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Izuku is 5 when he has no home. His family apparently didn’t want hm, and so they dropped him off in some abandoned neighborhood and left him there with his backpack and the clothes on his back.


No food. No money. No one to care for him. The empty streets and crumbling houses are his only company. He looks up to the sky that night and sees all the stars there.  All together when in reality are really far away from each other. He read that in a book his cousin gave to him.


Izuku and his family are like stars. They were close yet so far apart.


He misses home already. The warm bed, food on the table, the company of others. Even if his family gave him dirty looks, talked behind his back, gave him the smaller portions of food, they still were around and stayed with Izuku. He wasn't alone back then. There was always someone around.


Here, he has no one.


Izuku is 5 when he realizes he’s truly alone.




Izuku’s learned how to adapt. Some people come to the neighborhood and mind their own business. Izuku doesn’t interact with them even if he so badly wants to. He hasn’t spoken to anyone in 5 months.


They come and go. Some people stay and eventually leave while others immediately leave when they’ve done their business.


No one speaks with Izuku and Izuku speaks with no one.


Izuku gets his food from a dumpster in a nearby town. It’s next to a bakery and some of the food is rotten and smelly, but it’s food. Some give him stomach aches while others barely fill him up.


It’s ok though. At least it’s food.




Izuku is 7 when a life was taken away right in front of his eyes.


In a dark alleyway, Izuku was sleeping. His eyes were closed while trying to sleep when he hears voices. He opens his eyes and looks around carefully. Down the alleyway, two men face each other.


Some yelling. Some pleading. And then one man pulls out a knife and swiftly stabs the other man. The stabbed man falls to the ground and doesn’t get back up. The other man turns and walks away leaving the dead body.


Izuku goes up to the body and is hit with the strong smell of blood. He looks closer and sees the lifeless eyes of the man with dried tears.


Izuku covers his mouth and sobs quietly. He closes his eyes shut.


He opens them back up to find he’s back in his sleeping spot. He sits up quickly and looks around frantically. He hears voices. He looks and widens his eyes.


The two men from before stand facing each other. The man is alive, breathing, crying, and Izuku stares in shock.


He saw the man get killed, so how is he standing here?


The man pulls out a knife. Izuku stare and then he runs and leaves all logic behind him. He slams into the man and the knife falls out of his hand. The other man stares in shock before rushing out a thank you and runs off.


Izuku runs too once the other man starts getting up. He runs and runs and doesn’t stop.


Izuku is 7 when he saves a life.




Izuku has a notebook. In it, he writes down his thought and observations about the world around him. It’s not filled yet, but it is damaged a lot.


Recently, gangs and murderers of sorts have been in the neighborhood. Because of that, Izuku has seen more things than a regular 10 year old should see. Murders, rape, you name it Izuku’s probably seen it.


Except. They don’t actually happen. Not in real life.


Izuku sees them happen though. One moment, he sees someone getting killed, the next he sees them alive and breathing moments before they’re killed. They stay living too when Izuku drags the murder’s attention away from them.


Izuku spent many nights trying to wrap his head around it. Amd them he realizes while staring at the stars one night and chuckles to himself.


“Guess I have a quirk after all…”




Izuku walks with his tattered yellow backpack on his back. He’s in town since the neighborhood is packed with police and heroes arresting all the criminals they can find. When Izuku saw it, he packed up everything and walked away.


He doesn’t want to be caught up in that mess.


So, he goes into town and walks with no real goal in mind.


Until he sees a building explode and a little girl getting crushed by a rock flying from said explosion. He stares as people scream and then he blinks.


No explosion. No screams. No dead little girls.


He takes a deep breath and runs up to the little girl.


The girl smiles at him and he does the same. Her mom notices and calls the little girl over to her. They wave goodbye and izuku moves out of the way. The building explodes, but no one is crushed by a rock.


No one’s dead yet.


Izuku runs and helps those stunned or to shocked to move. He gives them a nudge and they run off without looking at him.


That’s fine.


There’s fire and rubble around him. He sees heroes go inside the building and he hears sounds of fighting around him. The heroes can handle this, so he runs away clutching the backpack straps on his shoulders and runs.




He doesn’t know how long he runs, but he’s far away from the chaos and is now in a town that’s not destroyed. It’s a new environment for him, but he’ll manage.


He finds a park. It’s small and mostly empty, so he sits and leans on a tree. He closes his eyes and rest. He’s shaken by a hand and a voice.


Opening his eyes, he sees a man with long black hair, deep eye bags, and a stubble.


“Oi kid. You alright?” the man asks. Izuku blinks and stares at the man for a moment. He doesn’t seem bad.


Izuku nods. The man sighs and stares at Izuku for a moment.


“Why are your clothes burned and face smeared with black ash?” he asks. Izuku looks over himself and notices that, yep, his clothes are burned and ripped in many places. He touches his face and looks at his fingers as they come back black and ashy. He stares and then he looks up at the man patiently waiting for an answer.


“There was big explosion in ‘nother town. I caught up in it.” Izuku says choppily. He hasn’t really spoken since he was 6. He never had any need to until now. No one taught him how to fluidly speak either, so he picked up some words he heard while living on the streets.


The man stares and Izuku stares back. “How old are you?” he asks and Izuku doesn’t have an answer. He never really kept track of time and stopped when he turned 11.


He shrugs and the man sighs. “Parents?”


“Dunno where they are. Me didn’t see them since I was 5.” Izuku looks away when he says that. The man is silent for a moment and stands up. He holds out a hand and Izuku takes it since he doesn’t know what else to do.


“What’s your name kid?”


“Izuku… I can’t remember last name.”


“That’s fine Izuku. I’m taking you to the police station so that they can help you.”


“With what?”


The man thinks for a moment. “What do you want the most?” he asks instead.


Izuku thinks and then smiles slightly, “A warm bed, food… a home with a family.” He says the last part quietly. The man tightens his hold on his hand.


“The police will help you get all those things.” the man says confidently. Izuku smiles but doesn’t get his hopes up.


“What’s your name?” Izuku asks. It probably should’ve been the first thing to ask, but he hasn’t interacted with an actual human in so many years, sue him.


“Aizawa also known as pro hero Eraserhead. But you can just call me Aizawa.”

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Izuku sits on a chair in the police station. He swings his legs back and forth while waiting for Aizawa to come back.


Aizawa stares at Izuku across the room. He turns to the police officer who’s searching up Izuku on the system.


“Found him. Midoriya Izuku, age 13 now, quirk not registered yet. His family is in another town far off from here.” the police officer looks up to Aizawa, “What do you want us to do with him?”


Aizawa thinks for a moment. He looks back at Izuku who’s now petting a service dog belonging to an officer. He looks content and the dog likes him too.


He knows that anyone else wouldn’t give the kid what he needs. His own family left their own kid in another town, so they won’t take care of him.  Who wants a 13 year old boy who can’t seem to interact or talk properly?


“I’ll take care of him.” Aizawa says.


Aizawa does apparently.




Izuku is 13 when he has a home.


Aizawa’s apartment is small but it doesn’t matter. It’s cozy and warm. He also has a cat named Fluff since he’s really fluffy. Izuku plays with him a lot. Aizawa also has some friends that come and visit.


Hizashi gave him a music player with a lot of playlists to listen too. Izuku really like the one titled “surprise!!” since it has random songs Hizashi adds in frequently. He also helps Izuku speak properly and teaches Izuku some sign language since it’s much easier for him to learn than japanese. Sometimes, Hizashi mentions him on his radio show with the name “green bean” and talks about his progress on learning sign language.


“Green Bean learned how to sign ‘green bean’ and kept doing it until his guardian had to tape his fingers together!” Hizashi yelled into the mic. He was grinning at the photo Aizawa sent him of Izuku trying to sign green bean with his fingers taped together.


It was adorable seeing Izuku looking at his fingers in such concentration and focus.


Nemuri gives him clothes she finds in the mall. Most are too big for him since he’s really thin and small, but she says it adds to his “cute factor” which Izuku doesn’t know about. His wardrobe is filled with bright colors and cute designs. His favorite is a pastel green hoodie with the words “GREEN BEAN” stitched on by Nemuri herself. It’s not perfect, but he enjoys the look on her face whenever he wears it. Which is all the time.


“Are you ever going to wash it?” Aizawa asked while doing the laundry. Izuku stares at the hoodie on him. It’s fading a little and the letters are kind of falling off and it may or may not smell like a bunch of instant ramen Hizashi brought the night before.


“Nope.” Izuku says bluntly. Fluff meows in agreement and they both walk out of the room leaving Aizawa sighing for a good minute or so.


“Izuku I swear to Fluff if you don’t wash that hoodie-”


Aizawa cooks him food. It’s warm and delicious. He said something about gaining weight and Izuku doesn’t see what the problem is with his current weight, but he doesn’t ask and just eats the food Aizawa puts in front of him. Apparently, he’s underweight and too skinny for most boys his age. Recovery Girl helped them create a diet so that Izuku can have some meat on his bones. The first meal he ever had was stir fry and the one thing he ate completely was the green beans. Maybe that’s why he’s called green bean now.


“What’s this?” Izuku holds up his fork which has a green something on it. He doesn’t know what it is, but it smells really good.


“That’s a green bean. It’s good cooked like this. Give it a try.” Aizawa says. Izuku nods and eats it and gobbles the rest of the green beans down.


Izuku is behind a lot on his studies. It’s a good thing he’s basically surrounded by teachers who teach at a hero school with a bunch more teachers there. Aizawa takes him to UA and he meets a bunch of heroes.


He has a bunch of new notebooks that are filled quickly with his studies and notes about the heroes at UA. Soon, he starts learning about different kinds of heroes. The deceased, retired, and the up and coming heroes all interest Izuku.


“Look! He goes all bAM and then she goes all whoOSHHHHH and then they punch the villain together and everyone cheers and it’s super cool!” Izuku enthusiastically says to Aizawa who’s sitting on the couch with a fond smile.


Izuku’s been talking more. He signs when he doesn’t feel like speaking, but it doesn’t happen as frequently as it used to before. He’s more expressive now too. Before, he had a closed off look with the occasional smile. Now, he has a full on grin as he cheers on Hizashi and Nemuri take out a villain together.


Izuku is 14 when he has warm clothes, food on the table, and a home with what he calls family in it.


He’s 15 when he acknowledges his quirk.

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Izuku has a quirk. He’s talked about it with Aizawa. He named it Prescience. It means to know something before it happens. It’s what Izuku can do, so it fits. It goes unnoticed a lot by others. He can’t even control it.


It’s not that he hates his quirk. He’s happy to even have one. But, sometimes it can get really frickin tiring.


One moment, he’s sitting on the couch watching tv and a commercial comes up. The next time he blinks, the tv is back showing the part before the commercial. Izuku sighs but deals with it. It’s cool to freak people out though.


One time, he was listening to Hizashi’s radio show with Aizawa. Hizashi was telling a story and Izuku blinked and then he’s back to the beginning of the story. He sighs and looks up to Aizawa.


“He hits the seal with his cardboard box.” Izuku says without blinking. Aizawa stares at him then slowly nods. Moments later, Hizashi says he hit the seal with his cardboard box. Aizawa stares at Izuku and Izuku just shrugs.


Sometimes, he wants to turn off his quirk so that he can just live through things without knowing what to expect. The thrill of not knowing things makes the things exciting and worth the not knowing.


But sometimes, Izuku is grateful for Prescience.



While at a convenience store picking up some snacks, he hears a gun clock near his head. A scream can be heard followed by harsh yelling. He feels something pull his arms but he doesn't look. He doesn’t need to turn to know that it’s a robbery or hostage situation. Maybe both.


Izuku blinks. He looks around. No one else in here except for the employee at the front. He clears his throat and the employee stands and goes up to him. She stares and smiles kindly at him.


“Need help with anything?”


“Uh, can you show me where the candy and soda is?” Izuku asks while glancing towards the doors. Prescience doesn’t have a specific time stamp for how far Izuku can see. It’s annoying, but it taught Izuku to always be aware of his surroundings and the time.


He’s led to a section with candy and soda that’s conveniently next to each other. He grabs multiple packs of mentos and any soda bottles he can find. He turns to the employee staring at him in confusion and mild interest.


“What are you doing with all those things?” she asks while looking at the multiple bottles and mentos packs.


Izuku pauses and glances at the doors again. He bites his lower lip, “Would you believe me if I said that people with guns are gonna walk in here and I’m gonna distract them with the soda and mentos trick?” he looks nervously at the woman.


She blinks. Then smiles, “How can I help?” she says excitedly. She’s practically bouncing on her feet all giddy like. Izuku stares at her and then looks around.


“You’re not freaked out…?” Izuku says unsurely. Is this normal for people? Do convenience store workers usually have this thing happening to them?


The girl shakes her head, “Nope! In this day and age, it’s not unlikely to be told something would happen when it hasn’t happened yet.” Izuku raises an eyebrow. “Ok maybe not unlikely but more of… not hard to believe? Anything could happen with quirks now.” she sighs.


Izuku slowly nods and shakes his head. They really don’t have time for this, “Get any tape you can find and get a phone nearby dialed to the police.” The girl nods and runs off to do what she’s told. Izuku quickly types out a message to Aizawa and goes back to the many sodas and mentos he’s gathered.


He smiles at his plan made in one minute.

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The men just wanted some money and attention. And maybe a good use for their guns that they splurged on while in a drunken state, but mostly money and attention.


Sam was just a young adult who needs money so that he can move out of his parents home. His buddy Adam suggested this, and now here they both are, fully clad in black as they stare at the shop in front of them. Only a kid and an employee, not much trouble but enough for heroes and police to negotiate for.


Sam smirks as he and Adam both walk into the store.


And then get soaked by soda and hears laughter and an amused snort.


Nani the fuck??


He opens his eyes and is blasted again with fizzy soda causing him to stumble back. Adam isn’t any better and he can hear him fall to the ground in surprise.


More laughter. Another very loud snort.


Sam goes to stand up but then realizes he’s stuck to the ground… with double sided tape??


And to make matters worse, he hears police sirens.


Great. Thanks Adam.




Izuku doesn’t know why, but he’s snorting as the employee laughs her butt off at the sight of the two men with guns. Right when they walked in, Izuku and the employee opened up the soda bottles while placing multiple mentos inside them causing them to hit the men square in the face.


One of them fell forward and got stuck in Izuku’s double sided tape covered floor trap thing. The other recovered more quickly, but the employee shot them in the face with another soda bottle and Izuku snorted as they yelled in agony as they realized it was double sided tape.


The employee laughs and wipes away a tear. They’re both currently sitting on the ground so that aiming the bottles would be easier. “That was hilarious. I loved it. And you actually spoke the truth. For a second I thought you were just some weird kid, but thanks.” she says sincerely. Her face is red from laughter and Izuku smiles. She holds a hand above her head and Izuku high fives it.


Honestly, Izuku didn’t plan for this to work. But thanks to Prescience, he saw that it indeed work. He smiles as the men groan at the sounds of police sirens. Then a thought strikes him.


“ I have to pay for these now?”


“...honestly, I dunno man.”




After a worried Aizawa and Hizashi check him over, the woman employee walks up to them and bows a little.


“Thanks again for that.” she stands back up and smiles brightly. “Oh! My boss said that as a reward, you can get everything free from here from now on. You’re kind of this store’s hero now, so don’t worry about the soda and mentos!”


Izuku chuckles, “Thanks. But what about the tape?”


“Oh, that was just in my secret stash of tape.” she looks away and averts the stares her statement gets.


“...why?” Izuku asks. He has so many questions from that one statement.


“Dunno so don’t ask. By the way, name’s Tera. come by often please, it’s really lonely for a good 2 to 3 hours or so.” she clasps her hands together and pouts. Izuku giggles and smiles.


“Sure. Name’s Izuku,” he holds out his hand and she shakes it, “Glad to be of help.”




Apparently, the whole incident was on the news.


Local convenience store almost robbed but saved by teenager and store employee using soda, mentos, and tape.


Izuku would’ve liked if they said double sided tape since he thinks it was a quite important detail they forgot to add. It also trends on social media due to the weirdness and unlikeability of it ever happening.


Later that night, Izuku realises that it felt good helping. He hasn’t done it since before Aizawa took him in, but he enjoys helping people.


He smiles as the word hero flashes through his mind.




Izuku has many hobbies. It was mostly because he didn’t have the best childhood and therefore couldn't do most things a kid could do. He picked up some dance classes and gymnastics since he wanted a healthier body and just so he can dodge things easily but with style .


Aizawa taught him how to use a staff as self defense. Izuku learns very quickly so he learned how to use a staff in a month. He also enjoys just sitting at a park and looking at the birds. He feeds them food from time to time too.


Izuku is 15 and should be going to high school soon. But, he doesn’t know what he wants to do in the future. No, he knows what he wants to do. It’s if the people around him like it or not.


If they don’t, Izuku fears they’ll abandon him again. Another voice says that it won’t happen, that they’d never leave him. But Izuku knows better. Last time he spoke about this, he was left alone in an abandoned neighborhood.


He stays awake that night thinking of all the possible outcomes. He doesn’t get his hopes up. He never really sleeps that night. His mind keeps him awake with all the reactions that he could get. Some are yelling, others are disappointment, but the one that scares him the most is him being left alone.


He really doesn't wanna be left alone.

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Aizawa notices Izuku has been fidgeting a lot this morning. He doesn’t know why he is, but Aizawa feels like he should do something. So, he starts up the conversation while Izuku is eating his breakfast.


“Hey kid. What’s on your mind?” Aizawa asks. Izuku looks up and bites his lower lip while looking anywhere besides Aizawa. Aizawa waits patiently since he doesn't want to scare Izuku into not telling him. That’d be counterproductive.


Finally, Izuku takes a deep breath and stares at his bowl of cereal, “Can I become a hero and do you think I can become a hero?” he rushes out. Aizawa blinks and then processes what was just said. Izuku has his head lowered and eyes clenched shut as he waits for an answer.


Aizawa sighs and pats Izuku’s head causing him to look up. His face is filled with worry but his eyes are filled with hope. Aizawa smiles a small smile, “Long answer, yes you can but you’d need to work for it. It’s gonna be hard, but with the right drive and determination, you can do it. Short answer…” he stares at the green eyes filled with hope. They remind him of the time when he first introduced Izuku to his new home.


Aizawa walked in with Izuku right behind him. Izuku looks around the apartment in wonder before jumping a little when Fluff meowed.


“Cat?” Izuku asked. He crouched down and Fluff walked up to him slowly before pouncing on him, causing him to fall back. Aizawa looks at him in worry before calming down at the sound of giggles.


“His name is Fluff. He’s very cuddly too.” Aizawa explains. Izuku hums and then sits up with a small smile and bright eyes. He pets Fluff and looks around the apartment in newfound excitement and hope.


Hope for what? Aizawa doesn’t know but he can make a small guess.


Aizawa now looks at the 15 year old with hope in his eyes. He smiles at the boy and leans in close so that Izuku can hear every word spoken.


You can become a hero .”


And Izuku jumps and hugs Aizawa with tears flowing down his eyes. Aizawa hugs back and they stay like that, hugging over the table with breakfast long forgotten.




“A hero? You wanna be a hero Zuku?” a 7 year old girl with mint pigtails stares at 5 year old Izuku in shock. Izuku shyly nods his head and the girl laughs. This draws the attention of those sitting at the table and those watching tv. Izuku looks around nervously as the girl keeps laughing.


“Whatcha laughing about Anri?” a woman with short black hair and muscular arms asks. She has an amused look on her face as she watches Anri laugh.


Anri stops laughing enough to answer the woman, “Oh auntie Shu! Zuku said he wanted to be a h-he-hero!” she breaks down laughing again. The kids watching tv hear and also laugh as much as Anri does. The adults look at Izuku. Some with disgust, others with amusement, none with love.


“Eh? Izuku, you know you need a quirk for that, right?” a man with long black hair says like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It probably was. Izuku looks away pouting.


“So what? I can be a hero without a quirk too…” he trails off as the room goes silent. Then a snort. Another snort. Soon, the whole room is filled with obnoxious laughter and Izuku just wants to sink into the floor.


“Hilarious! Oi, Inko, ‘Sashi. Hear what your kid’s saying?” the man with long black hair says to the adults. Hisashi laughs with his eyes closed while Inko laughs nervously darting her eyes back and forth.


“Oh don’t worry about him Kurohi. He’s going through a child phase, like the one Ita and Zura are going through, albeit a bit differently.” Hisashi smiles while waving a dismissive hand. From the couch, twins shout out.


“Hey! Don’t compare our twin duo to Zu’s hero phase! And it’s not a phase!” Ita shouts loudly. His orange eyes shine brightly against his pale skin. His twin brother smiles widely. His orange eyes shift to Izuku sitting on the ground looking down.


“Yeah! Besides, we’re actually gonna do our twin duo while Zu won’t even make it into a hero school!” Zura shouts confidently. He puffs his chest out and stands on the couch with as much confidence a 6 year old can have. The room chuckles and the subject is dropped as everyone goes back to their own business.


A poke guides Izuku’s attention to the preteen sitting next to him. His lips curl into a smile as he looks at Izuku, “Don’t worry about what they’re saying. But yeah, being a hero requires a quirk Izu.” his yellow eyes shift sadly. Izuku frowns and nods. Another poke at his other side.


Anri smiles at him. She’s missing a middle tooth. “And if that doesn’t work out, which it probably won’t, you always have the family business to fall back on. You can help me make gadgets!” she says excitedly. The boy at Izuku’s other side begins laughing quietly.


“Yeah. And you can help me with the boring paperwork.” he makes a disgusted face at his statement. Izuku laughs and turns to the tv playing a movie.


He smiles, “Thanks Anri. Thanks Nuso. I’ll keep it in mind.” His eyes are sad as his family laughs and talks around him.




Izuku wakes up with stray tears falling from his eyes. The dream was more of a memory he wished he could forget.


After all, why would you wanna remember your whole family ridiculing your dreams?


He thinks back to Anri and Nuso’s words. He thinks back to the twins comparing their dreams to his own. His father, uncle, and aunt all laugh at him. And then his mom’s nervous eyes, unsure of what to do in the situation.


He sighs.


What a supportive family he had.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s been preparing for UA’s entrance exam. After he told Aizawa he wanted to be a hero, the man formed a training regimen for Izuku. It’s not hard, but he has to redo a lot of things thanks to Prescience. Having to do 10 jumping jacks, blinking, than finding out you have to start over? Pretty dang tiring.


Nonetheless, Izuku keeps going. Even if he flops down on his bed only having to open his eyes and find he’s not in bed yet.


Gosh darn it Prescience.




Izuku had a dream one night. In it was a bunch of robots and teenagers like him. The teens were fighting the robots and soon, a huge one comes out and everyone runs away. And then, there’s this scream and Izuku sees a blob of brown before he wakes up.


He blinks. Then blinks again. And now he’s wondering what the hell just happened??




“What.” Aizawa says while sitting at the table. He’s just trying to do adult things like taxes and in comes Izuku telling him about robots and kids.


Izuku sighs and turns on the tv while sitting on the couch. “Like I said, big robots, teenagers destroying them, then this huge robot comes and everyone runs away. And then someone screams and it all felt so real like I was actually there and maybe I was but I’m not so sure-”


“Izuku.” Aizawa cuts him off. Izuku stops and looks at his guardian. Aizawa takes a moment to think. “What did your surroundings look like?”


Izuku scrunches his nose up in thought, “Um like a city I guess? But not really?” he shrugs and looks at Aizawa confusedly, “Why you ask?”


Aizawa thinks and finally connects the dots in his mind. He sighs, “You just saw the entrance exam for UA.” he says bluntly. Izuku opens his mouth then closes it then opens them again this time more confused.


“I can do that?! That’s a thing Prescience can doooooo???? Naniiiiiii?!!” he freaks out and flops down onto the couch while mumbling and pulling his hair in thought.


Ok. So. apparently Izuku can now see far into the future because the entrance exam isn’t until another 2 weeks. Why is this only showing now and not in the past 8 years, Izuku doesn’t know. And why was it in dream form? Was something really bad gonna happen at the exam? Or was it just Prescience giving him a heads up on what to expect. Is this something he could control? If that’s the case, this could help a lot. But, Izuku doesn’t even know how he did it. What was he doing before he fell asleep? His normal bedtime routine, nothing special. And yet he saw 2 weeks into the future???


Gosh diddly darn it  Prescience.




Sometimes Izuku wonders why he wants to become a hero. Yeah, he wants to help people, but he feels like there’s more to it. He stares at his ceilings filled with the many stickers Hizashi and Nemuri got for him. He still remembers Aizawa banging his head on the wall in… Izuku actually doesn’t know what Aizawa was feeling.




Anyways, Izuku thinks back on his life until now. And then he remembers the mocking laughter, unloving eyes, scared and nervous talks with him. He smiles.


Ah. He’s doing this out of spite.


He really wants to see the faces of the family that didn’t believe in him when he said he wanted to become a hero. The disbelief, the shock, and he’s just gonna smile and maybe throw some middle fingers in there as well. Nah, he doesn’t need to do that.


Him becoming a hero is already a huge fuck you to his family.


If only Prescience could make him see their reactions. On second thought, he’d rather be surprised by it instead.


Izuku sleeps peacefully that night.




“Izuku, please. Don’t mention becoming a hero in front of your family.” Inko looks worriedly around her. She shifts her attention onto the 5 year old in front of her. Izuku looks up at her raising an eyebrow.


“Why? Will they laugh again?” Izuku asks. Inko sighs and crouches down to be eye level with Izuku. She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear as she looks around nervously not meeting Izuku’s eyes.


“Um, yes. They don’t… appreciate your dream. And then they’d ask me a bunch of questions about it, and you wouldn’t want your mommy to stress over that, right?” she smiles and closes her eyes. Her eye bags stand out against her pale skin. Izuku frowns in thought.


“Mommy shouldn’t stress…. Ok. I won’t tell them any more.” Izuku smiles and Inko hugs him.


Later that night, Inko laughs along nervously as the adults bring up Izuku’s hero dream. She pays no mind to Izuku who looks on with a hint of betrayal.


But he couldn’t be mad at his mom.


He just couldn’t.




Izuku sits up in bed and stares at the wall for a moment.


“Oh bitch, I’m mad.” he whispers to particularly no one. He then covers his mouth and frowns.


Now he has to put a nickel into the swear jar. He tsks at the waste of a good nickel.


Izuku thinks back to Inko’s nervous and anxious face. She looked scared.


Izuku sighs and closes his eyes.


Looks like he didn’t sleep peacefully that night.

Chapter Text

Izuku stands in front of UA. he’s been here plenty of times before, but this is for a different reason. He stopped by the convenience store and was gifted mentos and tape from Tera as a good luck gift. He doesn’t know why he took the tape, but he did and now has to take it into the exam with him.


He walks and goes through the doors. He looks around at the packed room and sliters his way to his spot. Perks of still being skinny and flexible he guesses. He sits down near the back and scrolls through his phone while waiting for everything to settle down.


The lights dim and everyone silences. Izuku puts his phone away and stares at the stage which now has Hizashi on it wearing a big bright grin.


“Everybody say heeeEEEEYYYYYYYY!” Hizashi announced loudly.




“Tough crowd,” Hizashi mumbles to himself. “Ok! Let’s get started shall we?!”




The written exam isn’t that hard. It’s stuff Izuku has covered before and he’s pretty confident about the test. But then comes the practical and Izuku starts freaking out.


Ok. He knows that robots are involved. And now he knows that they all have specific points. Then which point was that huge robot from Izuku’s dream? There’s also the fact that Izuku can’t really destroy the robots with his quirk. He can’t really control it enough to make him destroy the robots in any way. So how could he get any points?


While changing into his violet tracksuit, Izuku thinks back on the dream he had two weeks ago. He doesn’t actually remember destroying any robots, just other kids doing it. Some almost got hit with a laser while others were banged up pretty badly. And don’t forget the very loud scream-




Izuku zips up his jacket and heads out with the rest of the teens. He kinda puts himself on autopilot as he’s inside his head. Keeping his head down, Izuku thinks through everything he has.


He has his tape which he got permission to use. That paired with the knowledge he already has about the robots and people around him. He stares forward when the gates open. That’s when his idea hits him and he runs forward first.


He can hear Hizashi tell the others to start, but Izuku is too busy finding all the robots he can.


If he can’t destroy them, that doesn’t mean they can’t destroy each other. And plus, with all the action happening, Izuku can help those who are about to get hurt or just need help.




Where does the scream come from? And, when does it happen?




Aizawa and the rest of the staff watch as the teens all look at the gates in surprise. Well, except for Izuku who zooms out of there with unnatural speed.


He’s always been really fast. Aizawa has no doubt it’s a skill he picked up while on the streets. He stops that train of thought and focuses on the exam instead. The teens show promise as they destroy robots left and right.


As expected though, some aren’t that fast and almost get hit with a laser. Almost.


Because Izuku is there before they get hit and he tackles them to the ground right when the robot shoots its laser. Aizawa releases a breath he hasn’t realized he held. He sees Izuku and the tackled teen stand up smiling at each other, the teen brightly while Izuku is more dimmed and in slight pain.


Aizawa stores that away for later as he sees Izuku run off and helps another teen. While doing this, he manages to gather the attention of some robots. They charge up to him and Izuku stares before jumping really, really high thanks to his gymnastics lessons. They shoot each other and Izuku puts a piece of tape on them, probably to mark them as his.


It works considering his points go up by 6.


Aizawa feels a nudge to his side. He turns and sees Nemuri smirking beside him. He raises an eyebrow and she rolls her eyes, “Don’t worry about green bean over there. He’s got enough points to pass, and he doesn’t look to bad out there either.” she turns back to the screens and Aizawa grumbles.


“‘M not worried…” he mumbles quietly and Nemuri laughs.


“Sure you aren’t,” she past his shoulder and Aizawa glares at the action. He turns back and sees Izuku running fast towards a direction with a determined yet frightened look on his face.


Ok. maybe Aizawa’s worried a bit.




Izuku looks at the amount of damage he’s done. He’s pretty sure he passed, so now he’s just waiting for that to happen. Izuku closes his eyes while looking at the sky. And then.


A scream. He opens his eyes and rushes toward the sound. Everyone else is too, considering the scream was high pitched and in pain. Izuku runs and stops as he sees the damage.


A girl with brown hair is crushed underneath a big piece of concrete. She’s unmoving and there’s blood pooling from underneath her and it’s so much and it’s like that one night in the alleyway and-


Izuku blinks. He’s staring at the sky and doesn’t waste a minute running towards the scene that’s about to happen. He runs and runs and why does it have to be so far away holy shiz nuggets.


He hears shouts but not the high pitched one in pain. These are ones that are in shock and he feels rumbling underneath his feet. He sees the robot coming and sees the girl underneath a piece of concrete that’s about to fall and it almost does.


Until Izuku pushes her and they both fall to the side not underneath the piece of stone. The piece breaks apart as it hits the ground while the girl Izuku saved breathes out heavily.


“Oh my god. That just. You just. Thank you?!” she sits up and starts thanking him profusely as he smiles awkwardly. More rumbling alerts him to the very huge robot coming their way.


“Um yeah you’re welcome. Right now though, we should probably run.” he points to the robot and the girl looks while widening her eyes. She nods her head and they both stand while running.


The girl looks behind her worriedly, “Um, I don’t think we can outrun it!” she shouts nervously and Izuku doesn’t need to look back to know she’s right. He looks at the crowd of people watching and looks at someone. The boy has some sort of tape? In his elbows…


“My tape!” Izuku shouts while fumbling for the tape he has. He stares at the boy with tape in his elbows, “Oi Tape dude! C’mere!” The boy points to himself and at Izuku’s frantic nods, he heads over to the trio.


“Um, whatcha need?” he asks while staring at the robot coming dangerously closer.


Izuku says nothing as he shoves the tape into the boy’s arms. He gestures to his elbows and the boy seems to understand. Izuku looks back at the robot as the boy situates himself while biting his lip nervously.


He really doesn’t want them to be crushed like he saw in the future while he was running.

Chapter Text

Tape dude has the tape Izuku gave him in his elbows and Izuku looks at the girl and boy. “Ok. You float him high enough to tape some sort of barrier ok?” he gestures to the buildings surrounding them and they both nod.


Soon, the boy and girl rush forward while one of them floats and the other guides them from below. Izuku watches as the tape is stuck from wall to wall and soon, Tape dude floats down and they both run towards Izuku. He smiles as he points to the robot who walked right into their tape wall.


Tape dude smiles and faces Izuku, “Nice plan. But I could’ve used my own tape, ya know?” Izuku nods and waves it off.


“The tape I had was absolutely not needed, but my friend gave it to me so I thought, why let it go to waste? Also, good job out there.” Izuku smiles. He turns to the girl who looks like she’s about to puke, “You good?”


She nods shakily before shaking her head and throwing her head to the side while throwing up. Tape dude and Izuku wince in sympathy as they both pat her back. She shoots a shaking thumbs up at them and they all laugh.


Soon, the test ends and Recovery Girl comes out checking over the injuries. Thankfully, only a few scratches here and there and no crushed bodies and blood and broken bones or people-


Izuku really should stop thinking like this.




That night, Aizawa invites Hizashi and Nemuri and they all eat stir fry with extra green beans for Izuku. Hizashi joked that it was cannibalism and Izuku gives him a blank stare as he says, “Oh did you eat a cockatoo? Cuz you both have the same hairstyle.” and he shrugs. Hizashi fake cries as Nemuri laughs while patting his back in fake comfort. Aizawa shakes his head with an amused huff while Fluff meows cheerfully.


Hizashi sniffles, “You’re all bullies.” He crosses his arms and fake pouts. Nemuri laughs uncontrollably while Aizawa smiles. Izuku giggles too.


Laughter and eyes filled with love is something he’s still getting used too. Not that he’s complaining though.




Izuku hears a knock at his door and turns to see Aizawa standing there wearing his pink sweatpants. Izuku’s sitting on his bed while reading a book. He places it beside him as Aizawa walks over and sits on the bed with him.


“So, wanna tell me what you saw?” Aizawa asks quietly. Izuku looks at his hands in his lap and wringing them together. He takes a deep breath as he tells Aizawa what he saw. The blood, crushed bodies, teens with holes in them.


It wasn't pretty.


Aizawa hugs him close and Izuku buries his head into his shoulder as he thinks about what he saw. Aizawa pats his head and sighs, “How about we just stay home tomorrow. Just the two of us.”


“And Fluff.” Izuku adds as Fluff meows in response. He curls up on Izuku’s side. Aizawa sighs.


“Yes, and Fluff. We can watch movies and eat that ice cream Hizashi gave us. Sound good?” Izuku nods and closes his eyes.


Izuku’s never been comforted before he came here. It was always just him crying silently as he stares at the stars in the sky. Even when he was still at his old home, he looked to the sky for comfort.


