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They’re always unintentionally meeting at public events these days. Sometimes it’s a banquet or a board meeting with city officials. Tonight it’s a fundraiser.

As always, Shouto’s never alone; Endeavor’s constantly breathing down his son’s neck for whatever reason.

Inasa greets Shouto exuberantly addressing him by name, with fond familiarity. Shouto smiles and nods at Inasa, but otherwise says nothing. Conversation is sparse between them. In fact, the only time they exchange any words is when Endeavor’s attention is elsewhere.

“Want to go for a walk?” Shouto asks, wasting no time.

“I would love to!” Inasa knows they’re not really going for a walk. It took him longer than he’d care to admit to realize that was Shouto’s way of saying he wanted to ditch this snoozefest and suck him dry.

The moment the supply closet door closes behind them, Shouto’s on spread knees, hands practically clawing at Inasa’s zipper like he’s dying to have his fat cock in his mouth.

They never kiss even though Inasa really wants to. But he doesn’t complain or asks for more than he’s given. Todoroki Shouto loves sucking his cock! He’s forever grateful for the privilege!

“Fuck,” Inasa sighs, his large body slumping against the shelf behind him. He’ll never get used to this. He’ll never be prepared for the lack of teasing licks or kisses. His cock is already half-way down Shouto’s tight throat.

Humming, Shouto bobs his head, his hands clutching the sides of Inasa’s slacks. He never pulls Inasa’s pants down, preferring to suck him through his fly. Inasa isn’t sure if it’s a kink or a result of impatience. He knows he likes it, though.

The stark contrast of Shouto’s hands touching his clothed skin and his wet, plush lips stretched around him makes his blood boil hot, pushing him closer and closer to his breaking point. He wants those hands on his skin, he wants to touch more than just Shouto’s hair or face.

Inasa’s finding it harder and harder during their trysts to restrain himself, reign in his tremendous desire for more. Shouto’s mouth is glorious, but he wants to know what the rest of him feels like.

In the meantime, Inasa presses the back of Shouto’s head down on his cock, until Shouto’s nose is nearly touching the fly of his slacks. Holding him in place, Inasa fucks into his mouth, fast and unrelenting. Shouto’s hands drop to his sides as he allows Inasa to use him like a blow up doll.

This is one of Shouto’s kinks, Inasa has learned.

Having his face fucked and throat brutalized. Inasa’s normally hesitant to go full out because his dick is large and Shouto’s mouth is so small, and he doesn’t want to hurt Shouto.

But he knows Shouto won’t break, easily.

Inasa’s hips falter, his orgasm approaching. Hurriedly, he tries to ease out a little so the impact won’t fucking murder Shouto, but Shouto reaches behind Inasa, grabbing his ass and holding him there. He bites down on his lip as he comes in Shouto’s throat, muffling his loud groan as best he can.

“Fuck, I’m sorry…” His body spasms, Shouto’s licking his sensitive cock clean.

“For?” Shouto asks, carefully tucking Inasa away and zipping him up.

“I have an unnatural amount of sperm. I’m worried it may have been too much for you!”

Shouto stands. “It was perfect. Thank you. I’ll be leaving now.”

“It was my pleasure!”

Their encounters always end that way. Shouto will thank Inasa and then leave. He never asks for Inasa’s contact information or inquires about Inasa’s plans for later that night. Inasa has offered to return the favor, but Shouto always turns him down.

It’s as if all he wants to do is suck Inasa’s dick and swallow his cum which is perfectly fine.

But still…

“Enjoy the rest of your evening,” Shouto says, already stepping out the closet, eyes scanning the hallway. He’s gone before Inasa can get a word out.

Inasa’s post-orgasm elation dies fast.


His peculiar relationship with Shouto is the least of his worries so it’s fairly easy storing all thoughts concerning the matter away and focusing on his work.

After graduation, Inasa had the opportunity to work at a top hero agency near Shiketsu, but he didn’t feel like it was the right choice for him. He moved near Tokyo a year ago and still has no idea why he’s here.

That isn’t to say he’s unhappy or unsatisfied. Sure, he misses his friends and making new friends isn’t as easy as he thought it’d be, but he’s doing well for himself overall. He’s featured in the papers almost weekly and has even had television appearances!

As of now, his public image is positive, and he’s intent on keeping it that way. There’s always a villain lurking about around here so Inasa is constantly saving people which he loves doing. Everything else will fall into place, he’s sure of it!

Inasa’s at the supermarket near his apartment one night for some long overdue grocery shopping when he sees Shouto, of all people, standing at the end of the aisle, holding two different brands of soba noodles. He’s staring at the packages so intently that he doesn’t glance up at the sound of Inasa’s loud steps.

“Hey, Shouto!” Inasa’s voice booms, catching the attention of nearby shoppers. He doesn’t notice the collective scowls directed at him. All he sees is Shouto.

Looking up, Shouto’s eyes widen at the sight of Inasa’s grinning face. Technically, it’s Inasa’s chest he’s met with. He tilts his head back to see better.


“Are you grocery shopping?! I am!”

“I see that.” Shouto pointedly glances at Inasa’s full shopping cart. “I only came here for noodles for tonight. We’re out at home.”

“Oh, you have a roommate? Do you live nearby?! My apartment is two blocks from here!”

“You shouldn’t announce that. A hero’s home is their best kept secret.”

Inasa’s face heats up. “You’re absolutely right! I apologize for my incompetence!” He scratches the back of his head, feeling incredibly awkward suddenly. Maybe it’s because Shouto’s gaze is no longer on his face, but somewhere lower, making Inasa self-conscious. “Forgive me for interrupting you! I will be on my wa—”

“There’s no need to apologize.” Shouto puts one of the noodle packages back on the shelf, keeping the other one. “You said you lived two blocks from here?”


