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Musical Beasts

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Gerard loves visiting Grant when he's over in Scotland, even though the journey is epic, with two flights, a taxi, a train and ferry (which is very often cancelled because of the weather or bobs around like cork for the entire twenty minute journey).

Even in the height of summer Dunoon has weather and a kind of wildness curling around the town in a way makes him feel so very alive, but sometimes he thinks Grant makes shit up about the wild strangeness of his home just because Gerard is an outsider.

"Aye, Wee Billy practises up here because it makes the cows produce more milk." Grant gestures at a small boy a the top of a field, making a dying whale noise with a set of bagpipes.

"Not just because his mom doesn't want that noise in the house?"

Grant slaps the back of Gerard's head. "Wheest your noise, he's only warming up, wee man's pretty good when he gets going."

Gerard snorts and follows Grant up and over the hill. Behind them the dying whale transforms into something complex and mournful and Gerard vows to look up the milk thing on the internet when he gets a signal.