, the fondness you feel for him seeping into your very core. And he looks just the same. 

His forehead presses against yours feather light, his lips parting ever so slightly. There's a moment of silence where the two of you simply gaze at each other, and when your eyes flutter shut and he moves in closer, all your worries and pain from the past few years simply wash away. 

Smooth, moisturized, lips press against your own as your hands press into his cheeks gently. He settles himself down between your legs, his embrace giving you all sorts of comforts that you've craved so constantly as of late. When he does finally pull away, you release a gentle breath as you look up at him with another gentle smile. "Thranduil..." Another smile lights his face before he speaks up again, "Hush, meleth. Let us not overthink this for now, simply let me embrace you for the time." 

That was definitely something you could get behind. And now? It seemed like things would finally look up with you at Thranduil's side. 

Chapter Text

No amount of words or hyperbolic phrase can express the joy you feel when you see Bilbo coming in clutch with a ring of keys and a big smile on his face. 

First he releases Thorin, and then you.

When he sees your disheveled appearance and swollen face he falters and looks as if he wants to say something. Bilbo says nothing, but his eyes linger on you as he goes to free some of the others.

Thorin immediately approaches you to you while Bilbo frees everyone else, his hand reaching up to lightly press against your red cheek. "I told you Master Baggins would have a plan." 

You nod your head once, a smile brightening your features, "You did, and you were right."

Once everyone is freed from their confines Bilbo ushers you all down to some sort of cellar, kitchen thing.

The first thing you notice are the unconscious guards - passed out drunk - behind the large shelf the hobbit snuck you behind. In front of you all is a huge pyramid of barrels and you can't help but to stare at it with confusion.

The others speak in hushed whispers when Bilbo tells everyone to get into the barrels, and though a bunch of them protest Thorin shuts it down and tells them to just trust him.

Everyone files into a barrel each, and while you have to bend your legs awkwardly in order to fit into your own, you end up fitting rather well.

Bilbo stands a few paces in front of everyone and you find yourself wondering what he's going to do next.

Suddenly there is shouting that comes from somewhere else and the guards start to stir, and right away Bilbo rushes over to a lever just out of the way and pulls it.

The next thing you know, your stomach drops and the barrels drop into a large body of running water.

Your head goes under and you breathe in the water unintentionally, panicking internally before your head resurfaces.

When you break the surface of the water you gasp loudly, pressing your hand to your chest as you hack and cough up the water you accidentally choked down.

You don't have much time to recover before your barrel begins to drift away, like everyone else's.

There's a splash from behind you, and when you look back you see that Bilbo has jumped in.

He flails and grabs at air, trying to find something - anything - to hold onto.

You lean over the side of your transportation and grab for him, getting a hold of his hands and hauling him closer so to try and pull him up. "C-Climb in!" You cry.

Your efforts to hoist him up don't do you any good, though, because he can't get enough momentum to pull himself in nor do you have the upper body strength to lift him.

When you realize that you cannot keep ahold of him anymore you pass Bilbo along to a dwarf much stronger than you so he won't drown, and the relief is instant. 

A lot happens between escaping and getting in the water, and when the Orcs try to kill all of you because they decided now was a great time to show up, you found hopelessness seeping into you.

Even worse? The water gates are closed and now you're all stuck, barrels bumping into each other as Thorin yells his internal distress.

Kili decides to play hero and jumps out of his barrel, running up to pull the lever while also fighting orcs on his way, when suddenly an arrow shoots through the air.

At first it seems like Kili doesn't realize what happened, but then he collapses with a cry.

"Kili!" Fili yells in anguish.

You begin to try and get out of your barrel, yelling his name as well, when an orc gains on him with it's weapon raised. Another arrow splits through the air and this time it's from an ally, for it kills the orc and Kili is out of harms way.

Your gaze snaps to the source of the projectile and see the red-headed elf Tauriel. 

As soon as you see her you whoop and pump your fist in the air, "Yes!" 

Her gaze slides over you and an expression akin to relief passes over her countenance, but you don't get long to think on it for abruptly the gates open and everyone starts to flow out of the underpass.

Kili flops over the side and lands into his barrel, a gross snap resounding as the end of the arrow breaks off and flies in some random direction.

The expression on his face is pained, but when you try to inquire on if he's okay the roaring of the water drowns you out.

Things move very quickly after that.

You grip onto your barrel for dear life as you fall down a short waterfall, head going under again, and when you resurface you splutter and cough loudly, your eyes and throat beginning to burn.

You're vaguely aware of Orcs being killed around you and the elves chasing after the foul beasts, but you're too dazed from the fast pace of things to properly process anything.

When an arrow pierces just under your hand, though, you sober up.

Since there isn't any way that you can help anyone against the Orcs attacking you all, you begin to try and steer your barrel as it swerves left and right so they don't have to worry about your safety.

The elves kill the orcs along the way and, probably unintentionally, keep you all safe. The blond-elf Legolas, who separated you from everyone at the beginning, gets saved by Thorin while he's distracted with some other orcs.

You would've liked to see how the rest of it plays out, but one of the beasts jumps onto your barrel and swings it's long sword seemingly out of nowhere; and to avoid losing your head, you duck down further into your barrel.

You vaguely make out the sound of someone calling your name, but the rushing water is so loud you can't decipher who it is nor how close they are.

Something whips through the air as it tries to stab into you, and  when you look up there's an arrow sticking in its head.

It falls back and when you poke your head back up you see Tauriel looking at you with her bow still drawn. 

You cup your hands over your mouth and yell, "Thanks, hot-stuff!" And then go back your barrel steering.


Many different things transpire after all the excitement.

For example Kili had to be tended to, Thorin started to be pushy and complain about losing time, oh and a bargeman is now smuggling you all on his boat for gold after threatening to kill Ori.

Everyone is now huddled together at the front of said bargeman's boat, and after Oin took a look at the bruises so unfairly inflicted upon your arms and face he leaves you to your own devices at the back of the ship with the bargeman you now know as Bard.

They are all discussing the payment they owe, but since you have nothing to offer up (other than yourself which, I mean hey this guy is pretty good looking) you stay out of it. 

Bard looks on ahead at the waters to avoid killing you all in a crash, though his gaze flickers down to you ever so often with curiosity sparkling in his lovely greys *I have no freaking clue what color his eyes are*.

He then speaks softly, "This companionship you have with the dwarves... is it mutual?"

It takes you a moment to figure out what he's implying before you realize how this all must look. A battered human girl quietly tagging along with a group of male dwarves, disheveled, bruised, and being timidly quiet away from the others curled up on yourself (for warmth, but he doesn't know that).

Your face heats up and you nod your head frantically, "A-Ah, no... Er, yes. It's mutual. I'm fine. They're my friends, I just... ah, ran into trouble with the elves is all..."

His eyes look out over the water again and he nods his head, "I don't doubt their honor, I am only making sure... But I never knew elves to be violent like that." He looks at you again and you can see that he doesn't completely believe your words.

"I know... The elf king, Thranduil I think, wanted me to tell him something but I didn't wanna. I guess he's just not used to someone telling him to screw off." You smile cheekily (ignoring the throbbing that takes place when you do), and Bard seems taken aback before a smile of his own works its way to his face.

"I suppose," he pauses for a moment, then muses, "The way you speak is odd. I've never heard someone quite like you before."

Ah shoot, you forgot that you're supposed to be blending in better. 

"Oh... yes. Um, I come from a place where.. speech patterns are much different. You see-" You're cut off by one of the dwarves calling your name.

You sigh dramatically and stand, offering the bargeman a kind smile, "Forgive me. I have to see what those brats want." Without further chit chat you turn and approach them, hands on your hips while you look down at them expectantly.

"What is it?"

They all stare at you for a few moments before Thorin speaks, "Why do you talk to him so? You're not giving anything away now, are you?"

You just stare at him quietly with annoyance clear on your face. Like, did he really just ask that? After getting hit around and stuff for them you'd think he'd trust you a bit more.

"Of course not! After taking all of this", you gesture to your face and arms, "to stay silent from that elf guy, for you, do you really think I'd go blabbing off to some man we all just met?" That sure silences them. 

"Maybe you shouldn't talk to him so much. We don't know him." Dwalin grunts out earning an eye roll from you.

"I'll talk to whoever I want thank you very much. I don't need permission from any of you, I'm a big girl and a big girl can have friends."

"Male friends?" This time it's Fili, and you sigh loudly.

"Oh, you too? You're all men! And you're the only friends I have. How must that look?" Everyone goes quiet again, and this time you smile triumphantly. "That's what I thought. Now... Bard, our host, is awfully lonely over there and I'm going to speak to him again- and you won't say a word about it." And you leave before anyone can say anything else. 

Dwalin grumbles something under his breath, and Thorin simply rolls his eyes while Fili mumbles his discontent to his agreeing brother. Even Bofur, Nori, and Dori are sneaking glances over at the two of you conversing every so often. 

It's safe to say that they are rather jealous. 

Chapter Text

You were once the Shire sweetheart. Oh you remember the days when your name was never associated with trouble one and two, rather good deeds and a pure heart. The thing you were most well known for was your assistance of the elderly, your baked goods which you would pass out freely, and your story time with children amongst other things. And for the most part your reputation was never tarnished even when you began associating with and assisting the infamous Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took. 

A fact that would shock most hobbits would be the fact that you had approached Merry first. You had been handing out sweets when he caught you eye, sneaking around to see if you had any left. And from there you were completely smitten. 

His eyes were large blue pools that simply screamed kindness, and his hair was golden like the sun that shone above you. His ears weren't too big or small, and his voice was simply alluring. You don't know what spirit possessed you to approach him and offer the rest of your basket up, but whatever it was you had to thank a thousand times over, because the next thing you knew you were the closest of friends (and a bit more than that I should add). 

You didn't know what first sparked the relationship between you two, perhaps it was the time he dared you to kiss him while he, Pippin, and yourself all were enjoying a game of truth or dare, but that was but a speck in an entire shore of sand. 

It seemed that you had fallen for him, and quite hard was that fall, and he for you. The feelings were mutual between the both of you, yes, but that didn't stop him from using the Shire Sweetheart as a scapegoat. 

You distinctly remember a time when he got caught with you in the garden of a very old and very cranky hobbit. He blew up at the sight of Merry, but softened up immediately when his eyes fell on you. And of course he opened up by asking if you had been kidnapped or brainwashed by said male hobbit, but you only laughed and hurriedly explained that it had all been a mistake. From that day on, Merry and Pippin never pulled any jokes or stole without you, because somehow, despite everything, you always managed to get them out of trouble. 

But this time was different. 

This time, you were in the presence of esteemed warriors who had a mission (though they weren't stuck up and you knew your life wasn't in any danger around them), not short hobbit people who were often too lazy to deal with things such as mischievous hobbits. 

The Fellowship of The Ring had been on the road without Gandalf for a small while now, and Pippin decided suddenly that everyone needed a laugh. And for the most part your agreed while Merry was all excited to listen in on his cousins plan. You declined any sort of involvement in the plan at first, explaining how your expertise did not expand to this particular group of warriors. But they wouldn't have it, insisting that it would just be a small jest and nothing more. 

And that really was the plan, so you went with it. 

But it didn't end at that unfortunately.

Because what was supposed to be a small mouse in Aragorn's bedroll turned into a snake attracted to said mouse slithering inside. And the chestnuts that filled Legolas' and Boromir's bags turned into insect's crawling all around their things. The hay in Gimili's shoes also ended with horse spit drenching them because the horses couldn't resist those small morsels of hay over the lovely green grass right to the left!

All the jokes were being discovered at the same time too which left no cool down time between pranks. So all the annoyance (and slight amusement) was directed towards Merry and Pippin all at once. Or at least it was directed at them until they decided to betray you. 

"It was her!" They both yelled at the same time while pointing at your gaping form. 

You didn't know how to respond to that, and it seemed no one else did either. None of them were dumb enough to believe that of course, but the way they all started to laugh after thoroughly horrifying all of you with the threat of angering them sure did surprise you. 

"None of us are angry. You think we didn't already know?" Boromir asks amusedly, a smirk tugging at Aragorn and Legolas' lips. You visibly relaxed at the admittance of their pre-knowledge, a harsh glare focusing in on the two Hobbit cousins after you allowed yourself to calm down a bit. 

They both look at you and gulp nervously, the others still watching with entertainment as you turn your wrath of the both of them. "I... am going to kill you both! Blaming me so shamelessly!" They both shrink back, and you cross your arms and settle yourself in your bedroll. You weren't really angry, but it was nice to make them think that you were. 

And you continued to do so even after night fell, refusing to share a bedroll with Merry while shunning the both of them surprisingly easily. 

It wasn't until even later in the night until Merry finally approached you, a sheepish and rather guilty expression showing on his face. You stare him down intensely, as he settles himself down next to you. "Y/N... you know I didn't mean to upset you so much.. we were only jesting when we blamed you for the jokes." Of course you knew that, but you wanted to watch them squirm, so you turn your head away. 

He scoots closer and wraps his arm around your shoulders, the warmth provided making you sigh quietly for the fire was barely cutting it. You find that you can't help but to relax into him, mumbling a quiet, "You've been forgiven already you dunce, I was only 'jesting'."You state, mimicking his voice as you repeated the words he had said to you a few moments before. Merry laughs quietly, leaning down to press his lips against the side of your head, "Well it worked, because I was certainly afraid that you would never speak to me again!" 

You laugh again, head resting gently on his shoulder as you watched the embers flicker at the bottom of the small makeshift fire pit. 

"I couldn't handle that Merry you fool, I'd go crazy if I could no longer speak with my sweet boy." You can tell his face got red from that admittance, and you release a soft laugh of delight since your teasing seemed to be working quite well. 

"You know I love you..."

"Ah... and I you."  

Chapter Text

Ever since yours and Legolas' mother died, your father had changed. He became very aloof and apathetic towards many a things, and he spent less and less time with you and your older brother as time went on. 

You knew that you were the spitting image of your mother, though most days you could barely remember her face, and you assumed that was the reason he was always so... frustrating with you. You weren't allowed out of the kingdom without at least four of the kings guards, and he usually got angry when you would ask to join the guard, or to train with your brother and the captains guard. That didn't stop you from becoming quite the formidable warrior though. 

It started with Legolas teaching you the basics, behind your fathers back by necessity, and then as you continued to swiftly advance in skill level, he began to teach you more skills, and soon you found yourself almost matching the abilities of those in the guard (he far surpasses them, you've noted)

But you still had yet to face an actual battle. You'd never so much as seen an Orc, and the only spider you've ever seen was small and fragile. 

At least, that was until you met Tauriel. 

It was Legolas who introduced you to the captain guard, and right away you found yourself intrigued. In a matter of weeks the two of you grew close, and soon you found yourself falling for the red headed Elleth. 

What wasn't there to love after all? 

She taught you so much more than your brother had been willing to, not that he didn't want to teach you more himself but your father certainly wasn't agreeable as is, and soon you found yourself becoming a challenge even to him. And on top of that, she had the ability to bring you outside the gates of the Mirkwood kingdom (nobody dared question her after all) and she chaperoned your first fight against one of those beastly spiders that terrorized the kingdom, and you thought you did pretty well. 

Tauriel had been proud of you, and you were grateful to even have the opportunity in the first place. The two of you began to spend almost every waking moment with each other, and your father didn't seem to mind either considering she that she holds the title of captain of the guard. There was no safer place for you to be than with her. 

And pretty soon Tauriel found herself falling for you in return. 

Everything came to the light one evening while the two of you sat up on one of the thick branches of a Mirkwood tree. You were simply speaking to each other, discussing politics, your father and brother, her duties in the guard for that day, simple mindless things like that. And then the topic of your friendship came up, and you quickly found that you could no longer keep your feelings a secret. 

You had grabbed ahold of her hands, soft and gentle despite the weapons she wielded every day, and the words simply flowed out of you like a river coaxed on by a newly rainy sky. Poetry was laced within your bold confession, and Tauriel simply listened with a look akin to awe on her face the entire time. 

And when your monologue describing exactly how you feel was finally finished, she released your hands and pressed her palms to your cheeks a bright and tender smile graced upon her perfect face. And then?

She kissed you, and you couldn't help but to kiss her back of course, for it was but a dream come true for you. 

From then, you both simply had to keep this unspecified relationship as a secret, you didn't even tell Legolas about it, fearing that he would tell your father and you'd be forbidden from seeing her again. 

So the two of you kept your passions in secret, only expressing how you felt for one another in the dark of night when you had time alone, and in the forest when the only witness to your affections were the very trees that surrounded the entirety of the forest. Everything ran smoothly for the most part, for the two of you were sure to be careful and take every precaution in order to avoid trouble. 

But sometimes that simply isn't enough.

Your father knew everything as is, an even more where you were concerned, so eventually he found you out. 

You were called to your fathers throne one afternoon while you had been studying in the library, but you had no reason to worry. He checked up on you often enough, so when you walked up onto the platform where his throne lay, you greeted him with a smile and pleasant hug which he, of course, returned. But he was stiff, and something was so obviously bothering him.

And then you stupidly asked, "What bothers you, Ada? You seem troubled." You step away and look up at him with a furrow to your brow, stepping back when he sighs rather loudly. 

"My dear, tell me. How long did you think you could keep a secret from me?" At first you feel confusion, and then dread fills within you. But you keep a straight face regardless, "Ada? What do you mean by that?" He looked bored before, but now there is clear anger on his features.

"You lie to me now too? What has that Elleth been filling your head with?!" You shrink down in on yourself when he raises your voice, and you know that you've been found out.

"This is about Tauriel?" Your tone is timid and soft, but that doesn't sway your fathers resolve. He nods his head once, the cascading blond hair adorning his head falling over his shoulders. He appears disgruntled, and the disappointment shows clear. "I will not allow this union to continue on. You know I cannot, but you've also shown that you're not ready for it either. Instead of telling me, you sneak around and familiarize yourself with my captain of the guard." You appear as a scolded child, and while you do feel regret for keeping secrets against your father, you don't regret Tauriel. 

"Ada, please. How I feel for Tauriel is real, please don't take this away from me..." There is a deafening silence that drags out between the two of you. He stares you down, and you look at your feet so you may avoid seeing the swirling emotions no doubt showing on his face. 

Another sigh resonates throughout the empty area from Thranduil, "Onya, all I want for you is happiness... but I cannot allow you to lower yourself down to such standards." He turns, away from you, and you grasp at the back of his ropes, "Ada! Y-You can't, I, ada I love her!" *My child 

He stops, but says nothing. And when it's made clear that he won't change his mind, you drop the fabric from your hands and storm off, refusing to cry until you're in the safe confines of your room.

You didn't leave your chambers for a few days after that encounter. You couldn't bring yourself to face Tauriel after what you father declared, much less could you bring yourself to leave your room. 

It wasn't until the 4th day of self confinement that a knock resounded throughout your room. You assumed it would just be another maid with more food, so when you clambered over to the door and answered only to see Tauriel rather than your caretaker, you were rather shocked. 

Your hair was unsightly, undone and tangled in many areas, and you were clad in only your chamber robes. Redness climbed up from your neck all the way to your ears quickly, embarrassment from being seen in such away driving you to turn away. "T-Tauriel... I wasn't aware that you'd come by..." There's movement behind you, and you hear your door shut before arms wound around your midsection. 

Her chest presses against your back delicately, and you can't help but to tilt your head back and look up at her, the sorrow from the past few days showing clearly on your face. Tauriel feels a horrible pang of heartache course throughout her, the look on your lovely face bringing her great pain. "Meleth... don't look at me like that or I may just weep myself..." Her arms tighten around you after you turn in her arms and wrap your arms around her in return. 

"Your father spoke to me as well, and I understand your anguish Nîn Meleth, but traditions won't keep us apart if we do not let them..." 

You knew she was right, but going against your fathers wishes was worrying. What would he do to Tauriel if you continued to pursue a relationship with her despite his warnings? 

Nestling yourself into her arms more securely, you allow yourself to relax after days of worrying and constant heartache. "Y/N? Come to me tonight. We mustn't worry about things such as appearances... if you want me as I do you, then we can persist." 

Tears come to your eyes at the poetry that leaves past her lips, and you find yourself falling in love with her all over again. Your hands come up to hold her face gently and you press a gentle kiss to her lips, enjoying the warmth and tenderness that she brings out of you. 

While you're nestled into her arms like this, you feel all your sorrows from the past few days simply wash away. And as she lays her loving on you so purely, you begin to feel like everything will be alright again. 

Chapter Text

You would consider your life experiences to be rather vast.

Growing up as a half elven girl, you constantly had to prove yourself to those around you. Being a 'halfbreed' made others look down on you, so you had to become the best of the best. Living in Rivendell made things easier for you, though, because at least the elves who lived here weren't ruthless when it came to shame and 'dishonor', whatever that's about.

After you were sure that you were best of the best, you set off and fought countless different things. Spiders, orcs, goblins, even some trolls. You were a soul well known by some, considered to be fierce and dependable. So much so that you even became a valued member of the Fellowship of the ring, set out to assist Frodo Baggins in destroying the ring of power.

And yet, by some dumb luck, you, a feared and admired half elf, were afraid of thunder.

Loud noises such as thunder to be exact, but thunder.

Like a little elfling cowering in their mothers room after a particularly loud blast shook their room.

And now here you were, cowering by yourself in the corner of a room. Everyone was enjoying themselves out in the other room, dancing and singing carelessly, hell you even saw Legolas drinking with Gimli, all while you sat pathetically by yourself in the corner of the room, covering your ears with your eyes squeezed shut.

It had been like this ever since you were little. Your parents died on so early, and you were forced to deal with these things alone. You stayed with the likes of Elrond, but you weren't his real daughter. You never dared to look for comfort in him, you had to be strong. Strength was your only solace in the murky black that surrounded you.


Fat chance.

You could hear the loudness of the party just a few doors away, but you couldn't risk so much as flinching in the company of others.

So thats where you stayed. Alone in the room, hugging your knees to your chest as you tried to think about anything other than the horrible booms that shook the very room you sat in. Even the loud celebration couldn't drown out these noises.

You hadn't a clue how long you stayed like that, curled up in on yourself, shaking and flinching in anticipation for the next thunder wave.

Eventually though, someone did notice your absence.

Legolas was leaning against a pillar, enjoying the dancing and singing from the two hobbit cousins just a few tables away. He quite easily won the drinking game against Gimli, but now that he was out he didn't really have anything to do. After all, Aragorn was busy with the blonde 'princess', and Gandalf was more than likely sitting off somewhere alone. But you? He hadn't a clue as to where you had gone.

He remembered at the beginning of the night, you had been with him, walking around and enjoying the food laid out. But sometime after the storm started, you disappeared from sight and he hadn't seen you since.

Contemplating this to himself, he began to wonder where you went. He was desperate at this point for some company, anything to distract him from the bore of no one to speak with.

Finally kicking off of the pillar he leaned against, he made up his mind to figure out where you went. He made his way around the large room, going as far as to looking under tables for you as well. You were nowhere to be scene, not even in the corners of the room.

He was starting to become frustrated, mainly because he was running out of ideas. Maybe you left? But he couldn't even begin to guess why you would leave the party so early, it seemed like you were enjoying yourself before, so where in the hell did you go?

After a bit more wandering, he decided to check one of the rooms they had access to in hopes that you'd appear.

He opened up one of the doors down a short hall, stepping in the door way. The room was dark, minimal light shining through into the room. He almost turned around to leave, but as he turned his eyes caught sight of a figure in the corner. For a moment he wasn't even sure who it was, but when there was a sudden flash of lightning, followed by a loud rumble from the sky, he realized that it was you.

You jerked rather suddenly when the boom resonated throughout the room, taking in a deep breath as you held your hands tighter over your ears. You didn't even notice Legolas standing at the doorway looking right at you. In fact, you didn't realize he was there until he was right next to you, kneeling down to touch your arm gently. You flinched rather violently, your head snapping up to look at him.

Shock was evident on your face, and he seemed to notice too. "Y/N? What's wrong?" He asked softly, his hand gently squeezing the place he held your shoulder. You opened your mouth to respond, taking a breath when there was suddenly another loud crash. Your hands flew up to your ears and your eyes squeezed shut as you hid your face from him.

He seemed to understand right away.

Because suddenly, he was wrapping you up in his arms and you were pulling up into his lap as he sat down. You didn't remove your hands from your ears though, simply letting him pull you up against him.

It was rather comforting, but you jerked a bit when you felt his hands on yours, slowly lowering them down. He held your hands in his gently, looking down at you sympathetically. "Y/N... why didn't you tell me?" He asked softly, releasing one of your hands gently. You took a shaky breath, mumbling quietly, "It's... embarrassing." Your voice was light and airy, mostly from your nervous anticipation of more thunder.

You heard his sigh softly, his arms tightening around you when another crash of thunder caused you to tense up. His now free hand moved up to your head, pressing your ear against his chest gently. The soft sound of his heartbeat helping calm you a bit. "Y/N... just, just listen to the sound of my heart, okay? Focus on the beating..." He whispered gently, his hand gently massaging into your hair.

The shaking of your hands slowly stopped, and you let out a soft breath as you did as he said.

The gentle rhythm of his heart beating created a sense of serenity within you, though you noticed that the pattern of beats was a bit faster than normal. He must be as nervous as you are, though for a different reason you suspected.

Both of you sat like that for quite a while, until the storm finally died down actually, enjoying each others warmth and comfort. Even after the thunder ended, neither of you moved.

You turned your head up towards him slowly after a bit only to find that his eyes were already on you. There was trances of a light smile on his face, his hand gently running through your hair again, "I wish you had told me, Y/N. Are you okay now?" He asked slowly, releasing your hand from his grasp. You nodded your head slowly, letting your legs stretch out across his legs finally. They were beginning to get a bit sore.

His smile brightened up a bit, and the hand you dropped moved up to gently brush against your cheek. "We can stay here a bit longer if thats what you want... I don't mind holding you when you're frightened.." He whispered just as softly as when he first came in.

Whatever possessed you to agree to staying with him was rather persuasive. Because as soon as the words left his mouth you were pressing your face back against his chest. "T-Then I'd like to stay here a bit longer..."

He squeezed you into his arms gently, pressing his lips to the top of your head gently.

"We can stay here as long as you'd like..."

Chapter Text

Being a healer in the kingdom of Rohan was quite necessary. Between the rambunctious children, occident prone working adults, and constantly working Riders of Rohan, you were usually rather busy. 

But now was a good time for you, as it was every year. The only burden of your hippocratic oath at the moment was that of a sick child laying in the bed not to far from where you sat. You weren't sure what she contracted, nor how, but the little girls condition was steadily worsening you were beginning to worry. The herbs that reduced fevers were gone, and you were scrambling about to find any traces of white willow bark, yarrow, or echinacea, but you kept coming up empty. 

You remember placing a gentle hand upon her forehead, only to withdraw from the burning warmth that met your soft touch. If you didn't find a remedy for her soon, she wouldn't last the day. So you called in the girl you had been mentoring and told her not to take her eyes off of the child before setting out on your own to find even the smallest bit of the herbs you needed for her. 

There was a moment of hesitation there though, because of the increasing orc activity in the area as the condition of the king declines. The thought of asking for Éomer to accompany you briefly crossed your mind, but the girl didn't have that kind of time. So instead you went straight to the stables to collect your horse, riding off without so much as a word to the stable keeper. 

You knew Éomer from your work as a healer, he came in quite often from incidents during training and scouting, so it was inevitable that you'd get acquainted. Even more inevitable that you'd fall for him and he, you. After all, you can only see a mans bare chest so many times before you begin to know that plane of hardened rider muscle better than even the man himself. It was the same for most of the other riders as well, but you didn't quite bond with them like you did Éomer. 

Which is why he was the first person you thought to go to for an escort to the closest source of echinacea, it grew closest and you were sure that you would find that much easier than yarrow or anything else. 

With a swift snap of the reins and a gentle jolt of your foot your horse takes off in the direction you set. You didn't have time to go on for a steady, gentle ride, so you set off at a fast pace, showing the urgency in which you ride to those who see you. Your eyes dart around as you pass by. Now that you're closer to where you need to be to find the echinacea, you've brought your horse down to just a trot so you could search properly. 

It's hard to see anything in the greened over, rolling hills surrounding around you, but you refuse to give up your search until you've found something. 

Frustration sets in as the results keep coming up empty, so you decide to leave your lovely steed for the time being to search closer to the ground. 

You dismount Sailarocco, your horse, easily dropping down to your feet so resume your hunt for the proper healing herbs. With a gentle pat to the flank of your steed you encourage him and offer up a carrot from your bag before leaving her in the clearing next to a large rock protruding from the ground. You didn't worry about him running off, he was a very wise horse (per the name) so he wouldn't leave you. 

Without anymore hesitation you step away and crouch down to search through the tall grass, but there are still no signs of the magenta bloom amongst the other wildflowers blooming in the little field. At this point, you were practically dragging yourself about the ground in hopes of catching but a glimpse of one of those coned flowers. 

No matter where you looked or how much you crawled around, there were still no echinacea blooms stored away. It was beginning to feel hopeless, and thoughts of the poor girl continuing to suffer only dampened your hope further. 

Thoughts of giving up were beginning to creep into your mind when you saw it though. A small patch of magenta coned flowers just a few yards ahead, petals practically shining in the light of the slowly setting sun. Your heart leaped with joy as you lunged forward and began pulling out handfuls by the root. You hadn't any time to waste at this point, so after you were satisfied with the amount now weighing lightly into your bag, you stood and turned to return to your horse. He was quite far from you, you barely even noticed how far you had strayed in search for the essential bloom. 

Only a couple yards away from your horse after some rather speedy walking, you hear a noise. The sound of rocks skidding down the side of the large boulder to your left. You turn your head up towards the source of the disturbance of peace, coming fact to face with a large beastly orc. 

It released a wretched sound from it's smelling and unsightly mouth which spooks your horse quite adamantly. You can't help but to release a surprised shriek, reaching for the reins of your horse's bridle. But you only grasp air, for Sailarocco bounds off to the right to avoid the terrible creature above you, hitting the side of another rock and tearing one of the straps holding the bags on his back. The orc jumps down in front of you, and you nearly trip over your skirts in an attempt to flea. You back up quickly, not taking your eyes off of it as it smiles a grotesque grin towards you, taking pleasure in your apparent fright. 

The creature draws a blade from its' back and brandishes it menacingly, taking a step forward closer to you. Your feet practically trip over themselves as you turn and take off, grasping the bag at your side tightly. You had to return to Rohan at once, there was little time before, but now you were cutting it really close. There was simply no time to run for your life, and these thoughts made you regret not bringing along Éomer like you originally planned to. 

The sound of heavily trudging feet echo behind you as you try to call for your horse, desperation and fear driving you run much faster than you usually would.

You turn your head to peer over your shoulder briefly, crying out in shock at the sight of the orc practically on top of you. Your foot catches the hem of your dress and a loud resounding tear fills your thoughts as you plunge forward into the ground, tumbling a bit down the small hill. The orc releasing a gurgling sort of laugh above you, and you turn quickly and scoot back from it. Eyes flickering around quickly, you attempt to find a solution, a way out of this horrible situation you've found yourself in. 

Hands searching around frantically, a cool smooth sensation presses against your palm. You allow your hands to flicker down for a split second, and you see a blade that had been secured on the side of Sailarocco, undoubtedly falling from the ripped bag he destroyed in his escape. It was but a small blade, but it was also your only hope at the moment. 

The orc swings its blade towards you, and you throw yourself down onto your back, narrowly missing a decapitation. While it tries to recollect it's stance, you crawl away a few paces and jump to your feet turning just in time to jump back and avoid being slashed at the neck once again. You try to jab your small blade forward only to fall back when you miss, backing up as fast as you dare. You call for Sailarocco once again, obvious fear in your voice as you try to find some salvation in this hopeless situation. The beast swings his short sword once again, jabbing it forward, only this time you're much better prepared. 

You throw yourself forward and bury the blade of your knife into its' skull, stumbling back . The orc goes limp and falls back, while you also fall back onto your butt. 

Nausea registers faintly for a moment only to be quickly replaced by Relief ad you register the form of a horse, as you call your horses name loudly, knees pressing into the dirt beneath you, as you grab for your bag full of the echinacea. 

The sound of horse hooves stop a few feet away from you, and you reach up dizzily to pet Sailarocco's fur, only to pause at the difference of texture. Standing up slowly, your eyes peer upwards only to meet with the intense gaze of Éomer.

He jumps down from his mount without hesitation, arms grabbing for your own as concern shows clearly on his face. "What were you thinking, Y/N? Going out alone like this!" Under normal circumstances you would've shrunk away from his scolding, but like before there was simply no time. You lean into him, a look of urgency over taking your confusion from before, "Éomer! I need to get back to Rohan at once! T-The girl, the sick girl she needs me!" He looks taken aback at your sudden desperation, but he doesn't waste any time before giving you a nod of confirmation. "We will discuss this later then." 

Éomer takes a step back and turns to his horse, offering his arms up to you to hoist you up into the saddle. You step closer and lift your arms, but the moment his hand makes contact with your side, you hiss out from pain. He stops as soon as you voice your discomfort, the concern from before returning as he looks at his hand. Blood stains along his palm and finger tips, then he looks back down at you. 

The gaping slash along your side is a clear indicator as to the issue though, and you find yourself being tugged closer to him. "I was so focused on you I didn't even notice.. we must get back immediately." The prince looks about for a few short moments before he seemingly comes to a decision. 

Éomer mounts his horse, then reaches his arms down and lifts you up (rather easily at that) into the saddle in front of him. "Do you think you can bear a quick ride?" 

All you offer in response is a nod. 

And then he's off, and you're left trying not to pass out at the searing discomfort in your side as the two of you advance on. Since he possesses the skills of a true Rohan Rider, he is able to easily keep you atop his horse, but you don't comprehend the majority of the ride. You're in and out of a daze that you can't control throughout the entire time, sometimes loosing your breath from the fast winds whipping past the two of you. 

When you do finally arrive back at Rohan, you waste no time in dropping from the horse, nearly toppling over from the sudden weight distributing into your lead like legs. But despite Éomer's protests, you ditch him at the entrance where he stopped and hobble to your healing building, thankfully not too far from you. You hear heavy footsteps just behind you, but you ignore Éomer 'ordering' you to stop, and instead push open the door. 

The girl you were teaching nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw you, ghostly pale with blood running down your side from the ride, but you snap at her to get a kettle going over the fire. You practically collapse onto the chair next to the bed of the feverish little girl, yanking the echinacea from your bag. You hand it off to Althea, the girl you'd been mentoring, and she immediately gets to making a tea while you hover over the girl. 

Éomer walks in finally, the door slamming heavily behind him as he storms over to where you work.

You're dabbing a cool, wet towel onto her forehead. The blood from your side drips down to the floor as you practically lean on the bed, but you don't retract even as Éomer urges you to sit back. You snap at him to back away and his hand retracts, then you go back to what you were doing before. 

Althea finally returns with the tea, and you instruct her on how to give it to the girl, leaning back in the chair finally as sweat drips down your forehead. The edges of your vision gets dark and you slump forward slightly, avoiding slamming your head with a hand steadying you. 

Once the tea is gone, Althea kneels down next to you and begins to tend to your side, and for the first time that day you just sit back and allow yourself to be cared for. It doesn't take long for you to lose all feeling of yourself, and the next thing you know, everything goes dark as if the sun was simply turned off with a switch.

 The next time your eyes open, the light of morning shines through the window of the healers home, and you find yourself to feel rather confused. Someone says your name just to your left, and you look over quickly only to see Éomer settled on a wooden seat next to you. 

You glance down briefly and see your dress had been stripped away, replaced with trousers and a loose hanging shirt. Gaze drifting back up to him, you release a quiet breath. "Éomer... forgive me. I caused you so many problems yesterday. I-I was half delirious... I'm very sorry..." You grip the scratchy blanket over your lap tightly, loosing eye contact as you begin to feel remorse for dragging him around after causing so much worry.

A heavy hand rests gently over yours, and you look up quickly with a furrow to your brow. Éomer's hand curls around your own, and you can't help but marvel in how much larger his hand is than yours. His thumb caresses lightly over the back of your hand, and you glance up at him shyly with a slight red to your cheeks. 

"You saved the girl, you know. Her mother... she was in tears when she saw... you saved her life." The tenderness in which he spoke to you was a tad overwhelming, you felt like you didn't deserve such forgiveness, but it warmed you regardless. 

You allow your fingers to intertwine with his own after some time of silence, looking up at him full on after some time. "I am glad that she is well. But, what about you? Are you alright?" He seems surprised almost by your inquiry, but he gives you a small nod nonetheless and allows a small smile to upturn his lips. "You're very precious, my lady. But I am alright, my worries really lie with you." 

His grip on your hand tightens very slightly as he leans down closer to see you better, the soft grey of his eyes engulfing you with an uncontrollable sense of safety and calm. He reaches up slowly, his fingers gently grazing along your cheek before his palm presses more firmly to your face. "I... would very much like to kiss you, Y/N." 

This declaration is a bit of a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. 

With a slow nod of your head, you tilt your head back a bit to look up at him more closely, eyes fluttering closed as his face grows nearer. A gentle yet chapped pair of lips meet your own, and your hands move to press against his chest gently. 

It feels like a dream. A wonderful, blissful dream, and when he pulls back to look at your dazed, happy face, another smile lights his own. Your eyes flutter open after a couple moments afterwards as you look back up into his lovely eyes. 

"Next time... I'll be sure to pay more attention." 

Chapter Text

When you first volunteered to accompany the Fellowship of The One Ring in their quest to destroy said One Ring, you figured it'd be simple enough along the way. At the very beginning, things were simple. The hobbits were taught how to wield swords, you had the best time teaching Merry and Pippin you had to admit, everyone became close as you learned more about each other, and there was plenty lightheartedness to go around. 

The change washed by quick, filling each of you with dread while also ripping away your will to continue on with the quest. None of you could've ever anticipated how badly the losses would hit, though, even if you were prepared for such things. 

When Gandalf fell to the hands of the Balrog, the great pain caused by the holes in your hearts weighed on heavy. It began to seem like the darkness would never break for light, everywhere you turned you thought of the things you could've done to save him, how easy it would've been for you to interfere. But instead you, much like the others, allowed your fear for yourself and the others to take over. And now? He was gone. 

At least that was you mentality at first. When you began to distance yourself from the others in favor of keeping watch at almost every waking moment, the others began to worry for you.

Legolas stated many a time that you needn't stay up and watch for so long, but you cared little for that. Aragorn assured you that riding further ahead and staying behind in questionable places wasn't necessary, but again you didn't pay that mind. 

It wasn't until Pippin, one night while you lingered by the fire because sleep wouldn't find you, settled in the spot next to you in complete silence. The two of you sat in silence for a small while, an inner storm brewing in your head as you wondered why he appeared so suddenly. When you finally did ask why he was still up, the answer you received was much different than what you were expecting. He started off by expressing his worry, mentioning your newly adopted mannerisms and over bearing concern that sprouts up at random times. It felt kind of like an intervention, but for some reason, everything he said just made sense. 

After that night things changed, again, but this time for the betterment of yourself and the group. Your previously self destructive habits practically dissolved, and for the first time since Gandalf died, you smiled. 

Pippin became, essentially, your greatest ally throughout all of this. He and his cousin, Merry, knew how to bring a smile to your face. They could brighten up the mood when you were all feeling low, and even though they hurt often themselves, they still thought of the group first. 

These thoughts and more plagued your mind as you sat with the group (minus Boromir and Frodo).  You found your gaze traveling over to Pippin a couple times, he was speaking with Merry quietly, most likely being mischievous you would guess, not noticing your stares. You were simply just grateful for him and everything he did for you. 

You open your mouth to call him over but before any words can leave your mouth, Boromir bursts through the trees and into the clearing. He rambles on something about Frodo vanishing, and everyone jumps up. Merry and Pippin run off one way, Sam going another, while Gimli and Legolas bound off the way Frodo left from before. You call after Pippin and Merry, but they don't stop running. You scramble to grab your weapons, panic coursing through your veins as those left try to collect themselves. You yell for Boromir to follow them, and though your heart aches to follow him as well, you know you must follow Legolas and Gimli. Frodo was more important at the time. 

When you did come upon Aragorn, around the area Boromir said he last saw the ring bearing halfling, it was chaos. Aragorn against a seemingly endless amount of Orcs and Uruk-hai, so the three of you wasted no time in jumping in. 

Legolas killed some of the beasts attempting to over power Aragorn with their numbers, while you ran your short sword into the shoulder of a smaller orc that attempted to take you by surprise. 

Gimli, well, he was simply doing what dwarves did best. His axe swung to and fro, leaving no enemy in his path unscathed and without injury. 

Between the four of you, mowing down the orcs and uruk-hai wasn't much of a challenged, especially since you didn't have to worry about anyone of the others.  

The fighting carried on throughout the ruins scattered around, the task of slaying these creatures becoming increasingly difficult as energy began to run low. The crowd did finally seem to be thinning out though, which sparked a bit of hope in all your hearts. 

And then you heard it. 

The Horn of Gondor resounding throughout the forest. Boromir was in trouble, which undoubtedly mean that Merry and Pippin would be too (hopefully Frodo was out of harms way already, though). 

Legolas turns, halting his activities as the Orcs have thinned out drastically, "The Horn of Gondor!"

There's a moment where no one moves, realization dawning on all of you as Aragorn exclaims, "Boromir!" and begins to run in the direction of the horn. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the other uruk-hai and orcs have the same idea, because the next moment you're all mostly being forgotten in favor of chasing after the loud, distinctive sound. Your feet carry you far, almost on par with Aragorn as your fear of loosing more friends fuels your movements. The four of you kill more of those wretched beasts along the way as you pass up fallen stone arches and statues, no time for enjoying the history of the place in which you fight for your lives. 

Your sword slices through the arm of a smaller orc, reaching just below your own height seconds before he falls to the ground. You feel the soft vibration of movement behind you, so you spin and jam your weapon into the chest of your next opponent, quickly pulling it out in favor of not falling behind. 

When you all finally break through the clearing, a truly terrible sight greets you. The horrified faces of Merry and Pippin as their dragged away, Boromir on his knees as the orcs run past.

You freeze, much like you had in Moria, simply staring in shock as your friends disappear from sight. The uruk-hai turns to you sporting a knife from who knows where, and he chucks it with precision directly at you. You dodge to the side before the blade can embed into your shoulder, a slash taking off the fabric of your shirt as you roll out of the way. 

Aragorn then jumps from the bush line, sparing you a quick once over to make sure you're alight before engaging in battle with the huge uruk-hai. 

Rolling back over, you push yourself to your feet in time to see the head of the huge beast fly off at the hands of Aragorn. At this point, the orcs, Pippin, and Merry are gone, so you run over to Boromir and kneel next to him, grasping his hand tightly as Aragorn joins your side. The dying man looks between the two of you, gasping out in a panic, "They took the little ones!" Aragorn whispers something to him, but you're focused in on Boromir, reaching up to gentle cup the side of his cheek to provide some comfort. 

"Where is Frodo?" He asks, looking up at Aragorn with pure sadness and fear in his blue eyes. He places his hand on Aragorn's shoulder, grasping him with a tight grip. 

Aragorn then admits as soft as ever, "I let him go..." 

Boromir's breathing becomes more labored, but you can see that he relaxes ever so slightly at this declaration. "Then you did what I could not", he takes a wheezing breath, "I tried to take the ring from him." 

You caress his cheek gently with your thumb, tone gentle, "The ring is beyond our reach, now." His gaze flickers to you, and you can see the beginnings of tears forming in his eyes. 

"F-Forgive me", he grasps onto your hand and Aragorn's shoulder a bit tighter and swallows a the lump forming in his throat, "I did not see... I have failed you all." Tears flood within your own eyes, but you blink them back and offer a forbearing smile, "No, Boromir.." 

Aragorn continues on for you, sensing that it's hard for you to keep on as you are, "You fought bravely..." Boromir appears as if he wants to say something, "You kept your honor..." 

This continues on, and you find yourself awed in the strength he possesses. Speaking in such a condition as he worries over the mission rather than his death. You don't allow your tears to fall, though you are close and you can see that Aragorn is too, simply grasping his hand as they speak. His breathing becoming heavier for a few seconds as his gaze drifts back over to you. 

You offer a melancholy smile, pressing your lips to his hand gently, "Sleep now, my friend. We will be here when you wake..." Your other hand smooths along his bearded cheek with such delicacy, and a smile almost upturns his lips though it appears painful. The silence drags on for a bit longer, and then he stills as his last breath escapes his lips. The expression he once held dropped ever so slightly as the skin beneath your hand went motionless, no longer elevated by his labored breathing. His grip on your hand loosens, then falls from your grip with a soft thud. 

Aragorn blesses your fallen friend in complete silence as you fall back, shared tears falling from two respective pairs of eyes at the loss of such a noble man. A gentle kiss lay upon Boromir's head from Aragorn, and you reach up with a shaking hand to shut his eyes. 

The ranger stands, you following suit soon after as you gently rub the tears staining your face, away. You compose yourself before turning, relieved to hear that you'll be going after 'the little ones' so says Aragorn, for you cannot bear to lose anyone else.

Once Boromir got his proper send off for his brave duty to the Fellowship and Middle earth, you set off before the orc pack can get any further ahead. 

Chapter Text

The journey to retrieve your hobbit friends had been a long one. The constant travel that you all had to endure to gain just a bit of ground was exhausting, but the one thing worse than the terrible burning in your legs was the fear that the Riders of Rohan had killed Merry and Pippin. 

When it came to light that they managed to escape though, despite all the chaos, you felt yourself fill with a renewed hope fueled only by finding the two hobbits who had been plaguing your mind so. 

The struggle through the wooded area, though, proved to be much greater than you first expected. For you came across and old friend whom, now, went by a new name. But, he was still the same wizard you'd traveled with not so long ago. The discovery of Gandalf the White proved to be quite the prosperous one after all, because during the battle of Helms Deep, the lot of you barely managed to make it through. And if it hadn't been for the Rohan Riders, you certainly wouldn't have. 

Reuniting with the halflings proved to be the greatest feat of all though, because the moment your eyes landed on those two mischievous hobbits, your heart soared. It wasn't exactly the reunion you expected though, considering Saruman got run trough (twice!) and a giant orb was recovered. On the ride back to Rohan, Pippin accompanied you on your horse, riding in front of you while you controlled the reins to your horse. It was noisy, but you did get the opportunity to share a few words with the ever energetic hobbit. 

You kept your voice low enough to where your conversation would stay private, but still loud enough to where you would be heard by your little hobbit friend. "I'm glad that you're okay... we did nothing but strive to save you in the days before your escape, and I can only feel blessed that no harm came to you or Merry." 

Pippin glanced back and up at you, a look of both confusion and warmhearted flattery splayed on his face. "Well, you're not the only one, Y/N! Though we were worried for you as well, and Boromir..."  You sigh softly and allow yourself to smile kindly at him, though the sadness did seep through your expression regardless. "He fought bravely... and it was because of him that no one else reached a worse fate..." Pippin turns his attention back to the front, eyes downcast towards your knuckle whitening grip on the reins. 

A light weight lands on one of your clenched fists, and you feel yourself relax at the halflings physical form of comfort. 

"Things will look up eventually, and if we stay hopeful then maybe we can just help Frodo in our own way..." You nod your head once, whispering your agreement. 

The rest of the ride was carried out in comfortable and sure silence, both of you feeling much higher in spirits. 

After arriving, once again, at Rohan, you were all consumed with the immediate joy and celebrations of still breathing peoples. There were drunk men making a fool of themselves, and the music was loud and boisterous. 

Normally you would've been annoyed at such a sight, but seeing as you experienced the hopelessness and terror of the Battle at Helms deep, you had some sympathy in your heart for such a loud celebration. Your fellowship didn't waste time in joining the festivities, but you found yourself mostly disinterested in the drinking. Your time was spent with Eowyn for the most part, it wasn't proper for a lady to get drunk so she didn't bother (though you knew if she so desired to she certainly would), and neither did you. Though when she left to speak with Aragorn, poor girl was caught on him, you were left alone. 

Solitude in such good graces wasn't the end of the world though, for you certainly enjoyed the drunken dancing and singing of your peers. Watching the antics of Merry and Pippin also served to make you happy, and the drinking contest between Gimli and Legolas served you excitement as well. 

You disliked parties, but this certainly wasn't a bad one. It didn't take long for you to tire, though, so you soon found yourself retiring from the party room for quiet outside. 

Rain sparkled in front of you as it dropped from the sky, and while the night was cool, it did nothing to chill you back into the building. You found yourself, instead, enjoying the rain as it drizzled down onto the stone steps below you. 

Pippin joined your side not long after your departure, a cup with what you presumed to be alcohol being offered up to you. You accept it to avoid being rude, a smile gracing upon your lips at the sight of your dear Hobbit. "What are you doing out here by yourself?" He looked slightly concerned, but his smile was ever present. 

"I just needed time to myself, Pippin. But you're welcome to join me if you so desire." His smile brightens a bit more, then he reached for your arm to give it a comforting squeeze. "Well, I'll keep you company for a bit if you don't mind." You nod your head and take an appreciative swig of the drink he offered up to you, looking out over the dark landscapes. "I'm very thankful that you weren't there during the battle, Pippin. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you, um, or your cousin." 

Pippin smiles as his response, the tender expression on his usually humorous face causing your heart to stutter. "Well, I am also glad that you're okay. Should've seen Merry, he was so worried." He joked easily, leaning back on his heels. 

You find yourself enjoying his company quite a bit more than you probably should. And you find that, if you envision yourself a few months from now, perhaps you can be happy with him and the rest of your friends. 

Chapter Text

 When you first arrived at Middle Earth, everything was simply horrifying. You, quite literally, dropped into this situation without any warning. One moment you were opening the door to work after having quite the heated argument with your boss, and then you were falling forward into open air. It was a wonder that you didn't die from the height you fell, you escaped with a mere few bruises and cuts. It was the trees undoubtedly, something else more super natural too you assumed. When you did finally land there was nothing but darkness, you passed out obviously, and awoke some time later to warmth.

You, apparently, landed in the middle of a troop of 'dwarves', and after their initial panic you were tended too. At first, most of them thought you were dead, but when you shot up from under the blankets piled up on top of you later that night (and successfully scared the dwarf, Ori, who had been watching over you) and began to panic, they realized that you most certainly were not dead.

After your meltdown, and a lot of crying, you calmed and Gandalf the Grey finally spoke with you. He explained things to the best of his abilities, calming you with a comforting smile and gentle pat on your shoulder.

It took quite a while for you to grow used to traveling such long distances with so many of the male variety, but you did warm up to everyone in the end. It started with Ori, the ever gentle soul he was, and then Bombur who did well in teaching you how to cook with so little supplies. Once you became friendly with some of them, you quickly transitioned into a place where you were friendly with all of them.

You found yourself worming your way into the hearts of everyone you currently travelled with, and they you. After all, once you spend all your time for months on end with one group of people, you grow very close despite any and all barriers that separate similarities. 

It was quite odd to you though, the way the groups burglar avoided you so adamantly. You didn't think that you had done anything to offend him, but every time you caught his gaze upon you he would turn away, red faced with what you assumed was anger.

He wasn't rude to you by any means though. In fact when you did manage to catch him and rope him in for a conversation, he was extraordinarily sweet and attentive. You wouldn't call it frustrating per-say, more balking than anything. He was interesting, and you thought him very cute too despite his lack of verticality. His large feet with the small tuffs of hair in the middle, his curly blond head and pointed ears. But his anatomical quirks weren't the only things you liked about him obviously enough, but you found his sass to be hysterical, and his kindness drew you in so inviolably. Yet he simply wouldn't spend any time with you. 

These thoughts you all voiced to Kili one night after a wash in a nearby pond. The air was left to dry your hair as you sat in borrowed clothes while your normal clothes sat out to dry, and you simply found yourself spilling out these worries to him. And surprisingly enough, Kili laughed at you. Laughed! At you! 

His reaction confused you greatly at the time, and the way he called you silly only added to that. The response he gave was confusing! And instead of offering proper advice, he instead prompted you to approach said Hobbit the next day and strike up conversation, instructing you to pay real close attention to him when you did. 

Kili offered no more help after that, jumping to his feet after exclaiming how he was going to head to his bedroll. Thus, you were left with nothing but your thoughts once again, contemplating the meaning behind Kili's words. 

The morning after that brought you to present time. It was early in the morning, the sun was only just poking over the horizon, yet you were all up and cleaning up camp from the night before. You were used to getting up so early at this point, it became routine after the first few weeks. The thick blanket you slept on was tucked away into your bag quickly and you made haste in packing your things. You were hoping to catch Bilbo for a conversation before the others began getting ready, and it seemed that luck was certainly on your side because there was Bilbo walking off to find some breakfast for himself (you were all rather low on food unfortunately).

On his way out, you called his name softly and when he turned you offered up a friendly smile. "May I join you?" His face tinges red, but he nods anyways despite his odd reaction to your offer. 

The first ten minutes that you walked around, there was very little talking. You found some berries and an assortment of nuts, but you've yet to find anything actually filling unfortunately. The silence was overbearing none the less. You'd caught his gaze drifting over to you occasionally, and each time your eyes met he would turn his head and mumble something about food. It was both funny and confusing at the same time, and it got to the point where you could stand it no longer. 

"Bilbo, if you keep looking at me like that with no explanation I think I'm going to freak out." You deadpanned after another long stretch of silence, pausing in your steps to look him over. He seemed taken aback by your sudden line of questioning, and then his face went pink like before. "O-Oh, I did not think you, um, noticed." You only continued to stare at him blankly. 

"Well of course I did! You looked me straight in the eyes multiple times."

"Y-Yes but I didn't think you would tally it..."

"It's just a question Bilbo, please. It's only me so why are you acting so nervous?" 

He doesn't respond this time, only becoming more sheepish at your declaration. You were right, he knew, but it still embarrassed him none the less. "I... well one could presume more like, that I have come to enjoy your company quite a lot..." 

Now it's your turn to flush with red, flattery and embarrassment at this confession regarding his odd behavior. 

"Oh." Was the only thing you could muster up for quite a bit.

A smile then shone on your face, "Well that's cute!" 

There is a pause where nothing happens, and then the words settle in. His face is taken over by red, and he looks sheepish at your sudden declaration. "C-Cute?" The way he stutters makes you laugh, and you feel all your concerns from before simply melt away. With an assuring nod, you lay your hand on his shoulder gently. "Don't think too hard, Bilbo dear, you'll hurt yourself." He shuts his gaping mouth and nods once, looking at you still with the same expression from before. 

You feel your heart swell with an unknown emotion, but the fondness you feel for this hobbit is rather apparent to you. You squeeze his shoulder gently after the silence begins to drag on too long, then turn.

"Now! Breakfast. Right. Lets go, Bilbo." 

He finds himself smiling at your back as he follows along, his stomach doing twists at the thought of this interaction. 

Chapter Text

You could feel multiple pairs of eyes burning into you as you conversed with the friendly bargeman at the back of the ship. You tried your best to ignore them, but it was quite difficult considering that literally all of them were staring. You were situated on a small wooden box next to the long steery thingy that Bard was holding onto, looking up at him while the two of you conversed nicely with each other. 

"I don't think I've ever seen so many drenched dwarves in one place before", he comments after finishing a though, a small smile on his face as he glances down at you. 

You can't help the giggles that erupt from you at his words. Your joy resounds around the boat and empty water that surrounds you all, but you don't bother keeping your laughter at bay. "Implying that you've seen some to begin with?" You joke with amusement clear on your face. 

Bard's smile widens as his gaze slides back over to the waters ahead, unable to avoid the glares being thrown at him by your group at the front of the boat.

"Well, I suppose that is fair. And what about you?" He questions.

A confused expression overtakes the joyous one previously on your face, not quite understanding what he was asking.

He notices your perplexity right away, so he rephrases. "I mean, have you seen it before? Have you been in a similar situation?" 

Ah, that makes more sense.

"No, not really. Things like this don't happen every day", You reply with laughter in your voice. 

A noisy squishing sound meets your ears as you shift on the box from your soaked jeans causing you to grimace. Wet jeans are, by far, one of the worst feelings ever. You reach down and tug at the legs of your jeans, pulling them down a bit to avoid the inevitable 'jeans wedgie'. You then reach up and rub your arms, shuddering slightly at the cold air biting at your skin through your long sleeved ringer t-shirt. 

Bard seems to notice your obvious discomfort and lack of warmth, and a look of concern briefly washes over his face. He releases the steering thing and shrugs his jacket off, leaning down and placing it gently on your shoulders.

Right away you feel a sense of relief from the sudden warmth engulfing you, causing an involuntary sigh to escape past your lips. "Gosh, thank you so much. It's hella freezing out here." You state with a slightly chattery smile. 

He gives you an odd look from the strange lingo you use, and you internally berate yourself for not managing your filter better. 

Regardless of his confusion though he still offers a sweet reply. "The lady is cold, I mustn't stand by." 

You can't help the slight red flush that warms your face, and you pray that he takes it as a flush from the cold poking at your cheeks. 

The sound of groans and angry grumbling reach your ears from ahead, and you chance a glance over to your dwarven, and singular hobbit, companions. Everyone is still staring, hell even Bilbo is looking on with a sour expression on his face, but all you do is stick your tongue out at them. 

"I told you I can have friends!" 

The two of you continued to joke and share pleasant conversation with each other at the back of the ship while the others looked on jealously. Everyone was upset about this sudden friendship for their own reasons, but they could all agree that they didn't like the way he was looking at you and so obviously flirting. 

Fili sat with his still wounded brother, and despite the injury on his leg they still found time to harp on something so ridiculous. 

"How can she not tell that he is making advances towards her? It is blatantly obvious...!" Bofur whisper yells to the rest of them, glancing over to the two of you when they hear another one of your jingling giggles. 

"Aye, look at the two of them. It makes me sick." Dwalin grumbles out, glaring heatedly at the bargeman showing off so shamelessly. 

Bilbo doesn't necessarily agree, though he does slightly understand where they come from. 

Thorin leans back against the edge of the boat, watching on with a glower of his own. That damn tall, handsome, deep-voiced bastard. 

"She's practically got hearts in her eyes! Telling him some of her odd other world jokes, swooning and sighing like a dove." 

Suddenly, Bard leans down to whisper something to you that the rest of them can't make out, and they absolutely bristle with anger. The nerve of this guy!

They watch on as your face lights up and you jump to your feet, eagerly reaching for the helm with grabby hands. Yes they had to admit that it was adorable, but the fact that it was him who was eliciting such cute reactions from you only made them seethe more. 

