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Spots of Inspiration

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“If we get arrested, it’s your fault.”

                Steve let out a little laugh and grinned over his shoulder at Sam. “What? Arrest Captain America? Are you crazy?”

                His friend snorted and shook his head as he followed the super soldier into the closed museum. “This is theft.”

                “They’re my possessions, how can I steal what’s already mine?”

                Sam groaned. “Not sure that’s how it works Steve.”

                “I’m taking only one thing, and its not even on display. I doubt they’ll even know it’s gone.”

                “Your father’s ring, right?”

                He nodded and pushed himself tight against the wall. “I’ve called them about a thousand times about getting it, they either dot believe I am myself, or they’re asses.”

                Sam followed his lead and then let out a sigh. “You couldn’t just buy your fiancé a new ring?”

                Steve shook his head adamantly and gave Sam an imploring look. “It’s gotta be my dad’s. Ma wore it around her neck everyday for my entire life, she cared more for that thing than her own ring. Its sentimental, and after butchering my proposal so bad I have to give him something sweet.”

                The other sighed again, this time in resignation and nodded. “Okay, fine. I get it. Let’s go commit a felony.”

                Steve grinned at him brightly. “Not like it’s the first felony I’ve ever gotten you to commit with me.”

                “That does not make me feel better Rogers!”

                He chuckled and then led him into the archives, waiting until someone came out and then dashing forward to get within the door before it closed. Sam might have been a little right, about this being highly illegal and pretty dangerous. He really didn’t care though. It was his own property they were refusing to give him, that didn’t count as theft, right?

                He was pretty sure that even were they caught, he could get away with the break in without many repercussions. Even if there were, he really didn’t care too much. If there was one certainty in life, its that Steve Rogers would do anything and everything for James Barnes. Felonies included.