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is it ever gonna change

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Izuku pulled his door open, looking down each side of the hall. No one was awake or talking, so he walked out of his room fully, shutting his door, and walking over to the elevator. He pressed the first floor button, waiting for the door to open. Once it did, Izuku froze completely still. Katsuki was standing in front of him with a towel around the back of his neck. 

"H-hi, Kacchan!" Izuku stuttered. Katsuki just stared, holding onto the towel. 

"Where are you off to, hm?" 

"A-ah, well, I wanted to take a walk to clear my mind..." 

Katsuki stared longer before stepping out of the elevator to let Izuku in. The blonde narrowed his eyes. No one was supposed to leave the dorms past nine unless it was for showering. Katsuki didn't say anything to the boy. It'd bring up the case that he was worried for Izuku. 

He's not. 


Once the elevator door closed, Izuku pressed the lobby button, sighing heavily. Izuku prayed that Katsuki didn't think anything much of what he said just then. 

"If he knew, I'd be screwed all to hell..." Izuku mumbled to himself before the elevator door opened. He stepped out, checking to see if anyone was around. No one was, which wasn't very shocking, since everyone would be in bed by now. 

Izuku walked as silently as he could to the front door, pushing it open. 


Izuku rested his head in Kai's lap, feeling his fingers run through his green curls. The only sound in the room was the TV in front of the two. "Kai?" 


"I have to get back to the dorms..." 

Kai looked down at the boy. "Are you sure?" 

"I-I mean, I don't want Aizawa to think I..." Izuku sighed. "I don't know. I could say I stayed with my mom, but--" 

"Do that." 


Kai never wanted Izuku to stay. You could not list one time Kai wanted Izuku to stay with him or sleep in his bed. It never was brought up. Maybe Kai knew why.

"Stay with me," He mumbled behind the mask. "Please."

Izuku shut his eyes. "Of course." 

Kai wasn't one to say "stay with me" or even a please at the end of a sentence. Something was wrong and Izuku knew it, but asking the man would tick him off and he knew that, too. He's known Kai since he was Quirkless. Since he was fourteen. 

Izuku has known him too long to know if something was wrong or if something wasn't going his way. Falling for a villain who has hurt people before makes Izuku want him out of his life, but he loves Kai and Kai loves him. He's just too afraid to show it. 

8:34 (AM)

Izuku yawned, head resting on the white pillow behind his head. Kai wasn't around or in bed, but there was a note on the bedside table. 

"I'll be out for a while. Stay if you'd like. It'd be nice to see you when I get back." 

He could hear Kai's voice saying that mess and it actually worried him a bit less.

Izuku was reminded that he was wearing some green shorts he left here a while back with Kai's white shirt - that was way too big for Izuku's body - when he pulled the blanket off to change into the clothes he wore when he arrived. 

Staying wasn't something he could pick. It never will be.

Once Izuku got dressed, he looked over at the note on the bedside table, picking it up to reread it with a smile. He sat the note back down, grabbing the pen beside it to write out something under the note Kai wrote before. 

"Thank you. I love you." 

Izuku looked at it for a minute or two before scribbling out the lovey-dovey part. He sighed heavily, setting the pen down to grab his red shoes, slipping them on quickly. Izuku walked out of the door, sighing once more. 

Back to the dorms. 

"Hey, Midoriya!" Eijirou yelled from the couch as Izuku walked in. "Where were you last night?"

"Oh," Izuku stopped in front of the door. "I slept at my moms place." 


"No, just felt homesick."

Eijirou hummed, turning his gaze back to the TV. Izuku kicked his shoes off beside the door before walking to the kitchen to make breakfast for himself. It wasn't anything big, just some toast and butter, but it was still breakfast. Izuku bit into the toast, licking his lips to get the crumbs off. 


Izuku jumped at the deep voice beside him. 


"Ah, sorry, Kacchan!" Izuku swallowed the toast, moving away from the counter he was using. 

"Where were you last night?" 

"At my mo--"

"Were you really at your moms, Deku?" Katsuki asked, placing the bread into the toaster. 