"Damn that bargeman" Fili hissed through clenched teeth, looking at his brother who only nodded in agreement.

The bargeman releases the helm and allows you to grab onto it before lightly placing his hands over yours to help guide you in steering properly. 

That definitely does not help group morale. 

You were practically vibrating with excitement when Bard asked if you were interested in steering his boat. You wasted no time in jumping to your feet and allowing him to instruct you on the correct way to hold and maneuver the steering stick. Of course, you hadn't been expecting it when his arms suddenly reached around you and his large warm hands covered your own, but you found that you didn't quite dislike it. 

By now your face was absolutely on fire, but you couldn't help but smile broadly as you managed to actually control the ship a little bit. You stared out at the water for a time, but you couldn't quite avoid the 13 pairs of eyes piercing into your very soul just 10 feet away. 

Your gaze slides down to the lot of them and the smile drops from your face when you see how tense and upset the majority of them seem. With a soft sigh you tilt your head to the side and look up at Bard, "Hey, I'm gonna go talk to them real quick before they decide to murder you. I'll probably be right back." 

He nods in understanding and takes a step back to allow you to pass which you do with a grateful smile thrown over your shoulder before walking over to them. 

As you approach most of them look away quickly as if you hadn't seen them all staring, and you can't help but roll your eyes. You stop after stepping around Dori and take a seat with your legs crossed, allowing your eyes to slide over each and every one of them. 

"Come on boys, whats eatin' ya?" You try to joke with a cheeky smile. 

All you're met with are blank stares (and one snort from Bilbo, that sweet dear). 

The smile falls from your face when no one responds to your humor like usual, and you find yourself feeling bad all of a sudden which is totally unfair. All you were doing was being friendly with your host while they all acted like jealous babies, and you were the one feeling guilty? 

"Guys?" You try once more with a slight sadness seeping into your tone. 

The moment your face falls remorse punctures each and every one of their hearts, because, let's be real, none of them could be mad at you when you were so darn cute (and slightly pitiful with those horrid bruises on your face). 

No one says anything still, and you can't help the sad sigh that leaves you. Were they really mad at you? 

It's Thorin who speaks up first surprisingly. 

"Relax, Y/N. We are not angry with you. You could say we simply are not used to sharing your attention with another." 

Okay yeah that did make you feel a bit better. 

"Is it because he's tall?" Fili asks out of nowhere after Thorin speaks, and you can't help but laugh at that. 

You laugh loudly for quite a few awkward moments, the only sound in the silent waters while everyone stares at you. "You did not just ask that!" You exclaim while still laughing, grasping at your stomach as you double over. "B-Because he's... he's TALL!" 

Honestly what he said wasn't even that funny. Perhaps you were going insane. 

After a few more beats of your offhanded laugher it finally dies down, and positively everyone is staring at you with a mixture of different reactions. You wipe at a tear at the corner of your eye, taking a deep breath after all that laughing. "Wow, that was freaking hilarious. Fili, you should really do stand up comedy my boy, thats funny." 

You pause and the smile drops from your face instantly in wake of a serious expression, "No but for real, you guys have got to relax. I'm still your weird little human girl, and that isn't going to change because I made a friend with a human dude. Scouts honor." You hold up your hand at the 'scouts honor' part, and give them a reassuring smile. "You guys are the first friends I've made in this place. I don't know what I would do without you, and heaven knows what you'd do without me. Please trust that I care about you enough not to run off simply because some pretty bargeman shows up at our door." 

The worry and disdain has all but disappeared from their faces now, replaced with looks of awe and admiration. 

You can't help but blush under all the attention and because of how real your little monologue go there. After a few beats of silence you clear your throat and rub your hands along the dry sleeves of Bards warm coat. 

"We're sorry, lass." It's Bofur who speaks up first. 

Then Ori, "I was only a little worried.." 

Kili was next, "We know you are as loyal as can be!"

You got quite a few comments like this, and you couldn't help the huge toothy smile from overtaking your features. "Thanks guys. Now, enough beating the elephant in the room-" You pause and furrow your eyebrows, "What the fuck did I just say?" 

That earned you some laughs. 

It seems that things have smoothed over quite a bit now which definitely lifted some of the weight from your shoulders. 

"We do still need to properly discuss what happened with Thranduil in Mirkwood Y/N", Thorin told you softly after your admission of thanks. 

You knew it was coming, but you still couldn't help the slight flinch at his name nor the grimace that weighed on the corners of your lips. "I-I know... But, I don't think I..." 

Balin cut you off quickly, "It's okay not to be ready, my dear. There will be no pressure to speak from us, so do not worry yourself." 

A smile, much smaller this time, points at your mouth as you give Balin a grateful peck on the cheek. "I really appreciate it... u-um, I'm going to rejoin Bard though if you don't mind." You didn't wait for a response before getting up and walking back over to the steering bargeman. 

A slight red tint colors Balin's cheeks, and the others aim their glares at him this time. 

"Damn you Balin.." 

You don't know how long the lot of you had been traveling for when Bard glanced around the foggy waters and ordered everyone to pay up quickly and climb into the barrels. He was planning on smuggling them all into Laketown, but as of right now the whole plan seemed to be rather precarious.

Luckily for you, you didn't have to get into any of the barrels. Bard explained that your cover could be as his deceased wife's sister, and though that seemed a bit far fetched you still went along with it. Anything's better than smelling like fish and getting slimy all over. Gross. 

He paid the men at the outpost, and before you knew it all your friends were being covered with pounds and pounds of dead, raw, smelling fish. 

"Hopefully nobody will find our predicament fishy..." You say loudly after you're well away from the outpost with a huge grin on your face. 

You hear some pained groans coming from the barrels around you at your joke and you only get a couple laughs (thank's Bard!). You walk over to the barrel one of the groans came from and kick it lightly, "Hey! Barrels aren't supposed to have a bad sense of humor!" 

Before you knew it you were all on a straight path towards Laketown. 

Chapter Text

Fili is absolute perfection in your eyes.  

He's handsome, funny, just the right amount of mischievous, alluring, sweet...honestly the list goes on and on. 

Day by day you found yourself falling for him more and more, and you couldn't help but crave his presence during some of the more boring parts of the journey. He would often join you at the middle of the travel line simply to talk, he'd set up his bedroll near yours so you could converse before going to bed, he'd even hang out with you during meal times and other menial tasks just to keep you company.

It warmed your heart more than anything and it only increased your attraction towards him tenfold. The only problem is that you're not sure if he feels the same way or not. A part of you was sure that he does, but the other more pessimistic part of you gave you one-hundred and one reasons as to why there's no way he does. 

You tried not to let this line of thinking get you down, but unfortunately your brain simply insists on dwelling on this now as you're attempting to relax while everyone is beginning to set up camp for the night after the super long ride. Since a huge chunk of last night was spent riding over time, Thorin decided to allow everyone to rest a little longer this night. 

Both the stiffness in your back and the cramping in your thighs make your little walk around the pretty meadow much less enjoyable, but you know getting proper blood-flow to your legs is very important, so you do it regardless. After some time of wandering around the stiffness dissipates and you begin to feel much more relieved, and it's around this time that you hear someone calling your name. 

By reflex you turn your head towards the source of the noise only to be met with the sight of an exhausted looking, but still dashingly handsome, Fili. 

The smile that spreads across your face cannot be helped, nor can you keep the joy from your voice when you respond with a chipper, "Hello, Fili!" 

A small grin of his own upturns the corners of his lips, slightly shifting the braids of his mustache in an enduring way. 

You approach him with a slight hop in your step, arms crossed behind your back as you move to stand in front of him.

"Were you looking for me?" You ask curiously. 

He doesn't respond right away, rather he's a bit busy taking in the sight of you standing before him surrounded by flowers while also looking radiant in the setting suns light. "Ahem, yes I was. Uncle dismissed me for the night and I thought I would come and find you.." He trailed off at the end there almost as if he were holding something back. 

You don't comment on it though, knowing that if he want's to talk about it then he will. 

"Well I was only walking around. Do you care to join me? I would love to have some company." You offer with another happy smile on your face. 

It seems your optimism for the evening got to him, because before you know it he has a matching, large smile of his own despite the clear fatigue he must be feeling from riding nonstop and pulling a double shift the night before. 

"Why don't we take a seat by the lake over there before everyone decides it's bathing time?" You suggest after a few minutes of silent wandering around the clearing. 

The relief on his face shows almost instantly at your suggestion which draws a soft giggle from you. He looks at you oddly when you laugh, but you offer up no explanation. 

You lead the way over to the edge of the lake and settle down on the grass, leaning back against a tree protruding from the ground near the edge of the body of water. The water itself is rather clear and seemingly safe. The clearness of the lake allows you to see small fish and little frogs swimming around near the waters edge which fills you with joy. There's a soft thump to your right signaling that Fili has joined you on the shore of the lake. 

The all around scene before you is one to behold. The rays of the sun reflect off the surface of the still-as-glass water, the sounds of birds chirping and the soft melodies of the crickets and other insects around are practically music to your ears, and it's all tied together with the warm mass situated just next to you. After a few beats of comfortable silence you leaned over a bit and lay your head on his shoulder. 

His nicely muscled arm curls around your waist in response to this, and a small smile upturns the corners of your lips. 

You scoot a bit closer and pull your legs up to your chest while leaning into him. 

"Y/N..." He mumbles your name with a hint of hesitance in his voice. 

You turn your head towards him with a curious expression on your face, reaching up to tuck a lock of hair behind your ear nervously. "What is it?" 

The expression on his face can only be described as uncertain. "I..." He trails off as the furrow in his brow sets deeper, "I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to braid you hair..." 

The connotations behind his request made your cheeks flare with warmth. After spending so much time with the other dwarves in Thorin's company there's no way you'd not know what braiding hair means to them in their culture. 

You give him a shy smile and tug at the same strand of hair you had previously tucked behind your ear as you reply, "S-Sure, if you want to." 

A broad smile spreads across his face when you assent to his request causing your shyness to increase tenfold. He settles back with his back leaning against the same tree from earlier, spreading his legs apart so there's space for you to sit. You crawl closer and plop right there between his legs with your back facing him, nerves on end with both anticipation and happiness. You can't help but feel excited. 

There are a few moments of complete still and quiet between you two before you feel him gathering all your hair together at the base of your neck. His fingers brush against the skin at the base of your neck with the delicacy and gentleness of a feather causing a chill to run down your spine. You hear him chuckle quietly from behind you, but you let it slide this time around. 

A gentle tug alerts you to the fact that he is now winding your hair into a braid, and you force yourself to relax despite your giddiness. 

Eventually your eyes slide shut as you simply allow the feeling of his hands working in your hair to wash over you. You can't help the soft, please sigh from leaving you when his fingers tug at the hair he gathers from each side of your head. From the feeling of it, you assume that he is planning on braiding three sections of your hair so he can then braid those together as well. 

From what you know he's also going to incorporate something specific to himself into the intricate braiding in your hair, and though you know you won't really be able to see it yourself, you still feel excited for others to se the outcome. 

You don't know how long the two of you sat there with each other with him working on your hair and yourself staring out over the crystal lake, but eventually you do start to feel the inevitable cramping of staying in one position for too long. 

Right around the time the discomfort starts to become more noticeable, you feel your hair drop from his hand and settle against the back of your neck. All the hair is pulled from your face excluding a few unruly strands that frame your face like a halo, and the braids from the sides and top of your head all lead down to one big, lose plait resting against your back. 

You lean forward and catch a peek of yourself in the reflection of the water below you. The sight of your carefully styled hair takes your breath away, and you find that you can't tear your eyes away from your reflection. 

After a few seconds of staring you turn your attention to Fili with a huge smile on your face, "Oh, Fili it's lovely!" You exclaim excitedly. 

He give you a sheepish smile in return as a hint of red brightens his face. "You really think so?"

Instead of verbally answering you throw your arms around his neck in a tight embrace. "I love it..." You say more quietly this time.

You squeeze your eyes shut as you hug the daylights out of him, smiling happily when you feel his arms encircle you in return. Everything about this moment just felt right, and you hoped it would never end. 

The embrace lasts probably a bit longer than what's normal but you find that you can't bring yourself to care. You keep your hands rested on his shoulders when you pull back and he lets his hands fall to hold you gently by the waist. 

"So... I am assuming you know what I meant by asking to braid your hair, then?" He asked, once again sheepishly, once you pull away. 

You go for a physical response rather than a verbal one. Opting to leaning forward and pressing your lips against his, and he is all too happy to oblige. 

Chapter Text

The night was dark, like most nights out on the road, and the air was chilling. You felt like you were frozen solid by the time Thorin finally called for everyone to demount and create camp for the night. Your poor fingers are stiff and your feet are practically burning from how cold they are. Even the thick material and fur on your boots don't block out the chill, and you begin to worry that you might just become a popsicle. 

You, very slowly, retrieve your pack and bedroll from the bags on your horses sides and lay them down on the ground closest to Kili's and nearer to the fire Bofur is building. 

"Y/N, lass can you go get me some more wood?" Bofur asks with a smile on his face.

You nod your head quickly and kick your bedroll over towards Kili, and say "Set that up for me dear." 

He gives you a thumbs up and you flash him a quick grin before trotting off into the trees to find some dry firewood. 

Fortunately it has been relatively dry these past couple of days, though very cold, so it didn't take long for you to compile quite the pile of sticks, leaves, and logs. The rough bark of the wood you've collected hurt your frozen fingers, the cold making them very sensitive to the harsh texture. The way it bites into your skin makes you want to drop it all and be done with it, but you hang on and trudge back to the makeshift camp. 

When you arrive back at camp Bombur is preparing things to make food and most of the bedrolls and watch outpost are all set up. The only thing missing is the fire. The center of the camp. You squat down next to Bofur and drop all the supplies you gathered, smiling happily when he pats the top of your head gratefully. Yeah, being treated like a loyal puppy isn't really all that dignifying, but you can't help but feel excited and helpful during moments like this. 

There is a skip in your step as you walk away, feeling good about how you helped out and got all the right things. Of course once the warmth from your minimal accomplishment wears off the cold set's back in and you're reminded of how frigid your hands and feet still are. 

It doesn't take long for the fire to be built and dinner to be made, and before you know it you've got a warm stew nestled in your hands and your feet are folded under you. It does an adequate job of warming you up, but it doesn't completely chase the chills away. 

When your bowl empties and the heat of the watery stew warms you from within, you find that it actually does nothing to help now that it's gone. 

You place your bowl with the other ones resting next to the pot of stew and return to your bed roll quickly to avoid the glacial air. A couple of the faster eating dwarves are already settling down to sleep as well, so you don't feel super out of place curling up under your blanket next to the fire. Unfortunately you cannot warm more than your front or back at any single time, and you tried sticking your feet closer to the fire but it only made your front half colder since you had to angle yourself the right way. 

In a matter of 30 minutes everyone is done eating and everything is put away. The fire is a lot smaller and less warming than it had been before, so any comfort you found in those 30 minutes of uneven warmth quickly dissipated. 

As it gets darker and later it continues to get colder and colder and very soon you begin to shiver and your teeth begin to chatter uncontrollably. You rub your hands together to create some warmth from friction, but the only thing it does is make your fingers ache from the sudden movement. 

"Y/N...?" A voice whisper yells from somewhere in front of you. 

You slowly sit up and see Kili also sitting up in his bedroll, a worried expression painting his pretty face. An attempt is made to halt the shivering and quiet the clacking of your teeth repeatedly hitting together, but you only succeed in clenching your teeth and tensing uncomfortably. 

"W-What isss i-it?" You stutter out with quite a bit of effort, hugging your blanket tightly against yourself to conserve what little heat you have. 

He gives you a look akin to sympathy before opening up his arms in a way suggesting you come forward. You waste no time in scooting closer with your blanket still clutched tightly around your shoulders, leaning into him heavily as soon as his arms are wrapped around you. 

The tip of your nose is freezing, so when you press your face into the junction between his neck and shoulder you immediately feel a sense of relief despite Kili's deep intake of breath at the sudden temperature difference. 

"Gods Y/N, you're damn near frozen solid," he whispers next to your ear to avoid disturbing others. 

All you offer is a weak shrug in response, clinging onto him as the cold slowly begins to melt away from you. Your poor fingers are stiffer than a board though, and refusing to accept the diluted heat from the shirt separating you from his skin. So what do you do? Put your icicle hands under his shirt and press them against his chest. 

He inhales a surprised and rather displeased, sharp breath at your actions, but you ignore it and press your feet against his own to steal some of his warmth there as well. 

"Hey..! Thats cold!" He protests in with a whisper yell, though he makes no moves to push you away or pull your hands from his shirt. 

He feels solid and toasty underneath your quickly defrosting fingertips, and you can't help but to splay your fingers across the hard plane that is his chest. You release a content hum of approval and go still, simply enjoying your newfound warmth. 

His arms tighten their hold around your middle as he presses a chaste kiss to your forehead. He slowly slides one of his hands up to tangle in your unruly mess of hair, tilting his head up so his chin may rest comfortably against the top of your head. 

"Thank you, Kili..." You mumble with a sleepy wisp to your voice. 

He doesn't reply right away and instead rubs your back soothingly, hoping to provide you with a little more heat to make you more cozy. 

"Anything for you." 

Chapter Text

You don't know when he is going to return, if he is to return at all, from his ride with the Fellowship of the One Ring. You had offered to accompany the Riders of Rohan, but after his sister became wounded in the battle of Gondor and with all the other wounded left that needed to be attended to, you simply had to stay. Only God knows how much you had dreaded his departure, knowing deep down that there will always be a possibility that he won't return, but you knew you had to hold onto hope.

Rohan got word around a week ago from those who left for battle saying that the war had been won and they were on their way home, but there were no mentions of specific people who made it out. Despite this good news, there is a horrible dread weighing on your chest, crushing the breath from your lungs while your heart feels constricted and achy.

It was around a week after you got word from the returning warriors that they finally arrived, but you were unable to greet them right away for you weren't positive that you'd be able to handle it if Éomer is not among the ranks of the returned.

So, you busied yourself with tidying up the quarters you shared with your husband to be and left no corner uncleaned.

You aren't quite sure how long you were at it before your brain finally told you to knock it off and go find Éomer already, but you couldn't bring yourself to head to the door. From behind you, you hear the sound of the door handle jiggling and right away you're filled with a sudden joy so overwhelming you almost fall over. Then the door swings open and reveals none other than the king-to-be and leader of the Riders of Rohan, Éomer.

The noise that escapes you when your eyes fall upon him can only be described as a relieved sob. Your feet practically move on their own as your brain is paralyzed from all the emotions running through you at once, and you barely register that you're running towards him until you're jumping up into him with your arms winding tightly around him. A pair of muscled and firm arms wrap around your middle and you're filled with the sudden feeling of weightlessness as he spins around with you joyously. 

"Y-You're back! You came back..." The last part is no more than a whisper, but he hears you nonetheless.

His hold on you tightens and you feel him press a kiss to the top of your head before he slowly lowers you back onto your feet.

You don't release him right away, instead opting to stand up on your tippy-toes to press little kisses all over his face. Of course, it's quite the chore being as he's such a tall man, but you definitely aren't complaining about something like that.

The large hands encircling your wait suddenly apply a bit of backward pressure, so you pull away and look up at him with  questioning in your eyes.

"Forgive me... I... I need a moment to just look at you.." He admits with a soft sigh, moving one of his hands up to gently caress your cheek with his fingers feather-soft.

You can feel the callouses from countless hours of hard work and riding on your skin as he gently strokes your face, but still, your eyes slide shut and you lean into the warmth of his hand.

"I was so afraid that you wouldn't return, Éomer... I-I." You cut yourself off and shake your head slightly, blinking rapidly to banish the gathering wetness, "I love you so much..."

His other hand presses against your opposite cheek as he leans down to press his forehead against yours, his eyes meeting yours with unshed tears of his own. "And I love you just as much."

And then he presses his lips to yours and you completely melt against him, hands reaching up to wrap around his neck as you stand on your toes once again so he won't have to lean down quite so much.

He can sense your obvious struggle, so he meets you halfway and returns his arms to their previous place around your waist and lifts you up.

Instinctively you wrap your legs around his middle while your hands slide up into his wild mane of hair. You entangle your fingers into his dirty blonde locks and are pleasantly surprised to find that it's not greasy or matted. He must've bathed before coming to you. It wouldn't have mattered to you either way though, you'd have him in the bathroom if the situation demanded it.

Éomer walks a few paces forward with you still pressed firmly into him and only stops when your back hits the wall. His warm torso presses into you solidly as the wall pins you in just the right spot for him to kiss the daylights out of you.

As you can tell, the kiss quickly turned into something much more desperate and hot, but you couldn't be happier.

His tongue delves into your mouth with a newfound inspiration; sparked by your body pressing up against his and the little noises of content and excitement leaving you which are muffled by his own mouth. One of his hands drops down to your thigh now that he has the wall to help hold you up, and he gives it a gentle, comforting squeeze. No matter how rough he has you and has had you in the past, he always ensured to sneak in gentle caresses and whispers of sweet words to reassure you of just how much he loves you.

All too soon the need for a breath interrupts your passionate interlocking of lips, but he doesn't seem to mind really because he just zeros in on another spot of you to taste.

You breathe in deeply when his head dips down to the junction where your neck and shoulder meet and he begins to leave little bites and suckles along the exposed skin. You can feel the little love bites forming on your skin as he moves from place to place, leaving no expanse of skin unmarked.

A couple breathless whimpers and gasps escape past your lips when he bites down particularly harshly or in a specific area, but you find that you enjoy the pampering nonetheless.

When he finally pauses his ministrations he is also left breathing rather harshly, but he doesn't tire and put you down. Instead, he wraps his arms back around your waist and holds you more firmly to keep you from falling. 

You press your face into the crook of his neck as he slowly and carefully walks the two of you towards your shared bedroom and leave a few gentle kisses there, before proceeding to leave a couple marks of your own as well. The sound of him breathing in deeply at your actions makes you smile against the warm skin of his neck, feeling satisfied that you can elicit such reactions from the usually composed and stoic Leader of the Riders of Rohan. 

Before you can resume your little assault on his neck he arrives at the bedroom door, so you pause and reach behind you to open up the door, thus allowing him to push it open with his foot.  

Your hands grasp the sides of his face as you go in for another searing kiss, his own grip around your waist tightening as he takes a few steps forward before he releases you all together. 

You can't help the undignified squawk that emerges from you when you're suddenly dropping down to the bed before him, but apparently, he seems to find it quite funny for he's laughing at you. The bed dips beneath your elbows as you prop yourself up to look at him, legs draped over the side while he stands close enough that his imposing figure looms over you in a way that would be menacing if it weren't for the fact that you love him and were also rather cross. 

"Are you laughing at me, dear?" You ask in a sickeningly sweet voice that promises nothing good. 

From the way his laughter quickly subsides you can tell you succeeded in 'intimidating' him. 

"No my love, I'm simply laughing with you, out of joy!" 

He can tell from your face that you aren't buying what he's trying to sell you. 

Instead of dignifying that with a response, you push yourself up into a sitting position and wrap your arms around his middle. You weren't really in the mood for games after all the worry and pain you've been through these past few weeks, and you make that apparent when you pull him down on top of you in a  very  telling manner. 

His forearms rest on either side of your head and he finds that he's suddenly face to face with you in quite the titillating way, and he can't help but smile at you as he extends one of his hands to rub against your cheek lightly. 

Your own arms wrap around the back of his neck and you pull his head down so your lips can meet once more. 

Éomer wastes no time in claiming your mouth as his own, his tongue teasing and flicking against your own as he takes complete control over the ardent lip-lock. You don't mind in the slightest, because realistically the both of you know that you like being in such a vulnerable position for him. 

He nudges your legs apart with his knee and steps between them, pinning you between him and the bed while you wrapped your legs up around his middle once again. He presses his pelvis into you and you can feel him straining against the cloth of his pants through the thin dress you only wore around the house. 

A soft moan escapes you when he begins to grind himself into you, and he pulls away from the kiss to look at your face when he repeats the action of pressing himself up onto you. Your eyes are half-lidded as you look up at him and you reach a hand up to gently trace along his jawline. 

He looks at you questioningly when you drop your legs from around his waist and slide out from beneath him, but you ignore the look and scoot back so you're leaning against the pillows at the head of the bed. "C'mere." 

A look of realization dawns across his face before a dashing grin settles in his expression. 

You reach your arms out towards him when he follows you to the other end of the bed. He takes your hands into his once he's settled in front of you and presses a kiss to your each of your knuckles. He leans over you with his knees spread apart so you can lay between them comfortably and gets a better position more suited for peppering kisses along the expanse of your arm.

Now, you love romance as much as the next girl buuuut honestly you just want him to take you already. 

After a few moments more of him kissing your hands and slowly making his way up your arm, you reach down and palm him through his pants to show your obvious impatience. 

His rising kisses halt and he intakes a sharp breath of both surprise and pleasure, his eyes falling shut as you gently stroke him through the too-tight material of his trousers. 

You can't help but smile a bit at that, happy to see that you have just as much of an effect on him as he does on you. Since he doesn't move to prevent you from touching him you go ahead and slip your hand beneath his tunic and grasp the hem of his bottoms, pulling them down slowly to avoid any uncomfortable friction for his straining manhood. He pulls them off the rest of the way before you begin to tug at the top of his tunic and urge him to take that off too.

Of course, he's all too willing to do just that, and before you know it he's in just his braies. He resumes his position over you and grasps the end of your white and red dress after releasing the tie in the middle, pulling it up over your head and leaving you just in the shift underneath and the wrap supporting your chest. 

Before he can zero in on you again you slip your hand beneath his underclothes and, with a newfound determination to make him feel good after having risked his life nonstop for the past few weeks, grasp his erection and gently begin to stroke him. You can see from the way his eyes squeeze shut and his shoulders tense that your simple actions have quite the effect on him, and it fills you with an odd sense of pride and satisfaction that only you can see him in such a vulnerable and intimate way. 

Your thumb lightly teases over the head of his shaft as you move your fingers up and down in a repeated motion, and soft groans and gasping moans begin to leave him from his position half above you. 

You can tell from the way the muscles in his arms flex and his body tenses that the pleasure is beginning to build up into something more intense, and you, fully intending to bring him past that point, begin to move your hand a bit quicker and you twist your wrist around as you go. But before you can finish him he reaches down and grasps your wrist, forcing you to still your ministrations.  

The furrow in his brow and the way his nose wrinkles up as he fights back the release threatening to overtake him makes you giggle, because as sexy as it is you can't help but find him kinda cute like that. 

He releases your wrist finally and allows you to pull your hand from his trousers before he pulls them off and tosses them off to the side with the other discarded clothes, still breathing rather heavily. 

The thin straps of your chemise falls from your shoulders as you settle back against the pillows again, and a sudden jolt of warmth shoots through you when he looks at you with his lustful expression, pupils blown wide and a slight quirk to his lips that promises a long night. 

He then grasps your ankles and yanks you downwards so you're flush on your back with your legs pressed together between his once more. 

Your shift rides up at the sudden position change and his hands grab at the hem of it while you lift your arms for him to pull it off easier, thus leaving you in your chest wrap and nothing more. You reach behind your back and unfasten the cloth, pulling it off and dropping off the side of the bed thus leaving you completely bare as well. 

Éomer reaches down and gently strokes your womanhood with his thick fingers, his thumb lightly brushing over your clitoris while his gaze takes in your every twitch and soft pant. 

You can tell his patience is quickly wearing thin so you pull him down and smash your lips up against his, bucking your hips upward to encourage him to get on with it. 

Taking the hint, he gently inserts a finger into you to test the waters, and when he feels that you're adequately ready he takes himself into hand and presses himself against your entrance with very little pressure. 

The feeling of being so close to what you want but not being able to grasp it is truly maddening, and you can tell from the amusement in his eyes that he's enjoying watching you squirm a bit. No doubt revenge for laughing at him after he interrupted his own release. 

"É-Éomer, please," you whimper with a displeased pout on your face, your nails pressing into the taut skin of his shoulders. 

This time he gives you a less cocky smile and concedes to your soft plea. "Alright, alright. I'll stop my games.." 

When he does finally push into you, you feel a small sense of relief mingled in with the pleasure of finally having him inside of you. Your fingers scrape delicately along his back as he beings to set a slow pace, his hips thrusting forward quickly before dragging back slower to keep from hurting you after not having been intimate with each other since before he left. 

It was a soft sort of pleasure that left you pleased but also craving more, and you weren't embarrassed to admit that. 

"Ah, m-move faster... I want more," you pant out as your gentle scratches along his back and shoulders get a bit sharper. 

It seems that's all he needed to spur him on, though, because he suddenly goes from well-controlled, even thrusts, to more ragged and sporadic ruts forward. 

You interlock your hands behind his neck and pull him downward, lips meeting in a fiery kiss just as fervent as the way he moves against you. 

He supports himself with one arm resting next to your head and moves the other down to toy with your clit. His goal is always to make you unwind first, so you could tell from his sudden attention on your little bundle of nerves that he's growing closer and closer to his end. 

One of your legs wraps around him and pulls him almost impossibly closer, the new angle providing a completely different and more intense pleasure than before. 

The quiet, focused grunts and low growls from him make your nerves go haywire, and the mixture of his ministrations on your ever sensitive clit and his unruly thrusts into you bring you to release very suddenly. 

He feels you clench around him when you suddenly come, and the sudden tightness brings him closer to the same point in no time. His mouth swallows your loud, high pitched moans and yours does the same for him as his own groans grow in noise. The harsh circles he rubs on your clit cease when you begin to shiver and jolt from over sensitivity, but he doesn't take much longer after that. 

When he finally comes he only thrusts a few more times to ride out the rest of his orgasm, a part of him enjoying the way you mewl and shudder during his last few jolts forward because of the heightened sensitivity. 

He slows to a complete stop, chest heaving as he breaths just as heavily as you while you both stop to catch your breath. 

Then, very carefully, he pulls out of you to avoid causing you any more overstimulation, moving to get off the bed moments after. He gets up and heads to the bathroom, but you don't follow, instead opting to just lay there quietly and catch your breath. 

He emerges from the room rather quickly with a wet washcloth in hand, looking glorious and absolutely lovely in his nude and muscled glory. 

A small, sleepy smile spreads across your face when you see him, and he returns it with a breathtaking warmth. Damn it, man, you just caught your breath and here it is running away from you again. 

Éomer is sure to be very gentle when cleaning you up, simply telling you to relax and let him take care of it. Yeah, he just came back from war but getting pampered amazing so you don't protest.

He finishes in a matter of minutes and discards the towel with the other now dirty clothes on the floor, plopping down next to you seconds later. 

You tiredly scoot closer and press your hands to his chest, resting your head underneath his chin. He wraps you up tightly in his own arms, pressing his lips to the top of your head while your legs intertwine together. 

The comforter lies on the side of the bed, haphazardly crumpled up into a heap so it doesn't get in your way, so you reach for it and pull it over the both of you and allow your eyes to slide shut. 

"Rest now, my love. It's been a long couple of weeks... and I wish to have you again after we've both rested up." 

Chapter Text

You've been around dwarves ever since you were a mere elfling. Your earliest memories are of blacksmithing with your adoptive father and playing with other dwarf children. Apparently you were abandoned or forgotten or something in a Erebor and were taken in by someone working in the palace of the Lonely Mountain. Your 'father' was the royal blacksmith, and when he stumbled across you left alone in the cold he just knew he had to take you in. 

You grew up making swords and pounding out metal. By the time you were 15 (still very underdeveloped for an elf) you could recite all the different types of metals and techniques that a dwarven blacksmith would ever need. He treated you like his actual kin, raised you as his own and bragged about you to others.

For the longest time you weren't even aware that you yourself weren't a dwarf, thinking that you just looked a bit weird. But it didn't take very long for you to grow to the same height as your father. 

The day you realized you were actually of a different race was the day you met Thorin, son of Thrain ll. Your father had you go fetch some materials from the shops, and on your way back through the twisting halls of the Lonely Kingdom you ran into someone. 


The stack of metals, leather, and fabrics were stacked so high you couldn't see right, thus causing you to miss the dwarven boy turning the corner. 

Everything went clanging to the ground and you fell backwards onto your bottom not so gracefully. You panicked at the time, scrambling around on the ground to make sure nothing was broken or bent, only pausing when someone kneeled down to help you. 

Your head shot up and you were met with a short dark haired boy, around the same age you assumed (or at least in the same stage of growth considering you grow much slower than those around you). 

"Yer and elf?" Is the only thing he says as an expression of confusion made him furrow his brow, though you could see the sparkle of wonder in his eyes as well. 

"An elf?" You asked, answering his question with one of your own. Then you remembered. Your father mentioned once before that you were much different than the other inhabitants of this kingdom, an elf, he had told you. That was a while back though. "Ah... yes I suppose I am." 

You didn't say anything more and simply gathered all of your things up into a pile before leaning down to lift them again. 

A hand on your shoulder stopped you, and you glanced down at the dwarf once again, "Allow me to help." His voice left no room for question, and while you would usually protest to someone ordering you around, you felt inclined to listen. So you gave him half of the materials and you took the other, showing him the way to your fathers ward of the palace. 

You had kicked open the door and announced to your father that you had returned, and with a cheery smile on his face he turned from his work to greet you. Only to stop in his tracks and his smile to melt away. "Prince Thorin." He dipped downwards slightly in an awkward bow, and your perplexity grew tenfold. 

"Da? What are you doing...?" You ask hesitantly, placing the bundle of things in your arms down on the wooden table. 

Your father does not resume his standing position even after you speak, "This is the future king, my dear. Please..." He was cut short by the dwarf who had been helping you. 

"Ah... Rise, I'm only here helping..." He trailed off, glancing towards you. 

"Y/N." You say without missing a beat, though you still feel confused. 

Father stands up straight once more and regards you with a scolding look that you still don't quite understand. He apprehensively approaches the dwarf, who you now know as Thorin, and holds out his arms, "I hope she didn't give you any trouble... Highness, thank you for helping my daughter." 

It felt weird seeing your father act so skittish around someone much smaller and younger than himself, was it because he was 'royal' or whatever that is? Prince? Future king? 

And then it dawns on you, and your face flushes almost immediately, "O-Oh my... I am so sorry, I didn't realize..." 

He, much like he did to your father, cut you off and shook his head, "Don't. I was only trying to help, I must go now but..." He trailed off and glanced over at you uncertainly before taking a backwards step, "Perhaps I will return later." 

And then he was gone. 

From that day on Thorin would visit the blacksmiths a couple of times a day just to see you. Your father had scolded you, and at first things were really awkward when Thorin would approach for you weren't sure how to regard him. But he made it apparent that you were to treat him no differently than anyone else, and you found that it came quite naturally to you. 

Very quickly did the two of you become friends. Very close friends. 

At first things were rather slow moving, but eventually you were inseparable. Talking, laughing, playing, eventually hunting, and plenty of mischief. Eventually he introduced you to his father and he seemed to approve of you quiet enthusiastically, and suddenly you found yourself training with him and becoming better hunters and warriors together. 

You continued to help your father with his work as the black smith and he couldn't have been prouder of you. Not only had you caught the eye of the king much like himself when he was younger, but you were being trained alongside the prince himself. He felt that he no longer had to harp over you and protect you like a little elfling. 

As time passed it became rather obvious how vertically challenged everyone around you actually was, and the more you grew the more you stuck out like a sore thumb. 

According to your father you were rather short for an elf, but that seemed unbelievable to you considering how you towered over everyone else, even your friend Thorin who was considered to be rather tall for a dwarf. 

Of course you couldn't help but tease him occasionally about the obvious height difference, but in the grand scheme of physical abilities he still far outclassed yourself. He was strong, and what he lost out on in height he made up for in tenacity, strength, and weapons use. You were by far the better archer, but he could throw axes and knifes and wield a sword better than you could ever hope to. 

You were of the age 28 when Thorin was 24, a four year difference between the two of you, when he suggested the two of you go out hunting. It was more for sport than anything else, but you were always excited to show off your improving archery skills. 

The two of you spent time in the woods for hours, claiming multiple prizes and having many good laughs. 

But on your way back to the kingdom, something didn't feel quite right.

It was silent. Not the kind of silence with the scurrying of mammals and the singing of birds whilst the air blew through, but a silence that was almost deafening from how quiet it was. Not a sound from any animal, plant, or breeze to be heard.

And then you saw it. 

The billowing, black smoke rising into the air from the town of Dale, and the smoking, burning kingdom of Erebor before the two of you. 

A dragon. 

A serpent so repulsive and magnificent that no one man or dwarf could hope to defeat it.  

Your heart began to race, your head filling with a million panicked thoughts about your father, your friends, the king, the innocent men and women of Dale. 

The game rope holding all of the animals you gathered was haphazardly thrown to the ground as you moved to sprint towards the burning kingdom before you, but two overpowering arms wrapped around your middle before you could even get a step ahead. 

Thorin was pulling you back towards him, yelling something that you couldn't quite make out as your ears didn't seem to work for your mind was screaming much too loudly. He had to hold you back as you yelled and thrashed, stepping on his feet and hitting his arms while yelling at him to release you. You must've sounded like a mad woman, but you didn't care. 

"M-My father! Thorin please!" You pleaded over and over again for him to let you go, but he simply ignored you. 

Eventually you stopped your fighting and screaming, plopping down onto your knees as the once prosperous Erebor and city of Dale burned to the ground. You saw a few people running away here and there, but there was no sign of any dwarves. 

Finally Thorin spoke, "There is a passage way... a place leading to the outside that they may have taken." You could hear from his voice that he was barely holding it together, and suddenly you felt a sense of shame for breaking down as you had, forcing him to play the rational one while he had so much more at stake. 

"We will attempt to find them near the valley," he paused, taking a deep, shaky breath before continuing, "Everything is going to be okay... My grandfather... was driven mad by his greed but he is not so foolish as to let everyone parish in favor of his mountains of gold. We must hurry if we wish to find them." 

He had reached down and grasped your hand firmly, reaching out with his other hand to wipe away the stray tears that had streaked down your face. He helped to pull you to your feet, and though you knew his logic was impeccable you still couldn't help but to feel terribly about the whole thing. 

You slowly removed your hand from his own and fell into step behind him as he led you along, another stretch of deafening silence spreading between the two of you and successfully causing your hairs to stand on end. 

Eventually you find your voice to speak while the two of you follow a path outside the city, "Thorin, I'm am so sorry... I hope I didn't hurt you in any way." You paused for a moment to gather your thoughts before continuing, "I didn't even think of the position you are in... watching your home-" 

He cut you off with an edge to his voice, "Our home." His emphasis on the word 'our' made your heart swell with a bit of joy, although the grimness of the current situation didn't really allow you to feel much of it. 

"Watching our home burn. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry... " 

"I understand your position, so please don't apologize. If I am being honest, your outburst actually... helped me to remain calm. I suppose seeing you in such a frantic state managed to ground me more, knowing that I had to keep you safe." Once again his warm words made you feel a bit better, but a couple of well worded sentences didn't fix the current situation you found yourselves in. 

"We will find them... no matter what." 

Well you certainly did find them. Or what was left of them that is. 

Your cry of joy when your eyes fell upon your father alerted everyone and everything in the immediate area of your presence, but you found that you simply didn't care. 

"Father!" You cried, running towards him with your quiver and bow smacking against your back as you ran. 

He yelled your name back, wrapping his arms around you when you finally engulfed him into your arms. Though he was now much shorter than yourself he still held you just like when you were an elfling. 

Of course you missed the angry, disapproving stares from those accompanying your father, but they did not go unnoticed by Thorin. 

A feeling of anger had swelled up inside of him when he noticed all the glares aimed at you, and for the life of him he couldn't understand why. All of these dwarves were your friends. You had known them for years, and instead of welcoming the both of you with relief and happiness they regarded you only with contempt. 

His father came up to him and slapped a hand on his shoulder, relief shining in his own eyes as looked him over. "You're alright... thank the gods you're alright." 

The king called for a break to allow everyone to regather and greet Thorin, but he pulled his father aside and asked him seriously, "Why are they treating her like that? What has happened?" 

Thrain held nothing back. 

He told him about the dragon, the fire, the burning people and their screams, and the Elves. The elves who looked upon their suffering and destruction and did nothing to help. How they appeared like angels in the sun, only to turn their backs and leave them in the shadows of abandonment. 

Hundreds were dead. Dwarves, men, women, travelers, children... 

And for a split second Thorin understood their hatred, but then his eyes fell upon you sitting next to your father with his hands in your own as the two of you discussed something and the feeling disappeared in an instant. 

"Well... that has nothing to do with her." 

He figured that for now, it would be best to not tell you...

The period of isolationism didn't last long, for everyone could see your valiant efforts to help int the way you would keep watch over the children at night as they rested and stay out longer while hunting and gathering. And when you would all stay in towns along your journey (you weren't quite sure where) you would always be there the next morning. 

You won them back rather easily, and though you still weren't 100% sure where their disdain came from in the first place you were still grateful that you were no longer being shunned and glared at. A part of you wondered how much of that change had to do with Thorin, however. 

It was another chilly night outdoors for the traveling dwarves were between towns at the moment, and you had just finished helping to settle for the night. 

Once your nightly duties were completed you joined Thorin by one of the fires, settling down next to his place on the hard ground with your legs tucked neatly beneath you. He glanced at you from the corner of his eye and offered one of his usual amiable smiles. 

You pulled out a bit of dried mutton from your pack and offered it to him, resting your other hand in your lap while you waited for him to take it. 

"No, that's your share for the night. Please keep it." 

A small smile of your own tugs at your lips, but you only shake your head and stretch your arm out further to him, "I don't get hungry like you do Thorin. A couple of meals missed won't bother me any." 

You can see the apprehension clear on his face despite your explanation and asks, "I saw you giving away your rations to your father earlier in the week. At least three. Do not lie to me, I can see it in your face that you're hungry." 

Yeah, he got you there. Damn him and his keen eyes and knack for knowing you so well. 

"Is this because of our first few weeks on the road? Nobody blames you anymore, you know. You needn't give away your food to prove yourself to the foolish. I thought you knew better than that?" His voice was gruff and a little intimidating, a glare settled on your outstretched hand. 

It's true that elves don't require quite as much nutrition as men or dwarves, but you had been rather peckish with your food recently. Feeling that it was better to leave the protein filled foodstuffs to the weaker, larger, and younger. It wasn't like you weren't eating at all, though. On many occasions you went out and gathered your own berries and nuts to feast on while by yourself. 

And while the food in your hand did look rather appetizing, you knew it was better off in the stomach of someone who requires more nutrients to get them through the day. 

Instead of replying to his scolding, you place the meat into lap and rise from your spot. He may be your prince, but you weren't going yield this time. 

He called your name with clear annoyance in his voice, but you ignored him and made your way towards your father who rested at another fire a few meters away. You can feel his stare burning into your back, but you don't turn back and instead settle next to your father, laying his head in your lap so his neck won't be so sore the next morning. 

Yes, he found it frustrating to no end how you blatantly disregarded him like that, but at the same time he couldn't keep the slight fondness from seeping into his expression at your gentle and caring treatment towards the blacksmith. 

For your sake, he decided to drop it and eat the food you offered him, knowing that you would only get upset if he refused to have it. 

Despite your argument that night, the two of you continued to have a bond like no other. He understood your position as much as you understood his. He knew you were fighting to regain everyones approval and you were worried for him and your father, and you knew that Thorin couldn't consciously allow you to neglect yourself for the sake of himself and others who only regarded you with indifference. 

It was a few nights later when he approached your seated form, his own pack hanging off his shoulder as he joined you leaning against a boulder. 

You regarded him with a smile and shifted so your previously tucked legs were now laying straight in front of you. 

He mimicked your position and simply sat there in silence for a while until your gently placed your hand on his shoulder, "I hope you're not still mad about the other night.." 

Instead of answering verbally he smiled, and you felt yourself fill with relief. You remove your hand and pat your thighs gently, offering your lap for resting much like you did for your father and the children you sometimes were charged with watching. 

A slight flush darkened his bearded face, but he doesn't reject the offer and instead shifts his position and delicately places his head on your awaiting thighs. His face looks upwards at your own, and he sees a smile spread across your face. 

He grunts in a mock displeased way before grumbling out a quiet, "Kinda comfortable.." 

You can't help but to laugh at his childish mumbling, "So I've been told." You pause, then continue as the smile slowly melts from your face, "Thorin, tell me, where do we go from here? We've been traveling for weeks, and I don't know how much longer others can go on... I would like to ask your grandfather but we both know that I'll only make him angry." 

His expression softens at the undertones of sadness seeping into your voice, and he finds that he can only agree with your worries. He's had such concerns himself, but they aren't quite sure where they are headed himself. Something about Moria. "I understand your anxiousness, Y/N, but I'm afraid I don't even know. I heard some word of Dunland... and my grandfather mentioning Moria. For now, all we can really do is wait and see."

You absentmindedly ran your fingers through his matted and unruly hair as he spoke, nodding along once he finished. "I'm sure wherever we end up will be better than this..." Once again you pause before continuing, a hint of worry lingering in the back of your mind as you ask, "Y-You don't suppose that I'll be made to leave after we make it to wherever we aim to go, so you?" 

"Gods no! You know I would never let that happen." He seemed taken aback by your question, and suddenly you felt a little guilty. 

"Ah, forgive me I didn't mean that you wouldn't protect my status here, I just... I don't know what I'd do without, and everyone else." You quickly added that last part as your face warmed only slightly. 

Silence once again stretches between the two of you, though it's not an uncomfortable one. 

"Don't worry... I get it." 

Chapter Text

When your pack of Dwarves finally landed in Dunland, the new Exiled Realm you supposed, his grandfather and companion Nár departed to visit the Mines of Moria. Years had passed by in the blink of an eye, and Thorin went from 24 to 44, and you were 48 yourself. Still a mere child of an elf for the most part. You were fully grown at this time and still rather short for your race, but among the dwarves you were still rather tall. You weren't exactly sure why and apparently Thorin wasn't either, but you could only hope that all would be well... 

Except all was no well, because Nár arrives one day, alone, with nothing but a bag of coins accompanying him.

King Thrór was dead, and Thorin was now the heir to the throne. Not only that, but the dwarves craved revenge. They craved the blood of Azog the Orc-chieftain, and all you could really do is tag along as all those around you raged. Even Thorin lost it at the death of his grandfather, and though Thrór once held so much contempt for you, you still couldn't help but feel a sense of sorrow at the sudden departure of the king. He was once very honorable, but the gold had changed him to something beyond recognition, and now a war between dwarves and Orcs is inevitable. 

Just as you had feared, war was inexorable. You knew that you would have to see the very dwarves you'd known for decades die in a horrible battle fueled by the desire for revenge. But just because you were against the war doesn't mean that you aren't going to fight along side them. 

The night before you were all set to depart, Thorin tracked you down to your fathers makeshift blacksmiths stall. You were helping him sharpen, fix, and reattach various different weapons, alongside a couple of other dwarves. 

When you saw him you smiled, handing off the axe you were working on to a young looking dwarven boy so you could approach. "Thorin, I though you were too busy to visit me." 

"I am... but I must make time to visit my dearest friend." 

A slight blush warms your cheeks at the word 'dearest' and warmth spreads in your chest at the sincerity in his eyes, "Care to take a short walk with me?"

"I would love to." 


The two of you departed from the blacksmiths area and began wandering around aimlessly.

For the first few minutes neither of you spoke, a comfortable silence settling between the two of you. 

Finally he broke that quiet with a question, "Are you..." he trailed off with a furrow in his brow, seeming to debate with himself before continuing, "Are you going to fight along side me? Us?" 

You look at him with a confused expression, quirking a delicate eyebrow upwards before replying, "Why wouldn't I? I've come this far." 

By this time the both of you had stopped walking and were looking at each other. He regarded you seriously in both expression and tone. "I know you oppose conflict, this one in particular, and... we aren't necessarily your kin nor are we of the same race, but to have you fight along side me would be nothing short of an honor. And... I suppose I don't know if I'd be able to handle being away from you for such a long time." 

You weren't exactly sure of the implications behind his words, but you were sure that you felt the same way about that. 

"Thorin, there is no where else I'd rather be than fighting by your side for the very people who saved me from an early death. You're right, I don't agree with starting a war, but I can't sit back and watch it unfold either. You have my strength always... and when you need me, I will be there." 

Okay so everything didn't really go according to plan like you had all hoped it would. 

Things started off relatively well, what with all the gathered dwarves and various weaponry made by the very best blacksmith known to dwarven kind ( not-so-humble brag about your father there). In no time Thrain's forces were conquering each of the goblin-holds in the Misty Mountains as well as Mount Gundabad in the north, and the peak of Methedras. 

The majority of the fighting was done underground, and while that was very unpleasant you couldn't be happier to see how well you were all fairing. Of course there have been a multitude of deaths on both sides, but very quickly was the fighting coming to an end. 

Six years of fighting all leading up to this one final moment outside the Eastern Gates of of Moria. The war was all but won at this point, but the Orcs and Goblins were determined to fight to the very last of them. 

This battle is to be the end of this horrible 6 year war, and though you and everyone else have reached a point of exhaustion and desperation for this conflict to end, you all still poured the last of your strength into it. 

It became apparent that this would be the final showdown, the turning point, the end of the war, and the enemy would undoubtedly bring everything they had. The casualty rates are going to skyrocket undoubtedly, and you know even a millisecond of weakness or fatigue can get you and many others killed. A lot is riding on this, but if you may fall here then you will have been honored to protect those around you. 

Much like the first night when he made sure that you were up for joining him in battle, Thorin approached you with a grim expression on his face. These past 6 years have affected him just as much as they have you and his own father. There have been a few close calls during some crucial moments in battle, but the both of you have remained successfully unscathed. Of course, that could all change tomorrow if you didn't play your cards right; which is probably why he was even visiting you in the first place. 

"Y/N... tomorrow is a big day." 

You nod your head in acknowledgment of what he said, but don't reply verbally. 

"I don't know what it has in store for us, but I do know that we need to be careful... You need to be careful. You're tall and radiant, you won't blend into the battle like the rest of us." 

Oooh, he called you radiant. 

"Maybe... maybe it would be best for you to stay away from this one."

You simply looked at him dumbly for a few moments before his words finally sunk in. "W-What?! Thorin there is no way that I will just sit back and watch while-" 

He didn't let you finish, heaving a deep sigh that silences you before he speaks "No... No I know you can't stay away from this..." He sounded so defeated, and it made your chest feel tight and a little painful. That is an expression you never want to see on him again. 

You reach down and grasp his hands in your own, leaning over slightly so you could face him more properly. "Thorin I understand your concerns but I will certainly go mad if I linger behind, not knowing what's become of you and everyone else. If I am to fall tomorrow then I will do so with dignity, knowing that I protected those important to me," you squeeze his hands when you say the word 'important', "and that I would have assisted you in avenging your grandfather." 

For a split second you thought you saw the beginnings of moisture gathering in his eyes, but he blinked a few times and it was gone just as quickly as it had appeared, "I know. I know you feel that way about it, but I won't be able to forgive myself if something happens to you... but at the same time I, too, would be honored to have you fight with me through to the very last moments. Whether those last moments bring my demise or the victory of my people." 

You give him a closed mouthed smile as your own eyes became glassy with emotion, "Well then I guess that makes two of us..." You trail off and glance around, suddenly feeling a bit nervous, before leaning down and presses a quick peck to his cheek. Then you stand up straight again and release his hands. "You should go rest, Thorin." 

And without another word you turn away and leave, glancing back only once to see him staring after you with a big smile on his face. 

Disaster strikes the day of the final battle. 

You knew, of course, that things were most likely not going to go well, but you had never anticipated all the death and destruction that awaited you. 

One hundred, maybe even one hundred and fifty, but never this. Everywhere you turned one of your allies was slain. For every 10 dead orcs there followed a dwarf meeting his untimely demise. It pained you to watch, but staying distracted like this would only ensure you following in their footsteps. 

Some time ago you had lost track of Thorin and his father, but you quite busy fighting for your life, so you couldn't very well drop everything and go searching for them. 

Unfortunately for you, Thorin had been right about you being in a greater danger. You stood out like a sore thumb in the midst of all the dark haired, short, heavily armored dwarfs, and this only made you a more desired target. Left and right you were being bombarded by weapons, shields, outreaching hands, even some ropes, and if it hadn't been for your training over these past 53 (more like 38) years you would most likely be dead 10 times over. 

The amount of Orcs and Goblins coming at you all at once eventually began to overwhelm you, and fatigue was quickly slowing your methodical and controlled movements. You were operating on adrenalin alone at this point, and you weren't sure how much longer you could go. Each swing of your sword and movement of your feet had your limbs crying out in protest, but you didn't have the luxury to take a break despite the horrible burn in your overworked joints and aching hands. 

The crowds around you didn't seem to be thinning in the slightest, rather it seemed the battle was only getting more intense until you heard it. 

The cry of Azog the Defiler from 10 or so meters ahead. 

You looked up towards the sound, seeing the grand white creature clutching it's, now, stump of a hand with Thorin standing just a few paces away with a sword in hand and standing tall. 

A newfound strength rushed into your arms and legs, and suddenly you felt like you had the vigor of 100 dwarves. You pushed forward as countless dwarves appeared out of seemingly nowhere and fought along side you, and for a moment you felt hope that all was not lost. 

You killed countless amounts of those creatures before you finally received injury, but even with the blood running down your arm and side, and the lead like feeling of exhaustion in your legs, you still managed to press onward for a good while.

A slice to the leg is what finally brought you down, but even at your disadvantage on the ground you still managed to keep back the stragglers who somehow survived the onslaught of dwarves charging the gates. You could see from your spot that they were retreating, and pride swelled in your chest as the battlefield began to even out (metaphorically of course. The ground was covered in dead). 

After the fighting began to subside completely, you were left in a state of complete silence. You were bleeding rather profusely, but despite the aching on your limbs, the pain from your wounds, and the pounding in your chest, your head felt rather clear. Like you could finally take a breath and allow your body to rest. 

You don't know how long you sat in that same spot, but the sound of someone yelling your name brought you out of your stupor. With shaking arms and unwilling legs, you slowly force yourself to your feet and shuffle towards the source of the sound. 

The yelling begins to grow frantic as the minutes pass, but it's difficult to tell where you're going when there is such loud ringing in your ears, as well as all the obstacles in your way. You find that your throat simply refuses to allow you to call back, so you instead opt for shuffling a little faster. 

When you finally reach the top of a little hill you see him once again. 

Thorin, standing in all his glory. 

His father was nowhere in sight, and though that thought gave you momentary pause, the sight of him quickly became the only thing filling your sense. 

He was, obviously, a mess. Dirtied with the blood of his enemies as well as his own, and there was a fair amount of dirt smeared on his face, but you smiled nonetheless. 


Quick POV change

When Thorin finally got a moment to recollect himself after driving off the Orcs he found himself feeling oddly content despite all the death around him, it must've been some sort of victory induced high, but this was short lived. Very suddenly was his mind filled with worries about his father who seemed to be nowhere in sight. Then the sight of all his fallen kin registered and all joy vanished. And finally your image popped into his mind. At first it was of your smiling face, but it quickly transformed into various images of you, dead and mangled, lost upon the sea of bodies before him. 

Your name was the first thing leaving his mouth, and before he knew it he was calling for you frantically, scanning through the piles of dead orcs and dwarves alike for the single elf who had joined them.

He couldn't see you amongst the living or the dead, and for a split second he began to fear you had been taken. 

His cries of your name became louder until he finally saw you. Emerging from the slope with dirt, grime, and sweat making you hair appear greasy and face seem messy. You were bloodied in many areas, places he hoped were soaked with the blood of others rather than yourself. Despite all of this, he still found you to be the most beautiful thing. You were like a beacon of hope in all of this misery and anguish for him, and for a moment he felt at peace. 

Until, of course, you fell. 

That day weighed on Thorin for years and years afterward. After the battle and the casualty count was completed, he found that not only were many war leaders slain, but his father had gone missing as well. There was no sign of him among the wounded, moderately okay, or the dead, and the only logical explanation is that he fled. 

Their forces were reduced to nearly half, including the countless dwarves who were being treated for lost limbs, slashes, low blood levels, etc. He didn't get by unscathed either, having multiple lacerations on his arms and torso as well as fractures in his arm that wielded the oaken branch when he faced off against Azog. 

And then there was you. 

You don't remember much after you found Thorin on that slope, the last memory being of a sudden exhaustion making your vision blacken and your legs giving up from beneath you. When you did come to you were laying on a blanket in a tent with light streaming through the small holes in the imperfect fabric. At first you were deeply confused and a bit fearful as you hadn't a clue to where you were, but then you registered an odd weight pinning your hand to the blanket beneath you. The confused haze slowly began to fade as you remembered your current position and what had happened. 

The thing weighing down your hand finally registered, and it turned out to be another hand. The person belonging to said hand was none other than Thorin himself. 

You curl you dully aching fingers around his hand and smile when he sharply looks up at you. 

He looks at you with relief and the hold on your hand gets tighter, "You're awake! Gods, I thought you were never-" He stops abruptly, and a more somber expression takes over. "No... It doesn't matter. Are you alright? How are you feeling?"

Honestly you felt like death, but you didn't voice that thought out loud. "I've been better. But, um, what happened? My memory is a bit hazy..."

A soft sigh escapes him when you ask your question, but he doesn't hide it from you despite his clear apprehension to answer it. 

Apparently you'd lost a lot of blood, and if it hadn't been for your elven immunity to sickness, infection would have set in and taken your life ages ago. The gashes along your shoulder, side, and leg were by far not the worst out there, but still Thorin doted on you and expressed his concern for your condition. 

"This never should've happened... All of this loss, your injuries, my father being gone... and all for what? We've gained nothing except the hand of that filthy beast Azog. We cannot stay here unless we desire ruin, so we have to crawl back to that forsaken Dunland with nothing but a missing king and hundreds dead to show for all out efforts. We are leaderless! Reduced to nothi-" 

You sit up suddenly despite your body aching in protest and Thorin saying your name warningly, and place your other hand on your already conjoined ones. "Stop that."

He silences right away. 

"I know things may seem despairing right now, but please do not lose hope. The sun will shine on the line of Durin again, even if it's to be 100 years from now. You are their king now, Thorin. They look to you in this time of darkness. You cannot afford to give up now, and I promise to you that I will be there every step of the way." 

He wore an expression akin to amazement throughout your monologue and asked hesitantly, "You would still follow me? After what has happened to you, the pain you've suffered because I was not there, and you would still be by my side...?" 