This with Aizawa? It’s new. New to him in a good way. It’s not their first time doing this, but it’s been a while since Izuku was this affected by it.


Later that night at 3am, Izuku opens his eyes as a thought dawns on him.


What would’ve happened if Izuku wasn’t there?


It’s probably best not to think of that.




A couple days after the exam, Izuku gets his results. He’s handed a letter with a disk in it from Aizawa and he rushes to the tv to put the disk inside. Aizawa leaves him be and goes into the kitchen to make dinner. He already knows the results, and so he’s making Izuku’s favorite tonight.


The disk starts and Izuku sits in front of the tv with wide, hopeful, exciting eyes.


“I AM HERE TO TELL YOU YOUR RESULTS!” All Might shouts out. His voice booms throughout the apartment and Izuku turns down the volume.


“Midoriya Izuku, you have shown great results in the practical exam! Your villain points add up to 35. But, with the addition of the secret point system we had, your score is now a 68! The rescue points was kept secret, but you still managed to get quite a few of them! And with that all said and done…”


Izuku leans forward and pets Fluff subconsciously. His eyes shimmer and he bites his lower lip, an action for when he’s nervous.


“Midoriya Izuku, welcome to UA’s hero course! This is the start of your own hero academia!”


Izuku bursts into happy tears. He jumps up as the disk ends and runs into the kitchen. He hugs Aizawa from behind tightly and Aizawa pats his arms in comfort. They stay like that while Fluff curls around their feet purring contently.


Izuku still cries when he’s eating up all the food on his plate. He’s smiling though, and he has no complaints when Aizawa gives him another serving.

Chapter Text

“Back to school shopping!!” Nemuri excitedly says. She pulls an equally excited Hizashi with her as they look at all the windows in the mall. Aizawa sighs and trails behind her as Izuku looks at the mall in wonder. He hasn’t been to one in a while, so he’s excited.


With only a week left until the school year starts, Hizashi and Nemuri declared they go school shopping. Izuku just went along with it since he had no other choice, and Aizawa went with it to control the two adults.


There really isn’t much to get. Izuku has a new backpack now that’s pastel orange with multiple charms on it courtesy of Nemuri. He also as some sick pastel red shoes that fit him perfectly. Thanks Hizashi for your beautiful fashion sense.


He also has new notebooks and pencils. He doesn’t really see the need of it, but he enjoys the different designs of them and has a blast picking them out.


“Look this one has kitties like Fluff! And this one’s a pretty purple with some sparkles here and there. There’s also this one with heroes all posing together!” Izuku holds up the assortment of pencils and notebooks with bright eyes.


Nemuri smiles brightly, “Awesome! There’s more over there too, wanna check it out?” Izuku nods and runs off with Nemuri behind him. Hizashi and Aizawa stare on with fond smiles. Hizashi turns to Aizawa with a grin.


“You ready for Izuku being in your class? And a new class in general?” Aizawa sighs and looks at the sparkly All Might pencils on display.


“Honestly, I just wanna sleep man. I really enjoyed this past break doing… absolutely nothing.” Aizawa stares at the ceiling, longing for sleep. Hizashi snickers and nudges Aizawa playfully.


“Nothing? I think you mean, giving Izuku everything he wants cuz he deserves it.” He stares knowingly as Aizawa punches him in the arm. He howls and they hear snickers coming from a distance. Nemuri and Izuku quickly turn away as Aizawa looks at them.


He sighs.


He really wants some sleep.




Izuku stares at the uniform on him. It fits… surprisingly well considering his skinny and small body. He looks at the mirror and turns around to see every part of him. Aizawa walks into the room and smiles.


“Looks good on you.” he says while walking with a tie in hand. Izuku hums a thanks while looking at the tie.


“I don’t know how to put that on,” he says with a frown. Aizawa huffs amusedly and puts it around Izuku’s neck.


“Pay attention then,” Aizawa knots it while Izuku watches intently. When he’s finished, Izuku stares at the tie in wonder. Aizawa pats his shoulder, “Hopefully you know how to do this on your own later in in the year.”


Izuku nods and looks at himself in the mirror. “Do I… have to pretend to not know you all?” he looks nervously at Aizawa. Aizawa thinks and then hums thoughtfully.


“Well… maybe just, act like we’re strictly your teachers. But, teachers are kind of like guardians anyway, so it’s not really a big deal. And no, you don’t have to keep your relationship with us a secret. Good?” Aizawa looks at Izuku through the mirror. Izuku nods and heads out of the room.


“What if no one likes me? I haven’t actually made any friends except for Tera, so should I worry? Will people think I’m weird or something? And what about if they ask about my quirk and they don’t believe it? What do I do then?” Izuku says nervously. He hasn’t been to an actual school with others before, so he’s a little worried.


Aizawa gets his stuff together as he answers Izuku, “People will like you. Maybe not everyone will, but you can’t please everyone. You’re also going to a high school with teenagers going through different phases… so everyone’s gonna be a little weird, including you. And if they don’t believe you about your quirk, they simply don’t have an open mind. I mean, anything’s possible these days.” he shrugs.


“Tera said the same thing.” Izuku says. He sighs and then smiles, “Ok. I think I’m good now. Thanks.” Aizawa nods and they both continue to get their stuff together.


Soon, Izuku has his pastel orange bag on while wearing his pastel red shoes. Aizawa has his bag slung over his shoulder. They both say goodbye to Fluff and head towards UA. Izuku talks about the random things he sees on the street while Aizawa listens and adds in here and there.




Izuku already has a headache and he’s not even in the classroom yet. Why? Well, Prescience showed him that if he opens the door right now, he would see a blond and a glasses guy argue about… something. Izuku just stood there and blinked and was back out here.


To open or to not to open?


In the end, Izuku sighed in resignation and opened the door. As expected, the arguing boys pay no attention to him as he takes a seat. He sits in the same row as the blond but leaves a space in between them cause Izuku ain’t dealing with that shiz today.


“Hey you! From the exam!” a voice calls out to Izuku. He looks up to see the girl and Tape dude from the exam. He smiles and waves at them.


“Hi! I’m Midoriya Izuku,” Izuku smiles. His last name feels weird on his tongue, but he was told to introduce himself like that.


“Uraraka Ochako! Thanks again for helping me at the exam,” Uraraka smiles and Izuku waves her off.


“Sero Hanta. And yeah, pretty cool at the exam,” Sero smiles at him. Izuku smiles back.


“Your teeth are really nice,” Izuku points out. Uraraka looks and hums as Sero proudly shows off his teeth.


“Thanks! My dentist gave me some tips here and there,” he winks and they all laugh. The door slides open revealing Aizawa laying in his yellow sleeping bag. The class looks at him in surprise as Izuku sighs. He then smiles as he sees the stickers Izuku put on the sleeping bag a while ago are still there.


“If your here to make friends, leave now. If not, put these on and meet me on the field,” he pulls out multiple suits and throws them at random people. He walks out and leaves the class in silence. Izuku and the blond boy are the first to move, the rest following behind.


What a first impression, Aizawa.

Chapter Text

Out on the field, the class buzzes with confusion and a hint of excitement. Izuku stands next to Sero who’s chatting with a bright blond haired boy. Uraraka is on his other side and she’s talking to a frog like girl. Izuku just looks around and takes in all of his classmates’ appearances.


They’re all so different. Some are talkative while others are silent and taking in everything. There’s also the fact that everyone looks different. There’s a bird head, someone with a tail, someone’s full blown pink.


Izuku smiles. He has nothing to worry about. Hopefully.


Aizawa sighs and draws the attention of everyone, “That took you 5 minutes. I expect that time to lessen as the school year progresses. Now, Bakugou, come up here.” Aizawa gestures for the blond from earlier. The boy named Bakugou comes up and murmurs start rising,


“Didn’t he place first in the exam?”


“Impressive. I wonder who managed to get those kind of points.”

“So manly…”


Bakugou steps up and catches a ball thrown by Aizawa. “How far was your softball throw in middle school?” Aizawa asks.


“50 meters,” Bakugou says proudly. Izuku thinks and judging by the surprised sounds, he guesses that’s pretty high.


Aizawa nods, “That was without your quirk. So, throw the ball while using your quirk and we’ll see how far it is then.” he nods for Bakugou to start. Bakugou takes a deep breath and throws the ball using an explosion coming from his hand.


DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Bakugou shouts. Izuku stares at the ball flying and has an impressed look on his face. It flew far and once everything settles, Aizawa shows off the distance.


700 meters. Well then.


“You’ll all be taking a physical test while using your quirks.” Aizawa says. The class gasps in surprise.


“Sweet! That’ll be fun,” the bright blond haired boy says excitedly. Izuku smiles and looks at Aizawa. He has on a raised eyebrow but a mischievous glint in his eyes. Izuku suddenly feels like this isn’t gonna be very fun.


“Oh? Fun? Well then, why don’t we up the stakes a little bit? Last place gets expelled.” The class gasps and silences. Izuku blinks and see Aizawa explaining it again. He sighs to himself. He just had to live through the shock twice and that’s not good for his heart. He shakes his head and moves on to test with the others.


Izuku’s pretty sure he’ll be near the bottom. It’s not that he has little faith in himself. It’s just that his quirk isn't very fit for these kind of things. He sighs and murmurs to himself, “This is going to be a disaster,” he puts his face in his hands and hears a snort beside him. He looks up to see a violet haired boy smiling at him.


“I guess your quirk isn’t fit for physical activities?” he asks while rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. Izuku sighs and nods while smiling at the boy


“It’s more of a mental-ish quirk then physical. So now I’m just relying on my own physical abilities.” Izuku shrugs. The boy hums and nods.


“Me too. Shinsou by the way,” he holds out a hand and Izuku shakes it with a smile.


“Midoriya. Good luck out there Shinsou,” he smiles and heads over to the rest of the class. Shinsou smiles and heads over as well.




When Izuku and Aizawa get home, Izuku’s gonna steal Aizawa’s sleeping bag. Izuku is pretty tired since he had to do a series of activities that require energy. He just wants to lie down on the floor and sleep like Aizawa does.


Is he turning into Aizawa? Oh well. The class crowds over the screen showing the results. Izuku isn’t surprised by the results. He is surprised when Aizawa dismisses them without anything else to add. The class ask multiple questions and Aizawa turns around to face them.


“Huh? Oh yeah, it was just a logical ruse to get you to do your best.” Aizawa grins as the class look in shock. Izuku widens his eyes then blinks and he’s back to seeing the results. He sighs and just goes with the flow.


He didn’t get last place. He actually got second to last! It’s an accomplishment. Not that it matters though, since it was a logical ruse . The person who got last place was an invisible girl named Hagakure. Well, it makes sense. She is just invisible.


Aizawa explains it again and everyone looks shocked. Except for a girl with a ponytail, a boy with red and white hair, Bakugou, and Izuku. They already knew that it was a ruse while Izuku just nods along cause what else is he supposed to say? I saw the future and already knew this muahahhahahaha.


Yeah, no.


They head back and start chattering. Izuku meets Tsuyu who was talking to Uraraka before the test. He also meets Kaminari who befriended Sero during the test. Izuku introduced Shinsou to the others, and soon they all form a little group of sorts. Izuku smiles brightly.


He’s never really had a group of friends before, so this is new and good.


He laughs with them and has a good time being surrounded by others.




Izuku flops down on his bed. He takes a deep breath and smiles up at his ceiling. Fluff curls up on his chest and Izuku closes his eyes. Today was a good day. Izuku got to see all the teachers again and they discreetly waved at him and he discreetly waved back.


At lunch time, Izuku sat with his new friends and got to know them. Their quirks, hobbies, and stuff like that. When it came to Izuku explaining his quirk, he stalled and the bell rang causing their conversation to end.


He should figure out how to explain his quirk. And also how to control it since it’s annoying having to relive something he doesn’t wanna relive. He groans as he gets up and goes into the kitchen for some ice cream. He sees Aizawa sleeping on the floor in his sleeping bag and Izuku pays him no mind.


On his way to the fridge, Izuku yawns and blinks tiredly. “Logical ruse? Really? That freaks people out, like, a lot. Not good for my heart,” he clutches his heart in fake pain. Aizawa stares at him and Izuku starts eating his ice cream.


Strawberry. His favorite.


He hums around the ice cream and sits on the floor beside Aizawa. He occasionally feed some ice cream to the man, and they stay in silence. Izuku then realizes something and stares at Aizawa suspiciously.


“You always expel students on the first day though. I remember you talking about it with the other teachers. Were you actually gonna expel someone?” Izuku asks bewildered. Aizawa shrugs and looks away as Izuku slowly blinks at him.


“No more ice cream for you,” Izuku holds the ice cream away from a groaning Aizawa. Izuku giggles as Fluff swats Aizawa in the face causing more groans from him.

Chapter Text

The next day at school, Izuku arrives early. It’s only because Aizawa has to leave early and Izuku wants some company while walking to school. So, he’s sitting at his desk with his earbuds in playing a playlist Hizashi made him a while ago.


It was classical music with some nice beats to it. Izuku sighs and lays his head down on his crossed arms. He closes his eyes and waits for the rest of the class to trickle in. some come in, but once they see the resting boy, they quietly make their way to their own desk as to not disturb him.


Izuku didn’t mean to fall asleep, but he did. He dreamt about some weird scenario of a huge computer giving him a fedora and telling him good luck on trying to get the secret formula for something. He goes and walks and walks and suddenly, his surroundings have changed.


Around him are different landscapes, one has a boat, another with rain falling on top of a building. He has an impressed look on his face. As he walks though, he gets blocked by a creature of sorts. It’s black, muscly, and has a brain peeking out of it. Izuku stares with wide eyes as the creature opens its beak up and screeches. Izuku clasps his hands around his ears and clutches his eyes close as he crouches down. He feels it stop and slowly looks up. As he does, he sees a man with multiple hands over him and another man with mist as a head standing beside the creature. The man with hands reaches out and Izuku can’t move and suddenly there’s dust around them and-


Izuku wakes up with wide eyes and shortened breath. Sero and Kaminari look at him in worry and confusion. Sero reaches a hand out, “Hey, you ok?” Izuku flinches back from the hand and shakes his head to get rid of the dream.


“Y-yeah. Just a bad dream. S-sorry for worrying,” Izuku looks at them with an apologetic smile. They smile back at him.


“Don’t worry man. Everyone has those kind of dreams,” Kaminari shrugs, “How about you tell us the music your listening to?” he points to the earbuds still in Izuku’s ears. Izuku blinks and looks at his music player.


“It’s some classical music with some beats mixed in it,” Izuku shrugs. He hears a gasp and sees a girl with weird ears come up to him. She seems excited and Izuku smiles as she comes over.


“That’s some pretty good music to listen to. Can I see the playlist?” she holds out her hand and Izuku places the music player on her palm. While looking through it, she smiles and shoots a thumbs up at him.


“Some nice stuff here! Name’s Jiro,” she hands back the music player and Izuku smiles. She seems nice.


“Midoriya. The stuff here was recommended by a friend, so thank them,” Izuku says and Jiro laughs and nods. After a few minutes of talking, aizawa comes into the room and everyone goes to their seats. He sighs and stares tiredly at them all.


“We have something that needs to be done by the end of homeroom…” the class looks on in anticipation, “...and that is to choose your class representatives.” Everyone freaks out of the normality of it. Izuku looks at his hands for a second, his eyebrows furrowing.


“What’s… a class representative?” Izuku whispers to himself. Shinsou sitting in front of him stares at him with wide eyes.


“You… don’t know what it is?” Shinsou asks. Izuku shakes his head and everyone turns to look at him. Izuku looks back with confusion. Was this something everyone knew?


“Well, it’s someone who represents the whole class. Someone who keeps everything in control and set a good example for the class,” a girl, Yaoyorozu?, explained. Izuku hummed and nodded in understanding.


“Well then, how about a vote to choose the rep!” Iida exclaims while making hand chopping movements. Most of the class agrees, but some are skeptical about it. Izuku can understand, they did only meet yesterday.


“Um, how about getting to know each other first? That way we have a better idea on who to choose,” Izuku suggests. The class turns to him and he smiles nervously, “And then we can vote on who we want…?” Izuku trails off as he looks at the considering faces. A moment later, everyone happily agrees. He breathes a sigh of relief that everyone doesn’t seem to mock him.




They sit in a circle on the floor with the tables and desks pushed back. Aizawa sleeps behind his desk in his sleeping bag leaving the class to their own devices. Izuku sits in between Shinsou and Tsuyu and looks at his classmates.


“What would be a good question to ask?” a pink girl, Ashido probably, says. The class thinks and looks around the room for inspiration. Izuku looks at the ceiling. He wonders what it’d look like with stickers on it. Maybe he’ll ask Hizashi about it later. He’s brought back to the circle when Shinsou nudges his side.


“Oh! What about… what would you do once you become a hero? You can learn a lot about people through that,” Hagakure says waving her sleeves around. Everyone seems to agree to that and they take turns around the circle.


Some are expected, like donating to charities, helping out family, and doing their best to do hero duties to protect everyone. Others are more surprising, like wanting to become number one, to prove something to someone, or just cause they wanted to.


Izuku takes a moment to think about it. “I would try to reconnect with my family. See what their doing and get closer to them,” he shrugs and smiles. The class accepts the answer with nods and smiles. No one questions him further and Izuku’s grateful for it.


He didn’t even know if what he said was true. On one hand, he doesn’t want to see the family that abandoned him. On the other, he wants to fix things. To make them become closer and to be an actual functioning family. Maybe being a hero can help with that.


In the end, Iida was president and Yaoyorozu was vice. Izuku claps at the end of Iida’s speech and smiles brightly since he was one of the people who voted for him. Izuku himself got 2 votes and is impressed at that.


Izuku smiles and forgets about the dream he had for a moment.

Chapter Text

The last class of the day was foundational hero studies or something like that. Izuku doesn’t really understand the classes names and why they’re important, so he makes up names for them. Math is the confusing numbers, english is the unknown language, and history is old stuff.


Izuku doesn’t have a name for this class yet since they haven't had it yet. The class seems to buzz with excitement as Izuku looks over his notes for no real reason. Suddenly, the door bursts open and in comes All Might yelling and startling Izuku. He blinks and he’s back to reading his notes. He quickly clasps his hands over his head as All Might bursts into the classroom.


“I AM COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” All Might yells. The class gasps and starts freaking out. Izuku slowly uncovers his ears and smiles at All Might. He’s seen the man many times on tv, though seeing him in real life is completely different than from through a screen.


“Hello class! Today, we’ll be out in one of the fake cities to practice a real hero like scenario! And, you’ll be able to wear these,” All Might gestures to the walls and out pop suitcases with numbers on them. The class whoops and stare amazed at the cases. “Your hero costumes are here! Change and meet me out on the field. Now hurry young heroes!” All Might says while walking out of the room. Izuku and the rest of the class grab their suitcases and head to the locker room.




In the locker room, Izuku can see a lot of the costumes his classmates have on. They mostly help their quirk and look cool giving them an aesthetic of sorts. Izuku smiles as he opens up his own suitcase revealing a note on top. He picks it up and reads through it.




Here’s your costume! As you requested, many colors and choices with many pockets and secret features attached to them. They should be larger than you, but if you want to change them, just tell me!


As for your vest, it has many pockets to put stuff in. It’s also very breathable and easy to move around! Your staff and watch are my favorite though. Your staff can retract and largen with the buttons on the side! They’re unnoticeable to others, so it should be only for you to use!


Your watch is your standard time-telling device. It does have some cool lights attached to it for some extra “flare” or something. It has the kind of time you asked for and a small camera that can go undetected.


If at any point you need adjustments or changes, contact me and I’ll be happy to help!


~Hatsume Mei

- Power Loader


Izuku smiles at the letter and looks into the suitcase. He looks at all the choices he has and decides on a teal blue sweater for simplicity. The large sweater swallows him comfortably and he puts the vest on, which is quite comfortable and not very constricting. He looks at all the other sweaters in the case and sighs as he longs for them. They look so comfortable.


He has on moveable black athletic pants with bright yellow designs on them. He puts on his black boots and stares at the fingerless gloves next to the staff and watch. He didn’t ask for gloves, but he guesses it helps with him using a staff. They’re pastel yellow and fit comfortably on his hands. Izuku thinks Power Loader was the one who added these, but he isn’t complaining.


His staff and watch are about the same size and Izuku’s excited for the staff. He puts on the watch and it shows the hour, minute, and seconds just like he asked for. It’s black and fits snugly on Izuku’s wrist. His staff is carefully picked up by himself and he stares at it in amazement.


He presses a button and the staff extends into a regular staff size. He smiles brightly as he swings it around and marvels at how lightweight it feels. The weight of the metal staff doesn’t hinder his movements at all.


“Whoa! Is that a staff?” a voice from behind calls out. Izuku turns and sees a redhead, Kirishima he thinks, come up to him with a smile on his face. Izuku smiles at him.


“Yep! It’s cool too since it can become smaller and more portable,” Izuku presses another button and the staff retracts into a smaller version of itself. He places it in one of the pockets of his vest. Kirishima watches with excitement and shoots a thumbs up at him.


“Awesome! You’re costume looks nice too,” Kirishima smiles. They walk out of the locker room and onto Ground Beta where they’re lesson is going to take place. Izuku smiles and the two talk and get to know each other.


Most of the class are in their costumes and Izuku smiles at them all. They look so cool! They seem to also help with their quirks in some way. Yaoyorozu and Kirishima show a lot of skin since their quirks are skin based. Some are just cool looking, like Tokoyami’s cape and Ashido’s colorful costume. Izuku smiles at them all.


“Midoriya!” Uraraka calls out. Izuku heads over and greets her and Tsuyu. Uraraka looks at him with a bright smile, “Your costume looks cute! Mine’s more skin tight then I thought,” she laughs nervously.


Izuku smiles, “Don’t worry, it still looks nice. Yours too Tsuyu!” he faces the frog like girl. She smiles and croaks.


“Thanks. And call me Tsu.”


“Ok. Tsu, Tsuuuuuu, Tsssssuuuuu. Hehe sorry, it’s fun to say,” Izuku laughs and the two join him. They hear All Might address the class and look over to the hero. The hero looks at them all and smiles brightly.


“So cool!” he shouts. The class laugh and some blush at the statement. All Might clears his throat, “Today we’ll be doing a team battle simulation! You will be split into two teams, one hero and one villain. Both will be given a flag that they have to protect from the other team. You will each choose someone who will keep the flag while trying to lead the other team away from them. You’ll be out when capture tape is fully wrapped around you. The team who manages to get the other’s flag or is completely captured, wins! You have the whole of class to complete this. Any questions?”


Kaminari raises his hand, “Isn’t this sort of like capture the flag?” he asks. All Might hums and looks thoughtful. Izuku wonders what capture the flag is. A game like this? But maybe more fun and carefree?


“Sort of. This relies more on your ability to keep a secret from the opposing team and your ability being on a team! Any more questions?” All Might sees no hands and nods. “Great! Now then, pick a piece of paper from this box,” he pulls out a small gray box with a hole on top, “They’re numbered! Odds stand on that side, evens on the other. Now come and pick blindly!”


Izuku picks his and stares at the number he has. Number 7, making him on the odds team. He steps over and sees multiple people already there. He smiles and nods at them as All Might gets everyone’s attention.


“You all have your teams now! You have 10 minutes to pick who holds the flag and to create your plan of action!” The teams face each other before facing their own teammates. Izuku hopes no one gets severely injured.


And he also hopes to win too.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s team consists of the following people: Izuku, Tsuyu, Koda, Jiro, Sato, Shoji, Iida, Aoyama, Shinsou, and Sero. They’re playing the villains. The hero team has: Bakugou, Todoroki, Uraraka, Hagakure, Ojiro, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami, Kirishima, Ashido, and Kaminari.


Izuku looks at his teammates as they have 10 minutes to plan. Izuku closes his eyes and opens them to find everyone fighting already. He’s standing there, but no one notices him. Must be Prescience then.


There’s explosions and he sees Bakugou running up to him with Todoroki behind him. Izuku dashes out of there and sees Tsuyu fighting Uraraka. More running makes him see his teammates fight the opposing team. Some have captured others, while others have been captured themselves.


Izuku keeps track of the people running around and fighting. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. When he blinks, he’s back to looking at his teammates who stare at him confusingly. Was he in this position for long? Tsuyu breaks the silence, “Midoriya, did you use your quirk?”


“Um, yeah. It’s called Prescience and it allows me to see a little bit into the future.” Izuku explains. They look at him in mild surprise, “Ah, but I can’t control it well yet, so don’t rely on me for that. But, I do have a plan now.” he smiles. The team smiles back and lean in expectantly.


“First off, who wants to hold the flag?”




The hero team stands in silence as they try to figure out some plans. Bakugou tsks as he stares at his team. He gazes over to the other team and sees the green haired boy talking animatedly to his teammates who listen intently. Bakugou scowls.


“Ok. Who wants to keep the flag with them? Someone who’ll be sure not to lose it,” Round cheeks says. The team thinks when Bakugou tsks loudly. Round cheeks stares at him expectantly and he frowns.


“I’ll fucking do it. You guys are probably shit at a simple task like that,” he glares at the gaping faces. Round cheeks quickly recovers and glares right back at him. Bakugou is mildly impressed. Girl’s got more guts then the whole of his middle school.


“You don’t have to be so rude about it. Just simply say ‘I’ll do it’ and we can move on,” she crosses her arms and drops her gaze as she faces the rest of the team. “Any objections?” no one makes any movement to argue and she sighs, “Alright then. You’ll be in charge of the flag then, Bakugou.” He snarls but nods.


He looks at his teammates and thinks they’ll probably be toloreable. They won’t get in his way of this shitty activity. He’ll be number one out of this whole thing no matter what. And he’ll explode anyone who’ll get in his way.


Starting with the green haired boy who hasn’t shown his quirk yet. Maybe the purple haired boy too if he remembers.




After the 10 minutes are up, both teams have a two minute grace period where they all go to random parts of the city. Some run with a specific place in mind, others just run blindly while being aware of their surroundings.


After two minutes, the simulation has started. Izuku takes a deep breath as he looks down at his watch and waits. He trusts that his plan will work and if not, then he’ll learn and improve. No harm done in learning.


He also takes this time to think about his quirk. It showed him the events about to take place, but he doesn’t remember ever falling asleep or the events happening in the first place. It’s usually close together, but Izuku doubts everything will happen right away.


His comm in his ear sparks to life, “ Jiro here. Everyone seems to have come into contact with the other team. Including me. Proceed with plan?” Izuku smiles. He presses the comm in his ear, “Don’t worry about asking. Just do what you need to do and that’ll be fine good luck!”


Izuku sighs and feels the temperature drop and ice encasing his legs and waist. He stares at Todoroki and Bakugou coming up to him. He widens his eyes and looks down at his watch before blinking. No ice, no other people coming towards him. He has only a couple seconds.


When he feels the temperature drop, he jumps up high and watches as the ground gets coated with ice. He lands back down sliding a little bit since it’s, well, ice.


“Hm? You managed to dodge my ice. Good job. But, that luck won’t last. Give us your flag,” Todoroki says coldly. Izuku takes a deep breath and stares at the two boys. One scowling and the other stoic. Izuku snorts at the difference of expressions. The scowling boy hears it though and scowls even deeper.


“Hah? What’s so funny, ya piece of broccoli?” his hands spark at his sides. Izuku stares at the boys and smiles at them. It’s really only a front since he has no idea what he’s actually doing at the moment.


“Broccoli? Nah, I prefer being called green bean. It’s better. Also, why would I give you the flag in the first place?” he slowly starts to slide towards the two boys. “It’s not like you have any proof I’m the one who has the flag.” They step back cautiously and Izuku wonders why. They seem to be one of the stronger members of the class, so why are they so cautious around him? Izuku lifts a hand up and the two go into fighting stances. Izuku reaches for his staff and smiles at his realization.


They don’t know what his quirk is, therefore they’re being cautious as to not be hurt. Izuku really wants to tell them it’s nothing to be afraid of, but he doesn’t think this is the time. So instead, he slides closer and slides faster the more he gets closer. The boys get ready to attack, but Izuku extends his staff and uses it to vault himself over both boys.


He lands into a roll and runs off immediately once he stands. He hears shouts behind him and feels more ice coming. He jumps and dodges the ice aimed for his feet. Explosions are now aimed for him and Izuku nearly gets hit if not for his fast reflexes.


He hears more action around him and runs into a little alleyway. He crouches down once he sees a cockroach come up to him. He smiles and gets out the red flag hidden inside one of his vests’ pocket. The cockroach happily takes it and speeds away as Izuku stands up and looks at the two boys watching. They definitely didn’t see the cockroach but they did see the flag like Izuku knew they would. He holds out his arms and smiles at the boys.


“See? No proof that I’m the one who has the flag,” he says brightly at the now angry boys.


He hopes his team won’t fail.

Chapter Text

Tsuyu walks around the city. When she hears something from below her, she sees a cockroach with a red flag. She smiles and takes the flag, not noticing the girl behind her. Tsuyu walks forward and turns around to a beep. She sees Uraraka floating in the air while talking into her comm.


Tsuyu blinks and makes a mental note to thank Midoriya. He was right, if she went here she’ll find Uraraka there as well. The floating girl notices her and smiles as she floats back down to the ground. Her smile turns into false innocence as she steps closer to Tsuyu.


“Hi Tsu! Mind giving me the flag?” she holds her hand out. Tsuyu gives her a blank stare. Uraraka frowns and drops her hand. She sighs, “We gonna have to fight?”


“Yep.” Tsuyu responds. Uraraka sighs and closes her eyes. Tsuyu slips the red flag into a bird’s beak as it flies by. Uraraka opens them and sees Tsuyu in a fighting stance. She grins and gets into one herself.


They run towards each other.




Shoji walks around the buildings Midoriya described to him. He keeps watch for any other people around here too. A bird catches his eyes. It flies down and drops off the red flag their team has to keep safe. Shoji holds it and uses one of his ears to hear out for anything.


Footsteps. Shoji turns around and faces Tokoyami standing with his arms crossed. He bows and stands up with a determined glint in his eyes, “Pardon my entrance, but I wish for the flag. We do not have to fight if you do this peacefully.”


Shoji chuckles, “You’re gonna have to pry it out of my many hands then,” he shows off all the hands he has, the red flag not visible in any of them. Tokoyami stares at him with a calculating gaze. He nods his head.


“Alright then. Let’s fight then,” Tokoyami gets ready to fight and so does Shoji.


The red flag is dropped onto the ground away from Tokoyami’s view. It lands on an ant that moves in the shadows.




The ant got an order from it’s friend. It’s friend said to carry the red flag to everyone on the team. It  brought it to a boy with engines in his legs. The ant left and left it to the spider inching towards him. The boy was fighting another boy with red hair. Red hair didn’t notice the ant or spider, only the flag.


The spider got the flag away from both boys. One noticed while the other did not. The spider made its way to a girl with short hair and weird ears. She was in the middle of fighting a girl with a black ponytail. The spider jumped onto the one with weird ears. She took the flag given to her and waves it in front of her. Weird ears grins and drops the flag onto a caterpillar away from Ponytail.


The caterpillar crawls and drops the flag near a sparkling boy. He glances down and picks it up only for it to be taken by a bird. The pink girl saw and tried to follow the bird, but Sparkling boy holds her off.


The bird flies and drops the flag onto a boy’s purple hair. The boy picks it off and stares at it. The black haired boy with weird elbows finishes wrapping tape around a bright blond haired boy. The purple one smirks and waves it in front of the pouting blond boy. He places it on the ground and they watch an ant take it away.


The blond one frowns as he watches the ant crawl away, “Why do that anyways? It would’ve been easier if you just left it to one person,” he shrugs as best as he can. The purple one ignores him and Weird elbows answers.


“It was Midoriya’s idea. Can I see your comm?” he takes it and presses a button. The trio can hear multiple shouts and fighting noises. The blond looks with wide eyes and then smiles impressed at the two boys.


“Yeah ok. Good job,” he smiles in defeat and they lapse into silence.


The ant travels across the city to find it’s friend standing with another boy beside him. The friend notices and smiles kindly as he crouches down to the ant. He stands back up tucking the flag inside a pocket. The boy beside him nudges him and they both get ready to fight the pair in front of them.


An invisible person and someone with a huge tail. They don’t seem to have noticed the flag or the ant. They stand there with determined faces on. “Tell us who has the flag!” the invisible one exclaims.


The boy with big lips grins, “Whaddya mean? Doesn’t Midoriya have it? Right?” he turns confusedly at the boy beside him. He nods, also confused as well. The pair in front of them look at each other before the one with the tail rushes towards them. The invisible one presses into the comm in their ear.


“Oi. Midoriya has the flag! What are you guys talking about?”




Bakugou’s really close to blowing the comm in his ear up into ashes. The fucking constant shouts and confusion is messing with his brain, not that he’d admit that part out loud. Candy Cane beside him doesn’t seem that much better. He frowns hard as he listens to the comm.


“Guys, Tsuyu has the flag.”


“I disagree, I saw Shoji have the flag.”


“Um, guys, doesn’t Iida have the flag?”


“I saw Jiro with the flag! I’m sure of it.”


“Wrong a bird has it and it’s flYING AWAY AHHHH STOP IT AOYAMA!”


“Wait a bird? Did they lose their flag?”


“Nope! The other team just told us Midoriya has the flag right now. Best to believe them since they looked confused.”


Bakugou growls and jams his finger into the comm, “Would you all sHUT THE FUCK UP! We got Broccoli head over here, so focus on your own damn battles.” He hears protests and complaints but he doesn’t care. He snarls at the smiling boy in front of them.


“Midoriya, hand over the flag,” Candy Cane says. Bakugou scowls as Broccoli head look at them confusedly.


“Um. But I don’t have the flag?”


“Bullshit. Your teammates even said you have the fucking flag.” Bakugou frowns. This broccoli head is very determined on not letting them win. Making them al confused and shit.


Izuku smiles as he knows the plan worked. Another blast of ice and explosions makes him run. Not away, but towards the two. That seems to catch them off guard, but they recover quickly and attack Izuku with their quirks. Izuku jumps and dodges the attacks.


He gets close enough to hit Todoroki on the head using his staff. Todoroki attacks him, but Izuku attacks back with his staff. Bakugou comes up behind him and Izuku jumps as Bakugou blasts Todoroki in the face. Izuku snorts and so does Bakugou a little. Izuku falls back but misjudged his landing. He limps forward as he now has a broken ankle. He blinks and he’s back in the air.


Izuku quickly rolls and lands in front of Todoroki who’s still reeling from the explosion. Bakugou chases after him and Izuku pulls out the capture tape from his vest. He runs around Todoroki with speed and wraps the tape around him.


Todoroki has been captured!


