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Chargebolt not Bioshock

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Denki felt his stomach roll as nausea overtook him. He shook his head, thinking over what his best friend had just said to him. It was nothing out of the ordinary, just the silly nicknames that they always used for each other. But for some reason, the word ‘bro’ when aimed at him made him want to throw up his stomach.

No, not ‘his.’

That felt so wrong. It made the hair on his arms stand up on edge. He ran his tongue over his lip, testing something out.

She was a girl. She was not a boy like she thought she had been all her life, but at the same time, she didn’t feel like she would be this all the time. The thought of someone calling her by female pronouns and referring to her in feminine ways made everything inside of her feel so much better like the gears had finally been slipped back into the right place. She ran a hand through her short hair, a bright smile taking over her face before the person next to her looked over with raised eyebrows.

“What’s got you so happy all of a sudden? You thinking about that girl you like instead of listening to me?” her friend joked, taking a sip of the soda in his hand.

She felt her cheeks heat up a bit about what he was insinuating. She turned to him, pushing his shoulder playfully, “Dude! Don’t be gross.”

“Well it’s true, isn’t it? You got a big fat crush on the girl that sits in front of you in Math!” he teased back, sticking his tongue out playfully.

“So what if I do? At least I can say that I’ve fallen in love, unlike you,” Denki easily retorted.

“Yeah, well when I fall in love she’ll love me back,” her friend said, taking another long drink of his soda as if he had just won their small bickering fight.

“Who’s saying she won’t love me back? Rude,” the blond shot back, placing her hands on her hips. The feeling returned as she realized that she barely had a waist at all. She shivered, her face falling from the smile it was almost always in when they were teasing each other. She shifted back and forth awkwardly as if she was trying to make her body turn into what she wanted it to.

“Dude? You okay?” one of her other friends asked as he returned back to their table with the meal that he had just gotten.

“Uh, I’m not feeling very well all of a sudden,” Denki said, standing up from the table and pulling out her phone. “I think I’m just gonna go home. Wouldn’t want to risk getting all of you sick.”

“You sure man? We kinda just got here,” one of her friends asked, stealing a piece of food from the other.

“Yeah, Kyoka wanted me to help her with something anyway,” she replied, trying to ignore the discomfort that she felt with the nicknames that they always called her. She’d have to look what this was up when she got home, but for now, all she wanted to do was actually get back to the safety of her house.

“Alright, bye Kaminari!” they waved at her as she left and she tried to smile and wave back, but the discomfort was making it a little harder than she would have liked. She wove her way around the masses of people and out the building, hating the way that the pants rubbed against the flaccid cock that she had hanging in between her legs. Her mind strayed a bit and she began to wonder what it would be like if she was wearing a skirt. It would be on her waist, pulling her shirt in to make it look like she actually had hips and an ass and then fall down her legs that would be cleanly shaven of course instead of the mess of hair that she currently had.

She pulled herself out of the thoughts and ran her hand through her hair again. She had never thought anything like this before, but as the idea crossed her mind she realized that she had actually thought about it a lot.

She wasn’t transgender. She had never been transgender and had always been comfortable in her own skin until just now. The thought of modifying her body to forever being stuck in a female state of being was enough to make her stomach roll again like it had when she had been called by masculine nicknames. “What the Hell is going on with me?” Denki asked herself as she rounded the corner into her neighborhood.

Even from a block away, she could hear the shouts and playful screeches from her siblings that were playing in the front yard. A small smile fell across her lips as she caught sight of the twins sitting next to each other, a stick of chalk in each other their hands as they colored pictures only they understood. “Denki!” Akane squealed, standing up from the ground and taughtering over to her older sister.

The thought of being called a sister instead of a brother made the blond’s heart go a mile a minute and took away some of the unpleasant feeling that was sitting heavy around his chest and hips areas. “Myri, it’s Denki!” the taller of the two twins shouted, patting her sister’s shoulder with a chalk-covered hand.

“I don’t care!” the little girl replied, turning and looking at her sister with a dark look on her face, incredibly upset that her drawing time had been interrupted.

“That’s mean,” Akane grumbled, having completely forgotten about being excited about her sister instead of being angry with her twin.

“But it’s the truth! Mom says we’re not supposed to lie,” Myri replied, going back to her drawing.

“Fine,” Arcane frowned, but stood up on wobbly toddler legs and ran over to her older siblings. “Hey, Denki! D’you wanna see the drawings I did?” she asked curiously, tilting her head to the side as her sister scooped her up in her arms.

“Sure! Let’s just be careful around Myri’s, okay?” Denki said, moving her little sister onto her hip so that she could walk better.

“She’s all grumpy and mean,” Akane pouted, folding her arms over her chest awkwardly.

“I bet she just missed her nap, baby girl,” the blond said, using the nickname that she knew her little sister loved. This caused her to giggle and squirm around in her older sister’s arms. “Now, which one of these works of art is yours?”

“Mmm,” she hummed, looking over the chalk drawings from her new height as she tried to find hers. “That one!” she giggled, pointing to one that was completely pink, purple and blue. Denki squinted her eyes and cocked her head to the side as she tried to figure out what the drawing was.

“Do you like it?” the little girl asked, placing her arms around her sister’s neck as she began to slip out of her arms. The blond teenager nodded as she hefted her sister onto her hip a bit more stable. “Can we go inside and get Mommy to look at it?” she asked curiously, excitement lighting up on her face.

“I dunno, Mom’s always really busy,” Denki winced, thinking about what had happened the last time that Akane and Myri had tried to get their mother’s attention. The woman had burst out of her office in a fit of rage, screaming at them about the importance of her being able to work the hours that she needed to without being disturbed by any children. It had taken Denki hours of soothing, bribing and coaxing to get both girls to stop sobbing and come out from the closet that they had hidden in.

“It’s like she doesn’t love us,” Akane’s bottom lip began to quiver and tears pooled in her big golden eyes. “Why doesn’t she love us, big brother?”

“She does, baby girl, she does, I promise,” Denki soothed, running her free hand over her hair as she began to bounce her sister. “She just has a lot of stress right now because Dad had to travel away for his job and hasn’t come back yet so she has to work more. She still loves you.”

“Promise?” she asked, cocking her head to the side a bit more.

“I promise,” her older sister nodded, linking their pinkies together for a moment. “Now, have you had a snack?”

“Nope! Nala hasn’t come out and given us our snack yet,” Akane said, cuddling into her sister a little bit further.

That’s probably why Myri is so grumpy, Denki mused, smirking a little bit. At least one of his problems today was easily solvable. “Hey Myri, do you want to go get a snack?” she asked, calling out to the other four-year-old twin.

She glanced up from her drawing, sitting back on her legs as she thought for a moment. “Yeah,” she eventually said, nodding at her sister.

“Okay, come on then,” Denki said, walking over to her and offering his hand to him. She took it, letting it help her up off of the sidewalk. They small trio of sisters made their way inside quickly, Akane babbling about how their day had been and Myri just stomping as she walked.

“We had chicken nuggets for lunch cause that was the only thing that I could find in the fridge! They were super yummy, and even Myri liked them! Mama hasn’t come out of her room all day and I was kinda worried but Shera says that we have to not interrupt her because she is doing a lot of important adult stuff and that if we interrupt her then we will get in a lot of trouble, and I don’t like getting in trouble,” she rambled, moving around in her sister’s arms enough to Denki had to drop Myri’s hand in order to keep her from toppling out of them.

“Did you have a nap?” the older girl asked, looking down at Myri who was blinking rapidly as if she was trying to stay awake.

Akane fell silent, looking down at her hands with a certain fixation that she hadn’t had before, not answering the question. “Akane, don’t make me ask Myri instead,” she warned, raising her eyebrows at the smaller twin.

“No,” she shook her head, causing one of her ponytails to come undone.

“Well, it looks like you’re going to have to take one after your snack,” she answered, making sure that her tone was firm and yet gentle at the same time so that she didn’t sound too much like her mother.

“Aw, but big brother,” she whined, making a big pouty face in an attempt to try and change her mind.

She felt a twinge of the uncomfortable feeling from back when she had been at the mall run through her again and she winced before responding to her younger sister. “No, you have to take a nap or else you and Myri get super upset by dinner time.”

“Fine,” she grumped, folding her arms over her chest as Denki set her down on the counter and then moved over to the other twin.

“Can I pick you up, Myri?” she asked, her voice calm and happy.  She kept her mouth shut and then nodded, lifting her arms over her head and let her older sister pick her up. Denki did as such, putting her on the counter next to her twin. He rummaged in one of the drawers next to the sink before he pulled out a rag. “You two are going to have to clean up a little bit before you can have a snack.”

“Do we have to?” Akane asked, her shoulders slumping forward with the whining tone in her voice.

“Yes,” she nodded, taking her younger sister’s hand within her own as she began to scrub it down with the soap covered rag.

“Denki?” a voice from the doorway asked. The girl in question turned, looking at who had spoken.

“Oh, hey Nala,” she greeted before easily turning back to her sister who was still almost completely covered in chalk.

“Need some help?” the older girl asked, walking over to where Myri was kicking her legs to make noise against the kitchen cabinets.

“If you wouldn’t mind,” she nodded, careful to make sure she didn’t say anything that would be taken the wrong way with her very touchy older sister.

“I wouldn’t have offered if I minded,” she snapped, throwing some of her long, gorgeous blond hair over her shoulder as she began to do what Denki was doing with Akane but with Myri.

“Okay, yeah sorry,” she quickly apologized, hunching her shoulders forward a little bit as she was slightly scared of the older girl.

“Whatever,” she sighed. “Weren’t you supposed to be hanging out with those obnoxious friends of yours today?”

“I was hanging out with them, I got home about ten minutes ago,” she answered quickly, grabbing a towel to wipe her younger sister down where she had been hastily scrubbed.

“Why?” Nala asked, her snotty tone seeping through into her words like puss coming out of an infection.

“I didn’t feel well,” Denki answered, shrinking back away from her a little bit.

“God, man up,” Nala shrieked, causing all three of her sisters to jump. “You have to be the man of the house since Dad is gone! You can’t keep acting like a wuss,” she turned to the other teenager, pushing her shoulder so that she was pushed back a little bit.

“See! You can’t even fight back against your sister!” she yelled, growing angrier and angrier by the minute.

“Nala, please stop,” Denki begged, shying away from her.

“How are you gonna become Bioshock if you can’t even stand up to me?” she shouted back in his face before she turned back to Myri and began to wash the chalk off of the twin with vicious vigor.

Denki felt tears well up in her -no that’s not right- eyes. She- they turned and ran out of the room, hands raised to their eyes as they tried to stop tears from falling. The blond flopped down onto their bed, throwing their arm over their eyes as they tried to hold back the tears, tried to be manly like Nala had told them to be. A quiet, almost unnoticeable sob escaped from their lips as the dam finally broke, and they began to cry harshly.

They rolled over, grabbing their pillow off of the top of their bed and holding the nearly flat thing to their chest. They pressed their face into it as they began to sob, letting their entire body shake harshly. They heard their phone buzz from inside their pocket but waited a moment to collect their senses before pulling it out.


Jirphones to Electric Blanket

Hey Denki

I’m gonna have to cancel today and reschedule for tomorrow

I’ll explain then

Love you


Electric Blanket to Jirphones

I get it

Good luck with whatever you’re doing

I have my own stuff I need to deal with anyway


The tears came back in a fresh, new wave as his best friend since he had been old enough to walk and talk bailed on him for what seemed like the hundredth time. Maybe she just doesn’t want to hang out with you because you’re annoying, a small voice inside his head said.

He shook his head, already almost too tired to cry again. Instead, he closed out of the Messaging app and found his search engine. Quickly opening it up and typing ‘why do I feel like a girl sometimes and a boy other times’ into the search bar before waiting for a moment.

His eyes instantly glanced down to the first thing that popped up. A certain word caught his eye, so he opened up a new window and copy pasted the word into that, trying to figure out what it meant.

‘denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender.’

The definition rang strong and clear through the teenager. “I’m genderfluid,” he whispered, making sure not to be too loud so that no one else could hear him through the paper-thin walls of the house. “I’m genderfluid,” he said, this time a bit giddier.

“God, this makes so much more sense!” he grinned, flopping down on his bed and flinging his arms up above him. “I’m genderfluid.”

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“Denki,” her father called to her as she near danced around the kitchen, grabbing her breakfast. She stopped dead, freezing in the middle of what she was doing. It was almost as if her heart had stopped as well as he turned to face the tall man.

“Yes Father?” she asked, trying to keep her voice level as she looked to the intimidating man. He stood at almost seven feet tall, his hair cut short along his scalp as if he was in the army. His costume was still on from the work that he had been doing the night before.

“You are still aware that the only reason you are going to this school is to learn about your competition a bit more so Bioshock can raise in ranks, correct?” he asked, placing his hands on his hips. “I don’t want you getting it into your head that you’re actually going to become a hero and disgrace this family.”

“Yes Father, I understand Father,” Denki asked, nodding her head timidly. Being the only biological man in a very traditional family was harder than the blond would like to admit, and putting that on top of the fact that his mother and father were both villains only made it that much worse.

“Good, now get going,” he growled. “Even if you are just a spy for u and your future you must be respectable.”

Denki grabbed her breakfast like she had been doing a moment ago and ran out the door, almost forgetting to grab her backpack but stopping for a moment to grab it. The commute up to the school happened much too fast for the blonde, giving her not nearly enough time to think. She really didn’t want to have to be Bioshock like her mother and father wanted her to be. She wanted to be a hero and save people, make sure that no one ever felt like she had while growing up. But that was another thing that she would never be able to tell her parents for as long as they were alive.

Denki walked awkwardly into the classroom, wishing that she could tie her hair back in a ponytail like she had been able to do just before her parents had forced her to get a haircut. She wished that instead of the fabric between her legs she could wear a skirt and panties. She could feel her chest being so, so terribly flat and her waist being almost nonexistent. Her entire body just felt odd and out of place, as if she had somehow switched with someone else before she had woken up that morning and God, did she hate it.

She shoved her hands in her pockets, toying with the edge of her phone to try and distract her from how wrong she felt. She could feel a bundle of nerves in her chest as she walked into the classroom, looking around for the familiar face she knew would be there. Her heart sank into her stomach as the face was apparently missing from the class. She blew a breath out of her mouth as she walked to the back corner of the class. Choosing the seat diagonal from the very back, corner seat, she threw her backpack down on the chair, sitting on the desk and looking around the classroom curiously.

Hardly anyone was there, and the only reason Denki was was because she had to take the bus and it arrived a full hour before school was supposed to start. She didn’t have much time to look before a ball of pink joy came bounding up to her.

“Hi! I’m Ashido Mina, what’s your name?” the girl in front of her asked, sticking her hand out for the other to shake.

Denki took it carefully, a little weirded out by how extroverted the teenager in front of her appeared to be. A voice in the back of his head reminded her that to be a hero, you had to make sure that you never looked too depressed in front of other people. “I’m Kaminari Denki!” she grinned wickedly, jabbing her thumb into her chest which only brought her attention back to how flat it was.

“This is so exciting! Right?” Ashido asked, bouncing up and down excitedly, which caused her skirt to bounce with her. Denki blushed and looked away from it, trying to respect the other woman’s privacy.

“Yeah, it is,” she responded, nodding her head up and down excitedly. She knew that because of her ADHD, she could get a little more excited and rambunctious that most teenagers her age should. She began to kick her legs back and forth as the amount of energy that she now had become more than apparent. Her hand traveled back to her pocket, fidgeting the way she always did.

“I’m trying to get to know everyone in the class before today starts! You should come talk to them with me!” Ashido’s eyes glimmered excitedly as she bounced up and down again.

“Okay,” she nodded, hopping down off the desk.

“Great!” the pink teenager squealed, throwing her arms up in the air before encasing Denki in a tight hug. “Let’s go,” she threaded their fingers together before she tugged them down the aisle of desks to the next closest person that was not already in a conversation.

That person happened to be sitting five desks in front of where Denki had put his backpack, awkward arms folded on the desk as he looked around. The blond cocked her head to the side as she tried to figure out what was so peculiar about the other boy's arms.

“Hey! I’m Ashido Mina,” Mina said, planting her hands down on the desk with her palms flat against the cool wood. The boy jumped and moved his arms, which finally allowed the other girl to realize what was abnormal about him. His elbows seemed to bulge out like giant cylinders and been flipped from the rest of his arms so that they were vertical.

“Uh, I’m Sero Hanta?” he phrased it like a question, still slightly confused about why they were talking to him suddenly.

“I’m Kaminari Denki, just roll with it,” she shrugged, a small chuckle falling from her lips. She folded her arms over her too-flat chest as she let the bubbly pink girl talk.

“It’s so nice to meet you! I’m so excited to be in class with you two cause you both seem super cool,” Ashido giggled, bouncing up and down as she had before. “We should get to know each other better! Why do you guys want to become heroes?”

“Because I want to help people,” Sero answered immediately like he had thought about it a lot.

“Me too! Putting heinous villains in jail is what I want to,” Denki smirked, her stomach rolled for a moment as she thought about what her parents, some of the worst villains out there would say if they heard her talking about their kind in that way.

“Heinous sounds like such a big word,” Ashido laughed, bouncing up and down and leaning against the desk across from the other two teenagers.

“Why do you wanna be a hero, Ashido?” Sero asked her, turning to face the pink woman a bit better.

She paused for a moment, thinking hard before she answered. “I don’t know. I’ve always admired pro heroes like Midnight and Ms. Joke! So I kinda wanted to be like them when I grew up.”

“Anyone male?” Denki joked, her stomach rolling a bit after the joke fell from her lips. She had done it again, she had spoken without thinking and it was honestly one of the worst things that he had said in a week.

“Oh yeah,” she blushed, or at least that’s what the blond teenager assumed was happening as her cheeks turned a dark purple color.  “I really admire some of the pro heroes out there that don’t look necessarily normal. Cause I look a lot different than most normal people.”

“Can we really call anyone ‘normal’ in this day and age?” Denki joked, her shoulders falling from how tense they had been a moment ago due to his stupid joke.

“That’s kind of a good question,” Sero mused, tapping his cheek as he thought for a moment. “Like, what even is the definition of normal?”

“Okay! It is far too early to be thinking about things like that,” Ashido waved her hand in front of her, scrunching up her face. Someone else entered the classroom and sat down in the seats a ways away from them, Denki had just opened her mouth to say something when Ashid rushed away. She pushed off the desk and felt a slight change in her body, suddenly he felt more in tune and comfortable in his body then he had in almost a week.

“Dude, Ashido,” he called after her as he walked down the aisle to where she and the new student were. “Why did you leave us?” he asked, forgetting for a moment that she had decided to meet everyone in the class before the day started.

“I wanted to talk to this guy!” the pink girl explained, gesturing with both of her arms to the redhead sitting in the seat in front of them. The student looked male, but after who Denki had discovered he was made it a point to never assume anyone's gender.

“Oh,” he nodded his head in understanding as he stretched out the word. He stuck his hand out for the other student to shake as he introduced himself, “I’m Kaminari Denki.”

The redhead took his hand gratefully, shaking it with a large, sharp-toothed smile. “I’m Kirishima Eijirou!” he said, his voice coming out of his chest. Denki nodded as he finally found out the pronouns that he should probably use for the other teenager.

The black-haired boy that they had been talking to before walked over to them, introducing himself as well. “I’m Sero Hanta. It’s nice to meet you Kirishima.”

“So what’s your Quirk?” Ashido asked, placing her hand flat on the desk in front of her that the redhead was sitting at. She was bouncing up and down a little bit, causing her skirt to wrap around her legs and shake.

“This,” Kirishima said, sticking his hand out in front of him and making it hard, and by the looks of it, razor-sharp.

Denki felt his eyes widen as he watched the man in front of him. “Woah! Dude, that’s so manly,” he said before he had a real chance to think about what he was going to say. “It must have been so easy for you to pass the entrance exams!”

“Yeah man,” he grinned again, making his hand returned to normal. He paused a moment before he asked, “What’s your Quirk”

Denki felt his stomach roll with nausea, but he kept up the facade of being happy all the time, no matter what happened.  “I have electricity!” he almost shouted, too caught up in trying to be happy to realize how loud he was being. He stuck his hand out in front of him and let a small pulse of golden electricity dance over his palm.

“Careful Denki, you don’t want to short circuit your brain,” he heard a familiar, comforting voice call out from behind him.

He let his shoulders relax a bit as he turned to look at his childhood friend. “I won’t,” he rolled his eyes playfully at her. “That only happens when I use a lot of electricity, anyway. Guys, this is Jirou Kyouka, my childhood best friend.”

Ashido leaned forward, reaching her hand out to touch the other girl, “You hair is so pretty!”

“Thanks,” Kyouka mumbled awkwardly as she ducked away from the impending hand.

He glanced at her for a moment, seeing how uncomfortable she was around all of the new people and that was probably why she had come over to him in the first place. “Anyway, back to Quirks,” he forced a grin as he spoke. “You should tell us what yours is, Ashido!”

She stuck her hand out in front of her harshly, creating a small rotating bubble of murky liquid. Denki wrinkled his nose at the foul smell but soon forgot about it as she began to talk again. “I can create acid, so make sure not to touch this!” she chastised, wagging her finger up and down like someone would do to a misbehaving dog.

“That’s really cool,” Kyouka said from beside him, leaning into him a bit as she sought out comfort without the rest of their new classmates noticing.

“Thanks!” Ashido chirped, closing her hand and getting rid of the ball of acid in her hand. “What can you do, Jirou?”

“Huh?” she asked, glancing up from where she had been staring down at the ground. It took her a moment to realize what the other girl had said and Denki winced internally, wanting to hug her and help her with her anxiety. “Oh, my ears can plug into stuff so that I can hear vibrations and stuff. It’s kinda hard to explain,” she shrugged.

“You and Kaminari must have breezed through those robots,” Sero commented. He ran a hand through his dark black hair, exposing more of his gorgeous face for Denki to see. “Having electricity related Quirks can really help with technology, huh?”

“I mean, I almost failed the entrance exams, so it’s good that the robots were easy for me,” he grinned, rubbing the back of his head. He realized a moment later that what he said probably made him sound really dumb since he neglected to mention that it was because his ADHD had played off of the part that he was super excited, preventing him for concentrating for long.

Ashido clapped a hand over her mouth and laugh while bouncing up and down, something that she tended to do a lot. “I almost failed the written exam too,” her hand moved from the front her face to the back of her wild pink mane.

“Wow, really? Me too,” Kirishima laughed a little too loudly, causing Denki to flinch back a little bit. “Sounds like we’re going to all be great friends!”

“Am I seriously the only one that passed the entrance exams?” Kyouka asked from next to him, raising her voice just enough to be heard but not enough to startle him as the redhead had done. They were both leaning on the unoccupied desk behind them, almost completely leaning into each other.

“I passed too!” Sero gawked, placing his hands on his hips and tugging his uniform to show off his attractive figure. Kirishima opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the door to the classroom swinging open loudly. Denki ducked into himself a bit, flinching harshly. Once the group had moved on to talk to him, lead by Ashido, Kyouka leaned over to him.

She placed a careful hand on his arm, “You okay?” she asked him carefully.

“Fine,” he replied, despite the fact that he was very much not fine and probably should tell someone. He walked over to where the rest of the group was, pausing to listen to the conversation.

“Does it matter?” the ashy-haired blond growled, looking up at her with dark, dangerous eyes.

Mina huffed, pushing off of his desk and placing her hands on her hips.  “C’mon, even if we’re not going to be your friends you could at least tell us your name!” Kirishima spoke up from where he was standing behind the pink haired girl.

“Tch,” the teenager in front of them rolled his eyes. “My name is Bakugou Katsuki,” he answered, looking to them like it would make them go away.

Before he could think better of it, and having seemingly forgotten about the loud noises that the other had made just a few moments ago, he stuck his hand out in front of him for the other to shake. “Nice to meet you Bakugou!”

“You might want to think twice before touching me, Pikachu,” Bakugou warned, not taking the hand.

“Oh, uh,” he blushed a bit, shoving a hand back into his pocket as he shuffled around awkwardly.

“Why?” Kirishima asked, the curiousness bleeding through and into his voice heavy enough for them all to hear.

“Because I blow shit up, Shitty Hair!” the ash-blond shouted at them and both Denki and Kirishima flinched back from him.

“Kacchan!” a new voice chastised from a little further back in the classroom. Denki turned to see that it had been a green-haired boy, speaking with a small brown haired female and a tall blue-haired man.

“Oh great,” Bakugou growled, rolling his dark red eyes as he too looked at the trio. “Fucking Deku is here.”

The blue haired teenager that had been standing by him took that moment to call out to the class that had calmed down a bit, “Everyone! Homeroom is about to begin, please sit down!” There was a hurried moving of clothes and scraping of chairs and desks as they all moved to sit down.

Denki smiled tightly as Kyouka as she sat down on the other side of the class, and she returned it as well as mouthing an ‘are you okay?’ He collapsed down into his desk and nodded before his attention was taken and he began to look around the classroom. Five minutes of silence had passed and he hadn’t managed to sit still for a single second of it. The teacher still hadn’t arrived and he was bored out of his mind, unable to sit still or think about one thing for more than ten seconds.

“Bro, what kind of teacher doesn’t show up to the first class on the first day?” he groaned, rocking back in his chair as he spoke to the redheaded boy behind him.

“I know right?” the boy behind him asked, speaking a little louder than he had now that everyone around them had also begun to speak quietly. “Like, I thought this was a really top notch school and then our homeroom teacher doesn’t even show up on time?” Just as he had finished speaking, the door to the classroom slid open much quieter than it had the first time and a tired looking man stalked into the classroom.

He slammed down the papers that he had in his hands down on the podium, causing a lot of them to jump. “Everyone shut up,” he growled. Denki looked around the classroom and saw that thankfully everyone seemed just as startled and yet just as restless as he was.

“Aoyama Yuga?” the teacher drawled in his bored tone.

“Here,” a French-accented voice called out as a boy with longish blond hair rose his hand.

“Ashido Mina?” he said without even marking anything on his roll sheet.

“Here!” Ashido sing-sung as she raised her perfectly pink hand in the air.

“Asui Tsuyu?”

“Here,” a frog-like voice emanated from a girl with green hair that looked frighteningly like a frog herself.

“Iida Tenya?”

“Present,” the boy from earlier that had gotten the entire class to sit down called out, standing up eagerly.

“Sit down,” the teacher growled with a deeper frown. “Uraraka Ochaco?”

“Here,” a high voice called out as a very feminine girl raised her hand.

“Oijiro Mashirao?”

“Present, sir,” a boy with a huge tail, and oddly yellow hair raised his hand.

“Kaminari Denki?”

“Pre-sent,” Denki split the word up awkwardly as he raised his hand into the air.

“Kirishima Eijirou?” he asked next, pausing before he given name as he squinted down at the name.

“Here,” the boy behind him said in a wavering voice as he rose his hand in the air. Denki leaned forward on his desk, wondering if the boy behind him had just as many issues with people as he did.

“Koda Koji,” he called out, looking up this time as the student only raised his hand. “Please say ‘here’ next time. Satou Rikidou.”


“Shoji Mezo?”

“Here,” a muffled voice called out.

“Jiro Kyoka?”

“Here,” she sighed, folding her arms over her chest and slumping down in her seat.

“Tokoyami Fumikage?” he called out after shooting a small glare to Jiro for not speaking clearly.

“Present,” a deep, masculine voice called out.

“Todoroki Shoto?”

“Present,” a boy with heterochromatic eyes and evenly split hair almost growled, which earned him a glare that the teacher seemed so fond of giving.

“Hagakure Tooru?”

A person less uniform raised the arm and a girl’s voice called out. “Here!”

“Oh boy,” the teacher grumbled. “Bakugou Katsuki?”

“Here,” he muttered, just loud enough for the people around him to hear.

“Bakugou Katsuki?” the teacher called out again, annoyance heavy in his tone.

“I SAID HERE YOU FUCKER!” Bakugou called out angrily.

“Please refrain from swearing in this class,” Aizawa-sensei grew, looking up with narrowed, intimidating eyes. “Midoriya Izuku.”

“Here,” the boy from earlier jumped and said instinctively as he glanced up from the burnt notebook on his lap.

“Mineta Minoru?”

“Here,” a greasy, slurred tone called out from the shortest member of the class.

“Yaoyorozu Momo?” he called out the last name.

“Present, sir,” the tallest girl in the class called out, respectfully raising her hand.

“Great, a full class,” Aizawa-sensei growled as he placed the roll sheet on the podium in front of him. “As I said before, one of you will be expelled by the end of class today.”

Denki stopped short form what he had been thinking, turning to look at the teacher with wide, scared eyes. He turned his head a bit, now facing his purple-haired childhood friend. She looked back to him with a similar expression, just as terrified of their new homeroom teacher.


“Kyouka!” Denki waved his hand over his head as he tried to catch her attention. He jogged over to her with a wide smile on his face, falling in step with her as she walked.

“Hey Denki,” she smiled at him, unplugging her ear from her phone so that she could hear him. “You doing okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets as they kept walking. “How are you doing? You seemed pretty uncomfortable when we were in class.”

“There was this guy that kept staring at my ass and boobs,” she shuddered, looking behind her cautiously as if she was going to see the person she had been talking about.

“Gross,” he wrinkled his nose. “Do I need to play fake boyfriend like I did in middle school?” he asked, looping his arm around her waist with a dopey grin on his face.

“Maybe,” she sighed after a bit of a chuckle. She leaned into him, placing her arm around his waist as well as they walked. “There was a really cute girl in front of me today.”

“Yeah, which one?” Denki asked, feeling a dumb smile take over his lips again as he listened to his friend talk.

“Yeah, she had this really pretty black hair and a really nice looking face,” Kyouka mused as she thought about it.

“Funny, the guy I thought was hot had long black hair too,” he mused, tapping his lip with his free hand.

“We do have similar tastes, minus the gender,” she snorted.

“Uh, speaking of gender,” Denki mumbled, pulling away from her a bit and shrinking into himself a small it. She turned to him a bit, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear so that she could see him a little better. “Would you still love me if I was a different gender?”

“Of course, I would accept you no matter what,” she snorted. She turned a looked at him a bit trying to make him continue talking.

“I-I, uh,” he stuttered, starting to feel slightly scared as he talked. “Kyouka, I’m genderfluid.”

She stopped dead in her tracts, turning around to face him as he flinched away from her, fearing the worst. Instead of getting yelled at because he was ‘disgusting’ she just wrapped her arms tightly around him, hugging him close to her. “Thanks for coming out to me. That must have taken a lot out of you.”

He just began to cry, hugging her as he sobbed into her shoulder. Once he had stopped crying a bit, she pulled back and looked into his eyes with a bright smile. “What gender are you right now?” she asked, brushing a blond strand out of his face.

“Male,” he sniffed, rubbing his eyes with the cuff of his blazer.

“Cool,” she nodded, threading their fingers together like they used to do when they were children, guiding them back to his house where they had agreed to hang out together.

“Thanks for accepting me, Kyouka,” he grinned.

“I mean, who else would I have to send shitty music and memes to at three in the morning?” she joked, knocking their shoulders together.

“True, true,” he chuckled. “Still, thanks.”

Chapter Text

Denki winced as they heard their parents screeching at each other downstairs. They rolled over, clapping their hands over their ears as they tried to ignore the fact that the argument was about them attending the school of their dreams. They had no idea what would happen when they realized that he wanted to be their own person, that they wanted to be their own hero instead of taking over the villain Bioshock. They heard the shattering of a plate and they sprung up out of their bed, racing out of their room and across the hall.

They flung the door open and the closed it behind them and locked it tightly. “Denki?” a small voice asked from inside the darkness underneath the bad. They kneeled down on the floor and looked at the twins huddled together in the furthest corner away from the door underneath their bunkbed.

“Yeah, it’s me,” they whispered, extending their hand out to them. They lay flat down on the floor, knowing that they were going to be there for a while. “Are you two okay?” they asked once Akane reached out and held his hand. Behind her, Myri wrapped her arms around her twin’s waist, holding her tight in a hug.

“Yeah,” the older twin whispered with a slight nod. She sniffled a bit, “We were just scared.”

“I’m glad you two are okay,” they whispered. “Can you come out from under the bed for me? We can cuddle if you want.”

“Okay,” Myri nodded, poking her sister until they had both wiggled out from under the bed. Denki got up from the floor, sitting on the lower bunk in the middle with their back pressed against the wall. Both of the twins clambered up onto the bed as well, each on clinging to their side. “Why are they fighting?” Myri whispered out the question with a small whimper as their mother screeched out another insult at their father.

“Because I’m going to a school for people that they don’t like,” he answered, not wanting to lie to the twins but also not wanting to tell them the full truth. No one deserved to know that their parents, someone they trusted so much, were actually bad people. “They’ll stop soon.”

“Promise?” Akane asked, cuddling into him a bit harder.

“Promise,” they answered, rubbing the back of the twins’ backs soothingly. The three siblings fell into a soothing silence as they cuddled on the couch, and soon just as Denki had promised their parents stopped fighting. By the time that they had done this, both of the twins had fallen asleep and the older sibling didn’t want to wake them up despite not being tired enough to sleep himself. They wiggled around and pulled their phone out, noticing a couple notifications.


Kaminari to Kirishima


We should make a group chat


Kirishima to Kaminari

Yeah, bro! That would be so cool!


Kaminari to Kirishima


I’ll start it right now

Kaminari has created Chat with: Ashido and Sero


Sero has added Kirishima to Chat


Ashido to Group Chat



Sero to Group Chat

Geez Ashido, I can practically hear your squealing through text XD


Ashido to Group Chat

Aww, Sero, that’s mean!!!!!


Kaminari to Group Chat

We should name the chat



Sero to Group Chat

Well, who’s on here?


Kaminari to Group Chat

Ashido, you, me and Kirishima


Ashido to Group Chat

Kiri’s here too?!?!??!?

THE only person we’re missing iiiiiiiiiis



Kaminari to Group Chat

I asked him if I should add Bakugou

But he hasn’t gotten back to me


Sero to Group Chat

Do it anyway! XD

We’re risk takers now


Ashido to Group Chat

That’s what we should name the chat!!!!!!!!!


Sero to Group Chat

That doesn’t make any sense Ashido


Ashido to Group Chat


We should name it the Bakusquad!!!!!!


Kaminari to Group Chat

I love it

It’s brilliant!


Kirishima to Group Chat

We should totally name the chat that

You’re a genius Ashido


Ashido renamed Group Chat to Bakusquad


Kaminari added Bakugou to Bakusquad


Bakugou to Bakusquad

What the actual fuck is this


Kirishima to Bakusquad

That timing was perfect

Now I gotta go

Bai everyone


Kaminari to Bakusquad

This is a group chat!!!

Welcome Bakubro!


Sero to Bakusquad



Ashido to Bakusquad

I have no fear *slides on sunglasses*


Bakugou to Bakusquad

Why the fuck did I give you fuckheads my number?


Kaminari to Bakusquad

Because you secretly like us!


Ashido to Bakusquad

Because we’re irresistible


Kaminari to Bakusquad

Damn Ashido, great mind think alike *high five*


Sero to Bakusquad

Secretly, you’re the same person 0.0


Ashido to Bakusquad



Kaminari to Bakusquad

Yes, secretly, *strokes chin*


Bakugou to Bakusquad

Why the fuck can’t I leave this chat????


Ashido to Bakusquad

I turned off the ability to leave

*evil cackling*


Sero to Baksquad

Ashido has #nofear


Ashido to Bakusquad

Damn straight!!!


My dad is calling me, I have to go ;-;


Kaminari to Bakusquad

Bye AShido!



Sero to Bakusquad

I should probably do homework

Bye Ashido

Bye Kaminari


Denki frowned as they stared at all of their friends saying that they had to go offline. They turned their phone off, looking at the twins as they slept peacefully cuddled into their sides. They decided to take the risk and removed them off of their person, and thankfully they kept sleeping. They snuck back to their room, getting there without anyone else hearing that they were moving between rooms. They collapsed down on their bed, pulling out the novel that they had been reading after they had finished their homework. They had gotten it done as soon as they had gotten home, jumping between assignments so that they could focus without hyper focusing.

