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In Fair Verona...

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Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whole misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents' strife.

In the beginning, before our story started, there were two friends. Both sought out to claim Verona Beach as their own, entranced by the beautiful ocean view and the sunset that would cascade down the sand. Both decided to be civil, splitting the land into two sections. One part for the Jeon’s. The other for the Park’s. The peace did not hold for too long. It did not take long for the once friends to compete for the other’s territory.


Verona Beach destroyed a friendship, building a grudge on its sandy shore.


Years went by, the beautiful landscape of Verona becoming destroyed with buildings and crime. The Jeon’s and Park’s did not keep their hatred for each other hidden. They were very public about it, causing brawls on the streets. The violence only escalated when guns started to become involved. The rivalry split families apart, most notably the Kim family. When one would marry into the Jeon’s or Park’s, you were no longer considered anything else.


The mayor could never control the families, letting the rivalries play out since the families contributed a lot to the overall city of Verona.


That all ended on one faithful day, the day our story starts.



Jeon Taehyung (once born Kim Taehyung) laughed as he pressed his foot harder onto the gas pedal of the Cadillac he was driving down the freeway. He had once hated returning to Verona Beach, always begging his mother to take a vacation out of the city. But it never happened. She had been a Jeon after all, still was one. After the years passed and Taehyung had grew closer to his mother’s side of the family, he had learn to accept his hometown, even with all its faults.




And that was one of its faults. Tae sighed as he drove down the road to the nearest gas station, letting his companions all screech when he pressed on the breaks, causing the car to lurch into a sudden stop.


“You know that you both aren’t technically Jeons...right?” He questioned the two men in the back. Yugyeom and Jaehyun blinked before turning to look at each other for a moment.


“Jungkook said we might as well be.”


“Of course he did.” Taehyung laughed before nodding slowly. “Alright then. You both fill up the car. I’ll literally be a minute. Don’t cause too much trouble while i’m gone.” He murmured before handing Jaehyun his card. Turning around, he thought everything was going rather well. All he had to do was take a piss, return to find his car filled with gas, and head back home. He was meaning to speak to his dear cousin Jungkook.


But a peaceful day couldn’t seem to happen in Verona. Taehyung was in the middle of washing his hands when he suddenly heard shots from outside. Knowing it could only mean one thing, he groaned before pushing the door open next to him. Sticking his hand into his jacket, he pulled his gun out of his shoulder holster, the SWORD 9mm Series S branded with the Jeon crest on the bottom.


“Drop them! Now!” He yelled, glaring at Yugyeom and Jaehyun, who were both hiding behind the car. The Parks glared at him, aiming their SWORDs at him now. Frowning slowly at the sound of shoes hitting the pavement, Taehyung wondered who would be so bold as to try and walk through a duel between the Jeons and Parks. His face blanched when he finally realized who it was.


Park Seung was the most known Park to walk the streets. Not because he had the most power or because he was the most handsome or even because he had the most kills out of any of the Parks. It was because Park Seung never backed down from a fight with a Jeon.


“Trying to keep the peace again, Taehyung? Really?” He questioned, cooing at him as he took a hit of his cigarette that was hanging from his fingers.


“I’m just trying to keep someone from being killed. That’s all.” Tae whispered slowly, noticing how Seung’s hand seemed to be getting closer to his guns. His RAPIER 9mms had been known to shoot many bullets into the body of any Jeon. Not wanting to be a Jeon who was bleeding on the ground, Taehyung jumped the gun, quickly shooting at Seung before he could shoot at him.


The next hour was a complete and utter blur. The citizens of Verona Beach were only sure of one thing at the end, that their city had been destroyed again by the Jeons and the Parks. The gas station had burned to pieces from Seung’s stray cigarette he didn’t put out. Jaehyun had been shot in the chest and taken to the hospital. Streets burned and many Jeons and Parks had joined in the chaos. In the middle of it all was Park Seung and Jeon Taehyung.  


They stood in the middle of Verona square, both aiming their guns at the other. It seemed like they would have shot the other dead if it wasn’t for the booming voice that sounded over them. “Put your weapons down! I repeat! Put your weapons down! Or I will use force and make you put them down! Now!” The voice shouted through a speaker, causing the two men to look up at the helicopter in the sky. Raising their hands up, they dropped their guns and were suddenly tackled by police officers.

“You have caused chaos in this city all over again.”


Taehyung raised his head to look at the commissioner. Commissioner Moon had seen this type of violence since he was a child. He had been one of the lucky ones, his parents not a Jeon or a Park but he still suffered from the violence they caused on the street. When he became commissioner, he had promised himself one thing. He would stop them from continuing their feud and endangering others. Right now, he was mostly focused on the second part of that promise.


“You both. You are lucky I am not throwing you in a jail cell for the rest of your lives for what you did.” He scowled at Seung and Taehyung, even if they barely flinched at his words. It was an empty threat and they knew it.