The expression on your own face was soft, with a small sad smile on your face and a glimmer of wetness in your eyes, "I will always be here for you, no matter what." 

Chapter Text

Quite the curious thing you are. The daughter of two skin changers, quite a rarity indeed. A girl with the ability to change into two things rather than one, and a control over her transformation like no other. 

You could take form of both a large, grand dragon like your mother, and a small, sneaky fox like your father. 

With the death of her parents she became one of the last of her kind, though she was sure there were others out there in hiding. She most likely would've gone into hiding too if it hadn't been for her mothers noble past making her well known as well. 

It's true that Skin Changers live a bit longer than usual humans, but most of you are not immortal. Your parents included. Thus, you were left behind to a world slowly falling into chaos with nothing but your parents possessions and home, and your mothers name to guide you. 

Gandalf the Grey, a wizard you had grown to know quite well over the years, had come to you one fateful day with a request for your assistance on some noble quest to destroy some ring. 

Honestly all you wanted to do is decline the offer and go on with your life, but you knew your mother would want you to do it. So you agreed, and a week after you were stationed in Rivendell as you awaited a counsel with a bunch of others whom you didn't know the identity of. 

Fast forward a few weeks and suddenly you're apart of a journey to save the entirety of middle earth from falling into the grasp of Sauron and his armies of orcs by throwing some evil ring into a specific volcano in the middle of Sauron's lands, apparently. 

It all sounded horribly hopeless, but it beat sitting around wasting your rare abilities and disgracing your mothers name. 

The first night out on the road had been a little awkward, what with everyone not really knowing each other and all, and if you were being honest you felt a little on edge. Yes, Gandalf assured you many times that they were a trustworthy lot, but you couldn't help but stay up and keep an eye on them. 

Apparently most everyone else had similar thoughts though. 

Gimli sat nearest to you by the fire, poking at it idly and silently. Eventually he spoke. 

"Yer name is, Y/N, yes? Daughter of ---*i the author did not think this part through so regarding the other reader from the original version I'm just gonna insert ---* ?"

You turn your head to look at him, slowly nodding your head in confirmation. "I am."

He is silent for a time, seeming to think something over before he speaks again. 

"Have you heard of a dwarf named Gloin, perhaps?" He almost sounds sheepish. 

"I have. My mother spoke of him when recounting her journey to reclaim your home, Erebor." 

He nods his head once, shifting so he was facing you completely. "My father told me countless stories of yer mother and Thorin Oakenshield... The Durin's and the Great Skin Changing Dragon who accompanied them." His tone had shifted to one of more curiosity.

"Well, I wouldn't say great. She was quite a small dragon compared to some of the others I've read about." Of course you grew up seeing her shift, so it wasn't quite as magnificent to you as it was to someone like him who had only ever heard stories from his father who had been immersed in the journey. 

Your indifference seemed to surprise him, but he didn't voice his shock, instead opting to ask you some more questions. 

"After Thorin and his nephews fell, yer mother disappeared is what I've been told. And the next thing I know, I'm on a journey with the very daughter of one of the women from me bed time stories." 

You nod your head slowly, more hesitant now. "I suppose so."

"What happened with yer mother then? Gandalf hasn't offered much explanation regarding yerself." 

Suddenly you felt a lot less comfortable, and from the way you shifted it was quite apparent. "Truthfully I don't know the reasons behind my mothers... abandonment. She told me that she had fallen in love once before, but they... 'left this world' as she put it. That may have been a reason... But she married another Skin Changer, my father." 

"Another Skin Changer?" A new voice pipes up. 

You turn your head to the left and see one of the little ones sitting up in their bedroll, one of the cousins whose name you simply could not remember. 

"Y-Yes, another Skin Changer... A fox shifter." You begin to feel flustered and a little invaded, but you didn't want to ignore their questions. They were going to be putting their lives in your hands after all, so it was only fair. But that doesn't mean you have to like it. 

"Are you a Skin Changer too, then?" The little hobbit asks, wonderment shining in his blue eyes which reflected the firelight in front of him. 

"I am." 

"And what do you change into?" The hobbit continues. 

"A dragon, and a small fox." Your answers were beginning to get a bit shorter 

Gimli spoke up once more, "I've never heard of a Skin Changer with multiple forms." He sounded like he was in awe, and despite your discomfort you felt a bit of pride swell in your chest at the thought that you were being admired. 

"Are you a big dragon?" Pippin was his name if you remembered correctly. 

"I'm quite a bit bigger than my mother was. But I suppose that's because I've two parents who are Skin Changers..." It felt weird to reflect on yourself like this, but you tried to push that out of your mind. 

"And your fox?" This time the other hobbit cousin spoke. Gods how many of them were listening. A quick glance around the campsite told you, basically everyone except Gandalf who you knew could sleep on a bed of rocks if he so desired.

"Small, red... like every other fox.." 

Gimli took over the next question, "What about control? From what I've heard, Beorn and yer mother couldn't control when they changed." 

This was going somewhere you were hoping it wouldn't. "My father could control it very well and showed me how, so... I guess I can control it pretty easily."

The next question makes your blood run cold. 

"Can we see? I've never seen a dragon before." 

Oh, the poor hobbits excitement was innocent you knew deep down, but still your heart began to pound and your head suddenly felt hot and heavy. Your mother had always told you that flaunting your ability would only get you killed. The better part of her life was spent far away from others, though not completely cut off, and you were planning on living the same. There were countless people who would be more than happy to take your head in your dragon form, bragging about being a Skin Changer killer while your head became a stuffed ornament for someones lodgings. 

Fear and distrust began to freeze your limbs and fill your head with sludge, and your pulse quickened as an irrational flight reaction sparked within you. 

"I-I um, I... I don't think that-" You were cut off by another new voice.

Strider, or Aragorn as the hobbits and Lord Boromir called him, sounded gruff when he spoke, "That's enough, now. Leave her be." 

All at once you felt like you could breathe and think straight again, the paranoia and dark thoughts slowly fading to nothing now that there were no longer multiple curious pairs of eyes burning into you. 

The two hobbits lay down in their bedrolls again right away, and Gimli stood up and sat at his own, grumbling about not asking bothersome questions and being told what to do. 

You looked down at your still shaking hands and twisted them together, glancing up towards Aragorn who was leaning back against a tree. A hint of sympathy shone in his eyes, and you felt grateful that he had come to your aid in your moment of panic.

Slowly you reached up and tucked a stray lock of hair behind your ear, offering a small, appreciative smile despite your nervousness and clear awkwardness. 

A nod of acknowledgement was thrown towards you before he paused momentarily, seemingly thinking something over. Then he briefly tilted his head downward in a 'sit here' motion. 

Not wanting to dilly dally, you rose to your feet and settled onto the ground next to him, legs crossed with your hands folded neatly in your lap. 

"They mean no harm. The halflings have never been in such a situation before, and Gimli... clearly admires your linage." He spoke in a hushed voice, looking you directly in the eyes.

Dealing with such intense eye-contact was never your forte, because not only did you not speak to many outside a specified group of people you knew you could trust/old family friends, but because of the abnormality of your eyes you were taught to obscure them. A serpents eyes are easy to spot for the most part, and though you did get lucky in the pupil department (they were slightly wider than the normal slits like your mothers), it was still easy to distinguish them from a normal persons. 

You glanced away from his intense gaze and looked basically everywhere but his face, shifting uncomfortably as you thought over his words. 

"I know that. I don't hold anything against harmless curiosity, it's simply a... difficult topic. Though I suppose I should thank you for sending them off to bed... was my distress that obvious?" You felt a little embarrassed now. Not only did you dislike talking about yourself, but the thought of looking skittish or standoffish mortified you. 

"No. The stammering was rather telling I will admit, but I'm trained in reading many environmental aspects." He offers no other explanation, but it's enough for you. 

"Including people?" You surmise, glancing up at him again only to see he is no longer staring into your very soul. 

"Including people." 

Chapter Text

After the Phyrric Victory in Moria, the remaining dwarves returned to the Exiled lands of Dunland. 

A long 142 years passes by and through that entire time there was no sign of this exile ending. At least, that was until Thorin received a very interest gift from a wizard known as Gandalf the Grey. 

And the gift was none other then a map of Erebor itself. 

Thorin had gone to you almost immediately after, having told the Wizard that he needed time to consider it, and asked what your opinion on it was. 

Considering the Wizard already knew he was a Durin and next in line to the throne, you didn't think he had any plans to assassinate him since he would've done so. At worst it was a phony map and this 'Gandalf' was planning on robbing him blind. At best, it really was a map leading to the secret door in Erebor and you'd perhaps be able to reclaim the Lonely Mountain. Honestly you could take on an old man, so you didn't see the harm in it. 

Fast forward a few months and a plethora of different things take place. You all had fled to Rivendell from Orcs, saw some fighting mountain gods, the company got abducted by Goblins, Thorin was almost killed (quite the emotional ordeal), you were all smuggled into Laketown, the great dragon Smaug killed a bunch of people and was slain, and now Thorin was rampaging through the halls like a prowling beast. 

There was also the issue with him refusing to go through with his deal with the people of Laketown, but that's a whole other problem entirely. 

The thing with Thorin was something you could not have foreseen. Of course Balin had warned you about it, but you were so sure that he wouldn't let greed consume him. Unfortunately, you were wrong. 

You haven't the target of his anger as of yet, but the others can't quite say the same. Even his poor Nephews have been harshly scrutinized and yelled at for laziness and disgracing their family name, but for some reason he simply left you alone. 

It felt awful watching everyone else work and get scorned for doing so while you were simply made to sit back and watch, so you decided to approach Thorin while he was in the throne room one miserable afternoon. 

He was sitting on the throne (oh the nostalgia), hunched over with his elbows resting on his knees and hands clasped together. He seemed to be deep in thought, so you simply stood there a few feet away, waiting for him to acknowledge you. 

Patience is what you needed at the moment. Not facts, logic, or even understanding. You need patience. 

Eventually his cloudy eyes focus on your awaiting form, and he straightens up immediately in his seat. 

"Y/N." He states simply. 

You wait a beat to see if he'll say anything more, and when he doesn't you speak. "Thorin, I'm afraid some of our friends in the treasury seem to be having a difficult time." You feel it's best to start off with an open ended statement.

"Difficult time, you say?" The way he says that comes across as cynical, so you quickly divert your original point to something else. 

"What I mean to say is, perhaps to increase efficiency and probability of finding the Arkenstone, we should work out a shift system... and have everyone working in there rather than a handful." You keep your expression neutral and hope that he doesn't take it the wrong way. Yes, this could be considered manipulation, but you're his friend! And he's acting like a total nut-job. 

The way you observe him and his thinking over of your proposal is not obvious to him apparently, because he responds quite favorably. 

"Mayhap you are right..." He stated slowly, looking away from you seemingly deep in thought. A glimmer of triumph surges through you at his thoughtful answer, and you feel a bit proud that you were able to somewhat reason with him. 

But it's short lived, because his tone suddenly shifts to one more distrustful. "But what do you mean 'everyone'? Who isn't working?" 

You don't answer right away and suddenly, for literally no reason, feel a bit bashful. "Well, I mean, I haven't done any searching myself. I've only had time to wander upon your insistence that I not 'trouble myself' as you had put it." 

His expression doesn't change much, but the look in his eyes darkens, "I cannot trust them around you." 

That certainly surprised you. 

For a few moments you simply stood there dumbly, blinking rapidly as your brain mulled over his cryptic words, "You cannot... trust them around me? My friend, I'm afraid I do not understand..." 

"They are vultures. Waiting for the right moment when my back is turned to steal you away, to take my riches and run. Some of them are not to be trusted." 

Uh oh.

"T-Thorin, those dwarves and Bilbo have been willing to give their lives for you since the beginning of our journey. I do not think that-" 

"No!" He cuts you off rather frantically. "I will hear none it! You may be blinded by trivialities but I am not. I am the only one here you can trust, and it will do you well to remember that." 

You're left in a stunned silence. Yes you two have had your arguments, but he's never blatantly yelled at you like that before. Honestly, he sounds like a madman driven crazy by obsession for his gold and, apparently, you. 

If it weren't for the fact that he was slandering the names of your friends and acting loony, you would've probably felt flattered that he cared so much. But of course, he was acting insane so...

"You are my oldest friend, Thorin. And it is out of my care for you that I say this." The way he tenses in anticipation for your next words makes you a bit nervous, but you continue anyways, "I trust you and your judgement usually, but you... you are not well. You've changed quite drastically in such a short amount of time and none of us can keep up. They are not your slaves and I am not your property. The only way to get through this is to work together and trust one another, but with the way you've been as of recent I'm beginning to fear that this was all for naught." 

After saying it you feel a bit better, and seeing how his face betrays no signs of anger or disagreement you began to hope you may have gotten through to him. 

"I suppose I've underestimated your naivety." 

Wait, what??

"I suppose I should've seen it coming. You're too trusting, too understanding and soft. You may have been raised by dwarves but you are not one, and you lack the common sense to see as I do." You really don't like where this is going. "I cannot trust you to roam around freely like this if you lack the ability to grasp such a simple concept. You will be tricked and taken away from me in an instant... no, I cannot allow that to happen..." 

Now it seemed like he was mumbling to himself. 


Quick POV change 

When you had first walked into the throne room he hadn't noticed you, but when he did he felt a surge of normal happiness that usually sparked when he saw you. But it quickly disappeared in the void of doubts when the whispers began to poison his mind once more. 

Why has she come now of all times? At a moment of exhaustion... She wants to catch you off guard.

Thorin smothered these thoughts as soon as they came, smiling internally though his outward expression doesn't change. He states your name and lets you speak your piece, listening intently to your explanation of creating shifts and easing up on the others. 

She cares about them more than you. 

He pushes that thought away much like the others and has you inquire on something he found odd in your statement. You insisted that you should be in the treasury helping. At first he felt a bit of understanding at your point, it did make sense after all, but that voice of distrust didn't let him see logic for long. 

They want her. They are going to take her away as soon as your back is turned.

The words leave him in an instant. "I cannot trust them around you." He didn't even hesitate. Because it is true.

Thorin watches your expression morph into one of shock and bafflement, and if the subject weren't so serious he would most certainly find it cute. Of course your reply immediately wiped all positive thoughts from his mind. 

"You cannot... trust them around me? My friend, I'm afraid I do not understand..." You replied to him oh so innocently. Still you did not see. 

So he explained it to you, but you still didn't get it. Instead of agreeing like he was sure you would, you began monologuing about him being changed, the others not being slaves and you not being his. Where were you getting this nonsense from? Who told you all these lies and filled you with so much confusion? 

They are trying to brainwash her. They want to steal her from you. To take your gold and your One to watch you fall apart. 

"I suppose I've underestimated your naivety." 

Don't let her out of your sight. The moment you advert your gaze she will disappear. 

He began speaking again, barely even registering the words leaving his own mouth as he agreed with the whispering. 

"...You will be tricked and taken away from me in an instant... no, I cannot allow that to happen..." He began to think about his words once more, thinking over his dilemma.

Lock her up...

"No I couldn't possibly..." He argued with himself. 

Don't let her leave your sight... 

"But..." Thorin could feel his resolve slipping. 

She needs you... 

"Yes... Y/N needs me." 

Don't let them take her. 

At that moment, he made up his mind. 


Original POV

It's settled. Thorin has completely lost it.

You could only stand there helplessly and observe as he spoke and argued out loud with some invisible force. The look in his eyes became more and more crazed as time went on, his gaze occasionally flickering over to you. 

It felt wrong, and something inside of you screamed to leave. To turn on your heel and escape into the twisting halls of Thorin's kingdom. 

And that's what you did. 

Or tried to do at least. 

You didn't even make it a few feet before his voice boomed throughout the stone halls. 

"Do not take another step!"

Your body seized up and stopped on his command, your heart hammering in your chest as a deafening silence filled the throne room. There was a roaring in your ears as your heart rate picked up, an unknown feeling gripping your heart ad squeezing the hell out of you. He had never sounded like that before, in a way that demanded compliance and respect. 

Slowly, very slowly, you turned to face him. "T-Thorin?" Your voice barely came out as a squeak as your eyes met once more. 

All signs of your age old friend ceased to exist at this moment, an unrecognizable paranoia and mania shining in his usually warm, lovely eyes. 

"You will not step out of this room." Now he sounded much more calm, but there was nothing tame or rational in his eyes or expression at all. 

You take a deep, shaky breath and retain eye-contact. "I'm afraid I don't understand..." This time your voice had more power in it, but still you couldn't help but present your intimidation. 

"The moment I turn my back, someone will surely swoop in and steal you away. That nasty bargeman, the elf king, and the dwarves outside. They are simply waiting for their chance to take you, and I will not sit idly by and wait for that to happen!" 

The words he spoke were malicious and nonsensical, and his tone and expression matched the message just as well. 

Your own expression had long since become one of horror as the implications behind his words began to set in. "You're not thinking straight, Thorin, please take a moment and-"

"I will not hear of it! You will do as I say and remain in sight unless I decide otherwise!"

You cannot believe your ears. The usually calm, caring, and (mostly) reasonable Thorin is basically making you, his long time and very capable friend, a captive.

The words you replied with left you before you could stop yourself. "And if I leave anyways? If I fight against your wishes and refuse to stay put? What then?" The defiance won over your fear, but only because you knew he would never hurt you. 

"Then I'll have no other option but to lock you into your room like a misbehaving child. Or perhaps I'll simply chain your hands and keep you set in here and drag you around like a dog. Would you prefer that? Me treating you like an animal when I only wish to keep you safe?" He was beyond reason at this point. 

Pressure began to build up behind your eyes as your vision blurred with tears. It was clear that the dwarf in front of you was no longer the Thorin you fought and played with as a child. No longer the Thorin you loved. 

"You will gain nothing from this, my dearest friend, only anguish and the resentment of someone who cares for you." Despite the fraying thread your resolve is hanging by and the lump forming in your throat as tears threatened to spill, you still managed to keep your voice rather steady and even. "I won't fight you... you know I could never hurt someone so dear to me, but if this is the path you swear to take... then you'll have to remember that you caused my discontentment and grief. You will have to accept the consequences of crossing someone who has only ever shown you love and understanding." 

And with that, you approached and settled on the ground beside his throne, looking ahead and nowhere else. 

Chapter Text

Being the sole daughter of Thorin Oakenshield is not easy. Not only do you have a multitude of responsibilities and expectations, but you also had to constantly keep an eye out for unsavory others. People who wish to use you for your royal lineage, bounty hunters, ransom collectors, enemies of the royal family, basically everyone.

It has always been hard to trust others, and Thorin is constantly doting on you over the smallest things, so it became quite hard for you to welcome others into your life and trust your own judgement. 

When the quest to regain Erebor came around you were sure that you'd have no part in any of it considering the over protective nature of your father, but surprisingly he offered you a place in his company without any hesitation. Of course there was no way you'd decline his offer, so before you knew it you were going on a multi month journey with 15 others (the 13 dwarves, Gandalf, and the hobbit Bilbo). 

You got along with Kili and Fili quite easily considering you grew up around them and they are your cousins, (quite over protective like your knuckle head father), and you found yourself always seeking out Bilbo for more intelligent conversations. There were others in the group that you got along with as well, but there is one dwarf who caught your attention more than most. 

He was definitely the manliest of the bunch, and he was certainly handsome as well. Dwalin, apparently a friend of Balin's and your father since before the Orc Dwarf War, is certainly very eye catching.

At first you didn't really notice him all that much, he was just another dwarf in your fathers company, but that day in Mirkwood when the spiders attacked and he defended you so selflessly, displaying his unmatched strength and unparalleled weapons expertise. Of course you were more than capable of keeping yourself safe since you had such a good battle teacher, but still it felt nice to have someone defend you so selflessly. 

He had grasped your hand and pushed you behind him, telling you to ready your weapon and stay focused. 

When the elves took everyone prisoner and you were separated from Thorin, Dwalin ushered you forward and ensured you were put in the same cell since Fili and Kili were all too busy yelling and freaking out. 

Dwalin is very rough around the edges, hot headed, standoffish, kinda scary, but after spending a few hours alone in that cell with him you began to see the dwarf behind the mask. From what you saw, he's actually just a huge softy on the inside. 

He allowed you to lean against him, take a nap on his lap, he spoke to you and comforted you, and even got you to laugh a few times with some of his stories. 

It was around that time that you realized you were falling for him. 

After that day you began to spend a lot more time around him, no longer feeling constantly intimidated when he is around. And before long, he's falling for you just as hard. 

And as much as you wanted to tell Thorin about this, there is a very prominent problem. He's 169 years old, and you've barely reached your 50's. Your father is 195, thus making Dwalin only 26 years younger than him. Now you hate math just as much as the next dwarf, but these calculations seemed to constantly run through your mind in the more quite moments of the night and day. 

Of course you discussed this with Dwalin, and he seemed to have the same concerns. 

"My dad will skin you alive if he knows of us... I don't like keeping secrets from him, Dwalin, but I'm afraid this is something we simply cannot share with him." 

The two of you are situated on a stool in the Bargeman's home while everyone else rests, and you decided to discuss the dilemma the two of you found yourselves in. 

"Aye, I know that, Y/N, but it'll be hard to keep such a big secret from Thorin. Especially where yer concerned." He replied simply, gently squeezing your hand in his own. 

You glance up at him and offer a shy smile, reaching up with your free hand to gently caress the side of his face. His eyes slide shut and he leans into your touch with a small smile of his own upturning the corners of his lips. 

"But you're worth it..." You mumble quietly after a few beats of comfortable silence. 

You can feel his smile broaden beneath your fingertips as he releases your hand and gently grasps your chin, tilting it upward so he can press a gentle, chaste kiss to your lips. You reciprocate it without hesitation, confident that no one will wake up and interrupt one of your few moments alone. 

When he pulls back, he rests his forehead against yours lightly. 

"We're worth it..." 

Chapter Text

After that night where Aragorn helped to get you out of that tricky spot you warmed up to him greatly. Like he suggested, you held nothing against Gimli or the halflings, instead you tried to spend more time with them and get to know them better as 'people' than simply avoiding all contact. Frodo and Sam were easy to get along with too, you already knew Gandalf quite well, and Aragorn helped ease you into conversation with Lord Boromir, who you weren't supposed to refer to as 'Lord' anymore. All that left was Legolas the elf. Prince of Mirkwood. 

You had yet to speak to him in any sort of conversational way. Not only were you skittish around him because of his history with your mother, but he was also awkward and uncomfortable around you. He clearly remembered your mother and how his father almost murdered her, because if he hadn't then he wouldn't be avoiding you so adamantly. Not that you were entirely agains the cold shoulder, though. Because hell, what would you even say to him?

'Hey I know your dad tried to murder my mom and you did nothing to stop him, let's be friends!' 

No. Thats a horrible idea. 

So you asked Aragorn about it. Being distrustful and awkward around a member of your group is not ideal, especially since you're supposed to be saving each others lives, and he told you as such. 

"I understand things cannot simply be glazed over with falsities and artificial trust but you must try. You are both essential to our quest and if we cannot work as a unit then we cannot destroy the ring and stop Sauron. These things are never pleasant, but they are necessary." 

When you went to him for advice you certainly weren't expecting a light scolding, but you listened to what he said and took it to heart nonetheless. 

You finally approached him one night while most everyone else rested, having swallowed your pride and determined that speaking with him is the best option. 

The fire in the middle of the campsite crackled and the flames licked upwards towards the starry sky, it's warmth sustaining the sleeping hobbits and others in the group. Legolas had no need for sleep, so he remained awake, as did you for you were waiting for the right moment to speak with him. 

Once you were sure the last of them were asleep, you rose to your feet and abandoned your bedroll in favor of settling next to the blond princeling. You felt him tense beside you, so you waited until he relaxed a bit before speaking. 

Nothing but the sound of the fire and forest animals and insects reached your ears as you waited for the right moment to say something. 

"Legolas, is it?" You ask softly after some time, turning your head to look at him full on. 

He meets your gaze right away and offers only a small nod. You can see his apprehension as clear as day but you bring no attention to it. Instead you offer up a small smile, smoothing your hands down your bottoms to smooth out the creases. 

"Right, well I guess I should start off by saying hello, I'm Y/N, though I assume you already know that." Your smile remains, though it becomes a bit more sheepish. "You knew my mother..." 

At the mention of your mom the tension in his shoulders returns, and he looks away from your face. "I did." 

This isn't going the way you wanted it to.

"Your father also knew my mother." You couldn't keep the accusation out of your voice with that statement.

A flash of panic crosses his features as he turns to look you in the eyes again. He looked bashful more than anything else, ashamed even. Right away you softened up, reaching up to run your fingers lightly through your hair, "Forgive me, I didn't come over here to berate you. Rather, I wanted to make amends and assure you that I hold no grudge over a past that is not mine."

There was a hint of relief in his expression, though the hesitation still shone through. "Surely you must be uncomfortable around the elf who's father almost prevented your very existence. Around the elf who captured your mother and brought her to him in the first place." 

A surge of annoyance at his presumptions flitters through you briefly, but instead of running with that you reach out and place a delicate hand on his forearm. 

"The same elf who abandoned his father in favor of protecting a measly group of ambitious travelers. The elf who killed Bolg and other menaces who posed a threat to the safety of my mother and her friends... her lover too apparently. You could not save them from their fate, nor could you stop your fathers hatred fueled abuses, but if you ask me, it seems you've redeemed yourself quite well." 

The words you spoke left Legolas in a stunned silence. He's at a complete loss for words, simply staring at you owlishly while his brain scrambled to process the weight behind your words. 

"I hold nothing against you... especially after so many years. Now, we should forget those stories and make our own tale. I wish to be your friend, if you'd have me, and to put it all behind us. After all, we're apart of something much bigger than a slight committed against my mother all those years ago." Slowly you release your hand from his forearm, letting it drop to your lap as you await his response to your mini speech. 

A few more beats of silence pass by before he slowly nods his head in agreement, a smile spreading across his face. "Friends. Yes, I think I quite like the sound of that." 

Relief fills you at his positive response and you smile in return. "Excellent."

After that night of soft spoken admittances and smoothed over resentments, the two of you became quite good friends. Legolas no longer avoided you at all costs and offered to help you with the more menial tasks throughout the day and night. It was a friendship that no one could've expected, but admired nonetheless. 

Aragorn was quite proud of you for mending things too, which was an added bonus. For some reason you constantly found yourself striving for his acknowledgements, and dare you say affections. You had puffed up with pride when he congratulated you on braving through the awkwardness and gave you a gentle pat on the shoulder which only stroked your pride further. 

Above that, though, it felt good to have the trust and allegiance of all the members of your group. It offered a strange, new sort of security that you've never felt before, and for once you feel as if you can actually rely on someone other than yourself. 

Of course all good things eventually come to an end. 

Gandalf's death, the departure of Frodo and Sam, Boromir's death, and the kidnapping of the halfling cousins dealt a horrible, crippling blow to the stability of your group, and soon the quest began to branch off into multiple different places. 

All of these losses, however, only served to bring the remaining members closer together. Unfortunately your dragon shift didn't serve to be as helpful as you had hoped, for you couldn't stop the Balrog or the orcs, and you couldn't save anyone in the end. You aren't big enough to allow your friends a ride, either, so you are instead stuck walking and trekking after the two hobbits as if you were a regular person all along.

It is quite a dreadful thing, feeling useless, yet somehow you manage to keep yourself moving forward. The battle at Helms Deep is possibly the first time you've felt useful throughout the duration of the entire trip. 

In your dragon shift your hide is as hard as steel, and your wings are powerful enough to knock over even the strongest man, so you were able to do quite a bit of damage to the thousands of Orcs below who threatened to kill everything you have left to care for. 

You and your friends are up on the walls of Hornburg fighting for your lives, with swords and axes clashing, arrows flying, and bodies falling left and right. They were starting to climb the walls with their wooden ladders and grappling hooks, and despite the orders to not go out alone you realized that they needed more time. 

A quick glance around tells you all you need to know.

The forms of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli registered in the back of your mind, and despite Aragorn's adamant refusal to use your specialties in the battle, you knew you had no other choice. 

By some miracle your eyes met in the middle of battle. He had just finished off a foul orc and was turning to look for more when his gaze fell upon you, and once glance told him exactly what you were planning. 

He shook his head once, an urgent look taking over his face. You grimaced, the expression on his face is almost enough to make you reconsider. Almost. 

Your mother wasn't the biggest dragon, but she wasn't small by any means either. She had been around the same size as a great oak tree, but you are a fair bit bigger. Your wings stretch out at a length of at least two houses, your tail large and as thick a tree trunk, and you have razor sharp claws more honed than the freshest of swords. Your serpent eyes are a deep blue, and the thick scales lining your magnificent body are an obsidian black with the same dark blue stretching across the flaps of your wings, horns, and slightly softer underbelly. 

This is the form you take as you run towards the edge of the wall and jump off the edge, allowing your shift to take over. 

You shift in mere seconds, your wings flapping wildly to avoid the spears pointing upwards just below you. 

On instinct your dragon form bellows a deep roar, demanding the attention of the enemy as you begin to swoop down and claw at the forces below. 

The feeling of weapons bouncing off your armored scales vaguely registers, but it's nothing more than an nuisance. You dive down again and grasp multiple orcs, shredding some in the process as you fly high and drop them from an unsurvivable distance.

You know the longer you stay in this form the less control you'll begin to have over yourself as the predatory, animalistic instincts kick in (precisely the reason Aragorn insisted that you not shift), so you try to make it quick. 

No matter how many of the orcs you cut though, though, more continue to take the places of those you end. And it appears that they grow stronger, too, because soon enough their dodging and weaving to avoid your talons. 

With a harsh flap of your wings and jerk of your head, you turn back towards the wall where you allies fight. You zoom over and stop just short of running into it, grasping some of the ladders and blowing some of the others away with your wings. 

Another monstrous screech resounds throughout the valley as you drop down and begin snapping at the foul tasting orcs with your jaws, and more weapons begin to jab and hit at you. The control you have over your dragon begins to wane rather quickly with all the death, though, and you feel your consciousness begin to waver. You flap your wings rapidly and knock those in your immediate area down, but you barely kill a dozen before pain suddenly blossoms on your underbelly. 

The cry of anguish you release is enough to shake the entire valley, and you fly upwards quickly to avoid the harsh stabbing of whatever weapon managed to pierce through you. You've never been injured like that in your dragon form before, and it sped up the overtaking of your mind by your beast. 

The arrows from the archer orcs below begin to hit more frequently, and you then realize the spear that somehow got through your scales is still sticking out like a target screaming 'shoot me here!' 

The majority of the puny arrows miss their mark and simply bounce off, but a couple hit their mark and your pain increases tenfold. Suddenly your wings feel heavy and immovable, and you roar once more in response to the pain and sudden difficulty in moving.

Your dragons mind screams at you to fly away, but the clinging rational part tells you to return to the wall before you fall into the depths of endless orcs below. By some marvel your rational brain wins over and you begin to return to the wall, slowly losing altitude as your wing flaps become shorter and less powerful. You just barely manage to make it to the wall, claws scraping uselessly at the stone as you try to pull yourself up completely. Luckily most everyone has moved out of your way so you manage to claw your way onto solid ground. 

The rain rushes down your sides and raps against your scales and wings, and the stone below you begins to run red with your blood. Slowly you begin to shift back, though the transferring wound begins to feel excruciating as it compensates for your much smaller human body. You stumble forward as the ice cold rain hits your bare skin, clothes having ripped away when you transformed, and a horrible wound flares with white hot pain on your stomach where you had been stabbed and punctured with multiple arrows. 

A metallic clang briefly registers as the spear and arrows fall to the ground from your dragon form, but you heed it no mind as you regain control over your mind. You collapse to your knees with your arms covering your chest, though your dignity should probably be more of a second though considering the rather large hole in your side and the flesh that's beginning to purple all around your stomach. 

You glance down at the horror scene which is your stomach, now able to see it more clearly as the sun has begun to rise. You aren't quite sure how long you had been fighting as a dragon, but this was the morning of the fifth day. Gandalf's words rung throughout your hazy mind, and, knowing that things are going to be okay, you finally slip forward and allow your mind to go blank. 

But not before you hear the distinct sound of someone crying out your name. 

Chapter Text

You'd never been a clumsy elf, nor has anyone ever considered you to be accident prone or anything of the sort, but damn were you unlucky sometimes.

For example, there was this one time when you had been out and about scouting back when you'd still lived in Mirkwood. Nothing could sneak up on you, and you had very fast reflexes, yet Lady Luck simply wasn't smiling down on you. Instead of making a quick end for the filthy arachnid trespassing on your borders, you managed to get your foot caught in a root. Naturally you toppled over in a very ungraceful heap on the ground, bow laying a good meter away beneath some of the twisting roots of the great Mirkwood trees. 

The spider had attacked you in your moment of weakness, and had it not been for the other members of your scouting team, you'd probably be injured if not dead. It was quite a large bugger after all. 

Another time you were on your way to practice shooting with Legolas (a friend since the two of you were mere Elflings), when someone passing by with a platter of assorted juices and foods (probably a servant of some noble family) managed to run straight into you and drench you in those vibrant colored beverages. Suffice to say, you were quite interestingly colored when you did finally arrive on the training grounds. 

There have been other examples of your extreme lack of luck, not all of them life endangering or silly, and both fortunately and unfortunately, this one was an instance of more embarrassment and slight helplessness than anything else. 

You'd been trekking around the designated campsite for the night, searching for any unseen threats or to-be issues, when the ground suddenly gave out from beneath you. You only then realized that you somehow missed the drop of ground in front of you, and ended up rolling down the hillside and bumping your head harshly against a fallen log. 

Everything around you momentarily spun and blurred, and you could only hope that you didn't manage to get yourself a concussion in such a menial part of your day. This here is supposed to be one of the easiest and most safe of tasks, and here you were, finding a way to do something dumb once again. 

Slowly as to not further your daze, you rise to your feet. You steady yourself with a hand against a nearby tree, simply taking a moment to breathe and will the haze away. Once you're sure the disorientation is over with, you run a hand through your hair and check for any blood possibly staining your long elven locks. Lucky you see none, and then you begin your climb back up to the main level of land. 

When you reach the top, you give yourself a mental pat on the back. Despite all the obstacles life likes to throw at you, you always find a way to prevail. Only this time, the unknown forces at work decide to give you an even harder time. 

You had climbed up a tree to finish your surveillance and were making your way down. You gripped the last branch with your hands and swung down before a telling tug at your hair alerts you to a new, more annoying problem.

Instinctively one of your hands fly up to your hair which has somehow entangled into the low-hanging branch of the tree. Knowing that it isn't too bad yet, you swing back a bit and try to coax it to release on it's own, gently smoothing your hand along the branches that encapture your hair.

Only, this seems to make the problem worse, so you try twisting to the left a bit to see if that does the trick, but suddenly the simple tangles become full on knots clinging onto the branches like a tightened rope used for climbing. A noise of annoyance leaves you as you begin to tug at it, hoping that maybe force will do the trick, but the branch is much to thick. Very quickly your clinging arm begins to tire, and you reach up and grasp the branch again, your toes barely reaching the ground as you try to stabilize yourself in order to fix the issue.

None of your daggers are serrated in any way, and there is no way you're going to cut your hair off, so you simply stand there on your toes and wait. Eventually the others will begin to worry for your sudden disappearance, and you can only pray that it is Aragorn who comes across you. Otherwise, this will most definitely be quite embarrassing because Gimli will certainly tease you and is much to short to help, and Legolas... you don't even want to consider the mortification you will feel if he is the one to find you. Aragorn might tease a bit or maybe laugh, but you have no emotional bond with him (at least not like that) and he is more business than some of the others. 

Of course, like stated before Lady Luck doesn't quite like you, so when someone does eventually stumble across you it's the exact Ellon that you'd been praying it not to be. You'd heard his voice first, calling out your name with tell tale worry ringing in his calls, and for a split second you considered not saying anything. Though, your conscience won out, for you simply cannot put him through such panic when you have means to stop it. 

Eventually you call back, yelling his name and saying "Over here!" To alert him to your whereabouts. It works, and mere moments later you hear the sound of feet running towards your location. 

"Y/N!" The relief in his voice is clear, and it only makes you feel more ashamed for considering silence. 

When he finally comes into viewing distance his eyes take in your state quickly, scanning for any wounds or dishevelment, and then his eyes land on your poor hair. 

The embarrassment is instant and obvious, with a bright red climbing up your neck and spreading to your now warm face. Your fingers grip more tightly at the branch which threatens to spring upward and take your hair with it at any second, and you shift on your toes as it raises ever so slightly. You're barely holding on at this point. 

"H-Help!" You manage to squeak out despite your humiliation. 

Legolas' reaction is instant as he carefully makes his way over, grasping the branch and pulling it down more to relieve the pressure pulling on your head. His other hand flies to his side and he pulls out some sort of blade, and he immediately cuts the branch from it's tree. 

You aren't quite sure how long you'd been standing there, but the relief is instant and you sink down to your knees with the branch still entangled in your, normally, graceful and beautiful elven locks. 

A moment of complete silence goes by, it seems like the two of you are simply trying to process what just happened, before you release a puff of short laughter. "Well this is extremely embarrassing." 

You reach both your hands up and try to start working the debris from your hair, but your efforts provide no relief. 

"Are you alright?" He asks softly, kneeling down besides you. He grasps your hands in his delicately and pulls them down to rest in your lap. 

"I'm fine, Legolas. I've wounded nothing other than my dignity... and maybe my head."

Legolas nods once, squeezing your hands in his own before releasing them in favor of grasping your chin to tilt your head down, left, right, and back up. "I see no signs of blood or breaks of the skin, only a head full of bark and tangles." Humor laces in his tone as he lets go of your chin, reaching up to begin working on the mess that is your hair. 

You don't say anything in reply. Instead you tilt your head downwards and slouch your shoulders to give him better access to the trouble area. 

He hums his approval at the change in position but halts nonetheless. "This is going to be rather time consuming, and with your current posture you will tire and become sore quickly..." His observations are quite sharp, as per usual, because you can already feel your back protesting against the slouching. 

A few moments of nothing pass by before he changes from sitting on his knees to having his legs out in front of him, spread apart, and he leans back against the tree that had previously held you captive. He then looks at you expectantly. 

It takes a second for you to catch up with his intentions, and you, albeit hesitantly, slowly lower yourself in between his legs in a seated position when you do. You can feel your cheeks warm with color at the more intimate nature of everything. It's enough to make your heart race. 

Without delay he sets to work with skilled and deft fingers, unweaving and loosening tangles while pulling out twigs, leaves, and other things from your hair as he goes. Very soon you begin to feel the pressure and weight of unwelcome object disappearing from your hair, and the relief of it all is almost instant. Your left hand comes up to rest on his knee as you shift slightly to move a rock poking into your thigh, and once you're comfortable again you leave your hand there and allow your eyes to close. 

The feeling of his fingers running through your hair and massaging your scalp is an experience that can only be described as ethereal and absolutely wonderful. A soft sigh of appreciation unconsciously escapes you, and a chill runs down your spine when his finger tips brush against the sensitive skin of your neck. His fingers begin to run through your debris free hair to smooth out the tangles, and though they occasionally get caught in a particularly stubborn grove of knotted hair, you still never feel an ounce of pain. He's more than careful of damaging and tugging on your hair. 

You then feel him gathering some sections of your hair to braid up into your usual hair style and, once again, you hum your appreciation and gently squeeze his knee. When you do this his ministrations on your hair subside and it seems that everything around you goes completely still.

You can hear his quiet breathing behind you and feel the way his fingers stray from your hair to glide up and down along the smooth skin of your neck. Afraid to break whatever spell has come over him, you remain as still as a statue and let your eyes fall shut once more as you simply enjoy the feeling of his feather light touches. 

Ever so slowly do his fingers begin to move down further until they skim along your sides, thank heavens you aren't all that ticklish, and trace patterns along your waist down to your hips. There's a rustle from behind you and you can suddenly feel his breath fanning out across your neck. It's like time has slowed in that moment as you anticipate his next moves. His lips graze the skin of your neck once, as if testing the waters, before he presses a full on kiss there. 

Your senses are practically on fire, his mouth leaving a trail of burning flesh in it's wake as he peppers small kisses along the expanse of your nape. His hands grasp your sides and he pulls you back so you're pressed flush against his chest. 

It feels as if your whole body is tingling, your nerves alight and instincts screaming at you to turn and kiss the daylights out of him. But still you remain in place and relax against him, relishing in the feeling of the hard planes of his chest and sculpted arms hugged around your waist. 

"Legolas...?" You finally whisper after a minute or two passes. 

He doesn't say anything right away, but you feel his arms around your midsection tighten slightly. "I hope I haven't scared you away..." He replies just as quietly after tightening his hold on you. "I suppose I've let my self-control slip."

Instead of replying, you instead opt to turn in his arms. His hold loosens and he lets his hands rest on your hips while you kneel between his legs and look up at him with a blush on your cheeks. 

"I suppose you have." 

He doesn't reply, but your next actions require no verbal confirmation. 

Your right hand comes up to rest on his cheek, your thumb smoothing out across his soft skin while you search his eyes with your own. His lovely blue eyes that somehow always manage to capture your attention, deep enough to get lost in yet light enough to find solace with. 

And then your eyes slide shut, as do his, and you lean forward until your lips finally meet. It's a feeling like no other. A feeling that wraps you up and warms you from the inside out, filling you with love and excitement while also taming your negative emotions like doubt and uncertainty. 

Your left hand, the one not caressing his face, moves up to entangle in his hair as you press him further against the tree, and you press your chest against his more firmly. 

Eventually though, the need to breathe breaks you apart, and, not wanting to look at him with such a red face, you press your forehead against his shoulder and let your hands drop to press agains this chest. You can feel his heart hammering against his chest when you do, and it brings a small smile to your face. 

"It seems I've been worried over nothing." A new voice registers from somewhere behind you. Immediately you tense up, recognizing the voice of Aragorn, and the blush from before returns tenfold. 

Legolas is no better, you presume, since you can feel his skin warming and back straightening up. 

"Aragorn, my friend, I didn't realize you were there." He states rather awkwardly after clearing his throat. 

"Clearly." Comes his dry reply. 

You say nothing, hoping that perhaps the ground will open up and swallow you hole, but of course that doesn't happen. 

"Do I offer any comfort in saying that this area is all clear?" You ask quietly, not removing your forehead from Legolas' shoulder. 

Aragorn laughs, and you relax at the sound right away. 

"If that's so, then I'll leave you be. Dinner will be soon, though, and the hobbits don't much like waiting." 

Legolas nods above you, and with that you hear the distinct crunching of leaves signifying Aragorn's swift exit. 

"Well that was positively mortifying." You say once you're sure he's out of earshot, lifting your head to look up at the Ellon whom you're still pressed up against. 

"More so than being attacked by a tree?" He inquires with a humored quirk in his brow. 

You nod your head once. "I presume no one will be looking for us anymore." You state offhandedly, reaching up to play with his hair bashfully as you look off to the side.

"No, I suppose they will not." 

Your gaze flickers back to his face which now adorns a fond smile. 

"Then..." You trail off, tugging gently at the ends of his hair. 

His hands press against your cheeks hurriedly as he pulls you forward and presses his lips against yours once more. 

Chapter Text

Being the only woman in a group of men is rather hard. Being a human woman in a group of dwarven men is quite a bit harder. But being a human woman also from another world in a group of dwarven men, is downright impossible. Or at least it seems that way a lot of the time. 

Now, it's not that you don't get along with them or anything like that, quite the opposite in fact, but there are quite a few things that cause difficulty for you. Bathing, for one, has become a challenge because they simply cannot have you out and alone in such a vulnerable state, but they also know that bathing with a bunch of men is out of the question. There is also the issue of changing and sleeping privately as opposed to their usual 'sleeping piles.'

Aside from the more 'womanly' things hindering the ease in which you travel with them, there is also the issue with your severe lack of knowledge regarding weaponry, battle, defense, and any sort of conflict. You're from another world after all, a world that requires no such training or necessity for such skills. 

Kili and Fili were especially helpful in teaching you how to hold and defend yourself with a sword, but that doesn't mean that you're any good. So when trouble arises, you usually find yourself ushered into the middle of their defense circle with Bilbo, watching on as they do the hard work. 

When you all arrived at Rivendell after a couple of weeks, the thought of simply staying there crossed your mind on several occasions, because in no way did you want to slow them down. And Lord Elrond had very graciously offered you a place in Rivendell, stating that you'd always be welcome if you found yourself needing somewhere to go. 

It was quite the tempting offer, and you found that there are very few cons to doing as such, but at the same time you weren't put into the middle of some race altering quest for no reason. And... there was also the matter of you having become attached to the group. 

You have quite the decision to make, though deep down you already know what you want to do, so instead of sleeping with the rest of the company, you decide to stroll around and let the cool night air calm you and clear you mind. 

The sound of running water reached your ears and the sudden desire to sit by the waterside fills you. You follow the sound until you reach a little clearing filled with green grass and a creek surrounded by mossy rocks, trees, and connecting to a small stream that runs down the rocks to a place you can't quite see. The area is rather pretty, and seems to be the perfect place to just sit, relax, and consider your options. 

You take a seat between two bushes and in front of a silvery boulder, leaning back against it and allowing yourself to relax. A sudden disturbance in the tranquil water catches your attention, and suddenly Thorin emerges from behind one of the large trees. 

From your vantage point you couldn't see much, but still you felt your face reddening and a sense of guilt filled you despite this being purely accidental. The sight of his nicely muscled arms and tones torso is one to behold, and you couldn't help but allow your gaze to travel downwards along the length of his chest to the v-line. The water covered the rest of him.

The moment you realized that you were staring, though, you felt slightly ashamed of yourself for it, and just before you were going to get up and leave, you heard his voice. 

"Are you going to stand there staring all night, or are you going to join me?" 

He didn't sound cross or disturbed in any way, but still, being called out like that feels absolutely horrifying. And the serious look in his face is enough to scare you in itself. 

Right away your face floods with heat and an unmistakable flush, but instead of scurrying off like your mind screams at you to, you stand up and inch forward with your hands folded in front of you. 

"T-Thorin... fancy meeting you here..." You say slowly, shifting uncomfortably under his burning gaze. 

He doesn't say anything. Rather, he just looks at you with that same scary expression. 

After a few moments of silence, you begin speaking again. "U-Um... but seriously I wasn't trying to creep on you or anything! I came out here to clear my mind a-and then I sat down and didn't see you, and when I did see you I was trying to process it and-" 


You quite right away, looking at him with a mixture of embarrassment and remorse before hanging your head and looking down at your feet. God, he's got to be angry with you, or disgusted maybe. 

And then, you heard laughing. 

You look up sharply and are immediately met with the sight of Thorin chuckling with clear amusement on his face.  

Despite your previous mortification, you find yourself admiring his physique once again. The way his sculpted chest heaved, wet from the creek water and making him absolutely radiant in the moonlight. His hair is pulled out of his face for once too, soaked from the water and looking oh so soft and shiny. And then there is his face. He's gorgeous, you've known this all along, but actually seeing a smile on his face with laughter shining in his eyes is completely breathtaking. 

Heat rises into your face and you find that you can't quite tear your eyes away from him, but you also can't bring yourself to speak either. You take a few steps closer to the edge of the water with your hands clasped in front of you, keeping your gaze focused on his face to the best of your ability.

Slowly his eyes meet yours once more, but all signs of humor are gone and replaced with something else, an emotion you can't quite place. 

"Are you feeling alright, Y/N?" He asks after a few moments of just looking at you, obviously having noticed your blush. 

You nod your head once in response, glancing around the clearing to make sure you're still alone. 

The sound of splashing water registers and you look back over to Thorin sharply, alarmed to see that he's come a bit closer. 

"My question still stands." He states simply, watching a confused expression cross over your face. Then, he repeats what he had said earlier. "Are you just going to stand there looking or are you going to get in?" 

Ah, that question. 

You look at him, dumfounded, and don't respond coherently. "U-Um, I... uh..."

He stands there patiently, observing your nervous movements and hesitant expression. "You aren't so apprehensive when you share a bedroll with me."

A sharp intake of breath is your immediate response. Then, you nervously stutter out, "D-Don't say it like that! I was cold, and you offered so..." 

"You say that as if I haven't noticed your longing stares or the way you pretend to be sleeping when pulling me closer. I'm no fool, and neither are you." He didn't sound mad or anything of the sort. Rather he seemed more inquisitive and curious, like he genuinely wants to understand why you're being so skittish and coy. Because, truth be told, you've actually been rather forward with him in your words and actions when stealing his warmth at night. 

"I guess that's fair, but I..." You didn't want to outwardly admit that you're rather afraid of the water and the things that lay unknown beneath the surface, but you also don't want him to think you aren't interested.  "I don't know." 

He raises an eyebrow at your decisive indecisiveness, finding it slightly humorous that the only thing you're sure of is your uncertainty. "And what don't you know, exactly? If you're willing and wanting, or if it's a good idea." 

All you did is shrug, shifting from foot to foot as you break eye contact in favor of looking down at your worn tennis shoes. 

"Come along, all I'm offering is to share the waters. Nothing more if you wish against it." His words seem pushy, but when you look back into his eyes you can tell that he doesn't mean to rush or pressure you. 

You really do want to join him, but the thought of getting into that water with no clue what lurks below dampens your eagerness to join him. 

"No, Thorin I've bathed already. And this is your only time alone to relax, I should probably just let you take a break..." 

There you are shutting down again like you had when you first tumbled into Middle Earth, and he simply is not having it. 

With a sudden splash and quick movements, he grasps your wrist and looks up at you with determination in his eyes. 

"I know it is not out of lack of desire that you reject my offer." It isn't even a question or suggestion, because he does know. It's true, and you both know it, but there is still that doubt and fear hazing your wants. 

You don't answer right away and instead just stare at him. And then your resolve cracks, and before you can stop yourself you lean down and press your lips to his none to gently.

Thorin meets you with just as much vigor if not more, his still wet and lovely muscled arms wrapping around your middle to press you more firmly against him. At this point you're at the very edge of the water and he's standing mostly out of it, but you feel that as long as you needn't get in then perhaps you can entertain this moment of selfishness. 

Your hands bury themselves in his raven mane of hair, nails lightly scratching at his scalp. The resounding groan that comes from him when you do this sends a burning heat straight to your core, and you find yourself seeking out more of those noises from him. 

He pushes into you slightly and you lose your footing, toppling backwards with him landing on top of you. Your jeans become soaked from the water as your legs slip in, and you're splayed out on your back with Thorin hovering over you still naked, wet, and ever handsome. 

For the first time in your life you find yourself not caring about the waters your legs are submerged in, and with this newfound apathy for fear you grasp the sides of his face and pull him down to kiss you once more. 

His left arm holds him up while his right cups your cheek and leaves gentle caresses along your face and sides of your neck.

When you feel his tongue poke through his slightly chapped but ever enjoyable lips, you comply and relish in the way he practically devours you. 

Your arms wrap around him in an attempt to pull him even closer and he grunts in response to this. 

Thorin breaks the searing kiss first, panting quietly with hazy, lust filled eyes. The way he looks at you is exhilarating, and it sends fresh waves of desire through you like the wild sea in a night storm. 

A moment of silence passes between the two of you while you both catch your breath until he sits up. He seems just as comfortable naked as he does leading the rest of the company through their journey, and you find this confidence to be undeniably attractive. 

His knees rest on the dirt ground while he straddles your midsection, and for the first time since you stumbled upon him, you find that you have quite an eyeful. You figured that he'd be rather well endowed given the jokes that constantly pass around the group during midday rides and relaxing night rests, but nothing could've prepared you for the glorious sight of the King Under the Mountain sitting atop you with nothing but water droplets to 'cover' him. 

It's quite hard for you to avoid looking and taking it all in, so you don't stop yourself and instead let your eyes rake over every inch of his lovely skin and most intimate parts. When your eyes do finally return to his face, you can see a rather self-satisfied smirk curling at his lips. 

"I take it you're content with the view." He asks in a teasing manner. 

You nod your head once before moving your hands to the front of your button up blouse. One by one you begin to pop open the buttons, observing the way his eyes follow your fingers every movement. Once the final button is released from it's place at the bottom, you sit up and shrug it off, thus leaving you only in your bra and jeans. 

Slowly, you lower yourself to lie back on the ground again with your shirt laying as protection against the ground for you, and you watch as he looks over you. 

One of his hands comes up to trace along the underwire of your bra, and he seems intrigued by it being as they have nothing like it here. 

His interest doesn't outweigh his need for long, though, because the next thing you know he's urging the straps down your shoulders and attempting to find a way to remove it. 

You watch him struggle with the undergarment for a moment before releasing a soft giggle. You sit up again and reach behind your back, finding the clasp and pulling it apart easily. It slumps forward and slides down your arms, but you lay back down and raise your arms to let him take it off for you. 

As soon as it's gone his hands are on you again, feeling along the soft skin of your stomach, up your sides, and under your breasts. It doesn't seem that he's much of a tease, though, because mere seconds later he's grasping each flesh globe in his hands and squeezing lightly. 

The feeling is alien to you, having never been touch with such rough, calloused hands before, but you find you quite like the feeling of it. 

He loosens his grip on your chest and pinches at your hardened nipples lightly, simply feeling them, feeling you, for the time being. 

Soft noises of enjoyment escape past your lips during his ministrations on your chest, and you can feel a fire igniting within you fueled by lust and need. 

You reach up one of your arms and cover the top half of your face, hiding your eyes from sight as his hands continue to toy with your chest. His hands leave suddenly, though, and you feel him grasp the wrist of the arm hiding you. It's pulled away and pinned to the dirt ground below you, but instead of following that movement you look up at him with questioning eyes. 

"Don't hide from me, love, I'd much prefer to see you face when I touch you." 

He speaks with such conviction and authority, all you can really do is nod and force away your shyness. "S-Sorry." 

"No, don't apologize sweetling. Relax, and let me treat you." His voice is tender and it leaves you feeling warm with something other and lust for a moment. 

But the sweet moment doesn't last much longer, and the spell is broken as he lowers himself down to litter kisses and bites along the expanse of your collarbone, neck, and valley between your breasts. You can tell he's leaving evidence of this on your skin, but it appears to be in places easily covered with your 'weird other worldly clothes'. 

The hand not holding himself up to keep from crushing you glides down to the front of your wet jeans. And, without looking, he undo's the button and pulls down the zipper to give his hand room to slide into the front of your underwear. It's a bit sudden and you can't help the surprised, but not displeased, yelp that leaves you. 

He chuckles against your chest and continues to mouth kisses around your breasts before finally zeroing in on your right nipple. 

Warmth envelopes your hardened and you moan and shift at the feeling of it. Meanwhile, his fingers tease along your slit as he tests your wetness and sensitivity. He's pleasantly surprised by your reaction, how your legs twitch and you intake a sharp breath. 

You wrap your arms around him and you press your lips to the top of his head, squeezing your eyes shut tightly as one of his fingers begins to rub harsh circles against your clitorus. His hair leaves your hands wet as you tug at his clean tresses, but you don't mind the water in the slightest. 

You can't help but to roll your hips upward in an attempt to further the stimulation from his hand, but he presses into you more firmly to keep you pinned against the earth below you. A whimper of dissatisfaction leave you at your halted movements, but he gives you what you want regardless and begins to rub against your little bundle of nerves more vigorously. 

His kisses and sucking of your chest have since ceased, and the weight of his head resting between your breasts as he pleasures you with his hand vaguely registers. You assume he's listening to the pounding of your heart and feeling the heavy heaving of your chest as your breaths quicken, but your mind doesn't linger on it for long as you insides begin to feel tight and in need of release. 

From the way your moans and gasps grow in volume and frequency, he can tell that you're close and at the very last moment he completely stills. 

You whine loudly at that and try and find your own pleasure by shifting your hips, but he still has you pinned immovably to the ground so you must simply lay there as your orgasm slowly fades away into nothing. 

A harsh tug at his hair notifies him further of your displeasure and annoyance, but he heeds it no mind and removes his hand from you jeans once he's sure that you won't come from the smallest twitch. His hands then go to the hem of your jeans and he begins to peel them down your legs. And might you say, getting out of that wet denim is almost as satisfying as the release you'd almost reached mere moments before. 

He tosses the offending garment away and glances down at his handy work, seeing your disheveled and dampened panties that offer no actual obstruction from his intense gaze. 

You reach up and press your palm against his cheek, urging him to meet your for another kiss, and he complies rather easily. 

In the midst of your fiery lip-lock, you feel his hands tug at your underwear next to rid you of it. You have to pause the kiss and raise your thighs so he can slide them off of you properly, but instead of resuming his straddling he grabs your knees and pries your legs open, settling himself between them without letting go. 

You fall back with your legs still bent at the knee and raised up, and that feeling of self-consciousness returns as he opens you up to him. "T-Thorin..." You whisper quietly, watching as his gaze returns to your face. 

"What's wrong?" His face remains as it was, but his voice betrays slight worry. Worry that he's pushing too hard or making you uncomfortable. 

And then you realize that he's just as nervous as you are, afraid you'll reject him or are intimidated by his role of power in the group. Afraid of plunging into the murky waters with no foresight of what lies ahead. 

A small smile graces upon you face once you realize this, and you find that you no longer feel uncertain or quite as insecure knowing that you're not the only one going in blindly. 

"Are you simply going to play games all night, or are you going to fuck me?" You ask, mimicking his words from earlier with the same smile on your face.

And for the first time since you've met him, you see red stain his cheeks. You actually managed to fluster the Thorin Oakenshield, notorious for stoicism, leadership, and certainty. 

You can't help but let out a giggle at that, but it's quickly interrupted by his lips crashing against your own in a much more urgent manner. 

The way his hips slot against your own and how he fits between your legs is almost too perfect, and the feel of his bare skin pressed into yours takes your breath away. 

You can feel everything. The taut skin of his arms and muscled back, his firm stomach and hairy chest, and, most importantly, the heavy heat of his cock pressed against your clit (purposefully so, you assume). 

He presses his forehead against yours and takes a finally look into you eyes, searching for any more sights of uncertainty, fear, or hesitation, and when he finds none he claims your lips once more and grabs himself in hand. 

There is no haste in his movement as he leisurely rubs the head of his manhood against your wet heat a few times, savoring every second of the feel of you before taking the plunge. 

Your lips return the intensity of his kiss, his mouth silencing all of your little mewls and whimpers of impatience while he coats himself in your juices. 

And then, ever so slowly, he's pushing himself into you. A part of you had been expecting him to simply push into you all at once and roughly take you without hesitation, but this seems to be much better. 

The stretch is the hardest part, and just when you think you can't take much more he bottoms out and stills altogether. 

