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Bakugou stood silently outside the nurse’s office, staring at his feet and pursing his lips. To hide his clenched fists, he shoved them in his pockets, waiting for the voices to quiet down on the other side. His heart rate began to elevate, and a feeling of nausea began to stir his stomach. He squeezed his eyes shut trying to block out the screams in his head, and the feeling of helplessness. His body trembled a bit. Sorry….Uru...


Bakugou was startled out of his own head by a small old woman, swiftly sliding open the office door. Her tiny aged voice piped up, her narrowed eyes barely able to lift to his height.

“Did we keep you waiting long my boy?”

Bakugou ruefully grunted dismissing the wait. Tensing up he tried to hide his unsettled demeanor, but the elderly woman caught on. She reached up and slapped him on the forearm, giving him a large smile. “Bakugou, sweetie, what happened is not your fault. If she sees you feeling guilty it will be an insult to her bravery. You both did what you had to. Just be happy that you both got out alive without mortal injury.”

As she walked away Bakugou clicked his teeth. As much as he hated to admit it, she was right. Despite that he still felt responsible. He had his eyes on her always, ever since he recognized her strength, and especially when they were in danger. The moment he blinked is when it all fell apart. He shouldn’t have let her out of his sight, been more observant, psychic, SOMETHING other than a complete LOSER. If he had been watching more closely, maybe he could have made a difference, but hindsight is always 20/20. With a hissing breath he entered the office, the nauseous feeling increasing. The heavy clops of his shoes seemed louder than usual as he gently pawed at the curtains, trying to find the opening, shyly peeking into each one. All had been empty. Suddenly a sheen bounced off the floor catching his eyes. He did not realize toward the end that one set of curtains were drawn back. The sun’s pink glow shining in catching the metal bar at the end of the hospital bed. He pursed his lips again, swallowing hard.


He heard the shifting of sheets as he rounded the corner and a soft moan. Uraraka sat up in her bed, slowly, trying to hide a wince.  The sheets were already pulled back, giving Bakugou a little relief. He wasn’t awakening her and keeping her from rest. Looking upon her, he noticed the condition of her arms, tightly wrapped and splinted. His nausea turned into a sinking feeling. He gave low growl and bit the side of his tongue. Don’t show your guilt…

“Hey Bakugou, I didn’t think you would come to visit.”

“what makes you say that…”


Uraraka noticed the softened expression on his face. Even though he was still scowling, it came across more like a wounded puppy. She lifted an eyebrow as she carefully scooted to the edge of the bed. “what’s with the face?” her feet made a soft patter sound as they touched the floor “that’s not the face of the Bakugou I know.” She gave a soft laugh while he gave a small grunt in resistance “If I would have known you were coming, I would have tried to clean myself up a little… or I would have.” She shifted her arms in the double sling she was wearing “a little hard when your hands don’t work.” On feather light steps she approached him. He could tell she was trying to cover her plight with humor which did not help his conscious. Once she stepped out of the shadow of the curtain, he noticed how unkempt she looked. Her normal shiny brown hair was oily and tangled. Her usual fresh, rosy cheeked face seem dull and slick. “kind of embarrassing… I hope you’ll forgive me. I don’t really have anyone to help me. Everyone is too afraid to hurt me or get my bandages wet. All they are willing to do is brush my teeth and use refreshing wipes” She then giggled, embarrassed by her own statement “sorry, did I share a little too much?”

Bakugou’s eyes averted from her “no…?” He wasn’t really sure if it was oversharing or not. This was just her reality, a reality he was at fault for. Flash back’s of the last few months played back in his head. Her cute smiles that sprinkled the day like sugar, her laughs that resonated like a windchime, her positive energy that radiated from her every moment. He recalled her chasing Deku around the class, and teasing Iida because he took everything so literally, while also unknowingly rejecting request for dates from the other boys in class. Not that it was his concern, but he always found it amusing when the poor sucker would trudge away. Inwardly for some reason he felt a kind of relief. Kirishima commented how often he caught him staring but really, he wanted to see what she would do next. She said it herself after all. She was relentless in her determination and positivity which he found both annoying and impressive. Mostly he liked it when she puffed her cheeks up every time he made a snide comment, or slapped on the arm whenever he started to argue with another student. It was sheer entertainment to rile her up, though he had to admit sometimes he regretted it. She had her ways of getting him back. Though he balked, she would never know that in his mind he called it fair or even go so far as to be amused and find her clever. If he ever admitted it, he knew she would never let him forget it. Since the sports festival, he made attempts to use her name, but found it was slightly awkward. He was not one to be formal and liked to keep his distance in a way. He also over all preferred nicknames because he tended to have difficulty remembering sometimes. Unfortunately for him, he discovered in their growing friendship it wasn’t much appreciated. In attempts to meet half way, he started calling her Uru. Similar to her name but also to tease her for selling out for money, but secretly to obtain it. She in response, when the mood suited her, she would call him Kacchan which would irritate him greatly. All of it seemed so long ago, now over powered with this new image of pure agony. If he had just been stronger, she wouldn’t have to suffer all these inconveniences and pain. Upon averting his eyes, he noticed something that may help her feel better. If he could, he would do anything at this point.