“If I hear of any more fighting, I will arrest the Jeon or Park who causes it. This is the last warning. No more deaths or violence will happen on the streets of Verona Beach. Now...all of you, get out of here.”

Tapping his fingers against the leather seats of the limo, Taehyung watched the scenery go by. He was sure it had to have been beautiful before his family and the Parks destroyed it. Now it was just prostitution, gang violence, and fast food chains that littered every corner of the beach town. He knew his uncle wouldn’t say anything about the mess he had created that afternoon. He never did.


“Oh my. I hope Jungkook is alright. I haven’t seen him all day. He better not have been on the streets when all the chaos erupted.”  Lady Jeon whispered, pressing her hand to her mouth as she worried over her son. Taehyung could only sigh, looking out the window.


“Don’t worry, my dear aunt. I saw him at Sycamore Grove just a few hours ago. He probably hasn’t moved since. He never does when he goes there.” He reassured her, but it didn’t seem to do much to calm the tears that were building up in her eyes.


“You haven’t seen him, Taehyung. He walked around, tears fresh in his eyes. He locks himself up in his room, closing all the curtains and sobs himself to sleep. I worry about my dear boy and what could be plaguing his poor sweet heart.” She whimpered, pressing her hands to her eyes to stop the tears from flowing. The limo stopped, the driver letting the window roll down. They had stopped at the beginning of the beach, a few yards from Sycamore Grove.


There, in the soft afternoon suns glow, was Jeon Jungkook. The only heir to the Jeon empire. If it was anyone else, it might look weird that he was wearing a suit on the beach. But he almost seemed to fit perfectly in with the scene of the beach. He seemed to be writing something in a small journal, a lollipop hanging from his lips which stained his lips a light blue. Gazing up slowly, his brown eyes seemed to be full of tears already, making Taehyung press his face to his hands.


“What he needs is someone to talk to, someone who could give him good advice.” Lord Jeon replied, causing Taehyung to scoff. Looking over at his aunt and uncle, he could only sigh before opening the door to the limo.


“Then you both should stay here.” He suggested, shutting the door behind him before moving to lean into the open window. “He’ll tell me about his problems. And if not, I’ll simply make him.” He shrugged, standing up straight and hitting the top of the car, a sign for the driver to start driving. Turning on his heels, he moved his gaze over to Jungkook, who seemed to have found himself a perfectly comfortable spot sitting on the carousel. He was leaning his head against the metal post, pressing his lips against the blue lollipop and seeming to sigh absentmindedly. Taehyung chuckled before he walked over to him, leaning against the carousel for a moment just to watch the other.


“Afternoon, cousin.”


Jungkook didn’t even jump, almost as if he knew that Taehyung had been behind him all along. “Is it only just the afternoon?” He sighed, closing his eyes before turning his sad eyes over to Taehyung. Whenever his younger cousin was sad, it always reminded Tae of a sad small bunny.


“What could possibly be making Jungkook so sad that his days feel so long?” He asked softly, watching as Jungkook got up from the carousel and started to walk. Tae quickly pushed off of the contraption, walking alongside the other.

“Not having the thing that makes my days short.”


“You’re in love?”




“Out of love?”


“Out of her life!” Jungkook groaned, stopping his walking and looking down at his leather shoes that were covered in sand. He kicked the sand underneath his feet, almost as if he was angry at it for even being on his shoes. “I love her but she just doesn’t love me, alright? That’s it.”


Taehyung stared at his cousin before letting out a soft whistle. “I’m sorry to hear that. Love seems...nice in theory. But it’s rather hard to maintain and earn, isn’t it?” He questioned, watching as Jungkook just shrugged his shoulders before letting out a pitiful sigh.


“It’s alright. It is alright. Love is supposed to be blind anyways. But it still made me into a fool.” He whispered before putting a weak smile on his face. “But enough about my pitiful love story. Come and treat me to a meal, cousin.” He laughed, wrapping an arm around Tae’s shoulders. Taehyung could only laugh as he was pulled along. When they stopped, all Tae could do was frown. Looking up, he suddenly noticed why Jungkook had stopped his pace. A television was playing the news and there, on the screen, was his own face, pointing a gun to Seung.




“Tae, what did you do?” Jungkook stopped him, letting go of his cousin so that he could face him completely. Taehyung looked rather embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his neck. He knew that his younger cousin hated the feud between the two families. He didn’t much care for it, having never gotten into a single fight with a Park. Taehyung hated the fighting too, trying to be a peacemaker but he was always dragged into the feud.


“Look Jungkook, it isn’t as bad as it-”


“No. No. This is just...fighting over hate. I barely even am moved by it anymore. I feel numb almost. Usually, it would affect me and I would call you a rightfully deserve idiot. I would tell you to stop but this doesn’t even phase me. All i can think about is her and her beauty and maybe the fighting is like that. My fight to win her heart and make her mine and..Taehyung, are you laughing at me?”


