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Black on Black

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“EH?! WE ARE GOING WHERE?!” Hagakure Tooru, the invisible student, just yelled, asking their teacher to repeat himself. “Phili-what?”

“Philippines.” Eraserhead, or just Mr. Aizawa for the students repeated himself. “For 11 weeks of summer vacation, you’ll be staying in Filipinas Academy, UA’s sister school in the Philippines.” He flipped a notebook open. “They’re not in vacation for the 11 weeks, so you’ll be heading there to train and study with them, to train your quirks.”

Yaoyorozu Momo, perhaps the most unbaffled one, raised her arm. “Um, Aizawa-sensei, isn’t the Philippines too hot?”

“It’s the rainy season right now there, but it’s still hot. Bring your summer wear.” He flipped to a certain page. “The school is located in a walled city in the capital, you’ll be staying in one of their provided dormitories for students.” He cleared his throat. “Now that we’re in that talk, Iida, remember to sort your classmates into groups of two.”

Iida Tenya, the class president, gave their teacher a salute. “Yes sir!”

“Give me the list at the end of the day.” He finally put the notebook down and glared at them. “Now pack. We’re leaving tomorrow morning at 7am.”


“And work on your English.”

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1 : F A S T  P A C E

“Work on our English, he said.” Kaminari Denki began complaining as he sat on the airplane, with Kirishima Eijiro sitting next to him. “But aren’t Filipinos Filipino speakers?” The lightning user raised a brow as Eijiro passed him a book. “What’s this?”

“Yaomomo said she went to the Philippines to study English when she was younger, so these were her notes.” He beamed and gave Yaoyorozu Momo a thumb up. “As expected, Yaomomo!”

Kyouka Jirou glanced at the creation hero next to her. “I didn’t know you went to the Philippines to study?”

Yaoyorozu Momo smiled a little. “It was just for a year, Jirou-san.” She created another book from her arm and passed it to Todoroki Shouto and Katsuki Bakugou, who were sitting between them and Denki and Eijiro.

“Thank you.” Todoroki politely replied and Bakugou just groaned. Todoroki began flipping the book. “Bakugou, you should study.”

“SHUT UP, YOU HALF-AND-HALF BASTARD! WHY DID FOUR-EYES ROOM ME WITH YOU?!” He complained, almost blasting off their seats

“Baku-chan, we’d be lucky if you didn’t blast the entire plane before we get to the Philippines-kero.” Asui Tsuyu reminded the explosion hero. She began studying the book Momo gave them. Bakugou murmured that Tsuyu’s really lucky that they’re not that close.

Midoriya Izuku, who has been researching about Philippines’ top heroes, smiled at the sight of 2A, excited for all the possibilities in the said country. “Midoriya-kun, you look happy.”

He returned Iida’s smile. “2A’s happy, so I am, too, Iida-kun.” Izuku pointed at the laptop in front of him. “And I’ve been reading about Philippines’ heroes! They’re a feat, too! Filipinas Academy ranked 7th for the World Ranking! They’re so amazing.”

Iida nodded at Izuku’s obvious enthusiasm. “Well, we should be arriving soon.” Iida’s correct. It’s been five every since they took off from Tokyo, it’s about time that they arrived in the said country. As if it was fate, the pilot announced that they’ve arrived in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The class began to prepare to get off the plane, and when the time was right, Aizawa led them out of the plane.

He looked at the clock as some of the students had to wait for their baggages. “Aizawa-sensei,” Ashido Mina called out for their teacher. “Didn’t we leave the airport with Class B?”

Aizawa nodded. “They’re in a different island.” Mina gave out a small ‘ah’ before she ran over to help Momo with her luggage.  Aizawa checked back on his watch and his phone. He immediately inserted a sim card that was given to him by Nezu to his phone and waits for it to be read. As soon as he got the signal, a text message was immediately sent to him, much to his luck, in English and Japanese.


From: 09291871888
Hello! This is Allison Lopez, the teacher in charge of Filipinas Academy’s Hero Course, Class 2-Mabini, and your escort to the walled city. This is my phone number, please contact me as you get off the plane.

Hello! This is Allison Lopez, the teacher in charge of Filipinas Academy’s Hero Course, Class 2-Mabini, and your escort to the walled city. This is my phone number, please contact me as you get off the plane.

            Aizawa replied in English, as a form of respect to the former, and it only took her a minute to reply that they’re waiting for them in the waiting area already. He looked around and it seems as if his students are finished with their stuffs. “If you’re done, our chaperones are already waiting at the front.”

            “YES SIR!”

The group walked out of the airport, noticing that there aren’t that many people in the  airport, probably because it’s the afternoon

And it’s scorching hot. “Todoroki, can you ice Bakugou or something? He’s sweating too much, he’ll probably explode.” Denki began joking, which got a glare from the latter.

“SHUT UP SHITTY HAIR!” He frowned and wiped his sweat again as he pushed his cart. "It’s too fucking hot in here.”

“I can ice you.” Todoroki remarked.


My, my! A noisy bunch, indeed!” A girl with white hair and striped ears greeted them. She has striped markings on her arms and her legs, too. “The mouse wasn’t kidding, Ivan!” She beamed and clapped to the boy next to her. He has short, parted white hair and two horns. For someone who lives in a tropical country, he sure is pale.

“Ysabel, stop it.” An older woman appeared in front of Aizawa and bowed politely. “I am Allison Lopez, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Eraserhead.”

Aizawa bowed as well. “It’s nice to finally meet you too, Prima, the ballet hero. I should’ve known Nezu would send you.”

The older woman who looked like she’s around the same age as Aizawa nodded and beamed. “Nezu has been a big help to me when I was in Japan, this is the least I can do for him.”

Izuku whispered to Iida, “What are they talking about?”

Iida cupped his chin. “The older woman is Prima, the ballet hero, and she knows of Principal Nezu.”

“EH? PRIMA?!” Izuku screamed and Allison, who was talking to Aizawa took one glance at Izuku and sent a smile. Izuku immediately blushed madly and hid behind Iida. “She’s the top 3 hero here!”

“She’s pretty!” Mina added, to which the girls (especially Minoru Mineta) seems to have agreed on. “The cat girl looks pretty too!” They watched the cat-like girl smile with every single word Allison seems to have said.

“These are Ysabel and Ivan, they’re my students from the Academy, they’ll help the kids settle down.” Aizawa nodded with Allison’s explanation. “Let’s head for the bus, shall we?”

Of course.” Aizawa looked back at his students. “So, which of you can speak English?” Momo, Monoma and Iida both raised their arms. “So none of you really took what I said in heart?”

“Sensei! You gave us less than 24 hours to prepare!” Sero Hanta complained. “Cut us some slack!”

“Oh, it’s okay!” The tiger girl, Ysabel, spoke with perfect Japanese. “Ivan and I can both speak in Japanese, so it’s cool!”


Amidst all the mess, Todoroki found himself distancing himself from the loud group, and next to Momo, who’s looking for something in her bag. “Hm?”

Oh, Todoroki-san!”

“Did you leave something in the plane?”

Momo shook her head and smiled at him. “No, I was just looking for sweets.” Todoroki found himself pulling out something from his bag, instead, and giving it to Momo. “T-Todoroki-san?!”

“Those books must’ve took a toll on you. Take it.”

“T-thank you.” Momo gratefully took the bag of cookies from his hand and began pulling her luggage. Without any other words, Todoroki took one of them and helped her walk it to the van.

This moment would’ve been kept a thing between the two – only if a tiger didn’t see what was happening.


This is interesting.” Ysabel began to speak to Ivan. As of now, the bus is heading for the walled city, where Filipinas Academy can be found and where the group would be staying for the next eleven weeks. Ysabel told the group that it will take them two hours to get to the walled city, and they should sleep first. The class obliged, and they’re sleeping soundly.

Ivan raised a brow at the tigress. “What is?”

“This class.”

What about them?”

She glanced around to see if someone is sleeping. Much to her luck, Koda Koji and Yuga Aoyama were the only ones awake, but Koda’s too busy watching the street dogs they pass by and Aoyama is reading the same book Momo gave them. “The pretty girl and the pretty guy.”

Ivan raised a brow the second time around. “Which pretty girl and pretty guy? Your taste is ambiguous.”

The guy who looks like Elsa and Zuko’s son and the girl who looks like Shikamaru’s sister.”

Ivan massaged his temples at his partner’s pop culture references, but he got what she described. “And then what about them?”

“Sexual tension.”

The latter rolled his eyes. “You’ve been reading too much fanfiction. Sleep, Ysabel.” He chuckled. “I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

Ysabel pouted and slept as Ivan instructed her to, and with that, Ivan was left with peace and tranquillity. He looked back to Todoroki and Momo, who were three rows away, both seated next to their roommates, Bakugou and Kyouka, respectively. Todoroki and Bakugou have this obvious discomfort around each other, whereas Momo and Kyouka are all at comfort. He smiled and when he noticed his partner sleeping, he immediately pulled her head to his shoulder, and allowed the ride to take them to the walled city.

Two hours passed quickly, and they first headed to the dormitory for Class 2A. Aizawa went to the school to report to the principal, Allison had to leave Ysabel and Ivan on their own, so they led the instructions for the class. “Everyone!” A recharged Ysabel ran to the stairs and called everyone’s attention. “Welcome to Marigold! This will be your dorm for the next eleven weeks.” She smiled at everyone one by one. “UA sent you here on short notice, so all we can give you is ten rooms. Sorry about that, everyone!”

Ivan continued for Ysabel. “As you may notice, there are only two floors in this dormitory. I apologize if it’s smaller than your own, but please bear with it.” He pointed at the second floor. “As you can see, there are two sides of the stairways, but there’s only one, long, hallway. The left side is for the boys and the right side is for the girls. There are names written on the door, so you can tell whose is whose. There’s a living room in the middle of the hallway just on top of the stairs, so you can hang out there if you want to. The first floor has the kitchen, the gender-separated bathrooms, the laundry and the common room.”

“And another thing, guys.” Ysabel added, “There’s curfew here! From 11pm to 4am, you aren’t supposed to leave the walled city and your dorms. You can request for an emergency, but you’ll have to call either me or Ivan.” She passed around a basket. “Please take one sim card and replace your sim card for a while. It’s just for eleven weeks. Ivan and I have saved our phone numbers, in case you may need them.”

“Oh, and on your study tables are your Fili-passes, which you can use when you may need something, like to eat or something. It’s like a credit card.” Ivan brought out his own black card. “This also includes your library passes, training grounds passes and transport passes.”


“Another thing!” Ysabel called them out again. “Please tell us if you’re leaving the city. We won’t opt to follow you, but we do need to know where you guys are. After all, you’re our responsibility, and trust me, we do not want to get in trouble.” She put her arms on her waist. “And please don’t get into fights.”

“We’re right next door if you may need anything.” Ivan ended their orientation. “Well, Ysabel and I will head out now.”

Thank you!” Iida and Momo chorused in behalf of their classmates and watched the pair leave the house. At this point, the class took a second look at their new house. It wasn’t any less extraordinary than their own. It was big, luxurious and it still sent Uraraka Ochako fainting. Their rooms were twice the size of their rooms at home (considering the roommate situation) and it’s also equipped with a toilet.

And so their vacation-slash-training began.


Ivan and Ysabel forgot to tell them – they have to do everything. Iida and Uraraka were hanging out in the second floor’s common room after they unpacked when Iida received a text from Ivan.


From: Ivan Leong
Iida-kun! I forgot to tell you this, but you guys have to do everything in that house. From buying laundry detergents, to cooking to cleaning. Sorry! I forgot to tell you.

Iida’s face twitched.

“What is it, Iida-kun?” Uraraka asked and Iida just showed her the text in return. The two shared a bewildered look on their face and Uraraka swore she heard Iida curse. “Do they expect us to SHOP?!”


WHAAAAAAT?!” – that was the class’ reaction to the first thing they're asked to do.

“Is that even possible!?” Ashido began complaining. “Are they really making us shop in a country we don’t know the language of?!”

Momo walked out of the kitchen. The class is currently assembled in the first floor’s common room. “Neither Ysabel nor Ivan are picking up.” She looked down, distressed. “This is terrible.”

“I agree with Ponytail.” Bakugou nodded, which made the others glance at him for his sudden agreement. “What? She made a fucking point, idiots.”

Midoriya cupped his chin. “No wonder Aizawa-sensei made us study English.”

Momo suddenly had a pang of realization that made her almost faint. “Guys…” She managed to get everyone’s attention with the weak output of her voice. “Markets here,” She glanced at Iida, who’s most tense. “Are different.”

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Nobody Wears Black in Here


"So let me get this straight." Iida began. "Markets here aren't groceries but WET MARKETS?!"

Yaoyorozu nodded. "My Filipino friends used to call it 'palengke', I think. It's a local Filipino market." Shouto watched her become frantic, and even from his distance, he can tell that she's nervous of the entire 'palengke' thing. "There are a lot of vendors there, and I'm sure they speak English." She began twisting the ends of her hair. "Y-yeah, I'm sure they do." She looked away. "There are those small stores nearby, too. They call those 'tindahan', I think we can buy smaller stuff there. I can make necessities, too."

Iida nodded and cupped his chin. "So, Yaoyorozu-kun, you'll be in charge of the necessities, like the detergents and fabric conditioners?"

Yaoyorozu nodded again, almost as if she's relieved. "Of course, Iida-san."

"Bakugou and Uraraka-kun, please head to the 'tindahan' Yaoyorozu-kun's talking about." Iida instructed the two, which received a raised brow from the others.

Kaminari voiced out his opinion, the electric-user obviously worried about his friends. "Wait, none of those two speak in English, nor Filipino."

Shouto stepped in. "Bakugou speaks perfect English." He shrugged. "I found out when he was testing that app, Duolingo? The thing that helps him track his fluency. He was speaking like a translator in the closet."

"FUCK YOU, HALF-AND-HALF BASTARD!" Bakugou yelled. "AND YOU TOO, FOUR-EYES!" He groaned. "This is stupid." He scoffed. "Why Angel-face, anyway?!" He complained, obviously unhappy that Iida made him pair up with his rival – Deku’s love interest.

Iida crossed his arms and reasoned with him. "Well, someone has to keep you sane."

"Then send Shitty hair or Pikachu!"

