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Without Borders: Asgard

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BOURDAIN: Coming from the Federation, there's something comfortable knowing that our technology would look like magic if we visited another world. One of those planets forbidden by the Prime Directive. There's something comforting about knowing we can replicate any meal we want to eat. Any clothes we want to wear.

A woman at a loom moves her hands and a shimmering ribbon of light dances into the starry sky above, while the Queen Frigga leads the crowd in polite clapping.

BOURDAIN: Flying in our starships across the galaxy.

A shot of the rainbow bridge from a golden garden full of crystalline trees. The Bifrost pierces out into the dark starry night.

BOURDAIN: I've been to many worlds where colonizers came and destroyed the natural beauty.

An image of a strip mine on Bajor with the barren hills above. An image of industrial facilities on Praxis, the Klingon energy moon. A desolate settlement on Teva III that won Bourdain his eighth Emmy.

BOURDAIN: I've been to many worlds that are the center of vast empires.

A towering government building on Cardassia Prime throws its shadow over marching soldiers. The austere beauty of the Romulan Imperial palace. A shot of the Federation council chambers.

BOURDAIN: Yes, that does include us. But having been to Asgard...

A shot of Asgard floating in space, endless spilling liquid water into a void.

BOURDAIN: The Federation may be ready to declare that we're all grown up. Ready to stop being the equivalent of a nature preserve, where the natives are free to kill each other or create a utopia.

A shot of San Francisco. Waters of the bay sparkling beneath starships flying serenely over the glittering glass buildings.

BOURDAIN: But I'm not sure I'm quite ready to declare us ready for a higher form of war. Or art.

A red streak. Thor lands upon the ground in a three point landing. Raises his hammer to summon lightning, which transitions to a stunningly beautiful sunrise of burnt orange, shadowed blue clouds, salmon pink, pale gold to brilliant fire as a sun rises up over the edge of Asgard's sea. It's ever falling into the ether sea.

BOURDAIN: Yes, I asked. This is the sunrise I didn't eat.

The screen fades to black.


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