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I Want You When You Look At Me

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They usually fuck roughly. During their first times together, they were gentle and soft, but Taehyung had too much passion and need for Jungkook, too much to control. He had to fuck him hard and try to make Jungkook feel how much he wanted him, and Jungkook was happy to take it.

Taehyung can’t help himself anyway.

He has to take. Take. Take.

Jungkook whines softly, sniffling and pushing himself back onto Taehyung’s huge length, his light skin red and purplish with bruises--from being slapped, fucked hard, bitten, all for hours. He moans around his third orgasm, shivering and clenching hard.

“Hyung--” He mewls. “Hyung, please come.”

Taehyung’s heart tightens. He smiles a bit tiredly, knowing he can go for quite a bit longer, and that his libido certainly hasn’t had enough of his adorable baby boy.

But when he looks down at the pretty bunny’s tired eyes, when he feels his spent hole clench, hears the soft whimpers, Taehyung knows Jungkook needs to finish soon.

“Just a little bit longer, baby,” Taehyung mumbles, holding Jungkook’s waist and pulling his hips back, making the younger sniffle and whine.

He fucks Jungkook hard, the bed rocking underneath them, Jungkook flopping onto his stomach and just taking it. Taehyung watches his face contort in pleasure, feels his body twitch as he takes Taehyung like the champ he is.

He growls lowly in his throat, feeling a rush of pride and almost obsession surge through him. “You’re such a good boy for me, huh? So pretty and tight, all for me.” He grips Jungkook’s perfect hips harder, and practically yanks him.

Jungkook nods and sniffles again, giving a half-hearted push back of his hips.

“Are you mine, baby?” Taehyung asks, eyes half-lidded.

Another nod. Taehyung loves it, feels so, so obsessed, feels that strong feeling of need and love. “Say you’re mine.”

A sniffle. Tight, perfect clench. Jungkook closes his dark eyes, and whines, “Yours, TaeTae-hyung. K-Kookie is yours.”

Oh shit . Taehyung almost loses it right there, has to gasp and stop himself from coming, at that little slip of third-person that Jungkook only gets into when he falls into his perfect sub space. He’s only shown this soft, sweet side of him to Taehyung. He’s his, his, his, and Taehyung loves it. Only he can see Jungkook like this, can fuck him in sub space, can pound his ass so hard that he sees stars, can barely remember his name, has to reach for strands of his own sanity.

“Oh, fuck, yeah you are.” Taehyung throws his head back, focuses on how hot Jungkook’s skin is, how sweet his moans are, how the bed frame is hitting his bedroom wall. He breathes in the hot, strong smell of sex that surrounds both of them, is stuck in the sheets of Taehyung’s bed.

His skin feels like it’s being pulled tight as he fucks Jungkook like his life depends on it. He can feel that orgasm getting stronger, deeper, and is spurred on by Jungkook’s whines and pleas for him to come.

Taehyung digs his nails deep into Jungkook’s tiny waist, so hard that he knows Jungkook will have red marks. He growls lowly, gasps, exhales.

“Hyung, I love you,” Jungkook mumbles, whole, true, perfect. It’s not caught in a moan, it’s not faked. It’s real, it’s normal, and it makes Taehyung come hard.

They breathe each other in for a long time. Eventually separate. Taehyung places sloppy kisses on Jungkook’s shoulders, neck, and cheeks as the younger tries to slow his breathing down. Taehyung eventually gets up to get a towel dampened with warm water so he can clean Jungkook up, gentle and soft with it because Jungkook is always sensitive after times like these.

His eyes are closed, soft and quiet. Taehyung helps him get up so they can sleep on Jungkook’s bed instead of Taehyung’s filthy one, and they cuddle like that, Taehyung tracing his fingers on Jungkook’s back.

“I love you,” Taehyung tells Jungkook, receiving a whine. He kisses Jungkook gently, then plays with his hair so the younger can drift into sleep.