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“Is that blood?”


                “That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question!”

                Will looked down at himself and then back at Jem and then gave a sheepish shrug. “So, it may be blood. Just maybe.”

                His parabatai sighed and pulled him inside by the arm, hand gentle so as not to put pressure on the bleeding wound dripping from his shoulder. “And you didn’t use an iratze because?”

                He lifted the broken stele in his hand and Jem sighed again. “Really? What happened?”

                “Nothing of consequence. Demons and claws, general par for the course.”

                “Why didn’t you bring me?” Jem asked softly as he helped Will out of his gear and lifted his own stele to draw the healing rune on his bicep.

                “Well, you weren’t looking to well this morning. It wasn’t anything big and major, figured I could handle it myself.”

                “William.” His voice was stern, and the dark-haired boy couldn’t prevent himself meeting his pale eyes. “You’re my parabatai. Where you go, I go.”

                “I know.” He reached over and cupped Jem’s cheek, who leaned into the touch instantly. “But I refuse to let you go somewhere I can’t follow before I have to. If that means going on a hunt alone, I will.”

                “You don’t get to make that decision for me.” Jem admonished, reaching up to place his fingers through Will’s and pull them from his face. “Unless I physically cannot get out of bed, I go on hunts with you. If I must make it a rule, I will.”


                “No, William. I cannot lose you either. No more foolish decisions and foolhardy actions, understood?”

                Will sighed but nodded, crowding into Jem’s space to rest his head on the slimmer male’s shoulder. “Okay, fine, I promise.”

                Jem reached a hand up to lace within the black curls and wrapped the other one around Will’s waist. “Thank you Will.”

                “No need to thank me Jem. I’d go to the end of the earth for you.”

                Jem smiled and leaned his head against the other's. “Not without me you won’t.”

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“Wow the stars sure are beautiful.”

                “We’re lost in a wasteland.”

                “Well excuse me for looking on the bright side!”

                Matt sighed and turned his head towards Foggy. “You know I can’t see them anyway.”

                Foggy’s shoulders moved in a shrug and his hair shook across his collar. “I was just trying to let you live through my eyes. Besides, I wouldn’t call this a total wasteland.”

                Matt swung an arm around the far to silent strange desert and raised a brow, despite his Daredevil mask obscuring them. “What is it then?”

                “An example of why Matt Murdock shouldn’t speak to sorceresses?”

                He gave a chuckle and shook his head. “Oh, so this is my fault?”

                “Isn’t it always?”

                “I’m unsure if I should be insulted or not.”

                “Only slightly.”

                He sighed and pushed his cowl off of his face. “I am sorry Fog. I didn’t realize we would end up here.”

                “Course not buddy. We don’t even know where here is.”

                “How far away do you think we are from civilization?” Matt asked, trying to hear anything beside the small scurry of animal feet and the brush of wind against sand.

                “Depends on if we’re still in America.”

                “Or even on Earth.”

                “Oh, gee, fun thought. Thank you so much Murdock.”

                Matt shrugged. “She could have made us go anywhere.”

                “You’re not exactly dressed very inconspicuously either there Matty, so not really sure we want to run into anyone.”

                Matt grinned and began stripping to which Foggy replied with a loud squawk and an increased heartrate.

                “The hell you doing!”

                “You have your briefcase, right? Just store the outer layer in there and it just looks like I’m wearing some really tight jogging clothes.”

                “Oh yeah, because people wear jogging clothes in the desert?”

                “Do they also wear suits?” he asked pointing towards Foggy.


                He just grinned and placed the folded Daredevil uniform in his friend’s arms. “So, store this in there and it will only be slightly less weird if someone finds us.”

                “Only slightly.”

                “Come now Foggy. Ninjas and coming back from the dead, this is the least weird situation I’ve put us in and you know it.”

Foggy groaned and nodded his head, and Matt couldn’t help but to grin in triumph.

                “So now all that was left was to find a way out of this place.” He remarked and the other snorted.

                “Easier said than done Matty.”

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“I can fix that.”

                “I’m calling a professional.”

                “I am a professional!”

                “A more professional, professional!”

                Cisco raised is hands in exasperation and fell back on his heels to glare up at Lisa. “Okay, sister Cold. I assure you, I am the best of the best at fixing computers.”

                She leaned down and stared at the mess of wires. “It looks like you were just tangling things up.”

                “You have to make a bigger mess to clean up a smaller mess!”

                “In what world?” she asked with a raised brow.

                “Every world. Trust me.”

                She giggled at his choice of words and leaned her hip against the computer desk. “You know Cisco, only you would take a request from a hot girl to fix her computer as her actually wanting you to fix the computer.”

                He froze in place and turned his head to stare at her. “Lisa, we don’t live in a porno.”

                Her lips curled up into a wide smile. “Well, we could?”

                He flushed brightly and turned back to the wires before him. “You said you were calling a better professional.”

                “Maybe because this wasn’t the service, I called you for.” She teased.

                “Oh, I see how it is. I’m just a pretty face and a booty call.”

