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Phoenix Wright: The Past Life

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April 11, 2014

Beep Beep...The beeping of an alarm could be heard, filling the small room with an irritating sound...It's walls housing one man...The famous lawyer Phoenix Wright...

Or...So the world had known him as the famous lawyer Phoenix Wright...


"...U-Ugh...Morning already...?...W-Wait...This isn't my bed..." The words echoed out of Phoenix's mouth as he pushed himself off of the wood he was laying on, a soft pillow being the only thing remotely comfortable. "W-Where am I?...W-Wait..."

Phoenix looked down at his clothing and a audible gasp escaped from his mouth...He wasn't in his traditional blue suit...Instead he was in slippers, blue pants and...His 'P' sweater that his last girlfriend Dahlia, or rather Iris, made for him...

Phoenix felt sick to his stomach, sure he still kept the thing around, but why was he wearing it? Better yet, why was he laying on a wooden bed!? "Ok deep breaths Phoenix…"

"Ok...Lets see...Brick walls and cement floor...Barred window...Toilet and Sink...And...I'm behind bars...Meaning...I'm in Jail..."

Phoenix gulped as he suddenly felt parched, why was he in jail? Why did he have his old sweater on? Why wasn't his back bothering him? Why did his face feel smoother?

All these questions rushed through Phoenix's mind, and unfortunately he didn't have time to ponder it as a guard knocked on the bars with his baton "Rise and shine you porcupine freak, your lawyer is here to meet with you...After that, you'll be escorted to the courthouse."

Phoenix looked at the guard as he raised an eyebrow, what was he talking about? "I-I'm sorry...M-My lawyer?"

"Did I stutter? I said get your ass up and get ready!" The guard seemed annoyed, as if he was talking to trash...It gave Phoenix some bad flashbacks...Sure when he was a rookie still, he saw guards and prosecutors act this way all the time...But ever since him and Edgeworth finally got rid of "The Dark Age Of The Law" stuff like that was starting to get cleaned up.

"N-No...B-But I'm sorry, why am I in jail?"

"Huh?" The guard gave him a disgusted look as he banged on the bars again with his batton "What? Trying to play dumb? Sorry pal, just cause you act like a dumbass, doesn't mean you couldn't commit murder!"

"Murder...? I see...So that's why I'm here...But that doesn't make sense, last thing I remember was going over some notes with Athena before laying down for the night...How the hell did I commit murder during that time?...Then again...This seems familiar...And it's sending a chill down my spine…"

"...Murder? I...Committed murder?" The guard twitched as he jammed the key into the cell door and threw it open before walking over to Phoenix and grabbing him by the collar.

"Look you pussy wearing sweater bitch! You can try to act like a dumbass and shit, but it's not going to save you from the fact that you murdered one of your classmates! Now are you going to keep acting this way, or am I going have to beat some sense into you first?"

When the words hit him, Phoenix felt like a ghost...Dead on the inside...The memories finally rushing back to him on that fateful day...April 9th, 2014...The day that his 'girlfriend' Dahlia Hawthorne killed Doug Swallow and tried to frame him...Just to get back the necklace that contained evidence of a previous crime she had committed...

Phoenix again gulped as he reached up and grabbed the guards arm, causing the guard to intense his glare "What the fu-"

"Let go of me..."

"What? Think you can order me aro-"

"I said let go of me..." Phoenix returned the glare towards the man who seemed taken aback as he did as Phoenix told him.

"W-What the hell? Where did that come from? Just yesterday you were crying yourself to sleep and now...?" Phoenix ignored the guard as he reached up and felt around his neck and...

It's there...The necklace...

Around his neck...Was the necklace that ruined the lives of so many people...The names could be traced back to its first victim in Terry Fawles, all the way to it's last victim, Diego Armando, better known as the prosecutor Godot...The police should have this necklace, yet he still had it...


"This is...That day...The day I met Chief...The day that I lost the Love of my life at the time...The day that I...Realized I can't hide behind a mask...How...Why...?..."

Phoenix gritted his teeth, why was he suddenly reliving this day? Was it a dream? A curse? A medium's doing...?

"...It can't be a dream...It's too real...Meaning that it's one of three things...My friends are playing a prank on me...A cruel one at that or...I've been cursed to relive this day...Or I've gone back in time…"

Most people most likely wouldn't be able to handle the pressure...But Phoenix barely flinched...In his life, he had to deal with his best friend leaving him...His mentor dying...He had to find out he never actually knew his love of his life...Being disbarred...Having to be a single parent for seven years while uncovering the truth...Help a girl solve the death of her mother while proving her best friend was innocent...Hell he even started a revolution in a foreign kingdom...

To even think about something as time travel and not only consider it, but believe it to have actually happened? You either have to be a fool...Or be Phoenix Wright...

"Well...Staying here won't answer anything, I might as well get a move on…"

Phoenix looked back up at the guard with the glare he had perfected from his years as an attorney, making the guard flinch again and back up "...Tell my lawyer, Mr Grossberg I presume, that I'm on my way."

"...A-Alright..." The guard backed up before leaving the cell in a hurry, Phoenix's glare trailing him the entire time until he was gone.

"...If the unthinkable has happened...Then so be it...But...That doesn't mean I have to play by the rules of the past..." Phoenix said this under his breath as he stuffed his hands in his sweater pockets and casually walked out of the cell and towards the conference room.

The walk was uneventful, guards kept a watch on him to make sure he didn't go anywhere unauthorized while other inmates paid him no mind, simply accepting him as another pore sour destined to be doomed by the country's unfair legal system.

After a bit of walking,Phoenix opened a door and was lead into a room with several booths and windows, some occupied, some empty...Phoenix saw the guard from his room at the very end, still a bit intimidated from Phoenix's sudden character change, but otherwise he simply pointed towards the booth.

Phoenix nodded as he walked over and as soon as he did, he noticed that indeed, Marvin Grossberg, Mia's old boss and a shady character Phoenix had to deal with during his investigation into Mia's death was on the other side.

Phoenix sat down on the chair as Mr Grossberg cleared his throat "*Ahem*...Phoenix Wright...How were you last night?"


"...I'm sure it was hard having to spend your free time in here, especially since your innocent, but I assure you, I will make sure you're declared innocent today...W-Well...That's what I was hoping to say anyway..."


"You see...A young attorney at my office, a woman by the name of Mia Fey, requested to take on your case...I-I tried to tell her that she wasn't ready but I'm afraid th-"

"It's fine..."


"Mia Fey?...Yeah, I'm fine with her being my attorney, it works out better that way."

"W-What do you mean by that? D-Do you not trust me?" It's not like Phoenix had much choice, he didn't have money to hire an attorney so the courts assigned him Grossberg...He never really knew why, but considering how things went, he couldn't complain.

"It's not that...It's just...Her last name."


"Yeah, she's apart of the Fey clan, is she not? I can't help but be relieved that someone from the legendary clan wants to defend me, it's quite an honor really."

"...! I-I see...B-But...nobody really believes in them any-"

"Why? Because of the DL-6 Incident?"

"...! H-How...?"

"Anyway...As I said I'm fine with her being my attorney...I presume all the paperwork has already been done?"

"Y-Yes...T-Thats the main reason I'm here...Was to inform you I had no choice but to give it to her..."

"I see...Well...As I said, I'm honored really..."

"...I-I see..." Silence came between the two for a moment before Grossberg coughed into his hands and pushed himself up. "W-Well...I must go talk to Mia before the trial...I'll see you at the courthouse in about an hour."

Grossberg pushed himself up and walked away, as Phoenix stayed seated in his chair.

"Everything so far is replaying exactly as it did...Damn it...Did I really...?"

Phoenix shook his head as he pushed himself up as his face kept staring forward.

"If I really did...Then...I'll stop it...I'll stop the pain that claimed so many...Starting with the trial today...I'll make sure...Mia gets her revenge...Today!"

The guard came over and placed a hand on Phoenix "H-Hey...Come on now! We have no time to waste! You have to be transported over to the courtroom after all!"

Phoenix nodded as the guard handcuffed his arms and feet as he was lead out back to the transportation bus, he was lead on, the bus partially crowded, everyone else here was also set to be tried today.

Phoenix sighed as he was placed into an empty seat as the bus began driving to the courthouse...To many on here, this was their last day free...But for Phoenix...It was his first day...His first day into his new life...

Chapter 1: Turnabout Rose

The bus soon came to a slow stop in front of the courthouse as officers soon boarded the bus and took the suspects out one by one, each being guided to a different part of the courthouse to meet with their defense team.

Phoenix was guided to Defendants Lobby Number Three, a room he had been in many times, but today was officially the first day he ever set foot in it.

Phoenix could feel his heart pounding...Sweat rolling down his face...Was it from the trial that was coming up?...No...He knew the result...Hell he knew who did it...But he was scared...Scared that...He had indeed traveled back...And this wasn't some elaborate prank or scheme...

He would know...When he walked through those doors...Because behind those doors...Would be the one woman Phoenix looked up to above all others...The woman that set his life on the path it eventually took...The woman...That would change his life forever...

He stopped in front of the door, the police undoing the cuffs on him, until they were eventually off as they opened the door...


...To Phoenix...Very few things evoked a plethora of emotions...Sure, he would get angry, happy, sad, all those...Like any other human being...However,few if any things ever made him experience them all at once...

However...This was one of those few times...

When the doors opened...Phoenix saw her...Her...Her...Her...Mia Fey...His mentor...

He knew it was her in the flesh...Younger than when she was his chief sure, but not by much...He knew she wasn't being channeled...He knew she wasn't a figment of his imagination...She was too...Real...The way her skin looked, the way her hair flowed...Everything...She looked...Like Mia Fey...

For Phoenix, he felt his knees get weak at the sight...To some it might be seen as love at first sight...To Phoenix...It was sadness, anger, happiness, love...All rolled into one giant ball of emotions...