“Hold on.”

He grabbed one of the visitor’s chairs and pulled it close to the nurse’s station. Firmly but gently he placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her to the chair to sit. He motioned with his hand, circling around and placing a slight pressure on her shoulders. Reluctantly she sat, trying to catch his gaze, but he was so focused on what he was doing he, ended up ignoring her inquiries as to what was going on in his head.

“Bakugou, what are you doing?”

He gestured with open palms in her direction. He had that look like he did on tests, challenges, and missions where he ascertained something that everyone else overlooked. She furrowed her brows but trusted that he wasn’t going to do anything she wouldn’t like.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

Uraraka continued to look confused as he walked off at a determined speed and the door snapped shut behind him. “I wonder what that was about?” While she waited, she pressed her toes against the cool floor, leaving temporary footprints. She then started creating patterns with the pad of her toes, like dots and hearts. Once she got the hang of the timing on how long the heat took to appear and remain behind, she then began writing her name and the Bakugou’s. Once she grew board of that, she proceeded to fidget her arms in the sling because they were getting so sore not being able to move much in their binding. Not to mention they are broken.

After what seemed like forever, the door reopened. It was Bakugou, with a plastic shopping bag in hand. He carefully set it aside next to the sink that was directly behind her chair with a clatter. “what’s that?” Uraraka asked blinking in bewilderment. Bakugou remained silent for the moment. Methodically, he unloaded the bag of its contents which were a few small bottles, a cup, a few half sized towels, and a hair brush. He wanted to make sure he thought of everything and that he had everything he needed to proceed to the next step. Once he was sure, he glanced at her, still deflated from earlier.

“I thought… that if you needed help I could…”

Uraraka’s chocolate hues lit up “Bakugou~”

He cringed hearing her coo like that. He was already outside of his comfort zone, she did not need to increase his level of embarrassment. He flicked the caps off the bottles and ripped off the tags in a violent fashion, though a bit subdued than usual.

“Don’t look at me like that pink cheeks! Besides it’s not anything special! It’s whatever I was able to find at the student store…”

He mumbled to himself, attempting to hide a light blush that dusted his cheeks. Uraraka kicked her feet playfully like a child in a swing. She tried to lean to the side to catch a glimpse of his face, but he clicked his teeth and turned and raised his shoulders to shelter himself from her prying eyes.

“still… that was very thoughtful of you. Never thought you’d be the-”

He turned and slammed one of the bottles down next to the sink, and tiny bubbles burst from the hole, spouting into the air. In his fury, at first he didn’t notice.

“Hah!? Don’t push it!”

After his words few out of his mouth he detected the small irritants, though Uraraka seemed charmed by them. He briefly debated popping them with a small burst from his palm, but instead decided against it for the girl’s sake. His palm sizzled back to normal as he accounted each item. After that he took one of the folded towels and draped it on the back of the chair behind her neck. He then gripped the chair and tipped it backward, Uraraka yelping in surprise. It felt to her like the moment the titanic tipped in the movie, still disorient from her ordeal days before.

“I got you Uru…”

“I know. I can always count on you.”

Bakugou froze momentarily, feeling instant regret like a punch to the gut. He responded with a low growl, fighting to not grit his teeth “Don’t say stupid things like that” He paused momentarily as he grabbed the faucet handle. With an exhale, he turned on the sink. Rubbing each finger, and each palm, especially the backs and in-between, he thoroughly washed his hands. He wanted to make sure they were clean before moving on. Uraraka caught him repeatedly scrubbing, taking longer than a normal wash. She guessed that he may be obsessing over what happened not realizing she had already moved passed it and forgiven all persons involved. Dwelling never helped anyone.