Izuku stares at the blond in front of him. He smiles and Bakugou grins menacingly at him. “Gonna give up yet Broccoli head?”


“Broccoli head? No no no, if you’re gonna call me a green vegetable, use green bean,” Izuku tells the other. Bakugou raises an eyebrow.


“The fuck? No, you’re broccoli.”


“Noooooo, it’s green bean.”


“Yeah Bakugou. You can’t hear from all the way over there?” Shinsou asks. He walks towards Izuku and stares at the blond expectantly.


“Eh? Where the fuck did you-” he becomes slack and his eyes dull. Izuku looks impressed. Him and Shinsou walk up to the unmoving blond. Sero runs up behind them and stares at the blond as well. He hums as he moves around inspecting him.


“Yep. Completely under your control. What now?” Sero straightens up and Izuku hums in thought. Might be better to just end it now.


“Check for the flag. Should be blue,” he says. The two nod and sure enough, the flag was hidden in one of Bakugou’s pockets. Sero proudly holds it up and All Might’s voice rings out.


Sero has captured the hero team’s flag! Villains win!”


They all breathe a sigh of relief. Shinsou breaks his hold of Bakugou. The boy blinks before growling and setting off explosions everywhere. The trio scream and back away from the fuming boy. He grins a feral grin while aiming his hand above. That’s all they see before Shinsou and Sero get crushed by flying debris. Izuku stares with wide eyes as blood pools and unmoving hands make their way into his vision.


Izuku blinks. He checks his watch and hears All Might’s announcement. Shinsou lets go of Bakugou and he starts exploding. Just as he aims above them, Izuku tackles them all to the ground as he looks at Todoroki.


“Cover us!” Todoroki widens his eyes as he sees a piece of debris falling quickly. He gets up and shoots a bridge of ice covering the boys. The debris crumbles into pieces that fall to the ground around the laying boys.


They stay there for a moment before Izuku stands and dashes towards Bakugou who’s still exploding but looks to be having a panic attack. Izuku slows down and sees Bakugou fall to the ground with shaking shoulders. Izuku walks forward at the no longer exploding boy.


He stops and hits Bakugou softly on the head with his staff.




Bakugou reacts by swatting it away angrily. Izuku looks down at the boy. He probably doesn’t want to talk about it or may take any sign of comfort as a bad sign. Izuku doesn’t know exactly why, but he thinks Bakugou wouldn’t do well with any actions of help. Might be his personality that makes Izuku think that. He takes a deep breath and looks at Bakugou’s lowered head.


“Hey. Spiky Pineapple.”


Bakugou shoots his head upwards and gazes at Izuku with a questioning gaze, “Eh? The fuck was that?” Izuku shrugs and walks past the now standing blond.


“If you call me a food, I’ll call you a food. Plus, your hair’s spiky and sort of pineapple colored. I actually haven’t had pineapple in a while, so the color part might not be accurate.” Izuku continues talking while walking away. Bakugou stands there before shaking his head. He scowls deeply and stomps his way to the observation deck.


He sees the back of Izuku. The way his whole outfit and atmosphere scream innocent and weak. Truth is, he’s a little gremlin with speed and reflexes that should be humanly impossible unless he has a speed quirk like Engines. He gave Bakugou a fight where it didn’t immediately fall into the favor of Bakugou himself. Bakugou growls as he stares at Izuku.


Damn you Broccoli head.

Chapter Text

“Now then, who was the mvp of your team? Heroes, explain!” All Might points to the heroes. They think and Yaoyorozu raises her hand. All Might points to her and everyone listens intently.


“I believe Uraraka is the mvp of our team. When we didn’t have any plans, she’s the one who started thinking and sharing. If it weren’t for that, we would probably be less prepared than before.” Murmurs of agreement follow her statement. All Might nods and shoots a thumbs up at the now blushing girl.


“Villains, explain!” he points at the team. Izuku raises his hand and clears his throat.


“I think Koda was mvp. He was able to control all the animals into traveling across the city. If it weren’t for him doing that and hiding the flag, we would’ve lost pretty quickly,” he smiles as the flustered boy. The team yelps in agreement and compliment Koda who’s now a blushing mess. Izuku laughs.


They’re let free and Izuku waits in the teacher’s lounge for Aizawa to finish up. He’s doing his homework when he hears the door slide open. A scrawny blonde skeleton man walks in with a handkerchief and papers in hand. Izuku stares at the new arrival.


“Hello!” he says cheerfully. The man startles and looks in surprise at Izuku. “Are you a new teacher here?” he asks. The man coughs and looks at the other teacher in the room for help. They ignore him and he sighs.


“Um, something like that. I’m Yagi. And you are?” he says with a smile. Izuku smiles back and holds out his hand.


“Midoriya Izuku, but you can call me Izuku. All the teachers do, so you should too!” he says. Yagi nods and shakes his hand. He looks confused though.


“Why are you here, young Izuku?” Yagi sits down on the couch beside Izuku. He hums and turns to look at Aizawa, Nemuri, and Hizashi who look right back at him. He signs something to them and Hizashi signs something back. Izuku nods and turns to look at Yagi.


“They’re gonna explain it to you later,” Izuku shrugs and pulls out his phone. He stares at it before smiling and running up to Aizawa. “Can I spend time with my friends instead of going home today?” he shows the phone to Aizawa. He reads it over and nods.


“Come home before 8.” Aizawa says tiredly, turning back to his computer screen. Izuku nods happily and leaves the lounge waving brightly at the teachers who wave back. He leaves and Yagi has many questions. He turns to the teachers for an explanation.


Aizawa sighs, “Just listen.”




Izuku and his friends went to an ice cream shop nearby. He had fun and got some ice cream to go for Aizawa. Walking back home, Izuku thinks about the day. The training they did, new friends, those crushed bodies that were never crushed.


Izuku shakes his head. They’re ok now, no need to worry. No one got severely injured either, only scratches and bruises. Izuku wills the images out of his mind. They never happened so therefore, he shouldn’t think about them.


Izuku walks in and puts the ice cream into the fridge before it melts. He smiles and heads over to where Aizawa is looking over lesson plans. Izuku takes a peek over his shoulder. He hums as he sees what the plans are.


“A field trip to USJ?” Izuku asks. Aizawa sighs and nods.


“Yeah. You weren’t supposed to know yet though.” Aizawa turns around and stares at Izuku tiredly. Izuku shrugs and heads to his room. Aizawa shakes his head and continues looking through the plans for USJ.




Izuku dreams that night. He’s walking down a long road. The road is empty save for a few bugs here and there. Eventually, he stands in front of a dome of sorts. Walking inside, he sees multiple terrains of sorts.


Wait a minute…


It’s the same place from before. The one in his dream from that morning. Izuku surveys his surroundings and sees it empty. He walks towards the center but stops when the fountain changes. It no longer flows clear water.


It’s now filled with blood. Red, crimson, coppery smelling blood. Izuku covers his nose and mouth. He walks towards it, too intrigued by what caused it. He treads carefully, the stench of dead bodies filling his nose.


He stops. Laying there is his class, Aizawa, Thirteen, and even All Might. They’re all not moving. They all have parts missing from them. There’s piles of dust next to them that replace their limbs. Izuku’s breath hitches.


Their eyes. They look dead. They are dead.


Izuku gulps and blinks. They dissapear and instead are replaced by the three figures from before. The mist and creature stand back while the one with hands walks forward. Izuku can’t move. He’s frozen on the spot watching in horror as the man comes closer.


He reaches his hand out. It touches Izuku’s face.


Izuku screams.




Aizawa is woken by a blood curdling scream. He stands up quickly and nearly trips over Fluff while running to Izuku’s rom. He opens the door and finds Izuku sitting up in bed clutching his head as sobs take over his screams.


Aizawa walks over and places his hands over Izuku’s. “Hey, Izuku.” he shakes the boy and Izuku opens his eyes. He lunges forward with a hug and Aizawa hugs back since he can’t do anything else.


“Y-you can’t g-g-go to USJ t-tom-tomorrow,” Izuku says frantically. Aizawa pats his head in comfort.


“And why’s that?” Aizawa asks in a patient tone.


Izuku sniffles, “If you d-do, then there’ll be this man with a lot of hands, and a big monster, and dust and dead bodies and a lot of blood and-”


“Slow down there kiddo. Start from the beginning.”


And Izuku tells him. He tells him of the blood fountain, of the dead class and heroes, of the two men and creature.


And the pain of being touched by the blue haired man.


“I think his quirk has something to do with touch. When he touched me, it really hurt. And earlier today in class, there was dust. Maybe when he touches things, they turn to dust?” Izuku starts mumbling and Aizawa sighs. Even after that whole ordeal, Izuku still seems to analyze and make plans.


Aizawa nudges Izuku, “Hey kid. We can’t cancel the trip.” Izuku widens his eyes and goes to protest, but Aizawa stops him. “We don’t have any other plans. I’ll tell Nezu and the teachers to make sure nothing will go wrong. And I promise, no one will get hurt.”


Izuku sniffles but nods.


He falls into a dreamless sleep.




Izuku lazily eats his lunch as he listens to the conversations happening around him. He’s tired from his dream and staying up for longer than necessary. Izuku smiles and laughs along with everyone even if he wants to sink into bed and never get up.


“Midoriya, you good?” Sero asks. Izuku blinks and nods, not wanting to worry his new friends.


“Yeah, just tired is all. Yesterday was a lot of work for me,” he sighs and Sero chuckles.


“Me too dude. Me too,” Sero pats his shoulder and sighs. Izuku snorts and eats his food with more energy than before. Sero smiles and silently pats his own shoulder when Izuku isn’t looking.


A moment later, an alarm rings out. The students quickly freak out and all rush to the exit. Izuku calmly sets his food down and goes up to one of the windows. He sees the news and reporters trying to make their way pass UA’s gates. Izuku sighs and waves over his friends.


“Don’t worry, it’s just the press trying to get in,” Izuku looks outside with a tired look. The people beside him do the same thing.


Earlier that morning, they were swamped with the press asking questions about All Might. Izuku can see why Aizawa is an underground hero. Having to deal with press and all the questions would be too much for Izuku. Does Izuku wanna be an underground hero?


Izuku shrugs to himself and looks at the teachers calling off the press. He notices something on the ground near the gates. Pressing up against the glass, he sees a pile of dust that’s directly underneath where the lock should be for the gates.


Izuku gulps at the dust. He looks away and decides to just trust Aizawa that no one will get hurt.


Izuku will make sure no one gets hurt.

Chapter Text

Aizawa stared at the principal. Nezu is deep in thought processing what was said. He looks up, “And you’re sure what Izuku said was true?”

Aizawa nods, “The kid’s visions are never wrong unless he changes the events leading up to them. So, I’m pretty sure there’ll be an attack of sorts at USJ.”


Nezu is skeptical. He knows of Izuku and what his quirk can do, but a dream? Nezu’s known the boy since Aizawa brought him here, and he knows he’d never lie. But this could be a stretch. A dream foreshadowing events such as that? Nezu makes the only logical decision.


“Let’s prevent what Izuku saw then. Start by telling the other teachers of this.”



Izuku decides to wear a bright red sweater to USJ. It compliments well with his mostly black accessories. His gloves give more color and so does the designs on his pants. He hadn’t had much time to fully admire his costume. Izuku spent a good hour trying to come up with it, but then looked at Aizawa’s costume and came to a conclusion.


Comfort over looks. That’s what Izuku decided when designing his costume. It’s why he has so many sweaters. They’re frickin comfy.


Izuku boards the bus with the class and watches as Aizawa speaks with a few teachers. Izuku sighs and pays attention to the conversations happening around him. Once they’re boarded on the bus, they’re on their way to USJ.


“So like, we can all agree that yesterday was awesome, yeah?” Sero asks. Sounds of agreement follow his statement and Izuku smiles. Yesterday was a fun and exciting day for Izuku. He got to know his classmates more, made some new friends, and he has new contacts in his phone!


He pushes the dread and fear away into a corner of his mind. Right now, he’ll have fun with his classmates.




Izuku feels it than actually notice. He feels the presence of many people and if he looks hard enough, he sees some pro heroes hiding near USJ. Izuku sighs as he thinks everything’s gonna be ok.


They walk in and the door closes behind them. It’s faint, but Izuku can hear it lock. So does Shoji and Jiro.


“Um, Sensei? The doors just locked,” Jiro points out. Aizawa widens his eyes and Izuku goes to open the doors. Sure enough, it’s locked. He gulps and blinks and now he’s back outside the USJ building. Izuku quickly looks around and sees a rock the size of his hand.


Izuku picks it up and waves over Sero. “Can you use your tape and tape this rock here?” Izuku points to the entrance. Sero nods and does what he’s told. Once he’s done, he stands up straight and looks at the now taped rock.


“Any reason why we did that? Wouldn’t that just leave the door open?” Sero asks as they head in. Izuku looks around nervously before humming to himself.


“Yeah. That’s why we did it. It’s uh, confusing to explain. Don’t worry about it,” Izuku smiles and waves off the question. Sero hums and doesn’t seem convinced, but says nothing.


The class listens to Thirteen’s speech and Izuku notices movement down below. He slips through the crowd enough to see a portal. He widens his eyes as he grabs Aizawa by the arm and point to the center.


“Damnit. Thirteen, get the class out and alert the heroes on standby,” Aizawa says as he jumps down below to fight off the villains trying to come up. The class stares on in worry and confusion and hesitate when told to leave. Izuku bites his lip and looks at his class.


Then, the mist man from his dream stands in front of their exit. He holds up the tape covered rock and Izuku’s pretty sure he stopped breathing. The man sighs and stares at the class intimidatingly, “It appears that someone anticipated our arrival. May the person speak up now? I simply want to ask how you knew,” he says in fake kindness.


Sero steps slightly in front of him and Izuku stares at the mist man. He looks around for any sign of help, but sees nothing as the windows and any sign of the outside world are covered in black. The rest of the class notices and the mist man chuckles.


“The use of a quirk. Now then, my job is to simple scatter you all. Please be cooperative or else people will get hurt,” the man says. Izuku widens his eyes as he sees Bakugou and Kirishima attack the man.


Sadly, they don't affect him. Thirteen tries to attack using their quirk, but the portal forming behind them makes them out of commision. Izuku stares in horror at Thirteen’s body, half of it being completely gone leaving Thirteen unmoving on the ground.


Izuku blinks. He doesn’t hesitate to push Thirteen out of the way right as the portal behind them starts to form. He quickly checks over them, and once he sees no injuries he breathes a sigh of relief. He stills when he hears a curious hum.


“You reacted quickly. Even those who were behind didn’t seem to move fast enough. It was almost like you expected it,” the mist man stares at Izuku who stares back. “Interesting. For now, please cooperate and stay out of our way.”


Izuku sees the mist man raise his arms. He widens his eyes as portals open up and his classmates fall in them in groups.


“We are the League of Villains.”


Izuku falls into a portal.




Izuku opens his eyes to water. He then realizes he can’t breathe and starts to freak out. It also doesn’t help Izuku never learned how to swim. So, he flails around and hopes someone will help him.


Thankfully, Tsuyu pops out of nowhere and swats a villain with her tongue. She picks Izuku up and places him gently on a boat. He coughs and registers that Shinsou is there as well. Izuku groans and flops down on the deck of the boat.


“Where are we?” Shinsou asks. They look around and Izuku coughs again before registering their surroundings. He sees the boat they’re on, the pitch black windows, and the body of water down below.


“We’re in one of the zones in USJ,” Izuku rasps out. He stands up and the two mimic his action. He stares down at the villains below and sighs, “Any ideas on how to get out of here?” he stares at his two friends.


Shinsou looks down, “Hey! Guess what?”


“Eh? What?” a villain asks. They immediately go slack and the others stare in confusion. Izuku smiles as he realizes what Shinsou’s doing. He stares down at the villains.


“Capture the villains around you, and then yourself,” Shinsou grins. The villain does what their told and attacks the surrounding villains. Izuku looks around and assumes the water near the land is shallow enough for them to walk on.


“Tsu, can you carry us both to the land over there?” Izuku asks. Tsuyu looks over and nods. Izuku nods back and pokes Shinsou.


Both shift in Tsuyu’s grasp, but stay still when she jumps. The mind controlled villain got out of Shinsou’s control, but Shinsou just yelled really loudly and got quite a few responses from the villains.





“AHHHHHH YAOYOROZU HELP!” Kaminari yells out. He’s running away from the villains chasing him.


All around, class 1-A fend off villains. Some have more trouble than others, but they all easily take down the villains. Izuku looks back towards the entrance. The only occupant there is Thirteen who’s fighting the mist man.


Izuku thinks back to the heroes outside. What happened to them? Where are they?




Nemuri jumps back as a villain swings at her. She takes him out and looks around. They were surrounded by villains before they even got inside. Izuku tried to help with the rock, but before they could even get in, villains swarmed them.


Nemuri tsks as another villain come at her.




Yagi runs faster than he ever thought was possible. He’s in his All Might form and he’s flying through the air on his way to USJ. He heard about the whole thing from Nezu while drinking tea. Tea!


What a great number one hero he is. Apparently, they got tipped off that villains would be attacking. If Yagi knew, he wouldn’t have spent most of his time stopping local crimes. He could be there helping but no, he had to drink tea.


He can reprimand himself later. He just needs to go.




Izuku watches as the creature comes out. He watches as Aizawa gets his head smashed and sees the pool of blood forming quickly. He watches as Tsuyu’s face turns to dust. He watches as Shinsou tries to fight Shigaraki only to get his throat turned to dust.


He watches as all hope dies out from the students eyes as they run toward the scene. He feels the hand on his face and sees the dust flying away as he stands still and does nothing-


Izuku blinks.

Chapter Text

Izuku, Tsuyu, and Shinsou slowly walk towards the land. They landed far enough from the center, but close enough to be in shallow water. Izuku gulps and leads the two away from the action in the center.


“Midoriya, are you ok?” Tsuyu whispers. Izuku turns to her and smiles weakly.


“Y-yeah. Just a bit shaken up. Why?” Izuku asks. Tsuyu nods but has some doubt in her eyes. Izuku doesn’t blame her.


“You just look really pale and fidgety, that’s all.” she looks away and Izuku takes a deep breath. He’ll just… not think about the future. He’s gonna change it anyway, so there’s no need to dwell on it. Yeah.


They slowly get onto land, and sprint towards the stairs leading to the entrance. Izuku sprints and remembers what happens next. It’s not like he’ll forget it anytime soon. He swiftly turns and sprints back down to the center leaving Shinsou and Tsuyu to help Thirteen fight the mist man.


Izuku extends his staff and vaults himself to kick Aizawa out of the way of the incoming monster. Aizawa rolls and Izuku lands staring at the monster. It appears to have not noticed Izuku pushing Aizawa out of the way, but the hand villain sure did.


Hands Mcgee hums and scratches his neck furiously. Izuku gulps as he locks eyes with red. The hand buffet smiles and points to Izuku.


“Nomu. Bring me that brat.”


Izuku jumps out of the way of the Nomu’s swing towards him. The Nomu pays no mind and continues attacking Izuku who continues to dodge and run away. Aizawa is busy handling the rest of the villains, so Izuku can only rely on himself.


Another portal opens up behind Thirteen when they’re using their quirk and sucks on Thirteen, Shinsou, and Tsuyu. Their bodies get sucked into nothingness and Izuku watches as they disappear piece by piece.


Izuku blinks. Jumping away from the Nomu, he extends his staff and knocks Thirteen away from the portal before they could activate their quirk. He sighs in relief as Shinsou and Tsuyu appear unharmed. Unfortunately, the Nomu caught up to him faster than he thought.


Izuku gasps as he’s squeezed tightly in the Nomu’s hand. He squirms but feels his ribs being crushed more, so he stops moving in fear. He stares at the handy man and really wants to not interact with him at all.


Izuku is released and lands on the ground coughing and gasping for air. He lifts his head and sees the villain standing in front of him. “You. What’s your quirk?”


Izuku stays silent. The villain doesn’t appreciate his silence though, and starts scratching his neck in irritation. He starts staring at Izuku in a cold, calculating gaze. “Not speaking huh? That’s ok. You can just die then. The symbol of piece won’t like that,” he laughs maniacally.


The Nomu holds down Izuku at the snap of the man’s fingers. Izuku struggles but only cries out in pain as he gets pushed to the ground even more. He blinks and decides he likes his body to not be broken by the end of this. He doesn’t struggle and insteads stare up at the looming man. He chuckles darkly and places his hand in front of Izuku’s fear filled face.




Izuku screams.




The first time they discuss about death, Nuso fell into a river and Izuku stayed with him until his head stopped bleeding. Nuso’s arm was broken, but he waved it off with a smile saying it was no big deal.


Auntie Shu picks them up and gently reprimands Nuso about the dangers of falling and hurting yourself. Izuku listens and then Auntie Shu says the word death. Izuku scrunches up his nose, “What’s death?”


Death is something some people want. Death is something people fear. But Izuku never really grasped the topic until he saw his mom scratching her arms until they drew blood. Dad didn’t say anything, only took her hands away and told Izuku to go to his room.


“I can’t Hisashi! It’d would’ve been fine if I never interacted with you and your family! Maybe I’d actually live a happy life without the burden of a child and a controlling husband who does nothing to help!”

“I pay the bills! I give you and the brat freedom to do whatever you please. My family is your family now and you’re gonna have to deal with it!”


Silence. Izuku presses his ear to his door and catches a few words from his dad.


“… she’s out of control… dead? No. Says she’s gonna do it, but I’ll make sure she won’t…”


Izuku realizes his mom both fears and craves for death. Or maybe it’s freedom.


Izuku doesn’t wanna crave for death. He wants to die peacefully. No pain, surrounded by the people he loves, and hopefully won’t feel any fear for when he dies.


He can only hope.




Izuku stares at the man with wide eyes. He’s gonna die here if he doesn’t do anything. Think Izuku, think.


“What do you hope to achieve here?” Izuku blurts out as the hand is inches away from his face. The man stills but doesn’t move his hand.


“Hm? So you can talk. Our goal?” he pauses and grins, “To kill the number one hero of course!”


He feels it. The temperature drops and shouts grow louder as the man stares at Izuku. Izuku doesn’t look away. “What’s your name?”

“Shigaraki. You? And if you don’t answer, I won’t hesitate to kill you here right now.”


Izuku swallows hard but doesn’t have much choice. As the hand grows closer, Izuku can see his classmates run closer to the center. “Midoriya Izuku.”


The doors slam open to reveal a determined, angry, smiling All Might.






Nemuri takes down the last of the villains and sighs in relief. Her and the rest of the heroes head towards the entrance. She sees a flying figure in the air and points it out to Hizashi. He squint before jumping and grabbing the heroes away from the entrance.


Nemuri’s about to ask why when she sees All Might land and punches the doors open while heading in without looking back at the other heroes. Nemuri blinks and just goes along with it.


Too bad even more villains come out of nowhere.


“Oh come on!”




All Might flies down the stairs and takes down the villains on his way to Aizawa. He picks up the worn out hero and places him in the care of students near the stairs. He turns and looks at Shigaraki with his hand close to Izuku’s face.


Izuku is pinned down by a huge monster of sorts. All Might quickly rushes over and swiftly punches the monster, freeing Izuku.


Izuku coughs as the weight on him disappears. He feels ice coming and quickly jumps when a section of the floor is covered in ice. Shigaraki stares at the ice encasing his legs. He tsks and touches the ice with all of his fingers. It turns to dust and Izuku limps his way over to where Todoroki is.


They nod in acknowledgement but say nothing. Both turn to look at Bakugou and Kirishima running up to them. Izuku greets them but it turns to a coughing fit instead. Looks like the Nomu hurt him more than he expected. Izuku sighs and watches the scene unfold in the center.


“Villains, stop what you’re doing immediately!” All Might yells. Everything goes silent. Izuku watches as Shigaraki stands still for only a moment. And then he’s laughing, full on maniacal like. It sends chills down Izuku’s spine.


“Oh, All Might! You’re here!” he says in a childlike manner. “You see. We’re only here for one purpose: to kill you! The number one hero!” he laughs without a care in the world.


Izuku widens his eyes. Kill? The number one hero, All Might, killed? That… isn’t impossible. All Might is human too. But how would they kill him? What do they have?


“Nomu. Attack.”


The Nomu attacks All Might with vigor. Izuku watches as it punches and matches All Might with it’s attacks. No matter where All Might hits it, it hits back in the same spot. Izuku connects the pieces.


“Is it… made for attacking All Might?” Izuku whispers to himself. Somehow, Shigaraki hears it.


“Smart brat you are. Correct. Nomu was specially made to defeat All Might,” he grins widely. Izuku and Kirishima shudder while Bakugou and Todoroki make no reaction. Izuku commends them on being able to do that.


“Now then, what to do with you 4?” Shigaraki averts his attention to the boys watching. He grins and runs forward with speed. Izuku reacts by grabbing Kirishima and vaulting them both over Shigaraki with his staff. Todoroki uses his ice to form a wall and Bakugou launches himself into the air with his explosions.


Izuku hisses as he lands. His injuries aren’t going away, so he’ll have to be careful. Slowly, he stands up using his staff and Kirishima as support.


“Thanks,” Kirishima breathes out. Izuku smiles and looks for the hand villain. He spots him turning Todoroki’s ice wall into dust. Izuku aims and extends his staff with a press of a button. It hits Shigaraki in his side and he stumbles due to it. Izuku quickly retracts it as he sees Todoroki making his escape.


Bakugou lands near them as Todoroki comes close. Shigaraki stumbles and turns to them with a murderous grin on his face. Izuku sees him mouth something and suddenly, the Nomu appears in front of them and swings at them. They're too slow to react and take the brutal hit. Izuku's pretty sure he's bleeding right now, but he's in too much pain to register the blood.


Izuku blinks. He quickly extends his staff so that it hits Shigaraki straight in the jaw. Izuku coughs and looks around him. “We have to move. Somewhere safe.”


“Hah? And why would we do that?” Bakugou asks. He crosses his arms and Izuku thinks back to the way their bones shattering sounded.


“Because if we don't, we'll all get hit by the Nomu and probably won't be able to recover from it,” Izuku snaps. He coughs harshly and Kirishima holds him up. Bakugou silences but glares at the ground. Todoroki makes a wall separating them from the action going on.


Bakugou flies over to the stairs and Todoroki follows suit. Kirishima swiftly lifts Izuku bridal style and runs. Just when they arrive at the stairs, the ice shatters and there stands the Nomu. The ice clatters to the ground and the Nomu immediately goes towards them. It's stopped by All Might jumping in front of it and punching it.


Izuku sighs in relief and looks up at the doors. Heroes pour in and takes down the remaining villains quickly and efficiently. Izuku turns back to where All Might is and sees the Nomu fly out of the building due to it being thrown towards the ceiling.


Izuku smiles in amazement and watches as the villains get carted away. He catches a glimpse at Shigaraki and the mist man before they disappear inside a portal. Izuku can't be bothered by it when everything hurts.


He didn't really notice the pain before, but now that the adrenaline is slowly disappearing, the pain is coming to him. And it hurts. The Nomu crushed him more than he thought, and he may have pushed his luck with vaulting himself over Shigaraki.


Izuku coughs more and his vision starts blurring. He distinctly tastes the blood in his mouth and can kind of hear the alarmed voices around him. But Izuku is really tired and he just wants to sleep.


So, he closes his eyes falling into a dreamless slumber.

Chapter Text

Aizawa quickly walks down the halls of the hospital. He stops in front of a door that holds the most injured student from the USJ attack. He breathes deeply before opening the door and smiling faintly at the boy in the bed.


Izuku smiles softly as he reads the card his class made for him. His nightstand has many stuffed animals and treats from both the pro heroes and his classmates. Some stickers line his wall and Aizawa can guess Hizashi was the cause of that.


Izuku looks up and waves to Aizawa. He waves back and takes a seat next to the bed. Izuku looks like he's contemplating something. He still smiles and slowly, tears fall from his face as he reaches out towards Aizawa. Aizawa doesn't move as Izuku takes his time to feel his face, his arms, his chest that holds his heart. The tears start flowing more and more and soon, Izuku is sobbing as he clutches into Aizawa.


“I told you to not go. I told you,” Izuku whispers. Aizawa pats his head.


“I know. But look, no one got severely injured. No one died,” Aizawa whispers back. Izuku trembles.


“You got hurt. Shinsou and Tsu got turned to dust. Spiky Pineapple, Todoroki, and Kirishima got hurt by the Nomu. I died. And then I blinked and everything was ok,” Izuku clutches Aizawa even harder. Aizawa widens his eyes.


“You know, I’m pretty sure my mom had to go through stuff like this too,” Izuku says softly. “She woke up at night and watched movies in the living room to calm herself down. She had nightmares. Her quirk wasn’t very kind to her.”


“Her quirk?” Aizawa asks. He doesn’t interrupt or change the subject. If Izuku wants to talk, then he can talk.


Izuku nods, “It’s called Once More. She relives her day in her dreams, but they usually end badly. Maybe that’s why Prescience does what it does,” he chuckles softly. Aizawa listens and comforts Izuku.


“I’m assuming your quirk came from your mom’s side then?”


“Most likely. Mom’s side has the dream related quirks while dad’s is fire related. And then there’s my uncles and aunts and cousins who have a variety of quirks. They’re actually really cool,” Izuku babbles on about the quirks he’s seen from his family. Aizawa listens since this is the most he’s heard Izuku talk since the attack.


It's been a day since the attack. Izuku had some broken ribs and bruised body parts. A bone punctured his lung but was quickly healed on his way to the hospital. No one got severely injured, only a few bruises here and there. Nothing Recovery Girl couldn’t fix. Izuku will get released later today once the doctor checks him again.


“Everyone visited,” Izuku mumbles out. He looks at the card with a smile. “They were worried. I was too. They’re ok right?” he stares at Aizawa. Aizawa nods and he slumps in relief.


Izuku chuckles somberly, “I know they’re alright. I saw them a few hours ago. But I just can’t tell the difference between reality and Prescience visions. It- it just felt so real seeing you all hurt,” Izuku sniffles and Aizawa hands him a tissue.


And then Izuku apologizes. He apologizes for being troublesome, a burden, a brat who can’t see that everything’s all right now. Aizawa is quick to shut him down and holds him close.


Izuku shouldn’t be apologizing. He did nothing wrong. He saved the ones who could’ve died.


“Izuku, your a hero. One that prevented many injuries. One that saw things that shouldn’t have ever been seen. Don’t apologize for being human .”


And Izuku thinks back to his family. The one that ridiculed him, thought of him as a mistake, told him he’d never be a hero.


Izuku cries. He doesn’t stop and falls asleep with tears still flowing down his cheeks.




Izuku stays at home for the remaining days until school starts up again. The class group chat explodes with many messages asking him if he’s ok. He laughed for a good 10 minutes at his friends dissing the Nomu and villains.


Aizawa’s words from earlier ring in Izuku’s head. Him, a hero?


“You’re my hero kid!” a man says cheerfully. He’s missing some teeth and wears old, tattered clothes like Izuku. Izuku nods and turns to leave.


“Hey wait-” the man runs up to him and holds out a piece of bread. Izuku takes it and he can feel it’s stale and hard, but it’s food so he doesn’t complain. The man leaves and Izuku thinks back to the word ‘hero’.


Izuku eats the bread and thinks about it. All he did was save the man from falling on his face. Is that what a hero does?


Izuku recalls the memory and smiles faintly. That was when he was… 9 he thinks. The man was gonna fall really hard on the ground, but Izuku caught him. Maybe that’s what sparked the extinguished dream he had. It was the start of a flame. Thanks Stale Bread man.


Hizashi and Nemuri gave him a lot of gifts. Like, a lot. He now has 7 cartons of ice cream in the fridge, a good 20 stuffed animals that he will give to his classmates, and a bunch of new clothes that he’ll probably never wear.


Izuku doesn’t want to know what would happen if he got even more injured than this.




Izuku walks out of the apartment with a bag filled with stuffed animals in it. He kept a green bunny for himself but decided to give the rest to his class. Who really needs 20 stuffed animals? Ok, maybe Izuku does, but he doesn’t have the space for them.


Arriving to class a little later than he usually does, he opens the door and is immediately surrounded by his classmates.


“Midoriya, are you ok?”


“If you need anything, don’t be afraid to tell us!”


“Don’t push yourself!”


Izuku smiles, “Thanks guys. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I also have gifts!” He proudly holds up the bag and walks over to his desk quickly. Setting the bag down, he looks around with a bright smile, “I was given these, but I don’t have space for them. And I have enough for the whole class, so why not give them to you?”


Izuku hold out a small brown dog, “This is for Uraraka. And this is for Koda. And this one’s for Sato.” He continues handing out stuffed animals until everyone minus two have one. They gush over the stuffed animals and Izuku walks over to Bakugou.


“Hey spiky pineapple.”


“What dya want, broccoli head?”


Izuku sighs, “It’s green bean. Anyways, here,” he holds out a blond haired wolf. Bakugou stares at it before scoffing.


“Why would I take that piece of shit?” he says looking away. Izuku frowns.


“It’s a gift. You don’t want it?” at Bakugou’s silence, Izuku hums. “Ok. One of these days you’ll accept it. Soon, spiky pineapple,” Izuku teases and walks away.


“Stop calling me a fucking spiky pineapple!”


Izuku chuckles and walks up to Todoroki’s desk. He holds out a white cat, “Do you want it Todoroki?”


Todoroki stares at it before looking away, “No.”


Izuku sighs and nods. He whispers to himself while walking away, “Oh, you’re getting the cat whether you like it or not.”


A few moments later and the door slides open revealing a tired Aizawa. He scans the quiet room and the stuffed animals sitting on everyone’s desk. He sighs and stands in front of the class.


“The USJ attack was a troublesome event. I rest assure you all though that UA is upping it’s security so that no other attacks will happen. Onto a new subject though, UA’s sports festival will be held in two weeks time,” Aizawa says.


The class erupts into chatter. Izuku actually got to see the sports festival up close once when Aizawa took him to the announcers booth. He also recalls watching it once when he was 4, but he never thought he’d actually be in it.


“Is this really the best idea though? Isn’t it too soon?” Jiro asks. Murmurs of agreement sound out.


“Well, UA can’t really cancel it. If we hold it, people will probably back off from their questions and doubts,” Izuku answers. Aizawa nods.


“Correct. Something about raising moral and showing people UA is safe and stuff. But that means you all have to work hard leading up to the sports festival. Many heroes will be watching and some may offer you 1 week internships. It’s best to show off what you can do at the festival. If this year’s a bust, no worries since you have two more tries here at UA.” Aizawa explains.


Izuku smiles. And then it drops. Since the sports festival is pretty big, it’s broadcasted on live tv. Will Izuku’s family watch? Izuku doesn’t know what to think but smiles as everyone seems excited.