His lips retract from yours in favor of looking at you, analyzing your expression in search for any signs of pain. 

Your eyes are squeezed shut and lips pursed together now that they're no longer occupied with his own, and for a few tense moments he's afraid you've changed your mind. But then he feels you relax, and he releases a breath he didn't even realize he'd been holding. 

Ever so slowly does he begin to pull out, groaning lowly at the feel of your heat enveloping his cock and clenching around him so deliciously. And when just the tip of him remains inside of you, he pauses for a moment before plunging back inside of you once more, faster than his pervious movements. 

The sound of pleasure you make lights a fire within him, and he starts to set a steady pace consisting of a hard, quick push in followed by a slower pull out. 

At this new rhythm your sweet noises of delectation become louder. And soon you begin to gasp his name, begging for him to go faster, to thrust deeper and just take you. And he does just that. 

His thrusts are methodical and smooth despite his roughness and fast pace, and the both of you are soon becoming lost in the throes of your desire and seeking of pleasure. 

One of your hands entangles into his hair much like earlier and you lift up one of your legs to grant him better access to you, hoping a new angle will heighten your pleasure and help you find orgasm much quicker.

Suddenly the rhythmical and steady thrusts of his hips begin to become sharper and less controlled, and you can tell it's all beginning to build up. It's the same for you, for your ruined orgasm from before seems to have made you faster to undo than usual. 

The only noises filling the clearing now are your high pitched moans and gasps of his names, his grunts and growls as he focuses on finding that end, and the distinct sound of skin hitting skin. 

And suddenly you release a cry much louder than your previous as your whole body convulses and your muscles tighten from your sudden orgasm. 

Your walls clench around him much tighter than before, and soon he's tumbling into release much like you. 

With a few final thrusts as he rides out the height of it all, he spends himself.

Thorin slows to a stop and listens to your panting, his own breath mixing with your own as he looks down at your face. 

The expression you wear is one of the most beautiful sights he's ever had the pleasure of seeing, he decides not moments after gazing upon you in the immediate aftermath of satisfaction. 

The way your face has completely relaxed mixed with the halo of hair surrounding around your face makes his heart flutter, and he can't help but to reach up and gently smooth his hand down the side of your warm, sweat pricked face.

You open your eyes a bit and look up at him with a smile, shuddering as he pulls out of you. A new emptiness registers, one that you don't really like, but you don't complain and instead move to sit up. A hand on your shoulder halts your movements, though, and he glances back towards the water, "Let me clean you up, Y/N. I'm afraid I've made quite a mess out of you." 

You can tell from his voice that he's mostly joking, but the sound of being pampered entices you, so you do as he suggests and simply relax and allow him to pull you into the water gently. 

His hands are gentle and touches gentle as he holds you up against him, washing your hair and riding your body of sweat and other signs of sex. You feel deeply grateful and equally astonished at the care and softness in both his actions and expression, but you quite like it. 

Once the both of you are properly cleaned, he leads up back onto the grass and takes a seat on some blanket that he brought along for his bath, patting the ground next to him. "Let us dry, then we can return to the others." 

You nod in response and settle next to him, stretching your legs out before you in order to get more comfortable.

"That was kinda great." You mumble suddenly, turning your head to look at him. 

He's already looking at you when you do, though, and you feel your face flush. 

"Yes... it was." 

Chapter Text

To say your life was hell after Thorin decided you are no longer safe on your own is an overstatement. In fact, it actually wasn't quite as bad as you had been expecting, but not being 'as bad' doesn't mean it is good either. Because while he treated you gently and sometimes even seemed like the old Thorin again, he still wouldn't let you go on your own very often, and he snapped at anyone (other than his nephews and Bilbo) who got too close to you.

You felt like some kind of pet or accessory more than anything, like some cute puppy or pretty jewel being held in a display case that only the owner could play with or wear. And of course you explained to Thorin in your moments alone that you can take care of yourself and that all of this protection is very unnecessary, but still he refused to listen to reason. 

In his moments of clarity you swear you've gotten close to breaking through his new possessiveness of you, but each time you get close and the cloudiness in his eyes begins to fade, he simply shuts down again and tells you that he's done speaking. 

Now, in no way has he been cruel to you (at least not intentionally), and if it hadn't been for the insanity behind his doting you'd probably have found some of the things he's done rather sweet. For example, he always made you meals himself and read to you during the more boring hours of the day, and though you need't sleep since you're an elf, he still gave you his blanket to keep warm. These were all the things Thorin, the real Thorin, has done in the past. Which is why you have hope that he can be broken from this spell. 

There is also the issue of a brewing war with the men of Laketown and Mirkwood elves because of Thorin's refusal to pay his promise, but that is only secondary to his want for the Arkenstone. 

The next time you actually see everyone in a room together, they are suiting up for war to meet the armies out on the rampart to see if anyone is willing to negotiate any further, you feel a spike of happiness. This is the first time you've been permitted to spend time with more than two of them at a time. Though you mostly got sympathetic words and worried questions about where you've been. 

When the final negotiations are going on you find yourself horrified with the behavior Thorin exhibits, refusing left and right, pointing his weapons, and mocking them so scornfully. And then King Thranduil says something about 'accepting his payment' and very quickly everyone becomes confused (or at least everyone other than Thorin, who is instead enraged and confused). 

"We gave you nothing. You have nothing." He insists with a frantic edge to his words. 

And then Bard (the man who housed you and smuggled you all into Laketown), reaches into his coat and pulls something out of an inner pocket. The thing he pulls out has to be the most beautiful jewel you've ever seen, and at that moment you know it's the missing Arkenstone. 

The dwarves start yelling and Thorin begins to argue, and right as you're about to ask him to calm down and think about it rationally a small voice speaks up behind you all.

"Its no trick. The stone is real." He states as he moves between the dwarves to stand before Thorin. "I gave it to them." 

Your gaze snaps to Thorin's face, and you can see a flash of hurt and disbelief before he turns slowly to face the Hobbit. Fear shoots through you as you watch the expression on his face shift to something more angry, and you look over at Bilbo in alarm. 

He starts talking about his '14th share' and how it goes against his claim on the mountain, and the whole time you just think about how he's digging his hole deeper and deeper. 

"Against your claim?" A humorless laugh leaves him, "You have no claim over me, you miserable rat!" He then yells, approaching him menacingly. 

"T-Thorin!" You exclaim. But Bilbo talks before you can say anything more. 

"I was going to give it to you. Many times I wanted to, but…" His voice becomes quieter at the end, and you can see the sadness in his eyes.

"But what, thief?" Thorin spits out the word 'thief' like it leaves a foul taste in his mouth. 

Bilbo leaves forward a bit to accentuate his point, "You are changed, Thorin. The Dwarf I met in Bag End would never have gone back on his word, would never have doubted the loyalty of his kin." Near the end you can see the frustration of many sleepless nights coming through, and a glance at Thorin shows he doesn't like being told this again. 

"Do not speak to me... of loyalty." He steps forward with his gaze still locked on Bilbo, and dread settles within you. 

Everything is silent for a few moments, Bilbo looking down at his feet with Thorin simply staring at him (you think you see the beginnings of tears in his eyes, as if something inside him is hurting and desperate to break free from this madness), then he turns his head to the right to look at the edge of the balcony for a moment. 

"Throw him from the rampart!" Thorin bellows suddenly, and you're all left in a stunned silence. 

The dwarves standing behind Bilbo step back and look away, and nobody else moves. 

You lean down and grasp the front of his fur coat, desperation in your eyes, "Thorin please, stop this madness!" You have no problem pleading with him, because with the look in his eyes you're afraid he's actually going to kill him. 

He doesn't even look at you, though, and shoves your hand off of him while his eyes sweep around the balcony at his unmoving friends and subjects. Thorin turns an stalks towards Fili and he roughly grabs his wrist and tries to pull him towards Bilbo.

"Did you not hear me?!" Is the next thing he shouts as he tries to drag him, but Fili rips his wrist from Thorin's grasp and steps back and away with a pointed glare aimed at him. 

You walk forward and try to urge Bilbo away, but Thorin turns his attention back to Bilbo mere seconds later.

"I will do it myself." He growls, stomping forward quickly.

Bilbo takes a step back and Thorin grabs his forearms in a bruising grip, pulling him forward and towards the ledge. 

"Thorin, stop!" You scream, grabbing onto Bilbo's clothes and trying to pull him back. The others try to help as well, but he's easily the strongest one of you and so it doesn't do much. 

You dig your heels into the ground and lean down to rip the small Hobbit away from him, and when Thorin lets go of one of Bilbos arms for a moment you pull him further away. He raises his hand and strikes you across the face, and you lose your footing and topple backwards. 

You lose your hold on him but avoid falling to the ground when Dwalin holds out his arms to catch you. You don't feel it, though, because the adrenalin courses through you and dulls your pain receptors and self preservation instincts. Fili tries to stop him as well but he's only thrown off to the side like he's nothing. 

"Cursed be the wizard that forced you on this company!" Everything stills when Thorin slams him into the stones, but movement below proves to be his savior.

The booming voice of Gandalf the grey resounds throughout the area, halting Thorin's movements, "If you don’t like my burglar, then please don’t damage him. Return him to me. You’re not making a very splendid figure as King under the Mountain, are you, Thorin, son of Thrain?" 

Thorin releases him slowly, letting him drop back to the ground where Fili and Bofur wait to help him out. 

Before you know it Bilbo is gone, retreating down the mountain and on his way to join Gandalf with the elves and the men of Laketown. 

The place he smacked you burns and your cheek begins to throb before long. Dwalin stands next to you while Thorin goes back to speaking with the people below. 

Bard speaks once more, "Are we resolved? The return of the Arkenstone for what was promised." 

Thorin doesn't respond, his gaze falling to look over the horizon. 

"Give us your answer." He urges impatiently, "Will you have peace or war?" 

It seems that Thorin has come to a decision before a black crow suddenly lands in front of him. 

A small smile appears on his face and he proudly declares, "I will have war." 

Your heart sinks, and, not wanting to hear any more, you turn on your heel and retreat back inside once more. 

Chapter Text

The first thing that you registered when the black haze engulfing you began to lift, is the feeling of someone grasping your hand.

The second thing is a horrible pain in your midsection. 

You don't remember the events that transpired after you got injured during your shift, and your memories of the fight are rather hazy as well. 

With a quite groan you force your eyes to open, wincing when the light causes your head to hurt. You reach up with your free hand to cover your eyes but stop halfway when the stretch hurts your side. 

"Y/N..." Comes the soft whisper of your name to your left. 

The grip on your hand tightens slightly and you turn your head to look at the disheveled figure of Aragorn. 

"You're awake." He states quietly, releasing your hand in favor of pressing the back of his own hand against your forehead to check your temperature. 

You nod your head once, looking up at his face with confusion settled in your expression. "What happened?" You croak out softly, your throat sore from a while of disuse. 

He doesn't reply right away, instead moving his hand to pull your blanket down and check the bandages wrapped around your middle. You simply lay there and let him do his little checkup, looking up at the ceiling patiently.

His fingers gently skim along the cream colored bandages, gentle as a feather to avoid putting any painful pressure there. 

Once he's done he smooths your shirt back down to cover your torso, and he stands to walk across the room towards a little table holding a cup of water. He returns to his seat with the cup in hand and he gently places his right hand behind your back to help you sit up a bit. Once you're head up upright he brings the cup to your lips and tilts it forward to help you drink. 

As soon as the cool water hits your tongue, you realize just how thirsty you really are. You greedily gulp the water down, reaching up with one arm to tilt it back further, and whine at him when he pulls it away. 

"Not too fast, Y/N." He tells you softly, placing the cup down on the ground next to his seat. 

You just nod and lay back down, looking up at the ceiling again. "What happened, Aragorn? I cannot remember much from the battle..."

The softness in your voice makes his heart clench almost painfully, but he doesn't let it show through and instead grasps your hand in his again. He isn't quite sure what to tell you, nor how much, so he settles for chronological explanation. 

"What's the last thing you can remember?" He inquires quietly, scooting the chair closer to the side of the cot you lay on. 

You don't answer right away, sorting through your hazy memories for the most recent. "I remember shifting, and you not wanting me to.." You glance at his face and feel a bit of remorse, but continue to recount your memories, "And then I flew out over the orcs and killed a bunch of them, but my dragon began to take over and I was having trouble thinking..." The next part is there, but it slips away each time your mind reaches out for it. "Um, I think I landed... and then I remember pain... l-lots and lots of pain, and I think I flew back to the wall..." 

Thats as much as you can recall. 

You turn your head to look at him again, seeing clear woe in his eyes.

In an attempt to joke you say, "I guess I might've been slightly stabbed." But his expression hardens into something angrier, and he removes his hand from yours. 

"Do you find this humorous? Do you think it is funny that you nearly died? That the enemy nearly had you, a skin-changer, in their grasp, at their mercy? What you did was foolish, terribly so."

Even though he isn't yelling you still find yourself shrinking back at his disapproval and vexation. You know what he says is true, but you still can't help but feel indignation in the accusatory and relentless scolding. He pulled no punches with you, and though you don't want him to, you also don't want him to lay out all his frustrations on you now. 

"Aragorn, I wasn't out for that long. And I helped! I know I did. I killed numerous amounts of the enemy, and I'm sure I saved just as many. Those people were in peril. Terrorized, forced from their homes as their sons, husbands, and fathers went to fight a battle that we knew was hopeless." You pause to take a breath, then say more softly, "If I were to die protecting those people... protecting my friends, protecting you, then I'd die proud. I regret nothing, and I will do it again if I must." 

He doesn't meet your gaze as you study his face. Rather, his attention lays on the wall as he seems to think over your words. 

"I know this." Comes his slow reply, quieter and less upset than before. "I understand how you feel because I feel much the same, but that does not negate the fact that you were on the brink of no return. At the edge of oblivion, of a fate that I could not keep you from." 

His words hang in the air and the tension begins to die down. You relax slightly and reach down to hold his hand once more. "I'm sorry, Aragorn. I mean not to distress you or challenge you, I know you were right to tell me not to shift, but I did what I felt was right." 

There is no immediate response from him yet again, but he does entwine his fingers with yours and peer down at your interlocked hands. 

"You said you were not out for that long..." He states slowly after a moment of more comfortable silence. 

You nod your head.

"Perhaps time goes much swifter in your other skin, but for us you were out for hours. Did you not see what they did while you were gone?" He questions with a furrow in his brow. 

This time you shake your head no.

"With the wall?" 

You shake your head again. 

"While you were gone, they formulated some sort of explosive and blew a hole in the wall. It took out countless men, and the doors marking the entrance were breeched not long after... Everyone had to retreat inside, and when I heard the noise you made, that anguished cry, I thought you slain." A note of sorrow drags down his voice and it sends a pang of guilt through you once more. "When we finally went out to fight to the last men, you were no where to be found. Then Gandalf arrived and there was simply no sign of you amongst the orcs or in the stone walls of the stronghold."

He paused to take a deep, shuddering breath, "I feared that they took you away..." 

You squeeze his hand tightly in your own and pull it up to your mouth so you leave a gentle kiss there. "How did you find me?" 

Aragorn looks away when you ask that, and he pulls his hand from yours. Pushing himself to his feet, he kicks the chair away and instead takes a seat at the side of the bed next to you. 

"I stayed within the walls, praying that you managed to escape the hoards and find safety somewhere else. I walked up the steps leading to the ramparts and I scoured the length of the wall with still no sign of you, dragon or otherwise. And then I happened to look down the side of the wall, and I see long claw marks, distinct ones that could only be from your magnificent talons." He tries to flatter you at the end there, and it causes a light flush to brighten your face. His tone turns somber once more, though, as he looks down at you and your eyes meet icy blue once more. "I followed the scratches, and when I looked up-" He stops abruptly and closes his eyes. 

You reach up with your free hand and place your palm to his cheek, "You don't have to..." He silences you with a shake of his head, and you comply and wait for him to finish. 

"I looked ahead, and I saw you on the ground. You were bare, but I'm sure you knew that already, and the stark contrast of your skin against the red stained stone made it easy to see you. I don't think I've run that fast since we were trying to save the halflings." Another small smile upturns his lips, but it doesn't stay long. "I thought you were dead. Your skin was so pale, your blood everywhere having turned the stone crimson, and the wound in your stomach. You've yet to see your injuries, but that day I thought there was no hope for you if you were even still alive." His free hand went up to pinch the bridge of his nose, and he squeeze his eyes shut as if trying to dispel the foul images of your mangled body. 

"It is truly a mystery that you survived the day..." 

Slowly he opens his eyes again and drops his hand back down to the bed. "I wonder if your abilities had anything to do with your survival..." 

You nod your head at his inference, slowly removing your hand so it no longer stretches out uncomfortably. "You would be right. My regenerative abilities are much stronger because of my other forms, I suppose you could say they protect me from the more fatal wounds." 

Aragorn leans down slight, moving his hand so his knuckles press lightly against your cheek.

The look in his eyes can only be described as tender, and maybe grateful. 

Your eyelids slide shut and you lean into the warmth of his hold, sighing softly as a wave of exhaustion washes over you. 

"You're still weak, Y/N. More rest is what you need right now, so I will take my leave and return with something for you to eat subsequent to your rest." 

When you nod your agreement, he smiles appreciatively. His fingers move along your cheek slowly a few  more times before he rises to his feet and heads towards the door. 

"Oh, Legolas is also rather cross with you presently, but I'll talk to him for you." 

The wrath of the Eleven prince is not something you look forward to. 

Thank god for the Ranger known as Strider.

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Chapter Text

Why must this god forsaken town always be so. Damn. Cold. The winter is bad enough, but even in the spring and fall it is usually much chillier than it has any business being. 

It probably has to do with the high altitude and waters that surround your town, but even if it does make sense doesn't mean you have to like it. 

You own a simple shop in the Laketown, you home since you were but a child, and in this shop you sell a small variety of different things. 

Some of the things you vend include spices, sometimes baked goods, and individual ingredients like flour and butter as well. You're inventory is mostly kitchen goods. The payments you accept consist of more than just money, too. You barter your things in exchange for services and other goods that you need. For example, if someone comes in and they don't have enough, they offer a trade of your things for a service or something that they may sell depending on if they own a shop. 

This is common practice here in Laketown. 

For the most part, you gather your own ingredients for spices and concoct original blends for both sweet baked pastries and savory meats, and yo usually go out on weekly trips to collect more of the herbs, fruits, and other plants you need. 

Your biggest problem in the beginning was finding a mode of travel out of the town, but that all changed after you met Bard. 

Well, you actually met his children first. Tilda, Bain, and Sigrid. They were out getting the groceries when they came across your little home-stationed store. They were browsing around and you got caught in a pleasant conversation with Sigrid, and when you mentioned needing to find a boatman for hire to leave the next day, she positively lit up. 

"My Da has a boat! He goes out of the town all the time, and I'm sure he'd be happy to take you." 

Suffice to say you sent them home with a nice basket full of things from your store. 

Later on in that same day their father entered your store and greeted you very nicely. He told you his name, Bard, and thanked you for all the things you gave his children. 

At the time you laughed, "It was purely selfish, I'm afraid. Your daughter, Sigrid, informed me that you're a Bargeman." 

And then you offered him a very generous price to take you across the lake each week, and, for some reason, he declined payment and agreed to do it all the same. This arrangement has been going on for quite a few months now, and it didn't remain strictly business for long. 

Anyways, brining you back to your current problem with the cold. 

You are seated just to the left of Bard on a small box, relaxing as he steers the two of you through the calm waters. Your fingers are freezing and stiff from reduced blood flow, and your nose feels as if it's about to fall off. 

With a glance up at Bard you can tell the weather doesn't bother him quite as much, so you don't bother complaining and instead move to rummage through the covered basket you'd brought with you. 

"The waters are rather calm, why don't you take a seat and come see what I've brought." You state suddenly, tilting your head up to look at him again. 

His gaze flickers to you from the open waters ahead, then back, seemingly considering your suggestion. "As much as I'd love to see what spoils you've brought, I think it would be better if we land first." His eyes flicker to yours then back again, "You can wait 10 minutes, sweetling, can't you?" 

A small, childish pout shows your displeasure, so nudges your knee with his foot to grab your attention. "Come on now, do not look at me like that." He says with a contagious smile. You can't help but to grin back. 

"Fine. I'll be patient." 


His promised time is rather accurate, you find, when not even 15 minutes later he's bringing the boat to shore and tying it down firmly. 

Once he's done securing the vessel, he steps back in and settles into a crouching position in front of you. "Alright, now show me what you've got there." 

Despite your stiff fingers you still manage to open up the basket rather quickly from excitement to present your items. 

Inside the basket you stored a newly baked loaf of bread, various fruit pastries, some seasonings and spices, and, finally, some fancy butters and spreads you managed to snag from a woman the other day who traded you for a few things from your shop. 

Once he registers all the things in the basket he looks up at you in shock. "I cannot possibly accept all of this!" 

You narrow your eyes at his bafflement and reach over to pinch his cheek. "Well, you don't let me pay you, and I know that your children love my baking. If you refuse to accept my gift then I will only bring it by your house later on." 

Reluctantly you release his cheek, his face is much warmer than your own and it feels nice on your frozen fingertips, and smooth your hands down your skirt to flatten out the waves. 

"The warmth you provide my bed at night is appreciation enough, but if you still think you're lacking then by all means come and show me how thankful you are again." He tells you slyly, a smirk on his face as he wraps one of his arms around your waist.

Your face heats up at the very clear implications behind his words, though it's true, and playfully smack his arm. "You absolute scoundrel! You're corrupting me, I swear." 

He laughs good-naturedly and releases you, moving to sit with his back leaning against the side of his ship.

The basket creaks as he lifts it up and places it on his lap, it seems he's no longer rejecting your gift, to look through the assortment of pastries and condiments you gave him. 

While he sorts through your basket you look down at your hands and flex your fingers to try and increase the blood flow, frustrated at how the cold almost burns you. The cold even seeped in through the thick material of your jacket, though to be fair to it's quality, you are wearing a rather thin blouse. 

You open and close your fist a few times, then reach up and unbutton the first few buttons of your jacket. Then you shove your hands down your shirt and curl your frosty fingertips under your breasts and have your thumbs press against your palms. 

The stark contrast in temperature of your hands versus your chest makes you squeeze your eyes shut for a second, but it doesn't last long so you look back over at Bard who is, now, looking at you with a weird look on his face. 

His gaze drops to where you've situated your hands, and you glance down as well. 

"My hands are cold." You say shyly, returning your attention back to his face. 

He raises an eyebrow at you in questioning, but doesn't verbally respond. 

"Oh come on, I'm not trying to seduce you by warming up my fingers. It's warm in here and I am not ashamed of my nature-given hand warmers." You grumble, still quite embarrassed despite your words insisting otherwise. 

Bard moves the basket to rest on the ground again and scoots forward, "If you're so cold then allow me to warm you up." He suggests mischievously, clearly teasing you.

"No thank you, I'm quite content with what I've got here." You reply, lifting your hands a bit to jostle your shirt.

"If it's as warm as you say, then I would like a try." Comes his arbitrary request. 

Your face heats up at the nonchalant way he says this, and while the warmth is nice, you're still quite flustered. "You would l-like a try?" You stutter out, watching that devilishly handsome smirk appear on his face. 

"That's what I said." 

Gosh, his confidence is sexy. 

You drive that thought away quickly, slipping your hands out of your tucked in blouse and letting them drop to your lap. 

His eyes follow the movement of your hands, then looks at your face again expectantly. 

"Fine. But if you pull anything I will take that basket and tell your children not to allow you to have even a crumb." Your threats only make him chuckle, and you can't help but to smile in return. 

He wraps his hands around your waist and tugs your towards him, turning you so your back presses against his chest and you're seated between his legs. 

First, he wraps his arms around your shoulders and crosses his wrists, simply messing with the fabric of your blouse for a few moments. 

You grasp the bodice of your shirt and pull it forward, dipping your head down briefly to invite him in already. And he takes that invitation swiftly.

He pushes his hands into your shirt and you shift around at the temperature difference (though you were expecting it). His right hand rests on your left breast, and his left hand lays on the opposite. 

Now, you'd never admit it verbally or anything, but you actually quite like it. The cold contrast of his palms pressing into your heated skin creates a whole new sensation you're not used to, and the strength you know those hands have only make the gentleness of his hold so much sweeter. 

You bend your knees and press them against your blouse and hand clad chest, then lay your head back against his shoulder. 

His own legs come up and bend at the knees much like your own, but he instead presses his knees into yours and presses you tighter against him while also moving his head down to nuzzle the junction between your neck and shoulder. 

The moment is intimate, but in a way that isn't quite sexual despite the current location of his hands and the way he presses his nose against your neck. 

The two of you sit just like that for who knows how long, and you love every second of it. Though eventually you simply have to ask, "Are you hands warm yet, my dear?" 

He doesn't reply right away, and for a moment you wonder if he's fallen asleep, but a gentle squeeze of you bosom tells you that he is, in fact, very much awake. 

"What did I say about funny business, Bard?" You scold, though the annoyance doesn't actually fill your voice. 

His chest practically vibrates against your back as he laughs, and he presses a light kiss to your neck. "Forgive me, I have trouble controlling myself when such a wonderful woman is within my grasp." 

Oh this man is a complete flatterer. 

"I'll allow this infraction to pass, but one more slip up and you'll really be in for it." Once again the threat has no actual success in intimidating him, but that's alright. 

"We should probably get to work, now."

Chapter Text

Samwise Gamgee is a very sweet hobbit. Probably the sweetest one you've ever met in fact, but his virtues don't end there. 

Yes he is sweet, but he's also insanely loyal, very strong (especially for a hobbit), cute, and though he isn't the smartest, he's definitely the strongest-willed. 

What he lacks in wit he makes up for in righteousness and character. If someone were so much as to lose a small coin, he'd return it in no less than a day. 

There is also the fact that he's basically the opposite of arrogant and haughty, quite an attractive quality if someone were to ask you.

All of these things are what led you to, ultimately, falling for him. But it's quite the shame that the chances of him being interested in you are nearly 0. He had been your friend for as long as you can remember, and you're just that, a friend. He probably sees you as a sister for all you know, and your hair isn't the curliest either. What hobbit man would like a woman without lots of curls? Certainly not Sam. 

At least thats what you think.

You've considered telling him how you feel many times now, but each time you work up the courage it's only broken down again by the little voice in your head whispering your flaws and vices until your worked up nerve becomes nothing more than a memory. 

Now is one of those times. 

You're laying in a large field with Sam at your side, looking up at the passing clouds but not actually seeing them. The only thing you can see are the possible futures in which you confess and everything goes horribly, and he decides he no longer wants to be friends with you. You didn't even really consider that he may actually return your affections, and maybe if you had you would've seen the signs.

You turn your head to look at him, he's laying right next to you, and watch his gaze flicker from cloud to cloud. 

When he feels your gaze focused on him, he turns his head too look back at you. "Y/N? What is it? Have I got something on my face?" He asks, suddenly worried that he's sporting evidence of lunch as face decoration. 

"No, Sam. There was just something I wanted to say but, uh, I forgot what it was." You lie easily, looking back up at the sky to avoid having to stare into those enchanting baby blue eyes of his. 

He doesn't say anything but you can still feel his eyes on you, so you sit up and press your knees to your chest with your arms around them. 

You hear him sit up next to you, and you glance at him from the corner of your eye. 

"Is something bothering you, Sam?" You noticed that he's been acting oddly around you since he saw you at the pub yesterday. 

Instead of answering your question, he asks one of his own. "Do you want to walk through the fields with me? I've got something I'd like to show ya."

"What? Something to... well, alright. You lead the way then." You find his sudden subject change to be quite odd, but you relent nonetheless and fall in step behind him.

The two of you walk around in silence for a little bit until he suddenly stops, turning his head from side to side to look around. You observe him curiously until he finally speaks. 

"Do you see all the flowers?" He asks suddenly, turning to you with a spark of excitement shining in his eyes. 

He always becomes so much more energetic when discussing plants and other things apart of his occupation. It's super cute. 

"Of course I do. I'm not blind." Comes your rather dry reply. 

Sam flushes and rubs the back of his curly head sheepishly. "Right, sorry. W-What I meant is, do you know the different flowers?" 

You shake your head no, "I don't." 

"Right, well you see a lot of them may look similar but there are actually at least 10 different types of flowers here." He pauses and walks forward, leaning down to pluck on of the purple blooms. "This here is lavender and this-" he pulls out another similar looking purple flower, "is verbena." 

Sam puts them together and hands them to you, then starts picking more flowers. "We've also got lilac, narcissus, poppies, and some iris. None of these really look the same and they all have different meanings too."

He holds out the poppy to you, and you take it in your hand with the other flowers. "The poppy means sleep, and peace." He then hands you the narcissus, "This means rebirth and renewal," next is the iris, "The different colors of iris have different meanings, but these here blue ones mean faith and hope." Sam suddenly hesitates, looking down at the magenta bloom clutched in his hand. He glances up at you and hands it to you more hesitantly, "Lilac is one of my favorites. The meanings vary by color as well, and magenta means passion and l-love." 

You accept the lilac as embarrassment warms your face, and you look down at the pretty blossoms of lilac. "I can see why you like it... it's beautiful in meaning and appearance."

Sam puffs up with pride, but the smile suddenly drops from his face. "I bet your boyfriend doesn't know so much about flowers..." 

Well that was random. 

You blink rapidly as you try to process what he just said to you, "B-Boyfriend!?" You ask incredulously, staring at him like he's just grown two heads. 

"Oh don't act so coy about it, I saw you two together." He doesn't sound mad, but he surely does look really upset. 

"No, Sam I don't have a boyfriend. Where on earth did you get that idea?" His eyebrows furrow at your declaration of being single, though he doesn't seem very believing of it. 

"If you've got no boyfriend then who was that guy with you at the pub yesterday? The one who was... kissing you and stuff." It sounded like he hated the idea of you kissing someone else, and for the first time since you realized your feeling for this here Gamgee, you feel a spark of hope. 

"Oh god, you mean that fool Halfred Took? He's always trying to kiss me and I was caught off guard yesterday is all!" You're not quite shouting, but you're definitely embarrassed that he'd ever think you'd fall into the arms of that half-wit Hal. 

A tense silence falls over the two of you until he suddenly blushes a bright red. "O-Oh." It seems he's at a loss for words. 

You narrow your eyes at him, observing how he squirms under your scrutinizing gaze. "What's really going on here, Gamgee?" A hint of suspicion edging at your tone. He really is acting very weird, and you're determined to get to the bottom of it. A hopeful part of you is already speculating what the answer is. 

"Oh gosh, this is so embarrassing..." He grumbles, looking at the mini bouquet of flowers in your hand. "I didn't mean to offend ya, Y/N, I guess I was just being...jealous." It seems that this admittance isn't an easy one. 

"Jealous?" You repeat slowly, a feeling of excitement shooting through you. 

A loud sigh is his immediate response as he nods his head. "I didn't want to tell you like this." 

"Tell me what?" You inquire eagerly, taking a step towards him. 

The soft breeze keeps you cool and blows your hair gently to the side, and the suns rays light you up perfectly, Sam suddenly realizes. This vibrant lighting accentuates your very kissable pink lips, and your bright eyes positively glow before him. A surge of confidence shoots through him, and before he can talk himself out of it he grasps your hand not holding the flowers and presses it against his chest. 

"That... that I love you, and I have for a long time." His gaze meets yours, but his sudden moment of courage is quickly waning, "And I know you may not feel the same way, but-" 

You don't give him a chance to complete that thought, because you drop the flowers and pull him closer by his shirt, pressing your forehead against his. "Stop talking." 

His adam's apple bobs when he swallows nervously, but he nods and doesn't say anything more. 

The next thing he knows, your lips are pressed against his and your eyes are shut, and he simply can't help but to follow suit. 

Chapter Text

Traveling during the days is rather easy for the most part. 

All you really have to do is keep an eye out, not fall off your ride, and follow the group. If there's conflict you hide in the middle of the group, and joining in on pleasant conversations is basically second nature. 

These things are all a cinch. Easy as pie. Simple. 

What isn't so simple, is staying warm at night when your little body simply refuses to retain heat. 

Your body just doesn't stay warm all that easily, and as frustrating as it is you certainly can't complain about it because it's your choice. You prefer not to sleep in the middle of the group despite the persuasion of the others.

"It's safer." They insist.

"It's so much warmer." They assure.

"It's quieter." They promise. 

"We won't bother you."  They lie.

On night one you knew that there is no way you'd be able to stand another night in the midst of this pile of dwarves. Bilbo shared much of the same sentiments, too. So the both of you sleep together at the end of the group, but he doesn't need the warmth like you do. And, believe it or not, Bilbo Baggins is also a horrible blanket hog. 

Now, you've only actually slept next to Bilbo, Dori and Nori, and Bofur so you don't know if all of their sleeping habits are the same, but you simply cannot afford multiple sleepless nights in a row. 

Only that's exactly what you've got now that the air has turned icy and the ground frozen as the nights get colder and colder the deeper you get into winter. 

The cold was bearable at first because the beginnings of winter aren't usually that bothersome, but after the first week it really began to freeze.

It was at this time you began to share your sleeping space with Bilbo, and though the first two nights of sleeping next to the hobbit were nice, he didn't take long to show his true colors. In the middle of the third night, you awoke to the feeling of your warm covers being literally ripped off of you. One look to the right told you that it was Bilbo who had done it, and unconsciously too. 

No matter how hard you pulled on that blanket or how vigorously you shook him, you simply could not get him to let it go. So you eventually gave up and lay there on the freezing ground with nothing to cover you other than the chilly air. 

This went on for another week. 

Eventually you reached your breaking point, though, and explained to Bilbo as kindly as you could that you think your sleeping arrangement is going to have to end. He actually seemed kinda bummed about it and asked you why. 

"But you get so cold at night, what's prompting you to leave?" 

"I don't know if you've noticed, my dear Bilbo, but your sleeping habits are going to be the death of me. Every morning I wake up nearly frozen through, so while I very much enjoy sleeping next to you I'm afraid I just can no longer handle it when it's so cold." You reach up and place your hand on his shoulder, smiling sympathetically. "I hope that isn't too harsh. Once the heat returns, though, I'll be back." 

At the end of your explanation Bilbo is smiling, so you assume that you haven't hurt his feelings and go about the rest of your day. Little did you know, the two princes were eavesdropping not too far back. 


When night falls once more and the sun is replaced with the white light of the moon, Thorin calls for everyone to stop and set camp for the night. 

You assist Gloin and Bofur in securing the ponies as part of your nightly duties, then move on to your things which you'd settled against near a tree off to the side and further from the fire than you'd like. 

Before long Bombur has some soup cooking in his large pot, and the smell wafts over to your sleeping area. 

Not 10 minutes later is said dwarf calling for everyone to come get their food, but you decided to wait until everyone has got their before going to get your own to avoid the hassle. 

Two pairs of feet disrupt your meal time, and when you look up to see who belongs to those feet, you smile. It's Fili and Kili, and they've both got their dinner in hand as well as an extra bowl held in Kili's other hand. 

"Hello, boys. What can I do for you?" You ask, moving to stand up. 

You're stopped when Fili places his free hand on your shoulder and urges you to sit back down. "We just came to eat with you, is all. We brought you a bowl as well." The older brother explains.

Suspicion makes you look between the two of them distrustingly before you zero in on the food that Kili is holding. "What did you do to it?" Your approach to this is wary, for you're not entirely certain that they wouldn't mess with your food just to prank you. 

"You think we would mess with your food? I'm hurt that you think we're stupid enough!" Kili exclaims with a good-natured laugh. 


You sigh and pat the spots next to you, "Well, sit down then. But I'm warning you, any funny business and I'll skin you both." Your delivery isn't the most threatening you will admit, but it was meant as more of a joke anyways.

The two dwarves settle on either side of you and Kili hands you the extra bowl, and the rest of dinner goes in comfortably with nice conversations and lots of joking around. 

Eventually, though, the soup is all gone, bellies are full, eyes are droopy, and it's time for lights out. 

When Fili and Kili left that ever present cold returned, so you burrow into your bedroll and cover your head with your blanket in hopes of warding off the mid-night chills. Like you expected though, it does very little. 

You don't know how much time passes, but pretty soon you're more focused on warming up than you are on actually sleeping. For a split second you even regret your decision not to sleep next to Bilbo anymore. 

At some point your teeth begin to clack together upon their own accord, and you've since pressed your knees to your chest and wrapped your arms around them in hopes of keeping all of your heat centered. The cold has also decreased blood flow to your fingers, toes, and face, so everything has begun to feel frigid and stiff. It's gotten to the point where all simple movements are a chore. 

Right as you're about to accept your fate of becoming an ice cube, there is movement somewhere just in front of you. 

You're alert right away, but, not wanting to notify whoever it is that you're awake, you don't immediately jump into action. Instead, you grasp a part of your blanket and slowly tug it down to catch a glimpse of the intruder. 

But it's no intruder at all. Rather, you're met with two handsome faces hovering over you less than 5 inches away. You jump and pull your blanket back over your head reflexively, startled at how close they were (how did they move so quietly??). 

Quite chuckles register just above you and it successfully makes you huff indignantly. 

You reach up and pull your blanket back down, glaring up at the pair of them suspiciously much like before. "W-What are you two planning?" You stutter out despite trying to appear cross. The chattering of your poor teeth is just too strong to stop with speech, apparently. 

They look at each other and have a silent exchange instead of answering you, and when it seems that they've come to a conclusion they both straighten up. 

So you try again. "Hey, whatever shenanigans you're getting up to I want no part of." 

Still they do not answer. 

Verbally at least. 

Before you can even open your mouth to demand acknowledgement again Fili is at your feet and Kili has moved behind you. You try to sit up but a pair of arms coming up beneath your armpits and hands grabbing your ankles halt your movements. 

You almost complain, but Fili's hands are really damn warm on your icy ankles and- holy shit these two are strong. 

They lift you up like you're nothing and walk you over towards where their things are, still offering no explanation to their antics might I add, and moments later you're being lowered to the ground gently to lay between their things. You almost get up to return to your things, almost, but when Kili walks back over and grabs all your belongings and brings them over, you realize you just don't care enough. And they've already succeeded in kidnapping you away from your cold patch of ground anyway, and their patch of floor is much warmer than your own. 

You don't really know what you were expecting when they came over and 'woke you up' and literally carried you over to their area, but when Kili settled down to your right and Fili did the same at your left, suffice to say Y/N.exe has stopped working. 

Warmth spreads to your cheeks as you look back and fourth between the two, meeting their eyes each time you turned to look at the other and vise versa. 

"Did we startle you?" Fili asks suddenly, amusement sparkling in his pretty blue eyes. 

You just nod dumbly, looking at him silently as you try to process what the hell is going on. 

Then Kili speaks up, "We've shocked her dumb." It's meant as a joke, you know, but yeah he's not wrong though. 

"I'm not used to being ambushed like that. Especially by two handsome princes who are constantly pranking everyone else." You reply evenly despite your horrid mixture of embarrassment, flattery(?) and incredulity. 

"Aw, she thinks we're handsome." Fili speaks up again. 

Oh god did you actually say that part out loud?

They laugh again.

Shit you didn't say that in your head either.

You shake your head quickly and pull your blanket up to just under your chin. "W-Well, why did you bring me over here anyways?" An attempt to be nonchalant is made on your part, but you don't really think it's working. 

"Isn't it obvious? You're cold, and we are quite warm. Just because we like jokes doesn't mean we'll let the cutest member of our group freeze in the night." God the way Kili says that is so natural it's almost like he isn't complimenting you in an obvious attempt to fluster you. 

"Aye, Kili's got it exactly right. And there is no recollection of you saying you want us to bring you back, so..." 

Ah, now you get it.

They may have brought you over here by force, but they by no means intend to make you stay if you don't wish. 

Who knew they are actually total sweeties behind... nah you knew that the whole time. 

Deciding that their explanation was good enough, you look back up at the sky and lay your arms by your sides. "I'll accept that. But I'm not getting any warmer over here by myself." You state in an attempt to be confident. 

You only fluster yourself with your words though, and when a blush settles across your face again, they decide to poke and prod at your cheeks. 

"She's gone and made herself blush." Wow, great observation Fili. It's not like it's obvious or anything. 

"Okay, okay, we shouldn't bother her anymore. I'd hate to see her explode... or leave." Kili states in a softer voice than before. 

It seems they've had their fill of teasing you (finally), because you're suddenly being engulfed by two strong (WARM) pairs of arms. 

Fili, who is still at your left, turned onto his side and wiggles his right arm beneath your head and ushers your head to rest on his shoulder. Then he moves his not-pinned arm to lay on your stomach, curled so his hand lies on your sternum, between your breasts. It's not a sensual touch in the slightest, and the heavy weight there makes you feel protected.

Meanwhile, Kili has also turned onto his side with his heavy arm settled across your midsection. You can feel his chin pressing lightly against the top of your bosom, his head resting on your shoulder as his leg comes up to wrap around your own. His fingers press into the soft flesh of your side, and you release a quite, pleased sigh. Much like Fili, his touches and the placement of his head is in no way meant to be venereal. 

Being wrapped up between Fili and Kili like this makes your heart thump in your chest, and for a few moments you're not sure what to do with your hands of if it's okay to move.

"Relax love, just get comfortable." Kili mumbles muffledly against your chest. 

You try to do as he says and shift around slightly, closing your eyes as you lay your right arm just below Kili's and grasp his hand while simultaneously turning your head to press against Fili's neck because of the access this position gives you to it. 

Right away you're wrapped up in a cozy warmth and two safe embraces, and for the first time since this horrible winter has started, you feel comfortable. 

Sleep came quite easily to the three of you that night, and for the first time since this damn winter settled in, you actually slept through most of the night. 

When you wake, it's still dark and you aren't quite sure what time it is. 

It doesn't seem like anyone else is really awake yet other than Ori, who is on watch and minding his own business like a good boy, so it must mean that you've got a good few hours left to sleep.

You simply stare up at the sky above for a little while, before an obvious weight on your chest comes to your attention when someone moves. 

At some point in the night, Fili removed his arm from behind your head (no doubt because it fell asleep) and it was no tucked beneath him. His left hand had somewhat migrated in the middle of the night and now, instead of on your sternum, his heavy hand, quite literally, is placed on top of your left breast. Thank god it's the left one, though, because it's your favorite. One of his legs is hooked around your left one too.

While you're gazing down at your intertwined legs, you see that your other leg is entrapped as well, stuck between Kili's as he's basically on top of you. 

Kili's head also migrated in the middle of the night so that it's now laying on your sternum between your breasts in place of where Fili's hand was before (now you're beginning to wonder if it really is accidental, I mean come on, both of them?). His right arm is curled around your midsection too, and your right arm is sprawled out off to the side.

Your left hand is no longer clutching Kili's, for instead it simply rests on your stomach. 

Slowly you lower your head back to the ground, allowing your eyes to slip shut once more when they begin to droop. You're much to comfortable, more so than what's good for you probably, and you find that you loathe the idea of getting up any time soon. 

It doesn't take long for sleep to get ahold of you again, and when it does, you're basically dead to the world. 


The next time you wake up, it's not a natural occurrence. 

Movement and soft whispers bombard your senses, and, wanting to things to stay as they were, you whine and mumble a quiet, "Shh... 'm tryin' to sleep..." 

The shifting stops right away and silence ensues once more.

Right when you're at the edge of sleep again, though, you feel something gentle sliding down your cheek and another 'something gentle' caressing your arm. 

With a quiet sigh, you open your sleepy eyes and release a big yawn, eyes watering from the action. 

The first thing you see is Fili's face hovering above yours and his hand gently rubbing your cheek. You glance down and are met with soft brown eyes looking up at you with an expression you've never seen on that face before. His fingers are gently stroking the cool skin of your arm, and it successfully causes goosebumps to spread across your arms and legs. 

You break eye contact when heat begins to spread to your face, and you look back up at Fili who was watching you the whole time. 

"G-Good morning." You stutter out shyly, gaze flickering down to Kili's briefly. 

They both grin at you and reply in unison, "Good morning, Y/N." 

They're whispering, you notice, and with a quick graze of a look around camp you see that only a few early risers have begun to get up for the day, for the sun has only just begun to peek out from the horizon. 

The weight on your chest suddenly disappears, and another face comes up next to Fili's. 

You don't try to get up and instead just look up at the both of them. "Um... hello." You greet again. It seems your brain has ceased all rational functions, because you can't come up with anything witty or sassy to say for once. 

"Hi." Kili whispers back, not seeming amused by your loss for words like he normally would. 

Okay now it's getting kinda weird. 

You reach up slowly and pinch their cheeks in your hands, watching as Fili's nose twitches and Kili straight up glares at you. 

"I guess we haven't broken her after all." Fili muses, sitting back to give you some space. 

You sit up into a seated position once they're both out of your way and you stretch your arms above your head to loosen your tight muscles, squeezing your eyes shut from the effort. You groan softly from the pleasant stretch of your limbs, arching your back slightly to raise your hands higher. Once you're satisfied you allow your hands to drop back to your lap and reopen your eyes, looking between the two who are, still, staring at you. 

A blush unconsciously stains your cheeks again, and you begin to wonder when you've become so self conscious around these two. 

Whatever trance they were in seems to have broken, because suddenly they're both smiling again and moving to gather their things. 

"Now wasn't that much better than freezing to death?" Kili asks, slinging his arm around your shoulders after shoving all of his items at his older brother. 

"Hm, good question," You pause as a bashful smile curls at the corners of your lips, "I'll have to try it again before I can decide." 

Your answer seems to please him, because his grin grows and he looks over at his brother, "What do you think?" 

Fili only rolls his eyes at Kili's antics as he packs your blanket back into your pack for you, "Of course she has to try again, no one can make a decision after only trying something once." 

"Yes, I do suppose you're right, Fee." 

"Of course I am!"

"I wonder what else we can do to shock her?"

Gods these two are going to be the death of you. 

Chapter Text

You like to consider yourself to be rather normal. Simple and not high maintenance. You never ask for more than you need, and in times of hardship your first priority is the rest of the group. Maybe this is what caught their attention in the first place.

Who is 'they', you ask? 

Well Nori and Dwalin of course. 

It started with them offering to carry your things and help you set up your area a night. It progressed with them giving you the best bowls of Bomburs food and setting up their own things nears yours at night. They began to ride next to you during the day to have pleasant conversations with you during the idle and very boring rides. 

At first it was flattering and nice to get so much attention from the two dwarves, but that sweet attention towards you became something more of a rivalry.

The offerings to carry and set up your things became an argument of who asked first. Getting the best portions of stew or soup became a race to who can get an extra bowl faster, and sleeping next to you became a shoving contest night after night. And the nice company you got during rides? Yeah no, it's just a big sporting event with challenges like racing, who can talk to you the longest, and who can impress you the best with jokes or tricks. 

All this attention, while nice at first, is driving you insane. 

These are your exact thoughts as the entire company walks along a path leading to who knows where. 

You're perfectly content to walk alone with just your thoughts, but Dwalin and Nori have other ideas. 

It was Nori who approached you first, a self-pleased smile on his face as he walks alongside you quietly. He's not much of a talker usually, but something about you entices him to run his mouth endlessly, apparently. 

"How are you fairing, lass?" He asks after a bit of silently walking next to each other. 

You glance at him from the corner of your eye, not responding right away. "Well, I'm alright. Rather tired since you and Dwalin decided fighting was more important than letting me sleep." You scold lightly, shifting your bag so it doesn't weigh to heavily on your shoulders. "And what about you, Nori?"

He rubs the back of his messy head sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders once, "I would do better if I knew we weren't botherin' ya." 

Well, at least he has some humility. 

"Thank you for that. But if you really don't want to bother me, then perhaps you should go make up with Dwalin." It's not he most subtle, but it does the trick regardless. 

"M-Make up with that beast? I would rather not. He'll eat me alive if I so much as try to make amends. Give me a different request." Ah, childish as ever. Dwalin acts the exact same when you try to prompt him to be more friendly with Nori. They are just in a constant state of rivalry, over what you're not sure, and it's driving you mad. 

"I tried." You say with a smile, hiding your dissatisfaction behind a pleasant expression.

The two of you continue to speak to each other for quite a while until Dwalin suddenly shows up at your other side. 

You could hear his grumbling from a mile away, and the moment it got closer you knew that this nice dialogue between you and Nori is over. In an attempt to keep things from escalating right off the bat, you turn your attention to the large dwarf and flash him a bright smile. "Dwalin, nice of you to join me. How has your morning been so far?" 

He appears flustered for a moment at your chipper attitude and cute expression, but it passes quickly as another scowl aimed at Nori becomes present. "I just wanted to see what the two of you were talking about, is all." He states gruffly, looking ahead at the others in front of you three. 

"It would be none of your concern, old man." Nori bites out at him harshly, though he does falter when you glare at him. 

"Old man? I'll show you an old man you beardless-" 

You cut Dwalin off by raising your hand in a halting motion. "Alright, that is it. I've tried to get you two to be civil, I've tried smoothing things over, and nothing has worked. I'm done." 

They both look at you in shock, for you usually just sit there and facilitate their arguments rather than getting involved. 

"Done?" They ask at the same time. 

"Yes, done. With the two of you acting like children fighting over a toy, or animals biting each other over a piece of meat. I do not know what you issue is, but I've had quite enough!" Your voice grows louder at the end there, and you can feel several pairs of outside eyes on the three of you. Though you can't find it within you to actually care. 

Without letting them respond, you speed up and go to walk with Balin and Thorin who were taking up the front of the group. They had both stopped their conversation to see what you were yelling about, but from the realization on their faces you could tell they knew exactly what was going on. 

"Is everything alright, Y/N?" Balin asks quietly, a sympathetic expression on his face. 

You nod your head curtly. "Everything is fine. Please don't let me bother you both, I just wish to walk away from those fools for a while, is all." 

They both agree readily, and the rest of the day you ignore Nori and Dwalin quite easily. For each time one or both comes to you, someone else swoops in and pulls you away. 


Once night falls you find yourself almost missing the two bickering dwarves, but when you voiced this to Balin, he only told you to hold out and wait for them to come to you with their apology rather than letting it slide just because you miss their company. 

That push is all you need to set your things up between Bifur and Bombur as opposed to Dwalin and Nori. 

You volunteered to go out and gather some firewood when it came time to make dinner, and set off by yourself to gather all the necessary things. What you hadn't been expecting, was an ambush. 

Suddenly, Dwalin and Nori were both breaking through the underbrush, panting and looking around for you frantically. 

Dwalin spots you first, "There she is!" He exclaims, straightening up immediately to appear more composed. 

You'd dropped all the things you gathered and looked between them quickly, "Oh god, what's happened!?" You cry, dread filling you to your core.

When they hear the distress in your voice, they both panic and Nori yells, "No! Nothing's happened, Mahal we didn't mean to scare you." It seems that they feel bad for freaking yu out, good. 

"Then what's the problem?" This time your voice takes on a more suspicious tone, eyes narrowed as you look between the two of them. 

The two look at each other nervously, back at you, then back at each other again. It seems that they hadn't gotten that far, which, if they were content with scaring you then they should've at least had a script prepared. 

"Well?" Your voice takes on a more annoyed tone, for your patience is wearing thin. 

Nori clears his throat, signifying that he's going to speak first, and says, "Y/N... we're sorry. The both of us." He finishes and nudges Dwalin's side, and the older dwarf nods immediately. 

"Yes, very sorry. We've been acting foolish and a wee bit immature...," you glare at him when he under-exaggerates, and he corrects himself quickly, "Well, more than a wee bit... a lot. Very much. And we caused ya troubles and it wasn't right of us to do." 

Nori nods, "We aren't askin' for yer forgiveness, though it would be nice," Dwalin jabs him in the side for that, "B-But, we have made up and decided we won't be botherin' ya any longer." 

You tilt your head to the side a bit in confusion. "You won't bother me any longer?" You repeat slowly, unsure of what he mean by that exactly. 

"We mean that we'll stay away, and let you have your space." Nori reiterates, though it looked like the words pained him. 

A moment of panic shoots through you, because that is the absolute last thing you want. "W-Wait! That's not what I want." You state loudly, crossing your arms over your chest. 

They both seem taken aback by your declaration. 

"Just because I want you to get along doesn't mean I don't want to be around you," you pause, feeling a bit sad that they would think that you want nothing to do with them. "Did it really seem like I want you to stay away?" It is impossible for you to keep that hint of sadness from your voice.

When they see your face drop and eyes become sad, they begin to panic. 

Nori steps forward quickly and wraps his arms around you, and you return the embrace in kind. Dwalin, not wanting to be outdone, walks over and wraps his arms around you as well, and now you're a dwarf sandwich. Nice. 

You pull away after a minute or so of hugging and look between the both of them, and will you look at that they're both blushing!

"I don't care what you two do as long as you aren't fighting maliciously. Okay?" 

They nod in unison, and it makes you giggle. 

"My silly little dwarves." 

Chapter Text

After you left the chaos, you went somewhere to avoid Thorin. Because let's be real, he isn't going to go out and join the fight as long as that sickness has a hold of him and if you so much as see his face right now you might actually beat the shit out of him. 

He had the audacity to hit you. To raise his hand to you and strike you across the face. 

To say that you're angry would be a gross understatement, but a part of you wonders if all this anger is just a cover for the unimaginably horrible sadness that has encased your heart. 

Thorin locked you away like some damsel in distress, he tried to kill Bilbo, a friend to everyone in the company, he hit you so hard you can feel the beginnings of a bruise forming, and he has, single-handedly, ripped out your heart and squeezed it into nothing. 

You didn't even realize that you had begun to cry until little droplets of water began to drip down from your chin to your lap. With shaky hands, you reach up and begin to gently dab at the wetness on your cheeks and eyes, trying to dispel the moisture for fear of someone stumbling across you like this. 

And stumble across you someone did. 

"Y/N?" Someone breathes your name out in disbelief and concern. 

You don't look to see who it is right away, but when you do you're met with the sweet face of Balin and Fili. An odd pair to see together. 

A mixture of sorrow and worry flash across Balin's aged features and this only succeeds in making you cry harder. 

Absolutely mortified, you lean down and bury your face in your hands to hide away from them. 

You've never cried around any of them before (some of them wonder if you're even capable of tears) and have always put on a mask of strength even in times of deep peril and despair, so to see you so broken and frazzled is somewhat of a shock. 

Balin takes a seat next to you and waves Fili away, and once the eldest nephew of Thorin is gone, he places a hand on your back gently. "Does it hurt that bad, lass?" He asks you in a quiet voice, leaning down to try and peek at your face.

Slowly you drop your hands down and glance at him, whispering, "It isn't my face that hurts, Balin." 

"It's your heart." He seems to understand straight away because his completion of your thought is spot on. 

You nod once, reaching up to wipe at your damp face again. "Yes... How is he doing?" Comes your question in an attempt to ignore your useless sobbing. 

A grimace settles on his face, and that tells you almost all you need to know. "After he realized you were gone and what he'd done, he went on a rampage. It isn't pretty. He sent me and his nephews out to find you." Figures. 

A long sigh leaves you as you nod to show you understand. "And what of the... war?" 

Realization crosses his expression when you ask that, "Oh right, you weren't there to see what had happened... Orcs started coming out of nowhere, thousands of them, and they flooded into the city and began to fight the armies of elves and dwarves. Thorin... is refusing to join the fight." 

It's worse than you originally thought. 

"Will he ever see sense? Is he doomed to be like this for the rest of his days? With the knowledge that he sent his kin to die while he and the rest of us remain cooped up in this broke kingdom with nothing but gold and riches to accompany us?" You pause as tears begin to blur your vision once more, "Am I doomed to be nothing but an accessory to the dwarf I once called friend... the one that I love, forced to watch him deteriorate and wither away...?"

Balin grasps your hand and releases a deep, weary sigh of his own. "My dear, I haven't the answers you seek, nor will I ever have them, but one thing I know for sure is that all hope is not lost." 

You squeeze his hand gently, nodding your head slowly as you listen along. He's right, and simply sitting here crying and hiding from your problems isn't going to solve a damn thing. 

If you're going to prevent the massacre of the dwarves and get your Thorin back, then you're going to have to work for it. Harder than you had been before. 

With a new sense of resolve, you spring to your feet and wipe at your tears again. "I've got to try and fix this... H-He listens to me, albeit poorly. Maybe I can make him see reason this time." 

A smile spreads across Balin's face at your sudden motivation, so he stands and gestures for you to go on ahead. "He's in the throne room, lass." 


When you'd first walked into the throne room Thorin smiled.

Yes, he actually smiled, and it made your heart flutter to see that expression on his face again, but it was quickly replaced with enragement when he took in your disheveled appearance. "What has happened?" He demands angrily, his gaze zeroed in on the nasty bruise on your cheek. 

You were confused at first, unsure as to what he's referring to, "Thorin?" You say his name hesitantly. 

"Your face!" He bellows, jumping up from the throne as if to approach you. 

"M-My face...?" You repeat slowly, fingers reflexively moving up to graze your contusion. "You don't remember?" 

His hardened expression doesn't change, but he does shake his head no. "What are you talking about?" 

Oh god, you really don't wanna open this can of worms, but you know that if you try to breeze over it he's just going to start blaming others. "You did this... W-When you tried to hurt Bilbo." 

There is a long few moments of silence where he says nothing and his expression doesn't change. He's so still, it almost looks as if he's turned into a statue suddenly. 

"I... did that?" He asks slowly and disbelievingly. "No, I wouldn't do something that to you." The denial and frantic tone in his voice nearly breaks your heart, and you feel your eyes begin to burn again. 

"Yes, you did. When I tried to stop you from taking Bilbo, you hit me, and you threw Fili too. How can you not r-remember?" Your voice breaks at the end, so you turn away to look at something else incase the waterworks begin again. 

He is quiet for a long time, so long you begin to think he's not going to say anything at all, but he does eventually speak, "I did that..." He doesn't deny it that time. 

You nod your head, and before you can blink, he's gone.

After your conversation with Thorin you joined the other dwarves who situated themselves amongst the rubble inside the 'front door.' Some of them seemed rather surprised to see you there, but you only met their startled gazes with smiles. 

Balin came to you and asked if everything is okay, but you only nod and tell him to leave it alone. 

It's around an hour or so later when you next see Thorin, and for the first time since you've arrived at this damned mountain, you see clarity in his lovely blue eyes. 

Kili jumps to his feet and walks towards him, "I will not hide behind a wall of stone, while others fight our battles for us! It is not in my blood, Thorin." 

The two share a moment and Thorin says something else, then he turns and walks towards you all.