                “Well a pretty face for sure.” She purred and dropped to the ground to lean into his back and pull his hands away from the hardware. “But I really did just want to see you Cisco.”

                He turned to face her and then nodded behind him. “So, all that was an excuse?”

                She flushed faintly and nodded. “I figured it was a better one then kidnapping you, right?”

                He snorted and brushed her hair from her face. “You don’t need an excuse to see me Lisa. Just call. I’ll always be happy to come over.”

                “So, it wasn’t just to mangle my computer?”

                “I absolutely did not do that!” he exclaimed and then jumped away as something beside him sparked. “Okay, maybe a little. But no. I wanted to see you.”

                She grinned widely and pulled him to his feet. “Good. Let’s find something more fun to do then.”

                “What about the computer?” he asked looking down at it.

                “Don’t worry I’ll ask Hartley later.” she replied with an amused grin.

                “What!!” he gasped indignantly, and she just laughed as she dragged him deeper into the apartment. 

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“You don’t get to pin this break in on me.”

                “But you were the one who broke in!”

                “You’re an accomplice too Scarlet.” Len drawled and shot Barry an amused grin who just groaned.

                “I was literally just following you Len. You’re the one who brought us to my friends house, broke in and now Batman is going to be pissed.”

                “Batman is always pissed. Its’ his default setting.” Len smirked. “Besides, he would have to catch us to be pissed in the first place.”

                “What are we even doing here?”

                “Finding those kinetic things.”

                Barry groaned and rolled his neck. “Why?”

                “I don’t like batdick having something that can hurt you so bad.”

                “That’s literally his thing Lenny. He has something to beat everyone. He’s even more paranoid than you.”

                “He’s not paranoid Barry, he’s a psycho.”

                “He’s not so bad!” He exclaimed and then shrugged at the pointed look Len shot at him. “Okay, he’s a tad overboard but he’s a good guy!”

                “Who runs around like a bat and beats people up.”

                “Hey, I’m a vigilante too!”

                Len stopped walking and moved into his boyfriend’s space. “No, you are a hero. You save lives and do things the cops cant. There is a very, very thick line between the two of you.”

                “Bruce isn’t a bad guy.” Barry promised, lifting his arms to wrap around Len’s neck. “I promise Len, he doesn’t want to hurt me. Those kinetic and ice bombs are just if I become not myself, or if an evil speedster showed up. He’s not going to just use them on me for no reason.”

                Len lifted his hand and cupped his cheek. “You trust too easily Scarlet. Far too easily.”

                “I just see the best in everyone Lenny. You should know that.”

                “I do and I’m grateful.” Len sighed and nodded. “Okay, fine. Take us back to Central City.”

                “Thank you!”

                They were gone in a blur of pale lightning and Bruce grinned as he sat back, his eyes still trained on the monitors before him.

                “Are you satisfied Master Bruce?” Alfred asked him and he turned his head to his oldest friend and nodded.

                “I am.”

                “Did you not trust Mr. Allen to be able to make his own choices?”

                Bruce shook his head. “It’s not that Alfred. Like Snart said, Barry trusts far too easily. I just had to make sure he wasn’t in danger for trusting Cold.”

                “It appears as if the man truly does care for him.”

                He thought about the protective stance, the anger in the thief’s eyes and how softly he touched Barry and nodded. “Very true Alfred. I think he really does.”

                “Will you tell Mr. Allen you knew they were here?”

                He shook his head. “No, I think it’ll be our secret to keep. Can’t let him know that the Batman has a heart, now can I?”

                “It seems to me he already does.”

                Bruce gave a small smile and nodded. Trust Barry Allen to see the good in not only reformed thieves, but the Bat of Gotham as well.

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“What happened to your-?”

                “I lost a bet.”


                “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

                Alec couldn’t help but choke on his laugh at the disgruntled look on his parabatai’s face. “Yeah, no we’re talking about it. Jace, half your hair is gone.”

                Jace glowered at him. “Blame your boyfriend.”

                The taller man let out a bark of laughter and shook his head at the blonde. “Really! You bet against Magnus!”

                “I thought it was a good idea at the time!”

                Alec doubled over on himself, long arms wrapped around his waist as he laughed uncontrollably. Jace really did make for an amusing picture, his arms crossed and an indignant pout on his face. The icing on the cake was that half of the blonde’s hair was completely gone, one side of his head shaven down to nothing and Alec really couldn’t help his amusement.

                “That has got to be the worst idea in history!”

                Jace glared at him. “Yeah, take pleasure in my pain.”

                “Oh, I am!”

                He rolled his eyes and flipped Alec off before turning harshly on his heel and leaving his brother’s office. The dark haired Shadowhunter instantly dialed his warlock and grinned as he answered.

                “I take it you have seen your foolish parabatai?”

                “What on earth did he bet you!”

                “That I would lose in a spar against him, purely hand to hand talent no runes or magic.”

                Alec chuckled and leaned back into his chair. “Guessing he was far to self-assured?”

                “Oh darling, he was the definition of cocky. I took great pleasure in shaving his hair off.”

