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Pride! Soulmate!AU *DISCONTINUED

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Bakugou x Reader / Todoroki x Reader

Todoroki rejects his soulmate because of his pride. Now he has to watch her fall in love with his hot headed rival.

A/N : This focuses on Todoroki but Bakugou is endgame >.< sorry todo, i love angst too much hehe


Todoroki leaned his head against his palm and stared out the window as he tried to ignore the muttering of his classmates. Moments prior, the class found out that Mineta had been transferred out and a student from the General Studies department would be sent in.

Mineta had finished saying his goodbyes, which included trying to cop a hug from all the ladies in class (which ended in Shoji jumping in and giving him a tight squeeze with all of his limbs to trail the short boy away from the girls). Now the rest of the class was buzzing with excitement on who would be the new edition.

“Do you think it’s a girl? We could use some more girls in this class, heh!”

“I don’t usually agree with you, Kaminari, but yeah. We could use another chick around here to lower the amount of stupid we’re surrounded by.”

“I wonder what kind of quirk they have? Must be pretty strong for them to be transferred in.”

“Who fucking cares if it’s a chick or dick or what type of quirk they have! They are going to be no match for me and you can fucking bet on it!”

Shouto stifled a yawn in his palm and flicked his head slightly to move the hair out of his eyes. He was watching the cherry blossoms from the window and shivered. Involuntarily, his hip started burning and he clenched his jaw at the sensation. He already had a scar on his face, he didn’t need another mark on his body.

When he turned sixteen, a medium sized red mark had shown up on his skin. Luckily, he was old enough to know it was his soulmate mark. It took a few days but when it finally filled out, Shouto immediately hated it.

It was a cherry blossom and spanned from the side of his abdomen going down his hip, stopping a bit above his thigh. Cherry blossoms were the most common type of soulmate mark. It also symbolized the sweetest type of love.

Shouto ignored it, even going as far as not telling his parents. Love would only make him seem weak. The only one he trusted to tell was his older sister, Fuyumi. She had congratulated him on it but the mood quickly shifted when she saw the anger in Shouto’s eyes.

A soulmate was just another thing to bring him down, keep him from reaching where he wanted to be. Still, he couldn’t help but indulge in the notes and tips his sister would leave him. Often, she would print articles on soulmates or even look up people on soulmate finder to try and locate the love of her little brother. SoulmateFinder was a website where you could post a picture of your soulmate mark in hopes that your soulmate would see it and contact you.

Shouto would be lying if he said he didn’t search through every picture meticulously to see if any happened to match the flowers going up his hip. They were all cherry blossom, but they were missing one thing. On his hip and side of his abs were a cluster of cherry blossoms but it shifted into something more ominous as it got lower.

Two branches were sticking out and curved down the top of his thigh. They were barren without flowers and swaying in the wind- pointing two opposite directions. He didn’t show his sister that part, nobody saw it but him.

Day by day he grew to resent the mark more and more. Unlike the scar on his face- the sight was so beautiful. It was peaceful and relaxing and- happy. Something he couldn’t be, something he could never be until he reached his goals. He needed to be the number one hero, and without his fire.

He was brought from his recollecting when he saw the door slide open and his homeroom teacher walk in. True to rumor, there was another body walking with him. He scoffed as the class went silent then suddenly everyone was talking all at once.

“Our prayers have been answered! Look, Mina!”

“Ohhh, another girl! And she’s so pretty too!”

“Hey, babe! What’s your name?”

Aizawa threw a glare at the class which immediately shut everyone up. He let you introduce yourself before taking a seat. You said your name and greeted everyone. Even from the back of the room, Shouto could hear the quiet confidence you possessed. You held your head high and smiled brightly.

After introductions, he directed you to Mineta’s old seat so class could get underway.

Momo raised her hand from next to Shouto and waved. He watched as she pointed at the vacant seat in front of her with the other hand and smiled.

The quiet girl cut through the first row and walked to her seat. Her presence was like a magnet and as she turned her back, Shouto could see a few heads turn to watch her walk. Most were curious about the new addition but some lingered their gaze too low to be innocent. When she got closer, Midoriya turned to the empty desk behind him and reach over to push out the chair.

“H-Hi! I’m Izuku Midoriya, welcome to class 1A!”

You smiled softly at him and smoothed your skirt down, sitting lightly in the chair Midoriya had pulled out for you. You didn’t say anything because class had resumed but gave him a friendly nod and whispered ‘thanks!’.

