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They Don't Know About Us

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After Lena was done with her work, she starts to clean up her desk, stacking paper together as she puts them into her briefcase quickly. Lena gets up from her desk as she looks at her wristwatch, seeing it was close to the time, so she walks towards her door, opens it and saw that Jess was about to be done, too.

Jess looks up from her typing to see her boss there, out of her office before she could go in to drag her out. Lena sends Jess a smile, "Hey, you can head home now. Everything is done. Have a good night." Jess just opens her mouth from how early her boss was leaving but said nothing neither less since she did not want Miss. Luthor to stay longer than she is intended to. Thank Kara Danvers for coming into Miss. Luthor's live!

Lena raises an eyebrow when she saw that her secretary's mind seem to be somewhere else. Maybe I'm overworking her. Jess deserve a vacation. Lena nods her head at her happy suggestion as a smile breaks out before she taps onto Jess's desk, startling the poor girl. Lena gives her a sorry smile as she bid her goodnight and goodbye, "Hey, thank you for always being here and sticking by L-Corp when odds were stack against us.".

"It's my honor to be working for L-Corp and you, Miss. Luthor!", Jess quickly says but blushes when she hears Lena lets out a boisterous laugh, where the corner of her eyes crinkle, her nose scrunch cutely and her dimples on full display. Miss. Luthor looks so beautiful laughing.

"Well, it is my honor to have such a hard working person like you working for me.", Lena says before her feature softens, "Really, thank you for always being there for me and taking care of my schedule."

Jess looks at her boss seeing how sincere and kind and beautiful, inside and outside, "It's no problem, Miss. Luthor. If in another universe, if you're still a CEO or someone higher, I would choose to work for you, no matter what. I'll choose to work with and for you, without a doubt, without a hesitation, Miss. Luthor.", Jess says with confidence and sincerity as Miss. Luthor was the best boss she has ever work for, smartest if she were to add. Also, a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all cost. 

Somehow, this hits Lena in the feels, making her eyes misty and sting a bit as she has never seen this much devotion from someone other than Kara before in her life. Lena steps towards Jess, who was confused and worry if she did something wrong, but to only be surprised when Lena leans towards her and hug her. "Thank you so much, Jess."

Lena breaks the hug as she leans back and gives Jess a small smile filled with emotion, such as happiness and pride to have someone like her in her life. This makes Jess's chest swell with confidence and pride to know that she could bring such emotions to her boss, "No problem, Miss. Luthor."

Lena chuckles as she shakes her head a bit before walking towards the elevator and pressing the button, but suddenly, the door slides open, surprise both Jess and Lena. This makes Lena step back, heart pounding as to who it was that was coming to her company this late, but when the door slides open, she was surprised to see who was on the other side of the door.

"Kara.", came Lena's surprise and confuse voice.

Kara was there, standing in the elevator in her normal clothing with a sheepish smile with her finger scratching her cheek.

"Hi.", came Kara's voice with sheepishness and something full of love, just looking at Lena.

"What are you doing here?", came Lena's confuse voice, but neither less got inside the elevator with Kara as they bid Jess goodbye.

"I couldn't wait, so I thought about coming to pick you up from work...if that's alright with you.", Kara quickly says at the end. Lena smiles at Kara's cuteness and shyness before letting out a small chuckle, lean to kiss Kara's cheek. Then watch in amusement as red dance across Kara's cheek making them look like tomatoes.

"It's more than alright, darling.", Lene whispers into Kara's ear, sending a shiver through her spine, making Kara break out in a wide smile.

"Since you're here, what have you done at home already?", Lena asks as they got out of the elevator.

Home. Kara smiles at how Lena calls her apartment home. Lena looks at Kara with a raised eyebrow as she saw that faraway look on her face once again and her love-struck smile.

"Dork.", Lena whispers as she kisses the corner of Kara's lips, catching the unguarded Kryptonian.

Kara turns towards Lena with such love and affection, Lena thinks that it would burst out of her if she does not shower someone with it. Which did happen as Kara dive in for a hug, surprising Lena as her eye widen before she lets out a lively laugh before returning the hug, "What is this for?"

