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They Don't Know About Us

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“Kara, your phone is ringing.”, came a soft voice.

Kara raises her head to look where her phone was on the nightstand, reaches over to grab it and saw that it was a phone call from her sister Alex. That made her groan as she answers the call.

[Kara, there’s a meeting at the DEO.]

“Okay, I’m coming.”, Kara says with a sigh.

Then she ends the call as she places it back on the nightstand. Kara flops back down onto the bed again with her staring at the ceiling before the most beautiful and soft voice spoke to her.

“Supergirl emergency?”, came the soft-like velvet voice.
“No, just a meeting at the DEO.”, Kara says as she turns around to snuggle deeper into the warmth of the body next to her.

A low chuckle escapes their lips as they wrap their arms around Kara and tightens the hold before Kara’s phone rang again. Kara groans as she removes herself from the warmth that has to loosen their arms. Kara grabs her phone and saw that it was a text message from Alex, telling her to hurry up.

“Well, I better get going or else they’ll come crashing through my apartment.”, Kara says.

“Do you want me to leave then?”, the person still laying on Kara’s bed says.
“No, sleep a bit more since you have a meeting in the morning. Plus, it won’t take long so I’ll return before you know it.”, Kara says as she walks towards her closet.

“Hmm..”, came a reply.

Kara turns around to see when it suddenly got quiet after that answer. A smile appears on her lips as she saw that her lover had fallen back asleep again. Kara quietly makes her way towards the sleeping figure and bend down to their level, looking at their angelic face with a soft smile.

“I love you, Lena.”, Kara says as she kisses Lena’s forehead before going to kiss her cheeks.

Kara straightens up again and turns around to leave, but a something stops her in her track. Kara looks down to see Lena’s hand holding her wrist making her eyes travel the hand up to the arm before meeting with beautiful emerald eyes.

“I love you, too, Kara.”, came Lena’s sleepy voice and soft smile.

Kara’s heart swells from the confession and butterflies dances in her stomach from the smile Lena gives her, only her. Kara bends down and angle her head a bit before lips met lips. Kara smiled as she felt Lena smile into their kisses.

“You should really go before your sister calls again or send the whole DEO into your apartment.”, Lena says, letting go of Kara’s wrist.

Kara lets out a sigh, “Okay.”

Kara walks towards the window and unlocks it as she opens it and jumps out as she soars through the sky and towards the DEO. Lena watches as Kara’s figures get smaller and smaller before she scoots over to Kara’s side of the bed and snuggles into Kara’s pillow before she lets out a content sigh before falling asleep again to the smell of Kara.

Meanwhile, Kara leaves the apartment, she listens to the steady beating of Lena’s heart, as a smile appears on her lips before she flies faster to the DEO so she could come back home faster.


Just thinking about that makes her heart swell with so much affections and love for the woman certainly laying in her bed right now, knowing that she is the cause of the butterflies in her stomach and pride she felt whenever Lena comes home just to tell her about new projects and everything Lena.


Once Kara reaches the DEO, she lands softly onto the balcony before she walks inside and towards where the meeting room was. Kara walks slowly as she looks around before letting out a tired yawn from the active she did as Supergirl before. After arriving at the meeting room, Kara saw through the glass wall that her friends were there as well as J’onn.

Kara slowly opens the door and silent got inside as she hears them talking. Closing the door behind her quietly as she makes her way towards Winn, who was typing away on the computer, and took a seat next to him. Then she leans over to whisper to him, surprising him in process.

“What are they talking about?”, Kara asks.

“Oh, geez?! Kara, you scared the crap out of me.”, Winn says, putting a hand over his fast beating heart, from what Kara could hear.

That snaps Alex’s and J’onn’s attention as they turn towards her before Alex let out a sigh of relief.
“Good, you’re here. I thought you would never show up, having me to come to get you since it took you a while.”, Alex says.

Kara lets out a sheepish smile before replying to her sister, but her mind drifts back to Lena in her bed, tangled in her bed sheet with hair fanning out, moonlight as her light, making her skin glow in the light. As her chest slowly rise and fall to the rhythmic of her heartbeat.

“Sorry, I was….distracted.”, came Kara’s quiet reply, mind still with Lena.

Alex raises an eyebrow when she saw her sister’s distant look when she replies to her statement.

“Okay? Anyways, let's continue with the problem on hand right now.”, Alex says, “Since we’re still figuring out how to solve our alien problem right now, with the new threat that is going and seems to not figure out a solution just yet.”.

Kara snaps out of her dazed state as she zone in onto what they were discussing about and became serious at once listening to what her sister and J’onn was talking about. Somehow, along the way to listening to her sister and them discuss the problem, her mind slowly drifts back to Lena once again, bring a small smile onto her face.