Ashido threw a snide remark, "Why, are you sooooo defensive, Bakugou! It's just Ochako-chan!" She smirked and poked Bakugou. "You're not scareeed, aren't you?"

Bakugou returned the smirk. Oh, boy, isn't he getting fired up? Hell yes, he was. "You're messing with me, Pinky?” His smirk grew wider. “Well, you better not complain – all of you.” He glared at Uraraka. “Get dressed, Damn Deku’s girlfriend, we’re going out.”

“Kacchan!” Midoriya blushed madly. “It’s nothing like that!”

“Y-yeah, Deku-kun’s right.” Uraraka added before standing up as she watched the blonde walk to the stairs and back to his room. “I guess I’ll get dressed, then.” She walked out of the room, as well.

Iida and Yaoyorozu began brainstorming again. “So, who are we going to send to the palengke?” He asked the vice-president. “And are there any of them nearby?”

Yaoyorozu nodded. “Ysabel-san gave me a map of the walled city earlier, there should be one near the 7-11 across the street.” She began listing their classmates one-by-one. “Aoyama-kun, Ashido-san, Kaminari-san, Kirishima-san, Koda-san and Sero-san would get distracted easily in a wet market,” She looked at the other side. “Mineta-san would probably be the same, Tokoyami-kun, can you handle blood?”

Tokoyami Fumikage raised a brow. “What blood? Is it that bad there, Yaoyorozu?”

The creation heroine-in-training shook her head. “No, but it’s a wet market, Tokoyami-kun, so there are lots of blood.”

Tokoyami shook his head. “I’d rather not, Yaoyorozu, I apologize.”

Yaoyorozu nodded. “I see.” She glanced at Sato Rikidou’s side. “Sato-san, are you good with groceries?”

Sato nodded with enthusiasm. “Yes, ma’am!”

Yaoyorozu smiled a little. “Then you and Shoji-san should tag along with Iida-kun to the market.”

“Wait, Yaoyorozu-kun.” The young lady looked up at Iida, who’s meticulously calculating everything. “I was planning to bring Tsu-chan and Midoriya-kun with me to the wet market, since Tsu looks like she knows a lot about raw food, but why not send Bakugou and Uraraka with Shoji and Sato instead?” Iida put his hands on his chin. “I wanted to do some scouting, so we can roam the city until dinnertime.”

Kaminari suddenly raised his arm. “Oh! And we can scout the school, and if there are students training now! We might even find Ysabel and Ivan!”

Yaoyorozu seems to have agreed with them as she is seen to be thinking about it, but she seems to have thought of something else. “But we only have three – no – four English speakers. I’m staying in, Bakugou-san’s going to head for the market, Iida-kun, you’ll pull Midoriya-san and Asui-san to walk around the city, and Aoyama-kun, I assume you’ll be joining Kaminari-san and the others in scouting?”

Correct!” Aoyama responded in English.

“So, who will head for the tindahan?” Yaoyorozu crook her head and asked. “Ah, never mind, I’ll go to the near one after I’m done.”

Iida agreed with Yaoyorozu’s conclusion and said, “So, who’ll come with us?” Hagakure, Mineta, Ashido and Koda all raised their arms. “Okay, so I’ll safely assume that everyone else will head with Kaminari-kun to the school?”

Sero nodded. “We have to see what’s up with our soon-to-be rivals, you know!” Sero noticed the Bakugou just got down from the stairs, finished from changing his clothes. “Oh, Bakugou, you guys are in grocery shopping now! With Shoji and Sato.”

“HAAAA?!” He’s bewildered but he just shook it off. “Well, if you all are, then hurry up. I want to sleep!” Bakugou groaned and mini-explosives began to show off his hands. “And it’s fucking hot in here. Where is Angel-face, anyway?!”

“Probably still changing clothes-kero.” Asui replied before standing up. “It’s settled, so I’ll change into something cooler, too, Iida-kun.” She began walking to the stairs and was slowly followed by the crowd by everyone except Iida, Shouto and Yaoyorozu,.

“Aren’t you coming to scout, Todorki-kun?”

Shouto shook his head. “I’ll stay. It’s too hot.” Yaoyorozu chuckled at his reason and Iida just shrugged before leaving the two of them alone, together. To Shouto, this is just one of those days where he and Yaoyorozu would be left alone – it’s like those moments in school where they would be the last people in the library, or that one time when Shouto woke up the latest and Yaoyorozu was still having her morning tea. He watched her create paper and pen from her wrist and began writing. He scooted over to her and she looked at him with a small smile.

“Todoroki-san, do you need any necessity?”

He began thinking. He brought everything that he can possibly bring, anyway. He thinks the others brought their own stuffs, too. “For now, you should make detergents.”

Yaoyorozu blinked, thrice. “But – Oh my, the Philippines’ economy!” Almost as if a slap across her face just happened now, she looked at Shouto, bewildered and shocked by her actions. “We have to go to the tindahan!”

Shouto blinked.


Before letting out a light chuckle, leaving Yaoyorozu blinking in confusion. “Todoroki-san, I’m really worried here!” She pouted and Shouto let out another chuckle. Cute. He thought, and he mentally scolded himself for that.

“Okay.” He stood up and Yaoyorozu stood up right after him. They changed to their outwear shoes and walked out of the house together, not forgetting to bring their Fili-passes.

They walked side-by-side through the streets of the walled city. They couldn’t help but notice the large amount of stray animals, one of them even rubbed its body on Shouto’s warm side on the way to the tindahan. They also noticed the students in the place. They’re wearing the same type of uniform as those who are in UA, but it’s noticeable that their tie’s colour is yellow, the vest’s in royal blue, and the skirt and the stripes are all in a dark shade of red. The inner shirt is still white, though.

One of the students walking behind them began speaking “Hey, bro, have you heard? Our sister school in Japan sent delegates?!”

“I heard from Class 2-Mabini! I sure hope there’s someone pretty.”

“Bro, isn’t that one of them?” Shouto couldn’t understand a word they said because it was in Filipino, but Shouto was sure that they were checking Yaoyorozu out, after all, she was wearing an off-shouldered sundress. Shouto immediately pulled over his black jacket and passed it to Yaoyorozu.

Huh, Todoroki-san? What’s this for?” She asked but she still took it from his hands.

He looked around. “I think you look cold.”

“Eh? But it’s hot in here.”

Shouto shook his head. “Please wear it.”

Yaoyorozu crook her head but still put it on, without hesitation as they kept walking to the tindahan.

The two students, witnessing this scene, both stopped on their tracks. “Bro, I think that’s her boyfriend, man.”

“That’s a pity.” The other shrugged. “Let’s ask Ysabel or Ivan about them, then.”

“Good idea.”



“Excuse me, what the fuck are you fucking wearing, Angel-face?!” Katsuki groaned as he saw Uraraka waltzing out of the girls’ side. “Nobody wears black in here, it’s fucking hot!” Uraraka’s wearing a black shirt over a pair of black pants, which is kind of out of character for her, considering that Katsuki’s wearing a white shirt over a pair of khaki shorts.

Jirou, who’s walking by to go downstairs chuckled. “I never thought I’d hear Bakugou saying ‘Excuse me’.” She laughed and followed the rest downstairs, but not before getting a loud ‘shut up, Earphones’ from Katsuki.

Uraraka just shook her head. “Where are Shoji-kun and Sato-kun.”

“Downstairs.” Katsuki began walking to the stairs. “Let’s go.” Uraraka casually followed him downstairs where they met with Shoji and Sato on the first floor living room and left the house. “So we just need to fill the fridge with stock of food and we’re good?”

Uraraka nodded. “That’s what Iida-kun said.” She pulled a long list of things of things Iida listed for them earlier and she gave it to Bakugou, who, in turn, raised a brow at the things Iida might’ve listed. Bakugou suddenly doesn’t have a clue how the former managed to rank second after Yaoyorozu.

“Yeah, throw that thing away.”

Uraraka gave him a bewildered look. “Eh?! But Iida-kun –”

“Yeah, I doubt four-eyes is gonna cook.” He crossed his arms. “We all know it’s either me, Earphones, half-and-half, or you who’s gonna cook so screw four-eyes and his fucking list.” He looked up on Sato. “Sugarman, buy things you’ll need to cook. You’re gonna have to fucking cook, too.” He looked up on Shoji. “Take Many Arms with you, buy what you fucking need, I’ll take Angelface with me.”

“Eh? Why me?” Uraraka began.


“Okay, okay! Calm down!” Uraraka looked around, noting that people began noticing their presence. “We’re in public, Bakugou-kun.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes as they passed by the 7-11 one of his extras noted earlier – he thinks it may be Yaoyorozu. “Aren’t we supposed to be getting near?”

Shoji used his quirk to look around. “It’s to the south. Let’s go.” They walked closer to the market and Yaoyorozu was right, after all. Well, Katsuki never doubted her for a second – she was the smartest in their class. It’s composed of several dozen stalls arranged in rows under a shared roof. And Yaoyorozu wasn’t joking about the smell – it’s bloody.

“I doubt Birdface would last 10 minutes here.” Katsuki shook his head. “Let’s meet here in an hour.” Sato nodded and Shoji followed him to the east side of the market, whereas he and Uraraka headed straight. Katsuki maintained focus, asking how much is how much, but before they even made it halfway the market, just in front of the meat-chopping area, he felt the lack of presence – lack of Uraraka’s presence. And he’s right – he lost her.

Fucking Angelface. He cursed as he pulled his phone and tried to look for her number.

Crap. He cursed. They changed sim cards. What a great day to lose a classmate in another country. He put his phone back to his pocket and glanced back to the old man who’s selling vegetables to him. “I’m sorry, can you wait for a second?” His English is nowhere near Aoyama’s, and he’s the one who had the least English education among the rich kids, but since Duolingo says he’s 98% fluent and since his favorite Half-and-Half roommate, Todoroki blew his I-don’t-know-English cover, he might as well be here. But hey, did he expect Deku’s girlfriend to get lost in a bloody wet market in another country? Oh hell, no. He walked around the market to look for a short, brown-haired, round-faced Japanese girl among the melting pot of all races in one market. He wasn’t even sure if the person he just bumped into is a Filipino.

It was around the squid area when he found the black on black attire of his companion. “Fucking Angelface.” He cursed quite loudly and Uraraka just greeted him with a wide smile and she motioned him to come closer. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I wanted to eat squid tonight! And they have fresh squid!” She beamed and passed the vendor her Fili-pass, well, before Katsuki got a hold of her card before she managed to give it to the vendor. “Bakugou-kun!”

How much is it?” Katsuki asked, in English.

400 pesos, half-kilo.”

Bakugou raised a brow. “That’s too much.”

The price down the dock is too expensive. They sell it for 350 there.”

Hm.” He looked at Uraraka, who’s confused with all the English happening, then he looked back at the vendor. “Then give us two kilos.” The vendor beamed and hurried to measure one and a half more kilos into Uraraka’s original half-kilo shopping bag. While he was doing so, Katsuki glanced at her. “Did you even ask how much the squid was?!”

“I just asked ‘how much’ then he brought out a calculator, it said 400, so I assumed it’s 400 per kilo. Was that right?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “It’s 400 per half a kilo, Angelface. And yet you almost paid!” Frustrated, Katsuki gave the vendor Uraraka’s card. “You better declare to everyone in the dorm that nobody’s shopping groceries without me, we’re all going to die in hunger if you do.” Katsuki began walking away with the bag of squid.

Uraraka took her card from the vendor and spoke a small ‘thank you’ before running off to follow Katsuki, who returned to the vegetable vendor. Uraraka gave the vendor her card and after giving Katsuki the vegetables, the latter dashed to the pork and beef area, with Uraraka following his footsteps. “Oof.” Uraraka was stopped in her footsteps when she bumped on someone, making Katsuki stop, too, naturally.

Sorry.” Uraraka apologized before she recognized the person she bumped into – “Ivan-san!” Katsuki looked back upon recognizing the name, and he began to fuel, but he had to remind himself that he’s in public.

“Uraraka-san, right?” He smiled at her. Katsuki noted that he has plastic bags all over his arms, too. “I can see that you’re shopping for dinner?”

Uraraka nodded. “Oh, Yaomomo couldn’t contact you earlier!”

“My apologies.” He bowed slightly. “I was training, and I headed straight here to shop for my housemates, I’m in grocery duty, you see.”

“Eh, it’s okay, Ivan-san!” Uraraka smiled back before noticing that Katsukis’ beginning to get bored. “Ivan-san, we’re going now!”

Ivan bowed once again. “Yes, it’s good to see you.” Katsuki and Uraraka began moving again, and Katsuki’s mood just continued to sour until they ended shopping. He doesn’t know if it’s the smell of the market, but he’s sure of one thing.

He can’t see through Ivan.


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Wage a War We Can’t Win


After their small trip with Iida, Hagakure, Mineta, Ashido, Koda and Asui, Izuku literally collapsed on top of the sofa. Iida tried his best to get data about the school, so he got to chat with some students from Filipinas Academy. Hagakure was pretty much sleek, but she got to taste some food – egg waffles or pugo, from what the vendor told them, fishballs, which looked like artificial fish takoyakis, and fried chicken skin. Midoriya thinks Mineta had fun, but the latter complained about the school providing skirts that reach below the knee. Ashido definitely had fun with the sale and cheap things found in the dry markets, Koda enjoyed talking with the stray animals and the birds around them while Asui –

Izuku glanced at Asui, or rather, Tsu-chan, as she liked to be called, who’s lying down on the other side of the sofa. “Did you find it fun?”

Tsuyu nodded. “It was fun-kero.” She blandly said. “Well, not as fun as I had expected-kero.” She shrugged and looked around. “Are Kaminari and the others back yet-kero?” She looked at Iida. “Iida-chan!”

Iida walked back to the living room – he was just heading for the kitchen. “Yes, Tsu-chan?”

“Are Kaminari-kun and the others back-kero?”

“Do you mean the team who went to the school? Well, Todoroki said they’re still out, so I think they’re still at school. The market team aren’t back yet, too.” Iida replied precisely.

Tsuyu nodded again in understanding as Iida returned to the kitchen and Midoriya watched her drown in wonder. “Tsu-chan, are you okay?” He finally asked her.

