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I'm So Dirty Babe

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Dean had hated Ruby from the moment he met her, but hey, he hated a lot of people. No one would be good enough for his little brother, particularly after that Jess chick had broken his heart and left Dean to clean up the pieces. They spent their time in a state of comfortable loathing, both avoiding saying a thing against the other, while Sam was around at least. He wouldn’t have thought it was possible to be so at ease around someone he hated and who hated him just as much, but somehow they managed it, and that had been the problem. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his instincts, but everyone he knew was bad or worse, except Sam perhaps, what did it matter if she was no exception? The only way to keep Sam clear of evil would have been to ship him off to someplace far from the hunters, from Dean, and he just couldn’t bring himself to do that. Looking back he really wished he had. It’d have ended up the same anyway, just with a damn sight less bloodshed.

Ruby was on her phone. Ruby was always on her phone, and damn protective of the thing, which, as he now realised, should have given him a clue something was up.

Took a fair bit after that for anyone to twig onto what happened. One minute she was there, the next she’d gone to the bathroom and there were gunshots from outside, and Dean had known they were screwed.

It wasn’t supposed to be a gang thing. Just some brotherly (plus one pesky girlfriend who would not leave the kid’s side) bonding time over burgers and pie, or salad in Sam’s weird ass case.

They really oughta brought more backup.