“Bakugou…” Ururaka said softly gazing up at him. His eyes barely swiveled in her direction as he flicked the last remaining water droplets still clinging to his fingers. “My injuries are not your fault. They are mine. There is no need to beat yourself up over it.” Bakugou lifted his lip in a snarl, a fang catching the light from the window. He meant to have a cool comeback but when his burning eyes locked with hers, he was caught off guard and so sheathed verbal weaponry. Her irises then fell to the floor hooded by her curled lashes “All you are accomplishing is making me sad.” He swallowed his comment and tested the water to make sure it was a good temperature for her. Not too cold, not too hot, but just warm enough to be comfortable. Inwardly he scolded himself to be more mindful of his body language. He was giving himself away already just by being there and offering help, last thing he needed was to upset her by being outwardly mopey. He decided to not further add to her discomfort by making greater efforts to keep his comments to himself. With care, he fluffed up her hair so it a fell into the sink. Grasping the cup, he filled it with water and smoothly poured it over her head, careful not wet her face. The trickling sound of the water brought him some comfort.

“Are you comfortable? is temperature ok?”

“It’s’ fine. I am surprised though. You have been… very quiet lately. It’s unlike you.”


She wasn’t going to make it easy for him was she to keep his composure. Poking and prodding as always. She must enjoy pissing him off. Must be a game for her or some messed up form of flirting. Doesn’t she know he not some charity case that needs her sympathy. He will work out his guilt in time. At least he hoped so. She kept digging.

 “I can tell you haven’t been the same since…y’know…” she looked down at her arms “I wish you would share with me you are thinking, so we can help each other y’know?”

He bit the inside of his cheek, almost to the point of bleeding.

“There is nothing you don’t already know. Now can we just drop it?”

“mmmmm.. no?”

Bakugou’s eyebrow twitched as he grabbed the shampoo bottle and squeezed it generously over her hair. If she wouldn’t move on at his request, he would move her off the subject by subtle manipulation. Like magic, he gingerly he began to work in the soap, massaging it into her scalp. His thick finger tips danced her away from the conversation in broad, circular, and kneading motions. Strategically he used some gentle squeezes where muscles felt most tense. Uraraka closed her eyes, forgetting her question, giving a breathy sigh. His fingers, in an uncharacteristically tender way, worked their way through the recent tangles and post battle mats. Biting back his tears, he hummed to himself, smoothing her hair back and away from her face. He did not like seeing her in such a state. The sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach returned, but he tried desperately to keep a straight face. Focus on her and what you’re doing… Hand over hand, he ran his finger through the soapy strands, giving some long combing strokes from root to end. The pads of his fingertips laved over her crown and temples, all the way back to her nape, kneading generously. He pulled from her another soothed violin like sigh. “This ok?” he rasped.

“This feels so nice…”

Her voice sounded as if her head were a but clouded, the syllables drawn out and pitched like a tune, almost slurring her words.


Let that be the end of it…. he thought to himself giving a soft throaty cough. Holding back his tears caused fluid to drain into the back of his throat which was not a pleasant feeling. It gave him a gurgled sound he greatly dislikes and feared it would give him away if it turned to a sniffle.

“I’m surprised. You of all people are tending to me. Aren’t you afraid of hurting me?”

“Keh. You aren’t giving either of us enough credit… I’m not heartless and you’re.. a tough girl…”

In a sweeping motion, Bakugou began to rinse her hair with the cup. He corrected his voice again as the suds dissipated and swirled down the drain. Water splashed up on his face and he dismissively wiped his face on his forearm and shoulder. Ringing out the reminder of the water from her locks, he reached for the conditioner but halted with a sharp sensation in his gut. Uraraka elbowed him in the stomach playfully “was that a compliment? I don’t believe I ever have heard you say anything nice about anybody before.” He grabbed one of the towels with a loud discontented snarl. With a flick of his wrist he unfurled it. He swiftly wet it with the warm water, wrung it out with a snap, and threw it over her face like a table cloth.