                “Why only half of it though?”

                “It’s a much sillier look, I assure you.”

                He laughed again. “Yes, I can absolutely see that. How long does he have to keep it like that?”

                “A couple weeks is all. I couldn’t be too cruel.”

                “Oh, never.”

                Magnus giggled with him and then asked softly, “When will you be home angel?”

                Alec sighed and looked towards the giant pile of paperwork on his desk. “If I am a responsible well-behaved Head, then a couple hours.”

                “And if I can convince you to behave badly?”

                “Then I’ll be home as soon as I see Izzy’s face at Jace’s new look.”

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“I’m sure that sounded different in your head, but please never say that again.”

                Steve couldn’t help the embarrassed flush that spread on his cheeks at Bucky’s imploring tone and shuffled in place. “Sorry, sorry Buck I just. I’m not any good at this.”

                Bucky stepped forward and clasped both of the blonde’s hands between his. “Stevie, just breathe. What aren’t you good at?”


                The other man chuckled and brushed Steve’s bangs away. “You’re excellent at words.”

                “Okay, then telling you how I feel.”

                “I know how you feel Doll.”

                Steve groaned and lifted a hand to run over his face. “I’m trying to be romantic and sweet and all I’m doing is making a fool of myself.”

                “Maybe a little.” Bucky pulled his hands away and draped them over his own shoulders. “But I like when you get all flustered. I’m the only one who gets to see it, and it makes you seem softer, more personal and just mine.”

                “Of course I’m just yours!”

                “And I’m yours. So, just say whatever you want to Steve. Don’t need to flower it up, I like you just fine.”

                Steve snorted and met Bucky’s silvery eyes. He had come so far in the years since he had come back to Steve and the super soldier never got tired of seeing happiness in those eyes. It filled him with warmth and a never-ending sense of love. He gave a besotted smile to his love and moved a hand to cup his shaven cheek.

                “Marry me?”

                Bucky took in a hissing breath and his eyes widened. “What?”

                “Marry me. Its what I’ve been trying to say, terribly I might add. You’re the love of my life and I want to be with you forever. Marry me?”

                His lips spread in a wide grin and he vaulted himself into Steve’s arms, kissing him soundly.

                He held the other to him tightly, happily returning the affection until he could no longer breathe and had to pull away to pant against Bucky’s lips. “Is that a yes?”

                “It would never have been anything other than a yes you punk!” He exclaimed, pressing a series of pecks to his lips and then pulling away.  “I’ve loved you what feels like my whole life, of course I will marry you.”

                “No pretty speech needed?”

                “All I need is you Stevie.”

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“I have to go… cat!”

                Alec chuckled as the adorable man ran away and turned to grin at Izzy who rolled her eyes. “I think you scare him big brother.”

                Alec shook his head and sat back down beside her. “I don’t scare him Izzy. He likes me too, I can tell.”

                “Why does he always run away then?” she asked with a skeptical raised brow.

                “He doesn’t always.” Alec grinned at her. “We’ve gone on a couple dates. I’m trying to get him to come to my next party. He’s a very private person.”

                “You really like him.” His sister observed and he smiled softly and nodded.

                He really did. There was just something about Magnus Bane that drew him in. From the moment he saw him at the Institute’s anniversary party he had been unable to get the other man out of his head. It was true what he had told his sister, that they had gone on a couple dates, but they hadn’t led anywhere, not even a kiss, yet. Magnus still ran away after every date and got flustered at chance encounters and ran once again.

                Suddenly determined, Alec jumped to his feet and ran in the direction the other had gone, ignoring Izzy’s cry of surprise. He hoped he was able to catch up with him, and let out a sigh of relief at seeing him leaning against a building not too far away.


                He jerked and turned to face Alec with wide eyes. “Alec!”

                He gave a warm smile and stopped beside the other man. “Hey, so, I really like you.”

                Magnus blushed a little and nodded. “I like you too Alec.”

                “No, I mean, I really like you. I ran to get to you.” He pointed down at his leather shoes. “And I generally do not run, especially not in an outfit as fabulous as this one. Point is, I like you and I can’t stop thinking about you and I really want to know that we have something. We do have something, right?”

                As he spoke Magnus began to give him a soft smile. “I like to hope we do. Its just, Alec, there are things you don’t know about me.”

                “Then I’d love to learn them.” He stepped closer and tentatively reached out to place a hand on his shoulder, long fingers reaching over to brush his hairline. “I’d love to learn everything about you. So please, stop running away.”

                “What if you don’t like what you learn?”

                Alec stepped closer to him, standing so they were toe to toe and wrapped the other arm around his waist. “I’d like to be able to be my own judge. Just, give us a chance?  A real chance?”

                Magnus smiled and nodded after a small hesitation. “Okay. Yeah, I can give us a real chance.”

                Alec beamed and couldn’t resist pulling him in for a very enthusiastic first kiss.

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“It’ll be easy, you just have to seduce them.”

                “You’re kidding, right? I’m about as seductive as a cabbage!”

