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Spots of Inspiration

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“What happened to your-?”

                “I lost a bet.”


                “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

                Alec couldn’t help but choke on his laugh at the disgruntled look on his parabatai’s face. “Yeah, no we’re talking about it. Jace, half your hair is gone.”

                Jace glowered at him. “Blame your boyfriend.”

                The taller man let out a bark of laughter and shook his head at the blonde. “Really! You bet against Magnus!”

                “I thought it was a good idea at the time!”

                Alec doubled over on himself, long arms wrapped around his waist as he laughed uncontrollably. Jace really did make for an amusing picture, his arms crossed and an indignant pout on his face. The icing on the cake was that half of the blonde’s hair was completely gone, one side of his head shaven down to nothing and Alec really couldn’t help his amusement.

                “That has got to be the worst idea in history!”

                Jace glared at him. “Yeah, take pleasure in my pain.”

                “Oh, I am!”

                He rolled his eyes and flipped Alec off before turning harshly on his heel and leaving his brother’s office. The dark haired Shadowhunter instantly dialed his warlock and grinned as he answered.

                “I take it you have seen your foolish parabatai?”

                “What on earth did he bet you!”

                “That I would lose in a spar against him, purely hand to hand talent no runes or magic.”

                Alec chuckled and leaned back into his chair. “Guessing he was far to self-assured?”

                “Oh darling, he was the definition of cocky. I took great pleasure in shaving his hair off.”

                “Why only half of it though?”

                “It’s a much sillier look, I assure you.”

                He laughed again. “Yes, I can absolutely see that. How long does he have to keep it like that?”

                “A couple weeks is all. I couldn’t be too cruel.”

                “Oh, never.”

                Magnus giggled with him and then asked softly, “When will you be home angel?”

                Alec sighed and looked towards the giant pile of paperwork on his desk. “If I am a responsible well-behaved Head, then a couple hours.”

                “And if I can convince you to behave badly?”

                “Then I’ll be home as soon as I see Izzy’s face at Jace’s new look.”