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Spots of Inspiration

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                “She’s crying, what do I do?”

                “Go comfort her.”

                “How do I do that?!”

                “Start with hugs.”

                “With what?!”

                He could tell she was resisting the urge to pinch her nose is frustration. “Lucifer, I know you know what a hug is.”

                “But Dr. Linda!”

                “No buts! Just give Trixie comfort and she’ll be fine!”

                The phone line went dead and Lucifer sucked in a breath before sliding open her bedroom door and dropping beside the child on her tiny twin bed.

                Instantly she tossed herself into his arms and he awkwardly patted her back. “Come now child, everything is fine.”

                She shook her head. “No! I had a dream Lucifer. It was so bad.”

                He made a gentle comforting sound and ran his fingers through her hair in an attempt to calm her sobs. “Can you tell me about it?”

                She gave a hiccupping sound as she nodded. “I was stuck in this giant never-ending hallway and I couldn’t find mommy or daddy or you or Maze. There were voices everywhere and then all the bad men you all have put away started to appear. They didn’t have any faces, except him.

                Lucifer grit his teeth. Malcom. Even years after he died, he was still haunting his tiny human. It made him want to pop down to hell to give him a bit extra torture. “Beatrice, you know your mother and I would never let anything happen to you.”

                She gave a sniffling nod. “I know.” Her voice was muffled by his chest as she burrowed deeply and he gave a silent goodbye to the designer jacket she was ruining. “But you guys were gone! And I was all alone.”

                Lucifer lifted her up, stroking her hair away from her face so she could meet his eyes. “Child, I promise you, that as long as I draw breath you will never, ever be alone.  And you know that there is nothing that could happen to change that.”

                “Because your word is your bond.” She stated softly, a ghost of a smile on her face.

                “Exactly. So, if you ever feel scared, just remember that I will always be there if you call.”

                “What if I don’t have a phone?”

                He hesitated for a second and then gave her a reassuring smile. “Then pray to me. I will always answer.”

                “And you’ll hear me? I’ve prayed to your dad before, and I don’t think he heard.”

                She said it so sadly that lucifer wanted to curse at his father even more than he normally did. “I promise child. Not only will I always hear you. But I will always answer.”

                She beamed and tossed herself back into his arms. He held her against him, hoping that he was doing the right thing. “How about we go watch a movie? I can make some hot chocolate and you can stay with me out there so you know you aren’t alone?”

                She nodded enthusiastically against his shoulder before clambering to her feet. “Thank you so much Lucifer. I love you. You’re the best.”

                She ran from the room, leaving a gob smacked devil standing in her room. He smiled faintly as he watched after her. “I love you too Beatrice.” He whispered, unable to say it to her but knowing for sure that he did. She and her mother were his family, and unlike some people, he was always there for his family.