As Aizawa was talking about the schedule for the day, you turned to face the girl behind you who waved earlier. You weren’t shy but you were a bit nervous to be in a new class. Everyone already had made their friends and you didn’t want to stick out. The black haired girl seemed nice enough so you smiled at her and said a quiet hello.

“I’m Momo, welcome! We can talk later as we have lunch next.”

You smiled at her and nodded. As you were turning, you felt another pair of eyes on you and glanced at the seat next to Momo. His bi colored hair caught your attention but soon trailed down to his intense eyes. You flashed him and smile and turned around.

Shouto watched you before tearing his gaze away. He didn’t smile back but he didn’t care what impression that gave you of him. He wasn’t here to make friends.

Not moments later, a small sneeze was heard and Shouto saw you sniffle and excuse yourself before going back to taking notes. Seconds later and another sneeze escaped you. And another. And another. And another.

By now, most eyes were on you and everyone could see you flush under the attention.

“Miss.____, do you need to excuse yourself for a moment?” Aizawa tried being a bit enthusiastic as you were new but his question came out disinterested.

Not wanting to cause an even bigger interruption on your first day, you shook your head and blinked your red, watery eyes,

“N-No, sir. Sorry, I’m allergic to pine and I think someone is- achoo, -wearing perfume with pine in it.”

“I don’t think it’s me…” Midoriya mumbled as he sniffed his clothes wearily.

“He’s your culprit.” Jiro said from a few seat up while pointing one earphone jack at the blonde boy next to her.

“Oi! Shut your mouth!” Bakugou stood up and turned around, narrowing his eyes at you, “And you! Are you telling me I fucking smell or something?”

“What? No! Of course not, just, maybe…use a bit less? I can smell you from back here.” You spoke softly, weary of the hostile boy.

Just as Bakugou pushed his chair to the side to come yell at you up close, you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Here, switch seats with me for now. It might not be much further but you can also use this.”

You looked up and over your shoulder to see Momo standing and offering you her chair, holding a small air purifier from seemingly out of nowhere in her hands. You thanked her genuinely and quickly made the switch.

After the whole debacle you were comforted by everyone returning their attention to the front of the room. Aizawa mentioned the sports festival was coming up and was going over tips for training and things to look out for. Just as you were going to take notes again, you felt those same intent eyes gazing at you and you followed them.

“Hi,” you mouthed with a soft smile.

The boy just turned away as if he hadn’t seen you and you startled. That was the second bold, rude move you’ve received from him today. You figured he was shy but as he easily chatted with the feathered boy in front of him and tall boy on his otherside, you had a sinking feeling in your stomach that he didn’t like you. What a shame, he was so damn handsome too.

Luckily, you couldn’t be sad for too long because when the bell went for lunch, the girls all flocked up to you as if they had planned something beforehand and pulled you along to sit with them. Shouto packed his bag slowly and glanced up when a toned figure stopped you on your way out.

“Hey, fuckface! How about you and I finish that dispute we were having earlier?” The blonde boy cracked his knuckles and smirked at you tauntingly. “Gonna fight me or what, loser? What happened? Too scared? Tch, as I figured. You don’t belong in the hero course. Now let me show you why I’m going to be number one!”

His palm started sparking off and he grinned at the fear in your eyes. He didn’t intend on hurting you but he wanted to make sure you knew who the top dog was. He expected racoon eyes to step in first and as expected, the pink hair girl reached out to pull you away but you moved first.

“You don’t have what it takes to be number one,” you said calmly and the remaining classmates froze. The girls looked at you as if you had a death wish and Bakugou started scowling harder but you continued, “Look at All Might for example. He’s a symbol of peace. What you’re doing right now is the opposite.” You picked up your school bag from where it had fell off your shoulder when Bakugou pulled you back and Shouto watched as you stepped forward to the raging blonde, “A true hero knows which battles aren’t worth fighting.”

You took in a deep breath of air and looked over at Momo shyly, asking her if she could walk with you to the cafeteria. She quickly recovered from her shock and linked her arm with yours, Mina hanging off your other shoulder. You and the girls made your way to lunch and Bakugou was left standing there with steam coming out of his ears.

Just as he was going to chase you down and give you a piece of his mind, a hardened arm reached over and held him back,

“Calm down, Bakubro! She was just standing up for herself, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean any harm. Besides, that was a pretty manly exit…” The red head trailed off with watery eyes and a fist to his chest.

By now Shouto had finished packing up and made his way out to the cafeteria. Your words resonated in his head, ‘A true hero knows which battles aren’t worth fighting.’

Shouto scoffed, that was the dumbest thing he’s ever heard. A true hero knows all battles are worth fighting and gives their all with everything they do.