Tsuyu nodded. “I want to see Ysabel’s quirk.” She answered straightforwardly. Izuku notes that she’s always been this straight-forward. “Looks can be deceiving, you know?” She crossed her arms. “She and Ivan-kun, they both look powerful, that’s why I’m so curious-kero.”

Izuku subtly agrees. Earlier that day, they found out that Ivan learned 45 languages as a child, and as of now, he knows a total of five hundred twenty-five common languages and dialects, all for his quirk. The latter didn’t exactly say what his quirk was, because they’re legally not allowed to give out the name their quirk. And Ysabel learned Japanese because she’s been sent by Prima to train under Nezu for a year in her first year of middle school. Ysabel is someone a Filipina Pro-Hero groomed to be where she is right now – of course they’d be curious. “Do you want to watch their trainings? We can head to the school, I’m sure Aoyama-kun and the others are still there.”

Tsuyu stood up immediately. “Let’s go.” Izuku smiled and headed out with Tsuyu, not forgetting to tell Shoji, who just got back from grocery shopping, to tell Iida that they’re out.

The walk to the school is similar to UA’s, but the interesting part is when they get to the school. Different to UA’s, Filipinas Academy, (Or shortly, FA) had one, big white arch that serves as the entrance to the school, where there Fili-passes were checked as much as their bags. At the entrance, there’s a sign which points to the Education Building and a sign that leads to the Training Building. Izuku can (at the very least) understand English, so they took the turn to the Training Building. Their training building is similar to UA’s Ground Beta, and Izuku thinks this can be shifted differently according to use, too. Right now, there are students training, so there are seats on the stands for viewing purposes. Izuku and Tsuyu both started to look for their classmates, and well, Tokoyami’s raven head isn’t that hard to miss. The two soon found themselves sitting next to the raven.

“So, how’s scouting?” Izuku asked as the others greeted the two. Izuku immediately noticed the cold feel among the group, so he curiously looked at where they were staring at intensely. “Oh, isn’t that Ysabel-san?” Ysabel was standing there, with her long, white hair flowing graciously behind her. She’s currently wearing their PE Uniform, which isn’t much different from theirs – just the colours. The red part of UA’s uniform is replaced with yellow.

Kirishima nodded. “She was here until now, she said that she’s up for sparring with that guy.” He pointed at the cloaked man. “She said he’s her classmate, too, but,” He pointed at another girl on the ground, walking with injuries on her arm. “He did that to her. Ysabel-san said it was just sparring, but Iron-san doesn’t look at sparring like it’s sparring.”

Jirou added, “He looks at them like it’s war.”

Izuku instantly pulled out his notebook and began watching Ysabel and the cloaked man – Iron’s battle. “So, he’s Iron-san, huh?”

Kaminari added. “Yes, you should’ve seen his battle earlier!” He said enthusiastically. “But he’d be a terrible match-up to Tetsutetsu.”

Izuku raised a brow. “A terrible match-up? Why is that, Kaminari-kun?”

“Watch.” Kaminari and Kirishima chorused, which made Izuku focus on Ysabel and Iron’s match.

The match surprisingly started weird – with stripping, making Izuku blush. Ysabel removed her top, which exposed the tank top she’s wearing under her uniform and her striped markings. Iron did the same, too, by stripping off his cloak. “I believe if I’m sparring against you, Ty, I have to remove this.”

He raised a brow as to where the sound’s coming from, but it turns out, all the people who are sparring have mics on their clothes. “They do that?”

Jirou chuckled. “Yeah, Ysabel-chan said the school added that for more elements of fun.”

Izuku gave a small ‘ooh’ before he noticed Tsuyu watching Ysabel intently. He realized that he had to stay focused and returned to watching the battle. “Ey, Iron, did you just spar with Agatha with your cloak on? That’s not nice.”

Izuku saw Iron shrug. “She’s made of metal. She and I are terrible together.” On the side, Izuku chuckled at the sight of Aoyama having to translate everything they’re talking about.

“Which is why she’s training with you – duh?” They saw Ysabel laugh and tie her hair. “Well, shall we start? You know that the Japanese exchange students can hear us, right? Plus, they have a translator up there.”

“Of course, I know. Shall I taunt them?”

Ysabel smirked, but none of them can understand anything right now, except for the first few words such as ‘Shall we start’ and ‘Of course, I know.’. “Just a little bit, they might wet their pants and come home to Japan early.”

“Are you asking me to go easy on you?”

“I’m asking you not to show everything, Iron. We’ll watch them train tomorrow, so I don’t think it’s necessary to go ahead of everything.” When Izuku and the others caught the last part they all looked at each other. “When we see everything, then we plan. But for now, let’s show them at least 50% of our power.” Izuku didn’t get the last sentence, as Ysabel spoke in Filipino, but what he did get was the ‘50% part’. Are they going on it for 50% only? Izuku asked himself.

Okay.” Iron nodded and with his hands, he began to gather all the metal around him, and then he twisted his hands so the metal can turn into knives of different sizes and types. Izuku can see a katana on the right side, and a rapier on the left.

“His quirk is similar to Awase-san’s?” Izuku asked Kirishima.

Kirishima nodded. “Similar, but not the same. Awase welds, right?” Izuku nodded as Kirishima continued to explain. “According to Ysabel-san, Iron-san’s hands attract metal like a magnet, and he can change their form accordingly. If Iron-san’s blood touches any of the metals, he can also change their composition.”

Izuku went ‘oh’ and listed down ‘Magnetism’ as Iron’s quirk. Iron made a needle and he pricked his finger, noticeably making Tokoyami sqirm. Iron grabbed the heavy sword and ran his blood through the sword. The sword began to glow as he spoke, “Tungsten.”

Ysabel smiled widely. “Whoa, tungsten? But just one? You sure are underestimating me, Iron.” She pulled out a heavy sigh from the bottom of her chest before her stripes began to glow.

“Everyone, have you seen her quirk before-kero?” Tsuyu asked the others who were already here earlier on, and Kaminari shook his head in response.

Ysabel pulled a sword in one of her stripes, and raised it up to the sky, and in a span of 20 seconds, blue thunder passed through the sword and the sky turned black, causing downpour from above. Izuku and the others stood, shocked with what on earth did Ysabel just do. “Did she just—” Izuku glanced at Kaminari. “Kaminari-kun, do you--?”

Kaminari shook his head. “No, it’s not the same with mine. I charge electricity from my body.” He looked back at Ysabel and Iron, who’d begun their swordfight. “She charged it with the skies.” He looked up to the sky and back to Izuku, “And she made it rain.”


“Dinner!” Uraraka happily greeted the group who just came back home, which includes Izuku. “Oh, Deku-kun!”


Uraraka smiled and chuckled. “Well, duty calls! Eat up!” And she hurried back to the kitchen to help Katsuki of whatever he’s doing – cooking or blasting, whatever they may call it. Tsuyu also headed to the kitchen.

“Tsu-chan.” Izuku silently called out for her. She turned around to meet his eyes. “What did you think of Ysabel-san and Iron-san?”

Tsuyu blinked thrice. “They’re not giving it their all.” She grew sad. “I think they’re looking down on us.” She said as she glanced at her classmates, who are busy eating their dinner. “I know they don’t probably mean it, too-kero.”

“Asui’s right.” The two’s conversation ended when Aizawa interrupted their talk. “But they have every right to underestimate you, considering everything their country has been through – and going through.” He looked around. “Where’s Yaoyorozu?”

Izuku raised a brow. “She’s in the dining room, eating, Sir.” Aizawa headed to the dining room and the two followed him almost immediately.

“Yaoyorozu!” Yaoyorozu, who was sitting next to Jirou as they were talking about their escapades earlier today, was shocked when they she saw the teacher approaching her with utmost anger. “What did you do today?”

“Um, Sir, Todoroki-san and I went to the store nearby.”


Yaoyorozu’s face became crumpled with confusion and she glanced at Todoroki, who’s as shocked as she is, for help. Todoroki stepped in. “We went back after we got laundry detergents, Sir.”

“But what did you do on the way back?”

Todoroki’s eyes widened when he realized what went wrong. “Children flocked us because we gave one of them a Philippine Peso.”

Aizawa rolled his eyes and groaned. “Bakugou, Uraraka, get out of the kitchen, now.” He ordered, making the two leave the kitchen, but of course, Katsuki shut the stove off, first. “Let me tell all of you something.” He glared at Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, who were now standing together next to each other. “Earlier today, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki were almost kidnapped by syndicates.” Everyone stood up at shock, and Iida was most importantly shocked. “Had they not arrived in the dormitories a second early, the syndicates would’ve gotten two of you.” He massaged his temples. “We can’t have a second Bakugou, not in a country where you don’t know a thing of.” He then glanced at Iida, sending shivers through Iida’s spine. “Have you heard from your girlfriend, Iida?”

Iida nodded. “I’ve heard from Yui, sir.”

“Then tell it to them.”

Iida heaved a heavy sigh. “They had a sparring contest earlier today because of Monoma, and Class 2B was powdered by FA’s Visayas Campus.”

And there was silence. It was too silent for everyone’s own good, and Aizawa was the first to speak up. “I was with Prima. She’s a woman of pride, and she has every reason to be.” He glanced at everyone in the room. “Everyone here has been trained differently. They require examinees to get their Provisional License even before they enter FA, and the government allows it due to the amount of criminalities in this country, and students are allowed to exercise their quirks as long as they can give a 10-page-essay as to why they exercised it, unless it’s a natural emergency, and the Philippines is the home to natural disasters, so you can get it, right?” He looked at Todoroki. “Nobody’s weak, and they’re looking down on you because you’re from Japan.”

“And why the fuck are they looking down on us like that?!” Katsuki, annoyed, obviously, answered.

“Because to them, you’re just newly-hatched eggs.” Aizawa added before looking back at Izuku. “Midoriya, you’ve seen two of them in action, haven’t you? Asui, too.”

Izuku nodded. “There’s someone named Iron-san, and Ysabel-san, we saw their quirks.” He pulled his notebook from his jacket pocket. “Iron-san’s hands are magnets and Ysabel-san’s quirk is controlling the weather? Something like that.”

“So that explains the rain!” Ashido concluded.

“Iron Tomas and Ysabel Ty, along with Ivan Leong, those three, with someone named Bethany Gomez, are our Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Bakugou and Midoriya, in short—”

“They’re the strongest in their class.” Tokoyami finished Aizawa’s sentence and Aizawa gave a nod.

Aizawa heaved another heavy sigh. “This is the reason why UA sent you here – to push your limits. Tomorrow, you will battle with their class. Prima and I managed to pair you up already, so prepare, all of you.”

“Wait.” Izuku spoke up once again. “Everyone in their grounds heard this earlier, and Tsuyu thinks so, too.” Izuku glanced at Tsuyu and they shared a small nod.

“We think they’re planning to use only 50% of their power on us tomorrow-kero.” Tsuyu began. “But what we saw – it was terrifying-kero.”

Kaminari gulped. “I think I’ll be able to hold myself on Ysabel-san, but I doubt that I’d last. It’s like her angelic aura disappeared when she pulled a sword from her striped markings on her arms.” He smiled sadly at his friends. “And yet we have similar quirks.”

Then there was silence once more.

“So fucking what?” Katsuki smirked and mini-explosions came out of his hands. "If they look down on us, then it’s their fucking fault.” He put his palms together and beamed. That I-will-kill-you-all beam. “Those dipshits don’t know who they waged war with. I knew that smiley-pants-horn-guy is up to no saintly actions.”

“Don’t worry about us, Aizawa-sensei.” Todoroki began, carrying the scary tone of his that his classmates wished they’d never hear. “We’ll come with the intent to kill,” He stared right into their teacher’s soul. “And we’ll never wage a war we won’t win.”

And those last words, were the words that touched, tapped and fuelled Izuku’s soul.



“Yui, have you eaten?” Hearing Tenya worried over his girlfriend, who’s in the same country but inevitably in another island made Momo very happy. She and Tenya have known each other since they were children, and they’ve been helping each other out since the beginning of their school life, and Momo was actually one of the people who helped Tenya with Kodai Yui, their schoolmate who can shrink and grow inanimate objects. “I’m curious of your day, of course, excuse me, Momo, I should head in, now.” Momo nodded and watched Tenya head to their room. Momo decided to sit and watch for now.

Ever since they’ve heard about the FA students and how powerful they are, and how they’re supposed to face them tomorrow, everyone have been scattered in the large garden they gave them, training and sparring. She saw Jirou and Kirishima heading out for harnessing their quirks, she saw Sato pull out a big bag of chocolates and a dumbbell, and Uraraka has been flying in the common room for less than an hour now. She saw Todoroki run off to the garden with Asui, too, and she thinks they’re sparring. The only person she hasn’t seen coming out is –

“Bakugou-kun.” She greeted him as he nodded back. She and Bakugou... well, it’s complicated. They don’t talk that much, just for academic purposes, most of the time, and sparring tips whenever they sparred once in a blue moon. Well, now, they have to plan. Aizawa told them one thing, that they would be paired. He ultimately announced the pairings, as well. It was the weirdest, at some point. He said he paired them based on how he looked at it. The pairings she could remember are Todoroki and Asui, Midoriya and Tokoyami, Kirishima and Jiro, and Uraraka and Tenya, and well, of course, her and Bakugou

“Oi, Ponytail.” He surely made himself at home and he sat down in front of her, with a bag of chips on his hand. It’s the blue-coloured Filipino chips Sato found in the dry store, with his limited English. True enough, Momo wasn’t sure how they managed, but she’s thankful he and Shoji pulled through. “Do you have a plan?”

Momo shook her head. “Truthfully told, Midoriya-san only said that Ysabel-san’s weather manipulation may just be the 50% of her power, so I’m afraid I do not know where to start. I’m sorry.”

“Hn, I thought so.” He stood up and headed to the male’s side of the dormitory, then to his room, then back to the living room, where brought out his iPad and gave it to Momo. “Can you think of a strategy after you see these, Ponytail?” She accepted that iPad courteously and on the screen was Ysabel and another classmate fighting in something like their Sports Festival, but instead, it’s called Intramurals. Ysabel pulled a spear from her stripes, and the sun began to shine brighter, with the commentators adding that it’s gotten hotter. With the classmate, named Vincent, according to the video title, weakening over the sudden heat, Ysabel took this chance to push him out of bounds. “So?”

