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Spots of Inspiration

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“If someone gets nosy, just…you know…shoot ‘em.”

                “Shoot them?”


                “There is no polite way to shoot someone Frank!” Matt exclaimed, pushing the pistol back into the other man’s hand.

                “What’re you doing to do then? Awkwardly stand there in your tight leather like some sort of Catholic gargoyle and wait?”

                “I’ll knock them out if someone comes in, just hurry.” He replied, ignoring the remark, as he wasn’t sure if it was a dig to his suit or his religion.

                “Have it your way Red.” The other vigilante turned back towards the filing cabinet with a shrug. “You know this would go a lot faster if you could help.”

                “Well excuse me for being blind.”

                “You’re excused.”

                Matt groaned at the terrible joke. “You can’t see it Frank, but I am glaring at you.”

                “I can feel your glare kid. It’s like being hit in the face with a butterfly.”

                “Excuse me!”

                “Absolutely ineffective but really annoying.”

                He threw his hands up in frustration. “Why did I bring you with me again?”

                “Well, you needed a sighted person. Your boy band is all busy and you refuse to include Foggy in your nighttime activities, which, out of context considering he’s your boyfriend, could sound really bad of you.”

                He groaned again and leaned his head against the wall. “Karen would have been a better choice.”

                “Probably.” the Marine shrugged and shut the cabinet. “Not in this one.”

                “How many more are there?”


                “This is going to take a very long time.”


                They fell into a silence, just the shuffling of papers and movement of metal on metal as Frank opened and closed the drawers. Part of Matt was wanting someone to come up on them so that he would have something to do, but Frank eventually spoke again and jarred him out of the thought.

                “So, speaking of Karen and Foggy, how are the three of you doing?”

                Matt couldn’t help the soft smile that came on his lips. “A lot better. We’re cohesive now. Having no secrets between us helps.”

                “So, you know bout Karen and I?”

                “Hard not to.”

                “Ahh.” Frank stopped in his search and turned to face Matt with his head cocked. “So, you what, smelled me or something?”

                Matt wrinkled his nose. “Not like I can help knowing what you smell like. Gunpowder and your cologne are a very distinctive combination.”

                “And you don’t mind?”

                He shrugged. “Karen is her own woman Frank, she can do what she wants. That said though, you hurt her and I assure you my no killing rule will no longer apply.”

                Silence answered him for a moment, and then he heard Frank smile widely. “Fair enough Red. Can’t say I’d blame you either.”

                “Good. Though, I do have to admit, you make her happier than I have ever seen her.”

                “Glad to hear it. She makes me happy too.” He surveyed Matt again and added, “You seem happier also.”

                He smiled softly and nodded. “I am Frank. I really am.”