They stood rooted in the spot outside of L-Corp, with each other in their arms. Kara just sighs as she leans her weight on Lena before answering her.

"It's thanks for showing me so much love.", Kara mumbling says. Lena gives a chuckle as she tightens her hold on Kara as she turns her head to kiss the side of Kara's head, "It's only natural to show love to someone they love, dear."

Kara leans back a bit to look at Lena's face before letting out a content sigh. Rao, her eyes are so beautiful. Kara feels herself fall deeper in love with Lena as she looks at her eyes, bright even in the dark, shiny with lamp post not far away. So, Kara did the most obvious thing when you feel so much love for the person you love. You kiss them.

Kara kisses Lena as she was her lifeline and her world. Lena smiles into the kiss before kissing back with as much affection as Kara has for her before pulling back a bit and chuckle to seeing Kara's pout when she broke the kiss. Lena gives a quick peak on Kara's lips before laughing as her pout instantly turns into a love-sick fool smile, "Let's go home now since I know you're probably hungry."

All Kara could do in her Lena-induce daze was nod her head as Lena pulls her towards her parked car. Kara quickly dazed out as she went to open the door for Lena, who chuckle at Kara's cute antics. Lena gets inside as Kara walks towards the driver's side and got in as she drove away from L-Corp. While inside, Kara let go of one of hand to reach over and grab to Lena's hand, somehow knowing that Kara would reach for her hand. Once their hands were interlaced with each other, Lena gives Kara's hand a squeeze as she looks at her with a content smile, knowing she is love and care for.

At a stop light, Lena leans over and kiss Kara on the cheeks, "I love you" surprising the Kryptonian. Kara turns to Lena with a happy confuse smile before driving again as the lights turn green, "What was that for?". Lena shakes her head, kissing Kara's cheek once again before leaning back and Kara, confuse but happy, squeezes Lena's hand.

Once they arrive at Kara's apartment, Kara parts the car and got out before super speeding over to Lena's side and opening the door for her. Lena laughs as she gets out of the car, going on her tippy toe to give Kara a kiss on her cheeks, "Thanks, love." causing Kara to break out in a goofy smile. They proceed to walk towards the building as they head inside and towards the elevator once again, pressing side by side with each other, smile so bright it could light up a dark room.

After they got inside Kara's apartment, Lena immediately walks towards Kara's room to change into more comfy clothes. Meanwhile, Kara was ordering the food as she brings out two cups and a bottle of wine from her fridge. Once it's settled on the table and her hearing that Lena had jumped into the shower, Kara gets up and walk towards her room. Kara goes into her closet and takes out some clothes for her as well, waiting for Lena to finish showering.

When Lena was done, she got out, a towel wrapped around her as she dries her hair with the other. Lena steps out of the bathroom into Kara's room where she sees Kara finish putting her clothes into the washer. Kara looks up when she heard Lena had finish showering, only to widen her eyes and a blush creeping up her neck to her cheeks. Oh, Rao, she's in a towel only.

Lena smirks knowing that Kara was checking her out, so she decides to tease her a bit. Lena slowly makes her way towards Kara while Kara was busy being in her own little world. Once Lena was close enough did Kara realize how close has she gotten, just making her blush more than she already was.

"Like what you see, darling?", Lena says in her low husky voice, sending shivers down Kara's spine. Lena leans back and smirks a little when she sees that Kara had gone still and a blush adorned on her cheeks, causing Lena to chuckle as she quickly gives Kara a kiss on the cheek before taking the clothes and going into the bathroom.

Kara felt her brain is fried after the little stunt Lena had pulled, but quickly snapped out of it when she felt Lena's lips on her cheek. Kara look to see that Lena had made her way towards the bathroom to change into her clothes, however, she noticed the way Lena's hips sway a bit more than normal. Kara's eyes travel up from her hips to her shoulder, only to catch Lena's eyes when she saw her looking over her shoulder. Then a blush appears on her cheeks when she saw Lena shooting a smirk at her before giving Kara a wink and disappearing into the bathroom with the door closing behind her.