Momo cupped her chin. “It doesn’t look like creation to me, Bakugou-kun.”

Bakugou smirked. “Yeah. Shitty Deku’s right about calling it a weather quirk.” He glanced around. “Half-and-half found the videos, so he and Froggy are looking at them as we speak.” He allowed a light, non-offensive chuckle escape from his mouth. “Your boyfriend’s being proven to be useful, Ponytail.” He noted in a joking manner, but still making Momo blush.

“Bakugou-kun! It’s nothing like that!” She looked away, feigning a small blush on her face.

“Sure, whatever, Momo.” He smirked as he crossed his legs.

“Bakugou-kun! We’re in public!”

Bakugou raised a brow at her complaint. “Momo, you do not tell me when or when not to call you Momo.” He smirked. “I’m tired of forgetting that we went to study here at the same time, and we were actual friends, Ponytail.”

Momo rolled her eyes. “You’re the one who remembered it twenty minutes before we got on the plane, Katsuki-kun.

“Cut me some slack, will ‘ya!” He complained. “It’s because of that shitty nerd!”

Momo began to massage her temples. “Of course, you always blame it to Midoriya-san. I cannot believe you blamed him, for you failing that English test four years ago!” She pouted.

“For the fucking record, Momo, it was his and his fault. AGAIN.” Bakugou rolled his eyes as Momo watched him rant more about Midoriya. Momo and Bakugou went to the same exchange program four years ago, for the summer in the Philippines to study English. Bakugou and Momo were the only Japanese people there, so it’s natural that they hit off. But after the trip, due to distance, as well, the two never made contact, although they did have each other’s email addresses, until they got to UA, and believe the gods when Katsuki managed to realize it after their second year sports festival – when she began to fight with Iida speaking in English. “And your hair got fucking longer. It was only until your neck when we got back to Japan.”

Momo understood the circumstances and sighed. “Well, what about planning?”

“Do you have one?” Momo nodded. “Of course, you’re fucking Yaoyorozu. So what’s the fucking plan?”

“Well, here’s how it’s probably going to work.”



“Release.” Ochako released herself before landing safely on the second floor’s living room. She can see Bakugou and Yaomomo planning for their strategy seriously, and to be honest, Ochako has never seen them – close? Bakugou’s smirking-smiling every now and then, Yaomomo’s blushing whenever Bakugou says something probably weird.

“URARAKA-KUN!” Ochako flinched when she saw Iida run towards her. He wasn’t just running, he was DASHING. “Come!” He pulled her to join Bakugou and Yaomomo. Bakugou was holding an iPad when she arrived and his face twitched seeing her.


“Mean!” Ochako pouted and Yaomomo slapped Bakugou’s arm, forcing him to cooperate. “Thank you, Yaomomo!” The latter just smiled and pulled the iPad from Bakugou’s hands, notably with force, and she passed it to Ochako. “Uhm, what’s this?”

“A fucking iPad, Angelface.”

“I have a name! U-RA-RA-KA O-CHA-KO!” She growled and Bakugou growled back before she checked the contents of an iPad, where she saw Ysabel battling a cloaked classmate. “Eh?! This is--?”

“A video recording of their televised Intramurals – their Sports Festival.” Iida explained. “With this, we can win!”

“Tch, we were going to win in the first place, anyway.” Bakugou smirked and glanced at Yaomomo, who was just shaking her head. “Oi, Ponytail, tell these two about your fucking plan. We don’t have Eraserhead’s Son to mindfuck them, so we’ll have to mindfuck them ourselves.”

“Bakugouu, doesn’t your mouth have a filter?” Ochako teased and Bakugou sent her another death glare. “Anyway, your plan, Yaomomo?”

Yaomomo cupped her chin – her trademark ‘thinking’ pose. “Well, Bakugou-kun and I plan to –”

“OY!!!!!” Kirishima suddenly yelled from the outside. “TETSUTETSU’S ASKING FOR A VIDEO CALL!”

Bakugou stood up from his seat and yelled from the second floor. “SHUT UP, SHITTY HAIR! WE HAVE A PLANNING COMMITTE AND YOU’RE RUINING IT!”

“DAMN, BAKUGOU!” Jirou yelled back. “HE HAS THINGS ABOUT THE BATTLE TOMORROW!” The students from the living room all looked at one another before dashing down to the common room. Kirishima put his phone on a stand and started the video call. Ochako sat next to Yaomomo, whereas Bakugou and Iida both stood behind them, respectively.

“Oi, class A!” Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu’s face appeared onscreen, obviously bruised from the earlier battle Aizawa told them about. Next to him was Kendou Itsuka, Tokage Setsuna, Honenuki Juzo and Yui Kodai. Among them, Tetsutetsu and Honenuki are the ones who are badly bruised. Yui and Tokage have bruises as much as the others do, but they’re not as bad as the formers. Kendou has the least.

“OI?!!? EVEN TOKAGE-SAN HAD BRUISES?!” Kaminari asked, obviously worried about the latter’s bruises. “Just how badly did you guys do, anyway?”

Honenuki rolled his eyes. “Oh, shut up, Pika-pika.” He cleared his throat. “If you’re asking us how well we did, well, among the ten pairs, only 3 pairs got through the entire challenge.”

“That’s six people in total.” Tokage added. “That’s us right here, and Awase, but he’s really wounded. He got hurt trying to protect Tetsutetsu.”

Deku stepped in. “Wait, what happened? What’s going to happen?”

Kendou cleared her throat and the others made way for her to speak. “We asked Vlad-sensei if we could tell you, and he told us we could tell you if you promise to avenge us from what happened earlier today.”

“Of course, Kendou-san.” Yaomomo answered. “We may be of different classes, but we are still one school.”

They heard Monoma from the background, yelling, “You all better!” making the batch chuckle amidst the situation.

“Okay.” Kendou began. “We don’t know if Aizawa would have it changed for you, but the battle tomorrow is called a Battle Royale. 20 pairs will battle it out until 10 pairs are left. Those 10 pairs will continue to the next day for a pair battle and then a one-on-one battle on the third day.”

Tokage began speaking, as well. “And the way they strategized, it's insane. Unlike us, Filipino Heroes specialize in teamwork. They'll ensure that every single pair in their class will pass.” She shrugged – or if it was a shrug or just Tokage adjusting herself. “There’s somebody you guys need to take out first, and that's their strategist. You might have to guess who's the strategist, though. For us, it was Layla-san, whose quirk is similar to Cementoss'.”

Kendou nodded, agreeing with Tokage. “This isn't a 38 vs 2, this is a 20 vs 20 battle.” She looked away, looking at her wounded classmates behind the camera. “So we ask of you, please win this for us.”


Yaomomo and Deku – ugh, their minds. That was all Ochako could think of as she watched Yaomomo and Deku plan like crazy. Deku watched every move of every other person appearing on the video, and Yaomomo would explain everything she would see and what quirks would counter the quirks. She was instantly aware of a plan in mind, whereas Deku had an idea on the mechanisms of the quirks of the people they were up against.

Right now, she and Bakugou were sitting next to Deku and Yaomomo respectively, as they continued watching and planning. To be fair, Tokoyami was here five minutes ago, too, but he decided to turn in early to get some rest. After all, it's already 12 in the midnight.

“Ochako-chan.” Tsuyu appeared from the girls' side of the hallway and glanced at them. “They’re still at it-kero?”

Ochako nodded. “I don't think those two will stop until they figure out the discrepancy in Ysabel-san's quirk.”

Yaomomo looked up to Tsuyu, who looks worried of their well-being. Fairly new, since Tsuyu's not a big fan of emotions. “Don’t worry, Asui-san, we're close to cracking the code.” She looked back at the video.

Bakugou crossed his legs and fumed slightly. “Ponytail, you've been saying the same thing, and Birdface was still here the last time you said that.” He groaned. “Can you two nerds just call it a fucking day? I want to sleep, Ponytail. And besides, you and Shitty Deku will probably figure it out tomorrow when you face Cat Ears.”

Ochako raised a brow. “Oh come on Bakugou, you can turn in, you know?” She sent him a knowing look while playfully raising her brows up and down, and then glancing at Yaomomo, which in return, she got a ‘wtf’ look from Bakugou.

“What the fuck Angelface, I do not have a thing for Half-and-half’s girlfriend, what the fuck?” He shook his head. “I’m simply here for the sake of Half-and-half not killing me for leaving Ponytail in doing all the hard work.”

“Uh-huh, as if you’re doing something productive.”



“Everyone,” Yaomomo stood up and smiled widely, with her bouncy-bouncy mood lifting up Ochako. “We cracked the code to Ysabel-san’s quirk.”


At the same time, in the dormitory next to class 2-A’s…

Oi, Bethany!” a happy, preppy Ysabel ran down from their class’ second floor living room. The cat-eared girl beamed at the other girl who has blonde, curly hair, with her thick glasses covering at least a fourth of her face. “Guess who found the loophole to Yaoyorozu Momo’s quirk.”

The blonde raised a brow at Ysabel. “Let me guess, you did?” She crossed her arms. “I do not know why you’re so excited about this, you’re ruining the element of surprise, Ysabel. We just have to fight like we always do and win, I don’t see why we should be researching in the midnight.” Ysabel began massaging the nape of her own neck, which made Bethany’s face squirm. “Hell to the fucking no. Don’t tell me you did that again.”

“Hehe, maybe?”

Bethany stood up, and the tigress began running away from her friend. “YSABEL-FREAKING-TY, YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!”

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Hand Crusher


So they have entrance ceremonies, too. That’s what Shouto first thought the moment they entered the training grounds. Everyone’s wearing their PE uniforms, even the ones they were going to fight against. Shouto couldn’t help but notice both parties looking like they haven’t slept a wink. He figured it’s probably because both groups were up training, he couldn’t blame them though, and he can’t blame his classmates, especially a certain blonde who was pissed because he was looked down upon – and of course, Shouto knew how Bakugou reacts when he’s being underestimated, he had a taste of that medicine once upon a time, too.

“Momo.” He heard Bakugou call out their class vice-president. Shouto couldn’t help but notice the lack of last-name usage between Bakugou and Yaoyorozu, not that he cares, but he sort of does, since the former calls everyone else with made-up nicknames. “I’m going to kill these bitches and bastards.”

Yaoyorozu chuckled. “Very well then, Bakugou-kun.”

“I expect to see you on a rampage too, Bakugou.” Shouto smirked and saw Bakugou twitch.

“You want to get it, Half-and-half!?” The feisty hero-in-training got a nudge from his partner, making him calm down. “I’ll deal with you after I deal with these summer-loving… people.” He said as he watched the other group enter in their PE uniforms, notably similar, but not the same with UA’s. “Looks like kitty cat and horns are trained up, too.” Shouto also couldn’t help but notice Ivan and Ysabel sporting eyebags.

“OI!” Bakugou began yelling at Ivan and Ysabel YOU GUYS RESEARCHED ON US, DIDN’T YOU?!”

The large group of Filipino students flinched. Shouto took that as a yes. Ysabel rolled her eyes. “As if you didn’t do it to us, look at your eyebags, it’s as big as mine!”

Ivan shot Ysabel a glare. “Ysabel, please, it’s 8am.”

Ysabel shot Ivan back a glare. “Do I look like I care?” She diverted back her attention to Bakugou. “You, I saw your videos.”

“Bold of you to fucking assume that I didn’t see yours.” Shouto raised a brow at Bakugou. He knew that the latter spoke English, but he didn’t know that he could speak that well. Shouto can speak English, too, after all that training Endavour gave him, but he ought to leave it to the ones who are really good at it. “And I’m going to fucking kill you today for looking down on us.”

Us. Bakugou used the word us. Shouto smiled smugly and watched Ysabel get amused. “So be it, Bakugou Katsuki.”

“I’ll take you on, Kitty Ears.”

Enough!” A blonde, curly-haired girl stepped in, making the two stop fighting. Iida also stood between them. The blonde girl faced 2-A and bowed politely. “I have to apologize for my classmates’ actions. They do not intend to look down on you whatsoever.” She tried to smile a little bit and she shot glares at both Ysabel and the cloaked classmate of theirs. “These two are stupid, please forgive them for their idiotic words.” She spoke in fluent Japanese, which surprised Shouto a little. “However, with that being up in the air, I surely do not hope that you would look down on us, either, or think that we’d hold our quirks off to match your pace.” She tapped her mouth. “I apologize for being blunt, be we are here to win.” She looked up at the stands. “Some of our parents are watching, this is a big deal to us.” 

It was quiet for a little while, until they heard Bakugou’s explosions beginning to crackle from his hands. “And you think this isn’t a big deal for us?! That’s shitty.” He smirked. “Because we’re here with the intent to destroy you.” Before he was able to say anything, Yaoyorozu slapped his back. “WHAT THE FUCK, PONYTAIL!”

“Aizawa-sensei’s onstage, Bakugou!” She scolded, making him shut up.


Aizawa cleared his throat. “Today’s game is simple. It’s called Battle Royale. Currently, there are twenty pairs on the ground, and ten pairs will survive. This is an elimination game, and there are two ways to survive. Everyone will start in different locations, and every now and then, a bell will ring, then a pair has to run for the platform. There will be two platforms, one for the FA students, and another for the UA students. The first pair to get to their platform will survive. The other way to survive is through taking out another pair. It may be from the same school, it may not. It depends entirely on you.” Allison, who was standing next to Aizawa, began to explain it in English. Shouto glanced at the group of students who they will be fighting against. Based on Yaoyorozu and Midoriya’s investigation last night, the strongest ones are who their teacher definitely warned them about. Iron Tomas, Ysabel Ty, Ivan Leong and Bethany Gomez. Based on the videos, their quirks are Magnetism, Weather Manipulation, Demon Summoning and Dragon, respectively. However, among their ranks are someone who can stone a person upon eye contact, someone who has a big gourd as a water storage, someone who controls life forms, and an angel. Shouto knew that they were up for a big mess.

But their class had Yaoyorozu and Midoriya.

And they have a plan.


To ask if Yaoyorozu has changed plans is an underestimation to Yaoyorozu’s keen intellect. When Aizawa changed some of the mechanics of the game, Yaoyorozu already had a plan in mind, Shouto was sure of that. “So, what’s the plan?” The half-hot-half-cold hero-in-training asked the creation heroine-in-training as she entered the waiting room for class 2A.