Alex was listening to J’onn give his opinion on the matter before she turns to her sister, frowning as she knew Kara could never sit still in a meeting. When she turned around, causing her to raise her eyebrow once again when she saw that Kara had a faraway look on her face again.

“Kara?...Kara?...”, Alex quietly whisper to Kara, but she does not seem to budge.

Alex frowns a bit before shaking her little sister, making Kara snaps out of her dazed-state once again. Kara turns to look at Alex with a confuses stare before turning to see J’onn giving her a look, raise an eyebrow and all, as she saw that everybody was looking at her.
“Something on your mind, Supergirl?”, J’onn asks, stern voice, hands behind his back as he looks at Kara.

Kara lets out sheepish smile as she rubs the back of her neck, “No, sir. Nothing, just still tired from waking up is all.”.

J’onn rolls his eyes as he lets out a small smile before continuing on with the meeting. Alex turns to give Kara a look, but in return, she gets the famous Kara Danvers smile. This makes Alex shake her head before she turns around to listen back to the meeting.


The meeting finally finished after what seems to be like an eternity. Kara got up happily and hurryingly as she was ready to get out of the room, but stops when she hears Alex call after her. Kara turns around to give her sister a confused look as well a worried look, “Yeah?”.

Alex walks towards Kara as she bids the people in the room goodbye as she walks out the door. Kara confused still, follows after Alex into the hallway, where her sister was waiting for her.

“Care to tell where your mind was during the meeting?”, Alex says as they walk down the hallway. Kara turns to look at Alex–confused still–to ask what she meant, “What do you mean?”.

“It’s just that you had the faraway look on your face during the meeting today. I was just wondering what has got my little sister’s attention to not make her pay attention during the meeting, no matter how boring it was. Or, how she was the first one ready to zoom out of the room to go somewhere as she did seem to be in a hurry.”, Alex says in one go, making Kara stun as she stood rooted in her spot, mouth wide open, staring wide-eyed at her sister.

Kara opens and closes her mouth before she lets out a sigh and shrugs her shoulder before replying to her, “Well, I guess I just wanted to head back to bed because I’m still tired.”, also because Lena is in bed, waiting for me...hopefully.
Alex lets out a small chuckle as she shook her head at what Kara just had said, “And here I thought you wanted to go back to your apartment so badly was because someone was waiting for you in bed.”.

Kara lets out a small–nervous–chuckle as she shook her head.

“No. I’m just tired that’s all.”, Kara says. Alex nods her head as she looks at her watch before look up to Kara again, raising her eyebrow once again when she saw that Kara had that faraway look on her face again.

“You must be really out of it if you keep having that look on your face again.”, Alex says.

“Hmm...yesterday was just really tiring since we had to stop that goo monster and their abundant energy.”, Kara says letting out a yawn.

Alex lets out a laugh, shaking her head at her sister before walking towards her, slinging her arm around Kara’s shoulder, walking them towards the exit.

“How about we get breakfast, I’ll pay for waking you up so early.”, Alex says. Kara stops walking, turning to Alex, before letting out a bright smile, nodding her head.

“Okay, but first, let me change into my work clothes.”, Kara says and Alex nods her head before replying to Kara.

“Okay, I ’ll pick you up at your apart–”, Alex did not get a chance to finish her sentence when Kara cuts her off.

“No! I...I mean, no, it’s okay. I’ll just meet up with you at Noonan’s.”, Kara says with a nervous voice. This makes Alex’s eyebrow shot up at her sudden outburst.

“Are you sure? I mean I don’t mind.”, Alex says, now curious as to why Kara does not want her to come to pick her up. It’s probably because she has someone over and does not want to tell me. Alex feels hurt a bit when she thinks that. But Kara would tell me anything, we’re sister.

Kara, who seems to know what her sister was thinking about, quickly explain to her. “It’s not like that, Alex. I just thought that you could order for us while I get change since I have work in like 3 hours. You could order since you know what I want already and I could quickly get change and maybe secretly fly here.”

Alex opens her mouth to say something, but close it when she thought that what Kara says made sense to her, so she nods her head. Somehow she was still curious and suspicious when she saw that Kara let out a breath of relief. Before Alex could say anything, Kara had flown off in superspeed already, up in the air, away from earshot.

“Huh? Weird, wondering what gotten into her.”, came Alex’s mumble.


Kara had quickly flown towards apartment within a couple minute as she lands on her balcony and opens it. She quickly walks towards her bedroom and opens the door quietly, peeking her head inside only to frown when she saw that no one was in her bed. No wonder why I did not hear her heartbeat.

Kara walks towards her kitchen and saw a cup of coffee on the table with pancakes and a letter standing next to it. Slowly making her way there, she picks up the piece of paper and unfolds it before a smile breaks out.


