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Look What You Made Me Do

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“Look, I’m telling you about this because I’m the one responsible, okay?!” Bakugou’s voice was rising incrementally as he stood in front of Kirishima. Wide eyed he gestured to himself pressing his finger tips to his chest, “So if you’re gonna yell at anyone it’s me! Leave Sparky out of it!!”

Kirishima gaped at Bakugou,  'What was even going on.'

What Bakugou told him was one thing. He wasn’t even upset about it.
Bakugou jumped to conclusions.

He was not only standing up for Kaminari but was taking the fall for something he thought was problematic to the other?!
Not knowing how to express his sudden rush of emotions Kirishima’s face shifted to a strained smile with a furrowed brow and slight colour tinting his cheeks.

Bakugou flinched, leaning back and twisting bodily away but fixing his gaze on the redhead, and spits, “Ugh, what’s with that reaction shitty hair?! WHY ARE YOU FUCKING ABOUT TO CRY, HUH?!”


Katsuki was ready to deal with some yelling or any type of aggression from the other but… this sort of emotional display had him feeling like he was floundering out of his element by leagues .

He swallowed hard and the frown made it back onto his face. Kirishima was legit teary eyed… the fuck?!

Having steeled his nerves Katsuki turned back to face Kirishima directly. Fuck it, whatever, he’d already made up his mind. This was his issue to deal with. Fists clenched at his sides he fixed Kirishima with an intense stare. Trying to focus on his eyes but ignoring the wetness there was… challenging. But who was he to shrink in the face of a challenge, huh?!

“You got something to say to me, huh?! Come on!” Katsuki took a more aggressive stance and raised one hand to make a ‘c’mere’ gesture with his fingers as he leaned towards Kirishima, “I’m ready to take you on so let’s go!”

What he wasn’t expecting was for Kirishima to throw his arms wide and lunge at him, laughing, a couple tears trailed down his cheeks and he was smiling.

Too stunned by the sound of his laughter, the beaming of his face with tears in his lashes, and the information he had just given the redhead Katsuki startled when he felt Kirishima take advantage of Katsuki's shock to shove his face into the blonds shoulder and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“HAH?! THE FUCK YOU DOIN’ HAIR FOR BRAINS?!” Bakugou was trembling, a few small pops exploding from his palms, and he yelled down at Kirishima who was shaking with laughter.

He hoped Kirishima wouldn’t notice that he was trembling.
That the redhead’s own laughter vibrating the both of them would disguise that.

Wheezing out his words between laughs Kirishima said, “Katsuki” which caused Bakugou’s eyebrows to shoot up in shock as well as get red faced and jaw clench, “it’s called a hug. You remember those? You’re so manly it’s amazing, you know that?”

Frowning and covering his mouth with one hand, but still red faced and trembling Bakugou snaps his head away from Kirishima, grumbling, “Fuck off, weirdo…!”

Kirishima laughs again before settling further into holding Bakugou.