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On the Weekend

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It was another typical weekend for Okuyasu.Josuke was next to him with a controller in hand ,glued to the screen while his mother Tomoko was heading out for a night on the town.Since Josuke's eighteenth birthday it had become more common ,she trusted him not to break the house especially with Okuyasu there.

However, the moment the car pulled from the driveway controllers hit the floor and Josuke and Okuyasu were all over each other.

"Man,I thought she'd never leave.She took extra long getting ready this time.She might be onto us " ,Josuke said ,straddling his boyfriend's waist.As Josuke pulled his shirt over his head, Okuyasu eagerly caught him by his slim waist .

"Maybe...but she wouldn't mind.She already thinks you're gay , dude ",Okuyasu said ,sliding down to settle on his hips .

"Fuck you .You're the one groping guys.You've got no right to talk ",Josuke said.

"Not guys,just you ",Okuyasu said.Josuke smiled at that and leaned down to kiss Okuyasu on the nose.

"Same here...and it better stay that way " Josuke said ,jealously creeping into his voice.

"Don't fuck up a good thing.I had a good day today ",Okuyasu warned .

"Keep it up and you go to bed with blue balls.Now shut up and love me " ,Josuke said ,planting kiss on Okuyasu's lips that was returned.

That single kiss turned to another and another as their strong hands wandered each other bodies.Warm skin against skin and with Josuke's weight settled on Okuyasu's lap ,both of then were quickly getting aroused.

Josuke was heavy,Okuyasu knew for a fact that he outweighed him.But that's what was so sexy about it.Okuyasu had been with a few girls here and here,but Josuke was just on a whole nother level.And even more,Josuke had gotten bigger (and prettier) in the two years they knew each other,making him all the more appealing.Though incidentally a lot of that extra size went to his thighs and ass,while Okuyasu simply bulked up.

Okuyasu was excited as he gripped Josuke by his round plump ass ,giving it a firm squeeze.Josuke moaned into the kiss and rolled his hips pressing his weight down against his lover. A stiffled moan slipped from Okuyasu's mouth as he raised his hips to meet Josuke's own ,causing Josuke to gasp,his eyes fluttering.

He gave Josuke's cheeks another firm grasp before sliding his sweatpants down,exposing his thick round ass.Licking his lips.Okuyasu's fingers slipped down Josuke's crack only for Josuke to catch his wrist .

"Sorry babe ,you have to work for it " ,Josuke said ,a smirk plastered on his lips.

"C'mon Josuke ,really ? " ,Okuyasu said.

" Yes really.You know the rules ",Josuke said .He sat back ,crossing his arms with a wolfish grin on his face .

"Fine.Gonna fuck you so hard you can't walk for teasin' me like this",Okuyasu said,sliding Josuke's pants and underwear lower.A moment later ,his hard cock sprang free and Okuyasu grasped for it.

"You better " Josuke breathed out nearly thrusting into Okuyasu's hand.He fell forward ,hands falling on Okuyasu's chest .And as Okuyasu stroked Josuke's length ,Josuke began kneading and pawing lazily at Okuyasu's chest and nipples.And all the while ,that sweet ass was grinding against Okuyasu's crotch ,teasing him.

For a brief moment Okuyasu caught glimpse of Josuke's lovely face.Long lashes over violet eyes and soft cheeks ,full lips parted a look of sheer desire.His hair messy and starting to fall now ,ink black strands against lightly tanned skin.Okuyasu was over come with desire to.see him pleasures.Hethen pushed Josuke back into the sofa ,catching him by surprise.He immediately tugged Josuke's pants and boxers off,tossing them aside ,leaving him naked against the couch.

"want me that bad ,huh ? " ,Josuke breathed out ,before dragging Okuyasu down for a rough kiss.

"You started this Josuke.You know what you do to me" Okuyasu said.Josuke giggled at Okuyasu's annoyed expression.

"You make it so easy sometimes ,Oku..",he said.But not soon after Okuyasu was kissing his way down Josuke's tone chest ,his stomach,then lower.

soon after he was wrapping his warm mouth around Josuke's cock,making him gasp in shocK and pleasure.Josuke immediately thrust his hips forward,hands wandering and struggling for something to grasp.He settled on Okuyasu's hair,turning the other boy on even more.

Okuyasu took as much in his mouth as he could,but knew he couldn't take it all--both of them were pretty well endowed though Josuke was just a bit longer and Okuyasu was definitely thicker.But Okuyasu was okay with it.Right now he was focused on the breathy moans that escaped Josuke's lips,the way his chest heaved,the way that Josuke was lost in pure ecstacy and at Okuyasu's mercy.It took him awhile to get to this point,to be able to drive Josuke crazy like this,but it was worth every second--especiallywhen he knew what the pay offf was.Neither of them were selfish lovers.

An idea came to mind and Okuyasu smirking around Josuke's cock had an idea.For a brief Okuyasu pulled back,slipped a bit of precum on his fingers.Then,when Josuke was lost in pleasure,he began to brush Josuke's hole.To this Josuke let out a gasp and gripped Okuyasu's hair tighter,more so as he slipped inside.He had done this enough that it wasn't hard to find his prostate and now Josuke was reeling.

