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GarfmILd X Hiltwetr HOTTT Yaooi eeeeeeeEEEEEE

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What a boring Monday. Jon was being an obsolete dingus as usual. Doofus. Jon is also a Jew. I dislike Jews 11!!!
“Garvild, do you want lasaf?” The moronic bimbo named Jon crooned. His laseg was gut wrenchingly horrible, it was like eating shit deep-frid in piss. I swear I could shoot myself hearing his voice. Fuckihn Jew.
I heroically respond with “Fuck off Jon, you fucking cum rag,” I inhale sharply, “You're lasooga tastes like human entrails dipped in francium.” I yarf onto the freshly sweeped floor, leaving that piss slut floored.
I walke outside, the streets were filled with dead bodies; all of Jews. Sublime. Brilliant. I marched with zeal. The rotting smell of week old saccharine flesh was overwhelming, the taste of it enveloped my entire body.
Turning upon a corner, I stumble upon a coffe shop. Crowded by dead bodies and Nazi chads.
I push open the doors, the chads welcome me with extreme excitemen. I grab a seat at a corner table, looking out the window, looking at the sheer ecstasy-like terror outside, quite the shoe. Jolly good shoe.
A man sits in front of me breaking my trance, aw. I love watching death, Mondays fgcking suck. I look him in the eyes; my heart's go ducky ducky.
“Hello Garfilde. How are you today?” His rectangle lookin ass stache us eye catching. Fuckinf hot.
“O-oh, Hitler! I didn't know you'd great me personally!!” I sputtered out.
He reached out, and started petting my fur, “Call me Adolph, Garnfile.”
My face goes red, “Okay, Adolp.”
He smiles, his slightly bloodied sleeve pulling away. Adolphk ordered a cogfe, I ordered that too just to copy him's.
Our cofdees arfived pretty quickly, and set in front of us by some Becky.
We sat there and drank oury cofs, I looked him in the eyes.
“Wana kill Jon? He's a gnarlef, Jew ass bimbo.” I utter shyly.
“Yeagh sur, Garfirld. I alwaes gated him.”
Hilter smild warmthly, “Well that's what w’ell do.”
He left the coofe shop, with me looking at his beautiful silwete, the s,.


Me hitlerf walkde bak to me an jon hous, to kel his. He is making lasognue, hitLeg hande me a beker, with some sdit in it.
"This very poisiniss gafreld," He's voics e is miusic, "Puog in in jhhis lasagdf."
My eyres was glittrt, "yesdv dady adolptu-kun-sama-chan."
He smiuled.
I wakjked in with this drinok, hE wus e busy berinfs a H OASS BIBMO BITCH J EW,,, so i pout it in lasag.
I ast at tbale, waiting for his fucking bloody demise.
"Garfilet, would yuolike some?" His WHORE MOUTH said.
"No Johan, youyr sustenance was satisfactory earlire."
His BIMBO BITCH ASS SLUT eyes were shininh, "Wow,,, thnak garfalfa."
He cut he'sself off a piekce of lagegs, and slowly ate it whti his FUCKING BITCH WHORE SLUT DICK SUCKING MOUTH.
He died on the spot, he fell off his chair with a thud. The orgasmic sound of a body hitting the floor. His hollow, empty head banging off the floor with a pained cry. He was choking on blood, spit and his own vomit. Adolf walked in, he was so proud. I did it, I bloody did it. He kissed me on my fluffy lips, the burden of Jon was no longer existent. I have butterflies in my tummy, I'm so bloody happy! We stood over his body. Adolf then immediately stucok hi=e's mpnster cocok in meeee! It wasd a fooot lomgn!
He camd in my butt, and I camed everywhre. Mai nutte was on jjon face, haha bimbobitch hahaahhahaha.
Adopfk took hims disck out wiht a p o p, a bit of blood on it.
He looked me in the eyes and ripped off his face.
"Ok so basically, I'm monky."
I screamed.