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Newny SP Week 2019

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As the man shut the door behind him, the boy let out a slightly annoyed sigh. He really didn't want to be out in town that they just moved in and make friends as his dad requested. At least, not now. He didn't even know the area. Although it wasn't a really big town, the boy was a bit afraid to get lost in it.

The sound of the lock clicking behind him didn't make him feel any better. The redhead could only wonder how long was he supposed to be outside. He could only hope that not for too long.

Might as well just look around my street, thought the boy looking at the line of houses. He saw a few people shoveling show from their yards wearing just thin sweaters and the boy could only wonder if that was normal here.

As he walked, the boy saw only a small oil spot on the road near his house. It was proof that there had been their moving van a good hour ago. This was it. There was no going back now. At least, not for a few good months.

A scream nearby brought him back to reality from his thoughts and caught his attention. Somebody was in trouble and as he saw, none of the adults were thinking of doing. They just sighed and continued their work.

"Help," he turned his head in the direction of the scream and saw two boys dressed in funny costumes 'fighting'. He could only guess that one was an elf by the plastic pointy ears and the green attire while the other was... some kind of knight?

Oh, that's why none of the adults moved, though the boy as he ran to the others. Well, might as well meet those two kids first.


Huh... I didn't know they let girls play along, thought the redhead as he glanced at the girl in the purple dress. She was putting a few of strands of hair back in their place while checking herself out in a fancy old-looking hand mirror.

Kupa Keep looked amazing and the redhead gave the 'Wizard King' a mental clap for the dedication. The training grounds, the well, the stables. Maybe moving to South Park wasn't going to be so bad. However, going back to the girl standing next to the Wizard King.

He had to admit that the details of her costume were amazing. Yet, he actually was wondering why she wore a blond wig on top of her... parka-dress? Maybe she had different colored hair and wanted to be a blonde for the game?

"Oh, that's princess Kenny, the fairest maiden in all Zaron," said Paladin Butters noticing the trajectory of the New Kid's gaze. "Don't be mistaken by her beautiful looks. She's a fierce fighter and knows how to handle a bow."

Kenny? That's a strange shortening of a girl's name. He gave the blond next to him a slightly confused look without saying anything. As he took a glance back, she caught him looking and winked. Though... She's really pretty.

The boy was certain that if he knew how to blush, his cheeks would be a few shades redder now. He couldn't deny that he was curious to know the princess better since she was the exception in the game.

What really caught him off guard in the wink was the unusual color of her eyes. He had never seen purple before. It had to be a trick of the light. Unless she was actually wearing contact lenses... though his mom had once mentioned that it wasn't recommended to do that before turning thirteen.

Or maybe it was the Wizard King told him next...

"Don't ask why Kenny wanted to be a chick, that's just how he seems to be rolling right now."

Wait... what?