Tae hadn’t even noticed his body started to shake. He looked at his cousin slowly and shook his head. “Not...laughing. I think I’m crying.” He whispered, pressing a hand to his face to feel the wetness that coated his cheeks.


“A-At what?”


“At how sad you are.” Tae explained, glancing at the television again. “The fighting always makes you rant and angry didn’t even phase you today. You must be devastated.”


Jungkook’s shoulders slumped before he sighed, starting to walk off of the beach. “I am. Love just...hurts. I don’t think a dagger to the heart could even hurt as much as this. Even the strongest poison would feel like taking cough medicine, my dear cousin. For my dear love has cast me out of her life.” He whimpered, feeling more tears drip down his face but he quickly wiped the away.


Tae noticed they were walking closer to the billiard the Jeon’s owned. Following alongside Jungkook, he tilted his head slowly. “So...What is her name?”




“Her name Jungkook. What is her name?”


“..It’s Min Yoonji.”


Taehyung stopped for a moment, blinking for a moment before a frown crossed his face. “Well...she’s very pretty. A beauty and is a far descendant of the Parks. She isn’t a direct niece or anything. I don’t see what the problem is. You’re handsome and sweet. Why won’t she date you?” He questioned, looking rather confused.


“Just like her brother, Father Yoongi, she wants to live a life with God. She heads to live with the Sisters this summer.” Jungkook admitted, stuffing his hands in his pockets, causing Taehyung to wince.


“Wow...that’s just rough, cousin. I’m sorry about that but...there isn’t anything you can do about it. But you know what you could do?” He started, stopping his walking and grabbing Jungkook by his arm so he would stop too. Judging by Jungkook’s curious expression, Tae smiled and started to offer up his plan. “I could take you out. Some clubbing. Make you forget all about Yoonji!” He offered, though his smile died when he looked at the horrified look on Jungkook’s face.


“Tae! I love her! And there is no other person for me then Yoonji!” He exclaimed, marching into the billiards, making sure to take his jacket and shoulder holster off by the door. For someone who didn’t like violence, he was required to carry his guns everywhere he went.


Taehyung groaned, rushing to watch up to his younger cousin. “You just see, I’ll make you forget all about Yoonji, be it the last thing I ever do!”


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The billiards was buzzing with noise as the two Jeons played their game of pool. Jungkook didn’t look that excited to be there, especially since he was losing the game to Tae. Every so often, he would let out a soft sigh, leaning his head against the wall by the pool table. Taehyung looked rather sick of it, groaning when he heard his cousin sigh again.


“Look, all I am saying is that your cure to this lovesickness you have is rather simple. Just fall in love with someone else and forget all about Yoonji. She is not the only fish that swims in these waters!”


“But she is the only fish I want, Taehyung! You don’t understand! No other woman compares to her.”


Taehyung rolled his eyes as he aimed the cue ball to hit one of the final two balls he needed to win. “You saw her and fell for her when no other people were around. I am sure that if you simply were to go to a party and look at other beautiful women, you would forget all about Ms.Min. After all, she is heading off to the convent rather willingly. I do not believe she will change her mind.”


The young Jeon groaned, tossing his cue onto the pool table. He was going to lose anyways and Taehyung’s speech was apparently getting to him.


“What? You mad?”


“Not mad, wouldn’t understand.” Jungkook sighed as he walked to the counter, wanting to leave. Taehyung followed behind him, pulling out the ticket they needed to retrieve their guns.


“Then make me understand. What makes a girl who would rather live her life with God better than all the other people in Verona Beach?”


“Everything about her is perfect, Tae. She is smart and quick witted and had an adorable smile and her eyes seem to pierce right through me. The sun has never seen a more beautiful person before and she...doesn’t want me.”


Taehyung only rolled his eyes as he grabbed his shoulder holster. Strapping it on to himself, he suddenly stopped when he heard a familiar name. A name that had been falling from Jungkook’s lips for the past hour.


‘...Min Yoonji and Min Holly, even Kim Namjoon himself. The annual Midsummer’s Night ball is one that you can not miss this year. So if you’re free and not a Jeon, come to the Park’s estate and join in the festivities!’


“Min Yoonji and everyone who isn’t related to us, all under the same roof for one night only.” Taehyung whistled, nudging Jungkook so he would look up at the television. “The biggest ball of the year...we have to go.” He whispered, making the younger of the two scoff. Jungkook already had his holsters on, carrying his jacket in his hand.


“Tae...don’t be ridiculous. That is a Park party.” He murmured, walking out the door with Taehyung hot on his heels.


“Okay! I know that! But hear me out!” He exclaimed, picking up his pace to walk alongside his cousin. “We go and you get to see Yoonji with all the most beautiful people that Verona Beach has to offer. I’ll even present them to you myself. I will then show you that your beautiful love is not only normal but is nothing compared to someone else!” He offered, climbing into his Cadillac that a worker of the Jeon’s had brought by.


