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minefield of melodies

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As she walked forward, Andy could feel her heart beating faster than it ever did before.

“Andrea, it’s lovely to see you.” The ever-present softness of Miranda’s voice was there.

“Y-yeah, uh, it’s nice to see you too.”

Miranda gave her a small smile, and Andy felt her face heat up.

A voice in the back of her head tried to remind her that she is, in fact, straight, but the past couple of weeks drowned that voice out. Plus, Miranda was wearing a lovely dress, a deep dark red, similar to the color of blood, which was a weird thing to compare to, but it suited her beautifully. Andy also took notice how it dipped in the middle, showing a tasteful amount of Miranda’s, uh, assets.

“You are wearing one of the Chanel’s, you always loved Chanel, didn’t you?” Miranda said as she sipped her glass of stupidly expensive wine.

Now that was condescending. How did the queen of fashion make Chanel seem like an insult.

“How is the Mirror? How are you doing there?”

“Pretty good, I had to take a break because of the funeral arrangements, but I came back luckily still with a job,” Andy said, looking around the restaurant trying to seem nonchalant. She thought she saw Nicole Kidman for a second, but she couldn’t know for sure.

“Funeral arrangements?” Miranda paused as a waiter came up to them. She then ordered for both of them, calming Andy’s nerves about trying to stumble over some French words.

“My parents, uh, they were in a car crash. Hence why I now have custody of my sister.” She paused as a man put a wine glass on the table, finally allowing her to have something to focus on.

“I am so sorry for your loss, to lose them so young must be so difficult,” Miranda said, with an actual air of sincerity.

“Thank you. Uh, not that I don’t enjoy your company,” Her voice cracked on the company, “But, is there a reason why you wanted to talk to me?”

Miranda just gave her a smirk.

“Can I not seek out the company of my greatest disappointment?”



“I was just joking, stop making that face, it’ll give you wrinkles.” Her tone went from normal to passive aggressive. Something normal for Miranda, which was almost comforting compared to this other Miranda she has been seeing so far.

Andy took a sip of her now present wine and hummed.

“How old is she?” Miranda asked suddenly as Andy was spacing out.

“Who? Oh, yeah, sorry. Morgan's fifteen.”

Miranda made a noise and picked up her glass. An awkward silence hung in the air making Andy feel more uncomfortable then she was ever before. Miranda must’ve noticed because she gave her an odd look.

The meals soon came, and as she took in what was in front of her, she asked, “Uh, what is this?”



“Are you still dating that cook by any chance?”

Did she really remember that? Miranda must have one hell of a memory.

“Uh, no. We broke up before Paris.”

“Oh yeah, how could I forget, you were with Christian Thompson, weren’t you?” Miranda's said as she cut her steak.

"Uh, no?"

Miranda glanced up. "Then how did you figure it out? The plan to get rid of me, I mean."

Something clicked. She must be doing this, this dinner thing, to find out what happened in Paris.

Throwing caution to the wind, because really, did she care what her old boss thought of her? Andy just said, "Hooked up with him and I found a mockup next to the bed."

"Not a very smart place to put it. Then again, I doubt Christian Thompson is very smart. They say you can tell a lot about people by who they have as company."

"Well, Miranda, he was one who got me the Harry Potter manuscript. So he must be smarter than you think."

Miranda made a small noise in the back of her throat and Andy stared back at her food.

“Was this just to find out about how I figured it out in Paris?”

“No. It wasn’t.” Miranda paused. “I am surprised you’d think I care enough about that to do it. You see, Andrea is that for some miraculous reason, you interest me.”

“I-I do?”

“You do.”

The rest of the dinner actually wasn’t that bad? Which confused Andy greatly. Miranda even ordered dessert, which she then offered to share with Andy.

She then left the dinner quite confused, while Miranda looked quite pleased. Which just added to Andy’s confusion.


Lily looked at her and laughed. Andy felt herself turn pink. She just finished her story of the odd dinner with her ex-boss, and her best friend only could laugh.

“That’s fishy, don’t trust that.” Lily finally said after she finished laughing.

“But, I don’t get what she’s trying to achieve! Why me? Why take me out?” Andy practically whined.

Lily chuckled. “I think she’s trying to psych you out. She seems to be the type to do that.”

Andy just bit her lip, eventually having to stop because it was starting to hurt.

“I-I can’t just ignore her, can I? I mean- she could ruin me.”

Lily appeared to ponder this, then she grabbed a pillow and threw it at her.

“Girl, ignore her. Or dismiss it. Say you have something to do with Morgan. I mean, hell, you don’t even know she is gonna reach out to you.”

A fleeting thought went through Andy’s mind, which was along the lines of, what if she did want Miranda to contact her again.


A couple of days passed, and Andy subconsciously kept checking her phone looking for any messages or calls from Miranda. She felt her heart pick up when a call finally came through, but it wasn’t Miranda.

It was from Nigel.

Andy pressed the answer button, and she tried to prepare herself to whatever fresh hell was gonna happen next.

“Uh, Hello?” Andy said.

“What the fuck did you do on that date you had with Miranda?”