Hello Darling,

I made you some breakfast before I left since it seems like your meeting was longer than you thought. So, I made you some pancake and coffee. Hope it's still hot when you arrive. Keyword, hope. Anyways, I’ll see you at lunch today.

Love, Lena

Kara smiles become brighter after she reads the note and puts it in her drawer as she looks at the food on the table. It seems that to her that Lena had left not that long ago, taking a guess, she probably left a couple of minutes ago since there were still steams coming out from her coffee mug.
Kara quickly eats her breakfast as she remembers her breakfast date with her sister. When Kara was finished, she puts the plate and mug into the dishwasher as superspeed into her room, strips off her super suit and wore her work clothes. Which consist of a white with small polka dots dress shirt, dark green pants, and oxford shoes.

While she was almost done, she hears knocking. Kara turns around and pulls down her glass to the bridge of her nose as she squints her eye a bit to see who was behind her door. To her surprise, it was Alex, standing outside of her apartment, looking at her watch before raising her knuckle to knock once again.

“Coming!”, Kara shouts out as she puts her glass back on before walking out of her bedroom, “What is Alex doing here?”.

Once Kara was out of her room, she goes towards the door and opens it with confusion on her face. Alex smiles as she walks inside, secretly scanning the room before turning to give Kara a smile.

“Ready to go?”, Alex says with her hands in her pocket as she does a quick look around the room again, to see that nothing was out of place. Kara was confused still but nods her head as she smiles brightly to her sister.

They made their way out the door and into the hallway as Kara close the door behind her and lock it as they made their way to the elevator.


Lena quickly types away on her laptop as she frowns a bit and massages her temple before continuing with her documents. When all of a sudden, she hears her the door to her office opening, making her stop her typing and looks up, only to break out in a smile when she sees who it was that made their way in her office.

“Hello, love. How was your day?”, Lena asks as she gets up from her chair and walks around her desk towards Kara who was settling down their food onto the coffee table.

“I’m doing well other than Snapper yelling at me and whatnot.”, came Kara’s tired reply as she gives Lena a small pout. Lena lets out a chuckle as she stood in front of the pouting Kara before she leans in and kisses away Kara’s pout.

“Hi.”, Lena says with a dreamy smile on her face, looking straight into the sky blue eyes that she fell in love with.

“Hey.”, Kara says, a smile slowly appearing on her lips as she looks deep into Lena’s eye, mesmerize by its sway of color change from gray to beautiful light green.

“How as your day?”, Kara asks as they sat down on Lena’s couch.
“Busy and stressful, but now that you’re here….happy.”, Lena says, looking at Kara.

Kara smiles happily when she saw the breathtaking smile on Lena’s face and the way her dimples shows when she’s happy. It warms her heart knowing that she’s the reason why Lena was happy and never sad. Lena deserves the whole world. She is just so good to not only me but those she cares and around her.

Lena notices how Kara’s smile got soft looking while she has a faraway look on her face. This makes her raise her eyebrow before she leans to capture Kara’s lips. This caught Kara off guard before returning the kiss back, making Lena smile into their kiss, also causing Kara to smile.

They break the kiss as Lena leans back to take a look at Kara, now instead of the faraway look, it was replaced with a dazed and love-struck look on her face. Smile, ever the softness that it is, makes her heart warms at seeing the look that was reserved for her and only her. This makes Lena heart swell knowing that she is love with all Kara’s heart.

This only makes Lena lean in to capture Kara’s lip in a quick kiss before she leans back once again.

“What was that for?”, Kara asks, still dazed and love-struck, drunk on Lena’s kiss.

“For being so good to me and just being there for me.”, Lena says in her soft voice, full of love and emotion.

Kara frowns a bit before smiling and giving kissing Lena on her forehead. “I’ll always be there for you, besides, you’re so good to me too. Not only that, but you take good care of me, make me breakfast and cook dinner when you stay over. I love it when you give me a morning kiss and goodnight kisses. Also how you would scoot close to me because you’re cold or when you feel cuddly and hug me–”, what Kara was gonna say next was cut off when Lena quickly pecks Kara’s lips, shutting her up instantly, as her goofy smile takes place on her face once again.

“You’re rumbling, darling.”, Lena says, smiling as she sees Kara smiling face, knowing that she is the cause of that. A smile reserve for me only.

“If that’s the outcome of me rumbling around you then I don’t mind since I get kisses from you. Not that I don’t get them, but still, getting kisses from you is always the best because you taste sweet to me and you have really soft lips–”, Lena kiss Kara once again before she pulls back chuckling before giving Kara a raised eyebrow and a small smirk on her lips.