Izuku packs up his bag and is about to head out for lunch when he hears commotion outside the class. Sero opens the door to reveal a crowd of people standing outside the classroom. The class stares in bewilderment.


“So this is the class that fought against the villains huh? I expected… more,” a blond boy says. Izuku stares unimpressed at the boy.


“And I expected to go to lunch peacefully, but here we are,” Izuku whispers to himself as he finishes packing up. Jiro snorts beside him and Shinsou restrains himself from chuckling. Izuku faintly blushes since he didn’t expect people to actually hear him.


“I’m Monoma from class 1-B. The other hero class if you didn’t know,” Monoma smirks and glares at each student and meets Izuku’s tired stare. He just wants some food.


“Oh? This the kid that got the most injured?” Monoma walks up to Izuku. “What’s your quirk?”


“I can summon pencils from out of nowhere. Look,” he holds up a pencil he got from his bag. Monoma doesn’t look impressed and Izuku smiles cheekily. He grabs his bag and walks towards the door. “Now, I’m hungry. We can discuss this after I have food in my body ya know?”




“Do you use one specific tape, or can you use different types?” Izuku asks. Sero, Kirishima, and Kaminari walk with him. Izuku was gonna head to Tera’s convenience store, and thought back to the girl’s strange tape hobby.


Sero hums thoughtfully, “Well, I use one type of tape my family has specially made. But I can use any tape that can fit into my elbows like at the entrance exam.” Izuku hums and nods.


“Also Midoriya, the way you responded to Monoma was gold. Never expected it from a guy like you,” Kaminari grins. Izuku blushes but smiles at the boy.


“Yeah bro! Where’d you learn that from?” Kirishima asks. Izuku hums and stares forward.


Aizawa just stared as Hizashi who choked on gummy worms as he was doing his radio show. It was Izuku’s first time there and Hizashi tried to impress him, only to later choke on candy. Aizawa blinked and murmured to himself, “Maybe he has a secret quirk that makes him do stupid things.”


“Or maybe it’s just himself doing the stupid things,” Nemuri sighs.


“Or maybe he’s just stupid,” Izuku says. The two stare at him before breaking off into laughter. Hizashi heard and glared at them, but it was ruined with the gummy worms sticking out of his mouth.


Izuku shrugs, “My family probably influenced me. I have this uncle that does really stupid things, so there’s a lot of teasing and jokes.”



Izuku woke up that night due to another nightmare. It was one of the visions he saw while at USJ. He saw the way Aizawa’s head got smashed and how Tsuyu got turn to dust. Shinsou’s attempt at fighting Shigaraki was hard to look at.


A thought came to mind as Izuku made himself a hot chocolate. Would Shinsou need some training? Wouldn’t they all though? Maybe he already has plans, Izuku doesn’t want to impose. But then again, a little training offer never hurt anybody.




“Hey Shinsou!” Izuku walked up to the boy. Shinsou turned around with a small smile on his face.


“What’s up?” Shinsou asks. Izuku huffs before smiling at him.


“Wanna learn some new moves? Like, training,” Izuku says. “Considering we don’t have the most noticeable quirks, we’ll probably rely more on physical ability. So I thought, why not train together since we both seem to have really subtle quirks?”


Shinsou thinks about it then nods, “Sure. I don’t mind.”


They head to one of the training grounds after school. Izuku showed Shinsou some warm ups he learned from Aizawa. Going through some moves Izuku created, they hear voices.


“Hey! Didn’t know you guys would be here,” Ashido waves at them. Uraraka, Tsuyu, and Ojiro walks with her. Izuku waves and smiles.


“We’re training for the sports festival! Wanna join us?” Izuku asks.


“Yeah! We were doing the same thing. Ojiro here was gonna teach us some fighting moves,” Ashido karate chops the air.


“Can we join?” Shinsou shyly asks. Uraraka beams.


“Of course!”



Izuku wakes up from another nightmare. Izuku makes another cup of hot chocolate. He puts on a movie and snuggles into the couch. Aizawa woke up and decided to join Izuku with his own cup of hot chocolate. Fluff curled up in between them.


Izuku slept without trouble for the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

Walking down the streets, Izuku eats his pastry while looking around him. He and a few other classmates visited Satou’s family bakery, and Izuku bought a whole bag so that Aizawa can have some too. He smiles and continues walking.


And then he sees a man on the ground. The man has old, ripped, and dirty clothes. He sits on the ground with a can and a look that says he’s given up. No one pays him any mind, some drop coins into the can but say nothing.


Izuku looks down at the pastry bag in his hand.


He kneels down to be eye level with the slouching man. He smiles and holds out the bag. “You can have it. It’s filled with delicious pastries my friend made.”


The man stares in amazement and surprise. He takes the bag carefully and smiles. His yellow teeth match his yellow eyes and Izuku smiles back. The man places the bag down and holds Izuku’s hands as he whispers thank you’s.


After waving goodbye to the man and giving a couple bucks to him, Izuku walks home with a thoughtful look on his face.


Izuku was hungry. And cold. Sitting on the ground didn’t help, but he had nowhere else to sit. Staring at the empty streets, Izuku looks at the dumpster across from him.


Digging into it, Izuku managed to get a thrown out pastry. It’s stale, dry, and moldy, but Izuku doesn’t mind.


Izuku sighs and steps into the apartment. Walking towards his room, Izuku catches a glimpse of the news playing on tv. The Hero killer Stain has been gaining attraction for his numerous murders. Izuku frowns and stares at the screen a moment longer.


He blinks and he’s in an alleyway. He hears shouts and turns to see blood on the ground with a figure he can’t make out. Turning again, he sees Stain staring at him with a grin and he lunges toward Izuku. Izuku can’t move and stares as the sword come closer to his face.




Izuku blinks. He’s back in his apartment. Izuku shakes his head and goes to his room. Flopping down on the bed, he sighs and tries not to think back to what he saw. Maybe he’ll worry about it later. For now, he needs to get some rest.


The sports festival is tomorrow after all.




Arriving at the stadium, class 1-A gets stopped by a crowd of people. The people are familiar with the class hough, so Izuku doesn’t worry. Apparently it’s the families of all his classmates. They all got tickets and seats courtesy of Nezu.


Families come up to each classmate and Izuku stands off to the side watching. Everyone’s families came, even Uraraka’s who said she lived by herself. Izuku smiles as they all interact but frowns when he spots the flaming hero stand in front of Todoroki. They stand in a secluded area away from the rest and Izuku slowly slides over to hear the conversation.


“I expect nothing but top results, Shouto,” Endeavor says. Todoroki says nothing but glares hard at his father. Izuku looks on with a calculating stare. It doesn’t look like a happy discussion like everyone else’s.


Izuku backs away and ends up in a conversation with Tsuyu’s family. If Todoroki has family issues, Izuku shouldn’t pry. Izuku can sympathize with that idea.


“...Family?” Izuku looks up. He’s on the floor playing with Fluff when Aizawa asked about his family. Izuku hums and turns back to Fluff.


“I had cousins that were older than me by a couple years. And an aunt and uncle that visited a lot.” Izuku says. Aizawa nods and waits for more.


“Dad… he demands a lot. And mom… is scared. I don’t know if she still is, but she was scared the last time I saw her,” Izuku says quietly. He says nothing more.


Izuku looks back at the two. Endeavor was walking away and Todoroki clenched his fists. Izuku looks back at his own conversation and in the back of his mind thinks if Todoroki wants that white cat stuffed animal.




Sitting in the waiting room, Izuku hums a random tune he came up with. It fills the silence of the tense room. Looking around, everyone seems to be preparing themselves for the upcoming matches.


Izuku stands up when the clock strikes 11. The class walks out of the room and onto the field. Determined and worried faces appear and Izuku takes a deep breath.


And here comes class 1-A! They already gained some attention, so let’s see what they’ve got!” Present Mic’s voice rings out. The stadium cheers and Izuku stares with a bright smile.


Oh! And the notorious Green Bean is in this year’s sports festival as well! See if you can guess who it is!!”


Izuku coughs and looks away as Bakugou sends him a stare. Hearing the other classes being announced, Izuku notices the glares coming their way. The class uncomfortably stand there as they try to ignore the obvious distaste for their class.


Midnight stands on top of the stage and silences everyone. The males blush and Izuku just sighs. “Giving the pledge is none other than Bakugou Katsuki!” she announces. The class waits in anticipation as they know what Bakugou is like.


“I pledge… to be number one.”


God damnit Spiky Pineapple.




“Let’s see what our first round is!” Midnight snaps her whip and a wheel pops up from the ground. Spinning it, the stadium waits in anticipation. Izuku stares and fidgets with his hands. Finally, the wheel stops and Midnight looks at it with a grin.


“The first round is a good ol’ game of Tag!”


Sounds of excitement fill the air. Izuku smiles as he didn’t expect that.


“The rules are simple. You get tagged, you’re out!” Midnight says. “Robots will be all over the place trying to touch you. Oh, and if you’re thinking about going into the air, don’t worry, we got you covered up there too,” she points and sure enough, robots fly in the air.


“There will also be obstacles in your way, so watch out! You can use your quirk however you like as long as you don’t severely injure anyone! The remaining 42 not tagged yet get to pass onto the next round! Tag starts… now!”


Izuku feels his back get hit and turns to see a small robot with it’s arm reached out. Izuku gapes as he’s already been tagged. He blinks and jumps away from the robot behind him. It ends up tagging someone from another class and Izuku sighs in relief.


Todoroki ices the area surrounding him effectively freezing those to the ground. Robots tag them and Izuku feels sympathy towards them. He jumps when another burst of ice covers the ground. Class 1-A seem to be holding up against Todoroki and his ice attacks.


It doesn’t take long for mayhem to start. Izuku runs and dodges attacks coming his way and swiftly maneuvers away from any robots. Panting, he looks up and sees those who can fly dodge attacks from the flying robots.


Uraraka floats herself in the air and releases herself once a robot comes close. She seems sick with the constant use of her quirk, but it’s effective. Tsuyu jumps and dodges the robots and even pulls some people with her tongue away from the robots.


Hagakure is hiding in a corner using her invisibility to her advantage. It also helps that she took off her clothes. Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari stick together and watch out for each other’s backs. Jiro and Momo listen out for any robots while hiding and running away.


Hearing explosions, Izuku turns to find Bakugou destroying a robot. He shakes his head and runs away when he sees a robot coming to him. Looking around, a good amount of people remain.


Then come the obstacles. Izuku groans as he runs straight into a wall. Rubbing his nose, he looks and sees the area become smaller with walls surrounding them all. Little holes form in the ground, not enough to injure but enough to trip people up. More robots pop out and Izuku startles when one pops up next to him out of nowhere.


Blinking, he quickly sidesteps and avoids the robot about to touch him. Looking away, he runs off and checks how many people are left. About… 60 ish people are left. Izuku hears a shriek and watches as someone falls from the sky and hits the ground with a sickening splat. They don’t move and Izuku faintly hears the buzzer for the round or the yells from the audience.


Izuku blinks. He quickly runs and watches as the boy who fell get pushed by a robot. He falters and doesn’t have enough time to get back up in the air as he falls. Izuku slides and catches the boy moments before he hits the ground.


“T-Thank you!” He sputters out. Izuku smiles and nods. They split ways and Izuku sighs in relief before shaking his head. Looking around, only a few more people need to get out in order for the round to end.


Hiding in a corner, Izuku watches everything going on. A robot comes up to him and Izuku jumps above it leaving it to tag someone else. Izuku hears the buzz and announcement ending the round.


“And that’s the end of round 1! Congratulations to those who passed! You were all ranked on how you used your quirk, helping others, and how creative your escape from the robots were! We’ll give you 5 minutes to calm down and then we’re jumping straight into the second round!” Midnight says.


Looking at the rankings, Izuku’s surprised he’s fifth. Apparently the teachers were watching closely for the helping others part, and Izuku probably got his rank thanks to the falling boy. Glancing at who got higher, he’s not surprised when Todoroki and Bakugou take the top spots.


“Wait, look,” Uraraka points and Izuku looks and widens his eyes.


“Is that possible?” a person nearby asks.


“Never thought that could’ve happened.”


“Whoaaaa, is this history being made or something?”


Izuku’s pretty sure this hasn’t happened before. He continues staring and Shinsou comes up beside him. “Guess we’ll be caught in the crossfire of that then huh?” Shinsou asks. Izuku nods and looks at the rankings with a sigh.


Bakugou and Todoroki both tied for first place.


“Let’s hope the stadium doesn’t get destroyed after this,” Izuku murmurs to himself.

Chapter Text

The students gather around with anticipation. Midnight grins at them and turns to the audience. “Now then, the second round! For this round, everyone is worth an amount of points based on your ranking from last round. Last place is worth 5, second to last is worth 10, and so on so forth. But, for first place,” she pauses and grins wildly, “first place is worth 10 million points!”


Izuku gasps in fake surprise. He saw this earlier, but Prescience is a thing and he had to relive this moment. He feels Sero’s knowing look and Izuku tries not to laugh. He turns and stares at Todoroki and Bakugou who seem to have no reaction towards the news.


It’s quite the jump considering they only had a few more points than second place, which was taken by Yaoyorozu. 10 million points for only a few points more than second place? Eh, can’t do anything about it now.


“As for this round, you’ll be working in teams of three to four. The game’s called Snatch the Flag! You’ll all be placed in a fake city with robots and be placed away from your team members. Each of you will carry a flag, but only one will have your teams’ point total on them. Your goal is to be able to snatch the flag with points on them away from the opposing team.” Midnight explains.


“Here are the catches. Your team only has 3 chances to snatch a flag no matter if it has points or not. Quirk usage is allowed and you can use them however you please. You will need to attach the flags to your waist no matter if they have points or not. The five teams that have the most points pass on to the next and final round!”


“Each of you will get comms to communicate with each other. No one will know who has which flag before the match starts. You have 10 minutes to make your teams. Go!”




Izuku looks around. He startles when a girl with pink hair jumps up to him. “Hello! I’m Hatsume Mei from Hatsume industries! Would you do me the pleasure and allow me to be on your team?” she asks with a grin. Izuku thinks and nods.


“Sure. I’m Midoriya,” he smiles. Then he gasps, “You’re the one that made my costume!” Hatsume nods excitedly.


“Yep! I’m from the support department. The other teams didn’t want me, but with you being fifth place, I thought that it would be enough for my inventions to gain attention!” she explains. Izuku nods and feels a hand on his shoulder.


“Can I join your team too?” Shinsou asks. Izuku nods and Hatsume jumps up to Shinsou and babbles on about how he can help with anything he needs. Shinsou blinks and nods along while looking towards Izuku for help. Izuku shrugs and turns away.


They have a team of three, but one more shouldn’t hurt. “Hatsume, what’s your quirk?” Izuku asks. Hatsume blinks and she grins.


“It’s called Zoom! I can zoom my eyesight and can essentially see things up close even if they’re far away.”


Izuku nods. They need someone who can help with long range attacks or something like that. Izuku looks and spots Tokoyami standing by himself. He walks over and smiles at the bird teen. “Hey.” Izuku says.


“Hello.” Tokoyami nods in greeting.


“Wanna join my team?”




“So, I have a bunch of babies that could help, but the one that could help the most is this,” Hatsume holds up four comms. “These are my own creation. They work better than the comms they gave us, and we have permission to use them.”


“What do they do?” Shinsou asks as he puts one into his ear.


“They work like regular comms. But they can pick up conversation from others and can make us hear what’s being said. They pick up on the littlest of sounds too, which you can adjust the setting of by using these dials,” she shows them and they make sounds of wonder.


“Anything else?” Tokoyami asks. Hatsume nods and whips out more gadgets that weren’t there before. Shinsou and Tokoyami share a look while Izuku pays no mind to it.


“These detect movement. These give you Zoom vision. This can make you hover in the air!”



Izuku is separated from his teammates, but he doesn’t mind. With the comm in his ear, goggles that detect movement and can zoom in on stuff, and boosters on his shoes, Izuku feels prepared. Bouncing on his heels, he surveys the area.


Robots of different sizes fill the streets. The round has already started and Izuku walks around paying attention to his surroundings. An explosion rings out and Izuku sees a building burning. The robots seem to be taking care of it like regular humans, and Izuku is swept away by some robots who are ‘questioning’ him.


Looking around some more, he sees multiple robots taking care of incidents while taking some students away with them. Izuku hears his comm come to life.


I think they’re trying to distract us. A robot just offered me a piece of candy and someone tried to snatch my flag,” Shinsou’s voice says. Izuku hums in confirmation.


Same here. But, Dark Shadow has managed to take away a flag with 700 points on it. Just be aware we only have 2 chances now,” Tokoyami says. “ Oh. and Hatsume, your goggles worked wonderfully. Dark Shadow made sure to show them off to the cameras.”


Nice! Make sure to get the word out about my babies! I’m currently trying to hack into this robot so I can have my own personal camera! It would follow me around and I can promote my babies!” Hatsume says. Izuku chuckles and feels something whoosh past him. Looking down quickly, he sees his flag missing.


Blinking, Izuku turns and runs away. The robots don’t care and instead find other students to distract. Izuku sighs in relief and looks up. The buildings look safe to be on, so Izuku figures if he wants some points, leverage will help.


So, he uses the boosters Hatsume gave him and flies up to the top of the building. Landing safely, he flashes a thumbs up and smiles at a camera. Using his goggles, he zooms in on many people’s flags. Most are blank while others are low in point value.


And then everyone runs. They all runs toward two people who seem to be facing off. Zooming in, Izuku widens his eyes and groans.


“Guess who got Spiky Pineapple and Refrigerator in their area,” Izuku deadpans. He hears snickers coming from Hatsume and Shinsou.


Who? ” Tokoyami asks.


He’s talking about Bakugou and Todoroki. But seriously, good luck my dude. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna use one of our chances on this team.” Shinsou says. Izuku sighs but doesn’t protest. As long as they don’t lose any points, they can make the top five.


Why? Well, Bakugou seems to be determined to take all the points for himself even if he has 10 million plus some. Todoroki doesn’t seem to care and just surrounds himself in ice. Bakugou isn’t happy with that and yells, “FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN ICY HOT!”


He blasts the ice and it shatters. The other students back away and instead turn on each other. Izuku watches then jumps down while using the boosters to help with his landing. Running towards the action, Izuku presses into his comm.


“Think I should try to snatch the 10 mil points from one of them?”


I wouldn’t advise that. Best not to risk it.”


“If you have a death wish, go ahead. Oh, and I got 300 points for us too. 1 more chance left.”


“I don’t care. Wait no, do it! You’d be part of the attention they’re gathering and my babies will be seen! Do it Green Bean!”


Izuku stumbles. “Uh, Green Bean?”


I know you’re the Green Bean that Present Mic talked about. Why? Cuz you're green.”


“But Tsu’s green.”


Yeah, but she doesn’t seem like a Green Bean. But enough of that, go and get the 10 mil!”


Izuku sighs but grins as he runs faster towards the two boys, “I’m gonna listen to Hatsume. Pray for me!”


May you rest in peace,” Shinsou says uninterestedly. Izuku snorts. He stops when he sees Todoroki and Bakugou looking at him.


They waste no time in trying to snatch Izuku’s flag. He startles and yelps when he it gets taken away from his waist.


“Think of this as payback from before,” Todoroki says coldly. Izuku frowns then grins.


“Fair. How much was it, I forgot,” Izuku chuckles timidly. Todoroki raises an eyebrow while Bakugou glares at it before snatching it out of his grasp.


“How the fuck do you forget your own point total?’ Bakugou scowls and looks at the flag. He widens his eyes and clenches the flag in his hand. “You fucker.”


Izuku shrugs and smiles innocently. Todoroki takes the flag from Bakugou and widens his eyes as well. It falls to the ground and Izuku smiles lopsidedly at the two glares pointed at him. The blank flag on the ground makes Izuku smiles even more.


“You also know that you used up some of your chances right? When you took it out of each others hands?” Izuku says. Todoroki used up 2 chances while Bakugou used up one. It’s not like they need them, but riling them up is fun.


And then Izuku is trapped in ice. He sighs and hears his team sigh as well.


Rip so sad,” Shinsou says.


Hey hey, press the button on your shoes,” Hatsume says.


“I’m kinda trapped in ice right now.”


Then wiggle your toes!”


Izuku does what he’s told. The shoes start heating up and soon, they shatter the ice due to the boosters firing up. Izuku hovers over the ground and lands on top of the ice with a crunch. He looks up to the two very confused boys and Izuku shrugs.


“Hatsume Industries y’all,” Izuku says. He hears his teammates snort.

Chapter Text

The rest of the round consisted of Izuku running away from Todoroki and Bakugou. Prescience helped him avoid any major injuries like frostbite and having his arm exploded off. Instead, he only got a few burn marks from Bakugou and really cold legs thanks to Todoroki. They only destroyed one part of the area, a fact that makes Izuku sag in relief. After the round ended, Todoroki helped melt some ice on Izuku’s arm. He used his left hand but had a look of disgust while doing it.


Izuku knows it’s not directed at him, but he frowns when Todoroki walks away. Shaking his head, he heads out to hear the results with everyone else. He hadn’t managed to snatch the 10 million due to him being busy running away. Hatsume managed to keep their flag safe and therefore gave them enough points than others.


Izuku meets up with his team and stares at the rankings.


“In first place, we have team Todoroki with a whopping 10 million plus some. Next we have team Bakugou with 10 million plus more but less than team Todoroki. After that, we have team Midoriya, Asui, and Kendou taking up the remaining spots! Congratulations to those who passed!” Present Mic announces.


“We’ll be taking an hour break so that we can set up for the third and final round! Don’t worry if you didn’t make it, we’ll be having some recreational games for anyone to join in! There’s food, games, and many activities here, so enjoy your time! See ya later!” Midnight cracks her whip and goes off somewhere.


Izuku smiles and walks out of the stadium with his friends. He feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see Todoroki behind him. “Can I talk to you in private?”




Standing in a secluded area, Izuku wonders what Todoroki wants to talk about. Maybe he wants Izuku to apologize for fooling him both times they were on opposing teams? Or maybe he’s finally gonna accept the stuffed animal and was too embarrassed to do it in public.


“What’s your quirk?” Todoroki asks. Izuku blinks and nods cause yeah, that makes the most sense.


“Uh, it’s called Prescience. I can see a little bit into the future, though I have no control over it. At least, not yet. Maybe. I don’t know. But yeah, it happens at random times, so I can’t really rely on it,” Izuku shrugs. Todoroki seems deep in thought.


“Are you Sir Nighteye’s secret love child then? You both have fairly similar quirks.” Todoroki says. Izuku sputters.


“Noooooo, it came from my mom,” Izuku chuckles. Sir Nighteye does have a similar quirk to Izuku’s, so he’s not that surprised at the question. If he was his secret love child, that’d just be all sorts of confusing. But it would make sense. Izuku never really saw any of his family with future vision quirks, so did he get it from someone else? Oh my god what if I’m actually Sir Nighteye’s secret love child-


“Is that why you managed to dodge most of my attacks?” he asks. Izuku blinks nods and Todoroki becomes silent. Izuku stops thinking about the love child thing, but he will do some research on it later. Izuku waits patiently and looks around at nothing. He fiddles with his hands since Todoroki’s taking a while.


“Have you ever heard of quirk marriages?”




“Whatcha doing?” Uraraka asks as she sits down. Shinsou looks up from his phone. The group are currently sitting outside to get away from the packed cafeteria.


“Searching up the infamous Green Bean Present Mic mentioned earlier. Hatsume called Midoriya it, so now I’m curious,” Shinsou replies.


“Midoriya being Green Bean?” Kaminari asks. Jiro hums around her chopsticks.


“I doubt it. The things Mic says about Green Bean seems… out of place for Midoriya,” Jiro says.


“I found a compilation of Present Mice mentioning Green Bean on his show,” Shinsou sets the phone in the middle of the circle. It’s mostly just pictures with audio, so they eat their food while admiring the environment. UA takes really good care of their grass Tsuyu notices.


So my friend Aizawa recently adopted this kid. I won’t say much, but I’m pretty sure our resident ‘I don’t care’ man just found someone to care about.”


“I’m gonna call the kid Green Bean cuz now they’re obsessed with them. And they have green features too, it matches! … Aizawa is giving me this disappointed look and I don’t know how to feel about it.”


“Green Bean went to their first amusement park. I have so much blackmail for Aizawa now hahahaha.”


“I think we’d know if Midoriya was Aizawa’s adopted kid,” Kaminari says.


“I can always use my quirk to ask Midoriya,” Shinsou suggests.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Even if he is green bean, I think they’d prefer for it to be kept a secret. That’s why Present Mic gave him the name, right?” Tsuyu says. The group nods and leaves it at that and continue eating their lunch.




So. Izuku just learned more than he should have about Todoroki’s life and he’s not sure how to react now. Say he’s sorry? Give his condolences?? What does one do when this happens? Does this usually happen to people? Izuku doesn’t know, he’s only gotten his first friends in a month and he’s still learning how to interact with others properly.


“I don’t care what you think of me now. Just know, I’ll win this without using his power,” Todoroki stares at his left hand and Izuku bites back a groan,


“That’s stupid,” Izuku says before he can stop himself. Todoroki looks up and Izuku sighs quietly to himself. “Everyone’s giving it their all. Even me. You should be too. It’s not fair if you don’t put in 100% like the rest of us.”


Getting no response, Izuku looks up to the ceiling. “I was abandoned,” Izuku whispers.


“What?" Todoroki asks with wide eyes. He clearly was not expecting that.


Izuku shrugs, “My family wasn’t the best either. But eventually, I got some help. And because of that help, I’m where I am today. Help actually helps. So because of that,” Izuku steps closer and places his hands on Todoroki’s shoulders, “I’m gonna help you. In a way that’s probably really stupid, but will get the message through your thick skull.”


Izuku turns and leaves Todoroki. He thinks back to the white cat he still has tucked away on his shelf, ready to be given away.




The break ends and Izuku stares at the matchups for the final found. He’s up against Shinsou first, and he honestly doesn’t know who’ll win. They both have been training the same things, so it might just be luck. Shrugging, Izuku goes into the waiting room to prepare himself for the match.


Does he have a plan? To win and fight Todoroki who’s currently harming himself in a way he sees as helping himself. Izuku sighs into his hands.


He’s gonna need a stack of green beans after this.


He steps into the teachers room and sits next to Aizawa. He dozes off resting his head on Aizawa’s shoulder.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s match with Shinsou is the first one of the round. Izuku doesn’t mind, it gives him time to rest. Standing in the wings of the stadium, Izuku fiddles with his fingers waiting to be announced.


“Welcome to the final round: the one v one battles! First up we have Shinsou Hitoshi from class A. He seems to have made it this far without us noticing! Crazy!” Present Mic shouts. Shinsou walks up to his place across from Izuku.


“Fighting him is Midoriya Izuku also from class A! He seems to be doing well, placing in the top ten from the last rounds! Let’s see what he has in store for us!” he says. Izuku walks out and stands across from Shinsou.


Midnight grins, “The rules are simple. In order to win, your opponent must be out of bounds or forfeit the battle. Me and Cementoss will stop you if things get out of hand. Got it? Good. Now then, let the battle begin!” she cracks her whip and the crowd goes wild.


Shinsou grins while running up to Izuku, “Do you like pineapple on pizza?” he says.


“What,” Izuku says immediately and he can feel Shinsou’s control take over. Izuku doesn’t know how, but he blinks and Shinsou is running towards him. He asks the question again, and instead of answering, Izuku jumps high over Shinsou.


He kicks Shinsou’s back and lands in a crouch. Shinsou stumbles and rubs his back while turning to Izuku. Izuku flashes a peace sign and Shinsou shakes his head fondly while running towards him again.


Shinsou managed to grab Izuku’s arm and throw him towards the white lines on the ground. Izuku rolls and recovers enough to grab Shinsou’s arm and judo flipping him over the lines. He learned that move from Ojiro, he’ll have to thank him.


“Shinsou is out of bounds! The winner of the match is Midoriya!” Midnight exclaims. Cheering and applause rings out.


Izuku smiles and helps Shinsou stand. “By the way, pineapple on pizza is tolerable. Not very good, but not very bad either,” Izuku says.


Shinsou nods, “I respect that.”



The next match was a quick one. Todoroki managed to freeze Sero on the spot with a huge glacier taking up half of the stadium. Izuku let out an impressed whistle. The crowd tried to comfort Sero, but it probably humiliated him more. Izuku gives a sympathetic smile when Sero looks toward the class.


Ashido and Jiro took the stage next. Jiro tried to push Ashido away using her ear jacks, but Ashido was too fast. She used her acid to slide around and pushed Jiro into a corner. Jiro jumped and the two went back and forth trying to push the other out of bounds. In the end, Ashido won by rapidly throwing acid at Jiro out of frustration. Jiro yelped and went backwards causing her to step out of bounds.


Tsuyu fought with someone from class B named Kendou. She can make her hands really big. Once the round started, she made her hands really big and chased Tsuyu. Tsuyu is really fast and agile, so she ran while using her tongue to grab Kendou. Kendou was trying to grab Tsuyu with her hands, so they were kinda at a standstill. Tsuyu won using her speed and fast reflexes to outrun Kendou. She used her tongue and swung her out of bounds.


Bakugou went up against Shoji. Once it started, Bakugou exploded himself over to Shoji and let off an explosion near his face. Shoji covered his face using one of his arms while the other went around to try and grab Bakugou. Bakugou noticed and maneuvered away using more explosions. It went on with Shoji using his many limbs to grab Bakugou, but Bakugou was too quick and saw it all coming. Shoji got pushed out of bounds after a particularly large explosion was let out close to his face. It startled him enough to stumble and get pushed out by Bakugou.


Uraraka went up against Monoma.


“Would he get her quirk if Uraraka touched him? Or does he have to make the first move?” Izuku asks out loud. Tsuyu hums next to him.


“Both quirks require touch, but Uraraka can activate it on her command. If the same can be said for Monoma, then it’s likely he’d get her quirk,” Tsuyu says. Izuku nods and Iida nods as well.


“That is indeed true! But if he can’t keep it activated constantly, than he’s gonna have to touch her first,” Iida says.


“Even if he did get her quirk, they’d both have to touch each other if they plan on using the quirk,” Izuku sighs. “Oh well, guess we’ll find out.”

The round starts and Uraraka runs straight to Monoma who has on a smirk. Uraraka ducks when Monoma reaches out to touch her. She punches Monoma straight in the stomach and he quickly falls over in pain. Uraraka smiles and rolls Monoma out of bounds. Midnight smirks and calls the fight while Monoma is carted away by some robots.


“I taught her that. Didn’t think she’d actually use it,” Ojiro says. Izuku chuckles and watches as Uraraka waves with a huge grin. He and Tsuyu wave back.


Iida went up against Hatsume. It was… something. Hatsume just advertised her inventions and used Iida as a test subject. Izuku snorts at Iida’s confused face and Hatsume’s rambling. Hatsume forfeits and the stadium is in silence until Midnight clears her throat and calls the battle.


Kirishima went up against someone called Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. Izuku wonders if his middle name is Tetsutetsu. They both have very similar quirks, so they kinda went back and forth for a while. Somehow, they both knocked each other out. Apparently, they’ll figure out who the winner is after they wake up.


Kaminari went up against a girl named Shiozaki who had vines for hair. It ended quickly with Shiozaki shielding herself from Kaminari’s lightning and capturing him with her vines. With him not being fully coherent due to his quirk use, he was deemed unable to fight leaving Shiozaki as the winner.


The last battle was Yaoyorozu against Tokoyami. Tokoyami used Dark Shadow and tried to push Yaoyorozu out of bounds. She created a shield to help her, but Dark Shadow was too strong and managed to overpower her. She got pushed out of bounds and had on a disappointed look on her face. Izuku frowns.


Kirishima and Tetsutetsu arm wrestled. Kirishima won, but Izuku thinks a new friendship was born at the display of “broliness” as Kirishima put it. It was beautiful to watch and Nemuri greatly agrees.


“We’re gonna take a little intermission! We’ll be right back with the next set of matches!” Midnight announces.

Izuku walks into the room he’s sure Yaoyorozu is in. Opening the door, he spots her and takes a seat next to her. Yaoyorozu looks confused but doesn’t object when Izuku pulls out his phone. Showing the screen to her, her face takes a curious look.


“I was wondering which place served the best tea around here,” Izuku says. “Mind joining me on a tea hunt this weekend. We can invite others if you’d like,” he smiles and she smiles back. There’s some tears in the corners of her eyes, but her smile is grateful and that’s all Izuku wants.


“That would be lovely.”


Izuku has a plan. A very stupid plan, but a plan nonetheless. He doesn’t care if he wins against Todoroki or not, he just wants to help the boy. And how would he do that? Well, make him use the part of his quirk that he’s resented for most if not all of his life of course!


...yeah when you say it out loud it doesn’t sound good. And Izuku doesn’t even know how he’s gonna do it. He sighs. He really should’ve thought about this more.


He doesn’t notice Endeavor walking down the hall and bumps into him. Looking up at the man, Izuku has on a neutral look on his face. “Ah, sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” a small smiles appears. Izuku quickly walks past the man, but he’s stopped by a voice.


“You may have not shown your quirk yet, but that won’t stop Shouto from winning. He’s on his way to becoming the best, someone like you is only a stepping stone for him. Do put on a good show for the audience though,” Endeavor walks away and Izuku clenches his fist.


Breathing deeply, Izuku heads toward the wings of the stadium waiting to be called.


“The start of the second set of matches! Starting us off is Todoroki Shouto who seems to be breezing through this competition! Will he prevail onto the finals?” Present Mic says. Todoroki walks up with a glare and determined look.


“And fighting him is Midoriya Izuku! He’s been doing well, but will he be able to win against Todoroki?”


“Probably not,” Izuku murmurs to himself as he walks onto the stage. Taking a deep breath, Izuku fixes his stare on Todoroki.


Ok. Don’t mess this up Izuku. You only get one chance.



Chapter Text

Immediately, Izuku is trapped in a glacier. He sighs and blinks. Jumping forward, he dodges the ice attack and runs towards Todoroki. Another wave of ice is coming towards Izuku, but Izuku jumps and slides over the ice. Getting close enough, he kicks Todoroki’s left arm.


Todoroki quickly turns and attacks him with ice. Izuku yelps when his leg gets encased in ice. He quickly slams it down to the ground and watches it shatter. Todoroki breathes heavily. He freezes Izuku’s arm and it falls to the ground with a thud. Izuku groans and thinks of his next action.


He’ll have to make due with this. He stands awkwardly with his right arm still frozen and staying on the ground. Todoroki comes close enough for Izuku to jump, kick, and spin all while his arm is immobile.


With difficulty, he lifts the frozen arm up and slams it down to the ground hard. It mostly shatters, but bits and pieces still stick to him. The ice shattering also cut his arms in some places, but not enough to hinder his movements. He doesn’t have time to recover when another ice attack comes his way.