"I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me, one last time?"

Nobody objected. 


Preparations for going to war pass by rather quickly, but while the bell is being prepared to burst through the gates Thorin approaches you. 

You're apprehensive at first to engage in conversation with him, but he speaks first. 

"The horrible things I've done to earn such a look from you..." He says softly, looking up at you with heavy guilt and a deep sadness which breaks your heart. "I have no right to ask you forgiveness after all I've put you through... but-" 

Your knees his the ground and you wrap your arms around him tightly before he can even finish speaking, your arms wound tightly around his shoulders as you press your face into his neck. 

He returns the embrace in kind, settling his arms to wrap around your waist and pull you closer. You can't see his face, but you can guess that you took him by surprise with the sudden ambush of hugging.

A silence passes through while you just hold onto each other, with you relishing in the feeling of Thorin - the real Thorin - pressed against you rather than looming nearby as he barks orders at people and diminishes you. 

Slowly you pull away, allowing your hands to rest on his shoulders as you gaze into his eyes warmly. "You're a good dwarf, Thorin. I've known this since day one, and no spat or rough time will dampen the loyalty I have to you. I will be with you to the bitter end, that I swear." 

Thorin removes one of the hands resting at your waist and places it on your cheek, allowing his thumb to gently run back and fourth across your cheekbone. "I pray that there is no bitter end for the two of us, my friend. But if today is to be our last day on this earth than I need you to know..." He trails off, seeming to hesitate, "I love you." 

A small smile comes to your face at his admittance, and though it's something you've known for a long time, it still makes your heart soar. 

You press your forehead against his lightly and press a soft, quick kiss to his lips. His own follow yours when you pull back much too quickly for his liking, but you shake your head and press your finger to his mouth. 

"My dear, any more than that and I'll begin to fear that we're saying our goodbyes. There will be plenty of time for this... when the fighting is over." 

You remove your finger from his lips and instead tap his nose once, but instead of grumbling gruffly or rolling his eyes like he usually does, he smiles. 

"Then let us go to battle." 

At some point during the battle you lose sight of Thorin, his nephews, and Dwalin. You haven't a clue as to where they've gone until you see four grand mountain goats climbing the steep rocks of the mountains above. 

You don't move to follow right away like you want to, for there are much too many orcs blocking your path. When you do finally get a chance to head toward the mountain, the battle is nearly over, but that only quickens your ascent of the mountain. 

Reaching the top wasn't too hard, but the sight of all the dead goblin mercenaries worries you. 

There are no other enemies to be seen, but there is also no sign of Thorin or the others. 

You run down a small slope and see a horrible mess; cracked ice, freezing water, blood, dead orcs, and the body of Azog the Defiler. 

A huge smile forms on your face, and you run over towards the area to see if anyone else is around, but still you don't see anything. And then you hear it, the soft sound of someone saying your name. 

You turn so quickly it's a miracle that you don't get whiplash, but the sight that befalls upon you is enough to make your heart stop. 

There Thorin lays in a pile of snow, bloodied and battered with a smile on his face of all things. 

Without hesitation you drop your weapons and go to him, only now noticing Bilbo who is by his side. 

"What has happened?" You ask urgently, hands splaying across Thorin's chest to check for wounds. "No, never mind. Don't tell me what's happened, just go get some 

The hole in his abdomen fills your heart with dread, but you smile nonetheless and gently press your hand against it. "Okay. Okay I can fix this. I can." It sounds more like you're trying to reassure yourself rather than Thorin and Bilbo, but you care not for that. 

You move your arm beneath his back and force him to sit up, still pressing your hand to it. "Elevation and pressure... that is step two, no I can't skip steps...," you trail off and look around frantically, missing the look of pity the hobbit gives you. "Ah, yes, Bilbo give me a piece of your clothing!' 

He hesitates, and, for the first time, you snap at him. 

"Do as I say! Rip me a small piece of your under clothing!" 

This time he listens.

"Y/N... please. Seeing you like this only hurts me more." Thorin says softly, reaching up with weak hands to tuck some of your hair behind your ear. "I do not think this is something you can so easily fix..." 

You shake your head stubbornly as tears begin to blur your vision, gently dabbing at his wound despite his words to clean some of the dirt and dried up blood. "Shut up you foolish dwarf. Just look at me a-and tell me about something," you pause and grasp the hand touching your cheek and place it back at his side, "About anything..."

You begin to work on his wound again, and despite your orders he doesn't say anything. "Fine, then tell me of Dwalin, Fili, and Kili. Where are they?" 

Pain flashes across Thorin's face, and you suddenly regret asking. 

Bilbo speaks for him, though. "Fili... is dead." His voice breaks at the word 'dead', "Dwalin is just above the hills finishing off the Goblins last I saw, and I know nothing of Kili's whereabouts." 

You nod your head once, choking back a sob, then press the cloth Bilbo gives you into his wound on it's clean side. "Help is on the way, my Thorin. And I will stay here until it arrives." 

At the moment you cannot afford to let your sorrows get the best of you, so you keep yourself task oriented for the time being. 


When help does finally arrive, it shows in the form of King Thranduil and Tauriel. They look surprised to see you, but the time for introductions is over. 

"Please...," you call to them softly, eyes pleading and swimming with tears, "Save him." 

The elf king does not need much more prompting. 

Chapter Text

Weekends have always been your favorite time of the week. 

No responsibilities, sleeping in, more time, freedom, the list goes on and on. 

Your weekends are usually spent idly doing things you enjoy, like sleeping, and lot's of stress free activities. 

Not this weekend though, for when you got home after a grocery run, you were met with quite the surprise. 

A total of 8... people? lay strewn about in your living room seemingly unconscious. They are dressed in odd clothes, holding medieval looking weapons, and they look rather raggedy and dirty. Four of them are extremely small, and if it weren't for their older looking faces, you would've thought them to be children. There's also a handsome blond with pointy ears, a short red headed, bearded... man, and two semi-regular looking tall dudes.

Your groceries fall from your arms and land on your carpeted floor, but you barely pay that any mind since you can't seem to tear your eyes away from the pile of people in the middle of your damn living room.

Your floofy white dog Penny is sniffing around them, but she doesn't seem to be alarmed nor agitated by their presence, so that's good at least. She's an excellent judge of character after all. Eventually she settles down next to the tall guy with dark brown hair, and though you don't like that she's next to these strangers, you allow it.

The sound of your things falling to the ground seems to rouse them, and you watch as the man wearing dark clothing with dark hair opens his eyes and groans quietly. At first his eyes scan around the room, then they fall upon you. 

He sits up slowly, still eyeing you as he glances down at his small child-looking friends. A look of relief passes his expression before he looks at you once more, saying nothing while the rest of his merry band of crazies begin to sit up.

This is supposed to be your fucking day off, and this shit happens? A bunch of renaissance weirdos laying in your house, making your clean carpet dirty. 

"You know what, no." You state loudly, successfully startling the dark haired man, "This is my weekend off, and I am not dealing with this. Whatever this is." 

You turn on your heel and begin picking up your groceries, though you remain vigilant incase one of them intends to try something. 

Once you've gathered all your discarded things you stand again and look behind you, seeing that most of them are on their feet and looking at you and your home as if you're some alien in a structure unknown to them. You quickly look forward again and go to your kitchen, placing everything on your counters while you try to decide how the hell you're going to deal with this. 

You look over your counter at the still staring people and ask slowly, "Does... anyone want a snack?"

Two of the small blonde men perk up when you say 'snack', so you take that as a yes and begin preparing apples, celery, and peanut butter for everyone to eat. 

By the time you're done cutting up the apples you've only got two left, but you just sigh and bring out a tray with the snack and place it on the coffee table. 

The two blond... boys? run over to it immediately, but are halted by a sharp "No." from the brown-haired guy. 

Said brown-haired guy is looking at you distrustfully, and you feel your blood begin to boil with his distrust (even though HE is in YOU home). 

"Okay dude, I get you don't know me or whatever but you guys literally broke into my house, so if anyone is supposed to be cautious here it's me. M. E. Me. I'm offering your... children...? Adult babies? Boys? Food, and damnit if they want it then they're gonna eat it." Your little outburst gets you several shocked looks, but you're so FUCKING tired, you've just got no energy to deal with this. 

"We 'broke into your house'?" He repeats slowly, "I have no recollection of our relocation to your... house, and I've never seen someone of your caliber, nor a place so... odd, before. So forgive me if I am skeptical of our suspiciously willing host." His voice is dripping with sarcasm, and it successfully ruffles your self control. 

"Now you listen here Mr. Broody, I'm not about to get sass in my own home. By god if Penny didn't seem to love you so much I would vaporize you where you stand!" Big talk for such a small person, yes, but you stand by your statement. 

Only you don't get the reaction you were expecting, because suddenly everyone looks horrified. 

"You can do that?" One of the small blond boys(?) gasps, scooting closer to his look-alike. 

The guy you were mouthing off to grabs the hilt of his -is that a fucking sword?!- weapon and steps in front of the small guys. The tall blond dude, other actual human, and short ginger haired man do the same, and suddenly you feel a lot less satisfied. 

"Woah there fellas, It's a figure of speech!" You say quickly, raising your hands in a surrender motion. 

Penny senses your sudden distress, so she bounds over to you and presses her nose against your knee in a way meant to gather your attention. You glance down at her and visibly relax before looking back up at the still tense men in front of you. 

"Tough crowd..." You reach down slowly and pat Penny's head, watching as their eyes follow your movements. "Okay, look. I'm not going to like, poison you or whatever you're afraid of. How about we start with introductions, hm?" 

The same guy from before nods his head slowly (it seems he's the leader here) and tells you a little hesitantly, "I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. A Ranger, also known as Strider by most." 

What in the ever loving hell did he just say?

You can't even stop the laughter from bellowing out of you, because this is just so god damn ridiculous and completely baffling. You grasp your stomach and double over with laughter while everyone else just watches silently and confusedly.

Eventually your laughter begins to subside when your sides start to hurt, so you stand up a bit straighter and wipe a tear from the corner of your eye, "Ahaha, ah... wow that's good. But really though, I'm not looking for stage names bud, I'm being serious here."

This 'Aragorn' doesn't seem to find it as funny as you do. "Stage names? No, I believe you are misunderstanding."

The smile on your face drops and you suddenly don't find it as funny either. "So... your name is actually Aragorn then?" Well, maybe not all of them have weird names, "Right, then what about the rest of you?" 

The other guy who looks like an actual human speaks up next, "I am Boromir, son of Denethor and Captain of Gondor." Oh heck. 

Blondie comes up next, "I am Legolas from the woodland realm."

Shortie #1, "Gimli Son of Gloin." 

The small dark haired man child comes forward, "I am Frodo Baggins, and these are my friends Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took, and Meriadoc Brandybuck." 

"What the-" you pause and cover Penny's ears, "Fuck is all of this?" 

It seems your actions amuse the taller dudes because their stand-offish demeanors diminish as they seem to deem you harmless (I mean who covers their dogs ears when cursing? Clearly you're pathetic).

"I'm afraid I don't know what to tell you." Mr. Aragorn states. 

"Well, start with where you come from, maybe?"

They all share a look before 'Legolas' states, "We come from Middle Earth and have just traveled through the Mines of Moria." 

You literally don't know what any of that means.

"Well, alright. Right now, I can tell you that you're on Regular Earth and in my living room." You don't mean to be so sarcastic, but both the functional and rational parts of your brain are failing you big time, "Do you know how you got here?" 

You get 8 respective no's, and while you expected that, it's no less frustrating. "Shoulda seen that one coming, I guess." 

The Gimli character looks you up and down and asks in his gruff voice, "And what about you, you've not told us who you are." 

"Oh, right, my bad. I'm Y/N, and this cutie," you reach down and pick up Penny's front paws from the ground and wave them at the group, "Is Penny. She is the softest, sweetest, and cutest doggo you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Disrespect her and there will be consequences." 

You stand back up and pat Penny's head, watching as they all nod their understanding and appear rather nervous suddenly.

"That was also a joke."

Most of them relax.

You tap your foot a few times and seem to think over your options, looking away from them and out the window. 

Clearly there is something very wrong going on here, so you can't just throw them out, but at the same time you don't have enough energy to deal with this today. And there's the very real possibility that they could be psychos. But there's also the fact that they seem to be a little worse for wear, some of them have puffy eyes, and is that blood?  Their disheveled and tired appearances tug at your heart strings, and you find yourself wanting to help them. 

"Okay, against my better judgement I have decided that I'm going to welcome the lot of you into my house until we can figure out what the hell is going on here." This seems to surprise Aragorn and his two tall besties. "I don't know why... but something is telling me that I should help you out, so I guess that's what I'm going to do."

Two of the small blond ones smile brightly, but you haven't finished yet. 

"But!" Their smiles drop and everyone seems rather serious again, "If any of you try anything funny or start any trouble, I will kick all of you out. I don't know any of you, and you all have weapons. So if I'm gonna let you stay then you're going to have to behave."

"Miss Y/N, you do not have to-" Aragorn begins, but you put up your hand and shake your head. 

"It's fine. Just please don't break anything, and if Penny wants head pats you had better give them to her." 

It seems your rules are fair enough, because you get 8 more head nods.

The two small people attack the snack you made finally, and you find that you can't help but to laugh a bit. 

A thought then strikes you, "Oh!" 

Everything pauses and every looks at you again, more alert, but you just roll your eyes at how on edge they are.

"I was just going to say that I have two bathrooms is anyone wants to wash up."

Chapter Text

Life isn't fair. 

That's a line that you've been fed your entire life. And while there is much truth to this little phrase, it still irks you. 

Why can't everyone be happy sometimes instead of there always being a win-lose situation? Why does the last cookie always have to go to the youngest? Why do parents never do the dishes? Why can't the universe just sway in your freaking favor every now and then? 

What are you referring to, exactly?

Well, Kili of course. 

That irritably witty, foolish, oblivious, absolutely perfect dwarf who you may have fallen head over heels in love with. 

To say that he is yours wouldn't be fair, because realistically he doesn't belong to anyone, but still. How is it fair and just that other dwarrowdam's can just walk up to him and flirt with him when they probably know for a fact that he is TAKEN? Taken! By you! Because he is, ultimately, yours. 

Okay, yes, the courtship isn't exactly public, actually, so these giggling floozies don't actually know that you've got dibs, but surely your glare should be enough to ward these vultures away, right?!


Rule number one of being in love; don't expect others to get the hint, or abide by said hint if they do get it. 

Watching him walk through the party hall being so oblivious to the obvious attempts to gain his attention makes your blood boil, because how can he be so damn thick in the head? 

You are seated at a small table near the back of the part hall, gripping your mug of ale so tightly your knuckles being to turn white. Your teeth are clenched too, and your foot has began to tap irritably against the stone floor as yet another dwarrowdam waltzes up to him and begins to flirt, pushing on the bosom of her dress to create a better view of her assets. 

Why do they all do this? Why do they all think that he's shallow enough to fall for someone based on something as trivial and irrelevant as breasts? And why can't they see from his blatant refusal of dancing and 'getting out of here', is a sign that he's not interested? 

Of course, to be fair to those ladies, you aren't exactly doing anything to stop them or show that you've claimed his heart, so while seething is all cool and nice, you're just as guilty for being a bystander. 

You suppose the real reason for your raging jealousy would have to be the fact that you aren't all that sure that he won't leave you if someone better comes along. From what you've seen tonight he's got plenty of wonderfully beautiful ladies ready to throw themselves at him, but he's bound himself to you. Unimpressive, only slightly attractive, and high maintenance you. 

Now if someone were to ask Kili if he believed these things, he'd probably punch them and then himself for not making you feel better about yourself, but that's exactly why you don't share these feelings you have with him. There is no doubt in your mind that he will blame himself, and you really don't want that. 

Thorin wandered over to you eventually when he noticed you sitting all by yourself, brooding and looking glum, so he took a seat next to you and looked you over. "Why are you not enjoying the festivities, Y/N?" He asks you curiously, glancing at your barely touched drink and clenched fists. 

You don't reply right away, still looking at Kili from across the room. "I'm not feeling very well at the moment is all, my King."

His gaze follows yours and he seems to understand right away when his eyes fall upon his ever dense nephew. "My nephew is what's troubling you." He states, not asking for he already knows the answer to this question. "Kili is the center of many dwarrowdam's thoughts, and if they aren't told outright that he is spoke for, they will never cease their advances...," he continues to look at Kili, then adds, "And he is naturally someone who does not see the hidden motivations behind all of this attention, so he acts friendly and responds to their flattery without even knowing that he leads them to believe he is interested." 

Yes, that sure sounds like Kili alright. "I know he means not to trouble me or appear unfaithful, but sometimes I wonder if there is more he could gain from another lady." You don't know why, exactly, you share that dark part of your mind with Thorin, but his easy understanding of how you're feeling just makes it simple for you. 

Thorin looks at you when you voice your doubt, and, surprisingly, he smiles and chuckles in disbelief, "Oh my dear, if only you were to hear the way he speaks of you in the company of others. I do not believe I've ever heard anyone speak so fondly of anything, save Bombur when we discuss meal plans."

"W-What do you mean?" You ask nervously, trying to ignore the way your heart flutters in your chest. 

"I mean that my nephew has eyes for only one dwarrowdam, and if he were to know how his unconscious actions are affecting you then he would certainly douse any doubts your mind may harbor." He says it with such confidence that you can't help but to believe him. 

"Mahal, you're right... but there isn't much I can do about it." 

A knowing look crosses across Thorin's face before he leans in a bit closer, "And that is where you're wrong. To mend this negativity festering in your mind, you simply need to speak with him." 

He doesn't give you a chance to respond or give any excuses why opening dialogue with him is a bad idea, for he simply stands from his seat and saunters away. 

Deep down you know Thorin's proposed solution is right, but the thought of actually confronting your problems makes you cringe internally. 

Right as you begin to consider not talking to him and leaving instead, he makes his way over to you with his usual cute smile on his face. 

You return his energetic grin with a more half-hearted simper and immediately feel bad when his joy melts from his face in wake of a concerned expression. 

Kili claims the seat Thorin had been using, and he doesn't hesitate in grasping your hand and pulling it to rest in his lap. "Y/N? Why do you look so troubled?" 

"Nothing, my love, I'm perfectly fine." You think that you sound rather convincing. 

"I cannot explain what it is, but something's telling me that's not true." Damn, he can see right through you. "You're sagging your shoulders and your eyes are all droopy and sad. And don't think for a moment that I didn't see that frown before I came over here." 

He may be dense and a bit foolish, but he is extremely perceptive and by no means an idiot. 

You know he won't let this go until you admit what's wrong, so you stand and gesture for him to follow you. 


You led him out of the crowded party hall and walk for a little ways in silence, both trying to find the words you're going to say and also wanting to get far away from prying eyes and open ears. 

When you finally stop, the two of you are standing in a long hall behind one of the grand pillars of the mountain. 

Kili looks at you expectantly and with no small amount of tender warmth, and while it feels amazing to be looked at so fondly, you can't help but to look away. 

"I...," you begin slowly, still not exactly sure how to tell him. 

The seconds tick by while you search for the proper thing to say, and Kili notices your growing distress. 

He reaches forward and grasps both your hands, thus drawing your gaze to his face. "You don't have to tell me if you do not wish. I won't force you to." 

Ugh, that only makes it harder. 

"I know, and I thank you for that, but even if I don't want to, this is something I should share with you." It's hard forcing yourself to approach a topic when your brain is so wildly against it, but you proceed nonetheless. "I care about you so, so much." You begin. 

He smiles brightly at your opener and squeezes your hands, though you can see a spark of worry shining in his ever bright, inviting eyes. 

"I have for a long while now, and I know that I hold your heart, but I cannot help the way I feel sometimes when..." you trail off, finding it harder and harder to admit that you've been feeling inadequate, "When I see those other dwarrowdam's practically throwing themselves at your feet, making eyes, touching you... i-it does things to my heart and makes me feel... things. Bad things." 

Kili opens his mouth to respond, but you cut him off quickly when you slip your hand from his and press it against his mouth to silence him. 

"I'm not finished." 

He nods his head once in understanding and waits. 

"Sometimes I feel as if you could find someone much better than I. Someone richer, or more noble... someone prettier and tougher who can give you what you need." You drop your hand from his mouth and look down at your feet, feeling shame begin to burn your face, "I just want you to myself... and I know that's selfish and that it probably upsets you, but I cannot help how I feel when they do things like that." 

You don't look back up at him and continue to hang your head, waiting for his harsh response or annoyed reaction to your strange behavior.

Only you get neither of those things. 

He grasps your chin firmly between his thumb and pointer finger and raises your head so you can look at him. 

When your eyes meet, you see no sign of irritation or disgust, only that same tender look he gave you from before. "Amrâlimê*, why do you look at me like that? Did you think I would be upset?" He asks you quietly, allowing the hand holding your chin to slide up and cup your cheek. *my love

You nod your head once and glance away briefly, shamefully. 

"Hey, look at me." He urges in that same soft voice, "I could never be angry with you over something like this, especially when it's my fault."

Kili presses his forehead against yours, looking into your eyes while his thumb smooths across your cheekbone. "You know I love you, right? Only you." 

He looks so different as his eyes focus upon you, as if everything else has disappears, like you've hung the moon and put all the stars in the sky single handedly. An expression of pure adoration is the only way you can describe his countenance at the moment, and just like that you feel all of your insecurities about your relationship begin to melt away. "Yes, I do. And I love you, Kili, more than anything." 

A smile spreads out on his face again, one much brighter than before that succeeds in making your knees feel weak and heart pound in your chest.

You wrap your arms around the back of his neck suddenly and pull him up against you, smashing your lips against his. 

His arms grasp your hips to keep you from falling into him and to stabilize you, but he positively melts into you and returns the harsh kiss just as passionately. 

One of his hands slides up to entangle itself into your hair, and the hand remaining at your waist tugs you impossibly closer. He spins the two of you around after a few heated moments and presses your back against a pillar, relishing in the feeling of you pressed up against him and running your fingers through his messy brown hair. 

His mouth opens and he slides his tongue against your bottom lip, tugging at your hair to urge you to grant him access. 

There is no hesitation from you in opening your mouth and letting his hot muscle press against yours, softly groaning at the slightly rough treatment of your hair. 

Spurred on by your pleased noises of content he lets his hand fall from your, now, unruly locks and grasps the bottom of one of your thighs, pulling upward slightly in a wordless plea for you to wrap your legs around him. 

You do just that, pushing off of the ground and crossing your legs around his waist. The feeling of his ever present excitement presses into your bottom, and, much to Kili's dismay, you pull back before the moment can progress any further.

He tries to follow your lips to reconnect with you, but you turn your head quickly so he ends up kissing your cheek instead. 

He releases a very unmanly whine and reaches up to turn your head back, but you only shake your head.

"K-Kili, we're in the middle of a hallway..." 

Slowly, he lets you return to your feet, however he does not step back, and the fire in his eyes has not yet extinguished. His hair is tousled and clothes disheveled, and the way he looks at you as if he's dying to just eat you up sends electricity through your veins and heat straight to your nether regions, but you refuse to yield to your desires in the middle of a walkway. 

As sexy as Kili is, though, no look or dirty phrase can change your mind. Also, what he does next is like, the complete opposite of provocative and seductive. 

"Just let me love youuu." He says, dragging out the 'u', in that same whiny voice, picking you up by your hips as a smile spreads across his face, his chin resting between your breasts as he looks up at you.. 

Oh yeah, he knows exactly what he's doing.

You giggle quietly and wrap your arms around him again, "I already am, you complete ninny." 

Kili's 'innocent' smile turns more devious as he begins to walk back down the hall with you. 

"Well regardless, I'm going to take you to our rooms and show you just how much I love you until it's drilled into your mind permanently." 

Chapter Text

After that night the three of your shared in the camp, you made it a habit of sleeping beside the two of them. 

You always sleep so well when you rest next to those mischievous dwarfs that it's almost gotten to the point where you  can't  sleep without them. 

Most mornings you wake up the same way you did on that first night, but sometimes things do change up.

For example, sometimes one of them will act as a pillow (which is always welcome), or you'll be both a little spoon to one brother and in a sweetheart cradle/half spoon with the other. It's almost like a lottery because no sleeping arrangement is exactly the same as another. It's also like a lottery in the sense that the growing anticipation for drawing time always excites you to no end. 

This process of sharing your sleeping space with Fili and Kili persists throughout the majority of the trip, and though you aren't exactly sure what it means for your relationship with the two brothers, you still enjoy it. 

And, perhaps, you have begun to catch some feelings... for the both of them. 

God, even thinking it makes you feel like a floozie, but it's true! 

You'd even gone as far as to staying behind with the injured Kili and his brother since you didn't much like the idea of going without them.

A lot happens in such a short amount of time - including Bard slaying the dragon Smaug - and very soon after, the lot of you all leave for the Lonely Mountain. 

When your group finally arrives at Erebor and everyone is again united under the mountain (let's just ignore the brewing war for now) you thought everything would go smoothly, but some sort of mental sickness has taken ahold of Thorin.

He begins to treat almost everyone poorly, even his own nephews, and it's barely been a day.

On the first night, you walk with them aimlessly around the halls, simply talking and enjoying the company of one another, until Kili suggests finding a room for them to settle in. 

You continue to follow them around, watching as they open up doors and look into the old, dusty rooms and determine if it's a yes, no, or maybe. So far they've had 4 no's, 3 maybes, and no yes's. 

Eventually, the lot of you come to a large door, and when Fili opens it they share a pleased look. 

It's got a fireplace, a large bed in the center, a bookcase, and a couple other neat things that seem to fit the boys' description of a 'pristine dwarven lodging'. 

Right away they go in and begin to touch everything like children in an antique store, but you find it quite endearing despite that. 

A fond smile makes it's way onto your face, though it falls when your brain reminds you that your sleeping arrangements are undoubtedly over now that you all have access to private rooms. 

You take a few steps back towards the door, intending to leave them to their own devices when Kili pipes up, "Hey, where are you heading off to?" 

He looks confused when you turn back around, and Fili looks up quickly from the thing he's messing with, with an expression matching his brothers when he sees you hovering by the door. 

Suddenly you feel a bit nervous, since you didn't want to address the elephant in the room, so you just shrug and say as nonchalantly as you can, "I figured you would like some space and time alone in your new room." 

Your statement is more of a feeler or attempt to fish their intentions out without asking upfront, and it seems to work too. 

" 'Your new room'?" Fili repeats, still perplexed by your sudden odd behavior. 

"W-Well, I mean, we're in Erebor now, so I figured you'd want more time to yourselves instead of taking care of me every night..." You can't keep the disappointment from your voice, unfortunately, and you just hope they don't notice. 

They notice.

Suddenly they both smile bright and begin to laugh which only serves to make you feel more embarrassed. 

"Why are you laughing?" There isn't annoyance in your voice, but you do feel a bit irritated since you don't much like being the center of a joke you don't know about. 

"Did you really think we were going to kick you out as soon as we got accommodations of our own?" Fili asks with the same big smile. 

Well, yes.

All you do is nod slowly, looking between the two of them as if they've grown two heads.

"Now why would we do that?" Kili asks, his own grin lessening slightly as if he were actually disappointed that you felt that way. "Did we do something that made you think so?" 

This time you shake your head and verbally respond, "Well, no. I just assumed that it was a temporary arrangement... and that your uncle would no longer approve of it, is all." 

Kili rolls his eyes at the mention of his uncle. Yes, he cares deeply for Thorin, but come on, that guy can't tell them what to do with their nighttime activities, and he says as much. "Uncle may be acting crazy and think he owns our lives, but what we do at night is none of his business. Especially where you're concerned." 

You don't know what he means by that, but it flatters you nonetheless. 

This whole exchange makes you feel a bit silly, for you were worrying and moping over an illusion your mind created out of insecurity. "Ah, you're right... I'm sorry." You can't help but apologize, hoping you didn't hurt their feelings at all. 

This time Fili rolls his eyes (at you may I add), "Stop apologizing for everything, Gehyith*." Little dove 

The term he uses to address you (one that he's taken to using quite often) makes you flush, though you don't really know what it means. All you know for sure is that it's a term of endearment or something.

A petulant huff puffs past your lips and you cross your arms, "Don't roll your eyes at me, Fili." 

They can tell you're not actually mad, but even if you were they find your mad face to be pretty cute. 

You tap your foot a few times then suddenly clap your hands together, "Why don't one of you start to work on a fire and put that," you gesture to the fireplace, "to good use, hm?" The room is rather cold you've noticed, so a fire would be nice. 


Fili ended up getting the fire going while you and Kili proceed to search the room and mess around. 

Mostly mess around. 

You end up standing over the large bed, looking at the dusty comforter and pillows with disdain. If this room is ever to be inhabitable, then you'll have to fix that. 

And that's exactly what you do. 

You take the four large pillows and stack them up, then head over to the still-open door and drop them all on the ground. 

Four respective dust clouds explode out of the soft pillows, causing you to sneeze a few times when it tickles your nose and earning some snickers from just inside the room.

Once you're sure no spiders or other insects are hiding on or around the fluffy headrests, you pick them up one by one and beat the hell out of them until little to no dust flies out when it's moved. You do this by hitting them against the door multiple times, and it seems to be working pretty well because after 10 or so smacks they're mostly dust-free (though there isn't much you can do for the old, dusty smell). 

As soon as you're satisfied with the state of the pillows, you gather them all up into your arms and turn back into the room only to find both brothers staring at you oddly. 

"What?" You question, confusion apparent on your face. 

Neither says anything at first. "Mahal, what did those cushions ever do to you?" Kili finally asks jokingly, amusement sparkling in his eyes. 

You scrunch up your nose and stick your tongue out at him for a second, "Well excuse me for not wanting to sleep on dusty pillows. Tell me, Kili, what have you done to help the family?" You don't sound angry at all, nor do you look it. In fact, when you ask what he's 'done for the family' you smile and saunter into the room. You kick the door closed and manage to balance the pillows in your arms as you head back over to the bed, ignoring the two pairs of eyes burning into you.

He still doesn't say anything, so you settle for thinking that you've won. 

Surprisingly you see that the sheets have been stripped and replaced with another set that actually looks rather clean, a spare you assume, and the comforter has been replaced with the blankets that you all traveled with. "Hm, so you have done something. I take it back." 

You don't look up and instead place the pillows back on the bed in their previous positions, also rearranging the blankets, and smile to yourself when it looks both presentable and comfy. "Wow, I haven't slept in one of these in forever, but I still clean them up nicely."

Kili snorts from the other end of the bed, "You say that like it was your job or something."

"Hey! Inn managing is a very noble career!" You defend indignantly, glaring at him half-heartedly. 

He only looks at you smugly as if you proved his point for him and goes back to unpacking his things, and while he pulls his clothes from his bag, a positively wicked idea pops into your idea.

Okay, wicked it an overstatement, but for you, it's absolutely evil. 

You grab the pillow closest to you and sneak around the side of the bed, ignoring Fili who watches you stalk up to his brother with amusement. He knows it's not going to end well for you.

Kili stands up straight once he's got all his clothes in hand, and as soon as he turns he gets a face full of pillow. 

His clothes all drop to the ground with a soft 'thump' sound, and the pillow remains in his face for a few beats until his hands suddenly jerk up and rip it away from your grasp. He lifts it up over his head to thwack you back right away, the killing intent of a warrior gleaming in his eyes. 

You scream at the sudden aggressive stealing of your pillow and show of force and run over to Fili, crouching down behind his seated form, "Fili, he's trying to hit me!" You exclaim, grabbing onto the back of his shirt so he can remain in Kili's way. 

He stands up slowly, looking at Kili, then back at you, then to Kili again. "Stop?" He says it more like a question than a demand and shrugs, and when Kili doesn't stop he steps away. 

"H-Hey!" You cry, scrambling to your feet to follow him. 

"Don't look at me, I am not the one who hit him." 

Oh, that treacherous monster! 

"I thought I could trust you!" The theatrics in your dramatic statement earn a laugh from him, but you don't get to relish in that victory for long because suddenly a pillow comes flying at you at 100 miles per hour. 

You shriek in alarm and jump out of the way, and as soon as you've regained your footing you make a bee-line for the bed. 

Without hesitation you grab a pillow and throw it at Fili, yelling "Traitor!", before grabbing another and using it to block Kili throwing that same pillow from before at you again. 

Great, now you've got two of Dwarf-kinds greatest warriors trying to kill you via pillow. 

You pick up the pillow Kili threw and toss it under the bed, laughing at his loss of weapon. You're momentarily distracted when Fili walks over to you calmly, holding out the pillow you threw at him as if to hand it to you.

And unfortunately, you fall for his ruse and reach for it. "So you've decided to join me!"

No he hasn't. 

You let him get too close, and before you can blink he lifts the soft cushion and smacks you over the head with it.

In an attempt to wrestle it out of his grasp, you reach up and grab it, getting pulled forward along with it when he tries to wrench it away. 

Kili takes this distraction as an opportunity to swipe his pillow from under the bed, and as soon as you let go of the pillow that Fili holds, Kili hits the back of your head with his and laughs triumphantly. 

(Remember the surprised Pikachu meme? Yeah, that's you right now) 

"W-When did you get there?!" You yell in surprise, ducking when you notice the older brother going in to thump you once more. 

When you duck Fili ends up hitting his brother, and this time you're the one left laughing, "Ha! You fool!" Of course, you don't mean it, but your competitive spirit is egging you on big time. 

Since your pillow was stolen, you run around Kili and jump across the bed, reaching for the last pillow desperately since your back is to the enemy. 

But before you can make it all the way across, you feel two hands on your ankles, and suddenly you're being yanked back to the other side of the bed. Luckily, you manage to grasp the fluffy grey headrest in time so when you're suddenly rolled onto your back, you smack whoever it is with as much force as you can muster. 

When you lift the pillow again you see Kili with his eyes closed and whole face scrunched up from the blow to the face, and though it's a cute face, you still laugh at him. 

Fili appears next to Kili suddenly, and he's got murder in those lovely eyes of his. Oh and will you look at that, so does Kili.

Yeah, you're in big trouble. 

You hold the pillow you have over your head when another one comes crashing down on top of you, just barely missing the wrath of the blond dwarf with your fluffy shield. 

Your fleeting feeling of preeminence lasts only a few seconds because they jump onto the bed and before you know it your pillow is being swiped from your grasp and thrown to the other end of the bed. 

Fili, who is sitting to your right, grabs your arms and pins them above your head, and Kili wiggles his fingers in front of your eyes to foreshadow what fate lays before you1 as he moves to straddle your hips. 

If it weren't for your impending doom you probably would've blushed, but there's no time to be coy when you're staring down death. 

Now time for negotiations. "F-Fellas let's talk about this! Let's say it's a draw and call it a day, h-how about that?" You suggest nervously, attempting to tug your arms out of Fili's grasp as you eye Kili's tickly fingers anxiously. 

The two exchange a look, but you see no mercy in their eyes. 

"C-Come on, you know what I say, conversation can prevent wars!" 

"You have never said that. Ever." Fili states dryly, nodding at Kili to go ahead and begin his cruel torture.

His fingers descend upon your sides and right away you begin to squirm around and scream at them. 

You yell every curse in the book and are caught between a state of wishing upon them the worst of fates and begging to be spared. Of course, your hysterics only make them laugh cruelly and continue their ruthless torment. 

Your laughter is loud and absolutely frenzied, and you're wiggling around and kicking your legs wildly in an attempt to throw off the heavy dwarf, but like before your anguish only brings them more joy. 

It feels as if time has slowed, and the seconds begin to feel like hours; each moment that passes by worse than the last. Very soon you begin to wish for death, praying that the universe will take you and end your suffering. 

At some point, tears begin to form in the corner of your eyes from how hard you're laughing, and your boisterous giggles quickly turn into gasps that merely imitate laughter. 

It's around this time that Kili finally stops his brutal punishment, a huge grin on his face as he and Fili laugh at your pure agony. 

Your face is undoubtedly red, and you're breathing extremely heavily as you attempt to catch your breath, half-heartedly glaring up at the brown-haired dwarf. Maybe you were being a little dramatic in your internal description of the event... nah. 

Kili's chuckling abruptly stops when he looks down at you, and you're not quite sure why. 

The sight of you is the explanation. 

Your shirt has ridden up to just under your breasts, thus exposing your stomach, your face is red, hair tousled, and you're panting for breath with such a cute and vulnerable look on your face. 

It's almost like a dream come true, so he simply can't stop himself when he leans down suddenly and captures your lips in a gentle kiss.

As soon as his mouth lands on yours, heat courses straight through you. You weren't expecting it, but you certainly aren't denying it. 

You return his actions in kind, allowing your eyes to slide shut as his hands come up to cup your cheeks. 

Fili's grip on your arms tightens slightly when Kili kisses you, but you pay it no mind as you're lost in this fairytale-like moment. It's everything you could've asked for and so much more. 

He pulls back slowly after he realizes you probably need to breathe, and he can't help but stare down at your pleased facial expression and, still red, cheeks. 

Kili glances up at Fili briefly before sliding off of you, offering up his previous place to his brother as he begins to smooth out his unruly hair and disheveled clothes. 

When the younger dwarf's weight is suddenly gone from above you, you open your eyes, but it's quickly replaced by Fili who wastes no time in tilting your head up to press a kiss of his own against your mouth. 

His lips feel different from Kili's, more firm and confident, and his mustache braids scratch lightly against your face rather pleasantly. 

You reach your newly freed hands up to tangle in Fili's wild blond locks, feeling both confused and like you're on cloud nine from this 5-star treatment. Maybe you unknowingly signed up for the premium membership or something because these kinda perks are way better than the free trial. Like, random kisses? Yes, please. 

The older Durin brother above you continues to kiss you for a few more moments before he slowly pulls back and presses his forehead against yours, probably because you're still recovering from their attempted murder (tickling) and kissing Kili. 

Your eyelids flutter open and you look up into those lovely blue eyes you've grown so fond of, then glance over at Kili who's settled by your head with his attention on you. The redness in your face has yet to fade, and your thoughts are running a mile a minute as you try to grasp what's taking place here. 

The two of them look at you expectantly, waiting for you to say something and react to what just happened. Only you're still at a loss for words, and the silence prevails until Kili speaks up. "I think we broke her for real this time." 

Fili sits up and your hands fall to your sides, but he doesn't move to get off of you, caressing your cheek with gentle fingers as he glances over towards his brother, "It would be your fault." He grumbles, tapping your face a few times to try and elicit some sort of response from you. 

You blink slowly and snap yourself out of your spiraling thoughts, shaking your head a bit, "I-I'm not broken, I'm...", you pause as you try to find a way to express what's running through your mind, "At a loss for words." 

There is no other way for you to describe what you're feeling at the moment, because yes you are completely ecstatic that they seem to return your feelings, but it's still confusing.

"Well you kissed us back, so I'm going to assume our advances weren't unwelcome," Fili states matter-of-factly, pulling his hand from your face to instead rest on his knees as Kili leans over you. 

"Exactly," Kili adds (rather unnecessarily might you say). 

You tap your fingers against the sheets a few times and glance away, suddenly very aware of the position you're in and how much you just want them to kiss the daylights out of you

The brown-haired dwarf studies your expression carefully, mumbling to his brother, "I wonder what she's thinking, Fee." 

You bite your lip lightly, and, for once, decide to be brave. "K-Kiss me again." You whisper breathily, reaching up to cup both of Fili's cheeks, noting the way his eyes darken at your demand. 

He wastes no time in leaning over you again and pressing his mouth against yours a bit harder than before, his muscled arms wrapping your middle and lifting you off the bed slightly. 

One of your hands resting on his cheeks slides up to grip his hair while your other drops to his shoulder. 

His teeth nip lightly at your bottom lip in a silent command for you to open up for him, and you do just that. 

As soon as you allow him entrance, his tongue delves into your mouth and his hold around you strengthens as if to try and feel every part of you against him. 

Your heart beats against your ribcage impossibly fast with a mixture of excitement and slight diffidence, and it only becomes more prominent when the hand resting on Fili's shoulder is suddenly grabbed and gripped tight in Kili's. 

Fili pulls back suddenly (and too soon for your liking), but you don't have to worry about the loss of contact for long because Kili replaces him mere seconds after, pinning the hand he holds down on the bed next to your head. 

Instead of rolling off of you the blond dwarf ducks his head down and attaches his mouth to your neck, beginning to trail hot, biting kisses and nips along the expanse of your throat. 

You mewl quietly into the kiss you share with Kili and pull on Fili's hair gently since your free hand is still tangled up in it. A soft gasp escapes you when a sharper bite is delivered to your ever sensitive neck, and Kili uses the opportunity to deepen your torrid lip-lock. 

The room begins to feel very warm, if not a bit stuffy, and you suddenly become all too aware of the clothes separating you from bare skin. An overwhelming desire to feel their touch fills you, and from what you can tell this is going exactly where you want it to. 

Ragged and breathless pants for breath pause your returning of Kili's searing kiss, but he doesn't pull away. Instead, he presses his forehead against yours with his nose pressing against yours, his half-lidded eyes trained intently on your flushed face. 

You lift the hand pinning yours to the bed and watch as he glances over at your conjoined hands to see what you're doing. 

The skin of his hand is rough and calloused from years of hard work and training with a blade, and you want nothing more than to feel it all over you. You give him a hint to this when you drag his hand down to rest on your breast in a very telling manner, watching as he bites his lip and squeezes his hand to test the waters. 

Blue meets brown when the two lock eyes once more, both looking rather pleased with themselves (and happy too) for having you in such away.

Your chest heaves up and down rather heavily as you attempt to catch your breath, dropping your hand from Fili's hair to cover your eyes with your forearm. You begin to feel somewhat self-conscious as your mind finally catches up with your actions.

Boldness is not something you're known for in the slightest, and these two know this, so they take mercy on you and keep their teasing to themselves for once. 

"Can I take off your shirt, Y/N?" Kili asks in a quiet voice, hand still laying on your bosom. 

You nod your head once, still hiding your eyes as you try to calm your flaming face. 

The hem of your shirt is slowly lifted up and pulled over your chest, but since your arm is bent he can't pull it up anymore. 

Fili places his warm hand on your stomach and mumbles, "You need to lift your arms for him, Gehyith." 

A shiver goes down your spine when he touches your skin, and while you don't really want to move your arm, you straighten it and allow the garment to be pulled off and tossed to the side.

You lay your arm up above your head, stretching back a bit despite your mind screaming at you to cover your damn tits what the fuck bro? but you ignore that voice and, surprisingly, feel rather pleased with the way they check you out. 

The hand Fili rested on your stomach begins to slide upward slowly while Kili's moves down to tug at the hem of your pants next, pulling them down a little ways before you lift your hips up (and into Fili's) so he can take them off the rest of the way. 

The blond-haired dwarf groans lowly when your hips buck upward into his own, and it makes your stomach twist pleasantly. You want to hear more, and you also want them to wear less, but your brain refuses to let you voice these thoughts for the ever-present anxiousness tells you it's a horrible idea. 

Once your bottoms have been left somewhere on the ground, Kili moves his arms back and shrugs off his coat, his shirt following quickly after. 

He's stunning, you notice right away. His chest is broad and shoulders wide, and the taut skin of his stomach and arms is nearly a mouth-watering sight. Some dark hair is littered across the planes of his strong chest (he's easily the least hairy of all the dwarves), and a light line of hair leads down, and ultimately disappears, into his trousers. 

When you realize you've been staring your gaze snaps back up to his face, and you're surprised to see his face has turned slightly pink with a sheepish expression. 

Fili moves so he only straddles only one of your thighs, then glares over at his brother (not seriously), "You're stealing all of her attention you beardless brat. Kissing her first, touching her first, and now she's staring straight at you." He sounds disapproving, but you can tell this is only his attempt to ease some of the tension of this moment. "And you can't even hold her gaze. I'm disappointed." 

That only makes Kili blush brighter, and it draws a giggle from you. 

"Not you too!" He exclaims indignantly, grabbing the sides of your waist. "I'll tickle you again." He threatens lowly, though the mischievous glint in his eyes promises more than just playful tickling. 

Mr. Blond over there decides to take this moment and strip himself of his own top layers, and when you get a glimpse of him you're just as awe-struck as before. 

He's gorgeous too, and suddenly your heart goes into over-drive. When you say he's gorgeous though, it's in a different way. While Kili has a boyish sort of charm and less hair, Fili is all man.

His chest and shoulders are very similar in size to his younger brothers, but the concentration of blond hair is much higher and his torso is a bit shorter. His arms are slightly bigger too, you notice, and his 'happy trail' - as some would like to call it - is much more prominent. There's also a certain confidence that he has about his body that Kili doesn't quite possess, something that simply demands your attention. 

Fili reaches up and rubs his face lightly, looking over at Kili with red tinting his cheeks as well. "I take it back, Kee." He glances back down at you and his expression changes to something you're not quite familiar with, "I don't think I can handle you looking at me like that, Ghivashel*. " He mumbles a bit quieter and rather embarrassedly, moving to sit beside you instead of on you. *Treasure of all treasures

It feels good knowing that you can fluster them like this with just a look, and it makes you laugh a bit. "Sorry." You apologize despite yourself. 

Kili shakes his head but doesn't say anything about you apologizing this time, instead allowing his actions to speak for him. He leans down and presses his lips against your neck lightly, leaving softer kisses and occasionally sucking on the skin as opposed to biting and nipping like his counterpart. 

When Kili goes back in, Fili does the same and grabs the straps of the wrapping around your chest, easing it off slowly to give you time to stop him in case you suddenly change your mind. 

You don't.

The cool air of the room causes your nipples to harden pretty quickly, and once again you can't help but shiver (this time for a different reason). 

Two large hands, belonging to Fili, encase the sensitive globes resting on your chest, thus causing you to gasp at both the sudden warmth and spark of pleasure that shoots through you (mostly from finally being touched). His palms press down when he squeezes, watching your face to see how it affects you. 

He moves his hands to grab them by the sides, pressing his thumbs against your hardened peaks lightly before just barely rubbing them across a few times. Moments later he replaces the hand on your right breast with his mouth, enclosing the areola and stiff bud as he lightly squeezes your other with his thumb and forefinger. 

Your eyes are shut tight at the feel of the both of them. One is more tame, while the other delves deeper into the depths of your pleasure, and you find that you quite like the contrast of the two brothers. 

It seems, though, that Kili doesn't wish to be outdone since he suddenly decides to be more daring. His right-hand slips down the length of your body, leaving burning flesh in its wake, and feather-softly skims his fingers along the front of your underwear. 

You inhale sharply and your knees press together instinctively, but he only raises his hands to your bent legs and gently pries them apart. Of course, you let him, but it's a weird feeling allowing someone so close to you like that. 

His thick fingers return to the flimsy fabric of your panties and he slips them inside from the top, having his digits slide against your sex gently. 

If Fili notices Kili's shenanigans he doesn't show it. Instead, he continues to attack your sensitive chest with bites, softer ones than those he did on your neck, and open-mouthed kisses. He absolutely relishes in the soft gasps, moans, and keens that escape you. 

The dark-haired dwarf seems to notice your distraction with his brother, so he moves down further and manages to remove your underwear when you lift your hips from the bed slightly. 

Once your attention is back on Kili, he lets his thumb lightly flicker across your clit, and the way you flinch makes him smile. He presses his thumb more firmly against that little button of nerves and rubs a circle on it, committing the slightly louder moan you make, to memory. 

He glances up at your face and sees that you've since closed your eyes, and though he'd prefer that you watch, he doesn't say anything.

When his rough thumb leaves you, you whine from loss of contact and open your mouth to complain, but instead of a scolding leaving your lips, a more high-pitched and surprised cry resounds throughout the room. 

The reason? Well, Kili replaced his thumb with his mouth, and not only is it a sensation completely alien to you, but it feels absolutely amazing. 

One of your hands fly down to entangle in his hair, the other grasping the bed sheets as his tongue begins to work your most sensitive area. 

Fili, you realize, has since stopped leaving marks all over you and instead settled for observing with his head resting on your sternum, listening to your rapidly beating heart and feeling your chest rise and fall with each quick breath. 

The sensations from Kili's ever wicked mouth have you absolutely ruined, in a good way of course, and you can't help but pull his hair a bit tighter than you intended. 

He groans quietly when you yank on his hair, the vibrations of the noise making you flinch again and causing your thighs to tense and unintentionally close a bit. 

Not wanting you to crush his brother's head, Fili reaches down and grabs your thighs and holds them further apart, feeling a spike of heat shoot through him when your hand grasping the sheets moves up to grab at his arm and their names tumble from your lips. 

Clearly, Kili knows a thing or two about the female body, or he's just incredibly perceptive, because it seems as if he knows exactly what places he needs to stimulate to make you feel great and garner the best reactions out of you. Most of his attention is spent on your clit, though he will occasionally have his ever-skilled tongue dip into you when he gets bored of the same response over and over. 

He brings up one of his hands and presses it against your inner thigh to rest there, then he moves his other and slowly pushes his index finger inside of you. When Kili grabs hold of one of your thighs, Fili moves his hand to rest on your stomach. One would think he's feeling left out, but he couldn't be happier.

Kili's intrusion surprises you at first and you reflexively try to close your legs again, thus earning an amused chuckle from Fili as he squeezes your thigh with his large hand. "Don't crush him, Gehyith."  He scoots upward a bit and leans down next to your ear to whisper, "I know that it feels good, but if you hurt him then I'll have to punish you." 

You know he's only teasing you, but given the situation at this very moment, his words only make you both nervous and, surprisingly, more aroused. Also, hearing his husky voice so close to you while Kili works you down below is quite wonderful, as it sends tingles throughout your body and makes you involuntarily tremor again.  

You begin to squirm and your thighs start to tremble as heat begins to coil tightly inside of you, and their names tumble out of your lips like a mantra. 

Once the pleasure begins to build up more and more and settle heavily in your stomach, your cries for more grow louder and your twitching muscles start to tense up. Your fingers grip onto Kili's pretty brown hair much harsher, causing him to pause slightly at the power behind your pulling. 

Fili 'tsk's' disapprovingly and presses a soothing kiss against your neck, "I said be gentle." His voice takes on a slightly sharp but also authoritative tone (his voice remains soft, you don't know how he manages to stay right in the middle of demanding and requesting) But you don't have half a mind to actually pay attention to what he says (though you do relax your hair pulling and instead begin to more gently comb your fingers through the slightly tangled tresses). 

From the way your body begins to tense and the strength behind your struggles increases the two can tell you're on the brink of release, and by some miracle, they decide to let you have exactly what you want. 

Of course, unbeknownst to you they just want to see your reaction and what sweet face you'll make when your mind is riddled with nothing but thoughts of them and how good they've made you feel. 

All of that pressure stacking up and growing in intensity finally all comes crashing down and your mind draws blank on all rational thought. 

Fili finds that he actually has to try to hold your knee when you come, for you're  a bit stronger than he thought you would be (and for some reason he finds himself feeling rather impressed with the hidden strength hiding beneath those flimsy muscles of yours). 

The high from your release slowly dwindles down and leaves place for only over-sensitivity, and Kili knows as such. 

He pulls his fingers from you, having added an additional one into the midst of your pleasure, and began to retract when Fili drops a heavy hand on his brother's head and states, "Not yet." 

The brown-haired dwarf looks at his brother weirdly but complies nonetheless and hesitantly engulfs your twitching bundle of nerves into the warmth of his mouth once more, sucking on it much lighter than when he was attempting to draw out your orgasm. 

A surprised gasp leaves you and, unable to properly control your body's movements anymore, you yank on Kili's hair again and dig your nails into the skin on Fili's arm, crying out as your legs shudder and shake from overstimulation. 

"A-Ah, what are you d-," you cut yourself off with a slightly high pitched moan and breathy gasp, confused by their actions and also half-mad from this odd sense of pleasure-pain. 

Fili doesn't remove his hand from the top of Kili's head or your thigh, though he does press his fingertips more firmly into your soft skin when you claw at his arm. "I warned you about not being careful, so just sit there for a little longer and take what you've earned." His tone leaves no room for argument. 

Good lord if this was a normal setting you'd probably have thwacked his shoulder and stuck your tongue out at him, but this situation is anything but normal - nor is your reaction to the words he speaks to you and the way he speaks them. You find yourself sort of giddy at the filthy way he speaks down at you for 'misbehaving'.

Kili hears this exchange, and while he does find it slightly amusing, he can't help but feel a liiiittle bad for you. Of course, he doesn't take mercy upon your poor soul, but it's the thought that counts, right? 

His thumb rubs back and forth gently on the heated and trembling skin of your thighs (he has since moved his other hand to lay on the opposite leg of his other hand) as he continues to pleasure your overstimulated clit. 

Eventually, after you've reached the point of quite literally thrashing your legs and almost breaking skin on Fili's arm, the blond-haired dwarf finally removes his hand from Kili's head and places it on your cheek with a small smile on his face. 

The younger of the two stops as soon as Fili moves his hand and sits up onto his knees.

Yes, the two of them are painfully hard and still holding themselves back, but getting to look at you after such intense satisfaction is a sight wonderful enough to momentarily wipe them of their burning desire. 

The expression you wear can only be described as relieved and content at the same time, and while you appear completely and utterly spent, there are still hints of a fire burning in your shining eyes. Your face is flushed with sweat lightly doting along your forehead and dampened skin, and the way your neck and chest are littered with evidence of them being there makes you look all the more beautiful. 

What really grabs their attention and has them in such an awed state, though, is the soft, shy smile that appears on your face when you look at the two of them.

Unable to help himself, Fili leans down and presses another, softer, peck to your lips while Kili grabs the hand that was previously tangled in his hair and holds it in his, still clothed, lap. 

You close your eyes and sigh quietly, fully intending to go to sleep, when Kili squeezes your hand a bit tightly and says, "Wait, what about us?" He doesn't say it demandingly or annoyedly, but he does sound a bit disappointed.

"Mm, don't worry your pretty little head, Kili my dear, I'll be up and ready to go in like, maybe 10 minutes." You promise with a wave of your hand.

"I can wait for 10 minutes." Fili states.

Kili nods in agreement, "10 minutes is very doable." 

Chapter Text

Your control over your skin changing has always been something you're proud of. 

Of course, you can't control it completely because the forms you take have consciousness of their own and are to some extent their own beings, but for the most part, you can shift and return to your normal form on command. 

After your injury at the Battle of Helm's Deep, though, something has been off with your shifting abilities. You shifted into both of your forms during the healing process as a sort of skin-changer physical therapy, and you found that it has become harder for you to shift in and out. Though... you didn't tell anyone about it. Mostly because you feared no longer being useful to the group if you can't fulfill the one part of the quest that you were even brought for in the first place. Getting left behind so you won't get hurt.

Despite that, you healed quickly after having to listen to a lecture from Legolas which Aragorn, ultimately, saved you from.

You've also gotten rather close with the others over time. Merry and Pippin have become your right-hand men, and Gimli is the dwarf you always find yourself gravitating to for a good laugh.

You're now enjoying the festivities in Rohan with the rest of the Rohirrim and your band of boys (after you retrieved the Hobbits and Saruman died), sitting off to the side by yourself, simply watching the hobbits dance on the table and Gimli and Legolas get into a drinking contest. Aragorn and Gandalf's whereabouts are unknown to you. You don't much mind a bit of 'solitude' (not that it's true solitude since you're surrounded by countless people) because more than anything you like seeing everyone you care about look so happy. 

Everything seems to be going pretty well until you suddenly get a weird feeling in your chest and your vision begins to darken around the edges. 

It's a feeling like when you've been shifted for too long and your form starts to take over, one that causes you to panic. You jump to your feet, knocking over your drink onto a passerby, but you don't respond when they yell at you. Your eyes flicker around the room and the people looking at you quickly, some instinct screaming at you to run, that it's dangerous. 

You turn around and just start running, ignoring the voices yelling your name and tearing out of the party hall in a panic. 

You don't stop your sudden escape until you're outside of the large Rohan building, collapsing to your knees on the stones as your brain goes wild. 

Multiple fast footsteps register in the back of your mind, but before you can turn, the world suddenly becomes much larger as you're suddenly in the form of a small red fox, left barking instead of speaking frightfully as you intended.

Merry and Pippin are at the entrance, looking at you with wide eyes. 

They look at each other, then back at you before Merry walks over and crouches down. "Y/N? Is that you?" He asks softly, not wanting to spook you. 

You nod your little fluffy head once, understanding what he said rather easily. Though you have no way to convey to them that you weren't intending to shift. 

He glances back at Pippin, then opens up his arms for you to jump into, and you do just that. 

Merry stands up with you nestled in his arms and walks over to Pippin, "What do you suppose happened?" He whispers, gently petting your head as he continues to keep his voice low. 

"Don't ask me." Pippin crouches down slightly to look you in your little fox eyes and asks, "Did you shift on purpose?"

You shake your head no. 

"Well, that answers it!" He states proudly, standing up straight again. 

Merry glares at him, "You idiot, that doesn't answer anything! Of course, it wasn't on purpose." 

He quickly begins to walk back inside, leaving Pippin behind, clearly annoyed, "I'll go take you to Gandalf, he'll know what to do." 


"I have no idea what to do," Gandalf states decisively after the two hobbits go to him in search of assistance. 

You can't really feel the effects of being shifted for so long, yet, which is odd since you'd usually be losing it by now. 

The hobbits called a 'family meeting', as you'd like to put it so everyone can recount if they've noticed anything strange, but nobody has noticed a thing. 

Now you're beginning to regret keeping your odd shifting behaviors to yourself. 

The white wizard sighs heavily and hands you back down to Merry, who holds you close to his chest right away. 

"I cannot force her to get out of this state, nor do I know what has caused it in the first place." He pauses and looks down at you sympathetically, "We will have to wait for it to pass... and hope that she does not succumb to her beastly desires." 

And on that ominous note, Gandalf turns and leaves the room. 

Merry strokes the top of your fuzzy little head fondly, feeling bad that nobody knows how to help you. "Don't worry, Y/N. I'll protect you." 

Funny, that's the exact kinda thing you've been saying to him and the other hobbits since day one. It's kinda weird having someone say it to you, but it warms your lil' ole heart anyways. 

"What do we do if she loses herself to her fox form? What then?" Legolas asks quietly, frustrated that there's nothing Gandalf could do for you. "What if she runs off when we're not here to watch her?" 

Aragorn sighs wearily, for he did not see the night turning out this way, "There is nothing we can do unless she manages to shift back herself. As Gandalf said, we cannot force her out of it." 

Merry holds you a bit tighter at their discussion, "I won't let her run off like that. I said I'll keep her safe, and I meant it." 

Oh if only you could give him a hug. 