Jungkook stopped for a moment, looking up at Taehyung before letting out a sigh. Throwing his jacket into the backseat of the car, he ran a hand through his hair. “Alright. I’ll go. If only to see my lovely Yoonji one last time.” He relented, climbing into the passenger seat.


On the other side of town

“Jin! Fetch my son! I need to talk with him straight away!” Lady Park exclaimed, trying to hold still had her makeup was being done for her.


“Right away ma’am.” The man, presumingly Jin, said quickly as he rushed out of the room. He had been part of the Park family for years now. His mother had married into the family but, apparently, he used to be a Kim. Now he was a nurse, having taken care of the heir to the Park empire for almost his entire life. “Jimin!” He called repeatedly, running down the halls to find the boy.


The boy in question, Park Jimin, had his head under water in his golden tub. His eyes were opened as he held his breath, looking up at the ceiling. He had been doing this for awhile, wanting to see how long he could keep his breath for. It was also rather relaxing. Every sense of his was muffled under the water.




The voice was a familiar one to the young Park. A voice that made him bolt up from the tub, gasping for air as he sat for a moment.




Jimin smiled, running a hand through his platinum blonde hair. Standing up slowly, he wrapped his body in his white robe before walking out of the bathroom. “Jin. You can stop now. I’m here!” He called out, knowing that the man could hear him. Just as he thought, Jin rushed into his bed room, looking rather frantic.


“Come on then! Don’t you hear me yelling? Your mother is calling you!” He exclaiming, pulling on Jimin’s arm to hurry him off. Jimin could only laugh as he followed Jin throughout the manor to his mother’s room. Opening the door, he blinked for a moment, rather confused as to his mother’s costume. It seemed like she was dressing up as Cleopatra.


“Oh my darling! Jin found you at last. Jin, please leave. This is a private discussion!” Lady Park snapped, smiling as the man left the room. Blinking at Jimin for a moment, she gasped before snapping her fingers again. “Jin! I’m sorry! Come back! I forget how to talk to my son!”


Jimin could only sigh at her statement. Jin had practically raised him, even if the man was only a few years older than him. His mother didn’t have much experience with actual motherhood, unless it was buying her son clothing. He watched as Jin entered again, looking rather confused. Jimin only shrugged, moving to sit on the loveseat that his mother had in her room.


“Jin! As you know, Jimin is my only child. The most handsome Park in the entire manor.” Lady Park boasted, making Jin chuckle softly.


“Yeah. I know.” He murmured, looking over at Jimin, who seemed to be trying to hold in his laughter as well.


“I was already his mother by the time I was his age. I was twenty years old by his first birthday.” She hummed as some of the maids of the household helped her into her costume. Looking down at her counter, she seemed to remember where the conversation was supposed to be going and grabbed the magazine. “Here it is! Kim Namjoon!” She sang, referring to the man on the cover. Kim Namjoon was about to become the most eligible bachelor in Verona Beach. The commissioner loved him, he came from a Kim family in Korea with money and power, and he had traveled the world. An educated and handsome man, Jimin could see where the conversation was headed when his mother sat down next to him, handing him the magazine. “He wants you as his husband.”


Jin’s eyes went wide as he peered from behind Jimin’s shoulders, looking at the picture on the cover. “Wow. That is a handsome man. And he is rich? Has connections?”


“Jin is right! There hasn’t been an eligible bachelor like this to be on our streets in years! And he is coming to our annual ball tonight, in hopes of finally meeting you! All he seems to want is for you to be his husband, to grant him your hand in marriage willingly. By marrying him, you would be set for your entire life.” Lady Park sighed, standing up as the maids finished dressing her in the costume, even placing a wig on her head that almost made Jimin laugh. “Be frank with me, my sweet son. Could you find yourself loving Namjoon?”

“I...I will meet him and open myself to loving him. But I can promise you nothing. After all, he is only a man.” Jimin said simply, not wanting to say no to his mother. He had been asked for his hand in marriage multiple times by different people but Jimin believed in love. He wanted to love someone before he married them. Yes, Kim Namjoon was a handsome man but it didn’t mean they would fall in love at first sight.


His mother only seemed to scoff, rolling her eyes at the words he spoke. Suddenly, a servant rushed in, pushing the door open. “Madam. Your guests are arriving.” He stated quickly, causing Lady Park to gasp. Grabbing her fan, she nodded for her maids to follow her out.


“Alright. Let us go. And Jimin…” She started, looking at her son for a moment before sighing. “Try...harder.” Was the only thing she said before walking out the door, the maids closing them.


Jimin stared at the door before sighing, resting his head on his hands. As the only heir to the Park empire, so much was expected of him. He needed a suitable husband but he also wanted love. He had seen how an arranged marriage had destroyed his mother, even if she seemed happy now with the wealth. Sometimes, the stress felt like it was eating him alive.