“Why don’t you forfeit already? You can’t keep this up forever,” Todoroki says. Izuku grits his teeth and stares at Todoroki.


“I can’t forfeit yet. I have an objective,” Izuku wiggles his eyebrows and runs towards the other.


They continue like that. Todoroki attacks with his ice, Izuku dodges and jumps thanks to Prescience. The whole time, Izuku talks and says things that confuse Todoroki.


“You know, you can’t use your ice forever.”

“I met Endeavor. He’s really a bastard like you said.”

“Your fire could be really useful right now!”

Why? That’s the question Todoroki has in his head. Why would he do this? Why try to provoke him? Todoroki doesn’t understand. He’s cold and in pain, but Midoriya won’t give up. He seems determined to do something and Todoroki worries it involves him somehow.


Izuku watches as Todoroki becomes sluggish. How the right side of his body is frosting over. How his breaths are becoming more labored. Izuku needs to think of something that’d make Todoroki think .


He comes up with it as Todoroki runs towards him. He decides to take a page out of Uraraka’s book. He punches Todoroki square in the stomach with all of his strength.


“Why do you wanna become a hero? Do you even want to?” Izuku says as Todoroki recovers from the punch. Coughing, he looks up with a pained look.


A hero? Why does he want to become one?


A distant memory. A smiling mother comforting her son. A smiling hero on the tv screen. A smiling Shouto.


He’s brought out of his thoughts when two hands land softly on his shoulder. He stares down at Midoriya. The boy has parts of him covered in ice, bruises and scratches litter his arms and legs, and yet he stares at Todoroki with a kind smile.


“Did you know it’s your life?” Izuku softly says. “You can make your own decisions. You can control what happens. No one else can control you no matter what they say or do. You know what also comes with having your own life?”


Todoroki slowly shakes his head. His face screams for help. Izuku smiles.


“With it comes your own quirk. It’s yours, you were given it from life itself. It’s not his. This isn’t his life to live. It’s yours.”


Todoroki bursts into flames.




Anri watches with fascination. She sits so close to the tv so she can get all the details. Nuso holds her back, but he’s just as interested as her. She breathes sharply when the screen is lit up by flames.


“It looks so pretty,” Zura says. His orange eyes widen when he sees Izuku smiling brightly. “Why is Zu smiling like that?” he points. Ita hums from beside him.


“Maybe it’s cuz he’s responsible for it,” Nuso says with a faint smile.


“Tv off kids! We’re going to the building today, so let’s go!” Shu yells out. Nuso sighs and the tv turns off with a click.


“Hey hey, does that mean Zu has a quirk now?” Ita says. Anri hums.


“Well, he’s in the hero course which is surprising itself. Him having a quirk? Probably more likely than you think,” she says. “Can’t actually believe he did it.” she murmurs.




“Beautiful,” Izuku whispers with a bright smile. Todoroki grins.


“Thank you Midoriya. But, I propose we end this quickly,” he says. Izuku hums.


“Try to get me out of bounds, but make a show of it. People paid good money for this,” Izuku smiles. Todoroki nods and shoots out a wave of fire. Izuku yelps when it almost burns his shirt. Jumping away from the fire, he notes that the bounds aren’t far away.


Todoroki notices too and shoots a huge attack of fire on Izuku. Izuku jumps backwards and he’s pretty sure he’s out now.


“Midoriya is out of bounds! Todoroki wins!” Midnight announces. Izuku sighs hugely in relief and falls to the ground. He stares at the sky with a tired smile, his eyes closing. His injuries hurt, but it’s nothing unbearable.


“Is he dead?” Uraraka points to Izuku laying on the ground.


“Mmmm probably,” Shinsou says.


“Of fucking course he is,” Bakugou says.




Izuku walks down a dark alleyway. He doesn’t know why or where he is,  but there’s no street signs or people around to help him. The night sky filled with stars makes him smile faintly. He hears a shout and quickly runs over to the source of sound.


He can’t tell who they are no matter how close he gets, but two- no three figures are there. It seems like they’re frozen in time. One lays on the ground, another slumped on a wall, and the last standing over them with a sword.


They’re blurry, but Izuku can hear voices. Bits and pieces of a conversation happening at this moment.


We’re here to help!”


Stop it! This isn’t your problem!


If you want us to stop, then stand!”


The voices sound familiar even if they’re muffled. A new one joins in, and it’s not one Izuku’s heard. It’s filled with malice and disgust. Izuku doesn’t like it.


This society needs real heroes. Fakers like him aren’t needed. You however, you I would like to keep alive.”


Izuku turns and he sees the figure with the sword point it at Izuku’s face. He holds his breath.


But, you’re in my way. Goodbye, hero.”




Izuku wakes up clutching his head with wide eyes. His breathing picks up a little, but he remains still. Closing his eyes for a a little, he replays the dream inside his mind. Opening his eyes, he sees Chiyo next to his bed with a kind smile. He smiles back.


“Now then Izuku, what’s the last thing you remember?” she says as she takes out her clipboard and examines Izuku.


“Uh, laying on the ground after fighting Todoroki,” Izuku replies. Chiyo hums and pats his head.


“No head injuries then. But you were clutching your head earlier, any reason why?” Chiyo rummages through her drawers. Izuku sighs quietly.


“Ah no. It’s just a very realistic dream got to me, that’s all,” Izuku smiles tiredly. Chiyo looks unconvinced, but nods and hands him some gummies.


“Don’t push yourself now, hear me?” Chiyo pats his knee. “You don’t have any broken bones, but you do have bruises that’ll keep you sore for the next couple of days.”


“Yes ma'am,” Izuku salutes and Chiyo slaps his knee. She ushers him out grumbling playfully. Izuku chuckles and heads towards his seat.


Chiyo was right. Izuku is really sore. He walks with a light limp, and sees Iida walk into the waiting room. Is his match next? Maybe he’s mentally preparing and needs the extra time to do so. His thoughts are confirmed when he hears Iida giving himself a motivational speech to himself. Izuku can imagine him doing the arm movements and he snorts quietly to himself.


Walking back to his seat, he sits with a hiss. Uraraka chuckles, “How ya doing so far?”


“I’m soreeeee,” Izuku whines. He slumps in his seat but perks back up, “Oh, how long was I out by the way?.”


Uraraka hums and puts finger to her chin, “Not that long. You were only out for half an hour or so. Most of the time was fixing the arena due to Todoroki’s ice,” she shrugs. She smiles again, “And then there was only one match you missed. Mina just lost to Kendou, the girl from class B.”


“Well, she tried her best,” Izuku shrugs. “Doesn’t that mean your match’s up next?”


She chuckles nervously, “Y-yeah. Against Bakugou. And a whole bunch of people who might be biased based on my gender. Fun.” She twiddles her thumbs. Izuku smiles and nudges her shoulder.


“Don’t worry. You’ll do awesome. And don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise,” Izuku crosses his arms, “They’re dum dums who can’t separate awesomeness from gender.” He huffs. Uraraka laughs and he smiles proudly.


“Thanks Midoriya. I’m gonna go prepare myself now, wish me luck!” She gets up and waves at everyone. The class shouts encouraging messages back and she leaves with a smile. Bakugou gets up too and heads out of the viewing area quietly.


“Hey Spiky Pineapple!” Izuku calls out.


Bakugou turns around, “Hahhhhh? The fuck you want Broccoli head?”


Izuku smiles brightly, “If you lose, I’m giving you that wolf stuffed animal!”


Bakugou frowns deeply, “Fuck. No. Like hell I’m gonna lose.” He turns around swiftly and marches with renewed energy. Izuku chuckles.




“Ok,” Hisashi stands in front of the room. He places his hands on the table, “Did you watch the Sports festival?” The family nods. “Did you notice anything?”


“Izu is at UA,” Nuso responds boredly. He wants some food right now.


“Yes. Anything else?” Hisashi says impatiently. Zura raises his hand.


“He’s in the hero course,” Zura says brightly. Hisashi nods and Ita shoots his hand up.


“It means he has a quirk!” he shouts.


“Yes! Correct Zura!”




“Yes yes Ita,” Hisashi waves it off. “More importantly, our Izuku has a quirk! And a useful one if he managed to get into the hero course.”


“Yeah so the brat has a quirk. What’s that have to do with us? Didn’t we what, disown him or something?” Shu asks aggravated.


Hisashi sighs, “Yes we did. But now that he’s proven he’s worth something, we can use that for our own good!” He gestures excitedly, “He probably has a quirk from Inko since he didn’t show it at all. If that’s the case, he could have a useful quirk like Ani here!” he points at the girl.


“Anri. And, I got my quirk from Mama and Papa, not Auntie Inko,” she leans forward on the table. “Mama is Auntie Inko’s sister, so yeah I have a quirk like hers. But, I got most of it from Papa.”


Hisashi waves her off, “Details details. Basically, Izuku could have a useful quirk that can help our business and personal needs.”


“Ok. Any plans?” Kurohi asks. He crosses his arms and gestures for Hisashi to continue. Hisashi clears his throat.


“We take Izuku, make him part of the company, and hopefully make him forget about being a hero and instead spend his whole life devoted to the business!” he says excitedly.


Nuso raises an eyebrow, “You know he’ll never do it out of his own accord.” Anri, Ita, and Zura nod in agreement.


Shu sighs, “He’s true. Brat would do anything to become a hero.” Hisashi smiles.


“That’s why I said make him. He won’t have a choice,” he crosses his arms. “So I was thinking, get him while he’s at home or wherever he is right now.”


“We don’t know where that is though,” Kurohi says.


“That’s why we have connections!” Hisashi proudly says.


“We have Anri.” Nuso says flatly.


“Our connections!” he snaps and points to Anri.  “We’ll use Anri and find where the brat lives. If he’s even staying at a home.”


“It’d make sense since he can’t really attend UA homeless. Can you?” Zura asks. Ita shrugs.


“Anyways. Meeting adjourned! Get back to doing whatever it was you were doing,” Hisashi gives them no glances as he walks out of the room.


Anri groans, “Why do I have to find Zuku?” she thunks her head on the table. Nuso pats her back while he scrolls through his phone.


“That angry boy won against the gravity girl,” Nuso says. Anri hums and gets her own phone out.


“So he did,” she says. “What do you think, about Izuku and this situation,” she turns to the boy. He shrugs with an uncaring look. He stands and begins walking out of the room, Anri quickly following.


“Don’t really care about this whole thing. I have assignments to finish,” Nuso sighs. “College is harrrrrd,” he whines. Anri chuckles at her cousin’s struggles. Anri stares forward and snorts to herself.


Izuku, a hero?


Yeah right.

Chapter Text

Izuku walks out of the room after comforting Uraraka. He gave her a big hug and encouraging words that made her smile, and that’s all Izuku wants. Izuku walks slowly, trying not to aggravate his body.


Walking through the halls, Izuku spots Todoroki. “Hey!”


Todoroki looks up and waves. He looks tired and Izuku doesn’t blame him. Smiling he says, “You look like you had a world changing revelation or something.”


Todoroki raises an eyebrow, “And who do you think is responsible for it?” Izuku chuckles and shrugs.


“Guilty,” Izuku says. “But, I think it helped. You don’t look so… tense like before.”


Todoroki nods, “Yeah. I feel… better? But not 100% yet.”


“Understandable. Don’t push yourself. Also, is Endeavor still hurting you?” Izuku asks.


“Physically? Not much. Only the harsh pulls here and there, but nothing like when I was younger. Why?” Todoroki asks suspiciously.


“Cuz we can meet up if he does. Also!” Izuku claps his hands excitedly. “I can give you that white cat stuffed animal from before, mister No!”


“Mister No?” Todoroki raises an eyebrow in confusion.


“It’s what you said when I tried to give it to you before. And because you have this whole teenage rebellion thing going on,” Izuku waves around his hands. Todoroki exhales sharply through his nose that could count as a laugh.


“I’d like the stuffed animal,” he smiles awkwardly. Izuku smiles back and nods.




Iida’s match against Ibara ended quickly. He just pushed her out of bounds and bowed respectfully towards her. Kirishima’s fight against Tokoyami took a while, but Tokoyami eventually pushed Kirishima out of bounds even with Kirishima’s hardness.


Iida got a phone call and excused himself. There’ll be a short intermission and Izuku promptly passed out on Sero and Shinsou’s laps. He’s sore and tired, let the Green Bean rest.


Getting nudged awake, Izuku blinks tiredly and stretches. Sero chuckles, “The final match is starting.”


Sitting up, Izuku furrows his brows, “Match? I thought there were more fights.”


“Yeah, but Iida had to dropout due to a family emergency. So, they decided to have the last 3 fight it out and rank them based on that. Now shush, they started already,” Shinsou says. Izuku looks out and focuses his attention on the match.


Todoroki started by making a huge ice glacier trapping both Tokoyami and Bakugou. After a moment, sounds of explosions and pounding can be heard. The ice shatters and Bakugou explodes himself towards Todoroki. Tokoyami steps out and calmly observes the two fighting,


Bakugou flies using his explosions and punches Todoroki in the cheek. Todoroki recovers quickly and shoots ice towards Bakugou. Tokoyami takes his chance and Dark Shadow comes out pushing Bakugou away towards the boundaries.


Bakugou growls, swears loudly, and sets off a huge explosion making Dark Shadow cower and shrink. Todoroki shoots out ice towards Tokoyami who jumps back in surprise. Todoroki makes the floor icy and Tokoyami accidently slips and falls. His head lands out of bounds.


“Tokoyami is out, taking third place!” Midnight exclaims. Tokoyami sighs but stands and watches the match beside Midnight. Bakugou grits his teeth as Todoroki sways with a determined yet tired look.


Bakugou sets off an explosion that blinds the whole audience.




Verve Industries is a small underground business. It’s known for its support for anyone and anything. Villains, heroes, citizens who look hard enough all go to Verve Industries to get what they need.


Verve varies from feeding information to building specific items. They also carry tasks if the reward is high enough. Sometimes, it’s stealing something from a store, other times it’s helping wipe away any evidence from a crime scene.


The business is ran by a family and workers sworn to secrecy. Due to their services, many people know about them and pay them great amounts of money to get what they want. Because of that, the business is doing great financially and in popularity.


But Midoriya Hisashi wants more .


He wants all the money in the world. He wants everyone to come to his business and shower him with praise and money. That’s what he’s been taught since he was little. The real world only favors those with power. And Hisashi wants all the power.


So, when he sees his son face off against the number two hero’s son and sees him part of the hero course of all things, Hisashi starts making plans.


The boy has a power. And Hisashi wants it no matter what it is.




“FUCKING FUCK YOU ALL YOU FUCKERS!” Bakugou screams out before he’s silenced by a muzzle.


Todoroki passed out while fighting and Bakugou is not happy about it. He wasn’t cooperating when they tried to get them to stand on the podium, so they did what they could. Which was strap him to a wall and muzzle him to keep him from cursing out everyone.


Izuku sighs. There really should’ve been a better way to do things, but everything’s already said and done so there’s nothing he can do. Seeing All Might hand out the medals and giving the top three hugs makes Izuku smile. He sends a thumbs up towards Tokoyami who still looks flustered from the All Might hug.


Todoroki seems to be thinking of something, or many things, Izuku isn’t sure. He seems calmer now than when this whole festival started, so Izuku takes that as a win. Bakugou still seems to fume and there’s nothing to stop that, so everyone just lets it happen. The medal hanging in between his teeth makes the whole situation look ridiculous. It is.


Izuku sighs a long sigh.




“Assignment time!” Ita shouts out. Zura follows behind him and pumps his fist into the air.


“Yeah!” he shouts. They walk up to the board filled with different papers and envelopes, all with words and numbers on them. They hum in unison and look all across the board. “Find a good one yet?” Zura asks.


Ita scoffs, “Of course I did. We’ll doooooooo-” he takes a piece of paper off the board, “-ooo this one!” he holds it proudly as Zura reads it. He cocks an eyebrow.


“Create a cool skateboard?” Zura looks at Ita with a pout. “It’s not even worth that much, and we can’t even build one if they don’t specify it,” he taps the paper and puts his hands on his hips. Ita rolls his eyes and reads the paper over.


“It’s fiiiiiiine. We’ll just have Anri do it for us,” he smiles mischievously.


Zura sighs and shrugs, “Sure. But isn’t she busy trying to find Zu or something?”


Ita laughs loudly, “So what if she is? Doesn’t matter to us, we’ll just bug her until she does it. Works every time,”  he smiles smugly. Turning and running he calls back, “Onwards to the hermit’s laboratory!”


The twins stop when they see their dad head out of a room and goes towards the exit. They stare at each other with questioning gazes and head over to their dad. “Dad!” they yell in unison. Kurohi jumps and stares at them with a sigh.


“What dya want, ya brats?” he crosses his arms. Ita sticks his tongue out while Zura rolls his eyes.


“Relax pops. Just wondering where you’re going. You don’t usually leave early,” Zura says. Kurohi sighs and scratches his stubble.


“Hisashi wanted me to get his brat for him. In return, he’s treating me to lunch. So,” he turns and walks out of the doors, “I’ll be back soon. Don’t cause trouble ya brats.” His black ponytail sways as he walks off.


“So Anri found Zu then?” Zura asks more to himself. Ita hums next to him.


“Yeah. Guess she’s free for us then!” Ita says.




Izuku goes home with Aizawa and passed out on the couch while watching the rest of the sports festival. Waking up later in the evening, Izuku goes to his room and scrolls through his laptop. Articles about the festival pop up and Izuku smiles at them.


He searches up Sir Nighteye just because the conversation with Todoroki popped up in his mind. The hero has a foresight quirk that isn’t really combat based. It also seems impossible to tell when he uses it, just like Izuku’s in a way.


Izuku goes more into Sir, and sees other heroes like him. The ones where they have nearly invisible quirks, yet still make do and become great heroes. Not a lot have foresight quirks and Izuku can see why. It isn’t common, but not unheard of so it’s not a surprise when there’s no other foresight heroes he can find.




Aizawa yawns as he finishes up grading papers. He stretches and stands to refill his cup with coffee. The doorbell rings and Aizawa groans as he walks over to the door. He wanted one night to relax, but nooooo humans just wanted to interact all the time and fuels Aizawa’a endless suffering.


Storing his complaints for later, Aizawa opens the door to find a man with a stubble and a high black ponytail. He’s tall and has muscles that poke out of his leather jacket. Aizawa’s never seen this man in his life, and he’s ready to just slam the door in his face.


Instead, he says, “What do you want?”


The man looks around the apartment and Aizawa closes the door just enough to block the man’s view. Suspicious. “Oh, I was just wondering if there was a Midoriya Izuku here?” he asks.


“And what business do you have with him?” Aizawa asks. The man’s up to something. Why would he want to see Izuku?


The man laughs, “Oh, excuse me for my rudeness. Name’s Ogo Kurohi. I just wanna talk to my nephew Izuku is all,” he smiles. His eyes show fake kindness and even his voice sounds forced. Aizawa narrows his eyes and shuts the door. Kurohi was fast though and stopped the door with his foot.


“Hehe, yeah no. He is here though, isn’t he?” he asks. Aizawa doesn’t answer and glares at the man. Kurohi sighs, “Didn’t want to have to do this, but I have a job to do.”


Kurohi slams the door open and grabs Aizawa by the neck. He holds him up and watches as Aizawa tries to get out of his grasp. Aizawa was too slow to react and now he’s in this mess. He shifts his eyes and looks back to find Izuku staring widely at the scene. Izuku backs up and his eyes fill with tears as Aizawa’s vision starts to blur.


Sorry Green Bean.




Ita knocks on the door loudly and repeatedly. Zura sighs as he keeps knocking. Stuff falling to the ground and crash noises can be heard. The door opens swiftly, “What dya want?!” Anri says frantically. Her low pigtails are a mess and her blue eyes stare at the two with annoyance.


Ita grins, “Make us a skateboard!” he holds out the paper for her to read. Anri stares at it and looks back at them with a raised eyebrow.


“What do I get out of this?” she crosses her arms and leans against the door frame. Ita hums.


“You get one third of the reward!” he declares. Anri looks at the reward on the paper and scoffs.


“Yeah no. Two thirds of the reward,” she says.


Ita frowns, “But then that leaves only a third for us and then we have to split that into three and it’d barely be worth anything! Plus, the share we give to Hisashi will probably be more than our own personal share!”


“Not my problem. And plus, a ‘cool’ skateboard? There’s no specifics on what they want!” Anri exclaims. “Do they want a regular skateboard, a killer skateboard, a cleaning skateboard?”


“We don’t know! It just says a cool skateboard,” Zura says. Anri sighs.


“Well then ask them! Their number should be on the paper somewhere.”


Ita looks at the paper. He turns it over and sees a string of numbers written neatly. He scoffs, “I knew that.”


Anri doesn’t answer. Instead she slams the door on their faces and leaves the two to stare at the door. Zura sighs and grabs the paper out of Ita’s hands. He walks off, “Let’s go call the frickin number.”




Izuku blinks away the tears. He checks the time and hears the doorbell go off. Scrambling off his seat, he runs out of his room and jumps in front of Aizawa. Aizawa raises an eyebrow and Izuku puts his hands up.


Don’t open the door, ” he signs. Aizawa looks at the door and back at Izuku. Slowly and quietly, he leads the two away from the door and into the kitchen.


Crouching, Aizawa holds his own hands up, “ Why? ” he signs back. The doorbell rings again and Izuku looks back frantically at the door.


If you do, someone will come in and choke you to death. Don’t know what led up to it, but don’t open the door, ” Izuku signs. Aizawa stares at him and Izuku stares determinedly back at him. His hands have a slight tremble to them which Aizawa notices. He sighs but nods.


Get your emergency bag quickly. Don’t make a sound,” Aizawa heads out of the kitchen with stealth. Izuku takes a deep breath and does what he’s told.


Quickly but quietly, he goes to his room and grabs a bag hidden in his closet. It’s filled with essentials just in case something happens. Izuku quickly grabs his phone and his green bean sweater then heads out of the room.


Aizawa has his capture gear and his own emergency bag. He stands by the window with his phone out tapping quickly. Izuku walks over and the doorbell rings again. Izuku flinches but makes his way over to Aizawa in the quiet apartment.


Aizawa looks at him and wraps his capture weapon around Izuku.


There’s knocking on the door.


Aizawa gently opens the window and wraps Izuku to his back.


There’s pounding on the door.


Aizawa takes a deep breath, “Ready?” he murmurs. Izuku nods.


The door swings open showing an annoyed Kurohi.


The apartment is empty. The window is open blowing wind inside the abandoned apartment. Kurohi kicks the wall leaving a crack.



Chapter Text

Aizawa runs across the streets. Izuku looks behind them and sees nothing, so he taps Aizawa on the shoulder. “I don’t think he’s following us.”


“Yeah, but it’s better to get to somewhere safe fast. That way if he does catch up, we’ll already be safe and sound,” Aizawa reassures.


Izuku looks forward and squints. It’s too dark to see anything. “Where are we going?”

“To UA.”




Iida sits by his brother’s hospital bed. Tensei is currently sleeping and his mom is out getting food. Iida stares at his brother, his eyes blurring with tears. The room is silent only with the beeping of the heart machine filling the room.


Iida sniffles and wipes his eyes. He stares at his own hands and thinks. And thinks.


And eventually, he comes to a conclusion.




“So,” Nezu places his chin on his folded paws, “someone was able to find where you lived?” he asks Aizawa. Aizawa nods. Izuku plays with silly putty while paying attention to the conversation.


Nezu turns to Izuku, “And do you know who it was Izuku?”


Izuku stops and bites his lip, “Uh, the person at the door seemed familiar to me. B-but I don’t remember yet,” he keeps his head down. Nezu smiles kindly.


“Don’t worry. Once you remember, please do tell us. In the meantime, I might want to start this plan I have,” Nezu pulls out a folder and slides it over to Aizawa. Aizawa takes it and raises an eyebrow.




Nezu claps his paws, “Yes! I wanted to do this for a while, but had no reason too. Until now that is. The sports festival brings attention to the students and with the recent villain attack, they’ll become great targets. So, them staying on school grounds grants them safety and protection from any harm!”


Izuku looks up smiling, “Does that mean everyone will live in the same place? That’s what dorms are, right?”


“Correct!” Nezu says. “I’ll go and get Cementoss to create a makeshift home for you two for now. And Aizawa, I hope you’ll be able to speak to the parents and families about this for your homeroom.”


Aizawa sighs but nods, “Ok. And you’re sure we’ll all be safe?” He stare skeptically at Nezu. Nezu laughs and waves his paw around.


“Don’t worry! Everything will be fine. And I’ll have police get your stuff from your apartment when it’s time to officially move in. But there’s something else I’d like to talk about,” Nezu turns to Izuku. “We should start trying to train your quirk, Izuku.”


Izuku hums, “Ok. But how? It isn’t the easiest to train.”


“We’ll start little by little. Everyday during lunch time, you’ll spend 10 minutes in here with me. On that day, I’ll think of a specific phrase that you have to say before you go back to lunch. If you don’t, then I’ll tell you at the end and we’ll restart the next day. Simple yes?” Nezu asks. Izuku slowly nods.


“Yeah. That makes sense,” Izuku says. It’s best to try instead of just letting Prescience do it’s thing. He thinks back to the man with long ponytail that reminds him of-


Izuku puts away the putty and he freezes. His eyes widen as he stares at Nezu.


“It was my uncle Kurohi.”




The Sports Festival was held before the weekend. That gave Aizawa enough time to speak with each family of class 1-A about the new dorm system. A day later, the dorms were completed and the students unboard the bus together. The only people missing are Iida and Izuku.


Shinsou stretches his arms and sighs when everyone starts chattering loudly. To be expected he supposed, they are living together for the next year or something. He yawns and widens his eyes at a shout.


“Onwards Green Bean! We must catch the wild cockatoo that has the sacred strawberry ice cream!” Midnight yells and chases after Present Mic. Mic is holding a carton of ice cream and screams as he runs inside the building.


“The ice creeeeeeeam!” Izuku yells. He’s piggybacking Midnight pointing and screeching. He’s wearing a sweater with the words Green Bean stitched on and a bright smile on his face.


The screeching continues on inside as Aizawa walks up to them completely unaffected by the situation. “Welcome to Heights Alliance. Your stuff is already inside, so you just have to unpack. Food will be given to you to cook, and any necessities needed will be bought during grocery trips. Don’t break, burn, or destroy anything. Understood?” he stares at everyone. They nod.


He turns and walks into the building, the rest following behind. Kaminari walks beside Shinsou, “I’m not the only one who heard Midnight call Midoriya ‘Green Bean’, right?”


“I heard too. But, I’m tired and don’t wanna deal with that right now,” Shinsou replies.


Kaminari nods, “Mood.”


Walking inside, the class is greeted to the sight of Izuku, Midnight, and Present Mic eating ice cream while watching a cartoon movie on tv. Aizawa clears his throat and the three turn their heads to see the class smiling at them. Izuku smiles and jumps up to them.


“Hi!” he waves. They wave back. Aizawa starts speaking and they turn their attention to him.


“You all are assigned rooms on specific floors shown here,” he points to a poster on the wall. “The boys are on one side, the girls on the other. The common room, kitchen, and bathrooms are for your own use.”


Aizawa leaves and Mic and Midnight follow. Mic ruffles Izuku’s hair while Midnight pinches his cheeks. Izuku rubs his cheeks with a pout and stares at his classmates. They blink at him and he blinks back. Then, he’s crowded with multiple questions thrown at him.


“Why are you here before us?”

“Since when did you and the teachers get so close?!”


“That’s a cute sweater.”


“Holy shit wait- are you Green Bean?!”


Izuku puts his hands up and smiles timidly, “Uh, guys. I’ll explain later. Why don’t you all set up your rooms and then we can talk.”


Ashido claps her hands, “Yeah! And then we can look at each others rooms and make it a contest!” she gasps, “Whoever wins gets a favor from each person! How about it?”


Izuku sighs and smiles brightly, “Yeah! It’s a great idea!”


The class begrudgingly agrees. Izuku smiles and feels a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he sees Todoroki behind him. “Can I speak with you in private?”


“Uh, sure. But don’t you need to set up your room?”


“Yes. But this is important, more to you than to me.”


Izuku raises both eyebrows, “Well then. Why don’t I help you set up your room and we can talk there.”


Todoroki nods and the both of them head up to where Todoroki’s room is. The room is filled with boxes and the room is already making Izuku gape. He turns to Todoroki, “Did you request for a Japanese style room or something?”


Todoroki shrugs and starts unpacking, “Or something.”


Izuku shakes his head in disbelief which quickly turns into a smile. He helps Todoroki take out a lamp from the box and Todoroki opens his mouth.


“I saw your mom.”


Izuku nearly drops the lamp in his hands.




Visiting his mother in the hospital was something Todoroki did not plan on doing today. But, enter one Midoriya Izuku and a life changing revelation and suddenly, Todoroki musters up the courage to see his mother.


Standing outside the door, Todoroki takes a deep breath.  About to open the door, he stops for a moment when he hears a nearby conversation.


“Ah, Miss Midoriya. I hope you’re doing well today,” a nurse asks. A woman with long green hair smiles. Her eyes are a dull green and there’s dark shadows forming underneath her eyes. Her smile is kind yet strained at the same time.


“I’m doing fine. And please, call me Inko,” she and the nurse walks off into another hospital room. Todoroki shakes his head and walks into his mother’s room.




Izuku stares at his hands as Todoroki recalls the moment. His mom, at a psychiatric hospital? Izuku wonders if that was after he was abandoned, or if she finally broke from the mental strain that comes with dealing with the family and her quirk.


The two finished setting up the room and are currently sitting on the floor. Izuku doesn’t know what to think. He hasn’t seen his mother in years, and even then he doesn’t have the best opinion of her. She tried her best when Izuku was with her, but Izuku always caught her regretful gaze. But she always tried. She tried keeping him away from the family, from the business, from his dad.


She tried so hard. So did Izuku.


He tried helping her by staying away from her. He thought that he was the cause of her pain. So, he tried helping her by distancing himself from her. He took care of himself when his dad was away and when his mom was too tired to move. He tried helping her by keeping away.


Todoroki nudges Izuku, “You ok?”


Izuku sighs, “I’m… processing.”


Todoroki nods, “Understandable. Sorry, shouldn’t have dumped this all on you.”


“No no, it’s fine. But now… what do I do?” Izuku lies down on the floor and stares up at the ceiling.


Todoroki follows suit, “Well, go see her.” Izuku turns with wide eyes. Todoroki continues to stare at the ceiling, “I’m assuming you haven’t seen her in awhile. When was the last time you guys actually had a talk?”

Izuku stares at the ceiling. “But what if she hates me? What if she doesn’t wanna talk?”


“Then at least you tried,” Todoroki sighs and closes his eyes, “I’m not the best with… talking, but somehow, I managed to have some closure with my mother. And I can sort of sympathize with you,” he twiddles his thumbs, “we both have family issues that need to be worked out. It’s only natural we give each other advice. So. i gave you advice. Right?” Todoroki turns to Izuku.


Izuku smiles and chuckles, “Yeah. You gave some advice.”




Inko sits on her bed and stares at the tv screen. She asked a nurse to record and save the sports festival for her. Inko wanted to see if her baby made it. If he achieved his dream despite what she let happen to him.


Her eyes fill with tears as she sees Izuku running around with a bright smile on his face. Her baby looks so happy. And he’s in the hero course too! Seeing him makes Inko’s heart ache.


Her baby is grown now. He looks different yet the same from when Inko last saw him. Her eyes brighten slightly when he saves a boy from falling to the ground.


Oh how she wishes she was there. How she wishes to see her baby boy smiling, healthy, and loved. She wants her baby to have the love she couldn’t give to him at the time.


Inko sits on her hospital bed cheering quietly for Izuku despite the tears flowing down her cheeks.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s room is simple. He has a desk that has his laptop on it, some pictures on the shelf above, and his pens and pencils Nemuri bought for him during back to school shopping. He uses them to write in his personal notebooks.


His walls are white but filled with posters and drawings he’s accumulated over time. Some are based on heroes, others are based on Aizawa and Fluff the cat. His bed has simple black and yellow sheets with purple designs on them. Power Loader made it for him last year and Izuku loves it. It’s just so comfy!


His closet is filled with his clothes, his school bag is on the floor somewhere, and he has some stickers on the ceiling too. Hizashi gave him new ones since the old ones can’t be transferred easily without them ripping.


Izuku flops down on his bed after a tiring day. The class declared Sato the winner of the room contest, mostly because he made some sweet treats. Izuku voted for him because of that too, so he can’t blame them.


And then, they talked. The common room was filled with the whole class, even Bakugou. Izuku gave them a brief explanation saying how due to certain circumstances, he’s in the care of Aizawa and most of the teachers in UA.


He leaves out why he’s in their care and for how long since he was in their care. His class doesn’t need the information, and that’d put a damper to the day’s activities. Izuku didn’t want that, so he didn’t mention it.


He got crushed in a group hug though. And he may have cried due to the warmth and safeness from it. With everything that’s happened since USJ, he deserved to cry one out. It felt… refreshing to let it all out. No one questioned him, but he got an extra treat from Sato and got to cuddle with Koda’s bunny.


Izuku sighs and his eyes drift around his room. His eyes land on the white cat stuffed animal and he gasps. Grabbing it and quickly running to Todoroki’s room, he knocks while holding the cat close to his chest.


Todoroki opens the door blinking slowly and yawning, “Midoriya?”


Izuku nods, “Yep! Here, I meant to give you this sooner.” He holds out the stuffed animal and Todoroki stares at it. Slowly, he takes it and carefully holds it.




Izuku smiles and heads off bidding Todoroki good night.


Todoroki slept with the stuffed animal that night. He named it Stacy.




Izuku wakes up and rubs his eyes. Staring at the ceiling for a moment, he debates just sleeping. His alarm goes off and Izuku sighs while turning it off. Scrolling through his phone, he slowly starts waking up. He gets a text message from someone and that startles him a bit. Who would text him at 6 in the morning?



Good Morning!


Izuku blinks and stares at the message for a moment.



No response?


I know you can see this



Izuku drops the phone on his face.






So he speaks!


Izuku gapes at his phone. The only person to call him Zuku is…







Uncle Hisashi wanted me to track u down

So i tracked down ur phone!!

Isnt that kewl????


Izuku shuts his phone off and stares blankly at the ceiling. He ignores his phone going off and focuses on the little cat sticker on the ceiling instead.




Anri sighs as Izuku doesn’t answer her texts. She spent the night tracking down his phone, so it’s best to take a break. Stretching, her blue eyes looking around her room. The skateboard she made sits in the corner waiting for the twins to come and get it.


Staring at her hands, she sighs deeply as another text message comes on her phone.



Did you contact him?




