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Special Breakfast

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I woke up one morning, but I noticed Yozakura wasn’t in bed next to me. I then smelled something coming from the kitchen. I went downstairs and, to my surprise, it was Yozakura making breakfast---while wearing nothing but an apron. “Oh hey! Good morning, y/n. How are you?” “Uhh I’m good, but...what are you doing?” “I’m making breakfast, silly.” “I-I know that! But...why are you only wearing that?” “Because I wanted to do something special for you and I know you would like this, so I decided I wear this. Now, go sit at the table; it’s almost done, dear.” “Ok, honey.” While I was sitting, I kept looking at her. Her whole backside was exposed, especially her plump ass. She kept swaying it from side to side like she was trying to tease me. I felt myself getting hard just looking at her. I couldn’t take it anymore. Unnoticed, I rose from the table and walked over to her. While she was cooking, I put my arms around her waist. “Touching me already? Jeez, I guess you couldn’t take the teasing?” “Ah ha, so you were teasing me.” “Yeah, I couldn’t resist.” I pressed more of my body against her causing my erection push against her ass. “Oh my... I didn’t think I teased you that much.” “Well you did, and now you have to take care of it.” “I’m cooking right now. I’m almost done promise. Can you wait, please~?” “I don’t really want to, but fine, I will.” I kissed her on the cheek and returned to the table. After a few minutes, breakfast was finally done. “Here you go, y/n. Enjoy~.” “I always enjoy your cooking, Yoza.” “I’m glad that you like my cooking... Do you want me to feed you?” “I-I...umm, sure.” She used a fork to stab a slice of the pancake, then carried it to my mouth. “Ok, open wide.” She put it in my mouth and it was absolutely delicious. “Oh my gosh, it’s so good!” “Well, I like to think I’m a good cook.” “Well, you are for sure.” “Hehe, thank you, y/n.” She then picked up a sausage and fed it to me. “How does that taste?” “As usual, it’s really good, Yoza.” She continued to feed me until my plate was cleared. After I finished eating, We began to wash dishes together. “Thanks again for the breakfast, Yoza. I really appreciate it.” “Oh, no problem, y/n. It’s always a pleasure cooking for you.” I felt her shoulder touch mine. “So now that we’re done…,do you wanna have some more fun, y/n?” “I was just waiting for you to say that.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. Feeling her soft, succulent lips was sublime, along with the delightful squeeze of her large breast. We parted for air and then Yozakura took off her apron, showing me her nice, voluptuous body. She pushed me down on the floor and then she undid my pants, revealing my erect member. “Well, look at you! This hard, huh?” “What did you expect?” “Hehe, I’m just glad I can make you that hard.” “Heh, well, how about you take care of it?” “Gladly~.” At first, she started licking my tip but gradually began to suck me off harder. In addition to her moist tongue around my shaft, her muffled moans were vibrating my cock, creating an exhilarating sensation. She then wrapped her boobs around my length while eating me whole. A moan escaped from my mouth from the pleasure. The feeling of her warm mouth and her large breast were too much to handle that I felt myself about to cum. “Yoza, I’m cumming!” I shot my seed in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. She took my cock out of her mouth with a gasp of air. “You taste delicious, y/n.” “Don’t make it sound weird, Yoza.” “Hehe, I can’t help it.” “I know, babe. Now, how about I pleasure you?” “I would love that.” I took off my shirt, showing my bare nudity to her. Yozakura laid on her back and spread her legs open showing me her already wet pussy. I slowly inserted my cock into her as she let out a moan. I started thrusting in and out of the blue-haired shinobi as I kissed her neck. The pleasure was so intense that her native voice was coming out. “Ahh, y/ feels so good. Don’t stop…!” I sped up my thrusts as my hands moved to her chest and I started fondling them. They were warm and soft like round pillows. “Ahh please, y/n...harder this is so good~!” My thrusts became even more fierce. I was at my limit and I can tell she was too. “Y/n, I can’t hold it any longer! I’m cumming!” “Neither can I... I’m cumming, Yoza!” My seed finally shot inside her pussy. I removed my cock out of her hole and I see that my dick was drenched in her slimy juices. We both sat up and Yozakura rested her head on my chest. “That was amazing, y/n... You were so good.” “Yeah, your pussy was incredible, Yoza. The entire experience was amazing.” “Hehe! I love you, y/n.” “I love you too, Yoza.” We shared a passionate kiss and I stood up from the kitchen floor and got dressed afterward. Yozakura went to her room to change, leaving me to clean the rest of the dishes. I was thinking...maybe I should cook for her next time.