“Hm.” Shouto puts his noodles in Inasa’s cart. “Okay, let’s go.”

Inasa’s slow on the uptake but it hits him soon enough. Honestly, with the way their past encounters have gone, the moment he saw Shouto he should’ve prepared himself for a blow job behind the deli counter or anywhere else semi-private.

It’s just that sex wasn’t on his mind when he first saw Shouto. He was surprised, excited, and a little flustered because Shouto’s never seen him in down clothes but now he knows Shouto wasn’t checking out his outfit earlier. He was staring at the dick print in Inasa’s sweatpants.

“Do you need any help?”

Shaking his head, Inasa grabs the grocery bags with one hand, using his other hand to push the cart against the wall with the others, “This is nothing!”

Shouto stares, saying nothing.

The short walk to the apartment consists of Inasa chattering about the first thing that comes to his head and the occasional head nod or single-word answer from Shouto. He doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood or annoyed, so Inasa figures it’s fine to keep talking. Besides, he knows if Shouto wants him to shut up, he won’t hesitate to tell him.

“Is your roommate a hero too?” Inasa asks, unlocking the door to his apartment. “Did they go to U.A. with you? Or did you meet them online?! I hear a lot of people do that these days!” He opens the door, stepping aside so his guest can enter first.

Shouto sweeps a disinterested gaze around the sizeable apartment, removing his shoes by the door. “I don’t live with a roommate.”

Inasa walks to the kitchen, putting away the perishable items first. “Oh, when you said ‘we’ I assumed you had a roommate!” He turns away from the fridge, smiling when he sees Shouto standing at the doorway. “So, who do you live with?”

“I’m still living at home.”



It didn’t make any sense to him why Shouto, talented and successful Shouto, remains in Endeavor’s shadow after all this time. Then again, they’re not particularly close. For all he knows, Shouto’s relationship with his father has improved greatly since high school.

Sure doesn’t seem that way what with how often Shouto’s intent on doing things that’ll potentially piss his father off.

“You’re frowning,” Shouto says, stunned. It’s a major mood change from the chipperness displayed only moments ago. “Why?”

Inasa shrugs. “I guess I’m curious, that’s all. I don’t get why you’re living with Endeavor...”

“There’s something I’m curious about, as well.” Every spoken word brings him closer. “Actually, I’ve been curious about it for quite some time.” He has Inasa’s back against the fridge.

“What are you curious about? I don’t mind sharing anything with you!”

“I want to know what it’s like to have a fat cock like yours inside me.” Shouto hooks his thumbs in the waistband of Inasa’s sweatpants, bringing their bodies flush together. “Can you show me?”

Being the kind, helpful, and generous person that he is, Inasa is more than happy to provide a demonstration!

And he’ll admit he’s been wanting to fuck Shouto since the charity ball months ago. Maybe even way longer than that.

. . .

Okay, Inasa knows he said he wanted to ‘fuck’ Shouto, but what he really meant was, he wants to kiss Shouto all over, take his time learning about what Shouto’s body responds to most, and then have sex with him, nice and gentle.

Afterward, he wants to cuddle with Shouto until they both fall asleep. He wants romance and intimacy that’ll one day develop into something more, and he thinks he’s always wanted that.

Unfortunately, Inasa learns very quickly that they aren’t on the same page. At all.

Shouto wants to fuck. No kissing, minimum eye contact, minimum conversation. Just straight fucking.

Inasa’s never had detached sex before. In this case, the detachment is wholly one-sided because while Shouto appears to be in a different place mentally, Inasa is nowhere else but in his bedroom with Shouto.

Everything happens fast, too fast, once they’re inside Insasa’s bedroom. One minute they’re fully dressed, the next they’re ass naked and Inasa doesn’t get a chance to register it. He’s never seen Shouto naked. He wants to take it all in. But he’s shoved on his bed, Shouto’s greedy mouth on his cock.

The only time things don't feel rushed and out of Inasa’s control is when he’s using his fingers and tongue to stretch Shouto. He does it while lying on his back. Shouto’s draped over Inasa, ass in his face. Insa has one, large hand spreading Shouto’s supple ass, two lubed fingers and his fat tongue taking turns working him open.

Shouto’s head is resting on Inasa’s muscular thigh. He’s no longer sucking him off, he’s whimpering and drooling, eager to be fucked.

Inasa tests Shouto’s limits, pressing his fingers on either side to see how far his plush walls will spread. Still too tight, he notes. Inasa reaches for the lube lying beside his head on the pillow. He presses three fingers in, his cock twitching at the sight.

“Yes,” Shouto breathes out, his body trembling as he rocks back and forth, grinding his leaking cock on Inasa’s chest. “More…”

Inasa shoves his fingers in as far as they’ll go, curving them. Shouto moans another breathy approval, his rocking becoming excessive.

“I’m ready.”

“You sure?”

Shouto nods.

Just to be on the safe side, Inasa draws it out a little longer, fingering and stretching until there’s a death glare aimed at him. He wants them in a position where he can see Shouto’s face clearly. But he should’ve known better.

This is nothing more than fucking, after all.

Inasa doesn’t want to disappoint because he always aims to please. So, when Shouto gets on all fours, the side of his face pressed to the mattress, pale ass raised in the air, quivering and waiting, he fully commits to giving Shouto exactly what he wants.

He grabs Shouto’s hips, angling his lithe body just right, positions his cock with his free hand and pushes in, slowly, agonizingly slow. Shouto grows restless fast, he sits up on his elbows like he’s going to start moving on his own.