It's the strangest thing, being in one of your forms for so long without the animal instinct kicking in too often. 

Unfortunately, it's kind of like roulette, because some times you'll be as clear in the head as you are any other time, and others you won't even know yourself or the people around you. 

When you were in one of your animalistic crazes one time, you lashed out at poor Pippin who was consoling you while Merry was taking a break, and you scratched him across the cheek. It seems that when you've gone full fox, Merry and Legolas are the only ones you'll allow to hold you (which was actually pretty good since they were afraid you'd hate everyone and run away).

After your clarity returned you felt awful, so you curled up in Pippin's lap and tried to make him understand that you didn't mean it. 

Aragorn is just as worried as you thought he'd be, constantly harping on Merry to make sure you've eaten and been given water. Merry even went so far as to telling Aragorn that he needn't worry about your nutrition since he is plenty responsible enough to make sure you get what you need. 

Gimli and Pippin just find it cute all around and don't seem to take it very seriously. 

And Legolas... he's more worried than a mother duckling whose chicks have wandered off too far. He's just as doting and over-bearing as Merry, if not more so, and he's devoted almost all of his time into figuring out how to help change you back. 

Being stuck in a shift is both the best and worst feeling you've ever had.

The best because of how tender and sweet everyone is being, and the worst because you soon begin to dread that you're doomed to stay as a fox forever and have, on a couple occasions, scratched and lashed out at your friends.

At some point Pippin and Gandalf had to leave for Gondor after Pippin saw some tree in that orb thing you guys found in Isengard, thus leaving you with one hobbit, and the others too, and no wizard. 

There was one time during a day where you were doing particularly bad where Merry actually got a bit emotional.

It was at night and he was laying on his back with you curled up and laying on his chest. He was gently stroking your fur and patiently waiting for that human sparkle of recognition to return to you.

You've been in your fox form strictly for the past 6 hours, the longest span of time thus far, and Merry has been worried since the 2nd hour. 

He's tried everything. Talking to you, having Legolas talk to you, petting you, walking around familiar areas with you, but nothing has worked. There hasn't been a single sign of your consciousness returning. 

He has begun to fear the worst. 

Legolas offered to keep an eye on you so he could get some sleep, but Merry insisted that he could do it himself. Mostly because he knows he won't be able to sleep again until you finally recognize him. 

Unfortunately, Merry is left with nothing but his thoughts to accompany him while you stare up at him with those faraway fox eyes, and he suddenly feels a pressure settling behind his eyes. 

Merry wraps his arms around you and looks up at the ceiling, sighing shakily as his emotions take hold of him. 

"You're not gone forever, are you?" His voice is soft and, though he knows you can't understand him, he continues, "When I see you look up at me with those unseeing eyes, not knowing who I am or knowing what I say, it hurts." 

He looks down at you and scratches lightly behind your ears, "I know I said I'd protect you, but against what? Yourself?" His voice takes on a slightly bitter tone, aimed at himself, before he says much quieter. "Please, don't disappear..." 

A part of him hopes that some miracle will take place and his pleading words will get through to you, but still, everything remains as it has been. The fox only closes its eyes and goes to sleep.


Merry could only force himself to stay awake for so long, and eventually, the droopiness of his eyes and exhaustion in his head won out. 

When he woke up in the morning, he was fully expecting nothing to have changed from yesterday, having since realized that you're gone, and that's why he decides to sleep in. 

The heavyweight on his chest and across his midsection is comforting, and it reminds him that you're right there, and your soft breaths lull him back into a state of rest slowly. 

Until he feels fingers pressing into his side and a leg thrown over his.

His eyes snap open faster than the speed of light and his eyes flicker down to where you were resting last night, absolutely shocked to see you, the actual you, laying there as asleep and comfortable as can be. 

Yes, also nude, but the blanket is covering you up and you always lose your coverings when you shift for they either rip apart when you become the dragon or are too big when you transform into a fox. 

A huge smile breaks out on his face, and while you're at least a foot taller than him  *I looked it up and apparently this bitch (in a good way) grew to be 4'6 because of that damn Entwater, so my clown ass was over here fricking stuff up because I thought he was shorter. So enjoy tall hobbit boi*  (since he magically grew overnight when he was with the Ents) he still fits in your arms nicely. 

If it weren't for the fact that you just returned to normal after days of being stuck in your fox form, he would've been embarrassed, but there's no room to be coy when your friend has just come back. 

Even though you're sleeping, he can't help but to yell your name in excitement, "Y/N!" 

You flinch and your eyes flutter open when he raises his voice and suddenly speaks, and you sit up quickly and look around. When you realize you can see colors properly and everything is no longer huge, again, a smile spreads across your own face.

"I-I'm back!" You cry, ignoring your modesty as the blanket drops to your lap. "I'm a fox no longer- I can talk!" You reach up and run your fingers through your hair, shaking from both excitement and not using your limbs in the last week. 

Merry sits up too and wraps his arms around you, eyes watering as joyful tears swim in his eyes. 

All of this commotion disturbs the others around the two of you, and a few heads pop up from their sleeping areas only to duck back down at the awkward sight before them. Yes, basically everyone knows about what's been happening with you, but basically, none of them know any of you so they don't know what's really going on here. 

You hold onto Merry so tightly he actually wheezes, but he doesn't tell you to relax so you just continue to hug him until the other three enter the room upon someone alerting them of this change. 

"Y/N?" A voice breathes nearby. 

You turn your head and see Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli all standing there a couple feet away.

As soon as you see them you stop squeezing Merry to death and jump to your feet, bounding over excitedly to give everyone a hug. 

Legolas is the closest, so he is the first victim of your overly-excited self. 

You wrap your arms around him just as tightly as you did with Merry, practically bouncing up and down with a newfound energy you've never quite felt before. 

The blond elf returns your embrace, albeit awkwardly, and looks to Aragorn with a smile on his face. 

Aragorn smiles back and subtly gestures to your still very naked self, glancing around at the people watching this exchange with a glare. That sends them back to bed rather quickly.

Legolas rubs your back, then leans down and whispers, "You should probably find something to dress yourself with..." 

Oh, right. 

Remembering who you are, where you are, who is around you, and your current state of undress, settles you somewhat, and you feel yourself growing embarrassed.

Luckily your hobbit in shining armor comes through with a blanket to cover your shoulders with. 

You step away from the tall elf and secure the blanket over you like a cloak, looking around quickly, "W-Where are my things?" 

Merry nods once and retrieves your belongings from over by where the two of you were resting, "It's right here." He holds it out to you by the straps, and you accept it gratefully. 

You accept it gratefully, then head towards the front to escape all the prying eyes. You've damaged your reputation as a fierce warrior enough for one day. 

The 4 of them follow after you, but you don't mind at all. And once the 5 of you are in a more private place you begin to dress underneath the wooly blanket with your back to them.

"So, tell me what took place while I was under the influence of one of my other selves." You state, pulling your trousers up with the blanket hanging from your shoulders to cover you from view.

"What do you remember?" Aragorn asks in response to your question, looking out around the private room, anywhere but at you.

You remain silent for a few moments as you scratch at the surface of your hazy memories, recalling a few incidents and a lot of being held. "I remember feeling weird while we were in the dance hall and running away. I remember that I was forced to shift and Merry and Pippin found me first and that Gandalf had no explanation or solution for what happened." You pause as you try to think up more specific details, but you draw a blank. "I have no recollection of what occurred when I wasn't myself... but I do remember Merry taking excellent care of me." While you speak you let the blanket drop and, with your back still to them, you pull on your shirt. Once you're done, you turn back around.

The blond hobbit rubs the back of his head sheepishly, seeming a bit embarrassed by your acknowledgment of his efforts to protect and comfort you. 

"Do you have any memory of yesterday?" Legolas asks, thinking back to the way your consciousness just turned off. 

You shake your head 'no', mumbling softly, "All I can say is that I was in a weird place, dark and quiet. I couldn't see anything, but my mind was relaxed despite my fear. I think... that I could see what was going on, but I couldn't control myself." 

4 respective nods are your only response, but you don't much mind the silence. 

"Will it happen again?" Gimli, who's been awfully quiet for once, asks with a hint of concern in his voice. 

"I don't know. Not even Gandalf knew." Is the only answer you can come up with at the moment. "But... I no longer have any odd sensations in my chest, and, actually, I feel rather good at the moment. Like I've just awoken from a long sleep." 

None of them have any experience with Skin-Changers (except maybe Gimli from the stories he's heard), and you've never been through such a thing before, so there's not much anyone can say or offer in terms of advice/ideas.

"Well she's here now, and that's all that matters." 

Chapter Text

Living on a farm kinda far from other people was a very conscious decision. 

It's not like you just up and left and decided to do it on a whim or anything, this was calculated carefully and planned accordingly. 

There are two very important reasons why you chose to live a bit further from the neighborhoods, semi-rural if you will, and these two reasons include; A. your desire to have as many animals as you want, and B. not wanting to deal with BS constantly in a crowded neighborhood or apartment complex. 

It's not that you dislike people or anything like that (though you do like animals more), but being surrounded by them 24/7 isn't something you much like. 

Now one may wonder; how do you manage to afford an updated country house with multiple animals as well as yummy home-cooked meals and other leisure's? 

Well, the answer to that is quite simple. 

Not all of the animals are actually yours. 

You're an animal sitter/trainer. And not just any animal sitter, but one with a degree and huge amounts of land and access to numerous pet care supplies. You have a friend, a very good friend, who owns a share of a large scale farm and pet care grocery chain, so you literally get everything for either half the price or literally free. And your rates as a pet sitter with a degree and previous experience are freaking massive. 

Like, up to $25/hour maximum, massive. For multiple days, and sometimes a week. 

Saying you're loaded is an overstatement, but  very  well off suffices. 

Anyways, you live pretty simply. You take care of your animals, go out around the city and have someone watch the house, eat some good dinner, and just... relax. 

It's never lonely when you've got so many excellent animals to keep you company, or at least, not really. Sometimes you do wish you had someone else to share your life with, someone to talk about things with (who will actually respond) and to hold you and tell you everything's okay when things are going bad...

Damn you want a boyfriend, one that's the complete opposite of your last one.

"Maybe he was the best I could do..." You grumble, then slap the sides of your face, "No... no, don't think that. If I'm meant to be in a relationship, my future love will simply teleport into my living room *I stole this from a funny tweet* . Otherwise, I will remain single. Like my dogs, kinda..." You grumbled to yourself last night before you went to bed. 

Maybe you shouldn't have said that, because when you wake up that next morning in your pile of fur (2 dogs and 3 cats) and head downstairs to begin your morning feeding ritual, you're met with the sight of 14 dudes sprawled about in your immaculate living room, getting mud on your carpet and... are those weapons?

Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

If this was meant to be a robbery attempt, then they butchered it horribly. 

You turn and go into your kitchen and put multiple kettles on the stove, intending to just make... all of the tea in your cupboard. 

When your two puppies came trotting down the stairs after you, you walk about out of the kitchen and watch them, and the moment they catch wind of the pile of men in your house they are on alert. You attempt to stop them from running over, but they are already sniffing around them and pawing at their faces curiously before you can so much as call their names. 

"Good God, why can't I just have a normal day?" You mumble to yourself, inching over slowly when your fluffy brown and white floofer Yeti, literally, sits on a very small blond man. And then you realize, they're all kinda small. Or short, thicc👌if you may, since they are more buff and not fat (not all of them at least). 

Your other dog, Copper, continues to sniff around (ever the paranoid pup, good boy) but eventually goes back to you instead of trying to suffocate that blond dude. 

When you're sure they're still out-cold, you return to the kitchen and scrounge up 14 mugs and glass cups and get the tea steeping, sighing as you search your cupboard for something to put out. Damn it if they were planning on robbing you at... ax-point, then you're going to be so freaking hospitable and generous that they'll regret even thinking of it (realistically you're not worried because Yeti and Copper can definitely eat them whole).

Eventually, you find some platters leftover from a party you were invited to a few days ago (you got to keep the leftovers), so you bring them out to the coffee table near where they're hanging out and just set it out, then return to the kitchen in shifts and bring the mugs out two or three at a time (three if you're feeling especially daring). Pretty soon everything is out, so you then decide to take the weapons you have immediate access to and hide them.

Of course, your definition of 'hiding them' is putting them all on your love seat and covering it with a blanket. 

You assume they probably have more hidden in various places on their bodies and under their clothes, but you're not gonna even consider taking those. 

Once you're 100% done with your anti-robbery check-list, you lay down on your couch with your feet facing them and begin to read the book you left on your coffee table the night before. 

Right when you begin to wonder if any of them are even alive, some begin to groan and move around sluggishly. 

You hear a couple worried 'Bilbo?'s' and someone say either 'kill' or 'Kili', so you get up and retreat to your kitchen in case they get violent. 

Someone screams muffled-ly and you assume the blond guy has awakened. 

As soon as the guy screams most of them jump to their feet and begin to look around wildly, and you duck beneath the counter and peek out from the side nervously. 

"Where is my ax!?" Someone yells with an accent. 

"What in Mahal is sitting on Bilbo?!" Another yells. 

"Master Baggins!" 

"Is that food?" 

Everything goes quiet when someone yells about the food, and then there's some shuffling and rustling of plastic and Yeti comes trotting into the kitchen. A triumphant smirk settles on your face, and you slowly stand and see that they're all standing and looking down at the coffee table.

"Is this for us?" The small blond man who Yeti seemed to like, asks. 

You decide now is the time for your dramatic entrance. "Yes, it's for you."

At the sound of your voice, they all whirl around and look at you with wide eyes, pushing the same small blond behind them as they reach for the hidden weapons you knew they had. 

You don't say anything.

"You didn't even search us properly!" One of the taller brown-haired ones exclaims, oh he's kinda cute, with a smug smirk on his face. 

Okay, wow that's insulting. He's definitely insinuating that you're dumb, definitely. "Excuse me, I know very well that you had stuff in your clothes, but I didn't much like the idea of invading your personal space." 

Now you get confused looks and no response. 

"Besides, I took all your big weapons and I know that they must've meant something to you. I'll hold them hostage if you try to rob me." 

More confused looks, then a raven-haired guy, the one who pushed the blond behind them, speaks up, "Where are our weapons?" 

You resist the urge to look over at the horribly hidden pile of swords, daggers, single bow, and axes under the blanket on your love seat and state, "I've hidden them somewhere you'll never find them!" You yell, "You can tear this house apart brick by brick and you'll still never find them! I've put them somewhere so-"

"It's under that blanket, isn't it?" A blond guy with a braided mustache asks. 

You take a pause and look over to exactly where he's talking about. 

It's completely silent for about 30 seconds until you realize you should probably deny it.


Yeah, there's literally the hilt of a blade and the bow sticking out from under it. 

Some of them seem more amused than alert now, and you realize you've succeeded in making them see you as not a threat. 

You clear your throat awkwardly, and look away from the blanket, "L-Lets not read too much into that. What's really important here is that you are literally the worst robbers I've ever had the displeasure of meeting." You glare at the lot of them before a big smile suddenly spreads across your face, "Oh! I got you snacks by the way, and my name is Y/N."

A couple of them exchange weird looks, probably because you're totally psyching them out, and you can tell they're beginning to question your sanity. And that's where they go wrong, because once they know your name and grow attached, then there's no way they'll be able to hurt or rob you. 

The raven-haired dude, he seems to be the leader of this operation, steps forward, "We are no robbers." Is all he says as if that clears everything up. 

"Um, then why are you in the middle of my house? Seems pretty robber-y from where I'm standing." 

He purses his lips and looks at you intensely as if he's trying to stare you into submission, but you will not be intimidated.

"No excuse, then?" You ask.

He sighs quietly when he realizes, ultimately, that you've got a point. "Truthfully, I have no memory of how we got to be here." The half-man pauses to collect his thoughts, then continues, "I don't know where we are, nor do any of us. This place is foreign and everything is odd... and new." 

You tap your foot a couple of times and cross your arms over your chest, not really believing it but also not-not believing it since they are rather peculiar. 

"If you're not robbers then tell me something only a not robber would say!" Getting them to underestimate you is key. 

You get more weird looks and some of them actually laugh, bingo, before the same guy speaks again, "We... we're not going to rob you?" 

For a few moments, you pretend to deliberate over what he said, then nod, "Well damn, why didn't you say so before?" Some tense shoulders relax, then you continue, "Anywaaayyys, I made tea and that blond fellow in the back looks kinda skinny so help yourselves to the platters I've set out. Oh, yes, also I hope none of you are afraid of dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, or small rodents because they're literally everywhere." 

"Are you not being too hasty in accepting us into your home?" The black-haired dude asks slowly, looking around at the rest of the people around him. 

Yes, he has a point you know, but there's something that tugs at your heartstrings when you look at this disheveled group of short men. Their eyes are sunken and tired with bags big enough to cost you extra on a flight, they are dirty and some of them a bit bloody, they look so hungry, and there's just a horrible exhausted and negative haze settled over the lot of them. They just look so damn pathetic and sad, and god that small blond and the brown-haired pretty guy look like sad little puppies- 

It then occurs to you that they are, essentially, strays, and that thought softens your hard outer-shell. 

You have to help them.

You let a smaller smile upturn the corners of your lips as you say a bit quieter and more serious, "Maybe I am. I don't know who you are or if you're telling me the truth, but even I can see that something isn't right here. You all look tired and hungry, a-and if I turn you away knowing something's wrong, what kind of person does that make me?"

You've done it plenty of times with dogs and feral cats before, and they can be just as dangerous. 

It seems that they're all listening to what you have to say, so you go on, "I have the means to help and Yeti has taken to your blond man-child," you gesture to your fluffy boy who is pawing at said guy in search of head pats, "And... something in my heart is telling me that I shouldn't send you away." You tap your fingers against your elbow a couple times, then say softly, "Please don't make me regret it..." 

There are a few moments of silence before the person you were talking to responds again, "We will try to cause no trouble for you." 

You nod your head and turn to go back into the kitchen, whistling for Yeti and Copper to come follow you. "I'm going to be out for 10 minutes, don't cause trouble." Leaving them by themselves is the ultimate test of how trustworthy they are, and you'll only be just outside feeding the animals so you can hear everything. 

"We won't." 

You'll have to see. 

Chapter Text

Your initial arrival in this strange other world was not the best. The transition from electricity, social media, running water, and family, to being surrounded by multiple men, dirty, technology-less, and constantly hungry. 

To say it was difficult would be an understatement, but you did eventually learn how to adapt to your surroundings. 

You became friends with the majority of the people in this Company and have been accepted quite easily despite the oddity of your arrival and circumstances. 

Actually, the abnormality of your admittance into this journey is what's made you so popular in the first place. The dwarves (and little hobbit) were entranced with your stories and explanations of the things you had in your world, awestruck at the vivid descriptions and theatrical ways you tell them things. 

What surprised you more than anything was the way the leader of this group of dwarves took to you. It seemed he enjoyed your company quite a lot, and he always listened when you went on one of your little rambles about what technology and things you had once upon a time. 

Fili and Kili, Thorin's nephews, also grew to like your stories and decided to ask how you could describe things in such evocative detail, and that's when you told them about your hobby back when you were still at your original home. 

Writing has been a big part of your life for as long as you can remember, so naturally, you became rather good at it the more you practiced. 

"Usually I would write my stories on my laptop, you know that thing with the buttons and flat-screen that lights up I told you about, and I'd show them to others and even submit things to contests sometimes." You had a smile on your face when you'd explained it to them, "Gosh I miss it... I miss my home, but I'm grateful to have such a wonderful group to look after me." 

Those were your sentiments then, and they're the same now a few weeks later. 

You've been keeping track of the days since you arrived in this place and tomorrow is to be your birthday. 

It's around this time where you begin to really feel the toll that being away from all you know and love is taking on you. A mixture of homesickness and deep sorrow has been keeping you down these past few days, and it seems everyone has noticed as such. 

You don't really try to hide your internal suffering, but you don't necessarily wear it on your sleeve either. It's hard to pretend everything is alright when there are already 1000 other worries stacking up on top of you as time drags on, but you try nonetheless (not that you're fooling anybody).

The two brothers, Thorin's nephews, asked you a day or so back what had you so down, and you explained half-heartedly what was eating at you. 

They seemed very understanding and tried to cheer you up. Though their attempts didn't work completely, you did still appreciate it, and their thoughtfulness made your heart all warm and happy. 

When you wake up the morning of your birthday, feeling a bit more well-rested than usual and pretty warm. When you sit up to stretch, you realize you have an extra blanket from who knows where, and it succeeds in bringing a smile to your face. 

You stand up and glance around the still-sleeping group of dwarves, trying to see who it was that gave you their blanket. 

During your first glance around the camp, you don't spot who is missing their blanket, but on the second look, you realize that Thorin is the only one coverless. 

A small smile tugs at your lips, grateful and also a little flattered that he'd do such a thing. 

You begin to make your way over to him careful not to step on any unsuspecting dwarves, and you flash a smile at Bofur who is on morning watch. 

Bofur returns the smile with a little less energy, then looks back out at the forest again. 

When you finally make it to Thorin you crouch down and lay his blanket back over him, then turn and slowly make your way back to your bedroll.
Later on in the day begin to feel less energetic than you had been that morning, but you are definitely happier than you have been in previous days. 

Walking on foot isn't exactly your favorite thing, but you prefer that to being the prisoner to Goblins and on the dinner menu. 

You walk by yourself for the majority of the time, but you don't mind some space to think during a long multi-mile trek. 

At some point during the hike up a big hill, Thorin steps up next to you and trudges quietly for some time. It's a comfortable walking silence, and even though the two of you don't speak you still find yourself enjoying his companionship. 

The silence is broken suddenly when Thorin pipes up, "I hear that today is the anniversary of your birth." 

You're a bit surprised that, that's the first thing he says when he finally addresses you, and you're caught between confusion on how he knew and happiness because he knows in the first place. "Ah, yes it is. How did you know?" 

"Kili told me as such." He replies easily.

Oh, that makes more sense. 

"Of course he did." You don't say it negatively, but instead with humor in your voice, "I'm turning 24 today." 

At first, he looks surprised when you mention your age, but it doesn't last long as realization dawns on him. "Oh, yes I forgot that the ages of men are different than a dwarf. You would be no more than a child if you were one." 

You nod your head in understanding, finding it a bit funny that he was so taken aback at first. "Well, I'm sure you don't see me as a kid, right? That'd be embarrassing." 

"Well of course not. If you were to ask for my inquiry, I'd say that your maturity is rivaled by none in this group, excluding myself and Balin of course." 

That draws an amused laugh from you since it's essentially a compliment that both flatters you and backhands the rest of the group. "Even Bilbo?" You question jokingly. 

You're surprised when he nods his head, "He is extraordinarily polite and proper, but those qualities do not make for maturity." He sounds so sure in his reply that you actually believe him, "and one who is a writer of poetry such as yourself has a better way with words than any of us."

"Well, I don't know if it's fair to consider myself a writer anyway, Thorin. I have nothing to write on or with, and my works would probably only confuse the lot of you." Your speech is slightly more complex than it was before you ended up here, as it seems you've begun to pick up some of their speech habits. 

The soon-to-be King Under the Mountain looks surprised at your reason for quitting, "You give up because you've lost your medium? And because you fear not being understood?"

"Well, yes." 

Thorin doesn't say anything right away, but you can see from the expression on his face that he does have something he want's to tell you. But you don't try to get anything out of him, instead, you wait and hope that he'll just get to it himself. 

"There's something I wish to give you." His voice breaks the silence again, and you find yourself a bit surprised that he even has anything for you to begin with. 

"You want to give me something?" You repeat with confusion clear in your voice. 

"Yes." He reaches into the bag on his back and feels around blindly for something for a few moments, and you just watch and walk hoping that he doesn't trip on anything by accident. 

"Ah, here it is."

You cock your head to the side when he pulls out a cute little leather-bound book. "What's this?" 

He doesn't reply right away for he instead holds out said book to you and waits for you to take it before saying anything more. 

You accept the gift and look at the little leather thing in your hands, flipping it open to see several blank pieces of parchment inside. 

"Kili also told me of your desire to begin writing again, and while it is no 'laptop', it's still a rather fine book." He sounds sheepish almost like he's afraid you might dislike the present and give it back. 

A huge smile breaks out on your face as you look at him joyously, "Oh my god, Thorin, t-thank you so much!" 

At this very moment, you couldn't be happier. The gift is so thoughtful and sweet, and for the first time in a while, you feel like something has gone - mostly - back to normal. "I love it..." You say quieter this time, placing a hand on his shoulder to squeeze it appreciatively, "I'll write a story just for you, how does that sound?" 

The raven-haired king to-be smiles at you warmly and nods his assent, "I would like that." 

Chapter Text

After that kind of rocky introduction and confusing explanation of their quest and what they were doing exactly (also what happened to their wizard 'Gandalf') things began to work out better. 

At first, they were in a kind of panic since they aren't able to destroy that ring thing if they're in your world, but then you reminded them that they can't destroy it, and this Sauron guy can't get it. 

This seems to ease their worries a bit. 

It was very easy for you to get along with the two blond 'hobbit' cousins Merry and Pippin, and Samwise is a wonderful help in the kitchen. Mr. Legolas kinda just awkwardly stands around most of the time (he doesn't sleep apparently), while the 'dwarf', Gimli, likes to bother said 'elf' which you find to be quite amusing. The two actual human dudes seem to be the more authoritative figures here, so they help to keep everyone in check and ensure they don't break anything.

Penny has, quite literally, fallen in love with that brown-haired bastard Aragorn, and you've sworn that if he breaks her little fluffy heart you're going to fucking murder him. Lucky for him, it seems he is quite fond of her in return since he sometimes sits idly on your couch with her laying across his lap. This asshole must have dog treats in his pocket or something because there's no way she would ditch you for some scraggly handsome stranger like in the movies. 

Of course, you don't complain about it or anything, rather you just leave it and enjoy the fact that Penny is happy (while silently plotting his painful murder in your mind). 

You also had to show them how to work the bathroom, and after they got over their initial shock and awestruck, they all bathed (thank god for your poor nose) and you offered to go get them more clothes later on so you can figure out how to wash theirs.

Overall, it seems that everything is going smoothly and will continue to do so. 

You have yet to give them a chance to mess with your laptop or phone (or even the TV), but mostly because you're afraid they'll die of shock. 

Before you know it a week has passed, and not only are they still in your damn home but they're so freaking well-behaved and polite you actually find yourself not wanting them to go. 

"Why do you wear those fluffy pants?" The sweet little Pippin asks. 

Everyone insists he and his cousin are mischievous little monsters, but you find them to be nothing but adorable and polite. "Because, my dear boy, they are really freaking comfortable. I'm gonna go to the store later and get all of you a pair. They will change your lives." 

His eyes grow wide at your overly dramatic description of fluffy pants and he suddenly seems excited, "Really? Some for all of us?" 

You nod your head with a bright smile on your face, lifting your leg up for him to touch it. "Feel how nice they are!" 

When Pippin places his hand on the soft, fuzzy fabric he looks surprised, "I don't think I've felt trousers so soft before!" 

"Fluffy pants, Pippin. They're called fluffy pants." 

"Fluffy pants." He repeats in confirmation. 

His cousin, Merry, chose then to walk into the room, and when he sees the two of you he looks confused. "Pip, what are you doing?" 

"Oh! Merry, come here and feel these!" He exclaims, not bothering to answer his question. 

Merry does as he says, albeit hesitantly, but when his hands touch that miracle fabric he looks just as shocked, "You've got such peculiar clothing... I like it." 

"Well, I was just telling my buddy over here that I'm going to get everyone some and absolutely ruin your wardrobe since you'll never want to wear anything but these ever again." You tell him smugly, jumping to your feet suddenly, "Oh, I've gotta go do something. Keep an eye on Penny for me, won't you?" 

Yeah, they don't need to since she's busy sleeping on a napping Aragorn, but you ask nonetheless. 

You retreat to another room and begin to organize the things you moved from your guest bedroom, wanting everything to be less cluttered while they stay here. 

The air mattress had to come out and everything because of how many there are, but you don't mind a little extra work for some companionship in response. Heaven knows you need someone to keep you out of your own head.

While you're neatening things, the blond elf guy walks in and observes you for a few moments, saying nothing and kinda just standing there. You turn after a minute or so and look at him questioningly, "Is there something I can help you with?" 

He doesn't say anything right away, and so you grab a couple of books and straighten them while you wait. 

"What are you doing?" He asks instead of answering you (a very Pippin move). 

Despite your heart wanting you to be sarcastic in your reply you answer him seriously, "I'm cleaning up a bit since I had to take all of this stuff out of my guest room. It's kinda messy if you couldn't tell." 

You wipe your hands on your fluffy pants and smile at him. "I'm almost done. Did you need me for something?" 

He actually acknowledges your question this time with a shake of his head, "No. I wanted to see if you require any assistance." 

Ah, that makes sense. He definitely seems like the helpful type. 

"Oh, well some help would be nice. Maybe you could move those boxes," you point to some cardboard boxes in the corner of the closet you shoved everything into, "over there." You then point to a shelf that is mostly empty. 

He nods again and goes to do just that right away, and you go back to sorting through a box full of papers.

"What made you allow us to stay?" He suddenly inquires, lifting the boxes you asked for help with easily. 

You're a bit surprised at his engagement in conversation and the topic he chose, but you answer despite that. "Well like I said before, I know a group of sad saps when I see it... I didn't know you'd lost your friend, but I could tell something wasn't right. And... I don't know, your hobbits looked so hungry and tired, I couldn't kick you all out and keep a clean conscience." It's true, but what you leave out is the desire you had for some company. Penny is more than enough, but recently you've been feeling lonely and inadequate, so you jumped on the opportunity to be useful in your monotone life. 

"There's something you're not saying." He says it like a statement rather than a question, and while he's right you only shrug. 

"My reasons are my own, but what I told you is my main explanation. Take it or leave it." You don't mean to act so cold and aloof, but the thinking about your flaws and recently depressive state only serves to dampen your mood. 

"I meant not to offend, I apologize if upset you. I was only curious." 

You smile at him over your shoulder apologetically yourself, "No, don't say sorry. I'm just a bit cranky is all, haven't been getting much sleep." 

He can tell that's not the truth, but he nods anyway and lets it drop. 

Suddenly the sound of Penny barking reaches your ears, and you sigh knowing that someone is probably at the door. 

When she abruptly stops, you pause and decide to finish with the last small stack you have before going out to check.

Big mistake.

Once you walk out of the storage closet, you're met with the sight of two hiding hobbits, and Aragorn at the  freaking  door. Your eyes widen in horror, and you turn and close the door in Legolas' face before he can exit. 

When the door slams, someone pokes their head around the tall 'ranger' and smiles. 

"Oh, Y/N there you are!" 

Uh oh, he's not supposed to be there. 

"B-Brian, hey, what... what are you doing here?" You ask slowly, walking over to try and diffuse whatever situation is going on here. "I didn't even know you knew my address..." 

He smiles brightly despite that and waves his hand, "Don't worry about it, the boss gave it to me and told me to check up on you! You haven't been answering your messages and this is the most work you've missed in the past, like, 4 years." His tone is bright and cheery, but you can see behind that mask of pleasantries is nothing but a prying brat who has to know everything 24/7. 

You ignore your dark thoughts and simply smile at him in return, "Yes, well I've been very busy. And, actually, I texted Marissa about my absence for the week ahead of time, so I don't see why she would send you. She told me that I can work from home until I'm ready to come back." You never liked Brian. Much too nosy and too much of a snake for your liking.

You pull your phone out of your pocket and see that you have... holy shit, 43 missed messages? All from Brian? Ew, okay, that's weird. 

But you decide not to comment on it.

"Right, well, who is this? I haven't seen him before." 


You look up at the brown-haired man sharply, then back at Brian. "W-Who, him? Oh, this is just my... boy...friend... Ara- Er, Aaron. He's, uh, staying here because his house burned down." God, you're a horrible liar, but you try to keep your face straight either way. "Who he is doesn't matter, I'm kinda busy right now so if you could just..." 

You go to close the door, but he only steps a bit closer, "Wait-! I didn't know you have a boyfriend!" His expression is more panic stricken now, and dare I say upset,

Ughhhhh  fucking Brian

Suddenly a voice pipes up from behind you, "Is there an issue over here?" 

Oh great, another challenger has appeared, and his name is freaking Boromir. 

"Wait, who is this then?" His countenance goes kinda sour, "Your other boyfriend?" 

You face-palm and slowly drag your hand down your cheek, groaning internally at his horrible timing (also electing to ignore Brian's bitter comment). "This is... Aaron's druggie brother, Bo...Beau. He likes meth."

Brian looks alarmed at your mention of him being a meth head, but you only smile and internally kick yourself for coming up with something like that . "You have crackheads staying at your house?! With how you've been recently?! S-Should I-" 

You only shake your head once and slam your hand on the wall, "Brian, I am a big girl, and big girls don't need their  coworkers  to keep them safe. I've been nice, but what I do is literally none of your fucking business, so leave me alone or I'll call Marissa and tell her about," you pause and lean forward, whispering with a faux sweet voice, "The janitors closet..." 

His face goes pale at the mention of the horrid sight you'd walked into that one faithful Tuesday, and he nods his head in understanding, "R-Right, sorry to bother you! I'll uh, get going now then. Enjoy your break!" 

He's gone before you even close the door. 

You simply stare at the closed door for a few moments, trying to process what the hell just happened.

"Miss Y/N?" Merry calls from behind the couch. "What did he mean by 'how you've been'? Are you alright?" 

Unable to keep your cool, you reach up and bury your fingers in your hair and groan loudly from frustration, "Ugh! Fucking Brian! Why did you have to open the door to that loser!?" You yell incredulously, pulling on your hair rather harshly. You don't even entertain the idea of answering that question.

Aragorn seems surprised by your sudden angry outburst, so much so that he steps back and bumps against the wall. 

"He's always in my damn business! Acting like I haven't caught him doing  unmentionable  things in that closet! Why him? Why did you think it was a good idea to open the door?!" You don't mean to yell or to get so angry, but it's almost like a splash of cold water in the face. A reminder that things are temporary and unexplainable to outsiders. "He's such a stalker! God, this is going to come back and bite me in the ass!"

You drag your hands down your face and simply stand there for a moment, ignoring all the people gathering in your living room to stare at their mental brake-down having hostess.

"I apologize, I-I didn't mean to-" Woah he actually trips over his words.

Before he can finish his apology you raise a hand up in a silencing motion. "No, shut up. Don't apologize I'm not actually mad at you." It sounds like you are, but you aren't.

If you were looking at him, you'd see that he visibly relaxes. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell I just... he frustrates me. I'm not angry at any of you, I promise." You drop your hands back to your side and stare at the door for a few moments before turning and walking back into the living room.

"You're kind of scary," Sam states from Frodo's side at the entrance of the kitchen. 

You look over at the two and furrow your eyebrows, "Scary? Me? No way. Just a little irritated." If anything they're the scary ones, with their swords and evil ring and all that. 

You glance back at the dark-haired man still at the front door and bite your lip, "I'm really sorry." 

A small and forgiving smile creeps onto his face, and you feel relieved right away. "Perhaps I shouldn't have opened the door." 

This earns a small laugh and nod from you, "Now that freak thinks you're my homeless male friend and he's your drugged up brother. Not a very good reputation." You don't bother going over calling him your boyfriend in a panic - if they even know what it means in the first place. 

Suddenly ever innocent Pippin asks, "What's meth?" 

Lord save your soul. 


After explaining to everyone what meth is and how you straight up just called Boromir a doped up loser to someone none of them know, you all have a good laugh. And once you're all done laughing, you join Sam in the kitchen and notice that he's taken an inventory of your kitchen. 

"Hello, chef Ramsay. What can I do for you?" You ask with a cheery smile, watching him go through your cupboard while literally standing on the counter with Frodo watching from the floor. 

"Who is chef Ramsay?" Sam asks, looking down at you from his leveraged spot on the counter. 

Oh, right, the poor soul doesn't know the meme. 

"Nobody, what are you up to?" You change the subject quickly, a part of you hoping he approves of your kitchen. 

"Well... your shelves are lacking a lot. And your... what did you call it, fridge? It is basically empty. What do you eat all week?" 

You don't reply right away, staring holes into him at his obviously spotty memory. "Well, Sam the thing is, I am one woman, and this one woman didn't think she'd need to buy groceries for 8 men who all eat like they haven't seen food for the past week... every meal." 

"So then perhaps we should go shopping!" He exclaims, closing the cabinet and hopping back down to the tiled floor. 

Excuse me, did he just say 'we'? Uh, yeah no.

You shake your head quickly, "No, Sam there aren't people like you in my world. I can't take you." 

His face falls and he looks around at the kitchen, crestfallen, "But I can't tell you what to get if I don't go..." 

Aw... he looks so sad. It makes your heart pang uncomfortably, and you find that you wanna make him smile again. "Here, I'll tell you what. I'll get some paper and a pen, and you can write down everything you want me to get on that. How does that sound?"

Almost immediately he perks up and nods his head, "Oh, that sounds wonderful!" 


"Did you hear that Mr. Frodo? She said she'll get whatever we want! Come help me make the list!" Okay, maybe this wasn't a good idea. 

You gather the things you promised from a drawer to your right, then hand them down to him. "Here you are, dear. Take your time, and I'll go tomorrow. And don't forget to ask everyone else what they want."

Hopefully, you won't live to regret this. 

Without further ado, he rushes out of the kitchen calling for Merry and Pippin. 

These fellas are going to bankrupt you... but if you get to see those happy smiles again, then it's definitely worth it. 

Chapter Text

By some miracle (called elvish medicine) Thorin survived that day, though, at the cost of his beloved nephews. 

Fili died alone and Kili died without ever holding his love in his arms. Two tragic tales with the same ending, two lives lost and one life left wondering why he had been allowed to live but his nephews not.

When Thorin first awoke (he'd been in an endless sleep for 5 nights now), his questions were of you, his nephews, and Bilbo. You'd been there beside him every waking moment, so he didn't have to worry about you, and you gently explained that Bilbo was resting somewhere else.

Breaking the news of Fili and Kili has been... probably the hardest thing you've ever done, but you could do no more than offer your shoulder to cry on and console him to the best of your abilities.

You had known them since they were no more than babies, and having to live through their early departure tears you up inside. You can only imagine how Thorin must be feeling.

The pain of their deaths will never go away, but in the three months following this tragic event, you all learned how to cope.

He realized that wasting his life dwelling on something he most likely couldn't stop would be a disservice to them, and he also had you there by his side no matter what.

You stayed by Thorin's side during the entirety of his recovery, only leaving him when absolutely necessary. Like mentioned before, he came to on the 6th day, and seeing his lovely blue eyes open and looking at you filled you with an indescribable warmth and joy.

That very day he woke up he had grasped your hand and looked at you so tenderly you wondered if he hit his head too, but then a brilliant smile spread across his face and he had said, "I cannot go another day with you as no more than my dearest friend. I want to be with you if you would have me, and give you the life you have always deserved. I know our customs prevent me from marrying you properly, but having you by my side is enough for me."

Of course, you wasted no time in saying yes and kissing the daylights out of him, but you had to keep yourself under control to not reopen any of his wounds.

After that rather spotty and spur of the moment confession, nothing much happened in terms of the progression of your relationship.

It wasn't until two months after that, that he told you it was time to get preparations going and that he actually couldn't wait any longer for real this time.

Since your father has passed and you're not a dwarf (and family-less) the two of you can't proceed with the traditional dwarfish courting (at least not properly) but that benefits the two of you more than anything. He doesn't have to pay up, there is no long, dragged out ceremony, and you can jump this B whenever you want.

You know that your father would approve of Thorin 100 times over if he were still around, and even if he didn't he always wanted nothing more than for you to be happy.

On the third month, which takes you to now, you are preparing for the 'big day'. You won't be able to marry him and be considered his wife nor he, your husband, but an announcement of the courtship between the two of you should still be enough to keep others off of him anyways. 

Being King Under the Mountain isn't an easy thing you know, but in the 2 weeks leading up to the announcement of your 'betrothal' with Thorin, he took more and more time off to spend with you. 

He had you move into his room to start with, and he remained by your side and kept you with him during feasts and dances in the days leading up to the special day. It was almost similar to his state during his problem with the dragon-sickness, only without the madness and horribly jealous love that nearly suffocated you. Instead of treating you like a pretty, fragile jewel that has no purpose other than being shown off, he gives you the upmost respect and is more than proud to have you by his side. 

Being with Thorin as more than just a companion or childhood friend has made you happier beyond belief, and for the first time since this crazy journey started, you begin to see a future for the two of you. 

When the announcement is finally made, nobody is surprised in the least. In fact, most of them smiled and yelled things like; 'finally!' and 'it's about time!' By them, you mean the original 10 others (not including yourself) who traveled with you in the first place. 

Later that day Thorin visited his nephew's memorials and told them of it too, but you stayed behind for that one to give him some time to himself.

He found you a few hours later reading in the room you share, curled up on a seat next to the fire with a book resting in your hands. 

"Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you." He says softly from the entrance of your room. 

You glance up at him, then place the book on the table next to the chair and offer him a warm smile, "Thorin, I was wondering when you'd wander back to me." You don't ask what he's been looking for you for since you know he'll tell you anyway. "How was your visit with your nephews?" You ask in a soft voice, trying to push away the oncoming sadness tugging at your heart.

"It was fine..." He sighed quietly, walking further into the room with the door closing quietly behind him, "They would've been so happy to know I was finally asking for your hand." 

You stand up when he approaches and open your arms up to him, "Yes, they were always our biggest supporters. Even your sister didn't approve as much as those two." You recall fondly. 

As soon as you offer your embrace up to him, he wraps his arms around your middle and just stands there for a few moments. "They would tease me relentlessly, I'll have you know." He smiles when you place your chin on top of his head and let him hold you. "What I would give to have them annoy me once more..." 

The two of you sway back and forth slowly, enjoying the feel of each other and reminiscing in what you no longer have. "I'm sure they would've made excellent cousins someday, too. They would have been so happy and wonderfully protective, I'm sure. Mahal forbid we have a girl." 

Thorin hums in agreement, rubbing his hand along your back slowly, "She would feel suffocated right from the womb, but I think she would grow to appreciate it." 

This conversation is both sad and fulfilling at the same time. 

Speaking of a future that will never come to be fills your heart with a horrid emptiness, but thinking about it also helps to remind you that they are not gone completely. There will always be a piece of them here with all of you. 

"My love, I think we should cease this conversation lest you begin to cry again." You say it a bit teasingly, though there is a serious hint in your voice. 

"If I recall correctly, you're a much heavier crier." He teases right back, still not pulling away from your ever warm and inviting arms. "But you're right. Let us speak on more joyful times." 

"Like how we have the rest of the night to ourselves?" You ask slyly with a small smirk on your face. 

He chuckles at your obvious flirting and pulls away slightly, "Well, yes. I was thinking I could read to you and laze around until it's time for bed."

Sounds like a plan. 

You reach down and cup his cheeks gently, pressing a delicate and chaste kiss to his lips. "Thorin, I love you." You mumble against his mouth quietly.

"And I love you. So much." 

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Hey guys, so I've been so excited about writing and requests these past few weeks and have just been pumping out chapters left and right and I've been loving all the feedback. I've got at least a week of chapters written already with more in-the-makes and I've been excitedly working and editing past works nonstop which was awesome until about three days ago.

I fucked up my arms really badly, like I can't feel them and they're all tingly and numb and very stiff. It was so bad I actually thought I was having a stroke at first, but luckily I'm stoke free. 

Anyway, I talked to some people about it and they said that it could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but there's a history of Rheumatoid Arthritis in my family so there's a fear that it could be permeant nerve damage or the Arthritis. I'm praying it's just long lasting Carpal tunnel syndrome, but I won't know for sure unless I go to a doctor or something which I'm not too keen on since it's only been a few days

Now I'm not going to stop writing or anything for right now, but if it gets worse I'm going to have to stop for a few days and see if it fixes itself. I'm still accepting requests too, because I always love getting those.

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Chapter Text

Throughout your time with the company of Thorin Oakenshield and friends, you've been the epitome of health. Well rested, able to run on little food and water, somehow always pretty clean, not cold all the often, and the works. Basically, you're just a generally very healthy person. And luckily for everyone else, you've got a little experience in medicine.

So when Bilbo suddenly falls sick, you're the perfect person for the job. 

How did he get sick, you ask? Well...

One night during the trip after you went to bathe with Bilbo after everyone else was finished, you found that the water was quite a bit colder than you had been expecting. 

You typically bathed at the same time as the hobbit for three reasons. One, he is ever the gentleman and wonderful conversational partner. Two, he can't stand bathing at the same time as those rambunctious rascals just as much as you. And three, neither of you are allowed to go by yourself since it's not safe so you need a buddy anyways. You can most certainly hold your own in a fight, and you've said as much, but they have very specific customs when it comes to females (being as less than 1/3 of their entire population is actually female, they hold them in very high regard and protect them a bit too much) and Bilbo is basically useless with his sword. 

It was just a natural pair. 

Anyways, the water was especially chilly that evening and though the thought of bathing in such glacial water wasn't appealing in the slightest, going on dirty until the next stream was ever  less  appealing, so you sucked it up and got in anyway. 

You assume Bilbo felt the same way being as he complained a bit in the beginning, but other than a brief moment of displeasure, he showed no other signs of discontent. 

The two of you washed with your backs facing each other as always, and when you were both nice and clean, you got out and dried as much as possible for getting dressed again. Changing into the same dirty clothes does dampen the effects of just washing, but you're grateful that you have the opportunity to wash in the first place. 

When both of you were dressed and on your way back to the others, you noticed poor Bilbo had begun to shiver. You offered to give him your coat, but he only smiled shyly and said, "N-No, I'm quite alright. Thank you."

Yeah, he fuckin' lied. 

The next morning you are disturbed by the sound of someone sneezing less than a foot away from you. Now just one sneeze wouldn't usually bother you, but this mans over here didn't sneeze once, twice, or even thrice. He sneezes 4 times in a row, all consecutively and right next to you.

It jolts you awake, and you turn your head quickly to see who it is when your eyes fall upon poor red-face Bilbo huddled up beneath his blankets. 

You sit up sluggishly and push your blanket to the side, crawling over to his shivering and unwell form to see if he's running a fever or not. When you press the back of your hand to his forehead you recoil quickly at the heat that you feel. He's positively burning up. 

Very quickly you grab your blanket, crumple it up, then place it beneath his head to act as a pillow. After, you drag over your bag and begin to go through it. 

You take out your water skin and rip up one of your extra shirts and soak it with your water, then place the soaked fabric on his head to, hopefully, lower his temperature. 

"Miss Y/N?" Someone calls from behind you, "What are you doing?"

It's still rather dark out, so whoever it is must be the morning watch. 

You turn and see Ori who is sitting on a long by the edge of the big group in the middle. 

"Oh, Ori thank god!" You wave him over, and as soon as he approaches you hand him your now empty waterskin, "I need you to go fill this up right now. Bilbo has a fever, but I've run out of water." 

The young dwarf looks down at Bilbo worriedly then grabs the water holder you gave to him. "I'm on it." He runs off before you can say thank you. 

You turn back to Bilbo and gently pull his blanket off and begin to pull off his velvety red coat. 

The hobbit groans quietly and asks in a tired and weak voice, "What are you doing...?" His eyes open up a bit, but it seems to be quite the chore for him.

He seems to be pretty confused, so you give him a small reassuring smile and explain softly, "You're sick, Bilbo. I'm going to take off some of your layers so your fever doesn't rise, and I'm going to need you to drink lots of water." 

It appears he's too fatigued and unwell to even question what you're telling him, so he just nods and lets his eyes close again. 

With a little help from the blond hobbit, you finally manage to remove his jacket and begin to unbutton the front of his waistcoat. 

"Mahal, Y/N! What do you think you're doing?!" Someone yells next to you suddenly. 

God is everyone going to ask you that?

You glance back and see multiple confused, flustered, and uncomfortable eyes staring at you and Bilbo.

"If I had known I could get   those   kind of services from our healer, then-" 

"You don't want to finish that sentence." You say darkly, looking at the jokester with a gaze so intense and furious that he doesn't even finish his statement.

In an attempt to ignore their obviously impure thoughts, you snap, "If you think I'm trying to taint the honor of your burglar then rest assured that my intentions lay elsewhere!" You finish unbuttoning his waistcoat, then reach up and test the coolness of the rag on his head. "Our hobbit is sick, so either make yourselves useful or sod off and leave us be." Your intention was not to be so harsh, but their implications made your blood boil. 

"Y/N!" You hear Ori yell not too far off, "I've got the water!" 

You wave him over and take the water skin from him appreciatively, "Thank you, sweet boy. You're much more commendable than your companions considering your first reaction was wondering how you could   help  ." You can't help but take a jab at them for their inappropriate behavior and horribly distorted assumptions, but this only makes you like Ori even more.

The young dwarf blushes at your praise and term of endearment but doesn't say anything else.

"Bilbo, my dear I need you to drink some water..." You explain in a soft voice, waiting for his nod of assent to start helping him.

When he does consent to your assistance in helping him drink, you place your hand under his curly blond head and lift it up slowly, lifting the lip of the water skin to his mouth in sync with your other motions.

"Here you go..." You whisper just as softly, hoping not to stir a headache within him. 

He drinks the water in little sips, and when he pulls back you hand the water back off to Ori. "You're a doll, thank you. Where is Oin?" You ask abruptly, scooting forward and shifting to have Bilbo rest his head on your thighs so you can put your blanket to better use. 

"When I walked into camp I saw him running off, saying something about Athelas and, er Kingsfoil." 

"Okay, that's good. Kingsfoil and Athelas are the same thing. A healing plant." At least someone other than yourself and Ori has some sense in this damn company of buffoons. "You've helped me a great deal, Ori, so I give you my sincerest thanks." 

It seems all of your praise and thanks have successfully made his day because when he walks off there is a little hop in his step.

You focus back on the poor suffering hobbit laying in your lap, a sympathetic expression on your face, "I knew I should've given you my coat, you stubborn little hobbit." You reach up and brush his hair out of his face, then take the wet cloth and squeeze it out. Once it's mostly rid of the now warm water, you re-wet it and return it to his still hot forehead.

"I'm sorry..." He mumbles when you recall his denial of your extra layers from last night. "I thought I was fine, really." 

You shake your head, though he can't see it, and can't help the small smile that raises onto your face, "No, no sweetling don't apologize. Twas only a little bit of a rant. Please, just take a rest for me, alright?" 

He nods his head once and relaxes again. 

You run the back of your middle and forefinger down his cheek lightly, feeling slightly guilty that you didn't urge him to bundle up more last night. 

Thorin makes his way over to you eventually and settles next to you. He doesn't say anything at first, so you just ignore him and stay focused on the sick hobbit. 

"They meant not to offend you, Y/N. You know they think very highly of you." You still don't say anything, so he continues, "Of course, they should know better than to mess with such a fierce healer." 

"I know that...," you can tell he's trying to smooth things over, probably because of the rage you exerted when addressing the lot of them, and strangely it kinda works, "I let my anger get the best of me, I'm afraid. I hope I did not hurt anyone else's feelings." 

The dwarf chuckles at your concern for the feelings of the rest of them, "This is why you're a healer, I suppose, as opposed to an enforcer."

You look at him with confusion, not really picking up what he's putting down. "What?" 

"Your forgiving and benign nature never ceases to impress me. Your ethics were challenged while you attempted to help, and even though you lost your temper, you still managed to help our burglar and forgive those fools." He says fools fondly, showing that he doesn't actually mean to insult them, "We are honored to have you with us." 

With that, he stands and leaves you to take care of Bilbo once again. 

"He's right you know." Bilbo's quiet voice comes from below. 

You look down at him and see that his eyes are open and focused on you. "I thought I told you to rest." There is no accusation or annoyance in your voice, only concern and a bit of amusement. 

"Well, yes but I... It's hard to sleep on command I suppose."

His defense is flimsy and not that believable, but you accept it nonetheless. "Alright, alright. Don't worry about it then, you don't have to be asleep to get rest." 

You brush his hair up with your hand again and begin to lightly run your fingers through the shaggy mess of blond curls to get his mind off of the horrible feeling of sickness. 

Bilbo hums appreciatively and lets his eyes slide shut once more, relishing in this pampering (since this trip hasn't left much room for a lavish lifestyle). 

Chapter Text

Growing up, things were not the easiest. 

Though many have it much worse given the state of this little town on the water. 

There is poverty everywhere, hungry children with raggedy clothes, and food shortages constantly, but no matter how the people plead and weep, the master of this town does nothing. He cares more for his gold and brandy than any person or animal, his only motivation being the chance to make more money and bleed the people dry of everything they have so he may support his over the top, extravagant lifestyle. 

To say you were riddled by hardships would be an overstatement, but growing up with a young seamstress mother and no father left you hungry most nights and scrounging for loose coins on the boardwalks some days. She was only 19 when she had you, after all. 

There are many a children like you, though, and you use this fact to keep you from becoming a martyr. 

As you grew older and your mother more frail and sickly, you began to take over her seamstress duties and run her little business so she could rest more and try and regain some of her strength. 

Only, she never did get stronger. Her health continued to decline, and at the age of 54 she passed in her sleep.

Those were very hard times for you, and for a while you began to wonder if it was even worth it to go on when you knew nothing was waiting for you in the future anyways. 

Change can come in many different forms, and the change for you came in the shape of a tall bargeman awkwardly trying to find a dress for his oldest daughters birthday (she was turning 14, and is now 16). 

You remember that day quite fondly (and very vividly). The way he hesitantly entered your home-ran store, and looked around until his eyes fell upon you. 

You'd seen him around before, sometimes in the barge waters and other times in the market. You also knew his name, for the people of Laketown (especially the women) speak very highly of him for being 'a man of the people.' 

One cheerful greeting and unsure explanation later, the two of you were looking at your fabrics and pre-made garments. He didn't seem to have a clue of what to get her, so you did your best to help him and asked simple questions about her measurements and all of that. 

All he could do is show with his hands approximately how big she was, and at the time it made you laugh. Eventually you just told him to send her over later on and you'd collect your measurements for free.

When you said 'free' he seemed surprised and was very reluctant and stated that it wasn't a good idea, but you only smiled and said rather flirtatiously, "I can give discounts to handsome men if I so desire." 

That certainly shut up his denial of your assistance. 

After that day, he began to come to your home-shop more often. Sometimes to pay you to mend his clothes, sometimes to buy things for his daughters and son, and others just to chat idly and see how you're doing. Around that time you began to give him your extra scraps of fabric for free, and it served to make his youngest daughter, Tilda, ecstatic every time. 

Bard gave your shop very high praise to his friends and people he sees on a daily, and suddenly you found that you've got much more business than you had before. 

You thanked him with a dark blue long-coat, lined in some part on the inside in fleece. You didn't have much fleece, but you really wanted to make him this gift. 

When you first tried to give it to him, he refused to take it saying that it was much too nice and you could fetch a pretty price for it if you sold it instead, but you only dropped it off at his home later and told Sigrid to give it to him for you. 

He came back the very next day wearing it, a bit sheepish and there to thank you instead of give it back like you thought he would. 

Suffice to say, your history with Bard is not the longest nor does it go back very far, but it's still the deepest and most important one you've got. 

Anyways, you'd never taken Bard for the jealous type, and for the most part you were right about that assumption... for the most part. 

You get all sorts of people in your shop at various times during the day. Usually they buy something or look around and promise to come by when they've gotten paid, but sometimes you'll get a 'suitor' that waltzes in, confident that you'll say yes to his sudden proposal. 

When you tell Bard of these occurrences he usually just laughs and asks what you said, though he does seem a bit frustrated when you recount the more... forward men that wander into your shop. 

And it seems that you'll have another story to tell him when he comes by later, because suddenly a man you haven't seen in your shop before comes sauntering in. From the armor he wears and emblem of the town, you realize that he's just another pet of The Master. 

Regardless of your disdain for his type, you put on a pleasant smile and ask, "Hello sir. What can I do you for?" 

He looks over at you with fake surprise on his face, acting like he's only just noticed you, and bows politely, "Miss Y/N, a pleasure." 

"Do I know you?" You ask slowly, wondering how he even knows your name in the first place. 

The man shakes his head no, "No, but I know of you. My name is Elton, my lady." 

Oh gosh, another one of these. 

"Well, alright. To what do I own the pleasure of your appearance here, Elton?" You say it with a fake coyness, really all you want is his money, and give him a small smile. 

It seems that he think's he's won you over at the smugness that replaces his kind smile, "I came to inquire on if you'd like to accompany me to a party The Master is throwing in his halls tonight." 

Haha, yeah, no.

You keep the kind smile on your face and deny just as sweetly, "No, I'm sorry but I'm going to be busy for the rest of the night." 

His confident grin drops when you say no, "What?" It sounds like he's shocked that you're denying him. 

"Um, I said I cannot... Was I not clear?" You remain calm and keep your facial expression pleasant. 

"No...?" He asks slowly, his voice turning a bit angry. 

You take a step back and glance around your front room briefly, suddenly not feeling very proud of yourself. 

He takes a step forward when you step back, and now you're wishing you had just said yes and sent him on his way.

"Why would you say no? I can give you everything you could ever want, why would you say no?" He sounds mad, and as much as you would like to leave this situation, you're in your home so you can't just walk out. 

"I-I said I can't, n-not that I don't want to..." You don't want to, in fact, but you're beginning to worry for your safety. He has power, and no one would blink and eye if he were to do something unsavory. 

"And why can't you? It sounds like you're making excuses." Hell hath no fury like a man with his ego wounded. 

You're at a loss for words, so you just stand there like a deer caught in headlights and don't say anything at all. 

He reaches up and grabs your shoulders suddenly, causing you to flinch, and he demands again, "Tell me!" 

The sound of the door opening gathers both of your attentions, and you're relieved to see Bard standing there. 

His expression is one of surprise, and everything is still as he examines the scene before him. When he takes in your frightened state, the imposing figure of Elton looming over you, and his hands on you, his countenance shifts to one of anger. 

"B-Bard!" You cry, a bit more alarmed sounding than you meant to be.

He steps in and slams the door behind him, demanding harshly, "What are you doing? Take your hands off of her." He doesn't yell, but he doesn't need to, to sound scary. 

Elton digs his fingers into your shoulders a bit harder, making you wince, and asks, "Or what?" 

Yeah, he probably shouldn't test him. 

"I won't tell you twice." 

His voice is dark and if it were aimed at you, you probably would've started crying. 