                Len rolled his eyes at the almost vibrating speedster. “Barry, you’re plenty seductive. You seduced me.”

                “I wanted to seduce you!” Barry exclaimed, turning and poking his finger harshly into Len’s chest. “I love you, you’re the definition of attractive. He’s the definition of sleaze!”

                The thief sighed and pulled Barry into a dark alcove. “Love, do you want to get the information or not?

                The smaller man pouted and glared at his shoulder. “Of course, I do! I just, isn’t there any other way?”

                He shook his head. “No, you know how protective I am. If there was any way to do this without that bastard getting anywhere near you, we would absolutely be doing it. This is the only sure-fire way without assaulting or murdering him.”

                Barry shuddered and then nodded. “Okay, fine. How do I seduce a mafia thug?”

                Len grabbed the hem of his sweater and pulled it over his head, leaving the younger man in just the button up beneath. He unbuttoned the first few and then rolled up his sleeves. “You smile, flirt, act like an air head. Make him think that he’s smarter, bigger, stronger than you. That he needs to protect or watch out for you. That you want him to do either of those things.”

                “I hate this.” He grumbled one more time for good measure and then turned away to practically sashay himself to the bar.

                Len hated this too. He was a possessive man, and he wanted Barry nowhere near the likes of this one. It physically made his skin crawl, but if they wanted to find where the bomb was, they really didn’t have any other option.

                A frown stayed on his face though as he watched the two of them speak. Barry hadn’t had any reason to worry, he was just this particular brand of douchebag’s type and as soon as that bastard laid his hand on his love, Len had almost thrown the whole thing by storming over and claiming his territory.

                It didn’t take Barry too long though to flirt the man into distraction in order for Len to approach and clone his phone. As soon as he had all of the man’s information on the blank burner and had downed a glass of cover scotch, he nodded towards his Scarlet subtly and made his way outside of the bar.

                Barry joined him soon after, and as soon as he was at Len’s side the older man reached out and dragged his slim body to him, crashing their mouths together almost aggressively.

                Barry didn’t seem to mind, falling into it happily and kissing back with as much fervor. He gave a cocky grin when they separated and raised a brow. “Possessive are we Len?”

                “Always. You’re mine Barry. This had damn well better pan out or I am freezing that man’s fingers off for touching you.”

                Barry chuckled and wrapped his arms around Len’s neck and gave his nose a small peck. “It’ll work out. Though, what do you say about getting the phone to Cisco and sneaking off for a bit of private time, hmm?”

                Len grinned lecherously at his lover and nodded. “That sounds like the best plan you’ve come up with today Scarlet.”

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“I didn’t do it!”

                “Then why are you laughing!”

                “Because whoever did it is a freaking genius!”

                Matt groaned and covered his face with his hands, grateful that he can’t actually see what Foggy had just described to him. “Fog, come on.”

                “It is!” he exclaimed turning his head away from the blank expanse of the computer screen. “It’s adorable! Tiny little Daredevil is beating Loki up with a stick! And Chitauri, and kicking a nuke into another dimension! Well, kicking a portal over so a nuke can fly into another dimension. Someone obviously loves you!

               Matt sighed again and reached out to lightly close the laptop screen and pull the other man’s attention to his face. “How did you even find that?”

                “Tumblr, which is like, the best site ever. Seriously Matt, there is so much stuff dedicated to Daredevil on there! It’s crazy!”

                Matt chuckled, and ducked his head, a faint blush spreading on his cheeks. “Foggy, isn’t that a bit weird though? To make art of a dangerous vigilante?”

                “People do it with the Avengers all the time.”

                “I’m not an Avenger.”

                “No, buddy, you’re better. The people like you more because they see you as a personal guardian angel, someone who protects the small guys!”

                “Really?” he raised a skeptical brow. “No one is thrown off by the beating criminals up thing?”

                “Well,” he drew the word out and Matt could almost feel the grin in how wide his face moved. “I’m going to be perfectly honest here, most people on the site especially women, go on about how hot it is actually.”

                Matt groaned again and fell back on the couch. “Foggy, that’s so weird!”

                Foggy’s heartrate increased and the air surrounding him heated as blood rushed to his cheeks. “Well, if I know you’re safe, I totally agree with them.”

                His words caused Matt to sit up abruptly and grin at him, his lips quirking up in a crookedly amused expression. “Really now?”

                “Oh yeah.” The blush had dissipated as his tone turned sly. “The way you flip around and bring would be assailants down, total turn on my friend.”

                “And it doesn’t scare you?” Matt asked, leaning into the other man’s space, one hand reaching out to gently slide the laptop off of him and onto the coffee table.

                “Nothing about you scares me Matty, you know that. Well, maybe your cooking.”

                He chuckled in response and cupped Foggy’s cheek. “I don’t want you to really see that part of me.”

                “I already have.”

                He sighed and rolled his eyes fondly. “Okay, I mean I’m not going to go out and show you, but there isn’t any harm in pretending is there?”

                He truly felt his grin this time. “Oh? Are you proposing a bit of roleplay Councilor?”

