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Spots of Inspiration

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“How the hell are we going to explain this?”



                Lois grinned over at Clark from where they were both studying the strange symbols carved into the cave they were investigating. Locals had been reporting all sorts of strange sights and events happening around the caverns and she had finally convinced Perry to let them investigate.

                “I mean, it could be a language.” He agreed, his eyes glowing faintly to light the dark space up. “Or it could just be kids playing a prank.”

                “Well, how would you explain the strange things then Smallville? The missing people that turn up with memory loss, weird lights and noises?”

                “A cult?”

                She giggled and elbowed him lightly in the stomach. “Why so skeptical, mister literally an alien?”

                “In my experience, aliens don’t take shelter in a cold, damp cave and use their free time to abduct random passerby’s, do weird things to them and then mess with their memories. Generally, it’s a ‘let’s take over the planet’ mentality.”

                “Maybe they are a scientific race.” She replied, stepping ahead of him and peering closer at the odd groupings of lines and circles. “Or maybe they want to document how the human body works and then take the information back to their leaders in order to better exterminate us.”

                “Cheery.” He remarked dryly and then looked up into what appeared to just be darkness to her. “They continue a long way up.”

                “How far?”

                He slowly rose from the ground and up towards the ceiling, calling down from what sounded like it could easily be at least a thousand feet above her. “All the way to the ceiling.”

                He landed beside her once more and she crossed her arms with one brow raised. “So, either someone is lugging in one giant ladder, or our alien buddies can fly too.”

                He frowned and then after a moment nodded. “I guess you could be right. Maybe I should take some pictures to the Fortress, have Kilo look and see if it’s a known language?”

                “Very smart!” she agreed. “Then I can use Superman as a source, much more believable.”

                “We, right?” he grinned at her as she gave a dramatically exaggerated sigh.

                “I suppose I can share my by line with you.”

                His grin just widened. “What, you’ll share my name, but still won’t share a story.”

                “A story is more important.”

                “Ouch!” he moved with a dramatic gasp, clutching his hands to his chest. “I am deeply wounded Ms. Lane.”

                She grinned slyly and stepped into his space, pulling his hands away in order to let them engulf her smaller ones. “That’s soon to be Mrs. Kent to you Smallville. Besides, writing about Superman is still cheating. “

                “Its not about him if he’s the source.”

                “It’s still talking to yourself, Mr. Third Person.” She giggled with a fond roll of her eyes. “Though I suppose if you want in, you should hurry up with the pictures, we do have a source to interview you know.”