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Costume (Contest)

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       "Alright, Keith. I think I'm done. Three hours of painstaking crafting, four paint spills, two different hot glue burns, and last but not least, one cut, but I'm done." Lance turned around to show Keith his elaborate vampire costume, but he stopped short once he saw what Keith was holding. "Keith, what..."

       Keith held a simple white sheet in his hand. He threw it over his head and lined up the holes he'd cut for his eyes. "Boo!"

       Lance laughed, walking over and pulling the sheet off his boyfriend. "Keith, did you really take three hours to make this?"

       Keith looked away sheepishly. "I... I kept getting distracted."

       Lance threw up his hands exasperatedly. "For three hours?"

       Keith flushed. "It's just... you're really pretty when you get into something, and... you were really into making your costume, so..."

       Now it was Lance's turn to blush. "K-Keith! You can't just, just say stuff like that!" He clutched his heart dramatically. "You flatterer."

       Keith broke out into a grin, still pink-cheeked. "Is it flattery if it's true?"

       Lance raised an eyebrow and draped his costume and Keith's ghost sheet over a chair. "Oh, so that's how you want to play?" He leaned forward and hooked his fingers through Keith's belt loops, tugging his boyfriend closer to him. "Am I pretty now? Cause I'd say I'm pretty... into you."

       Keith swallowed hard. "Yeah." He stepped back, pulling Lance over to the couch with him. "Yeah."

       They could return to the costumes later, right?

       Spoiler: it was a while before they would even think about it again...