                Matt grinned back and leaned closer to him. “If you don’t have any objections?”

                “Not in the least.” Foggy breathed before closing the distance between them.

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“If we get arrested, it’s your fault.”

                Steve let out a little laugh and grinned over his shoulder at Sam. “What? Arrest Captain America? Are you crazy?”

                His friend snorted and shook his head as he followed the super soldier into the closed museum. “This is theft.”

                “They’re my possessions, how can I steal what’s already mine?”

                Sam groaned. “Not sure that’s how it works Steve.”

                “I’m taking only one thing, and its not even on display. I doubt they’ll even know it’s gone.”

                “Your father’s ring, right?”

                He nodded and pushed himself tight against the wall. “I’ve called them about a thousand times about getting it, they either dot believe I am myself, or they’re asses.”

                Sam followed his lead and then let out a sigh. “You couldn’t just buy your fiancé a new ring?”

                Steve shook his head adamantly and gave Sam an imploring look. “It’s gotta be my dad’s. Ma wore it around her neck everyday for my entire life, she cared more for that thing than her own ring. Its sentimental, and after butchering my proposal so bad I have to give him something sweet.”

                The other sighed again, this time in resignation and nodded. “Okay, fine. I get it. Let’s go commit a felony.”

                Steve grinned at him brightly. “Not like it’s the first felony I’ve ever gotten you to commit with me.”

                “That does not make me feel better Rogers!”

                He chuckled and then led him into the archives, waiting until someone came out and then dashing forward to get within the door before it closed. Sam might have been a little right, about this being highly illegal and pretty dangerous. He really didn’t care though. It was his own property they were refusing to give him, that didn’t count as theft, right?

                He was pretty sure that even were they caught, he could get away with the break in without many repercussions. Even if there were, he really didn’t care too much. If there was one certainty in life, its that Steve Rogers would do anything and everything for James Barnes. Felonies included.

Chapter Text

“Should I ask why you have a knife in your purse?”

                “It’s a dagger actually, and no you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t have to ask.”

                Natasha shot her companion an amused quirk of her lips and Clint groaned. “Nat, this is a date. Date. Do I need to remind you the definition of that word?”

                She stopped walking and turned to face him with her arms crossed and one brow arched exceptionally high. “Clint, need I remind you the lives we live?”

                “Come on, what’s going to happen that you need a dagger of all things! Not a gun or your Bites, but a dagger.”

                She grinned wickedly and bent closer to whisper in his ear, “Who is to say that I don’t have those hidden somewhere else?”

                He eyed the slinky dress she wore and his eyes widened in intrigue, pupils expanding minutely. “Well, I actually can easily believe that.”

                “As you should.” She pressed a lingering kiss to his cheek, and then pulled away as he moved to meet her lips with his. “Come on, we’re going to be late for our reservation.”

                He gave a playful groan and made a quick skipping motion to reach her side and clasp her hand with his. “Where are we going anyway?”

                “A nice little Italian place. You’ll like it.”

                He did like it, as did she. That is, until it turned out to be a front for the mob. A mob that was currently under attack.

                Clint glared at her from their table that had been upturned and was now being used as a cover. “Clint our lives are crazy. Clint I’m going to bring weapons on a date. Way to jinx us Natasha!”

                She laughed and lifted her arm to shoot a Bite at a man charging their way. “You’re only bitter you didn’t think to bring any weaponry.”

                “Oh, and where am I supposed to hide a bow?” he retorted sharply, flinging a table leg at another man who had noticed their hiding spot, hitting him squarely in the forehead and knocking him to the ground.

                “We’ll get Tony to invent a collapsible bow or something.” She replied, pulling her pistol from her thigh and hitting one of the gun men before he could pelt them in bullets.

                “What, like your Bites! Were those really in that tiny little bracelet?”

                “Sure were!”

                A few minutes later, the Italians had come out on top and the owner was running towards them with a harried look on his face.

                “I am so sorry. Very grateful. Please, come to the chef’s table. Will get you an excellent meal on us.”

                Nat grinned at Clint and stashed her gun. “See Clint, it all worked out. I didn’t even need to use the dagger.”

Chapter Text

“I’ve got this. All I need to do is solve these equations, right.”

                “But you never went to school!”

                “So? That doesn’t mean that I’m illiterate.”

                “Literacy has nothing to do with calculus and disarming a bomb!”

                “Do you have a better idea Doc!” Mick half yelled, turning to face Caitlin with wide eyes. “Last I checked you don’t know how to disarm a bomb either.”

                She shook her head and he made a frustrated growling noise. “Where the fuck are Red and Ramon?”

                “Disarming other bombs.” She replied and then cocked her head. “I may have an idea.”

                “Be my guest!” he gestured towards the ticking device.

                She gently nudged him out of the way and took his place. He watched in shock as her hair faded in color, skin paling and eyes and lips turning vibrant blue.

                “Holy shit.” He whispered in surprised as she lifted pale hands and turned her head to look at him.

                “So, this will either work or kill us.”

