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Consilium inmortuae

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"Hold on a moment." The door creaked open as an aristocratic pale man with slick back, short black hair poked his head outside, "Yes?"

The hotel manager stood there, arms crossed, tapping his feet as the middle-aged man glared disapprovingly at the vampire. "Sir, I have been receiving complaints from other residents about the noise. Please try to keep the disturbances at the minimum during the night, this a highly-rated hotel, not some streetside motel. If you insisted upon cursing and damning the mankind, I suggest you and your entourage find a new location for that."

"Ah, yes, of course," the vampire waved his hand, speaking with a heavy accent. "My apologies, it will not happen again."

"Good," the manager turned around. "Have a good night, sir."

Closing the door, Dracula mumbled to himself under his unneeded breath; "Stupid mortal... Who's bright idea it was to hold our council in this human hotel, anyway?" He walked back deeper into a high-end suite, joining other occupants seated across two sofas and four plush chairs in front of the fireplace.

"Whitelocks' there," Dracul jabbed his finger towards the white-haired vampire sipping blood from his crystal wineglass. "Blame him, he's the one who booked this place."

Said Dracula frowned. "It was the only with a six-star review in this cesspit city. As if I'd settle for anything less. Though I'd much rather be in the castle."

"Good luck with that," Dracula who had answered door sat next to his white-haired companion. "Belmonts get a whiff and they'll storm the gates, breaking everything. I've used a fortune to candlelabras only!"

"They have no respect for other peoples property, the ruffians," white-haired Dracula sniffed. "And speaking of them; Belmont, get your foul boots off the table!"

The crimson-clad vampire smirked at the other. Craning his back, Dracul threw down the last of the blood from his chalice, licking his lips as he flips off at the aristocrat.

"Charming, you really make the name Dracula proud."

"Dracul. Why doesn't anyone get it? And at least I have not died for what? Over thirty different times?"

"Gentlemen, please," tall vampire with long, jet-black hair rumbled. "Can we at least act like grown men for a moment?"

Dracul huffed while white-haired Dracula scowled; "We do not need the new arrivals to chastise us. Just because you are now the most recognizable of us doesn't mean you get to call the shots, newbie."

Dark-haired Dracula hissed at the white-haired one, making the young human boy next to him jump in his seat.

"Sit down, boy," the vampire with golden outfit along with purple cloak snarled across him. "Honestly, this is our future? This jumpy little flea?"

"I am not your 'future!'" Soma protested. "I am not a Dark Lord and never will be!"

Chuckling, the white-haired aristocrat stood up and stepped up before the human, tilting boy's head up by placing a sharp claw under his chin. "Oh, you will be, little one. It is inevitable. You're one of us, and even if it takes a lifetime, one day you will embrace the darkness within yourself and give into its sweet, loving -"

"Ok, we got the point," Dracul interrupted, much to the relief of the boy sitting between him and Dracula from Netflix series. "How about stopping before this goes to a wrong direction and we get into trouble with the law?"

"And since when do we, the Lords of Darkness, adhere to mortal laws?" newest incarnation of Dracula asked, looking over Soma's head at Belmont.

"Since those humans are the source of our bloody paychecks?" The Dragon pointed out.

"Belmont's got a point," Dracula that answered the door sighed before addressing the white-haired vampire; "Let him be. His time will come, eventually."

Harrumphing, the addressed Dracula returned to his seat and Soma managed to breathe again. Honestly, how screwed could his day anymore go? Stuck in a hotel room with a group of vampires! And not only vampires but Draculas!

And another boy.

Turning to look at the blue-haired kid sitting his left side, Soma watched for a moment as the boy, probably no more than 8, silently cleaned a violin with a cloth before speaking out; "Hey, kiddo. What's your name?"

Blue eyes turned to look at Soma, blinking. "What? Me? It's Malus."

"Okay, cool. So I was just thinking, maybe we could work together to escape these nutjobs?"

Another blink.

"I mean, come on; obliviously we don't belong here. So let's just hightail out of here and -"

"But I do belong here," Malus said to Soma's surprise.

"Eh, what?"

Malus, his eyes suddenly darkening, grinned with white fangs shining, "I am Dracula, just as you are, Soma Cruz."