They began to stare at the wall as they thought back to the last time they had hyper-focused on something. They had been reading a new book series that their dad had brought them from America the last trip he went on and had gotten a little too sucked into the world. They had read the entire series, all four five hundred page books in one day because no one had been paying attention or cared that he hadn’t been seen all day. They had ended up only getting pulled out of it when the need to go to the bathroom had caused them to wet themselves.

They winced a bit, placing the book open on their stomach and pulling out their phone instead, looking through the several tabs they had open about ways to make yourself feel less dysphoric as a Genderfluid person. They glanced through each of them, almost too terrified to stay on one too much despite the fact that they normally didn’t hyperfocus too often. Eventually, their phone died and they rolled over, plugging it into the charger that they had had to sneak up to their room. They rolled back over, placing their hand on their stomach and sighing. “Everything sucks and I want to die, please,” they huffed in a sing-song voice.

They reached their hands up to their eyes, scrubbing at them for a moment. They heard the slam of the front door and winced, jumping a bit in their bed. They really hated it when their parents fought. They had done this for as long as they could remember, and it caused them to be jumpy and timid around loud noises. Even though their parents had never attacked them, the effects of their fighting still hurt them.

Their mind rapidly wandered to the new loud student that the rest of their newfound friends were hanging out with. The ashy blond was loud and liked to shout, which always made Denki wince and duck back a bit. If they had it their way then they would avoid the explosive teenager at all costs, only ever hanging out with his childhood friend that knew about their sensitivity to loud noises. But they didn’t have it their way, so they were being forced to get over their fear of loud noises. They rolled over on the bed, finally tucking themselves under the covers and forcing themselves to go to sleep.

Chapter Text

Denki slid down the wall of the broken down building, his shirt riding up to expose his back. The cement and brick scrapped his back, shredding the skin and making him hiss with pain. He winced and the action caused tears to begin to cascade down his face. He reached up, wiping his cheeks with his wrists as he tried to focus on calming down a bit. “You’re okay, you’re okay,” he whispered, balling his hands into fists so hard that his nails dug crescent moons into his palms. His head hurt like it was being split in two with an ax. He placed his hand on his face, applying as much pressure as he could to that half of his face, which was the only thing that got it to go away even a little bit.

He hated overusing his Quirk. Not only did he lose the ability to remember what was happening and be in control of his body for the first five to twenty minutes after overusing his Quirk, but after he returned to himself he got the worst migraines. The light made the throbbing in his head four times worse, so he clamped his eyes shut as tightly as he could, which only made more tears spill over the edge. He sniffed, using his other hand to wipe away the tears as he resisted the urge to vomit.

“Denki?” Kyouka shouted, her hands cupped around her mouth to make sure that she was as loud as she could be while she searched for him. The noise tipped him over the edge and he couldn’t handle the pain, leaning forward and retching all over the floor in front of him. “Woah, Denki,” the purple-haired girl paled, rushing over to him as fast as she could. Her hands flew to her friend’s hair, holding it back as he finished retching.

“Are you okay?” she asked and Denki audibly whimpered, shying away from her a bit.

“Too loud,” he shook his head, holding the spot that hurt again.

“Shit, sorry,” the other teenager apologized in a whisper, guiding him away from where he had vomited. “What’s wrong?” she asked, tugging down his gym uniform over the bleeding scrapes that covered his back.

“I have a migraine,” he whispered, his voice hoarse. “Light and loud noises make it so much worse…”

“Sorry,” she winced in apology.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know,” he shook his head, instantly regretting it when it made his world swim for a moment. They had gotten out of the more destroyed area of the once gorgeous training ground and several of the non-injured teachers were wandering around.

“Hey, there listeners!” Present Mic yelled at them as he rushed over to the duo. Denki grabbed at his head, resisting the urge to vomit for the second time that day.

“Present Mic-sensei, please be quiet,” Kyouka waved her hand in front of them in a downward motion. The blond man nodded sagely as if he knew exactly how to do that despite seemingly being the loudest person in the universe.

“Are you alright, Kaminari?” he asked, reaching his hand out like he was about to touch Denki, but wasn’t sure that he should.

“I have a migraine,” he whimpered, trying to hold back a gag.

“I can give you something for that,” the teacher said, digging into the first aid kit that he had in his hand. He got out a few pills that were too loud as they came tumbling out of the bottle. He gently grabbed Denki’s hand, unfurling it from the first he had it clenched in and handing him two pills and a water bottle.

The blond teenager stood up rigidly, feeling like every one of his movements was pained. He took the pills as quickly as he could, and then worked almost instantly. Not five minutes later the migraine had faded into a simple, annoying pain that throbbed every now and again when someone was loud as opposed to every single time someone talked above a whisper. “You okay?” Kyouka asked, rubbing her hand up and down his arm comfortingly.

“Yeah,” he nodded, clearing his throat and moving his hair out of his eyes. “I’m feeling tons better. You should go find your crush, I’ll go find mine,” he said, eyeing one of his friends sitting by himself.

“You sure?” she asked, her eyebrows furrowed together.

“Yeah,” he nodded, giving her a fake smile and leaning forward, hugging her tightly. They embraced for a quick moment before they turned away from each other and raced in other directions.

Denki could feel concern bubbling in his chest as he saw how panicky his friend looked. “God fucking dammit,” the redhead swore, carding his hands through his hair nervously, pulling on a couple of the strands after a moment.

“Dude, that’s a lot of cussing,” he mumbles the painkillers suddenly making him overrun with exhaustion. He sat down heavily next to his friend, hoping that by acting chipper and happy like he normally did his friend would calm down from his panic attack. He yawned widely, stretching his arms up above his head and popping his back before he let his arm fall comfortingly around Eijirou’s shoulders. “Bro, I am so tired!”

“I can tell,” the redhead joked, making Denki almost audibly sigh with relief. All he wants is for the other boy to be calm and happy right now. He leaned into the touch a bit, and his Quirk finally fully deactivated.

“Rude,” he pouted, turning a bit so that he could look into his friend’s bright red eyes.

Eijirou scoffed a bit, rolling his eyes. They sat in silence for a moment before the redhead spoke up, “You were super manly out there.”

It made him wince internally that his friend would so easily assume that he was manly, even if he identified as male in that moment. “I know right?” he tried to cheer, tried to be as normally happy as he always was. “I got to fight with two very pretty ladies!” he grinned, trying to make it seemed like he was attracted to the two women he had been fighting with. The thought of having sex with Jirou popped into his mind and he had to resist the urge to gag. The other teenager was almost like another sister to him, not that he needed any more of those.

“There’s my man,” the other teenager laughed as he turned and held his hand up for a high five. Denki grinned widely back at him, moving his hand forward to complete the action before he found that suddenly there was a hand there in front of his.

Denki looked up and felt his stomach do a flip inside of him, which did not help at all with the nausea he was still struggling with due to his subdued migraine. “You’re so mean,” he whined, trying to get the rapid beating of his heart to calm down.

“Aw, don’t be like that,” he replied and all Denki could think about at that moment was how much he wanted to press their lips together and stay like that for the rest of eternity. Instead, the black haired teenager sat down heavily next to them, throwing his arm around the blond and bringing them so close together that they were touching. The smaller of the two felt his face heat up a small bit and his eyes kept darting over to look at the angular feature of his crush’s face.

They fell into silence before one of the other teachers walked up to them, her hands on her far too prominent hips. “Hey, are you three alright?” she asked, looking over each one of them in turn. “None of you hurt too badly?”

“I’m fine, I’m just tired,” Denki mumbled through a large yawn, having already been treated.

Sero held up his arm, which the blond now noticed was covered in ace bandages to compress the wound he had somehow gotten through fighting. “I already got some medical attention,” he shrugged.

“Kirishima Eijirou, right?” the female teacher asked, bending over so that- Denki assumed, at least- she could see his friend a bit better. What she had unfortunately ended up doing was pressing her bosom into his face and making him visibly uncomfortable. “Are you alright?” she questioned.

“‘M fine,” the other boy nodded, despite the fact that Denki could see him shivering violently.

The teacher seemed to see it too because of not a moment after she asked, “You sure?”

“Mhm,” he nodded, seeming to just want to get out of the situation. Denki sighed, falling into Sero a bit and letting the taller boy hug him a bit closer. “Are our parents coming to pick us up?” he asked and the blond felt all of his blood run cold.

He sat up stalk straight, feeling all of the blood drain down from his face and his hands become clammy and cold. “They should be, yes,” Midnight, he suddenly remembered was her name, nodded, standing up and placing her hands on her hips. “If you three are alright, then we should get you out of the center and to your guardians! Please come with me.” It sounded more like a death sentence than it did a good thing like the way she was phrasing it, but the blond stood up and followed after her anyways.

He tried to drag it out as long as he could, knowing how harshly he would get screamed at once his parents found out that there was an attack at his school and they had deduced that he would have to fight some of their kind. He spun his locker combo three times before he actually opened the door, using his exhaustion as an excuse to put it off longer. He dragged his feet and fell behind the group a couple yards as they walked into the main room. He was almost too wrapped up in his own thoughts that he nearly missed his friend talking to their teacher and then disappearing down the hallway.

Mina caught up to them when they finally got outside and into the parking lot, swinging her arms around Denki’s shoulders easily. “Hey there you two,” she giggled, grinning like mad at her friends. “You’re both okay, right?”

“Yeah, we just needed a few patches here and there,” Sero grinned at her, hugging her back when she released Denki and attacked her other friend with affection. “Nothing too serious. How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” she waved him off with a smile, still happy and perky as always. They continued to walk a ways into the parking lot before she spotted her dad, and rushed off to meet him.

“I see my parents too, bye Kaminari,” Sero waved, and for half a moment the blond expected him to lean down and hug him, but unfortunately the affectionate gesture never came. He grinned until all of his friends had disappeared out of his sight, and he scanned the parked cars for one that looked like his parents, but couldn’t find one. He wandered back up to the front of the school, sitting down heavily on the curb that separated the sidewalk from the asphalt of the parking lot.

“You see your parents?” Kyouka asked, appearing out of nowhere and sitting down next to him.

“No,” he shook his head, feeling tears start to form in his eyes. After all the years of this happening, he should honestly just be used to it now, and yet there he was, about to cry because he had been forgotten again. “You don’t have to stay with me, I’m used to waiting alone. I’ll probably just end up taking the bus again.”

“Denki, don’t even give me that,” she frowned deeply, shaking her head which caused her earphone cords to shake back and forth as well in a ripple motion. “I’m your best friend. There’s no way in Hell I’m going to let you ride the bus home after that traumatic of an incident or leave you here to wait alone.”

“I’m sure your parents are worried about you,” he reasoned, trying to make her see past her sense of justice into the voice of reason, but it didn’t seem to be working.

She grabbed his hand, threading their fingers together and running her thumb over his knuckles. “I love you and I care about you, so do my parents. I already texted them and let them know about the situation. At this point, they’re kind of used to it. So I’m going to wait here with you for half an hour, and if your parents don’t come, you’re getting a ride home with me.”

He leaned his head on her shoulder, fighting back the tears that were still threatening to fall. “I don’t deserve you,” he whispered because really, he didn't. He was the child of two of the most dangerous underground villains and murderers in Japan and the heir to their legacy. Here was his best friend in the entire world, already having accept his odd gender fluidity with an easy, open heart. Now, she was sitting with him for what must have been the hundredth time in their time knowing each other, waiting for his neglectful parents to come to pick him up.

“Yes, you do,” she commanded, leaning over and pecking his head before she ran her nimble, talented fingers over his scalp to relax him. “Now get some sleep before I go get Midnight-sensei to put you to sleep with her Quirk.”

He did as he was told, slowly drifting off into a half sleep while they waited for his parents to arrive. But just as expected, they never did. Half an hour had passed when he roused from his sleep, and most of the cars had left. A couple of the teachers stood in a circular position as they spoke, some of them glancing over at the duo every so often and making Denki incredibly anxious.

He fidgeted a bit, playing with the sleeve of his shirt. He took his backpack off his back, rummaging around in it for a moment before he pulled out his cube. He flicked through each of the sides, pressing down some of the quieter buttons and playing with the switch as it was his favorite side. “Are your parents coming?” he asked once he had managed to get his brain away from anxiety and back to being focused.

“Yeah, I just texted them,” she said, eyeing the cube in his hand as she knew exactly what it was. “Have your parents still not gotten you the medication you need?” she asked with a small sigh, her eyebrows creasing together with worry. He shook his head, now playing with two of the sides at once, using one of his hands for each side. She huffed, grumbling to herself about why his parents had to be so irresponsible, especially with the number of kids they had ended up having. He just smiled weakly at her, unable to do anything other than that.

“Kyouka, baby,” his best friend’s father gushed as the car pulled up in front of them. He got out of it quickly and rushed over to his daughter, engulfing her in the largest hug he could. He then turned to Denki, who over the years had essentially become another child to him. He hugged him too, albeit not as tight.

Midnight stalked over to them, her heels clicking loudly on the ground as she did so. “Are you their guardians?” she asked cautiously, placing her hands steadily on her hips.

“We’re Kyouka’s parents, but Denki is also coming home with us,” his best friend’s mother quickly explained, looking over them both for any obvious injuries.

“Alright, just making sure,” she smiled at them before she turned and walked back to the circle of teachers, which Denki noted had all stopped their conversation and were staring at him.

“You two okay?” the purple haired woman asked, looking over them a bit more thoroughly now that the teacher was not talking to them. “Does anything hurt or feel weird at all?”

“No,” Kyouka shook her head. “Denki did a lot of the fighting when the villains came after us.”

“Are you okay?” the purple haired woman asked, turning her full attention to Denki.

“Yeah,” he nodded numbly, the realization of what had happened now finally hitting him.

“Don’t you lie to me, young man,” she warned, waggling her finger at him menacingly.

“I mean, I had a really bad migraine that made me throw up, but one of the teachers came over and gave me something that made me feel a lot better,” he answered, her ‘mom-voice’ easily breaking through him. “And I’m kinda really scared now that it’s all over.”

“Come here,” she soothed, wrapping her arms around him tightly and just holding him for a moment, letting him hug her back as tightly as he needed to.

“Why don’t we get the kids home, honey?” Kyouka’s father asked, placing a careful hand on his wife’s shoulder.

“That sounds like a good idea to me,” the woman replied, releasing him slowly and opening the door for him. “Denki, I want you to stay with us tonight. I know how your parents treat you and while I don’t have enough evidence to take them to court, I want you taken care of tonight.”

“Okay,” he responded dumbly, suddenly incapable of being able to argue with the woman sitting in the passenger seat of the car. He looked back down at the cube, letting his mind wander off and around as he clicked and pushed and played with each side of the cube in turn, not really caring how loud it was now that he was in a safe place. Kyouka reached over, placing a comforting hand on his leg and just letting it rest there until they had pulled up in her driveway.

They all piled out of the car and into her house, which Denki was eternally grateful for. “Go take a shower, Kyouka,” her mother told her gently. “Denki, you too. There are some of your clothes leftover from your last sleepover in Kyouka’s room and you can use the shower in the master bathroom.”

“Thank you,” he smiled weakly at her as he walked up to his best friend’s room. She handed him a pair of pajamas that weren’t his but were very gender neutral as she grabbed her own. They both went into their respective bathrooms on opposite sides of the house from each other.

Denki locked the door, dumping his clothes on the toilet and turning the shower on as hot as it would go. As he stripped off his shirt, he remembered how painful his back was and he winced, grabbing his shoulder and looking behind him. The sight made him slightly nauseous as he saw how painful it looked. Most of the wounds had scabbed over as they were fairly light, but they the ones that weren’t were bright red and angry. He reached his hand back as much as he could, touching one of the bright red marks. He winced, pulling his hand back as soon as it had made contact with the irritated skin. By the time he stepped into the shower, the hot water had filled the room with steam. He took in a deep breath, letting the fog fill his lungs like he was swallowing soup.

The water felt nice as it rolled down his aching back in pearly drops of warmth. The tight muscles in his hips and shoulders began to relax as the water beat down harshly on him. He just stood there for a moment, letting all of his muscles relax and the built-up stress just drain away. He lathered his body in soap, making sure that he scrubbed his back enough that it began to bleed again, just to be sure nothing got infected.

The soap smelled nice, reminding him of safety like the scent of his best friends house always did. He ran his hand through his well taken care of hair, which he always kept lengthier than either of his parents liked. His hair was always one thing he never had to worry about on days when he was more feminine. He toyed with the strand that hung down in his face for a moment as he mused. He then turned around, rinsing out his hair for longer than he probably needed to, enjoying the feeling of the water running over his scalp.

When he had finished his shower, he carefully dried himself off and put Kyouka’s pajamas that she had lent him on. He was slightly surprised to find that they were still pretty much the same size since it had been such a long time since they had worn each other’s clothes. He wandered down the stairs back into the main level of the couch and was met with the smell of Kyouka’s dad’s cooking. He took a deep breath, loving the smell of homemade food that was made by someone that actually knew how to cook.

“Denki?” her mother asked, poking her head through the curtains to look at him. “There you are, come on,” she smiled warmly at him, guiding him to the table.

She sat him down at the place setting across from Kyouka, where there was a plate with food piled on top of it. “Try to eat as much as you can, alright?” the purple-haired woman sat down at her own spot, waiting for the two teenagers to eat.

“Thank you,” Denki said after a moment when his mind finally snapped out of his haze.

“Yeah, thanks Mom and Dad,” Kyouka said through a yawn, placing a hand over her mouth.

“Of course,” her dad smiled at the two of them, ruffling both of their heads in turn. The family and Denki fell into silence as the two teenagers dug into their food. The blond relished in the taste of the first complete home-cooked meal that he had had in months, loving every single morsel. After they finished eating, they had been ordered to go to bed. Both teenagers trudged up the stairs, grabbing pillows and blankets from the linen closet for Denki before they disappeared into Kyouka’s room.

“You doing any better?” she asked as she spread one of the thicker blankets out on the ground.

“Not really,” he breathed out, throwing down the two pillows at the top of the blanket. “I mean, my head doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Well, at least that’s the silver lining,” she sighed, throwing down a couple of the top blankets. Denki only grunted as he collapsed down on the ground, pulling the blanket around him in a cocoon. “Do you need to talk at all?” she asked, trying to make her friend feel better.

“Thanks, but no,” he answered, giving her a sleepy smile. She smiled back at him, curling up underneath her covers and passing out almost instantly. Denki turned over, pulling the blankets up around him some more as he tried to sleep. He lay there for several more minutes, not feeling sleepy enough to actually fall asleep.

He sighed, reaching over and grabbing his phone. He winced harshly as he saw that he had several missed calls from his parents.


Mother to Denki

Where the Hell are you?

You attacked those of our own kind and now you don’t even show up at your own home?

How are you supposed to take over our lineage when you can’t even man up enough to face me and your father.

I am very disappointed in you, Denki.


He closed his phone, not even bothering to respond to the text as h knew it would just get ignored. That’s the way it always was for him. His parents would text him about something that made them disappointed that he had done, and if he tried to text them back it would be as though he never had. At this point, he was used to it and had given up trying. He threw an arm over his eyes, blocking out the world for a moment as he tried to calm his brain down. Maybe his parents were right, maybe he really was the disappointment that everyone thought he was. He couldn’t even control his own Quirk enough to avoid hurting himself. How could he ever truly be a hero?

Eventually, he fell asleep like that, an arm tossed over his eyes and self-hate boiling in his gut.

Chapter Text

The shone brightly into their open window, streaking across the hardwood floor and up over their bed. They sat up, rubbing at their eyes to try and get rid of the blurry sleep that clung there. They swung their legs over the bed and yawned, stretching their arms up in the air. They sniffed, looking at what was in front of them. They grimaced widely, their shoulders caving forward as they stared at themselves in the full-length mirror his sisters had placed in his room. A whimper escaped their lips as the feeling of wrongness overflowed them, making them feel uncomfortable.

As they stared at themselves in the mirror, but someone they didn’t know stared back at them. The more they stared, the more that the person staring back at them didn’t look right. They didn’t know how long they had just sat there, staring at themselves in the mirror when they were finally broken from their spell. A pattern of hard, sharp knocks rang through their room and Denki nearly jumped out of their skin. They jumped up off the bed, walking over to the door and opening it just enough that they could see whoever was knocking.

“Get dressed,” Shero commanded, slamming her hand on the door once it was open. She stayed there a moment longer to glare at them before she turned on her heal and walked down to the twins’ room. They stared down the hall as their older sister vanished before they shut their door, turning around. They walked over to their bed, picking up the thin blanket that they had on their bed and throwing it on the mirror so that they could avoid looking at their reflection.

They stretched their arms above their head before they turned back and forth, successfully popping their back. They picked up the uniform that had been thrown on the ground after they had returned home utterly exhausted and began to shed their sleepwear. They tugged on their pants, kind of hoping that it was a skirt with leggings underneath it instead. He sighed, shaking his head. Some dreams just weren’t mean to come true.

When they had finished getting dressed, they rushed downstairs into the sound of fighting. They winced a bit, seeing Amara and Yumi hitting each other across the table. “Hey! Stop that,” they shouted, putting their hand down in the middle of the fight so that their arms were getting the brunt of the abuse. “What’s going on?”

“Yumi said that I looked fat,” Amara whined.

“Amara, she’s just a little kid. She doesn’t know any better,” he scolded the thirteen-year-old.

“I’m not a little kid!” Yumi screeched, sitting up and slamming her hands down on the table.

“Okay, okay, you’re not a little kid,” they soothed their sister. “Don’t call your sister fat.”

“But I was just telling the truth!” she whined, sitting back down in her seat and folding her arms over her chest.

“How? Amara isn’t fat,” Denki shook their head, taking the plates of food that Shera handed them and placed both of them down. Both of the girls just frowned at their siblings as they grabbed utensils given to them by their oldest sister. Cheimi wandered down into the kitchen sleepily, her blond hair still a birds nest. She accepted the plate of food from the eldest sister before she collapsed down next to the seven-year-old. Nala walked in moments later with Myri placed on her hip and Akane holding onto her hand.

“Denki, go wake Mei up, please,” Shera said offhandedly, not really paying attention to her other sibling.

“Okay,” they mumbled, walking past Nala and the twins and heading back up the stairs. They knocked on their nine-year-old sister’s door before he opened it, looking at her sleeping form. “Mei, you have to get up,” he sighed, walking into her room and around the toys and books that Yumi and Chiemi had left all over the floor. They clambered a weighs up the ladder to the bunk bed, grabbing their sister’s shoulder and shaking it so that she would wake up.

“Why?” she whined, rolling over and entangling herself a bit more into the covers.

“Because Shera said you have to get up,” they responded, tugging the covers away from her.

“Fine,” she grumbled, kicking the rest of the blankets away from her. She sat up, pawing away the hair that had fallen in front of her eyes. They jumped down off of the ladder that led up to the top bunk, walking over to the chest of drawers that held all three of the girls’ clothes. They grabbed her school outfit out of the third drawer down, laying it out on top. She messily slid off of her bed and stumbled over to her sibling, looking at her clothes like she didn’t know what to do with them.

“Get dressed and come down to breakfast as quickly as you can, you’re gonna be late,” they warned, ducking out of her room and heading back down the stairs.

“Is she up?” Shera asked as she handed them the plate of food that she had in her hands.

“Yeah, and she’s getting dressed,” Denki nodded, taking the food from her gratefully and digging in. “Thanks for the food, Shera,” they said through a mouthful of eggs and toast.

“Don’t talk with your mouthful, Denki,” she warned.

“Yeah, you have to set a good example for the twins and Yumi,” Nala nodded, agreeing with the eldest sibling.

“Why am I the one that needs to set an example for them? They have six other older siblings too,” they pointed out, placing a hand in front of their mouth when they spoke this time.

“Because you’re their brother, the rest of us are girls,” Nala answered simply as she helped the twins eat. Denki winced the food on their plate no longer looking nearly as appetizing as it had since they had now been misgendered by their sister. They toyed with some of the eggs before the alarm on their phone went off in their pocket.

“I gotta get going to school,” they mumbled, turning off the alarm and setting the plate down on the counter as they raced out of the room. Kyouka stood on their porch, waiting for them to be ready to go to school.

“Hey sleepy head,” she chuckled once they finally got out of the house.

“I wasn’t sleeping, I had to get Mei out of bed,” he responded, looking at her for a moment before they began to walk down the sidewalk to the train station.

“Isn’t she always the last one out of bed?” the purple-haired girl sighed, looking over to them.

“Yeah, she has troubles sleeping,” they huffed, hiking the bag on their shoulder up a bit.

“Why?” Kyouka asked the curiosity heavy in her voice.

“Nightmares,” they replied, making sure that their tone meant that they wouldn’t be answering what the nightmares were about. They walked in silence for a little bit longer, just trying to make their way down to the train station.

When they were sitting down on one of the empty seats, Kyouka looked at them for a moment before she asked, “What’re your pronouns today?”

“They/them,” the blond answered easily, leaning a little on their childhood friend as their heart swelled. “Thanks again for being so excepting of my gender.”

“That’s like, the thousandth time you’ve thanked me,” she snickered, gazing out the window to her right.

“That doesn’t mean I mean it any less,” they huffed.

“I mean, everyone should. It’s just a basic, human thing to do,” she shrugged. “And I wouldn’t be a very good best friend if I rejected you.”

“I guess that’s true,” they snickered, relaxing a bit. They both sat in silence the rest of the way to the school, just enjoying each other’s company as the city flew by. They were walking through the school gates when Denki noticed that something was a little off about Kyouka

“You okay?” Denki asked their childhood friend as she grimaced, glancing behind her. “Who are you looking at?” they asked, their brows furrowing together as they turned around, walking backward and scanning the crowd for whoever was making her uncomfortable.

“Mineta is right there, staring at my ass,” she whispered. When they had flipped around, she turned to him, her face as pale as a piece of paper.

“How often does this happen?” they asked, frowning deeply.

“Almost every day,” she folded her arms over her breasts, compressing them down a bit.

“Have you reported him?” they were getting more and more protective of their friend as she relayed the information to him. “Cause if you haven’t, then I’m going to.”

“Denki,” she sighed, her arms falling down to her sides in exasperation. “I don’t have any evidence to report him with. If I just went up to the principal or one of the teachers and said what he was doing they wouldn’t believe me. Too many girls nowadays report sexual harassment for attention.”

“That’s not right,” the blond frowned, shoving their hands in their pockets. “I wish there was something I could do for you.”

“If it keeps happening then we may have to play the couple again,” she whispered, leaning on his shoulder a bit as she sought out comfort. The blond sighed, wrapping his arm around her shoulder as they walked, giving her some form of a sideways hug. They walked like that all the way up to the classroom, just as they had when they pretended to be together in middle school.

As soon as they entered the classroom, Kyouka pulled away. A dumb smile took over her face as she walked over to where her black-haired crush was sitting. Denki just chuckled and shoved their hands back in their pants as they stalked over to their desk.

“Hey Kami,” Mina chirped, standing up from her chair and walking over to the other teenager. She plopped herself down in their lap, throwing her arms around their neck.

“Woah, hey Ashi,” he chuckled, placing their hands on her back and leg to steady her and make sure she didn’t fall.

“Aw, no fair,” Mineta slurred from behind them. “Why does Kaminari get all the ladies? He’s not even that good looking.”

Denki felt their stomach roll as they got misgendered, but they had to remind themselves that there was no way for anyone in the class other than Kyouka to know that they didn’t identify as male that day. “He doesn’t need to be good looking so long as he’s not a pervert like you,” Ashido shot back at him, lifting her leg in the air and speaking to the person a few desks away from them as she tossed her head backward.

“Careful, Ashi,” they warned, placing their hand on her lower back as she began to slip off of their lap.

“Ashido, please get off of Kaminari’s lap!” Iida shouted from across the classroom as he looked them all over, marking them down on his role sheet.

She pouted and frowned, slipping off of his legs. “Kami didn’t mind. Did’ya Kami?” she asked, turning around to look at them.

They chuckled and shook their head, “not really, no.”

Sero walked over to them, his hand stretched above his head and rubbing the back of his hair. “Man, you guys always get to have the fun before I show up,” he grumbled, sitting down in his seat.

“What fun?” Denki asked, turning to look at their crush.

“Kaminari and Ashido were having fun? How scandalous,” Kirishima joked as the redhead sat down on the table of his desk. The blond shivered and resisted the urge to gag and make a joke about their friend not really being their type.

Luckily, they didn’t have to because their pink-haired friend did it for them. “I hate to say it, but Kami’s not really my type.”

“Oh? Then what is your type?” Sero asked, stroking his chin as he feigned curiosity.

“Not Kami,” she responded, bursting out into a fit of giggles at the looks that her friends gave her.

“Everyone, Aizawa-sensei is coming, please take your seats!” Iida shouted at them, and everyone did as they were told. Denki sighed as they leaned forward on their seat, looking at the front of the class with a bored expression. He had a small feeling in his gut that today was going to be more than boring.


The scenery whizzed by as the train accelerated, going faster and faster as they headed on their way. Denki couldn’t sit still, bouncing their leg or wringing their hands impatiently. They were constantly fidgeting now, more than overly excited at the news that they had received today.

“I can’t believe that there’s going to be a Sports Festival,” they grinned, bouncing up and down in their seat.

“Why wouldn’t there be? Every other high school has one,” Kyouka joked, rummaging around in her backpack for a moment. She pulled out a small, familiar object before she handed it to her childhood friend. “People are staring, try playing with that instead.”

They took the cube from her easily, their hands playing with it as they always did. “I know all high schools have Sports Festivals, but this is UA! I kinda didn’t know what to expect.”

“I guess that’s true,” she nodded, looking down at her own hands for a moment after she had been watching theirs.

“And everyone’s gonna see us too!” they said, before the excitement that had been evident on their face slipped away into fear. “Everyone gets to watch me royally screw up because I don’t know how to control my Quirk.”

“Don’t give me that, c’mon Den,” Kyouka sighed, placing a hand on their thigh comfortingly. “You can control your Quirk really well! The last time that you overloaded your Quirk was because you had to save Yaomomo and I. There was nothing else you could do.”

“Yaomomo?” they asked, trying to change the subject.

It worked as Kyouka’s face turned a bright shade of red and she could no longer maintain eye contact with him. “She said that I could call her that after we hung out at her house for study date a little while ago. I thought it was a really cute nickname.”

“Oh my God, you have it so bad,” Denki laughed, clapping their hand down on their friend’s back.

“Yeah, I guess I do,” she smiled, blushing a little darker due to the teasing.

“You guess?” the blond spluttered, looking at her like he was crazy. “It’s definite! Like it’s a proven fact with no argument around it. You have it so bad for the class rep.”

“Technically, she’s the vice rep,” Kyouka mumbled, staring out the window as she tried to fight back a smile.

“So bad,” Denki laughed, unable to contain the large chuckles that were bubbling out of them.

“Don’t pretend like nobody can see the way that you just stare at Sero with heart eyes,” she said, turning it around on them.

“Nope, we’re not talking about the fact that I have a crush on a straight guy,” they shook their head.

“Why not?” she huffed, falling back against her seat.

“Because this conversation is about you being head over heels for the rich girl, not me being in love with a straight guy that currently thinks I’m a cishet,” they answered, poking the other teenager’s side.

“I hate you,” she pouted, placing her hand over the spot where they had poked.

“No, you don’t. You love me,” they grinned at her wickedly.

“Do I?” she asked, which ended up with them both dissolving into giggles.

Chapter Text

On the day of the Sports Festival, Denki couldn’t sit still. She fidgeted the entire train ride there with Kyouka and was nearly bouncing off the pillars and other students as they walked onto the high school campus. She twirled around in a circle, giggling a bit as she almost fell over, which caused her childhood friend to snort as well. “Imma go say hi to Kirishima and Bakugou, bye!” she waved at the other girl as she raced away, extremely outwardly excited.

“Bye Den,” she waved with a chuckle, continuing to walk further onto the campus.

“Kirishima!” the blond girl waved her hand above her head before she quickly tacked on a ‘bro’. She ran over to the boys, wishing that she felt the swishing of her skirt instead of the chafing of her pants on her legs. “And Bakugou too!”

“Hey bro,” the redhead greeted, holding his hand out like he was going for a handshake. Denki internally winced as she was misgendered, but reminded herself that no one other than Kyouka knew, so she couldn’t expect much. She took the hand and let herself get pulled in for a hug and she thumped her friend on the back like the boy she was pretending to be. “You excited for today?”

“Yeah, this is gonna be so cool,” she gushed, jumping up and down on the balls of her feet. “How pumped are you?”

“Oh, I’m so pumped!” the redhead grinned, throwing his fist up in the air as he spoke. Next, to him, Bakugou moved out of the way a bit and rolled his eyes, but listened as the redhead spoke again. “This is my chance to show how manly I am!”

“Yeah!” she grinned widely, holding her hand out for him, receiving a high five from the excited teenager.

“C’mon you three, let’s go to class,” Sero grinned as he walked over to the majority of his friend group. Denki felt her stomach roll with excitement as her crush approached her. The other blond rolled his bright red eyes before he walked away from his friends.

“Aw, Sero, you’re no fun,” she pouted, folding her arms over her too flat chest. Her body dysphoria picked up a bit, reminding her that she didn’t have the breasts that she should have.

“The faster we get to class, the faster we can start doing things for the Sports Festival,” he pointed out. Denki looked over to the redhead standing next to her and saw that he was thinking the same thing due to the glint in his eyes.

“Race ya!” Kirishima shouted, turning around and sprinting towards the school. The blond laughed, taking off after her friend with a bright grin on her face. She glanced back behind her and then saw that Sero had already gotten past them, using the tape from his elbows to pull himself using the lampposts.

“No fair!” Denki shouted with a large pout as she continued to sprint. Sero turned a stuck his tongue out at her playfully, making her scoff and run a bit faster.

By the time the trio of friends got to the classroom they were all out of breath, yet still grinning like kids on Christmas. “I beat you both and I got a late start,” Sero chuckled, a little less out of breath then the other two were.

“You used your Quirk, that doesn’t count,” Denki insisted as she shook her head, making some of her hair fall in front of her face.

“What? How does that not count?” Sero huffed, pushing on her shoulder playfully like he was challenging her to something. “Kirishima! C’mon, back me up here!”

“Naw, I gotta side with Kaminari,” Kirishima shook his head, taking a step so that they were standing in a line.

“What’s going on here?” Ashido asked, her hands on her hips as that her uniform pulling in and showed off her waist, which earned her a few looks from the class pervert. Denki frowned, wishing both that she could have the curves that her friend did and have at the same time wishing that her friend didn’t have the curves so that Mineta wouldn’t stare at her.

“Sero cheated on the race to the-” Denki started, pointing one of her fingers at her tall friend before she was cut off by the class rep.  

“Everyone, class is about to start! Please take your seats!” he shouted, making his voice carry throughout the entire noisy classroom. When Denki sat down in her seat, she still couldn’t hold still. She fidgeted around, moving her legs from underneath her, to crossed, to tucked up against her chest and then back underneath her. The entire class was still buzzing and radiating with nervous energy as they waited for their homeroom teacher to show up.

“This is gonna be so much fun,” Ashido grinned as she and Kirishima sat down behind her. Denki whirled around in her chair so that she could have the conversation with them.

“I know, and to think that we’re finally going to get our names out there,” the redhead grinned, flexing his muscles with a wide grin. “This is so manly!”

Before either of the girls had a chance to respond, the door swung open and hit the wall with a loud noise. Denki winced with a whimper and turned around so that she was facing the front of the classroom. The exhausted teacher stalked into the classroom and up to the front of the room, the bandages around his face and arm making them all wince at remembering how badly he had been injured. “Iida, have you taken roll?” he asked, his voice slightly muffled by the bandages still on his face.

“Yessir,” the eccentric teenager nodded, shooting up out of his seat and walking over to the teacher with the piece of paper clenched tightly in his hand.

“Great, now I want all of you to go get dressed in your PE uniforms and then come back and wait for further instruction,” he sighed, leaning heavily on the podium and looking over all the names on the paper in front of him. Denki shot up out her chair, bounding out of the classroom as she looped her arm with Ashido’s. They walked down to the locker room together with their arms linked together, giddy grins on their face. They only split way when they had to go into their respective locker rooms, and the blond girl felt gender dysphoria build up in her gut.