He hasn’t responded yet so relax



Don’t tell me what to do


Anri grumbles to herself. Stupid uncle making her do stupid things for a stupid plan.




“During the Sports Festival, many heroes watched you. Some have given you offers for you to come to their agency for a one week internship,” Aizawa shows the board and the class gasps. Izuku looks at his name and sighs when he sees his amount.


“Wow Midoriya, only one offer?” Sero says. Izuku laughs awkwardly.


“Yeah. It’s better than nothing,” Izuku shrugs. Sero nods. Aizawa continues explaining the internships, but Izuku’s thoughts drift back to earlier that morning. He plans on speaking with Nezu about it during lunch.


Anri of all people texted him. Someone who he hasn’t seen in years.




Izuku is startled out of his thoughts when Aizawa places a paper on his desk. Looking at it, Izuku smiles when it’s his offer. Looking closer, he raises an eyebrow and sighs. Shinsou leans back and stares at the paper. He holds back a snort.


“Guess now we know sensei’s favorite,”


“Heyyyyyy, I’m not his favorite,” Izuku pouts. “Who’d you get?”


“A couple lesser known heroes. Not sure which to pick,” Shinsou shrugs. Izuku hums and holds out his hand.


“Let me see,” looking over the paper, Izuku goes over all the heroes in his mind. Nodding to himself, he hands the paper back.


“Try the hero Quiz. She sorta has the same quirk like yours and mostly relies on close combat. Maybe you could learn something from her.”


Shinsou looks at the hero and nods, “Sure. Why not.”


Aizawa clears his throat and the room silences. “Another thing a hero needs is a hero name. You will be choosing your own hero names with the help of…”


“Me!” Midnight bursts in the room. “I’m here to help ya wannabes create a hero name! They usually stick with you once you choose them, so choose them good!” Aizawa nods and retreats to his sleeping bag.


“You will write them out and present them to the class! You may begin!”




Hisashi gets off the phone with a satisfied smile. He just made a deal with the Hero Killer Stain! Hisashi spins in his chair and giggles out with glee. Shu walks into the room and promptly walks back out. Sadly, Hisashi noticed her and beckoned her over.


Shu sighs and reluctantly comes over. Hisashi smiles brightly at her. “Ask me what happened.”


“What happened,” she says flatly.


“Glad ya asked! I, Midoriya Hisashi, have just made a deal with Stain!”


Shu’s eyes widen, “As in the hero killer?”


“As in, our ticket to getting Izuku!” he says. “You see, if we feed him information on certain heroes whereabouts, he’ll try and get Izuku for us!”


Shu slowly nods, “Uh huh. Sure.” Shu places a hand on her hip, “It’s just, can we trust he’ll do it? Like actually succeed in doing it? What if he stabs us in the back or something.”


Hisashi waves her off, “No worries sister. If he does,” his expression darkens, “then I’ll take care of it.”


Shu clears her throat, “No doubt that you will.” She wipes her hands on her shirt and straightens up, “The twins just wanted me to give you your share of their reward,” she holds out a bag. Hisashi snatches it and peeks. Closing it with a huff, he waves her off and goes back to his phone.




Izuku taps his marker on his desk. What kind of hero name does he want? Something cute and simple like Froppy, or something about his appearance like Pinky or Can’t Stop Twinkling? He slumps on his desk while looking at the blank board in front of him.


Blinking, Izuku relives Iida’s presentation of his name. Izuku clapped but could see Iida was somewhere not here. He was somewhere else like Todoroki was at the Sports Festival, only Iida is better at hiding it. Izuku could tell only because years spent on the streets taught him to read people. To read what they were thinking and if they were safe or not.


Sighing as he’s one of the last people to show his hero name, Izuku thinks back to all his options. He groans and keeps on groaning to himself as he thunks his head on the desk.


“I got it!” he lifts his head up and immediately stop his groaning. Focused on writing, he doesn’t notice the many stares coming his way. Satisfied, he closes the marker and walks up to the podium.


He turns the board around and the class ooh’s and ahh’s.


“The Foresight Hero: Blink.” Izuku says proudly.




Izuku sits on his bed with his new phone. After talking to Nezu, the principal took his phone to the police and gave him a new one to prevent anyone from tracking it. Taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes and lies on his bed. He feels a vibration on his hand.



Would you like to reschedule that tea hunting plan?


Izuku face palms.



Ahhhhh srrry i forgot



No worries!

I think we all forgot thanks to the dorm situation

Why don’t we go right before internships?



Yes plsssssss

I want sum gud tea



Haha, me too


Izuku smiles and places his phone on his nightstand. He falls asleep and the room is silent.



It’d be a shame if someone came to interrupt your tea time

As they say

The tea is piping hot!!

Right? Idk


This message has been deleted

This message has been deleted

This message has been deleted

This message has been deleted



We’ll meet soon, Zuku. Promise


This message has been deleted

Chapter Text

Anri groans as she holds her phone in her hands. It’s a phone she made on the spot, so it can’t be traced back to her. Sometimes, she’d like to dream of stuff other than phones these days.


Tracking down Izuku’s new phone number wasn’t hard. It was a pain in the ass trying to do it while being bombarded with texts from Hisashi and requests from her regulars. So, she’s gonna take a nap.


“Guess what!” Nuso walks in. Anri sighs longingly and looks up with a blank stare.




“I just made the twins give me half of their reward!”


“The one with the skateboard?”






“Tea!” Ashido yells out. The class gathers in the common room where a display of tea and sweets are. Izuku smiles.


He talked about it with Aizawa. Izuku can’t go out right now, but he didn’t want to disappoint Yaoyorozu. So, pulling out his best puppy eyes, he convinced Aizawa to go out and get tea from different places for the class. Sato made treats and now they’re having a tea party.


Ashido had some tiaras in her room, and made some of the boys wear them. Shinsou, Todoroki, and Izuku put them on without problem while the others were wrestled down by Ashido. The only boy not wearing a tiara was Bakugou. Ashido turned to the boy and jumped on him.


“Get off me ya knockoff alien!” Bakugou shouts.


“Never!!” Ashido cackles. Izuku laughs along with everyone else.


In her own room, Anri sighs and smiles at her phone. Izuku didn’t go out today, so he didn’t have to be taken. Less work for her to do at least.




“Remember Iida, you can talk to anyone if you feel down. It’s fine if you do,” Izuku says.


Iida nods and looks away quickly, “Thank you Midoriya. I appreciate it.”


Iida leaves and Izuku sighs. Today was the day where everyone left for their internships. Waving, Izuku smiles but glances back to the spot Iida was standing at. He turns and walks up to Aizawa holding his suitcase.


“Technically, you shouldn’t be outside if you’re being targeted,” Aizawa says. “But, I gave you an offer to my agency. You’ll be surrounded by pro heroes, so I’m not too worried.”


Izuku nods, “Makes sense. Go now then?”


Aizawa nods and heads out. Izuku follows behind with a skip in his step.




“And that’s Aizawa hanging from the ceiling in his sleeping bag, this is where he choked on jelly packets, and this one where he realizes he put salt inside his coffee instead of sugar!” Kage points to the pictures. Izuku snorts and Aizawa sighs.


“Stop showing him that,” he snatches the book out of Kage’s hands, “You’re supposed to set an example.


“Well excuse me for wanting to show your son some funny pictures!” Kage crosses his arms, “I’m tryna connect with him!”


“Through funny pictures? And he’s not my son!” Aizawa smacks Kage’s arm. Kage yelpss and Izuku chuckles.


“Well, you looked like a real caterpillar when you were hanging from that ceiling,” Izuku shrugs.


Kage laughs, “I told ya!”


Kage is a close colleague of Aizawa. His grey skin and solid black eyes without pupils give him an unsettling vibe to him. But Izuku just spent ten minutes getting to know the guy and realized he’s just a child in an adult body. Kinds like Hizashi, only more muscular.


A pigeon flies in the room and lands on Izuku’s shoulder. Izuku squeaks and Kage laughs.


“It’s fine. That right there is miss Hato!” Kage announces. The pigeon flaps it wings and flies off. Izuku watches with interest as it lands on the floor and slowly transforms into a grown woman. Her skin is a pale green and her eyes are a dark red. Her white hair flows and she smiles brightly at Izuku.


“Hi there! I’m Hato!” Izuku shakes hands with her and immediately talks about her quirk.


“You can turn into a pigeon? Is that the only part of your quirk? Can you interact with other pigeons? How many people have you scared? I mean, you could just turn into a pigeon and stare at them for an uncomfortable amount of time and freak them out. That happened to me before. It was pretty weird,” Izuku takes a breath. Hato chuckles.


“My quirk, Pigeon-”


“Original.” Kage murmurs.


“Shush, I was 4. Anyway, it essentially allows me to transform into a pigeon. It also allows me to communicate with pigeons in a 5 mile radius.” Hato explains while smiling and putting her hands on her hips. Izuku smiles in wonder.


“A pigeon quirk…” he says. Izuku turns to Kage, “I never asked. What’s your quirk?”


Kage puffs his chest out a little, “Phantasma. My shadow is another whole entity that I can control. It’s name is Ricky,” he grins and suddenly, his shadow grows and waves to Izuku. Izuku stares and slowly waves back.


“Can it speak?” Izuku says.


“Not really. In my mind yes, but out here? No.” Kage shrugs. Ricky the shadow shrinks back and Izuku sits back in his seat.


“So cool…”




Izuku is back in a dark alleyway. Only this time, he can hear screams in the background that sound distant. Smoke flies through the air as well as some creatures. Izuku almost gags when he sees them.




Stay calm Izuku. Only a dream. Only a dream.


Walking slowly, Izuku looks around. Some buildings in the distance, and empty roads. A city? The alleyway seems unending. Izuku just keeps on walking.


And then he smells blood.


Stoping, he focuses his attention on… oh.


The Hero Killer: Stain is here. Great. And there’s a pro hero slumped on the wall, barely conscious. Izuku thinks it’s the hero Native or something. There’s one more figure. They have white armor and their helmet is off, thrown to the side. They have glasses and their face shows anger.


Oh. It’s Iida.


Stain holds his sword above Iida’s head. Izuku can’t move.


Iida screams. And then the alleyway is silent.


But then it shifts. It morphs and suddenly it’s lit on fire with ice added to it. Iida is standing with Todoroki and Stain is trapped in the fire. Another figure stands there, but Izuku doesn’t know who it is.


Izuku wakes up with a gasp. He stares at the ceiling and sits up slowly. He quickly grabs his phone and takes down everything he remembers from the dream.


Iida died. But then he was alive and somehow Todoroki was there? But how? If this is the work of Prescience, then there’s 2 ways this could end. Iida dying, or the three of them plus another fighting Stain.


But, Izuku doesn't know how to get to one choice. Not if it hasn’t even happened yet, and Izuku doesn’t know what led up to both situations. He breathes deeply in his hands and looks at the time.


3 a.m. Would anyone actually be awake at this time? Maybe Aizawa, but he needs to sleep so Izuku won’t bother him. Maybe in the morning he can talk about this.


Izuku falls asleep but doesn’t dream for the rest of the night.




“So this kid… Lida?” Hato asks.


“Iida.” Izuku says.


Hato nods, “Right Iida. You’re saying he’s gonna go after Stain?” Izuku nods. Kage hums from his seat.


“How dya know it’s gonna happen?”


“My dream. Prescience was the cause of it. But, I don’t know when it’s gonna happen. Sometime soon though.”


“Ya positive?”


Izuku nods. Hato hums. Aizawa speaks up, “I’d trust his dreams. He had some dreams about USJ before it happened, so it’s a reliable source.”


“Yeah, but it still sounds… weird. Maybe because we’re not used to fortune tellers,” Hato shrugs. “But if you want, I can go and look after the boy.”


“Really? Don’t you have hero duties?” Izuku asks.


She waves off his concerns, “Nah it’s fine. Iida Tenya? What’s he look like?”


Izuku taps his chin, “Tall, glasses, dark blue hair, and square. Or rectangle. Should be somewhere with the hero Manual.”


Hato raises an eyebrow, “Square? Rectangle?”


Izuku nods, “You’ll get it once you see him.”


Hato shrugs. She salutes and transforms into her pigeon form. She flies off and Izuku sighs. He hopes everything will work out.






Hato flies through the air. She took a couple of breaks and made some new pigeon friends. She thinks she’s invited to a wedding too, but she can never be too sure with pigeons. She’s in Hosu now, and heads over to Manual’s agency.


Getting in isn’t hard. A bunch of windows are open, so flying in was easy peasy. Hato wonders if anyone noticed a pigeon fly through a window. Would she even notice that? Of course she would, her quirk is on 24/7. It’s quite annoying having to listen to pigeons argue.


Waddling through the halls as discreetly as a pigeon can, she runs into a leg. Looking up, she sees a square. Wait no, that’s a human. With glasses and dark blue hair and oh my god this is Iida Tenya and he’s an actual square.


“Ah, my apologies pigeon! I did not see where I was going!” he says with chopping actions. Hato stares up cause that’s what pigeons do. She thinks. “I must go now, but please be safe!” Iida smiles and Hato’s heart hurts cause it’s so obviously fake . She knows about Ingenium and knows that Iida’s hurting, but faking a smile hurts her personally. She knows since she’s done it too many times.


Iida leaves and Hato watches. She can’t do anything but watch. Cause that’s what pigeons do.


She wishes it was normal for pigeons to comfort others. Do they? She’d have to ask around later. For now, she waddles behind Iida without him noticing.

Chapter Text

Stain has one goal in mind: rid society of all fake heroes. He absolutely despises those who play hero for the money and attention. The only true hero in this world is All Might. Stain also dislikes villains. They do things no hero would ever do.


So where does Verve Industries place? Are they really messed up heroes, or villains who aren’t really villains? They help yes, but their goals are something that makes Stain hate them. It’s always money and fame, never for the greater good.


So, why did he agree to Midoriya Hisashi’s deal? He plans on using the man’s information to help himself, and once Stain’s satisfied, he’ll get rid of Hisashi and Verve Industries. They don’t belong in this society and only damage it more.


Stain met with the League of Villains. He only wanted a distraction in Hosu while he gets rid of the fake heroes in the area. And that’s where he is now.


Hosu is overrun by nomus and destruction. Heroes are too busy to pay attention to the secluded areas and too busy to notice Stain walking in a dark alleyway. Stain doesn’t notice the figure dashing towards him, but his reflexes take over and stabs the figure in front of him.




Guys!! That square kid just frickin ran after Stain! Help!!” Hato’s voice rings out in the comm. Kage grunts and takes down the villain leaving it to Izuku and Aizawa to tie her up.


Kage presses into his comm, “Location?”


A dark alleyway in Hosu. I’ll send you it in a bit, just let me help the kid.”


“I trust you to keep him safe. Who knows how Aizawa and Izuku would react.”


The comm disconnects and Kage sighs. He meets Aizawa’s gaze and sees Izuku’s fists shaking by his side.


“I need to be there,” Izuku says.


“No,” Aizawa replies flatly. “You’re safer here than there.”


“But it could end in Iida dying. And I can’t let that happen.”


Kage clears his throat, “He can come. Plus, there’ll be 3 of us there to make sure everyone’s safe.”


Aizawa groans and stares at the sky. He sighs and looks Izuku in the eye, “Ok. You can come. But, you won’t fight Stain. You’ll only need to get Iida out of there and get somewhere safe. Understood?”

Izuku nods. Kage claps his hands. “Ok, let’s leave the villain with the police. Hosu ain't that far, so we can jump over the buildings to get there faster. Blink, ready to see some destruction?”


Izuku nods with a determined gaze. Kage grins.






Hato watches as Iida falls to the ground. It seems like he can’t get back up, and that’s not a good sign. Stain is talking and Hato quickly tries to come up with a plan. That goes out the window when she sees Stain about to stab Iida.


So, she flies and slams into Stain causing the man to drop his sword and stumble backwards. Hato turns into her regular form and gets in a fighting stance in front of the boy. She blocks out any noise and focuses on Stain in front of her.




Izuku jumps over the buildings using his staff. He looks around at the destruction and chaos in Hosu. He nearly trips when he sees nomus on the ground. They looks different than the one from USJ, but they still look intimidating.


“Kid, focus!” Kage shouts. Izuku nods and keeps up with the two pro heroes.




Todoroki got separated from his father by a nomu. He’s walking around a secluded area when he hears fighting noises. Running towards the sounds, he almost gets hit by a sword.


“Watch out kid!” a woman says. She pushes Todoroki out of the way and her hair gets caught by the sword. Some pieces fall off but she pays it no mind. She turns to Todoroki, “You shouldn’t be here. But, I’m gonna give you a job. Get those two out of here, understood?” she points to two figures on the ground.


Todoroki nods and the woman faces her opponent. She runs up and transforms into a pigeon while ramming into… Stain.




Shaking his head, Todoroki crouches down and meets Iida’s gaze. He sighs, “I assume this is your doing.”


Iida snarls, “Leave Todoroki. This isn’t your fight. I have unfinished business.”


Todoroki crouches down and lifts Iida up, “It isn’t your fight either. And, you can’t even move right now. So, I’m getting you out of here along with that hero.” The slumped over form of Native is overtaken by a shadow.


A grey skinned man jumps down. He puts his hands up, “Don’t worry, my quirk just transported him to the hospital.” Todoroki nods and Aizawa comes down as well. He stares at his students and then at the other man.


“You couldn’t have done that to them? Or to us?”


“Hey, I need requirements to do it. And only one at a time.”


Izuku jumps down and extends his staff. It hits Stain who was sneaking up behind Todoroki and Iida. Stain stumbles back and snarls. “More heroes? Well, it saves me trouble from trying to find the fakes then.”


Izuku watches as Hato rushes in front of Stain and gets struck by his sword. It was aimed at Todoroki, but Hato flew and took the attack instead. Izuku watches as she falls to the ground and doesn’t get back up.


He blinks. Izuku runs and uses his staff to knock the sword out of Stain’s hand. Stain narrows his eyes and pulls out another sword. He jumps towards Izuku and Aizawa pulls Izuku back. Aizawa and Kage run to fight off Stain while Hato checks over the three kids.


“Ok. Get out of here now and if you meet any other heroes, tell them to come here. We might need some backup,” she winces when Kage cries out in pain, “Yeah. Definitely need some backup.”


Izuku nods and leads the two away from the alleyway. Once outside and walking down the streets, Iida pushes away from Todoroki. “I don’t need your help. I was perfectly ok on my own.”


“So were you ready to die?” Izuku turns and asks.


“Yes. I made my decision long ago Midoriya.”


Izuku walks up to Iida and places a hand on his bloody shoulder. Iida flinches but Izuku just stares into his eyes, “How would everyone react? Do you think you did something good? What about your family? What if your brother blames himself, your parents grieving forever, your friends who care about you?”


Iida widens his eyes and Izuku continues on, “Your decision can still change. You don’t have to do this alone.”


“He’s right. You have people who you can depend on,” Todoroki says. Iida’s eyes shine with tears and he nods.




Izuku smiles and then he realizes something. This wasn’t what he saw in his dream. Maybe he changed the future outcomes? Maybe this would end peacefully and better than his dream.


“Aw, so sweet. You made friends Izu? I’m so proud.”


Izuku freezes. He knows that voice, it’s deeper and less childish, but he knows this voice. He slowly turns around and his eyes widen in surprise.


Nuso stands there with a cheshire grin and with his arms spread out, “Hiya! That poor excuse of an uncle sent me out here to come get you. Fun fact, he’s here too! Probably with Stain at the moment.”


Izuku gulps, “Stain?” He doesn’t trust his voice to say more words.


Nuso nods, “Yep! He made a deal with STain, but then he found out Stain wasn't actually gonna follow through with it. So, he’s here to take care of him.”


Izuku widens his eyes and runs back towards the alleyway with Stain. Todoroki and Iida follow behind in confusion while Nuso presses into his comm, “Izuku’s coming.”


Hisashi smiles, “That’s fine. I’m almost done here.” Kage, Hato, and Aizawa all lay paralyzed on the ground due to Stain’s quirk. Stain isn’t in good shape right now. He has burn marks on his arms and his breathing is heavy.


Stain scowls, “How did you know?”


“That you weren’t gonna follow through?” Hisashi shrugs, “Call it a hunch. Oh, and I have eyes everywhere, which means someone caught you doing something not part of the deal. Like, killing my son. ” Flames flicker out of Hisashi’s mouth as he growls.


Stain rolls his eyes, “It’s not like I planned for it to happen. He got in my way is all.”


Hisashi sighs and glares at Stain, “We had a deal.”


“Yes we did. But I don’t know what category to put you in. Villain? Hero? The fact that I don’t know where to put you is a reason I wasn’t planning on following the deal.”


“You know, I would’ve appreciated it if you told me before hand. Maybe then no one would have seen you die.” Hisashi hears footsteps behind him. “Maybe then you wouldn’t have had to burn.”


Stain raises his swords, “What do you mean by that?” He feels a prick on his neck and suddenly, he can’t move. “What?”


Kurohi jumps behind Hisashi. His hand comes back and it holds a syringe filled with a clear substance. “That should keep him still for a while. Anri really worked hard on this,” he comments.


Hisashi grins, “ Perfect.”


Hisashi opens his mouth and flames shoot out. They directly hit Stain.


Izuku, Todoroki, and Iida get there in time to see Stain get surrounded by flames. They smell burning flesh, feel the heat from the flames, and hear the scream.


Stain’s scream will forever haunt Izuku.

Chapter Text

Silence fills the alleyway. The flames die down and what remains of Stain falls to the ground. Izuku watches with horror as Hisashi stands straight and acts like nothing happened.


“You… killed him,” Hato says. The heroes all stand up and cautiously step back. Stain’s quirk must’ve worn off after he… died. Izuku blankly stares at Stain’s remains.


Hisashi shrugs, “Had to do what I needed to do.” He turns to the students in the alleyway. “Ah, Izuku! It’s been a while hasn’t it?”


Izuku stares at Hisashi, raises an eyebrow, and raises his middle finger at him.


Aizawa sputters and Kage laughs.


Hisashi doesn’t seem to know what to do. He looks around while Izuku still has his middle finger up. He slowly lowers it while still staring blankly at Hisashi. Hisashi clears his throat and grins widely, “Well then, let’s get to the point. I’m here to pick you up!”


“Pick me up?” Izuku asks.


Hisashi nods, “We’re taking you home!”


“Well, more like he wants you at Verve,” Nuso says coming up from behind Izuku. Izuku startles and takes a step away from Nuso. Nuso shrugs and stays put.


Izuku looks at Hisashi with wide eyes, “Verve? Me? After what, 10 years of not seeing each other?” he chuckles nervously, “Yeah, no.”


Hisashi’s eye twitches, “What do you mean?”


“I mean, I’m not going with you. Why would I after you just murdered someone, ” Izuku glares.


Hisashi glares back, “Well excuse me! I probably saved millions of heroes lives, so I should be thanked!”


Izuku scoffs. Hato growls, “You think killing him was a good thing?”


Kurohi decides to step in, “We don’t have time for this. Get the brat and let’s go.”


Izuku dodges Nuso’s hand and steps towards the other two boys. Iida seems fine standing and Todoroki seems ready to fight. Hisashi’s grin disappears and a snarl replaces it.


“Doing this the hard way?” Flames flicker at the corner of his mouth, “Let’s do it the hard way.”



Tera was bored. Ever since Izuku went off to UA, the shop’s been quiet and boring. Nothing interesting happens. Yeah, she meets up with Izuku and even met another tape enthusiast named Sero. But she misses the little green bean’s visit for useless stuff.


Like that one time where he bought all the spicy chips to see if Aizawa could eat them all like he claims to. Or that other time where he bought some water guns to have a war with his family. Tera even gave him some of her beloved double sided tape for a project he had for school.


Tera sighs as she leans over the counter and plays with her fingers. The door opens and she perks back up putting on a not so sincere smile. “Hello! How may I help you today?”

Two twins and a teenage girl walks in with smiles on their face. Tera freezes as she sees them. Her quirk, Ambience, allows her to see the auras of people. She usually turn it off since she wants to know the person on her own, but sometimes it activates when necessary. Like right now.


She has categories for the different auras she sees. Bright colors are for happy or positive auras, cool colors for calming or negative ones, and dark or neutrals for dangerous auras. Ambience is part of her reflex and can act whether it needs to or not.


And right now it does. Because the auras surrounding these people are black with hints of dark purple and a dash of bright red. It means not only are they dangerous, but they seem happy and excited about something.


Tera’s not stupid. So, she does the logical thing in the situation. Take a picture of them and zoom out of there using the back door.


The three stand for a moment before Anri puts on her goggles. “She’s not far. Hurry up and get her while I get some supplies.”




Todoroki forms an ice wall separating the family from the heroes and students. They all crouch down and stare at Izuku. “Izuku, what are their quirks. Field report style,” Aizawa says.


“Nuso, the one that was next to me, his quirk is Dancing Flame. Can produce black flames from his fingertips and aim to attack others. Kurohi, black ponytail, his quirk Transparent Figure allows him to make any part of his body part of the air. Can detach and put together body parts as long as there’s air. And then Hisashi. He can breath fire. That’s it.”


Aizawa nods and Todoroki’s ice starts to melt. “You guys done yet?” Nuso calls out.


“Oh, and they talk a lot,” Izuku adds in blandly.


The ice melts completely and the heroes stand up. Hisashi grins and stares directly at Izuku. Izuku stares back with determination.


He’s not going back.


Not yet. Not until he figures out his own emotion towards his family.




Tera grabs her stack of emergency tape before rushing out of the store. She’s pretty sure she’s being followed, so she goes to the nearest police station.


Which is about a mile away.




She runs into an alleyway to catch her breath. Her followers are coming closer and Tera pulls an Izuku.


She covers the ground with some of her double sided tape and dips out of there. She hears curses and yells of frustration behind her. Tera grins but doesn’t look back.

Chapter Text

Nuso never really hated Izuku. He didn’t like him all that much either. Izuku was just another face to him. When he found out Hisashi abandoned him, he didn’t feel anything other than pity. The boy was a nice one, but he never really cared for him.


The boy in front of him is different than the 5 year old he used to visit. This one is quick and determined while the 5 year old was slow and timid. Nuso jumps back as Izuku swings his staff at him.


Nuso narrows his eyes as another attack of ice comes his way. He activates his quirk and shoots it towards the 3 boys.


Izuku pushes the two out of the way as he rolls and punches Nuso in the stomach. Nuso stumbles into Kurohi who pushes him away as he dodges an attack from Hato. Hato flies into Kurohi’s chest, but flies straight into Aizawa instead.


His quirk is very useful. But at the same time, very annoying,” Hato thinks. Aizawa dodges another fire attack from Hisashi. Kage uses Ricky to sneak up behind Hisashi, but Kurohi’s fist comes out of the air and punches Hisashi out of the way.


Aizawa notices, “He can’t touch Ricky. Kage switch with Hato!”

“On it!” Kage runs pass Hato who transforms and kicks Hisashi in the face. She quickly changes back to a pigeon and dodges the fire aimed for her.


“Don’t overwork yourself,” Aizawa murmurs. Hato coos in response before a burst of fire comes in between them.




“Holy shit!” Tera announces as she runs into the police station. “I’m being fucking chased by these little gremlins!”


The people in the station look up confusedly. Tera rolls her eyes and runs up to the front desk holding out her phone. “Ryo Tera. Search me up in the system or whatever. Just know that these people are dangerous and y’all should do something about it.”


The policeman nods and takes a picture of the picture on the phone. Tera sighs and sits on a chair since she’s winded. Her phone buzzes and she looks down at it.



You know Izuku right?



who wants to know



I do

I  would just like some info please


Tera reads it and raises an eyebrow. She looks around and discreetly takes a picture of herself holding her middle finger up.



Now that’s just rude




Izuku really wants to sleep. He really wants to sleep and wake up from this dream. Maybe then he wouldn’t have had to encounter his family, maybe Stain would still be alive, maybe Kurohi didn’t have to lose an arm.


Wait. What.


Izuku catches his breath and watches as a hand comes out of a portal from the wall. It grabs onto Kurohi’s arm and he screams in pain. Everything stops as it turns to dust and out steps Shigaraki who pays no mind to the writhing Kurohi on the ground.


Izuku blinks. He quickly runs and pushes Kurohi out of the way right when a hand comes out. Izuku puts out his staff and it turns to dust. He’ll have apologize to Hatsume later.


Kage pulls Izuku back as Shigaraki comes out of the portal. He looks around and scratches his neck impatiently, “Where’s Stain?”


No one answers for a second. Nuso clears his throat and points to a pile of ash that’s mostly gone due to the wind. Shigaraki stares at it and growls, “Dead? Seriously?” He huffs and scratches his neck intensely drawing some blood. He turns around and heads back in the portal.


Izuku takes a deep breath and kicks Kurohi in the balls. Kurohi was still distracted so he falls to the ground with a groan. Nuso snorts and then breaks down laughing. “O-oh my god! Didn’t think you could do something like that!” He laughs and points mockingly at Kurohi, “You just got kicked in the nuts!”


A flash fills the alleyway. Once it’s gone, three figures stand in the alleyway. Nuso still laughs and Anri walks up lightly nudging the other, “Is he ok?”


“Are any of us ok?” Izuku responds without thinking. Anri shrugs.


“Ita, Zura, get em out of here.”


The twins nod and with speed head over to Hisashi and Kurohi. The heroes try to apprehend them but the two dodge and evade the attacks. They run up to the two adults and slap something on their back before nodding. Anri nods back and slaps Nuso’s back.


“See ya my dudes,” she says before pressing something. The alleyway fills with light before quickly disappearing. The family has disappeared leaving the heroes to stand there processing. They all silently walk out and onto the sidewalk.


Izuku closes his eyes and tries to process everything that happened. He quickly opens his eyes when a nomu comes in and grabs his side. Izuku screams in pain and watches as he gets higher up from the ground.


Izuku blinks. He grabs onto Todoroki’s shoulders and looks him directly in the eyes. “Freeze me to the ground and keep me there.” Todoroki does as he’s told with a confused look on his face. He freezes everything but Izuku’s upper half to the ground.


A moment later, a nomu comes down and latches onto Izuku. It pulls and pulls but Izuku is stuck on the ground and his eyes fill with pain.


He doesn’t know what happened after that. Someone shouted orders, he thinks he heard an ambulance somewhere. Izuku slumped on Todoroki who’s thawing the ice on his body.


Izuku finally gets some sleep.

Chapter Text

“We could’ve gotten Izuku if you had more!” Hisashi yells.


Anri’s eye twitches, “I did! But the two dum dums got stuck in tape! So, I had to get them out of there using 2.”


“To be fair, it was double sided tape!” Ita shouts. Zura sighs and leaves the room.


“I had enough for the whole family, but then I didn’t. Only good for one trip ya know,” Anri crosses her arms. The teleportation devices were hard to imagine, and they only lasted a day! She huffs and stomps out of the room.


Hisashi is left alone and contemplates a few things. Maybe he went too fast with this plan. Maybe he just has to wait. Maybe Izuku will come around on his own.


He’ll just wait then.




“He’s unconscious for now. The creature’s claws dug into his shoulders and part of his back. They didn’t go to deep, so nothing beyond skin and blood was affected. He lost some blood, but it’s nothing to worried about. There will be scarring, but otherwise he’s fine.”


Aizawa nods and the doctor leaves the room. Izuku sleeps peacefully on the bed and Aizawa sighs. He walks over to the window and watches as the sky turns orange signaling a new day. The phone in his hand buzzes.



Is he ok?

Are they all ok?



Yea, is every1 gud?



Yes, everything is fine


Aizawa looks back at Izuku.



Though we should discuss some therapy for the students




Izuku sits on the bed with his phone in hand.



Feel better Mido!!

Iida informed the class about u being in da hospital

We support u!!!



Hope u recover smoothly



[Scotch Tape]

My dude, recover soon!!

Also, i hav memes for u wen u  recover




if u need company during the night

u kno who to call




It was quite a shock when i heard about u

no but seriously feel better so we can have that pun battle!!!


[A literal rock]


Feel better!!


Izuku smiles as he reads more messages. His shoulders and back hurt like heck, but that’s not what he’s worried about right now. He really wants to see his friends, but sadly his body says no. His thoughts are all over the place.


His family, who he hasn’t seen for almost a decade, suddenly appears and wants him back? But why now? And how did they find out where he was? Well, he really shouldn’t be surprised if Anri is involved. She has some crazy good skills when it comes to things like that.


And Stain. He’s… dead. Izuku shudders at the thought of the screams coming from him. His dad did that…


Should he still call him dad? He is still Izuku’s father whether he likes it or not. Izuku huffs and lays back in bed looking at the ceiling. It’s dark and quiet.


The room could really do with some stickers.




“Where did you even get all these stickers from?” Iida asks. Izuku shrugs and takes another bite out of his sandwich. It’s not the best but at least it’s food. He’ll take it over an empty stomach.


“You’ve been in here the whole time. How’d the stickers come here?” Todoroki asks.


The three are still in the hospital recovering from the night before. Iida and Todoroki are mostly recovered, they just need to rest. Izuku is still sore but the doctor said if he stayed in bed, he’d be good to go before the week ended. So, Izuku’s been stuck in his hospital room for the whole day.


“You shouldn’t have these stickers in the first place,” Todoroki says. He slurps his ramen noodles while staring at the stickers on the ceiling and walls. Some are on Todoroki and Iida since Izuku had extras.


“I asked a nurse if they had any stickers. She came in with some kids who went all out with the stickers,” Izuku explains. “I only wanted to give the room some life. It’d be a treat for the next patient that comes in here!”


Izuku rummages through the sticker sheets given to him and picks one out. He peels some and sticks them to the wall behind him. Iida goes to reprimand him, but Todoroki holds him back.




[Double sided tape]


My dude

is u ded?



Idk maybe


[Double sided tape]

damn rip

But like

Ppl are after u

U kno that right



yea, had to deal with that not too long ago


[Double sided tape]

Ok cool

Cuz like now they kno where i am

And im like

Being chased too??






[Double sided tape]


They like came into the store and chsed me

And their auras

fuckin hell izuku



R u ok??

Where r u?????


[Double sided tape]

Im gucci in the police station rn

But like

I cant rlly go home since i live across from the store



I’ll get chu a place


[Double sided tape]

Thank u




no probs





“So this is my friend, Ryo Tera. Due to some… circumstances, she’s gonna stay in the dorms with us until… well, I really don’t know when,” Izuku shrugs.


“Sup, I’m Tera. I’m 19 and I never fucking learned how to read,” Tera deadpans.


“I like her already,” Kaminari says. Ashido nods in agreement.

Chapter Text

Inko holds the letter in her hands with interest. A nurse gave it to her this morning and Inko was shocked anyone would give her a letter. She doesn’t know who it’s from yet, but the big To: Mom on the front is a big give away. She takes a deep breath and begins reading it.