“Jimin?” The young man looked up, sighing as he noticed it was only Jin in front of him. Looking down slowly, he smiled when he noticed the hands Jin was reaching out towards him. Taking them, he stood up. “Don’t worry about your mother. Go get ready. Look for a man who’ll give you happy nights at the end of happy days.” He whispered, causing Jimin to chuckle.


Jin was right. He needed a man who could make him happy all the time. There were no promises he would find love at the Midsummer’s Night ball. After all, they were all the same. What could be different this time?


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Sycamore Grove was alive with people all in costume. Whenever the Parks would throw their ball, their side of the beach would be alive with booths, carnival games, food, and debauchery. This ball was no different. The only difference were the Jeons that were on the side of the beach.


Jungkook sighed as he looked up at the sound of fireworks. He had been placed into a knight costume by Taehyung, who couldn’t find him anything on such short notice. The chainmail on his body almost felt stiff but he didn’t seem to care all that much. Turning his head at the sound of gunshots, he did laugh at the sight of a man on stilts, shooting up at the sky. Taehyung was sitting in his car, humming as he adjusted his black suit. Jungkook still thought he was cheating by going as a grim reaper. After all, all his cousin had to do was wear black.


His smile soon grew at the recognizable purr of a Mustang driving down the beach. A loud dance song played on the cars radio, one he could barely make out the lyrics to. He could only tell it had a rather nice melody.


Hobiiii!” Taehyung cried from his seat in his Cadillac, sitting up with his boxy smile on display.


Jung Hoseok was neither a Jeon or a Park. His family had escaped being either one, deciding that they hadn’t wanted to be part of the feud. His family was rather close to the commissioner himself. But Hoseok didn’t play by his family’s rules exactly. He was friends with people in both families. His bubbly personality making him a great companion. He was always up for a party, to talk, to even just hang out. Hoseok was everyone’s friend. Which meant that he had the invitation to biggest ball of the year.


He was dressed rather ridiculously, that Jungkook noticed the moment his friend walked out of the car. His outfit was completely holographic from head to toe. His shoes, his shirt, his jacket, even his sunglasses that were completely unnecessary in the middle of the night. He stayed still, just watching his cousin and friend hug. Hobi was apparently singing along to the song that was playing in the car, his voice rather off pitch but it was all done on purpose.


Taehyung and Hoseok both danced with each other, laughing as if already drunk off of the Park’s best wine. Handing Taehyung the invitation after they stopped dancing, the man set his eyes on Jungkook who was still standing on the stage of Sycamore Grove. Dancing over, he was still trying to sing louder then the already loud music playing.


Young hearts! Run free! Never be hung up...hung up like Jungkook and me!” Hoseok sang as he displayed Jungkook his invitation. The young Jeon huffed, grabbing his invitation but slowly, his smile appeared back on his face. He couldn’t stay mad at Hoseok. He was just such a happy person, how could he stay mad? “Come on! You gotta dance with me!” The older man urged, pulling on Jungkook’s arm. He could only sigh, shaking his head rapidly.


“No. No. Not me. My melancholy mood would just ruin your fun dance.”


“First, when did you learn to use the word melancholy? Second, you’re one of the best dancers I know. You can’t leave Taehyung and I to just dance alone.”


“Ah, dear Hobi. That was when I thought I had Yoonji’s love close to my reach. Now...dancing just seems so bland and boring. Love seems so terrible. It hurts my heart and I don’t want to feel love every again.” Jungkook mused, resting his head against the wall.


Hoseok pouted before gently punching his friend’s arm. “Hey. If love hurt you, hurt love back. The only way to do that is to prove you can have a good time without it. You don’t need Yoonji, my dear friend. All you need is us! Now, I am about to take you to the best ball of the year, I don’t want to see your pouting face the entire night! Taehyung!” He called out, wrapping his arm around Jungkook’s shoulder. Taehyung seemed to appear out of nowhere, wrapping his arm around his cousin's torso. He and Hoseok started to sing as they walked, laughing as Jungkook groaned and pouted. Once they got down to the sand, the young Jeon pushed off of both of them, frowning.

“I don’t wanna go! I didn’t even want to go in the first place until I heard Yoonji’s name was on the list.”


“And why not?”


“I...I had a dream.”


“Oh really? So did I!” Hoseok smiled, causing Jungkook to look up at him with confusion.


“Really? What was yours?”


“That dreamers often lie!” The older man laughed, causing Jungkook to glare at him.


“Lie in bed while they often dream things that turn true.” He argued, watching as Hoseok laughed before sticking his hand in his pocket.


“Oh my. Taehyung is right. You really are far gone. Here.” He murmured, handing Jungkook a small tin from his pocket. Jungkook looked at it, confused before opening it slowly. Verona Beach was known for crime. Be it murder or drugs. Ecstasy was not hard to come by in the small city and Jungkook wouldn’t lie and say he had not tried it once or twice for curiosity. Though, looking at the small tab now in his hands, he almost wondered if he should.