                Her voice sounded different, crackly and sharp and he raised an intrigued brow. “Do whatever you need Doll. Better to try something than sit here and just wait to blow up into millions of tiny pieces, right?

                She nodded in agreement and suddenly clouds of freezing air were leaving her hands and developing the bomb in a misty shroud.

                He waited with bated breath, letting out an explosive sigh when the actual explosive stopped ticking as it froze and fell apart. “Holy shit Doc, that was intense.”

                The woman smirked. “Caity says thank you. As do I.”

                “You aren’t Caitlin?”

                “I’m Frost. Caity’s icier counterpart.” She stepped into his space and placed a chilly kiss to his cheek. “Great to finally meet you Heatwave. Maybe I’ll let you melt me sometime.” She winked and then her color was changing once again.

                Mick stared at the scientist in shock, expression slack jawed as she blushed crimson. “I am so sorry Mick! She’s uh, very straight forward.”

                He shook his head and then grinned roguishly. “You agree with her?”


                He shrugged. “About the melting thing. Is it a mutual feeling? The attraction or whatever.”

                Caitlin blushed again and looked away, eyes darting from the destroyed bomb and back to him. “I suppose you aren’t as bad as I used to think you were. You do a lot for the Legends. You hide intelligence and bravery behind a thuggish façade. I can understand feeling like you have to hide your true self.”

                “So, you are attracted to me?” he asked, lips curling into a true smile.

                “I can definitely see your appeal, yes.” She replied, embarrassed expression morphing into a small, shy smile.

                He grinned even wider and tilted his head questioningly. “In that case Doctor Snow, when was the last time you had a true, homecooked meal? I think we both deserve a night off, don’t you?”

Chapter Text

“How the hell are we going to explain this?”



                Lois grinned over at Clark from where they were both studying the strange symbols carved into the cave they were investigating. Locals had been reporting all sorts of strange sights and events happening around the caverns and she had finally convinced Perry to let them investigate.

                “I mean, it could be a language.” He agreed, his eyes glowing faintly to light the dark space up. “Or it could just be kids playing a prank.”

                “Well, how would you explain the strange things then Smallville? The missing people that turn up with memory loss, weird lights and noises?”

                “A cult?”

                She giggled and elbowed him lightly in the stomach. “Why so skeptical, mister literally an alien?”

                “In my experience, aliens don’t take shelter in a cold, damp cave and use their free time to abduct random passerby’s, do weird things to them and then mess with their memories. Generally, it’s a ‘let’s take over the planet’ mentality.”

                “Maybe they are a scientific race.” She replied, stepping ahead of him and peering closer at the odd groupings of lines and circles. “Or maybe they want to document how the human body works and then take the information back to their leaders in order to better exterminate us.”

                “Cheery.” He remarked dryly and then looked up into what appeared to just be darkness to her. “They continue a long way up.”

                “How far?”

                He slowly rose from the ground and up towards the ceiling, calling down from what sounded like it could easily be at least a thousand feet above her. “All the way to the ceiling.”

                He landed beside her once more and she crossed her arms with one brow raised. “So, either someone is lugging in one giant ladder, or our alien buddies can fly too.”

                He frowned and then after a moment nodded. “I guess you could be right. Maybe I should take some pictures to the Fortress, have Kilo look and see if it’s a known language?”

                “Very smart!” she agreed. “Then I can use Superman as a source, much more believable.”

                “We, right?” he grinned at her as she gave a dramatically exaggerated sigh.

                “I suppose I can share my by line with you.”

                His grin just widened. “What, you’ll share my name, but still won’t share a story.”

                “A story is more important.”

                “Ouch!” he moved with a dramatic gasp, clutching his hands to his chest. “I am deeply wounded Ms. Lane.”

                She grinned slyly and stepped into his space, pulling his hands away in order to let them engulf her smaller ones. “That’s soon to be Mrs. Kent to you Smallville. Besides, writing about Superman is still cheating. “

                “Its not about him if he’s the source.”

                “It’s still talking to yourself, Mr. Third Person.” She giggled with a fond roll of her eyes. “Though I suppose if you want in, you should hurry up with the pictures, we do have a source to interview you know.”

Chapter Text

“If someone gets nosy, just…you know…shoot ‘em.”

                “Shoot them?”


                “There is no polite way to shoot someone Frank!” Matt exclaimed, pushing the pistol back into the other man’s hand.

                “What’re you doing to do then? Awkwardly stand there in your tight leather like some sort of Catholic gargoyle and wait?”

                “I’ll knock them out if someone comes in, just hurry.” He replied, ignoring the remark, as he wasn’t sure if it was a dig to his suit or his religion.

                “Have it your way Red.” The other vigilante turned back towards the filing cabinet with a shrug. “You know this would go a lot faster if you could help.”

                “Well excuse me for being blind.”

                “You’re excused.”

                Matt groaned at the terrible joke. “You can’t see it Frank, but I am glaring at you.”

                “I can feel your glare kid. It’s like being hit in the face with a butterfly.”

                “Excuse me!”

                “Absolutely ineffective but really annoying.”