"Jesus fuck!"

Soma's yell got the attention of other Draculas as they turned towards boys and Dracula from Symphony of the Night threw his head back, laughing; "Looks like our dear Malus showed his true colours. Well done, child!"

Malus merely nodded as thanks and returned to his violin as Soma scampered away from him.

Dracul sighed, mostly to himself; "Reincarnations as young boys... And people say my storyline has issues..."

Dracula clad in a purple cloak looked at the crimson-coated vampire. "Who are you to criticize us, Belmont? Our universe has been around for decades, you merely have three games under your belt. Three! Why should your opinions matter?"

"Because of this," Dracul said and stood up. Shrugging off his coat, the Prince of Darkness revealed his upper body. Though greyish in tone, the vampire's body was pure muscle, plane after plane battle-hardened hotness and somewhere in the world, several fangirls fainted out of the sheer ecstasy.

Soma and Malus actually looked little jealous.

"You vampires may have more games but I got an image that makes fangirls swoon," the Dragon said, brushing the hair out of his face. "As a human, I was a cinnamon roll. Now? I put sexy into 'a dark, sexy vampire'. Topped with brooding and angst."

"More like topped with sluttiness," Wii-exclusive Dracula made a disgusted face, with gagging noise. "You are even more tasteless than those teenage-romance vampires."

"Big words from the one with a sorry excuse of a fighting game to his name. The only good thing it had was the music so why don't you shut up, Mr Nipplecannon?"

"You just signed your death sentence, Belmont!" Judgement-Dracula snarled, jumping on his feet. "DEMONIC -"

Grinning, Dracul followed him, reaching into his coat and pulling out a talisman with a dragon emblem.


Both of them froze as Mathias got between them, holding arms up. Dark-haired alchemist glared at the vampires, "Enough with this foolishness! We have an important issue to address and this childish bickering needs to stop now!"

Animated series-Dracula leaned to stage-whisper to Symphony-Dracula; "What were we supposed to talk about anyway?"

The original Dracula with Bela Lugosi-looks swirled to look at them, appalled that they had forgotten! "We were supposed to find the solution for the latest transgression against our dark, glorious name!"

Several pairs of red eyes blinked, along with grey and blue eyes. Mathias sighed; his future selves were idiots. Even Leon's got more brains than these people... Speaking of him, Mathias wondered what his little knight was up to these days -?

As the human was lost in memory-lane, the short-haired Dracula groaned, continuing; "Super Smash Bros Ultimate! We have been reduced to a mere stage boss! A stage hazard! Outrageous!"

Collective "Ooh that!" sounded from other classic universe-Draculas while Dracul just scoffed, he had only come to this sorry-excuse-of-a-party for the drinks. And possibly some entertainment. It got pretty dull in the cathedral as his son tended to disappear somewhere every once a while and Marie's... well, in Heaven. So what's the Prince of Darkness supposed to do when a bat flew in and smacked into his face before dropping the letter?

Unfortunately, so far this was a big disappointment...

Not only the Dragon but even Malus looked like he could not care less about this Smash-drama and Soma... well, Soma inched away from his previous selves. Better put some distance with these lunatics. Although his shifting resulted with him colliding with the Dragon.

The vampire merely lifted an eyebrow for boy's antics. "You know, I've torn greater men apart for less, child. So explanation."

"W-well..." Soma swallowed nervously as somewhere in the background white-haired Dracula from SotN snarled; 'We should be the main boss of the game! Those no-good worms -!'

Sighing, Dracul surprisingly gently pushed Soma away, tired of his stuttering. "Look, boy: I could care less if you end up as a Dark Lord or not. I've got my hands full with certain another white-haired boy." The vampire then frowned. "Speaking of him..." Dracul's clawed hand dived into his coat, pulling out a smartphone and tapping the screen.

With Dracul's attention turned away and classic-Draculas along with Mathias as a mediator were too busy for planning all sorts of horrifying fates for those they thought responsible for tarnishing their image, Soma slipped a hand in his pocket, fishing out his own phone and quickly writing a message. Now with just a little luck -

"Hey boy! What are you up to?"

