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(Almost) Nothing Happens On A Saturday Morning

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Izuku closed the door carefully behind him, not wanting to wake up his mother so early in the morning.



It had become routine to him to wake up naturally at five in the morning for his morning run, and so even when spending the weekends back at home he couldn't help the sudden rush of energy he got before the sun was even up. He'd wake up two minutes before his alarm rang, put on whatever clean tracksuit he'd have lying around, tie up his sneakers and slip his provisional hero license in his pocket, and be out the door.



He liked to change routes every once in a while, trying new sceneries, finding rougher terrains where he'd have to climb hill or jump fences to get through; push himself a bit harder every time. Sometimes he'd let One for All slip through a bit and jump from tree to tree or parkour above building's roofs. He'd at times come across patrolling heroes and wave at them, stopping for autographs in a little notebook he seemed to pull out of thin air.



All in all, mornings were a productive time for Izuku.



“Help! Someone, please!”



Very productive, it seemed.



Izuku stopped at the edge of the building he'd just landed on, silently peering down at the alley between it and the next building. A woman was standing flush against the wall, arms up in a futile attempt at protecting herself from the hulking figure of the man closing in on her. Izuku made his way down, somehow managing to land silently on the platforms of the fire escape below.



As he approached he noticed the woman seemed to be wearing a clerk uniform; most likely just coming out of a night shift at some nearby store and tried to take a shortcut through the alley. The man approaching her had a massively muscled back from the three pair of meaty spikes protruding from it, somehow similar to Shouji's arms but much closer to looking like spider legs, twitching and moving forward as he used them to cage her against the wall.



Izuku jumped down the last platform, landing on the ground and scaring some animal hiding behind a couple of trash can. The animal ran away, turning over one of the cans and causing a rattle that alerted the man of Izuku's presence behind him. Izuku winced, silently cursing himself for not noticing the critter before making his move.



“Ohoho? And what do we have here?” The man turned around, forgetting the woman and letting her make her escape as she booked it out of the alley. “A little kid playing hero?”



Izuku was glad she'd taken the chance to run away so fast, but it also worried him a bit; with instincts like those it was possible she'd found herself in that situation before; maybe it wasn't that she'd taken the alley as a shortcut as much as she was dragged in. “Don't you think it's too early to try to rob someone? You could at least wait till the sun's out”



The man laughed, cracking his knuckles as he closed in on Izuku. “You're funny, boy” He stopped in front of Izuku, sizing him up. “Don't think I don't know who you are; you put on quite the show on that little festival of yours”



Oh, so he'd seen his fight against Todoroki? Well, that certainly took away all his surprise factor. “Alright then, guess there's no point holding this out any longer” Izuku said, allowing his quirk to wrap around him at a low percentage, green electricity crackling over his limbs as he got into position.



The man's extra appendages started writhing. “I know what that quirk of yours does, but as long as I keep you away long enough you'll end up breaking your arms again, right?” He chuckled, looking down at Izuku from his considerable height. His extra limbs suddenly detached from his back, each growing six smaller protrusion of their own to use as feet as they scrambled across the ground to surround Izuku.



Ah, so this guy thought Izuku was still breaking his bones when fighting.



Well then.



He jumped forward, spinning around to deliver a roundhouse kick to the man's face to knock him out and finish this quickly. One of the villain's appendages leaped and attached itself to Izuku's outstretched leg, weighting him down and throwing his kick off-balance. He ended up kicking his arm, making him tumble back against the wall, but still conscious and increasingly angry at seeing Izuku still well and whole after that move.



Izuku tried to shake the spike from his leg, but another one jumped and held onto his arm, and he blasted a burst of energy outwards to get both of them off at once. The other four surrounded him, and he had to kick and punch them out of the way while dodging the ones that got up and went at him again.



The man was also attacking him, throwing punches and trying to get him overwhelmed over the attacks coming from all angles. One of the spikes grabbed onto the back of his shirt and pulled him back, allowing two more to attach themselves to his legs.



Izuku upped the percentage, red lines of energy crisscrossing his face as he slammed his back against the building to get the limb off, avoiding the punch the villain threw at his face that ended up sinking into the brick wall where his head had been a second ago.