Happiness for finally being able to see his mentor alive after so long...

Anger because it evoked the memories of how she was taken from the world...

Sadness because of how hard it was when she passed on...

Love because he loved her as a friend and mentor...

But...Another emotion was also present...Acceptance...He had no choice...He had to accept it...He...Had gone back...Gone back to that day...The day that Dahlia Hawthorne exited his life, and he began a path to being a defense attorney...Everything he had worked towards...His job...Apollo, Athena, and Trucy's future, especially Trucy...His battle with the darkness of the world...Saving Edgeworth...Everything...It was all...Gone...Like it never happened...Because...In this new world...It never did...

Phoenix stopped walking, making the guards give him a questioning look, though he merely looked away, he could feel it...Something that he never felt...


He could feel tears trying to form in his eyes...It was too much...Everything in that one moment hit him like a ton of bricks...He had faced a lot of things in life but this...This made him want to break down crying...

Though a few formed, he was able to hold them in as he quickly wiped them away and kept walking...Walking towards the realization...Towards the truth...Towards reality...

He stopped a few feet away from her...She was still in her conversation with Grossberg, who was prepping her up, reminding her that she wasn't the one on trial...

A faint smile formed on his face...So many memories rushing back...But he knew he couldn't stay like this...With the truth confirmed...He was going to stay by his pledge...He wasn't going to play by the rules of the past...

He took a deep breath as he looked up a straight face...He was ready...

Once Grossberg had noticed him, he gave a cough to Mia and pointed behind her as she turned, making Phoenix almost go through the same cycle again when he saw her but...No...He can't let his emotions get the best of him...Not now...

"U-Um...I-It's nice to meet you! I-I'm Mia Fey a-and I promise you! I'll make sure your proven innocent today!" He was a bit taken back, he forgot how nervous she was when he first met her but...He couldn't say anything...He was a nervous wreck then as well...But things were different...He was going to make sure the past was changed...

He balled his fists and nodded towards her before giving a small smile. "Likewise...My name is Phoenix Wright...My life is in your hands today, Miss Fey."

"O-Oh of course! I-I promise you! I will make sure you're proven innocent! He's more calm than I am! In fact...He's way too calm!"

"I appreciate it...So...Do you have an idea who did it?"

"...! E-Eh well...Thats..." Phoenix gave a small laugh, it was amusing to see her not be the chief he knew...But his heart ached...He knew that she was hurting...This case was hurting her...

"...Because...I do have an idea..."


"I will reveal it on the witness stand...I wish to get this trial over with quickly...After all...We have bigger fish to fry."

"U-Uh...W-We...?What is he talking about? Also...For such a serious guy, he has...Interesting fashion tastes..."

"Well...Shall we get going Miss Fey?"

"E-Eh yes...Lets..." Phoenix nodded as Mia turned and headed towards the doors with Grossberg beside of her, with Phoenix behind giving a small smile as a single tear had managed to make it through.

"I promise Chief...I will protect you this time..."

Inside of the courtroom, the crowd was in a ruckus as Phoenix quietly sat in the defendants chair, observing his surroundings though this was to merely pass the time...Mia seemed a bit uncomfortable in the defense booth as Grossberg talked her up, while Winston Payne, actually having hair for once, smugly sat at the prosecutors booth.

Soon the judge entered and walked up to his chair before pounding his gavel to signify the start of court.

"Court is now in session for the trial of Phoenix Wright! Are the Defense and Prosecution ready!?"

"T-The defense is um...Ready...Your honor!"

"...Whats this? I had anticipated that Marvin Grossberg would be leading the defense today?"

"W-Well you see...Mr Grossberg had uh...Some errands to run..."

"...But...Isn't that Marvin Grossberg right beside of you?"

"...! A-Ack! Y-Yes well..."

Phoenix listened to the banter between the judge and Mia as he had to conceal a laugh, it seemed the judge never aged, and seeing Mia come up with such a stupid lie was also funny...

After the initial banter, which including Mia proving she was capable of doing this, the cause of death was established...Electrocution...The victim was of course Doug Swallow...And the suspect was of course...Phoenix Wright...

After some more banter, this time between Mia and Payne, the trial started to get under way.

"The Prosecution calls it's first witness to the stand, the defendant Phoenix Wright!" Phoenix just nodded as he pushed himself up and walked over to the defendants stand, all eyes on him(Though maybe they were all focused on his sweater?)

Once he had arrived at the stand, the judge pounded his gavel as he spoke. "Witness, name and occupation!"

"...Phoenix Wright, Def-...*Ahem* College student..."

"Hehehe, To think you threw a promising life away...And for what? All because of a girl? One you had only dated for a few months?"

"...Well...If I had actually killed Mr Swallow, then you have every reason to make that statement...But currently I'm just a suspect, nothing more..."

"Hmph! By the end of this, you and that smug attitude will be hauled off to prison for the rest of your life!"

"Yes yes of course...How dare I offend the amazing Mr Payne..."


Pound Pound "If the witness and prosecution are done trading jabs...Perhaps the witness can testify about the incident?"

"Of course..." Phoenix looked over to Mia and gave a smile "As I said Miss Fey, I have many things to do today so...The quicker we get this done, the better right?"

"h-Huh? Y-Yes I-I guess...?"

"I'm glad you agree, all right, let me tell you everything."

Phoenix took a deep breath as he looked around the courtroom before speaking.

"Doug and I rarely spoke...We had no classes together and had no common interests...In fact, I only knew his name because he was popular with the girls."

"Um...Mr Wright, If I may?"

"Hm? Yes Miss Fey?"

"I-It's just that...You say you only knew his name because he was popular but...Did you not know him because of your shared love interest?"

"Oh I knew him and Dahlia had dated in the past, but I had found his name out well before then because the girls around me often talked about him."

"O-Oh I see..."

"Yeah...Anyway, I got up that morning and was about to head to class when I get a text message from an unknown number asking to meet by the pharmacy lab...I stupidly thought that it was Dahlia trying to be cute with me, so I grabbed my bag and went to grab my cold medicine but it seemed to be missing...Either way, I still set out."

"C-Cold medicine?"

"Ah yes, I had a cold up until yesterday...Seemed to have passed overnight..."

"I-I see...Please continue..."

"Certainly...So when I arrived, it wasn't Dahlia like I had hoped, but instead it was Doug...I gave a confused look but still approached him...If I remember correctly, he was wearing a leather jacket and had an umbrella...When I approached we talked casually for a few moments, nothing was off..."

"Nothing...? I'm sorry Mr Wright but people don't die because of 'nothing', let alone murder..."

"Of course, I was getting there...After a few minutes of casual chatter, the subject turned towards Dahlia, my girlfriend...He started saying stuff like she was bad news and that I should stay away from her...Considering we are still dating, I wasn't happy..."

"I...Can imagine..."

"...So in a fit of rage, I pushed him down to the ground...Breaking his umbrella in the process...However he was still alive, though he did look up at me with an annoyed look. I simply glared at him before leaving...However after just a few minutes I returned, though when I did...He was dead...With my girlfriend kneeled beside him..."

"...So...You left after pushing him...But the victim was still alive when you did so...And when you returned, he was dead...His body being found by your girlfriend Dahlia Hawthorne?"

"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up...Any objections?"

"...That testimony is pretty rock solid...It doesn't contradict anything...Though I can't prove anything either...Wait a minute...What he said at the start!"

so I grabbed my bag and went to grab my cold medicine but it seemed to be missing...

"...! Objection!"

"...Yes...Miss Fey?"

"Mr Wright...At the start of your testimony, you said you went to grab your cold medicine, but you couldn't find it...Is that correct?"

"...Yes...That sounds about right..."

"Then...How do you explain this? In this picture of the victim, you can clearly see a bottle of cold medicine with the victim!"

"...Hm...That is strange..."

"...?What's with him? I pointed out something pretty damaging...But all he does is shrug it off?...Despite his looks, he's more dangerous than one might give him credit for...Though no records show him ever being court before...He's not a newbie...This is like second nature to him somehow..."

"Objection! As the defense has pointed out, a bottle of cold medicine was found near the body...And not just any cold medicine, but medicine that had the defendants fingerprints on it! Clearly after killing the victim, the defendant ran off, his cold medicine falling out onto the gro-"

"Mr Payne..."

"...! What it is Defendant?"

"...Perhaps...We can push the medicine down the line?"

"What's this? You can't ignore a damaging piece of evidence!"

"Oh I'm not ignoring it...I'm simply stating that we can't find the truth yet."


"I think a good starting point...Would be why Doug called me over and trash talked Dahlia...Afterall he must have had a reason...Right Miss Fey?"

"...! E-Erm...Yes of course...Who's doing the defending here, me or him?"

"Since the defense agrees...I would like to give testimony on why he called me over based on my knowledge of events...Unless the prosecution has any objections?"

"T-That is um..."

"It seems they don't...Well your honor?"

"..." The judge seemed to think for a minute before nodding his head "Indeed...It's unlikely that someone you barely knew would suddenly call you over, just to talk bad about your girlfriend...You may proceed defendant."


Phoenix again took a deep breath, trying to find the words before he started.

"Around eight months ago, the victim was engaged in a relationship with my current girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne...Until he seemingly broke up with her for no reason..."

"Mr Wright...I doubt he would end the relationship for no reason, considering he bad mouthed her to you..."

"I agree...To many it was for no reason...But he had a reason, one you are tied to Miss Fey..."


"Doug Swallow was a pharmacy student...Because of this, he had access to many poisons...Someone who was close to him could surely get access to said poisons..."

"Objection! Preposterous! The defendant has no basis for this claim!"

"Ah Mr Payne, in a sense you are right...But in a sense...You're dead wrong..."


"...Eight months ago, just days before Doug Swallow ended his relationship with Dahlia...A defense attorney had met with her...During that meeting, he was poisoned..."

