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"Lieutenant," Sharon said turning towards Mike, "Can you please follow up on our suspect's alibi?" A bit of a mischievous grin came to her face before saying the name, "Umi Tanaka?"

Mike smiled in returned, "Sure Commander." Then looked over at Julio who was giving him the evil eye, he mouthed "What."

"Maybe I should go with the Lieutenant, ma'am, I might be able to help question this Umi woman," Julio said trying to hide his desire to meet this apparently attractive and yet flexible woman.

"Because you know all about yoga?" Amy asked barely containing her laughter.

Sharon shook her head it was no surprise Julio was volunteering, he was always eager to meet young attractive women no matter the place — strip clubs, bars, and the like, "Julio why don't you stick to meeting women at your play date groups with Mark. Mike can handle Umi on his own." The mouths of everyone in the room dropped at the playful burn thrown Julio's way.

With a bit of sulk he plopped down at his desk while Tao grabbed his coat and headed out, "See ya." Julio grumbled under his breath, but kept quiet. The rest of the team waited at their desks as Paige went to the elevators to escort Logan Seager and his attorney to an interview room.

Despite the light-hearted moment they all shared, Sharon couldn't shake off her interview with Jack and the revelations it brought. She anticipated the personal attacks, and they turned out to be less vicious than she expected. To anyone else his remarks would have been a near pinnacle of spite, but sadly she had experienced far worse in the nearly 30 years they had been married. She needed to set aside Jack and focus on Mr. Seager, but her attention was split. Initially, she thought maybe Goldman was mistaken and gave the wrong information by accident. That thought was merely a momentary blip in her mind though, she knew better. Sharon had a desire, despite her profession, to believe the best in people and on occasion it led her to make slightly naive judgements about people and their behavior. The beliefs were always fleeting, and on some level she was glad after this many years in law enforcement she was still capable of thinking, or perhaps hoping for those human traits. Ultimately she knew better especially with the likes of Goldman. She saw him first hand manipulate not only the justice system, but the people around him. First it was Ann, then with "Cop Killer," it was a clear pattern and now she had to wonder what exactly did he get himself into this time. And again with Ann, there was something there but she couldn't put her finger on it. What was it that Goldman told Brenda years ago? Sharon racked her brain trying to pull that memory out of her mental filing cabinets. For the life of her she couldn't recall this potentially vital piece of information.

Sharon was shaken from her thoughts, "Commander, we've put him in Interview 2. Do you want me and Provenza to handle this conversation?" Andy looked at her softly, he could tell that her mind was spinning and he hoped she wasn't too focused on the louse of an ex that recently departed the building.

She let out a small hum, still trying to move onto the next task in front of her. She wanted to get a good look at this Mr. Seager before she decided who to send in, "No, let's give him and his lawyer a minute." She got up and made her way to electronics, with the team in tow.

Seager was a well-dressed man. He looked to be in his mid to late forties with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He looked like a former model. Square jaw, chiseled cheek bones. If he had met Ann it wouldn't be hard to see why she would swoon, one look at him and he probably made the panties wet of half the women in the room. His suit was clearly tailored, silk, Armani if she knew anything about men's wear. What Sharon found more interesting however was the attorney sitting next to him. It was a familiar face. Her long blond hair was currently pulled away from her face in a low bun. Sharon hadn't seen Linda Rothman since the case last spring. Considering she usually represented very well off individuals she wasn't all that surprised that she would be representing Mr. Seager, however, it did complicate things.

"So Commander, how do you want to handle this?" Provenza asked realizing that several minutes had already gone by and they needed this interview to get a move on.

Sharon knew that sending Amy in or even herself wouldn't be advisable, given their connection to cases of hers. Andy was definitely out. She looked around the room and saw an opportunity, "Paige and Nolan," she said turning to the two newest members of the team, "let's find out what Mr. Seager knows about this mystery guest who throws parties at his house while he's away."

The pair nodded and stepped out of the electronics room headed down the hall. Provenza gave her a curious look, but Sharon merely shrugged her left shoulder and sat down at her usual seat next to Buzz. A part of her felt bad for relying so heavily on the youngest members of her team to keep this case moving, but as things continued to unfold it seemed necessary to have the people with little to no connection to any of this mess stay involved. She could see the frustration on the faces of her senior detectives, and even the furrowed brow of Amy. Before she could give any of it further thought she saw Paige and Nolan enter the room. Sharon didn't miss the quick glance Linda gave the camera, nor did she miss the unspoken remark.

