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Remember the first time we met?

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>15. February 2036
> 12:49a.m.

Simon stumbled along a lonely sideway. His belly hurt, he felt cold and the god damn rain didn't help either way.
The PL600 hissed, shortly stopping to walk and coughed a little. Why the hell had he had the luck of having a red ice addicted.... rapist as owner?
And why had he fallen in love with him?
He didn't know, but it didn't matter anyways. Simon managed to get over his feelings. Somehow. The blonde shook his head, pulled the hood of his jacket more over his face in an attempt to hide his red LED.
The Android needed a place for the night and he needed it quick, otherwise his systems would shut down due to the cold. In the morning Frank wouldn't be drunk anymore and report him missing. The police would search for him. They would destroy him and-
'Stop. Stop thinking about crap like that and go search a shelter',
The PL600 told himself and exhaled, ignoring the shiver going down his spine.
He couldn't panic now- he had to stay calm.
Simon tugged his sleeves, then continue to walk towards his goal: the Greektown bus station.

About twenty minutes later, the blonde had reached the border between the poor suburb his old o- Frank lived in and the more polite area next to it.
The PL600 exhaled and anxiously looked around once more, still trying to find a shelter. He kept his head low, his hair and his LED hidden, not wanting any attention. He didn't know what humans did here at this hour- it was one in the morning for Christ's sake-
His eyes shortly sparkled with relief as he spotted an abandoned car behind a primitive wooden fence.
It wasn't much- but it would keep the cold and curious gazes away.
Simon quickly climbed over the fence, jumping down at the other side.
He had to bash a window in, but five minutes later he was inside the car, sitting on the backseat and rested his back.
There even was a blanket- old and dirty, but that was the last thing the PL600 cared about when he wrapped it around himself, instantly feeling his temparatur going up. With a soft sigh the blonde boy closed his eyes.

[Enter sleeping mode?]
[>Y / N]


>16th February 2036

The night was calm and nothing happened. Simon opened his eyes at exactly 9 o' clock, flinching as he didn't know where he was and hitting his head at the window.
The blonde cursed and rubbed his forehead, but quickly stretched and got out of the car, climbing over the fence again.
The rain had stopped and it had about 11°C.
Simon sighed once again, quickly heading for the Greektown plaza. He knew how to get there- after all, the Android had been there in Frank's name before.
Simon hummed while he walked, tugging at his hood here and there, keeping his head low and the gaze at the floor.

Around 9:30a.m. he arrived there, glancing around. Simon had been here a lot of times- but today it felt like he had fully opened his eyes to look at the location. The blonde noticed details he would've never given any attention, earlier he had been cold and his mission was to get his job done as fast as possible.
Now that he was deviant he... felt like he first captured the beautifulness of this place.

The PL600 listened to someone playing guitar next to him, he watched children running around, saw adults chatting. And... Android's getting pushed around.
He clenched his fist and quickly reminded himself to calm down- he couldn't risk getting into a fight and probably caught.
The blonde Android flinched a little when he noticed a conversation of two women next to him.

"Did you hear about that PL600?"
"Oh yea- did the police catch it yet?"
"No- but they're already looking for it. We should get going, they'll probably be searching here soon"

Simon bit his lip and stood up, heading towards his goal. He had to go, he couldn't stay here. The boy decided to go through a dark sideway, lowering the risk of being seen.
He didn't dare to look up and so he hadn't noticed the other male going in the direction he came from.
Simon fell back on the floor, his blonde hair and the red LED got revealed.
He gasped, quickly reached for the hood again and pulled it over before he looked up to an... Android.
His eyes met a curious green gaze and the tanned male offered a hand for him to take.
Simon hesitated, but decided to take his hand and got up. He scanned the Android a little. It was an RK200, a custom model owned by a famous painter his owner hadn't liked. Slight freckles were on his cheeks, a small scar on his forehead which was probably only there to be a detail.
The PL600 gulped and squeezed the other Android's hand before he let go.
"Please- I'm begging you... Don't tell them you saw me. They're going to kill me-", he muttered hoarsely, his stress levels rising as he flinched when the blonde heard the police siren from far away.
The other Android's LED flashed yellow for a second, then he nodded.

Simon sighed in relief and petted his shoulder as a thank you before he ran since he saw that the bus he needed arrived the station. He quickly jumped inside, noticing that the other Android had looked after him before he continued his way. The PL600 calmed himself down a little, then searched himself a seat to get away from here. As far as possible.


>16th February 2036


Markus had reached his home and was now watching Carl eating his breakfast.
He couldn't stop thinking about the blonde Android he had met today. Something about him was... different.
Yes yes, Markus knew how deviants behaved, even though he wasn't one himself.
The tanned Android couldn't bring himself to tell the police that he had seen it.
"Markus my boy, you look worried. Is something on your mind?", Carl suddenly asked, tilting his head as he looked at Markus.
The RK200 flinched out of his thought, shaking his head a little as if he wanted to get rid of a fly.
"H-huh? Ah... I just... met someone today. It... He wanted to the bus station" He briefly pointed at the TV, where the local news mentioned a missing PL600 and that people should watch out.
Carl lowered his hands at the table, shortly stopping to eat.
".... was he able to escape?", The old man asked, quietly looking at the monitor. The owner was shown- he made an a unsympathetic impression. Then the news flashed away from it, going onto the next report.