She walked to her locker with her head bent down to the ground, spinning the lock to open it. She shucked off her shirt and blazer, folding them up before putting them in her locker and grabbed her top. She refused to look down, knowing that doing so would only make things about ten times worse. She shoved her top on over her head, tugging it down over the muscles that were much too masculine. She then stripped off her pants, ignoring the fact that she was wearing boxers instead of panties like she wanted to. She yanked her pants back on before stuffing her feat in her shoes and closing her locker. She wandered off to the bathroom, finding only one of the stalls closed. She sighed, her shoulder slumping forward as she banged on the door and shouted, “C’mon Kirishima, hurry up!”

“I’m almost done, geez,” the redhead inside the stall teased back. She rolled her eyes, folding her arms over her too flat chest. It was like this almost every day that they had gym. She had no idea why the other teenager went to the bathroom to change, they were a very attractive person (and he knew it based on how he had modeled his hero costume) after all so there was no real reason for them to want to change their body. The fleeting thought of Kirishima maybe being an FtM trans person had come to her mind but she had dismissed it in thinking that it was just wishful thinking.

Sero waltzed up behind her once the redhead had emerged from the bathroom stall. The black-haired teenager slung his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close as he spoke, “Let’s get going!”


The energy that she had contained in her all day finally rushed throughout her body as she sprinted over the ground. She was by no means one of the best or the fastest out there, but she was still pretty high up in the ranks. She felt a happy smirk take over her face as she dodged another Gen Ed student that had less stamina than the rest of the kids in the hero coarse. Her heart panged a bit as she thought about how she was almost in that class due to having not enough of an attention span to properly fill out the entrance exams.

When she crossed over the finish line, she felt like her heart was in her ears and her stomach was doing excited summersaults. She rushed over to where Sero was talking with Ashido and grinned at them both as they congratulated her for finishing in one of the forty-two higher spots. “Bro, you made it too!” Kirishima grinned ecstatically as he met his friend halfway from where their other friends were misgendering her on accident.

“Yeah, the entire Baku-squad made it,” she took his hand, pulling him into the same kind of hug they had done earlier that morning.

“Stop calling it that,” Bakugou growled with a sneer as he walked over to them, Sero and Ashido following behind him. “You’re making everyone think I came up with the idea.”

“Come on, Bakubro, you know you love it,” the longer haired blond laughed only realizing what she had said a moment too late.

“What did you just call me?” he snapped, turning his red hot glare to stare at the girl.

“Uh, oh shit,” she swore, putting her hands in her face to hide how red it was rapidly becoming. “Nothing! I said nothing!”

“Aw, Kaminari is blushing,” Ashido giggled, slinging an arm over her shoulders.

“No, I’m not,” she objected, dropping her hands away from her face and trying to squirm away from Mina’s harsh grip.

“I can’t believe that you just called Blasty McSplodes ‘Bakubro’,” he chuckled, throwing the other nickname out there as he slung his arm around the other side of her shoulder.

“Stop,” the blond whined, leaning into him heavily as she resisted the urge to turn and bury her face in his shirt. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Ashido clap a hand over her mouth and release a muffled squeal before she pulled away from him and walked over to where Kirishima was standing.

“How the fuck do you chuckleheads even come up with these nicknames?” Bakugou asked, clearly trying to keep himself calm and under control, as he stalked past them and to a quiet place.

“How do we come up with these nicknames?” Denki asked, placing her hand on her cheek as she watched Kirishima pull away from his conversation with Ashido and head inside.

“We must just be that inventive,” Sero shrugged with a chuckle.

“Yeah, we must be,” Denki laughed with him as she stared at him lovingly. He looked down at her with… something that the blond couldn’t quite tell what before they both looked away. They wandered off to go talk with some of their other classmates about how awesome the race had been


Don’t you dare shock them or overuse your Quirk you useless piece of shit, Denki thought to herself as they raced around, grabbing other people’s headbands and dodging people as they came closer. She had somehow wound up on the same team as the top two people on the class, having been voted ‘off the island’ as Ashido had put it. The large breasted woman made his dysphoria a sharp screaming in her head as her eyes kept drifting over the feminine curves that she had.

Before he really knew what was happening, the Calvary Battle was over. “Nice work, Kaminari,” Yaoyorozu smiled warmly at her, placing a careful hand on her shoulder.

“Thanks, you too,” she grinned at the other woman. Her mind briefly wandered to the thought that the other woman may have seen her staring at her hips and breasts and taken it the wrong way. After all, the black-haired teenager had no way of knowing that she was making Denki dysphoric and that was the reason that she kept looking. She didn’t have much time to talk to the other girl before Yaoyorozu moved over to Todoroki, enveloping him in a big hug.

The blond smiled tightly at the two before she wandered off to go find her childhood friend. She folded her arms over her chest, wishing that she was wearing a bra or had breasts or something to make her feel more comfortable in her own body. She turned around suddenly, her eyes wide before she realized that the person that had touched her shoulder was none other than the person she had been looking for. “You okay, Den?” she asked, her eyebrows knit together with worry. “You look like you’re about to pass out.”

“I feel like I’m gonna pass out,” she chuckled weakly, wandering inside.

“Please don’t,” Kyouka joked, walking close behind her friend as if she was getting prepared for her to fall over at any moment.

“I probably won’t, I just need some water,” she waved the other girl off with a small smile. Kyouka looped their arms together, guiding her into one of the waiting rooms. She grabbed them both a bottle of water before she jumped up on one of the tables, motioning for Denki to sit next to her.

The blond obeyed, sitting down on the table and taking the bottle of water from her. “I feel like shit,” she whined after drinking half the bottle of water in one sitting.

“Any reason why?” Kyouka asked, sipping at her own water and looking over to her childhood friend.

“Dysphoria,” she answered, placing her face on her knees so her voice was slightly muffled as she spoke. “I had to be on a team with Miss Super Woman out there and it left me feeling like I don’t belong in my body.”

“Oh, Denki,” she soothed, placing her hand on her friend’s back and rubbing it in circles. “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

“Not unless you have a spare pair of girl’s underpants,” she mumbled, shaking her head.

“Actually,” Kyouka stopped the soothing motions for a moment, placing her hand on her chin. “I think I do. Do you want to borrow them?” she asked.

“Are they clean?” the blond asked, making a small joke as she began to feel less and less dysphoric.

“Duh,” she grimaced. “The underwear is new too. I’m afraid I can’t really say the same for the bra.”

“I don’t care,” she shook her head, causing some of her blond hair to fall in her face. “We’re stopped for lunch if you want to go and change.”

“Yes. Holy fucking shit yes,” she nodded, hopping off of the table.

“Let’s get going then,” Kyouka chuckled, hopping off of the table herself and guiding her childhood friend down the hall to her locker. Denki stopped awkwardly outside of the girl’s locker room, unsure about whether or not she continued. “C’mon.”

“Am I allowed in there? It’s for the girls…” Denki said, pointing at the sign next to the door.

“You’re a girl aren’t you?” the purple-haired teenager looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“I mean, yeah but technically-” she was cut off by the other teenager holding her hand out.

“Not technically. Just yes, now come on,” Kyouka waved, ushering her into the locker room. Denki complied, standing awkwardly in the row of lockers that Kyouka’s was in, looking around as if at any moment she expected someone to pop up and shout at her for being in here. The purple-haired girl shoved the clothes at her and turned around, waiting for her to change. Denki chuckled, tugging off her top and placing it on the cement bench behind her. She tugged the bra over her head before she shucked off her pants and boxers, slipping the panties on. She paused for a moment, reaching into them and tucking as she had learned how to do on the internet. She looked up, seeing the mirror that was at the end of the rows lockers.

“Kyouka,” she whispered, feeling tears raise up in her eyes as she stared at herself. “Kyouka I look like a girl,” she sobbed, clapping a hand over her mouth.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Kyouka asked as she turned around, looking over her childhood friend with a goofy look on her face.

“A good thing, a very, very good thing,” she sobbed, looking over herself in a giddy manner. The other teenager surged forward, wrapping her arms around her and hugging her firmly.

“I’m so glad,” she whispered, holding her tightly for another moment before she pulled back. She leaned down, grabbing Denki’s gym uniform and shoving the clothing at her, “Now put your clothes on. I haven’t seen you this naked since we were kids.”

Denki let out a cackle as she pulled her pants and shirt back on. “You’re such an amazing friend. I really don’t deserve you,” she sighed.

“Yes you do, shut up,” the purple-haired girl waved her off as they made their way back to where the Sports Festival was being held.


Denki pulled her legs up to her chest as she sat on the cot in the infirmary. Everything was too bright and the loud noises around her made her head hurt. Recovery Girl was tending to someone else at the moment, so Denki was left to suffer in her pain for the time being. She pressed her hand to the spot on her face where it felt like it was being split open, which got rid of the pain a small bit. To try and distract herself, she went over what had happened during her round before she had shorted out.

She remembered trying to make a big show and flirt with the very pretty teenager she had been up against, despite not being attracted to her in the slightest. She remembered that the crowd had through it was hilarious, and then that was about it. She growled in frustration, rolling over in her bed and then whining as her face fell into the sunlight. She rolled back over, getting away from the light as best she could.

“I’m coming, hush up,” Recovery Girl croaked as she walked over to the ailing teenage girl. “What’s wrong with you, young Kaminari?” she asked, looking her over.

“I have a migraine,” she whimpered. The elderly healer sighed, walking further into the infirmary before she returned with some of the same pills that Present Mic had given her after the attack on the USJ. She sat up on the cot, grabbing the pills and the water bottle she was offered. She took the medications easily before laying back down and pressing on her head, waiting for the pain to go away.

Once it had, she informed the healer and was dismissed from the infirmary. She strode down the hall slowly, still a bit cautious just in case the migraine were to suddenly come back. She made her way up into the spectator seats, glancing over the crowd until she found a head of pink hair sitting next to a tall black-haired person.

“Hey, guys!” Denki waved at them as she made her way over to them. Ashido popped out of her seat, flinging herself at her friend and hugging her with making an insanely high-pitched squealing noise.

“Ashido, get off of him,” Sero grumbled, standing up and dragging her off of the other girl.

“Thanks,” Denki smiled at her crush, her face feeling slightly hotter than normal as she stared up at him. He turned away from her after muttering something under his breath that she couldn’t decipher, dragging the other girl back to her seat. Denki winced and frowned, moving over to them and sitting down on the other side of Sero.

Ashido popped up and out of her seat again after Kirishima won his arm wrestling match and then lost quickly to Bakugou. She couldn’t tell what they were talking about, and she didn’t really care. The only thing that was on her mind was finding out why Sero suddenly seemed to hate her. The confident redhead strode over them with a wide grin on his face. Denki shot up and walked over to him, giving him a firm hug despite her being extremely feminine that day. “Hey bro,” she greeted with a wide grin of her own

They made their way back to the seats that the small group had picked out for them to reside at. “Your match was so cool and I can’t believe you won! Not to be rude or anything, I just thought it was gonna be another stalemate!” Denki rambled, feeling the nervous, excited energy from earlier return in full force like she had just run into a wall.

“Yeah, well I won! Cause I’m super manly!” he cheered, flexing both of his arms and activating a small bit of his Quirk to add to the effect.

“Yeah!” Denki shouted, suppressing a giggle as she held her hand up for a high five. Kirishima complied, hitting her hand after making sure that he had deactivated his Quirk. They all sat down in their seats, watching the match that was playing out. Denki’s eyes would flit over to Sero every once in a while, but all she could see was the upset, sullen look on his face.


Denki was bouncing up and down excitedly as she walked down the hall with her group of friends. “I can’t believe our Bakubro won!” she grinned, pumping her fist in the air. She felt a small ball of panic build in her gut as they approached the locker rooms, remembering that she was wearing female undergarments.

“Stop calling me that,” they ashy-blond growled at her, narrowing his bright red eyes.

“Why?” she asked, contorting her face into a pout that she hoped would cover up the impending panic she was feeling.

“Because it’s fucking annoying, Pikachu,” Bakugou growled back at her, some of the leftover anger from his win at the Sports Festival shining through.

“Hey, let’s not get upset, okay?” Kirishima laughed, rubbing the back of his head with his hand as he moved to walk in between them. Bakugou shoved his hands in his pants and sneered, turning away from them. Denki shrunk in on herself nervously, walking past them both as they began to talk and closer to her crush. Sero too ignored her, causing her stomach to fall down into her stomach. She ducked her head, trying to ignore all of the loud, shouting voices that were surrounding her. The group filed into their respective locker rooms, with Denki having to go into the male locker room.

Denki walked to her locker, keeping her head down and hoping that no one was looking at her. She spun the locker combo, opening it and taking out her shirt. She placed it on over her gym uniform, the unzipped the uniform and slipped off before putting her arms back in the white button up. She hunched over on herself, buttoning it up as fast as she could so that no one would notice the bra that she had on. She slipped off her pants and then pulled on her school pants as quickly as she could, trying to make sure that no one caught the fact that she wasn’t wearing men’s underwear.

Once she was done changing, she ducked out of the locker room and made her way back to the classroom as fast as she could. Denki sat down in her seat, her legs tucked up underneath her as she grabbed her backpack, placing it on her lap. She rummaged around in it for a moment as she searched for her cube.

She pulled it out and almost audibly sighed as her hands clicked and toyed with each of the well-worn sides. She glanced up and felt her blood run cold as she saw her English professor staring directly at her. She quickly looked away, focusing instead on the cube in her hands.

“You all did well, I guess,” Aizawa-sensei said as he slammed some of the paper in his still bandaged hands down onto the podium in the front of the room. “I would’ve liked to see some of you do a little bit better, but for now, this will do.”

Denki felt like she was going to explode as she heard her teacher praise the entire class. She bounced up and down, a bright smile taking over her face as she turned around, grinning widely at her friends who sat behind her. The entire class seemed to feel just as excited as the blond girl, turning to friends that sat near them and began to talk. They were quickly silenced by the ear piercing scream that came from Present Mic. Denki jumped, turning wide-eyed to face the teacher as she quivered in her seat.

“Thank you, Present Mic,” Aizawa-sensei grumbled. “You’re all free to go to your parents or go home now. Try not to get killed before school tomorrow.”

They all rose from their seats, rushing out of the classroom and down the hall. Kyouka quickly caught up with her, grabbing her backpack so that she was stopped. “You trying to run away from me?” she asked with a chuckle.

“No, just trying to get away from Present Mic-sensei and how loud he is,”  Denki responded.

“Yeah, he is, super loud, huh?” Kyouka chuckled as she began to weave around other students that were filling up the hall.

Denki just nodded, grabbing hold of her sleeve to make sure that she didn’t lose her friend in the mass of students. They talked back and forth quietly as they made their way to the bus, and only when they were on their way home did Denki really realize how exhausted she was. She sank down in her seat, leaning over and placing her head on her childhood friend’s shoulder.

Kyouka glanced over at her with a soft smiled, placing a hand on her head and running it through her hair. She leaned over, placing a careful kiss on her head. “I’ll wake you up when we get there, okay?”

“M’kay,” she whispered, nodding. A small yawn escaped her lips as she fell into a thinly sustained sleep.

Chapter Text

The Saturday after the Sports Festival, Denki hadn’t gotten any sleep  whatsoever. Luckily, his Quirk could keep his phone charged for much longer than it was supposed to, so he had just stayed up all night doing anything other than sleeping. He glanced up at the time and seeing that it was not as early as it had been the last time he had checked the time. He clicked through his phone, getting to the group chat he had with his friends.


Kaminari to Bakusquad

Good morning everyone!


Bakugou to Bakusquad

It’s too early for this shit


Mina to Bakusquad

It’s almost nine o’clock!!!!!


Sero has turned off notifications for Bakusquad


Kaminari to Bakusquad

Why does he hate me now?

What did I do


Ashido to Bakusquad

Kami imma message you privately, m’kay sweetie???


He sniffed, feeling frustrated tears well up in his eyes. He clicked out of the chat, ignoring Kirishima sending another message to the chat and instead to the private messages between him and Ashido.


Ashido to Kami-chan

I think Sero might have a crush on you

And you flirted with the plant lady from 1-b

So I think he’s jealous


Kami-chan to Ashido

Why would he have a crush on me ???

I’m like,,,, such trash?

Also; he’s prbbaly super striaght




Ashido to Kami-chan

No! You are not trash! You are our precious Pikachu baby and if you say that again I will find you and make you feel better

Okay, now I have to go! Bye!!!



The paper in front of him was utterly terrifying. It was like the white sheet on the table was put there to make him suffer. His hand began to tremble a bit, causing the pen to shake like they were in an earthquake. “What do I do?” he asked himself. His heart was beating in his ears and he felt like he wanted to curl up into a ball and never see the outside world again. He debated whether or not to put their parent's villain name down, but if anyone in the class had ever heard of them then he would be outed. He chewed on his lip, the thought of writing down his given name flitting through his mind before he dismissed it quickly.

“Five minutes, class!” Midnight shouted from where she was standing at Aizawa’s normal spot. Her fists were on her hips, and she scanned across the classroom full of students who had mostly all already chosen their hero names. He glanced back down at the paper in front of him, chewing a bit more furiously on his lip.

He glanced up at the front of the class, seeing that the first of his classmates had been chosen to share their hero name. He looked back down to the paper, and then to the pencil in his hand. He took in a deep breath, then let it out through his mouth to steal his nerves. The hero name seemed to scrawl itself down without him really thinking, the kanji perfectly filling up the page. Underneath it, just for the fun of it, he wrote down the English translation. He had heard something close to this name in the American novel that his father had brought back from the U.S. for him.

Someone touched his shoulder and he jumped, sending off a quick burst of electricity which caused whoever it was to pull their hand back. “Dude,” Kirishima winced, rubbing his hand. “What was that for?”

“Sorry, you just startled me,” the blond cleared his throat trying to ignore the rapid, panicked beating of his heart.

“I just wanted to let you know that Midnight-sensei is almost to you,” the redhead whispered, still rubbing his hand. Denki glanced up to the front of the classroom again and saw that his turn was impendingly close. He fidgeted in his seat, turning sideways and looking at Kyouka across the room. She caught his eye and sent him a tired smile, the dark circles under her eyes much worse than they normally were. He furrowed both of his eyebrows together with worry.

“Kaminari! Why don’t you come up and tell us what you came up with?” Midnight called out, forcing him out of his thoughts. He stood up from his chair nervously, walking to the front of the classroom while tapping the thick piece of paper on his palm.

He cleared his throat just as he got to the podium and put a dopey smile on his face, trying to keep up his facade. “Chargebolt!” he grinned, shoving the paper out to the front of the podium, showing the class what he had written down.

“Well that’s better than what I expected,” Midnight laughed, placing her hands on her hips. “And certainly better than some of the other names that your classmates have come up with.”

“Hey!” Ashido called out, pouting harshly as she folded her arms over her chest. Kaminari snickered a bit, the smile becoming a bit truer as he was praised by his teacher. He grinned widely as he made his way back to his seat.

“Cool name, bro,” Eijirou grinned as he stood up, holding his own hero name paper out to the class. Denki smiled, glancing over to Sero to see what his reaction to his hero name was. Their eyes met for a moment and he felt his stomach flutter excitedly. He glanced away, back at his hands that he had been fidgeting with subconsciously.

‘What if they get mad at me for choosing a name?’ Denki thought, leaning forward and placing his head on his hands. He felt his stomach roll as he thought about the punishment that he might receive if his parents heard about the name that he had chosen. He wondered if they forgot that he was going to a school for heroes instead of a school for villains. He was surrounded by people, and yet he had never felt more alone.


Denki tapped his hand on the desk, glancing around the classroom in boredom. Several of the groups that the class had fallen into and were talking to each other quietly, all staying in their seats just in case the teacher were to show up suddenly. His eyes fell to Kirishima and Ashido were squealing about something on the former’s phone. He sighed, running a hand through his hair. His parents hadn’t gotten as mad as he had thought they would, his father only ‘gently’ reminding him that he was going to take the name Bioshock on after he graduated by lecturing him for almost an hour.

Sometimes, he actually preferred them not realizing he exists to what they did when they did. It was a bit scary to think about it though, that his parents sometimes seemingly forgot that he even existed or didn’t care that he did. Everyone else seemed to have an alright family-life, minus Todoroki. Not only was everyone else’s family lives so much better than his, they all seemed to have their lives situated and figured out a lot more than he did. He had been male for about three days, meaning that he hadn’t felt very dysphoric but before then he had been riddled with self-hate and had an inability to look in any mirrors. He sighed, sitting up in his seat just in time to hear the conversation that Ashido and Kirishima were having become open to him as well.

“When do you think Aizawa-sensei will get here? Normally he’s not this late,” the redhead mused, placing a hand underneath his chin and leaning a little more heavily onto his desk.

“I know, right?” he asked, leaning back in his chair to talk to them a bit better. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sero look over to them and frown darkly at him in particular. He felt his stomach sink down into his feet, feeling like the world had just become a little darker. “It’s kinda like he’s forgotten about us.”

Ashido hummed, tapping on her cheek as she thought. “Maybe he’s back  in the hospital because he overextended himself?”

“That’s a big word coming from you, Raccoon Bitch,” Bakugou chuckled as he walked over to their group of desks, seemingly having become bored sitting by himself.

“Bakubro, why do you have to be so mean?” Ashido whined, falling back in her seat and flinging her arms out over Kirishima’s desk.

“Because you’re all annoying fuckers and I hate you,” he responded, folding his arms over his chest as he leaned against the desk behind him.

“Bakugou, please refrain from swearing in class!” Iida shouted from across the classroom. The ash-blond rolled his eyes, holding his hand up and flipping the other teenager off like it was the most boring thing in the world. The entire group made an attempt to stifle their laughter at the indignant look that the class representative shot at him.

“This is why I hang out with you guys,” Denki gasped out between peals of laughter.

“No, you hang out with us cause Jirou is the only other person who will tolerate you,” Ashido giggled, sticking her tongue out at him.

He felt his heart drop again, and he looked away from them. He felt the mask that he put on every day to make seem as if he was carefree slip off a bit. “That’s mean,” he whispered, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. The group fell into an awkward, tense silence as the attention was brought to him. Luckily, before he had to think of something funny and cheery to say, the teacher entered the classroom.

Bakugou raced back to his seat, swearing profusely underneath his breath. The teacher apparently didn’t care, just walking sleepily to the podium and asking the class rep for the role as he always did.

Ashido’s hand shot up into the air, and before she was even called on she asked, “Sensei, why were you so late to class today?”

“There was a mix up with some of the papers for your internships,” he responded, his tone turning bitter and sour. “Which was quite annoying. Now, speaking of your internships. Every single one of you has been accepted for some odd reason, seeing as you all could have done so much better.”

“Is that your way of saying you’re proud of us?” Denki blurted it out, smirking a bit despite the fact that he was panicking internally.

“Don’t make me give you detention, Kaminari,” the teacher replied easily. He puffed his cheeks out, folding his arms over his chest and leaning back in his chair. “Now, I will be handing back the papers telling you who accepted you and what you will need to do to fulfill the internship. Don’t tell the other classes, but you have the rest of the period to read them over and talk with each other.”

Several of the students cheered, obviously excited that they essentially had a free period to spend with their friends. “Hush, you problem children,” their exhausted teacher growled as he began to stalk down the aisle, handing them all their papers. Denki fell into his own thoughts, thinking about who would have wanted him to intern with them seeing as he couldn’t really control his Quirk.

He looked down at the paper, seeing the heroes that had all offered for him to come intern with them. “Woah,” he whispered, his eyes wide and excited. He turned around after he had looked through them all and selected the one that he wanted to intern with.

Bakugou stalked over to them, an angered look on his face. “Who are you going to be interning with, Bakubro?” Ashido asked, turning away from where she had been talking with Kirishima.

“Best Jeanist,” he growled, though his voice was still louder than most normal people would have spoken at. Denki winced a bit, sliding away from the explosive boy in his seat and hoping that none of the rest of the group would notice.

“Aw, I would’ve wanted you to intern with me if I was already a pro,” Ashido grinned at him, trying to comfort their friend.

“Whatever, like I would want to intern with someone with such a shitty Quirk anyway,” the ash-blond shouted back, making his signature ‘tch’ noise with an eye roll.

“Bakubro, you’re being kinda loud,” Kirishima hummed, poking his friend in the side. Bakugou actually seemed to listen to him, folding his arms over his chest and clamping his mouth shut. The redhead glanced over to where Ashido was chuckling to herself. He turned a bright shade of pink, almost the same color at the friend he was looking at. “Mina, I swear, whatever you’re thinking, don’t.”

Ashido giggled, clapping her hands over her mouth as she pulled away from the group a bit. Kirishima pointed at her, his face turning the same color as his hair, “Don’t! Mina, I swear to God!”

“Why are we swearing to All Might?” Sero joked, jumping into their conversation and away from the one that he had been in before.

“Ei-chan has a crush!” Mina blurted, moving her hands away from her mouth and letting them fall down on her desk.

“Mina!” Kirishima shouted, launching himself off of his desk and clamping his hands over her mouth.

Denki grinned widely, mischief and curiosity taking over him. “You’ve got a crush?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. “Tell us who! Tell us who!” he giggled, leaning forward eagerly.

“No, stop talking about it,” he whined, pulling back and collapsing down on his desk.

“Aw, you’re no fun,” Denki pouted, falling back into his seat. “It’s just a crush, there’s no harm in telling us.”

“Like you’re one to talk about crushes, Kaminari,” she chuckled, pressing on his shoulder and shoving him slightly in his seat. He felt his stomach flutter nervously as he looked down at his hands in his lap, feeling his face to bright red.

“I hate this friend group,” Bakugou growled, rolling his eyes for the umpteenth time that day.

“Aw, you know you really love us,” Sero joked, looking away from where he had been staring at Kaminari.

“Do I?” he asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

“Yes?” Ashido asked hopefully.

“Whatever,” he responded with a huff. The class fell silent for a moment as All Might opened the door to their room, motioning for Midoriya to follow after him. “Damn Deku,” Bakugou growled when the class has resumed their conversations.

Ashido giggled, poking him every so often as she began to sing. “Kami and-” he clapped his hands over her mouth, his face burning with embarrassment.

The feeling quickly faded away as he felt something warm and slimy glide over his hand. He squealed, pulling his hand away and looking at her with a confused expression. “Ashido, why did you lick me?”

“Call me Mina,” she quickly said instead of answering his question. “That’s for all of you, by the way.”

“You guys can all call me Eijirou,” Kirishima spoke up, his face still in the bright smile that he had.

The blond began to wipe his hands on his pants as he said his contribution to the conversation. “You can call me Denki!”

“What about Danki? Cause you’re one dank meme,” Mina burst out giggling after she was finished speaking.

“Mina, after you just licked me, I don’t think I can even laugh at something that funny,” Denki deadpanned, looking at her with sarcastically hurt eyes,

“You guys can call me Hanta,” the black-haired member of their friend group piped up over the blond that had been talking.

The group all silently looked over to Bakugou for a moment, as if waiting for him to tell them that they could call him by his given name as well. As they had already predicted, this moment did not happen. “What are you guys staring at me for?” he shouted, causing some of the students to flinch from the sudden loud noises.

“Nothing,” Eijirou quickly said, shooting the loudest member of their friend group a bright smile.

“Fucking right,” he said, shifting his weight from one foot to another.

The group was about to resume speaking before the bell rang, telling them that their class period was over

Chapter Text

Denki nervously plucked at their lip and fidgeted around with their hero costume as they waited for the hero that they were going to be interning with show up. They were currently sitting down on one of the plush chairs in the hero’s office inside their privately run agency. They nearly jumped out of their skin as one of the 1-B students opened the door and peeked his head in. “Oh! Hi,” he waved with the hand that wasn’t holding a helmet as he walked the rest of the way into the office “You’re Kaminari Denki from class 1-A, right?”

“Y-yeah, how did you know?” Denki asked, cocking their head to the side as they wondered about how someone had remembered them after how spectacularly they always failed. If they remembered correctly the student in front of them didn’t much like losing.

“You’re kinda cute, I remember all the cute guys,” he answered with a small laugh.

Denki felt their face flush and their stomach flop at being called cute even if a small bit of dysphoria peaked up in his mind at being called a guy. “Oh,” they answered, hating how their voice cracked nervously. Their father always said that one day they would grow out of it and learn how to be a ‘real man.’

“Sorry, my boyfriend keeps telling me that I shouldn’t tell people about my sexuality and whatever, but I kinda can’t help it,” the albino asked, rubbing the back of his head.

“You have a boyfriend?” Denki asked, the question of how he got one and how they could apply it to their own crush popping up.

“Yeah, he’s super sweet and I love him a lot,” he grinned, sitting down in the chair next to them. “I should probably introduce myself. I’m Honenuki Juuzou.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” they grinned. “Formally, I mean. Because we kind of already met at the Sports Festival.”

“That’s true,” Honenuki chuckled again. It was kind of eerie watching him talk, seeing as his teeth were on the outside of his mouth. Denki was quickly transfixed with it, watching him carefully as he spoke.

“What are you two laughing about?” the pro-hero that they were going to be interning under asked as he sauntered into his office. The bottom half of his body was that of a snake and scales decorating his entire body. His eyes were bright yellow and his pupils formed slits.

“We were just getting to know each other, sir,” Honenuki answered with a smile, or at least that’s what Denki thought the other teenager was doing.

“Well stop,” the snake-man hissed, drawing out his ‘s’ sounds. “This isn’t a vacation. This is something to teach you how not to be sniveling idiots!” he looked directly at Denki as he said those words. The teenager sunk down in their chair, placing their hands in between their legs which was kind of awkward due to the large device on his wrist.

They glanced over at the other teenager, seeing that he looked just as hurt as they felt. “I am pro-hero Dracanae, as you well know. Now, you two are going to tail me as I go on my patrols. There are small villain attacks everywhere, and I just got a call. Wear these and only do things when I tell you to,” the hero hissed, holding his hand out with two small communication devices in his hands. Both teenagers took them, placing them on carefully. Denki held their breath as they placed the electronic where it was supposed to go as if terrified that he would suddenly make it short out.

“If only Manga could see these,” Honenuki chuckled as he wrapped the device around his head.

“Who is Manga?” the hero asked, eyeing his intern menacingly.

“My boyfriend,” the albino answered easily.

Dracanae actually hissed, his forked tongue darting out from in between his lips menacingly. “Disgusting,” he muttered as he maneuvered his way out of the office.

“Is the pro-hero we’re interning for really homophobic or is it just me?” Honenuki asked, his eyes wide and panicky.

“I’m so sorry, but I think he is,” Denki winced. “I accept you at least, so maybe I can make up for it?”

“I’ll just have to try and not mention Manga for the rest of the internship I guess,” he sighed, looking down at his hands for a moment.

“You shouldn’t have to do that,” they frowned, thinking about how hard it must be to avoid talking about someone that you obviously loved so much. They somewhat knew the pain of hiding things due to them being in the closet about their gender, but that must have hurt so much more. “It’s not right.”

“Yeah, but I’ll have to get used to it. When we’re pro-heroes we could get discriminated against for being two boys dating,” he rambled. “Sorry, Manga and I have talked about this a lot already.”

“I can tell,” Denki sighed as they stood up from their chair. “Just know that if you two do decide to come out to the world that I’ll be behind you all the way!”

“Thanks,” Honenuki did what Denki thought was a grin again. They both made their way through the office, ignoring the stares that they were getting from the people that had no doubt heard the conversation that had happened inside the office. They exited behind Dracanae with another support smile to each other.

The sun glared down in his eyes, but he was honestly too excited to care much about it. The albino next to him had placed his helmet over his head to hide his face. They fell into back alleys as they trailed behind the pro-hero, making sure that they were silent after they had gotten yelled at for making noise. They had been following after behind him for about two hours before they finally found something. There was a duo of robbers outside of a jewelry store’s back door, large sacks in their hands.

“Stay behind me, you’re only allowed to watch,” Dracanae instructed them harshly, staring down at them with a pointed glare. They did as they were told, falling into a line behind the pro-hero and staying as still as they could as they trailed behind him.

One of the robbers whirled around, his hands morphing into guns as he dropped bag down at his feet. “ Jeff, what are you doing? ” the other robber asked, his American English a little more awkward for Denki to understand seeing as they had never heard it spoken out loud.

There’s a thing, ” Jeff the robber answered, holding his hands out in front of him. “ D-don’t come any closer!

“Drop your weapons and I won’t have to hurt you,” Dracanae hissed out in Japanese. He pressed his ear, hissing back to the two behind him when the robber had looked at him like he was crazy. “Do either of you speak English?”

“I do,” Denki answered, resisting the urge to pop up and help defuse the situation like he had done so many times at home.

“Tell me what he’s saying,” the pro-hero instructed. Denki turned their attention back to the two robbers, listening to them bicker back and forth for a moment.

I told you this was a bad idea, ” Jeff hissed, his gun hands changing rapidly between pistols, rifles and then at one point to a paintball gun. “ I just wanted a normal honeymoon.

This is normal for us, ” the other robber explained with a roll of his eyes. He grabbed the bag off of the ground and only then did Denki notice just how heavy it was.

I’m beginning to think that you’re only with me because of my Quirk, ” Jeff sighed, still keeping his hands pointed at the trio in front of him.

Maybe less talking, more working? ” the other robber growled.

Denki turned to the pro-hero that was now next to him, easily translating everything that they had said. “They are truly villains then,” Dracanae sneered when they had gotten to the part about the two male robbers being on their honeymoon. The blond winced visibly but quickly played it off as his costume pulling on his arm awkwardly. “Tell them that they should surrender now.”

“Please put your weapons down and surrender,” the teenager translated, looking back to the villains.

Fuck, he speaks English! ” Jeff swore and Denki felt like he was going to throw up. Getting misgendered was at that moment a worse idea than getting shot. “ What are you going to do to us if we don’t?

Denki translated, and Dracanae replied with: “If you don’t surrender then you’re going to be forced to.”

Mick, I’m done. We’re surrendering and then when we get out we’re going to be good citizens, ” Jeff sighed, turning off his Quirk and holding out his wrists in a form of surrender. Next to him, the other robber that they now knew as Mick, placed bag down on the ground and raised his hands over his head in surrender as well.

“Good, good,” Dracanae smiled, taking two pairs of handcuffs off of his belt and placing them over both of the robber's wrists. “Honenuki, call the authorities while I keep an eye on these two.”

The other teenager quickly did as he was told, pulling out his phone from where it had been tucked safely away in his hero costume. He dialed the number that he had been told to and informed the police that they had captured two robbers. They all waited with bated breaths, both of the teenager now far too scared of the pro-hero to say anything. The police arrived almost five minutes later, pulling them both into the back of the car and instructing them that they had to come in and give their statements.

“I’ll call for my own car, thank you,” Dracanae hissed at the police when they offered to give him a ride. The teenager glanced at each other (not that Denki could see the other’s eyes) for a moment before they followed after the pro-hero.

Giving their statements took almost the entire afternoon, and was long and boring. Luckily, when the pro-hero and taken his turn to give the statement they had had some time to talk. “What are the chances that we both a) unknowingly intern with a homophobic pro-hero and b) wind up helping him take down two gay robbers?” Honenuki asked after he had taken off his helmet.

“Right? And then there’s the fact that we both ended up interning together and have similar tastes,” the blond agreed. They pulled their cube out of their pocket, quickly fidgeting around with it to get rid of some energy.

Honenuki chuckled, “‘Similar tastes’ is a good way to put it.”

Denki just smiled at him, their mind drifting off to thoughts of what their friends were doing while they had to sit in a silent police headquarters. They silent prayed to any being that would listen that the rest of their internship would be more interesting than this.

By the time they made it back to the place that they were going to be staying, they had only managed to get the adrenaline flowing through them. “Ah man, now I just want to be a pro-hero even more!” Denki grinned, stripping off the blaster from their wrist and throwing it down on the poorly made bed.

“Same,” Honenuki replied as he began to strip off his own hero costume. “This is gonna be so cool and awesome and I really need to tell Manga how my day went,” he laughed, his eyes crinkling in a bright smile as he thought about his boyfriend.

“I should check the group chat,” Denki mused, pulling out their phone and dropping down onto his bed.

“So Kaminari,” the albino behind him started now that they had a chance to get to know each other.

“Yeah?” they asked, slipping their pajama shirt over their head.

“Do you have a crush?” he asked, a small giggle escaping his mouth after he finished talking.

“Maybe,” Denki felt their entire face go bright red.

“What’s their name?” he asked, making sure to use gender-neutral pronouns respectively.