"...! W-Wait...How do you..." Mia almost practically screamed out her words, but stopped when Phoenix raised a hand.

"Hehe...That poison was the same kind that was missing from the Pharmacy lab...Surely you can put two and two together?"

"Objection! T-Thats all just speculation!" It was Payne's turn to yell out, again causing Phoenix to raise his hand.

"No I'm afraid it's the cold hard truth...Your honor...?"

"Yes defendant?"

"If were to review some past evidence, that should prove my claim...More specifically, a police report filed for stolen goods at the Ivy University Pharmacy from eight months ago, the type of poison used on the defense attorney...And camera data, showing who the defense attorney was with when he was poisoned..."

"...Does the defense believe the evidence is important to this case?"


"I'm asking if the defense believes this evidence should be brought back for this case...?"

"...Mr Wright...What kind of scheme are you trying to form here?...The defense...requests the evidence the defendant named..."

"Objection! T-That has nothing to do with the murder at hand!"

"Objection! I disagree Mr Payne...This evidence is directly linked to two people...The victim...And the defendants girlfriend...Who happened to be the first person to discover the body?"

"Objections! T-Thats just based off of what the defense said! I-It's not proven!"

"Objection! But it is proven that the defendants girlfriend was around the body! Other students have already made this claim to the police!

"A-Ack...!" Mia gave a smug smile as she crossed her arms and looked up to the judge.

"Your honor...I believe there are no objections to adding the past evidence to the court record?"

"...Indeed...Bailiff! Please go and acquire the evidence that was requested by the defense!" The bailiff nodded as he quickly ran out, silence feeling the courtroom as all eyes were on Phoenix...Payne had a look of confusion and agony on his face, while Mia also had confusion but also...Determination, as if she was determined to see this through with Phoenix...

After just a few minutes, the Bailiff returned with a case folder.

"Ah good...Please give the evidence to the prosecution...And Mr Payne, please share with the court your findings..."

"...! Y-Yes your honor..." Payne took the folder and looked through the evidence, his face growing ever paler..."W-Well...First is the police report from eight months ago...It reads that on August 25th, the Ivy University pharmacy department reported that two kinds of poison were stolen...They were "Arsenic" and "Atroquinine"...The one who filed the report was...Doug Swallow..."

"So...The victim had filed a report about the missing poison...Please continue Mr Payne..."

"Y-Yes...Your honor..." Payne grew even more paler as he pulled out another report. "T-This is the report about an unsolved case...On August 27th, defense attorney Diego Armando of the Grossberg Law Offices was poisoned...Only one suspect was ever questioned and they were let go because of lack of evidence..."

"Who was the suspect Mr Payne?"

"...T-They were Dahlia Hawthorne...The defendants girlfriend...Though she was dating the victim at the time..." The gallery began talking amongst themselves but were silenced when the judge spoke up again.

"I see...So the victim had reasonable cause to end his relationship with the girl then..."

"If I may..." Mia looked directly at Payne, making him flinch some. "Mr Payne...What was the poison used on the defense attorney?"

"...It was...'Arsenic'..."

"So...The same kind stolen from the Ivy University Pharmacy lab just days before...Your honor, I believe this is enough evidence to at least suspect the defendants girlfriend..."

"Hm...Indeed, it does seem like she's connected in some way..."

"Objection! W-Wait a minute your honor! Though it doesn't look good, the defendants girlfriend wasn't found guilty! In fact, they couldn't even arrest her due to lack of evidence!"

"Objection! So? That doesn't mean anything!"

"Objection! N-Nonsense! Your honor! Unless the defense has evidence, and not just any evidence but evidence that couldn't be found at the time, that Dahlia Hawthorne is the one responsible for the poisoning"

"Hm...Though I hate to say it Miss Fey, the prosecution has a point...Though she has every bad cloud around her, the facts remain that no evidence ever indicted her..."

"...! T-Thats..." Mia gripped her hands hard, she was getting closer to finally taking down Dahlia but...What could she do? What could she say?"

"...Miss Fey?"

"H-Huh? Yes Mr Wright?"

"I have a question...There should be a picture of Dahlia and the defense attorney, taken from the camera data, in that evidence folder...Correct?"

"...? Y-Yes I suppose..."

"Good, may I request the court be able to see it?"

"...? What good will that do...? Though...Can I really question him at this point? Well Mr Payne...Surely you have that picture?"

"O-Of course! But this can't be considered evidence! After all, the police checked that tape for hours and never found anything!" Despite his argument, Payne unveiled the picture, showing Mr Armando and Dahlia sitting together while having a conversation.

"...Miss Fey...In that picture...She has a necklace on, correct?"


"...I request to testify about the day in question...August 27th...The day I first met Dahlia...And the day that defense attorney Diego Armando was poisoned..."

"...The defense agrees with the defendant, and also requests said testimony your honor..."

The judge seemed to think for a moment before answering "Defense...Is this testimony the evidence needed to prove Dahlia Hawthorne guilty of the poisoning from eight months ago...?"

"...It's in the opinion of the defense that said testimony will produce said evidence..."

"Hm...Does the prosecution have any objections?"

"N-No...B-But the prosecution does request that the defense be given a penalty if this leads to nowhere!"

"Considering we have gotten so off topic from the case at hand, I believe that's reasonable...Any objections defense?"

"None your honor..."

"Very well then..." pound pound "The defendant will testify about the date in question and his initial meeting with this Dahlia Hawthorne..."


Phoenix instinctively reached up and felt around his collar for the necklace as a small smile crossed his lips.

"That day I met Dalhia in the courthouse library...Though it wasn't by accident it seemed, she actively seemed to be seeking me out."

"Actively seeking you out?"

"Yeah...As soon as she came into the library, her eyes locked with mine and she made a beeline towards me...Of course at the time my immature mind thought it was love at first sight, when in reality...It might have been something much darker."

"Immature mind? But you're only a few months older..."

"That something darker...Would be the necklace she handed me..."

"...She handed you the necklace she was wearing earlier that day?"

"Yeah...At the time I thought it was a promise to meet again but...That was rather immature of me to think...Especially considering later that day, she was questioned for the poisoning incident."

"Indeed...In fact if I'm not mistaken, she was caught and questioned when she was leaving the library..."

"Yes that seems about right...Now...If you poisoned somebody, and you hid the poison in a bottle, what would you do with it?"

"Get rid of it...That's the only answer..."

"Exactly...Meaning the reason she gave me her necklace bottle was to get rid of the poison contained inside of it."

"Objection! T-Thats nothing but baseless conjecture!"

"Hehe...How about you see for yourself Mr Payne?"

"H-Huh...?" Phoenix reached inside of his sweater and pulled out the necklace in question, still wrapped around his neck.

"I have the necklace right here...Meaning you can scan the inside for poison, or atleast traces of it...Am I right, Mr Payne?"

"...! T-Thats..."

"Miss Fey...I believe that's acceptable?"

"Of course...Your honor, the defense requests the necklace to be tested."

Pound "Yes, I have to agree with that assessment...Bailiff, please take the bottle and test it for poison and fingerprints!"

The bailiff took the necklace with him as more silence followed, with Payne sweating bullets while a somewhat smug look had appeared on Mia's face...Seems she was enjoying this...

After a few minutes, the Bailiff returned with the results and handed them to Payne.

"Mr Payne...What are the results?"

"Y-Your h-honor um...Two sets of fingerprints were found on the necklace in question...The defendants...And Dahlia Hawthorne's...Though Miss Hawthorne's are a few months old..."

"Well that is to be expected...But Mr Payne, what about the inside?"

"T-Thats...Inside of the bottle...S-Small traces of Arsenic poison was found inside...The amount isn't lethal...But...It's just traces of the actual poison..." The crowd turned to each other and began to stir again, causing the judge to pound his gavel.

Pound Pound Pound "Order! Order in the court! Mr Payne...So you're saying that everything the defendant has testified so far is correct?"

"T-Thats...W-Well...I can't disprove it..."

"...Your honor?"

"Hm? Yes Miss Fey?"

"I believe this is the evidence that the court needs to link Miss Hawthorne to the poison incident from eight months ago...Meaning that she can be considered a suspect in this current case as well..."

"Objection! T-The prosecution objects! Sure...She could have been the one responsible for the poison incident eight months ago...But that doesn't mean she's a suspect in this case! Especially considering that the current victim, Doug Swallow, was killed by electrocution...Not poisoning!"


"Your honor! Though I believe that Miss Hawthorne should be detained for the incident eight months ago, there is no solid evidence linking her to the current case at hand!" Mia gritted her teeth as Payne regained some of his smugness, as the judge furrowed his brow.

"Hm...As I mentioned earlier, this woman has many bad clouds around her...And it does look like she should at least be detained for the poisoning eight months ago...However...Miss Fey...I'm inclined to agree with the prosecution...No direct evidence currently links Miss Hawthorne to the murder..."

"...! No! I'm so close! Damn it..." Mia gripped her hands as she thought what she could use to link Dahlia with the current murder...But How?...How can she...?

"Miss Fey..."

"...! Y-Yes Mr Wright?"

"...I would like to testify..."

"...? Testify? About what?"

"The facts that I have yet to lay out...That's what..."

"Objection! I object! Everything up until now has been based off of the words of the defendant! It's in my opinion that from the very start the defendant has been trying to frame this murder on his girlfriend...While it's true he may have shed light on the events of eight months ago, it's also looking more and more true that the victim is using that to frame Miss Hawthorne for this murder!"

"Then...How about a deal Mr Payne?"


"If my last testimony doesn't prove that Dalhia is the one who murdered Doug Swallow...Then I'll plea guilty..."


"Objection! Mr Wright...As your defense, I can't allow you to go through with that!"

"...Miss Fey...You don't have a choice."