Katsuki hummed. Izuku stared for a minute before leaving the kitchen with the little bit of toast he had left after eating it. Maybe he was catching on. 

Hopefully he wasn't. 


Izuku was back on the path to see Kai again. He hoped it wasn't going to be awkward when he got there, since he didn't stay. Kai was one to pick fights over small things. 

"Kai?" Izuku called out when he kicked his shoes off before walking inside. The older yelled from upstairs, so Izuku ran up the stairs to check on him. Kai had his eyes shut, sitting in the middle of the bed. "You alright?" 

"I'm fine." 

"Are you...are you sure, Kai?" Izuku slipped out of his jacket, throwing it onto the chair beside the door. He walked closer to see scars on Kai's collarbone and wrists. They looked fresh like they happened yesterday. "Kai?" 

"I said I'm fine." Kai repeated, opening his eyes slowly once he felt Izuku's fingertips brush over his scars. 

"Kai..." He mumbled. "Did you--" 



"Why do you wanna be a hero?" Kai looked down at his wrist. "Why did you leave me?" 

Izuku sat beside the older man, grabbing Kai's hand lightly. "Because I can protect people." 

"From disgusting humans like me, right?" 


"Please," Kai sniffled. "Don't - don't ever leave me." 

"I won't." 

"Stay here with me. Don't go back to UA ever. Please." 

"Kai, I can't just--" 

Kai looked up at the teen. He made Izuku feel like he just kicked a puppy or something. "You could have stayed with me. You could have..." Kai paused. 

"I could have what?" Overhaul looked away from the boy. Izuku placed two fingers on the side of Kai's cheek, turning his head to meet his eyes again. "Kai?"

"Became a villain," He mumbled. "Yet...the idiot I fell in love with, wanted to be a fucking hero." 

Izuku touches Kai's wrists gently before he snatched his touch away. "Kai," He whispered. 


"I love you, alright? I-I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted or needed."

Kai sighed behind the mask. "You need to get back to the dorms." 

"It's Saturday." Izuku chuckled. 

"Your mom?"

"We called last night."

Kai stared at Izuku before placed his hand on the green haired boys soft neck. Izuku smiled, bring his lips up to Kai's neck, kissing it softly. 


Izuku rested his head on Kai's naked chest. It was the first ever time Kai ever took his mask off. It made Izuku feel warm inside. 


Kai hummed, rubbing Izuku's back. 

"I think..." He shut his eyes. "I think I might stay with you."

Kai swore his heart stopped right there. 

"If that's okay! If it bothers you, I won't, but If it doesn't--" 

Kai kissed Izuku's forehead gently. "It's fine." 

Izuku smiled against his chest, rubbing his thigh against Kai's. 

8:10 AM, Tuesday


Izuku yawned, looking over at Kai. He was sleeping almost so peacefully, Izuku didn't wanna wake him up for breakfast. He grabbed the remote, turning the TV on to watch the recent news, which was an awful idea. 

"A young boy named Midoriya Izuku has been reported missing by his mother, Midoriya Inko. She was told by many friends of his that he wasn't coming back to the dorms, he wasn't in class Monday, Izuku didn't even reply to texts. If anyone sees this boy, please let us know." 

Izuku swallowed nervously. 

"Izuku?" Kai mumbled, rubbing his eye. 

"Kai..." Izuku smiled at the man, covering his waist down. "Good morning." 

"You seem sad," He looked up at Izuku. "What's wrong?" 

"It's..." Izuku looked over at the TV. "That." 

Kai looked over at the TV. "What about it?" 

He just stared at Kai.

"Maybe if we show that you're a villain for good," Kai shrugged. "Just lay down for now." 

Izuku sighed, but nodded. He muted the TV before lying down beside Kai, covering himself with the heavy blanket. Izuku and Kai studied each others looks for a minute or two before Kai placed his hand on Izuku's hip, rubbing his soft and pale skin with his thumb. 

"Izuku," Kai spoke softly. "I love you."