“Sero Hanta,” they mumbled, trusting the boy enough to tell him who his crush really was.

“You’re gay too?” Honenuki asked, his voice now elated and filled with energy.

“Yeah, but only my childhood friend knows, so please don’t tell anyone,” the blond pleaded.

“For sure, I get it,” the albino nodded as he slid underneath his covers. The other teenager flopped down onto their bed, digging their phone out from underneath them and looking at the texts that they had received from various friends. They replied to a couple of the ones from earlier in the day before noticing that they only had one from the group chat.

Eijirou to Bakusquad

Anyone else having some trouble sleeping?


Denki to Bakusquad



Eijirou to Bakusquad

Do you ever sleep, Den?


Denki to Bakusquad

Not really no


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Well, at least it turns out well for me this time XD


Denki to Bakusquad

Yeah XD

How is your internship going?


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Pretty good actually

Tetsutetsu and I are interning with the same guy


Denki to Bakusquad


Wat are the chances of that happening



Eijirou to Bakusquad


We were super stoked about it too

How’s your internship going?


Denki to Bakusquad

Not so well….


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Aww, what’s going on bro?


Denki to Bakusquad

The dude that I’m interning with is like super rude

I’m with another one of the students from class b

And they’re very open about their sexuality

And he keeps making these really awful comments and shit

It’s really starting to piss me off


Eijirou to Bakusquad

That sucks bro


And like, don’t take this the wrong way

But why do you care?

It’s like you’re a part of the community


Denki to Bakusquad

You don’t have to be part of a community to not want the people in it to get hurt. Like, you don’t have to be a race to think that they are people too and stand up for their rights. It’s the same with the LGBT+ community. You don’t have to be a part of it, or even know someone that is a part of it to think that they shouldn’t be discriminated against.


Eijirou to Bakusquad

You’re right man

I’m just way too tired and my brain isn’t working right

I think I’m gonna head to bed

Night Denki


They clicked out of the conversation, dropping their phone down onto their bed and groaning. “You okay?” the other teenager asked, looking up from his own messages.

“A friend of mine just assumed that I wasn’t part of the community,” they sighed, turning his head so that they could look at the albino.

“That’s rough,” he winced. “I hate it when that happens. Just because you don’t fit a stereotype means that you aren’t part of it or some bullshit.”

“Exactly,” Denki nodded. “Whatever, he apologized. I’m going to get some sleep,” they rolled over on the bed, pulling the blanket around themselves. They only had to lay there for a little bit before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Text

Denki scrolled through his phone, searching for something entertaining to do. He had managed to sleep for a couple hours, but had woken up about an hour ago and hadn’t felt at all tired. He grunted, moving on his bed so that he was sitting up as he continued to scroll through his phone. It was almost five o’clock in the morning already and he was more bored than he had ever been before during a night of insomnia. Luckily, he didn’t have to be bored for much longer as the pro-hero they were interning with banged on the door loudly, telling them to get up.

“Hey, Honenuki,” Denki kicked the edge of the other hero-in-training’s bed to wake him up.

“You do this every day,” the skull-faced teenager groaned, rolling over to glare at the other teenager. “Why do you hate me so?”

“Because I don’t want to get yelled at again,” he said as he slid off of his bed and onto the floor.

“Yeah, that sucked,” the other teenager hummed, getting off his bed as well. They both got dressed fairly quickly, knowing that they would get a lecturing and a half if they took too long. They walked out of their room only ten minutes after Dracanae had knocked on their door to wake them up. They trudged to the kitchen area of the facility that they were staying in, both of them not daring to say anything to the pro-hero or anyone else already in the kitchen. They served themselves their breakfasts and then sat next to each other while they ate silently.

He looked up when he heard Dracanae talking about them. “Even if they are disgusting faggots at least they don’t run off and get themselves attacked by villains,” he scoffed. Denki felt as though he was being punched in the gut as the slur got thrown at them. They had only tried to reason with him after one-too-many homophobic comments from the pro-hero which had ended in him deciding that they were both homosexuals. While he wasn’t wrong, Denki had been female at the time and it hurt twice as hard as he had brought up trans people in the middle of their argument.

He pushed aside the thoughts of the argument and focused on what the pro-hero was talking about. He quickly pulled out his phone, looking for an article to see if Dracanae was lying or not. He found one easily, seeing as it was one of the top auto-fils when he began to type in his question. His eyes skimmed over the words, his brain now too full of energy for him to read the entire article word for word. Just as he had finished reading it, he got a notification from the group chat.


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Did you guys hear what happened to Iida, Midoriya and Todoroki?

Tetsutetsu just showed me an article about it


Mina to Bakusquad


I saw that too

And I’m honestly kind of terrified right now


Denki to Bakusquad


I hope they’re all okay


Hanta to Bakusquad

I bet they are

After all, they’re like the most talented members of our class


Bakugou to Bakusquad

Like hell Deku is more powerful than me

And Todoroki is just a conceited asshole

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with fucking Iida


Mina to Bakusquad

Sounds like somebody just doesn’t want to admit they care


Hanta has turned on notifications for the Bakusquad


“Turn that annoying beeping noise off,” Dracanae hissed from where he was standing in the kitchen. Denki glanced up and noticed that he had almost finished with his food, which told him that they were going to be leaving soon. He turned back to the group chat for as long as he could.


Denki has turned off notification for the Bakusquad


Denki to Bakusquad

I don’t hate you guys

My internship dude just doesn’t want our phones on at all


Mina to Bakusquad


Love you Den!!!!!


Denki to Bakusquad


Okay but, like I really gotta go now


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Bye Denki!


He turned his phone off, shoving it in his pocket as the pro-hero shouted at them. “Get ready to go you, useless idiots!” He slithered out of the room, leaving them alone for a moment.

Denki slid off of his stool, running a hand through his hair. “You okay man?” Honenuki asked, looking over at the other teenager as they headed after the pro-hero.

“I just found out a couple of my classmates were attacked by a villain,” he answered.

“Oh. Isn’t that what the asshole was talking about in the kitchen?” he asked.

“Yeah. I mean, I don’t know them super well but it’s still kinda scary,” Denki whispered.

“I get it. That is kinda scary,” Honenuki nodded. “C’mon, we should get going before we get yelled at again.” Denki followed after him as they walked out of the building and into the cool light of the morning as they had done all week.


Denki thought that he would sleep when he was on the train back to his town, but his brain decided that he was going to be way too excited for that. He couldn’t stop moving the entire time that he was there, fidgeting with his hands and fidget cube that he had almost forgotten to bring with him to the Internship. The other members of the train seemed to find him annoying, not that he cared much.

He got off the train, dragging his luggage behind him as he stood at the edge of the train station. He patiently waited there, scanning around him as he searched for his parents. It had been about half an hour and everyone at the train station had left, leaving him completely alone. He sat down on the edge of the platform, looking around for his parents. “They forgot me again,” he whispered, tears shining in his eyes. They did this all the time and yet it never stopped hurting.

He pulled out his phone, scanning through his contacts as he searched for someone that he could ask to give him a ride home. He had had a very long week and it was going to suck it he had to ride the bus home. He bit his lip as his hand hovered over his childhood friend’s contact. He normally would call her and get a ride from her, but he had done that so many times already. He continued to scroll until he got to the group chat. He paused for a moment before swallowing down his pride and biting the bullet.

Denki to Bakusquad

Are any of you at this train station?


Denki has sent a link to Bakusquad!


Denki to Bakusquad

My parents kinda haven’t picked me up and it’s been half an hour


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Hey man

My moms and I are coming to pick you up


Denki to Bakusquad

Thanks dude

This is kinda embarrassing….


Mina to Bakusquad

Why aren’t your parents coming to pick you up?


Hanto to Bakusquad

You’ve been waiting for how long


Bakugou to Bakusquad

Why did you ask for help sooner?


Denki to Bakusquad

I told you

It’s embarrassing…


Mina to Bakusquad

Oh honey!


Bakugou to Bakusquad



Denki to Bakusquad

I guess


Hanto to Bakusquad

Den, message me back on our pm’s


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Denki, my moms may pry a bit, just so you know


Denki to Bakusquad

Okay, Hanta

Eiji, I pretty much expect that from everyone’s parents. :/


He felt a flutter in his heavy heart as his crush told him to text him privately. He switched over to their conversation that mostly consisted of him sending Hanta memes at two in the morning.


Hanta to Denki

Hey man. I just want you to know that I care about you a lot. If you ever need help with home life stuff I’m here for you to talk to. Or a place to stay with if stuff gets really bad.


Denki to Hanta

Hey, thank man :D

This really does mean a lot to me that you care about me enough to text me that long paragraph XD

Stuff doesn’t normally get super super bad at home and if it does I just kind go hang out with Kyouka but I can definitely take you up on that offer.


Denki turned his phone off, curling in on himself. He didn’t know how long he was there, or when he had started crying but the only thing that brought him out of that position was when Eijirou called out to him. “Denki? You okay bro?” he asked, sitting down next to him on the edge of the station platform.

“Not really,” he croaked out, his heart aching a bit as the thought of how helpless he probably looked at that moment. The redhead responded by wrapping his arms around his friend. The blond let out a sob, turning to hug him back just as tightly as he was being held. The taller male just let him sob, only speaking when he had quieted down a bit.

“You wanna talk about it?” he whispered soothingly.

“No,” he answered, wiping at his eyes with his hands.

“Okay,” Eijirou nodded to the blond’s relief. “C’mon, my moms are back in the car waiting for us. You gonna be okay?”

“I should be eventually,” Denki shrugged, standing up and grabbing his miniscule suitcase. Eijirou only nodded as he led his friend back to the car. He clapped a hand on the blond’s back, offering him a weak smile. Denki gave one back to him before he got into the car. Eijirou quickly got in on the other side before either of his mothers could do or say anything embarrassing.

“Mom, Mama, this is Denki,” the redhead introduced his friend. The other teenager just waved awkwardly.

“It’s nice to meet you, Denki,” the woman with red hair said, turning around in her seat so that she could talk to him face to face. “Mind telling us where you live?” she asked as her wife started up the car.

Denki coughed a bit, trying to get the mucus from crying out of his throat before he told the woman his address. “Thank you for picking me up,” he said after a moment of semi-awkward silence.

“It’s no problem, dear,” she chuckled as she turned back so that she was front facing. They started driving off and Denki then felt his phone buzzing in his pocket. He opened it, reading through some of the pre-existing texts.


Eijirou sent a photo to Bakusquad!


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Look who I just picked up!


Bakugou to Bakusquad

Make sure he doesn’t shut your car down with his Quirk.


Mina to Bakusquad

Bakubro, that’s mean!!!!!


Bakugou to Bakusquad



Denki to Bakusquad

You’re so mean to me Bakubro ;-;


Bakugou to Bakusquad



Mina to Bakusquad

Just accept the nickname Bakubro!


Hanta to Bakusquad




Denki to Bakusquad



Eijirou to Bakusquad



Bakugou to Bakusquad


One day

I’m going to kill you all


Eijirou to Bakusquad

But today is not that day?


Bakugou to Bakusquad

No. Today is not that day.


Mina to Bakusquad




Denki to Bakusquad

He really does love us after all


Hanta to Bakusquad


Bakubro loves us!!!!


Eijirou to Bakusquad

We love you Bakubro <3


Bakugou to Bakusquad

Don’t make me regret the decision you fuckers


Mina to Bakusquad

We won’t!


Eijirou changed Bakugou’s name to Bakubro


Denki could feel his heart lighten and his mood improved as he texted his friends. He almost jumped out of his seat as he heard one of Eijirou’s mothers say, “We’re almost there boys.”

The redhead sent one last text before he shoved his phone in his pocket and turned to his friend. “We did it bro!” he grinned, holding his hand out for a high-five. Denki responded in kind, slapping his hand.

“Yeah,” he smiled, though it was still a little hard for him to do.

“What did you do?” his other mom asked, looking at them in the rearview mirror before turning her attention back to the road.

“We got our friend to agree to let us call him by our nickname for him,” Eijirou quickly explained.

“Oh,” she nodded, slowing down a bit as she looked for the blond’s house. “Which house is yours?”

“That one,” Denki responded, pointing to the house at the end of the road that had a sidewalk covered in chalk drawings. Eijirou’s mother nodded, stopping the car in front of the house that he had pointed to.

“Thanks, Mrs. Kirishima,” he smiled at her tightly as he grabbed his bag.

“Ito, actually,” she corrected after glancing at her son to make sure that it was okay.

“Oh, sorry,” he apologized, looking away from her awkwardly. “Thanks anyway, Mrs. Itos,” he said, trying to figure out a way to refer to both of them while being respectful.

“It was no trouble to help a friend of our Eijirou,” Chihiro said, turning around as her wife had. He smiled at them, this time genuine as he grabbed his bag and got out of the car. He quickly made his way up to the house, kind of unsure about whether or not he would get cussed out for showing up home late.

“Hey, I’m home!” he shouted, though he was met with silence for five minutes before the twins came barreling at him.

“Denki!” Myri squealed, wrapping her arms around him. “We missed you!”

“I missed you too,” he said, dropping his suitcase down by his feet as he hugged her back. Akane pouted, making grabby-hands at him. He picked her up and took notice that it was a lot easier than when he had done so beforehand.

“I’m glad your back,” the grumpier of the two twins mumbled, hugging her brother tightly. “We missed you.”

“I can tell,” he answered, walking them into the kitchen.

“I was worried about you,” Yumi squealed from where she was standing in the doorway. Once the twins had been set down she barreled at him, wrapping her arms tightly around him. He felt tears well up in his eyes as he saw how much some of his siblings cared about him. Well, someone has to , he thought to himself as he hugged her.

Chapter Text

Denki couldn’t move. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but more like she physically couldn't force herself off of the bed. The thin blanket that she always slept under clung to her in a cold sweat. She shivered a bit, the thought of moving making her almost physically ill. It felt like her entire body was made out of cement with glue stuck to the side of her body that was sticking to the bed. She sniffed, tears welling up in her bright yellow eyes. She lay there for a moment before gathering up all the strength that she could, getting up off of her bed. She threw her legs over the edge of the bed, looking at the much too muscular legs.

She glanced around her bed, tearing herself away from her body. She grabbed her phone and found the most recent contact.


Electric Blanket to Jirphone

Hey Kyouka, can I come over today?

I need some girl clothes. The dysphoria is really, really bad today


Jirphone to Electric Blanket

Yeah, of course. I’m always here for you when you need me.


Electric Blanket to Jirphone

Thanks. You’re awesome


She turned her phone off, turning to the window. She opened it up, climbing out onto the part of the roof underneath it. She slid down it a bit and then jumped onto the tree, swinging so that she was supported by the branch. She inched around the trunk of the tree until she had gotten over to where Kyouka’s window was. She knocked on it twice, letting her friend know what she had done.

“When was the last time that you did this?” Kyouka asked as she opened up the window.

“Two years ago?” she chuckled as she slid through the window. “I dunno, my parents haven’t gotten mad at me so bad I’ve needed to come over here.”

“That’s good. Why didn’t you use the door?” she asked, walking over to her vanity where she kept her small amounts of makeup.

“I didn’t want to face my parents,” the blond answered, sitting down on the bed. Kyouka turned around and looked her friend up and down before she walked to her closet, sorting through her clothes. She turned around with several outfits in hand.

“I have some of the panties and bras you’ve been using, so pick something from these and we can do your makeup after you shower,” she rambled, laying the clothes down on the bed next to her friend.

“Thanks,” she whispered, getting up to look at the outfits. She gently ran her hand over the silky fabric of the sundress on the bed. She picked it up and grabbed the undergarments that her friend held out to her. She walked into the bathroom and ignored the mirror hung over the sink. She stripped off her pajamas and left them on the floor as the put the outfit that she had picked out.

She let the water run over her body, trying to ignore the nauseous feeling in her gut. She couldn’t even stand up straight as her body felt wrong and out of place. She used her best friend’s products as she had always done, hesitating a bit as she got to her chest and nether region. The feminine scent of the soaps got rid of the dysphoria a bit, though she could see the masculine parts of her body like they were glued onto her. She slipped out of the shower, rubbing herself down with a towel and again hesitating around the masculine parts of her body.

She slipped on the undergarments, tucking herself carefully. When she slid the bra on she almost began to cry, a lot of the dysphoria melting away. She grabbed the dress, sliding it down her body. It was loose fitting, seeing as Kyouka never wore anything really tight fitting. She glanced up at the mirror and grimaced as she saw how masculine her face looked. Hopefully, the makeup the girl in the other room had planned would help a little bit.

“Denki, you okay?” Kyouka called out from where she was seated on her bed.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she answered, walking into the room. The purple-haired girl yawned and motioned for her friend to come sit down next to her. Denki did as she was told, walking over to the bed and folding her legs underneath her. The other girl uncapped the mascara in her hand, grabbing her friend’s face. She delicately ran the black makeup over her lashes, making them more voluminous. She grabbed her eyeliner, making a careful black line just above her eyelashes.

“Is the dysphoria any better?” she asked, moving to the other eye.

“A little bit yeah,” Denki answered. “Thank you again for helping me.”

“Sorry I don’t have more makeup,” the purple-haired girl sighed, rummaging through her array of lipsticks.

“It’s fine. This is already making me feel better,” she smiled, looking at the lipsticks as well.

“Maybe we can go to the mall and get you some clothes and makeup of your own,” she offered, handing her friend the color of lipstick that matched the dress she was wearing. Denki took it, uncapping it and letting the stick glide delicately over her lips.

“So? How do I look?” she asked once she had covered her lips in the dark shade of purple.

“Like the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid eyes on, minus Yaoyorozu, of course,” she chuckled, winking at her friend as she slid off of her bed. “Imma take a shower, stay there and then we can go to the mall.”

“Okay,” she nodded, flopping back down on her friend’s bed and pulling out her phone. She scrolled through a couple of things before selecting the group chat.


Denki to Bakusquad

Is anyone else online yet?

I’m super bored


Hanta to Bakusquad

I’m online.

My little brother woke me up because he wanted to watch TV


Denki to Bakusquad

I get the whole younder siblings thing



Hanta to Bakusquad

Oh yeah?

How many younger siblings do you have?


Denki to Bakusquad


Gimme a second

I gotta think


Hanta to Bakusquad



Eijirou to Bakusquad

You guys

It’s not even that early


Bakubro to Bakusquad

Fuck yes it is

It’s only fucking nine o’clock


Eijirou to Bakusquad


At leats we don’t have to get up as early as we did during internships?


Hanta to Bakusquad

Or on school days


Denki to Bakusquad

I mean, technincally I’m up super late



Mina to Bakusquad

I leave you alone for a DAY

And can we go back to the fact that Denki doesn’t know how many siblings he has?


Denki winced as she was misgendered by her friends. Some of the dysphoria from earlier returned, but she assured herself that they didn’t know and had no way of knowing since she hadn’t told them anything. She blinked her eyes a couple times and took a deep breath before she looked back to the chat.


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Yeah, how do you not know?


Denki to Bakusquad

I mean, if we’re focusing on younger siblings it’s easier


Hanta to Bakusquad

I struggle with just one younger brother and if you don’t know how many younger siblings you have I feel so bad for you


Denki to Bakusquad

Well, the youngest are Myri and Akane, they’re twins

And then I have four younger sisters two years apart from each other. There’s Amara (13), Cheimi (11), Mei (9) and Yumi (7)

Oh yeah

And the twins are 4

I have two older sisters too

Nala (16) and Shera (18)


Mina to Bakusquad

Boy am I glad I am an only child


Bakubro to Bakusquad

Fucking hell your parents were busy


Eijirou to Bakusquad

I didn’t even have that many siblings when I was in the orphanage between foster homes XD


Bakubro to Bakusquad


You’re in the foster system?


Mina to Bakusquad

Same tho XD


Hanta to Bakusquad

That was so sad from both of you


Eijirou to Bakusquad

I mean, I’m not in the system anymore. My moms adopted me last month.


The blond blinked, rereading the message that her friend had just sent. Her heart beat strengthened a bit as she thought about being able to come out to her friend since he obviously supporting the community pretty strongly based on his defense when they were messaging each other at internships and then this now.


Denki to Bakusquad



Mina to Bakusquad

Eiji has two moms and I have two dads

Together we have a heteronormative household!


Denki to Bakusquad



Hanta to Bakusquad

Thanks, I just snorted a fry out of my nose


Bakubro to Bakusquad

Why the fuck are you eating fries at nine in the morning?


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Again, MOOD.


Mina to Bakusquad

The real question is: why aren’t you eating fries at nine in the morning?


Bakubro to Bakusquad

Why the fuck am I friends with all of you fuckers?


Mina to Bakusquad

Because you love us?


Bakubro to Bakusquad

I never fucking said that raccoon eyes


Eijirou to Bakusquad

Love you Bakubro! <3


Denki to Bakusquad

Dang Eijirou, talk about hit and run flirting


Mina to Bakusquad

Wow, I can’t believe Bakubro is dead.


Denki glanced up as her friend emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing another one of the outfits that she had picked out earlier. She had a leather jacket on as well as ripped pants and a loose black tank top. “You ready to go?” she asked, putting on her own eyeliner and mascara similar to what she had done to her childhood friend.

“Yeah,” the blond nodded, tucking some of her hair behind her ear as she smiled. She sat up on the bed, loving how the dress wrapped around her and cascaded off of her body.

“Let’s get going,” Kyouka smirked at her, doing up a couple of the snaps on her jacket. The blond got off of her bed, grabbing some of the flats that her friend had offered her and putting them on.

“Have I told you that you’re the best friend in the world?” she asked as they walked out of the door.

“I’m really not,” she shook her head. “I’m just a pretty decent person.”

“You should give yourself some more credit,” the blond huffed. “You do so much for me and have done so much for me and yet you refuse to acknowledge just how amazing you are.”

“You’re pretty amazing too, or else I wouldn’t put all the effort into our friendship that I have,” she smirked, knocking their shoulders together playfully.

“Thank you for being my friend,” she replied, looping her arm around Kyouka’s waist. She smiled, mirroring the action as they walked together. The dysphoria that the blond had been feeling when she woke up was still in the back of her mind, but now that she was wearing the clothes that she wanted to, it had decreased significantly.

Chapter Text

Denki scrambled around his room, picking up some of the clothing items that were all over the floor. Most of them ended up in the hamper in the corner of his room but he had to hide some of his female clothes that he had bought with his childhood friend the week before. He grabbed a couple of the novels that had been laying around everywhere and put them back where they belonged.

He heard the doorbell chime throughout the house and his heart jumped up into his throat. He took in a deep breath before he rushed out of his room. He felt his stomach roll nervously as he saw his eldest sister had opened the door before he could. “Hey Shera, he’s here for me,” Denki smiled tightly, almost elbowing her out of the way.

“Hmm,” she huffed, turning away from the tall teenager standing in the doorway.

“Sorry about her,” Denki apologized, gesturing for his friend to come into the house.

“Is she always that terrifying?” Hanta asked, walking into the house and looking around cautiously as if the woman would return at any moment.

“Um, yeah, kinda,” the blond nodded as he looked to the kitchen where his sister had disappeared to. “She kinda sucks as a sister.” He shrugged as he started to walk off, going slowly as Hanta followed him. He felt embarrassment pool in his gut as he saw the children’s toys discarded all over the floor. “Sorry about all the mess, Myri and Akane just barely got put down for their nap,” he chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

“Those are your youngest sisters, right? The twins?” Hanta asked.

“Yeah,” he nodded, guiding him up the stairs and down the hall to his room. “They’re four, so they still kinda don’t understand how to pick up after themselves. Akane has also been a little grumpy lately, so we didn’t want to deal with a tantrum.”

“I remember when Rio would throw hugs tantrums, I’m so glad that he’s grown out of it,” Hanta rolled his eyes, sitting down on the other boy’s bed.

“Oh yeah? Rio’s your brother, right?” he asked, sitting down next to his friend. When the black-haired teenager nodded, the blond continued. “How old is he?”

“Six,” Hanta answered. “So he’s just barely outgrown the tantrums but is still young enough that he’s not really intrusive and obnoxious.”

Denki glanced over to the door as his friend talked, seeing one of his younger sister’s peeking in from underneath the door. “Yumi, I see you, you’re not sneaky!” he shouted, causing the girl to squeal and run away.

Hanta chuckled, looking over to the door as well. “I get obnoxious. You’re in for one Hell of a roller coaster. I swear, it’s almost like Yumi went through a drastic change the minute she turned seven. She loves me a lot more than Cheimi does through, which is nice.”

“Cheimi is the one that’s just barely older than Yumi, right?” the other teenager asked, taking a shot into the dark.

“No, it’s Cheimi, Mei then Yumi,” Denki shook his head. “They’re really hard to keep track of, I know.”

“It must be awful when you get stuck on babysitting duty,” the other laughed.

“I’m kind of always stuck on babysitting duty, so not really,” the blond chuckled back, still smiling widely.

“Why aren’t your parents taking care of the kids?” Hanta asked, becoming a bit concerned.

“My dad has to travel a lot,” he shrugged. “Which means my mom has a lot of work to do.” He bit his lip, rolling it in between his teeth as he worried about whether or not his friend would ask what his parents did for a living. Thankfully, he didn’t.

“You have a lot of books,” he commented, looking around the room at all of the bookcases that decorated the walls of the room.

“Yeah, I really love to read,” the blond nodded. “It sucks trying to read with ADHD though.”

“You have ADHD?” Hanta asked, his jaw dropping a bit.

“I mean, not medically. I’ve never really been diagnosed. Come to think of it I don’t actually remember the last time I’ve been to a doctor,” Denki mused awkwardly. “But yeah, I pretty obviously have ADHD. I’ve hyper-focused and have all sorts of signs saying that I definitely have it. I’ve just never been officially diagnosed.”

“Wait, you don’t remember the last time that you’ve been to the doctor? Have you never gotten sick?” Hanta asked, cocking his head to the side curiously.

“I’ve gotten sick but never seriously enough to warrant going to the doctor. Actually, I think the last time I went to the doctor was when I had to get the rest of my vaccines,” Denki shrugged.

“I…” he began to say, stopping for a moment to think. “I don’t like your parents very much. They seem kind neglectful.”

“You have no idea,” the blond huffed, falling back on his bed. “My parents have never really been there for me and only really interact with me when I do something wrong.”

“Can I hug you?” the black-haired teenager asked, looking over to where the other boy was.

“Uh, sure,” he nodded, sitting up on the bed again. His heart fluttered in his chest as the thought of getting to touch his crush, even if it was strictly platonic raced through his mind Hanta leaned forward, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy and holding him tightly. Denki paused for a moment, not realizing how much he really needed this. He leaned into the touch, hugging his friend close to him.

“The more you talk about your home life the more I just want to take you home and make everything better. Is that weird?” he asked, placing his chin on his friend’s shoulder.

“No,” he replied, doing the same to him. He scooted forward a bit on the bed, bringing them closer together. “I don’t think it’s weird, at least. I kinda don’t want to be here anymore. I used to have to go over to Kyouka’s house all the time because they would start shouting and throwing things at each other. It got really, really bad two years after the twins were born. Now, my dad is almost always gone which makes mom even more stressed out and she snaps at the twins all the time.”

“Why haven’t you told social services?” Hanta asked, and Denki could hear the strain in his friend’s voice.

“I don’t want to get taken away from my sisters. The twins need me so much and I know Yumi, Mei and Cheimi wouldn’t be able to deal if I was there with them. I also kind of love my parents, even though they’re not the best people,” he rambled, tears welling up in his golden eyes.

“I want to help you, but I don’t know how,” the black-haired teenager whispered. “You’re like my best friend, and I don’t want you to be hurting this badly.”

“I’ve dealt with them my entire life. And I’ve never been at a better place then I am at U.A. You and the rest of the Bakusquad just being there for me honestly helps so much,” the blond murmured. He gave his friend a tight squeeze before he pulled back. “So, if you want to help, I guess just keep doing what you’re doing!”

“I think I can do that,” the black-haired boy replied, giving him a wide grin. “And not to change the subject or whatever, but what’s going on between you and Kyouka?”

Denki opened his mouth to reply that there was nothing when he remembered the issues that his friend was facing at school and that she might need him to play as a fake boyfriend. “She and I are really close,” he smirked, trying to put off player vibes.

The black-haired teen hummed as he nodded, shutting down a bit. Denki felt his heart squeeze harshly and all he wanted to do was reach out and kiss the other male. “Anyone you like?” he asked, hating the way that his voice cracked.

“Yeah,” he nodded, smiling faintly. “I have quite a crush on someone in our class, but I don’t think they like me back.”

“Oh?” the blond felt his heart flutter as he wondered if it was him before he pushed back the irrational thought. “Who is it?”

“I can’t tell you that,” he scoffed, looking away.

“Why not?” The blond whined, collapsing back down on his bed.

“Because how do I know that you won’t go blabbing it to the whole class?” he teased, poking his friend’s side.

“I won’t, you know I won’t,” the blond grumbled, wriggling away from the finger. “I don’t tell secrets.”

“That’s bullshit,” the taller of the two lay back against the bed as his friend had.

“How?” he asked, slightly offended.

“Do you remember the time that you told the entire Bakusquad about the story I told you about the one time I called Rio by the name of my crush?” he sassed, turning to give the blond a look.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he answered as he repressed giggles.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” Hanta grumbled.

“Nope, no idea,” he shook his head. The other teenager began to laugh heartily, causing the blonde to laugh as well. They lay there on the bed, laughing at nothing for Lord only knows how long. Finally, the laughter died down into calm giggles. “Man, I’m so glad you came over.”

“Same. I love hanging out with you, bro,” the other teenager agreed. The lay there in silence for a bit, just laying next to each other calmly. The blond nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard the shrieking of his younger sister from down the hall.

“I have to go, it’s my turn to take care of the twins after they woke up from their nap, sorry Hanta,” he winced, sliding off of his bed.

“Could I help? I kind of remember how to take care of little kids,” the black-haired teenager offered, following after him as he walked down the hall.

“Sure. I think Myri would love to meet a new person and that leaves me being able to take care of Akane a lot better,” he mused as he walked into the twins room. One of the twins was sitting up in her bed, tears streaming down her face. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Denki asked, sitting down on his younger sister’s bed and scooping her up into his lap.

“I had a nightmare,” she slurred through hiccupping sobs. The blond tutted his tongue, holding her close to him and rocking them back and forth soothingly.

“Shh, I got you. It was just a bad dream,” he soothed, petting her hair as she sniffed.

“Big brother, who’s that?” Myri asked from the top bunk as she pointed at Hanta.

“That’s my friend Hanta, he’s going to help me take care of you two for today because he’s nice,” Denki smiled widely at his friend, who returned it.

“Your friend? He’s not your boyfriend?” the little girl asked, sounding slightly disappointed.

“No, your big brother likes this girl named Jirou and everyone but them knows,” Hanta replied, lifting his arms up for her to hold onto so he could lift her down.

She did what he wanted her to, allowing him to lift her down off of the top bunk. “Can I have a snack?” she asked.

Denki stood up, placing his hands tightly around the twin in his arms. “Of course. What do you two want to eat?”

“I want fruit snacks,” Akane gripped his shirt tightly as she mumbled out her answer.

“Uh, I think we have a couple of packets left,” he nodded, carrying his sister out of the room and down the stairs. Hanta followed after him, Myri’s chubby hand clasped tightly in his. The tiny blond girl rambled off stories and questions that the teenager dutifully listened to. When they got into the kitchen, he grabbed the snack that she asked for, giving it to her with a bright smile.

“Denki, can we go to the park?” she asked when she was munching on the goldfish she had been given. Akane had calmed down significantly and was sat next to her sister at the dining table, eating her fruit snacks while staring warily at Hanta.

“I wanna go to the park too,” she spoke up, her voice still hoarse from sobbing.

“I think we can do that. Hanta?” he asked, turning to his crush.

“Sounds good to me. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve been to a park,” the raven chuckled, sitting down at the large table next to the twins.

“Yay! Park,” Myri giggled, bouncing up and down excitedly in her chair. When the twins had finished their snacks, Denki got them both their socks and shoes. There was minimal struggle, despite Akane being extremely grumpy from her nap. The day was nice and warm as they walked to the park, jackets on the twins. Myri bounced and bounded in front of them, spinning around in circles and almost running into other pedestrians.

“Myri, come back here please,” Denki shouted each time she got too far away from them for him to be comfortable. When they reached the park, the two teenagers sat down on one of the benches on the edge of the playground, watching as the twins ran around with the other kids. As they watched the two troublesome four-year-olds and spent time with each other all Denki could think about was what it would be like to raise kids of his own with Hanta.

Chapter Text

Denki took one look at the line and then turned around, walking over to their friend’s table. They sat down on the bench closer to the wall, leaning against it comfortingly. They yawned a bit, pressing their hand to their mouth to hide it politely. They blinked a few times, trying to keep the sleep out of their eyes. They had been up all night reading the newest series that their father had brought back home from his most recent trip to the Americas. Luckily, he hadn’t actually hyper-focused, they had just gotten too invested in the story to put it down until they had finished with the entire series.

“You look like shit man,” Eijirou said as he sat down with his tray full of food. He himself didn’t look too well either. He fidgeted and moved around while being hunched over the same way that Denki did when they were female.

“Rude,” they scoffed, choosing not to comment on their friend’s appearance. They sat in silence for a second before they groaned, setting their head down on the table. “Finales are in a week!” Someone sat down next to them and they felt the weight of an arm pressing down on their back. They turned their head so that they were able to see who it was and their heart fluttered happily.

“Hanta, why?” they whined, making sure to pout more than needed. They heard their friend laugh through a mouthful of food but chose to ignore it as Hanta replied.

“Because I love you,” he answered, leaning more heavily on his friend.

“Lies,” they whispered, narrowing their bright golden eyes. They turned around and shoved their friend off of them dramatically. “All lies.”

Mina walked over to their table, Bakugou following behind her with a scowl on his face. “What are we lying about?” she asked, cocking her head to the side curiously as she sat down next to Denki, leaving the only open space next to Eijirou.

“Hanta loving me,” Denki explained as they grunted, pushing their friend off of them.

“I’m not lying,” Hanta whined, putting both of his arms over the smaller boy, pressing on him. They let out a grunting breath before they slid out underneath the table, making the black-haired boy fall. They wriggled their way out underneath the table and then sprinted away from the group. They heard Hanta laughing as they made their way to the now much shorter line. They turned around, sticking their tongue out playfully at their friend came up behind him.

“You’re a little shit,” he huffed, slinging his arm playfully around the shorter teenager. They had grown a lot closer since they had spent the afternoon watching Denki’s younger sister and were now a lot more touchy.

“Am not,” they huffed, folding their arms over their chest and turning away from their friend with a grumpy look on their face.

“C’mon, Den, I’m only teasing,” the raven-haired boy grumbled, poking his friend’s side. Denki responded with another huff and turning their face even further away. “Den,” their friend whined, throwing an arm over their shoulder and bringing them close.

“Um, excuse me,” a very high, feminine voice called from behind them. Denki dropped their arms down to their sides, turning to face whoever was talking. “I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I just wanted to say how cool it is that you guys are such an open couple!” she grinned at them, rocking back and forth for a moment before she turned and walked away.

“Wait, we’re not a-” the blond called after her, but she was already gone. They felt blood rush to their cheeks, turning their skin bright red. They looked down at the ground, now too embarrassed to make eye contact with their friend. They both moved through the rest of the line in complete silence, feeling incredibly awkward. Denki glanced up at his friend as they walked back to their table and the blush returned in full force as they saw how cute their crush looked.


“What the fuck happened to you two?” Bakugou asked, looking them up and down once they had returned to the table.

“Yeah, what happened?” Eijirou asked, looking up from where he was staring nervously down at his lunch.

“Uh,” Denki said, sitting down at the table and just staring at their food for a moment. “This girl came up to us, I think she was from like Gen Ed or Marketing. And she just came up to us and said that she loved us being such an open couple? And I don’t know how to deal with this?”

“Den! Emergency talk!” Mina squealed, pulling her phone out and texting him about something that apparently only they were allowed to know about. Denki slowly pulled their phone out as well, still in a bit of a daze as they replied to her.


Mina to Den-Den

You should have taken that chance to ask him out!!!!


Den-Den to Mina

He doesn’t love me Mina, stop getting my hopes up. -.-


Bakugou rolled his eyes, “You two are really playing into the teenager stereotype, you know that?”

