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Always, Omega

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“Omega mine, stop avoiding the question, how did you end up at the alleyway where I found you?”

Harry really really did not want to  answer that question, if he did, his mate would know how disgusting he truly was, and this was the first time in a long  time that he had a shot, a long shot if he was being honest, at happiness and he utterly refused to let it slip by him without a fight. He looked up at his mate and tried his best to look sad and cute so that his alpha would drop the subject. 


Severus looked at his Omega’s puppy eyes and every single part of him almost melted at his Omega’s feet. The teary big green eyes stared right up at him, and the bottom lip of that pair kissable lips poked out and trembled. He had never seen his Omega’s pout before and it was taking all his willpower to not gather his Harry in his arms, and kiss away that little pout on his edible lips. He did partially give in, pulling his mate into his arms, and buried his aquiline nose into the black messy hair. 

“Little one, I will never abandon you regardless of your answer, I promise, the only reason we will ever part is that you decide that you no longer want to be with me anymore. You are my mate, my Omega, my world. Do you understand? I do not love you yet, but I am honestly not far.”

He could feel the silent small sobs that started to the fragile body in his arms. He started to card his fingers through the messy black locks, and shifted his other hand and patted the shaking back. Slowly the silent sobs turned into more audible ones and the shaking intensified. The story started to spill out between sobs, so quietly that if Severus did not enhance Alpha hearing he would not have heard a single word. 

The story of use and abuse started from very young and never ended. Throughout his years in school, Harry had changed himself suppressed all his omega instincts, changed to fit what Ronald Weasley, what Hermione Granger, what Albus Dumbledore wanted and expected. He had ruthlessly suppressed not only his instincts but everything that made Harry, Harry. To make matters worse, after the war, Harry’s repressed Omega side came back with a vengeance. Within 2 months after the trials were concluded, Harry collided with the Season, and instantly he was outed. Harry ran away after facing the ire of the Wizarding world. However, the worst part was that Ronald had a tracking spell on him a leftover relic from the war. With that, Harry was driven first from his muggle world job, (there was no way that Harry was able to access his Gringott’s account being driven out of the Wizarding world like that.) he had lost his only safe place from the Redheaded Devil. (Harry had warded his apartment to hell and back which afforded him his safety.) He had no way to afford the rent and with that, he lost it. Since then Harry was homeless and lived off the streets. When Severus had found him it was the third time that Dunderhead had come and pummeled him to dust. ( The more he listened the more Severus wanted to repay what had been done to Harry tenfold to that redheaded menace, no one hurt his Harry and got away with it. No one.

Each and every time Harry had been tortured , he had gotten weaker and weaker, and Severus had no idea what would have happened. He might have lost Harry forever. 

Harry’s life prior had irreparably damaged a huge part of his little one’s psyche. Severus knew that no matter how much he could help  Harry, or how much he healed, there was always going to be part of him that is broken. And all he could do was love him, and love him was what Severus was going to do for as long as he lived. 


 Severus slowly stroked the bony little pill bug that had curled up on his lap. His little mate had cried himself out and fell asleep almost immediately after. Severus had not stopped patting his Omega even after he had fallen asleep, while his hand moved, his mind moved even faster. He was plotting, plotting how to help his mate, plotting how to get revenge, plotting how to pull strings to get his mate back into where he belonged, the wizarding world

The sleeping angel in his arms started to twitch and move, heating up at the time. Another wave had crashed over him and Harry needed his alpha. 


Harry woke up flat on his back, and he knew that was not how he fell asleep he distinctly remembered he surrendered to Morpheus in the embrace and lap of his mate. Before he could form another coherent thought, Severus did that wicked thing with his tongue again he lost all coherency. The smooth strong muscle wormed into his most secret spot and nudged at his little button again, and he could not help the garbled scream that escaped his lips. Severus looked up and smiled at him, the dark obsidian pools that stared intensely at him and he felt as though he could fall into it endlessly. In those eyes, Harry could feel the concern and intensity of emotions and lust that was running through his mate. Then the man snaked up his chest before started suckling the biting on the two buds that peaked out on his hairless chest. Pleasure bolts of lightning raced through his skin, and the man let one trace down his chest and start to probe his hole while the other teasingly stroked his length. 

“Sir! I CAN’T! OH! OH! OH!”

Harry could feel his balls tightening up and something deep in his belly tighten and tingle and before he knew it he was cumming like a fountain. 

But Severus was not done. 

He climbed up the limp panting body and kissed his mate fiercely, leaving his hands to flutter lightly all over his minx’s body. He pressed and stroked areas he knew were sensitive on the scar-ridden body under him, his mouth attached to random spots all over his neck sucking harder at the spot he knew he would mark when Harry gave him the chance. Immediately he could feel the reawaken flesh that the imp was starting to rub desperately against him. He rubbed the spent seed over the reawoken flesh to create a little lubricant before aligning both their flesh and started to grind down on his mate. 

Soon, he could feel the body beneath him start to writhe and shake and he knew that Harry was close. He increased his speed and pressure, and within seconds he could feel the warmth started to streak and  paint his belly and he let himself fall off the edge as well. 


“Alpha, how do you love me? You hated me for years.”

Severus was caught by surprise by the quietly voiced question that was half muffled by his chest that his little angel was trying to bury himself into. Regret swirled in him before he opened his mouth to answer.

“I  have never hated you my Harry. War was difficult and honestly, I am an ornery old man, who hold on to grudges. Your father and his friends treated me terribly and later  on when I saw you, I could only see him. Even though, later you became more and more of your own man, I can’t lighten up or change the way I treated you, for the Dark Lord was back and in order for both of us to survive I needed to act as though I hated you. I am so sorry, little one. There is not much I can do to change the  past, to make it up to you. However, I promise you that I will spend the rest of my life trying to prove to you that I am not that person anymore, never again.”

“I… I need to say sorry as well Alpha, I did not make your life easy as well for the times I was in school.”

“Omega mine, thank you, but the apology is not needed. Let us put the past behind us, our lives are different, we are different now. It is time we move on.”

Harry  nodded into the bare chest that he was trying to bury himself into. It was time for him to move on and try to accept Severus and other people back into his life.