"Mr. Seager, thank you for coming down to speak with us today," Nolan started.

He threw a smile towards Paige and focused his attention on her as he responded, "Yes, sorry it took me so long. Big business deal going on at the moment." He paused and looked at Nolan, "I hope you don't mind that I brought my lawyer with me. I find that one can never be too cautious when it comes to the police."

"Have you had problems with the law before?" Paige asked without missing a beat.

"No, but you hear things and well I don't need any complications at the moment," he said still focusing on Paige as he leaned back comfortably in his chair.

"My client has prepared a brief statement, which he will read for you and will hopefully address any and all of your questions," Linda said clearly wanting to move this along. She pulled out a sheet of paper from her briefcase and handed it to Logan to read.

The man cleared his throat, a bit over-dramatically before beginning, "I, Logan Seager, have prepared the following statement which has been reviewed by my counsel regarding information I have to share with LAPD. Firstly, I would like to state that I was out of the country from August 5th - August 20th on business. I arrived in San Francisco and immediately went to our local office for business meetings. During my periodic absences, my home is used as a rental property for events. The rental of and management during these events is handled by a third party. I provide them with my vacancy dates and they book events. I do not keep track of who or what takes place during the time I'm away. I have not nor have I ever been in contact with any person or persons staying in my residence during this time. I have not nor have I ever met or been in contact with a Miss Ann Mason."

He set the paper down and looked up in time to catch a shared look between the detectives. It was a bit unusual to have a person of interest come in with a prepared statement such as this. While his remarks clued them in as to why someone would have been at his home while he was away, it did little else to shed light on the case. They already knew he was out of town and were already pretty certain he had no connection to Mason.

Paige leaned forward, as she saw Logan's eyes shift, she let her cleavage come together keeping his focus. "If you never met Ann then why prepare a statement? Why come in with a lawyer at all. You could have told us as much over the phone days ago."

He smirked, "While I didn't know Ann, I know her type. This seemed the most prudent way of handling things."

"What do you mean by her type?" Nolan pressed curious what he met by that remark.

"Housesitting in the rich neighborhood, probably pretending she lived there to fit in. Looking for someone to leech, to manipulate. It's safe to assume she was attractive, probably reasonably intelligent. Would have made most men easy to seduce," he said clasping his hands together continuing to stare at Paige.

"Do you think that she met someone in the neighborhood who decided to kill her when they figured out her con?" Paige asked continuing to let him stare at her breasts.

He leaned back once again in his chair and shrugged, "Hard to say. I think it's best to let you run with the theories."

The room fell quiet for a moment. Logan began to stand up, "If that's all—"

Nolan immediately stood and stared him down, "We aren't through with our questions yet. Please take a seat Mr. Seager."

Logan looked at Linda who gave a nod and reluctantly the man sat back down, "Go ahead."

"In your statement, you don't mention who the third party is that handles these event rentals," Paige continued to ask the questions as it seemed Seager was willing to answer them if he got to ogle her.

He leaned into Linda and whispered in her ear before responding to Paige, "E.V. Limited handles all the rental bookings."

Before either detective could say anything further Linda spoke as she stood, "I think that's all for today. My client has a very busy schedule and he has provided you with all the information that he has regarding your case. If you have any further questions for Mr. Seager please forward them to my office." Logan stood up and followed Linda out of the interview room. Nolan and Paige were taken aback by what just happened. They were use to pushy and overbearing lawyers, but Rothman was something else entirely. Technically she was right, they had no reason to hold him and at this point it seemed there wasn't anything else they would be able to get out of him anyway.

In electronics, Sharon turned to Buzz but before she could say anything to him he had begun to type the name into the computer. Paige and Nolan returned to the room, "Sorry we couldn't get more," Paige immediately began to say.

Sharon waved her off, "We got what we needed which was why someone was home — because it was rented. Now we just need to find out who rented it. Buzz any luck?"

"There's one listing for an E.V. Limited, but there's not a lot of information on the web about them. I'm looking for a phone number or an address now," Buzz replied continuing to key away on the computer.

"I think we need to go back to the house and go door to door, ask the neighbors what they remember from that night. If any of them attended the party with our mysterious Mr. X," Sharon said looking off at nothing in the distance, still clearly distracted by her earlier meeting with Jack.