“No we’re not, we’re having an emergency conversation,” Mina giggled.

“Turns out they’re just sending each other emojis to each other and want to make us think that they’re doing something important,” Eijirou snorted.

“We are not,” Denki snapped, pulling his legs up to his chest so that he was hiding his phone from the rest of the group a bit better.


Mina to Den-Den

I’m not getting your hopes up!

He totally wants to date you

Why else would he be all blushy and awkward after being falsely accused of dating you


Den-Den to Mina

Key words being “falsely accused of dating you”


The blond began to pay half of his attention to the other people at the table and what they were talking about while getting in an emoji war with their pink haired friend.  

“Do you think you could help me study?” Eijirou asked, shrinking down on himself insecurely.

“Okay,” he shrugged. “God knows you fucking need it,” the blond chuckled. The group stopped and fell dead silent for a moment after they heard the sound stop, each one of them trying to figure out what had just happened.

“The fuck are you all staring at?” Bakugou asked a moment later, glancing up from his food and around at his friends. They all began to shout excuses and explanations at the same time, making their words incoherent. “One at a fucking time, you heathens!” Bakugou chided, sounding like the Mom friend they all needed.

“We’re the heathens?” Hanta asked, sounding slightly offended. “You’re the one-”

He stopped talking as the explosive blond shot him a telling look. He then turned away, talking to Denki. “Hey Denki, would you like to study with me tonight? I need some help with English and you’re the best person I know for that.” The blond felt his heart soar with excitement and joy as his crush asked if he could come over to his house again.

“Fucking Pikachu knows English?” Bakugou asked, genuinely surprised.

“Hey!” Denki whined, slumping down a little bit. It was honestly getting a little annoying that they were constantly getting underestimated on their abilities as a student just because they couldn’t focus enough to get their grades up.

“Sorry about this, Den, but I have to side with Bakubro,” Mina sighed, looking at him with the same amount of surprise.

“I really like to read,” Denki explained, toying with some of their food. “My Dad travels to America a lot and he brings books back for me a lot.”

“You should see his room,” Hanta said. “It’s covered in books. He wouldn’t survive if there was an earthquake.” The blond shivered internally as they were misgendered before reminding themselves that there was no way that their group would know what they were doing.

“You’ve been to his house?” Eijirou asked, glancing between both of them with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah. I mean, he’s helped me study English before,” the black-haired boy explained quickly, a slight blush taking over the tips of his ears. Denki felt his heart melt as he thought about the last time that they had spent the day together. They had spent no time studying, and instead just hung out.

“What’s so funny?” Hanta asked, looking incredibly confused.

Denki put their elbows on the table, burying their face in their hands as they tried to fight the embarrassment at themselves for being so in love with the other boy. Eijirou just snickered along with his pink friend, enjoying watching the other two.

“Hey Denki, can we talk?” Kyouka asked as she walked over to the table. The blond in question nodded fervently and stood up, walking after their childhood friend. They walked a ways away from the crowds of people in the lunchroom before she leaned forward and hugged them. They wrapped their arms around her easily, holding her close to them.

“You okay?” they whispered, concern bubbling in their gut. Kyouka was not a very clingy person. She hated physical affection normally so it was even weirder to have her latch herself onto them the way that she had done. The last time she hugged them like this was when her middle school girlfriend dumped her for an older man.  “Kyouka?” they asked, concern increasing when she didn’t respond.

“He won’t stop, Denki,” she whispered, tears on the edge of her voice. “I’ve told him to knock it off but he keeps saying derogatory things to me and at this point, I’m too terrified to even change in the locker rooms. I need you,” she sobbed, a single tear escaping down her face.

“You need me to play fake-boyfriend?” they asked, pulling back from the hug to look at her face. She nodded, wiping the tear away.“I can do that. It’s the least I can do for you after everything that you’ve done for me.”

“Thank you so much, Den,” she whispered, leaning forward and hugging them again. “I have to go finish eating, but from now on you’re my boyfriend, okay?”

“Might be a bit harder seeing as I have to pretend to be a boy all the time as well as your romantic partner, but I will try my best,” they grinned at their childhood friend.

“Thanks,” she smiled, pecking his cheek. “I love you.”

Love you too,” they grinned at her before walking back to the table where the redhead took that moment to pop up and run away. They all barraged him in comments when he returned, the group not really caring about that Kyouka had wanted with Denki.

“What was that about?”

“Why did you leave us?”

“Were you talking to Iida and Yaoyorozu?”

“One at a time, geez,” he laughed. “I went to talk to them about getting a group chat for the class so we could get to know each other better.”

“Oh! That sounds like a good idea,” Mina giggled, clapping her hands together eagerly.

“Like I would want to talk to the rest of the fucking idiotic class,” Bakugou muttered, rolling his eyes with a loud sigh.

“You like talking to us, though,” Denki pointed out.

“We have our own fucking group chat to talk to each other,” he pointed out with a glare.

“I mean, someone needs to watch over us, and you’re the most parental out of all of us,” Hanta pointed out, ignoring the fact that it would probably get the explosive boy extremely upset at him.

“You’re fucking right,” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “If I leave you fuckers alone for more than two minutes you’ll get yourselves fucking killed.”

“Aw c’mon,” Mina whined.

“He’s not wrong,” Eijirou grinned.

“He’s really not,” Denki snorted.

Mina opened her mouth to say something, but just then the five-minute bell rang, signaling that they had to get ready to go the rest of their classes for the day.


They glanced over at the purple-haired girl as they sat in the large dining hall that they had gotten roped into coming too. What he really wanted as to be with Hanta at their house looking over English novels. Instead, they were stuck between Kyouka and Mina as they studied things that they already knew and just didn’t care about.

On the bright side, the disgusting teenager that had been harassing their childhood friend wasn’t at the study group (but not for lack of trying), so they didn’t have to act like a couple. The blond glanced over at their childhood friend seeing the way that she was staring dreamily at the black-haired woman talking.

None of the words that Yaoyorozu was saying were sticking, so they just looked down to the book in front of them, reading the part that they were studying. They huffed out a breath when they realized that their mind had drifted away from the topic. They glanced up and around the study group, seeing that they had also gotten a bit off topic. The study group was no longer much a study group, more just them talking to each other and Denki was perfectly fine with that.

Chapter Text

Unknown Number to Chat

Hello everyone! This is Iida Tenya, the class president of class 1-A. Kirishima had informed me that class 1-B had a group chat with every member of the class so that they could get to know one another better. I discussed it with Yaoyorozu and Aizawa-sensei and they both agreed that it would be a great idea! Please introduce yourself first before you say anything else so people can add your info into their systems.


Unknown Person to Chat

That sounds like a great idea, Iida! I’m Midoriya Izuku!


Unknown Person to Chat

Oo! A group chat with the entire class sounds awesome! I’m Uraraka Ochako


Unknown Person to Chat

This is Yaoyorozu Momo.


Unknown Person to Chat

I’m Kaminari Denki! Member of the Bakusquad!


Unknown Person to Chat

Ashido Mina here! President of the Bakusquad


Unknown Person to Chat

The Hell is the Bakusquad? (I’m Jirou Kyouka)


Unknown Person to Chat

You fucking idiots.


Unknown Person to Chat

^^^ That’s Bakubro


Unknown Person to Chat

Please refrain from swearing on the chat, thank you!


Unknown Person to Chat

I’m Aoyama Yuugi~


Unknown Person to Chat



Unknown Person to Chat

That’s Koda. He doesn’t like to talk even over text. I’m Satou Rikkido, by the way.


Unknown Person to Chat

I’m the REDDEST of RIOTS or Kirishima Eijirou


Unknown Person to Chat

This is Izuku Midoriya from Todoroki’s phone. He said that he shouldn’t be commenting a lot.


Unknown Person to Chat

Tokoyami Fumikage


Unknown Person to Chat

Y’know, Iida, if you turned on nicknames we could all just changed our names.


Unknown Person to Chat

I am unaware of how to do that. I only know how to make people Moderators because Tensie told me.


Unknown Person to Chat

Make Yaoyorozu and I mods then!


Unknown Person has made Unknown Person a Moderator


Unknown Person has made Unknown Person a Moderator


Unknown Person has turned on nicknames


Unknown Person has changed their name to Deku


Unknown Person has changed their name to Yaomomo


Unknown Person has changed their name to Shouji Mezou


Unknown Person has changed their name to Tokoyami Fumikage


Unknown Person has changed their name to Electric Blanket


Unknown Person has changed their name to Jirphones


Unknown Person has changed their name to Queen Mina


Unknown Person has changed their name to Washi Tape


Unknown Person has changed their name to Iida Tenya


Unknown Person has changed their name to RED RIOT


RED RIOT has changed Unknown Person’s name to Blasty McSplodes


Blasty McSplodes to Chat


The actual fuck


RED RIOT to Chat

Love you bro <3


Unknown Person to Chat

Gross that’s gay


Unknown Person changed their name to titties and pussies pls


Iida Tenya to Chat

You’re username is highly inappropriate, Mineta. If you could please change it that would be highly desired.


titties and pussies pls to Group Chat

That’s not fair. No one else has had to change their usernames


RED RIOT to Group Chat

That’s because everyone else has been safe with their usernames…


Deku has changed titties and pussies pls’s name to Grape Stain


Iida Tenya to Group Chat

Midoriya, that it highly insensitive.


Deku to Group Chat

His username was highly insensitive.


Unknown Person to Chat

I mean, he’s not wrong…


Unknown Person changed their name to Oh! There goes gravity


Queen Mina to Chat

Is that an eminem reference I spy? *peaks over table*


Jirphones to Chat

We stan eminem here


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

Why indeed it is! Do you listen to him?


Queen Mina to Chat

Hells fucking yeah! I’m sssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper into rap


Jirphones to Chat

Eminem is like one of the only rappers that’s any good nowadays


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat


Like all the new rappers are just talking, not actually rapping


Deku to Chat

I never knew that you liked rap Uraraka!


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

Yeah, I really love it it’s great to listen to!


Deku to Chat

Kacchan really liked rap when we were kids but I’m not too sure if he still does


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

Rap is more popular than I thought XD


Jirphones to Chat

I’ve always been more into punk rock than rap, personally but there are a couple great bands out there that can mix them well


Electric Blanket to Chat


Linkin Park 4 lyfe


RED RIOT to Chat

Denki, you listen to emo music XD


Electric Blanket to Chat

LiNkIn pArK Is nOt eMo


Blasty McSplodes to Chat

It’s so fucking emo. All of their sons are literally about fucking depression


Jirphones to Chat

Just because it’s emo doesn’t mean it’s not good!


Electric Blanket to Chat

Thank you Kyouka!


Iida Tenya to Chat

Personally, I find classical rock- as in transferring rock songs from the 80’s and 90’s into classical instruments. They’re very interesting to listen to while also lacking lyrics so that they make it easier to focus on homework or studying. Rap is always a bit too overstimulating for me.


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

I never would have staked you as someone who even listened to music, Iida XD


RED RIOT to Chat

Yeah, not to be rude or anything but you seem more like the kind of person who would just listen to books on audible or something…


Iida Tenya to Chat

I do dearly enjoy Audible when I am on my morning runs or working out but listening to something with words is very bad for studying or writing homework assignments.


Deku to Chat

Audible is so great!


Electric Blanket to Chat

I’ve always prefered actually reading books because if I just listen I don’t process any of the info


Grape Stain to Chat

Like you could read


Electric Blanket has left Chat


Jirphones to Chat

Ex-fucking-scuse me????


Queen Mina to Chat

That’s so rude!


RED RIOT to Chat


There’s jokes and then there’s just being an asshole


Washi Tape to Chat

This is the second time you’ve done something to offend people  in under ten minutes! The first one was just gross and now this one was just plain rude. You really upset Denki.


Grape Stain to Chat

It was just a joke?

He should learn how to calm down a little bit


Yaomomo to Chat

Mineta, Kirishima is not wrong is saying that there is a difference between teasing and being rude. I would like someone a bit closer to him to add Denki back to the chat once he feels a bit better so that Mineta can formally apologize.


Grape Stain to Chat


Why do I have to apologize?

Deku changed my name to something gross and you didn’t make him apologize.


Yaomomo to Chat

Then change your name to something that you prefer, there was nothing from stopping you doing that beforehand.


Unknown Person has changed their name to Monkey Do


Unknown Person has changed their name to Monkey Hear


Monkey Hear to Chat

Woah! What’s going on???

Is Kaminari alright?


Washi Tape has added Electric Blanket to Chat


Yamomo to Chat

Mineta, apologize.


Grape Stain has changed their name to tit


tit to Chat


I’m sorry for joking.


Iida Tenya to Chat

Mineta, we are all aware that that was not what Yaoyorozu meant, and that you actually hurt Kaminari’s feelings and should formally apologize.


tit to Chat

I’m not going to apologize until Deku apologizes to me.


Iida Tenya to Chat

@Deku , if you could please.


Deku to Chat

Sorry :D


Yaomomo to Chat

Now apologize to Kaminari, please.


RED RIOT to Chat

If you don’t you’ll have the entire Bakusquad on you


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

What’s the Bakusquad????


tit to Chat


Sorry Kaminari


Queen Mina to Chat

The Bakusquad is Eiji-chan, Den-Den, Hanta, Bakubro and me!


Monkey Hear to Chat

You guys all go by nicknames and first name and that’s so cute!!!!

Also, I just spent the past five minutes scrolling up and holly crap there is sto much TEA


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

It still wows me that you guys all hang out with Bakugou and come out with no injuries….


Monkey Do to Chat

Baby,, you have a problem when it comes to tea….


RED RIOT to Chat

Bakubro is actually really nice when you push through and get to know him!!!


Monkey Hear to Chat

I do not. D:


Deku to Chat

Wait @Monkey Do , you’re Ojiro, right?


Monkey Do to Chat



Deku to Chat

@Monkey Hear , who are you?


Monkey Hear to Chat

I’m Hagakure Tooru!


Deku to Chat

Are you two dating?


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat


You can’t just ask people that!!!


Monkey Do to Chat


It took you guys how long to figure this out?


Deku to Chat

Wait, so you are dating?


Monkey Hear to Chat

Yeah! We’ve been dating since just after the sports festival.


Queen Mina to Chat


How did you two get together???

Tell me all the deeeeeeeets


Monkey Hear to Chat

Well, after the sport festival Mashi and I had a talk about feelings and it kinda spiraled into us dating :D


RED RIOT to Chat

@Queen Mina we need you in the Bakusquad Chat


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

@Deku @Iida Tenya We need a cool name for our group too!


Deku to Chat

We should move to our chat then


Jirphones to Chat

Hey @Yaomomo


Yaomomo to Chat

Yes, Jirou?


Jirphones to Chat

Could we change the name of this chat too?


Yaomomo to Chat

Of course!


Yaomomo has changed the name of Chat to Class 1-A



Eijirou to Bakusquad

You doing okay Denki?


Denki to Bakusquad

Not really.


Hanta to Bakusquad

He’s a douche who doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.


Mina to Bakusquad

We love you Den!


Bakubro to Bakusquad

At least all of us know that you have enough books to kill you in an earthquake


Denki to Bakusquad

Yeah. I guess. People just get to you after a while…

I’m gonna go offline for a while. Love you guys


Eijirou to Bakusquad


Bye Denki

We love you too, bro!


Mina to Bakusquad

We love you soooooooo much

<3 <3


Hanta to Bakusquad

Do you want me to come over?


Denki to Bakusquad

Yes please

Bye guys


Denki turned her phone off, wiping tears away from her eyes as she thought about the insults that had just been thrown at her. She fell back against the bed, turning to look at the noonday sun that was flooding through her window. It had been such a long time since she had actually cried, and there was nothing then she wanted to do more at that moment then just sob her eyes out.

She curled in on herself, bringing her legs up to her chest and letting out a sad whimper. She lay there on her bed, tears streaming down her face and hiccuping sobs bubbling out of her. She didn’t know how long she had been laying there crying her eyes out when her phone buzzed.


Hanta to Denki

Hey, I’m outside.


Denki to Hanta

I’m heading down


Denki dropped her phone on her bed, wiping the tears off of her face as she slowly rose off of it. Her heart felt heavy and dead as she walked out of her room and down the hall. Shera and Nala had taken all of the younger girls shopping, so she was home alone. She opened the door and peeked out, seeing her black-haired friend standing there awkwardly on the porch.

“Hey,” she whispered, her voice cracking.

“Hey,” he whispered, holding his arms open for a hug. The blond rushed forward, taking the offer quickly. Tears welled up in his eyes again, racing down his face. “God, Mineta is such a fucking asshole.”

“I mean, I’m not as smart as Yaoyorozu or Todoroki but I’m not an idiot,” she hiccuped. “It’s not my fault that I can never focus on an assignment for more than a couple minutes at a time. I try my best,” she wiped at her face as she pulled out of the hug.

“I know you do. You’re completely brilliant,” he reassured her, guiding her to the steps of the porch. They sat down next to each other, the blond still sobbing her eyes out.

“Hey Denki, can I ask you a question?” Hanta asked after a moment of silence. The blond leaned over onto her friend, pressing her head into the crook of his neck.

“Sure,” she sniffed.

“You just seem really upset about this and I was wondering if you ever got bullied?” he spoke quietly.

“I mean, a lot of people like to make jokes about me being an idiot because I’m not the brightest, but other than that,” Denki shook her head.

“I’m going to make sure no one talks about this anymore. You’re not stupid, you just have a learning disorder. No one should make fun of you for that,” the raven-haired teen said decidedly.

“Thanks, Hanta.”

Chapter Text

The week where they had to take all of their finals was probably the worst out of the entire year. The only way that it would have been worse for Denki was if they had been female and riddled with dysphoria. Seeing as they were neither male or female they still had a bit of dysphoria, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it would have been if they had been a girl. They had just barely managed to skate by with a passing grade since they hadn’t been able to focus on what they were supposed to for a good amount of time. They were utterly exhausted like everything had been taken out of them. It wasn’t like they were exhausted in the way that a nap would fix, more exhausted in the way that they couldn’t do any more thinking.

They trudged next to their friend as they got closer and closer to the school, rubbing wearily at their eyes. They yawned widely, placing a hand in front of their mouth as they did so. “Did you sleep at all last night, Denki?” Kyouka asked her friend with a sigh.

“My parents were screaming at each other again,” they shrugged, tugging a piece of hair that had fallen in front of their face.

“Why didn’t you come over?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

“I had to be with the little ones,” they explained with another apathetic shrug of their shoulders.

“Your sisters don’t deserve you,” the purple-haired teenager shook her head with a long sigh.

“What do you mean? I really don’t do that much,” they answered, stepping onto the train as it came to a stop in front of them.

“You stayed up all night to make them feel better because your shitty parents were screaming at each other the night before an exam. You’re an A+ sibling,” she said decidedly as she stepped onto the train after him. “And no, you’re not allowed to argue with me.”

“Fine, fine,” he waved her off as he found two empty seats and sat down in one. She huffed and fell back into the other one, looking pretty exhausted herself.

They sat there in silence for a moment, neither of them really needing to talk. Denki inhaled, getting their thoughts together before they began to speak. “Kyouka,” they placed a hand on her leg to get her attention.

“Yeah?” she asked, looking up from her phone to meet their eyes.

“How do you want this whole faking a relationship to work?” they asked. “In middle school, we just held hands and hugged, but people may need more for them to believe that we’re together in high school.”

“Maybe we could do everything other than kissing?” she offered. “Because the thought of kissing you literally makes me want to gag.”

“Same,” they laughed, a dopey grin slipping onto their face. “You’re like a sister to me. Not that I need another one of those.”

“You really don’t need any more sisters,” she agreed, the same smile falling over her face. “But I could use a sibling, so I accept this title.”

“Don’t act like this is something that just got revealed to you. We’ve essentially been siblings since we were four,” they joked.

“True,” she nodded, leaning onto their shoulder and letting her eyes flutter shut. The blond smiled, leaning over and giving her a tender kiss on her head as they let her nap. They woke her up when they reached the school, though they regretted doing so as she made a pitiful whine as she opened her eyes.

“Sorry,” they whispered as they tugged her out of the train and into the direction of the school. They threaded their fingers together, though it was a bit uncomfortable and unnatural. “You know, you don’t look like you got much sleep last night either,” they said when they walked through the gates of the school.

“I kind of didn’t,” she answered. “I just lost track of the time while I was talking with Yaomomo.”

“You stayed up all night talking to your crush?” the blond deadpanned, turning to give her a look.

“Don’t pretend like you’ve never done that,” she shot back. Her eyes darted around the courtyard and as she caught sight of something or someone, she leaned into them a bit more as she sought out comfort.

“Is that grapist over there,” they asked, unlinking their fingers and throwing their arm around her shoulders. She reached up with her other hand, threading their fingers together on that side instead.

“Yeah,” she nodded, the word coming out of as a whisper. She shivered a bit, looking away from their perverted classmate to in front of them. “I just want him gone. He’s so creepy and there’s nothing that he’s doing that could even remotely be counted as heroic.”

“You’re preaching to the choir, sister,” they responded.

“Sister?” she asked, raising one of her eyebrows. “Really? You’re supposed to be my boyfriend. That kinda means you have to use pet names,” she said, the word ‘boyfriend’ coming out a lot quieter than the rest of them like she was regretting saying that as she said it.

“Sorry, I forgot about that,” they mumbled, looking away from her as they tried to ignore the wave of dysphoria overtook them. They walked the rest of the way in silence, ignoring all of the confused and shocked looks that they were receiving from their peers. When they reached the classroom, hardly anyone had shown up, so they walked over to the purple-haired girl’s desk. The blond sat down in her seat, holding his arms open for her to sit down. She did as such, sliding onto their lap and wrapping her arm around their neck to keep herself from falling off.

They talked in hushed voices to each other as students trickled into the room, each of their peers giving them an odd look. It wasn’t like they had never cuddled before, and they had done it under the pretense of them being together as well, but it was still awkward. “So, I’ve found this new American band and I really like their stuff, but I can’t tell what they’re saying.”

“Maybe I could hear them and translate it for you,” they offered.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah,” they nodded before their attention was taken away by their bubbly pink colored friend.

“Hey Denki,” she chirped, placing her hands on the table next to them.

“Yeah?” they asked, looking over at her.

“What’s the difference between America and Canada?” Mina questioned.

“Uh, it’s kinda hard to explain,” they moved their head from side to side as they thought of an easy answer. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to answer when the bell signaling the beginning to class sounded and they all had to go sit down in their seats. Denki slid out from under their friend and raced to their seat, falling into it awkwardly and making a lot of noise in the process.

They all waited patiently for a small amount of time before their exhausted homeroom teacher shuffled into the classroom. He remained silent until he had gotten to the front of the room, a bored expression on his face as he took the roll from Iida. “Before I explain to you what the  last exam will entail, I have been told that there is another announcement I have to give out.” He leaned heavily onto the podium, scanning across the eager classroom as they all waited for him to continue talking. “After the exams, there will be a Summer Camp,” he pauses again as everyone cheered excitedly.

Behind them, Eijirou placed a hand on their shoulder, tugging them backward. “Dude, this is gonna be so fun,” he grinned.

“Right? Summer Camp!” the blond did a little dance in their desk that caused it to scrape noisily against the hardwood floor.

“Quiet, all of you,” Aizawa growled out, his eyes narrowing as he scanned over them. They quickly hushed down, eager to hear more information about something so exciting after the week of trivial drivel. “Only those who pass this exam will get to the Summer Camp, though. And speaking of the exam, each of you are going to be fighting one of the teachers.”


Denki felt their heart beating rapidly as a shooting pain raced through their skull like it was being broken in two. They had failed miserably at their exams, which they had kind of expected seeing as they weren’t very good when it came to sparring since their mind couldn’t focus on making decisions. They pressed their hand to their head, ignoring the awful feeling that bubbled in their gut as they could finally focus on dysphoria.

Mina groaned as they walked away from where they had just royally failed their final exam. Most of the people that had already taken their exams had changed out of their obnoxious parts of their hero costumes, but they had designed to be comfortable, so most of the students hadn’t bothered to fully change. Denki followed their example, collapsing down next to Kyouka while holding their head.

The purple-haired girl reached over, wrapping her arm around their shoulders and pulling them in for a side hug. “You okay?” she asked, making sure to keep her voice quiet as to not aggravate their headache.

“My head feels like it’s being split in two with an ax, so no. I am not okay,” they hissed out, opening their eye a little bit to look over at their friend.  She winced, looking away from them with a bit of a sad look on her face as she mumbled out an apology. “I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m sorry, Kyouka.”

“It’s okay,” she whispered back, giving them an exhausted smile. The blond mirrored it before they winced, hating the way that it made their head feel. “I still love you,” she joked, accenting her words with a large yawn. The blond removed their hand from their head, holding their arms out in a showing way of telling her that she could take a nap on them. She complied, collapsing down onto their chest and letting her eyes flutter shut.

Denki carded their fingers through her hair, closing their eyes to block out the obnoxious sunlight that was causing their head to hurt worse than before. They didn’t know how long they had been laying there, but they had ended up drifting into an uneasy, not-sleep. It was like they were asleep, but they were still fully aware of their surroundings. Like they had been trapped in a perpetual falling-asleep nap. After some amount of time had passed, a voice roused them from their sleep. “Kaminari, please take Jirou back to the classroom and then go check on Kirishima. He’s been in the locker since his match was over,” Aizawa drawled, standing in front of them with his arms crossed over his chest and that familiar, venomous look in his eyes.

“Yessir,” the blond answered, watching as the teacher walked back in the direction of the aforementioned classroom. They looked down at their childhood friend still asleep on their chest. Their heart ached as they shook her awake, watching as she opened her violet eyes sleepily.

“Hmm?” she asked, sitting up and rubbing the sleep away from her eyes. “What time is it? How long was I out for?”

“I don’t know, I kinda fell asleep too,” they answered truthfully before they stood up from where they had been seated next to each other. She followed after them, giving another yawn, though this one was smaller than the one she gave before. “I have to go check on Eijirou. Aizawa-sensei told me to get you to the classroom.”

“I can go by myself,” she huffed, placing her hands on her hips. “I’m not a little kid.”

“I wasn’t saying you were, I was saying what Aizawa-sensei told me,” they teased back, mirroring their friend and placing their hands on their waist. Kyouka responded by sticking her tongue out at her childhood friend before heading on her way back to the classroom. Denki shook their head as they walked the other way, back to the boy’s locker room. They weren’t really sure what they had expected their friend to be doing, but seeing the redhead hunched over on himself with a large pair of breasts attached to their chest with a binder and bra beside him was definitely not it.

“Eijirou?” they asked, their eyes staring at their friend like he was a magnet.

“Y-yeah?” he stuttered, grabbing their binder and bra from beside them and hunching over a bit more to hide.

“Are you trans?” they blurted before they realized what they had said, clapping their hand over their mouth, internally beating themselves up for not being in control of what they said.

The redhead in front of him stood up and shoved his binder over his head while whispering something with a shaky breath. “Please don’t out me,” Denki could see tears welling in their friend’s eyes and as they continue to talk, the tears begin to streak down his face. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

Denki finally got themselves to move and they rushed forward, flinging their arms around their friend to comfort him. “Me too,” they whispered, their heart fluttering a bit with excitement at finding someone that would be able to know their struggle firsthand. “Well genderfluid, but same difference,” they sniffed through a chuckle.

“Really?” the redhead asked as he pulled back, wiping messily at his face.

“Yeah,” they nodded, “and it sucks.”

“What are you right now?” the redhead asked, his face falling a bit as the blond assumed he was realizing that he had misgendered them a lot.

Denki let a sob escape their mouth, pawing at their own tears. “Today I’m agender,” they responded. “Only one person has ever asked me that.”

“Who else knows?”

“Kyouka, anyone else know for you?” they responded through sobs that they tried desperately to get to stop, but they were so happy that one of their best friends was just like them.

“No, you’re the first,” he replied.

“Sorry that I had to find you like this, but I’m glad I can confide in you now, sometimes I think Kyouka gets fed up with me,” they chuckled damply.

“I doubt it, she loves you a lot,” Eijirou sighed, patting his friend’s shoulder comfortingly.

“Yeah, I guess she does,” the blond teenager shrugged. Denki leaned forward, hugging their friend tightly again as they tried to avoid the topic of their fake girlfriend. “Aizawa-sensei was wondering where you were, I should go tell him and leave you to finish changing. Bye Eijirou.” They hurried out of the locker room, going quickly down the hall before they’re stopped by the teacher that had spoken to them earlier.

“Did you check on Kirishima?” the tired pro-hero asked, raising a singular eyebrow at them.

“Yeah. He’s changing,” they nodded, hoping that the teacher would understand what they were trying to say. The black-haired man nodded before walking past then, allowing the teenager to continue on their way to the classroom. The noise made the remnants of their headache return a bit, but not nearly as bad as it had been before. They walked over to Kyouka’s desk, pulling out their phone as they began to play a game. They glanced up when they heard the door open again and saw that it was their friend that they had just checked on. The redhead walked over to his desk, sitting down without talking to anyone seeing as they were all already talking to someone else.

The blond pushed themselves off of their desk, walking over to their friend and placing a hand on his shoulder. Eijirou jumped, turning around to look at who it was. “You okay, Eiji?” they asked, using the nickname that Mina had bestowed upon him.

“Yeah,” the redhead whispered, blinking a bit as he blatantly lied. Denki raised an eyebrow at him before they slid into their seat just as their teacher returned back to the classroom.

“As some of you are well aware, not everyone in this class passed the exam,” he began, which made Denki’s heart fall. It was like they hadn’t expected to fail some part of their exam, but they had been really hoping that they would have been able to attend the Summer Camp with their friends.“And I said that anyone that did not pass the final exam would not be allowed to go to the Summer Camp, but this was just a logical ruse,” he smiled as the entire class groaned in varying degrees of anger.

Denki fell back in their chair, too exhausted to put much of a fight.“Hey, shut up, all of you,” their teacher grumbled, waving his hand to silence the class. “Everyone who did not pass is going to be required to take extra classes as they obviously need them.”

“Rude!” Mina huffed, leaning forward in her seat and folding her bright pink arms underneath her breasts. A ways away, on the other side of the classroom Denki could see Mineta’s eye nearly bulging out of his head as he stared at their bubble gum pink friend. “Ashido,” he turned his glare to look specifically at her and she sank back down in her seat, pouting a bit. He huffed a bit, leaning more heavily on the podium in front of him as he began to rattle off the details about the Summer Camp. He spoke and answered questions, even if he did so with an annoyed expression on his face until the end of day bell rang. They all shot up out of their seats, nearly trampling each other as they tried to get around one another.

Soon, the self-proclaimed Bakusquad had all found each other and were walking in a large group, all of them somehow forming a circle around the appointed ‘leader’ of their group. “You’re all fucking idiots,” Bakugou growled as he hiked his backpack up a bit further on his shoulder.

“Why are we idiots this time?” Denki asked, their eyes rolling playfully into the back of their head. “I mean, besides the obvious.”

“Literally none of you passed!” he hissed out, turning to face those of the group that were standing behind him.

“Aw, c’mon, I passed,” Hanta huffed, frowning a bit as the blond chided him for something he didn’t do. “Even if it was technically that pervert’s doing. I still passed!”

“Yeah, at least be nice to Hanta!” Denki huffed, defending their friend. “I mean, the rest of us failed kinda miserably.”

“Damn straight,” Bakugou chuckled as they continued to make their way down the hall. The crowds of other students parted a bit as they came across the Bakusquad, all a bit intimidated by the explosive teen in the middle of a circle of teenagers with dangerous Quirks.

“As much as I love being here with you guys, my dads are texting me,” Mina pulled her phone out of her pocket, looking down at the most recent text that she had received from one of her fathers.

“Bye Mina!” Denki sighed, wrapping his arms around her for a minute as he hugged her goodbye.

“Bye Mina,” Eijirou grinned at her as he too gave her a tight, yet brief hug.

“See ya,” Hanta smirked, running his hand over her wild pink hair in between her horns. She narrowed her eyes playfully at him as she tossed her head back and forth, trying to get away from the offending hand. She waved at them as she sprinted down the hall.

“I should probably go find Kyouka,” Denki mumbled after Mina had finally bound out of their sights. At the mention of their friend’s girlfriend, Hanta’s shoulders slumped and he quickly became rigid.

“Yeah, go find your girlfriend before someone else does,” Eijirou chuckled, winking at his friend. The blond felt his stomach drop down into nothingness as a wave of panic overtook them. They waved behind them awkwardly as they sprinted down the hall in the direction that they had last seen their childhood friend. Worst case scenarios played through their head, each one leaving them feeling worse than the last. Luckily, the purple-haired girl was just leaning against a wall as she scrolled through her phone, waiting for her friend to come and keep up their facade.

“I was waiting for you,” she huffed, stuffing her phone in her pocket as she saw them coming down the hallway.

“Sorry, I got caught up talking to the rest of the Bakusquad,” they blushed, holding their hand out for the other to take.

“You just wanted to stare at Sero,” she teased, weaving their fingers together as they made their way outside.

“So what if I did?” they asked. “It’s not like you are one to talk. You gawk at Yaoyorozu every time she gets into her hero outfit.”

“Shut up.”

Chapter Text

Electric Blanket to Jirphones

Hey Kyouka

I have a really serious question for you


Jirphones to Electric Blanket

Okay, shoot.


Electric Blanket to Jirphones

I really, really like Hanta. Like, every time I think about him my heart hurts and I feel like I’m dying without him

Would it be okay if I asked him to date me? Like in secret, so that people would still think we’re dating?


Jirphones to Electric Blanket

Of course. As long as everyone in the class is still under the impression that we’re the ones boning, then I’m good


Electric Blanket to Jirphones

Thank you so much Kyouka!


Jirphones to Electric Blanket

Welcome <3


Electric Blanket to Jirphones

Love you


Jirphones to Electric Blanket

Love you too


Denki raced out of her house as fast as she could, eager to get away from her family. For some reason, her mother and father had been even more agitated the normal. Her father had snapped and criticized every single thing that he saw her doing every time that he bothered to acknowledge that she existed. Her mother had spent almost all of the past week screaming at the younger girls, meaning that Denki had spent a lot of time comforting them. She had managed to sleep pretty well, which was abnormal for her even when she wasn’t buried under the sweaty, sticky bodies of her younger sisters

The hot Summer sun was something that she welcomed as she quickly made her way down to the bus stop. She arrived just in time as the bus had just pulled up and opened its doors as soon as she had reached it. She pulled herself onto it, loving the way that it felt when she sat down due to her wearing some of the female undergarments that she had bought with Kyouka. For being female that day, she was actually very comfortable with her body. It was a bit of a miracle how much euphoria could come from something as idiotic as underpants.

She was so excited to get to see her friends and spend some real time with them without having to worry about whether or not her childhood friend was going to be attacked by their fellow classmate. She had a bounce in her step as she got off of the bus as close to the mall as the bus ran. She stuffed her phone in her pocket as she walked, a bright grin on her face as she spotted that two of her friends were already there and waiting for them.

“Hey!” she raised her hand above her head and waved to them before she put her hand down, afraid that her friends would somehow manage to see that she was wearing a bra.

“Hey bro,” Hanta smirked, turning to look at his friend. A dopey smile formed on his face, making her heart melt a bit as she saw that it was for her. It was a bit obvious that the other teenager had a crush on her, but she had to keep up the facade that she had Kyouka were dating for the other girl’s safety. The word bro takes away the heart-melting, making him shy back as a bit of dysphoria rears up in the back of her mind. She pressed it back, reminding herself that today was the day for her to have fun.

“Do you know when Eijirou and Mina are going to get here?” she asked, looking around to see if the last two members of their group had gotten there without her noticing.

“They’re not. Mina said that Eijirou was going to stop by her house to meet her dads,” Hanta responded quickly, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking away from her awkwardly.

Bakugou turned, walking away from the group without saying anything to them. “Where are you going?” Hanta called out, throwing his hands up in the air to emphasize his confusion.

“Bathroom,” he shouted back, waving his hand in dismissal as he continued on his way.

“I will never understand him,” the raven-haired boy shook his head. He turned back to the blond, the same dopey smile he always wore when she was around returning to her face. He held his arms open and tilted his head as he looked at her expectantly. She grinned, rushing forward and wrapped her arms around his lanky yet muscular torso. It was a bit of an odd thing, but she had always loved the musky allspice scent of the other boy. It made her feel safe and protected due to how many times she had smelled it when he had come over to comfort her.