                He threw his hands up in frustration. “Why did I bring you with me again?”

                “Well, you needed a sighted person. Your boy band is all busy and you refuse to include Foggy in your nighttime activities, which, out of context considering he’s your boyfriend, could sound really bad of you.”

                He groaned again and leaned his head against the wall. “Karen would have been a better choice.”

                “Probably.” the Marine shrugged and shut the cabinet. “Not in this one.”

                “How many more are there?”


                “This is going to take a very long time.”


                They fell into a silence, just the shuffling of papers and movement of metal on metal as Frank opened and closed the drawers. Part of Matt was wanting someone to come up on them so that he would have something to do, but Frank eventually spoke again and jarred him out of the thought.

                “So, speaking of Karen and Foggy, how are the three of you doing?”

                Matt couldn’t help the soft smile that came on his lips. “A lot better. We’re cohesive now. Having no secrets between us helps.”

                “So, you know bout Karen and I?”

                “Hard not to.”

                “Ahh.” Frank stopped in his search and turned to face Matt with his head cocked. “So, you what, smelled me or something?”

                Matt wrinkled his nose. “Not like I can help knowing what you smell like. Gunpowder and your cologne are a very distinctive combination.”

                “And you don’t mind?”

                He shrugged. “Karen is her own woman Frank, she can do what she wants. That said though, you hurt her and I assure you my no killing rule will no longer apply.”

                Silence answered him for a moment, and then he heard Frank smile widely. “Fair enough Red. Can’t say I’d blame you either.”

                “Good. Though, I do have to admit, you make her happier than I have ever seen her.”

                “Glad to hear it. She makes me happy too.” He surveyed Matt again and added, “You seem happier also.”

                He smiled softly and nodded. “I am Frank. I really am.”

Chapter Text

                “I’d hug you right now, but you’re covered in evidence. And I really don’t want to.”

                “Evidence is a really nice euphemism for blood, gore and guts.”

                “You’re totally missing the point. Do you have any idea how pissed I am at you right now?”

                Len nodded his head, refusing to look away from the furious look in the speedster’s eyes. “I know Scarlet, and I’m sorry. What was I supposed to do? Just let you stay a hostage?”

                “I was fine!”

                “You were handcuffed! Meta handcuffed!”

                Barry let out a frustrated noise and pointed towards his filthy clothing, blood and sewage dripping from his shirt and pooling around his ankles as if he had run through the worlds most disgusting car wash. “You basically started a freaking mob war Len!”

                “They started it.” He shrugged nonchalantly, tossing the aforementioned handcuffs away from them. “They know you’re important to me Scarlet. That’s why they took you.”

                “You didn’t have to take the bait.” He said softly stepping closer to him. “You don’t have to let them guide you into killing.”

                “Oh, I didn’t.”

                Barry gave his clothes another pointed look and he grinned.

                “Its pigs blood. Mick and I wanted to make a statement. Yore not the only one who thought I had gone on a rampage. Your captors were more than happy to guide me to this oh so lovely sewage pipe when they thought I was going to do to them as I did to their friends.”

                Barry stared at him, flabbergasted, and he couldn’t help but to preen at the look. “Really?”

                He smirked and gave a simple nod. “Caitlin, Cisco and even Detective West helped. They’re on the other side of the door waiting to take us back to Star.”


                He laughed ad reached a hand out to lightly touch Barry’s cheek. “I love you, and no high on himself mob lord is going to hurt you. But I also like who you’re helping me be and I didn’t want to disappoint you by killing each and every one of them like they deserved. I had to make them think I was still bloodthirsty though so they would fear me. Your family was more than happy to help with that.”

                “You don’t disappoint me. I was never disappointed Len. Mad, but not because I thought you killed someone, but because I thought you had done it for me. I don’t want to be the reason you lose the life and happiness you have now.”

                “Barry.” Len’s voice was soft and he wished he cold drag the speedster to him. “Barry, had they hurt you, had I lost you, I would have frozen them all. They wouldn’t have even had a chance to regret it. You’re my life scarlet, and no one will ever get away with taking you from me.”

                Barry chocked on a sob and shook his head. “Len, no. You can’t think like that. You can’t go back to that life no matter what. You don’t want that life.”

                “I want this life Barry, because I have you in this life. You’re my happiness Barry Allen. Without you, life wouldn’t be worth anything.”

Chapter Text

                “This isn’t good.”

                “How can you tell?”

                “See how they’re all surrounding us? And they all have guns and knives and I think one guy is carrying a machete?!”

                “Well Fog, you know I can’t really see anything right?” he muttered and Foggy let out a harsh laugh.

                “Not the time for your awful humor Daredevil!”

                He just gave him a small grin and then looked up. “You trust me, right?”

                “Well, yes. What did you have in mind?”

                “Just don’t scream. Don’t wanna go deaf too.”

                He wrapped an arm around Foggy’s waist and pulled one of his staves out of its place on his waist in order to throw it upwards. A grappling line shot out of it, and as soon as he knew it was secure, he tightened his grip on his boyfriend and pulled them up and away from the oncoming thugs.