"Fuck,baby,m'gonna cum ,you gotta let off...I want you to fuck me,please ",Josuke was pleading.Fun as it was to watch the other squirm,Okuyasu was anticipating this more,and thus released Josuke's cock from his mouth and removed his finger.When he did ,he could see Josuke breathless looking at him with love in his eyes,gently caressing Okuyasu's hair,his face.He now remembers exactly why he fell in love with the other in the first place.

"Hey Oku..let's get ready ,huh? " ,Josuke said. A moment later a condom slapped Okuyasu in the side of the face and Josuke smirked in glee.As Josuke reached back to grab a pack of lube that he had stashed under the couch earlier for this very ocsasion ,Okuyasu slapped his ass .Josuke yelped and fell forward Okuyasu laughed at him as he unzipped his pants.

"You are so lucky I'm horny now...cuz I'm gonna get you back for that " ,Josuke said.

"You can try",Okuyasu said grinning.Josuke leaned forward to kiss his lover one more time before falling back against the couch.Okuyasu was focusing on getting the condom on.Josuke was now tearing open the lube and leaning into the couch to prep himself,back arched and thighs parted.

Cool ,slick against his entrance made him tremble with excitement.But when he slipped his fingers in and hit his prostate head on,he let out a gasp that caught Okuyasu's attention.A brief moment their eyes met and the way Okuyasu looked at him was enough to make Josuke more arroused .

Now he was tempted to get off just like this,fingers shoved deep inside himself with his legs spread,his cock in his hand and his lover watching him entranced.

Suddenly,Josuke's fingers were yanked out and replaced with Okuyasu's own.But instead of two like Josuke used,Okuyasu was working three inside,making Josuke grasp the couch in shock.Pleasure laced with a burning that soon faded .It didn't take long for Okuyasu to find that sweet spot after fingering him just now.He and Josuke had been doing this every weekend since forever and damn,Okuyasu still couldn't get enough of this.And if Josuke's cursing and grunts were anything to go by ,he felt the same.Okuyasu wanted to just shove it in and take what was his ,but Josuke was pulling away from him now.He paused a moment to steady himself.He was far too close to release now .

Josuke finally grabbed Okuyasu by his of his shirt,kissed him on his lips,then his neck,before tossing the shirt completely.

"Wanna ride your cock, ready for me?", Josuke breathed out.

"Damn right I am.C'mon",Okuyasu said eagerly.

"Kay gimme a sec...sit on the couch",Josuke said.They shifted positions again and soon,Josuke was on Okuyasu's lap,gazing lovingly and lustfully down at him.From where Okuyasu was,Josuke looked infinitely taller, more statuesque and lovely than usual.And all Okuyasu could think was being inside of him.

Moments later,Josuke was sliding down Okuyasu's thick cock,calming himself as he began to take all of it in,because really,it was a lot to take.As he neared the hilt,Okuyasu reached up to grab Josuke by his ass cheeks and pushed himself the rest of the way in.Josuke let out a loud moan ,seeing stars.He gripped onto the couch behind Okuyasu as he fell forward,letting Oukyasu rest his chin on his shoulder.

"Shit...okay,I'm ready",Josuke said ,now grabbing Okuyasu by his shoulders.After catching his breath,Josuke gave Okuyasu a kiss before he started slowly riding his lover.

Skin flushed and slicked with sweat,the two were lost in utter pleasure,as they picked up the pace.So close they could feel each others' pulse,moving in tandem ,feeling each other out and giving in to each other.Okuyasu couldn't take it anymore and flipped Josuke over so that he was against the couch ,legs parted.

Okuyasu spread Josuke's long legs wide as he could,throwing off Josuke's balance and exposing his slicked hole.He fell back clutching the couch now,before guiding his lover back to him. Okuyasu slowly thrust deep inside Josuke in a single go,making him cry in pleasure.Soon Okuyasu was pounding relentlessly and Josuke taking everything he had to offer.

"Oku...m'close ... ",Josuke breathed out,

"M-me too...",Okuyasu said.

Soon after ,Josuke came hard ,tightening around Okuyasu while clutching onto his the couch.A loud moan was dragged from Josuke's lips ,and that was all it took before Okuyasu followed soon after. Panting harshly,Josuke reached up to pull Okuyasu into a brief kiss before falling back onto the couch.Okuyasu then pulled out ,falling against the couch as well.

Somewhere in the distance,Okuyasu eventually disposed of the condom before coming back to clean themselves off and pull Josuke into his arms.

"Ready to turn in for the night ?or you want another round?",Josuke said waving the controller.

"nah...unless you mean another round of this",Okuyasu said with a grin hugging Josuke around his waist and squeezing his ass.He hauled Josuke close,kissed his cheek. Josuke let out a soft chuckle and returne it before draping himself lazily over Okuyasu.

"Ugh,you ass!I need recovery time! But ,we can stay like this a bit...I don't mind",Josuke said snuggling close.He reached his hand up to card his fingers through Okuyasu's hair,a lazy smile playing on his lips.

"Ah,me neither.I like you too much to get rid of ya' even though I should",Okuyasu said.

"Love you too ,asshole",Josuke said slapping Okuyasu with a couch pillow.

"Yeah? Well I love you more.Deal with it",Okuyasu said crossing his arms,trying and failing to look serious.But instead the two devolved into a fit of laughter as they lounged on the couch under the screen light.