"As you said, you are my defense...And your goal as my defense is to get the best possible verdict for me...However in this trial, only one of two endings are possible...Guilty...Or Not Guilty...If you don't allow me to make this deal...Then Guilty is the only thing that awaits me at the end of the tunnel..."


"If you're still unsure...Just remember what you came here to do..."

"What...I came here to do?"

"Of course...You came here to finally take down Dahlia Hawthorne correct? What were the words again?...Oh yes...' Don't cry. Lawyers can't cry until it's all over'...I believe that's what he said to you..."

"...! H-How...?How do you...?"

"...So Miss Fey...What is your decision?"

"...Mr Wright...I came here today not thinking much about you...From the conversations I had with Mr Grossberg...You were nothing more than a love struck dork...But...It's clear that was a facade...You know more about me and Diego than anybody else...I don't know how...I don't know who you are...But I do know I can trust you...At Least for now...In the opinion of the defense...I believe that the prosecution should take up the defendants deal..."

"Hehe...Well Mr Payne, I have the blessing of my lawyer...So what do you say?"

"Hmph! If the defense and defendant wish to go that far to place the blame on Miss Hawthorne so be it...I'll accept the defendants deal, your honor!"

"...I do not like deal making in the court...However...Considering how off track we are, and who's responsible for that...I believe it's acceptable..." Pound Pound "Defendant...If this testimony does not identify a clear link between the victim and Miss Hawthorne, I will render my verdict..."

"Of course..."

"With that made clear...You may begin your testimony..."

Phoenix shook his head as he smiled, he almost had Dahlia just like Mia did years ago...However...The trial will end on his terms...So he can protect them...

"As I said...There are some facts I have yet to mention...Facts that will uncover the truth lying dormant in this case..."

"Is there a reason you haven't said them yet Mr Wright?"

"Of course...I needed to link Dahlia to the incident from eight months ago...Otherwise the facts would work against me."

"Work against you? How so?"

"Well...When Doug called me over, I said that after casual chit chat, he started to talk bad about Dahlia and such...That isn't completely true...While he made some remarks about her, he was trying to get me to understand how much danger I was in."

"Why were you in danger Mr Wright?"

"Doug said that a few days ago, more poison was stolen from the Pharmacy...Atroquinine if I'm not mistaken...Which was one of the two poisons stolen eight months ago..."

"But Atroquinine wasn't used in the poison incident...Meaning that if the culprit was again Miss Hawthorne, then she stole it for no reason..."

"No reason? I believe there is a reason."


"I'll explain as I continue...He told me about the stolen poison from eight months ago, and then the incident involving Dahlia and such...Just a brief rundown of the events."

"That has to be a lie, he knows way to much if all he heard was a brief rundown...Unless he already knew what had happened and the victim didn't know that..."

"I kept that part hidden because it connects to the next point I'm about to make...After he claimed all that, I pushed him as I said earlier...And as I said, I left and then returned, only to find his dead body with Dahlia...However...I didn't tell anyone about my conversation with her, or how the crime scene looked."

"Conversation and crime scene?"

"Yeah, you see when I returned a few things...Stuck out to me..."

"Like what Mr Wright?"

"Let me recount out conversation first..."


"W-What the! D-Dollie! W-What happened!?"

"o-Oh Feenie it's just awful! I-I heard a sound and when I got here D-Dougy was...He was..."

"E-Erk...A-Alright...S-Stay here! I'll go find some others and call an ambulance!"

"N-No! I'll go call an ambulance, you just find the others!"

"A-Alright! I'm on it!"

"Feenie wait!"

"Huh? Yeah?"

"Don't tell anybody I was the first to find him..I-I don't want them to get the wrong impression..."

"O-Oh of course Dollie! I would never want that to happen!"

"Hehe, thanks Feenie:

End Flashback

"...I didn't think nothing of it at the time...But now...It seems...Odd..."

"Hm...Indeed...That pretty much confirms it but...It's not solid evidence..."

"Of course, you're most likely thinking it's not solid evidence...And you would be correct on that assumption...However...That's not what I was using for my evidence, that was just to add more context to the scene..."

"I see."

"The next interesting part...Is the crime scene...As I said...Notice in the crime scene photo, that the umbrella is indeed broken...But away from the body...Odd considering that it broke because I pushed him on top of it...Also notice that Doug is laying on his stomach."

"Y-Yes that's correct...But other than the length of the umbrella...I don't know..."

"...Let me ask you Miss Fey...If you were talking to someone and then you suddenly pushed them...Where would a handprint be located at?"

"Located at? Well if you were talking to them, you would most likely push them from the fro-...AH!"

"See my point?...My next question...Is for Mr Payne..."


"Mr Payne...Were my fingerprints...Or should I say handprints located on the body anywhere?"

"O-Of course! It's one of the reasons you were arrested!"

"Then let me ask this...Where was my handprint located at?"

"According to the report, your handprint was found on the chest of the vic-Agh!"

"Hehe...It seems really obvious when you merely look at the facts side by side...Surely you can see the contradiction here Miss Fey?"

"If Mr Wright pushed the victim from the front...Then that means...! Objection! Your honor! Mr Wright pushed the victim from the front, which clearly contradicts the crime scene photo!"

The judge pushed himself up and went wide eyed "Why...You're right! Because in the crime scene photo...The victim is lying on his stomach!"

"O-Objection! T-Thats because the crime scene was tampered with by the defendant himself!"

"Objection! If Mr. Wright tampered with the scene, then that would mean he would have more handprints on the body! Were there anymore found Mr Payne?"

"N-No B-But...The defendant could have been wearing gloves! After killing the victim, he placed the gloves on to turn the body over, therefore not leaving any fingerprints!"

"Objection! Mr Payne! Were any gloves found anywhere on the campus, or on the defendant?"

"A-Ack...N-No but...That doesn't disprove the possibility that he had used them!

"Maybe...But without the gloves, we can't discount the possibility of someone else not only tampering the crime scene, but also committing the murder! I don't think I need to say it, but the most likely person to have possibly done that was the defendants girlfriend, Miss Dahlia Hawthorne!"

"...! A-ACKKKKK!" Mr Payne screamed out, clearly shaken by not being able to respond as Mia pointed directly at him, a smug smirk plastered on her face.

"Your honor...I believe we have ample reason to suspect Miss Hawthorne now..."

"...True...Unless the prosecution can submit evidence proving the defendant was the one who tampered with the scene...Then Miss Hawthorne can certainly be considered a suspect...If only for the small possibility she commited the murder."

"Thank you, your ho-"

"Objection! W-Wait! Hold on!"

"Huh, what is it Mr Payne?"

"The crime was reported at 3:10...The murder occurred at 3:05...It would make more sense if Mr Wright had committed the murder, and then five minutes later, Miss Hawthorne had found the body! After all, she was the one who reported it!"


"Defendant, you've been holding back information all this time, when did you return to the scene of your crime?"

"I had met up with Dahlia around 3:07...I then left to find more people, but soon a ton of pharmacy students began rushing out anyway...I went with them and returned to the body, not long after, the police arrived and arrested me..."

"See? This even puts the meeting with the defendants girlfriend into doubt, it's unlikely he would leave, then almost immediately return to find his girlfriend at the scene...He most likely immediately left, but Miss Hawthorne found the body and reported the crime...The defendant, after seeing many people suddenly rushing to the body, tried to blend in, but was of course caught...Your Honor, this seems more likely than the defense claims."

"Hm...Indeed, the chances of that are much higher..."

"W-What...No!" Damn it again Mia thought, how did Dahlia keep slipping out of her fingers?

"...Miss Fey...Mr Payne...I would like to continue my testimony..."

"H-Huh Continue...?"

"Of course...The both of you got so torn up over my handprint, that I decided to let you have your fun."

"Yeah right! You knew that was going to happen, you even presented it as if it was the end!"

"Your honor, I may continue correct?"

"...Only if the evidence supports your next claim more thoroughly Mr Wright..."

"Hehe of course...As I was saying, my handprint and the placement of the body, does contradict the crime scene photo...However the time of death, when it was reported and when I had met up with Dahlia, are not working in my favor...Yet there is evidence my claims can at least be considered."


"Of course Miss Fey...Once again it's one of the photo's of the crime scene, but this time it's the photo of Dougs hand...The one holding the bottle of coldkiller X..."

"His hand?"

"More specifically...His watch...His umbrella wasn't the only thing that broke when I pushed him, his watch broke as well...If I may ask, what time does the watch say?"

"...It says...2:55...! Wait a minute!"

"Indeed, I thought it was something like that...I think this backs my claim up then? Or at least adds credibility to it..."

"Y-Yes! This right here your honor, this proves the defendants claims!"

"Objection! H-Ha! The defendant clearly tampered with the watch as well!"

"Objection! You keep saying the defendant tampered with the scene Mr Payne, but let me ask you this! The murder took place at 3:05 as you said...And was reported at 3:10 as you said...However, that would mean in five minutes, the defendant rolled the body over, changed the time of the victims watch, lost his cold medicine that conveniently fell into the victim's grasped hand, and also got rid of the gloves that the police couldn't find...That seems much more far fetched to me!"

"A-Ack! W-Well..."

"Your honor!Even ignoring the watch, the prosecution has a weak claim due to the time, but the watch only adds to that! In the span of twelve minutes, someone else, namely Miss Hawthorne, had plenty of time to not only kill the victim, but plant the cold medicine to frame Mr Wright!"

"Hm...Yes...After all that arguing, I have to agree...Does the prosecution have any more objections?"

"A-Ack well...You see..."

"...It seems they do not..." Pound "We will take a thirty minute recess, in that time, I wish for the prosecution to call Miss Hawthorne and get her ready to take the stand...It's clear we need her testimony on this matter..."

"Y-Yes your honor..." Mia gained a satisfied smile on her face, while also letting out an exhausted sigh as she eyed Phoenix, still as calm as he was when he entered.