                Foggy let out a squeal, clinging tightly to Matt’s shoulders, and hitting his chest as soon as they came to a stop. “A little warming net time buddy!”

                “Well, I could have stayed down there and fought them, but I couldn’t risk you getting hurt too.” He replied with a blasé raise of his shoulder.

                “Fought them!” Foggy yelled, tossing his hands up. “Fought them Matt! Did you miss the part where I said that they had a machete!”

                Matt shrugged. “Well, no. Did he really?”

                Foggy let out an exasperated yell, hands gripping his hair. “How the hell are you alive Matt? I mean really!”

                Matt shrugged. “Well, lotsa luck Fog. And plus, I’ve got you.”

                He let out a humorless chuckle. “Well, I think I’m the one who is lucky to have you right now. I know I’m bitching, but I am thankful you saved me.’           

                “Course I saved you.” He shook his head, as the idea of not saving Foggy was ludicrous. “I really didn’t think this case was going to get so hairy.”

                “It’s a mob. Course its hairy.” He nodded towards where the goons had just corned them. “They still down there?”

                “No, they left. Were going out hunt us down but they thought we would be gone by now.”

                “Because you’re normally gone by now?”

                “Because I like to make people think I’m normally gone by now.” He replied with a grin. “It’s so much easier to just hide where they wont look and the leave when they think I’ve gotten away.”

                Foggy laughed. “You’re taking all the mystery our of Daredevil buddy.”;

                Matt shrugged. “Thought you wanted there to be no more secrets.”

                “I do.” Foggy stepped closer and then hugged him. “I do, and I’m very happy you’re sharing Matty. Though, maybe next time a far less practical demonstration?”

                Matt laughed and placed his head against Foggy’s. “Trust me, you being out here is not something I plan on making a habit out of.”

                Foggy just hummed, squeezing him tighter for a moment before backing away. “Well, at least we know our case is on the right track, hmm?”

                “Very true.” He nodded. “Let’s call Karen, make sure she’s doing okay.”

                “Good idea. Though she’s got her own pet vigilante to take care of her.”

                Matt grinned. “You calling me a pet Fog?”

                Foggy laughed. “Matty, you are the worst mannered puppy ever. You’re just far too cute to throw out.”

Chapter Text

                “She’s crying, what do I do?”

                “Go comfort her.”

                “How do I do that?!”

                “Start with hugs.”

                “With what?!”

                He could tell she was resisting the urge to pinch her nose is frustration. “Lucifer, I know you know what a hug is.”

                “But Dr. Linda!”

                “No buts! Just give Trixie comfort and she’ll be fine!”

                The phone line went dead and Lucifer sucked in a breath before sliding open her bedroom door and dropping beside the child on her tiny twin bed.

                Instantly she tossed herself into his arms and he awkwardly patted her back. “Come now child, everything is fine.”

                She shook her head. “No! I had a dream Lucifer. It was so bad.”

                He made a gentle comforting sound and ran his fingers through her hair in an attempt to calm her sobs. “Can you tell me about it?”

                She gave a hiccupping sound as she nodded. “I was stuck in this giant never-ending hallway and I couldn’t find mommy or daddy or you or Maze. There were voices everywhere and then all the bad men you all have put away started to appear. They didn’t have any faces, except him.

                Lucifer grit his teeth. Malcom. Even years after he died, he was still haunting his tiny human. It made him want to pop down to hell to give him a bit extra torture. “Beatrice, you know your mother and I would never let anything happen to you.”

                She gave a sniffling nod. “I know.” Her voice was muffled by his chest as she burrowed deeply and he gave a silent goodbye to the designer jacket she was ruining. “But you guys were gone! And I was all alone.”

                Lucifer lifted her up, stroking her hair away from her face so she could meet his eyes. “Child, I promise you, that as long as I draw breath you will never, ever be alone.  And you know that there is nothing that could happen to change that.”

                “Because your word is your bond.” She stated softly, a ghost of a smile on her face.

                “Exactly. So, if you ever feel scared, just remember that I will always be there if you call.”

                “What if I don’t have a phone?”

                He hesitated for a second and then gave her a reassuring smile. “Then pray to me. I will always answer.”

                “And you’ll hear me? I’ve prayed to your dad before, and I don’t think he heard.”

                She said it so sadly that lucifer wanted to curse at his father even more than he normally did. “I promise child. Not only will I always hear you. But I will always answer.”

                She beamed and tossed herself back into his arms. He held her against him, hoping that he was doing the right thing. “How about we go watch a movie? I can make some hot chocolate and you can stay with me out there so you know you aren’t alone?”

                She nodded enthusiastically against his shoulder before clambering to her feet. “Thank you so much Lucifer. I love you. You’re the best.”

                She ran from the room, leaving a gob smacked devil standing in her room. He smiled faintly as he watched after her. “I love you too Beatrice.” He whispered, unable to say it to her but knowing for sure that he did. She and her mother were his family, and unlike some people, he was always there for his family.