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Beca sat opposite Chloe on the mattress, the redhead focussing on Beca’s index fingernail that she was painting with expert precision. The brunette smiled gently, her hand resting on Chloe’s knee while the nails on that hand were painted. Her other hand - with nails that had just been painted - rested on Chloe’s other thigh.

This very position reminded Beca of the first time Chloe had painted her nails. Back when they’d been seniors in college together. When Beca had asked Chloe out for the very first time. Those days seemed so long ago now.

She heard the redhead let out a light huff of air and Beca drew her attention down to the fingernail that Chloe had just been painting a deep red. The woman had got the tiiiiiniest drop on Beca’s skin. But clearly it was enough to frustrate the painter and Beca watched as Chloe reached for a Q-tip.

“You okay?” Beca asked curiously, but her other half didn’t look up at her, instead furrowing her brow while she concentrated on trying to remove the tiny mistake.

“Yeah. I’m just nervous about tomorrow..”

Beca’s eyebrows rose, an amused smile wiping over her face, “Why are you nervous? You’re not the one with the rings!”

Chloe, now seemingly satisfied enough with her clear-up, looked up at Beca with a shrug, “Yeah but I’ve got the stressful job of trying to get Aubrey ready!”

Beca scrunched her nose up momentarily, struggling to see how that was a challenge, “Babe, you’ve got like eight other bridesmaids to help you out-“

“-one of them being Amy, who is a handful in her own right..” Chloe tried to point out, focussing on the next fingernail on Beca’s hand.

“But still…” Beca began, peering at the nail that Chloe was carefully painting, “…all I’ve got is Benji.” and a light chuckle fell from Chloe’s mouth:

“He’s not that baaaaad.”

Aubrey and Jesse were getting married tomorrow. Something that was happening rather quickly, particularly by Aubrey’s standards.

The morning after Worlds, Jesse and Aubrey had gone out for breakfast on a date. A date that seemed to go so well that the two began an official long-distance relationship between California and Georgia. For six months. Until they couldn’t stand being apart any longer and Aubrey had decided to up-sticks and head over to California to live with Jesse. There Jesse had built a rather reputable status within the ‘movie scoring’ industry, while Aubrey settled into a new Project Management role at a spa retreat in the Hollywood Hills.

Then on their ‘one year anniversary’, on a hike in those very hills, Jesse got down on one knee and proposed. Aubrey hadn’t hesitated in saying yes, Chloe had been thrilled, Beca had been impressed, and The Bellas had been stunned. It had been a busy year since then, but the wedding was finally almost here.

“Right. Done.” Chloe said finally, gently taking hold of Beca’s hand, bringing her leg down, and resting the brunette’s palm on her other bare thigh. “You’re gonna need to stay like this for a little while so your nails dry properly.”

“Gee what a shame..” Beca replied sarcastically, loving the feel of her girlfriend’s soft skin beneath her hands. She watched a coy grin spread across Chloe’s face, the twenty seven year old letting out a light sigh.

“Wow, what are we possibly gonna do while we wait?”

The two women remained sat opposite each other, their legs crossed and knees touching, on their large hotel bed. Soft smiles were on their faces while they maintained eye contact. Then Beca’s gaze drifted down to Chloe’s lips just as Chloe’s drifted down to Beca’s. And they slowly drew their faces together to share a long kiss.

After graduation, and after Worlds, Beca and Chloe had stuck to their plan. Beca had remained in Atlanta to continue working for Residual Heat records, while Chloe had moved back home to her parents house one state along, working hard at her Uncle’s orchard. And during that time, they had spent every weekend together, Beca at Chloe’s one weekend, Chloe at Beca’s the other. They had gone on dates and had spent nights together in each other’s beds.

Then one day, Beca had been offered her dream job as a (Junior) music producer in LA. Before accepting it, she’d called Chloe to ask if she would move to LA with her. Chloe didn’t hesitate in saying yes and within a couple of weeks, the two had moved across the country into a cute little one bedroom apartment in the same block as Aubrey and Jesse.

