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Always, Omega

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“Once you put the cub in bed, I want you to go to our bedroom, strip and kneel, how about I try and put another pup in that belly of yours?” Severus murmured silkily into the ear of his omega who was carrying the suckling pup, who was nursing on the swelling nipples of his father. He felt rather than saw the shiver his omega gave out when he heard the deep voice of his alpha. Severus couldn’t help but smirk, he had always known what his voice did to his omega, and could not help feeling a little pride that he could reduce his omega to a puddle with just his voice.

“Yes, Alpha.”

Severus smirked and walked away to their bedroom. It has been about a month since his omega gave birth to their heir Samuel Jackson Prince, and it has been more than that since he had fully played with the beautiful body of his. Now, that he had managed to break that awful subservience that came in-breed with most omegas, he couldn’t be happier with the responsiveness of his firecracker omega.

Quickly walking into their walk-in closet, he went to the playbox and pulled out the toys he wanted to use on his omega today, he wanted to make sure that by the end of today, his omega will not only be unable to talk but unable to remember his name. With his Omega just giving birth, not only will his nipples be extra sensitive, his very hole will ache for his Alpa. He will make sure that his omega can feel it tomorrow, and could feel how much his alpha appreciated and needed him. Walking out of the room, he saw his omega had followed his instructions to the tee and was kneeling on the bed, head down, without a scrap of clothing on that beautiful body of his. Already,  he could see the slick start dribbling out between the pert butt cheeks of his and the little cock of his leaking precum. His boy was aroused and it seemed he had been for a while, for Severus spied the trousers of his Omega (His boy was not allowed underwear anymore, he had to ready for his Alpha to take him at all times, and underwear only got in the way) had a puddle of slick where the seat of pants was.

“My my, what a horny little thing you are, do want my alpha cock, Precious?” His omega whined, it seemed the little hiatus from sex and the toys that his Omega had spotted in his hands had spiked the little thing far beyond words and now was simply begging for his alpha. Walking towards the trembling body Severus took his wrist cuffs and restrained the petite wrist outstretched towards the ceiling on a hook they had specially made for this, and used a silk handkerchief and blindfolded the jewel green eyes his loved so much. Smirking at the aborted whine that came from the delectable throat he kissed the rosy mouth, massaging the tongue, dominating the kiss, and demanding submission. Moving down he quickly sucked blood to the surface site where he had marked his boy where the neck meets the shoulder. The moans that filled his ear when he laved the spot caused blood to rush to his cock filling his impressive 10 inches, making his cock stand at attention. “Oh my delicious little Omega, you don’t know what you do to me.” He made his way down to the sensitive nipples and took his time playing with them, licking and biting making the brown little buds stand at attention. By now, the moans and groans that emitted above him were coming in a continuous stream.

“Omega Mine, you are not allowed to cum until I give you permission, this should help you a little.” He spelled a cock ring unto the angry little cock and gave it a small kiss as he moved behind his pet. The angry, desperate little whine that greeted him made him smirk before he stuck his nose between the milky checks of his Omega and inhaled. The salty, oceany scent that was mixed with a little chocolate that was uniquely Harry greeted him and made his blood sing. This was his Harry , his Omega, his mate, and he couldn’t be happier about it. Diving in, he started licking and sucking on the little rosebud, reducing Harry into a quivering pile of flesh. Forcing his tongue through the guardian muscles, he couldn’t help but moan at the warmth, tightness and the taste of his mate, the vibrations of his moan was sent directly through the quivering body above him, and sent Harry into another round of squirming, it seemed that his little Omega was getting a little desperate. He gave a wicked little smile and summoned the last toy he took out of their chest, it was a little bullet vibrator, sticking it into the slick loosened hole, he activated it to the highest level and pushed it cruelly into where he knew Harry’s prostate was. He stood up and banished his clothes before sticking his engorged almost angry cock into the warmth of his Omega’s mouth. Immediately the pert little tongue started to lick at the head and suction was applied. The bullet vibrator kept Harry moaning and the lusty deep moans sent vibrations down the generously proportioned cock. Every time his omega faltered, he gave a harsh tug to the messy mop that he held in his hands, and the pain that inflamed the pleasure that Harry was feeling quickly made him double down on the treat in his mouth.

“Alpha, please please fuck me, please.” the breathless voice that came from Harry could not have made him any hornier than it did. He roughly pushed Harry forward until he was bending from the waist, absently lengthening the chain as he did so. He knew that the strain of holding such an uncomfortable position will only drive Harry higher. He felt a burst of satisfaction as he heard the moans of his little Mate reach a new fevered pitch. Sticking two fingers into the slick little hole, he dug out the vibrator he pushed it harder into Harry’s prostate before pulling it out. Roughly he started to stretch out the hole in order for Harry to take him, knowing that Harry liked a little pain with his pleasure. When Harry could take four of his fingers, he brutally thrust his hips forward, and with one thrust he was home, buried to the hilt.

The pace he set was forceful and fast, and the bed squicked with every thrust he made. He reached around and put one large callused hand on the little prick that was straining and almost purple, it seemed his pet was at the end of his rope. Spelling off the cock ring, he ordered Harry to cum, and instantly the small body snapped into rigidness, and white pearly ropes of cum covered the dark grey bed sheets. When Harry was done, the body slumped into his bonds. However, Severus had other ideas, he had not even slowed his pace, with a tired moan, he felt the little prick in his hands regain interest. Releasing the chains, he flipped the petite body around and slammed home before wrapping the legs around his waist. With a new angle, he pounded the little body underneath him even harder while bending down and taking the puffy nipple into his mouth, teasing and driving Harry higher and higher.

When he felt his knot starting to form, he made shorter and shorter thrusts. “Cum!” he gave the order to Harry before slamming home for the last time his knot temporarily sealing them together. The ropes of white cum painted both their bellies before the wave of pleasure became too much for his little Omega and Harry blacked out.

Smiling tenderly at the blissed-out form underneath him, Severus rearranged both their bodies, tucking his little Omega under his chin and spelled them both clean. Stroking the silky black hair, Severus couldn’t help but smile and think of how they got together.

“I will always love you my Precious. Always, Omega.”