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Spots of Inspiration

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                “This isn’t good.”

                “How can you tell?”

                “See how they’re all surrounding us? And they all have guns and knives and I think one guy is carrying a machete?!”

                “Well Fog, you know I can’t really see anything right?” he muttered and Foggy let out a harsh laugh.

                “Not the time for your awful humor Daredevil!”

                He just gave him a small grin and then looked up. “You trust me, right?”

                “Well, yes. What did you have in mind?”

                “Just don’t scream. Don’t wanna go deaf too.”

                He wrapped an arm around Foggy’s waist and pulled one of his staves out of its place on his waist in order to throw it upwards. A grappling line shot out of it, and as soon as he knew it was secure, he tightened his grip on his boyfriend and pulled them up and away from the oncoming thugs.

                Foggy let out a squeal, clinging tightly to Matt’s shoulders, and hitting his chest as soon as they came to a stop. “A little warming net time buddy!”

                “Well, I could have stayed down there and fought them, but I couldn’t risk you getting hurt too.” He replied with a blasé raise of his shoulder.

                “Fought them!” Foggy yelled, tossing his hands up. “Fought them Matt! Did you miss the part where I said that they had a machete!”

                Matt shrugged. “Well, no. Did he really?”

                Foggy let out an exasperated yell, hands gripping his hair. “How the hell are you alive Matt? I mean really!”

                Matt shrugged. “Well, lotsa luck Fog. And plus, I’ve got you.”

                He let out a humorless chuckle. “Well, I think I’m the one who is lucky to have you right now. I know I’m bitching, but I am thankful you saved me.’           

                “Course I saved you.” He shook his head, as the idea of not saving Foggy was ludicrous. “I really didn’t think this case was going to get so hairy.”

                “It’s a mob. Course its hairy.” He nodded towards where the goons had just corned them. “They still down there?”

                “No, they left. Were going out hunt us down but they thought we would be gone by now.”

                “Because you’re normally gone by now?”

                “Because I like to make people think I’m normally gone by now.” He replied with a grin. “It’s so much easier to just hide where they wont look and the leave when they think I’ve gotten away.”

                Foggy laughed. “You’re taking all the mystery our of Daredevil buddy.”;

                Matt shrugged. “Thought you wanted there to be no more secrets.”

                “I do.” Foggy stepped closer and then hugged him. “I do, and I’m very happy you’re sharing Matty. Though, maybe next time a far less practical demonstration?”

                Matt laughed and placed his head against Foggy’s. “Trust me, you being out here is not something I plan on making a habit out of.”

                Foggy just hummed, squeezing him tighter for a moment before backing away. “Well, at least we know our case is on the right track, hmm?”

                “Very true.” He nodded. “Let’s call Karen, make sure she’s doing okay.”

                “Good idea. Though she’s got her own pet vigilante to take care of her.”

                Matt grinned. “You calling me a pet Fog?”

                Foggy laughed. “Matty, you are the worst mannered puppy ever. You’re just far too cute to throw out.”