“Shut up…”

She protested but couldn’t lift a hand to stop it, being all bound up. He grumbled to himself as she squirmed. Rubbing a large dollop of the conditioner in his hands, he lowered his face to her ear, so she could hear him through the towel “Remember I fought you, fought alongside you. I am not afraid, because even if I did hurt you, you can take it.” He gave a small smirk because his words seemed to make her stop squirming, but again immediately regretted his word as he remembered her injuries for the thousandth time. “Not that I want to hurt you… I ‘m just doing what needs to be done.” Bakugou started to coat her hair with the conditioner, working it through as before in caressing motions, its silky texture and rich color starting to return. Uraraka appreciated Bakugou’s honesty but he was still avoiding the question. Most likely because he is terrible at lying.

“Then why won’t you be real with me. You have been on your best behavior… and to be honest it is kinda weird.”

The silence between them grew heavy. Even under the towel he could feel her eyes pressing on him, boring into him. He grunted in defeat.

“Fine. Honestly… I… I wish you were angry with me.”

While the conditioner was setting, he removed the towel from Uraraka’s face and delicately wiped her face, her eyes closing in response. Being so close he could see the thickness and curl of her lashes, and the soft barely noticeable freckling on her cheeks and one the bridge of her button nose. It was as if she were sprinkled with brown sugar. Softly he traced over her forehead and brow, then followed the smooth curve of her rosy cheek to her jawline. The end of the stroke tilted her face up toward him, making his heart skip a beat. Her pink lips exhaling softly in a delicate O, glistening with the dampness left behind from the towel. He swallowed before he continued hesitantly down her neck, careful to stop at the hallow of her throat before her collar bone. He blinked nervously as his hand traveled downward on each side of her throat. He was so glad her eyes were closed and not watching him writhe. If she saw she would never let him live it down. He proceeded dabbing the water from her chin, then from her lashes and her nose. When it came to her lips, he could barely wipe them without blushing. They were soft and plush, squishing easily with the slightest pressure then springing back. He almost wanted to touch them, brush them with his thumb. To his surprise they parted with a question “why should I be angry?”

Bakugou flushed, straitened up and shook his head, irritated with himself. What is wrong with you… Her eyes fluttered open when she heard the slap of the damp towel hitting the floor.

As he rinsed her hair, he began to confess. “I’m only really good at one thing… fighting. So, your passiveness is irritating.” He began tightening his grip on her strands to be sure that all the tangles and conditioner were gone. “I would prefer you to hit me rather than comfort me.” Once the last drops fell, he grabbed a dry towel and adjusted Uraraka’s chair back to normal. Her eyes gazed upon him with empathy, and he couldn’t stand the sight of it. He knelt down, tossed the towel over her head and began to ruffle it to dry her hair. She tried to speak through the vigorous motions of his hand but he muffled her by also drying her face. His growl slowly increased in volume trying to drown out her attempts.

“Stop trying to fix me! I am not broken! You can’t change how I feel. If I were stronger.. I would have been able to protect you… but I keep failing! I feel like… I can’t protect anyone….”

The ruffling of the towel came to a stop as his voice quieted, hanging his head. Uraraka had had enough. With a wince she lifted her less injured arm from the sling and batted his hands away, the towel slipping back ward with the release of Bakugou’s hand. The towel sat on her head like a hood, barely clinging on. She then grabbed his jaw, barely able to squeeze with her broken fingers. Giving him a determined look, his lips puckering from the pressure, she scolded him. “You can’t protect me all the time Bakugou! And I am not the only one who needs protecting! In saying that, you disrespect me being a hero. No one wants to see their friends hurt, but … you need to allow me to do what I need to do to protect you too. Let me be your hero…” She released him with a whimper letting her hand settle on his shoulder “you are mine everyday… Just give me that much ok.”

Bakugou’s eyes softened. He always admired her selflessness and strength, though he mostly kept it to himself. He was taken aback by her words, and he could no longer hold back his tears. HE never thought of them as close, though he felt their fondness grow day to day. To hear her not just calling him a hero but her hero, was a shock and endearing. He gripped his shirt, squeezing the fabric in his fist as he tried to choke back a sob. It meant a lot to him, feeling really down on himself since the event with all might. “oh~ Bakugou~” Uraraka cooed placing her hand on his cheek and pulled him in close. Their foreheads settled, pressing together, her damp stands tickling his face. She watched him silently cry to himself, clenching his teeth trying told it in. She nuzzled his nose trying to cheer him up “It’s ok, I’m here. Though I have to say you’re kinda cute when you cry.” Bakugou, looked up at her with a teary glare.

“I am only crying because won’t stop saying stupid shit!”