That’s the exact moment Inasa bottoms out, his heavy balls slapping Shouto’s perineum. Inasa’s lips part as he struggles to breathe. Shouto chokes on a scream, his head dropping, elbows giving out.

“You okay?” Inasa asks, voice strained. It feels too good, better than he imagined. Hotter than he expected, and so fucking tight. He isn’t even moving, his cock pressed to its limit, yet it’s like Shouto’s ass is steadily sucking him in. “We...we can stop if you want…”

“No,” Shouto whines, not sounding like his usual aloof self, “don’t stop! I’ll freeze your goddamn dick and break it if you do!”

So much passion! So much energy! Inasa’s chest fills with something akin to pride. He really wants to impress now.

Inasa shoves Shouto’s head into the sheets so he can level his weight over him, and literally starts fucking him into the mattress, Shouto’s moans and slurred begging surprisingly louder than Inasa’s deep groans.

Who knew Shouto could be this vocal?

Not only that, but Shouto is so pliant and small. His body is slimmer than Inasa previously thought. Or maybe Inasa is just so big. Being able to bend Shouto’s body however he likes makes him feel powerful. The way Shouto cries out in pleasure makes Inasa feel on top of the world.

Shouto suddenly starts shaking violently, insides clamping down on Inasa’s cock, voice high-pitch.

Inasa knows it’s an orgasm, his mind tells him as much, but his body is still running on Shouto’s command to not stop. He fucks Shouto through the orgasm, slamming his cock into his boneless body harder and harder.

Needing to see more, Inasa sits up, pulling Shouto’s flushed ass up while the upper half of his body is lying flat. He watches Shouto’s wet, sticky hole suck and squeezes around his cock the same way Shouto’s mouth does. Inasa’s vision dulls, his brain melting.

He speaks without realizing it.

“Every part of you is perfection. You’re so fucking beautiful! On the outside...and inside you’re all pink and glistening and soft…tight!” He can feel his balls tightening. “I’m gonna come!”

“Cum! Give me cum!” Shouto begs, crazed and blissed out. “Fill me...I want--- need it!

Inasa can’t believe his ears. Todoroki Shouto is asking, no demanding, for his cum!

He grits his teeth, his thrusts becoming violent. “Gonna’ give you so much much you’ll be sick for days!” he snarls.

Shouto wails something that sounds like approval, but Inasa isn’t sure because he comes so hard he can’t hear nor see for several seconds, his mind going blank. When he comes to, Shouto’s laying on his side, his ass slick and gaping, flushed skin covered in sweat.

Every time he exhales, a little of Inasa’s cum seeps out. Unconsciously, Inasa licks his lips, thinking about how he wants to eat the cum out Shouto’s ass.

But Shouto’s ragged breathing draws Inasa’s attention away from the appetizing sight. He lies down next to Shouto, so they’re facing one another.

“Hey,” he says, voice hoarse.

Shouto blinks himself awake. His eyes focus on Inasa’s face. “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked quite thoroughly,” he says. “I’ve had great sex, but that was…”


“Better than amazing.”


“That works.” He sits up, wincing slightly, nose wrinkling. Probably from the mess that is his ass. “May I use your bathroom?”

“Of course! I’m sorry there’s so much of it...”

“I’m not. I liked it.”

Shouto liked it! That’s a victory in Inasa’s book!

Inasa shows Shouto to the bathroom. He offers to help, thinking it’s the nice thing to do since he’s the one who made the mess. There’s also the fact that he wants to take care of Shouto in any way possible.

Naturally, Shouto assures him he’s fine on his own.

The bed sheets are filthy, stained with a ridiculous amount of semen. Inasa isn’t sure why everything about him is massive, but Shouto likes it!

He’s in the middle of putting clean sheets on his bed when Shouto walks out of the bathroom and picks his clothes off the floor.

“Thank you, Inasa-san,” Shouto says, fully dressed. “I have to go now.”

“Wait, you don’t have to leave. You’re more than welcome to stay over!”

Shouto’s expression and demeanor are in stark contrast to how it was during sex. He’s like a completely different person. Someone modest and reserved not cum and cock hungry. Both versions of Shouto are fine with Inasa because they’re still Shouto at the end of the day.

But when Shouto’s aroused he looks at Inasa like he’s the center of his universe. Then once his sexual appetite is sated, he just looks at Inasa. He doesn't seem to actually see him, though.

Inasa knows his offer will be turned down. So, when Shouto does decline, his face gives nothing away. Doesn’t make it hurt any less.

“I understand!” Inasa says, trying to remain positive. “Could we exchange numbers then? I’d like to see you more than every few weeks.”

“Actually, I prefer the way things are now. If they’re not ideal for you we can end it.”

End it? Did that include their friendship? Did they even have a friendship?

No, they don’t. The only thing they have is whatever this arrangement is, and even that’s fragile. So fragile that Shouto is unperturbed by the possibility of it coming to an end. But it’s better than nothing.

“I’m fine with the way things are,” Inasa says, giving Shouto a thumbs up.

“Okay, goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Shouto!”

Inasa’s face falls once Shouto leaves the room, and it sinks lower when he hears the front door close. He doesn’t feel so victorious anymore.

There’s rarely a dull moment in Inasa’s life after that.

When he’s not saving lives, preventing catastrophic events, or patrolling, he’s training and familiarizing himself with Tokyo and surrounding areas by sightseeing. In the midst of all that, he’s bumping into Shouto more often and fucking the living daylights out of him.

With the lull in public events, their random meet ups happen at the supermarket in Inasa’s neighborhood. Every time he goes there for his scheduled, nighttime shopping, he runs into Shouto, and they end up walking to his apartment where they have rough sex, and thanks to the new location their escapades get creative.

