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More than friends?

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Matt was laying down in his bunk. There wasn't a show until two days from now. When this happens, the whole group would have to stay at hotel for the next few days. The hazel eye boy peeked out of his bunk, Moving the dark red curtains to see his friends walk in and out of the bus. He saw joba and he decided to get out of his bunk. He brushed himself off and sat on the booth in the bus, "Are we leaving soon?" He asked and Joba replied with a simple nod. Matt went on his phone and started to play pointless games. 


When he noticed that everyone was already on, Matt went back in bunk. He was trying to text some of the girls on this dating app but he wasn't feeling it. He wanted to have sex with someone that he knew and trusted. He knew it couldn't be anyone on the bus, that would just be weird and he wasn't sure that anyone would sleep with him. Almost of the band has either girlfriends or boyfriends, Matt wasn't dating anyone right now. He did date a few girls in his life but tonight he wanted something different.


He knew one person who would be down. 


Matt seemed like the only one to notice Ciarán and his one night stands. Whenever the band gets a hotel, Ciarán would bring someone to his room. Matt thinks he has something like grindr for nights like that. Matt wasn't jealous as all, He never saw Ciarán like that. Matt needed something for tonight, It could a simple hand job, He doesn't care.


Matt started to plan out what he'll say to him. how hard could it be? Matt thought to himself. He felt the bus moving, The bus driver needed to get some gas so they'll have to stop before going to the hotel. About ten minutes in the drive, They were already at the gas station. Matt got out of his bunk in hope of Ciarán needing to get off as well. He waited a few seconds and he decided to check if he was in his bunk. He then realized that Ciarán had gotten off already.  He got out of the bus and went into the little store. Matt went up to Ciarán and smiled. "What?" He chuckled out holding his favorite bag of chips and a bottle of water. "Nothing. What are you going to do later?" Matt asked. Useally matt wasn't up and personal to Ciarán. "I'm just gonna sleep, Why do you ask?" He asked while getting his money out while standing in front of the cashier. "Just meet me in the restroom" Matt then turned his back to Ciarán and walked out of the store, The light brown hair boy didn't know what was going on.


Matt opened the door of the restroom that was in behind the store, He was surprised that it wasn't that dirty. He then heard a knock, He hoped that it was Ciarán and not someone else. Matt opened the door to see the guy he needed to see. "What do you want?" Ciarán said, Matt then pulled him closer to him. "You" 


"Oh" is all that fell out of Ciarán's mouth. Matt then back away, "Am i not your type?" He asked and Ciarán slightly nodded. "No but - Kinda. I think it's because i only see you as a friend" They both the looked at each other, "Well it's not like i have a crush on you or even liked you like that, I just need something" matt said leading against the wall. "What exactly do you need?" Ciarán asked, "Just to be fucked" Matt voice changed when he said that.  


Then Ciarán pushed himself onto Matt, "Please" Matt begged. Ciarán for sure wasn't going to have sex in this random restroom, It was pretty disguising. He wanted to tease the curiosity boy, He turned him around and he rested his hands on Matt's hips. He roughly started to push himself on Matt to just get a taste for what was going to happen tonight. Matt was already completely lost, How Ciarán was treating him made him feel good. Matt then started to unzip his pants, "Not yet" Ciarán said. He then turned Matt back around, "I like dirty talk, Are you okay with that?" Ciarán was in the cork of Matt's neck, "Ye-s-s" Matt felt chills run down his body, "You really want this?" Ciarán said. "I need it" Matt was pining his hips against Ciarán's, Making their heated touch through the fabric.


Matt was the one to kiss Ciarán first. He placed his hand in the short hair cut that the light brown hair boy had, "More" Matt sounded like he was wining now, "Later" Ciarán said with his accent, he then left; Matt was left breathless. 


Ciarán went in the bus and sat on the couch. He needed to text this guy that he couldn't come over tonight. Ciarán had been going out with this guy for a little while, He was more of a one night stand type of guy anyways. Ciarán ended up texting his lover that he was going to share a room with someone in the group and the twenty one year old was okay with that. Matt then walked into the bus, Ciarán could clearly see the outline when he walked by. 