Aubrey had managed to snag Chloe a job at the spa retreat she worked at and, as a consequence of their respective girlfriends working together, Jesse and Beca became close friends. So it came as no surprise to anyone when Aubrey immediately asked Chloe to be her maid of honour, just as it was no surprise when Jesse asked Beca to be his ‘Best Woman’.

“You’ve still got those rings, right?” Chloe mumbled against Beca’s lips, and she felt Beca grip her thighs a little.

“Shit, I hope so…” Beca mumbled back, not pausing their kiss to check, and they both smiled softly.

It had been two years since their first date, and they’d been living together for over a year, but Beca and Chloe still acted as though they had just started dating - completely enamoured by the feel of one another’s lips while they kissed..

Two weeks later, Beca was sat on the balcony of the apartment she and Chloe had called home for almost fifteen months now. The Californian sun was radiating down but Beca was tucked under the shade of the parasol, reading a book. She noticed someone appear on the balcony out the corner of her eye and she looked up to see Jesse grinning down at her.

“Aren’t you guys a bit early?” Beca asked with a frown, only just now hearing the excitable chatter of her girlfriend which meant Aubrey was inside the apartment with Chloe. She watched as Jesse let out a chuckle, taking a seat nearby in the sun and looking out at the view.

“Nice to see you too.” He replied light-heartedly. Beca grinned. He looked relaxed. Happy. And very tanned. Clearly the honeymoon had been a good one. “We’ve brought the wedding photos over for you guys to look at.” But at the sight of Beca’s wavering smile, Jesse changed tact, knowing that fawning over photos wasn’t exactly Beca’s idea of fun, “For Chloe to look at.”

Beca chuckled, “That’s more like it.”

There was a pause while the two friends looked out at the view from the balcony. It had been a nice couple of years. Strange, actually, to think that they’d ever once dated back in college. All of that seemed so long ago now Beca was happily settled down with Chloe and Jesse happily married to Aubrey.

“I did bring one photo for you to see though.” Jesse said after a little while, and Beca turned to see him holding out a printed photo at her. She took it and grinned. It was a photo she’d taken. Of Jesse and Aubrey during the evening party of their wedding. Looking very happy indeed.

“Turns out you can spend over a thousand dollars on a professional photographer, and your favourite photo will end up being taken by your best friend on a disposable camera.” Jesse added softly and Beca looked up at the man who was smiling gratefully at her.

“Well you guys are easy to photograph when you both look so good together.” Beca replied, handing the photo back, and Jesse looked back down at it, his smile broadening.

“Aubrey’s pregnant.” He said in a soft tone, and Beca’s face lit up. She’d always known how much Jesse had wanted to become a Dad. Even when they’d been dating back in college he’d talk about his future with a child in it. Now that dream for him was becoming a reality.

Suddenly a shriek was heard from inside the apartment and Beca and Jesse grinned at one another before they peered behind to see Chloe flinging her arms around Aubrey’s neck while congratulating her loudly. Aubrey must have told Chloe the news.

“I’m gonna ask Chloe to marry me.” Beca said in a soft tone, watching her girlfriend let go of Aubrey to immediately place her hands on the blonde’s stomach. Beca let out a chuckle when she felt a playful assuring thump on her arm. She turned to see her best friend grinning at her - Jesse was clearly over the moon.

“Dude that’s amazing news!!” Jesse replied with a huge smile, “When??”

“Tomorrow night.” Beca said with a shrug, putting her book down to one side and rising to her feet, “Tonight is all about you and Aubrey and that little peanut you’re now growing.”

Jesse and Beca both stepped into the apartment to join their respective partners, ready to spend an excitable evening celebrating the next generation of Bellas.

Beca couldn’t tear her eyes from her girlfriend while Chloe’s face shone happily at their friends. She couldn’t wait to put a smile like that on her face tomorrow evening. Tomorrow likely being the next chapter in their perfect little life together..