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Chloe let out a heavy sigh to try and calm her nerves while she sat cross-legged on her bed. Her study notes were piled up high on her desk across her bedroom, ignored for now. Her final stab at senior year would end with her passing her Russian Lit exam next week - at last. She’d failed her previous three years on purpose, and all because of a girl. A beautiful, complicated, misunderstood, funny, sarcastic, wonderful girl. A girl Chloe shared ‘Captaincy’ duties with. A girl Chloe had fallen in unrequited love with almost as soon as they’d first met a few years ago.

Chloe had continued to fail Russian Lit so she could spend more time with this girl. And this particular girl was due in her bedroom at any moment now.

A light knocking was heard at the door and Chloe sat up a little straighter, clearing her voice and letting out a nervous, “Come in.” Her heart skipping a beat when her bedroom door slowly opened and the girl she’s been expecting stepped inside.

Beca Mitchell closed the door over behind her and let out a sharp sigh. Her eyes found the beautiful figure of her best friend, sat cross-legged in the middle of the double bed and the brunette swallowed loudly. She hadn’t expected Chloe to invite her up here. And she wasn’t normally nervous whenever she had to come up to this particular bedroom in the house they both shared with their friends. But this evening she was.

“Hey.” Beca said in an awkward voice, tugging the hem of her pyjama top down nervously, “Uh…I’m here!” Chloe smiled. Yeah, Beca was here. “Why do you need me here?” Beca added cautiously, and Chloe let out a light chuckle, motioning to the patch of mattress before her.

“I’m going to do your nails for you!”

“Oh..” Beca said with a raise of her eyebrows. She certainly wasn’t expecting Chloe to say that, “ I need to have my nails done?”

“No, but you were saying yesterday how good my nails looked and I told you I’d done them myself. So I figured I could do yours for you too!” Chloe said in a bright voice, causing a small smile to appear on Beca’s mouth.

They’d got back from The Bellas Retreat yesterday, all exhausted from two restless nights having to share a large tent between ten of them. Beca and Chloe had both got into a huge argument, but had eventually settled again. And ever since returning from the retreat something had felt different.

It was during that time, Beca had come to realise that she really didhave feelings for Chloe. Feelings that she’d been trying to push down over the past several months and had finally reared it’s head a couple of evenings ago over the camp fire. Chloe hadn’t left her thoughts since.

“Uh..okay..” Beca replied quietly, slowly moving over to the space on Chloe’s bed that the redhead had recommended. She sat down, crossing her legs opposite her best friend, her heart hammering against her chest with nerves. Chloe, meanwhile, gathered her nail polishes, holding them out between them in her palms for Beca to see.

“What colour would you like?” Chloe asked, trying to maintain her composure. She adored Beca. Couldn’t believe they were finally getting an intimate moment like this. And she watched Beca’s expression closely, biting her bottom lip.

“Um..” Beca paused then shrugged, “What colour do you think I should go for?”

“You’d hate my suggestion.”

“I trust you.” Beca said, looking up into Chloe’s eyes and the two best friends found their respective breath catching in their throats as they shared a long gaze.

Chloe’s mouth drew into a soft smile, “Red.” she whispered, letting out a chuckle when Beca rolled her eyes, “See, I told you you’d hate it.”

Beca let out a joking growl then grinned, “Go on then..” and watched in amusement as Chloe let out a light squeak of joy then chucked all the small pots to one side except for the red colour. Beca enjoyed making Chloe happy. Even moreso now she’d definitely decided that yes, she did have a raging crush on her best friend.

Chloe brought her knee up, bending it between them, then reached out to take Beca’s first hand. Beca swallowed loudly, trying to regulate her breathing and not show how nervous she was feeling. But her heart rate increased when Chloe put Beca’s hand on her bare knee.

The brunette couldn’t tear her gaze from Chloe’s bright blue eyes while her best friend peered intently at her fingernails, pulling the red nail polish carefully across the surface. Beca marvelled in the way Chloe’s freckles had spread across her face in recent weeks thanks to the sunshine that had been prevalent in Atlanta. She loved the way Chloe’s eyes had the odd flecks of yellow amongst the strong bright blue of the redhead’s iris - only someone who looked closely at them would notice.

Beca swiped her tongue along her bottom lip quickly, trying to calm her nerves as Chloe paid attention to the final nail on her current hand. She didn’t get like this. She didn’t get nervous around people and especially not Chloe. Not normally. She knew Chloe. Chloe was one of her best friends. But the longer Beca watched her the more nervous the brunette became. Because Beca really cared about Chloe far more than any of the other Bellas. And feeling Chloe’s knee under her palm made Beca want to feel more of Chloe’s soft skin.

“There we go. Hand one complete!” Chloe said with a satisfied sigh, gently moving Beca’s hand onto her thigh, and Beca swallowed loudly, trying not to seem too shocked by how close her hand now was to the hem of Chloe’s short pyjama shorts. But she didn’t have too much time to comprehend her left hand’s position, because Chloe had grabbed Beca’s right hand and had placed it up onto her bare knee.

“You know what?” Chloe said in a quiet distracted tone, busy peering intently at the paint-job she was doing on Beca’s next set of fingernails, “Red really suits you..”

“So you’re saying you’d suit me?” Beca asked in a flirtatious tone and Chloe’s eyebrows rose, looking up from Beca’s hand to the brunette’s deep blue eyes, a coy smile growing on her face.

“That depends on what you mean by ‘suit you’..”

Beca shrugged, looking down at her left hand that was still resting on Chloe’s bare thigh, “Liiiiike…if you maybe wanted to…go with me to Grad Ball?”

“Like as your date?”

Beca’s eyes flickered back up to Chloe’s and she saw her best friend beaming at her. Chloe’s bright blue eyes twinkling at Beca excitably. And it gave Beca the confidence she needed to power through the very thing that had been holding her back from saying anything to Chloe about the matter before now. So a smile slowly grew across Beca’s face.

“Yeah…” Beca said with a shrug, “…if you wanted to?”

Chloe drew her bottom lip between her teeth smiling gently to herself as she looked down at Beca’s hand on her bare knee, between their faces, “Uhuh.” she said softly, “I’d really like that.”

“Cool.” Beca replied, clearing her throat and the two best friends let out nervous chuckles, “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to ask you.” Beca added.

Chloe looked back up into her best friend’s eyes with a bright smile, “I’m glad you finally did.”

“Me too.” Beca said in a calm voice.

The two women let out gentle sighs, soft smiles on their faces while Chloe resumed painting Beca’s fingernails. Their minds now slipping into happy daydreams of how wonderful their graduation ball will be the next week - both excited to know that they would be attending the event as one another’s date.