"Oh Rao, she's gonna be the death of me.", Kara says as she falls back onto her bed, "Wait, what was I doing again?", did she realize she forget what she was doing in her room? I mean, who could after a stunt pull like that.

Kara snaps out of her thinking when she hears her bathroom door opening, making her turn her head to see Lena dress in sweatpants and her university hoodie. The sight made Kara's heart swell with affection and love seeing Lena in her clothing. It also made her smile at how cute Lena looks, with a tad too big hoodie giving her sweater paw and baggy sweatpants on. Oh, Rao, how cute is she in those clothes.

"You can go shower now while I wait for our takeouts.", Lena said, walking towards Kara and leaning down to give Kara a kiss on the cheek.

Smiling, Kara got up and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower when she heard the knock on the door, "I got it, love. Go shower."


After they had eaten their takeouts, they were sitting on the couch with Lena leaning onto Kara's side, with Kara's hand draped over Lean's shoulder and bringing her closer to her as possible. They just snuggle on the couch as they watch episodes of Friends on Netflix. While they were watching that, Lena felt her eyes getting droopy as she was getting sleepy, making her lean her head onto Kara's shoulder before fixing her position, so her face was buried in between the crook of Kara's neck.

"Tired?", Kara asks in a soft voice as she gets a soft hum from Lena. This brings a smile to Kara's face as she turns her head to give Lena a kiss on the crown of her head.

Kara grabs the remote and turns off the T.V. and she was about to stand, but stops when Lena lets out a small whine, "Don't move, comfortable."

Kara lets out a chuckle, "But if we sleep on the couch, our back will be bad tomorrow."

"But I feel too comfortable to move.", Lena whines again, snuggling deeper into Kara's warm embrace, making Kara smile and chuckle at Lena's cute antics. A side only I know. The clingy and cute Lena.

Kara waits until Lena's heartbeat goes into a steady rhythm, making her know that Lena had fallen asleep. So, as carefully as she can, Kara scoops up Lena in her arms, making Lena snuggle into her arms, face bury in her neck as she starts to float towards her room. When they reach the bed, Kara gently laid Lena down on her bed as she quietly climbs in bed with Lena. Kara turns off the light and turn towards Lena, and smile when Lena lets out a cute whine when she couldn't feel Kara. So Kara scoots closer towards Lena and puts her arms over Lena's waist, bring them closer together and lets out a quiet chuckle when Lena lets out a content sigh when in Kara's embrace, face buried in the crook of her neck, using her arm as a pillow instead of using the pillow itself.

Kara smiles as she kisses the crown of Lena's head, pulling the love of her life closer to her chest, quietly listening to the steady beating of Lena's heart, luring her to sleep.

"I love you.", came Kara's soft whisper love confession before being surprised by the reply.

"I love you, too.", came Lena's sleepy voice, yet filled with love and warmth. This brings a smile to Kara's face as she tightens her hold on Lena as she finally let sleep take over her.


"This just in, L-Corp has been attacked by 2 people of the anti-Luthors group. The building is now in shambles as 2 bombs exploded, but lucky no one was inside the building as L-Corp CEO had managed to evacuate her employees from the building while she was distracting the 2 people. However, she could not make it out, she was inside when the bomb went off and is now-wait....this just in Supergirl managed to find the CEO in the derbies of L-Corp! Supergirl saves the day! "

Kara was sitting outside of the hospital emergency room as she claps her hand together, elbows on her knees as she felt anxious every ticking minute that goes by. When all of a sudden, she felt a hand on her shoulder, jolting her from her thinking, making her look to see who it is. Kara saw that it was her sister, Alex, giving her a worryingly look as she took the seat next to her.

"I head the news. Is Lena okay?", Alex asks.

"I don't know, she's still in there. They have not come out since Lena arrived.", Kara says as her voice cracks and her eyes water.

"Oh, Kara.", Alex says as she engulfs her little sister in a hug and that finally open the dams as Kara starts to cry silently on her sister's shoulder.