He made his way to lunch and went to sit down at his usual spot, only to find you there.

“O-Oh! Hey, Shouto! You don’t mind sitting across from me today, do you? ____ wanted to sit next to me so she could see my hero journals!” Midoriya had a heavy blush on his face and Shouto could only assume it was from the way you leaned close to him to peer down at his handwritten notes.

“I think I’ll eat outside today.” His voice was cold and turned to walk out just as you looked up to see him, he missed the frown on your face.

Shouto sighed and sat down, his back leaning up against a cherry blossom tree. Luckily no petals fell down in his bento box and he munched on the food his sister packed him quietly.

He breathed in deeply to try and quell his anger, the slightly sweet scent calming him momentarily. The floral aroma was familiar but there was something in the air his normally sharp nose couldn’t catch.

“Hey! Shouto!” You stopped jogging and plopped down next to him clumsily, “Whoops!” You fixed your legs and pulled back to look at the boy.

“I’m sorry about taking your seat! I didn’t know it was yours, I just wanted to see Midoriya’s notes. That kid is something else, huh?” You smiled brightly at him and for some reason Shouto had to look away. The turning of his head was his only response and he saw you slump slightly from the corner of his eye. “Um, excuse me if this is forward but, do you not like me?”

The question seemed to spark something in the boy as he turned back to you and narrowed his eyes, “A true hero fights every battle with all they have in them.”

“I’m sorry?” You tilted your head sideways and Shouto huffed,

“What you said back in the classroom. A true hero sees every battle as important and gives it their all. They don’t back down from a challenge. Listen, I’m not here to make friends and surely not with someone who wastes their time thinking they can be a hero when they don’t take it seriously.”

“Are you- what? Are you really chastising me for not fighting Bakugou?”

“No. I’m chastising you for having a childish mentality. ‘A true hero knows which battles aren’t worth fighting’? That isn’t how you become a hero.”

You scoffed and turned to face him more, “Just because your dad is the number two hero doesn’t mean you can go around lecturing me on my morals and-”

“My father has nothing to do with this!” It was the loudest you’ve heard his soft voice go and your eyes widened as he stared you down, brows creased now, “If I wasn’t worthy of being a hero, I would have been kicked out by now. Just because my father is a pro hero doesn’t mean I’m getting by on his fame, nor does it mean I will be anything like him!”

“I didn’t say you were like him, I said-”

“Just go. I understand that you came here with good intentions but I don’t see myself being friends with somebody like you. Please just go and stop wasting both of our time.”

“Wha-? Hmph, fine then. Sorry for bothering you.” You pursed your lips and started to stand up, not noticing how the zipper of Shouto’s bag had somehow hooked on the the waist of your skirt.

“Wait!” His protest was too late and you watched in horror as half of his bag came up with you. Shouto’s elbow was on the other half and the sudden pull of his bag caused his arm to slip from under his lunch and soon his food was being spilled all over his pants. You gasped at the sight of soy sauce running down his his uniform,

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” You worried your lip and reached down to help him when he stopped you by your shoulder and pushed back lightly.

“You’ve done enough! Just leave!”

You took a step back from him and he pulled his bag forward to take out anything to help clean himself off. You gasped as you felt your skirt going towards him and quickly tugged at it before it could go down your hips.

Shouto’s eyes trailed up to see what was connected to his bag and he had the decency to blush as you removed the bag zipper from your skirt’s waist. His eyes however widened when he saw the sight of your hip and the familiar floral pattern over it.

After adjusting yourself, you looked over and saw the change in his face and blushed. You tugged the end of your shirt down and flushed, “J-Just pretend you didn’t see anything!” Realizing how that sounded you quickly backtracked, “It’s just my soulmate mark anyways. We all have one so it’s not like it’s a big deal, right?”

Shouto shook his head to clear it. His mark wasn’t an uncommon one. One or two times he had found identical marks on pictures Fuyumi gave him only to be surprisingly disappointed by what they all lacked. Branches swaying in the wind. The lower half of his tattoo was distinct- not having a match besides for his soulmate. From what little he had seen, your mark was similar to his but stopped at your hip. The rounded blossoms cutting abruptly to your skin color at the waist. Either that or you were wearing skin colored underwear…

His face blushed at the thought and you mistook it for interest in your mark. This paired with the fact that his temper was suddenly gone and he avoided eye contact made you suspicious,

“Um…w-what does your soulmate mark look like? I heard that cherry blossoms are quite popular but-”

“I don’t have a soulmate.”

