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Christmas Vacation

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    Your nerves were all over the place right now. The uber was heading down the snowy lane edging closer and closer to Jeffrey’s farmhouse. When he had initially invited you to spend Christmas with him you thought it was a joke. It was a long day of photo ops and your relationship was still fairly new. But it was an easy decision given that you’d be alone on the holidays this year. When you told Jeff he wanted to hear nothing about it but insisted you’d spend the winter break with him on his farm. How was a girl to say no to the big lug?

     The red farmhouse was lit up with Christmas lights and Jeffrey sauntered out the front door to meet your car. The car stopped and Jeff opened the door pulling you out into his arms, “There’s my beautiful Princess.”

     “Jeff,” you blushed as the uber driver shot you a wink. The driver got out opening the trunk and you grabbed your book bag and purse while Jeff grabbed your computer bag and your large suitcase. You gave a nice tip to the driver and followed Jeff into the house.

    The house was beautifully decorated. The living room had candles spread out on the fireplace that worked perfectly with the tree. There was garland up the staircase and Jeff had even wound garland around the four posts of his king size bed. There was a rich almost musky smell to the home that made you sigh with content. Everything made you feel like you instantly belonged.

    “Jeff, Baby, this place is amazing,” you fell back onto the mattress not surprised at how cloudlike it felt. “Oh, this bed.”

    “I thought you’d like it. You won’t want to leave the bed will you?”

    “Nope,” you teased toeing off your shoes. “But I wouldn’t mind having company.”

    “I think I can arrange that,” Jeff followed your lead kicking off his shoes and climbed onto the bed straddling your hips.

     “Get off me you ass,” you giggle as he leans forward pulling your hands above your head trapping both wrists in his large hand. “What you doing up there, Negan?”

      Jeff hums leaning down licking your neck while his free hand slides up the hem of your shirt. His hand is warm against your stomach, “I thought I might enjoy Jeff’s girlfriend. After all what’s his is mine.”

     You know the moment he’s in character and your thighs clench as he grins down at you, “I’m sure he’ll be fine with me having a taste of you.”

     “Naughty fucking girl,” Jeff whispers meeting your lips in a rough kiss that steals your breath from you. You move your hips against his hardening cock whimpering into his mouth. It’s the perfect start to what is looking to be an enchanting week.


      Something was on your nose and it was driving you mad. You kept mindlessly rubbing your nose but the feeling would come back. Finally, you slapped at it and were met with someone saying, “Ouch!”

      You opened one eye seeing Jeff laying beside you with his glasses down on the bridge of his nose, “That’s what you get.”

      “For trying to wake you up?”

      “Yep! I won’t apologize,” you pout closing your eyes again.

      “Well, if you get ready I’ve made a big breakfast and I’ve got a few special surprises in store,” he wiggles his eyebrows and you chuckle.

      “I’m tired and sore. Someone kept me up all night,” you wink.

      “Fucking Negan. Every time,” he leans over kissing your cheek.

      “Okay, I’m up. Well, I’m getting there. Care to help me shower?”

      “Can you behave yourself?”

      “Ha! Can you Morgan?” you stick your tongue out climbing from the bed ignoring your nakedness making a dash for the bathroom.

      Needless to say, neither you nor Jeff can behave but your breakfast is just as good reheated in the microwave. Afterward, Jeff makes you wait in the living room and bundling up before he comes for you. You’re nervous about what he has planned but at the same time he’s never let you down before. You pull on your gloves as he comes in the door a few stray snow flurries in his hair.

     “Alright darling close those beautiful eyes for me,” you do so as he takes your hands and leads you out of the warm house. There is Christmas music playing as he leads you down the steps and through the snow coming to a stop and dropping your hands, “Alright Y/N. Open your eyes.”

     Your eyes open and your mouth drops instantly, “Oh my God, Jeffrey!”

     In front of you sits a horse-drawn carriage and the music seems to be coming from a small speaker on the back. You look over and run into Jeff’s arms. You told him once you’d always wanted to ride in a carriage during the snow but never expected him to make it happen. He was so sweet and really listened to you. They didn’t make men like him anymore.

     “I’m glad you’re excited. This is just the first part of many surprises.”

     The next week Jeffrey surprised you with so many wonderful Christmas traditions. First the carriage ride of course with some spiked hot chocolate. Then an afternoon of baking for friends and family, which you were surprised at how good Jeff was at it. You had snowball fights and made a snowman. You helped Jeff wrap presents and even threw a little glitter into his beard for fun. You spent evenings by the fireplace listening to old vinyl Christmas records and a few new ones for fun. It was like a dream come true.

       Christmas Eve found you and Jeff curled up on the couch watching a Christmas movie enjoying a hot chocolate mixed with a little caramel vodka. He laid back against his chest while his hand rested on your stomach and would slowly move every now and then. His long fingers drifting up and down in a teasing manner.

      “Have you enjoyed your time here?”

      “Anytime I get to be with you is magical. I can’t believe you did all this, for me. Thank you for this. I’m haven’t really been into Christmas since I was a kid but you managed to bring back a little magic.”

      “I’m glad you’ve had fun. I’d do anything for you I hope you know. I was actually wondering if you might like to stay through New Years,” his fingers slip under the hem of your shirt. “I invited the guys down for a party and figured we could have a big celebration.”

      “That’s a whole other week with me, Jeff? Are you sure you can handle it old man?”

      “Oh Y/N,” you squealed as Jeff pushed you to the floor and climbed back on top of you like he did the first day. “Are you sure you can handle this old man?”

     “I think I can manage that,” you lean up kissing him wrapping your arms around his neck pulling him down on top of you.

     He pulls away using his arms to brace and push himself up to look at you, “How would you feel about spending next Christmas here too?”

     His smile is infectious, “Plan on keeping me around that long?”

     “Well, I figure we start with New Years, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Arbor Day, Earth Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and maybe Halloween and then I can decide if I’ll keep you around.”

     You paused as your hands tangled in the hair at the nape of his neck, “What are you saying?”

     “Move in with me?”


     “I know it’s only been a few months and people are going to run their mouth about the age gap but I don’t give a fuck. I love you and I want to live here with you. Then we can wake up and have days like we’ve had this whole week. So what do you say?”

     You smile widely, “It’s the best Christmas present I could ever have. Nothing would make me happier. Now…let me thank you.”

     “I’m already happy but who am I to stop you, baby,” you thanked him over and over that night. He then made sure to show you how happy he was you accepted his offer to move in. It was the first of many magical Christmases you spent with Jeffrey.