“There’s my Bakugou! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been.”

He sat back on his heel, turning his head, trying to get some distance between them “Shut up!”

“Make me!” she challenged, ruffling his hair.

“Do you ever stop talking!” He looked up at her, full on glare. He snatched her face, palms hissing as they heated. Nose to nose he snarled with dismay but found her smiling, pleased with herself despite his reaction. As soon as his fiery hues met with her chocolate brown irises, his heart fluttered. His chest began to tighten, and his breathing became shallower. He didn’t know whether he was becoming madder or getting ready to pass out. They were so close, but this time he was more than aware instead of focusing on himself, crying. His senses picked up, the focus back on her. He could smell the remanence of shampoos, and the dampness of ger hair. Wafting through was the smell of her skin, sweet like maple syrup and butter. His mouth fell open just slightly, feeling the temperature rise. The flutter of her breath on his lips felt alluring. His cheeks began to flush as his eyes traveled down to her hers, a fog rolling in and changing the hues of his mind. It was almost like his world was swallowed by a pink glow, not counting the sunset. His pulse began to quicken, resounding in his ears like a distant drum marching closer. The pink, upturned crescent that was her mouth, motioned to form words but in the haze, he could not hear them. He momentarily wondered if they were important but was quickly over taken by the thought of what her lips must feel like. What her mouth must taste like.

“What’s a matter? Cat got your tongue?”

There was a sensation of static or was it like a gravitational pull? He couldn’t put his finger on it, but all he knew was the distance between them was closing. Uraraka whined, her skin prickling from the heat emanating from his body, slowly increasing as the scent to toasted toffee tickled her nose. When her breath hitched, he felt like a meteor entering her atmosphere.  With each noise she made, in every breath she took, he felt himself, piece by piece breaking apart. The heart beat in his chest pounded like a countdown as he awaited the spectacular explosion of when their bodies would meet. With hooded smoldering eyes, he released a husky growl, no longer able to fight her gravity.

“No… you do.”

Bakugou pulled Uraraka in, pressing his lips against hers, humming with want. She parted her lips in complaint, but his tongue lapped against the opening, devouring her words making her whimper. His brain flipped, her lips were so plush and soft like mochi, but tasted just as she smelled. Sweet with a little salt, wet and succulent like fruit, he wondered if this was his new favorite flavor. Uraraka shed a sharp breath, the sound heightening his desire making a sound deep in his throat rumble with need. She placed her hand on his chest to stop his advance, but even through the bandage she could feel his racing heartbeat. Before she knew it, he found a way inside, lapping at the pliable flesh and surfaces within, each caress determined to draw her out. One of his hands moved up into her damp hair , intertwining his leather hard digit in her tangled locks while the other traveled down the supple curve of her side. Her body shuddered with a moan, felling the gentle tug at her hair and the pads of his finger wandering around her hip and lower back. Greedily licked her lips and slurped her tongue, making it heart for her to think. Though trying to find a way out, she was wavering between exploding and melting. Bakugou advanced, pulling her closer, causing the towel to fall from her head to the floor. She felt like she almost couldn’t breathe, and the taste of toasted toffee and the undulation of his tongue overwhelming her senses in ways she never felt before. When he drew his tongue back for a breath, and she bit down on his lip in panic. She yelped realizing what she had done and brought her hand to her mouth, recoiling in her chair. Bakugou backed off with a grunt, touching his lip. When he looked at his fingertips, he saw blood.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“IDIOT!” Bakugou stood up holding his lip and went to walk away. She snatched the hem his tshirt, stopping him from going too far.

“It was an accident!”

“What the fuck is wrong with you!”

Bakugou’s eyes flared, avoiding returning in the girl’s direction. His other hand released a series of small pops and smoke as it started to curl into a fist at his side. Uraraka began to tear up, hanging on to him as much as she could though her fingers were screaming for her to let go. He heard her sniffle behind him, and his breath left him for a brief moment. Will he never stop causing her harm? He cupped his hands over his face, the one palm still steaming.

 “Not you! ME! I am such a fucking idiot! I should be the one who is sorry! FUCKING HELL!”