You flinched at his harsh tone and he kept his gaze on the floor. He didn’t mean to lie to you but he just wanted to clean his pants and be left alone. Glancing at his stained uniform only made him more upset and he grit his teeth when you didn’t take the hint and leave.

“Oh, I’m sorry…”

“Sorry for what? Soulmates are pointless. We should be able to love who we love anyways.” He instantly thought of his parents and the two different designs their bodies adorned. He felt sick. He really needed to get out of here.

This seemed to bristle you and you growled, taking him by surprise, “Hey! Just because you don’t have a soulmate doesn’t mean you can call them pointless. These marks are here for a reason.” You took a breath to calm yourself and bowed your head slightly as if apologizing for your outburst, “I hope you find someone you love and who loves you back. Everyone deserves somebody to call their own.”

You walked off before he could say anything and Shouto groaned, ignoring your parting statement and not seeing the way you seemed to be disappointed by something, one hand pulling up your tights higher subconsciously as they covered the two branches swaying in the breeze on your thigh.


The closer it got to the sports festival, the more tightly wound everyone was. There were about 3 days left and everyone was buzzing with nerves. Not surprisingly, there were a few who didn’t let this affect their normal behavior,

“The best type of attack would be one kill all explosion- similar to my quirk. A strong blast and the opponent will be out for good!”

Aizawa hummed and nodded his head at Bakugou’s answer, “That’s one way to think about it… yes, Miss ____?”

“I think the best route will be to get as close as possible and administer a light deflection first so the target is unable to see then follow up with a small explosion while they are blinded. That way the attacker uses as little energy as possible while hurting their opponent the least amount necessary to capture instead of launching one large scale attack.”

Aizawa nodded at your correct answer and explained in more detail as Bakugou steamed at not having the best technique.

Shouto hard a small snap followed by a soft curse and realized you had broke your pencil tip. Since the first say, you and Momo had permanently switched seats and you now sat next to him.

Despite his rude behavior, you were still friendly to him, as if that mishap didn’t exist. You made one sided small talk with him and sometimes he had to hold back a chuckle at how you narrated the class surroundings and made jokes. Most of them were clearly an attempt to engage him while other were truly hilarious with the dry humour you shared with him. Still, he’s be caught dead before he let you know he found your rambling funny.

“Psst, do you have a sharpener I can borrow?”

He glanced over at you unimpressed and rolled his eyes before going in his bag and giving you the blue item. Usually he would hold back all his comments but for some reason he couldn’t control himself around you, “You should come to school better prepared if you expect to get far in the hero course. You can be switched out just as easily as you got switched in.”

Shouto admits the last part was whispered too harshly and it was unnecessary for simply borrowing a pencil sharpener but he only felt shame when two of his classmates turned to him.

“Lighten up, Shouto! It’s just a sharpener. No need to be so hostile.” Momo tilted in her seat and reprimanded him.

Tokoyami didn’t say anything directly to him but he could tell from his slight nod, the boy agreed with his classmate. Instead he looked back at you and said quietly, “I have a sharpener if you ever need one.”

You smiled at both of them but it didn’t reach your eyes. Momo pat your hand encouragingly and Tokoyami titled his head as he turned back to the front. They both overheard the brittle comments Shouto would make every so often when he engaged you and found that even though he was usually stoic- he was more harsh with you than anyone else.

When you kept the small blue sharpener at the edge of your desk after sharpening your pencil, Shouto clenched his teeth and whispered, “Aren’t you going to give it back?”

You looked over and used all your remaining energy to smile softly, “It’s full, I’m going to empty it after class for you.”

“I don’t need you to do anything for me!” He whisper shouted and went to take back his sharpener the same time you reached for it and it ended up slipping between both of your fingers. It landed on the floor with a loud shatter and the two parts broke apart, leaving a mess of sharpenings on the floor.

Everyone turned to look towards the back and Shouto kept his face impassive as you covered your mouth with one hand, surprised.

Seeing your flustered state, Aizawa assumed you caused the accident alone and called you out, “Miss ____, please clean that up and stop disrupting the class.”

You glanced at Shouto and he raised an eyebrow, curious as to if you were going to rat him out. Instead you nodded quickly and some giggled in a friendly way at your antics while others turned back quietly.

“Tch. Fuckin’ clutz,” Bakugou muttered while gazing at you a second longer, turning up his nose at you and facing forward again.

You got down and scooped the shavings into one hand and collected the two pieces with the other. After disposing the trash and reassembling the sharpener, you placed it gently on Shouto’s desk and mumbled a quiet ‘sorry about that’.

