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Talk (Artemis)

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Artemis's pov

I was a little mad. Wally and I got into a fight about an hour ago. I didn't think it would be such a big deal. I just wanted to meat his parents. I think he's just embarrassed to call me his girlfriend. I was cooling down and started to crying as the realization was hitting me that it might actually be true.

I was crying now when I heard a knock on the door. "You can come in," I told who ever it was. The door opened to reveal Barry.

"What do you want Barry," I told him. He sighed and spoke, "Wally told me what happened and that you wanted to meet his parents, so here I am," he said.

I was confused. I started drying my tears and cocked my head to the side, "what do you mean," I asked him.

"Wally will maybe not be able to or might not be able to talk about this with anybody. As far as I'm concerned he's only ever told Roy and Nightwing," he started to explain. I was still confused, but my tears have dried up from being to interested.

"Wally was abused as a kid. It was going on since after he became kid flash. I don't want you to blame yourself at all. He did his best to hide it form everybody. In all truth not one of us heroes even knew something was wrong. It was Captain Cold. Thank God Len realized something was going on. According to Len he and the rouges found Wally in an alley starving and bleeding to death.

Once they got kid to explain what was going on they freaked and thought it was me. That was until I told him that i'm not his parents. Soon we got enough evidence toghter and instead of sending Wally into foster care, because we have had to many people go into that system, that I took him in, well Iris and me," he explained.

I was shocked at this. "You mean. That's why I can't meet his parents. Because their in Jail and he hates them," I asked.

"Hates them yes, in jail no. The day Wally's dad was to go on trial he made a triple suicide. To be positive that he would die before going to jail he downed a bunch of pills, cut his arms and legs, and hung himself. He made sure that Wally would never get a chance to win. Now his mom on the other hand wasn't even in the country. She still isn't. Once she gets back to U.S. soil she goes to jail as well," he told me.

I was in tears once again, but not for the same reason. I cried for Wally being so brave.

"Hey now. Theirs no need to cry. I'll tell Wally that I explained that he was adopted, not how or why, I'll just tell him that I told you that he was adopted by me and you can come over for diner meeting his parents," he said with a smile on his face.

I laughed and agreed.

That night third person

Artemis and Wally were walking into Barry's house with smiles on their faces.

"Welcome Artemis and it's good to see you Wally," Iris greeted them. They smiled and walked into the dining room sat down and started eating and enjoying each other's company. It was a great night that none of them would trade.