"Mr Wright...It was tough but...We did it...We finally dragged her onto the stand...I promise you...I will end this!

Once the court cleared and both sides returned to their respective lobbies, Mia let out a huge sigh as she mentally tried to get her ready for the toughest part...The true killer...Dahlia Hawthorne...

"Mia! I must say that was a splendid performance! Especially at the end when you called the prosecution's miscalculations!"

"T-Thanks Mr Grossberg but...I believe most of the credit has to go to Mr Wright..." Mia looked past Grossberg and gave Wright a relieved smile as he returned one.

"Hm...Indeed...My boy!" Grossberg turned around and placed his hand on Phoenix's shoulder "I must say that was an amazing performance from the stand! Never in my lifetime have I met a witness that's not only trustworthy, but also helps in finding the actual killer! You are a very bright young man!"

"Hehe, I appreciate the praise but...In reality, the truth is the only thing that matters...However, the last part of the trial will be the hardest...And will be a true test of patience..."

"I agree...Well I promise that Mia and I will finish the fight you started my boy!"

"...About that...Mr Grossberg...If it's no problem, I would like to be the co-defense along with Miss Fey in the upcoming part of the trial."

"H-Huh? Why?"

"Well I mean no offense...But me and Mia did just do most of the work..."


"Plus...This battle is a lot more personal to the two of us..." Phoenix furrowed his brow as he stared at the lobby's doors...Sure, in his timeline Dahlia was long dead but...He still felt it...Still felt that it was responsibility to take her down once more...To end the fight Mia had started...No...That's not the right word...Rather, he wanted to help her end the fight...She wasn't alone this time...

"W-Well...As your lawyer, I must advise against this course of action, purely because-"

"Mr Grossberg."

"Huh? Yes Mia?"

"...I'm alright with it..."

"H-Huh?" Grossberg grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the side where Phoenix couldn't hear the two of them. "Listen, Mia...He is a bright young man, there is no doubt about that, hell he may even have a future in law but...He's just a kid..."

"I-I know that but...He's clearly the most knowledgeable when it comes to the details of not only this case, but...But...Diego's case as well..."


"I don't know why but...I feel reassured having him by my side, as if...We're long lost partners or something...It's hard to explain but...I really feel like with the both of us up there...We can't lose!"

"...*Sigh* Mia...This girl...From what you've told me about her, and what I've researched...She's dangerous...Are you sure that you and the kid can handle this?"

"Yes...I'm ready Mr Grossberg..." Grossberg went silent for a few moments before sighing as he gave a smile.

"Very well...You are the defense team leader after all." Mia returned the smile as she nodded before walking past Grossberg and over to Phoenix.

"Mr Wright...I'd be honored to have you join me as we do battle with Miss Hawthorne." Mia extended her hand which Phoenix took.

"I'm glad to hear...Although, I want to give one last warning."

"Hm? Warning?"

"When I said earlier that we had bigger fish to fry...I mean that Doug and Mr Armando aren't the only cases we're be uncovering the truth for..."

"W-What do you mean?"

"...A fake kidnapping...A murdered step-sister...Mr Fawles is as much as a victim as the other two...I intend to clear his name in this trial, and expose the truth behind the two cases we was to blame for."

"...! M-Mr Wright..."

Phoenix gave a smile as the gears in his mind went to work...He couldn't tell Mia that he was from the future, obviously, so he decided to settle on a little lie to ease her suspicion. "For the past eight months I've been having to live a goofy facade...But during that time, I've also been doing my research...And I believe I've found an important clue regarding the jewel heist she took part in...Funny enough...It connects to this case."


"You're see...I'll let you lead the way but...When the time comes, I hope you don't mind if I take over..."

"...Mr Wright...I have no reason left to doubt you." Mia tightened her grip on their handshake as she gave a confidant smile to Phoenix who nodded in approval."

"Court will restart in five minutes, will the defense begin proceeding to the defense bench?"

"Mia...Mr Wright...I wish you two the best of luck...I guess I'll be watching the rest from the gallery." Grossberg gave each of them a confidant look as he left the lobby and began moving to the gallery."

"Well Mr Wright, are you ready?"

"Hehe...I've been ready fourteen years now..."

After the courtroom was packed again and the gallery was talking amongst themselves, the judge soon returned Pound "Court will reconvene for the trial of Phoenix Wright...Speaking of...Defendant, where is Mr Grossberg, and why have you taken his place?"

"Your honor...Mr Grossberg is watching from the gallery...As for why I'm now here...Well...There's nothing against the rules about a lawyer being on his own defense team, is there?"

"Hm...Well no...It's been done before..."

"Then...Shall we continue?"

"...Yes...If that is your choice, then I will allow it...Now...Mr Payne, is the witness ready?"

"Y-Yes your honor, she's ready to tell her side of the story from a few days ago..."

Pound "Very well then, please bring Miss Dahlia Hawthorne to the stand..."

There was silence for a few minutes before the courtroom doors opened as every male collectively gasped as a small figure innocently walked towards the witness stand, sniffles could be heard as she walked until she was present at the stand. "...*Sniffle*..."

Silence continued for a few more moments before Payne finally seemed to compose himself "E-Er W-Witness...Name and...Occupation..."

"...D-Dahlia...H-Hawthorne...*Sniffle* C-College...S-Student..." She practically seemed like she was crying as she spoke, taking a moment to blow her nose.

Pound "Witness...Is everything alright...?"

"...I-It's just...*Sniffle*...I-I was watching...T-The trial...From the back a-and...I-I don't know h-how...F-Feenie could be s-so mean to me..."


"That would be me your honor..." Phoenix raised his hand as he spoke, insanely attracting death glares from the gallery, as if he was totally his fault for making her cry. "But...In response to the witness statement...Cut the bullshit Dahlia..."

A collected gasp could be heard as Phoenix spoke, even Mia seemed a little take back as Dahlia looked at Phoenix with red eyes. "W-What...F-Feenie...W-Why..."

"...You killed Doug Swallow...You poisoned Mr Armando...Those are the facts that have been laid out so far...Facts I intend to get you on...Before moving on to the next bunch..."

"H-How c-can you s-say that! D-Did o-our t-time together mean no-"

"What time together?...As far as I'm concerned...This is just the third time I've ever actually met you...Sure...My girlfriend from the last eight months is a Hawthorne...Just not...Dahlia Hawthorne..."

"...!" Dahlia's crying almost instantly stopped as a few confused looks switched between the two,even Mia had a look of confusion. "So...She couldn't keep her mouth shut..."

"...Actually...I've known from the start...How could I not...She doesn't have the smell of death surrounding her..."

"..." The pair glared at each other, Dahlias growing more deadly as Phoenix kept the glare he had perfected as a lawyer, making everyone in the court, from Payne to the judge to even Mia, tense up until the gavel was heard.

Pound "E-Er...Defendant! W-Witness! Please refrain from this...This...Bickering..."

"...Of course your honor..."

"...Whatever you say...Mr Judge..."

"...N-Now then...W-Witness...Do you know why you have been summoned here?"

"Hmph, I said I was watching the trial, did I not? Of course I know why I'm here..."

"Then...Let's get down to business...Mr Payne, you may proceed."

"O-Of course...U-Um w-well...Witness...The defense claims that he pushed Doug Swallow and broke his watch and umbrella at 2:55...The actual murder though occured at 3:05, and you reported the murder at 3:10...Please explain to the court what you were doing in this time frame..."

"Pft...Very well..." Dahlia looked at Phoenix as her glare intensified "Feenie...I'll give you a testimony since you wanted it so bad, too bad it will come back to bite you."

"I wonder about that Dalhia...Especially since I still have evidence to put you away

Dahlia snorted as she turned her head and began her testimony.

"At 2:55 to 3:10...? There isn't much to say...I was walking to my class when I saw Feenie and Dougy talking to each other, it seemed friendly at first, but then Feenie pushed Dougy to the ground."

"When was this?"

"At 2:55 was when the push happened, I was about to go see what happened when Dougy got up and swung at Feenie, and the two of them got in a fight!"

"The victim and Mr Wright engaged in a fight?"

"Yes...It lasted for several minutes before Feenie pushed him into the electrical wires and killed him! I then ran over an-"

"Objection!" Not even letting her finish, Phoenix screamed out objection, surprising Mia "Dahlia...I could have sworn you were a better liar than this..."

"And I could have sworn you weren't as useless as you actually are..."

"...I may be useless at times, but at least I don't overlook the evidence..." Phoenix pulled out a paper as he read over it. "My handprint was only found Doug's chest...Nowhere else...If I had engaged in a fight, then not only should my prints be all over him, but my blood possibly as well..."

"Hmph, you wiped them off af-"

"Objection! Unless you have something useful to say, then you can be quiet."


"...And to counter that point, I must have damn good precision to wipe off all the fingerprints and handprints from a fight, and leave the one that actually matters...As I was saying...The fight is completely illogical...But what you said was interesting..."

"What was?"

"The part about me pushing him into the electrical wires...Mr Payne...Were any snapped wires found at the scene?"

Payne, still sweating bullets at the scene, perked up as he tried to speak "E-Eh yes...Snapped wires that connect to the Pharmacy building were indeed found at the scene of the murder...These wires are also the murder weapon..."

"I see...Then let me ask the next question, when did the wires break?"

"The Pharmacy lost power at 2:55...The wires were believed to have been broken then..." Mia looked over at Phoenix as she whispered.

"Isn't that the time you pushed the victim?"

Phoenix nodded to her question as he continued his conversation with Payne "I see...Then let me request that Dahlia testifies on what she saw and heard while she was spying on me and Doug..."

"Hmph, I don't have much more to add...Unless you want me to 'lie' some more...Feenie..."

"...Weather you lie...Or tell the truth, I'll win in the end..."