His eyebrows shot up surprised that you were still so calm and nice to him after everything he’s done to you and he caved. He could almost feel his seatmates listening in and his ears burned red at how he’s been behaving lately.

“It’s okay,” he glanced at you and forced one side of his lip to quirk up but it seems you got the message at the heavy breath to took in. He was too handsome for his own good.

You smiled brightly and for some still unknown reason, he had to look away again.

When class ended, you told him bye and he nodded and for the first time replied with his own, ‘See you tomorrow.’

He was walking out after you when he accidentally collided with his biggest threat in the class,

“Oi, look where you’re fucking your going IcyHot! You got eyes so use them!”

Shouto lifted a brow, unimpressed, “You bumped into me as well.”

“Tch. Always got some fucking excuse, eh? Why I should-” he paused for a moment and sucked his teeth, “whatever. You’re not even worth the fight,” he mumbled it more to himself than anything and Shouto saw his eyes flicker to something over his shoulder before pushing Shouto out the way,

“Hey, new girl! You think you can answer a question about my own quirk better than me in class? How about you and I do a few rounds of training and I show you just how powerful one good blast can be, hah? It will give you a taste of what it’s going to be like when all you fuckers lose to me at the Sports Festival!”

Shouto stared at Bakugou’s retreating figure in surprise. It was the first time he had seen the hot headed boy give up a fight, no less with him of all people. Having the two flashiest quirks made them the top contenders and rivals. Bakugou was well aware of this and made if known by constantly calling him out and arguing with him over pointless matters.

Kind of like how Shouto treated you.

He sighed and left class, telling himself that the churning in his stomach was from being underestimated by Bakugou and not the way you agreed to Bakugou’s challenge with a bright smile that he for once, couldn’t turn away from.


“Are you nervous?” Shouto glanced down at you and breathed through his nose. He had been being nicer to you, responding to your questions with curt responses but you still stuck around him for some reason. He thought after his declaration against Midoriya, you would have got the idea but you looked at him with bright eyes and waited for his answer.

“No. I’m going to come in first,” his voice was was seeping with confidence as he looked at the starting line of the obstacle race.

“Oh, well, good luck anyways. Not that you’ll need it, but still.” You smiled at him brightly and he nodded once, walking forward to get a better place in line. Right before the starting call he turned and looked at you over his shoulder,

“You too. Good luck.” You smiled at that and suddenly, the obstacle course didn’t seem so daunting.


Shouto was getting ready to head off the field as the recreation activities were starting. He was going to tend to other matters when he heard a ruckus from over to his left,

“Ha! What the fuck is this now? What a cheap way to get attention for internships!” Bakugou was yelling at a bunch of cheerleader and Shouto went to walk away when one turned around sharply and he was greeted with your face. You glanced around confused and upset and it wasn’t lost on Shouto that you had clearly been tricked into the costumes, most likely by the two snickering males in the corner.

Shouto was no pervert but he still couldn’t help his eyes from drinking you in. You wore the uniform really well, so good that he couldn’t bring his eyes away. Unbeknownst to him, an ashy blonde was having the same predicament despite his harsh words.

His rival snapped out of it first and walked closer to you, “Put that shit away, would ya? Nobody wants to fucking see all that.” His smirk was teasing and he grinned when you huffed at him angrily, “or are all of you following in Ponytail’s footstep and becoming exhibitionists?”

Enraged at his taunting of your friend, your temper flared up, “Exhibitionist?! That’s for her quirk and you know it, asshole! You wanna see an exhibitionist?”

Your arms flew to your cheerleading top as you made moves to take it off, of course you had the black crop top underneath but you doubted he knew that.

Of course he didn’t and his eyes widened when he saw your begin to lift the material, “H-Hey! What the fuck are you doin’, new girl?!”

Before you could pull it all the way off, a set of arms pushed down yours and pulled you away,

“Shouto?” You trailed behind him, too shocked to notice the slight tickling of your hip and thigh, instead you watched as his hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled you into the hallway.

“Don’t stoop to his level. You don’t have to prove anything to him.” His deep voice was stern as he stopped and turned to talk to you.

“Huh? It was just a joke, Shouto. I wasn’t actually going to take it off. In any case, I wouldn’t expect you to know this but, there’s usually always a vest underneath these uniforms.” You giggled and he cursed himself for thinking it sounded like the chime of bells.

“Oh? Uh… really?” He scratched his neck and stood there awkwardly. He didn’t know why he dragged you away, it was like something took over him. Even now, he was unsure of why he didn’t just walk away and go about his business. Instead, he stood here trying to create some sort of conversation with you.