Shit! "Nothing -"

"He's writing a text," Malus said, snatching Soma's phone, ignoring human's protests. "'Please help me! I'm in Hotel Marioso with several Draculas!' Addressed to -" the blue-haired boy squinted, holding Soma at bay with his other hand as the white-haired Japanese boy tried to get his phone back, "someone called 'Arikado'?"

"Adrian!" four Draculas jumped on their feet, shouting simultaneously.

"You're contacting him?!"

"He'll find out about us, he'll alert the Belmonts!"

"We'll have to listen to his whole I-cannot-allow-you-to-continue-this speech again!"

"Or the you-are-dishonoring-mother's-last-wish rant!"

"Note to self: never have children," Mathias mumbled to himself before raising his voice. "Little runt's been at least four times either participant or the main reason in events involving your deaths. Just kill the bastard and be done with it already."

That got the raving vampires to turn and glare at their past human-self who cocked his eyebrow at the stares; "What?"

"How dare you speak of Adrian like that?!" Symphony-Dracula hissed, drawing to his full height and towering over Mathias. "Suggesting we'd kill our SON?! Your own future son?!"

Mathias scoffed. Maybe, but the way he saw it, thanks for being free of the sentimentality the vampires had, the boy was a liability. "Forget what we did? What we sacrificed? The cost of one half-breed's life for our vengeance seems rather small."

"We remember well," Dracula from the series rumbled, his voice resembling a gathering storm. "But he's our son, our boy! Our flesh and blood and the only good thing left in this despicable world!

"And the main reason how that ragtag group of his managed to kill you in just two seasons," Cronqvist pointed out, giving a sarcastic clap. "A+ parenting, dumbass!"

The original Dracula next to his dark-haired fellow vampire rushed to defend their rebellious offspring; "He's just... confused. Misguided! Those humans have poisoned his mind! Twisted him! But it can be fixed; we just need to make him understand -"

"Argh!" Mathias threw his arms up, getting fed up with the vampires and losing his usual distinguished appearance. "Has your brains collected dust all these years?! Newsflash: over six centuries in total and nothing has changed so wake up and smell the piss!"

Soma, who had been silent for a while after getting caught, finally opened his mouth. "Can't believe I'm saying this but dude's right."

"Thank you!" Mathias exclaimed as other vampires glared at the white-haired boy who apparently had found some courage to glare back at them. "Finally, a voice of reason!"

"Shut up, Cronqvist," the first Dracula spat. "You do not understand because you do not know Adrian like us. And you," he turned to glare at Soma, "You merely hold our soul and yet YOU think that you can tell what our son would want?!"

"Hell yeah I can," Soma snorted. "Arikado's ready to kill ME if I so much as look like I'm going to turn into a Dark Lord!" He pointed towards himself, "ME. His friend and protege! Shit, if that doesn't give a hint then here's it on a platter: he's still ready to stab your black hearts easily, is not 'misguided' and way better off without you guys!"

The pointed ears of the four Draculas suddenly drooped as their faces took a crestfallen, heartbroken look. Usually such imposing figures slumped in defeat, the Symphony-Dracula actually throwing himself against the newest one and starting to cry against his shoulder.

Soma's jaw dropped open at that, "Are these guys fucking bi-polar or something? Their moods change faster than Mina's when she's PMSing."

"Most likely. Walter acted kind of same," Mathias sighed. "Becoming a vampire to spite God is good and all that, but becoming an unstable wreck like them?"

"Regretting?" Malus asked with a bored tone.

"No. But so far besides the revenge against God, there's little positive content on this facade." Then Mathias cast a challenging look towards Malus. "Or do you see something else?"

"Well, you gain a family," Soma suggested in Malus' place.

"Which ends up yet again with the death of my wife and also with a son running to play with Leon's descendants."

"Despite his actions, they," Malus gestured towards the vampires, "see Adrian still redeemable."

"Oh, I can just see how that would go, believe me! Shouting, curses and surprise! Yet another century of death!"

"You are very critical about their relationship," Malus pointed out.

Cronqvist scoffed, before looking from one youngster to another. "Well, do try to prove me wrong and give ONE example of at least decent relations between Dracula and his offspring in Castlevania. ONE."

"Umm... Capta - " Soma began but suddenly Malus' hand shot out from somewhere, covering Japanese's mouth.