“Stay still, will you, damn brat!” He growled, trying to hit wherever he could. He was fast, but the clumsy pattern of his attacks made it clear he relied more on raw strength that technique, and Izuku knew if he managed to keep it a bit longer he'd tire him out and make beat him without doing too much damage.



If he hadn't been in such a tight space in a public place he would've let himself loose without having to worry about structural damage.



The sharp points of the spikes kept scratching at his skin and the ones who had latched onto him had tightened to the point of bruising. One near his face whipped back and forth, hitting his face and blocking his vision every once in a while. The villain grunted as he kept trying to give chase, going in circles after Izuku as he avoided the punches.



“Alright, that's enough”



Suddenly the spikes went limp and fell from his body, lying harmlessly at his feet. He looked at the villain to see what he was doing and found he looked as shocked as Izuku felt.



Then Izuku realized the person who just spoke didn't sound like any of them.



A flash of white broke through the air and slammed the man on the back of the head, rendering him unconscious as he fell to the ground. The spikes lying prone on the ground started sliding back towards his back as if pulled in by an invisible thread, and soon enough they were back in their original place.



The white stripe that had hit him started wrapping around him in a firm cocoon, and Izuku followed it back to the person it had come from.



“Aizawa-sensei!” He shouted in surprise. Said man was calmly walking down the alley towards them, hair falling down as he deactivated his quirk.



“That was a good show, but it took you too long, Midoriya” He said simply, helping the boy stand up. Izuku noticed a cat was looking at him from inside his scarf, and realized it had been the same animal he'd scared off the trash cans earlier. “If you hadn't made so much noise it would've been over before it even started”



Izuku nodded, wincing a bit as he stood. He looked down and noticed the legs of his pants were torn open, little pinpricks of blood welling from were the spikes' little legs had clamped down on him. He didn't want to know how his back or face looked.



The capture weapon lifted the man up in its cocoon, and Aizawa started walking out of the alley. “Come on, we have to bring this guy to the police station. You're gonna have to fill a report as well”



“Yes sir” Izuku sighed. He didn't think he'd be getting in trouble on a Saturday morning like this.



Aizawa huffed. “Calm down, problem child” He brought a hand to ruffle Izuku's hair. “You have your license with you, right?”



Izuku nodded, fishing it out of his pocket. “Yeah, I always carry it with me”



“Good” Aizawa approved. “That means you can claim partial credit for this capture. It's good for your reputation”



Izuku smiled, wincing a bit at the fell of a bruise forming on his cheek.



The walk to the station was short; with the increasing amount of criminals they had buildings conveniently placed all over the city, and it wasn't long until they found the closest one. Coincidentally, the woman Izuku had saved from the villain was there as well, filling in her own report of the incident and brightening up at the sight of Izuku and the unconscious man in Aizawa's grasp. They correlated the events and filled up some more info on the co-arrest he'd done with Eraserhead, and the man was thrown in an empty cell with no bars for his spikes to crawl through.



After being profusely thanked by the woman, Izuku sighed in exhaustion and turned towards his teacher to bid him goodbye before heading home.



“Home?” Aizawa raised an eyebrow at him. “You think I'm gonna let you go to your mother looking like that?”



Izuku blinked, looking down at himself. His clothes were a bit more shredded in some places now that he saw it properly and under the light of the rising sun; and his legs and arms were starting to bruise black and blue. “How's my face?” He asked Aizawa.



“Let's just say 'Raccoon Eyes' won't be Ashido's nickname much longer if Bakugou were to see you in that state” Aizawa sighed, turning around and staring to walk away. “Come on, I'll patch you up and then you can go home”



“S-Sensei?” Izuku said, hurrying to fall into step with him. “Are you sure? I wouldn't want to bother you...”


“It's fine, I was just done with my shift anyway” He fished around inside his scarf and pulled out the cat from before. Izuku hadn't even noticed it was still there. “This little girl found me and told me there was trouble nearby”



“Really? You can understand them?” Izuku asked in amazement, looking at the cat cuddle under Aizawa's chin and purring loudly.



