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Loki tested the ropes, ensuring they were secure before settling back on his haunches. It was really more for show- Loki knew his brother was stronger than the ropes, but the mere biting of it into Thor’s skin, the raw red lines it would leave - it was enough for them.

No one would have ever expected it from the two of them. Not that they were having sex. That had always been one of the worst kept secrets in all of Asgard. But that Thor liked to be the one tied down and teased.

It had taken them a long time to get to this point. When they had first started Loki would lie on his back like some blushing virgin and let Thor do whatever he wanted. That hadn’t been satisfactory. Loki wanted more.

Then they had switched places. Loki would tie Thor up, and fuck him. But still, something was missing. Loki wanted to be in control, but yet, he wanted to be filled.

Which is how they ended up here. With Loki straddling Thor, his own hand between his legs making sure he was ready to take his brother’s girth. Driving him wild by denying him the ability to touch, to take.

Loki bit off a moan, gyrating his hips forward as he hit his prostate. He only had two fingers in himself, but the look on Thor’s face was worth it.

“Please,” Thor gasped, pulling at the ropes. “Stop teasing.”

“You know you love it,” Loki replied, smirking down at him. He drew his free hand down Thor’s chest, digging his nails in as he graced over his abs. He circled a finger around Thor’s cock, so close and yet not touching it at all.

Thor whimpered - the sound music to Loki’s ears. His back arched, trying to push his cock up into something, anything to get him off.

“Not yet,” Loki chuckled lowly. He drew a single finger up Thor’s cock just lightly enough to draw a shuddering moan out of his brother. He wiped up a droplet of precome, before bringing the finger to his lips, and sucking on it. His eyes fell closed as he nursed his finger. He could feel Thor shifting between his legs.

Loki pulled his fingers out of himself. He had teased him enough - besides he liked a little burn when he fucked.

He bit his lip as he sunk down on Thor’s cock. His brother liked to believe he had the biggest dick in the nine realms. Loki only partially agreed - Thor was the biggest dick in the 9 realms, but as far as size went Loki had had bigger.  But still, he encourages his brother’s belief. He enjoyed the way it turned Thor on, and brought him closer to his orgasm - which Loki wouldn’t let him reach.

Slowly Loki moved his hips. He let his eyes fall closed, as he moved. His hands traveled up his own chest, tweaking his nipples. He bit his lip groaning slightly.

He could feel Thor’s eyes boring into him as he moved. He stretched his arms up over his head, arching his back elongating his frame.

“Please,” Thor said, his voice breaking.

Loki smirked looking down at his brother. He was so desperate. He could feel his hips stuttering beneath him, but with his arms and legs tied to the bed, he couldn’t get the leverage he needed to build up speed.

“Please what?” Loki asked.

“Please, faster, brother,” Thor gasped.

“Hm,” Loki considered, he stilled, stopping completely. Thor looked like he was about to cry. Loki leaned forward, giving Thor a kiss. “I guess I can take pity on you,” Loki said as he pulled back.

Thor moaned as Loki started working his hip in earnest. Their relationship was unexpected, but it worked for them, and that was all that really mattered.