Yaoyorozu had her hand under her chin. Iida, Kaminari, Ojiro, Kirishima, Koda, Sato, Shoji and Midoriya were also in the room while the others are still changing. “We’re sticking to the original plan.” She pulled out earpieces from a bag and gave two pairs to everyone in the room. “Please respond when needed, as planned.” Everyone took their earpieces, and the rest of the class arrived in the waiting room. “Everyone, we’re sticking to the original plan, but we revised something earlier on.”

Midoriya nodded. “To ensure everyone’s safety, we would like to ask one pair to look after the platform. We were thinking of Team Todoroki, Team Bakugou or Team Jirou to do that.”

“Hell no, shitty Deku.” Bakugou complained almost immediately. “I’m only cooperating with you extras because those jerks decided to shit on us, but I’m not going to be on the backside, chilling and waiting for some of those jerkfaces to come around.”

“I think it would be hideous if Jirou-chan and Kiri-chan stay back. Jirou-chan can investigate as good as Shoji-chan and Kiri-chan’s strong enough, I think Kiri-chan can take on Iron-san.” Asui began and she looked up to meet Shouto’s eyes. “Should we do the protecting, Todoroki-chan-kero?”

Shouto nodded. He knew that among the three pairs, he and Asui was the best choice as the platform protectors. “Is that all?” Shouto asked.

Midoriya shook his head. “Another thing, please look for the Platform, and when you do, mark the location.” The rest of the class nodded to the plan and headed down to the pit.


Shouto and Asui began near the lake. They looked around and Asui began to jump on the tree. “Asui?”

“I’ll look for the platform-kero.” Shouto nodded and hurried into the forest like Asui did. She’s faster than usual. Shouto thinks the FA’s students’ words got to her. He remembers that she said something along the lines of “They don’t know what we’ve been through.” last night when they trained together. She’s always blunt, so Shouto knows that she meant every word she said. “I found it.”

“Understood.” Shouto looked up to find her, and he ultimately did, and she was standing on top of the platform. “You were quick.”

Asui nodded. “I do not have Shoji-chan’s quirk, but being able to leap high has its perks-kero.” Then they heard grass rustling. Shouto was preparing his ice quirk until he saw familiar hairdos. It’s Yaoyorozu and Bakugou. “Momo-chan, Bakugou-chan.”

“It’s Frogface and Icyhot. Terrific.” Bakugou deadpanned and Yaoyorozu glared at him. “I rest my fucking case, Ponytail.” Yaoyorozu greeted the two before she began to open her chest, making both Shouto and Bakugou turn around before they see anything. “What is your fucking girlfriend making, Icyhot?”

Shouto rolled his eyes. “I have no clue.” He glanced over to at least get a glance of what Yaoyorozu is making. “I think those are shape-memory alloys, the same thing she used in our final exam.”

“Heh, you hit jackpot with her, damn Icyhot.”

“Shut up.” Shouto noticed Iida and Uraraka running and flying around, still looking for the platform – but he’s unsure.

“Bakugou-kun, I need your help.” Bakugou faced Yaoyorozu and she passed him the exact same bandages she used on Aizawa on their finals last year. “Tie that to a tree, please.” Shouto and Asui also began helping them, but as they were finishing up, they heard a bomb.

“Aoyama, Kaminari, down. Leong, Legazpi, pass.”

Those were announced and the four immediately heard a disturbance on their communication. “We’re being ambushed.” Shouto concluded, which made Bakugou leap out.

“Bakugou-kun!” Yaoyorozu instantly created a pair of earpieces and gave it to Shouto. “Todoroki-san, please heat the bandages when I say so.”

Shouto nodded and watched as Yaoyorozu headed out to find Bakugou and his heated head. He glanced at Asui. “We should hide.”

Asui nodded almost immediately. “Agreed-kero.”


“Bakugou! Now’s not the time to act against the plan!” Momo began scolding Bakugou as he blew blasts, flying. She keeps up by creating stilt-like iron to make her jump, similar to what she used avoiding Todoroki’s ice on their first year’s sports festival. Momo’s plan is simple – she and Tokoyami needed to be up and passed before everyone else are. She and Midoriya were sure – they’d be the first they’d want to take out. Momo and Tokoyami wanted to stay, but the reason why they needed to be up there is a certain pattern shown by the FA students in their last sports festival – they will take out the ones who are by far the most stable in their game first, knowing that it can shake a group’s overall dynamic. And they have someone along their ranks who the class needs to take care of first and foremost. Someone who has the quirk “Database” is in their class, and that person has the quirk like Ragdoll’s. She can instantly know something about someone, but she must have seen the person’s eyes at least once. Momo instantly knew she was their group’s strategist. To be honest, Momo already predicted the ambush, but she didn’t expect that it would be this early.

Bakugou frowned. “Pikachu’s already down, we’re being fucking ambushed, Ponytail. We can’t have another Pikachu.” Just then, another bomb exploded, making the two heroes flinch and stop jumping, ending on a mountainous terrain. Momo put down the bandage she made

Sato, Mineta, down. Ortiz, Fedelin, pass.”

Momo clenched her chest. This is the second FA Pair to have passed, and among their top four, only Ivan-san has passed. She began calculating the probability of them losing, but she was stopped by Bakugou, who had his hand on his mouth.

Within seconds, gust stopped them on their tracks. The wind was so strong, Momo was sure that the gust can fly them away. She grunted strongly, and she pulled the communicator in her ear to ensure that it stays where it’s supposed to be. “What could that—” She snapped to reality when she realized who it was. “This is Ysabel-san’s quirk!”

“So this is Cat-ears’ quirk.”

“Just for the record, they’re tiger ears, for you, Lord Explosion Murder.” Ysabel stood on top of one of the large rocks on the terrain with a green-haired boy, slightly taller than Ysabel, but tanner. He’s almost a dark shade of brown, like a tree. Momo recognized him as one of the members of the top 10 on their Intramurals, Juan Velasquez.

He beamed and greeted Momo and Bakugou. “Hey. Juan here.”

“This is bad.” Momo began to whisper to him. “Ysabel-san and Juan-san’s quirks are a match, it will be difficult to make it past through them – Bakugou-kun!” Too late – Bakugou began attacking Ysabel with his explosions. The latter is holding a staff, and she began sending wind to Bakugou. “Baku – KATSUKI!” She angrily scolded him, she also saw Juan facepalming at the same time she yelled. It then became an aerial battle between the two. Ysabel’s flying with a torpedo under her and Bakugou’s flying with his explosions.

“Yaoyorozu!” Todoroki called back through the communicator. She can tell that he’s getting impatient.

“Not yet!” Momo yelled in return. She looked up at Ysabel. Her loophole is quite simple, actually. Last night, she and Midoriya deduced that the weapons that come out from her body creates an effect which is the same as her Creation quirk. Seemingly, after producing three weapons, she seems parched. She thinks it’s water, that Ysabel’s creation of weapons have something to do with her body’s water content, and Bakugou knows of this.

“What can you be planning?” Juan faced her with a sly smile. He pulled his hands up and vines came out from the ground. Momo notes that Juan can control living things, except humans. It’s different from Koda’s anivoice, because Koda asks for the animals’ help whereas Juan’s like Shinsou from General Studies, he outright makes them do things. It’s a good quirk, as Momo may add, but it has plenty of flaws, too. However, with Ysabel, who’s by far the most unpredictable among their rivals, the gap that Juan has is being filled. She looked at the stopwatch she created. It’s been ten minutes since the match began, and they still haven’t heard any UA student pass. “We’re here to win, Miss Momo.” Juan began with the same sly smile he had when he asked for their plan. He looked up to check on Ysabel. “Especially her. She has, well, daddy issues.”

Just like Todoroki. She whispered to herself, but she snapped back to reality almost immediately, mentally scolding herself for thinking that way. “Well, we didn’t exactly come here to lose.”

Juan nodded. “Of course.” Soon, two wolves came out to face Momo.

She pulled out two iron rods from her arms and she attached one to the bandage earlier.

Let’s do this, Juan-san!”

Juan smirked but right before he sends his wolves to attack Momo, the bell began to ring. Juan looked up at Ysabel and yelled, “’Sab! Let’s go!” Ysabel nodded and flew away.

“Oy, Kitten Ears!”

TIGER EARS!” Offended, Ysabel yelled at Bakugou one last time before flying away.

Now, Momo just has to, “TODOROKI-KUN, NOW!” She and Bakugou ran to the bandages, and Bakugou got a hold of the iron rod but Momo took the bandages.

“Shit, Momo!” Bakugou cursed – but it’s too late. Todoroki has already heated the alloy as planned, and the bandage sent them flying back to Todoroki and Asui. “Fucking Icyhot!” When they got on the platform, Momo checked her right hand, and it’s burnt, shocking both Asui and Todoroki.

“Yaoyorozu I –”

Todoroki was stopped from speaking when Momo spoke up. “Todoroki-san, you did what you must. I’ll just have them fixed after the match.” Bakugou got up on the platform and helped Momo up. Todoroki looked at her with guilt evident on his face. Momo smiled at him a little. “I’m fine, Todoroki-san.”

“Wait for me. I’ll meet you up there, I’ll ice your hand.” Those were all his words until the platform began to raise up Momo and Bakugou.

“Yaoyorozu, Bakugou, Pass.”

The two heroes-in-training were sent to the waiting room almost immediately. An FA student hurried to her aid. “That was a smart but a risky plan. May I see your hand?” Momo raised a brow in confusion but she didn’t hesitate to do so. “It’s a second-degree burn, and you must still feel the adrenaline rushing, so you’re not feeling anything else yet, right?”

Momo nodded to him. He’s wearing the PE uniform so she’s sure that he’s not the school doctor, but she doesn’t remember seeing him last night, in the videos. Even Bakugou finds him weird. “I’m sorry, but you are?”

The boy, who’s tall, blonde and handsome, even at Momo’s eyes, smiled at her. “I’m Lance, and like your quirk, I also use my body’s lipids to heal other people.” He put his hands on top of her wounded palm and it glowed. Within seconds of him touching her hand, her burn wounds disappeared completely. “I would like to eat a lot after this, I’ve been healing too many wounded people.”

“I know how that feels.” Momo smiled sadly and saw Aizawa entering the waiting room. He looks pressed and a little distressed about some stuff. “Aizawa-sensei.”

“It was a smart strategy, Yaoyorozu, but it was very risky.” He smirked.

Ivan, who just got out of the recovery room, walked up to Momo and Bakugou. “Yes, it was a smart move for you to be up here immediately.” He crossed his arms. “Momo-san, how did you understand that we’d be after you?”

Bakugou threw Ivan an icy glare. “Shut the fuck up, Horns.”

“I was only asking a question, Katsuki-san.” He smiled a little before diverting his attention back to Momo. “I asked as even the Visayas Campus weren’t able to pierce through our plans, and considering that it’s just FA schools fighting for rank every year, your class is a feat, Momo-san.”

Momo bowed a little. “Thank you, Ivan-san.” She crooked her head a little. “I must say, you were not the only one who studied.”

Ivan nodded back. “I understand.”

Their conversation was cut short when a gun was shot. “Hagakure, Koda, down. Ty, Velasquez, Pass.” Momo heard another curse from Bakugou before he grunted. “Your Icyhot boyfriend is a fucking liar, he said he’ll come up here –”

Another gunshot.

“Garcia, Santos, down. Todoroki, Asui, pass.” And with that, everyone from FA in the room’s heads snapped to look up to the monitor. They’re shocked – beyond shocked. “It’s the girl without weakness.” Lance concluded and he glanced at the door which just opened, revealing Ysabel and Juan. Bakugou fought the urge to snap at Ysabel. ’Sabel, you were right, the frog girl was, indeed, trouble.”

Ysabel shrugged, but she maintained her serious post, different to when Momo first met her. Momo can tell that Ysabel was shaken by the elimination of Garcia and Santos. “I told you guys. The people we had to take care of immediately were Tokoyami, Yaoyorozu and Asui.” She shot a glare at Ivan. “Now two out of those three people are up here. Congrats, Ivan.”

Ivan rolled his eyes. Momo and Bakugou couldn’t understand a thing – except her name, maybe some certain Taglish Ysabel used on Ivan. “They knew who to take out, Ysabel. Quit your whining and admit it, you underestimated their intellect.” Ivan sighed. “And anyone who has internet connection can get data about us. Don’t be a hypocrite, you were looking for loopholes for Momo’s quirk, too.”

“I didn’t know you and Ivan were on first-name terms.” Todoroki and Tsuyu, who just arrived from the recovery room arrived in the waiting room.

“Todoroki-san! Tsuyu-chan!” Momo beamed at the sight of the second pair who passed. “I’m so glad you’re both alright!”

Tsuyu nodded. “Why are Ivan-san and Ysabel-san fighting-kero?”

“Horn just called Cat-ears a hypocrite.” Bakugou concluded.

“Your hand?” Todoroki asked Momo without minding Bakugou.

Momo smiled and showed him her palms. “Lance-san healed them for me!”

“I see.” He diverted back his attention to Ivan and Ysabel who are now shooting daggers at each other, with both words and glares. Momo also listened in their heated conversation. There is a huge amount of Filipino curses. She remembered Bakugou learning them back when they did the exchange program, like “Putangina mo, Ivan!” which meant “Fuck you, Ivan.” And Ivan looking astounded with her words.

The fight was stopped when they heard a gunshot. Fernandez, Ocampo, down. Tokoyami, Midoriya, pass!”

Momo felt the tension between Ivan and Ysabel become stronger. “If we followed my fucking plan, then we wouldn’t be in this situation!” Ysabel began talking to Ivan in Japanese.

Ivan crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. “Whatever, Ysabel. Talk to me when you’re done acting like a child. You’re the daughter of the Number 1 and 2 heroes of our country, for god’s sake! Why is it that I – the son of two quirkless commoners, act more maturely than the princess that you are?” He glanced at the room and he realized that non-FA students are in the room before looking back at Ysabel. “I’ll be in the recovery room. I don’t want to talk to you.” He turned away and walked out of the waiting room.