“It really is nice to see you,” he whispered, squeezing her tightly before he pulled back.

She took a deep breath, trying to get his nerves up. “Hey Hanta, can I tell you something?”

“Yeah, of course, what’s up?” the raven-haired boy said immediately, getting a little bit worried as he looked at her. His brows furrowed together as he reached out to her, placing a careful hand on her arm. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything is fine,” the blond answered, a tingling feeling coming from where he was touching her arm. “I just, this is kind of hard to say…”

“Whatever it is, you can tell me. I promise I won’t judge you,” the taller teenager grinned widely.

“I really, really like you,” she blurted, unable to keep the secret inside of her any longer. “Like, whenever I’m around you everything seems to be fine, I don’t hate myself as much, I worry about my home life or my grades as much. Everything just seems so much better when I’m around you. Please don’t hate me for this.”

“What about Jirou?” the raven asked, hesitantly choosing his words. “I don’t want to participate in cheating, it’s un-hero like.”

“Kyouka and I aren’t really dating,” she shook her head. “Mineta has been giving her too much attention for her to feel safe, so she and I are fake-dating to keep her safe. I mean, that kinda means that if you do feel like I feel then we would have to date in secret, and even if you did feel the same as me then you might not and to do that and-”

She was cut off by a hand on top of her mouth, stopping the noise. “Hey, Den, it’s okay,” he laughed. “You sound like Midoriya when you ramble like that.”

“Sorry,” she whispered, looking away from her crush for a moment as a small blush rushed over her face.

“I do like you, like a lot,” he whispered. “If it meant that you got to be my boyfriend, even if only we knew, then I would totally date you in secret.” Denki flinched harshly at the word ‘boyfriend’ having been called that one-too-many times while faking her relationship with Kyouka. Everything began to feel wrong as if she had her mind implanted into someone else’s body. It felt as though she wanted to scramble away from her own body like it was something she should be scared off. Her crotch becomes painfully obvious to her, becoming the center of her dysphoria.

“I-I actually have something else to tell you if we’re going to date,” she whispered, her heart rate beating in her ears as she spoke. Somehow, this made her panic more than revealing her feelings for the taller teenager. She looked around her to see if their friends were coming to them and seeing that they were completely alone where they were waiting. “I’m genderfluid.”

“Don’t think I’m dumb, but what does that mean?” he asked, a sheepish smile forming on his face.

“It means that my gender changes every so often,” she explained. “It’s kinda like being trans, except you’re cis sometimes too.”

“Oh,” he nodded. He wrapped his arms around the small blond, holding him close as he continued to speak. “Forgive me if I’m really bad at this at first, okay?”

“As long as you’re trying, it doesn’t matter to me,” she responded, feeling tears well up in her bright golden eyes.

“Uh, what are your pronouns right now?” he asked, pulling back after a moment.

“She/her,” she responded. “Does this mean that you’re my boyfriend?” she asked, a teasing smile falling on her face.

“Yeah,” he nodded, his hand coming up and caressing her face delicately. “Maybe we can sneak off when everyone else gets here and have our first date?”

“That sounds amazing,” she grinned, leaning into the touch of her boyfriend. All of the dysphoria that had been racing through her before melted away as he touched her, staring at her as if she was his sun and moon.

“You’re so gorgeous when you smile,” he whispered, leaning down and pressing a careful kiss to her forehead. The touch, while she had had it happen to her before, was still amazing now that she knew that he was her boyfriend. They pulled apart after a moment, thinking that they had heard one of their friends coming.

Luckily, just as they pulled away they spotted Eijirou and Mina coming over the small hill and closer to them. “Hey guys!” she shouted, raising her hand above her head to get their attention. Mina squealed, throwing her arms around her friend’s neck and sending them around in a circle. “Woah, Mina!”

“Sup Hanta?” Eijirou grinned, holding his hand up for the other boy to hit. The black-haired teenager did as such, bringing them in for a quick hug.

“Not much man, what’s up with you?” Hanta asked, pulling back from the hug and glancing over to Denki.

“Nothing just met Mina’s dads though. That was an experience,” he blew a breath out through his mouth.

“Were they just as….” he paused for a moment, thinking of the right word. “Eccentric as her?”

“No, they were actually pretty cool,” he smiled. “Bakubro here yet?” he asked, looking around wildly as if he was expecting the blond to just appear out of nowhere.

“Yeah, he had to go to the bathroom. He should be back in a minute or so,” Hanta shrugged.

“Cool, cool,” he nodded. Denki finally managed to pry Mina off of her and fell to the back of the group where she walked next to Eijirou as they headed into the mall. “Pronouns?” he whispered quiet enough that the others couldn’t hear.

“She/her,” she answered, pulling away before the rest of the group could count it as awkward. Behind them, Hanta had shoved his hands in his pants and was looking everywhere but the two of them. Denki resisted the urge to roll her eyes at her boyfriend and how obvious it was that he was either crushing really hard on her or trying to hide something about them. She instead turned to her friend, choosing to act masculine for Mina. “Great to see you, man!”

“You too!” Eijirou grinned, and she noticed the lack of the normal masculine nickname that he always tacked onto the ends of his greetings. Just then, the leader of their group appeared and as soon as he did, the redhead next to him lit up. “Hey Bakubro!” he called out, waving at the blond with what he was sure a dopey grin all over his face.

“Hi, Shitty Hair,” he greeted, a small smile on his lips. Denki rolled his eyes at the obviously love-smitten teens as they walked further into the mall.

“So, where are we going first?” Mina asked, placing her hands on her hips as she looked over her friends. They all began to shout the stores that they wanted to go to, making the pink-haired girl giggle madly. “Sounds like we have quite the day ahead of us!”

“Let’s go get some food first,” Hanta suggested, sneaking a look at his girlfriend. Denki looked back at him, knowing exactly what her boyfriend was thinking.

“Ooh, food sounds great,” Mina gushed.

“I wanna go to the place across the mall, we’ll meet up with you once we get our food?” Denki offered, glancing over to her boyfriend with a small smile.

“Okay,” Mina grinned with a nod as she dragged the other two off in the other direction. The blond turned and looked at her boyfriend, waiting expectantly. They stared at each other for another moment before they headed off in a completely different direction. When they knew that they were far enough away from the others, their hands fell together so that their fingers were threaded together. They continued to walk down to the restaurant they knew was on the other side of the large mall, almost falling over each other.

“You’re so tall,” Denki pouted when they got to the restaurant, seeing that the other teenager almost towered over all of the other patrons.

“Do I need to be shorter for you, Princess?” he asked, looking over at her with a bemused smirk.

“You- that-” she blushed darkly, loving how the feminine nickname felt when it was directed at her. “I like that nickname,” she finally managed to sputter out.

“I’ll call you that more often when you’re female then,” he said decidedly, stepping up to the counter when they got the chance. They ordered quickly and took the food that was handed to them. Their fingers locked together again, feeling as natural as breathing as they walked back to where their friends were. They dropped their hands as soon as they got close enough that the others could see them. They continued to do that the entire time they were at the mall, seeing as they didn’t want to keep their hands off each other since they had just gotten together. It was exhilarating, keeping the relationship a secret while still showing PDA behind the backs of their friends.

Eventually, they peeled away from each other and the new couple found themselves shopping alone. “Would you mind if we went in there?” the blond asked, pointing at one of the shops that only sold women’s clothing. “I’ve been meaning to get a new top to go with the skirt Kyouka lent me.”

“I’d love to see you in girly clothes,” the raven-haired teenager responded.

Denki blushed darkly, ignoring her boyfriend’s comment as she tugged him over to the shop. She was immediately attracted to the tank tops that had large armholes. She had seen a couple in Kyouka’s closet and even a couple on her, but she had never dared to ask to borrow one. “What about this one?” she asked, holding the top up to her while looking down at the writing that scrawled across it.

“Can you try on an entire outfit and show me?” Hanta asked hopefully.

“You are so perverted,” she snickered as she grabbed one of the short skirts from the rack next to the tops. “But yes, I can. I’d be happy to show my boyfriend what I look like when I’m fully female.”

She rushed to the changing stall before her lover had a chance to respond. She turned around, refusing to look at herself in the mirror while she was partially naked. She had always had a slim, feminine frame, but it was nothing compared to what Kyouka was, and that always made the dysphoria worse. She tugged on the skirt, zipping it on in the front before shifting it around to the back. The next thing was the top and as soon as she put it on, the feeling of fabrics practically shattered all of the dysphoria that she was feeling. “Ta-da!” she said in a sing-song voice as she opened the door to the changing room, showing her boyfriend the outfit.

“Woah,” he whispered, his eyes wide as he looked her up and down. “You look,” he gaped for a moment longer, not able to find the word he wanted.

“So I take it that it looks good?” she teased, doing a small twirl that ended with her back pressed against his chest. He dumbly nodded as he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close to his chest.

“You’re so beautiful, Princess,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to her cheek. The clothes mixed the feminine terms her boyfriend was using made euphoria flow through her like it had replaced her blood.

“Just wait until you see me fully decked out,” she grinned as she pulled away from him. She locked the door behind her as she began to change. “So I take it you think the top looks good on me?” she asked as she shed the girly clothes and donned her normal, masculine clothes.

“Yeah. I really, really like it,” he nodded, leaning on the closed door of the stall.

“I’ll get it then,” she responded, opening the door which caused her boyfriend to come tumbling down on her. “Get off of me, doofus,” she giggled, pressing him off of her.

“Sorry, sorry,” he responded, getting up and off of her before he helped her up off the floor. “Are you okay?” he asked, his eyebrows knitting together with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she responded as she walked over to the cashier to pay for her clothing. When they finished paying, they met back up with the other three teenagers. They slowly made their way out of the mall, Denki and Mina being the only ones that had really bought anything. They all slowly got off the bus at the proper places, leaving Denki and Hanta the only ones left. “I’m so glad I finally managed to come out to you about my feeling and my gender and, yeah,” she smiled stupidly.

“Me too,” he whispered, reaching over and taking her hands in his own. “Hey, would it be okay if I tried out a new nickname? ‘Princess’ just seems a little too cliche.”

“I’d love that,” she giggled, pulling her legs up to her chest and cuddling close to her boyfriend. He looped an arm around her shoulders and held her close.

With every pet name he tried out, he placed a tender kiss to her head.


“Still cliche,” she answered. “But I’d be okay with that for demi girl days.”


“It’s a bit long.”

“What about Empress?” as the pet name fell from his lips every part of her body was overcome by a pleasant, soaring sensation.

“I really like that one,” she answered.

“Empress,” he whispered, pressing a careful kiss to her head. “You’re my Empress, Denki.”

Chapter Text

“Boy! Come down here!” the booming, terrifying voice of their father rang throughout the house. They winced, hating the male word that was being shouted at them. They slid off of their bed, turning off their phone and shoving it in their pocket. The small device continued to chirp and buzz at they got notifications from the group chat as well as their boyfriend. Their heartbeat heavy and loud in their ears as if yelling at them to turn around a run while they still could. But they kept walking, kept placing one foot in front of the other until they were in front of the living room.

“You wanted to see me, Dad?” they asked, resisting the urge to wince as their phone went off again in their pocket.

“Why else would I have called you down here?” the older blond scowled, turning away from where he had been talking to their mother. The teenager stepped into the living room, shrinking down on themselves as they worried about what would happen. The last time that they had been called down into the living room like this, they had gotten the lecture of their life before being struck across the face so hard it had bruised. They weren’t hit often by their parents, but physical punishments were definitely allowed within their household. “Sit down and stop acting like you’re a fucking pussy,” the older man slurred, gesturing grandly to the broken couch.

Denki did as they were told, collapsing down in between their parents. Their bright, golden eyes darted between both of the adults, mind racing as they tried to find out what they had or hadn’t done that day. “We’ve decided that you are allowed to go on that Summer Camp trip on one condition,” his mother spoke, her eyes darting up to look at her husband as she did so. A wave of panic raced throughout them, turning everything into an overstimulation.

“What condition?” they asked, looking at both of the adults like they were going to tell them that they got a life sentence for something they didn’t do.

“When you return, you’re going to have to start going on small missions with us. Nothing that will get us caught, but big enough that you will learn how to become Bioshock,” their father said proudly, puffing out his chest like he had just said something amazing. Their mother also looked rather proud, much like a normal mother would when her child had become something amazing.

Denki couldn’t think of a worse punishment. This wasn’t something like a reward, and what made it even sicker was the fact that their parents knew how much they hated it. “Okay,” they said hoarsely, their voice almost refusing to work. Saying the word and agreeing to the terms their parents had set for them almost made them physically ill, but they could think up a plan to get out of this.

“That was certainly a lot easier than I thought it would be originally. You must be learning,” the tall man chuckled. “Nala will give you your instructions when you get back to the house. Make sure that you stick to your word or you will be given the worst fucking punishment than you ever have before.”

“Yes, Father,” they whispered.

“Good, now you may go back to whatever pointless activity you were doing,” the man waved them off. As soon as they were allowed to leave, they bolted away from the man that had helped create them. It was really the only thing that he had ever done in their upbringing, but he acted as he had done so much more.

They slammed their bedroom door, pausing for a moment to lock it before they began to fly around their bedroom. They stopped, breathing hard like there wasn’t enough oxygen in the room even for a scrawny teenager. They crouched down, putting their head in between their legs as they tried to calm themselves down. After a couple seconds that lasted forever, they stood up and quickly unlatched the window. When the cool night air reached them, they took in as much as their lungs would hold. They rested their head against the cool plastic that surrounded the window, letting themselves calm down a bit.

“Panicking won’t solve anything. You have to think of a way to get out of this,” they whispered to themselves. They sat down next to the window, still relishing in the feeling of the cool air spilling in from the outside. They knew that there had to be a catch about why they were being allowed to go do something that they actually wanted to. The panic attack that they had just had made their mind move slowly, not really being able to process anything.

“Fuck, think,” they whispered, hands balling into fists as they tried to force their brain to work. “You know what, I’ll just handle one thing at a time. One thing at a time,” they whispered, pulling out their phone and checking all of the messages that they had missed. It only took about half an hour longer before everyone logged off after they told each other goodnight. Denki was really the only that that hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

Their thoughts quickly returned back to what their parents were planning. He knew that Nala’s Quirk would be pretty much useless if he wasn’t anywhere near her since she could only attract electricity if it was fifty feet away from her. The twins hadn’t developed their Quirks yet, so they didn’t have to worry about their doing anything involving them.  Amara, Cheimi, Mei, and Yumi all had pretty much useless Quirks in terms of villainy.

That left Shera. Her Quirk was one of the most terrifying ones that he had ever heard of. She had the ability to track someone as long as she had one of their electronic devices. As they ran the idea of their sister’s Quirk over and over again until they came up with a solution.

They got up, walking around the room and collecting all of the electronics that they owned. The packed them all down in the bottom of their bad, underneath all of their clothes. They paused for a moment when they discovered their laptop, which was far too large to pack in the small bag. They bit their cheek as they turned around in a circle, looking around their room as they searched for somewhere to put it that their sister wouldn’t find. His eyes almost instantly fell on the place where he hid everything, the bottom of his closet. They crawled into the tiny space, pulling up the board and shoving the computer on top of all of the ‘girls’ clothes that they owned. Denki placed the panel of wood back over the secret hiding spot.

They moved back to their bed, wrapping themselves up in the big blanket that covered their bed. The curled up in the corner, leaning their head back on the cold wall. Their eyes drooped heavily at how sleepy they were, but sleep still wouldn’t come.


“It’s too early,” Denki whined as she pulled her legs up to her chest. She leaned on her childhood friend who was sitting next to her, letting her eyes fall shut easily. She had been far too giddy and excited for the day where they would go to the Summer Camp to sleep last night, which meant she was exhausted when the day actually came. She fidgeted a bit, still nervous and full of energy despite how exhausted she was. Kyouka chuckled, threading her hands into her friend’s hair and pulling on it to get rid of the snarls that had developed.

“It’s not really that early, Den,” she laughed, hugging him close to her. The smell of the outside air still clung to the train, leaving them both feeling happy and contented. The blond had always loved the smell of the outdoors, and the feeling of heat, which made Summer her favorite season.

“I didn’t sleep last night, so it’s very early for me,” she objected, scrunching her nose up and the train jolted and bumped a bit.

“You can sleep on the bus. I’ll make sure that no one bugs you too much. Lord only knows what Aizawa-sensei has planned for us, so it would probably be a good idea if you got as much sleep as possible before we get there,” she rambled, her hands moving a bit faster as she continued to pet her childhood friend.

“Kyouka, you ramble when you’re nervous. Did you know that?” Denki giggled, completely exhausted.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Go to sleep, you,” she huffed, pulling her hand away and swatting at the other girl’s leg. Denki giggled again before she allowed the gentle rocking of the train to lull her to sleep. She always slept better when she was around other people, or maybe she slept better when she was around Kyouka. It could have been because the only time she really felt that she was safe as a child was when she was spending time with the purple-haired girl and her family. It could have also been because she had always hated being alone, and so she felt comfortable and safe when she was sleeping near other people.

She had really only been asleep for a couple minutes when she was shaken awake by her childhood friend. “No,” she pouted, blinking a couple times before she took the hand that was offered to her. Kyouka pulled her up out of her seat, threading their fingers together as the charade began.

“I know, but you’ll be able to sleep when we’re heading to wherever the training camp is going to be,” she soothed. They made their way to where they were told to on the campus of the school. They had had to take the early train because taking the one that arrived half an hour later would have made them late enough that they would have missed the bus. They arrived so early that they were actually the first ones there, meaning that the blond got another chance to recover some of the sleep that she had missed out on the night before.

Kyouka sat down on the curb, placing her hand next to her and tapping the concrete. Denki obeyed, collapsing down next to her friend as a giant yawn escaped her. She placed a hand tenderly in front of her mouth, blinking the tears that had formed from the force of the yawn out of her eyes. “I hate seeing you like this. I wish you would take better care of yourself,” Kyouka sighed, pulling the head of blond hair to her so that it was resting on her shoulder.

“I know,” Denki whispered, guilt building in her stomach. She was trying to take care of herself and be as responsible as everyone wanted her to, but most nights she lost sleep because of her younger sibling’s nightmares. There was no way she could get around that. They needed her, and they couldn’t go to anyone else. In a way, she was being more responsible than most people expected a fifteen-year-old teenager to be by taking care of them all, even it meant that she didn’t sleep.

The comment from the other girl made her worry. What if everyone else in the class could see how she was falling apart? Their teacher was so strict that there was no doubt in her mind that if Aizawa saw how badly she was taking care of herself that he would deem her unfit to be in the hero course. A sick relief rolled throughout her body as she thought about what it would be like to not be here, to not be being pressured by her parents to tell them all of the secrets that course carried. What it would be like if she didn’t have to lie to not only her parents but everyone around her.

Maybe she deserved this. Maybe she had done something to deserve all of the neglect and abuse she had suffered through as a child. Maybe she had done something to deserve having two villains for parents. Maybe she had done something to deserve her forced lack of truth to everyone around her. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

The worst thing was having to lie to her amazing boyfriend. He loved and cared about her so much. They had spent a good three hours talking about nothing the night before. Just the thought of him made her heart swell and her stomach fold into knots. He was a gorgeous, sweet, caring man. But on the other side of their relationship, the part that they had to keep secret not only for Denki’s safety concerning her parents but for the safety of the girl who she was currently sleeping on.

“I can hear you thinking, Den,” Kyouka sighed, turning her head and pressing a kiss to the blond’s hair. “You’re supposed to be sleeping. Whatever you’re worried about, everything is going to be fine. Your little sisters will survive with you being gone for a little while, I swear. If anything too bad happens my parents are right next door and aren’t scared to do something. Everything is going to be fine.”

“But what if it’s not?” she whispered, her voice hoarse and scared. “Kyouka, I feel like something bad is going to happen.”

“Like what?” her friend asked, pulling away from her slightly and turning so that they were looking into each other’s eyes. She could tell that the other girl was only a couple of thoughts away from a full-blown panic attack. She reached into her backpack, pulling out the fidget cube that she always carried before she handed to the other. Denki took it gratefully, her long fingers trailing and toying with each side in turn. “Did something happen last night? Something you’re not telling me about?”

“No, nothing happened,” she shook her head quickly, trying to dismiss the other girl’s fretting as quickly as she could. There’s was no way in Hell that she could tell Kyouka that her parents were actually villains working with the League. “I was just too excited to sleep,” she excused leaning back on her friend.

“What were you thinking about just now?” Kyouka worried, taking her childhood friend’s other hands and gently running her thumb over the other girl’s knuckles.

“Hanta,” she answered. It wasn’t completely a lie, she had been thinking about her boyfriend pretty heavily.

“You’re so in love and you two have only been dating for like, a week,” Kyouka laugh, pulling away from her friend a bit.

“Stop!” Denki whined, falling back on the sidewalk as she tried to ignore the teasing. She threw her arms over her face, shaking her head back and forth.

“I leave you alone with my partner for three minutes and you’ve already killed them,” Hanta joked as he strolled over to them. Denki uncovered her face, looking up at the taller teenager that was coming over to them.

“Hanta!” she giggled, her face splitting into a wide smile. None other their other classmates had arrived yet, and neither had their teachers. The black-haired teenager leaned down, connecting their lips together in a passionate kiss.

“Gender today?” he asked when he pulled back from the kiss, sitting down on the other side of the blond. Kyouka had pulled out her phone, completely uninterested in watching her childhood friend make out with her boyfriend.

“Female,” she answered, leaning heavily on the taller man and taking in the cinnamon smell. Hanta hummed in response. His hands snuck around her waist, pulling her so that she was sitting on his lap. He leaned forward, placing loving kisses just underneath her ear before trailing down her neck.

“My beautiful Empress,” he chuckled, nosing underneath her ear as he spoke. She shied away, a bright blush forming on her face.

“You’re making me blush,” she whined, hiding her face in the crook of is his neck.

“That’s my job. As your boyfriend. And I also have to make up for the time that I’m going to have let Jirou take you,” Hanta explained as he began to pet the smaller teenager’s hair.

“Fine,” Denki responded. She pulled his head back before she pushed their lips together sensually again.

“People at four o’clock you two, wrap it up,” Kyouka sighed, looking up from her phone. Denki pouted, sliding off of Hanta so that she was sitting next to her childhood friend. She threaded their fingers together, leaning heavily on the other as she looked at her boyfriend with a certain aching, longing in her heart.

“How long have you all been here?” Yaoyorozu asked, cocking her head to the side as she approached the trio. Her dark black eyes held a sadness when she looked over at the ‘dating’ duo.

“Den and I had to take the early train. I have no idea why Sero got here so early. We’ve only been here for about twenty minutes or so,” Kyouka rushed to answer the question that her crush had asked. Her cheeks had turned a bright rosy color as she spoke to the other woman. The group quickly grew larger and larger as more and more students began to arrive, meaning that Denki and Kyouka had to play the couple even more so than they had before.

“You problem children are far too excitable,” their teacher sighed as he walked up to the group of about ten teenagers that had already arrived. A few moments after he had arrived, the bus that they were going to be traveling in pulled up next to all of them. The entire group of heroes-in-training were buzzing with excitement and anticipation. “Sit by someone you won’t be too loud with!” Aizawa chided after them as they all began to pile onto the bus. Denki picked up her bag, giving another longing look to Hanta as she walked to the back of the bus with her ‘girlfriend.’

“You doing okay?” the purple-haired girl asked as she sat down in her seat. The blond only nodded, leaning on the window next to her. They remained quiet as the rest of their classmates piled onto the bus, all of them sitting right next to all of their friends, except for Yaoyorozu who ended up sitting directly next to Mineta.

“I hate that little purple freak,” Kyouka whispered, her voice full of more malice and hate than the other had ever heard before. “I want to go up and wring his little neck. I can tell he’s thinking about touching her and hurting her and I just want to go-”

“Kyou, it’s fine,” she whispered, grabbing her friend’s hands and shaking her head. The nickname rolled off of her lips unlike it had in a long time, getting the other girl’s attention quickly. “Aizawa-sensei is right up there next to them, there’s no way that anything that bad can happen. She’s also one of the strongest members of our class! Everything is gonna be fine, just like you told me earlier this morning.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” the other girl agreed, nodding her head as she took a calming breath. “Get some sleep Denki. I’ll wake you if anything exciting happens.” The blond didn’t need to be told twice, just cuddling up to her best friend as she allowed sleep to envelop her.

She dozed easily the entire ride, only waking up when the other girl shook her awake. She looked outside, coming out of her sleepy state after a couple of moments. “Are we there?” she asked, rubbing her eyes.

“I think so?” Kyouka shrugged, getting off the bus and dragging the other girl with her. The blond’s mind slowly came back to her as she listened to first her teacher and then the pussycat’s talk. She glanced over at Eijirou, panic racing through her stomach as she worried about her friend. She wasn’t given any time to voice her concerns as they all charged off into the forest.


She stumbled out of the forest, her head feeling like it was splitting apart. She raised her hand up to her face wincing as she walked through a spot of sun. She wasn’t nearly as injured as some of her other classmates, but that didn’t mean that her head didn’t hurt. She stumbled sideways for a moment and caught sight of a certain red-haired teenager. Eijirou was collapsed down on the ground, breathing heavily and clawing at his ribs.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Denki asked, her voice scarred and small as she rushed over to the taller hero-in-training.

“No,” Eijirou gasped, holding his sides as he tried to fill his lungs.

“Oh shit, you have it on, don’t you?” Denki asked, her hand dropping down from her face as she helped the other teenager up. Panic rushed through her as she tried to think about what the right thing to do was. “Aizawa-sensei knows, right?”

“Yeah,” the redhead nodded, his voice a mere whisper through the pain. He seemed to be in pain as well as not being able to breathe properly because of the garment he was wearing.

“Aizawa-sensei,” Denki called out, wincing at the sound of her own voice. The sleepy man turned around, raising an unamused eyebrow before he saw Eijirou. He rushed over to them, easily taking on most of the other boy’s weight.

“Kaminari, go join the rest of the class in getting first aid and food, please,” he instructed, dragging the redhead away from the rest of the class. The blond stood there for a moment, slightly confused before she did what the teacher had requested of her. Seeing as she didn’t have any severe injuries, she just grabbed her bag and headed into the house. Her normal, in school training, had made it so that she knew how far she could push herself before the headache made it unable to function properly. She dumped it right next to where Hanta had put his before she walked back outside.

“You there, are you okay?” one of the Pussycats called out, running over to where she was standing.

“I have a migraine, but it should go away by the morning,” she answered, giving the woman a weak smile through her own pain.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to help you get rid of those by the time you leave,” the woman answered. She gave him a couple pain meds from the first aid kit in her hand before she turned and walked away. The blond easily dry-swallowed the pills but her smile slipped off of her face, panic coursing through her as the aftereffects of what she had just been through came crashing down on her. She glanced around, trying to find one of the two people that she knew could help her through this. She quickly spotted Hanta, who had also finished being treated.

“Denki, you okay?” the black-haired teenager called out, walking over to where his girlfriend was. He placed a careful hand on her shoulder, obviously looking around to making sure that no one was paying attention to them.

“My head hurts and I think I might be having a panic attack,” she answered, running her hand over her neck and chin as if trying to soothe herself.

“Hey, you’re okay. We’re okay, everything is fine now. If anything bad had actually happened I’m sure one of the pros would have come down and helped us,” he soothed, giving his girlfriend a quick hug.

“Yeah, yeah,” she nodded, taking a deep breath. Hanta smiled at her before he dropped his hand back down to his side. Kyouka wandered over to them, looking behind her in a panicked manner in the direction of the class pervert. Denki instantly threaded their fingers together possessively. Her heart ached as she wished that instead of her childhood friend, it was her boyfriend that she was holding hands with.

The rest of the group fell together easily, as they always did. The last person to join them was Eijirou, but as soon as she saw him the blond rushed over to him. “Hey, you okay?” Denki asked, a concerned expression on her face as she looked over her friend.

“Yeah,” he nodded, giving his friend a quick hug. The hug pressed against her chest, bringing her dysphoria to the front of her mind. She winced a bit internally, now feeling disgusting in her own body.

“That’s good,” she replied, looping a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Are you okay?” he asked, looking over and noticing how the blond was pulling at the bottom of his shirt awkwardly. “You don’t look so good, man. Did you get some meds?”

“Yeah, I just,” she shrugged, pulling into herself awkwardly. “Dysphoria sucks.”

“Oh,” Eijirou nodded, everything clicking together after his friend’s quick explanation. “Pronouns?”

“She/her,” Denki responded, giving him a weak smile as they walked closer to their friends.

“Okay, we can get through this together, right?” the redhead grinned, holding his hand out for the other to take.

“Right,” she responded, taking the hand and using it to pull him into a hug.

“Hey you two, let’s get going,” Mina giggled as she rushed over to them. She placed her hands on her hips, unaware of how much her two friends were suffering. “Dinner’s almost ready!”

“God, I’m so hungry,” Denki whined, quickly following after her friend and to the smell of cooking food. Eijirou chuckled and followed after them, quickly spying where Bakugou and Hanta were serving themselves some food. He made his way over to them with a small smile on his face, though it was hard to act as chipper as he always did when his entire body felt wrong.

“Hey,” Hanta greeted them both, smiling knowingly at the blond. He handed a plate of food the redhead before turning to his girlfriend and helping her get her food. Denki took it, smiling at her boyfriend the entire time as she made sure that their hands ‘accidentally’ touched all the while. They all sat underneath the trees at the edge of the clearing, talking like they hadn’t all just been thrust into a monster-infested forest.

Under the cover of darkness as well as the large blankets that they had been provided, Denki curled up next to Hanta. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to his chest. He leaned down every now and again, placing careful, gently kisses to her head. “Goodnight, Empress.”

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The tapping of one of his best friend’s pencil’s filled the room, joining the sound of their teacher trying to pound the lesson into their heads. Denki groaned low in his chest, not loud enough for anyone else to hear but just loud enough to be a sound. He placed a hand on his face, trying to keep the headache that was threatening to come forward away. He looked away from the front of the classroom, staring at his boyfriend instead. They had decided that they had to sit away from each other while they were in class so that no one would suspect anything, especially after they had been caught by Tokoyami as well as Satou cuddled up together at night.

He longed to just be sitting next to the other man, their hands threaded together as they listened to the lesson. He wanted to be able to finally be a normal couple, but there really wasn’t any way for him to be in a normal relationship. Not with his best friend still being prayed on. This is what he had signed up for, and now this is what he had to live with. He had chosen this, and now he was reaping what he sowed.

Or so he kept telling himself every time he began to wish for something he couldn’t get. His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the teacher. “Kirishima, knock that off,” he growled, setting his papers down. The redhead did as he was told, dropping the pencil down on the desk. Aizawa-sensei moved back to the front of the class where he again began to prattle on about something none of them cared about. Denki slumped forward, folding his arms on his desk and placing his head on them. He let out a tired sigh before he looked over to his redheaded friend. “This is so boring,” he whispered.

“Right?” he chuckled, placing his head on his hand and glancing towards their teacher.

Aizawa stopped talking for a moment, looking over all of the students in the classroom. “Alright, none of you are paying attention anyway and I’m exhausted. Talk amongst yourselves or sleep or whatever. Just behave yourselves,” the exhausted man grumbled.

Mina popped up out of her seat and walked over to where her friends were. She sat down on top of the table, moving Denki’s arms out of the way. “Rude,” the blond grumbled, sitting up in his seat.

“Hush,” she giggled, rubbing his head so that she messed up his hair. “I don’t need your sass.”

“I’ll give you sass,” Denki chuckled, standing up in his chair and placing his hands flat on the desk that she was sitting on. Their faces were almost two inches apart from each other for three minutes before Mina pulled away with a giggle. Denki smirked to himself as he sat back down on his seat. His heart ached again as he pictured what it would have been like to be in that situation with Hanta, and how he would have kissed the other teenager instead of pulling back as he had with Mina. He glanced over at his boyfriend, his cheeks turning a pretty shade of pink as their eyes met for a moment.

“We need to talk about your crush,” Mina said decidedly, sitting up straight and looking at her friend.

“Can we not?” the redhead asked, burying his face in his hands as he felt a large blush form on his face.

“We have to because I’m sick of watching you two fawn over each other,” the pink girl explained.

“I’m pretty sure I’m the only one pining,” he huffed, folding his arms over his chest. He cleared his throat and shifted a bit awkwardly, letting the blond know exactly how he was feeling at that moment.

“That is such bullshit!” she shouted.

“Mina, shh,” Denki whispered, wincing harshly and holding his head. “My head still hurts from training today.”

“Sorry,” she whispered, leaning forward and hugging his head gently. The blond just hummed, leaning into her touch and yawning.

“Can I sleep on you?” the blond asked once she released him.

“Yeah,” she nodded. Denki grinned, placing his head down on her thigh and letting his eyes flutter shut sleepily. She ran her hand through his hair, threading her fingers in between the locks. He loved being touched by anyone really, but apparently, he loved being touched by his friends. It was probably because he had not been touched very much as a child, so touch was now something that he always cherished. He drifted further and further into his sleep before he had fallen into it far enough that he couldn’t hear what his friends were saying.

Her legs moved underneath his head, waking him up from his light sleep. “Mina, you woke me up,” he whined, looking up at her with a pout.

“Sorry Den,” she whispered, running her hand through his hair as he placed his head back down where it had been. “You are going to drive me crazy. I’m sick of watching you two pine over each other, so I’m going to do something about it.”

“Mina, please don’t,” Eijirou sighed, running his hand through his hair. “I told you, he’s probably straight. It’s so unlikely that he would be interested in someone like me anyway even if he was into guys.”

“Self appreciate don’t self deprecate,” she sassed, removing her hand from the blonde's hair and placing them both on her hips.

“Fine, fine. I can’t stop you from doing whatever you want to do,” he sighed, placing his chin on his hand as he propped himself up on the desk that she was sitting on.

“Damn right you can’t stop me,” she giggled.

Denki felt amusement build in his chest for a moment as he listened to his friends banter back and forth. Any feelings of joy and happiness died as the voice of one of the pro-heroes they had been training with rang through all of their heads. He felt his heart sink down into the bottom of his stomach as he listened to the words that she was saying. There had been a villain attack at the one place that they had all thought they were safe. A lot of the students were already hurt as they tried to get them back to the safety of the building.

Aizawa spoke up only when she had finished speaking and the room was far too silent. “I can already tell what you problem children are thinking and you are all going to stay here where it’s safe.”

“That’s our friends out there getting hurt! You expect us to just stay here and not do anything?” Eijirou cried out. Thoughts of Katsuki and Jirou getting hurt raced through his mind at the speed of light. “We wouldn’t be very hero-like if we just sat here!”

“Kirishima,” Aizawa grumbled, looking at him. “You’re not heroes yet, and as a hero, I have to protect you. Letting you problem children go out into the villain infested forest when you couldn’t even pass the final exams would be extremely dangerous. Just stay here and stay safe even if I have to leave to go help them.”

Eijirou pressed his lips together, frowning harshly and sitting back down in his seat. He growled, low and deep in his throat as frustration built up inside of him. Denki placed a hand on his shoulder, giving him a comforting look. “Kyouka’s out there,” he whispered, tears of fear shining in his eyes. “What if she gets hurt? She’s all I have.” The unspoken part was talking about his boyfriend that was sat in the room with him, but he had no real reason to be concerned about Hanta at that moment.

“What are we, chopped liver?” Mina asked, her voice cracking as she tried to lighten the mood.

“You know what I mean,” he whispered, tugging on his bangs nervously. The pink skinned girl slid off the desk, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He sniffed and hugged her back as tears threatened to fall down his face. Eijirou sighed, standing up and hugging both of his friends. When they had all pulled away, Hanta walked over to them, a scared expression on his face.

“Denki, you okay?” he asked, squatting down so that he could look into the blond’s eyes.

He could only shake his head as he began to shiver violently. “What’s wrong?” Mina asked, placing a hand over her mouth as the blond began to breathe heavier.

It had all clicked, there was a villain attack at the supposedly secure location of the camp.

He had left his laptop at home.

His sister could track people using their electronics.

This was his fault.

If anyone got hurt, then it was his fault because he was stupid enough to go on this trip despite knowing how dangerous it was to have him here.