He didn’t have any friends- his own fault really, but having someone to talk to gave him comfort, even if it was small. With not placing first in the obstacle race and his old man watching, he suddenly felt the want to get his mind off of things, if only for a second. He said the first thing that came to his mind in a haste, “Do you wear shorts under the skirts as well?”

He made a noise in the back of his throat a second later as if to correct himself. He hadn’t meant it like that but it was the only relative thing he could think of after your statement. He really needed more social training. Even he could tell how risque the question sounded no matter how honestly innocent his voice was.

He glanced over to see how you were faring and unsurprisingly your face was flushed. You bit your lip and looked off to the side shyly. He was about to say forget it, that you didn’t have to answer that and go punch himself in the face but suddenly you bowed your head and mumbled but Shouto’s keen ears caught it.

“Uh, Momo didn’t have the time to create shorts.”

“Oh.” Oh. OH.

Shouto sucked in a breath and nodded as if everything was fine and normal. As if you weren’t standing a foot away from him alone in a hallway in an incredibly flattering cheerleading top and a short, swaying skirt with just your panties on underneath.

Suddenly the room was hot and Shouto cleared his throat, trying to take care of the awkward atmosphere by doing the only thing he knew how to do. Making it worse.

“I suppose that has its own benefits.” He stopped himself from face palming at the dumb remark but luckily you were better at this than he was and simply giggled in that adorable way you do- wait… adorable? He was really losing it.

“I guess so, but I’m not into quickies. At least not when I’m so nervous about the festival. Sorry, Shouto.” You laughed at his wide eyes and blushing cheeks, the most emotion you’ve seen on him so far. He hadn’t expected you to tease him like that and he didn’t have the strength to lie to himself that the thought hadn’t crossed his mind since you told him about your lack of pants. He didn’t mean to think that way but you were a very pretty girl after all… “Anyways, I’m going to go get some lunch, wanna come?”

“No thanks. I have better things to do.” He didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh but he had snapped out of his daydream and was angry now- with his situation, his father, his placement and himself. He can’t believe he let himself get so distracted by you like that. He needed to go figure out what Midoriya was hiding and talk to his father as well.

That bastard better stay out of his way. He walked off before you could reply and you sighed to yourself,

One step forward and two steps back.

You walked back to where the food was being served and missed the heterochromatic eyes that looked behind to follow you. He wanted more than anything to go over there and pull down your skirt an inch so it didn’t sway so teasingly right over the curve of your behind but instead he went his own way.


When the time came for the cavalry battle, you were royally screwed.

Your wind quirk wasn’t able to get you too far in the race. There were too many people nearby for you to use your full power and once people saw you could use it to fly on swivels of air, they hooked on to you like leeches. You still managed to place twelvth but that wasn’t very impressive, not nearly enough for you to be anybody’s first pick at least.

Even if Shouto wasn’t ignoring you, his team was already full and you heart twinged when you saw him pick your best friend, Momo for his team. Since your chat with him, he had been avoiding you. You had even called him but he turned the other way. You thought he couldn’t hear you but Kaminari waved and he was standing further than Shouto, letting you know the boy was indeed ignoring you.

You rolled your eyes, getting sick of his childish antics and his hot and cold behavior. Instead you turned and was surprised to see Bakugou watching you from across the field. He was surrounded by people trying to get on his team but he was watching you. He didn’t make haste when you caught him staring so you figured he just zoned out while looking in your direction. You maintained his gaze for a few seconds, even sending him a wave but he was still stood there thinking hard. Eventually, you broke the unusual eye contact and walked around looking for a team who would take you in.

Only when you were gone did Bakugou blink and release a rare forlorn sigh.

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Even if Shouto wasn't ignoring you, his team was already full and you heart twinged when you saw him pick your best friend, Momo for his team. Since your chat with him, he had been avoiding you. You had even called him but he turned the other way. You thought he couldn’t hear you but Kaminari waved and he was standing further than Shouto, letting you know the boy was indeed ignoring you.

You rolled your eyes, getting sick of his childish antics and his hot and cold behavior. Instead you turned and was surprised to see Bakugou watching you from across the field. He was surrounded by people trying to get on his team but he was watching you. He didn’t make haste when you caught him staring so you figured he just zoned out while looking in your direction. You maintained his gaze for a few seconds, even sending him a wave but he was still stood there thinking hard. Eventually, you broke the unusual eye contact and walked around looking for a team who would take you in.