Markus slowly nodded. "Yes. He ran into me as his head was lowered. He didn't want any attention I suppose. I helped him to stand up after, giving the promise not to tell that I saw him. He seemed... Tired and not dangerous at all.", The RK200 answered, looking at his hands.
"I'm s-"
"You did the right thing my boy", Carl interrupted.
"He just wants to be free. Poor thing... I hope he makes it", the older man continued, then started to eat again.
Markus watched Carl.
"Yea... I.... guess I hope so too.


>6th November 2038

Simon sighed as he watched North running away.
The WR400 wanted to look at the newcomer before he arrived here- and Simon wasn't able to stop her from it. She had been here for a few weeks and already grew to someone important in Jericho, even if she often got violent, mostly just to calm herself down.
Simon couldn't judge her though. The girl had arrived here only with her Eden Club 'uniform' and a coat which she had stolen the last person she... had to please.
Her shy personality quickly left, her violent one started.
Nonetheless, Simon really liked her.

The PL600 snapped out of his thought when she came back, pulling him behind a box. "He's coming-", she hissed and kneed down, ready to attack the intruder if he caused problems.
A few seconds later both of them heard noises- then someone falling down.
A body landed on the ground, causing both North and Simon to flinch. Hopefully he wasn't injured-
The male in the middle of the room ruffed himself together and stood up when the PL600 gave the sign to approach.
The Android turned around a little, then his flashlight stopped at Simon's face.
The blonde was surprised- very, very surprised.
In front of him was the same Android as a few years ago- the same one that promised not to tell he had seen him, the only difference was that one of his eyes was now blue, probably a spare part.
Simon quickly put on a weak smile.
"Welcome to Jericho."
The Android raised an eyebrow and the PL600 almost melted when he heard him speaking. Simon had spent a lot of time trying to figure out how the Android might've sounded. Now he knew.

"This is Jericho?", He asked. His voice sounded a little disappointed.
Josh and North seemed to have noticed Simon's nervousness and decided to answer the questions this time.

The blonde Android however replied to the last one.
"We didn't ask for this. All we can do now, is to deal with it", he muttered and turned away, walking to a dark spot to rest. The new one started to explore Jericho, not noticing that Simon was watching him a little.
He lit small fires and talked to his people.
The PL600 saw him talking to a female Android and learned that his name was Markus. He watched him leaving her back dead. The RK200 turned around with a horrified look on his face.
Simon wondered if he noticed him. Remembered him. But he was too shy to ask, plus Markus probably didn't even remember that he met someone at all.

He continued to watch the RK200 bond with his people, smiling when he talked to North and Josh.
When Markus approached Simon he quickly shut his eyes, pretending that he was asleep.
The PL600 carefully looked up again after some time and noticed that the tanned Android went to Lucy. With a sigh of slight relievement he closed his eyes for another while, shortly resting again.

It didn't take long until the blonde hear a call.
"Simon! I think I know where we can find spare parts"


>27th December 2038

"Remember the first time we met?", Simon randomly asked and lowered the book in his hands, tilting his head upwards to look at the RK200.
The blonde was snuggled into Markus hug and read, the male behind him nodded. "It wasn't too long ago, was it? In Jericho-"
"No no- the first time we met was earlier", Simon interrupted and put the book away to turn around on Markus' belly, crossing his arms on the other's chest to place his head on them.
Markus looked at the PL600 and tilted his head. "Really? I don't recall-"

"Please- I'm begging you... Don't tell them you saw me.... They're going to kill me-",
Simon repeated the exact same words he said to Markus that day. The RK200's eyes grew big and he sat up, taking Simon's hands. "That was you?? Like- the PL600 I saw that day- the 16th of February I believe, was really you??", he asked, his voice showing pure surprise. Simon chuckled and nodded.
"Yep- with the difference that these dumb cuts were bleeding the night before. Plus you still had two green eyes", he answered and referenced on the scars on his belly with the first sentence. Simon never really understood why they hadn't disappeared completely, but as long as they didn't hurt, he didn't care.

Markus pulled the PL600 closer to him, making Simon squeal a little as he held him in a tight hug. "How did you get these cuts? Was it your owner?", He asked, snarling a little.
The PL600 giggled again and rested his chin on Markus' shoulder.

"Yep- Frank is responsible. Or at least his red ice addiction. You know, he had a daughter- I used to take care of her. Oh... She was a sweet child- anyways, Eliza died shortly after her 7th birthday. This brought Frank to a complete breakdown- me too, I was already a deviant at that time, but I hadn't left him. But he started to do all different kinds of things to make himself feel better. I didn't leave for a long time", The blonde replied, but he wasn't ready to answer what the man had exactly done. Markus would probably be able to figure out himself.

The RK200 had listened quietly, rubbing his back.
"Why didn't you leave him as soon as he started to do... things?", He asked quietly, tilting his head a tiny bit. Simon sighed.
"This man made me love him. The way he smiled at me when I did something right, the way he praised me for... you know. Everything about him. I loved him back of course- it was... difficult to let go", Simon answered with a sigh.
"But one night- I was scared. He started to make red ice on his own, using my Thirium for it. The cuts got deeper, painfuller, more difficult to heal. So I left. At first I felt lonely. Even missed him- until the pain reminded me that I had a better life without him"

Markus pulled away a little to catch Simon's gaze. "But you don't miss him right now, do you?", He asked, his voice a little unsure.
The blonde laughed and pressed a kiss to Markus nose.
"No- I don't miss him. You're the only one I'd miss-", he chuckled. The RK200 grinned satisfied, planting a kiss onto Simon's cheek.
"Your luck..."