“You think you have been the only one heartbroken, Jeon Jungkook? No. You haven’t. People are heartbroken everyday, in more terrible ways then you have been. She never even directly say she didn’t want you. She has just chosen the life with God over you and you have cried repeatedly about it for days. If anyone should know how your anger and heartbreak feels, it is I.” Hoseok huffed, causing Jungkook to shrink back for a moment. He remembered the day that Min Yoongi decided he would become a priest. Everyone had watched with held breaths, wondering if the bubbly and happy Hoseok would break from the news. Everyone shrugged it off when he seemed to accept it and wished Yoongi well.


They just didn’t know that Jungkook had walked in on the poor man crying later that day. He almost felt guilty in that moment for how he was acting.




The fireworks that lighted the sky cut the poor man off, causing all three of the men on the beach to look up at the sky. Jungkook still walked closer to Hoseok, gently putting his hand on the man’s shoulder, causing him to jump.


“I’m sorry.”


Hoseok sighed before shrugging slowly. “It’s alright. Time makes everything better. But dreams are nothing to worry about, young Jeon. They’re...the product of your mind wondering in your sleep. Your imagination running wildly. You need not to worry about it.” He assured, smiling as brightly as ever.


“As much as this has been...a great conversation, we should be going. They probably already served supper which means the dancing is starting and if we don’t go now, it’ll be too late!” Taehyung pouted, gesturing for the men to follow him to his car.


“I dreamt I died last night.” Jungkook whispered when Taehyung was far enough away not to hear. “I’m scared of this party because...I dreamt I died and it all stemmed from here. you said, my dear friend Hoseok. Dreams mean nothing and I will not be a downer when I know you wish to have fun.” He assured, wrapping an arm around Hoseok’s shoulder so they could walk to the car.


Jumping into the passenger seat while Hoseok took the back, Jungkook slowly pulled out the small tin back out. Taking the pill out slowly, he looked at his cousin and friend before sighing. Part of him knew he shouldn’t but the other knew he would be mopping the entire night if he was thinking straight. “Bottom’s up.” He whispered, pressing the pill to his tongue as he heard Taehyung turn the music up louder.

The ride to the Park’s manor, Jungkook couldn’t remember a single second of it. All he knew was they had suddenly parked and Taehyung had slapped a mask over his face and pulled him out. Everything was bright lights and colors and he couldn’t tell anything apart. He stumbled to the door, everyone’s costumes seeming to mold together into one. When the security let him in, seeming to only take one quick look at his invitation before nodding him inside, he was pretty sure he saw a lion. On his right side, he was also about twenty percent sure that he saw a weird zebra hybrid of a person. Blinking slowly to adjust himself to the light, he also realized that Taehyung wasn’t next to him. He had either been ditched or moved by the crowd.


“The drugs work quick.” He whispered under his breath before it seemed like trumpets blew in his ear. Looking up quickly, Jungkook noticed that at the top of the steps was Hoseok, still in his completely holographic outfit with a ridiculous wig on his head.


Oh, young hearts run free, Never be hung up, Hung up like my man and me!” He sang, which Jungkook recognized was the song he had been singing when he arrived to Sycamore Grove. Watching as Hoseok danced down the stairs, it seemed like everyone in the manor was enjoying the song. Jungkook turned around, trying to process everything before he stumbled into a man who only grabbed him roughly, placing two kisses on his cheeks. Jungkook was too shocked to say anything as he was pushed back against more people.


Everything was becoming too much for his drugged out mind and he was starting to realize the world was starting to spin around him. Blinking rapidly, the song had become so dulled out that he realized all he could hear was laughter and his own heartbeat.


He needed to get out of here.

Screaming into the sink, Jungkook had filled it completely with water and dunked his entire head into it. The water had helped him a little bit and being away from the party had stopped his vision from going blurry. Pulling up from the sink, he gasped as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. The stupid mask was still on his face and he quickly pulled it off, watching as his brown hair fell flat on his face. Moving a hand to push it back, he stared at his pupils for a moment, satisfied that they didn’t look so blown out anymore. The drugs worked quick but they didn’t seem to last long.


Turning around slowly, his eyes went wide at the sight of a beautiful fish tank in the bathroom. It’s colorful decorations almost made Jungkook feel as if the drugs were still acting up. Tilting his head, he walked closer, a smile gracing his lips at the different fish that swam across. He always had a love for animals after all. Watching a certain one swim down to the bottom of the tank, he ducked down to see where it was headed. What he didn’t expect to see when he crouched down were another pair of eyes staring back at him.   


Jumping up, his brown eyes were wide as he stared at another pair right in front of him. The man in front of him seemed to have been startled as well, their mouth slightly parted as they stood still. Jungkook didn’t know what to say or do in that moment. All he knew was that it almost felt like he couldn’t breath, in a good way.