Dear Mom,


Hi. I can’t really see you in person right now, but I hope this letter will make do. I don’t know if you know, but I got into the hero course! In UA!


Crazy I know.


But that’s not what I wanna talk about.


First, how are you? I haven't seen you in a while. Are you ok? If not then, are you healing? I wish I could see you right now, but I can’t. It’s weird. Did your interests change? Do you still like the color yellow? Do you still enjoy listening to music?


I miss you mom.


I miss your smiles and hugs. I miss your gentle voice and constant motherly worry. I miss us being mother and son.


I have a new family now. I’m not really fond of my actual one and I’m sure you can relate.


If you could see me now, what would you say?


You know what I would say?


I love you. And I hate you.


But I missed you.


So, this is a mess of a letter. But I wish you nothing but happiness.






Inko smiles the most sincere and brightest smile she’s ever had in years.




Izuku listens to his music while staring at the ceiling. He’s not thinking of anything particular, just staring and letting his thoughts run wild. They bounce from his quirk, his family, the homework due tomorrow, and the fact that Tera is now living at the dorms.


The last thought becomes more pronounced as the fire alarm goes off in the kitchen. Izuku sighs and walks out of his room heading over to the smoke.


Tera is seen holding a pot of something steaming. She has on a blank face as the kitchen is in chaos. Presumably tomato sauce coats the counters and floor, some of it slowly sliding off the fridge. Smoke fills the room and some noodle strings are on the walls.


Izuku blinks and he’s back in his room. He quickly puts the volume all the way up of his music and closes his eyes. His ears are gonna hate him, but it’s better than to hear the chaos going on in the kitchen.




Izuku really needs to discuss safety at UA with Nezu. it’s surprising how many times someone can get severely injured or die during training. So far, Izuku has seen debris fall on his classmates, out of control quirks damaging the user, and even one wrong misstep could lead to ripped off limbs.


Ok, maybe it’s not completely UA’s safety system. It’s also due to the students not being self aware. Izuku brings this up with Aizawa.


“I’m just saying the lessons should focus on the basics first. Being aware of your surroundings and your own limits.”


Aizawa thinks for a moment. He leans back in his chair and nods, “You make valid points. I’ve already started discussing new lesson plans with the other teachers, so things should change soon. Besides, we need to get you guys ready for final exams.”


Izuku chokes on his water, “It’s coming up already?”


Aizawa nods, “Soon.”




No matter how hard he tries, he can’t control Prescience. It just won’t cooperate with him. He still tries, but it just won’t listen to him. Izuku is a tad bit annoyed.


To let out some steam, Izuku dances in the common room. The whole class decided to get out for the weekend to visit family, but Izuku’s whole family is kinda already at UA. And he’s sort of stuck here until his safety is assured.


Tera sits on the couch hyping Izuku up as she eats some of Bakugou’s spicy chips, “You’re killing it Izuku!”


“Spiky pineapple’s gonna kill you if you keep eating his chips,” Izuku says breathlessly. He takes a break and flops down on the couch beside Tera. Tera shrugs and continues to eat the chips.


It’s a sunday afternoon meaning the class will be coming back to the dorms soon. Izuku stretches and finds a new song to dance too.


“Holy shit!”


Izuku yelps and spins around to see Ashido and Hagakure standing at the door. Hagakure squeals while Ashido rushes up to Izuku. “You can dance!”


Izuku shifts his eyes, “Uh, yeah.” Ashido grins and Izuku isn’t sure if that’s good news or not.




Anri watches the security cameras at the UA dorms. Izuku seems to be having fun dancing with that pink girl. She watches with a sigh. Hisashi demanded her she do this, but she doesn't see the point. Why can’t he just leave Izuku alone? It’s not like he’d affect Verve positively. Right?


...Anri actually doesn’t know much about Izuku now. He’s changed. She guesses she changed too over the years. The whole family did.


Oh well.

Chapter Text


Nezu scratches his chin as a playful smile graces his lips. Someone’s managed to breach UA’s security cameras, something he’s impressed by. Now, he’s currently battling with them over taking control of the cameras.


Nezu is having fun doing this. Never has he met a human who could get through his security system. They’ve been going back and forth for about an hour now. Nezu types in one last thing before he leans back in his chair and chuckles to himself.


He’s done his very best to get in the way of the hacker trying to get it. Questions, passwords, secret codes that he just made up on the fly, everything to ensure it’ll be hard for the hacker. Nezu hums to himself before doing something else.


A few minutes later, he gets into the webcam of the hacker’s device. Nezu is greeted by the sight of a teenage girl. Mint hair tied into low pigtails, blue eyes and a determined look on her face. Nezu studies the girl as she tries to get into his security system.




Izuku wakes up with a sigh. The sky is still black outside, meaning it’s way too early to be up. Or is it late? Either way, Izuku shouldn’t be up. But, he is. No reason why, he just is.


Ok no, there are a bunch of reasons why. But Izuku doesn’t wanna think about any of them right now. Let him scroll through memes in peace.


Izuku doesn’t wanna be on his phone the whole night, so he heads to the common room for a snack or something. He just needs to get out of his room. So, he heads out and heads straight towards the kitchen.


He’s surprised to see Todoroki and Iida standing and talking quietly over the counter. Izuku clears his throat and the two turn to him. Iida smiles softly, “Ah Midoriya. Did we wake you?”

Izuku shakes his head, “Just couldn’t sleep. What you guys doing?” Izuku leans over the counter next to Todoroki. Todoroki passes him a cookie and he takes it gratefully.


“We were just discussing that night in Hosu,” Iida lightly bows towards Izuku, “I never really apologized for what happened.”


Izuku waves him off, “Don’t apologize. It was stupid of you to go after Stain, but don’t apologize for the events that happened.” Iida seems unconvinced, but he nods and sips his tea.


“As for the events, wanna tell us what it was all about?” Todoroki asks. “With your family and all.”


Izuku slowly bites his cookie, “Well. Uh. They’re my family?”


“Yes we know that. Anything else?” Iida asks.


Izuku takes another bite of his cookie, “I haven’t seen them in a while.” Izuku shrugs, “I didn’t even fully understand why they were there that night.”


“But you do now?” Todoroki asks. Izuku hums and looks up at the ceiling.


“Kind of.”




“Ughhhhhh, that exam was hell,” Ashido whines. Hagakure pats her back sympathetically. Kaminari groans and mimics Ashido.


“I’m so not prepared for the practical. But!” Kaminari sits upright with a smile, “I think we’re fighting robots! I did my research last night.”


Shinsou snorts, “Shouldn't you have been studying instead?” Kaminari pouts and sticks his tongue out. Shinsou rolls his eyes and faces Izuku. “You know what the practical is gonna be?”


Izuku shakes his head, “Aizawa made sure to hide everything from me.”


Kaminari and Ashido both click their tongues in annoyance.




Izuku sighs at the announcement. Prescience showed him already, so he’s not really that shocked about the news.


The exam is like a game of hide and seek. The class needs to find at least 5 of the 10 teachers and capture them with handcuffs given to them. They have the rest of the day to do so, and they’ll pass once 5 teachers have been captured.


The teachers have handicaps. Weighted bracelets to limit mobility, and they can’t severely hurt the students. If they do, they’ll be immediately captured. Recovery Girl is watching and waiting to heal any injuries.


Izuku supposes it’s not the worst thing to do.

Chapter Text

Izuku stretches his arms while waiting for the exam to start. The teachers have 10 minutes to hide which gives the class 10 minutes to plan. They think for a moment before Shoji raises a hand.


“I can use my ears to scope out some of the teachers,” he suggests.


“Me too. I can find the ones closer to us,” Jirou adds in. Koda shyly raises his hand.


“I can uh, use some of the small animals here to find some too.” Izuku smiles at him.


“You three can help lead us then. Maybe some can try to spot the teachers from up above?” Yaoyorozu suggests. Uraraka bounces on her heels and nods determinedly.


“Me and Tsu can help with that!”


“I can use my invisibility to sneak up on them,” Hagakure says.


“Then you’d need someone there to distract them,” Izuku adds in. “They’re pro heroes, they know when someone else is there.”


Hagakure gives him a thumbs up. Uraraka looks at Izuku, “Do you know any of their weaknesses?”


Izuku taps his finger to his chin, “Kind of? But they’re not really useful in this situation.” He shrugs and Uraraka nods in understanding.


“Why the fuck do we have to work together? I can easily capture one of the teachers by myself,” Bakugo scoffs. Ashido crosses her arms.


“With your explosive attitude?” she looks him up and down with a raised eyebrow. She quickly turns away, “Ok.”


“Hah? What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Why don’t we just listen to everybody. I’m pretty sure we’re being graded on teamwork anyways,” Kirishima interjects. Bakugo clicks his tongue and turns away. Izuku sighs.


After their 10 minutes are up, the group walks into the fake city. They all look around but stop when they hear laughter.


Izuku looks up and sees Nezu in a crane swinging around a big rock. Cementoss appears in front of them and touches the ground below. They all react a second before debris and walls get in their ways.


Izuku jumps back and dodges some of the rocks thanks to some dancing skills Ashido taught him. He sighs and looks around him assessing the damage. Rocks, debris, and some walls surround him, but he could easily get out of this. At least Nezu and Cemetoss didn’t completely trap him.


But, they did manage to split up the group. He hears the comm in his ear come to life.


Is everyone alright? ” Yaoyorozu’s worried voice asks. Affirmintations ring out and Izuku sighs in relief. He starts crawling out of the debris around him and hopefully meet up with everyone else.


I… don’t know what to do to be honest. All of us seem to have been split up. Any ideas?” Yaoyorozu asks.


Izuku stands up and wipes off some dust off his yellow sweater. He looks around him and winces at the amount of debris in the area. It’d be pretty bad if someone got trapped underneath it. He checks under just to make sure no one’s trapped or injured.


Why don’t we try to find a teacher ourselves? We can cover more ground like that,” Todoroki suggests.


“True, but then we’d have to face a pro hero by ourselves. Not that I don’t believe in all of you, but I think having multiple people would be better,” Izuku says. He sighs quietly as he sees no injured people. He and Recovery Girl would’ve given the teachers an earful of the hazards of doing something like this.


I agree with Midoriya. Why don’t we carry on with our initial plans then. Jiro, Shoji, and Koda  can scope out the teachers while some of us get to higher ground and check our surroundings. Of course if there’s any other ideas then-”


“That’s a great idea Yaoyorozu,” Izuku interrupts. “It’s the best we can do at the moment. The rest of us can walk around and try to meet up with each other.”


Y-yes. And thank you. Any objections?


Nope! I’m already with Bakubro, so we’re all set! ” Kirishima says.


The fuck is a Bakubro?”


“You dude!”


“Fuckin Shitty Hair-”


The comm goes off and Izuku snorts. At least Spiky Pineapple has someone to keep him back from exploding everything. Izuku walks around, carefully stepping over the rocks in his path. He walks with no real goal in mind at the moment.


He hears a shuffle in a building nearby. Izuku goes to inspect with the handcuffs in his hand. It could be a teacher, so best to be prepared. Quietly, he looks around the building but sees classmates instead of teachers.


“Koda, Todoroki,” Izuku speaks to them. Todoroki turns and nods while gesturing to Koda.


“We met each other in here. He’s trying to get some information from a bunny.”


Izuku walks up to them, “A bunny?”


“Koda found it nearby.”


Koda stands up holding the bunny in his hands. He pets it while staring at the other two, “He said Kirishima and Bakugo are nearby. If you head out now, you guys can meet up with them.”


“Not coming with us?” Izuku asks.


Koda shakes his head, “I’m gonna meet up with Shoji and Tokoyami. We can cover more ground that way.” Koda hands the bunny over to Izuku, “He can help you guys find anyone you ask him too. Just tell him who and he’ll hopefully lead the way. Probably.”


Izuku nods and pets the bunny. They head out and part ways. Izuku places the bunny on the ground and watches it go off into a direction. “I think it’s going towards Bakugo and Kirishima,” Todoroki says. Izuku nods and follows the bunny.




“Ok Tsu!” Uraraka calls out. Tsuyu shows a thumbs up before leaping over the rooftops. Her tongue is attached to Uraraka’s waist while Uraraka uses her quirk to keep herself afloat. She looks down below to try and spot any classmates.


“Wait Tsu!”


Tsuyu stops and gently guides Uraraka down safely. Uraraka points down below to Iida walking around.




Jiro points to a building. Yaoyorozu, Shinso, and Kaminari look on in determination.


“A teacher is in there. The heartbeat is as if there’s no one there.”


Yaoyorozu nods, “Kaminari, shock the whole building. We’ll cover you once you…”


“Wheyyyyy,” Jiro mocks. Kaminari sticks his tongue out. His hands spark and soon, the whole building is covered in lightning.




Nezu watches on his tablet. The students seem to be doing well so far, trying to regroup and find the teachers.


A notification pops up and Nezu only grins wider.


It seems the security system has been breached again. The little hacker managed to get past Nezu’s system. Looks like he has something to do during this whole exam.

Chapter Text

A bunny nudges into Kirishima’s leg, causing him to jump a little. Bakugo raises an eyebrow at him but Kirishima is too distracted by the bunny at his feet/ he crouches and pets it, “Hey there little bro.”


“Kiri, Spiky Pineapple,” Izuku calls out. He waves and Todoroki nods in greeting. Kirishima picks up the bunny and smiles back in greeting.


“What dya want Broccoli head.”


Izuku sighs, “Koda used the bunny to show us here. Wanna look for a teacher together?”


Kirishima nods and Bakugo huffs but doesn’t deny it. Izuku takes the bunny and places it on the ground.


“Can you find a teacher nearby?” he asks. The bunny sniffs the air before turning and looking off into the distance. The group stands there confused before a thundering sound rings out. The ground shakes and a figure jumps in front of them.


“HAHAHA YOU HAVE FOUND ME!” All Might shouts.


The group blinks before stepping back while staring at All Might.


“But… we didn’t find you?” Izuku asks quietly. He hides behind Kirishima and Todoroki.


“Yeah… you kinda just jumped to us,” Kirishima shrugs.


Bakugo growls, “This is fucking hide and seek.”


All Might laughs, “That is true! But, I was bored and therefore decided to seek you out myself!”


Silence rings through the group.


“I mean it’s not against the rules…” Izuku says. He doesn’t really fully understand All Might’s reasoning, but he’ll go along with it only because All Might can easily Detroit Smash his whole body.


Todoroki stares at All Might. He shifts his head, “We should get out of here. We can’t really capture All Might.” Todoroki would rather not have to deal with the number one hero at this particular moment.


“Like hell we’re backing out now,” Bakugo grins and crouches before pouncing towards All Might.




So we found All Might,” Izuku says through the comms.


More like he found us,” Todoroki says. “ Bakugo and Kirishima are trying to fight him.”


“It’s more like Kirishima trying to get Bakugo, but getting forced to fight. Actually, it’s not really fighting, more like dodging, jumping around, and failing to attack,” Izuku adds in.


Yaoyorozu sighs as she runs. Shinso groans and shifts Kaminari on his back. Jiro keeps an eye on Aizawa who’s running away from the group. Yaoyorozu doesn’t really have the time to deal with both problems, so she ignores the yelling in her ear and focuses on Aizawa instead.


They can’t really afford slowing down, so Yaoyorozu speeds up ahead of the group and makes a small stool. She sets it on the ground before turning to Shinso, “Leave him here.”


Shinso says nothing and plops Kaminari down. The three continue running while Kaminari wheys on the stool.


“He’ll be fine right?” Yaoyorozu asks. Yes, it was her idea to leave him, but she feels guilty leaving a classmate behind.


“Relax, he’ll be fine,” Jiro says distractedly. “We have to focus on sensei right now.” She watches as he swings on top of a building and runs across the rooftops.


Shinso groans, “Damn ninja.”




“Move out of the way!” Kirishima yells out to Izuku. Izuku ducks and rolls away from All Might’s punch. He hits the building instead and it crumbles down. Izuku gulps cuz holy shiz he could’ve died.


The four of them have been dodging attacks and trying to run away, only for Bakugo to run towards All Might and try to fight him. Kirishima tries his best to try to get Bakugo, but the blond always maneuvers away and heads straight towards All Might. Todoroki and Izuku have been trying to distract All Might for the other two to get away, but Bakugo isn’t cooperating.


Izuku blinks and pushes Todoroki out of the way of flying debris. His arm gets hit by it, but he shakes it off and looks at the fight happening. Well, it’s not even really a fight. All Might is punching the air hard enough that it pushes back Bakugo and Kirishima.


Izuku runs a hand through his hair, “What do we doooooo?” He looks around and internally screams. His mind runs through multiple plans, but they all involve getting the four of them away from All Might. Which includes Bakugo.




Izuku extends his staff and angles it at where Bakugo will most likely land next. “Todoroki, make a huge ice wall once I say so,” Izuku focuses on the spot while Todoroki gets into position. Izuku glances at his watch and looks back in time to see Bakugo land and jump away from the spot Izuku was looking at.


Izuku blinks and focuses. He only has one very small chance. Taking a deep breath, he keeps his finger over the button on his staff. Right when Bakugo steps on the ground Izuku extends his staff.


“Now Todoroki!”


Todoroki creates a huge ice wall while Izuku’s staff knocks Bakugo off his feet. Kirishima take the chance and grabs Bakugo while sprinting away. Izuku and Todoroki follow while the ice wall begins to crack.

Chapter Text

“What the actual fuck was that?!” Bakugo hits the wall and it cracks. Izuku looks towards the other two who look away. He sighs and looks at the angry blond.


“It was getting us to safety, spiky pineapple,” Izuku huffs out. He looks around to make sure All Might didn’t sneak up on them. Bakugo growls and goes to say something, but they hear footsteps coming their way making them all tense.


Yaoyorozu turns a corner and sighs in relief seeing her classmates. “You guys didn’t happen to see Aizawa sensei, did you?” Jiro uses her ears to listen out for any signs of others while Shinso catches his breath.


“Holy, shit, howdoyouguysrunthatfast?” Shinso rushes out. Jiro snorts while Yaoyorozu stiffles a laugh,


“It’s cuz we’re awesome,” Jiro nudges him. He lightly shoves her back. Izuku smiles at the trio.


“We didn’t see Aizawa, but All Might could be following us, so,” Todoroki shrugs.


Shinso stares at him, “All Might?!” He thought they would’ve stood a chance against Aizawa as a group, but now All frickin Might is coming too? They’ll be slaughtered. Shinso just wants to sleep.


Todoroki nods, “Yes, did you not hear us over the comms? I thought we were quite clear about the whole situation.”


Jiro sighs, “I don’t hear anyone coming, so we’re safe for now.”


Yaoyorozu pats her shoulder, “Good job. Let’s make some plans then,” she makes eye contact with Izuku who nods at her. He has a determined look that makes Shinso suck it up and finish this stupid exam.




“AHHHHHHHHHH” Uraraka yells out. She’s holding onto a railing as Thirteen tries to suck them in. Tsuyu and Iida are in the same situation, but they seem more calm than Uraraka at the moment. Oh how she envies them.


“We need a plan to apprehend sensei! Any ideas?” Iida asks while gripping tightly on the railing.


“One of us needs to get close enough to capture them,” Tsuyu says.


“But who?!” Uraraka yells out.


“You’ll find out,” Tsuyu says. She uses her tongue to hit Uraraka, who lets go of the railing in surprise.



“Asui, that was extremely rude to Uraraka!” Iida yells out.


Tsuyu turns her head to see Uraraka flying towards Thirteen. Hopefully her plan will work. “Don’t worry Iida. I’ll apologize later.”


Thirteen quickly closes their finger when Uraraka gets close enough. Uraraka suddenly gets determined and takes out Thirteen using her combat skills she learned from Gunhead. Tsuyu hands the handcuffs to her using her tongue.



Thirteen has been captured! Only four more to go!”


The announcement makes Izuku sigh in relief. He was getting worried that they wouldn’t be able to capture any heroes in time.


We did it!!” Uraraka says through the comms. “ But fair warning, I think the teachers are getting impatient. If you’re near one, they’ll probably start attacking. That’s what happen to Tsu, Iida, and I.”


Izuku was gonna respond, but the rumbling ground stopped him. The group slowly turns around to see All Might and Aizawa running towards them. Shinso takes a deep breath and rubs his eyes in annoyance.


“Shit,” Shinso says. Izuku sighs and presses into his comm.


“So, we’re probably gonna die and I just wanna say, I love you all,” is all he says before jumping away from All Might’s attack.


Rip Midoriya. He was a kind soul,” Sero says.


What about everyone else?” Kirishima asks.


Eh, them too I guess.”

Chapter Text

“Good job Koda,” Shoji says. Koda gives a thumbs up while placing the handcuffs on Present Mic. Present Mic is currently passed out due to the amount of bugs and insects Koda ambushed him with.


Tokoyami pats his shoulder while Dark Shadow gives Koda a hug. Koda blushes and pats Dark Shadow with a smile. A bird flies over to Koda and pokes Dark Shadow with its beak. Tokoyami snorts as Dark Shadow hisses and goes back to Tokoyami.


Koda wasn’t really up to using bugs, but he remembered Izuku’s words at he beginning of the year.


Bugs are friends too! Just get to know them?” Izuku says. He probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but it just makes Koda smile.


Bugs still freak him out though. Just not as much as before.




Present Mic has been captured! Three left!”


“AhhhhHHHHHHHHH!” Shinso yells out. Izuku grabs him before Aizawa can get him with his capture weapon. Izuku runs and blinks. He quickly tosses Shinso to the side while jumping away from All Might.


All might quickly goes after Izuku and aims a punch. Izuku braces himself but Yaoyorozu jumps in front with a shield. They both get pushed back by All Might’s punch and Todoroki blocks them off with an ice wall. Yaoyorozu looks at her broken shield with a frown.


Todoroki runs up to them when Izuku runs towards Shinso to help him with Aizawa. Yaoyorozu doesn’t pay attention and looks at the scratches on her arms and broken shield. It reminds her of when Tokoyami knocked her out of bounds at the sports festival. She used the same tactic, but it failed. Of course it did.


Todoroki pats her shoulder. “Are you ok?”


Yaoyorozu nods and drops her shield on the ground. It’s useless now, just like her ideas. Todoroki looks on in worry. “We should help the others. Any ideas?”

“Uh,” she has many ideas, but will they actually work? Will any ideas of hers actually be useful? “Nope. You?”


The look Todoroki gives her tells her that she’s a really bad liar.


Todoroki sighs, “I have an idea.”


“Which is?”


“That we use one of your ideas.”




Snipe has been captured! Two more!”


Izuku dodges another attack from Aizawa while Kirishima blocks a piece of rubble from hitting them. Bakugo and Jiro try their best to hold off All Might but aren’t doing well. Todoroki and Yaoyorozu run up to them all and seem very determined.


Todoroki makes a huge ice dome which blocks the teachers from the students. Shinso whistles and Jiro looks impressed. Todoroki breathes out a puff of cold air and pants heavily. Yaoyorozu pats his shoulder.


“We have a plan,” she says. They all gather around her to listen on. “Midoriya, Kirishima, and Bakugo will handle All Might while the rest of us take care of Aizawa.”


They all nod and start preparing.




“I got new recruits. Ya proud of me?” Giran steps into the bar smoking his cigar. Shigaraki looks at him boredly while sipping his drink.


“Depends on who they are,” Shigaraki says. Giran moves out of the way letting two people come in. A girl with blonde buns and a boy with many scars. Shigaraki assesses them quietly.


“Oh, and there are three others who wanna talk to you in private,” Giran smiles slyly before exiting the bar.

Chapter Text

Aizawa is done with All Might. Who goes out to the seekers in a game of hide and seek just cause they were bored?!


All Might apparently.


Not only that, but he asked Aizawa for help when Aizawa was busy running away from his own group of seekers. Aizawa thought of just leaving All Might, but then realized he could keep him in check if he goes too far with attacking their students.


So, he runs with All Might.


Unfortunately, they haven’t discussed any plans. So, they’ve just been fighting their students for the past 10 minutes.


And then Todoroki made a huge ice dome.


Aizawa sighs and rubs his face.


“So… any plans?” All Might asks expectantly. Aizawa just glares at him.




“So what’s your business here?” Shigaraki asks. He just got done with the two new recruits and now three kids seem to want to talk to him. How they found out about Giran and the base is completely a mystery to him.


One of them smiles brightly and opens up his arms, “I’m Zura! This is my brother Ita and my cousin Anri.” His smiles turns mischievous and makes Shigaraki wary, “We have a proposition for you.”




All Might smashes the ice dome. As the ice settles on the ground, the two heroes look around for the students only to find nothing. Aizawa surveys the whole area and sees a very subtle shift in the corner of his eye.


He gets his capture weapon and uses it to try to grab at the thing. When it comes back to him, he stares at it curiously.


“A… dummy?” All Might asks. Aizawa goes to respond, only to be interrupted by a smoke bomb. He coughs and dodges an ice attack from Todoroki. Another smoke bomb blurs his vision, only this one has red smoke.


More ice attacks come for him. More colored smoke bombs come for him. Aizawa is too busy dodging that he doesn’t notice the movement behind the smoke.


All Might is in the same situation. Blasts come from all directions aimed at him but he can’t see due to all the smoke. He jumps high enough to see the students running and attacking all over the place.


Jiro runs with Yaoyorozu while she make bombs and hands Shinso them. Shinso throws them with help from Jiro. Todoroki runs and uses his ice. All Might lands back down clearing most of the smoke.


Bakugo runs up to him aiming a blast at his face. All Might blocks it and punches Bakugo in the stomach making him cough.


“Sorry young Bakugo!” All Might yells.


Bakugo coughs and wipes his mouth before grinning. All Might is confused for a second before he hears footsteps behind him. He quickly turns to see Kirishima and Izuku running up to him.


They stop a few feet back and raise their arms. They both have one of Bakugo’s gauntlets. All Might punches the air to try to stop them, but Todoroki makes an ice wall that takes the punch. Bakugo jumps on All Might’s head and lets off an explosion. Smoke surrounds his vision.


Somewhere amidst the chaos, he hears that Aizawa has been captured. Well then.


Kirishima and Izuku jump while letting off explosions from the gauntlets into All Might’s face.


The smoke clears. Everyone breathes heavily while Shinso puts the handcuffs on All Might.


All Might has been captured! Congratulations, you all pass!”




“Where are the kids?” Shu asks. Kurohi shrugs and turns back to his computer.


“Probably doing some business. They’ll be fine.”


Shu hums and goes back to her book. Should she be worried? Maybe. But right now Mary is having an affair with John and Peter is about to find out.




The three kids leave. Shigaraki stares after them before grinning. Kurogiri notices, “What’s on your mind?”


Shigaraki shakes his head, his grin unwavering, “Nothing. But those kids… they’re dangerous. Powerful assets to the league.”

Chapter Text

“Honestly, you should’ve held back! What would happen if they got seriously injured! You don’t think you!” Recovery Girl scolds All Might. He laughs nervously as he exits the room. He deflates back to his true form as he walks down the halls.


Recovery Girl sighs. She turns to Izuku, “And you! Say something when your arm hurts to avoid any permanent damage!”


Izuku nods, “Yes ma'am.” She huffs and tends to the others in the room, scolding them all for being reckless. Izuku’s right arm hurts a lot, but it’ll heal. He’s just proud of his class for passing. Izuku really just wants to sleep though.




“Congrats on passing my dudes!” Tera exclaims. She hugs Izuku tightly and then proceeds to hug everyone else. Izuku smiles and heads to his room, too exhausted to interact with people. Shinso has the same idea and the two break off from the group.


When they part, the two share a fist bump and a smile.


Aizawa stands outside of Izuku’s room. Izuku raises an eyebrow but lets him inside. Izuku sits on his bed as Aizawa leans on his desk. He folds his arms and stares at Izuku for a moment. Izuku tilts his head, “What’s up?”


Aizawa stares for a moment before sighing. He looks at Izuku’s arm, “How’s your arm holding up?”


“A little sore, but it’s fine,” Izuku shrugs. Aizawa nods. They stay in silence for a while but Izuku doesn’t mind.


“Any deaths?”


Izuku widens his eyes, “W-what?”


“Did you see anyone die?”


“N-no,” Izuku’s voice cracks. He cringes on the inside.


“Then why are your hands shaking?”


Izuku stares down at the hands in his lap. His hands are shaking, but only slightly. Nothing to be worried about. “I-I’m fine. Really.”


Aizawa crouches in front of Izuku. Izuku refuses to meet his eyes. He bites his lip and looks around at nothing in particular.


Izuku sighs heavily, “So… no deaths-” he laughs humorlessly, “-but maybe some blood. And broken bones. And some weird sounds coming from our bodies. And maybe a crushed bunny which really scarred me.” Izuku shakes his head frantically and stares at Aizawa.


Aizawa sighs and stands up. He pats Izuku’s head, “Problem child. Don’t bottle it up, got it?” Izuku nods sharply.


“Yes sir!” he fake salutes. Aizawa chops his head and heads out of the room. Izuku smiles tiredly and flops down on his bed.




Izuku and Tera got the all clear from Aizawa and Nezu. They can now go out as long as they have some company. Ashido decides to celebrate by going out to the mall for fun.


“Oh, the training camp will be coming up soon. So while you’re at it, get some supplies,” Aizawa says before slipping in his sleeping bag.


That leads to right now. The class minus Bakugou and Todoroki all head to the mall. They split off into small groups and plan to meet back for lunch. Izuku heads to a candy store with Uraraka, Iida, Tsuyu, and Shinso.


“Whoaaaa, there’s so much candy,” Izuku’s eyes sparkle with wonder. They spend the next 10 minutes sampling candy and debating which ones to get.


“This one is cherry flavored!” Uraraka holds up a gumball. Izuku smiles and takes it.


“I think aunt Nemuri would like a bunch of those,” Izuku says. He picks a couple of them before turning to look at something else Iida found. Uraraka turns to Shinso.


“You gonna get anything?” she asks. Shinso shrugs and holds up a gummy bear.


“I’m not really crazy about sweets,” he continues to look around at the assortment of gummy bears. Uraraka hums and spots something that makes her grin.


“There’s a cat store across from us. Wanna head over there after?” Shinso eyes the store and nods. Uraraka smiles and looks for more treats.




“Uh, what happened to Shinso?” Kaminari asks. He stifles a laugh as Shinso turns to look at him. He has on cat ears and whiskers while holding multiple bags from the same store.


It was the cat store.


“Nothing happened,” Shinso says. The class laugh as Shinso rolls his eyes. They settle down in a cafe and start chatting about their day. Izuku stretches and stands up.


“Where you going Midoribro?” Kirishima asks.


“Bathroom,” Izuku shrugs. “I won’t be long and it’s literally right there,” he points behind him. He turns and leaves the group.


“He’ll be fine,” Tera reassures Kirishima.




Izuku flushes the toilet and opens the door. Once swinging it open, he meets eyes with a taller male. Izuku widens his eyes and takes a step back.


“Yo,” Nuso says. “Long time no see.”

Chapter Text

Izuku’s mind goes blank and slowly reboots. He barely has any time to react before dodging Nuso’s punch. Nuso hits the wall instead and falls forward. Izuku tales the chance to run. Nuso growls and shoots some fire from his nails.


It hits right past Izuku’s head. Izuku dashes out of the bathroom and grabs the nearest object. He grabs a plate and throws it at Nuso. It melts when Nuso’s flames hit it. He grins, “That the best you can do Izu?”


Nuso aims another attack but Kirishima blocks it. The class gets prepared to fight. Izuku looks around and hears nearby explosions. And cackling? He turns to see Anri on top of a flying robot while it drops explosives.


Nuso smirks and jumps over the class. He stays in the air thanks to his shoes blowing air. His grin stays as he dives down and pushes Izuku out of the cafe. He does it until Izuku is falling straight to the ground.


Izuku grabs Nuso mid air and slams him into the ground. The force of his actions make Izuku roll away and slam into a cart. Not that anyone minds, everyone’s pretty much evacuated now.


Nuso stands up swaying from side to side. He breathes heavily and wipes away blood from his nose.


Izuku gulps.




“Midoriya!” Yaoyorozu shouts out. She goes to follow, but a robot slams into her face. Stumbling back, she meets eyes with blue eyes. The girl smiles and presses a button on the robot before jumping right in front of the class.


“Hello! Please don’t get in the way of our business! If you do, you’re gonna have a tough time,” she has on a smug look. The robot flies towards them all. It manages to knock away half of the class leaving the other to face the girl.


“I’m Anri! You’re probably gonna meet all of Zuku’s family today!” Anri laughs loudly while swinging around a remote. “Let’s play!”




Half of the class got knocked back by the robot. Some fell to the ground, but Ashido doesn’t have time to worry about them. She lays on the ground for a moment before rolling away as a blast of wind comes towards her.


Standing up, she locks eyes with a boy. He grins before aiming another blast at her. She shoots some acid at the attack, but some of it’s absorbed before it hits Ashido. She yelps at the humidity of it and the feeling of it. Her arms are itchy and it’s hard to breathe.


Hagakure grabs her arm and pulls her out of the wind attack. Ashido breathes heavily and grips Hagakure’s arm, “Thanks.”


“No problem,” Hagakure says. “Kaminari and Aoyama are in here somewhere. Let’s get together and plan something. ‘Cause right now, we’ll be crushed .”




Uraraka quickly taps Shinso making him float before he hits the ground. She’s too far away from Jiro and Tokoyami though. Dark Shadow comes out and grabs onto a railing while Tokoyami grabs Jiro.


Uraraka sighs in relief and slowly lets Shinso and herself down. Tokoyami and Jiro follow suit and the four of them catch their breaths.


“What exactly happened?” Shinso says. The three shrug before a burst of fire comes at them. They dodge it, and stare at the source.


“Heroes really should be more aware of their surroundings. How else would you survive?” a boy mocks them. “Name’s Zura. Wanna play?” He grins before blowing his palms causing fire to shoot out.




Izuku rolls away from another attack. He runs into a toy store and hides in one of the aisles.


“Izu, you there?” Nuso whispers. Izuku holds his breath. Nuso jumps in front of him and Izuku yelps while throwing stuffed animals at him. Nuso stumbles back but Izuku doesn’t stop his attack.


“Ow- ok wait wait- stop, some have batteries in them- shIT!” Nuso rubs his eye as some fluff gets in it. Izuku goes to run, but Nuso grabs him by his wrist. He pulls Izuku against a wall and puts his hand against Izuku’s mouth.


Izuku stares at it in confusion before Nuso slowly takes it off. He puts his hands up in surrender, “Listen buddy, I personally don’t wanna fight you.”


Izuku raises a confused eyebrow, “Okay?”

Nuso sighs. He stands there for a moment before taking out a piece of paper. “My phone number.”