“Of course not; I'm not Koda” Aizawa huffed, smiling a bit. “I saw her run out of the alley with her tail puffed up and knew something was going on in there. It was a logical conclusion that someone scared her and made her run away”



“Yeah, I didn't realize she was behind some trash cans; that's what alerted the villain I was there” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck. He really didn't want to seem so clumsy in front of his teacher.



Aizawa hummed, petting the cat's back. “Rookie mistake. Happened to me a few time when I was getting used to jumping around”






“What, you think I was born moving like that? Don't be ridiculous, Midoriya” Aizawa said, but a smirk made its way into his face.



Izuku was feeling a lot better emotionally already, feeling reassured he hadn't messed up too much in the fight. He was so distracted with Aizawa's comments that he didn't even realize they'd arrived at an apartment complex in some part of the city he didn't recognize.



“Where are we?” He asked, looking around for any landmarks.



“I didn't spend all the way here distracting you only to tell you where I live” Aizawa deadpanned, climbing upstairs at a leisurely pace.



“Don't you live at the dorms with us, sensei?”



“I lived here before that, and come back on weekends just like you kids” He explained. He walked down the hall in the third floor and stopped in front of the last door, fishing around his pocket with his free hand for his key. “Midoriya” He said, serious all of a sudden.






He looked down at Izuku with a blank face, eyes seeming to gaze right through him. It gave Izuku the shivers. “No matter what, what you're about to see inside must be kept a secret from anyone, understand?”



Izuku blinked up at him, mouth gaping open in surprise. “O-Of course” He gulped, suddenly worried about what he was about to witness.



Was Aizawa-sensei's home a torture chamber? Were there traps laid inside to scare off intruders that would give Izuku nightmares, maybe with pieces of previous would-be thieves still lying around? Was he into post-modernist deco?



Aizawa slotted the key in the lock and turned it.



He pushed the door open.



A loud screeching reached Izuku's ears and he yelped, jumping back as he hid behind Aizawa to avoid whatever would come out and mawl him.



Aizawa huffed a laugh and stepped in, turning the lights and letting the cat down. “Come in, don't be dumb”



Izuku blinked at what he was seeing now that light was on and Aizawa had stepped in.



At least a dozen of cats, plus the one he'd just brought in, circled around Aizawa's feet, yelling loudly to get his attention. They rubbed against his legs and jumped on the kitchen counter to nuzzle his face as he leaned down to let them do just that, looking content among the furry creatures. Little tails were curled up in joy at his arrival and would not leave him alone even as he moved around the kitchen looking for the first aid kit.



Izuku slowly made his way in, shutting the door and trying not to accidentally step on any of the cats curiously trying to sniff at him, scrunching their little noses at the stench of the villain clinging to him.



“Where the hell is that thing” Aizawa muttered, ruffling through different cupboards, cats crawling over his shoulders and bent knees. “I swear I left it right here--”






Izuku and Aizawa's head snapped up at the soft voice coming from the living room.



A familiar white head of hair peeked around the door leading to the other rooms.



“Eri-chan!” Izuku smiled wide, walking forward a bit to be in better view of the girl. “Hi there!”



Eri blinked up at him, then smiled wide and threw herself at him, letting Izuku catch her and hoist her up on his hip. “Deku-san! You came!”



“Careful now, Eri. He's hurt” Aizawa warned her as he stood up to keep looking around the kitchen.



Eri looked at Izuku with worry in her eyes, suddenly looking panicked at the thought of having hurt Izuku further. Izuku just smiled at her, fixing his hold on her.



“Don't worry, it's just some bruises. I'm fine, promise!” He reassured her, and she looked hesitant for a moment before nodding. Izuku let himself sit down on the couch behind him, sitting Eri on his knees. “So, how have you been? I haven't seen you since the school festival”



Eri went on a little ramble of what she'd been doing these past days; from her check-ups at the hospital to the drawing books Aizawa had gotten her that she'd filled, to the games she played with the cats and the times Lemillion visited her with gifts every now and then.



Aizawa had finally found the first aid kit and joined them in the couch, making Izuku cut the part of his pants that were shredded –'It's not like you can wear them anymore, they're ribbons' he'd said—and handed helped him clean and bandage any bleeding wounds and then handed him the cream for his bruises. Anything on Izuku's face was taken care of by Eri's dutiful and careful hands under the amused and precise instructions of the hero.