"Shh! Eway oday otnay eakspay ofway Aptaincay NAY. Everway."


"Do not say that name," the blue-haired boy whispered, this time with words Soma actually could understand. "For uttering it will summon up the horrors unspoken!"

"Ignoring that; I say it again: one example. Just one." Mathias crossed his arms, waiting.

"Trevor? Call Papa when you get this message, ok?"

All the attention, even the four vampires' who finally came out of their melancholic state was drawn on Dracul who had gotten up from his seat at some point and stepped little farther from the group with a phone against his ear.

"Oh right," Mathias sighed. "Them."

"Do they count?" Malus wondered.

"I guess... Castlevania, vampires, Dracula, Alucard..."

"Eu sunt Dracul!" the Dragon growled, annoyed as his title was yet again butchered before turning his attention back to the phone, his voice changing from annoyed to concerned. "Son, are you alright? You haven't answered my messages."

Various looks were exchanged; some amused, indifferent or even little jealous. With all their barking for him being a Belmont; Dracul got one thing that other Dracs did not: a working relationship with his son. Plus his own was a full-blooded vampire unlike Adrian with his weak, misguided human side.

"Trevor Alucard Belmont! Answer your phone! Papa's worried!"

"Damn, man," Soma whistled. "Give it a rest. Maybe he just put it on mute -"

"And what if he's hurt, bleeding out somewhere?!? What then?!?"

"Someone's little paranoid -" Netflix-Dracula began before getting cut off by the Dragon.

"With a good reason! The last time my back was turned, he got possessed! That boy just knows how to get into dangerous situations!" The Prince of Darkness held the phone up, his every call going into the voicemail. "I'm putting that brat in a leash soon -!"

Leaving him alone, the newest Dracula turned towards the rest, "By the way, I've been wondering: why is there only so few of us here? This council could benefit from the presence of every Lord of Darkness."

The very first Dracula was the one answering, "Maybe but firstly: it would be far too confusing. You say 'Dracula', some thirty or so voices answer all at once. Secondly: what's the need? The majority are practically the same person anyway."

"...Most of them refused to answer to invitations, I wager?" Mathias said, causing the vampire to scowl.

"Or they are 'too busy to play tea party'," the original Dracula growled, making the air-quotes with his claws. "Unworthy wretches! May their fangs rot and a Belmont use their hides as boots!"

"You do realize you're technically cursing yourself? Not the wisest thing to do," Dracul said from the background where he once again re-dialled, going on with the 167th phone call in a row.

"These guys are not known for making smart decisions..." Soma mumbled.

"Amen," Mathias said, before making a nauseated face. "Ugh, threw up in my mouth little bit there..."

Dracula from Symphony of the Night hissed towards the alchemist before turning to glare at Soma; "Questioning our tactical genius, boy? What actually shows that we are 'not known for making smart decisions'?"

"Uh, hello? Betraying your best friend to become a vampire just to spite God, waging war against humankind for centuries only to end up killed several times AND finally being reincarnated into a Japanese student who's definitely not going to become a Dark Lord," Soma pointed to himself. "Not to mention the image you guys give out."

"Image?" Dracula from Wii-game frowned. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"Well..." Soma drawled. "It sounds a kind strange if you ask from a guy from the 21st century. A rich, older man gets semi-frequent visits from much younger men to his home, usually in the night-time. And these younger men are bringing a whip along with other... paraphernalia. Some are even dressed in leather. See my point?"

The silence settled in the room following Soma's speech broke as suddenly as it had begun when Dracul burst out bellowing laughter while the Lords of Darkness (plus Mathias and Malus) stared at the human, eyes wide and gaping like fishes.

"Buahahahaa!! Damn, I like this kid!" Dracul hollered, doubling over and holding his stomach.

"SHUT UP BELMONT!!" Four Draculas screamed simultaneously.

"So that's how it went, huh? Were you guys so lost in the afterglow that you missed the stake coming towards you?" The Prince of Darkness guffawed.