Elton slowly lets his arms fall back to his sides and turns toward Bard, then glances back at you and 'tsks', "Such a waste." He then brushes past Bard and slams the door on his way out. 

As soon as he's gone you slump back against the wall and press your hands against your face, just taking a moment to breathe and calm your rapidly beating heart. 

"Are you aright?" You hear Bard ask from just in front of you, his voice soft and concerned.

When he got there, you aren't sure, but you don't reply to him right away with fear that your voice may break. 

He reaches up and takes your hands in his gently, pulling them down to rest in his between the two of you. "Y/N?" 

You look up at him slowly and give him a shaky smile, "S-Sorry, I'm just a bit shaken. I though he was gonna hurt me." Your smile drops and you look back down at your feet, feeling a bit embarrassed. 

"You know I won't let that happen." He releases your hands and instead pulls you into a hug, resting his chin on the top of your head as he tries to help you relax a bit, "Bastard was lucky you were right there, I would've-" 

You wrap your arms around his middle and he pauses, letting his hand rub along the expanse of your back, "Sorry..." He whispers, realizing you probably don't want to hear about the illegal acts he would've most definitely committed against him. 

Bard sighs and slowly unwraps his arms from around you, "He might come back." He states suddenly, glancing back towards the door, "At a time when he knows I'm not here like everyone else does." He says 'everyone else' bitterly, no doubt referring to the other suitors who like to visit during the day when they know he's busy working. "Maybe I should have Sigrid and Tilda join you throughout the day... they could keep you company and call for help if he comes back." 

Gosh you love his girls, so having them around more often would be pretty nice. "Yeah, I would like that..." Having him here with you has successfully made you a lot less frazzle.

"Everyone else?" You question after a moment, though you already know who he's referring to.

"Oh don't play coy, those buzzards who swoop in the moment I leave to vie for your attention." He reaches up and rubs your cheek with his knuckles, "They just want what isn't theirs," he states, adding at the end, "Not that you belong to me, of course." 

You giggle quietly at his back-tracking, standing up on your toes so you don't have to look up at him quite so much, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you're being  jealous." You say teasingly, moving your arms to wrap around the back of his neck. 

His hands fall to your waist and he pulls you up against him, pressing his forehead against yours, "And if I am?"

Another short laugh leaves you at his 'challenge', and respond to it by pressing a kiss against his cheek, "I don't know, I would've thought you'd know already that I'm all yours, metaphorically speaking." 

"You are... just as I am all yours in return." 

Chapter Text

So when you finished your little '10 minutes alone in your house' test, you were actually pleasantly surprised to see everyone sitting around your living room and enjoying their tea and food without a fuss. They hadn't even taken their weapons back, and nothing was broken either. 

After that, you realized that things were probably going to go well and you can afford relax a bit. Plus... free labor. 

Around 5 or so days pass by without much incident (of course showing them how to use the bathroom was awful since they didn't seem to grasp the fact that the water just comes out of the showerhead and they don't need to fill anything... and that the water could actually be warm if they waited for 10 damn seconds).

You made the mistake of not telling the 'dwarf' known as Dwalin to wait while you got everything set up, and when you turned he had already been half-naked. 

Suffice to say, you screamed so loud that a bunch of those 'dwarves' came running over with weapons drawn and everything. 

You're going to have to make a spray bottle and spritz them when they pull out their pointy things like that, but only after you're 100% sure they won't shank you for it. 

The first time they saw your barn full of horses, cows, goats, and some sheep they were excited, and when they saw your aquarium room with all your fish and the terrariums with your snakes and turtle that you pet sit, they were a little more nervous. 

The youngest, who you know to be Ori, had asked if the reptiles would eat them, but you only smiled and said, "Not unless I tell them too." You can't actually make them attack the dwarves, but it's best to keep them on their toes. 

You decided to 'employ' all of them to help you take care of the animals, though you don't really need it, and may I say that the sight of your tiny hamsters, rabbit, and turtle being held in big 'man' hands is probably the cutest thing you've ever seen. 

Yeti has also betrayed you, for he has fallen in love with that blond 'hobbit' known as Bilbo, and will only listen to him. If you had known Yeti would drop everything and have an affair the moment you turned your back, you would've sent them away (not really). The first time Yeti refused to come to you while he was snuggling the small hobbit shattered your heart. The betrayal shot through you like a poison arrow and spread throughout your whole body, leaving nothing in its wake other than sorrow and pain. 

You got called dramatic for that. 

"Fine! I don't need you anyway, Yeti! I've got Copper!" You cried, much to the amusement of your guests. 

To be honest, you act like a total nut job with the sole purpose of bringing some joy into their everyday lives... and to keep them underestimating you in case things go south. 

The quieter Balin seemed to take to your cat Butterscotch immediately, and now you rarely see him without ole Scotch in his lap. Your other two cats Midnight and Mittens were a little less pleased to have so many people around them, but they tolerated the dwarves and eventually got to petting terms with them. 

The brothers Fili and Kili (you keep mixing them up, you're ashamed to admit) seemed to like your rabbit and hamsters the most. After you showed them how to feed the little fluffy boi's and how to open their cages, you often found them walking around holding them in their arms. It's very cute.

Thorin, the leader of this entourage, acts like he doesn't care for any of them, but you saw that bastard feeding Copper scraps under the table when he thought you weren't looking. And, apparently, Mittens kinda likes him which is interesting. 

It's been only 5 days, but you found yourself becoming fond of the lot of them rather quickly, and they to you (though you don't know that).

You have two spare bedrooms with medium-sized beds, the love seat, long couches, and a chair in your living room, and a small couch in your bedroom too. You decided that moving the couch out to one of the other guest bedrooms would be beneficial, but it'll take some time so you were postponing it. 

Now is as good of a time as any, you suppose. 

You had been feeding your fish with Nori and Ori, and when the inspiration to move the couch hit you, you handed them the shaker and said, "Be careful not to overfeed them, otherwise they will explode and I will cry." You make your way to the door and pause, "A lot." 

With that, you leave toward the stairs, and Copper rises from his spot next to Thorin (you feel weird not saying Mr. before) to follow after you. 

"Oh, here's my good little boy!" You kneel down and squish his fluffy face, making over-exaggerated smooching noises as you kiss the top of his head and his snout, "Who's a good boy? Who's my good boy!?" You ask in a baby voice, scratching his back and petting him all over. His tail wags excitedly as you smother him in affection, and it only makes your heart melt, "You would never betray mommy, no you wouldn't! You wouldn't ditch me for a hobbit, would you baby? Oh, I love you." smooch, "so," smooch, "much!" You kiss the top of his head one more time, then stand back up with a bright smile on your face. 

Someone clears their throat behind you, so you turn and see the majority of the intruders standing behind you. Some of them look amused, a few disturbed, and others are actually laughing. 

"What?" You ask indignantly, feeling your face heat up from embarrassment. You forget that there are others in the house who aren't use to your animated way of talking to your babies.

"You have quite an interesting way of speaking with your animals." Mr. Thorin asshole Oakenshield states (he's actually a pretty nice guy). 

You can't even help the violent blush from spreading across your cheeks, "D-Don't talk to me like that!" You exclaim, pouting rather childishly. "Copper! Attack!" You yell, pointing in his general direction.

A few of them stiffen, but Copper just kinda lazily ambles over and sits down in the middle of the dwarves, making you gasp dramatically. There's some more laughter, and while you knew Copper wouldn't actually attack them, it did nothing to ease how flustered you are like you thought it would. 

You throw your arms up in the air in defeat and yell exasperatedly, "Fine! Have fun laughing while I put small animals in your things!" You don't wait around to see how they react and instead walk up the stairs and head to your room to begin moving the couch.

There's some murmuring that you can hear down below. 

"Did we actually offend her?" Someone whispers.

You don't know their voices well enough to decipher who is who, yet, but their conversation actually warms your heart a bit. 

"We didn't, did we? I only found it to be slightly amusing, and cute..." Another voice states. 

"Yeah, it was cute, t-the dog I mean..." 

Ooh, they think you're cute. Nice. 

You decide that you should stop eavesdropping and go ahead and start moving the couch. Or try at least. 

At first, you try pushing it, but the carpet simply doesn't allow for it, so you instead try to pull it, but that doesn't work either. Then, you crouch down and manage to lift it slightly from the ground, and so you, still gripping the gap beneath it, slowly walk back with it a few steps. You only manage to make it about 3 feet before you have to take a breather though. 

You do that 4 more times, and eventually, you make it to the still-open, door. Once you get it there you stop and lean against it, panting quietly from the exertion. 

For about a minute you stand there, and once you've caught your breath somewhat you lean back down and lift it as much as you can again and begin dragging it backward. You make some grunting noises from your effort and breathe out loudly when you drop it 2 feet later, standing up straight since the position is making your back hurt. 

You bury your head in your hands and groan dramatically, "I'm a failureeeee!"

"Are you okay?" Someone says behind you suddenly. 

You turn your head a bit and see one of the brothers, the brown-haired one, Kili you think (or was it Fili?), on the stairs looking at you with furrowed eyebrows, so you drop your hands back to your side. 

"Just peachy. Do you need help with something?" You ask, wiping your hands on your jeans. 

He shakes his head no, then glances at the heavy couch you're trying to move. "No, but it looks like you do." 

You look down at the couch, then back at him and shake your head, "No, no I've got this. I've just gotta bring it across the hall over there." You point towards the end of the catwalk, but your resolve diminishes slightly when you realize just how far it is. Of course, you don't retract your denial since you don't want to look stupid. "All good over here." 

You turn your back to him again and go back to your little system of lifting it slowly, pulling it back a few feet, then dropping it. 

Honestly, it's painful to watch. 

He then asks again, "Are you sure... you do not need help?" 

You shake your head 'no' and don't bother turning or answering verbally this time (definitely not because you're out of breath), instead you just do the same process again and finally pull the damn thing all the way through your door. 

"S-See? I've got it all under control!" You look over at him with a weary and very unconvincing smile. Damn, you don't even believe it yourself. 

"Hey Fili, come here!" He calls suddenly, not acknowledging your assurance that you're all good. 

Oh great, now they're gonna watch you fail together and make fun of you. 

You huff indignantly and turn away, moving to pick it up again and, hopefully, arrive at your destination before you can be embarrassed anymore today. 

Heavy footsteps ascend up the stairs and you groan internally, but continue nonetheless.

"What is it?" You hear him ask Kili (now you've got it), "Oh, uh, what is she doing?" 

You do your best to tune them out and just go about your business. When you drop the couch this next time, though, you kinda just stand there for a moment and wait for your back to stop hurting. 

A voice then pipes up next to you, "Allow us." 

You look down at the blond dwarf with surprise, not having heard him approach, "Um, I don't know if you'll be able to..." Your eyes drift over to Kili (you know that's his name for sure this time) who is at the opposite end of the furniture, and when he lifts it, it goes up much higher than what you managed. 

How is that even possible? They're smaller than you are! In height, at least... Okay, actually maybe it does make sense since, as stated 5 days ago, these bitches are thicc👌.

"Okay." You don't see the point in arguing any further and just step out of the way (plus you hate physical labor), watching as they carry the whole couch to the other room in record time. Now you just feel silly, having so adamantly refused any assistance when the job effort was cut in half in literal seconds. 

After a few moments of just standing there, you follow and go into the room, seeing that they've already placed it in a free space in the room. 

"Is this alright?" Kili asks, looking over at you with a slightly smug expression. 

You just nod dumbly, looking between them and the couch a few times, "I don't...," you pause before you finish that thought, squinting at the couch, "Move it a little to the left." 

They do just that, and when it's done you smile brightly, "Looks good. Thank you." 

Fili opens his mouth to say something, but a loud knock on your door and barking from Copper and Yeti silences him. 

You spin around on your heel and look downstairs frantically at the entrance, seeing a distorted figure through the wavy glass of your front door. Your eyes go wide, and you turn back to the two brothers, "Don't go outside!" 

You then race downstairs, the two following close behind, and wave everyone looking at the door over to you, "Go hide over there," you point to an area out of sight from the front door. You smile and say, "Good boys!" out of habit, but another knock keeps you from getting embarrassed.

You start to run over to the door, but pause and run back to say, "And don't leave this area. I don't know who's here." 

A louder knock resounds throughout your main room, and you yell, "I'm coming! Just give me a moment!" Once they're all hidden away, you make your way over and open the front door. 

Your face falls immediately, "Erick... what are you doing here?" Suddenly all the confidence and joy washes out of you, leaving nothing but a barren wasteland of confusion and dismay.

The man at your doorway, Erick, looks down at you with a blank stare, then down at your dogs. A smile comes to his face and he says, "Hey, Copper! I've missed you, buddy!" 

Copper doesn't go up to him, instead he growls a bit and you feel satisfied about it. Yeti just turns away and goes to where everyone else is hiding, no doubt to look for Bilbo.

Erick steps forward a bit and goes to pet him, but you snap, "Hey! Leave him alone. What do you want?" 

When you ask what he wants, he steps back out onto the patio and glares at Copper briefly before looking back at you, "I just came by to see Copper, is all. He's my dog too you know." 

His words make your blood boil, but you try to keep your cool and instead shake your head, "No, the moment you raised your hand to him he was no longer your dog. And I doubt you made a trip all the way here just to see him. Just tell me what you want so I can get back to my day." 

His fists clench at his sides and you unconsciously flinch but maintain eye contact. "Fine, you're right. I came to take him back home with me."

"What?" You ask incredulously, looking down at Copper's sweet face, then back up at him. "Yeah, no way, he's my fucking dog." 

"Yes way, he was our dog, and being as I bought him for you and paid all his bills before you began this worthless animal sitting shit, I have more of a right to him than you." His voice sounds so smug, and his smirk makes you sick to your stomach

"You only bought him for me because you needed something to make me stick around." You argue, "Why are you doing this now? Why not last week? Or tomorrow? Or literally any other time? Why did you have to come by without even calling me in advance?" 

He crosses his arms and leans forward intimidatingly, purposefully looming just to unnerve you, "Because I want my dog back." 

Oh, you know exactly what he's doing. Copper is precious to you in more ways than one, and after your not so great breakup with this slimy bastard, he looked for every way to piss you off and fuck you over. You can't count on two hands how many times he threatened Copper's well-being just to force you to do something. He thinks that by taking Copper now he can psych you out and make you come back to him. And, well, he probably can, but there's no way you're going to just give Copper to him. 

"Over my dead freaking body." You snap back, crossing your arms much like he did, "I can pay you back for everything in cash, but he's not going anywhere with you." 

"Yes, he is. I've got the receipts to prove it too. Give him to me or I take you to court." 

Oh, this fucker. 

"Then fucking take me to court!" You stand your ground and shake your head, taking a calming breath so you don't explode, "Why can't you just leave us alone? Copper is my dog, I love him so much, and you know that! I'm sorry I broke up with you and it hurt your feelings, but you have to leave him out of this! Isn't there something else I can give you? Like my money?" 

"Well... I suppose I can make this all go away." He suddenly says, a smirk curling upon his lips and he leans down slightly.

You don't dare hope that he's going to say something rational. "How?" 

"Just let me take you out on one more date, I'll show you that I'm not that guy anymore." He attempts a 'sweet' and 'apologetic' smile, but you can see right through him, "I didn't even mean to hit him anyways." Just as you expected. 

You lean back when he gets closer and your nose scrunches up distastefully. "Um, yeah, you didn't mean to hit him because you meant to hit me, or did you forget about that? I'm not going anywhere with you. End of discussion." At this point, you've completely forgotten about the 14 people hiding not 20 feet away. You're just so damn angry you can't even think straight. 

"Then I'm going to take him back home with me. And if he happens to get out and run into the middle of the road... well, my dog door doesn't lock, as you know." 

You recoil at his hateful, disgusting words and feel a spark of emotion shoot through you, "I w-won't let you take him. He's been through enough because of you!" In a way you're expressing your own frustrations through Copper, speaking about him in a way that conveys what you're actually feeling too. "Please, Erick just leave us alone. I can pay you back for the things you got him, that way you haven't lost anything." 

"Except for you." He tries to sound disappointed and regretful, but you know he isn't. He isn't. "You know I love you..." 

For a split second you almost believe him, but you shove that trust away as soon as it appears. It took you a long time to get to where you are today, and you're not about to relapse and start forgiving him again now. "You don't love me, Erick, you love to control me. I left, and that's your fault!"

"If you won't get back with me, then give me Copper and I'll leave you alone." 

Great, an ultimatum. 

Yes, having this prick leave you alone for good would be wonderful, but sending that innocent fluff ball with him is a death sentence. You don't know what he did to him when you weren't home if he did anything at all, but you loathe the thought of Copper being at his mercy (mostly because he has none). 

Copper was the only ray of light in your dark life then. He was your only solace, your beacon of hope, and your only ally when Erick made you drive everyone else away. In some ways, you'd first die then part with him. 

"No! I already said I'm not going to give him to you! You only gave him to me so you could use him against me anyways! You don't love him, and you don't love me. You're crazy."

He glares daggers into you but doesn't reply to that. Then steps to the side and whistles, "Copper, come here." 

Copper's ears twitch, but he doesn't move to get up. He's scared. 

When Copper doesn't move Erick begins to step inside, but you get in front of him and glare up at him, "Hey! You can't come in here, Erick!" 

He doesn't move at first, clearly not having expected you to stand up to him physically like that. 

"This doesn't have to be difficult, Y/N. Just give me his leash and we'll be on our way." 

"Over. My. Dead. Body!" You repeat, reaching back to push Copper away a bit and urge him to run off. 

"That can be arranged." He hisses, a dangerous glint gleaming in his eyes.

"Hey, g-get away from me!" You shrink back and start to step away, but he reaches up and grabs your wrists, causing you to physically cringe when his skin meets yours. "D-Don't touch me!" You cry in alarm, hearing some shuffling from the very place you hid your new friends. The new friends that you instructed not to come out. Copper stands up when you start to shout and he barks at Erick, but he only ignores your good little floofer and shakes you a bit.

"You were so much better when you listened!" He snaps, releasing one of your hands to grab your face in a bruising grip.

"Stop!" You yell louder, voice slightly muffled and intended for both him and the no doubt distressed dwarves and hobbit. One of your knees comes up almost on its own, and though it doesn't quite hit it's target, it does hit his stomach. His grip on you loosens, so you wrench your wrist from his grasp and shove him backwards out your door, causing him to land on his butt on the wood deck. 

"Did you really just do that?!" He screams, staggering to his feet with murder in his eyes as he moves to come back inside. "You're gonna fucking wish you-"

He reaches towards you, but you slam the door on his fingers before he can come any closer or finish his threat. A loud cry of pain comes from in front of you, but you slam your door instead of going to look. You turn all the locks quickly and step back from it, tripping over your own feet and falling on your butt much like he did when he starts to bang on your door from the other side. 

"Give me that damn dog, Y/N! I will get a judge involved! I'll sue you for assault and robbery!" 

He continues to scream and break things outside your door, and at some point you wrap Copper up in a tight hug, sniffling softly from a mixture of both relief and fright. 

Erick screams every curse in the book. He screams violent threats against your animals, describing what he's going to do if he ever get's his hands on them, all the ways he's going to hurt you. How he wants you to die, and how he'll kill you if you ever cross paths again.

You don't know how long he goes at it, yelling these hateful and threatening things at you and your poor animals, but eventually, he quiets. With one final kick at your door and exclamation about how he's going to get you for this, he leaves. 

Your heart is beating rapidly in your chest, and you're unable to move for a little bit until Copper's cool nose presses against your cheek gently. 

He's shaking (or maybe that's you), you notice, so you stroke his head gently and mumble, "Hey, it's okay sweetheart... It's okay." You don't know if he can understand you, but your voice seems to calm him regardless. Despite being slightly traumatized, you're actually a little proud of yourself for standing up for yourself and Copper like that. 

More shuffling registers from behind you, but you don't turn to look. You don't want them to see your tears, even if you consider them your friends. People are horrible, and when they see someone like you as you are now they either pity you needlessly, or see someone they can take advantage of. And you're done being taken advantage of.

You just continue to sit there on the ground, hugging Copper's fuzzy head to your chest while you whisper comforting things to him, sniffling occasionally while you wait for your violent trembling to cease. 

A few minutes pass of complete silence, you could probably hear a fly landing on something with how quiet it is. There is nothing you loathe more at this moment then having to face the people behind you, but you stand up anyways. 

"Miss Y/N?" 

Ah, you recognize that voice. It's the hobbit Bilbo, and it sounds like he doesn't know what to say.

You ignore him calling your name and just dance around the topic and try to make a joke out of it by stating, "W-Well that was awkward, wasn't it? I didn't think this is how our day would go." You don't turn to face them, shoulders stiff while you look at Copper's sweet face and try to keep your tears at bay, "I... I don't feel so good all of a sudden. I think I'm going to retire early tonight." Your voice is soft and weak, heavy from crying, and you just feel humiliated all around (especially at the way your voice breaks when you attempt a laugh).

You turn slowly and force a smile, one much too bright and cheery to be paired with your puffy eyes and heart-wrenchingly frail demeanor. "H-Help yourself to my kitchen." 

You cannot stand the expressions on their faces, even the half-deaf one heard everything, so you turn your gaze down to your feet and, without another word, make a bee-line for the stairs and practically run up them with Copper and Butterscotch on your heels. Even Yeti follows after you. "Good night!" You rush out before slamming your bedroom door, avoiding the same 14 pairs of eyes still trained on you. 

If you had taken a little longer to look at them, you would've seen more than pity though. Some of them held anger, some looked sad and empathetic, and some were simply shocked or upset themselves. They've seen nothing but the strong-willed and funny part of you, so seeing that... 

It seems that your distress has affected the mood of this company quite a bit more than you realize. 

Chapter Text

Falling in love was something 100% not on the agenda when you followed your brother Bilbo out on a crazy journey to help some dwarves and a wizard reclaim some mountain hundreds of miles away. 

Literally, the only reason you decided to follow along in the first place is because Mr. Gandalf, who you recognized right away during your morning smoke with your brother, said that your extensive knowledge of plants and greenery would serve to be very useful to both the cook and the healer. You didn't know what he meant by that at the time, but you were flattered that he knew of your skills nonetheless. 

Anyways, you went on that long ass journey and became really close with the shorter, still taller than you though, blond-nephew of your employer Thorin Oakenshield. He didn't speak to you right away but you caught his gaze more often then he'd like to admit, and so, having grown tired of his stares and lack of action, you walked up to him one evening and began a conversation.

After you approached him that night, you two became easy friends. Though, you're embarrassed to admit, that you actually thought he was Kili and his brother was Fili for the first week. 

When you called him Kili while the two of you were riding together and he looked at you absolutely baffled, you were mortified to realize that you had mixed them up and nobody bothered to correct you. 

Not even Bilbo! That damn traitor. 

He only laughed it off, and occasionally he'll tease you about it when you're speaking. Like when you call his name, the right one, and he'll say, "Don't you mean Kili?", and positively confuse the hell out of you. You didn't fall for it again after the 3rd time, though.

You don't know exactly what point you began to fall in love with him, maybe around the time at Mirkwood when he protected you so valiantly and declared that he wouldn't let those nasty spiders touch you (of course, he couldn't fulfill that declaration, but it's the thought that counts), and how he refused to be separated from you when the elves literally kidnapped you all and you were worried sick about your brother. It's also possible that you could've fallen for him that one cold night when he gave you his blanket and offered up his spot by the fire so you could keep warm. 

Okay, exactly what point you fell in love doesn't actually matter. 

What really matters is that you fell in love with him, he kissed you, and now he's declared that he loves you  too  and wants to court you. 

That's that. 

And then when the journey came to an end and Thorin went nuts over his stone, Fili stated that his uncle won't bother you as long as he's around(luckily Thorin was very fond of your brother, so you didn't need to worry much). 

There was a battle over treasure (shocking), the three Durin's almost met their maker, and now you're helping to prepare Bilbo for his journey back. When you told him you wouldn't be going back he wasn't surprised, but he was rather dejected and promised over and over than he'd write you often and come to visit whenever chance allows it. 

You stayed by Fili for the majority of his recovery process, and when he finally opened his eyes on that 7th day of unconsciousness (his wounds were the worst by far, so it took longer for him to wake) you were so happy you actually cried. 

"F-Fili!" You had whisper yelled at the time, tears streaming down your cheeks as you grabbed onto his hand and leaned over him since you were kneeling on his bed. 

When those pretty blue eyes of his opened halfway and he looked at you, a small smile came to his face and he mumbled despite the tender moment, "Don't you mean Kili?"

Any other time you would've smacked his arm, but you just laughed and kissed his forehead tenderly. 

He spent another week or so on bedrest, and you were determined to keep him company no matter what. 

Another month passes by before he's fully recovered, and as much as he encouraged you to jump his bones and as much as you wanted to, you abstained and insisted he needs more time to recover. 


You were walking around a training grounds area in search of Fili, not really knowing where anything is yet since you spent the majority of your time in Fili's room and the healer's room when you were watching over him. 

Not to mention these halls are huge, and you're but a small hobbit girl attempting to find her way around. 

The distinct sound of blades clanging together reaches your ears, and while you don't see the people causing the noise, you know exactly who it is. 

You turn a corner and see Fili and his brother caught in an intense practice battle, both sweating heavily with trembling arms and twitching muscles. You can tell that they've been at it for a while, and despite your slight displeasure at seeing him working himself so hard, you get it. He was on bed rest for weeks and wasn't permitted to do anything by himself, so now that he's in a better condition he has to spend some of that extra energy. 

Also... as embarrassing as it is, he's pretty damn hot like this. 

You've always been aware of how wonderful Fili is at fighting, and of just how strong he is, but seeing it in a controlled and safe environment is simply a sight to behold.

Seconds of observing tells you all you need to know about this fight, including who the winner is going to be.

Kili is an excellent fighter, but his skill pales in comparison to his brothers, especially where hand-to-hand and sword combat is concerned. He's spent the majority of his time defending and blocking against Fili's attacks, for the blond dwarf leaves no moment of rest or second to breathe. 

When Kili blocks Fili just goes at him with another blow, thus leaving Kili with barely moments to defend himself. 

Something about the way Fili looks in this state makes your insides churn and heart flutter, and you feel weak in the knees when you catch a glimpse of his eyes. While his magnificent baby blues may look soft and tender in a normal setting, here you see nothing other than pure confidence and a powerful, burning desire to completely  destroy  his opponent. Yes, they're brothers, but the power dynamic between the two of them is quite clear. 

When he pushes Kili back he doesn't go for him right away as he had before, rather he stalks around his younger brother much like a predator sizing up its prey. It sends positively wonderful tingles down your spine and causes goosebumps to erupt on your skin.

Gosh, the way he looks at this very moment is enough to make you swoon and sigh, but you remain composed and watch the rest of this fight unfold. 

"Come on now, Kili, surely you've got more than that." His voice is taunting and smug, and it seems to frustrate Kili.

The jeer from Fili only seems to increase Kili's determination and fuels him to go on the offensive this time. When Kili does manage to get in a good swipe and forces Fili to jump back, his intense gaze turns into something that promises nothing good. He goes at Kili again full force and manages to knock him down, pointing his sword at his throat with a triumphant smirk on his face. 

Damn, why can't he put you in your place like that? 

You surprise yourself with this line of thinking and attempt to shake it away quickly, continuing to watch them to see how this victory is handled. 

Kili drops his sword and puts his hands up in a surrender motion, sighing in frustration. "You win, you win." He grumbles none too happily, getting back to his feet when Fili lowers his sword. 

Since they're no longer distracted, you step further into the room and clear your throat. 

When Fili sees you, a bright smile spreads across his face, "Y/N! How long have you been there?" He asks in a pleased voice, striding towards you with his arms open to embrace you. 

You jump up and wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly while he spins the two of you around a couple of times. 

When he stops you get a view of Kili, who is cringing over exaggeratedly and acting like he's totally grossed out. 

Fili, still holding onto you, turns to say something to Kili before his eyes narrow at said brothers dramatic distaste for your affection, "Do I need to beat you in another challenge?" 

The brown-haired brother only rolls his eyes and starts to head towards the exit of the room, "Shut up you foul winner. If this were a bow fight you'd stand no chance." He then leaves before Fili can retort. 

Quiet giggles leave you at the theatric exit and slightly clever one-liner that Kili makes, only Fili doesn't seem to find it very funny. 

"Are you  laughing ?" He asks exasperatedly, putting you back down on your feet with his hands on your shoulders. 

You reach up to cover your mouth with your hands to stifle the tittering, but it doesn't prove to work too well because you only burst into another fit of giggles. 

The blond dwarf glares down at you, though not too seriously, and drops his hands from your shoulders. "It wasn't even that funny..." He huffs. 

Eventually, your laughs quiet down and you look behind him at the discarded weapons they left behind. "Shouldn't you clean that up?" 

"Probably." Oh great, one-word answers. 

You tap your foot a few times then walk over and begin to pick things up in your small arms, carrying them over to the weapons rack as you return them to their previous places. "You should be more careful, you know. You could reopen that wound on your chest." You scold lightly, straightening an ax that was turned awkwardly. 

"I'm fine." His voice comes from directly behind you, and not having heard him walk over to you, you jump and drop one of the daggers resting in your arms. 

He grabs it before it can stab your poor hobbity foot and gives you a smug expression much like the one he gave his brother, "See? My reflexes are as sharp as ever, love." 

You only huff much like he had earlier and put the last of the weapons up, not replying. 

"Do I need to prove it to you?" He asks suddenly. 

You look back at him with your eyebrows furrowed, "How would you do that?" 

"We can wrestle." 

"Wrestling with you is never fair!" You complain, crossing your arms over your chest, "You always win." 

It seems your complaints only amuse him, "And why do you think that is?" 

"Um, because you're like, one thousand times stronger than I am! I'm just a dainty little hobbit." Yes, wrestling with him just to see that beyond sexy face again would be nice, but you don't much like the thought of being beaten so easily. 

"That is most certainly a lie." He retorts, grabbing your arm and squeezing your bicep, "You've got some muscles. Remember that time you knocked me over with just your elbow?" Yeah, he's definitely trying to sweet talk you right now. 

"Yes I do remember, it was accidental, and I cracked you in the nose so hard you started to bleed." You still feel guilty when you think about it. 

"Come on, it'll be fun." He insists, pulling you up against him by your arm, "I'll even fight with a handicap. I'll keep one hand behind my back." 

Well, that does sound a bit more fair.

You pout at him for a few seconds before caving in. "Fineeee," you groan, dragging out the 'e', "But you're still going to win." 

You let him drag you over to the area covered in softer ground, groaning and whining the whole way. 

Once the two of you are there, he places you in front of him and steps back, opening one arm wide while putting the other behind his back. "Alright, come at me." 

Despite his invitation to attack him, you just kinda stand there for a moment and don't move. Your hope is that you can wait him out, but you have no such luck because he just stands there as still as a statue. 

You kinda just take a few steps forward and jump into him suddenly, trying to push him off balance by throwing all of your weight into it, but it does little in the take-down department. 

He wraps his arm around you and takes a few steps back before using one of his feet to kick one of your legs out from under you. 

Lucky for you, you have big hobbit feet so you're able to regain your footing easily and you jump back away from him. "Maybe you should take back a leg too!" You exclaim, not waiting for him to open his mouth to respond before jumping on him again. 

You realize that you have to be strategic about this, so when you wait until he's focused on replying to you to attack him, it actually works in your favor. 

You wrap your arms tightly around the back of his neck and dig your heels into the ground in an attempt to pull him down. He bends forward slightly and wobbles, but he doesn't fall over like you hoped he would. 

Fili grabs for you with his free hand, but you let go and duck under his arm. 

Since you're smaller you can move much faster, so while he recovers from throwing his weight into grabbing onto your clothes, you jump up on his back and wrap your arms and legs around him. 

This actually serves to work pretty well, because he falls forward and lands face-first on the mats below.

He grunts when he hits the ground, his arms and legs sprawled out in every direction since he didn't have enough time to break his fall before you jumped him. 

You settle your self on his lower back and sit on him like that, knees bent and feet pointing the opposite direction of where you face.

"I got you!" You exclaim exultantly, bouncing on his back a few times from excitement. 

Of course, your victory is short-lived, because he sits up on his hands and knees very suddenly.

Not having expected this, you lose your balance and fall sideways off of him, landing on the ground with a soft 'oof.'

He sits on his knees and reaches for you with the hand he's allowed to use, but you roll away just in time, so he only catches air. 

When you roll off to the side he follows you with his gaze, the playfulness and amusement no longer present as an expression much similar to earlier forms on his face. That same fierce glower that holds no actual malice but still promises problems if you defy him. Only, there's something much more wolfish and ravening than when he was looking at his brother, something that promises a  different  type of problem if you pull that again. 

This time when he lunges at you, you're much too slow in response since you were rather distracted in observing the way he was looking at you, so he hits his mark and grabs onto your wrist and tugs you toward him. 

In a test of brute strength or stamina, he would certainly win every time, but you've got a few things in your favor that he doesn't. One being how lithe you are, and another is your excellent acting. 

As soon as he tugs you forward you cry out a bit more dramatic than necessary and watch as all signs of competitiveness leave his expression. His grip on you goes lax as concern sparkles in his ever lovely blue eyes, but when you smile mischievously he realizes that he's been duped. 

The instant his grip on you relaxes, you wrench your arm away and push him onto his back, landing on top of him with your arms stretched out in front of you, your chest pressed against his, and your knees resting on either side of him. 

You sit up quickly and grab his only usable hand with both of yours and pin it to his chest, smiling brightly, "I got you again!" 

A spark of annoyance flickers on his face when you speak down to him so smugly behind the false chipper attitude, and where he would usually just let you have this one, he instead bucks his hips upwards suddenly and propels your forward. 

You shriek in surprise and jut your elbows out so you don't smash your poor face into the floor, and while his actions didn't completely throw you off, he moved you forward enough that you had to let go of his hand and give him more room to move. 

He wraps his now freed hand around your waist and rolls the both of you over, moving his hand so you don't land on it, then placing it on your chest to keep you pinned to the ground. 

Your legs kick out as you try to stop him from getting on top of you (it's all over the moment he sits on you), but he just swings his leg over you and straddles your hips instead. There is a very telling hardness pressing down onto you, but you elect to ignore that since you're upset he didn't let you win. 

As hard as you try and as much as you squirm around and try to push him off, you know that you can't, so you, ultimately, stop your thrashing and just lay there and look up at him with a pout. "I thought you were gonna let me win..." You whine, pushing on the hand holding you down to signal that you're not planning on moving around anymore. 

"Why would I do that?" He asks, letting both of his hands drop (the one behind his back as well) to the mats by your head. 

"Because... Because I wanted you to?" You try, though you know that is not a sufficient answer. 

He ignores your spotty response and continues to look at you intensely. That fire in his eyes has yet to extinguish, you realize, and when he begins to lean down a bit closer your face flares red. 

"Now for my prize." He growls lowly, smashing his lips against yours before you can say something sassy or argue. 

You all but melt into him, reaching up to bury your hands in his wild golden mane so you can tug him closer by the roots of his hair. 

He wastes no time in claiming your mouth as his own, allowing his hands to wander as they please along the places he can easily reach on your body. 

Every pleased whimper and sigh that leaves you is muffled by his harsh all teeth and tongue lip-lock, but you find that you quite like the way he's absolutely kissing the daylights out of you. 

His large hands run under your tunic and slide upwards towards your chest. He has no issue in removing your bindings, and as soon as they're out of the way he grabs onto your breasts. 

You tug at his hair lightly to indicate that you need to breathe, and he complies right away and moves his head down to mouth along your neck. Shallow but quick pants cause your chest to rise and fall hastily, though your pulse and breathing don't slow at all given his ministrations against your chest and neck. 

The gentle sucking and small licks he leaves along your throat turn into harsher nipping, scraping, and biting, but you don't mind that in the slightest and only tilt your head back further to give him better access to you. 

His hands leave your breasts suddenly, causing you to whine out of displeasure, but you don't have long to dwell on that disappointment because suddenly a very audible ripping sound registers in your mind.

You don't move at first, looking down at your torn tunic with shock before you yank on his hair sharply in an attempt to get him to look at you and notice that you very much did not appreciate that. Your actions don't quite have the effect that you hoped they would, though, because he just groans in a  very  pleased way and continues to attack your neck with affection. 

"Fili!" You scold loudly, pulling on his hair again to make him look at you. 

This time he allows you to pull his head back a bit and looks at you questioningly, "What?" It seems he doesn't quite see the error of his ways. 

"Um, you just destroyed my shirt? And in case you've forgotten, we're in the middle of the training rooms and I can't very well walk around without a tunic." You don't sound nearly as annoyed as you hoped you would, but you keep the cross expression on your face. 

He rolls his eyes at you and sits up, pulling off his own shirt and placing it on the ground next to your head, "You can have that when I'm done." 

Your sour expression doesn't change.

This time he sighs heavily and seems to take you more seriously, "Fine, put it on and I'll take you to my room." 

Postponing your activities isn't the most appealing idea, but you much prefer that to the teasing you'll get if anyone walks in on you. 

You sit up slowly and pick up his shirt, cringing at the dampness of it before pulling it over your head.

As soon as you've put his shirt on he stands up, leaning down only to grab you by the waist and pick you up. After he picks you up, he haphazardly throws you over his shoulder and places his hand around your waist so you don't fall. 

Oh god, you pray that no one stumbles upon the two of you.

You hear him grumbling about 'high-maintenance hobbit women' and 'just wanting to take her right then and there for being so insolent and sneaky'. That last part makes you splutter and smack him on his back lightly. 

"I was not being insolent or sneaky!" You protest.

His response is a sharp slap on your bottom, and when you yelp in a high-pitched voice, he laughs at you.

Suffice to say, you don't speak anymore until he arrives at your rooms. 

The door opens, and as soon as the two of you are through it he closes it with his foot and rushes you toward the bed, dropping you down on the fluffy mattress without a second thought. 

You bounce a few times when he plops you down, but you don't complain this time and just scoot back a bit. "I can't believe you spanked me in the middle of the hallway." You grumble indignantly, glaring up at him. 

Instead of seeing amusement or joy on his face, though, you see a dwarf driven by an insatiable, ravenous hunger that can only be doused by you, apparently. He doesn't even answer your silly scolding like he usually does.

A wolfish smirk spreads across his lips as he climbs onto the bed, the mattress dipping down on either side of you beneath his weight as he leans over you. 

He doesn't hesitate in ripping his shirt off of you and over your head (yeah, he won't ruin his own shirt, but yours is fine for the destroying apparently!), and your bottoms follow quickly after. 

Fili grabs you under your thighs and lifts you up a bit, bringing you to the head of the bed so you can rest back comfortably against the pillows. "You're mine for the rest of the night, love. I hope that doesn't bother you..." He whispers next to your ear, allowing his hands to explore the expanse of your stomach and along your breasts much like earlier.

"Y-You won fair and square." You reply coyly, reaching down to begin tugging at the hem of his tented trousers to pull them down. 

Once you've gotten them past his muscled thighs, you lightly grab his impressive length and squeeze gently, watching as his eyes flicker shut briefly and feeling the way he twitches in your hand. 

Much to your surprise, though, he grabs your wrist and pins it down to the pillows by your head, kissing your lips again, "Amrâlimê*" He growls out with a bit of strain, it seems he didn't really want to stop you after all, "Just let me work."  *my love.

You nod your head once, though you still pout, and just look back up at him with a raised eyebrow.

It seems he takes your expectancy as some sort of challenge, because he releases your hand and rubs his own between your legs to feel you. "Well will you look at that." He whispers smugly, sliding his fingers through your folds easily, "I haven't even done much, amrâlimê...," he pauses as something seems to dawn on him, and when he speaks again, his voice is practically a purr, "Oh, I see what's going on here." 

"W-What do you mean?" You ask breathlessly, shivering at the feeling of finally being touched where you want him most. 

He continues to tease your sex, never putting enough pressure or touching you exactly where you want, and presses his nose into your hair at the side of your head so his lips hover just above your ear. "I think you know." 

Truthfully, you don't know what he's talking about, or at least you think you don't, but you don't show any signs of agreeing or answering him.

"Well, if you really don't know..." He nips at your earlobe lightly, dipping one of his fingers inside of you briefly before pulling it out and continuing to teasingly and too-gently rub you. "Answer me this, my dear hobbit, how long were you watching me fight Kili? How long were you standing there, watching me as I showed him who was in charge?" His words are positively filthy, but for some reason it serves to only excite you further. 

"I-I don't know... A little while?" You say it as more of a question, because truthfully, you don't know how long you were there. You were so entranced by him and the powerful, almost feral wildness and love for challenge that you didn't really keep track of time. All you could focus on was his predatory expression and how much you wanted it trained on you. 


A look of realization spreads across your face, and though he can't see it, the change in your body language tells him all he needs to know.

"You know what I think?" He asks lowly, lifting one of your legs up to wrap around his waist as he lines himself up with your awaiting heat.

You shake your head, eyes falling shut and brows furrowing with anticipation. 

He pushes into you slowly, he's always careful at this part knowing that you're still just a tiny thing, and buries one of his hands into your curly head of hair, "I think that you stayed to watch for so long because you wanted me to do the same to you." His voice is more breathy from finally being inside of you, but he continues, "I think you wanted me to challenge you to wrestle just so you could lose and have me like this." 

He's already begun to set a steady pace, one that isn't particularly fast on the way out, but on the way back in he practically slams into you, causing your body to jolt upwards with each thrust. "Y-You wanted me to lose my head, that's the only reason you cheated and pretended I hurt you, just so that I would slam you onto the ground and have my way with you." His words are just as impactful even though his voice breaks a few times, and as embarrassing as it is, he might just be right. 

"I don't know." You reply lamely, scratching at his muscled back at the maddening sensation of his too gentle thrusts. 

When you claim not to know, he slows further and lays his forehead against yours. 

As much as it pains him to hold back so much, he wants to hear it from you, yourself. "Did it excite you to see me put him in his place, love?" He asks huskily, squeezing your hips pretty harshly, "Did you stand there for so long because the mere thought of having me turn my sights onto you under the small chance that I would grab you and make you mine right then and there, was too much to bear?" 

"A-Ah, yes, Fili!" You cry suddenly when his hips snap forward more sharply and his thumb lands on your clit to begin lightly stroking over it, "I wanted you so bad, I-I just didn't realize it!" You admit breathlessly, clawing at his back desperately, "Please, just take me properly, I can't stand the teasing..!" Normally you'd be too proud to plead, but being so close to satisfaction only for it to slip from your grasp each time was beginning to eat at your sanity. 

Your honesty is rewarded with a faster pace and more firm circles being rubbed on your twitching clitorus. This new change makes you cry out as you've finally got what you want, so you tighten your leg around him in hopes of pulling him deeper inside of you. 

"Say my name again, amrâlimê." He groans as he starts to leave kisses along your jawline and cheeks. 

"F-Fili..." You whimper, running one of your hands into his hair.  

"Louder." This time he says it as more of a command, snapping his hips up into yours roughly. You respond to his actions right away by crying out his name louder. 

The floodgates open, and suddenly his teasing steady pace turns into erratic ruts and juts forward that push you up each time. 

The hand he fisted in your hair yanks back, though not too hard, so he can press his face to your neck and leave more evidence of your deeds. 

During a particularly hard thrust, he bites you much harder than before, and the mixture of intense pleasure and stinging pain elicits a loud and rather high pitched gasping moan from you, and that sound alone drives him crazy.

He begins saying things in his dwarfish tongue that you can't understand, though from the breathiness of his voice and the timing in which he says things in Khuzdul, you can tell that it's either praises or more indecent phrases. 

You entangle one of your hands into his hair and tug at it gently, urging him upwards so he can kiss you again. He readily complies and covers your mouth with his own once more, reaching down to grab your leg still laying on the bed and pulling it up to wrap around his waist much like the other one. 

The hair on his chest scratches at your softer skin each time he thrusts into you, and while there's the very real possibility that you could get irritated skin from it, you still find yourself enjoying every sensation he brings you. You can feel each breath and twitch of his muscles as well as each slight squeeze of your thigh and small tug at your hair. Just as you can feel all of him, he can feel all of you. Every hitched breath, gasp, and tremble can be heard and felt clearly, and the way you clench around him and scratch at his firm back sends sharp feelings of pleasure spiking through him.

The cool beads of the braids on his mustache rest against your cheeks and his nose presses into the side of yours as he kisses you, and it provides a nice contrast against your burning skin. 

All of the sensations of him and this mind blowing intimacy begin to build up and fuel a greater flame inside of you, and pretty soon you're toes are curling on the sheets and your hands are tugging more and more at his hair. He can tell from this sudden shift that you're nearly there, so, wanting to help you find release, he moves his hand back down and rubs firm circles against your bundle of nerves in time with each erratic plunge into you. 

He can feel the beginning of his own end start to approach, so he becomes more determined to have you come so you won't feel dissatisfied in any way. 

It seems his ministrations on your sensitive clit are exactly what you need to push you over the edge, because mere seconds later you're crying out and tensing around him as your nails dig into the hard planes of his back. 

Fili breathes in sharply and grips your leg with a bruising force, much harsher than he meant to unfortunately, at the newfound tightness squeezing his manhood. 

The feeling of your climax brings him to his moments later, and since he doesn't have to worry about you becoming over-sensitive just yet, he allows himself to properly ride the both of you through your orgasms, his mouth leaving yours so you can both breathe properly. 

Your legs pull him impossibly closer as he spends himself inside of you and you slowly start to come down from your high. When you start to flinch and move he stops all movement and all but collapses on top of you, his hand leaving your now slightly aching thigh to push some of your hair out of your face. 

He peers down at your sated and tired face with pure adoration in his eyes while he strokes his knuckles lightly down your cheek after moving your curly and now damp hair from your eyes. He leaves another, gentler kiss against your lips as he pulls out of you delicately, frowning slightly as you wince when your legs drop back to the bed. 

His gaze flickers down and he sees the angry red fingerprints that he unintentionally left on you, and right away he feels a little guilty, even more so when he gets a view of the indents of his teeth on your shoulder. 

You don't notice his regretful expression right away, but when you do see his less than happy countenance you cup one of his cheeks and ask tiredly, "Fili? What's wrong?" 

Those pretty baby blues flicker up to your own eyes once more and he mumbles shamefully, "I've hurt you." 

Your head shakes and your eyebrows knit together in confusion when he says that he hurt you, because you really have no clue what he's talking about. "What? You hurt me? When?" 

"Just now."

He glances back down at your bruised leg again and this time you follow his gaze, and when you see what he's talking about you release a small puff of laughter, "Is that what you're referring to?" You wonder with a smile on your face, running your fingers through his sweaty hair so you can look at his face more clearly. 

He nods.

"What happened to all of that talk about my liking your rough treatment, hm?" Your voice takes on a more teasing tone, though there is still a softness to it since you feel bad that he feels bad about 'hurting' you. "Are you no longer confident in your conclusion, my sweet prince?" 

His eye twitches in annoyance at the nickname, but he doesn't address it and instead shakes his head, "I know I was right, but that will most definitely be sore later on." 

Ever the cocky thing he is. 

"And if I say that I like it anyways?" 

This time he looks at you more in surprise, and for the first time since this day began, you see a hint of red warming his face, "Did you really?" He asks, rather unsure. 

You nod your head, then remove your hands from his hair and wrap them around his middle, closing your eyes as you get more comfortable. "Mmhm... I like everything you do. Now lets go to sleep." 

"Alright, alright." He shifts positions so he's no longer crushing you underneath him, then gathers you up in his arms and pulls you more firmly against him, resting his chin atop your head. "I would be careful about the things you tell me you like though, love. Because then I'll be more inclined to do them..." He mumbles, rubbing his strong hand up your back. 

You giggle softly and press a small kiss against his neck before pressing your hands to his chest, "Isn't that the whole point?" 

"Just remember that you asked for it." He teases, shutting his eyes so he can rest. 

"I will." 

Chapter Text

Good ole Sam wasted no time in compiling an entire list of at least 25 different items (some of which you don't know of), and when he handed it to you, you pat him on the head and praised his devotion to good food. 

You hold a great deal of respect for Samwise for a couple of reasons, and his excellent knack for culinary things is one of them. He does use some off language when referring to different techniques, but it's easy to work around that language barrier since he's pretty well spoken (also, you have the others there to give you assistance if you're too confused). 

After you got the list, though, you went ahead and walked to your room and began to get ready, which is what you're doing now. 

Reluctantly, you change out of your fluffy pants and put on a pair of jeans and maroon shirt, fixing up your hair with some pins once your clothes are all sorted out. 

Once you're satisfied that you don't look like a total slob, you leave your room and join the others who are having a discussion about something in the living room. At this point you've learned to just tune them out during their boring conversations. 

When you step out into the room it goes quiet.

At first you think it's because they're discussing sensitive information, but then you see their eyes locked on your outfit which is different from your usual fluffy pants and t-shirt. 

"Are you going somewhere?" Aragorn asks, glancing over at Sam who seems to know exactly what's going on. 

You nod your head and grab your purse from the counter and pull your phone out of your pocket. 

Great, more calls and texts from Brian. 

With a roll of your eyes you put your phone in the pocket of your jeans and head towards the door. "I sure am, and I'll be back shortly." 

"Wait, I still have the list!" Sam calls suddenly, making you pause and pat your pockets. 

"Oh shoot, you're right!" You turn and accept the list gratefully, then say apologetically, "I promise I wasn't trying to pull a fast one on you, I just forgot." 

He nods his head (he doesn't quite understand your odd figurative language) and takes a step back, asking slowly, "Are you sure you don't need any help...?" 

Aw, what you would give to be able to bring him with you, but no matter how much you wanna, you can't. 

"I'm sorry Sam. I really want to bring you with me, but it won't end well for any of us. People will take pictures, hunt me down, and you'll all probably be taken to government facilities for 'testing'." You ruffle his hair tenderly and sigh.

"Government facilities for testing?" Pippin the ever curious hobbit asks slowly. "Taken away?" 

Right, they probably have no idea what any of that means. "Well... how should I put this..." You reach up and bite your thumb while you think it over, then you nod and start again, "You see, humans in my world are really 'curious' I guess you could say. When there's something they don't understand or can't control, they like to take that thing and do one of two things." You hold up a single finger, "One, they will lock you up in a lab somewhere and do god knows what to learn what they want. Like experiments and stuff." You then held up a second finger, "Two, they will eliminate you." 

It seems your explanation successfully scared them all straight because none of the hobbits asked to come along after that. 

"Maybe I'll be able to figure something out later on, but for now just stay put, okay?"

They all agreed without hesitation.

When you came back a few hours later you were greeted by a really excited Penny as well as Merry and Pippin. "Do you need help with the bags?" They ask eagerly, and you nod. 

"I do... my car is only a few feet away so I suppose it's okay for you two to go out and grab some. Just stay out of sight and come back in straight away."

The two hobbits nod their heads and scamper outside to your car (you'd showed it to them a few days back) and began taking the bags from your car. 

Boromir follows after them (he's quite fond of them you've noticed) to make sure they don't drop anything or get seen no doubt, and nods at you on his way out. 

After everything is brought inside you begin to put everything where it belongs, letting Sam look at everything you got food-wise before putting it away which seemed to make him quite happy. 

Once all the food is taken care of you go back to the remaining bags that contain some other things like toiletries and new clothes that will actually fit them with Merry and Pippin standing over your shoulders to see what you've got. 

You hold up some kids section plain clothes and hand it off to them, "These are for you two and Sam and Frodo too." 

They nod in unison. 

You then pull out some more clothes that are more fit for men and pass it off to Legolas who is standing with the hobbits. "And those are for you and Boromir and Aragorn."

After everyone takes the things you gave them you stand up straight and clap your hands, "Alright, so what I want to happen is everyone bathe and then change into those and then I'll figure out how to wash your things. Sound good?"

"Yes, thank you very much for your hospitality." Boromir states, standing from his claimed spot on the couch to approach. "You've been very generous." 

"Very generous indeed. We owe you a great debt for welcoming us like this and paying our way through your world." Aragorn agrees from your comfy chair with Penny in his lap.

You have to resist the urge to glare at him for stealing the love of your life, so you glance away quickly with a pout on your face. "What else was I going to do? Throw you all out?" 

Theres a few moments of silence before Aragorn speaks again, "Well, yes. You would've been right to do so, as well." 

"No way, that would've been a horrible thing to do! And I like to consider myself a pretty decent person." You cross your arms over your chest after saying this and glance over toward the front door, thinking silently to yourself for a moment before asking, "None of you happened to see a small black vehicle outside earlier, right?" 

Pippin and Merry share a questioning look, a silent exchange asking if one or the other saw what you're asking about, before looking back at you and shaking their heads. Boromir also shakes his head 'no', "I'm afraid not. May I ask why?"

You don't reply right away, and when you do it's more of a mumble, "It's nothing. Just, well, that's the car the guy who was here yesterday drives and..." You trail off after a moment reaching up to bite at your thumb again like earlier. Quite well you know that Brian has been lowercase 's' stalking you, and while that's unnerving and creepy as fuck you don't feel much worry about anything happening with them here. What you're really worried about is him seeing them.

When you don't speak for a while Legolas asks curiously, "And, what?" 

Your teeth stop biting at your thumb and you allow your hand to fall to your side, focusing in on them again, "Sorry, what I was saying is that he... likes to watch... me, and, er, my house. I'm just worried he's trying to catch a glimpse of the lot of you is all." 

The taller men and elf share a look, one that you can't put your finger on, but none of them get a chance to speak before Gimli grumbles, "It sounds like you've got a double shadow, if you were to ask me." 

That's one way to put it. 

"I guess you could say that." It feels weird to discuss this with others (much less 8 others from another timeline), but it's better than discussing it with Marissa or something. Nothing ever happens to him because he's the son of the boss, so when he set his sights on you, you had no other choice then to deal with it. Certainly you would be fired if you were to make a complaint, and it sends shivers down your spine to think about not having your job as a safety net against him anymore. "I-It's complicated." 

When you descend into silence once more they share more odd looks, and Legolas breaks the quiet once more. 

"Is that man from the day before the reason for your," he pauses and looks like he's trying to recall something. His expression brightens when he seems to remember, too, "your hand phone's constant singing?"

Oh, so they noticed that. Isn't that embarrassing. 

"You're very observant... Yes. He is. When I don't reply right away he likes to send upwards to 100 messages to get my attention." 

"100?" Merry asks in disbelief, looking at his cousin, "That sounds like a lot." 

You reach up and rub the back of your neck, nodding your head sheepishly, "It is. I guess I just ignore it usually." 

"And he tracked you to your home?" Aragorn asks. Before you can respond he asks another question though, "Is he your lover?"

The innocent question makes you physically cringe, and you shake your head quickly and make an 'X' with your arms, "Um, hell no. That stalker ain't no lover to me. I don't know how things are for you, but men like that typically are of the very unsavory sort." You drop your arms to your sides again, then reach up and run your fingers through your hair as you become more stressed, "He's a bad person." 

"Then why not tell him you wish to be left alone?" Boromir questions, eyebrows furrowing. "Like you did yesterday." 

Oh, these poor dears certainly don't get it at all. 

Of course, it's your job to explain it to them, but you're not sure if they will even understand. Who knows how things are where they're from, after all. Maybe they live in some place that doesn't have this sort of problem.

You then begin to explain, "It's hard to explain... You see, sometimes when men don't get their way here, they take it anyway and then we get punished for it. I can't just tell him to leave me alone because he's the son of my boss, therefore he is also my boss. So if he makes... advances towards me, I can't tell him to screw off because I can't afford to be fired. And the reason I felt comfortable enough to do it yesterday is because I had the two of you there. He's a coward, and wouldn't dare to do something in the presence of others he has no control over." It seems they're beginning to understand, but there is still confusion in their expressions. 

"So you can't say so for that reason?" Merry asks, head tilted to the side slightly in a way that makes his shiny curls sway in front of his face. 

"That's one reason. Yes." 

"And the other?" The blond elf asks again. He's got to be the most curious of this bunch (next to Pippin of course).

"The other? Well, it's something a lot more, um, unhappy." You're not sure how else to explain it.

No one says anything this time, but you can see that they're waiting for you to elaborate further. 

"People like him aren't used to being told no. They see people as playthings and puppets since they've been handed everything their whole life. He has power, and I don't, so therefore I have to just deal with it. I mean, no one would bat an eyelash if he did whatever." You don't want to outright say it because it's a very unsavory and uncomfortable topic, but they just don't understand where you're coming from. 

At least they don't judge you, though.

"But why?" Pippin asks again, scratching the back of his head. "A new job doesn't seem so bad if you don't have to deal with him, right?" 

A part of you is grateful that they're trying to hard to see where you're coming from, but gosh they won't get it if you aren't more direct. 

"I don't know what people like him are really capable of, Pippin. If I tell him I'm not interested and I hurt his feelings, there's a strong possibility he would probably kill me, or do something worse than that." 

It seems that bluntness did the trick.

Unfortunately, the confusion is quickly replaced with expressions of horror and bewilderment. 

"He's going to kill you?" Aragorn questions in alarm, looking over at Boromir and Legolas who share similar shocked expressions. 

Boromir shakes his head and looks at you again, saying rather determinedly, "We won't let that happen." 

"No, I didn't say he is going to kill me, I said it's a strong possibility." You feel kinda guilty for worrying them like that, "Besides, as long as I don't go out at night by myself or address his affections directly then I won't have to worry about it too much anyways." 

You get some weird looks and Legolas asks slowly, "Why do you say that so calmly? Like you've already accepted that something horrid could happen with a single misstep?" 

That's a nice way to put it. Not. 

"Because it's the reality I live in. Is it not like that where you're from?" You rub your arms and shift from foot to foot, glancing down at the ground briefly to avoid looking at all their stares. 

"I wouldn't say that. The world of men is just as despicable there as it is here, but I suppose that it seemed more likely that it would be different in this place." Aragorn explains, gently stroking his hand down Penny's back. "But I suppose with us here, you're safer." 

"I don't doubt that for a second." A small smile comes to your face at the assurance of protection, and it warms your lil' ole heart. 

Okay, but you're kinda done with this topic now, so you suddenly clap loudly and pick up a bag full of fluffy fabric. 

"Enough of that depressing stuff! I've got a bag here full of absolute heaven, and there's some for all of you!" 

Pippin's expression brightens, he knows exactly what you're about to bring out, and he runs over to look inside of the paper bag.

You pull out a bundle of dark blue, red, and black checkered fuzzy pants and drop them all onto the couch. You begin to separate them by size, all the kids sizes on the left, and the mens sizes on the right. 

The boys pants are red and black, while the mens are dark blue and black. What you really wanted was to have everyone match, but this was the best you could do. 

