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There Was an Attempt

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Izuku ran up to Katsuki to touch his shoulder and asked him if he wanted to go for dinner. They were good friends after high school, they had a healthy rivalry ever since Kacchan found out about the truth of Deku’s quirk.

“Kirishima will be coming too if you don’t mind.”

“Hah? Shitty hair? Alright.

Kacchan had also become very close to Kirishima during their U.A. days. It was nice to see that he could find friends despite this brash personality. They both headed back to the agency to get out of their hero uniforms and back into civilian clothes.

They left after showering and made their way to the restaurant. It was sudden but Izuku received a text from Kirishima saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the dinner due to paperwork. Deku sighed when he read the message, “ahhhh, I really wanted Kirishima to come, his company would’ve been so good.” Katsuki stared at him in mock anger, “am I not good company?” Deku chuckled and answered, “not at all Kacchan, not at all. Let’s go and eat without him, I’ll get some take out for him, so he can eat later.”

It was the next day and there were thousands of images of Deku and Kacchan eating together and laughing at some stupid joke Katsuki had made. There were a lot of articles that speculated a relationship between the two.

Pro-Heroes Deku and Ground Zero Secretly Dating? Here’s the Evidence.

Dinner Date Between Pro-Heroes Deku and Ground Zero. A Relationship Blooming?

Relationship Confirmed: Deku and Ground Zero.

The media could have all the fun they wanted but they were far from the truth.


Two villains had decided to attack in the subway during the morning rush and the closest hero was Ground Zero and Red Riot. Both villains had strong physical quirks and with the copious number of civilians, the pro-heroes need to defeat them as quickly as possible, that meant sacrifice. The villains targeted a few of the civilians to get the heroes off their trail but they underestimated the teamwork between Ground Zero and Red Riot. The villains were taken down easily, the cost only being Kirishima with a bloody nose. Once the police force cleared up the scene, Bakugou got some medical supplies from the ambulances on standby.

“You can’t keep sacrificing yourself for me, you’re actually gonna lose your nose someday.”

Kirishima grasped his hands together, pouted and started to blink rapidly, “are you finally falling for me Bakubro? Finally taking care of me as a lover would?”

Bakugou had always dealt with Kirishima’s bullshit since U.A., at the top of his lungs he screamed, “SHUT UP SHIITY HAIR, YOU ALWAYS COME OFF WITH YOUR DUMB SHIT. NOW FUCK OFF.” Bakugou stormed off and Eijirou had to take care of his nose himself.

Social media had a field day with the attack. So many gifs and pictures were posted about Kirishima and Bakugou’s “love.” There even was a heavily edited picture of Kirishima and Bakugou making out with Kirishima’s nose bleeding like crazy. Wait, no, that was art. Wow, artists are really detailed, it was kind of scary. Kirishima saw it as he was slowly filling out paperwork about the attack and sent it to Deku immediately


Some of the country’s most loved pro-heroes were called to be featured in the weekly magazine, Heroes Hotspot, the magazine was focused on talking to heroes about their work and media influence. The most anticipated heroes to be featured in this magazine was none other than Deku, Ground Zero, and Red Riot. They wore their hero uniforms as they sat in a lush red velvet couch. The interviewer had a few questions written on a notepad.

“Hello, how are you all doing this afternoon?”

“Good,” they all said in unison.

“The biggest question for both for all of you are what is your relationship between each other? Red Riot what’s your relationship with Ground Zero?”

Eijirou started to talk about their days in U.A., how he met Bakugou and the rest of their little squad, and how he’d seen the ways that Bakugou had grown from the constantly mad teen to a partially functioning adult. Deku was then asked the same question. He spoke about his past with Katsuki when they were children and their little neighbourhood gang. He spoke about Kacchan’s confidence as a child and how it never faded as he grew up. The reporter then asked Bakugou about his relationship with both. He answered very quickly, “they’re both good, I guess. They ain’t gonna beat me for the spot of number one hero though.” The reporter didn’t ask about the relationship between Deku and Red Riot, what a mistake.


There was an ongoing mission to finally take down the League of Villains. They were a constant present within society, and unfortunately, they were only growing. Many of the recent attacks were orchestrated by the league, they had to put an end to this madness. Many pro-heroes were called to assist in this mission. There were many familiar faces as many students from class 1-A were called.

Invisible Girl was going to sneak her way into their facility to gather intel on what the League was doing in their hide out. The rest of the team would fight their way in and finally destroy the league.

Everyone was assigned a partner to work with. Shoto would be with Ground Zero, Deku with Red Riot, Uravity and Igenium were some of the pairs that would fight together.

Invisible Girl was finally sent in, she was quick and came back out. Shigaraki was in there speaking to an assembly of other wanted criminals. All the heroes went to one of the entrances silently waiting for the okay to attack. Once they did all heroes rushed in, their main target was Shigaraki. All the minor villains were easily dealt with, but the more experienced ones were harder to defeat. Deku made contact with Shigaraki first whilst others fought Dabi, Twice, and Toga. Caught up in his face off Deku didn’t notice the knife flying towards his head from Toga’s hand. Red Riot leapt to take the blow, pushing Izuku out of the way. Red Riot laid prone on the floor, Shigaraki took the opportunity used his quirk on Kirishima.

Deku was furious as he activated Full Cowl at one hundred percent. This would take a major toll on his body, but the sacrifice would be worth it to protect Kirishima. Izuku was faster than ever and took Shigaraki down. All the fighting had stopped in that moment. All the villains were tied up and the police took them all to their maximum-security prison. Izuku hoisted Eijirou onto his shoulder to get him to an ambulance. Thankfully only the skin on Kirishima’s chest was decayed, so Izuku laid him onto the stretcher. Deku started crying as he thought of the scenarios where he wasn’t quick enough to protect and how he could’ve been better so no one would get injured at all. Kirishima saw this and despite his injury, he sat up grabbed Izuku by his nape and gave him a long passionate kiss before he was carted into the ambulance. Deku was surprised but hopped into the ambulance with him.

Izuku laid by Eijirou’s bedside as he healed. The media had caught the kiss between Red Riot and Deku. Since they couldn’t find Izuku, and Kirishima needed rest to heal, they flocked to Bakugou for information. It was funny to see so many news outlets trying to get his attention, whilst the violent man threated to kill them. Every social media platform was blowing up with the news of this relationship. Many Zeku and Redsplosion shippers were crying in agony but the small group of Reku shippers were having minor heart attacks at the news.

Bakugou burst into the hospital room looking the angriest he’d been in his entire life, “you fuckers better bow to me. I’ve had to deal with the media because of your bullshit.

“Is Bakubro having a bad bad?” Kirishima teased and Izuku tried to hold back his laughter but failed.

“Fuck the both of you,” Bakugou left and slammed the door behind him.