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Some of Sam Rockwell Characters Taking Care of Sick Reader - Headcanons

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Sam Bell 1

Sam 1 is a very caring boyfriend. He does everything for you to feel nice and comfy. He finds the best pillow and the coziest blanket, switches on your favorite music, brings you your favorite drink and stays next to you, kissing your forehead, holding your hand and telling you everything is gonna be fine. And you actually know it. Of course you’re gonna be fine as long as he’s here for you.

Sam Bell 2

Don’t let his stern exterior fool you: he cares of you much more than it may seem. But he’s a bit stern even when he takes care of you. He won’t let you leave the bed under any circumstance, even if you just want to go have tea in the kitchen - he brings you everything you need; he knows what medicine you should take at what time and takes full control over the situation. He switches off the light at 21:00 because “you are ill and you should sleep more” and leaves. As you wake up at night your heart melts at the sight of him sleeping in the armchair next to your bed.

Jason Dixon

Jason panics a bit. Even if you don’t :D He calls his Momma immediately (even if you protest and claim that you know how to handle your illness) and asks her what to do. It’s not very helpful actually - he still doesn’t seem to be able to cook any chicken soup for you. So he ends up making you tea, gets in bed next to you and reads you his comics until you fall asleep on his shoulder.

Billy Bickle

He’s not very helpful, but he tries his very best to cheer you up. He brings you lots of candies and snacks. He reads to you as well, and does it so emotionally that it becomes a real performance. You laugh so hard your throat starts to hurt even more and he realizes it’s time to quit, so he ends up suggesting some comforting cuddles instead, which you totally don’t mind. 


He makes you some weird-looking and weird-smelling herbal tea and claims it’s a magic potion that will cure everything immediately. You’re a bit suspicious, but still try it and to your surprise it really makes you feel better. He gives you literally all the pillows and blankets he can find at his messy place, moves the TV-set closer to your bed and watches your favorite show instead of his favorite wrestling with you without complaining until you fall asleep snuggling close to him.

Trent Burns

Another super sweet and caring boyfriend. Gives you his warmest flannel shirt, wraps you in the coziest blanket, makes you tea with honey, holds you really tightly and never leaves you alone… Well, he might leave you for a while just for a short trip to his parents. He arrives with a tasty soup his mom made just for you (she wishes you to get better soon as well).

Victor Mancini

He is actually way more helpful than it may seem. In fact, he studied in a medical college even though he hasn’t finish it. Still his knowledge is enough to advice you the most helpful stuff… But at some point you start to hate him a little as he gets carried away telling you about the symptoms and what they might mean. When you’re about to punch him though, he apologizes and tells you not to worry (very funny, Vic). To reclaim his fault he even goes to the pharmacy to buy all the medicine. In the end you don’t try to protest and let him take some care of you, because he actually knows better. You’re actually surprised how caring he can be. Although even if you’re clearly not in the mood he still thinks you’re hot even in your pajamas so he can make some advances… Though he understands the word “no” despite his addiction so you end up with just intense cuddles (and later when you’re asleep he might have a wank xDD sorry)

Eric Knox

You may think he doesn’t care much. When he calls you up for a meeting and you say you’re sick and you can’t, he just says something like “well, okay, get well soon”. But in an hour or even less you suddenly hear your doorbell ringing. You’re really shocked to see him at your place… In fact it’s the first time he visits you, mostly you spend time in his place… He most certainly brings you some gift, would claim you you’re still sexy despite your sneezing, coughing and sore eyes, you spend the evening playing scrabble until you feel sleepy, he kisses your forehead before leaving, and this whole evening seems surreal to you, but you feel incredibly warm.

Craig Hunter

Craig is probably the only character who is able to prepare chicken soup for you by himself :DD He is really caring too. He might take his work home so that he could stay with you. At first he just makes sure you’re comfortable and then sits at the desk to work with his laptop, but eventually he ends up getting in bed next to you. You watch some movie together on his computer and when you fall asleep on his shoulder he switches the movie off and opens his work documents, trying to move as careful as possible as he doesn’t want to disturb your sleep. In fact, even if it’s not super comfortable to work with you leaning on him like this, it is really heartwarming for him to have you this close. 


Thank you for reading, stay healthy!