Matt lay back in his bunk, he was still surprised that Ciarán was going to fuck him tonight. He couldn't lie, he was a bit excited. When ciarán said that he liked dirty talk, matt wanted to hop on him already. Matt then got a text from ciarán and it was just a winking face and he couldn't help but laugh. 


A hour had flew by and the group finally made it to a hotel that was in between the two cities. They got all their stuff off and went to their own room. Some of the members did share a room just for company. 


Matt went to his room and settled in. Ciarán was sharing a room with Romil. He waited a few minutes to go down the hall to Matt's room. He didn't have lube so he'll have to use his spit, Ciarán isn't mad about that though. He didn't know how matt will act, which kinda scares him.


He had known matt for years now and not even once he had thought about matt in this way.


Ciarán didn't really have a certain type, he liked whatever he could get. Ciarán did have a thing for blonde dudes but he'll let Matt slide. 


He got out of his room and walked down the hallway and knocked on Matt's door. Before Ciarán could say anything, Matt pushed himself onto ciarán. He closed the door behind and just pulled the top closer to him. "Need you" Matt's lips brushed against Ciarán's, "Do you have a condom?" The dark hair boy said getting on the bed, he looked so good looking up to ciarán. "Y-yeah" Ciarán was short of getting speechless now. 


Matt then started to pull off his white shirt, ciarán took off his blue jean jacket and climbed onto the bed. "I have - never did - this before with - a guy so I'm - not sure how long I'll last" Matt said while ciarán was kissing his neck, he slightly moan almost in between every word he said. "We could do it how ever many time you want" Ciarán said feeling on Matt's body. 


Matt started to mess with Ciarán's zipper and he finally reached his hands down his pants. He started to jerk him off, "Your pretty big" Matt said looking up at him, "You sound surprised" Ciarán chuckled. The two then started to kiss again, Matt felt his friend getting harder and harder.


Ciarán got up from the bed and pulled down his pants. "Get on your fours" He said pulling off his shirt as well. Matt then pulled down the pants he was wearing. Ciarán couldn't help but smile, he knew that matt would enjoy what is going to happen. Before doing anything, Ciarán put on a condom. 


He placed his left hand on Matt's hips, Matt head was buried in the bed sheets. Ciarán then spit on his right hand and softly rubbed it against Matt's hole, this made matt moan in the sheets. "Feels good?" Ciarán asked, he rubbed a bit rougher than before. Matt moves his hips to show that he was enjoying it. 


Then without warming, Ciarán placed his tip inside of matt. This made the bottom cry out in pleasure. Matt picked up his head and his jaw was now hanging with his own spit drooling down the corner of his mouth. Ciarán could feel the tightness around his cock spreading ever so slightly.


Matt moan out loudly, he arched his back so Ciarán could go deep inside of him. Matt held himself up, his upper body was moving back and forward. For it being his first time, it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. 


Ciarán was standing by the edge of the bed, he had matt all for himself. "More" matt rasped out, he then felt ciarán run his hand on his back. Ciarán felt up on Matt's back muscles, "Don't fucking tell me what to do" Ciarán said as he was still going the same pace, he was going to make matt work for it.


"Please, don't be like this" matt wines out. He didn't know how needy he would be. Usually when he had sex, matt would more quite and laid back. Matt just had never felt this feeling, he had been missing out on this for years. He moved his hips so they could hit against ciarán's hips.


Ciarán then reached out to tug on Matt's hair, this made matt's head jerk back. Matt felt so turned on and somehow so much sexy than before this. Their bodies rocked with each other until matt finished on the bed sheets. 


When ciarán noticed that, he pulled out. He slapped Matt's ass and it turned into a light shade of pink. Matt was laying face down in the bed, his body felt destroyed. Matt then heard ciarán's lighter flicker and he looked up. He couldn't help but smile at ciarán. 


He was satisfied with the sex that they had shared. Matt tried to reach out for him but ciarán got up. A cigarette hang out of his mouth and the bed spread around his body. He closed the restroom door and locked it. 


Matt moved his body, it took him a few seconds. His whole body felt sore but he was still good for round two, only if ciarán was down. He sat up on the edge of the bed and saw his cum stain on the light tan bed sheets. Ciarán then walked out of the restroom and sat next to matt.