His boyfriend was right in front of him, and all he wanted to do was surge forward and ball his eyes out. His heart felt so heavy from all of the stupid mistakes that he had done that brought such pain to so many people that he cared about. He couldn't move. His lungs were burning as they desired air, but there was no way that he could get enough for them to be satisfied. “He’s having a panic attack,” Eijirou quickly recognized. “Guys, give him some space,” he commanded, grabbing hold of Denki’s hands and dragging him out of his chair and away from the friend group.

“Hey, Denki, look into my eyes,” he commanded, letting go of his friend as he didn’t know if touching him would make it worse or not. The blond did as he was told, staring into Eijirou’s crimson eyes. “Take a deep breath in with me and only breathe out when I do, okay?” he asked, taking in a deep breath and waiting for the other to copy him. Once he had, he let the breath out slowly, helping him calm down a bit.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

“You don’t have anything to sorry for,” Hanta commanded from behind him. “Are you okay now?” he asked, reaching his hand out.

Denki fell into the touch as he nodded, looking more exhausted than he had before. “Kyouka just means so, so much to me and the thought of her being gone or hurt just makes me want to vomit.”

The black-haired teenager sighed, sitting down on the desk behind him as he pulled his friend in for a hug. “I get it. If I lost any of you then I wouldn’t be able to function,” he sighed. “I guess it might be different with you and Jirou though because you’re dating.” The words that his boyfriend spoke were more like a reminder to him than anything else. He moved away a little bit so that they didn’t look as romantically as they had a moment ago. The lack of warmth made him want to cry again, so he only hummed and leaned further into the black-haired teenager.

Satou walked over to them a moment later, just as worried as they were. “Do you think Kouda will be okay? He’s so quiet and shy…”

“He’s a lot stronger than we think he is, I’m sure he’s fine,” Eijirou soothed their classmate. They all fell silent, waiting for anything to happen. Aizawa paced around a bit, impatiently looking at the clock and the door. Five gruesomely long minutes passed by before the door to the classroom opened and several students poured in. Several of them were very beat up and looked nauseous as they were sat down at some of the empty desks.

“Honenuki,” he whispered, running over to his friend from Class 1-B. The boy had looked a lot better the last time the blond had seen him. He was struggling to keep his eyes open, his head kept bobbing down to his chest.

“Kaminari?” the other boy asked, blinking slowly at the other hero-in-training. “God, I’m so tired,” he whispered, stumbling a bit and almost falling into the desk in front of him.

“Woah, woah, woah,” Denki shook his head, grabbing hold of both of his arms and guiding him into a sitting position along the wall. Panic  “I really don't think it’s a good idea to fall asleep right now. Stay with me,” he urged, tapping on the other’s hand in a hurried manner.

“But, Kaminari. I’m so tired,” he whined, his head lolling to the side in exhaustion. Denki hissed out a breath as he turned and grabbed his phone out of his bag. They were supposed to have turned them in, but Denki had turned in some of his other electronics instead. He turned on the flashlight, grabbing his friend’s face and pointing it into Honenuki’s eyes. “What are you doing?” he whined, blinking and trying to pull out of the grip.

“Checking to see if you have a concussion,” he answered, forcing the other’s eyes open wide enough. Thankfully, both of the pupils dilatated and shrunk as they were supposed to.

“Didn’t hit my head,” he answered gruffly. “Just breathed in too much of the gas when I was trying to find him,” his breathing became steadier like he was falling asleep. His head lolled to the side, showing the other that he had finally given into the cozy darkness that was sleep. Denki stood up, trying to calm his rapidly beating heart.

His eyes scanned the array of students before he found who he was looking for. While he had been tending to Honenuki, his childhood friend had stumbled into the room. She was worse for wear than the rest of them, having breathed in more gas than a lot of the others did. She collapsed down onto the ground, gasping for breath and looking like she was going to puke at any moment. The blond surged forward, falling down next to her like it was the most natural thing to do. “Kyou, Kyou,” he whispered, grabbing her hand.

“Is she okay?” he asked, looking up and away from his childhood friend as Aizawa rushed over to her.

“I’ll take care of her with some of the other students that know first aid, try to stay out of the way of everyone,” the pro instructed, obviously stressed beyond relief.

“Okay,” he nodded, walking away from where his childhood friend was being carried away. His mind was racing as he stumbled away from her. This was his fault. His best friend was injured, and it was his fault. Because he was too dumb to hide his computer from his own damn older sister. This was his fault. All of this pain and hurt was his fault, and there was no way that he could fix it.

But maybe he could.

If his parents were going to start forcing him to go on their dumbass missions, then he could slowly sabotage them as much as he could. He would do everything in his power to change and manipulate the missions so that they never did any real harm to anyone ever again. He’d still be a hero, even if he had to do it under the ruse of being a villain.

He was torn away from his thoughts as a pair of long, strong arms wrapped around his waist. He was brought down to the floor as the grip around his hips tightened a bit, holding him comfortingly. He leaned back into the touch of who he soon discovered was his boyfriend. “She’ll be okay, Denki. She’ll be okay. They’ll all be okay,” he soothed. His hand reached up, gently petting the blond’s hair as he tried to calm his thoughts.

Eventually, he slid off of his boyfriend when they had earned too much attention. Kyouka had gotten healed enough that she was stable, but she still looked like she had walked to Hell and back with the world on her shoulders. Yaoyorozu hovered near her, looking just as haggard and tired as the purple-haired girl. He chose to leave his childhood friend alone, the guilt eating at him. He curled in on himself, burying his head in his arms as he tried to ignore the fact that he had caused so much pain.

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“You fucking idiot boy,” their father growled, stalking towards him. His eyes were dark and his hands were down by his sides, poise in a way where he could bring them up to attack at any moment. His normal neutral expression was contorted into a menacing scowl. “You and that fucking school of yours have ruined everything!” he shouted, raising his hand in the air before he brought it down on his child’s face.

The sparking, crackling pain of electricity raced underneath their skin, intermingling with his own. The muscle seized up and cramped, aching and hurting. They could feel the electricity racing through the muscle, bouncing back and forth and causing it to hurt way more than it would if they had just been struck. They flinched back, reaching up to their face and holding it for a moment before the pain ebbed away. They could feel their own Quirk raising the surface in a form of natural self-defense. They forced it back and away, knowing just how much trouble they would have gotten in if they hurt or shocked their father in any way.

Panic raced through them, their stomach rolling around in fear. They cowered away from the man, covering their head with their arms in a form of protection. They had known that they would get in trouble for hiding their parent’s only means to track them and where they were going, but that didn’t make the punishment any less frightening.

Another blow came down on them, causing another one of their muscles to seize up. They sharply inhaled another breath before holding it for a moment. Instead of letting it continue to torment them, they chose to absorb the electricity and turn it into their own. The training that they had been receiving at the camp taught them how to do it and they were more grateful than they had ever been in their entire life.

“Come up and fight me you fucking pussy,” he shouted, hitting his child once more. Denki stood up, throwing their arms down to their sides and getting in one of the stances that they had been shown while training. They grit their teeth together, gathering a bit of electricity in their hand before they surged forward.

Their hand connected with their father’s face, causing the older man to fall back a bit. There was a minute of silence where neither of them moved or spoke. That moment passed quickly, the man getting up from where he had been knocked back. Denki froze then, completely unable to move. The older Kaminari walked forward, his face even darker and more dangerous than it had been before. His hands moved down to his belt, where he began to unbuckle it. Panic surged through the small blond, but still, he wasn’t able to move and run away from his attacker.

Their father grabbed hold of them. His hands were so large that they were able to hold both of their wrists. The tall man turned him around, bringing the belt up into the air before he brought it down on the clothes back of his child. “NO!” they screamed, their voice so loud that it ripped up their throat a bit.

“Fight back now,” the villain leered, bringing the belt down again, this time much harder. He continued to lift it up and hit his child over and over again. The blond writhed around, trying to get out of the other’s grip and away from the pain that was coursing through them.  They had no idea how long they had really been there, they really only knew that when they got dropped they were in more pain than they had ever been in before.

The door of the office closed as their father left, the belt having been left on the desk behind him. Denki quivered, feeling blood slowly ooze down their back from all the leather cuts that they had received.

They hadn’t been beaten in so long. They had been a good kid for such a long stretch of time, doing anything and everything that their parents had asked of them. They curled up in a ball, bringing their legs to their chest for a moment before releasing them. The process of stretching the skin on their back making the pain that was already there so much worse. “Fuck, fuck,” they whispered, sitting up as straight as they could to try and make the pain as little as possible.

They stayed there for a moment longer before slowly inching their way over to the door. They pressed their ear to the cool wood, listening for any signs of movement that would indicate that their family was nearby. They counted out thirty seconds in their head before they left the room, only then being fully sure that they would be alone. They sneakily made their way to the bathroom. The door locked quickly before they ransacked all of the cupboards to find what they needed. They grabbed the bottle of rubbing alcohol, pouring some out onto a cotton ball. They gently dabbed there they could on their back, trying to get rid of all the blood and bacteria.

The stretching of their arms hurt more than when they had tried to call themselves up. They weren’t able to fully get all of the little cuts and whatnot but managed to get most of it. They grabbed the back of ace bandages that they had, wrapping it messily over his back. Some of the cuts were probably deep enough that they required stitches, but there was no way that they could get medical treatment without reporting their parents.

And he couldn’t do that. If they reported their parents then they would hurt him even more. They might also hurt his sisters, and the young girls meant the world to them. They could also be separated from them, and then they wouldn’t be able to support them and keep them safe like they wanted to.

They tore themselves away from their thoughts as they hid the evidence of what they had done as well as they could. They turned, cautiously walking out of the bathroom and down the hall. The entire house was completely silent, telling the young teenager that they were probably the only ones in the house. It had only been two days since they had returned back to home from the training camp, and one day since their father had returned back from wherever he had been.

The blond grabbed their phone, not needing much else as they left. The day was bright a sunny as if it was completely unaware of what had just happened to the blond. Or maybe the universe was aware of what had happened and was now teasing them by making the day bright and happy. They shook their head, trying to keep the tears from escaping their eyes.

They deserved this. They deserved the pain and suffering for what they had done to everyone in their class. They didn’t deserve love or care. Thoughts like this were what had kept them from visiting Kyouka sooner, but the guilt inside of them had finally gotten them to leave the house. They ran a shaky hand through their hair, getting it out of their face.

They had walked about a couple blocks, almost to the hospital when a rush washed over them- him.

He would never get used to that, he was sure of that.

He climbed up the steps of the hospital, walking to the front desk with as big a smile as he could muster. “Hello! How can I help you?” the woman chirped, her smile bright and happy.

“I’m here to visit Jirou Kyouka,” he answered, his voice tiny and small in his throat. His vocal cords hurt from the screaming and pleading that he had done not half an hour beforehand, but he still had to be there for the other girl. He had caused her all that pain and hurt, so he had to be there to try and make it better through his corny, shitty jokes.

The nurse’s smile widened a bit and her eyes softened. She told him the room number and how to get there, completing it by pointing down the hall as well. The blond quickly thanked her before he rushed down where she had told him to go. His heart began to beat quickly in his chest, the thought of just getting to see her and reaffirm that he hadn’t killed his childhood friend.

He paused when he got outside of her door, his hand raised to knock when his body froze again. He took a deep breath, trying to soothe himself. He winced a bit, hating the way that the cuts on his back hurt every time he moved. His hand collided with the wood of the door a moment later, ignoring everything other than what his mission was.

“Who is it?” the horse, yet familiar voice of his childhood friend called out.

“Me, Denki,” he answered, his voice hurting every time he spoke.

“Den? Come in here,” she urged, and he guessed that if she were allowed to stand up and move around she would have already tackled him in love and affection. The blond did as he was told, opening the door and walking into the sterile hospital room. The other teenager was propped up on several pillows, both an IV and a heart monitor attached to her. She had several band-aids and bandages wrapped around various parts of her body.

“You’re not dead,” he whispered, rushing forward and wrapping his arms tightly around her. They had spent longer times away from each other, but it felt like the two days that he had spent away from her was the longest two days in his entire life. He felt the tears from earlier return, clinging to his lashes for a moment before they spilled down his face.

“Yeah, I’m not dead,” she agreed, wrapping her arms around him in a way to complete the hug. She rocked them back and forth, letting him sob and cry for as long as he needed to. Denki eventually collapsed down on the bed, still hugging her tightly. When the tears had finally run out, he pulled back and pawed at his cheeks to rid them of the wetness. “God, I didn’t expect you to care this much,” she laughed, trying to lighten the mood. “It’s not like you’re the one that did this to me.”

Denki could feel all of the color drain out of his face, leaving him as pale as Todoroki. “Denki?” Kyouka asked, raising her hand to cup his cheek. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“What if it was my fault? What if it’s my fault that you got hurt and that so many of the others got hurt?” he whispered, the pain in his back returning and aching like a reminder of what he had earned for trying to prevent this from happening.

“There’s no way that this is your fault. You couldn’t have brought the villains to the camp,” she soothed, running her hand through his hair as she tried in vain to calm him down.

“It is. It’s my fault. My sister tracked me to the camp because I was too dumb to try and hide my computer,” he whispered, his eyes wide with fear. He couldn’t hold the secret in much longer, it was like it was tearing him apart as it struggled to get out.

The girl in front of him just sat there silently, waiting for him to explain himself. “My-my parents,” he whispered, more tears coming into his eyes and running down his face. “They’re Bioshock. And they want me to become the next Bioshock because I’m the only boy in the family and I really, really don’t want to, Kyouka. I want to be a hero, I want to be a good person. I don’t want to have to go do all of these evil things that will hurt people. I don’t want anyone to ever hurt like I did,” he whispered, the words tumbling from his lips before he could stop them.

“Denki,” she whispered, placing her hand on his head. She smiled at him, her eyes crinkling at the sides to show that she was actually smiling, not just faking it. “You are a good person. You are not your parents. Why didn’t you tell somebody about this sooner?”

“They,” he gulped, trying to keep his voice as steady as possible as he spoke. “They threatened to do the things that they did to me to my sisters. They’re just kids, Kyouka. I couldn’t let them get hurt. They deserve to be happy.”

“Denki!” she huffed, falling back against her pillows. “Look at me.”

The blond hesitantly lifted his head from where he had been staring at his hands, staring into his childhood friend’s lilac eyes. “You haven’t actually done anything. From the giant rambling mess that you told me, you’re doing this like any hero would.”

“How am I being a hero, Kyouka?” the blond hissed, all of the thoughts that he had convinced himself of at the camp flying out the window. He was so selfish for trying to make himself feel better when everyone around him was hurting so much because of how horrible of a person he was. “I hurt so many people. I hurt so many people by just being alive, and everyone would be so much better off if I just…”

“Don’t you dare finish that fucking sentence Kaminari Denki,” Kyouka hissed out, gently slapping his hand to pull him out of his thoughts. “I probably would have gotten myself killed by that online catfish in middle school if not for you. Even if I had made it to UA without you then I probably would have been molested by that fuckhead grape-boy. You are my best friend, and you make everyone in the class happy. There’s no way you could have controlled what happened.”

“But I could have. Before I left, my parents weren’t going to let me come. The only reason that I was allowed to go was because they were going to start taking me on missions with the League. I knew that that wasn’t it and I tried to hide all of my electronics, but I couldn’t. I could have done something more, but I didn’t. And then when you and everyone else were hurt I tried to convince myself that I would make myself and uncover hero. I’m so selfish,” his voice cracked, having fallen down into a small whisper.

“No, you’re not. You are an amazing person with a lot of potential. You are not your parents. You are also not your abuse,” she whispered everything that he had told her throughout all the years that they had been friends clicking together in her mind. “Den, will you please tell a teacher for me? Please?” she urged, rubbing her friend’s face as she pleaded with him.

“I’m sure that all the teachers are super busy trying to get Bakugou back,” he shook his head. He couldn’t take attention away from what was happening in terms of the rescue of one of his best friends. It was his fault that the other teenager had been taken away in the first place, so if he were to take any attention away from it then it would make him even more of a horrible person then he already was.

“When they get him back, you’re telling someone. If your dad tries to hit someone again, call the police and then bring the little ones over to my house. I can tell my parents what’s going on, if you’re okay with that,” Kyouka offered, threading their fingers together as she gently calmed him down.

“Okay,” he nodded. He sniffed again, wiping his nose on the long sleeves of his hoodie that he had stuffed on before he had left. He wiped his cheeks next, trying to get rid of the saline trails that were drying on his cheeks. “I-I’m sorry. I came here to see how you were doing, not dump all of my problems on you.”

“It’s fine. If I wasn’t okay with things turning and spinning out of control, I wouldn’t be friends with you,” she grinned.

“True,” he smiled weakly, the sadness clinging to him a bit. “But how are you doing?”

“Pretty well. I’m achy and sore all over, but the effects of that weird gas/smoke stuff seems to have worn off,” she answered with a small shrug. “Momo came over to visit me a while ago. She’s doing about as well as I am, but she’s allowed to get up since she didn’t twist her ankle like I did.”

“You’re on a first name basis with her?” he asked, finally allowing the guilt, regret, and self-hate to fade away with the pain that had been surging through his back. Her face turned a bright shade of pink, unlike he had seen since she had gotten her first girlfriend during their second year of middle school. He laughed, fidgeted a bit on her bed so that he was sitting at the end of it while they talked.

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Denki fiddled with their phone in their pocket, unsure if they had the right time. The hot summer sun hasn't stopped shining since the day before, but it seemed less like a curse than it had the day before. They dug their hand into their pocket and checked the time. It had only been a couple minutes since they had last checked, but it still made them worried that they had left before they should have. They glanced back at the hospital behind them, thinking for a moment that they could just go and visit Kyouka ahead of time before everyone else showed up. They glanced back in front of them, reasoning with themselves that they didn’t want to miss when the rest of the class showed up.

“Denki!” Hanta called out, bringing their attention away from the worrying thoughts that had been racing through their head. “Hey,” the taller teenager whispered, his dark eyes filling with adoration and care. He leaned down when they were only a few inches away, connecting their lips together tenderly.

“Hey,” Denki whispered. Their stomach rolled in panic and disgust as they worried about how their boyfriend would react to knowing that they had caused the kidnapping of one of their best friends. They pushed the thought back, choosing to listen to the lecture Kyouka had given them that was repeating itself within their head.

“You holding up okay?” the taller of the two asked, his arms looping around his partner’s back, pressing on the bandages that they still had wrapped around their torso.  

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine,” they quickly said. The normal cuddling action that their boyfriend always did hurt a lot more than normal seeing as their wounds still hadn’t healed, but they were so touch starved that they just leaned heavily into the touch.

“You sure?” Hanta asked, worry seeping into his voice.

“Mhm,” they nodded, cuddling further into their boyfriend.

“You know you can always talk to me if something is bugging you right? I really care about you,” he whispered, his lip brushing against their ear.

“Of course,” Denki nodded. The two teenagers stood like that for a couple minutes before they pulled away, not wanting any of their classmates to see them in such an intimate position.

“Pronouns?” Hanta asked, looking down at the shorter teenager.

“They/them,” they answered quickly, their heart fluttering like a dove had been caged inside of the organ. Despite Hanta always asking what their pronouns were, it never stopped making them happy beyond all belief.

They stood next to each other, both of them wanting to move back to where they had been cuddled together before. Denki longed to feel the lean, slender fingers of their boyfriend to run over all of their skin. It wouldn’t have to be in a sexual way, all he wanted was to be touched by the other.

They didn’t have much longer to think about how their boyfriend would touch them when a group of their classmates walked over to them. Mina stood at the front, her hands on her hips and a bright smile on her face. Denki quickly mirrored her look, their smile almost splitting their face with forced cheerfulness. Behind the pink-haired girl, Asui, Todokri, and Eijirou followed after her. The two boys were both frowning deeply, neither of them seeming to even be up to faking joy. (Though Todoroki never showed anything other than apathy and anger.)

“Hey, guys!” Mina chirped, slinging her arms around Denki’s neck in a makeshift hug. Hanta stiffened a bit, always a little protective of his partner, even though the blond had to pretend to date another person whenever they were in public. Denki shot him a look before they wrapped their arms around their friend for a moment before the two of them split apart.

“How are you guys doing?” Hanta asked the other three teenagers. His question was mostly aimed at Eijirou since that was the person that they really all cared about.

“I’m fine,” the redhead answered shortly. When Mina had peeled herself away from their friend, he walked up to the blond and hugged him just long enough to ask, “Pronouns?”

“They/them,” they said quickly. The group stood around in awkward silence, none of them really knowing what to say to each other. They had all been there when the Incident happened, but it seemed like none of them wanted to bring it up and talk through it. The rest of their group that wasn’t inside of the hospital as patience filtered over to them. When they were all there, Denki took charge. They grinned widely as they charged into the hospital and up to where the receptionist was sitting.

“How can I help you all?” she asked, just as chipper and happy as she was the last time they had been there.

“Can you tell us where Midoriya Izuku’s room is? We’re his classmates,” Denki answered, keeping their bright grin on their face.

“Of course,” she answered, her voice filled with genuine joy as she told them where they could find their classmates hospital room. The group of fifteen teenagers made their way down the hall, all of them silent and awkward around each other. The blond still led the way, walking up to the door first out of anyone else. They knocked on it first, telling the other that they were coming in before they slid the door open.

“Oh, Midoriya, you’re awake!” they walked into the hospital room where the rest of the class too piled in. “Did you see the news? The media’s swarming the school right now,” they had actually been watching the news that day before to see if there was any more villain activity from the league, as it could have given them some idea as to where their parents had disappeared to.

“It’s way worse than the spring,” someone said, Denki wasn’t sure who and personally didn’t care that much.

“We’ve got a melon! We bought it together! A big melon!” Mineta chirped, holding the fruit that he and some of the other teenagers had brought. Just the sound of the disgusting boy’s voice made their skin crawl, but they chose not to react. They had to make everyone around them more joyful. The solemn looks they all possessed at that moment didn’t suit them in the least.

“I caused you trouble, Midoriya,” Tokoyami spoke up, ignoring what the grape decorated teenager had said.

“No, I did too,” he sighed. His eyes were wide and blown out like he was still reliving what had happened while also being in the moment with them. “Did everyone from class A come?”

“No. Jirou is still in the hospital and Hagakure is still unconscious from the villains’ gas. And Yaoyorozu also got hit hard on the head and is hospitalized here. Apparently, she regained consciousness yesterday. So everyone but those three came,” Iida explained in his normal, matter-of-fact tone. Denki’s heart ached as they thought about his visit with his childhood friend yesterday.

“Fifteen of us,” Uraraka said wistfully.

“Because Bakugou’s not here,” Todoroki grumbled.

“Hey, Todoroki!” Uraraka scolded, turning to him with her hands clenched in fists.

“All Might said, ‘I can’t save the people I can’t reach.’ That’s why he will always save those he can reach,” Midoriya started. “I… was in a place where I could reach… I had to save him… That’s what my Quirk is for… It’s exactly like what Aizawa-sensei said to me,” Tears began to stream down his face. Denki felt his heart clench as the other teenager put into words the guilt that he had been feeling. Even if they felt guilty for completely different reasons, it still hurt the blonde to see someone blaming himself for something that was so clearly their fault.

“My body… wouldn’t move… It was all I could do to save Kota. I couldn’t save someone right in front me…” he sobbed, his voice small and vulnerable.

“Then, let’s save him this time,” Eijirou blurted. Everyone stopped, gasping as they turned to look at him. “Actually, Todoroki and I were here yesterday, too. On our way to your room, we saw All Might and a police officer talking to Yaoyorozu. She and a student from class 1-B attached a tracking device to one of the villains,” he said, folding his arms over his chest as he spoke before dropping them back down to his sides.

“Does this mean you’re going to have Yaoyorozu make another receiver?” Iida asked, leaning forward a bit.

Eijirou clamped his mouth shut, letting the dual user next to him answer the question. “What if it does?”

Iida visibly tensed, curling into himself before he exploded. “It is as All Might said! This is something we should leave to the pros! This isn’t the place for us to act, you idiots!”

“We know that!” he shouted back. “But I couldn’t do anything. After I heard my friends were being targeted, I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything! If I don’t do anything now, I won’t be a hero or a man anymore!” he shouted, the attention of all of his classmates on him. His heart beat in his ears as he was worried if anyone would catch on to the undertones of his slightly mentioned gender.

“Eijirou, we’re in a hospital, calm down,” Denki whispered, pressing a finger to their mouth in a shushing motion. “It’s fine to feel strongly about things, but this time-”

Behind him, Asui cut him off. “Iida is correct.”

“Iida, all of you, you’re all correct. I know that” he admitted, shaking a bit with frustration. “But!” he whirled around, holding his hand out to the boy behind him. “Hey, Mirdoriya, your hand can still reach! We can go save him!”

“So, in short, you’re planning on getting the receiver from Yao-momo, following it, and going to save Bakugou yourselves?” Mina asked, waving her hands in front of her as she pieced together their plan.

“Yeah,” Eijirou nodded.

“Even though the villains said we were targets to be killed, they will probably let him live,” Todoroki said. “But that doesn’t mean they won’t kill him eventually. Kirishima and I are going.”

Iida growled to himself before calling out, “Don’t go overboard with your messing around!”

“Wait, calm down,” Shouji spoke up, putting his heavily bandaged arms out in front of them to diffuse a bit of the tension. “I understand Kirishima’s frustration at not being able to do anything and Todoroki’s frustration at having him stolen in front of his very eyes. I’m frustrated, too. But, this isn’t a situation where we should act on our emotions. Right?” Eijirou turned away, shame burning in his gut.

“L-let’s leave this to All Might,” Aoyama spoke up, a small stutter in his heavily accented voice. “Aizawa-sensei’s permission to fight at the training camp has been rescinded, too.”

“Aoyama’s right,” Tokoyami agreed, his deep voice still making Eijirou a bit jealous. “I can’t say much since I was the one who needed saving, though.”

“But-” Eijirou cried out, clenching his fists down at his sides.

“Everyone, we’re all shocked from Bakugou’s kidnapping. But let’s think things through calmly. No matter how just your feelings, if you’re saying you’ll fight again, that you’ll break the rules. Those acts are the same as those of villains,” Asui rambled, touching a finger to her chin.

Everyone stood around in complete silence for several minutes.  The next sound came from the door opening and a doctor entering. “Sorry to interrupt. It’s time for Midoriya’s exam.”

“Wh-why don’t we go?” Hanta asked. “I want to see how Jirou and Hagakure are doing too.” Denki let the grin slip back onto their face as their ‘girlfriend.’ was brought up.

“Oh yeah,” Ojiro laughed as he turned and began to leave.

“Deku, feel better soon,” Uraraka waved at her friend before the followed the rest of her classmates as they left.

“Thanks, all of you,” Midoriya smiled tightly as he watched them go. Denki kept their smile bright and happy on their face as they led the group down to where Kyouka’s room was. The rest of the visit to their hospital was slightly awkward, seeing as they all didn’t want to bring up the attack again but had no other ideas of what else to talk about. The blond took notice that Todoroki and Eijirou hadn’t followed after the rest of them, but chose not to bring it up to the rest of the class. They all needed the faux happiness.

Chapter Text

Denki routed through the drawer where his oldest sister kept all of her hair related products. He chewed on his cheeks as he searched for what he was looking for. He finally pulled it out, making a small noise of triumph. He turned around to the mirror, sliding the barrett against his scalp like he had seen all of the women in his family so many times. He snapped it shut, shying away from the pain that it brought him when his hair was tugged. He grabbed another one, sliding it in and snapping it securely against his scalp. He placed his hands on his hips, looking at himself in the mirror for a moment before he walked out of the room and back to where his younger siblings were sitting in the living room.

“Alright, what do you heathens want for dinner?” he called out into the living room, trying to make his voice louder than the shouting of the children. The five girls only continued to scream at each other, refusing to even acknowledge their older brothers presence.

“Don’t touch me!” Akane screamed, wrenching her arm away from where Yumi had been holding it.

“Stop shouting!” Cheimi shouted at her little sister, not caring to think about the fact that she was shouting herself.

“I hate all of you so much!” Amara groaned, throwing her head back against the sofa as she tried to continue to do her homework.

“Don’t say that! Hating people is so bad,” Myri whined, looking down at her hands as tears brimmed in her eyes. Denki sighed, rushing forward and picking the younger twin up. He began to bounce her up and down in a soothing manner, patting her back as his shirt began to get wet with her tears.

“Girls!” he huffed, moving between Yumi and Akane as he sat down on the couch. The former turned away, folding her arms over her chest and pouting. Cheimi looked up to her older brother, her eyes wide and slightly angry. “What do you all want for dinner?” he asked again, looking over all of them. His hand began to move in soothing circles between Myri’s shoulder blades.

“Chicken nuggets!” Myri hiccuped, wiggling around as she tried to move away from her brother enough to see what was going on. Denki was able to tell what she was doing before she was done and helped turn her around so that she was sitting on his lap.

“Stupid. You can’t have chicken nuggets for dinner,” Yumi scoffed, turning around and showing how red her eyes were from trying not to cry.

“Hey, don’t call anyone stupid,” Denki scolded. He made sure to keep his voice as calm and civil as he could, but his nerves were already pretty frayed.  

“You can’t tell me what to do!” she shrieked, throwing her arms up into the air as she jumped off of the couch. “You’re not Mom or Dad, and no matter how much you pretend to be them, you’re not going to be them! You can’t tell us what to do like you’re them,” she began to blubber, tears rushing down her face.

Denki sighed, clenching his eyes shut as he resisted the urge to shout at her. He knew that he wasn’t their parents, that he would never be their parents. But he was trying his best to take care of them and make them feel loved like he never had the privilege to as a child. Instead, he just looked at her for a moment before he said, “I know. But can you just try and be good for me until they come back?”

“When are they coming back?” Amara asked, her usually sassy voice small and scared. She had dropped her homework on the couch beside her, pulling her legs up to her chest as if she was trying to hide.

“I-I don’t know,” he answered truthfully, holding a bit tighter onto the twin that was sat in his lap. Akane leaned heavily on him, clinging to his side like it was a flotation device in the middle of a sea. “But they will come back. They always come back.”

“Why isn’t Shera taking care of us?” Cheimi piped up, speaking for the first time since her screaming match with her sisters. She was just as scared as all of the other girls in the room, placing her hand on her older brother’s knee to comfort herself.

“Shera is with Mom and Dad,” Denki answered easily. “Nala is out with her boyfriend and should be back tomorrow morning. So, I’m taking care of you tonight. Is that okay with all of you?”

A chorus of affirming answers met his ears, calming his anger a bit. He let his normal smile take over his face as he took in another deep breath. “Alright, now what would you like for dinner?”

“Chicken nuggets,” Myri answered matter-of-factly.

“Alright, does anyone object to chicken nuggets?” Denki looked around at all of the girls, his eyes falling on for Yumi for a moment longer than they had lingered on the rest of them. “No? Okay,” he grinned a bit wider. Every time the girls all obeyed and cooperated with him a bit of the stress on his shoulders lifted. He placed his hands on Myri’s hips, lifting her up off of his lap and stood up.

“Cheimi, Yumi, are you done with your homework?” he asked, looking between the two of them.

“Yes!” Cheimi grinned, puffing her chest out proudly.

“No,” Yumi sighed, looking down at the floor guiltily. “I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.”

“Bring it into the kitchen and I can help you while I make dinner, okay?” he offered, giving her a small kiss on the forehead before he turned to the last of his sisters. “Amara, I trust that you can finish your homework by yourself seeing as your pretty responsibly, but I am here to help you if you need it.”

“Denki!” Akane whined, getting her brother’s attention quickly. “Can we watch TV since we don’t have homework?” she asked, giving him the cutest look that she could muster. The oldest blond smiled softly, his heart melting a bit at her.

“Of course,” he nodded. He grabbed the remote from where it had been placed on top of the entertainment center. He turned it on, flipping through a couple of the channels to one that he knew played age-appropriate cartoons. “Be good for me and don’t change the channel without the permission,” he warned, knowing how much mischief the twins and Yumi loved to get in. He sighed as he turned, walking into the kitchen. Amara lifted herself off of the couch, moving to the table where she could pay more attention to her homework.

Cheimi grabbed her backpack and carried it into the kitchen. She hopped up on the counter, unzipping the bag and flicking through it while Denki set to work making dinner.

He grabbed the box of processed meat wedges out of the freezer as well as a bag of french fries that Nala had picked up on a whim while shopping. He reached underneath his sister’s feat and grabbed out two flat cookie sheets. He spread the food out on the sheets, looking on the back of the bag and box to make sure that he set the oven to the right temperature. He clicked the oven to the right number before turning to his sister as he waited for it to be ready to put the food in.

“What do you need help with?” he asked, jumping up on the counter next to her and looking at the paper in front of her. She leaned on him a bit, placing her head on his shoulder as she looked over her paper.

She clicked her tongue once she found the problem that she had been struggling with beforehand. The older sibling chewed on the inside of his cheek as he read it over a couple times. Doing as much was a habit he had picked up when he had realized that doing it made it much easier to absorb information. He ran the question over in his mind for a moment before explaining it in a way that his younger sister would understand.

“Oh,” she frowned, narrowing her eyes at the paper as she tried to understand it herself. She paused for a moment, tapping her pencil on her cheek before she wrote the answer down. “Thanks, big brother. I’m sorry I yelled before.”

“It’s fine. We’re all stressed and scared,” he smiled at her. He slid off of the counter, pressing a kiss to her forehead to try and make her feel a little better.

“It’s just,” she sighed, looking down at the paper and letting her long golden fall in front of her face.

“What’s going on?” Denki asked, his voice soft and tender, much like Kyouka always did with him when she was trying to get information out of him. “You can tell me, okay?”

“Some of the kids at school are really mean to me. They call me all sorts of names and it makes me really sad,” she whispered, sniffing a bit as a couple more tears appeared in her eyes.

“Oh, sweetie,” he cooed, moving her homework off of her lap and hugging her tightly. “Kids are really, really mean. When I was your age people used to make fun of me all the time.”

“Yeah?” she asked, sniffling into his shirt.

“Yup. They used to tell me that the only thing I would ever be good for was being a changer,” he pulled back to look at her a bit easier. She snickered a bit, holding her hand in front of her face.

“That’s mean,” she answered through little giggles. “They call me Lightening Face,” she said, the smile falling off her face.

“You’re not a lightening face,” he sighed. “Your face is very pretty.  I bet you’re going to be prettier than Mom, Shera and Nala combined!”

“That’s impossible,” Yumi said, her tone changing into the same matter-of-fact tone that Myri had had earlier.

“I think it’s plenty possible,” he answered, moving away from her and putting the food in the oven after it had beeped to tell him it was finally hot enough. “If the kids at school start bugging you too much, try talking to the teachers about it.”

“Okay,” she nodded. “Thanks, big brother. I’m going to go do my homework with Amara, okay?” She slid off of the counter, placing her backpack over one of her shoulders and grabbing the rest of the papers.

“Okay, call me if you need any more help,” he nodded. He folded his arms over his chest, leaning against the cupboards across from the oven as he waited for the dinner to be done. In his pocket, his phone buzzed, alerting him a text from his boyfriend.


Hanta to Denki

Hey there, babe


Denki to Hanta

Hello <3


Hanta to Denki

Watcha doing?


Denki to Hanta

Making dinner for my sister’s and I



Hanta to Denki


Can I ask you a kind of serious question?


Denki to Hanta

Uh, sure


Denki pulled his lips in between his teeth, worrying them back and forth. Anxiety rolled throughout him as he worried that Hanta had found out what he wasn’t supposed to.


Hanta to Denki

Were you neglected a lot as a kid? Like, were your parents never home?


Denki to Hanta

Not really no. I was home alone a lot.


Hanta to Denki

And they’re still leaving you home by yourself to take care of your five younger siblings? That’s fucked up

Why haven’t you reported them to the police or social services?


Denki to Hanta

I don’t want to be separated from my sisters.

I have to be there to make sure they’re okay.


Hanta to Denki

God, I just want to be there to make everything better for you.

I love you, you know that.


Denki felt his face turn a bright shade of pink, his ears burning as a smile split across his face. All of the stress, guilt, and misery that he had been wading through during the past couple days lifted away leaving him feeling giddy and happy.


Denki to Hanta

I love you too.