The first three times, Inasa was genuinely surprised because he knows Shouto doesn’t live in the area. He may or may not have done some digging, and discovered that, while he still has no idea where Endeavor’s home is, he at least knows Endeavor doesn’t live in his neighborhood.

By their fourth, random encounter, Inasa realized it wasn’t random at all. Shouto was intentionally going to the supermarket when he was certain Inasa would be there.

Sometimes Shouto is dressed as a civilian, blue jeans, t-shirt beneath a cardigan. Then there are the times when he’s wearing his hero costume, carrying the remnants of a battle. No matter what, he always comes off as reserved and polite at first, his expression unreadable.

Inasa has learned to enjoy that short time frame between greeting Shouto and unlocking the door to his apartment. During that time, they get to catch up—he gets to talk about the happenings in his life while Shouto listens, even commenting here and there.

But then they reach Inasa’s apartment it’s like a switch is flipped.

Tonight, Shouto didn’t give Inasa time to put his groceries away before getting right to it. He’s a little unhinged this time, more so than usual. Inasa assumes it’s because Shouto has obviously been in a fight earlier that night, his discarded costume has someone’s dried blood on it. Inasa tried asking him about it to no avail.

A lot of nights, they don’t make it to the bedroom. Inasa has fucked Shouto on the kitchen floor, in the den, and even out in the hallway, a few paces from his bedroom. It’s to the point where he keeps travel-sized lube in his pocket when he goes grocery shopping.

Shouto’s eyes and face are so expressive when he sucks Inasa’s cock, the thickness of it making his throat bulge and eyes blind with tears. And Shouto’s very chatty when Inasa’s deep in his guts.

Even though his words are mostly incomprehensible and slurred, it’s still more than he says when he’s not being used as a fleshlight.

When Shouto’s like that, it serves as a reminder for Inasa that although he yearns for something beyond this, he’s still fortunate to see a side of Shouto that no one else gets to see. It makes him feel special, worthy!

How do you know you’re the only one? A tiny voice whispers to Inasa as he’s fucking Shouto against the front door of his apartment, and his thrusts falter.

Before Inasa can dwell on the dark thought, Shouto’s biting down on his shoulder, tearing the skin, bringing Inasa’s attention back to him. Groaning, Inasa resumes his steady pace. He grips Shouto’s hips tighter, thrusting his body up and down on his cock, using him like a doll.

They’re facing one another for once, but Shouto keeps his face hidden by pressing it into the crook of Inasa’s neck. Inasa finds solace in burying his nose into the softness of Shouto’s two-toned hair, breathing him in.

Shouto’s thighs squeeze reflexively, his moans growing louder. “Hnggh, your big and so good fucking me!” He sucks Inasa’s earlobe into his hot mouth, nibbling and licking on it, making Inasa curse. “Please...please choke---choke me!”

Inasa gently strokes Shouto’s neck with his thumb before wrapping his hand around it. He hasn’t applied any pressure yet Shouto’s already whining and shivering in anticipation.

Inasa can fit his entire hand around Shouto’s neck. He knows if he wanted, he could probably crush Shouto’s windpipe. But he doesn’t want to hurt Shouto which is why he’s always extra careful when choking him. He controls his strength, only using enough to stimulate.

Holding Shouto’s head against the door, his hand squeezing his neck, Inasa continues fucking into him. He watches Shouto’s bulging eyes, waiting for the euphoria to fade. It’s a struggle keeping his eyes focused and not fully succumbing to the pleasure.

No matter how many times he’s wrecked Shouto’s ass, he’s always so fucking tight!

A whine catches in Shouto’s throat, tears rolling down his red face, and his eyes have sunk. Quickly, Inasa releases his neck, returning his hand to Shouto’s hip. As always, he’s mesmerized by the noise Shouto lets out when he orgasms.

It’s a moan, but not really. There are so many components of it that calling it a moan feels like a major understatement. But Inasa can’t think of another word. Not while his brain is mush and his cock is twitching and emptying loads and loads of cum up Shouto’s ass.

“Fuck,” Inasa sighs heavily. They’re on the floor now, he’s sitting with his back against the door, and Shouto’s lying down, his head on his folded arms. “You okay?” He always asks this when they’re done.

Shouto nods. He’s still mentally absent from the looks of it.

This was one of the many things about Shouto that Inasa has found concerning. In the past, Inasa was worried so he consulted someone on the matter, making sure not to mention Shouto at all. Naturally, he gave his friend Utsushimi Camie a call. She’s helped him with sex stuff in the past.

Subspace is what Camie called it, but Inasa doesn’t think this is exactly the same. For one, their relationship isn’t sadomasochistic in any way. Inasa’s not a Dom and Shouto isn’t his Sub. They’ve never even discussed anything like that.

Besides, for Shouto to really be in subspace, he’ll have to trust Inasa completely. And Inasa doesn’t see that happening since Shouto keeps him at arm’s length emotionally.

Despite all that, Inasa still takes Camie’s advice about aftercare.

“Hey, Shouto,” Inasa says, voice as soft as he can muster. He waits for Shouto to look at him. “I’m going to give you a bath now, is that okay?”

Shouto nods.

. . .

“Thank you for the bath,” Shouto says, zipping up his costume, eyes no longer distant. They’re standing in the foyer, the scent of sex clinging around them. He moves to the door and starts putting his boots on.

“Shouto, there’s something we need to discuss.” Inasa has kept quiet for too long.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Am I your Dom?”

Straightening up, Shouto faces Inasa. “Do you want to be?” he asks plainly.

Inasa crosses his arms over his bare chest, noticing how Shouto watches the movement. “I don’t know if that’s for me,” he admits.

“Then why do you ask?”