"I've also got some t-shirts in this bag," you nudge another paper bag to your right with your foot, "So you can all bathe and give me your... outfits, and we can figure out how to clean them in my washing machine." 

You turn with a bright smile on your face, and it seems your excitement is rubbing off on them because you see at least 5 matching smiles. 

The hobbits get all of theirs right away and seem rather grateful, Gimli grumbles something about the color, and the dudes and elf guy all share a look but accept it regardless. 

Pippin holds his new pants on one arm and states a very happy, "Thank you!" Before scampering off to the guest room you gave them to, probably, put them on. 


Later in the day after you've successfully corrupted the majority of them with your magical fluffy pants, you are hanging out in the backyard with the hobbits (you have a substantial backyard with a tall wooden fence, so you don't worry about anyone seeing them) when Merry and Pippin suddenly gather around the far left corner of your backyard. 

You pay it no mind at first and continue to idly scroll through your phone, slouching heavily in the chair with your feet planted on the ground and butt half off the chair, until Merry calls to Frodo and Sam, saying something about looking at a thing over there. 

Still you don't get up to investigate, but you do lower your phone a bit and look at them over the screen like you do when Penny is misbehaving and trying to be sneaky. 

They're all huddled over something, so you sit up normally on the chair and squint a bit to look at what they're doing before your eyes go wide. "Hey! No, stop that!" You yell loudly, jumping to your feet and running over as your phone falls on the concrete. You take on a tone you usually only use when talking to your pupper, force of habit you suppose, and it successfully makes them all turn with wide eyes. 

You've only ever raised your voice two times, yesterday with Brian, and now, so suffice to say your sudden outburst shocked them all. 

All the hobbits paused with wild mushrooms halfway in their mouths or in the middle of chewing, each one looking like a deer caught in headlights. 

"You can't eat those!" You exclaim, leaning down and smacking them out of their hands. "They're poisonous!" 

Oh god, you're going to have to call poison control, but how on earth are you going to explain any of this? But you can't just let them die or something, ugh but then you be in so much trouble. 

You reach up and pull at your hair roughly, pacing back and fourth, "Oh god, oh god." Your pacing is quick and movements frantic as you try to figure out what you're going to do, "I've just killed their hobbits, oh god, why wasn't I paying attention? I can't believe I didn't notice, how could I not?! Oh god!" You look over at them, noticing how all of them are looking at you weirdly, but you ignore that as you rack your brain for a solution, "Is it too late for them to regurgitate it? Ugh that's disgusting but I can't call poison control! Way to go Y/N!" 

It seems the commotion has drawn the attention of the other four inside, because the next thing you know Aragorn is stepping in front of you with an alarmed expression on his face. "What's wrong?"

"I've just killed your hobbits is what's wrong!" You cry, pointing at the four of them and their damned mushrooms, "I-I wasn't paying attention and they started putting those in their mouths and eating them! They aren't supposed to do that!" 

The backyard is silent for at least 20 seconds before everyone around you bursts into laughter.

Yes you heard that right, laughter

These psychopaths think this is funny!? 

You look around at all of them with bewilderment, stopping your pacing since you aren't quite in on the joke. 

Was it a prank? Or is there something you're not getting here? Because they are definitely laughing at you and you don't like it one bit. 

"Those mushrooms are not poisonous to the little ones, Miss Y/N." Boromir explains. He's not laughing quite as much, though he does still looking very amused. "They eat things deadly to us all the time, but they've an immunity to it." 

You kinda just stare at him blankly for a few moments before slowly looking over at the hobbits again, then back at Boromir. "I-Immunity...?" Comes you slow question. "So like, they aren't gonna die?" 


You don't say anything for a little while, running your hand through your hair slowly as you try to process what the hell is going on. "You know what, I'm not even gonna touch on that." 

Really the fact that you haven't gone insane yet as is, is impressive in itself, so you find it better to just let the weird stuff pass on by and hope none of it affects you directly. "Enjoy your... mushrooms." You grumble, walking back to the patio to pick up your phone. 

You were so panic stricken a moment ago that when you dropped your phone on the concrete, the screen cracked. 

Legolas walks up to you as you dust off your phone, "You seemed rather concerned for the hobbits." He muses, looking down at you curiously. 

A slight flush begins to creep up your neck and you look away, "And what about it?" 

"I only think it interesting how quickly you came to care for them, nothing more. I do not think we have seen you so panicked before." 

Well he's got a point there. 

You shrug your shoulder lamely, not really sure yourself the reason behind being so concerned for them. "I dunno... I just felt really scared when I saw that is all. I'd be really upset if something were to happen to them." Your words surprise you slightly, because it's true. In such a short amount of time, you've managed to care for all of them much more then you probably should. 

The blond elf hums thoughtfully and looks back at the others, "It puts me at ease to know we have such a gracious and attentive host, so allow me to thank you for that." 

His praise warms your heart, because truthfully there have been a few times that you've been concerned that you aren't doing enough, but it seems they don't share in this thought process. "Thank you for saying that." 

"My pleasure." 

Chapter Text

After that incident with Erick, you didn't come back down for the rest of the night. 

There were a few that wanted to go up and speak with you and offer immediate comfort, but Balin urged against it. 

"We heard what happened! The lass is torn up about it, we should do something!" Dwalin argues, getting some nods of agreement from others like Kili, Ori, and Gloin (a few others too). 

"No, did you see her face? She was mortified. We should give her a chance to calm down instead of berating her the moment she doesn't come down." Balin shoots back, shaking his head, "I see where you come from, brother, but I would urge against it." 

"Well, we can't just let her suffer by herself! She's taken care of us for free for days, and now we're sitting back and waiting like a bunch of idiots." Kili counters, arms crossed over his chest. He looks to his brother for support, flicking his head toward Balin to make him say something.

Fili shakes his head, though, reaching up to rub his chin, "No Kili, I think Balin is right. If we go barging in right now, we may only push her further away." 

"Exactly." The older dwarf agrees, clapping Fili on the back. 

"But he put his hands on her!" Ori reminds in a slightly high-pitched voice. He's not very keen on getting in the middle of these arguments. "We need to make sure he didn't hurt her..."

They go on arguing back and forth for a little while until Thorin finally speaks up with his two cents (and by that I mean decision). 

"Silence." He demands, making everyone quiet down. 

Once he's sure he has everyone's attention, he speaks again, "We must give her a chance to come down from this state she's in. We heard the vile things he spoke of and can only guess about what she and her Copper have had to endure, so it is important that we treat this situation carefully." It seems he's agreeing with Balin, much to the dismay of the opposite side. "A few hours to a day should be sufficient. Enough time to gather herself, but not too much that it seems we are ignoring it." 

Not all of them agree, but they don't argue either.

"What about supper? She needs to eat." Gloin states, scratching at his red beard while he speaks. 

"We will have Master Baggins bring her food later on." 

"W-Why me?" Bilbo stutters, having not said much as of yet. 

"Because you're the least overbearing of this bunch. Except perhaps Ori. You're the best option, and you're good at conversing with her." Thorin explains, nodding his head along as he spoke. It seems he agrees with himself, funnily enough. "Maybe you can bring a smile to her grim face." 


Unfortunately, you did not come down at all the next day either. The food Bilbo brought you remained outside your door and there was no movement or sound that anyone could hear from outside your door. 

The only sign that anyone was even in the room is when you opened the door to let all your animals out that next morning. 

You knew the dwarves and Bilbo would feed your animals, they did it themselves as is, so you didn't worry about them going hungry or anything like that. And you gave them access to the entirety of your kitchen so they won't starve either. 

When you still hadn't come down by the next night, all the dwarves (and Bilbo) came together once more to deliberate. 

"It's been a day like you said, uncle. She hasn't been down, nor has she eaten anything. So I really think we should do something." Kili started, looking up the stairs then back at the rest of them. "I'm worried." 

Dwalin nods along with Kili's words and crosses his arms over his chest, "The lad is right. We waited like you said, so now let us do it our way." 

Balin groans and shakes his head, lifting up a hand to show he's going to say something. "No. I don't know what you're thinking, but the answer is no." 

"Well good thing I'm not asking you, then." Dwalin growls, sending a glare to his brother. 

"She hasn't come down, so she doesn't want to speak of it. It's simple. We need to give it more time." Bofur urges when Balin nudges him, looking over to Thorin for support. 

Thorin doesn't say anything, though it does seem like he's thinking about it seriously. "I'm not yet sure." 

The uncertainty of Thorin prompts Kili to press further and exclaim, "So you think that I could be correct, then! It isn't right that we get her free care and do nothing in return, for all we know she's waiting for us to approach her about it first."

"Kili, that's a very big assumption. What if you're wrong and we only upset her further?" Fili challenges, shaking his head in disagreement, "We can't act so brashly on an 'if'. We need to be sure." 

Kili glares at his brother, refusing to back down, "So you want to just wait around and give the impression that we don't give a damn?" He's beginning to sound increasingly angrier, and this only makes Fili more irritated. 

"You know that's not what I mean. You're acting just as impulsive and emotional as usual, and it's really going to get us into trouble if you don't think clearly." Fili keeps his tone even and voice calm, but he knows his words only make Kili bristle. 

"Impulsive and emotional? Are you saying that we shouldn't treat this situation with emotion? That we should be cold and apathetic towards her when she's done nothing but care for the lot of us? Including your beardless rear!" 

Fili glares at him heatedly and opens his mouth to argue back, but he's cut off by Bilbo clearing his throat and piping up slightly awkwardly, "Well if you were to ask me, I'd say we give it to tomorrow morning, and then all go see her with breakfast. That way she doesn't have to worry about the lot of us tonight, and can have the day tomorrow to recollect her thoughts." 

There is silence after Bilbo speaks his piece, everyone seeming to think it over, before Thorin nods his head. "Yes, that sounds like a good plan. Bombur can prepare her a nice meal and you and a few others can visit her. Too many of us at once will surely overwhelm her." 

He gets 14 collective nods, some hesitant, and is glad to see everyone finally agreeing (mostly) on something. The raven-haired king goes to say something else, but before he can get a word out a soft, feminine voice halts him. 

"What are you all doing...?" 

14 pairs of eyes snap up to the top of the stairs at the speed of light, and lo and behold there you are. 

You could hear the commotion from your room and you got a bit concerned, so you decided to step out and make sure everything was okay, only to see them all huddled together and discussing something seemingly important. 

The state of you gives them a pause. You look tired and a little pale, and from your slow movements it appears you're not feeling the best either. Your eyes are sad but also curious, and your eyebrows are knitted together since it seems you're trying to figure out what's going on with them. The t-shirt your wear is disheveled as if you've only just gotten up, and your fluffy pink and white polka dotted PJ bottoms are hanging low on your hips and the legs are touching the ground since they're sagging so much. Midnight is also nestled in your arms, upright with her paws sticking out and face pressed against your chest, and there is darkened skin around your wrists where you were grabbed.

Nobody says anything for a solid minute because they're all just staring at you with shock on their faces. 

"Guys?" You call, slowly heading down the stairs with careful steps and a slightly worried expression, "I heard yelling..." 

Fili and Kili exchange a guilty look but don't say anything, and you only begin to feel more awkward. 

"We didn't mean to disturb you." Bilbo states, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. Instead of answering your questions, he asks, "Y/N, h-how are you feeling?"

Gosh, you really don't want to be asked that. But given all the worried and questioning expression's you're getting, you have to reply. 

And your approach is denial! 

"I'm fine of course. Why wouldn't I be?" You sound a bit more defensive than you meant too, but don't correct yourself. 

The little hobbit looks surprised by your reply and he glances up at Thorin with an odd expression on his face before looking back at you, "Well... because of what happened the day before. You haven't been down nor have you eaten anything since then." 

You look away and stop at the last step of the stairs, hugging Midnight a bit closer to your chest. "You don't have to worry about me just because I'm helping you out." Ever since Erick you've been the master of pushing away others and ignoring your own needs, and it seems that hasn't gotten any better. "You have no obligation to me, so it's fine. I'm perfectly fine." 

"W-What?" He splutters, completely bewildered by your cold words. "It's not that! None of us feel obligated! Right?" He looks back at everyone else who all begin to nod along when Bilbo looks to them for help. Oin doesn't but it's only because he can't quite hear them. 

"Bilbo is right. We don't ask for your well-being out of 'obligation', we ask because of all we heard." Thorin says to back up the hobbit, placing a hand down on his shoulder. "We just want to know if you are well." 

You walk off the final step and don't say anything, thinking over their words while you bring Midnight to the play-house-scratching post thing by the couch so she can play. 

She hops out of your arms and goes into one of the little compartments, peering out at you as she gets comfortable.

Animals are so uncomplicated. They're sweet and innocent, and they don't require anything from you other than proper care and love. They don't ask questions, don't take advantage of you, and definitely don't make you uncomfortable. 

Talking about your problems has never been your strong suit, and so you can't help but to feel anxious about dealing with this. 

Your stiff posture relaxes a bit but you don't turn to face them. "You're right, I'm sorry." A slightly shaky hand reaches up to pet Midnights head as you rack your brain for anything else to say other than a lame sorry, but you come up blank. 

"You needn't apologize!" Bilbo exclaims, padding over to look up at you. His voice is soft when he speaks, and there's a fair deal of empathy in his expression, "If anything we should be sorry for listening in on something we were not meant to, and then not doing anything when you were in trouble." 

Slowly you look down at the hobbit, brows knitted together and lip drawn between your teeth as you listen to him. "No... I told you not to come out." You shake your head and step away from the cat tower, diverting your gaze from Bilbo to look at the wall, "That was my choice, and I dealt with the problem, more or less." 

"Well, yes you did. And we stood by and listened and waited behind a wall like a bunch of cowards." Dwalin speaks up gruffly, he had been one of the ones moving around to go give that bastard a piece of his mind (one of them, there were many), "It would've been on our hands if something would've happened." 

His words surprise you, and when you turn and see multiple guilty and agreeing countenances, you suddenly feel worse, "Is that what you've all been doing since yesterday? Blaming yourselves?" 

Nobody meets your eyes this time around. 

A soft sigh leaves you when they remain silent, the quiet being an answer in itself, and you take a few steps forward, "You actually think I fault you for any of that? Are you nuts?" Your voice displays your shock and disbelief transparently, but your face is where the real shock is. "What happened with E... with that man is not your fault or problem in the slightest. Y-You all have barely even known me for a week and a half, so you shouldn't go feeling guilty for something like that." 

"The length of time we've known you has nothing to do with it!" The brunette nephew of Thorin says loudly, before back tracking and stating a bit more calmly, "How long you know someone doesn't dictate levels of trust and care." 

Oh, well that's pretty sweet. 

You look away again and rub your arm, tapping your foot against the floor a few times, "Well I've given you no reason to trust or care for me. F-For all you know I've already contacted someone to come and take you all away." You haven't and wouldn't dare dream of it, but they don't know that, and that's what's important. 

"You haven't." Thorin states confidently, looking at you a bit more pointedly, "I know you haven't. The thought never once passed your mind either." 

"How can you be so sure?" You shoot back, narrowing your eyes slightly. 

"Because a week is more than enough time to determine ones character, and yours is strange, yes, but also very considerate, kind, and generous." Oh boy, his words are really strumming your heart strings at the moment, "And I don't believe anyone who loves or speaks to animals as you do could be capable of malicious intent." 

Is that just a fancy way of calling you nonthreatening and gullible? Probably. Does it make you happy and flattered? Definitely. 

"Touché." You mumble, gaze sliding back over to them, "I'm sorry." 

"Stop apologizing." Thorin states, furrowing his eyebrows, "If you do not blame us, then we do not blame you." 

"Alright, alright..." 

It's quiet for a few moments, and you find your eyes locking on Butterscotch who is rubbing herself all over Balin's legs and mewling for attention. That damn attention-whore. 

"Are we allowed to ask questions about what happened?" Bofur asks suddenly, grunting when Nori elbows him hard in the side. "What?" 

You reach up and rub the back of your head, looking over at the hat wearing dwarf, "I... guess you can." The thought of talking about Erick is not the most appealing, but if you expect them to trust you then it's only fair you suppose. 

Balin, ever the darling, shakes his head and defends, "Maybe we shouldn't bother the lass too much with questions, she's only just come down after all." 

He's very thoughtful and sweet (much wiser than the rest too), and you find yourself feeling very grateful towards him, "Thank you Balin, but... it's okay. If I don't want to answer something I just wont."

"Well... are you feeling better tonight?" Ori pipes up nervously. 

You open you mouth to respond, but your stomach does that for you in the form of loud, hungry growling. As soon as that horrid noise reaches your ears you wrap an arm around your stomach, face turning slightly red at the poor timing. 

"Oh, well of course she's hungry! A day and a half of not eating isn't good for you, lass." This time it's Bombur who speaks, and he seems to be very sympathetic over your hunger. "Let her eat before we bother her any more." 


That's exactly what they let you do. 

You had a nice sort of dinner (it's around 8 o'clock now), and after you ate you allowed them to ask whatever questions they wanted. 

They asked a plethora of different things, ranging from who he was to what happened between the two of you. 

It's hard explaining such a situation to so many people, male people at that, at once, but they were surprisingly good listeners. When you told them that the two of you were once 'betrothed' (as they put it) though, there was a lot more anger than you expected. Apparently such treatment of females in their culture is unacceptable and absolutely disgraceful. 

They had you elaborate on a few of the things said to you (after mostly everyone had calmed down) like why he would have any right to Copper, what a judge and suing is, and if he was actually planning on killing you and your animals. 

A lot to unload, but you answered their questions to the best of your abilities. 

When you explained how he bought Copper and gave him to you as a means to make you stay they were confused. 

"Why would you stay for the dog?" Dori wondered, not really understanding why someone would go through something bad for one animal. 

The lot of you had since settled on the couches, and Copper is laying on top of you (he's a big boy, but damn it he will be a lap dog forever). You stroked the top of his head and looked down at him, a slightly sad smile coming to your face, "He was all I had. I'd pushed away all my friends, my family, and most of the time I wasn't permitted to go out by myself. He was my only positive source of contact for a long time, and- well, I guess he's also what convinced me to leave." You squeeze him gently and look up at the ceiling, "He means a lot to me, and that's exactly why he bought him for me." 

Nobody said anything for a while after that until Bilbo asked from your left, "Is that why you became an animal caretaker?" 

"It is. Animals are a lot easier to handle than people." 

"And what is 'sue you'?" Ori inquires from his spot on the floor next to his brothers. "He said something about 'sue for assault and robbery'." 

"Well suing is when you report someone to the authorities and take them to court so you can take their money, essentially." A very vague explanation, but they don't need to worry much about it. "He wont though, because if he does then he'll have to tell them the reason I left and why he was at my house in the first place. It'll put him in a bad light." 

Your spotty definition of the justice system doesn't seem to clear their confusion much, but they don't ask about it further since it doesn't seem like it 's going to be a problem. 

At the assurance that you're not going to be prosecuted Kili feels comfortable asking you another question. "So if he will not report you, then he won't actually kill you or your animals either then, right? It was just stated to bother you?"

His question, though innocent and looking for affirmation, makes you unconsciously wince and your expression grim, "No... he's definitely going to kill me." You're not 100% sure why you thought it was a good idea to say it like that, but it seems your response has successfully put them all in a panic. 

"W-Wait, he's actually going to kill you?" Kili asks in alarm. 

Before you can retract your statement and clarify, there's more yelling. 

"So he's going to come back and try to hurt 'er?" 

"What are we going to do about this?"

"We can't let that happen, uncle!" 

"What? What is everyone sayin'?" That one was Oin, the poor deaf dear. 

"Hey!" You yell, startling Copper who is half covering your body with his still. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it like that." 

"So he isn't going to kill you?" Ori says, a bit panicky still. 

You reach up and rub the back of your head, trying to find the right words. "The likelihood of him coming back and causing problems is... high, and he may try to murder me, but it's possible that he won't. So you don't need to worry." 

You just get 14 blank stares in response. 

"No offense Y/N, but that's daft." Bilbo is the sass master apparently, because he doesn't pull any punches. "How can you speak of being killed so normally?"

"Because I've been expecting it." Admitting it to yourself isn't the most pleasant thing, but it's true nonetheless. "I've come to terms with the fact that I may never know peace, so why go back and deny it now? I may be pathetic but I'm not stupid." Bitterness seeps into your voice and you immediately feel bad for speaking so pessimistically. 

Instead of apologizing though, you just bury your face into Coppers fur and stroke Midnights back (she came to join the two of you). 

"Is that really how you've been living your life?" The hobbit's voice is softer and less judgemental this time which only serves to make you feel more guilty. "Why have we only just noticed?" He wonders out loud, looking over at everyone else. 

His question does give you a pause, because truthfully you hadn't though about that. You lift your head and look over at him, then at everyone else, and then at Copper again, "Because... Because since you've all been here I haven't had to think about it. Having you here made it easy to forget." 

You shift up a bit to get more comfortable, but unfortunately Copper takes that as a sign to get off and meander away.

A pout comes onto your face when you try to lure him back, but he only walks off into another room. Great, now your shield is gone. 

You sit up normally and cross your legs, leaning back against the couch with your hands in your lap. 

"Well, Y/N rest assured that we aren't going to leave you to the mercy of fate after hearing all this. You've assisted us in our time of need, so it's only fair that we would do the same." Thorin says from next to Bilbo, Mittens snuggled in his lap and Yeti between him and the hobbit. "If I were to make everyone run off now anyways, I think they'd overthrow me."

There's more humor in his voice this time, and it brings a small smile to your face. "A coup from your own people for lil ole me?" Although you're joking, it does warm your soul to know that you've wormed your way into their hearts. 

Some of them laugh at the joke, and for the first time since yesterday you actually feel like things are normal. 

Suddenly a thought strikes you and you lean forward quickly, "Oh I have a question!" You declare, hands resting on your knees while you wait for everyone to direct their attention to you. 

Thorin is the one to answer you, "What is it?" 

"Why do you call Bilbo your burglar?"

You get a lot of bewildered and confused looks, before Fili slowly states, "Because... he is? He's supposed to steal the arkenstone back for us." 

These fools have fallen right into your trap. "Then why don't you call him your robbit?" You start to laugh as soon as you say it, because god you've been sitting on that one for a while now. 

Some of the more cultured dwarves begin to laugh after you say that (whether it's out of pity or actual amusement you don't know), while others groan and pray that they forget about your awful joke. 

When you look over at Bilbo he's smiling, and that only serves to make you laugh more. You reach up and cover your mouth with the back of your hand to stifle your giggles, and when you do relax you find that you feel infinitely better. 

"Look at that smile!" Balin comments with a grin of his own, very happy that things have finally calmed down, "Isn't that so much better, lads?"

There is a bunch of collective agreements, and while it does make you feel a bit embarrassed, it also makes your smile a bit brighter. 

Yeah, you're gonna have to keep 'em.

Chapter Text

Calling Eomer reckless would be an overstatement, because he certainly is not. He always considers every action carefully, and when they're in a tough spot, he's sure to only take well calculated risks. What he is, is obstinate, headstrong, kinda difficult at times, and very very stubborn. He's also devilishly handsome, loyal, strong, and honorable, but that's not important at the moment. 

Now, don't get me wrong, you love him very deeply and would do virtually anything for that man, but god he's so infuriating. 

He was out on one of his little Rohirrim patrols to weed out any sort of danger which may appear and he and his men were the subject of a sneak attack. His horse had unintentionally bucked him off, and then he had to defend himself from the ground since he couldn't run after his steed in the midst of battle. 

There were no serious injuries on him thankfully, but when he got back, instead of going to the healer like everyone else, he came right back home and pretended as if nothing was wrong. 

And whats worse? Not only did he hide his injuries from you, but he also neglected to tell you about the attack altogether! 

It was at least 2 hours since he got back when you finally found out. If you hadn't accidentally touched one of the cuts on his bicep and noticed the way he flinched away from your touch, though, you would've never known. Eomer was perfectly content in never telling you, or anyone for that matter, about it. 

When you stopped talking in the middle of your sentence after he reacted in pain at your actions, he knew he was in trouble. 

He tried to change the subject, but you weren't having it. 

You made him take off his shirt and you were surprised to see his torso and arms littered in angry red skin from getting hit, some not-serious bruises, and lots of dirty, bloody cuts. You began to wonder if he even checked himself. 

All of this leads you to now. 

You have Eomer sat on one of the stools in the middle of your kitchen, his shirt resting on the counter while you search around the house for various things to clean him up.

He insisted multiple times that he's fine and doesn't need you to take care of him, but you just told him to hush his mouth and stay put. Naturally, he knew better than to argue with you further. 

A small bowl with warm water is the first thing you brought over, and following after it came a few small towels and some solution the healer gave you a while back when you'd cut your hand open. 

Eomer opens his mouth to speak, but a withering glare from you silences him. 

"Not a word, if all you intend is to spit excuses." You grumble, soaking the towel in the warm water so you can begin to clean up the cuts and scratches. 

"I'm a prince, you know." He comments dryly, watching as you take the towel out of the bowl. "People generally don't talk to royalty like that."

You almost laugh at his ridiculous words, so to hide you amused smile you move behind him and gently dab at some of the still-bloodied skin. "I will talk to you however I please if you're going to be foolish." 

"I dislike going to the healers..." He says slowly, turning his head a bit to look at you. 

It's a poor defense and he knows it, but still you humor him. 

You can't even keep the sarcasm from your voice, "And why is that, my dear?" You ask while placing two fingers on his cheek to push his head to look forward again. 

"They are not as gentle as you." He grumbles, looking ahead at your urging, "And there were men with far worse done to them."

Aw, if you weren't so mad you'd probably swoon and give him a big hug. 

"Oh please, I'm sure you can come up with something better than that." You reply curtly, continuing to clean the dirt and blood from his back. 

It seems he doesn't like that you don't believe him, because he then exclaims, "But it's the truth!" 

You don't reply this time and instead squeeze some of the, now pink, water out into an empty bowl you brought and dip it in the clean water once more, squeezing some of the excess out before crouching down slightly to clean a particularly long scratch that slices across his lower back from hip to hip. 

A disapproving 'tsk' leaves you as you, as lightly as you can, dab at the swollen red skin there, sighing softly as you clean it as quickly as you can. 

Once the majority of the blood and grime is gone, you reach for the 'ointment' and begin to spread it generously on his open wounds. 

As soon as the cool gel-like substance touches his skin he tenses and sits up straighter, but he doesn't flinch away or tell you to stop. 

After you've thoroughly applied the solution to every problem area on his back you linger a bit, gliding your fingers up his side slowly. Seeing him all beat up like this (no matter how he tries to deny that he's beat up at all) makes your heart clench painfully. 

With delicate hands, you brush his hair away from his skin and press a gentle kiss to the nape of his neck. 

You can feel him physically relax at your tender touches, and you're glad to know that you can calm him even when he knows that he's distressed you greatly. 

You walk back around to his front with the towel and two bowls in hand, placing said bowls on the counter next to you so you can reach them easily. The discharge bowl becomes more full as you squeeze the reddish towel's contents into it again, and once it's just damp, you dip it again and ensure that it's not too saturated. 

His front doesn't seem to be as littered with injuries as his back, however some of the wounds on his chest and arms are a bit worse. More like lacerations than scratches or small cuts. 

Eomer studies your face carefully as you properly assess the damage done to him. Ignoring the fact that you're angry with him at the moment he observes you similarly to how you do to him, and he can confidently say that he thinks you're incredibly cute when you're so focused on something. 

Of course, he doesn't dare voice that for fear of what wrath you would bring down upon him. 

You lift his heavy arm up so it's at eye level and begin to rub and blot at his skin, disregarding the very distracting muscles that flex beneath the skin when you move his arm this way and that. 

The very cut that betrayed Eomer's battered state to you is probably the worst of his injuries, for not only is the skin around it bright red and raw, but it also starts to bleed again once you clean it out. 

You furrow your eyebrows and poke it lightly, glancing up at his face to gage his reaction. 

He flinches slightly and his eyebrows knit together at the unpleasant feeling. 

After you see that, you look back down at his arm and press your finger onto it more firmly to see how deep it goes. As much as you don't want to pain him further, you have to do this to determine if he needs stitches or not. 

Eomer grunts quietly and his arm flexes as blood begins to well up in his wound again, and though you very much do not  want to touch his blood, you soldier through it. 

"I'm sorry, love, I'll be done in a moment." You attempt to soothe so that he can relax again, glancing up at his face apologetically. 

"No, don't apologize. I asked for this, after all." 

He's definitely just trying to win your favor again, and surprisingly, it's working. 

"Well, you're lucky that it won't need stitches." You stop pushing at his wound now and drop his arm back into his lap before continuing, "I'll be right back. Don't move."

You walk off to get something to wrap his arm with, and once you find an appropriate covering you return and are pleased to see that he quite literally has not moved. He lifts his arm for you when you come back and you hum gratefully as you begin to wind the makeshift bandage around his bicep. 

Besides that, everything else fixes pretty smoothly, though he's most certainly going to be really sore and achy tomorrow. 

After he's slathered up in the healing ointment, you grab both his hands and pull him off the stool (though you can't actually hold his weight since this B is HEVAAAY), and lead him to the bedroom. 

He follows you willingly... way too willingly at that, "I thought you were mad at me?" He questions slyly, clearly taking your actions the wrong way (or he's just teasing you). "Not that I would complain."

You glare back at him with a pout, shaking your head, "I'm not mad at you, but I'm also not trying to seduce you. You need rest, not that." You scold lightly, sitting him down on the bed. 

The Rohan prince reaches for you after you make him sit down, but you twirl out of his grasp and stand just out of arms reach. "No, you take a nap and I'll go clean up that mess you made." 

It seems your dispassionate demeanor doesn't please him all too much, because he becomes kinda sulky but he does keep his hands to himself.

A few beats of silence pass by with his gaze pointed at the ground, and you can see that he feels slightly ashamed for hiding something so important from you like that. Because it was an awful thing to do, and you don't know if you can trust his assurances of being alright anymore.

But at the same time, you don't want him to feel bad on top of being wounded.

You tap your foot on the ground a few times before stepping up to him and wrapping your arms around him, careful to avoid his injuries, pressing your face into the junction between his shoulder and neck. 

His arms come up to gather around you right away, and you can feel his head lay on top of yours while he has you sit on the bed betwixt his legs. 

"I am deeply sorry, my love. I meant not to distress you in my silence... only that is exactly what I did."  He rubs a heavy hand up and down your spine, pressing a kiss into your hair. 

You can never stay mad at him for long, so you turn your head up to look at him and peck his cheek with a quick kiss. "I know, but you have to stop doing these things. My heart will surely stop beating at some point if you keep pulling these... shenanigans." 

A smile brightens his handsome face when you forgive him, and he hugs you a bit tighter. "I love you, Y/N." His voice is as deep as ever, and it successfully makes your heart flutter. 

"And I love you, Eomer." Your reply is much more chipper now that your anger has subsided, but you take on a more serious tone when you mumble, "But you really must rest." 

"I will, I will. But only if I get to keep holding you like this..." 

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Chapter Text

Bard had you close his jacket around you to hide your odd clothing and sat you next to him like before, telling you quietly to let him do the talking because he's not too popular with the local authorities. 

So you did just that, hanging out by the helm with his jacket covering your odd jeans and shirt while he steered into the port thing with a big gate blocking the way. 

You've never seen anything like it. A town completely on the water that should be beautiful, only it's dark and gloomy and reeks of poverty and hunger. 

Bard exchanges a few words with the man at the gate, they glance back at you at one point before the new man suddenly declares that everything is in order. 

Before the approval slip thingy can be given back, though, a slouchy, long-browed, greasy man slinks up and snatches the paper and hisses, "Not so fast." 

This new dark-haired man reads over the papers, then looks up and observes the barrels lined up in his boat, "Consignment of empty barrels from the Woodland Realm. Only, they’re not empty, are they, Bard?"

He drops the papers and takes a few steps forward, a weird delighted gleam in his eye at having caught the bargeman off guard. “If I recall correctly, you’re licensed as a bargeman, not a fisherman.” As he says this he picks up a fish from the barrel that Bombur is in, sneering when Bard replies. 

"That's none of your business." 

“Wrong. It’s the Master’s business, which makes it my business- Oh." He pauses when his eyes suddenly fall on you, his facial expression shifting slightly. "What have we here?" 

Bard looks over at you, then back at the man with irritation, "Who she is, is no concern of yours. But if you must know she is the sister of my past wife." He lies smoothly and you find yourself feeling a bit impressed. 

"The sister of your past wife, you say?" He doesn't seem to believe him as he saunters over towards where you're sitting, "She's very pretty if you look past them bruises on her face, but I do wonder why she would live outside of the city when your wife was born 'ere." 

Oh, okay he's attracted to you. That's good. 

Well, it's gross, but good because you can definitely put that to good use. 

You stand up and rack your brain for a fake name before you remember the name of one of the Elvish guards in Mirkwood, "Hello, sir. My name is Aerin." Despite not wanting to be anywhere near this man, you take a step forward and offer a dazzling smile. 

He seems taken aback by your positive response, but not displeased for he also takes a step forward and bows slightly, "I am Alfrid, the right-hand man of the master of this town. At your service." After he says that he throws the fish into the water and reaches for your hand and presses a kiss to your knuckles, and you try your best not to cringe. 

"Bard, you did not tell me there were such n-noble men living here in your town." Alfrid wasn't looking at your face, but if he was he'd see that you don't look very happy. 

Bard stares at you blankly for a few moments. He knows what you're doing, they all do except for Alfrid apparently, and he just feels so bad for your poor soul. 

The slimy man lets go of your hand and steps back, smiling at you with his crooked, odd teeth before turning back to Bard with the same scowl on his face. "Anyways, these fish are illegal." 

"Empty the barrel-"

Before he can finish you speak again. "Bard! How much longer is it going to be? I'm simply yearning to see my nieces and nephew again." You put extra emphasis on the word yearning and look the creepy man directly in the eyes, smiling coyly before looking back at the dark-haired bargeman. "I know that your devilishly handsome friend here is cross with you, but I really must go see Ta-er- Tilda and the other two." You think you got the name right. 

Flattery get's you everywhere in life, because your seductive euphemism and shameless compliment seem to make him forget all about dumping the fish out over the edge of the barge. "Handsome?" Ugh, he sounds all too happy about that. 

"Aerin I'm afraid Alfrid is upset with me, so I'm not sure how much longer we will be." Bard plays along, crossing his arms over his chest as he shakes his head, "Forgive me my dear, I pray that this won't take much longer." 

Alfrid looks between the two of you a few times before settling to look at your face, a sickly pleasant smile coming to his face, "No, no. I won't hold you any more." He walks back a few paces and steps off the boat, raising his arm, "Raise the gates and welcome our new guest warmly." 

And just like that the gate is being raised and the lot of you are gliding through the entrance with no further obstacles. 

"Until we meet again, my dear." He says as you pass by, that same unnerving smile on his face. 

You release an all too enthusiastic giggle at his words and wave with faux-shyness, turning only once you're at least a few meters away.

As soon as you're out of sight you collapse down on the box and start rubbing the back your hand against his coat, "Ewww, I can't believe I let him kiss me." You complain while still rubbing your hand in an attempt to wipe away the awful feeling. 

"I can't either. That was quite the performance." He sounds amused, and when you glare up at him he looks it too with only hints of sympathy, "If I hadn't known better I would've truly thought you were taken by him." 

"Ugh, shut up." You stop wiping your hand on the coat and look down at it as if you expect there to be something smeared all over it from his too wet lips. "God, maybe I should just cut it off." 

"No need for that. Allow me." The bargeman leans down and takes your hand in his, lifting it up so he can press a kiss in the same place. "There." 

Holy shit. 

Your face goes red and when he lets go you allow it to fall back to your side, "W-Well now you've indirectly kissed him, so while I may be fine now you're stuck with the knowledge that your lips have technically touched his."

At your words there is raging that comes from inside the barrels. 

Bard grimaces at your words, it seems he didn't think of it like that, but he doesn't allow that to deter him, "I need not worry about that for long, because once your friends get out of those barrels I'm afraid I won't last much longer." He pauses, then adds with a smirk, "Or perhaps you can return the favor?" 

No one can hear it, but you're screaming internally. 

The raging only gets louder, so you shake your head and stutter out, "N-No way, I don't want your blood on my hands." 

He laughs at that, nodding along as he listens to the grumbles and yelling coming from the barrels of dead fish. "If I am to die anyways then surely you can make an exception."

"You're really pushing your luck, Bard! Your death is of when, not if anymore." 


Eventually you did get near his house, but then one of his kids came running up saying something about their house being watched, and so your poor friends ended up having to come through their toilet. 

Dwalin came in first, and the glare he threw at Bard was so withering and dark you nearly cried. Not really, but it was scary.

Bard only seemed to find it funny, though. 

Everyone is inside and wrapped up in record time (since it's the only recorded instance of dwarves and a hobbit coming in from a toilet, it's only natural that it would set a record), and none of them seem to happy about any of this. 

You get along with Bards children rather easily, his youngest is a total cutie pie, but ultimately after that fiasco at the gate you've got to hang out with the company a bit more so they don't murder the poor bargeman. 

They're given some extra clothes to change into and you elect to stand outside with his daughters while everyone changes, conversing with the younger one about her hobbies and other things she likes. 

Eventually their brother pokes his head outside and says it's okay for you all to go back in, and when you do you're met with the sight of shirt dresses and too long coats. 

You feel bad for them right away and head over to where they're all hanging out by the fire, your eyes immediately falling on the shivering Bilbo.

Right away you go to his side and sit next to him, wrapping your arm around his shoulders to share some of your own heat (since you dried off quite a while ago and changed your jeans out for a pair of leggings you had in your backpack). You pull him closer into your side so his cheek rests against your chest, rubbing his arm lightly to create some warmer friction."I hope you don't get sick..." You mumble worriedly, looking down at his red face. "Oh god, you're already going red. You're not coming down with a cold, right?" 

There's some laughter from the others but you ignore it since you're suddenly feeling very worried for the small hobbit. 

He doesn't have much body-mass or fat, so surely he's absolutely freezing. 

"Oin, maybe you should come check on Bilbo!" You call, looking up to see that they're all laughing at you and not something stupid like usual. 

You pause and look around in bewilderment, "What's so funny?" 

Nobody responds to you, instead they just keep on chuckling and laughing like they've just been given an entire stand-up comedy performance. 

"Gosh, let the lad breath, Y/N!" Bofur exclaims between laughs, only causing everyone else to laugh harder. 

You furrow your eyebrows and look back down at Bilbo, still completely confused, "What are you talking about? He's breathing just fine, isn't he?" 

This goes on for a few more minutes, you being baffled and asking questions while everyone else takes jabs and makes jokes, before you finally realize what they're laughing at. And the only reason you realize is because of the very inappropriate comment Kili makes (despite looking a little pale).

"Hey Y/N, I'm feeling rather cold too, can I have a turn?" 

And then there's more boisterous guffaws and unmanly giggles. 

You look back down at Bilbo and see that you've pressed his poor face right into your breast, and while you definitely didn't do it to be weird or anything it seems that you've successfully embarrassed him. 

"Oh you complete idiots!" You yelp, loosening your hold on Bilbo so he isn't pressed so firmly against you, "He's cold !" You cry disapprovingly, shaking your head at these immature and lecherous jests, "You wouldn't be joking like that if I were a guy. Or if it were you!" You grumble, looking away from their overly humored gazes in favor of looking at the wall. 

They don't quit their laughing for another minute or so, but when they do calm down you and the poor hobbit are both successfully humiliated. 

"And this is why Bard is my favorite." You hiss at them, eyes narrowed with an irritated expression on your face.

There's no more laughter after you say that, and you feel smug at the frustrated and angry looks that pass over their faces. 

"I can't believe you let those men kiss you. They're all hideous." Dwalin growls, crossing his arms over his chest like he usually does. "You could do much better." 

"Kiss me? My hand you mean?" You ask, raising an eyebrow in question, "Hey, if I didn't play up that charm y'all woulda been found out so fast. You should be thanking me." 

"Wait, so it wasn't an actual kiss?" Bofur pipes up next, an expression that looks way too relieved on his face. 

"Um, no. Why would I let them kiss my mouth? I care about you guys and all but I gotta draw the line somewhere." 

"Maybe not that other guy, but you sure seem fond of Bard." Fili grumbles.

"Oh my god, this again? Are we really gonna have this conversation again?" You really thought they were over it. How foolish of you.

Nori sits up a bit and exclaims, "That was before he kissed your hand!" 

You groan over dramatically and throw your head back, "Guyyysss," you begin in a whiny voice, "It was my hand! My flipping hand!" 

A few of them huff, but nobody says anything else about it. Thank god. 


When Bard returns from whatever he's doing the dwarves immediately bombard him about the weapons they were promised, and he leaves to go get them.

Only, when he comes back he's met with a lot of outrage cause his weapons are pretty shitty. 

You watch from the opposite side of the table as Bard, looking at the weird grappling hooks and stabby 'weapons' he provided them with. Also some weird hammers too. 

From what you've seen, these guys only accept the best of the best when it comes to weaponry, so this just ain't cutting it. "Um, is this all you've got?" You wonder out loud, looking at the pathetic bundle of makeshift things. "Like, you haven't got any swords or fancy things like that? These guys are total divas about that kinda stuff, so..." 

The others around you grumble at your slight jab and at the poor quality of the things they were given until they start to complain about paying him for weapons and these being trash, bla bla bla. 

Yeah, you totally called it. 

They all continue to argue and Bard says something about an armory, but your attention is grabbed by the sight of Kili and his old man walking stick. 

He's struggling to sit down, no doubt from the awful wound on his leg, so you zoom over quietly (but quickly) and say in a hushed voice, "Hey, you're not lookin' very good, Kili." 

The brown-haired prince doesn't look up at you right away, but when he does you can see very clearly just how pale and tired he's looking. 

You take a seat next to him and place your hand on his non-injured knee, glancing over to make sure everyone else is distracted before whispering, "Are you okay?" 

He doesn't do or say anything at first, looking down at your hand for a moment before looking back up at your face, "I'm fine." 

Fucking liar. 

"Kili, come on. Everyone else might just take that and roll with it, but you're clearly not. You need to rest more." 

Your concern only seems to frustrate him, though, for he rolls his eyes and shakes his head stubbornly, "No, I already told you I'm alright. This will pass, and when it does you're going to feel really silly for being so worried." 

You fix a glare at him, not removing your hand still, and shoot back, "And when it doesn't, you're gonna get your ass kicked by me. If you're not gonna rest or deal with this, then at least let me clean it up so it doesn't get infected." 

He stares at you for a few moments as if trying intimidate you into dropping it, but you return the look with a steely glare that says you're not asking. 

Eventually he sighs and drops his head back, "Fine. Do as you wish." 

"Good choice." 

You pull your trusty backpack off your back and open it up, looking through it quickly to see if there's anything there that you could use. When you catch sight of some cotton balls your expression brightens. "Oh, nice." You take the bag out and place them next to you, then grab the water skin that they gave you and some tweezers you kept in your makeup case. 

Without hesitation you move onto the floor on the other side of him and kneel down so you're closer to eye level with his nasty wound. 


You unwind the wrap slowly, glancing up occasionally to make sure you're not hurting him, and once you're done you drop it on the ground and crinkle up your nose at the unsightly hole in his leg. "Yikes, you're the biggest fucking liar in the world." 

He doesn't get a chance to retort because right away you gently grab the front of his leg to add a bit of press to test just how tender it is and if it's still bleeding. 

It is. 

More blood begins to well up and you barely keep yourself from gagging, and he groans quietly in pain. 

You take your tweezers and cotton balls and place them on the bench next to you, then go for your waterskin. 

A handful of cotton balls and a bit of splashing later, and you've got some wet cotton to work with. 

The tweezers tips clink together softly when you close them a few times just to make sure they work right, then you grab one of the cotton balls with it and begin to gently clean up the area around his arrow wound. 

Very quickly the white fluff of the wet cotton turns red and smushy, so you drop it with the gross bandaging and grab another. 

This process of cleaning, dropping, and getting another goes on until it looks mostly cleansed, and once it is you begin to search for something else to bind his leg with. 

You sit there and think for a moment before an idea strikes you. 

Once said idea comes to your head, you sit up a bit straighter and wrap your arm around his thigh from the bottom, reaching up to touch your shoulder to see if your sleeve can properly wrap around his leg. 

"Uh, Y-Y/N? What are you doing?" He mumbles, looking at you oddly. 

"I'm trying to see if it'll fit..." You say absentmindedly, slowly letting go. 

He chokes on air and splutters, "What?!" 

You don't reply and instead pull both your arms out of your sleeves, lifting it a bit so your head goes in and you can get your arms out properly, and once both arms are poking through the hole for your head, you pull your head through too and secure it just above your chest. "There we go." 

Once that awkward sight is through with, you grab the sleeve of the arm just wrapped around his leg and begin trying to rip it off. 

It looks so much easier in the movies. 

You pull and tug and even try to bite at it, but it won't give like you thought it would. 

After a minute or so of trying to rip it off with brute strength, you stop and glare at the offending piece of fabric, "Awh, freak..." 

You put your arms back into your shirt properly and return them through the sleeves, standing with irritation on your face, "Don't move a muscle or I'll cry and tell everyone you called me fat." You threaten before approaching Sigrid, Bard's oldest daughter. 

The two of you whisper for a moment, then disappear into another room only to appear again minutes later. 

You're now wearing a soft red blouse (one of her nicer shirts) with your long sleeved white (it's not really white anymore) ringer shirt hanging over your arm. 

With quick steps you walk over to Fili, who was speaking with everyone else, and tug lightly at the back of his borrowed shirt. 

He pauses in his listening and turns to look up at you, raising an eyebrow in question. "You're wearing something new." He comments. 

You ignore said comment and hold out your shirt to him, "I need you to get the sleeves off. It's for Kili." 

Before he can ask questions you go back to said brother and kneel back down, taking a dry cotton ball to soak up the blood that had begun to gather while you were busy. 

Right before you finish with dabbing at the blood, Fili approaches with your now tattered and destroyed shirt, both sleeves held out to you in pretty good condition (though the same can't be said for the torso...) all things considered. 

"Thank you Fili." You beam, taking the sleeves from him without hesitation. 

With deft movements you tie the ends of the sleeves together tightly, pulling on it to make sure the knot is good, before beginning to wrap it around his leg. "Do I have to do it tightly, or is that not a good idea?" 

"Wrap it tightly enough to where it'll stay on and clot the wound, but not too tight that it'll make his leg numb." Fili responds, crouching down to watch as you begin to gently but firmly wind it around his thigh. 

"Like this?" You ask, pulling on it a bit to make sure it doesn't loosen or fall. 

"Yeah, that's good." 

Once you're done, you tuck it under one of the first coils and tie it firmly. "Is it too tight?" You ask, glancing up at him with furrowed eyebrows. 

Kili shakes his head, releasing a shaky sigh, before reaching down to smooth his hand over it, "Thank you, Y/N..." 

A small smile comes to your face as you get up to sit down next to him. "Where would you fools be without me?" Your voice is good natured and humorous, but he can see the worry hidden in your expression. 

"Probably dead." He jokes, looking over at Fili who laughs lightly. 

"That sounds about right." 

You wrap your arm around his shoulders much like you did to Bilbo earlier, looking down at the stark white of your now ruined shirt being used as a binding for his leg, "So long shirt." You mumble. 

You look back at Fili and open your mouth to say something, but you cut yourself off when you feel a weight pressing against your left boob. 

Fili starts to laugh, and you don't even have to look to know that he's trying to be sly. 

Kili elected to lean against you much like Bilbo earlier, and though your eye twitches and the thought of flicking his nose passes your mind, you allow it.

He's wounded, but as soon as he gets better you're definitely going to kick his ass.

And you tell him as much. 

"You're so freaking lucky you got shot." 

Chapter Text

Merry Brandybuck has got to be the most simple enigma of all time. 

Yes, an oxymoron how creative. But really, it's true. 

At any given time he can be one of the two Merry's you've come to know. One; the sweet caring Merry who looks at you as if you've single-handedly hung the moon and stars. Or two; the mischievous little monster who plays endless pranks on you and gets you into loads of trouble. 

There's (usually) no in-between. 

It seems today is your lucky day, though, because he asked you to join him for a picnic this afternoon and you didn't see any traces of deceit or trickery so you've deemed it safe to trust him today. 

He'd asked you to bring some of your favorite pastries and assured you that he would take care of the rest, and though you have a sinking suspicion that 'taking care of the rest' may include stealing, you still go along with it. Free food is free food, and as long as you don't get caught then what's the big deal? That old farmer has crops to spare after all. 

You're on your way to the spot he'd asked you to meet him at, a woven basket in hand neatly arranged with a blanket and some sweets that you know he likes. You also decided to bring some juice since you doubt he thought far ahead enough to anticipate being thirsty later on.

When you do finally arrive at the promised area at the promised time, you're surprised to see Merry already there.

Usually he's late, for he's never been one too invested in punctuality, but when you arrive at the top of the hill, he's standing right there!

"Merry?" You call in disbelief, walking right up to him with the basket held out in front of you. 

"Oh, don't sound so surprised!" He shoots back, jumping to his feet to greet your properly, "I can be on time!"

A smirk lines your lips at his defensive words and tone, and you reply slyly, "Somehow you knew exactly where my mind went. It sounds like a guilty conscience to me." 

He doesn't say anything right away, though his expression does turn sheepish, and instead takes the basket from you to set on the ground. "Details, details. Tell me, what did yo bring?" 

His quick changing of the subject makes you snicker, but you don't say anything and instead lean down and open up the basket. 

You take out the blanket and flap it a few times so it unfolds, then lay it down on the grassy ground and plop down in the middle and pull the basket into your lap. "Come, sit!" 

Merry complies and sits next to you, peering over down at the basket in your lap with a smile creeping up on his face, "I knew you'd bring the best stuff."

"Well of course, I only ever get the best." 

He laughs and reaches into the basket and pulls out one of the raspberry filled scones you brought with delight shinning in his eyes. 

You swipe it from him before he can take a bite with a cross expression on your face, "Not so fast. Where's the stuff you brought?" 

He rolls his eyes and scoots back a few feet, reaching around the tree to pull out a straw bowl filled with vegetables and fruits. 

Right away you know he stole this stuff, but you chose not to comment on that. "Excellent, you actually brought food." 

"What? You thought I wouldn't?" He asks incredulously, narrowing his eyes at you. 

"Yes." You leave no opportunity for argument and reach into the basket and begin to pull things out and lay them for display. 

He grumbles something under his breath but halts when he sees the wonderful assortment of goods you brought. A big smile appears on his face, and then he wraps his arms around you tightly, "You spoil me, Y/N." 

"A little too much, may I add." You reply cooly, leaning down to peck his cheek. "But I do enjoy it, so I won't complain." 


After the two of you eat you kinda just lay back and relax while enjoying a quick smoke, watching the clouds float by and listening to the birds chirping and leaves rustling in the tree above you. 

Merry lays with his head resting in your lap face up, his gaze flickering around the sky and at your face occasionally. 

Your back is pressed against the tree with your legs stretched out in front of you, and Merry lays perpendicular of you with his head resting on your thighs. At some point you began to run your fingers through his hair, enjoying the softness of his blond curls beneath your fingers and the pleased expression that forms on his face. 

While looking down at him you suddenly have an epiphany, and without any forewarning you push him off your legs and hop to your feet. 

"Hey! What was that for?" He complains, sitting up and looking at you with a pointed glare. 

Instead of answering his question you yell, "Stay right there!" And then zoom off down the hill to the flowery meadow down below with your, now empty, woven basket in hand. 

Without hesitation you start to pick flowers and place them inside, mostly going for the blooms that'll weave and bend well, and once you've got a hefty pile collected you return with the biggest smile on your face.

"Merry, let's make flower crowns!" You exclaim, settling down next to him and placing the basket between the two of you. 

He looks at you with a deadpan stare and asks slowly, "So let me get this straight. You shoved me off your lap, got up yelling, and then ran off so we can make flower crowns?" 

Well when you put it like that...

It sounds even better!

"Of course! It's no fun if you're expecting something and get that, so I made you expect something and then gave you the opposite instead." 

Oh, the look on your face is so cute he simply can't stay mad at you. 

A smile begins to creep up on his face despite his attempt to remain cross, and before he knows it he's laughing. "Alright Y/N, lets make flower crowns." 


You don't even wait for him to start before pulling out your favorites of the bunches of flowers you collected, expertly weaving them around the hard twine you brought (you were planning on making flower crowns either way). 

When your vision starts to become a reality you become giddy and your fingers begin to twist, wind, and weave the stems much faster. 

Within a matter of 20 minutes you've got the crown finished and beautiful.

It's, of course, a ring shape with various colored blooms that compliment each other littering throughout. There are various yellows, pinks, blues, reds, and purples littered throughout the crown (green too of course, but that's not from the blooms).

As soon as it's done you look over to Merry and see that he's still working on his, barely even half done, and though you should probably wait... well, you don't wanna. 

You scoot over towards him and lift up the crown, placing it gently on his head so as to not mess up the flowers or his hair. 

His movements cease when you place the crown on his head, and he glances up at you with a raised eyebrow, "I didn't realize you were making that for me." 

"Well it looks cuter on you than it could on me." You reply, straightening up up a bit. 

"What are you talking about? That's daft!" He exclaims, dropping the project in his hands in favor of grabbing you around your waist and pulling you closer, "Any sort of crown would look much better on you." 

You scrunch up your nose and open you mouth to argue some more, but he only reaches up and covers your mouth with his hand, "Nope, I'm not going to hear it."

This time you glare at him, and when he doesn't remove his hand you stick your tongue out and lick his palm. 

As soon as he feels your tongue licking his hand he yanks it back and begins vigorously wiping it on his pants, "You licked me!" He exclaims, wrapping his other arm around your waist and pulling you against him. 

You reach up and grab the sides of his face and leave a big kiss on his lips, making an over dramatic smooching sound when you do. 

When you pull back and look at him, he's got a dopey smile on his face and the flower crown became lopsided when you grabbed his face so suddenly. 

"Better?" You ask shyly, smoothing your fingers down his cheek. 

"Much better." 

Chapter Text

For as long as you've known Faramir, you've always been impressed. 

He lives in the shadow of his elder brother, yes, but it seems the dark is where he has learned to thrive. 

While Boromir is stronger in body, Faramir is stronger in mind. Boromir is the favored brother of their father, Faramir is favored by the city guard and the people who reside here. And where the ladies are big fans of Boromir, you're a big fan of Faramir. 

It's not that you don't like his older brother because you really do, he's very kind and, yes, handsome, but you've always preferred brains to brawn. 

The two of you like to go out on rides together outside the city a lot of the time to explore and just have some time away from his father and your own parents, and you're allowed out under the pretense that he's your armed guard while you're out looking for specific flowers for your mothers shop. 

It works like a charm. 

That's where the two of you are now, in fact. Heading towards the forest to the right of the mountainous kingdom, fully intending to waste the day away pretending to be hard at work.

Only the two of you end up riding much farther than usual, and at some point, you actually realize this. 

"Wait, Y/N stop the horse," Faramir says from behind you suddenly, squeezing your waist lightly to gather your attention as he speaks. 

You do just that, pulling back lightly on the reins to make your horse, Mona, slow to a complete stop. 

Once she's halted you turn your head a bit to look back at him, "What's wrong?" 

He gazes around the clearing and past the trees for a few moments before looking back down at you again, "We haven't been this far before. I think we should turn back."

You pout at him but don't argue, tugging the reins to the side a bit to make her turn around. "Oh you old man, don't know how to have a bit of fun." Of course, you're joking, and he can tell as such since you love to jest with him. 

As you begin to urge her forward, though, something very unexpected happens. 

Mona spooks suddenly and takes a few steps back, refusing to go forward anymore, and at first, you just assumed rodent or snake passed by.

You lean down and rub the side of her neck gently, eyebrows furrowed as you ask in a soft voice, "What's wrong Mona?"

Of course, she can't verbally tell you what's wrong but you hope your voice will soothe her a bit. 

You weren't excepting any sort of answer since you thought you already knew, but when 4 orcs jump out of the thicket you really understand. 

As soon as they appear Mona panics and rears back, and unfortunately Faramir is only holding on to you so when she does this both of you are sent toppling off. 

You land on top of him with a groan, but you don't have much time to recover from the wind being knocked from you since those same 4 orcs are heading straight towards the two of you.

Mona wasted no time darting off back towards the city, and unfortunately, she took most of your things with her. 

One of the orcs jumps forward with his curved blade pointed at you, and when you glance back at Faramir he's still rather out of it. To be fair you both did just fall off of a horse and he broke your fall, so you don't blame him for being a bit dazed.

You reach down and unsheathe his sword with slightly shaky hands, meeting the blade of the foul orc halfway as you push yourself to your feet and kick him backward. "Stay away!" You call, swinging your sword out at them in an attempt to be threatening. 

They cackle and crow at your pathetic attempt at being brave, relaxing their stances slightly since they can tell they're not dealing with a seasoned warrior. 

The same creature from before takes another swipe at you, this one a bit lazier and less offensive as if he wants to mess with you, but you meet him halfway and your swords clang together. 

Before he can recover you remove your blade from his and step forward, thrusting the blade forward and into its chest. 

It makes a horrible choking sound, you've punctured it's lung no doubt, and tries to grab for you but you rip the blade free and stumble back a bit. The orc goes down seconds later, sprawling out on the ground as it continues to gasp and choke as it fights to breathe. 

There are only 3 left now, but it seems the others have wised up and are no longer planning on playing with you. 

You glance back at Faramir and see that the only change is that his eyes have closed, and you begin to worry that he hit his head. 

Though, your concern for him doesn't last long because when you look back at the orcs you barely have time to raise your sword and block a slice that would've definitely taken off your head. 

Luck seems to be on your side, for when you pull your sword back it swings a bit further than you intended and slices down along the arm of the beast coming up on you, making it drop its weapon and hiss out in pain. 

Not wanting this chance to pass you by, you lunge forward and dig the blade into its head to stop it for good, but that victory is short-lived because when you try to pull the weapon back it doesn't budge. 

You pull harder but still, it doesn't give, and so now you've found yourself on the defensive against 2 other orcs. 

It's easy enough for you to dodge their individual attacks, but when they realize that teamwork makes the dream work, they manage to stop you. 

The bigger of the two steps in front of you and stops you short during one of your dashes, and once you're distracted the other swings his weapon and cuts along your calf. 

A cry escapes past your lips and your leg gives out from beneath you, and then they begin to laugh at you once more.