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Dueling Parades

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This takes place at the end of S3 E3 (aka Murder & Mozzarella) and some takeaways Jack may have had over the previous few months (from his semi-declaration that he would like to be liberal for Miss Fisher to the jealous feelings over Compton and finally they Concetta proposal). I hope you all enjoy this little ditty.


He looked into Concetta's eyes as their lips parted and they leaned back. He felt is instantly, or rather didn't feel it. The kiss was nice enough, she had soft lips. Their personalities were well-suited for one another and she was certainly attractive, but there wasn't the chemistry he had expected from the months of flirtation and subtle touches. As he stared back at her trying to find the words to gently let her down, she spoke "You don't need to say it….your heart is…it's taken."

He shook his head, "I care for you. You deserve to be happy."

"Shh, shh…I will be fine. Roberto will hang and when I marry again it will be for love, but you are taken."

With that Concetta got up from the table and began to walk away, Jack grab her hand. She rested it on his shoulder and they shared a knowing glance. He had known that his heart was taken by someone else, but he feared that it would never know the love that Concetta was offering him. He was willing his heart to let go so that he may have happiness and some love. After all he cared for her and with time may grow to love her. Concetta released her hand from his and continued to walk up the stairs, Jack turned back to the table eyeing the half full glass of wine, which at the moment felt half empty. Concetta paused and looked down at Johnny, he would be hard to get over, so kind and gentle, with her heart letting out a deep sigh she willed herself to walk away. She too deserved to be happy.

Jack downed the glass of wine as if to steel his nerves and buy time to come up with an argument for why Concetta should try to make it work for him. He stood up and turned toward the stairs having just missed her. "Enough, enough already." he mumbled to himself. He grabbed his coat and walked out of the restaurant, pausing to look back one more time. A chapter was closing and it frightened him to no avail not knowing what was around the next corner.

He needed to clear his head and opted to walk back home, when he found himself on her street. While he felt the best thing would be to go straight home, clearly his heart had other intentions. He knocked quietly on the door, it was late and he was hoping everyone was in bed, but he could hear the faint sounds of Figaro opera music coming from the parlor. She was up. Mr. Butler answered and showed him into the parlor.

"Not eating Italian tonight, Jack?" She said not moving from her chair. Her eyes were dark and her face looked a little morose. He had noticed that she seemed different during this case, a bit on edge with him. Perhaps a hint of jealousy, he quickly shook the idea out of his head. Miss Fisher isn't jealous of anyone or anything.

"Stranos is closed." Hoping she picked up the metaphor, there was a subtle change in her eyes for just a moment he thought it was relief.

"It looks like you'll have to make do with me." More metaphor he wondered? Or rather hoped. He decided to match her bold statement with one of his own.

"Looks like we will have to make do with each other." To his surprised her smirk turned into a smile. Perhaps it was a metaphor after all.

She gestured to the bottle in his hands, "You come bringing gifts now?"

"Well this may be the last bottle of wine I'll have from Stranos, so I thought we might share some together."

"Last bottle, hmm….well I'll never say no to a little nightcap."

"Well this has become our post-case routine, only fitting to end this one with a fine Italian wine. Don't you agree?"

"Oh yes certainly a fitting ending. I think I may need to lay off Italian for awhile."

"Is that why you're listening to opera?"

"Well I suppose so. I mean I didn't think you were dropping by this evening and I didn't feel like drinking alone so I decided to play some music."

"Real happy music." He joked.

The enjoyed their nightcap and bantered for a little while longer before Jack bid goodnight.

"Goodbye Miss Fisher."

"Don't you mean until our next case?"

"Yes certainly, but you see I'm taking a trip up to Sydney for a few days and won't be around for the next murder."

"Oh I didn't know you were taking time off. Business or Pleasure?" She said seductively.

Not missing a beat, "A little of both I suppose." With that he put on his hat and walked out, leaving her mouth agape wondering how the tables had begun to turn.