He let out a roar of frustration as embarrassment started to settle in, his face reddening to the point his ears burned with shame. Uraraka could see his blush from behind, the redness traveling down the back of his neck. He grasped the collar of his shirt and pulled it up over his face and groaned to himself almost like a child trying to hide from being scolded. Bakugou clenched his teeth a drew a trembling breath “mmmmmmn…why… why the fuck did I do that…” He wasn’t sure what he was thinking when he made the move. Was he unable to back down from her challenge? Was he trying to shut her up thinking he would be unphased? He remembered the fog setting in, almost feeling a magnetic pull between them. “Fuck!” Unable to contain himself any longer he began to walk away again but mid step he felt a tug, and realized he was still anchored by Uraraka. She winced, her fingers throbbing and burning, but she was afraid he might run off if she let go. He turned to her, face full of defeat.


“…” his crimson irises passed over her face, seeming sad now “I’m gonna.. go…” He clenched his hand on his chest, pulling at the fabric as he turned away from her again. His heart ached so badly he felt like he was choking. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to cry “you don’t need a jerk like me here…"

 “You’re not a jerk” She let go with a small wince, unable to hang on anymore. He felt the tension leave as the fabric came loose. She turned her head, biting her lip. The limb was so stiff she could barely move it. It was funny how Bakugou always made her forget herself. Withdrawing her hand, she placed her arm back in the cross sling, her fingers trembling painfully. She made a small sigh, once the limb had settled, then tilted her head back up to gaze up at him with a pained smile “I was just surprised is all. Please, don’t go.”

Bakugou turned to her confused “You’re not upset?”

“I wouldn’t say those are the exact words I’d choose.”

Bakugou cast his eyes to the floor, guilt-ridden. He let loose a shuttering breath, trying to dissipate the anxious feeling in his chest. His bottom lip trembled, keeping his head down, but letting his irises swivel back up to her. He watched as her feet began to rub together, one over another, alternating. He guessed this was her equivalent of twiddling her thumbs or ringing her hands. Maybe even like twirling a lock of hair which at this point would have been difficult due to her condition. He thought to himself while she fidgeted. He would have been pissed if it was the other way around. Just cursing up a storm, maybe tossing a chair or bed in the process. What could she be thinking?

Her voice wavered as she shifted in her chair.  “Well…” She began, planting one foot on the front pad. She then moved the other forward and used her toe to trace figure eights on the floor, leaving heat streaks behind as she continued. “More like, flustered? Maybe even startled or overwhelmed? Never in a million years have I expected you to kiss me.” Her own cheeks flushing, she tucked her face toward her shoulder, her words barely audible “and actually be good at it.” She bit her bottom lip recalling the sensation he gave her, her blush deepening.

“What’d you say?”

“Nothing! I said nothing!” Uraraka giggled nervously as he re-approached her. She exuberantly shook her head and straitening up. She sighed “Basically, for a moment there I thought I forgot how to breathe is all!”. She went to move her arm to waved him off out of habit but cringed “ack! I really need to stop moving my arm.”

Suddenly she found Bakugou standing over her, surprising her. In the moments her eyes had closed when she flinched, he had closed in like a villain in a horror movie. She leaned back on the chair to be able to see his face, but he just kept leaning closer. Without realizing it she caused the chair to tip over, clacking loudly against the sink. She yelped thinking she was falling. Bakugou placed a hand on either side of her on the lip of the sink, his eyes intent and inquisitive.  He watched his proximity, so as not to be bewitched again.

“You said I am good at it. Does that mean you liked it?”

At first, she thought maybe he had recovered and was flirting but quickly discovered it was a genuine and innocent curiosity. His eyes were wide and focused, trying to read her expression almost like a cat watching a bird outside the window. She retreated as much as she could, the space between them closing again. She tried to avert her eyes, but his eyes pressed her, his crimson eyes catching the light. Lifting her leg, she hooked her heel into the crook of his hip trying to push him back a bit but he barely budged. He hummed, his eyebrows lifting, but she whined in refusal. He hummed again, his face returning to a scowl, as he grabbed her face, forcing her to look his way. She lifted her other leg and hooked that heel in as well, in attempts discourage him. She had to admit though, he was being kind of cute.


He releases the sink, standing tall as he raised his hands up to his ash blond mane “You did!” He chuckled in what seemed like relief running his hands over his face again. She exhaled in attempts to decompress.

“Yeah well thanks to you, that’s twice now I almost forgot how to breathe!”

Bakugou, grabbed Uraraka’s ankles as he squatted down, then placing her heels on his shoulders. Exasperated he let out a loud jet of air “Shit, you and me both!” He placed a hand over his mouth, whipping downward as his eyes looped to the ceiling and back. “I am just glad you’re not going to blow my fucking head off!”