A few minutes later, ciarán took out his stash. He started to light it up and the two both shared the joint. Matt was a giggly stoner, ciarán knew that for sure. “You were so good” he said sitting on ciarán’s lap, his hand rested on his chest while having a few giggle here and there. “I wanna go again” matt wines out.


Ciarán then moved matt, “I need to hold onto something” matt was a bit dizzy. The dark hair boy then grabbed onto ciarán’s thighs. He felt ciarán’s dick near his ass already, “There” he rested his head on his shoulder. “Huh?” Ciarán said, knowing damn well on what matt was talking about.


Matt put his legs on the outer of ciarán’s thighs. “Fuck” matt felt himself getting heated again. Matt brushed his lips against ciarán’s lips and he cupped his cheek, “Touch me” Ciarán then stopped doing what he was doing, their lips were barely touching now. “What do you want me to do?” He grunted out. 


Matt took a hold of ciarán hand and moved it over his own dick, “I want you to touch me here” Ciarán then took control and started to jerk off matt; He messed with his tip more than anything. “Oh fuck yes” matt said still resting his head back on ciarán shoulder, “Fuck it” 


The younger one got in his position and sat down on ciarán’s dick. He slowly sat on it, it was still a new feeling for him. Matt was standing up in between ciarán legs, “Just like that, Fuck” Matt said getting a hold of ciarán hands and letting them touch himself. 


A few seconds later that quickly ended, Ciarán needed to take control. He started to shake his leg to make matt slightly bounce on him, for a easy pace. Matt closed his eyes knowing that he was going to cum quickly. 


Ciarán took this opportunity to kiss on Matt’s neck. He nibbled and then made his way down to his collarbone, this made matt go crazy. Ciarán hands touched on Matt’s neck and he ever so slightly choked him, nothing too rough. 


“Your such a slut” Ciarán whispered into Matt’s left ear, “All night, you’ve been begging and begging for me to fuck you. I’m sick of it” Matt was still trying to bounce on ciarán while he was being talked to like this, “Right there - there - please one more time” matt wines out as he exploded once again in the hotel room. 


Ciarán did not wear a condom this time around so he knew that he couldn’t finish inside of matt. He let Matt ride out his orgasm and then he placed matt perfectly infront of him on the floor. “Have you ever sucked someone off?” Ciarán asked, matt gave him a sad glare. “Do it, suck me off” 


Matt then wrapped his lips around ciarán’s cock and his eyes started to get watery quickly. He was going a bit slow at first and then he started to gag a bit. “Be careful” Ciarán said in a different type of tone. Matt was a bit sloppy, ciarán didn’t mind it at all. It didn’t take long for him to realize that matt had a lot of spit in his mouth; he made it watery for ciarán.


“I’m going to mouth fuck you now” Ciarán said after a good solid minute of matt doing his first blow job. “Does that hurt?” Matt asked so innocently, he sat naked on the hotel floor; luckily ciarán bed spread protected him from touching the actual carpet. “Do you want it to hurt?” Ciarán asked. Matt then nodded. “That’s the answer that I wanted” 


Ciarán stood up and pulled matt by his hair to get him closer. The older one began to shove his dick down Matt’s throat, the hazel eye boy was making straight eye contact with ciarán. Matt’s lips were getting darker, He gaged a few times but he didn’t ask for ciarán to stop. 


Then matt felt something explode in his mouth and he had never  been in this situation before. Ciarán quickly pulled out and jerked the top of his head and matt closed his mouth. He felt something warm hit his lip and his cheek, “You look like a cock slut now” Ciarán said smirking down at matt.


Matt then wiped it off his face, “Did you swallow it?” Ciarán asked while picking matt up from the floor. He knew that matt wouldn’t be able to get up on his own until the morning. “Yes-s is that bad?” He asked and ciarán shook his head, “You liked it?” Matt then nodded.


Ciarán placed matt on the left side of the bed and decided to get him a towel. “You change when you are active, like, you turn into a horny little monster” Matt chuckled out while ciarán walked away. “Well you turn into a little wining baby” Ciarán said walking back in to clean up matt.


Ten minutes later, the two lay down together and talked about what was going to happen now. “I really enjoy this, I wouldn’t mind this happening again” Ciarán said while pushing Matt’s hair back, “Me either” 


Ciarán went in closer and kissed Matt’s forehead, then they both fell asleep in each other arms.