"Pft, a loser like you winning? You have better luck surviving prison than trying to prove I'm the killer in this..."

"...If you're so confidant...Then allow me to ask one question...What did you hear when I pushed Doug?"

"Huh? What kind of question is that?"

"...Just answer it..."

"...The sound of the umbrella breaking and a thud of course..." Phoenix nodded as he kept his perfected poker face, though he had to admit that it was hard to conceal the smile that was trying to creep through.

"Thank you Dalhia...Your honor, I ask that her statement be added to the court record..."

"Hm...Is there any particular reason, defendant?"

"Yes...Because my next question is directed towards Mr Payne..."

"Huh? W-what?"

"...When the wires snapped, which I should remind the court, happened when I pushed Doug...What did the Pharmacy students report happening...?"

"Huh?...They reported hearing a loud band and then the power suddenly going off...Wait..." Payne seemed to sweat a little more as he read over the report as Phoenix nodded once more.

"Exactly...They heard a loud bang...I heard it too...However I didn't realize just how important that was until now...Your honor, this is why I asked for Dahlia's testimony to be added to the court record..."

The judge raised an eyebrow as he thought for a moment before he realized what Phoenix meant. "Oh! Because the witness said that she didn't hear anything except for the umbrella breaking and the sound of the victim hitting the ground!"

"E-Eh what!?" Dahlia was taken back some, not realizing the problem she now found herself in.

"Dahlia...Surely you realize the problem here?"

"I-I...! I had my earplugs in! Thats why I didn't hear the bang!"

"Objection! Such weak excuses...You just testified that you heard the sound of the umbrella breaking and also heard Doug hitting the ground...Two things that, alone would be next to impossible to hear with headphones, become completely impossible with the wire breaking and causing such a boom!"

"...! W-Well..."

"Furthermore...You testified you saw the two of us talking and it seemed friendly at first...Yet how would you know this with headphones? It was just casual talk, neither of us were displaying much, if any emotion..."


"I'll tell you how...You never saw us...No that's not right...You did see us, but left right away...Why should you stay? But then a thought occurred to you...Having just recently stolen more poisons from the Pharmacy, and also knowing Doug had been the one to report you the first time, you knew he could warn me about it...With this thought, you returned when a golden opportunity presented itself...Doug was on the ground, sitting up by this time of course...But you saw it...The downed electrical wire...That's when you acted, quickly killing him...Of course I returned soon after, but after sending me away, you called the police...This is why you reported the crime at 3:10 and not 3:05...Because I had found you right after the murder!"

"Objection! I-I object to this! T-There's no evidence to support this claim!"

"Objection! Again Mr Payne you're wrong...The first piece of evidence is how I found Dahlia when I returned."

"How...You found her?"

"Sitting on her knees, her hands reaching towards his body...To any other person, it would look like she was mourning his sudden lose...But that wasn't it...She was placing the evidence that indicted me..."


"It's the first piece we discussed Mr Payne...My cold medicine..."

"Objection! I-I object to that! N-Nothing points to that being placed defendant!"

"Objection! No...It was quite clearly placed...I would like to amend what I had said earlier...I said I lost my cold medicine when I left my room...The truth is that I lost it when I had lunch...With Dalhia...Of course you can ask any student and they can confirm we had lunch together..."


"But of course, why would Dahlia want to frame me? It's because of what we established earlier...The necklace around my neck, the one that we've used to link her to the crime from eight months ago...However...She didn't originally steal my cold medicine to frame me...After all...The whole thing with Doug was pure coincidence...So Mr Payne...What do you think we would find...If we tested the cold medicine found at the scene...For poison?"

Everyone in the room froze at the words as more sweat poured down Payne's face, while the judge eyes went wide...Mia, who was completely absorb in watching Phoenix's obvious talent for court, even started to realize...The silence was broken with "He...Hehehe..."

"...Something funny...Dahlia...?" The sound that broke the silence was small laughing coming from the witness stand, as Dahlia had turned her head as small, cryptic laughs escaped from her.

"Hehehe...It's just...Funny...All this time...I thought you were a useless idiot...Hehehe..." Dahlia turned her face forward again to reveal the sweet and innocent smile that Phoenix had seen far to often. "But it seems...You were the real monster between the two of us Feenie..."

"...Sometimes...You have to think like your prey..." More small laughs came from Dahlia as she turned her head again as her cryptic eyes landed on Mia.

"So sorry Miss Fey...It seems that someone else was the one who got me...And unlike you...They...Are a true monster...Hehehe..."

Mia glared back at Dahlia as her hands tightend, her body slightly trembling from anger "Dahlia..."

"...Hehehe...And you will never get cha-"

"Dahlia." Dahlia's cryptic messaging stopped as Phoenix glared at her "...Do you confess to the killing of Doug Swallow...?"

"...Hehehe...Well...At this point...How can I not...Feenie?"

"...Your honor...Please add this to the court record...It's a confession after all..." The judge nodded as he pounded his gavel in approval.

"The confession has been added to the court record...Meaning that this case is closed it seems..." Payne seemed to be having a midlife crisis as he went to speak out...


"Objection!" An objection filled the room, surprising everyone inside as all eyes landed on...


"...Your honor...I believe...We should figure out all the mysteries of this case...Starting...With the whole reason any of this went down...The necklace..."

"The necklace?"

"It's the reason so many people were killed...I believe that to honor them...We should figure out every little secret in this case..."

"Hm...The case has already been decided Mr Wright...Does this really matter?"

"...Let me ask you...This woman is responsible for two verdicts...One that was wrong...One that never got to be announced...I believe we owe it to the victims that we examine those cases..."

"...Very well...However, with the current case already decided, I will not be afraid to end this history lesson if I find that it adds nothing...Is that acceptable defendant?"

"...Of course...To go back, I request a thirty minute recess for the court to pull all the evidence from the previous two cases..."

"...Very well...What two cases would you like the evidence from?"

"...Both of the Terry Fawles trials...The 2008 'murder' of Dahlia Hawthorne...And the 2013 murder of Valerie Hawthorne..." The judge nodded as he went to pound on his gavel when another objection ran out.

"Objection! Your honor...I don't believe this will lead anywhere..." Phoenix looked over with confusion at Mia, who had rung out her objection.

"C-Chi-*Ahem* Miss Fey...?"

"Mr Wright..." Mia turned towards him and gave a smile "Thank you...You truly understood the magnitude of this case...And the past...But...This is a losing strategy..."


"Even with the evidence, we're missing key components...Namely the victim and prosecutor..."

"B-But..." Mia gave a small laugh as she placed her hand on his arm

"But...When the time comes...Manly when you can get that prosecutor back into the court...Then we will continue this battle...He has every right to do that as well..."

"...Understood..." Phoenix closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the judge looked at the two of them before Phoenix responded "Your honor...Please disregard my request...The defense is ready for the verdict...However I do have one new request..."

"What is that defendant?"

"For Dahlia Hawthorne not to get the death penalty if and when she's found guilty...Because as I said...The mysteries of the necklace live on..."

"Hm...With this information in mind...I'll try my best...But for now..." Pound "I am ready to give my verdict! This court, finds the defendant, Phoenix Wright..."

Not Guilty

Pound "Court is adjourned!"

When the judge gave the verdict and the guards took Dahlia away,Phoenix saw it...Her eyes lock with his, as a mix of hatred...And lust filled them...Phoenix merely glared back as his fists balled up before releasing them as a sigh escaped from his mouth.

"Mr Wright..." Phoenix turned towards Mia who gave him a smile "Thank you...I have to admit that your performance was one of the best showings I've ever seen in a courtroom...The way you bended both Dahlia and Mr Payne to your will...It was incredible..."

"Hehe...What are you talking about? I only had the courage to do all that since I had my lawyer by my side."

"Is that so?" Mia gave a small laugh but as she kept staring at Phoenix a tear rolled down her face "But...Really...Thank you..."

"...Nothing to thank me about...The truth will always prevail in the end..." Phoenix smiled once more as he walked by Mia and out of the courtroom, as Mia didn't move as she kept her smile.

"After watching you today...I would have to agree...Phoenix..."

"And that was my first court case since I somehow was sent back to this time...I don't know how...Nor do I know what the future holds...But it's obvious that things will only get worse from here..."

"I didn't realize though...Just how much my little performance...Would change so much..."

Turnabout Rose-End

Up Next: Turnabout Despair Academy(Part 1)

Chapter Text

April 12, 2014

After arriving back at his dorm, Phoenix didn't do anything except fall onto his bed and look up at the ceiling as questions ran through his mind...Questions he had been asking since he awoken in that jail cell...Why was he back in time...Why did he still have all of his memories from the future...What does he do now?

Phoenix laid for hours just thinking everything over, not knowing how to answer until the fatigue eventually consumed him as he passed out on his bed, still in his sweater and blue jeans…

His night was restless, dreams of his friends and family consumed him...All of his dreams revolved around him waking back up in his old bed, in his old agency. He didn't want to be back in time, sure he got to see Mia again but...He didn't want all of those years of trials and tribulations to be for nothing…

After tossing and turning from the constant dreams, Phoenix opened his eyes and looked at the clock beside him…

3:30 am…

Phoenix just stared at it, hoping that his eyes would adjust and show him that he was looking at his trusty digital clock…

But was the old alarm clock he used in college...Sitting on the old desk from his dorm...While he laid on his old college bed...In his old college clothes…

Phoenix just kept staring as he continued to wish that he was dreaming right now still and he really would wake up in his old bed…

But no matter how hard he stared or tried to think...He wasn't waking up, nor was he going back to his old time...He was here to stay…

Phoenix let out a sigh as moved his head to stare up at the ceiling as he closed his eyes and pondered on everything.