“No, that would be you.”

“True…but still…”

He propped his elbow on his knee and rested his face in his palm, looking to her amazed. His expression was soft and attentive.

“You may never hear this from me again, but I am so fucking sorry. Like Deku sorry…”

Bakugou ruffled his own hair and made panicked hand motions then gestured to mimic the boy’s fountain like tears. Uraraka giggled as he smoothed himself back to his usual spikey mess.

“I don’t know what came over me, but I will be more mindful of you and ask for permission next time” His eyes widened and added rapidly “I-if t-there is a next time! Not saying there will be a next time! Hell if I know! That is… unless…fuck…sorry it’s stupid…” Uraraka giggled at the rare sight of a rambling Bakugou. She thought to herself, that if there was a next time, she may not be opposed to it. It wasn’t completely unpleasant, but she was sure she would have interpreted it much differently if she had expected it. She nuzzled his ear with the top of her foot, passing him a sweet smile. He grabbed her ankle gently and closed his crimson hues, placing a soft kiss there. “I hope you can forgive me.”

“Only if you can forgive me”, she licked her lip and bit down to signal to him what she meant. Bakugou shook his head, trying to dismiss her for he was the one who intruded, but she hushed him. She squeezed her feet together to stop his gesture. She then playfully batting at his ears before hooking behind them. “ok, fine. I’ll make you a deal. As long as you come back to see me every few days, I can consider forgiving you. Thank you for keeping your eyes on me, Bakugou.” She didn’t want to be selfish and ask him to come every day, she was sure he had other more important things to do,but that doesn’t stop her from hoping.

Bakugou’s eyes suddenly lit up in elation “you know Uru…I think things are starting to make fucking sense to me.” He swiftly but gently gripped her ankles and stood, placing both in one hand and then letting the bottoms rest against his abs. He combed his free hand through his wild mane “I have never, since the festival, been able to take my eyes off you. And after today… I don’t know if I can ever again.” He blushed scratching the back of his head “Fuck! Never mind, I don’t know what I am saying.” Uraraka could feel his breath and his heart rate pick up again, feeling the inflation and the pulses under her feet. “I don’t care if I have to come here every fucking day to make it up to you, I will.” Her heart skipped a beat, a new look of determination took over Bakugou’s face, flashing in his scarlet hues “And if you let me, I’d like to do things in the right order… When you are well, allow me to take you out on a date.”

Uraraka flushed “eh, let focus one thing at a time.”

“Is that a no?”

“Yes- I mean no! its not! I am just a bit flustered again is all.”

She nervously laughed, and she could see his face starting to deflate. She began to panic, minutely wiggling her legs to send a vibration to his stomach to knock him out of it. He made a grunting sound due to the pressure on his stomach.

“I mean, let’s start slow and work our way toward it and make it special. This was all so sudden y’know”

“Nothing is worth shit if you don’t fucking work for it. I accept your challenge” He gave his classic crooked smirk. An expression she had been missing since the day they left for their mission. She found it charming, which was unusual because she normally found him a bit frustrating. It was a nice change.

Before they could converse more, the old woman returned sharply tapping her cane on the linoleum floor. “Visiting hours are over young man.” Bakugou grunted and scrunched his eyebrows, pursing his lips. He didn’t want to leave. He clenched his free hand, his pall searing and releasing steam. Mortified, she removed her feet from him, which he caught in his peripherals and didn’t appreciate. He squared off to her, shouting with an unnecessary vigor.

“I’ll fucking leave when I am damn well ready!”

He looked back to her and realized because of the commotion he forgot- “I forgot to brush your hair, damnit!!!”

“Bakugou” Uraraka soothed. She didn’t want him to get himself in trouble and not be allowed to see her. “it’s ok, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow?” she said sweetly, tilting her head just slightly, her hair still tousled and damp.

Throwing her a sideways glance, he winked and pitched a side smile that only she could see “Fine then, first thing.” He shoved his hands in his pockets and began to walk out. Just as he passed through the threshold, he turned to the old woman “Oh yeah, grandma! Don’t you dare toss out the stuff I bought you hear! And make sure she recovers quickly. I want to take her on a proper date.”

“Well Bakugou, aren’t you a gentleman!”

“Shut up!!!”