“Because you act...weird after we’re done. It’s like you’re hypnotized or dickmatized as Camie likes to say. But she also mentioned subspace.” He waves his hands placatingly. “Don’t worry, I didn’t mention your name to her!”

Shouto’s face is as blank and closed off as ever.

“Do you know what subspace is?” Inasa asks, assuming Shouto’s lack of immediate response is due to confusion. “It’s when—”

“I’m familiar with the term.” From the sound of it, his knowledge of the term isn’t second-hand, either.

Now Inasa has way more questions than he previously had. Does this mean that Shouto has had a Dom before? Or does he still have one? His brain feels like it’s going to overheat.

Shouto seems to sense that. Sighing, he removes his shoes. “Can we continue this conversation over tea?”

They sit at the small kitchen table, with hot cups of tea in front of them. While Inasa made the tea, Shouto sat at the table quietly, checking his phone ever so often, unknowingly giving Inasa more reason to be paranoid.

“What are we?” Inasa blurts out, unable to keep it in any longer.

“We’re friends who relieve one another’s stress occasionally.”

“Fuck buddies.”

“If that’s what you prefer to call it.”

“Honestly, the word ‘buddies’ doesn’t fit because all we ever do is fuck!” He frowns at his tone of voice. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be harsh like that.”

Shouto shakes his head. “You’re being honest. But I thought the nature of our relationship was understood.”

“Is sex the only thing you want from me?” Is sex the only thing he’s good for as far as Shouto’s concerned, is what he really wants to know.

“For now it is.”

That’s not so bad, right? There’s a chance their relationship will level up and they can do other things besides sex. He thinks ‘boyfriends’ is aiming too high so he’s fine with them being friends. Real friends not this peculiar version of friendship Shouto has.

Good friends who have sex occasionally—sounds good to Inasa.

“Do you want more?” Shouto asks, his calm voice interrupting Inasa’s thoughts. “A romantic relationship is out of the question right now, but if there’s something you would like to change about our arrangement, I want to know.”

This is Inasa’s chance!

“I want your phone number!” Inasa wastes no time. “We can communicate better that way!”

“Okay. Anything else?”

That was easy. At first when he asked, Shouto refused. Does this mean Shouto’s warming up to him? Inasa hopes so.

“You’re more than welcome to sleep over some nights. I can imagine you’re not in the best shape after sex.” Because his legs are always wobbly and he limps but thinks Inasa doesn’t notice. “What if a villain attacked you on your way home?!” He can’t hide his concern.

Shouto’s cheeks burn, and it’s so faint Inasa thinks he’s imagining it. “I appreciate the offer, but I can’t stay overnight.”

“Because of Endeavor?”

“I’ll give you my number. In exchange, I would like to make a request of my own.”

“It’s only fair!”

“Please, never bring up my father’s name while we’re together.” He pauses, his look contemplative. “I enjoy being with you. It takes my mind off a lot of things I’d rather not think about. We can communicate more, but never about anything too personal.”

They’re getting somewhere at least, and all it took was two months. ALSO, Shouto enjoys being with him! Ah, what a time to be alive!

Inasa grins. “I enjoy being with you too! And I understand. I will try not to pry!”

“Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?”

“So, is it subspace or maybe like a sex coma?” Inasa slaps his own forehead with a loud smack. “No, that’s dumb! It’s not a coma if you’re awake!”

Shouto chuckles warmly and Inasa’s mouth falls open in shock. He’s never heard Shouto laugh before. Oh, boy this is a night for the books!

They’re having a conversation that doesn’t involve Shouto begging to be fed “cock and cum” or “cummies” as Shouto once said; that was a very weird night. He’s going to get Shouto’s phone number and they’re going to start talking more and it’s all perfect!

“I’m not sure it can be called subspace,” Shouto says. “Perhaps I’m simply recovering from an intense orgasm. I’m not as...lively as you so it takes time for me to bounce back.”

Yeah, that makes sense, Inasa thinks. Shouto was just recovering from having his organs rearranged by his big dick.

Completely understandable!

“Okay, I have one last question!” Actually, he wants to ask more questions, but he has to prioritize because there are bags under Shouto’s eyes and he looks like a sleepy kitten. Inasa doesn’t want to hold him up too long. “Am I the only one who helps you like this?”


Inasa blurts out another question, “Is it because I’m convenient?” He holds his breath, afraid of the answer.

“No,” Shouto says, and Inasa thinks that’s all he’s going to get explanation wise, but Shouto adds, “It’s because you’re trustworthy and I’m attracted to you.” A pause. “Doesn’t hurt that your cock is huge.”

Two, no three, compliments from Shouto at once! Inasa’s heart explodes, warmth expanding in his chest. He makes a silent pledge to be the best damn sex friend he can be to Shouto.

‘Don’t worry, my beautiful Shouto, I’ll give you all the cock and cummies you want!’

“Yoarashi-san, are you okay? “

Inasa didn’t realize he was sitting there, fists in the air triumphantly, grinning with his mouth wide open. He closes his mouth, keeping his grin in place.

“I feel great! Thanks for talking to me!”

“You’re welcome.” Shouto scoots his chair back, standing up. “I’m glad we were able to get a better understanding of our arrangement.”

“Me too!”

They’ve just exchanged numbers, and Shouto’s stepping out the door when Inasa remembers another important question he wanted to ask.

“Oh, Shouto! One more thing!”

Shouto looks over his shoulder. “Hm?”

“Is kissing okay? I ask because we’ve never…”

“I’m sorry. I don’t like kissing.”

“Ah, okay!” Inasa wants to know why that is but when it comes to intimacy if someone says they don’t like something, he doesn’t press the matter. Had Shouto said he disliked Udon, now that would’ve been a different story. “Well, goodnight, Shouto! I hope to talk to you soon!”