"...Back when I was first aquieted...I stayed in my room for days and cried over Dalhia, wondering how she could have betrayed me. When I finally went back to class like a week later, I had a few people try to comfort me but...Most people ignored me, and I always got death glares from her old 'friends' and some of the guys who wanted her, often calling me murderer under their breath as if I had somehow framed her…"

Phoenix gripped his bed sheets as his hands turned red before he let go and he opened his eyes. "Back then, I wasn't strong. I was weak, very weak actually...Honestly I'm still not very strong, often relying on Athena and Trucy for support, and occasionally calling Apollo to ask his advice on a case...But none of them are here...Trucy's just a baby right now, Apollo is most likely still in Kurain and Athena is at the space center...Wait…"

Phoenix's eyes went wide as he pushed himself up and ran his hand through his hair "Maybe...Maybe I was sent back...To save them all...Save Trucy from having a disruptive family...Allow Apollo to meet his real family...And save not only Athena and her mother...But Simon as well…"

Phoenix looked down at the sweater still on his body as he continued "And not just them...I need to save Mia from Redd White...Maya from losing her sister and mother...Edgeworth and Franziska from Manfried...Everyone…"

Feeling a fire starting to burn inside of him, Phoenix pushed himself off the bed as he stared in his mirror with a determined look "Maybe...I was sent back...To form a better future...I may lose things...Trucy may never become my daughter...Athena and Apollo may never join me...Hell I may never become a lawyer...But...If it means they all have better lives, how can I refuse?"

Giving a small smile, Phoenix nodded to himself as he pulled the sweater off and threw it onto the bed, revealing a white short-sleeved shirt underneath...Only to throw it off as well as he walked to his closet and opened it up, rummaging around until he found a old white dress shirt.

After quickly making sure all the wrinkles were out, he placed it on his body and quickly buttoned it up before then throwing his pants off as he reached a grabbed a pair of black dress pants and placed them on, along with a black belt.

He finished it all up by finding a old tie and placing it on before removing his street shoes and putting on his only pair of dress shoes. Once he was done, he looked in the mirror and smiled as he finished up the rest of his tie "Not exactly my blue suit but...It will do until I can get the money to buy it again."

Phoenix grabbed his watch and placed it on as he looked at the time "Four twenty...If I remember correctly...My art class starts at five...Well it's been a while, so in case I get lost...Wouldn't hurt to head on."

Phoenix smiled as he grabbed his binder and placed it under his arm as he opened his door and walked out of his room, determination filling his face as embarked into the first full day of his new life.

Chapter 2: Turnabout Despair Academy(Part 1)

As Phoenix walked across the campus ground underneath the moonlight, he saw a few more students walking about as well, all of them heading off to get breakfast before heading to their early morning classes. Phoenix saw a few faces he kinda remembered, but none of them were anything of importance to him.

However as he was walking, he was so engrossed with looking around the scenery that he didn't even notice that he was on a collision course with someone walking in from the side until they eventually ran into each other "Ouf!"

"O-Oh!" The both them exclaimed surprise as they both stumbled, though Phoenix was able to quickly recover as he quickly grabbed onto the arm of the person he ran into. "Sorry about that!"

Phoenix quickly apologized to whoever he had run into as they waved him off as they dusted themselves off "No it's fine! I should have been paying attention to where i was going myself!"

The person looked at him and gave a smile, as Phoenix began to look over who he had run into and noticed the uniform they were wearing "That uniform...You're from Themis Legal Academy?"

The person raised an eyebrow before they looked at their uniform and saw what he meant "Oh! You recognize the uniform I see! My name is Constance Courte, I'm a teacher in the judge course."

Phoenix immediately recognized the name and after looking her over, though she did indeed look younger, there was no mistaking that the person he had run into was indeed Constance Courte...Professor at Themis...And future murder victim…"Yeah I figured since you're wearing the judge's uniform...It would be red if you were a prosecutor and blue if you were a defense attorney...Correct?"

"My my, you sure know alot about Themis, are you trying to go there yourself?"

"Hehe, no not quite...I just have a interest in law, that's all...Though I must ask, why is someone from Themis here at Ivy so early in the morning?"

"Hm? Oh I've been invited here to work with the first and second years in the art course! I'm the head of the Art Club at Themis, so the dean of Ivy emailed me the other day and asked if I didn't mind to help out here for a day."

Phoenix was confused for a second as he didn't remember ever meeting Constance at ivy...Only to be suddenly reminded that he took a week off after the trial…"Oh that's a coincidence, I'm apart of the art club myself, a first year actually."

"Oh really? Well I hope I can help you today Mr…"

"Wright...Phoenix Wright." Phoenix held out his hand as Constance shook it and gave him a smile.

"Well Mr Wright, I was heading to the art room already, would you like to walk with me?"

"Of course Miss Courte, it would be a honor." She gave a head nod as the two of them began walking, talking a variety of subjects from art to law to recent trials to just casual stuff like food. However after talking for a bit, Phoenix mentioned to her that he was in a trial just yesterday.

"Hm...I think I heard about that on the news last night...Apparently you caused quite a ruckus after basically becoming your own defense attorney...Not only that, I heard you even solved the poisoning incident from eight months ago...I must say that's pretty impressive Mr Wright."

Phoenix gave a smile but he didn't really feel that accomplished, he did technically cheat since hwas from the future after all "Well...Something kinda just came over me and I just went off. I didn't mean to make such a scene."

"Well for just 'going off' I heard you acted like a true professional, and apparently people in the gallery were convinced you were a real lawyer in disguise...Are you sure you just have a interest in law and nothing else?"

"Hehe, I assure you it's nothing more than an interest...Not that I would turn down the opportunity to become a lawyer, I just don't know if that's what I should follow after right now."

"Well let me say this, Themis has scouts who are always trying to find the next big star...I'm sure they have already heard of yesterday's trial and are researching you right now Mr Wright...If you get a call, you should at least entertain an offer."

"Hehe Well maybe…" The two of them continued to walk when Constance looked over and noticed the binder than Phoenix was carrying.

"Is that what you use in class ?"

"Hm?...Ah yeah, I carry all my drawings and everything inside of here."

"Mind if I take a look?"

"Sure go ahead." Phoenix handed over his binder as she opened it up and began looking through, enjoying all the pictures Phoenix had drawn inside of it...While he wasn't the greatest artist in the world, he had gotten pretty good from years of drawing crime scenes and mapping out evidence...Of course the drawings inside the binder were from his teenage self so they were nowhere near as good.

"You certainly have a talent that's for sure...You could use a bit more practice on some things, but if you keep at it, you certainly have a future in art if you choose not to follow a career in law." She kept skimming through the pages until she stopped on one as she looked it over "Oh wow this is really pretty...Who is this, your sister or girlfriend?"

Phoenix looked over and narrowed his eyes as he saw that she had stopped on a picture of Dahlia he had drew, with a giant rose behind her...Though to be honest, it was technically a picture of Iris. Phoenix coughed in his hand as he gave a sad look to Constance "A-Ah she was my girlfriend...She um...She was the one I indicted in court yesterday."

Constance seemed taken back as she gave a small head nod and flipped the page over "I see...I-I'm sorry I didn't know…"

"Oh no it's fine, I doubt the news gave the full details of the case...It's kinda funny though, I drew a rose behind her to signify her beauty...But while she's as beautiful as a rose...Get too close to her, and she'll prick you...Also just like a rose."

"Hehe...It sounds like you could possibly have a future in poetry as well Mr Wright." Phoenix just shrugged as he pointed to the picture she was on.

"Poetry and Art go hand in hand really...Good poetry after all, comes from the scenery...Which to me, is art...After all, while the mountains may just be rock and stone, from far away, they look like a beautiful painting." Constance looked at the picture he was pointing at, and saw that it was a painting of a mountaintop "That was the hardest thing I had ever painted in my life, because I spent hours making sure that little things such as how much snow was accurately represented."

"Heh...I can tell, this is a really beautiful picture." She kept looking it over before she gave a sideways look to Mr Wright "Maybe you can paint me a picture sometime?"

Phoenix gave his own sideways look as he smirked "If you really want, then I can make plans."

Constance gave a laugh as she looked back down at the pictures, though Phoenix swore he saw a tint of pink...But with how dark it was, it was hard to tell. The two of them kept walking in silence as Constance kept looking over his pictures until…


The duo stopped as a phone began to ring as Constance immediately reached inside of her breast pocket and pulled her phone out as she read over the name "Oh...I'm sorry Mr Wright but I have to take this...It's close to five so you can head on without me if you want, this may take a minute."

"Oh I see...Well I'll see you in the classroom then Miss Courte." She smiled and nodded as she closed and handed the binder back to Phoenix as she flipped her phone open and began walking away "Constance Courte...She dies in two-thousand twenty-seven thanks to the Dark Age Of The Law...The person who killed her is…"

"Aristotle, you usually don't call this early in the morning…" Phoenix's head shot up as he looked at Constance as she talked on the phone to…"

"Aristotle Means...He's the one who murdered Constance...He's also a professor at Themis...Meaning...If I don't stop him now, Constance is still in danger." Phoenix gripped his hands as he started to continue his walk to the Art Room with even more determination brewing inside of him "I have to get into Themis, otherwise Aristotle will not only murder Constance, he'll help spread the Dark Age Of The Law with his 'Means Justify The End" bullshit...Heh...Though it was brief, I was an idiot for thinking I could relive my life and not be a lawyer."

Phoenix gave a small laugh to himself as he kept walking as he narrowed his eyes as he began to think of his next move.

"Now I have to get into Themis myself...My best bet is through Constance...But it's also possible they come to me thanks to the trial...Well I better leave my options open, I only have one chance to do this!

Phoenix walked for a few more minutes until he arrived at the door to his art class, stopping for a moment to collect himself and try to remember everything he could, he opened the door and entered.

The room itself was smaller than most college classrooms, only having around twenty seats, each seat having a table in front of it and a easel beside of it. Phoenix looked around the room as the memories began flooding back to him, only to be interrupted by the sound of someone's voice "Phoenix, I'm surprised you came today."

