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When Kenny heard that a huge symphonic orchestra was coming to South Park, the young adult was almost certain that this was some kind of undercover operation by government again. In last five years, there had been a few attempts made but the ‘New Kid’ could easily see it through and lead them in the ‘right’ direction. He could only imagine how pissed the head of the operations would get every time because of the money and resources wasted.

It wasn’t as if there were no honest cultural events happening in their little mountain town. The previous influence of Chef Aid and when the town was terribly infested with movie producers was still felt to this day. There would be a lot festivals. Maybe even too many of them. Usually they were musical festivals that Stan and the other guys would participate in.

There had been a few very successful play productions as well. Mostly because Bebe and Token, who to their parents’ surprise, both had taken up acting and brought the more popular theater to South Park. Even as students they were called as very promising and it was evident.

Yet when Kenny patrolled the town as Mysterion the night before, he found it suspicious that an orchestra needed eight heavy trucks. Why would an orchestra need that many trucks?

‘New Kid’ poked Kenny in the forehead, trying to get the other’s attention, and shook his head at him. Unlike the blond, the other Netherborn was calm about it. Sol had actually missed listening to some live classical music.

You’re overthinking this, Kenneth, whispered a voice in his mind, as Sol fixed Kenny’s tie. Orange would have been his usual color but he decided to put on purple for tonight. How do you think they're going to transport all the instruments and sound equipment to South Park in one truck?

He made a good point but... The man had no doubts that the ‘New Kid’ and his family was still somehow being tracked. Or, at least, an attempt to track them down was being made every few months. They had been relatively quiet and Sol still kept on taking the ‘medicine’ that his parents gave him when he was younger. Though, the redhead himself knew that the medicine didn’t do much to him, Sol tried it anyway. However, Kenny was certain that today was one of the days that the government makes an attempt towards the New Kid again. He still considered symphonic orchestra to be an attempt despite Sol’s calm demeanor.

“Are you sure about this, dude?” asked Kenny, fixing his boyfriend’s green tie. Although, they wore matching suits, they still put a little element of themselves.

“I know how much you love classical music,” whispered the man, leaning in a slightly with a mischievous smile on his face. “Wish you would sing some opera to me sometimes.”

“So that the whole apartment building hears me again?” Kenny chuckled, remembering the last time he did something similar. After doing so, they received several notes from their neighbors making requests for particular parts of some certain operas. There were a few that Kenny didn’t even know about until he googled the titles.

“You know what I love more?” said Kenny, as he moved and started fixing his hair in the mirror. “You and you being safe”

Sol couldn’t help but chuckle. Kenny didn’t have to look back to know that the other was rolling his eyes at him. Okay, maybe he was being too protective but better be safe than sorry.

You forget that we’re not the only ones going there, said Sol, fixing the braid that Karen made for him. Although his hair was of different lengths in places, the younger McCormick made it work. Almost everyone is going to be there. Wendy would have sent everyone out notices of suspicious activity on the net if she had found anything… and you know Callgirl is always on the lookout and doesn’t make mistakes there.

Kenny nodded to that. Another indicator was Butters. He was bringing Bradley with him and even if something was slightly amiss Butters wouldn’t risk it. Although he went into early retirement as a villain, he stayed in a neutral position, just enjoying a life of a normal citizen.

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Kenny. He came over to Sol and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “But let’s put on our pocket version suits just in case.”

Way ahead of you, dude, said the redhead in Kenny’s mind, showing both of his bracelets under the sleeves. Kenny put on the bracelet that Sol made just for him. If we’re done, we need to go pick up Henrietta before she puts a curse on our tickets.

“Yeah,” Kenny winced, remembering the last time they were late doing their Goth friend a favor. "Wouldn't want my hair to set on fire like last time."

Sol had been right. Tonight's symphonic show was no operation of the government for every undercover superhero of South Park, including Captain Hindsight, had a good and relaxing night surrounded by music.