“I know what you’re doing, love. If you wanted a free kiss, all you have to do was asks.”, Lena says with a teasing tone.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but how about a kiss then since you kindly said I could ask for one?”, came Kara’s reply with her innocent sheepish smile.

“Dork.”, Lena mumbles before she leans in and kisses Kara on the lips again, grinning when she felt Kara smiling into the kiss as well. Then Kara’s stomach rumbles, causing Lena to lean back and let out the cutest laugh Kara has ever heard before going back to peak Kara’s lips again. “Let’s eat, yeah?”

All Kara could do was nod her head, somehow dazed from all the kisses she receives from Lena and the butterflies in her stomach. Lena catches sight of that and shakes her head as she begins opening their food for them to start eating.


After they’re both done eating, Kara realized that it was time for her to head back to CatCo once again. They clean up their mess and threw it into the trash bin as they stood in front of the door, looking into each other’s eyes. A soft smile spread across their face as Kara reach forward and takes Lena’s hand in hers.

Lena gives Kara’s hand a soft squeeze as she sees how Kara’s eyes seem to gleam with the sunlight that's been filtered into the room. This makes her eyes brighter than before as if she was looking at the sky. Kara smiles when she felt Lena squeezed her hand, as she slowly pulls Lena forward a bit.

All Kara could see was beautiful emerald eyes in her vision before she slow tilts her head and lean forward, smiling when her lip mets with the love of her life. After the little kiss, Kara pulls back a bit, making their forehead touch, eyes close before she encloses Lena in an embrace, arm encircling Lena’s waist as Lena’s arms go around Kara’s neck.

Kara turns her head a bit, nose in Lena’s hair that she had let down, getting a whiff of lavender and vanilla and everything Lena. Lena had her nose bury between the junction of Kara’s law and ear, smile as she presses small kisses to her jawline making Kara smiling into Lena’s hair.

“I love you.”, Kara says in a soft voice, so soft that is filled with love and warm, that it makes Lena’s heart swell and tears swell in the corner of her eyes before smiling into Kara’s neck, tighten her hold on Kara, love spreading through, hoping Kara could feel it as well.

“I love you, too.”, Lena says in a hushed whisper, so quiet that Kara wouldn’t hear it if it weren’t for her super hearing. This makes Kara smile as she could felt her heart swell with love and love that she held only for and only Lena.

When the broke away from the hug, Kara gives Lena a smile filled with love as she kisses Lena’s forehead before letting go of her hand.

“I’ll see you tonight?”, Kara asks, hopeful Lena will say yes.

“Yeah, I’ll see you tonight, love.”, Lena says giving Kara a peak on the cheeks, “Thanks for the lunch, darling.”.

Kara smiles at the enduring nicknames Lena has for her, knowing that they were reserved only for her. Kara nods her head, happy to spend another night with the woman who holds her heart in her hand. “Okay, I’ll see you tonight then.”

Kara walks out the door as she bid Lena goodbye as the door close, signaling that Lena was going back to doing her work. As Kara was about to leave, Jess, Lena’s personal assistant, calls after her. Kara turns to give Jess a confused look as she walks to her desk.

“Yes?”, Kara says.

“I just want to thank you, Miss. Danvers. After you enter Miss. Luther’s life, we’ve been seeing her smiling a lot more, which is good because all my time working with her, all I’ve seen was sadness in her eyes, but it’s slowly being replace and I just want to thank you for that. Everybody here at L-Corp is thankful that you’re the reason to Miss. Luther’s smile. Miss. Luther deserves all the love and happiness in this cruel world that was thrown at her. Thank you once again for being there for Miss. Luther and being her support.”, Jess says in one go. Kara opens her mouth to reply back but close it suddenly when Jess puts on her serious secretary face on. “But if you break Miss. Luther’s heart, everybody, including me, won’t hesitate in making your life a living hell, Miss. Danvers.”

Kara gulps as she never seems Jess this scary before, but know that it was for Lena and she feels happy, knowing that there are so many people who care for Lena. “Don’t worry, I won’t ever break Lena’s heart, I would hurt myself before that ever happens.”, ending with her Sunny Danvers’ smile.

Jess nods her head, happy to hear Kara’s confession before bidding her goodbye, “Have a good day then, Miss. Danvers.”.

“You, too. Also, don’t overwork yourself. Make sure you and Lena have a good meal and resting time.”, Kara says as she walks towards the elevator, hand raised as she waves goodbye to Jess then she turns around to look at Jess as she steps inside the elevator, “Plus, she holds my heart, and is my world. I would always choose her and shower her with love and care because she is so good to me. To put it simply, I’ve fallen in love with her and I’ve fallen deeply which I don’t want to get out. And I hope what we have is forever.”, and with that the elevator door close with a smiling Kara Danvers behind the doors.