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Dueling Parades

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Four days had past since Miss Fisher had stopped by the office inviting him over for dinner, and still she hadn't received a call from him. She was beginning to wonder if something was wrong, that maybe he did take the trip because of her.

She walked into the kitchen to find Hugh speaking with Dot about a new case that had come in and that the Inspector was letting him take a big role in solving it.

"That's quite exciting Hugh!" She said, knowing that Hugh had the making of a fine Inspector one day. Also realizing that this may free up Jack's time to finally pay a visit. Almost as if reading her mind the phone rang. It was Jack.

"Miss Fisher, would you mind coming to the station this afternoon, say 1?"

"Yes of course Jack." Well this may be progress she thought.

Later that afternoon she walked into the office and towards Jack's office, only to find it empty. She peered around but didn't see Jack or Hugh, she was going to wait in his office when she suddenly heard a woman's voice.

"I had a wonderful time last night."

"Me too." Phryne jumped up and peered around the corner to see Jack facing a woman but blocking her view.

"It's a shame that I leave tomorrow for Perth. I'll be gone for three months. Maybe I could call you when I get back?"

"It is a shame, perhaps you can swing by my flat tonight before you go. One last farewell?"

He kissed the woman's hand and then behind her ear.

"If I can swing it I'll be by, I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to recall a night of passion on the long train to Perth…" With that the woman gave him a kiss and walked out the door. Phryne couldn't believe what she was seeing. Jack was turning back towards his office when he heard a small thud. She was rushing back to his desk and had bumped her elbow making a thud in the process.

He had known she would be here before he got here with Judith, Ellie's friend. He was hoping she would see or at the very least hear the conversation and it seems she had.

"Miss Fisher. I hope I didn't keep you waiting long."

"No, I only just got her…I mean here." She was flustered and he tried to keep the grin off his face. "Just getting back from lunch."

"No actually, just coming in for the day. I had a prior engagement this morning." She was beginning to gather that prior engagement may be the same as old friends.

Before she could say anything he went into business mode, as there was a real reason he had called her down here. "I'm formally informing you that you will be required to testify in an upcoming trial against Roberto."

"Oh." Quickly shifting gears, "yes of course." They spent the next hour discussing the case and what would be required of her in the coming weeks as that moved forward.


The next several weeks were much of the same. Jack stopped by Miss Fisher's a few times to discuss the trial, but always leaving before dinner explaining he was expecting someone, or had plans, or was meeting someone for a drink. She had never recalled him being as busy, and was reaching a frenzied state of it.

After another declined dinner invitation it boiled over. "Jack, I do believe that you have a busier social calendar these days than I."

He chuckled and inside he smiled, here we go. "Well I suppose I have been busy lately, but I'm not sure I could ever reach the fullness of your calendar."

"Well not that you have been around to notice, but my calendar hasn't been full in weeks."

"Oh." he paused waiting for the right moment, "I guess I just assumed that you would be otherwise engaged since I went to Sydney."

"And why would you think that Jack? I thought we had decided to make do with each other and then you took off and now you only have time to talk trial and nothing else. You're always previously engaged. The parade of women you've been with lately is shocking" She was almost shouting, her arms gesturing heavily. He looked down to hide his smile, it had worked she was jealous that I wasn't available to her. And more importantly she brought up our last conversation about our relationship. Well it wasn't really a conversation, more just heavily veiled innuendo as usual.

"Well with the parade of men that are usually coming through this house, I had assumed if I wasn't here to keep you busy that you'd find some other, some one to keep busy."

"Is that really what you think of me Jack? That I am that cold and callous that I would be with anyone else. How could I be with anyone else but you. I love you." She was yelling at this point, fuming and hadn't realized what she had let slip, but he didn't. He stood up and walked over to her. Her back was turned as she was trying to collect herself, when he saw her tense realizing what she had just admitted. Before she could take it back he made his move.

He grabbed her around the waist and turned her around. Her eyes were still wide and wild, she opened her mouth to speak and he closed it with his. She was about to protest, still angry with him when she finally gave into the kiss. There was time to be angry with him later, but right now she wanted to enjoy the moment.

She reached for his back and moved her hands to his waist. He moved his hands from her face down her slender frame taking time to memorize each curve. They moved backwards towards the chaise and she stumbled down onto it never break from their frenzied embrace. Phryne moved to take off his jacket, wanting to be even closer to him. While we wanted that, now was not the time to be swept up there would be plenty of time for that later. He pulled back. Her eyes were closed, lips still searching for his. His face was still an inch from hers. He grazed his nose across hers. Bit and tugged on her bottom lip causing her to groan. He smiled and let his teeth stop their assault. Finally she opened her eyes staring at him. He moved his hands back to her face, he wanted her full attention.

"Phryne I love you too."