Shouto leaves, and it’s the first time his departure doesn’t make Inasa feel empty.

Inasa’s bi-weekly supermarket trips are no longer followed by sex with Shouto.

Instead of hanging around the noodles until Inasa shows up, Shouto texts when he wants to meet up like a normal person. They go from fucking every two weeks to three times a week, the days varying.

The more they have sex, Inasa starts to think of himself as a pro when it comes to tending to Shouto’s needs. He learns to determine what Shouto wants based on how he’s dressed when he comes over.

Hero costume Shouto wants to be choked, he wants his ass slapped, and his hair yanked. Defeating villains appears to have that effect on him. He verbally provokes Inasa, pushing him to a point where he uses more strength than usual and leaves bruises on his hips and thighs.

Inasa always apologizes profusely afterward even though Shouto never seems to mind.

When Shouto’s wearing civilian clothes, he’s pretty fucking useless. At least that’s how he wants to be treated. He wants Inasa to bend, break, and fuck him senseless until he’s nothing more than a puppet.

These are the times when Shouto’s extremely vocal and vulgar. He says whatever comes to mind when he’s in the moment, and Inasa just rolls with it. But on numerous occasions, Inasa’s mind has bombarded him with things Shouto has said during sex, making him incredibly flustered. Imagine how embarrassing it is for the words, “cum inside my pretty pussy” to pop in his head while he’s doing hero work.

Mind-blowing sex aside, they also talk more!

Shouto isn’t much of a texter, but he always replies to Inasa. The bulk of their conversations consist of minor details about their day or if anything interesting happens to Inasa during patrol, he’ll share it.

Eventually, Shouto starts doing the same.

>> Quirkless villain tried to rob the bank.
>> I apprehended him.
>>Didn’t need to use my quirk.

>> Saved a cat.

>> Saw some of my former classmates today.
>>They all agreed I look the same.
>> I disagree.

>> Saved another cat.
>> I think it’s the same cat from the other day.

>> Saw a dog that looks like you.
>> Sorry if that’s offensive.
>>But it really did look like you.

>> Today was uneventful.
>> I want your cock in my mouth.
>> Home?

. . .

Shouto has a nice ass.

It’s smooth, firm but also supple enough that depending on the position Inasa fucks him in, it jiggles a little. Everything about it is perfect in Inasa’s opinion. He’ll even admit he’s obsessed with it. He loves watching Shouto’s ass go from creamy and pale to red and bruised, loves how it’s plumper after he’s been fucked.

Usually after sex, Inasa just stares at Shouto’s ass, fantasizing about eating it clean, too cautious to make it a reality. But tonight he can’t hold himself back because Shouto’s lying on his stomach, breathing heavily, beautiful ass on display, begging to be eaten.

Inasa feels drunk as he glides his hands up Shouto’s sweaty thighs, cupping his tender ass. He only uses his thumbs to spread him wide enough to see the mess he’d made. There’s so much cum that a good bit of it is leaking. He feels obligated to clean up after himself. He has manners, after all.

Shouto whimpers quietly the moment Inasa’s tongue drags along his crack, licking up the excess cum. His voice grows louder and louder with every lick and slurp, his body slowly coming alive again. Inasa plunges his tongue inside Shouto, swirling and prodding. Although his tongue is sizeable and Shouto’s ass is stretched enough, he still can’t go as deep as he’d like.

“You’re very good at that,” Shouto sighs, peeking over his shoulder. His head drops, letting out a low whine when two, thick fingers are shoved inside his oversensitive hole, curving, and twisting. He shudders. “Hnggh!

Scooping out a glob of cum, Inasa smiles triumphantly. He’s about to lick it off his fingers when he notices Shouto staring, his mouth partially open.

Slowly, Inasa lowers his fingers to Shouto’s face, most of the cum dripping down his hand now. He watches how Shouto’s eyes widen, big and bright with hunger. He licks his lips, casting a glance at Inasa expectantly.

“Do you want this?” Inasa asks, voice hoarse from sex. Getting an idea, he rephrases his question. “You want to eat my cum, don’t you?”

Shouto nods.

Inasa isn’t sure what comes over him, and he’s sure he’ll be embarrassed later, but right now it feels like the right thing to do. He lifts his hand higher so Shouto can’t reach. “Beg for it.”

“Please,” Shouto says, moving to a kneeling position, gazing up at Inasa, “feed me cum.”

Inasa gives Shouto his fingers. But Shouto doesn’t immediately suck on them. First, he lowers his head and licks up Inasa’s forearm, all the way to his palm, taking care of what’s spilled. Then he opens his mouth wide, waiting.

That’s right. Inasa is supposed to feed Shouto.

He shoves his slick fingers inside Shouto’s hot mouth, groaning. Shouto’s tongue licks between his finger, and he sucks and slurps on the digits until there’s no more cum. Even then he keeps at it.

Mesmerized, Inasa adds another finger, watching Shouto’s wet lips spread around them. Using his free hand, he cups Shouto’s chin, tilting his head back slightly so he can see his face better. Shouto’s unique eyes are swirling with emotion as he stares up at Inasa.

But Inasa knows none of it is directed at him. Not really. Shouto loves how Inasa fucks and indulges him. He doesn’t love Inasa.

Carefully, Inasa removes his fingers. Shouto closes his eyes, his hand rubbing his stomach idly. He looks so content, so full like he just ate a big meal.

“Are you okay?” Inasa asks out of habit. 

Shouto opens his eyes. “I’m fine,” he says, wiping his mouth and chin. “You would make a good Dom,” he jokes.