Alex rocks them back and forth as she tries to sooth Kara, but know that nothing would help as your best friend was almost killed in a horrible event. Then the doors to the emergency rooms open, making them look up to see the doctor come out with a sigh and worn-out look. Kara immediately walks up to the doctor, ready to ask a question, but stops when the doctor puts up her hand.

"Let's go to my office." the doctor said. Kara nods her head as she follows the doctor, Alex got up and was about to go with them, but the doctor stops her, "Sorry, you can't come. Only Kara is allowed."

Alex gave the doctor a dubious look, "What? Wh-", what she was gonna said got cut off, "Alex...please.", Kara pleads. Alex shuts her mouth as she glares at the doctor before nodding her head and sitting back down as she watches her little sister walk away with the doctor. Why is only Kara allowed to go? Isn't it suppose to be family only or significant others only?, Kara would've told me....wouldn't she?

Meanwhile, in the office, Kara sat down while the doctor sat at her desk before looking at Kara and giving her a small smile, "She's in a stable condition now, but we induce her in a sleep-induced coma so she could heal better and faster. Don't worry, it would only be a couple of months, maybe weeks depending on how fast Ms. Luthor heals."

Kara lets out a sigh of relief, "Thank you, Dr. Kieran."

Dr. Kieran gives Kara a smile and nod as they exit her office as they walk towards Alex who immediately got up and walk towards them. Kara gives Alex a small smile as they bid Dr. Kieran goodbye. After the doctor left, they walk towards Lena's room, which is a private room.

"What did doc say?", Alex asks.

"Said that she's fine now, just in a sleep-induced coma to help her heal better.", Kara says. They reached Lena's room and Kara breath in and out before she opens the door. When Kara steps inside, she bit back a sob when she saw her girlfriend on the bed, breathing mask on, bandage everywhere. It hurts Kara's heart to see her always confidence and powerful love sleeping on the bed, looking vulnerable and hurt.

Kara slowly walks towards the bed and sat down on the chair next to Lena's bed. Alex walks towards Kara and puts a hand on her shoulder, "Lena will be okay and up before you know it. She's a strong girl, nothing can bring her down."

Kara gives her older sister a strained smile, nodding her head before turning to look at Lena again. Alex took a seat next to Kara, looking at Lena, seeing how the CEO looks make her feel out of place because Alex had always seen the CEO strong and so Lena.

"Hey Kara, if you were dating or seeing someone, you would tell me right?", Alex says out of nowhere.

Alex watched as Kara stiffen, making her furrow her eyebrows, but said nothing as she did not want to spook her already spooked little sister. So she stays silent, waiting for Kara's reply.

"Yeah, you would be the first person I would tell.", Kara says, however, Alex noticed how Kara hesitated a bit before she answered, "Okay."


Then it became quiet between them as the day slowly went by, the sun slowly setting as the blinds block the sunlight, making Lena look paler than her normal complex.

"Hey, Alex....I...I need to tell you something.....", came Kara's voice, yet it trembles a bit. Alex sat up straight as she waits for Kara to continue, "...I'm seeing someone right now."

Alex's eyes widen at the news because she did not expect her baby sister to be dating or seeing someone because she seems so busy with her work life and seeing Lena...Lena...what if it's-no, it's not possible..."How long?"

"Half a year now.", Kara says in a quiet voice, not taking her eyes away from Lena's sleeping form.

"What?! Hal-Kara?! You kept this a secret for HALF a year now?! How could you?! I thought we told each other everything?!", Alex says, shocked, angry, at the same time disappointed because her little sister had hidden from her for half a freaking year now.And I thought Kara couldn't keep a secret, but looky here.

"Alex....I......I didn't want to tell you because I wanted that for myself for a while and they were scared of everyone reactions so we kept it a secret until they were ready.", came Kara's calm voice, yet Alex could hear how Kara's voice breaks a bit.

"Do I know them?", Alex asks softening before looking at her little sister now.

" know.....them.", Kara says, still not looking at her older sister knowing that she is looking at her right now.