Only when you were gone did Bakugou blink and release a rare forlorn sigh.

None of the Gen Ed kids wanted you because they felt like you betrayed them and all your new friends were trying to match their quirks to make a solid team.

It wasn’t until you saw Midoriya in tears that you went over to see what was wrong. Turns out, he was just happy Uraraka was willing to work with him. You shyly asked if he had room for one more and that’s when the real waterworks started.



“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Momo rubbed a hand up and down your arm and you nodded at her politely.

Both of your teams had made it through the cavalry race and you two immediately met in the waiting room, walking to the stands together. Since then the singles matches had started and she had just gone for hers. She was disappointed in losing but it didn’t stop her from supporting you.

Suddenly, the seat next to you was filled by a teary Uraraka with a bandage on her cheek, “Geez, talk about harsh! Do me a favor and beat Bakugou up for me, would you ____?”

The three of you laughed and agreed but it was stiff and forced. It was as if you were all thinking the same thing. If she couldn’t beat him with gravity, how were you supposed to beat him with wind?

You sighed and bid the girls goodbye to go get ready for your second battle. In the hallway, you saw a head of bi colored hair and called out to him. He turned and clenched his jaw when he saw it was you,

“Oh, don’t give me that look! Listen, if you win and I win, then we’re going against each other in the finals.” His eyes widened and you felt slightly annoyed that he hadn’t kept up with anyone’s match but his own. “And in the rare event that I somehow do beat Bakugou, I want you to give it your all.”

“Why are you telling me this?” He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here and you let your rare temper shine,

“Because I’m tired of ice attacks! Everyone is waiting to see you fight to your full ability, Shouto! You look like a jerk out there using only half your power. You said it yourself. If you want to be a true hero, you have to fight with all you have, always. So go out there and be a hero.” You huffed and walked away before you could notice the slight look of awe on his face, your words registering to him.


You gave Midoriya a gentle pat on the head as you left the infirmary. Shouto certainly went all out and it was quite the sight to see. You don’t know if you had anything to do with him using his left side but you were happy to see him fighting passionately now.

You shook out your hands and headed out to your battle.

You were greeted by decent applause but it was better than the booing Bakugou got for having demolished Uraraka in his previous battle.

You thought back to her bandaged face and wondered if that was your future. You almost didn’t realize they had called start until he was grinning and stretched a hand behind to blast towards you.

Quickly, you put a palm up and blasted a gush of wind towards him but he had already gained some distance towards you.

From then, it was a flurry of just trying to keep him away from you and he knew it,

“Stop fucking blowing me back! Take your beating like the punk you are, huh!” Your palms were starting to shake with exertion at the steady gust you kept blasting against him and even the audience was growing weary of how long the match had gone on without either of you two launching any direct hits. It was you pushing him away constantly with your wind and him firing blast after blast of his explosions behind him to not get knocked out. His hands were starting to tremble but it was nowhere near as bad as the shaking of your entire arms. He noticed this and smirked,

“Getting tired already, Stormy? I thought you wanted to make this an endurance battle? Tch, dumb of you to think you could outlast me!” You rolled your eyes at the nickname but straightened up when he started firing bigger explosions and was getting closer to you.

In a panic you decided to pull out your one last trick. It was powerful and flashy and you knew in the rare event you made it to the finals, you wouldn’t be able to do it again so you decided to go all out, with the intention of at least gaining attention for future internships.

You crouched closer to the ground and started swirling your hands, the air following. Soon there was a large gust tornado and it was growing bigger, bigger, bigger, until it had sucked in Bakugou. By now, enough debris had gathered that you couldn’t tell where he was, until you heard a teasing voice.

“This all you got, huh? What a shame, this was too fucking easy for me! Now let me give you a first hand example of how one big explosion always wins.”

Your eyes widened in realization and before you could brace yourself, you heard him shout and then there was darkness.


Bakugou felt the wind around him immediately stop and all the debris fell down. He had used his explosions to drill a hole in the concrete and lodged himself in there for safety instead of spinning in your waves of gust.

He shot out a large scale explosion at you and the stadium went quiet. He removed his jacket from his nose, where he was blocking the debris and looked over just in time to see you collapse to the floor.

“What the- hey! Get up you lazy shit!” You were unmoving and soon Midnight deemed him the winner. He couldn’t hide his shock and looked over to see if you were really out of it. The boos got louder but he just stood there, mumbling to himself, “She was able to take that hit when we practiced together...I didn’t think I’d hurt the damn girl...well not that much at least.”