When she didn't say who Provenza jumped in, "Sanchez, Sykes, Nolan, you're with me," he glanced at his watch it was nearly five already, "People should be arriving home shortly now is a good a time as any." When they didn't make any movement to leave, "Let's get a move on. Patrice is actually making me meat for dinner tonight and I don't want to miss out because you lot are dragging your feet."

"Uh sir, I can't go tonight," Julio said looking at the floor, "Today was Mark's first day at his new school and uh, I promised that I would be home for dinner tonight."

"Ye Gads," Provenza huffed, "Fine. Paige you're with us. Sanchez go find something useful to do, like getting a wife to watch your kid so you can get back to work!" He turned and walked out. On the surface the comment seemed mean and hurtful, but everyone knew that it was what Sanchez wanted. Well at least the wife part. He was on his way to having a family again, and they all knew he was desperate for more than just female company.

"I found a number Commander," Buzz started saying completely oblivious to the exchange that just took place.

"I'll call ma'am," Julio offered before Sharon could assign it to either Andy or Buzz.

Sharon gave him a small smile, "Thank you," and watched him walk out.

Buzz felt a bit awkward being left in the room with just Sharon and Andy. They had a way of not talking, talking that made anyone else around feel as though they'd fallen off the face of the earth. They were doing it now. He wasn't surprised, especially considering how vicious that meeting with her ex-husband had been earlier in the day. Buzz was as observant as they came, and didn't miss the soft, barely there way Andy seemed to touch her. It always seemed to cause a change in her demeanor, her shoulders would loosen, a subtle smile like that of Mona Lisa would cross her face, and often times a little low hum would reverberate. In many ways nothing had changed in five years, dates or non-dates they had always shared a certain closeness that made him envious. He hoped that some day he would find even a fifth of a connection with someone else the way they had.

Buzz nearly jumped when he heard the low rumble of Andy's voice finally break through the silence, "Shall we?" Is all he said. There was no context to be had, but he supposed Sharon wouldn't need any they had been speaking to each other in some silent code for the last five minutes.

Sharon slowly rose, rolling her shoulders, and moved towards the door. Andy held it open with one hand and placed a familiar hand to the low of her back as he guided her back towards her office. There wasn't much left to do today. The team was out following up on alibis and canvasing for leads. Andy waited by her door as she gathered up her laptop and purse, when his phone dinged.

Nicole: Thanks again for helping Dean out with the boys. I suspect you and Sharon are the reason for this.

There was a picture attached of a clean master bathroom, candles lit and flowers next to the tub.

Andy smiled as he replied.

Andy: Well we didn't do all that, but I'm glad Dean had sometime to let you pamper yourself. You work too hard!

Nicole: Kettle.

Andy: Pot

He slipped his phone back in his pocket as Sharon came out of her office, "What has you grinning like that?"

He pulled his phone back out and showed Sharon the picture.

"Oh that sounds nice! Look at that tub," Sharon replied, her voice dangerously low and almost giddy with jealousy.

"I knew I should have kept that picture to myself. There'll be no getting you out of the tub tonight!" He didn't mean for the comment to come out with so much sexual innuendo, he really tried to be mindful of these things while at the office. As he went to apologize Sharon glanced over her shoulder as she stepped into the elevator, "I can think of a few ways."

Andy groaned. He knew this woman would be the death of him. How wrong could Jack have gotten Sharon, prude she was not. He stepped into the elevator and said nothing in response to her knowing smirk. When they elevator came to a stop they walked through the parking garage together, it was a rare day that they were able to carpool to work together. He held her door open as she slid into the passenger seat. Her phone dinged as Andy walked around to the other side. It was Julio.

Sharon let out a groan as she read the message. Andy turned to her as he started the car, "What was that for?"

"Oh just that we might have to add politics into the myriad of joys this case is bringing me," she replied a bit too cryptically.

Andy gave her a quizzical look making her clarify, "It appears the Seager house was being used for a political fundraiser that night. We don't know who the politician is yet, but I think it's safe to say that none of this is going to make solving the case any easier."

Andy chuckled, he knew how much she loathed politicians, she was just better about keeping her frustrations to herself. Well except when she lets "Dammit" slip out from time to time. He pulled out of the space and began driving them home, "It seems like we have a load of potential suspects, but not a lot of motive or even evidence to go off of. You know, doesn't it seem odd that an actuary would be throwing a party for a politician?"

Sharon looked at him with wide-eyes, "It does."