The UA students were stunned – by a snapping Ivan, and the fact that Ysabel is the daughter of the two most powerful heroes in their county, and the other fact that Ivan’s parents were both quirkless. Midoriya and Tokoyami entered and felt the tense situation in the room. Midoriya immediately took the seat next to Tsuyu, and Momo could not help but overhear.

“Tsuyu-chan, the atmosphere here, it’s not good.”

Tsuyu nodded at Midoriya’s observation. “Ivan-san and Ysabel-san got into a fight.” Tsuyu leaned in to whisper things into Midoriya’s ear but Momo can tell that she told him about Ysabel’s status because Midoriya found himself glancing at the young tigress.

“I’m out of here.” Bakugou stood up and began walking out of the room. “Ponytail, call me when you’re done.”

Momo nodded and watched Bakugou leave. She took the seat next to Tsuyu and Todoroki sat next to her. She noticed his eyes on her hands. “My hands are fine, Todoroki-san.” She smiled a little as their eyes meet.

“I see.”

They heard another gunshot. “Shoji, Sero, down! Tomas, Perez, pass!” Momo began counting the people left from their group. Only three pairs are still on the ground. Ashido and Ojiro, Iida and Uraraka, and Kirishima and Jirou, and only three pairs can pass now. They heard the bell ring, which means someone can get up to the winning side as long as they get on the platform.

“Yaoyorozu-san,” Momo heard Ysabel call her as she walked towards her. “I’m sorry for underestimating your class.” She apologized, which shocked everyone. “But I’m more apologetic towards Midoriya-san and Asui-san, because you guys had to hear it from me.”

“Are you apologising because you suddenly have a reputation to uphold?” Todoroki began, icily remarking.

“No.” Ysabel answered before looking up to meet Todoroki’s eyes. “My parents have nothing to do with this apology.” She glanced at the door where Ivan made his exit a few minutes ago. “This has something to do with Ivan, and the fact that I haven’t been a good sport.” She smiled a little. “You all worked hard.” She bowed before standing back up straight and dashing to the door.

A gunshot was heard. Iida, Uraraka, pass!”

Momo mentally rejoiced. Soon, Kaminari and Jirou also joined the ranks of those who passed. They were praying for the last pair, but FA took the win there.

5 pairs were left for UA, and 5 for FA. Momo thinks it was fair enough. After the matches, Aizawa and Allison greeted the people left in the waiting room.

“It’s a draw. Thanks for the good game.”

The two classes’ heads crooked to the side as Allison translated it for them. “Whoa, hold on—” Bethany began. “Whuuut?”

Aizawa shrugged. “We said what we said. It’s a draw.” He looked at his students lazily. “I know Vlad leaked info about your games, so we decided to let this game be the only one game you’ll play here. We’re doing the same for the other campuses.”



“Tenya, aren’t you coming over?” Momo was drinking tea in the kitchen when she saw Tenya coming out of the laundry room, in a video call with his girlfriend, Kodai Yui from class B. “There are lots of beaches here in Boracay – is this place Boracay, or Bolacay, Hiryu?”

“Boracay.” She heard the latter’s voice behind the video.

“I don’t know of Aizawa-sensei’s plans, Yui, I’m sorry.” Tenya cupped his chin. “However, I have to admit that it’s only our second day here.”

“And we already saw their strongest fight.” Todoroki muttered under his breath as he took some tea from the teapot and sat next to Momo.

“Todoroki-kun!” He saw that Momo was no longer alone in the room, so he began walking out. “Excuse me, I have to speak to Yui.” He smiled at the two as he headed somewhere more private. Then left an awful lot of silence between Momo and Todoroki.

“So—” They spoke at the same time, making them both take a glance at each other.

“You go first.” Todoroki began.

Momo shook her head. “No, please, go on ahead.”

Todoroki nodded and took her hand and he began examining it, making Momo blush to a shade of red, well, until he whispered, “I really am the hand crusher, am I?”


Momo chuckled. “My!” Before she stared laughing out loud. “You do joke well!”

“It’s not a joke.”

Momo took his hand into hers and she smiled widely at him. “I am alright, Todoroki-san. Lance-san healed my hands, so they’re good as new.” She beamed, her bouncy-bouncy personality showing. “And I don’t mind getting hurt if it’s for the class, for our school, and for us.”

Todoroki took her words to heart as his eyes widened. “Those were stunning words.” The two were interrupted by Ysabel, who’s now in her civilian clothing. “Hey you two!” She smiled widely at the two, almost as if her Day 1 personality is back. “I brought them with me!” She moved aside, revealing Ivan, Bethany, and a cloaked person – Ysabel nudged this person and groaned. “Come on, Iron, show your face.”

You know I can’t face someone that pretty with this face?”

Momo noticed Ysabel roll her eyes. “You’re not ugly – YOU GET LOVE LETTERS!” She glanced at Ivan. “Make him remove his cloak.”

Ivan smiled at her before glancing at the cloaked man. “Come on, Iron. You’re making a bad impression with Momo and Shouto.” Oh, they must’ve made up. Momo noticed the immediate change of mood between Ivan and Ysabel. They were talking as if nothing happened earlier.

The cloaked man removed his cloak and looked at Momo and Todoroki, blushing. “Hi, I’m Iron Tomas.” He spoke with broken Japanese.

Momo was going to answer, but Todoroki got ahead of her. “It’s fine. We can both speak English.” And this reveal shocked Momo, but she didn’t expect any less from Endavour’s son. But hey, Ysabel, Ivan and Bethany were all shocked. Iron on the other hand, looked relieved. Iron, in contrast to what he preaches, is fairly good-looking. He has short, black hair, and he’s tall – a bit on Bakugou’s height. “I can see that you two made up?” Todoroki asked Ysabel and Ivan, who just nodded and smiled at him in return.

“Can Ivan last a day without me? That’s a theory yet to be proven, Shouto-kun!” Ysabel smiled widely and nudged Ivan, who just shook his head in amusement. “Anyway, one of our class members, Amy, wants to lock you out of the walled city.”


“She’s kidding.” Bethany facepalmed before stepping in front of Ysabel. “Amy wants to take you guys out to the park and the mall after. There’s the Rizal Park and a mall nearby, since we don’t have Visayas Campus’ beach, or the Luzon Campus’ mountains, or the Mindanao Campus’ mixture of both, the only thing we can give you from the NCR Campus are the malls, so we’ll just bring you there, I guess.” She began babbling. “I mean, there’s museums and parks, lots of them, here in the capital, but you know.” She looked at Momo, hopeful. “You get me, right?”

“And folks, this is why I do the talking.” Ysabel joked before glancing at the two. “I’ll talk to Iida-san about it. Please get dressed, we going to our national hero’s park! Leggo!”

Momo saw Ivan smile as his gaze followed her figure to the second floor where Ysabel hopes to find Tenya.

Momo can see love in his eyes.

But she wasn’t aware that Ivan wasn’t the only one who had loved fixated on his eyes at that moment.

Chapter Text

Same Bed, Different Dreams


Katsuki didn’t know what made him agree to coming with the others to this Rizal Park – whatever they call it. One thing he’s sure of is that it’s hot. It’s already 4pm and it’s still hot. He’s sweating too much and he’s missing the aircon that comes in the form of his room and Icyhot. He was walking with Kirishima and Kaminari, while the latter is talking to Momo – or Ponytail – or just Momo. She’s of the few girls he talks with, anyway.

“Lord Explosion Muuuuurdeeeer~” Ysabel beamed as she walked next to him, walking backwards. “Looking sweaty, huh?”

“Shut up, Catface. This is technically your fault!”

“One. It’s TIGER. Two. It’s not my fault it’s hot! You should come here during the summer, it’s hell down here.” She smiled before she began walking properly again. She matched her pace with Deku and Asui – or Frogface – to be fair, he didn’t know how to call her. Katsuki still couldn’t forget the look on Deku’s face when he saw Asui confess to Midoriya before they left for the Philippines. He didn’t mean to pry or anything, it was just that he was //pretending// to not hear anything when they were in the courtyard and Asui confessed. Of course, Katsuki has no idea if they’re dating and he doesn’t really care at all, since Asui doesn’t look like the showy type. She didn’t scratch Katsuki as the type to be clingy, to be honest. But seeing that they’ve definitely began sticking to each other like magnets, it’s safe to assume that the relationship is on the good side, even if he did tease him and Angelface together.

“Bakugou-kuuuun!” Katsuki’s face twitched when the devil showed up, with her big, fluffy pink cheeks. “I want to buy the cotton candy, but I don’t know how to say it.”

“HAAAA? You have a token English speaker in your group of friends.” He growled.

Uraraka crossed her arms. “Iida-kun is talking to his girlfriend in another island through video call. I don’t have a choice but to ask you.”

“NO CHOICE, MY ASS!” Katsuki looked around for the other English speakers. Momo is with Jirou, they’re looking at cheap earphones, Iida is in a video call with that girl in Class B, and Aoyama is with Shoji, and they’re buying kites. Katsuki rolled his eyes and glared at her. “You better use your own money, Angelface.”

“YAY!” Uraraka beamed and pulled Katsuki to the side, to the cotton candy vendor. They fell on the line and Katsuki couldn’t help but look around. Rizal Park is a place where families and friends walk around and play. One the centre of it all is the monument of the country’s national hero, Jose Rizal. To be frank, Katsuki wanted to know what his quirk was, that he’s good enough to be their national hero. The other thing Katsuki noticed is the prominence of quirkless people. He didn’t know if it’s just him, but the number of quirkless people that he sees in the park alone is bugging him. “Bakugou-kun.”

“WHAT?!” Uraraka pursed her lips to point to the vendor and Katsuki rolled his eyes and walked closer to the vendor. “What colour do you want, Angelface?”

“Eh, pink!” She beamed and looked at the shapes. “Oh, can I get the bear one, instead?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Katsuki glanced back to the vendor. “The bear one, make it pink.”

Pink bear? Okay!” He gave an ‘ok’ sign and began working on the cotton candy.

“I want cotton candy, too!” Ashido began clinging on Katsuki and the latter glared at him. “Just order me one!”

“Order it yourself! Get a token English speaker.”

“Jesus, YOU’RE Bakusquad’s token English speaker!”

“Bakusquad my ass!” He stopped fighting with Ashido when he heard Uraraka thank the vendor.

Ashido raised a brow. “Oh, Bakugou, are you scared?

“Fuck you too, Pinky!” He glanced at the vendor. “Get her the same thing, but make her pay twice the price.” Katsuki glared at Ashido. “Happy? Let’s go, Angelface.”

“That’s mean!” Ashido complained as Katsuki walked away with Uraraka devouring the cotton candy. “AOYAMA!” She yelled, and the twinkling boy hurried to her aid. Meanwhile, Katsuki and Uraraka began walking to the circle they made on the green grass, with lots of picnic mats. He noticed Asui and Deku sitting next in one with Todoroki and Iida, he also saw Jirou and Kaminari sitting with Kirishima next to mat Deku’s in. Katsuki, eventually, found himself sitting in Kaminari’s mat, with Uraraka sitting next to him.

“Damn, Bakugou, we thought you were gonna miss it!” Kirishima exclaimed as Katsuki raised a brow. “Apparently, in the Philippines, there are areas where you can use your quirk to train, and this park is one of them! So Ysabel-san and the others are going to show us their quirks, since they can’t tell us what it’s called, by law.”

Ysabel beamed and nodded. “Don’t worry, there aren’t lots of us.” Katsuki raised another brow at the Tigress’ words. “Some of us are too tired. So for today, only ten of us are here.” Ysabel’s right. Among the four given attendees, the Iron guy, the blonde pigtails girl, Ivan and Ysabel, there are only six other Filipinos in the circle. One of them has two snakes on her head like a bandana, one of them’s Lance, the same guy who healed Momo earlier, one has a tail that looks like a knife, one’s Juan from the earlier battle he had, one has wings and the last girl looks genuinely normal, even for Katsuki. When Ysabel noticed that Aoyama and Ashido arrived from the cotton candy stall she smiled has at the class. “Before anything, we all have to understand each other, right? Most of us can’t really understand or speak Japanese, and not all of you can speak English, so Amy, please.”

As if on cue, the only normal one in the other group stood up. She has bleached hair in an ombre tone and she has smaller eyes – smaller than Ojiro’s, Katsuki thinks. She snapped her fingers. “I’m Amy Sy, and well, I can change all of our languages into one so we could all understand each other.” She looked around and tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. “I’m actually speaking in Filipino right now, but you guys can hear Japanese, right?”

In his peripheral view, Ochako seems to be at awe and she nodded. “Wait, how long can you do this, Amy-san?” Iida asked.

“Once I snap my finger, the effect lasts until I snap back. But so far, I can only do it for, like, 40 people at most, and I have to do a headcount before doing it, so, there.” She explained. Amy stepped back and motioned the snake woman to stand up.

The girl did as instructed and avoided eye contact as much as possible. “Um, hi, I’m Jane Legazpi.”

Kaminari whispered to Bakugou. “She has an amazing quirk.”

“Shut up, Pikachu, I'm trying to fucking watch for once.”

Jane pulled a pair of glasses from her pockets and she now looked at the class on the eye with a shy smile on her face. “I would like to apologize to Kaminari-san, first.” She shyly smiled at the blonde next to Jirou. “I’m sorry I stoned you earlier.” She closed her eyes and removed her glasses a little. “And I’m sorry that I have to do it again.” She maintained eye contact with Kaminari and he was paralyzed, making Jirou laugh heartily and Bakugou snicker in amusement. Jane put back her glasses on and began talking. “I stone people with my eyes, and they revert back after five minutes on minimum, but once they’re de-stoned, I have to rest and sleep.”

Hagakure chimed. “So that’s why you were sleeping in the infirmary after the game!” Jane nodded and smiled at the girl.

“How long is he going to be like that?” Jirou asked.

“Um, four more minutes.”

“Great! Keep him like that.” The rest of class A shared a small laugh until the guy with swords for a tail stood up. He’s tan and he has short, red hair. He had squirting eyes, similar to Katsuki’s.

“Micheal Ocampo.” He kept it short and he pulled a sword from his tail. “My tail’s filled with swords. It bleeds once every sword is out.” He made it clear that he was forced to be here, and he immediately sat next to Amy. Katsuki figured that they’re probably in a relationship.