The sound of a door opening from within the apartment made Izuku stand at attention. Aizawa sighed deeply and dragged his hands down his face while Eri giggled at his despair.



He'd taught her too well.



“Shouta? Are you home already?” A new voice cam from down the hall, a yawn, interrupting the words.



Izuku had to remember he was holding Eri to not drop her in shock when Present Mic appeared in the doorway, looking as surprised as he did.



Present Mic stood there, in simple pajamas and hair loose cascading down his back, glasses askew on his nose. “...You texted me about this, didn't you?”



Aizawa stared at him. “Yes, but that doesn't matter now” He sighed, putting everything back in the kit and standing up to walk into the kitchen.



“Sorryyyyyy, I forgot to check, it's too earlyyyy” Mic whined, following him into the kitchen as Aizawa turned on the coffee pot.



Aizawa ignored him. “Eri, did you have breakfast already?”






“Alright, I'll make it for you”



“Shoutaaaaa” Mic cried, bumping his forehead on Aizawa's back.



Izuku stared dumbfounded at the interaction, wondering just what the hell he'd stumbled into. “Ah, so, are you...roommates?”



“He looks after the cats while I'm at UA” Aizawa said, cutting up an apple into bunny slices. “Since he's not a homeroom teacher”



“Don't ignore me” Mic pouted, still bonking his head against Aizawa's back.



“Also we're married” Aizawa continued.



Izuku took the time to set Eri down on her feet gently before standing up. He walked over to the kitchen counter and stood there for a couple of seconds.



Then he processed it.



“What?!” He shouted, leaning into the counter so far it dug into his ribs, reminding him of a few untreated bruises hidden there.



Wordlessly, both teachers pulled a chain hidden under their shirts to drag out matching, simple silver bands.



“UA's most well kept secret!” Mic grinned. “Even more so than All Might's condition!”



“Not anymore, it seems” Aizawa muttered, setting down the plate of apples and a glass of milk on the counter while Eri climbed onto a chair. “Hizashi, get her cereal please”



It was such a wonder for Izuku, seeing them just so casually move around the place like people on a regular Saturday morning as Present Mic poured Eri a bowl some colorful cereal, humming all the time.



He felt like he was intruding.



“Ah, I should be going” He said, checking the time on his phone. His mom would be waking up soon and he wanted to be there before she did to change out of his tattered clothes.



“You sure? Nothing more hurting?” Aizawa asked him, taking the cup of coffee Mic—his husband holy shit—handed him.



Izuku chose to ignore the bruises on his chest. “Nope! Everything ready”



“You're a terrible liar” Aizawa laughed into his cup. He took a sip and set it down, waving away a cat that tried to get its head in it. “Alright then, I'll take you back. I have to make sure you don't remember where we are”



“You're still up with that?” Mic asked him from his seat next to Eri. “You need to watch less spy movies, babe”



“Hush” Aizawa shushed him, adjusting his scarf before walking to the door. “Let's go Midoriya”



“Bye Deku-san, thank for coming!” Eri waved him goodbye, a wide grin on her face. Mic waved as well, overly-enthusiastic for someone with three jobs up and at it at 6:30 am on a Saturday.



Somehow Aizawa manage to lead him down so many twists and turns he got effectively lost before he suddenly found himself in front of the same police station as before, not a clue of where his teachers' apartment was.



“You can get home from here” Aizawa told him. “Try not to get too beat up again on the way back; we don't want your mother to try to pull you out of school again”



Izuku nodded. “Thank you, sensei. I...I won't tell anyone about...well”



“I know you won't” Aizawa said, ruffling his hair. “Don't worry, it's only kept from the students to avoid distractions. So long as your grades don't drop I don't care that you know”



Izuku mouthed an 'o' in understanding. “So you're not...embarrassed?”



“Embarrassed? I married the embodiment of embarrassment” He sighed, eyes glazing over as he looked away, small smile on his face. “Love is a funny thing” He whispered, and Izuku couldn't help his smile; it was nice knowing his teacher had feelings like the rest of them.



When Izuku finally made it home, he managed to change into normal clothes before his mother woke up, and he called it a personal victory.