The man was dressed like an angel, wings strapped onto his back and a white billowy shirt on his body. His blonde hair was slightly pushed back but Jungkook couldn’t keep from staring into his eyes. A brown almost like his but they seemed to be so much brighter and full of life. His never looked that bright when he would gaze into a mirror. Swallowing, he knew right then and there that this person was the most beautiful person he had ever seen in his life. Tilting his head, he slowly moved when the man did, a soft smile blooming onto his face when the man looked down, seeming to be rather embarrassed.


Jungkook puffed out his cheeks, pressing his nose to the glass, hoping to make the angel in front of him laugh. He succeeded, a grin gracing his lips when the man laughed, his smile making Jungkook’s heart race a mile a minute.


“Sorry, your mother is calling.” A voice spoke loudly, causing Jungkook to jump away from the glass. He looked up, seeing the angel being pulled away by a man in a suit. Blinking, he almost bolted out of the bathroom, wanting to catch up with the man who made his breathing slow down.


Rushing out, he saw a glimpse of the wings that fit the costume and rushed down the stairs. Jungkook didn’t even process that the man was now in the arms of Kim Namjoon. Everyone seemed to disappear besides the single bright eyed man. The Jeon's heart almost stopped when he looked his way, grinning in his direction whenever Namjoon was distracted.


“Did my heart ever love anyone before this moment? I was blind, then, because I never saw true beauty before tonight...I have to dance with him.” Jungkook declared, trying to think of a way to get to the dance floor and get his angel in his arms.


Chapter Text

Five Minutes Before

Jimin! Where do you head off to!? Jimin!


The boy in question sighed as he dipped into the coat closet. His mother was trying to get him to dance with Kim Namjoon but he needed one second to himself or he was going to explode. The ball this year seemed more vibrant than ever and Jimin just wanted one second to himself before he had to step on and be the perfect Park son again.


The closet was a place he had escaped to multiple times, the only person knowing being Jin. He loved staring at the fish tank that seperated the closet and the men’s bathroom on the other side. Walking over to it slowly, a smile graced his lips as he recognized some of the fish.


Crouching down slowly, he watched his favorite bright yellow fish swim down to the bottom on the tank. It seemed to swim into its castle and as Jimin watched, he didn’t even noticed the other person who had pressed themselves up against the glass on the other side. He only noticed when an eye peered into his, making him jump back. He stood straight, seeing the man on the other side and pausing.


He was attractive, that was the first thing that popped into Jimin’s head. He was dressed up as a knight and his brown hair was dripping wet. It was obvious he had pushed it up out of the way and his brown doe eyes seemed to be staring right into him. Jimin blinked, moving slowly but the man’s gaze only followed his movements. A laugh did push against his lips when the man puffed out his cheeks and pressed his nose to the fish tank. Cute. Very cute.


“Sorry. Your mother is calling.” Spoke the familiar voice of Jin, spooking Jimin out of his staring. Turning around when Jin pushed him along, he involuntarily looked behind him to see if the knight was behind him at all. Before he could really check, he was on the dance floor in front of his mother and a handsome astronaut. Jimin had seen the same face on so many magazines. Kim Namjoon.


“Park Jimin. May I have this dance?” He smiled, his dimples causing Jimin to smile back. He could see his mother grinning, gesturing for him to accept. There was nothing much he could do except take Namjoon’s hand and be pushed into the slow waltz.

Turning his head slowly, his eyes went wide at the sight of the same knight watching him dance from afar. A smile graced Jimin’s lips, only glancing at the man whenever Namjoon wasn’t looking. Jimin didn’t find Namjoon unattractive. Not by any means but everytime he blinked, he could only imagine those doe eyes staring at him.


The song slowly ended causing the dancing to stop. Namjoon let go of him, turning to applaud the wonderful singer. Jimin was clapping as well, yet he kept turning to look for the man he had been staring at for the duration of the dance. When he didn’t see him, Jimin’s shoulders deflated. It seemed to have only been infatuation caused by the party and the lights then.


That is what he thought, of course, as he smiled with Namjoon when confetti started falling on all of them. But then, a hand pulled at his, causing him to jump in surprise. Looking behind him, he was shocked to see the knight from the fish tank pulling him over to him.

Jungkook knew he had to be careful. After all, he had left his mask in the bathroom and he was the only son of the Jeon family. But love was making him into a fool so without much thought, he had walked up and pulled his angel close to him, even if he knew that anyone could see him.


“You are an angel who had fallen from the sky, just for me. I don’t even deserve to hold your hand for you are the holiest thing I have ever touched but I promise, if this offends you, I can simply kiss you to make things better.” Jungkook whispered into his ear as the confetti cannons sounded off again.


“Why are you speaking like that?” Was the first thing he was asked, causing Jungkook to blink before a flushed look appeared on his face. He was happy that his embarrassment caused the angel to laugh though.


“Very...expensive education. My English language tutor who enjoyed Shakespeare. Take your pick.” He whispered, rubbing at his neck.”If you rather I stop, I know of something that we can do that would get me to stop talking.” He hummed simply, bringing the man’s hand to his lip before his eyes went wide when it was snatched away from his grasp.