Juan, who he battled earlier, has a big smile on his face. “Hey! I’m Juan Velasquez, and I control plants and animals! But I can’t control more than ten at once, because you know, I’m technically forcing them.” He shrugged and as demonstration, he forced a rose to grow from the grass and he gave it to Momo. “For you, Milady.”

“My, thank you.” In Katsuki’s peripheral vision, he saw Todoroki burning at his left side as Momo took the rose from Juan’s hands.

“Please accept that as my apology, Momo-san.”

Momo smiled. “Of course, Juan-san.” Juan took Momo’s hand and kissed the top of it. He noticed the fire next to him beginning to grow stronger. Katsuki was just – amused.

Juan sat back down and Katsuki saw Todoroki standing up to move places, he figured, because the next thing he knew, Todoroki was already sitting next to Momo. After Juan’s flirting, the next person to stand up was the winged guy. “I’m Miguel Lacsamana.” He fluttered his wings. “I’m like an angel, so I can’t be rude, mean or something, or else I’ll turn black.” He shyly rubbed the back of his neck. “I also find Tsuyu-san cute, I’d like to ask for your number later.”

Damn, Filipinos are bold. Katsuki thought to himself as he noticed that Kaminari’s back from Jane’s quirk. “So you’re back, Pikachu.”

“What happened?” When he realized that Jane used her quirk on him again, he sighed. “Worst five minutes of my life, ever.” He sighed. “What did I miss?”

“When you were out, Plant-head over there almost asked Ponytail out, making Icyhot go nuts, and this Angel guy’s asking for Froggy’s phone number. Can’t wait to see Deku get pissed.” Katsuki smirked at Kaminari’s confusion. He shook his head and saw the same healer from earlier stand up.

“Hey.” He had a bright smile and he smiled at the girls one by one. “My quirk makes me heal people with my hands, but they take my body fat, so I have to eat lots.” He beamed at Momo, but he shifted his gaze to Uraraka as he and Todoroki locked eyes. “Anyway, that’s all about my quirk.”

“My turn.” The pigtail girl stood up and Sero and Shoji, notably, were both smiling. “Sero-san, Shoji-san, please don’t spoil them.”

Sero beamed and gave two thumbs up. “We gotchu, Bethany-san!”

“Thank you.” Bethany closed her eyes and heaved a heavy sigh. To everyone’s surprise, she began exhaling fire from her nose and a pair of wings grew from her back. Scales began to form on her arms, and a pair of horns began to show up from her head. She blew fire from her mouth and smiled. “I’m Bethany Gomez, and this is my dragon form.” She reverted her wings, scales and horns back into her body and calmed down. “It’s very strong, and I can do everything a dragon can in that form, but I only have three hours at most to utilize it, though.”

Sero clapped hard for her and Bethany bowed slightly, before Iron took her spot. He scratched his head and pointed to a spoon. He made a pulling motion to pull it to him – and he did. “I’m Iron Tomas, and my hands are magnets. I can also change their composition with my blood, but my blood also limits my usage.” He tried to smile shyly. Katsuki looks at him like a Filipino version of Deku, with all the shy looks he makes. He noticed Uraraka smiling at him, and the latter smiling back.

What, is this the fucking right time to get a crush on someone?!

Katsuki shook his head and noticed that Ysabel’s the one standing now. She pulled out her sleeves and looked at him. “Lord Explosion, what kind of weather do you want?”

“The fuck?”

“I’m asking you, c’mon!”

Katsuki began to think. “Wind.”

“On it!” She smiled widely and began pulling a staff – the same staff she used on him earlier on with a big smile on her face. “I won’t make it strong.” Once the staff was completely out, she waved it gently in the area, making wind appear for a bit. “I know you know me, but not my quirk! So, my quirk makes me control the weather and its element with a weapon I pull out from my stripes. It’s the staff for wind, the sword for rain and thunder, a katana for a sandstorm, a spear for heatwaves, and so on and so forth.” She put back the staff into her stripes and glanced at them. “Well, I can’t take out more than four, because I get dizzy. Taking out the weapon takes out water from my body, too.”

“So that’s why you looked parched in your battle with Iron-san!” Momo concluded.

“Yep, Momo-san! Iron is difficult to defeat, you know.” The latter smiled at his classmate’s remark. “Well, last but not the least, Ivan, come on.”

Finally. Katsuki thought to himself. Ivan’s very mysterious to him, and when he heard that both of Ivan’s parents are quirkless, things just got more mysterious to Katsuki. Ivan stood in front of them and his horns glowed. He began speaking in gibberish – Katsuki thinks it’s Latin or Greek. In a matter of seconds, a black dog with three heads appeared in front of them, with the horns and the wings. “Yo, Ivan ma man!” It excitedly cheered. “So who we beatin’ ass today, huh?!”

“We’re beating no one’s ass, Cerberus.” He motioned the demon to introduce himself. “Go, introduce yourself, first.”

“Ayo wassup kiddos! The name’s Cerberus and I go out from HEEEEELLL when ma man Ivan calls me!” Cerberus ran to Katsuki’s side, making him raise a brow. “And I know for one that ma man has a thing for cute Ysabel over there. Don’t tell him I told you, though!”

“That’s enough, Cerberus.” Ivan scolded the red demon and it pouted. His horns glowed once again and Cerberus disappeared. “I summon demons, and I can summon any demon that I want as long as I know the language the demon speaks. I can summon up to 5 high-level demons at the same time as of today.”

“I already met Cerberus earlier!” Kaminari gleefully added.

Ivan nodded. “Indeed, you did, Denki-san.” He looked at everyone. “Well, that’s about to be everyone’s. I think, to return the favour, we would ask you to show your quirks, too.”

Katsuki smiled and stood up gleefully. “Thought you’d never ask, Horns.”


Yaomomo was the last one to show off her quirk before the group headed down to the mall. Apparently, Amy’s father is the CEO of the mall line in the entire Philippines, Henry Sy III, so she managed to ask her father to close the pizza shop for dinnertime, just for the group to dine in peace. Amy ordered everything she could order, and it’s literally a feast. Ochako found herself sitting with Iron, Bakugou, Kirishima and Mina. Mina was complaining to Kirishima on how Bakugou’s treating her, and Kirishima jokes around with them. “So, Uraraka-san?” Iron began.

“Oh, Iron-san!”

“I have a question about your quirk.”

Ochako raised a brow. “What is it?”

“Well, you mentioned that you get sick after a certain period of time. How long is it, usually?”

Ochako cupped her chin and began thinking. “Well, originally, I could only hold on to something for like – an hour at most, but now, I can do for an hour, I think?”

“Interesting.” Iron, now, is the one who has his chin cupped. “I think I can help you train that. I used to get sick in the stomach, too, because of the magnets, but there’s a combat training plan that can remove the side-effects of it.”

Ochako beamed. “There is?!”

Iron nodded with a small smile. “I will teach it to you, if you want me to.”

“Of course!” Ochako, however, began twirling the ends of her hair. “However, it’ll be a problem since we can’t communicate with each other we–”

“OI! FUCKING CATFACE!” She was stopped when she heard Bakugou yell.

Ysabel shot him a glare. “TIGER. T-I-G-E-R!”


“How come YOU make the rules?!”

Ivan, from another table, raised a brow. “Well, Ysabel, your quirks are compatible.”

Ochako sighed. “Well, I guess that solves our communication problem.”

Iron nodded. “Yes, it did.” He crooked his head. “Uraraka-san, why did you want to be a hero?” He asked.

“Money.” She answered quickly. “I want to earn lots to let my parents take it easy.”

Iron mouthed a small ‘oh’ and nodded. “I see.”

“What about you, Iron-san?”

“I can say the same thing. My parents aren’t exactly rich, so I have to bring them up.” He smiled a little. “I was gifted with an amazing quirk, and I have to make them proud.” He glanced around. “To be honest, most of us here are here because of our country.” He looked back at Ochako. “But all of us were influenced by our parents. Even Ivan.”

Ochako was left speechless as she saw the sincerity in Iron’s eyes. “Wow.”

“Everyone has different dreams, but we all share the same bed.” Iron concluded. “I can see that in everyone in this room. Some want to become number one, some of us want to prove our parents wrong, some of us want to become heroes to help our families.” He shrugged and smiled directly at Ochako. “But at the end of the day, everyone in this room wants to be heroes.”

Ochako’s eyes are widened and his words radiated in the room. She saw his sincerity and his honesty, and his intellect. Ochako smiled at him. “So we should do our best!”

On the side, she can see Iron blushing slightly and nodding. “Yeah.”

Chapter Text


A total of five days has passed since class 2-A entered the gates of Filipinas Academy. A few days ago, Aizawa assigned them to one member of the class they went up against with, class 2-Mabini, and to Shouto’s luck, he was assigned to Ivan, who, reportedly summons monsters. They have training sessions first thing in the morning. Shouto was the morning person, and apparently, Ivan wasn’t. This is the third time he’s running late. “Shouto-san! I’m sorry I’m late!”

Shouto blinked thrice. “Hm.” He gave the latter an acknowledging nod and began. “So, are we reading books today?” On their first days, Ivan made Shouto read books about early quirks. He found out that Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ National Hero, had the quirk called Alteration, where he can alter what’s happening with a pen and paper. He altered things to turn the tides for the early Filipinos and for their freedom, but Ysabel referred to some of her countrymen as idiots often prompting history to repeat itself. He also found out about Lance’s ancestry as a distant descendant of the original healing hero, Melchora Aquino. Ivan’s been making Shouto read about quirks and early techniques, and the latter just kept believing on him.

Ivan shook his head. “Today, we spar.” His horns began to glow as he smiled, and he took his jacket off. Right now, the two are in Class 2-A’s dorm’s gardens. “It’s called a quiet spar. We’re not supposed to wake anyone up with our quirks. First to wake someone up loses.” Ivan began rubbing the back of his head. “Usually, there’s a dare when someone loses, are you up for it?”

Shouto began thinking. Ivan never denied his intellect, so he knows that Ivan must be doing this for something. “Okay.” He answered plainly before walking away from the summoner to maintain safe distance. Currently, they’re at the UA students’ dormitories. The garden is wide enough to have two pairs spar, and usually it’s Vincent, the water bearer with the big-ass gourd on his back, and Ojiro, who are surprisingly, not here today.

“Todoroki-san, I’m not going to go easy on you.”

Shouto nodded. “I wouldn’t expect you to, anyway.” They faced each other and Shouto stood in his battle stance whereas Ivan smiled a little. He began to speak in two languages – one of them was Chinese, but the other, Shouto didn’t know what it was, but it’s summoning.

As if Shouto would give him the luxury of summoning demons.

He raised his arm and formed an ice wall to distract Ivan, but the latter was experienced – of course, the first course of action against Ivan was always to distract him, nothing else, but he was too used to it. It didn’t take long for two demons to come out from the ground. One of them looked like an amazon from Wonder Woman, she had long, blonde hair, brown, tanned skin, and her outfit is similar to a bikini, only that she’s wearing long boots. The other is bulked, and he’s wearing nothing, but fur covers his private parts. He has wings, which look like steel, too. Ivan smiled. “Todoroki-san, meet Zhurong, the Chinese goddess of fire, and Pazuzu, the Sumerian god of Wind. This is the first time they worked together, so as you can see, they’re quite awkward together.”

“Hm.” Was all Shouto was able to say.

And training with Ivan finally began.


Sparring with Ivan and his demons is plainly difficult. Instead of sparring with one person, Shouto sparred with three. Sure, Ivan was no demon, but his physicals aren’t a joke, too. Considering everything else on the table, Shouto knew that this was a loss for him. He sat on the grass, as scarred as Ivan was. Though the latter kept insisting that it was a draw, Shouto knows that it’s a loss, similar to how Tetsutetsu felt when they had that battle. “So, a draw.” Ivan insisted again.

Shouto rolled his eyes. “We both know you won, Ivan.”

Ivan grinned. “Hey! It was a draw.”

“Whatever you say.” He glanced at the clock on the wall. It’s 6:00 am. “Don’t you have class at 7?”

Ivan nodded. “Yeah, but there’s this thing called Filipino time, so it’s okay to be a little late. Though Ysa doesn’t like practicing that, so me being late would definitely piss her off.” He smirked at Shouto. “So, our dare?”

Shouto nodded. “So, what do you want me to do?”

“Take Yaoyorozu to the mall.”

It was quiet for a few seconds, before Shouto said, “Huh?”

“Ey, I said what I said, dude!” Ivan smiled widely. “I’m the captain of the Todomomo ship, you know!” He crossed his arms. “Well, Ysa sorta is, but I count too, right?”

“Huh? Ship?”

“Anyway!” Ivan changed the topic immediately. “I need you to bring her to the mall, as your dare for losing.”

“But why?”

“Just because.” Ivan smiled widely, further confusing Shouto. “Nah, I’m kidding. She’s rich, right? Like, crazy rich?” Shouto nodded at his question. “Well, she must’ve never felt coming out to a commoner’s mall, so there you have it.” Ivan continued explaining. “You know that only 15% of the Filipino population are a part of the middle class to upper class, right? Our country is a country tarnished by poverty, and the government feeds on the fact that our country’s poor so they can be rich. They give the poor like, 500 pesos, for one vote, that’s how they suck everything out from the lower class.” He saw Ivan smile sadly. “This country’s government doesn’t want to give its countrymen education, because they fear that when people become smart, people will know how they run the place.” He looked to meet Shouto’s eyes. “And only 40% of our country has quirks, too. Geez, why am I even telling you this?”

Shouto blinked. “What about your parents?”

“Me?” He looked away. “My parents are quirkless, but we’re a part of the 15% middle-upper class. We made support items.” He looked at his hands. “When they found out that I have a quirk, I was deemed blessed. But my quirk came with the realization of our broken country. A country filled with crocodiles in congress. A country filled with the cries of the people who die because they were accused of carrying drugs. A country with a fucking sexist, rapist of a president.” Shouto watched Ivan sigh in pain. “That’s why we want to change this world. I wanted you to bring Yaoyorozu to show how blessed you two are. I know she’s nowhere near a rich, vain, girl, and I know you’re a good guy, but I want you to see why every one of us wants to be a hero, and I hope it may inspire you guys to be better heroes, too.”

