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Detectives Garth and Waters walked into the Major Crimes murder room expecting to find it bustling with activity, instead they were shocked to note the absence of just about everyone. Mike heard the loud footfalls of the Robbery Homicide pair coming down the hall, he'd been waiting for over an hour for them to show up with the evidence. He spun around in his chair and peered up over his glasses, glaring at them, "Took you long enough."

"Well we were across town when we got the call from our Captain to come bring this stuff to you guys, I guess you're taking over again," Garth replied not hiding his annoyance at losing the case. His partner jabbed him in the side, he wasn't looking to get in a pissing contest over a case tonight.

Waters lifted the box up onto the desk belonging to Sykes, "There wasn't much, but here's what we've collected so far." He started lifting evidence bags, "Two cell phones, a wallet, two sets of keys, one nike sneaker, and some trace blood from the alley."

Mike nodded as he listened, it definitely wasn't much to go on and he doubted that any of the blood would come back as a match to Stroh. The man may have gotten in a fight last night, but he was nothing if not careful. He stood up and took the paper from Waters signing his name to it as he took custody of the evidence, "Thanks."

Garth was about to say something again when Waters gave him a pointed look and pulled him away. The older detective turned to Mike, "Good luck, I hope you find the Kid."

Mike noted that he didn't say alive, and it was no surprise. The team didn't have much to go on and if this was Stroh he wasn't going to leave any witnesses this time. He picked up the two phones and plugged them into his computer, uploading any messages or photos that might prove useful then turned his attention back to the surveillance videos.

Across town, Julio sat with Buzz and a sleeping Casey who leaned against his arm as she slumbered. Any other day, any other time he might have taken a picture of the scene to tease the guys about, he knew they all found her hot and so un-Buzz-like. He shook those thoughts aside and watched over the pair as they rested. Buzz was asleep when he arrived several hours ago, the doctors had taken him up to the OR earlier to relieve the pressure in his brain. Casey explained it to him earlier, a ventriculostomy he wasn't clear exactly what it meant but noted that he now had a small drain tube at the base of his skull where fluid could escape. The doctors said everything went well and he should wake up without any issues, but Julio was getting anxious it'd already been 12 hours and yet he remained asleep.

He pulled out his phone and sent off a text to Sykes, "Still asleep. Anything new?"

At the Sharon and Andy's condo things had finally calmed down, despite her protests Sharon ducked down the hall to catch a few hours of sleep. Andy sat with her, keeping vigil while Provenza and Sykes continued to try and make sense out of Rusty's makeshift murder board. The Kid had done a pretty good job, with it but it was clear that he was investigating like a journalist and not a detective some key details were missing while others seemed extraneous. Neither could figure out how Rusty got to this point, but the information was more than they had to go off of a few hours ago and they'd take whatever help they could get at this point.

Provenza looked at the clock, 12 hours. Rusty had been a missing person for 12 hours already and they still had no idea where he was being kept, if it was Stroh or some accomplice, and even worse whether he was even still alive. He berated himself for even thinking for a split-second that Rusty could be dead, he figured he'd feel it if it'd happen. He'd just know the way a parent knows when something bad has happened. He felt nothing and so Rusty was alive.

Sykes pulled out her phone as it chirped, "Julio says Buzz still hasn't woken up yet."

All of this was wrong Provenza thought to himself, those two are practically brothers who've both experienced their own share of trauma. He knew life was cruel and unfair, but this felt like God playing a sadistic joke on them all.

"Tell Julio to get some rest, then go back to the office and help Tao comb through the surveillance videos," he replied wiping the tired from his own eyes.

Sykes nodded and typed away a quick reply back to Sanchez, "We have some leads to follow-up on, but mostly the board just tells us about other potential victims not where to find Stroh. Get some rest and then give Tao a hand."

Amy got up and moved towards the kitchen, "Coffee?" She asked.

Provenza shook his head, he needed to put food in his stomach before he added any more of the caustic stuff. His phone buzzed and he pulled it out to find a message from Mike.

Tao's eyes were so dry they hurt from staying open and staring at his screen all night. He was going frame by frame through the video, but wasn't coming up with anything. He leaned back in his chair and picked up Rusty's phone going through it. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary, not that he was expecting to find something that would break the case wide open but it would have been nice. He scrolled through his phone history again, stopping and then staring at a missed call from his other mother. It came in the day before Rusty went missing, but it didn't look like he ever called her back. Tao's feet began to bounce up and down as his brain processed the information.

"Oh shit," he muttered to himself aloud. He pulled out his phone and shot off a text to Provenza, "Did anyone think to let Sharon Beck know her son is missing?"