The answer came in a form of four vampires launching themselves towards the Belmont-turned-to-vampire, claws extended and ready to rip flesh. Dracul turned into a reddish-black mist, avoiding those claws before reappearing on the other side of the room. A wave of heat rolled off from him as his arms were suddenly engulfed in flames. The light created deep shadows over Dracul's face as he eyed his opponents. Gripping and lifting the sofa in front of him, he flashed other vampires a challenging and also a sadistic grin, before tossing the furniture towards them.

"Duck!" Soma dived behind the armchair in the furthest corner, dragging Malus with him as the sofa hit its mark.

And then it was truly on.

The hotel room became a battleground between five Vampire Lords. At first, it was four against one but quickly turned to battle royale when Dracula from Netflix series accidentally slashed across SotN-Dracula's coat front when he was actually aiming at Belmont's head. White-haired Dracula glanced down, taking into account the state of his attire before looking up, eyes glowing crimson as he threw open his cape.


The dark-haired Dracula had to dodge when three fireballs barreled towards him, barely getting out of the way, resulting in the original Dracula and the one from Judgement taking a hit.

"For the love of - something!!" Mathias tried to shout over the destruction. "Stop before they throw us out, you bloody idiots!!" To emphasize his point, he lobbed Dracul in the face with a silver pitcher. "Ruffians!!"

Soma peeked out from his and Malus' hiding place, only to dive back in when something sharp and metallic flew towards his face. "Eep!"

"This is so embarrassing," Malus sighed but despite his appearance, the boy was worried.

Mostly for his violin.

Soma grimaced as he heard yet another sickening crack and demonic screeching. This was bad! Ok, so he was pretty much okay with Draculas ending each other, a win-win situation in his opinion but... Unfortunately, they'd take the city, if not the whole damn world along with them!

...How was this room still containing this bloodshed, anyway?

Nevermind, calling help was out of the question, no one could reach them in time so what now? Daring to look out again, Soma's eyes landed on one of the objects that nearly took his pretty face off earlier...

Meanwhile, the vampires were still trying to off each other. Though by now, Dracul was not only one laughing maniacally as he slashed towards Judgement-Dracula with the Void Sword. Suddenly they both along with Symphony- and Netflix-Dracula were blown aside with a wave of dark power. Groaning, they found the short-haired Dracula standing up, cloak billowing by the unseen wind.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH WITH YOU!! NOW FACE THE TRUE MIGHT OF COUNT DRACULA!!!" Throwing his arms open Castlevania's first Dracula was about the change form and -


The dark-haired vampire fell face first on the floor, all the chaos quitting down instantly as he lost consciousness. Multiple eyes stared at the downed immortal before rising to look at the offender.

Soma stood behind the vampire, a fire poker in his hands and a slight reddish glow in his eyes. "Damn, I've wanted to do THAT for a long time! That's for the all the crap I went through thanks to your soul, asshole!"

An awkward silence followed Soma's outburst, disturbed only by said human's heavy breathing.

"...Fuck," Mathias finally uncharacteristically let out. "That's the last time we'll stay in this hotel, then."

"Eh, wasn't to my liking anyway," Dracul shrugged. He then looked towards the three classic-Draculas still standing, "For a bunch of high-class snobs, you guys really pack a punch."

SotN-Dracula harrumphed before smirking, "Well, for a Belmont, you do fight like a proper Vampire Lord."

Other two chuckled before nodding to show that they shared white-haired vampire's opinion.

Suddenly, a loud banging came from behind the door, followed by angry voices.

"Shit," Dracul swore. "The manager."

"Do I need to take my compliment back, Belmont?" Symphony-Dracula cocked his eyebrow. "It's just one human, what could he possibly -?"

"You realize someone's going to be charged from all this?" Mathias cut him off, gesturing the destruction.

"Oh." White-haired vampire shut his mouth, fangs clicking as he looked around before;


Turning into a bat, he flew out of the window with frantic wingbeats only for everyone else following the example. Via wings, mist or teleporting; every immortal Lord of Vampires fled as the humans too disappeared by... someway.

All except for one.

Groaning, the short-haired Dracula finally came to, silently promising to impale the culprit of this stunt. Slowly and painfully -


Looking up, Dracula found himself at the end of an angry, dismayed glare of the hotel manager. Backed with several police officers.

As if to emphasize the trouble the vampire was in, the chandelier finally gave out, crashing on the floor.

"...Shit," Dracula swore.