Izuku hesitantly takes it. “And why give it to me?” He pockets it and slowly moves away from Nuso. Nuso notices but doesn’t comment.


“Because shit’s gonna go down if you don’t contact me for information.” Nuso says seriously. He grabs some rope from a toy and hands it to Izuku, “Now tie me up and help your… friends? They’re your friends right?”


Izuku slowly takes the rope, “Yes, they’re my friends. And why am I tying you up?”


Nuso groans and sits down on the floor, “‘Cause I’m not fighting you. And I need an excuse when they find out.” He snaps his fingers that startle Izuku. “Get tying!”


Izuku yelps and hurriedly ties up Nuso.




Later, Izuku might regret not listening to Nuso.

Chapter Text

Why is Nuso doing this? He’s a college student now, an adult! But here he is, hopping his way through a toy store ‘cause Izuku is really good at tying people up. To be honest, this wasn’t his best idea, but it leaves him out of this mess so he can’t really complain.


Nuso could just burn the ropes, but he’s too lazy right now. He’ll just stick with hopping. He hops forward when a bird thingy flies past him and he hears Zura’s maniacal laughter nearby. Nuso blinks and stands for a moment before hopping to an overturned bench. He crouches down and observes.


A girl with brown hair floats in the air dodging Zura’s flames. She looks a little sick and about to puke right at Zura, which Nuso will allow her to do since it’s what Zura deserves.


Nuso ducks when a potted plant is thrown near his head. It seems the floating girl is using whatever’s nearby to attack. Too bad she has horrible aim while almost puking.


Zura gets tackled from behind by a boy with purple hair. The boy shouts out and a girl with weird ear lobes comes running. She plugs her ear lobe thingys into Zura’s ears, and Zura shouts out in pain.


Nuso snorts.


Zura looks dazed and Nuso takes this as a cue to get the fuck out of there.




Nuso slowly burns off the ropes on him while hopping aimlessly. He’s supposed to leave with everyone else, so going now won’t look so good. He sighs as he burns off the rest of his ropes and stretches his arms out.


He hears commotion above him and sees a laser shoot at something. Nuso goes to an empty store and watches the scene above him. A pink girl shoots something at Ita, but he rolls away so the attack lands on a plant instead. The plant melts and Nuso concludes her quirk is acid based. It seems like Ita is fighting some long range attackers.


Ita simply grins and ducks another attack from pinky over there. Nuso would watch the rest, but a sparkly laser beam almost shot his head off. He would rather not die by sparkles thank you very much.


And so, Nuso sprints the fuck out of there before anyone notices.




Nuso doesn’t know what the fuck is going on anymore.


Anri’s robot thing found him and carried him up to where Anri was fighting people. He sighed and hopped down from the robot and stood next to a grinning Anri. She wasn’t even fighting herself, a bunch of small robots were.


She seemed to have an endless supply of them. Whenever one got destroyed, another came out of the big robot. Anri gives a satisfied humph as another batch of robots got sent out. She turns to Nuso with a smirk, “Did ya get Zuku?”


“Nope,” Nuso doesn’t turn to her. Instead, he stares at a boy with a huge tail wag off the chompy robots off his tail. He seems very confused and Nuso can understand that.


Anri frowns a little, “What? That was literally your only job you dum dum.” Anri sighs and rubs a hand down her face. “Ya know Hisashit’s gonna come down here himself. Oh, and your mom and dad left already.”


Nuso shrugs, “I didn’t even know they came with us.”


“They gave us the ride here.”


“Oh shit really?”




Izuku runs with no real destination in mind. That’s actually a lie since Izuku is running directly towards the cafe everyone was at. He wants to help his friends and make sure they’re ok. And he’s still mulling over what Nuso said.


Izuku shakes his head. Right now he has to help his friends.


He spots Tera hiding behind a potted plant tapping away quickly. Izuku looks around before coming up to her. She looks up and breaks out in a relieved grin.


“Holy shit, I thought you died,” she says. Tera pulls Izuku into a hug crushing the air out of him. Izuku wraps his hands around her the best he can. Tera pulls away and shoves the phone into his face. Izuku squints and tries to see what’s on the phone, but Tera quickly takes it back before he could see anything.


“I texted Aizawa and he’s coming here in a couple minutes. For now, we need to hold them off. But, they’re split up and I don’t really know what to do,” Tera says. Izuku bites his lip and looks around the mall.


“Do you know where they are?”


“Uh, most of them are fighting this girl with a bunch of robots. I don’t know about the others.”


Izuku puts a finger to his chin. He looks around and snaps with a grin.


“I have an idea.”




Uraraka sighed in relief when they gave Zura to the authorities outside. She turned, ready to head back in when a hand landed on her shoulder.


“And where do you think you’re going?” Aizawa asked. Uraraka gulped and turned with a small smile.


“Uh, back to the mall…?”




“I needed some… bug spray! Yep! Haha,” Uraraka chuckles awkwardly. Aizawa gives her an unimpressed look.


“Stay with your classmates out here. Don’t. Go. Inside.”




Somehow, it all goes back to the double sided tape.


Tera cherished her double sided tape in her tape collection. It held special memories starting with Izuku using it to stop a store robbery. She always smiled at that memory.


Right now, they’re in a tape store near the cafe but not close enough to be noticed.


“I didn’t even know tape stores were a thing,” Izuku mumbled. Tera nods.


“It looks pretty lit tho,” she says. Izuku sighs quietly and heads straight to the double sided tape. Tera grins excitedly.


“What’s your plan?”




Anri frowns and presses buttons on her remote. The new batch of tiny robots got stuck on something right when they got out of the big one. Nuso walks over and picks one up. He hums and holds the robot at a distance.


“It’s tape they’re stuck on. I don’t even know how it got here, but it’s trapping all your robots.” Nuso places the robot back onto the tape. “Not really strong enough. You should redesign.”


Anri rolls her eyes, “They’re not meant for fighting. Just things to hold them off.” She looks back at the tape covered floor and frowns. How did the tape get there in the first place? Nuso and herself were standing near it, so they should've seen someone come by. Anri senses someone nearby and turns to look at… nothing.


Hagakure sweats as Anri turns her head and stares straight at her. Hagakure stays absolutely still and probably even stopped breathing. She relaxes when Ashido draws Anri’s attention away.


Hagakure swiftly runs off still not being noticed. Izuku and Tera stand with her clothes in hand and smiles.


“Good job,” Izuku says. He hands her shirt to her while Tera gushes over how cool Hagakure was. Izuku wasn't really paying attention, but he caught the words ninja and assassin so he has a general idea on what she's talking about.




Hagakure watched inside the store as Ashido and Aoyama fought Ita. Kaminari was trying to contact the heroes while she sat there and tried to think of a plan.


She's desperately failing,


Planning wasn't her thing. Her mind is blank and her nerves are all over the place. Why was this happening?? They went out for a good time! Was that too much to ask for?!


Kaminari grabbed her shoulder tightly and spun her so that she faced him. “Hagakure, I need you to focus. Right now, Ashido and Aoyama need our help.” His face twists into concern, “Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t know what to do.”


Hagakure looks back out and sees some green hair nearby. She steadies her breathing and starts stripping her clothes. She hands them to a confused Kaminari and points outside. “I’m gonna sneak up on him and hopefully the other two will attack. Midoriya is down there somewhere, so go while we fight off this guy.”


Kaminari doesn’t seem to agree with the plan, but eventually nods when Aoyama throws up on the ground.




One day outside should’ve been fine. The kids should’ve been safe. But nooooo , Izuku’s family just had to attack. Aizawa sighs as he runs over to where Ashido is. She’s tending to Aoyama while Kaminari stays on lookout.


Kaminari notices him and breaks out into a grin. “Sensei!”


Aizawa runs over and crouches down to look over Aoyama. “Aoyama, are you ok?”


“Oui,” he weakly says. He wobbly smiles and Ashido pats his head. Aizawa nods and looks to the tied up boy on the ground. He looks similar to the boy outside. Must be twins.


Kaminari scratches his head, “Midoriya and everyone else are somewhere else fighting some other people.” Aizawa nods and stands.


An explosion rings out and aizawa covers his face from the dust.






Anri, hit self destruct on all your robots.”


Anri presses her phone closer to her ear, “Am I hearing you right? After all we did? We didn’t even get Zuku yet! That was the whole point!”


I don’t care. Heroes are here and the twins already got captured.”


Anri groans and hangs up. Stupid Hisashit and his stupid decisions. Anri sighs and looks at Nuso. she holds up her remote and Nuso widens his eyes. Anri doesn’t give any other warning before hitting the big red button.


The robots explode. Izuku blinks and pulls Tera toward him as a big piece of metal come hurling at them. Everyone’s too busy protecting themselves that they don’t notice a black portal pop up on the wall. Nuso and Anri quietly make their escape.




“Any info?” Aizawa asks. Tsukauchi sighs and flips through his notepad.


“They’re just teenagers. They’re family works for Verve Industries, a company Midoriya Hisashi owns. What they actually do is still unknown to us. They won’t say anything else though.” He looks back at the boy in the room. “Both are similar in personality and their quirks are powerful. Better keep watch on them.”




Izuku flops down on his bed. He touches his bandaged face and stares at the ceiling. His clothes lay in a pile on the ground forgotten. The only thing on his mind is sleep.


The training camp is in only 2 weeks.


Izuku’s gonna get all the sleep he can get.

Chapter Text

Izuku doesn’t really remember what happened in the weeks following the mall incident. All he knows is that everyone’s pretty excited about it. He is too since this is his first time doing something like this.


They get on the bus and settled in for an hour drive. Iida spent most of the time trying to keep everyone under control. Izuku gave him a cookie once he gave up after a while. Izuku looked out of the window watching the trees pass by. He closes his eyes and opens them when the bus stops.


Izuku looks around and rubs his eyes. He doesn’t remember when they got here, so he must’ve fallen asleep. Aizawa tells them it’s a bathroom break and they all get out. Izuku stretches and looks around.


A car pulls up and out jumps 2 woman and a kid. The Wild Wild Pussycats they introduce themselves. Izuku smiles but notices the little boy glaring at them all. He meets Izuku’s eyes and quickly looks away with a scowl.


Izuku turns his attention to the forest down below and briefly forgets why they stopped here.


“Uh, sensei. Where’s the bathroom?” Sero asks. The rest of the class look around and start asking the same question. Aizawa sighs and the other heroes grin. Izuku widens his eyes before they’re all thrown over the edge of the railing.


Tsuyu catches him with her tongue and they land with some dirt on their clothes.


“Is everyone ok?” Yaoyorozu asks. Everyone confirms and look up to where the heroes are.


“Make it through the forest by noon and you get to eat!” Pixie Bob shouts.


The rumbling sound behind them makes Izuku groan on the inside.




Izuku rubs his eyes as he exits the forest with his classmates. The whole day went by like a blur. Izuku only remembers a bunch of shouting and dirt getting all over his body.


He completely missed what the heroes were saying once they exited, but he’s too hungry and tired to care. The kid was introduced to them though. Kota was his name. Kirishima went up to him and got punched in the balls.


Izuku waves at Kota and gets a glare in response.




The next day comes quickly and it’s so early that Izuku can’t register if he even slept that night. Bakugou threw a ball and now they’re training their quirks apparently. It makes sense, their quirks need lot more control if they’re gonna use them in the future.


Prescience has been acting up lately. Izuku hasn’t used it in the past few days, which is weird since it usually activates at least once a day. He shrugs it off and focuses on Ragdoll in front of him. He must be really tired since he doesn’t remember when they both sat down on the ground.


Class 1-B joins them and it’s actually quite fun even if they’re all dying from training.



The hot springs feel nice after a long day of training. Soon, they all go to bed and get ready for the next day.


More quirk training drains everyone’s energy. Izuku still feels fine though since Prescience hasn’t activated yet. He sighs and lies down on the ground, taking a break per Ragdoll’s suggestion.


He sees Kota walk away and Mandalay notices. Izuku turns his head to face Mandalay who sits beside him.


“Why does he hate us all?”


Her smile is sad. Her eyes shift to the paws in her lap, “His parents were heroes who got killed. He’s been hating heroes ever since.”




They’re doing a test of courage. Izuku has never done one and is really excited. Everyone should be in a pair and Izuku’s teamed up with Ojiro. The two high five and wait their turn to go in.


After a while, smoke starts to go up in the sky. Izuku can see some of the trees go up in blue flames. Everyone stands on edge when a shout is heard.


Pixie Bob lies on the ground knocked out while 2 people stand over her. The green one pounds the cement block onto Pixie Bob causing blood to ooze out of her body.


Izuku and everyone else stands in shock. Tiger shouts out in rage and goes to attack. Mandalay dodges a cement block coming at her and sniffles. Izuku turns and looks at the rest of his classmates.


“We need to go!” Izuku shouts. The others blink and nod. They run with Izuku at the end. He looks up and sees a big shadow on top of a mountain cliff. Izuku doesn’t realize his feet’s moving until he’s jumping to catch Kota who’s falling off the cliff.


They crash and Kota shivers while Izuku slowly sits up. The big shadow stays there, motionless. Izuku wonders why they aren’t moving. Kota pats Izuku’s cheek getting his attention.


“Th-they’re after you and this Bakugou kid,” he says. Izuku goes to say something when a high pitched whirring catches his attention.


“The kid ruined the surprise! Booooo,” Anri says. Izuku doesn’t turn around. Instead, he gets up and runs in the opposite direction. The whirring stays behind him and Izuku shifts his eyes to Kota who’s clinging to his body.


“Think you can shoot water at that robot?” Izuku breathlessly says. Kota looks at him then at the robot chasing them.


“I-if it gets closer,” Kota whispers. Izuku nods and slows down a bit allowing the robot to get closer. Kota extends his arms and shoots water. Then he screams.


Izuku registers the smell of blood and forces himself to face forward and to keep on running .




They somehow meet up with Shoji and Tokoyami, though Tokoyami seems to have lost control. Shoji carries Koda who’s hands are now gone and bleeding out, but Izuku can’t focus on that.


“We need to warn Bakugou and everyone else,” Izuku says.


“I agree. But both you and Bakugou are targets. Once we find him, you both get to safety.” Shoji says. Izuku nods and Shoji looks at Tokoyami. “I can’t leave him though.”


Izuku looks and nods. A huge glacier of ice appears and Izuku gets an idea.




Izuku is not a very fast runner compared to Shoji. But right now he’s putting his all into not getting caught by Tokoyami. The wind around them becomes humid and it makes it hard to breathe.


Shoji runs ahead as Izuku shakes his head. He catches up but they both stop when Tokoyami screams. They turn and see Zura using his flames to calm Tokoyami. Ita puts a muzzle on him and knocks Tokoyami out.


Izuku grabs Shoji’s hand and drags him out of there.




Todoroki and Bakugou seem to be ok. Izuku tells them about how they’re targets, and the move as a group out of the forest. Kota passed out a while ago but the blood never stopped flowing out.


They tried to bandage it up with their shirts, but there’s too much blood. Izuku rubs his eyes and looks at Todoroki’s little flame in his hand lighting up the way. Izuku has a horrible idea, but it’s the best he can come up with.


“Todoroki… can you… cauterize his wound?” Izuku asks quietly. Todoroki stops and looks at the flame in his hand. Izuku gently touches Kota’s cheek, “It’ll stop the bleeding until we can get him to a hospital.


Kota woke up screaming but passed out soon after. The blood stopped and Izuku didn’t take his hand off Kota’s cheek.




They walk slowly to an area where they heard screams. They quickly go up to a tied up Tsuyu and cut up Uraraka. Izuku pushes Todoroki out of the way when a knife flies towards them. It cuts into Izuku’s arm, but he doesn’t care right now.


“New friends!” a girl come out of the shadows. Todoroki separates them with an ice wall. Uraraka widens her eyes and slaps them all with her quirk. She takes Kota and points to a jumping villain.


“He got Bakugou!” she shouts. Tsuyu helps push them with her tongue. Once they’re out of sight, Uraraka passes out. Tsuyu checks on her and one of the many cuts she has seems to be gushing out blood.




They land where the villains are grouped up. They’re immediately attacked by blue flames.


The fight is a blur to Izuku. He sees Nuso there and shakes his head once their gazes meet. He seems disappointed, but Izuku doesn’t know why.


Shoji grabs a marble, but it turns out to be Tokoyami who’s still passed out. Izuku sees Bakugou and he doesn’t see the cement block coming behind him. He gets hit in the head and passes out.




Izuku opens his eyes to see everyone gathered around ambulances. He learns about the news from Aizawa.


Kota went straight into the hospital, but he hasn’t woken up yet.


Uraraka was bleeding out too much. She’s in a coma.


There was gas apparently, and almost half of everyone are unconscious. Doctors don’t know when they’ll wake up.


Some people got their limbs cut off due to Anri’s robot. Aizawa tried but failed to hide his missing forearm.


Yaoyorozu and Awase got crushed by a nomu. They died on the way to the hospital.


Kendo got shot and Tetsutetsu had to be restrained by Vlad King.


Pixie Bob died due to blood loss.


Ragdoll is missing.


Half of the forest burned down.


And Izuku closes his eyes.




His eyes feel heavy. He knows that he should open them, but they’re too heavy. It takes so much energy.


He sits up and looks around. Izuku’s in his room, on his bed, and it’s probably the middle of the night,


He smacks his lips and rubs his eyes.


He stops and gets up quickly.


He grabs his phone and opens up the camera. He looks over his face and sees it bandaged. Looking at the date on his phone, it’s the day after the mall incident.


“Does that mean… the camp didn’t happen yet?” Izuku whispers to himself. He doesn’t know if this is a dream or not.


He chuckles to himself, “No, no, no. This is… this has to be a joke right?” Izuku goes to his text messages and sends a picture of a cat to Yaoyorozu. She responds a minute later with her own cat picture.


Izuku clutches his phone in his hand. She responded, meaning she isn’t dead, which means-


Izuku falls down to the floor and throws his phone on his bed. He pulls his hair as his mind tries to wrap around the idea that the training camp didn’t happen, no one died, and no one was taken away.


Nuso shaking his head pops up in his mind, and Izuku’s eyes shift to the pile of clothes he forgot about. He slowly crawls while tears fall to the ground. When did he start crying?


He gently takes the number out of his pants and opens it up. Numbers written hastily appear and Izuku runs his fingers over them. He pinches himself and slaps his arm and does anything else to assure him that this isn’t a dream.


He picks up his phone and dials the number. Sitting on the floor with tears still streaming down his face, Izuku clutches the paper in his hand.



“Give me the information, please.”

Chapter Text

Nuso rubs his eyes furiously while he stumbles out of bed. He was taking a nap and was rudely awaken by a call. But it was Izuku who called, asking for information. He sounded desperate and Nuso was a little bit concerned. It sounded like he was crying.


He doesn’t question it though and went to his desk. Pulling out a notebook and untangling his earbuds, his mind tells him to calm down. Yeah, his room is soundproof but Anri may have robots anywhere in here that he hasn’t noticed yet.


Breathing out slowly, he opens his notebook. “What do you want to know?”


Izuku blinks slowly and squints his eyes at the ceiling. “I, uh, everything please and thank you?”


Nuso sighs, “Yeah that much was obvious. But I need some sort of payment here. Not doing this for free.” Nuso leans back in his seat and crosses his arms.


Izuku rubs his eyes, “Like money?”


Nuso sways his head, “Maybe. But I’m thinking about information.”


Izuku clutches the phone in his hand, “I’m not betraying my friends for this.”


“Chill out dude,” Nuso breathes out. Izuku just did a 180 with his tone and Nuso’s recovering from the whiplash. “I kinda hoped you would, but I have other information I want so don’t worry.”


Izuku pushes himself off the floor and sits on his bed, “What do you wanna know then?”


“We haven't seen each other in like, 10 years? Ish?” Nuso shakes his head. “Whatever, it doesn't really matter. But I’m thinking a lot has happened since I saw you when you were 5.”


“How’d you figure that out?” Izuku asks dryly.


“Just a hunch,” Nuso replies seriously. Izuku facepalms himself quietly as Nuso goes on, “I wanna know what happened to you. So, I’ll ask a question and then once you answer it, I’ll give you some info. How about it?”


Izuku scrunches up his nose, “Questions about me?”


“Yeah. Like what you experienced, how you’re at UA, what your quirk is.” Nuso really wants to know that last one the most.


Izuku is silent before sighing, “Ok, ask away I guess.”


Nuso widens his eyes, “Really? You never know what I might do with this info you know. You sure?”


“Yes. If it can prevent anyone from dying and getting severly injured, then I’ll answer any questions you have,” Izuku says with a determined tone. His mind flashes to the scattered blood on his clothes, but quickly shakes his head.


Nuso nods even if Izuku can’t see it. He stretched his arms over his head and shakes his arms out. “Alrighty then.” He clears his throat, “Question 1: What is your quirk?”


Izuku supposes that isn’t bad information to give out. Still, he chooses his words carefully. “It’s called Prescience. I can basically see into the future, but I have no control over it.”


Nuso whistles, “You get that from Aunt Inko?”


Izuku shrugs, “Yeah, I guess so.”


“Is Prescience the reason you’re asking for information right now?”







They sit in silence for a moment. Izuku clears his throat, “So, I answered like 3 questions. The information?”


Nuso leans on his desk and opens his notebook. He contemplates what to share for now. Skimming his notes, he lands on one section that’d be a good start. “Alright. The league of Villains are working with us and they recruited some new villains. They’re known as the Vanguard action squad. They’re the ones actually attacking you guys while you’re in the forest for a training camp.”


“I know that. There’s this guy with blue flames, a girl with blond hair tied up into buns, a green one, someone with big lips I think and… this huge figure. Right?” Izuku asks.


Nuso is silent for a moment. “Did you meet them all?”


Izuku sighs and walks around his room, “No, Prescience showed me what you guys plan to do. I was just trying to see if the info you gave was true. And it matches with what I saw, so I think I can fully believe you now.”


“And you didn’t before? I’m hurt,” when Nuso is met with silence he sighs, “So what do you actually need to know then?”


“I don’t know!” Izuku exclaims. “That’s the thing, I called you with no plan whatsoever. I just- everything went to crap in the forest and then I-I saw you and- and then I remembered the number you gave and so I called! But the information you give me might already be info I know, so what’s the actual point of this,” Izuku whispers the last part to himself.


Nuso breathes and flips his notebook to the first page, “Ok, here’s the deal. Answer my questions and then tell me what you saw bit by bit from the beginning. When you’re done with recalling everything, I’ll tell you more info you need to know in exchange for answers to random questions I have. Deal?”


Izuku sighs to himself and flops down on the bed. Is this a bad idea? Isn’t he technically working with the enemy? Is this worth it?


His mind jumps back to Kota’s cauterized wrists, Tokoyami being muzzled, Pixie Bob being crushed, and Aizawa’s missing forearm. The screams are vivid and the he can still smell the burning of the forest trees. The smell of blood comes to him slowly and the bright blue flames dance around him, mocking him. Trapping him.






Nuso reviews his notes as Izuku leaves for a bathroom break. Izuku just finished recalling everything he knew, now it’s Nuso’s turn to give him some info. Nuso looks back on his notes and marks which ones to share with Izuku.


Izuku actually knows a lot. There’s only very few pieces of information Nuso can give him. Nuso doesn’t really care that Izuku basically knew the whole plan, he cares about the information he got about Izuku from Izuku himself.


Izuku has a quirk named Prescience that doesn’t cooperate with him. He’s been living with Eraserhead since he was 13 and had been living in an apartment until the dorms. Before that, Izuku was on the streets walking aimlessly. Nuso felt a bit guilty when he heard what Izuku saw, but he’s relieved that nothing bad happened.


No, that’s a lie. A lot of bad things happened.


Nuso sighs as he flips through more of the answers Izuku gave him. He likes the color green, his favorite food is green beans, and he was homeschooled until UA. There, he made friends and got his life together somewhat. Nuso’s just summarizing what he learned.


Why did Nuso ask those questions?


He just misses his little cousin that wanted to do the paperwork with him when he got older. The cousin that made everyone in the family laugh, though maybe it was more mockingly then joyfully. The more Nuso thinks about it, the more he realizes how messed up his family is.


“It’s actually really obvious what the fuck,” Nuso mutters to himself. He stares at the ceiling rethinking past family interactions and slowly coming to the conclusion that, yep, their family isn’t the best.


When Izuku comes back, Nuso rubs his forehead. “Did you know our family is fucked up?”


“You’re just now realizing this? And you’re asking me ?” Izuku scoffs lightly, “I thought you were actually smart Nuso.”


“Hey, I’ve been busy trying not to get killed by one of Anri’s robots. And honestly, our family has been at the back of my mind.” Nuso sighs, “But whatever. Here’s the info you don’t know yet. It’s very little things that shouldn’t affect what happens at the forest, but it’s useful to know.”


Izuku yawns, “I thought you were gonna ask me more questions?”


“Yeah, but it’s like 3 in the morning and I want sleep, so just take the info would ya?” Nuso says. He yawns, “Alrighty then. This guy named Twice can make copies of people. They can fight and talk like regular human beings, but can easily be destroyed if you attack it hard enough.”


Izuku rubs his eyes, “Does he wear a mask thingy?”

“Yeah, something about keeping him in control or something. I wasn’t really paying attention. He contradicts himself too, it’s actually really annoying,” Nuso frowns. “Toga, the blond girl, can transform into people if she has their blood. Don’t know if she can use their quirks though, so watch out for her.”


“Dabi, blue flame guy, has, well, blue flames. That’s literally it, but it’s really powerful. Mr. Compress, can turn things including humans into marbles by touch. They won’t be damaged, so don’t worry about that if you turn into a marble.”


“Magne, magnet powers basically. Male go one way, females go the other. Spinner, literally a knockoff teenage mutant ninja turtle. He’s obsessed with Stain though, so he fights similarly to him.”


Izuku shivers at the mention of Stain.


“This Mustard guy. He has this gas that knocks people out? Wasn’t paying close attention. There’s this batshit crazy villain who won’t hesitate to kill, so yeah. Then there’s Muscular, very strong and dangerous person.”


Izuku nods as he writes this all down on a piece of paper. The way Nuso describes the villains, the more Izuku can recall in his dream how they act and fight. Kind of. It’s fuzzy now, but Izuku can get a general image of them.


“The villains want that Bakugou kid, and our family wants you. Anri and the twins met with the League and formed some kind of alliance. The twins want to take someone from your class and try to use that as leverage against you if the plan fails. Anri wants to test her new robots before giving them to her clients. I just want the money and Hisashit wants you.”


“Why do the villains want Bakugou?” Izuku asks.


Nuso sighs, “I don’t know. None of us know, they seem to want to keep it from us. It’s suspicious, but what do you expect from villains?” Nuso leans back in his seat.


Izuku tries but can’t think of any way the villains can use Bakugou. Leverage against UA? Just felt like it? Izuku groans and runs a hand over his face. “Anything else?”


“Nah, that’s all I got for you. Not much but good info to know, right?”


Izuku sighs, “Yeah, thanks.” Izuku closes his notebook and yawns. He eyes the clock and smiles tiredly, “Get some sleep. It’s like 4 in the morning now. Probably. I can’t really see that good in this darkness.”


Nuso chuckles, “Yeah ok. You think you guys are still going to the camp?”


“Knowing principal Nedzu, I’d expect us to be there.” Izuku gets off his bed and stretches. “You gonna tell everyone about this conversation, cuz I am.”


Nuso gets off his seat and flops down on his bed, “Nah, it’s fun to see them annoyed that the plan didn’t go like they thought it would.”


“You evil, evil man,” Izuku whispers. Nuso and Izuku both fall into delirious, tired laughter before hanging up on each other.


Izuku looks at the notebook in his hand and steps out of his room quietly. The floor squeaks and Izuku winces, but carries on into the darkness. He tiptoes past his friend’s rooms and stops in front of a closed door with light coming out of it.


Izuku frowns when he notices Aizawa’s still awake. Or he woke up really early, but Izuku thinks it’s the former. He shakes his head and knocks on the door. He should’ve saved this once he slept first, but Izuku knows he won’t get any sleep with this on his mind.


Aizawa opens the door and looks unimpressed. Izuku smiles awkwardly before holding up his notebook. Aizawa sighs and steps into the room, Izuku follows after.


This is gonna be a long conversation.

Chapter Text

“So, kid. Why are you here and not sleeping?” Aizawa raises an eyebrow. Izuku clears his throat and straightens his back.


“I, uh, know about the training camp.” Izuku looks down in his lap as he thinks. Aizawa leans back in his seat, his face stoic as ever. Izuku nods to himself, “Ok, so Prescience showed me what happens at the camp and, uh, it doesn’t really… end well.” Izuku takes a moment to gather his thoughts.


“How so?” Aizawa asks. Izuku presses his lips together and hands Aizawa the notebook. Aizawa flips through it and says nothing. Izuku sweats a bit as Aizawa takes a deep breath and stares directly at Izuku. Izuku gulps and stares back.


“How’d you get this information?”


“Prescience showed me in a dream.”


Aizawa flips through more pages, “It showed you all of this?” He eyes the random All Might doodles and snorts. Izuku notices but chooses not to comment on it.


He bites his lip and looks around the room. “Uh, my cousin Nuso kinda gave me the info.” Aizawa stares at him blankly. Izuku flails his arms, “Don’t worry! He said he wasn’t gonna say anything to the others. And the information doesn’t seem like a lie, unless he had some creative ideas and thought of those on the spot then ok, I can see your concern.”


Izuku rubs his eyes and yawns. Aizawa chuckles, “Don’t worry kid, I believe you.”


“Really?” Izuku asks. Aizawa nods and gets out of his seat. He grabs a blanket and throws it at Izuku. Izuku doesn’t try to catch it and it falls over his head. “This is nice.”


Aizawa goes back to his computer, “You knew the location of the camp and what we plan to do. That’s something not even most of the teachers here know about. So yeah, I trust you and this information.” A light snore makes Aizawa look back and see Izuku sleeping on the couch. He smiles and lowers the brightness on his computer.




Aizawa quickly walks down to Nedzu’s office holding the notebook close to his chest. He made sure to cover up Izuku’s name on the cover just in case anyone would get curious and ask Izuku about it.


Aizawa knocks on the door. “Come in,” Nedzu says from inside. Aizawa walks in and is greeted with Nedzu pouring out some tea. Nedzu smiles at him and places the teapot down, “Ah, Aizawa. Any particular reason you’re here?”


He sits and slides the notebook to Nedzu. Aizawa sighs, “One of my students found out about the training camp. From what they saw, it doesn’t turn out good.” He points to the notebook, “All the information they gathered is in there.”


Nedzu flips through the pages with his usual smile in place. “And who is this student?”


Aizawa narrows his eyes, “I don’t feel like I should tell you. No offense, but who knows what you might do to them.”


Nedzu chuckles and closes the notebook. “I will arrange a meeting with the teachers who know about the camp and we will figure out a course of action there.” Aizawa nods and stands up. He heads to the door when Nedzu calls out.


“Aizawa, I’m sure you’ve heard about Midoriya’s family, correct?”


Aizawa turns and crosses his arms. “Yes I have.”


Nedzu sips his tea, “And you will take full responsibility for him if they decide to fight for his custody?”


“Of course.” He turns and leaves. Nedzu smiles and flips through the notebook some more before going on his computer.


He’s been doing research on Verve Industries and can’t seem to get solid information on it. He knows it exists, but it seems that the internet does not. He scratches his chin and starts typing.




Izuku yawns as he walks into the common room. He doesn’t remember going back to his own room, but he’s not complaining. His bed was very soft.


Since it’s summer break for everyone, most people went back home to spend time with their families. Some decided to stay like Todoroki and Yaoyorozu while others left like Tsuyu who wanted to see her siblings.


Izuku grabs a cookie from the kitchen and joins Todoroki and Yaoyorozu on the couch. “Good morning.” He turns his head at noise in the kitchen. Probably Tera.


“Good morning,” Yaoyorozu says. She goes back to reading her book and Izuku gets comfy. Todoroki nods to him in greeting and continues flipping through the channels on tv. Izuku scrolls on his phone before getting a text message.



Check the news



Izuku slowly chews his cookie before nudging Todoroki. “Can you go to the news channel?” He nods and switches the channel. Tera comes and sits next to Izuku with a bowl of cereal. 


The news seems normal enough. Izuku doesn’t really see anything wrong. Was Nuso messing with him?


The breaking news comes on suddenly. 


“As you can see, we're currently outside the police station holding some of the people responsible for the mall attack not too long ago. But it seems their comrades have come back to get them.” The reporter turns towards the building.


The camera focuses on the burning building. People dressed in black run out with Ita and Zura as the building collapses. Screams are heard, but from what Izuku can see it’s just bystanders. He breathes out in relief when it’s reported that everyone got out safely.



Did u see it???







Now u know the whole fam’s gonna be there


Kind of

Idk if mom n dad r gonna go



Is my dad going????




He’s gonna be with crusty dusty man


Izuku drags his hand over his face. He stares at the ceiling for a moment before throwing his phone on the table. He leans on Tera’s shoulder. Tera pats his head, “It’s gonna be ok my dude.”


Izuku closes his eyes and a few tears slip out.




“Thank you for coming to this meeting on such short notice.” Nedzu smiles and clears his throat. “We’re here to discuss our course of action for the first years’ training camp. If you’ve read the email I sent out, you would know that there’s a high chance the forest will be attacked by villains. Thoughts?” 


“Shouldn’t we call off the whole camp then?” Present Mic asks. “I mean, we can’t put the kids at risk.” 


“That’s true,” Midnight nods her head. “But what would we tell the parents? Who knows what they might think if we suddenly cancel the camp.” Nedzu looks around at the silent room. 


“How about we let the kids go to the camp, but inform them on what’s gonna happen?” Nedzu suggests.


“No.” Aizawa stares hard at Nedzu, “They’re still kids. They don’t need to be fighting villains and risking their lives. Not yet.” He crosses his arms and leans back in his chair. He wears a frown and focuses his attention on Nedzu.


“What Aizawa says is true. Risking the students’ safety isn’t something UA would do.” Nedzu places his head on top of his paws, “Though, now that we know the information, we could just put heroes there and let them handle it.”


Midnight leans on the table, “Yes, we could. Though then that brings up how we’ll get these heroes and where the students will go for camp.” The room is silent for a moment. Aizawa sighs and leans back in his chair.


This will take a while.




Izuku doesn’t really wanna go to sleep. He’s kind of scared of Prescience showing him something he doesn’t wanna see. He scrolls on his phone before a notification pops up. 


It’s a new email from Aizawa. Izuku skims it before dropping his phone on the bed. He places his head in his hands and breathes deeply.


The training camp hasn’t been canceled. But there will be a meeting that both hero classes have to attend. Extra information about the camp apparently.


Izuku isn’t really happy.