“If I am the holiest thing you have ever seen, it makes no sense for me to kiss you. Have you thought of that one?” The angel laughed softly, a smile on his lips that made Jungkook’s heart race.


Trying to figure out a way to get a kiss, Jungkook pulled the man closer, smiling. “As holy as a angel, which is why I pray to you to allow me one kiss. I am just a poor sinner after all.”


The man laughed as he started to walk forward, Jungkook hot on his heels. “Angels don’t move, my dear knight. Even when granting a prayer.” He hummed, stopping close to the elevator.


“You don’t have to move, my sweet angel. Just stand still.” Jungkook whispered as he leaned down. After all, the man in front of him was rather shorter than him. He stopped only when the man snapped his head to the side. Blinking confused, the elevator opened and he was pulled in. Jungkook didn’t even have time to process what was happening before another pair of lips were on his.


It was sweet, a little rushed, but Jungkook didn’t mind as his arms instantly wrapped around the other’s torso, pulling them close. His angel tasted like everything good in the world and for a second, he didn’t even know where he was anymore. All he knew was that the most prettiest person in the world was in his arms now, kissing him.


“You you took all my sins away.” Jungkook whispered when they pulled away, his eyes bright and full of adoration.


“Doesn’t that mean I have them now?” The man in his arms whispered, causing Jungkook to gasp dramatically.


“I am so sorry. Here, let me take them all again.” He whispered, an excuse to press his lips back to the other’s another time. Jungkook couldn’t believe it but the second kiss was even better then the first.


“Y-You’re really good at that.” His angel whispered to him, causing Jungkook to laugh.


“Well...I try.” He hummed, moving his lips to press down at the other’s neck.


The elevator opened and Jungkook started to follow the other man out. Almost like deja vu, he was suddenly pushed back into the elevator by the other man. Not that he seemed to mind when he was brought into a kiss again. He wouldn’t mind being pushed around it it meant that he would get kissed over and over again.


He kept his hands on the small of the other’s back, pushing him close to his body. The only reason Jungkook was forced to pull away was when the door of the elevator opened again and there was the man who had pulled his angel away the first time.


He didn’t seem to look that impressed with the both of them. “Jimin...your mother had been looking everywhere for you. Let’s go.” He huffed, looking out Jimin out of Jungkook’s grasp.




Such a better name then Yoonji in Jungkook’s head. He could probably say that name all day. Better then just referring to the love of his life by angel in his head.



Jungkook followed behind before the elevator doors closed on him. He laughed as he jogged to keep up, stopping once he got to the bottom of the stairs. He only stopped because he finally noticed where Jimin was being dragged off to. Blinking for a moment, his look of confusion sooned transformed into a look of terror when he realized that the mother that Jimin, his angel and his new love, was being dragged off to was none other then Lady Park.


“Jimin...Park Jimin. My god.” He whispered softly to himself, his eyes wide in terror. He had fallen for a Park.

“Jungkook! Jungkook!” Cried out Taehyung, laughing as he reached his cousin. Jungkook looked completely shaken. “Jungkook!” He yelled again, now in his ear, causing Jungkook to jump in surprise. 

“What? What?”

“Come on! Ball is ending and Hobi’s already in the car! We’re heading off to Sycamore Grove to get into some trouble!” Taehyung laughed, grabbing onto Jungkook’s arm to pull him along.

Jungkook sighed softly as he was pushed against people. He continued to look up onto the second floor, his eyes wide as he noticed Jimin running. “It seems like I am in enough trouble already.”

Jimin stopped at the stop of the stairs, frowning down at his knight that was standing at the bottom of the stairs. The last ten minutes had been a whirlwind but Jimin had enjoyed it. He hadn’t had that much fun in ages and the man had made him feel things he never thought he would. He knew he promised his mother to give Kim Namjoon a chance but he had wanted love after all. He could see this man giving him love.


So why was he looking up at him like he was a ghost?


“His name is Jungkook.” Said a voice behind him, causing him to jump. Jimin turned and noticed it was Jin. “Jeon Jungkook. Heir to the Jeon empire and...the only son of your family’s worst enemy.” He whispered, causing Jimin to freeze for a moment. Turning back around, he looked back down at the knight. Jungkook.


“Oh my god.” He whispered softly. He watched slowly as Jungkook seemed to be drag along by another man. Blinking, Jimin started to jog along side him, starting to run when he had to cross hallways where he couldn't see him. He paused finally when he got to a balcony. From it, he could see Jungkook being handed his gun holster. He paused when Jungkook looked up, both of them staring at each other now. Their gaze never broke, not even when poor Jungkook was pushed into the cas, strapped into the backseat now and his companions started to drive away.


“My first and only love...a Jeon. A man I am supposed to hate. I hate made me love the only person I can’t mortal enemy.” Jimin whispered to himself, not leaving the balcony until the red car that Jungkook was on completely left the manor.