Inasa blushes. “Honestly, I’m not really sure what it means to be a Dom. I just like taking care of you. I figured you would like eating...things so I tried it!”

“Things,” Shouto chuckles under his breath. “You always know exactly what I want. But what about you. What do you want?”

“I want you to enjoy yourself.” Inasa has always been fine with doing whatever his partner wants him to do. “Everyone has their...kinks and stuff. Pleasing others is what gets me off!”

“What’s one thing we do that you enjoy a lot?”

Inasa isn’t sure where the questions are coming from all of a sudden. They’ve been having sex for months and not once has Shouto asked him this. He thought they had an understanding. Whatever Shouto wants, that’s what they do.

The few things that Inasa wants— kissing and a deeper connection— are off the table so he doesn’t bother bringing it up.

“I enjoy everything we do!” Inasa says, getting off the bed. He stretches his arms above his head, abs and pectorals flexing. He isn’t alarmed to see Shouto staring what with it being a common thing. “Does it seem like I’m unsatisfied?”

Shouto averts his gaze. “No, that’s not it.”

“Then what’s up?”

“It’s nothing. May I use your bathroom?”

Inasa laughs. “Of course! You know you’re always welcome to it!”

While Shouto’s in the bathroom, Inasa tidies up his room. He changes his sheets, picks the pillows off the floor, remakes his bed, and puts the lube away. Sitting on the side of his bed, he takes he checks his phone, skimming one of the group chat’s he’s in.

“Yoarashi-san.” Shouto’s standing by the bathroom door, fully dressed. He doesn’t head out the room, tossing a ‘thank you’ over his shoulder like he normally does.

“Is it the sink?” Inasa asks, automatically thinking about the leaky faucet he’s been meaning to get fixed. “Don’t worry about it! It won’t overflow or anything!”

“It’s not the sink.”


“Can you walk me to the door?”

Inasa quickly stands, smiling. “Sure!”

The only reason Inasa didn’t offer is that Shouto always leaves before he gets the chance, preferring to see himself out. He thinks it’s odd that tonight, of all nights, Shouto wants to be walked to the door. It’s not even a long walk, and Shouto doesn’t say anything to Inasa until he’s holding the door open for him.

“Thank you…”

“It’s no probl—”

“...for everything,” Shouto finishes, chewing his bottom lip.

Smile fading, Inasa chuckles nervously. “Almost sounds as if you’re saying goodbye...forever.” He notices the way Shouto’s features crinkle slightly, and he’s been around him enough to know that’s not a good sign. “Is something wrong?”

“No, everything is fine.” He clears his throat. “I’ll see you around, Yoarashi-san.”

Inasa watches Shouto hurriedly walk down the hallway, and considers running after him. He doesn’t. Instead, he assures himself that he’s overreacting, and reading too deeply into things.

Days pass, turning into weeks.

There are no texts throughout the day, no meet ups scheduled, and no run-ins at the supermarket. All of Inasa’s messages are ignored. He doesn’t call Shouto despite how badly he wants to. They’ve never talked on the phone, but Inasa hoped they’d get to that point someday.

At first, Inasa chalks it up to a busy schedule. Crime is higher in the warmer months, and he’s been saving lives left and right. Surely Shouto is doing the same.

A handful of news reports supports this theory.

Inasa is put at ease whenever he hears about Shouto’s heroic deeds. Most of the time, Shouto’s working alone, but occasionally he’s assisted by former classmates. It makes him happy to know Shouto’s doing fine.

But he gets a bad taste in his mouth every time a reporter mentions Shouto’s parentage.

Endeavor’s son.

Inasa hears reporters use it so much that his hatred for Endeavor grows, affecting his mood. He begins to blame Endeavor for the radio silence.

Maybe he’s keeping Shouto away from him. Maybe he took Shouto’s phone. It’s no secret Endeavor dislikes him. Maybe he doesn’t think Inasa’s good enough for his son.

Another week passes.

His hatred for Endeavor fades. The more he thinks about it, the sillier his accusations sound. Shouto isn’t weak. He isn’t a pushover. If he’s living at home, he’s doing it because he wants to. And if he’s ignoring Inasa…

Ignoring. That’s what’s going on. Shouto’s ignoring him. He doesn’t want to talk to him. Not because he’s busy or because his father is controlling him. This is a conscious effort on his part.

The realization stings. Inasa spends days picking apart their last encounter, trying to figure out what went wrong—what he did wrong. Everything was going well, they were making progress, and Inasa felt like he mattered to Shouto.

Now he knows he doesn’t.

Anxiously, Inasa fidgets with his bowtie as he looks around the lavish banquet hall. Everything about the place screams: you’re too broke to be here!

Out of all the events he’s attended, this gala is the most extravagant. There are aerial performers and contortionists, and he thinks he saw a fire eater when he first walked in. It’s over the top, but he loves it!

Despite all the cool things, Inasa really doesn’t want to be at the Endeavor Hero Agency right now, or ever. Unfortunately, his benefactor wanted him to attend. Networking or something like that. So, that’s the only reason why Inasa is here.

Inasa is the first one to arrive at his table. Discreetly, he circles around, reading the names on all the place cards. When he doesn’t see Shouto’s name, he’s both relieved and disappointed.

The fact that the latter emotion exists tells him he’s still not over their...break up?

It wasn’t a breakup. They were never together. They were just fuck friends. Now they’re nothing. He hasn’t seen nor heard from Shouto in a little over a month and he doesn’t want to see him tonight.

Once the other guests file in, and the seats at his table start filling, Inasa puts on his best face. His mood is soon lifted. Everyone at his table is so nice and sociable.

And finally, Inasa is exchanging business cards and networking like he should’ve been doing at the other events he attended.