Phoenix looked towards the sound of the voice and saw that it was his old art teacher Roset Stone, an old woman who had been teaching the art class at Ivy for over fifty years. Phoenix looked around the rest of the classroom and saw that over half of the class had already arrived, all of them with their eyes trained on him, with differing expressions.

"Also you're very well dressed today...Are you going on a date after class? While it's none of my business dear, it's bad taste to already have another woman, especially after what happened yesterday." Some of the expressions in the room turned to scowls, which didn't surprise Phoenix as most of the class loved 'Dahlia'.

"No it's nothing like that...I just felt like it was time for a change nothing more."

"I see...Well are you sure you're alright dear? You can take today off if you need to."

"I appreciate the offer but I'm fine...Besides, I can atleast get my mind off of everything if I'm here." Phoenix gave a smile before walking over towards an empty seat, but before he could sit down, he heard a voice behind him.

"Don't sit there." Phoenix turned around and saw a purple hair girl glaring daggers into him "I don't want a murder sitting so close to me."

"...Dahlia was the one who murdered Doug...Not me."

"Tch, bullshit...Someone as sweet as her couldn't hurt a fly...Can't believe you made her take the fall for you...Well at least you know she loved you enough to let you walk free while she rots away...Scumbag."

Phoenix didn't flinch as she spoke before he simply shrugged and walked to another seat...Only to get the same spill from a different girl...Another one of Dahlia's friends…

"Considering Iris was the one pretending to be Dahlia, it's not surprising they can't accept that Dalhia is the one who killed Doug...But still…"

Giving yet another shrug, Phoenix walked to the far side of the room where nobody was present and sat down at one of the tables, as he immediately noticed everyone glaring at him.

"I see...They all sat over there so I would be over here alone...iris had a bigger impact on them than I thought...Though I swore not this many hated me before...Well it could be due to the fact that unlike last time where Mia indicted Dahlia, this time it was myself."

Letting out another sigh, Phoenix sat his binder on the table and pulled his pin out from his shirt pocket as he looked at his watch.

"One minute till...Man it feels weird being back in a classroom...Oh well I guess, at least it's...Somewhat peaceful in here…" Phoenix opened his binder and looked through the pictures to see what he had drawn from back in the day when a crumpled piece of paper landed on his desk, Phoenix looked at it before picking it up and opening it up...Only to see the words murderer written in red ink on it.

Phoenix didn't react to it as he crumpled the paper back up and threw it into the trashcan as he went back to looking through his drawings when again another piece of paper landed with the same message...And then another...And another...After the fifth one, Phoenix finally looked up as the first girl to talk to him, the purple haired one, was looking at him with a glare of death as she proceeded to flip him off.

Phoenix still didn't react thanks to his perfected poker face as he looked back down at his drawings as the eerie silence stayed until…

"Sorry I'm late!" The door opened a voice could be heard as soon Constance walked inside with an embarrassed smile as everyone in the room turned their attention off of Phoenix and towards her.

"Oh no it's fine! It's just a little after five dear!"

"Hehe, I was hoping to be early but I had a phone call come up!" Constance placed her bag down on the floor beside her as she looked across the class "Well it's nice to meet everyone! My name is Constance Courte! I'm a professor at Themis Legal Academy and the head of the art group!"

Everyone in the class gave a greeting and smile. Constance looked over the room for a moment before she saw Phoenix by himself on one side of the room and though a look of confusion came onto her face for a moment, she smiled and nodded towards him which he returned, which earned a few glares from the rest of the class as the purple hair girl spoke up "Miss Courte I don't think we should even acknowledge him!"

"Huh? Why's that?"

"...He's a murderer...He murdered Doug and then had Dahlia take the fall for it...He's lower than trash!" Constance raised an eyebrow before she looked back over at Phoenix who just smiled and shrugged, which caused her to nod.

"Well...I personally don't believe he did what you said, perhaps you should consider than the court wouldn't find him not guilty unless they were absolutely sure of it."

"Tch...Why are you taking his side?"

"I'm not taking sides, just giving my opinion...But this is troubling, I was going to have us do a group project, but with a odd number of people, and the fact no one wants to team up with him...Well I'll simply partner up with him then I guess." Phoenix raised an eyebrow at this but Constance just looked at him and gave a smile which he just returned with a laugh and head nod.

After giving the class their directions, how to do and what to do, everyone partnered up as Constance walked over to Phoenix and pulled a chair over.

"Well Mr Wright, it seems me and you are partners today."

"Well Miss Courte, I'm sure I can learn a thing or two from someone who's the art head at Themis." Constance just gave a laugh as she placed all the papers on the table while Phoenix got out his utensils.

After everything was set up, Constance sat back down as she picked up one of the pens Phoenix had laid onto the table and grabbed one of the papers "Well, I guess I'll start with the sky, you want to do the ground?"

Phoenix nodded as he grabbed one of the other papers and began drawing the lines as the two worked in silence for a few moments before Phoenix spoke back up "I've been wondering something…"


"Hypothetically speaking, what would it take for someone from Ivy University to transfer over to Themis…"

"Hmm...Well Hypothetically speaking, you would first need a recommendation from one of the professors...You would then need to be approved by the selection committee, which requires you going in and answering several verbal questions from off the top of your head...And even after all that, the Dean has to sign off on it...Throughout its history,chief-prosecutor Debeste is the only one to ever transfer in."

"I see, so you almost have to be someone of unmatched skill...A prodigy even, to be able to get into Themis."

"Well I wouldn't say that...But it's much easier getting in through the scouting community than the transfer process...Most can't even find someone to recommend them, mostly because if the recommendation doesn't pass, then the professor has to pay a fee for basically wasting their time.

"I see…" Phoenix finished drawing the lines as he began coloring them in "And hypothetically speaking...What would it take for you to recommend someone Miss Courte?"

Constance finished up her lines as well as she also began coloring in as she gave a small laugh "Hypothetically speaking...For me to recommend someone, they would have to prove themselves that without a shadow of a doubt, they clearly have a future in law...Hearing about something they did on the news isn't exactly decisive evidence."

"Oh of course, that should be a given…" Phoenix finished coloring in as he grabbed two more pieces of paper and began drawing the ground on both of them at the same time, a trick he had mastered from years of using both hands to write notes "We never want a trial obviously as it means a crime has been committed...Is there anyway for someone to prove to you that they might have a future in law."

"You're much more interested in the topic than you were earlier Mr Wright, almost as if something came up that made you realize your true calling. But to answer the question, I would need to get a strong presence from them, as if they had the aura of someone I could rely on to faithfully act in court." Constance finished up her coloring as she grabbed another piece of paper and began lines on the next part of the sky.

"Of course, weather your a defense attorney or a prosecutor, your goal is to find the truth...Even the judge has the job of finding the truth as well, and must take everything into account, and not be swayed by charisma, but by evidence." Quickly finishing the next set of lines, Phoenix began coloring both pictures in at the same time as his mind was almost on autopilot as he worked.

"Thats exactly correct, finding the truth is most important than victory...After all if you let a guilty person go free...Or a innocent person go to prison...You have not only failed, but you have essentially made your reputation out of a deck of cards...When the truth comes out, it will come crumbling down…" Constance finished began coloring on her next picture, as she watched Phoenix effortlessly work.

"Not just your reputation, but your life as well...You can be stripped of your badge and lose all source of income...Not to mention the possibility of being sued by people who felt like they were wronged by you, and what could that bring? Drinking? Drugs? Death? Would you really want to have your life crumble, just for a few seconds of fame?" Finishing both pictures as the ground was fully done, Phoenix grabbed two more sheets and began working on the scenery.

"You'd be surprised at how many people are willing to throw it all away...All because of some simple fame...I have a co-worker who believes in that...Back when I was still a sitting judge, I clashed with him so many times because of how he used to act...He was revolting in a way…"

"Aristotle Means I'm guessing?" Finishing the lines once again, Phoenix began coloring in.

"Hm? You know of him?"

"He's one of many people in law that I believe are conducting some shady business…"

"Oh? So you've been researching them?...I remember hearing on the news last night...Apparently you had used a facade for months to collect information on the suspect…"

"You could say that…" Phoenix finished coloring as he grabbed the last sheet of paper needed for the scenery.

"Hehe, I see...So, who are the others you have your eyes on?" Constance grabbed her final piece of paper as well as she began drawing the lines for the final piece of the sky.

"You mentioned one earlier, Chief-Prosecutor DeBeste...I've heard many stories of him abusing his powers, though of course nothing had been proven...Then there is the famous prosecutor Manfred Von karma who hasn't lost in almost forty years, only ever receiving one penalty...While that already is suspicious, I also suspect him as the murderer of former defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth...After all, Gregory is the one who gave him that penalty."

"...Mr Wright...Just how much do you know?"

"...Shelly De Killer has been on the police's radar for years now, if not generations...His last known killing was just last year...Also I heard about a bombing that took place in Las Vegas and the suspect is apparently a international spy...The FBI have dubbed him...The Phantom...Correct?" Phoenix finished up the final picture as he laid it beside his other pictures, as Constance also finished up hers...All put together revealed a mountain scenery...While the sky was amazing to look at...The scenery and ground, all done by Phoenix, were the most beautiful pieces of art Constance had ever seen. "Miss Courte...Shall I continue?"

Constance looked over the picture in awe before she looked back at Phoenix who was giving her his poker face look. After a few moments she gave a sly smile as she spoke "Mr Wright...You're not a ordinary college student, are you?"

"You could say that." Phoenix gave a smile as he leaned back in his chair.

"Hehe, well...Let's go out for dinner tonight, I'll interview you then...Sound good?"

"Sounds perfect...Miss Constance."

"Heh...Glad to hear Mr Phoenix…"