You left the infirmary room and was heading back out to the seating when you heard someone call after you,

“Oi! Stormy! What the fuck was that back there? Why did you pass out on me, huh? You always took that hit when we practiced, were you fucking with me the whole time? I swear, if you threw out this match just so-”

“I didn’t throw out the match. When we practiced, it was in a larger area than that. Usually, I’d be able to move away from the center of attack but we were too close together. Also, if I’m being honest, I was pretty low on energy. You probably could have shot a way smaller attack and I would have been out too.”

He watched you with his brow furrowed, becoming increasingly upset. He mumbled some things to himself until suddenly he looked at you with a sly smirk,

“Well, I’ll be damned. You were right.” He huffed and looked at the floor while you started at him confused.


“Tch, get your head out the clouds. That time in class when you said a diversion and small attack is better for a weakened opponent in close range. If I did that then maybe your weak ass wouldn’t have fainted.” He eyed you up and down as if to make sure you weren’t still actually injured and you looked at him impressed,

“Man, I must’ve really been hit hard. For a second I thought you were admitting that you were wrong and I was right.”

“Ha? That’s not what I fucking said, dumbass! We were both right, okay? Just- just forget it. Look, I’m going to be the number one hero so I need to recognize my own faults and fix them. This just happened to be one of the rare ones, okay? So don’t go around acting all high and fucking mighty on me.”

You nodded and looked down, bottom lip poking out a bit. He glanced over and eyed you weirdly,

“What is that? That t-thing you’re doing with your lip. Stop that.” His eyes dragged across the plump flesh before glancing away but there was a pink on his cheeks that wasn’t from exertion.

You giggled and looked over, “Why? Is big, bad Bakugou weak for the puppy dog face?”

“Tch! As if. It’s just weird seeing you pout, okay? Now quit doin that before you ruin your fuckin face and blame it on me. I already got enough people breathing down my back from handing two girls their asses today.”

You shrugged, “But you had good intentions, right? You did it because you respected us as competitors.” He nodded and eyed you warily as if you too would suddenly turned on him. Instead you pat his shoulder, to his surprise and smiled at him, “Good.”

He scoffed and knocked your hand off him, “You just have your planning right, you still got ways to go with power so don’t get cocky.”

“I still outsmarted you! Just admit it, Bakugou. I could teach you a thing or two about technique.”

“Oh, yeah?” He stepped closer to you and for some reason your breath hitched as if now noticing how attractive he actually was up close. You could count his soft looking, wheat eyelashes and his gravely, low voice made you keen, “I doubt you could teach me anything.”

His eyes glanced down so quickly you almost missed it before he continued in his serious tone, somehow lighter now, “But feel free to prove me wrong, Stormy.”

He pulled away from your face slowly and walked to his waiting room for his final match.

You blanked as you stood there. You had always seen Bakugou as some raging asshole who couldn’t shut his mouth but just now...he was smooth, borderline flirty, and you didn’t know what to think about the butterflies in your stomach as you mentally replayed his alluring, deep voice in your head.


“Come on, Shouto! You can do it! Finish him!”

He could hear his father from the sidelines and tried to block him out. Instead, Shouto thought about your encouraging words and moved his arm up, flames buring hot.

Unwillingly, his mind remembered how you fell flat after your match with Bakugou. He was curious how to plan his technique for the final battle, needing a different plan of action for either quirk, whoever won.

It ended up being Bakugou who won and his rival was coming at him with everything he had. Then why was his own mind so bothered by you?

Could it be the dread he felt when he saw you faint? He looked over at Bakugou and saw the same conviction held on his face.

Bakugou was out of control with his last attack on you and Shouto wondered if he would end up doing the same with others. What if his fire hurt others the way Bakugou hurt you?

The arm encased by flames lowered slowly and so did Shouto’s head. He threw out a wall of ice behind him to cushion the fall he knew was to come and accepted the hit.


When the smoke cleared, everyone gasped as Bakugou was announced winner. Still, you stayed in your seat, shocked.

You watched the fiery blonde go over in a fit of rage and drag him up by his jacket.

Many gasped at the display of bad sportsmanship but your breath was caught in your throat at the sight of cherry blossoms going down Shouto’s side.

But he said he didn’t…

“Ah!” You winced as you grabbed your now burning hip and you doubled over in pain. You looked down, ignoring your friends asking if you were okay.

You glanced up once again at the scene in the stage below you and looking at his limp body, the pain subsided marginally. You couldn’t deny it now. And neither could he.

You yelled out an excuse and made a dash to the nurses room where you knew he would soon be. You needed to have a talk. With your soulmate.