Alex looks at Kara before looking at Lena then at Kara before switching between the two again. Then everything clicks in a place like the final puzzle was put in place. How could I have missed it...All those smiles and sister night cancellation.

"Why a Luthor?", Alex says the last name with venom.


"Alex....please....not now...please.", Alex was about to protest but stops when she saw her baby sister turn to her, giving her a sad look, eyes tired and filled with so much sadness that it knocks Alex off her course. I have never seen this much sadness in Kara's eyes before. The only time I saw this was when Kara's world was gone......maybe....maybe I wasn't seeing it right before. Maybe there was still sadness in Kara's eye, but she was able to hide it behind her sunny smiles and personality. Maybe the only time her sadness really disappear was the day she met Lena...Maybe Lena had become her world...


"You know you're not supposed to work right now and should be resting instead.", came a voice of stern and disappointment.

"Kara, I'm fine. Besides, I can't stop working since L-Corp won't run itself.", Lena says, closing off her laptop when Kara got in bed with her.

"I know that, but please. You just got discharged from the hospital not that long ago. I want you to rest...please.", Kara says, gently embracing Lena.

Lena did not say anything because she knew how scared Kara was when she finally woke up from her sleep-induced coma. Lena remembers Kara crying and saying how she was so thankful that Lena was here with her. Ever since that day, Kara has never left her side, always being so gentle with her and always hugging her in her sleep, afraid that if she wakes up, Lena would disappear.

Lena returns the embrace as she buries her face in the crook of Kara's neck as she inhales Kara's scent and warmth, that is slowly luring her to sleep. Kara was rubbing circles onto Lena's back as her other hand ran her fingers through Lena's hair. Then she listens to the steady beating of Lena's heart, knowing that she's here with her and in her arms. Kara slowly drifts to sleep listening to the steady beating of Lena's heart. I love you so much, Lena.

"I love you, Kara.", came Lena's sleepy voice, making this bring tears to Kara's eyes as she embraces Lena even more as she buries her noise into Lena's hair, kissing the crown of her head, "I love you, too, Lena."


"What is Lena Luthor doing here in the DEO?", Alex says to Kara, who is dressed up as Supergirl, glaring at Lena who is helping Winn with something.

"Because J'onn ask me to ask Lena for help.", came Kara's reply, a fond smile appearing on her lips when she sees Lena laughing at something Winn had said, "Also, can you stop glaring at Lena."

"Why can't I glare at her? She isn't supposed to know about the DEO....does she knows that your Supergirl?", Alex asks when she turns to give her little sister a hard stare.

"She knows.", Kara says.

"How could you let a Luthor know-", Alex stops when Kara turns to her, glaring at her when she heard how Alex had said Lena's last name.

"She's not her family.", Kara says, voice hard and held a protectiveness to it.

"That's what happened between Superman and Lex-",

"Stop right there, Alex. Lena has proven time and time again that she isn't like her brother or her mother. How much do you need to know that she isn't like her family? This is why I kept my relationship with Lena a secret because I knew you would react like this."

"I'm reacting like this because you dating Lena Luthor-"

"STOP IT!", this caught everyone's attention, Kara looks around and saw that Lena was giving her a worrying look, but Kara gives her a reassuring smile in return.

"Sorry, Alex was just teasing me too much.", Kara says with a sheepish smile. Then everyone went back to what they were doing expect Lena kept giving Kara a worrying look.

'I love you.' Kara mouths to Lena, watching as a blush adorned Lena's cheeks before watching Lena mouth back the words to her, 'I love you, too.'


Kara didn't listen to what Alex was saying as she walks towards an empty conference room where Alex follows after her and close the door.


"This is why I didn't want to tell you. I knew you would react like that, so I kept it a secret. Besides, Lena was scared of being rejected because of her last name. Lena didn't want me to say anything just yet because she was afraid. So I kept it a secret.", Kara says, looking through the glass wall towards to where Lena and Winn were working.