The woman beside Inasa, Oka, asks for his personal number. Seeing no reason not to give it to her, he leans closer and calls out the numbers as she keys them in her phone. Sensing a shift in the atmosphere, Inasa glances up.

Shouto is seated two tables away. Briefly, their eyes meet. Frowning, Inasa returns his attention to the woman. After saving his number, she promises to be in touch.

“I look forward to it!” Inasa says enthusiastically.

All throughout dinner, Inasa can feel Shouto’s heavy stare on him. He ignores it for the most part, but sometimes he slips. Unlike normal people, Shouto doesn’t pretend like he’s not staring. He doesn’t quickly look away or appear the least bit flustered at being caught.

This kind of behavior isn’t weird at all for Shouto. This is the same guy who waited around a supermarket whenever he wanted dick.

Again, Inasa is the one to break eye contact first. When the woman at his table asks him to join her for a walk around the banquet hall, he’s happy to accept. They go for an actual walk, too. Inasa gets to see the contortionists up close, and the fire eaters.

“Yoarashi-san, would you mind stepping outside with me?” Oka asks, taking a pack of cigarettes out of her purse.

“Of course not!”

Outside, they stand in the alley on the side of the building, chatting about the gala and other mundane things while Oka smokes. When she’s done smoking, they return to the gala. As soon as they walk through the door of the building, Shouto’s there.

“Yoarashi-san,” Shouto says. He glances at Oka, bowing politely. “May I have a word with you?”

Inasa wants to say no. Okay, not really but he doesn’t want Shouto to have his way. But Oka makes the decision for him when she thanks him for escorting her outside and heads back to the banquet hall.

Sighing, Inasa nods. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Follow me, please.”

They walk past the banquet hall, further into the building to the elevators. Inasa’s too busy staring at Shouto’s profile to know which floor they were heading to. He’s trying to figure out Shouto’s aim. If he thinks he’s going to push Inasa into some dark supply closet and suck his dick like nothing happened, he’s in for a very rude awakening.

“Where are we?” Inasa asks, stepping off the elevator behind Shouto.

Silently, Shouto leads him through the large room, closer to the skyscraper windows. Inasa’s momentarily distracted by the view. The city is beautiful at night, and they’re so high up he can see the faint outlines of a mountain range in the distance.

Shouto leans on the side of a large desk, his arms folded. “I’m sorry,” he says.

Inasa stuffs his balled fists in his pockets, refusing to allow himself to get worked up. “What happened to you?”

“I don’t have a valid explanation for what I did. Honestly, it’s immature and stupid and I’d rather not say it. But I’m very sorry for ghosting you.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

Shouto frowns. “, why would you think that?”

“Maybe because you ignored me for a month! Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to end things?”

“I didn’t want to end things. I just…”

Inasa walks away from the window, standing in front of Shouto. Even when he’s pissed off, he can’t be as mean as he wants to be. “I don’t care how immature or stupid the reason is, I just want to know.”

“I think you’re too good for me,” Shouto says, his eyes watering. “You’re kind and understanding. You’re always taking care of me and checking up on me and just being a good person and I don’t think I can match that.”


“You like me, don’t you? More than a friend.”

Inasa clamps his mouth shut.

Shouto smiles sadly. “I realized it one night while we were having sex. I wasn’t in a place where I could return your feelings properly, and I felt guilty for taking advantage of you.”

“You weren’t taking advantage of me. I know you don’t like me, but I went along with it anyway.”

“I don’t not like you.”

“So, you do like me?”

“I’ve always liked you as a person.” Shouto glances out the window, his face thoughtful. “But I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately—”

Inasa can’t help but ask, “Me or my dick?”

“You.” A pause. “Okay, both, but I promise I think about you a whole lot more. Then I saw you tonight, talking with other people and I was jealous.”

“Jealous? Why?”

“Because this is our thing.”

“Our thing?”

“We come to these superficial events, sneak off, and I suck your cock. I also wanted you to smile at me like you were doing with that woman. But I know I don’t get to feel that way after how I treated you. I’m really sorry.”

“Shouto, correct me if I’m wrong, but from what you’ve told me, you like me too...more than a friend. But you’re not ready for a serious relationship. Is that right?”


“And you ghosted me because you thought you were doing me a favor?”


“Wow, that is kinda stupid.” Inasa grins. “But, I forgive you!” He hugs Shouto tight, lifting him off the floor. “There’s no rush for us to date! I’m happy as long as you are. And you don’t have to match anything I do for you. I do stuff for you because I want to, not because I’m expecting something in return!”

Hesitantly, Shouto hugs him back, circling his arms around his neck. “I don’t feel worthy of your forgiveness. But I’m happy to have it.” He kisses Inasa’s cheek, and then he turns his head, placing a kiss on his lips.

Compared to the things they’ve done, a kiss shouldn’t make Inasa’s heart beat as fast as it does. But it’s not just a kiss. Shouto doesn’t like kissing, but he’s willing to compromise for Inasa.

Because he likes Inasa!!

Their first kiss starts off slow, and it gradually builds. Shouto’s lips are smooth and unbelievably soft. Of course, Inasa already knew this. But experiencing Shouto’s lips through a kiss is different. It’s personal, intimate. Shouto gasps against his mouth, and Inasa groans when their tongues touch, the kiss deepening. When they pull apart for air, Inasa remembers their surroundings.

“Hey, Shouto?”


“Is this your father’s office?”


“Want me to fuck you on his desk?”

Instantly, Shouto’s eyes glaze over. “You’re so good to me.” He kisses Inasa, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth.”Gods, yes! Please, I want you to break that fucking desk with my body!”

Inasa laughs; he really missed this.