It was quiet again, but it was a calming silence between Shouto and Ivan. “Okay.” Was all Shouto said. “I’ll bring Yaoyorozu to the mall. It’s the mall after the underpass, right?”

Ivan nodded. “Yeah! I heard Michael takes Yaoyorozu to spar at 1 in the afternoon, so be sure to bring her back before 1, okay?”



Shouto walked into the kitchen with the smell of food. He saw a certain green-haired girl cooking, so he can tell that Asui’s making breakfast. Ivan made him read a few more books before leaving to class, and Shouto finished them before heading downstairs to eat. Bakugou left their room early to train with Ysabel, so they didn’t meet in the room. He headed for the counter, where Asui’s serving. “Todoroki-chan, what do you want to eat?”

Normally, Shouto would ask for soba, but this place is far from normal. “Just anything you made.”

“Okay.” Asui plainly replied before putting in fried rice on Shouto’s plate and fried chicken. “Enjoy your breakfast.”

Shouto only nodded before walking into the dining area. He scanned the room for the same familiar black ponytail he knows and slid on the seat right next to her. She’s eating the same thing he is, but she has tea on her hands. “Oh, Todoroki-san!” She beamed. As she smiled, Bakugou’s frequent nickname of his came to his mind. A few nights ago, after that picnic in Rizal Park, Bakugou began calling Shouto, “Ponytail’s boyfriend” more often than usual. Bakugou calling him Icyhot and Half-and-Half wasn’t weird, but to be called someone’s boyfriend is weird for him. He also noticed Yaoyorozu talking a lot with Bakugou recently, not that it bothered him, or anything. “Good morning!” Yaoyorozu greeted and Shouto returned with a small nod. “So, what did you read today?”

Shouto shook his head. “Nothing much. Ivan and I sparred today.”

She smiled widely. Shouto thinks the sun god must’ve reincarnated into Yaoyorozu. “That’s good news, Todoroki-san! How did it fare?”

“A draw.” He lied. Shouto began slicing the chicken and putting it into his mouth. “He released two demons.”

“I see. Are they strong?”

Shouto nodded. “They were.” There was a minute of silence before Shouto finally asked, “Do you want to go to the mall?” At that point, a line of Robin Scherbatsky’s ‘Let’s Go To The Mall’ passed through his head. He was definitely feeling the How I Met Your Mother song.

“My, Todoroki-san, this is so sudden.”

Shouto shrugged. “Ivan told me to take you.”

Yaoyorozu thought for a moment, before nodding. “But we have to get back by 1, okay? I have training with Michael-san.”

Shouto nodded once again. “We won’t be long.”

“Okay, I’ll get dressed after I finish this.”

“Please take your time, Yaoyorozu.”

Yaoyorozu beamed. “Of course, you do as well, too.” She stuffed a bite into her mouth before asking, “So, how strong were Ivan-san’s demons?”

“Strong is a weak word to describe the two earlier.” Shouto began explaining as he ate and Yaoyorozu listened attentively. “I think they’re of Ivan’s powerful demons, Pazuzu and Zhurong.” In his mind, he can’t mentally erase the image of the two demons’ teamwork. Ivan mentioned that those two haven’t worked together before, but their teamwork is already comparable to Midoriya and Asui’s, who, just passed by them together with plates on their hands. “They have Midoriya and Asui’s teamwork. They were good.”

“Wow! Pazuzu’s actually the Sumerian god of Wind, whereas Zhurong is known to be the Chinese goddess of Fire. From mythologies, I can tell that both of them were widely respected during their time of prosperity.” Yaoyorozu excitedly explained and smiled, making Shouto smile naturally as she radiated. “If I may ask, what time do you and Ivan-san usually spar? May I watch?”

Shouto nodded. “At 5am. Can you wake up at that time?”

Yaoyorozu nodded strongly.  “Of course! I want to see Ivan-san’s demons!”

“Then I’ll also see you tomorrow, I guess.” He stuffed another slice of chicken into his mouth and Yaoyorozu sipped his tea. “Your partner is Michael, the scorpion guy?”

Yaoyorozu nodded once again. “Yes, Michael-san is teaching me important things, I guess. Like martial arts. We’ve been sparring quirkless for the past few days because he aims to teach me to be useful without my quirk.”

“You’re useful even without your quirk, though.”

She smiled shyly. “I am, but I still have a long way to go.” Suddenly, it’s as if Yaoyorozu had a great idea. “Todoroki-san! Do you mind if you watch my sparring with Michael-san later?”

Shouto nodded. “Of course.”

Yaoyorozu properly placed her utensils on top of the table. “Very well, then, Todoroki-san. I shall head in to change now.”

“Okay.” And with that, he watched her tall figure walk out of the dining area with her plate.


The walk to the mall is quite far. Even with the two’s long legs, both of them took 10 minutes to walk from the dormitory to the mall. It’s outside the walled city, and they had to go through an underpass, which is quite long, too. Shouto’s walking fast and Yaoyorozu’s keeping up to match his pace. When they got out of the underpass, they had to walk from the exit of the underpass to the mall, itself. That’s when Yaoyorozu noticeably slowed down from walking – to observe. Shouto couldn’t believe it – Ivan saw through Yaoyorozu like a pro. Ivan mentioned earlier that Yaoyorozu would probably feel things on their way to the mall and he’s been nothing but correct – Yaoyorozu was staring at the street children. The people selling cheap hairpins and headbands. The children helping their parents sell fishballs or something. At this point, Shouto’s the one who slowed down to match her pace.

“Yaoyorozu.” He called her out, but when he looked at her face, it was soft. Soft in the sense that her emotions can be seen, and it’s overpowering her demeanour.

“Todoroki-san, do you think they accept the cards? For payment?” Shouto observed her. She had her eyes locked on a sunflower hair tie. It’s literally a hair tie with a knitted sunflower glued on it, and she can’t keep her eyes on them. Her onyx orbs had sparkles on it.

Shouto didn’t hesitate to ask the old woman, “How much for the hair tie?” He asked.

Ten pesos, Sir.

Do you accept Fili-passes?”

The older woman shook her head. Shouto pulled out his wallet. Earlier, before they left the airport, he had some of his money exchanged just in case it may come in handy. “Todoroki-san?” Before Yaoyorozu was able to say anything, Shouto politely handed the older woman a twenty-peso bill and the latter gave him a ten-peso coin as his change and the hair tie before the old woman thanked him. (or something, she spoke in Filipino, after all.)

“I’ve exchanged some of my money. It’s no big deal, Yaoyorozu.” Shouto said as he gave her the hair tie. “Let’s go.” He swore he saw Yaoyorozu smile a little, but he decided to shrug it off as they walked to the mall, with the hair tie wrapped around her wrist.

“Thank you, Todoroki-san.” She whispered as they walked through the intersection. “This may be just ten pesos or so, but to them,” She smiled a small smile as she stopped her words to continue walking with him.

The moment they entered the mall, the first shop that they saw was Jollibee. It’s like the McDonald’s of the Philippines, and Ivan once mentioned that a Pro-Hero owned the place and his Pro-Hero name is Jollibee, and the restaurant’s apparently really popular, far more popular than McDonald’s, and parallel to Jollibee is Starbucks, just, Starbucks. “Do you want to go to Starbucks?”

Yaoyorozu smiled and nodded. “Of course.” The pair went inside the coffee shop. This Starbucks is filled with people. Shouto took a mental note that he can see four uniforms overpowering the space. Ivan once taught him the three hero schools within the walled city other than FA, so Shouto thought that it’s just them.

The two headed to order, with Yaoyorozu ordering first. The staff nicely asked her what she wanted and for her name. The staff smiled at Yaoyorozu’s antics and gave her the receipt. The staff also asked her to wait for her name to be called – and then came Shouto. “What can I get you?”

Grande Coffee Jelly.” He plainly answered.

And your name?”


Shouto, okay.” The staff scribbled his name on the cup. “Please wait for your name to be called.” Shouto gave him his Fili-pass and the staff gave him his receipt. He nodded and walked to Yaoyorozu’s direction. To his surprise, she actually had her hair down and she’s fiddling with something.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that she’s putting on the sunflower hair tie he got her.

If he could freeze the entire mall, he probably would’ve.

They look alike. The sunflower and Yaoyorozu. He told himself before he snapped back to reality as his name was called.

Grande Coffee Jelly for Shouto?” His eyes perked back to the barista as he mentally scolded himself for staring. He walked towards him and took his drink as Yaoyorozu approached him with a smile.

“Should we get Jollibee for lunch?” She asked him and Shouto nodded, hoping that she wouldn’t notice him staring. (again) “Oh, Todoroki-san?”

Crap. He spoke to himself as she began laughing. Oh, now, he’s confused. “What is it?” He asked when they got out of the café.

“Todoroki-san, they wrote ‘Showto’ on your cup!” She beamed and laughed heartily, making Shouto look at his cup with a raised brow.

Oh for fuck’s sakes.


Michael and Yaoyorozu’s sparring was wild. They did it on the walls of the walled city, and Michael is crazy good with what he does. It’s like he has an inventory of sword in his tail. However, Yaoyorozu has never been an easy feat. Sure, she had confidence issues, but for some reason, she never lost focus ever since Michael declared a spar. Shouto thinks they definitely got closer through the days they spent together on the walls, since Michael can now talk to her. Shouto vividly remembers him as the guy who opted not to say anything on the first time they met everyone, but he shared words with Yaoyorozu, and they were actually conversing. He also found out that Michael and Amy, the girl who apparently owns the mall, are dating. She’s also the one who can make them understand each other, and she’s training with Midoriya. Shouto had no idea how it happened, and he didn’t ask.

Their training ended at around 4, then the couple (actually, just Amy), took them out for a snack. Shouto found Filipino snacks weird. They’re in sticks – like the fishball, and the kikiam, which are both fried, processed foods. Then there’s the tokneneng, which he shared with Yaoyorozu. Amy explained it as a tempura-like Filipino street food made by deep-frying orange batter covered hard-boiled eggs. Shouto thinks the kikiam is good, but Yaoyorozu seems to have enjoyed the tokneneng a lot more. When they finished snacking, they walked on the walls of the walled city and watched the sunset. That was before Bakugou called them in. He was angry. Or rather, raging as Uraraka mentioned.

“Well, you rich kids sure took your fucking time.” Every word that came out of Bakugou’s mouth was hard. He was wearing an apron and he was cooking something, with Uraraka shyly setting up the table on the dining area. “Even Cheeks over there couldn’t take you two home, huh? How was your fucking date?”

“Shut up, Bakugou.” Shouto deadpanned.

“I’m going to change for a while, okay?” Yaoyorozu told Shouto and the latter nodded as she headed up to her room.

Bakugou tch’ed, ringing a sound on Shouto’s ears. “What?”

“It’s nothing, Icyhot.” He smirked as he turned his back against his roommate to continue cooking. “The fucking irony.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Nah.” Bakugou stirred the soup he’s making. “I’ll let you two rich kids get on each other’s pants.”

“That’s rude, for Yaoyorozu.”

“But not for you, Icyhot?”

“Since when did you care about Yaoyorozu?”

Bakugou shrugged again. “I’ll leave it up to your imagination, fucker.” He sipped a small part of his soup before yelling, “OI, URARAKA! DINNER’S DONE! CALL THE FUCKERS DOWN, INCLUDING FUCKING DEKU AND HIS FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!”

“Wow, you did not have to call my best friends like that!”

“WHATEVER, JUST CALL THEM DOWN!” At this point, Shouto knew that it would be really weird to see Uraraka and Bakugou in a domestic situation, but he can really see Bakugou following Uraraka’s orders, or something.

“IS THAT ODEN I SMELL?!” A familiar, bright voice pierced through the hall, and Shouto turned around to see two people he and Bakugou knew well, simply because they train with them. “Heyyy, Lord Explodo? Can I get some of those?”

“THERE’S NONE FOR YOU, CAT-EARS!” Bakugou fumed as he saw Ysabel, in her casual clothes, enter their dining room. “AND NONE FOR THIS GUY, TOO!” He said, pointing at Ivan, who’s also in his casual clothes.

“Oh come on, Bakubro!” Ysabel whined. “Amy’s on dinner duty today – you do not want to eat what a rich kid can cook. She can only cook instant noodles and I think we ran out of instant noodles so here I am!” She put her arm above Ivan’s shoulders. “With the one and only, Ivan!” She removed it almost immediately and crossed her arms. “If you feed us, I’ll bring out my Winter Bow for you, howbowdah?”

To Shouto, it seems like Bakugou’s switch was turned on. “Well, you should’ve said so, Cat-ears!” He glanced at Shouto. “Todoroki, get these two plates!”

“Bossy.” Shouto remarked before walking out to place plates for two more people. It didn’t take that long for the others to come down, so the dining room began to be filled with people. Ivan and Ysabel easily blended into their class, and Shouto found himself sitting in front of Yaoyorozu, and next to Iida. With one ‘Thank you for the meal’, the class, with the addition of Ysabel and Ivan, began eating. There were multiple praises for Bakugou’s food, and he just yelled “OF COURSE DAMN RIGHT, IT IS!” back. On the other side of the table, Ysabel, Yaoyorozu and Ashido are chatting so well that he couldn’t help but overhear.

“So, how do you say ‘hi’ in Tagalog?” Ashido asked the young tigress.

Ysabel began thinking. “Well, there’s no direct translation of ‘Hi’ in Tagalog. I mean, you can say, ‘Hoy’ but that would sound so barbaric, so I recommend ‘kamusta’ as the greeting.” She pointed at Bakugou. “Though if you teach that to him, he’d probably go, ‘Hoy’ instead of ‘kamusta’.”

“The fuck you try’na imply, Cat-ears?”

Ysabel smiled slyly. “Nothing!”

“Then how do you say ‘thank you’?”

“’Salamat’! I love that word so much.”

“Then what about ‘I love you’?” At this question, the table all looked at Ysabel, almost as if waiting for an answer. However, at this point, Shouto caught Ivan’s eyes. His eyes filled with something he can’t determine.

“Mahal kita.”Ivan spoke those words, straight to Ysabel’s eyes before returning to eat his dinner. Those two words he spoke probably meant volumes. Because as of now, Ysabel’s face is filled with nothing but red, and Shouto’s beginning to think as he catches Yaoyorozu’s eyes.