"Oh, so Lena is suddenly deciding everything you guys-",

"No, you're not getting the point here, Alex...I was the one that decided not to tell any of you guys, but not that long ago, Lena said she was ready to face the consequences or rejection as she said it, she was ready to meet you guys. It was during one of our game night that Lena was supposed to come but back out the last minute because she felt scared. Lena apologizes to me the next morning. We were on the brink of breaking up and if I told you about my relationship with Lena, it might have been the final nail to the coffin.", Kara says as she waves to Lena who gives Kara her breathtaking smile. the smile where the corner of her eyes crinkle and her dimples full on display.

All Alex could do was watch the way her little sister's eyes light up every time Lena looks their way and how her smile gets impossibly brighter and wider. Kara is completely in love with Lena...Kara is head over heels in love with a Luthor.

Alex sigh as she turns to look at Lena, who gives Alex a shy smile as she nods her head before switching her attention to Kara and a blush appearing on her cheeks. How cute. Who would've of thought L-Corps cold, scary CEO could blush so cutely like that.

"Does she make you happy?",

"The most. You have no idea on how happy she makes me. Like, just being by her side makes me already happy and the way she smiles makes my heart swell with so many affections. Lena is my kryptonite, my world, my Rao. She's my everything and it so had to believe that a woman so good and caring, sweet like Lena to fall for a dork and klutz like me. Lena is the love of my life, she makes me weak in the knees and butterflies in my stomach-"

"Kara, you're rambling.", Alex says with a small smile on her lips when she sees Kara blush, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Sorry.", came Kara's soft reply.

"You must've of really love her.", Alex says, looking at the way her little sister's face soften just thinking about Lena and the way she's looking at Lena is filled with so much love and affections, it somehow warms her heart knowing that someone was able to make her sister look like that. Even if that person happens to be a Luthor.

"I do...I feel like I waited for a long time to feel a love that feels this right. All the things we do, it makes me feel whole and complete. It feels so we're destined to be together.", Kara says with a soft sigh and looks in her eyes, just looking at Lena. I don't think I could hate someone who could make Kara this happy.

"I....I'm happy for you, Kara.", Alex says giving her baby sister a side hug.

"Re-really?", Kara says surprise.

"Yeah, anyone who can make you this happy is good in my book.", Alex says giving Kara a smile.

"I...I'm I wouldn't know what to do if you weren't or if I disappointed you.", Kara says, tears welling in her eyes, making Alex give her a sisterly smile.

"I would never be disappointed in you. I mean, sometimes its only because of stupid decision you make when fighting aliens.", Alex smiles when Kara punches her arms, gently of course, with a whine of protest, "But I would never be disappointed in you. You're my baby sister. I'll always love and support every decision you make, no matter how stupid they are."

Kara smiles as she sobs into Alex's embrace, while Alex laughs and rocks them back and forth, cooing at how cute Kara is. A knock on the door make s them turn to see who it was and Kara instantly brightens up, Alex laughs a how easily her mood changes just from seeing Lena.

"Sorry for interrupting, but J'onn wants to see you, Agent D-"

"Alex....just Alex.",

Lena gave Kara a confused look, but Kara shakes her head as she walks towards Lena and hugs her. Alex smiles seeing how Lena features soften so much when Kara hugs her.

"Ah...sorry. J'onn want to see you...Alex.", Lena says with hesitant.

"Okay. I'll see you later than Kara.", Alex says and chuckles when she hears a muffled reply from Kara who faces was buried in the crook of Lena's neck. "By the way, welcome to the family, Lena."

Lena somehow felt like crying, yet at the same time happy knowing that Alex approves her to be with Kara. Alex smiles soften when she sees the misty look in Lena's eyes before she buries her face in Kara's shoulder and the way Kara tightens her hold around Lena protectively. Alex walks out of the room but briefly turns around to see that they have separated, yet still have a loving look in their eyes.

"Also, mom wants to meet Lena by the way.", Alex says and laughs when she saw the look on the couples face. I hope they are in love with each other for a long time. I wonder who would proposal first, Lena? Kara? Alex chuckles at her own thoughts.

"Oh I can't wait for that day to come and the day a new member is added to this crazy family of ours."