Hanta to Denki

As much as I would love to stick around and talk to you, my Emperor, I have to go and help Rio not break things with his Quirk.


Denki to Hanta

Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

Love you, bye.


The blond quickly turned his phone off, shoving it in his pocket and rubbing his face to get rid of the red color that was now sticking to his face like glue. He shook his head, making the barrettes in his hair slip out slightly. He fixed them hastily before getting their dinner out of the oven. He used a couple of paper plates to divide up the food for his younger siblings.

“Food’s ready!” he called out, getting the attention of the five girls in the other room.

“Chicken nuggets!” Myri squealed, tearing into the kitchen to grab her plate of food. “Why are there apples?” she whined, looking up at the older Kaminari.

“Because you have to eat your fruits and vegetables if you want to be healthy,” he answered, handing Yumi and Amara their plates as they continued to do their homework. Akane and Cheimi walked into the kitchen next, grabbing their own plates of food.

“Can we eat in the living room, please?” Cheimi asked, giving him a bright smile. He sighed, nodding as he grabbed his own plate of food. He followed after the three cheering girls, sitting down on the edge of the couch to eat his dinner. He lazily paid attention to the cartoons that were playing on the screen, his mind more content on thinking about if Todoroki and Eijirou were still trying to rescue Bakugou.

They all ate in silence, Denki taking their plates when they were finished so that he was able to dispose of them properly. They were all cuddled up on the couch after the last two girls finished up their homework and joined the other four. A loud banging sound interrupted the goofy sounds echoing out of the television. They all jumped, startled by the noise. Denki’s stomach rolled in panic, knowing that it was his parents that had finally returned home.

“Girls, go to your rooms and hide until I come and get you. Don’t ask questions, just go hide,” he urged, getting out of the pile of limbs and quickly turning the television off. “Make sure to stay as quiet as possible and whatever you do: Do. Not. Come. Out.”

Chapter Text

Denki stood in the middle of the living room, waiting for the adults downstairs to come up and do whatever they were planning to do. The girls had all scrambled away like they had been told to, hiding away in their own rooms. The boy had debated for a couple minutes whether or not to go hide himself, or try to get the girls out of the house before anything could happen, but had decided that if his parents didn’t do anything there was no reason to get the children worried.

“Denki,” his father growled as the man stumbled into the living room. He reeked like alcohol and looked like he hadn’t stopped drinking for weeks. His shirt was buttoned up wrong, two extra buttons flopping over the top. It was halfway untucked at the bottom, and he was missing his belt. The lack of the leather and metal object made the blond feel a little bit better.

“Yes, father?” he asked, his breath catching in his throat as he looked a the taller man.

“Don’t ‘yes father’ me,” he growled as he continued to walk closer and closer to his son. His steps were slow like he was almost tripping over himself.

“What did I do?” he asked, the words tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them. He felt his body freeze up a bit, all of his muscles go rigid. His foot moved back behind him a bit, his heel lifting up off the ground slightly as he got into a fighting stance. He could feel the electricity that lived deep inside of him raise up to the surface, floating just out of touch.

“Your stupid-ass fucking hero school is causing so many fucking problems for us,” he answered, walking forward so that they were inches apart from each other.

“What?” Denki asked, his stomach rolling in complete panic as he thought about how much danger some of his closest friends were in. It was his fault that they had to be in that danger.

It was his fault that one of his best friends had been kidnapped and that they were all putting themselves in danger to go save him. He should have been there with them while they were saving Bakugou. He should have been the one that was sent into the line of fire.

“Pay attention to me boy!” the drunken man in front of him slamming his hand down into his son’s shoulder. The sudden, shocking force of the blow would have normally caused him to fall back, onto his butt. Thankfully, the hero training that he had received had taught him to go into a certain stance whenever the situation that he was in got hostile.

“What the fuck is in your hair?” his father asked, his hands messily wrenching forward. He grabbed hold of the barrettes and tugged them out of Denki’s bangs, causing a couple of the locks of hair to come out with them. The blond cried out, his hands moving to his head for a moment before he lowered them back down into the fighting stance by his side.

“You want to be a fucking girl, boy?” he asked, holding the barrettes out to the other like they were the worst thing in the world. “I knew it was a fucking mistake to leave you alone with all these wimpy-ass girls.”

“They’re not wimpy,” he shouted, the jab at his sisters hurting him physically. They were all so strong and resilient, even if three of them weren’t really old enough to know who they truly were. He had grown up around women, and despite his father’s condescension towards them, he had always respected them.

“I’m their fucking father and husband, I think I know them,” he hissed out, his face burning a bright red shade.

“You’re not around enough to know them at all!” he shouted, throwing his hands up in the air as he took a step back from the man. Putting a little bit of distance between the two would make it easier for him to either run or attack if the situation took a turn for the worst.

“You want to know why I’m not there? Because I have to pay for all of you fucking freeloaders!” he shouted, lifting his hand above his head.

“Yu! Don’t hit the boy just yet,” his mother called from where she had been standing in the doorway. She looked just as bad as his father did. Her normally immaculate makeup was smudged down her face. She had dark streaks of mascara and eyeliner down her cheeks as if she had been crying moments beforehand. She dress was ripped and stained by the muddy water and alcohol. She also wreaked worse than his father did, smelling like several different kinds of perfume and the strongest alcohol that the money the family had could by.

“Don’t tell me what to fucking do, woman,” his father roared, turning around and threatening to hit her instead of their son. Denki lurched forward, wrapping his arms around the taller man’s arm and bringing him down. He grunted as the weight of a fully grown man came down on his chest.

The blond man turned around, covering his entire arm in crackling electricity. He lifted his arm up into the air, bringing it down hard on his son directly on his diaphragm. He struggled to get up off the ground, drunkenly leaning on the wall of the living room.

Denki scrambled up off of the ground so that he wasn’t lying down anymore. His right calf was laid down on the ground, his other leg holding him up shakily. He gasped for breath, trying to make sure that it wasn’t obvious enough that his father would think of it as a triumph. The muscles in his chest ached and spasmed as electricity caused them to seize up.

He took in a deep breath, closing his eyes as he absorbed his father’s Quirk. He looked back up at the man, panic rolling throughout him as he saw the dark look in his eyes. “So it’s a fight you want, boy?” he growled, his voice low and dangerous as he pushed himself up off of the wall.

“Yu, we still need him. Don’t bang the boy up too badly,” his mother warned, collapsing down on the couch behind her son as she sat and watched. Denki grit his teeth, almost wishing that he hadn’t jumped up on his father when the man had made a move to hit her.

“Don’t worry, Maka. I’ll only beat him enough to teach him who’s really the boss,” Yu answered easily. His hand once again became coated in electricity, so much that it almost seemed to be dripping.  He stepped forward again, using his other hand to lift his son up via has hair. The blond let out a loud scream, the small pain from his hair being pulled so harshly hurting more than the blow to his chest had.

“You sound like a fucking pansy,” Yu growled, bringing his hand forward and slapping the boy with the back of his electricity covered hand. The verbal blow hurt his heart, causing it to ache a bit. The physical blow also hurt a bit more than the ones before had, meaning that his father was using a bit more of his Quirk.

“I found fucking barrettes in his hair, Maka,” he growled out to his wife, waving the boy back and forth by his hair, causing him to whimper out loud. “That and the fucking girly-ass screams could mean that he wants to be a freak.”

“Are you trying to tell me that our son is a trap?” the woman asked, talking to her husband as if they weren’t beating the shit out of him.

“Maybe we ought to teach him what it’s like to be a man,” Yu offered, looking down at the blond with a sick, scary look in his face.

“Depends. What do you have in mind?” the woman asked, sliding off of the couch and walking forward to kneel next to her son. She activated her own Quirk, turning her hand into a mess of razor-sharp electrical wires.

Denki grit his teeth together, trying not to shiver in fear as he was essentially held hostage by his own parents. He should have been attacking them or at least escaping from them as well as he could so that he could call the police and get to safety with his sisters. But he couldn't. It was like his body had locked in place and was no longer movable as it should have been.

“Why don’t you show him what true pain feels like, Maka,” Yu whispered, his eyes filling with a sick form of amusement. The woman next to him chuckled, her own eyes mirroring the look that her husband was sporting. She moved her hand forward, slicing the shirt off of her son. A deep frown took over her face as she saw the messy, badly wrapped bandages that were surrounding his torso. She growled, low and deep in her throat as she cut those off as well. Denki hissed as his wounds were exposed to the world around him, the bandages scraping against the weak scabs and causing them to bleed again.

“I see you already got this lesson once before. No wonder you’re failing in school,” the woman scoffed with a roll of her eyes. She amplified her Quirk on one of her fingers, running it along the already angry cuts that his father’s leather belt had made a couple days beforehand. The electrical wiring cut through his skin, making the cuts that much deeper. He bit his cheek and lip hard enough to draw blood, trying his best to not scream like he wanted to.

Her drunken hands traced along that already angry wounds, slipping every now and again, causing a new cut to appear. His father placed a hand on her shoulder, pumping electricity down her arm and into his son’s wounds.

“Stop! Stop!” he screamed, writhing around to try and get out of Yu’s grip as the electric hand neared closer and closer to the bottom of his spinal column. He got away from them for a moment, scrambling backward as well as he could with the tearing, aching pain racing through his back.

He could feel the hot, slippery liquid oozing down his back at an alarming rate. He had to get away, he had to get to his sisters and get them out of the house. He stumbled to get up off of the ground, the blood he had already lost causing him to become woozy.

If his classmates were saving Bakugou, would there even be any first responders able to come to his aide if he called the police?

He had spent a moment too long thinking and was quickly wrapped up in the grip of his father again. An arm wrapped around his throat, tightening enough to make it so that he couldn’t breathe. His hands flew up to the arms, nails that had grown out in a jagged manner scrapped against the electricity covered flesh. His muscles spasmed and contorted as he took more and more of his father’s electricity.

“Don’t try to run for your punishment, boy. It’ll only get worse if you do that,” the man growled. He tightened his grip a bit, causing the younger to gag as his Adam’s apple was pressed into his throat. He loosened his grip as he turned his son around so that he could look into the golden eyes that had come from him.

“At least we know that that good-for-nothing hero school has done something to make you a bit of a better fighter,” he grumbled, looking down at the angry red scratches that had begun to ooze tiny droplets of blood. He placed his hand on Denki’s head, charging out a couple volts, just enough to make him woozier and slower to respond.

“Leave him Yu, he’s learned his lesson,” Maka huffed. She folded her arms over her chest, looking down at her son like he was the scum of the earth. “We need to get to where Spinner told us to be,” she grumbled, pulling her husband behind her as she tried to get him out of the house. The man followed after her reluctantly.

Denki pressed himself down onto the hardwood floor, trying to apply as much pressure to his wounds as possible to make the bleeding lessen. He fumbled with his phone as he pulled it out of his pocket and dialed the number for emergency services.

“119, what’s your emergency?” a soothing voice says into the other line. He can hear other people talking in the background of the call center, probably more calls from people getting hurt in the fight his classmates were having with the League of Villains.

“A villain broke into my house. I’m bleeding,” he whispered, his voice coming out hoarse and strained.

“Sir, please tell me what your address is so that we can send an ambulance to you,” he nodded, despite knowing that she couldn’t see him through the phone. He gave her the address, struggling to get it out as it was getting harder and harder to breath by the moment.

“Is there anyone else in the house with you or are you alone?” the responder asked, trying to keep him awake as long as possible.

“My sisters,” he slurred. The black around the edges of his vision began to tunnel in, leaving less and less of the outside world available for him to see. Quickly, the entire world blacked out and he felt as though he were floating on the most comfortable bed in the world.

Chapter Text

For once after a long, long time, when they work up their head didn’t ache. However, their entire back felt like it was on fire. Their hearing was the first thing to return back to them, allowing them to take notice of the steady beeping of a heart monitor. They opened their eyes into slits, only being able to see a small bit since the light in the room was incredibly bright. They glanced over to their left side first, seeing that they had an IV inside of their arm. Their entire chest felt tight like they had something wrapped tightly around their torso.

“Oh, you’re awake,” a peppy looking nurse grinned as she walked into the hospital room. A pale, dark-haired man walked after her, wringing his hands nervously. “I’m Nurse Miko,” she quickly introduced herself. She quickly walked over to them, placing a gentle hand on their forehead and cheek as if checking their temperature. “You gave us quite the scare when you came in! How are you feeling?”

“Ow?” they offered, wincing a bit as their already strained vocal cords were forced to work once again.

“I know,” she sighed, a sympathetic look filling her eyes. “You were in really bad shape when you came in here. Do you think you can speak? I can get you some water to sip on if you think that would help,” she rambled a bit, glancing behind her at the man that had followed her into the room. The blond nodded, anxiety and fear overcoming them as they remembered the presence of the mystery man who had yet to introduce himself. The nurse clapped her hands together in front of her softly before she hurried out of the room to go get what they needed.

“Oh, yes, I suppose I should introduce myself,” the man said awkwardly. “I’m Detective Tanaka. Your sisters are currently staying with one of the most responsible and trustworthy people in the foster care system until we can get ahold of your parents. We have tried to call both your mother and father, but they have not contacted us back yet.”

The nurse returned a moment later with one of the water bottles that the hospital provided their patients with. Denki pushed themselves up so that they could grab the water. They winced, hating the way it felt to remove the pressure from their back and then apply it again. The nurse walked forward, placing the water bottle down on the bedside table and helping them sit up a bit.

“If you could actually lean forward for a moment so that I can check your wounds?” she asked, giving them a hopeful look. They obeyed her, leaning forward and placing their head almost in between their knees. She gently looked over the bandages, making sure that none of the wounds had reopened. “Alright, everything looks good. Thank you so much,” she grinned as she moved away from them. Denki slowly lowered themselves back down onto the pillows behind them.

The nurse handed them the water, and they gratefully took a mouthful of water to wet their throat once again. “I know that this may be a bit stressful, but if you’re alright with it, we do need to get a statement from you,” the detective said.

“I think I can,” they nodded. Thoughts began to race through their still slightly slow-moving brain. Would the detective believe them if they said that they had been attacked by their parents? What would happen if they did tell him? There was no way that they would let anyone take their sisters away from them now.

“Alright,” the detective smiled. He pulled over one of the uncomfortable looking metal chairs, sitting down in it as he thought up his questions. He pulled out his phone, hitting the record button before he began his questioning of what had happened. “Can you please state your full name and age?”

“I’m Kaminari Denki, and I’m fifteen,” they answered easily. They took another gentle sip from the water bottle that they had been provided, making sure to not take in too much water at one time just in case they were going to get sick.

“What high school, if any do you go to?” he asked.

“I go to UA high,” they offered, feeling a bit sad that the detective didn’t know them from the Sports Festival before they reminded themselves that not everyone watched to cable TV and they hadn’t really been that big of a deal during the festival.

“Can you please tell me what happened?” the detective asked, sympathy and pleading thick enough in his voice that it could be cut with a knife.

“I was at home, with my younger sisters. I have two older sisters that weren’t at home like they normally are. I had just finished cleaning up after dinner when I heard something downstairs. I told them all to go hide and that they weren’t allowed to come out until I came and got them. The villains,” they paused for a moment, thinking about what they were going to say next. This was the perfect moment to tell a responsible adult what had been happening with their home life and finally get away from the abuse. But as they tried to speak, the words seemed to lodge and get stuck in their throat.

“If it’s too hard to talk about, I can come back tomorrow,” the detective offered, glancing down at the recording on his phone.

“N-no, I can keep going,” they stuttered.

“Only if you’re sure,” Detective Tanaka assured them.

“The villains came upstairs and found me. One of them held me down and beat me for a bit before the other cut my back,” they said, cutting down the actual pain and beating that they had endured by a lot. “I tried to fight back, but it only made things worse. When they left the house I called 119 and then passed out.”

“You mentioned your younger sisters, can you tell us their names and ages?” the detective asked. “Just to make sure that we got every one of them out of the house and none of them were kidnapped.”

“Kaminari Amara, thirteen, Kaminari Cheimi, eleven, Kaminari Yumi, seven, Kaminari Mei, nine, Kaminari Akane and Myri, both four,” they prattled off quickly. “Mei was over at a friend’s house, and wasn’t in the house when the villains attacked.”

“We did get all of your sisters out of the house, then,” the detective reassured them. “Do you have any other immediate family?”

“I have two older sisters. Kaminari Shera, who’s eighteen, and Kaminari Nala, who’s sixteen,” they answered easily, including the ages of his older two sisters since he had with the rest of them.

“Where were your parents while the attack was happening?” he asked.

They were the attack, they tried to say, wanting to blurt it out and finally be rid of all of the pain that they had to carry throughout their entire life. They wanted to tell the detective so badly that they were in pain. They looked down at their hands, unable to do much else. They balled them up into fists, digging their nails into their skin. Everything hurt so much, and all the blond wanted was for it to stop.

“Kaminari,” the nurse soothed, walking over to them and placing a tender hand on their leg. “Are you alright?” she asked, ducking her head down so that she could try to meet the patient’s eyes. The only thing that Denki could do was shake their head. Their entire body began to shake a bit, quivering under the pressure of the secrets that they kept.

“I think that it’s time to end the questioning, detective,” she whispered, turning to face the man behind her. “If you need him to answer more questions, feel free to come back tomorrow and we’ll see how well he’s doing.”

The male pronouns that the nurse was using caused the waterworks to begin. Tears raced down their cheeks at the speed of light, some dripping down their neck and some falling into their lap. Their heart ached and hurt, wanting nothing more than to tell the people in front of them all of the secrets locked away. They had to, they had to get it out. It was like it was a ravenous animal, tearing apart their insides as it tried to break free. The dysphoria that was now mingling with it was like someone had introduced a demon to the animal, both of them now swirling together and creating a mess.

“Of course,” the detective hurriedly stood up and left the hospital room, leaving only Denki and the nurse.

“Hey buddy,” she whispered, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I need you to tell me what’s wrong so that I can help you,” she said, her voice more gentle and soothing than Denki had even heard being pointed at them.

“It hurts,” they whispered, pressing one of their clenched fists to their chest. Their tears were making it hard to breathe, giving them a horrid case of the hiccups.

“What does?” Nurse Miko asked, her brows drawing together with concern. “What hurts? Is it your back? I can give you some medication,” she stood up off the bed, prepared to go get whatever pain killers would help them. They shook their head, sobbing a bit harder.

“My heart,” they answered, bringing their legs up to their chest as best they could. The action stretched the wounds on their back, pulling at it funny and making it ache just as their emotions were.

“In what way?” she asked, getting increasingly worried.

“I was so scared,” they whispered instead, sniffing slightly.

“Oh, love,” she sighed, sitting back down on the bed, and rubbing their shoulder tenderly. “I’ve dealt with a lot of people coming in here that have been through a lot, but you’re by far one of the youngest. That and you being from UA means that you’ve been through a lot before you were admitted here. Is there anyone I can call to help you feel a bit better? A girlfriend or best friend? I can try to call your parents again or we could contact your sisters,” she offered.

“C-can I have my phone? I want to call my sisters and then my boyfriend,” they sniffed, slowing the tears a bit as they thought about the comforting sound of Hanta’s voice.

“Of course,” the nurse grinned widely. She reached over to one of the drawers, pulling out their ruined, blood-stained clothes and then taking their phone out from underneath them. She handed it gingerly to them. “If you need anything, press that button, alright?” she smiled tenderly as she pointed to the button that they needed to press. Denki nodded, telling her that they understood.

They looked down at their phone then, too preoccupied with the device to pay much attention to what else was happening. She left the number that they could use to contact their sisters on the nightstand. He glanced over the notification from the group chat, finding out that his classmates had rescued Bakugou and none of them had been injured too badly.

No one seemed to have noticed their absence despite them constantly being on the group chat before the night that they had been attacked by their parents. More tears blurred in the corners of their eyes, thinking that they were really that insignificant to their classmates. They had been through the worst of it and yet no one knew or cared. They pushed back the lump in their throat, choosing to call the friend the Mei was staying at first.

“Hello?” a worried, masculine voice asked.

“This is Kaminari Denki, Mei’s older brother,” they winced at the fact that they had to use the masculine pronoun.

“Oh thank the Lord,” the man sighed. “Are you alright? When we went to drop Mei off at your house there was quite the scene.”

“I was attacked,” they cleared their throat. Their heart ached once again as at least someone seemed to care.

God, had Kyouka even noticed the ambulance outside their house?

They shook their head, focusing back on the voice coming through the phone. “Oh. That’s awful. We can keep Mei here for as long as we need to since she’s such a delight to have. I know that your parents aren’t home much. Is everyone else alright?”

“I was the only one attacked. I don’t know where Nala and Shera are, but I know that the younger girls are staying with someone from the foster system until they can contact relatives or friends to stay with,” he felt eternally grateful as he knew that at least one of his little sisters was going to be safe. “Would you mind if I talked with Mei?”

“Yes, yes, of course. She’s been incredibly worried about you especially after last night what with the fall of All Might,”  the man rambled before there was shouting in the background.

His words struck the teen a little harder than the man had meant them to. They felt their eyes widen as another wave of shock crashed down on them. They collapsed down on the pillows behind them, trying to wrap their mind around the fact that All Might, their idol, their teacher, the Symbol of Peace, had fallen.

They were yanked out of their thoughts as they heard the worried voice of their sister. “Denki?” she asked, her voice hoarse and scratchy as she spoke.

“Hey Mei-Mei,” they smiled, their heart swelling a little bit with sibling pride. “You okay?”

“I’m fine. Are you okay?” she asked, seeming a little put out that her sibling was talking about her when they were in the hospital.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’m in the hospital. There’s no better place for me to be,” Denki said easily. “Are you okay to stay with your friend until I get out or Shera comes to get you?”

“Yeah. I’ll be fine,” they could almost hear her nodding through the phone. “I like spending a lot of time here. They have a really big house and are super nice,” Mei answered.

“Okay, I have to call the other girls. Are you going to be okay?” they asked, worry taking over their face.


“Text me if you need anything. I love you.”

“Love you too, big brother, bye,” Mei answered before she hung up the phone. Denki winced a bit as the masculine name was used in reference to them. They sighed, calling the number that the nurse had left to contact their other sisters. Their conversation with them went about the same, but with more shouting and shoving due to there being five girls as opposed to one.

They hovered over the next person that they were going to call, unsure if they should call Hanta or not. They settled on not wanting to worry their boyfriend. They turned their phone off, letting the tears from earlier return in full force. They curled up on themselves, sobbing and crying until there were no tears left.


Chapter Text

“Hello?” Denki asked, picking up their phone from where it had been resting. They hadn’t even looked at the number as they replied to the call. They highly doubted it would be anything other than a spam call seeing as no one had tried to contact them.

“Denki, holy shit. It’s so relieving to hear your voice,” Kyouka sobbed, tears thick in her voice. She sniffed harshly, hiccuping a bit as she tried to get her emotions under control.

“Kyouka?” they asked, their heart beating a bit faster.

“Are you okay? Where are you?” she asked, her voice rushed and worried.

“I’m in the hospital,” they blurted.

“Holy fuck. I’m going to fucking murder your parents,” she growled, and they could hear her moving around the room that she was in. “What hospital are you staying at? I’m going to come to you. Do you want me to bring your boyfriend? Or some of the other people from the class?”

“No, I don’t want to worry them. I also kinda don’t want to have to talk about my parents,” they whispered, toying with the blanket in front of them.

“Don’t want to worry them?” she screamed, clearly upset. “Kaminari fucking Denki! I’ve known since you were three and you deserve nothing more than to be worried about!”

“Please don’t shout,” they whispered, feeling more tears prick up in the corners of their eyes.

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” she immediately whispered, her voice dropping down into a calming tone. “Where are you staying?” she asked after a moment when she made sure that her friend wasn’t actually crying because of her.

They easily told her the hospital, wanting nothing more than the comfort of their best friend. “Okay. I’ll be there in ten minutes. Call. Sero.”

“Okay,” they agreed, not having enough energy to actually argue with the other girl. The call ended a moment after that, leaving them alone again.

They leaned back against their pillows, blinking sleepily. Their legs twitched and fidgeted underneath the blanket. They had been admitted on the day that All Might had retired, and this was the second day that he had spent in here. They had mostly been ignoring everything and everyone, but they had been lurking on the group chat. All of their classmates had been talking about how terrified and worried they had been for the group that had gone to rescue Bakugou, none of them seeming to notice Denki’s absence.

What had hurt worse than being ignored by everyone was the fact that his childhood friend hadn’t messaged him the day before despite living right next to his house. She had called them today though, which made them unbelievably happy. They worried their lip in between their teeth, wondering if they should take her advice and actually call their boyfriend.

They glanced back down at their phone, seeing that it was blinking angrily with a couple messages from the group chat. They sighed, knowing that they couldn’t avoid the class forever and clicked on the messages to read over what his peers had been talking about.


Oh! there goes gravity to Class 1-A

Good morning everyone! How are you all doing?


Washi Tape to Class 1-A

Morning Uraraka


Unknown Person to Class 1-A

Good morning Uraraka, Kero.


Oh! there goes gravity to Class 1-A

Did you just ribbit over chat, Asui? That’s so adorable!


Unknown Person to Class 1-A

Call me Tsu


Yaomomo to Class 1-A

Good morning all!


Zoomies to Class 1-A

This chat has been rather calm as of late. It’s a bit concerning seeing as something incredibly traumatic just happened to the class.


Jirphones to Class 1-A

It’s because Denkis not online.

But none of you noticed.


Tokoyami Fumikage to Class 1-A

He is both literally and figuratively the charger for this class.


Washi Tape to Class 1-A

I’ve noticed.

Do you know why he hasn’t been online???


Jirphones to Class 1-A

He’s supposed to call you and tell you himself.


Washi Tape to Class 1-A

Well he hasn’t.


Queen Mina to Class 1-A

Why would Den need to call Hanta? Did something happen to him?


Jirphones to Class 1-A

It’s not my story to tell, sorry guys.


Denki took in a shaky breath as they exited out of group chat. They set their phone down next to them, ignoring it as a couple more notifications went off. They fiddled with the blanket in between their friends, their mind flying everywhere.

They knew that their sisters were safe, Nala having returned home to take care of them. They had each called him last night to say goodnight, and tell him all about the eventful day that they had had. They had been the good older sibling that they needed and assured them that they were fine and would be returning home soon.

In all honesty, the didn’t want to go home. The thought of going home sent them into a dark place in their mind that terrified them. They hated the thought of having to be around the people that had neglected and abused them their entire life. They didn’t want to go home, because it wasn’t home. It was a house built out of nightmares.

But they wanted to see their sisters again, more than anything. Nala said that she would bring them in if she could, but she would probably have to take them somewhere safer.

She was perfectly aware that it was their parents that had attacked him, and she loved their sisters just as much as they did.

Their thoughts paused for a moment as a familiar ringtone began to play. They glanced down, seeing that Hanta was calling them. They worried their lip between their teeth for a moment before they answered the call. “Hello?” they asked, their voice small and unsure.

“Hey there baby,” their boyfriend cooed. “Kyouka mentioned something on the group chat and you haven’t been on for a while. Are you doing okay? Did something happen?”

The tears that they had been crying for days now returned, oozing down their face slowly. “Hanta, Hanta,” they cried, just the sound of their lover’s voice making them want to sob and cuddle up as they felt safe.

“Yes, baby,” the other teenager whispered. “Please, please talk to me Den. I love you so much, just tell me what’s wrong.”

“I got attacked,” they croaked out, their voice breaking harshly. “Hanta, they came into the house and attacked me. I was so scared.”

“Baby,” the other sighed. “Why didn’t you call me sooner? God, are you okay?”

“I’m in the hospital,” they answered, tears slowly soaking their face. “I want you to hold me and be here with me,” the spoke without thinking, just kind of letting their emotions gush out.

“I can come to you, baby,” Hanta soothed. “But you have to tell me where you are. What hospital are you in?”

Denki sniffed a bit, calming themselves down a bit so that they could tell their boyfriend where they were. “Hanta,” Denki whined, rubbing at their eyes as they needed to hear the voice of their boyfriend again before they had to hang up to allow him to come to them.

“Yes, baby?” the other asked. They could hear rustling as he moved around, supposedly to come and visit them.

“I’m sorry,” they whispered.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, you did nothing wrong. We’ll talk more when we get there. I love you,” he quickly assured his partner.

“I love you too,” the blond responded immediately before the line went dead. They sniffed once again, leaning back on their pillows. They didn’t have to be along for long, as their childhood friend appeared in the doorway.

“Denki!” Kyouka gushed, rushing forward and wrapping her arms around them tightly. They could feel the tears from his friend soaking into the hospital gown that they wore, soaking through the bandages on their back as well. “Holy shit, I was so worried. First I see that there’s all these ambulances and police cars outside your house and then I found out that All Might nearly died, and- and,” she began to ramble fast enough to rival Midoriya, but not quite.

“I’m okay, Kyouka,” they answered. They began to card their fingers through her hair like she had done to them when their roles were reversed. “I’m okay now.”

“I’m not letting you go back there. You can’t, not after what they did to you,” she said defiantly. “Did you tell someone?”

“No,” they answered, looking away from her shamefully.

“That’s okay, I know that it can be hard to talk about your issues. Just, let’s try and go talk to someone when you get out of the hospital, okay? I’ll be with you every step of the way,” she reassured them.

“Okay,” they nodded.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you sooner. My parents wouldn’t let me go outside and ask the emergency responders what was happening. I was watching the stream of All Might’s fight with that villain and I threw my phone, which is why I didn’t call you sooner,” she stated. She moved a bit on the bed, shoving their leg over so that she could stay on it.

“Oh, I thought maybe you just hadn’t noticed,” they whispered, the words struggling a bit to get out.

“God, I love you to death but you can be so stupid sometimes,” she groaned, rolling her eyes.

“Hello?” Hanta asked from the doorway. His chest was heaving rapidly as if he had been running. Kyouka whipped around, ready to attack the other teenager before she realized who it really was. She got up off the bed, sitting down on one of the chairs as she let her childhood friend’s boyfriend come into the room. Hanta surged forward, collapsing down on the bed and wrapped his arms tightly around Denki.

“Hey baby,” he whispered. Denki began to sob again, hot tears streaking down their face. Hanta hushed him soothingly, moving them so that they were sitting on his lap. The blond easily let himself be maneuvered, wrapping their legs around his waist and leaning their head on his shoulder. “You’re okay, baby. It’s okay,” he whispered, rocking them back and forth as he checked to make sure that the IV was still intact.

“I missed you,” Denki sniffed when their tears had stopped a bit.

“I missed you too,” Hanta whispered. “I also really love you and I was so worried.” They sat there for a bit, just cuddled up together soothingly. Denki reveled in the touch, despite the way that their boyfriend’s arms were wrapped a little too tightly around them and pressed harshly into their back. “Can you tell me what happened?” Hanta asked after some time had passed.

“Promise me you won’t hate me after I tell you?” Denki whispered, looking away from their boyfriend as their eyes darted over to their childhood friend.

“I could never hate you. It’s literally impossible,” the black-haired teen retorted.

“My parents attacked me. Their villains working with the League. They got mad at me because some of the kids in our class prevented them from doing what they wanted to do. I-I can’t report them. I’ve been trying to, but I can’t,” they whispered, the words coming out rushed and almost on top of each other.

“I’ll help you,” Hanta said, his tone firm and reassuring. “I know that you would never want to hurt us. We are not our parents. I love you, Denki. I want to help you, alright?”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” the blond began to sob again, the feeling of love and affection nearly bursting from their heart as their boyfriend easily accepted them. The large pool of guilt and worry that had been created by keeping both of their huge secrets inside of them lessened a bit, leaving them feeling a lot better than they had in months.


Chapter Text

Denki was incredibly scared and confused as they saw both of their teachers standing outside of their house. Panic rolled through them, thinking that maybe the pro-heroes had found out about their parents being villains, and had come to talk to them about it. The blond took in a deep breath, remind themselves to take control of whatever situation they would be thrust into by the cruelty of the world. They continued to walk forward.

What was more terrifying than the idea of being found out was looking at their childhood idol in his deflated, weak state. He looked like someone had covered a skeleton with some badly made leather. One of his arms was in a cast and sling, held close to his chest. The relieving thing was that they could only see that injury as opposed to him being covered in casts and bandages like they had half been expecting.

“Aizawa-sensei? All Might-sensei? Am I in trouble?” they asked, looking between both of the pro heroes.

“Not at all, Young Kaminari,” All Might grinned widely, though he did look a bit confused by the situation at hand.

“Ah,” Deni nodded their head. They took in another breath as they unlocked their door, allowing their teachers to come inside. “If I’m not in trouble, then why are you guys here?”

They stood off to the side, allowing the two adults into their home. They entered and then paused for a moment, waiting for their student to make the first move. “We need to speak to you and your parents,” Aizawa spoke up, his dark eyes dull and bored.

“Uh, what if I don’t know where my parents are?” they asked, rubbing the back of their head awkwardly as they slowly made their way into the living room. Their teachers shared a look with each other as they followed after their student. They cringed a bit as they tweaked their shoulder awkwardly, irritating the wounds that were healing slowly.

“You don’t know where they are?” All Might asked, looking for clarification.

“No. I have no idea where my parents or oldest sister are,” they answered easily, sitting down across from their teachers. They fidgeted nervously, not being able to sit still for a moment partly due to lack of medication and partly due to being in such a stressful situation.

“Are they often gone?” Aizawa asked, spitting the words like they were acid that he had to get out of him before he died.

“Yeah, most of the time,” Denki shrugged, wincing again. The wounds were hurting more than they had them before since they were now off of the pain medication that the hospital had had them on.

“Are you in pain, Young Kaminari? You keep wincing,” All Might spoke up, fatherly concern dripping from his voice. It scared the fifteen-year-old to hear that kind of ton with such sweet words directed at them since they were so used to the abuse that they faced.

“Uh, actually, I just got out of the hospital,” they answered truthfully, no longer able to contain the secret from their teachers. Something about the tone of their teacher's voice unlocked some sort of truth fountain inside of them.

“Why are you coming home alone, to an empty house if you just got out of the hospital?” Aizawa asked, raising an eyebrow. Despite his supposedly unamused, unbelieving demeanor the teen could tell that he was concerned for them.

“I was going to grab some things and then head over to Kyouka’s,” they answered. “I mean Jirou’s, but yeah,” they blushed a bit, feeling more and more awkward as the moments went on. They were used to getting punished or ignored by teachers and adults, so having some pay attention to them like they were concerned was odd.

“Why were you in the hospital?” All Might asked, shooting the other teacher a pointed look with his dark, sunken eyes.

“I was attacked around the same that you, er, retired,” they chose their words kind of carefully, not really knowing what kind of reaction that their teachers would give them.

“Well, now we don’t need anyone’s permission. You got targeted by villains and your parents aren’t here. Have you seen them since the night of the attack?” Aizawa rambled, his words jumbled and a bit of a mess.

“No. I saw them just before the attack,” Denki shook their head. It was a bit of the truth, their parents had been there before the attack. During the attack, the people that were hurting them weren’t their parents. They had no idea who they had become, but they weren’t their parents.

“All Might, we can bring him into the dorms tonight to keep him safe. If his parents have an objection to it, then we can negotiate with them, but this is enough reason to bring him to the dorms without a signed form,” Aizawa said, turning to the other teacher and talking as if the teen wasn’t in front of them. Denki winced harshly as the male pronouns were used in reference to them, but tried to brush it off as easily as they could.

“Excuse me, what?” they asked, growing more and more confused by the second.

“Oh, yes of course,” All Might laughed as he turned back to his student. “Because of the fact that Class 1-A is getting targeted so heavily, UA has built dorms so that you will all be in a safer location. Aizawa and I have been going to everyone’s homes to get their parents permission to bring them to the dorms, but since you were attacked outside of the rest of the class you are clearly more of a target to them, so we do not need to get your parent’s permission.”

“With your consent, Mic and I can come here tonight and bring you and some of your belongings to the dorms early so that you’re safer,” the black-haired teacher spoke up, his voice holding a certain energy and urgency that the blond had never heard before.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” the teenager nodded, eagerly agreeing to what his teachers were proposing.

“We’ll be here around seven then,” the teacher said as he stood up. All Might followed after his lead, getting up from where he had been sitting.

“Got it, I’ll be ready then,” Denki chirped as they stood up. They walked the teachers to the door, waving to them awkwardly before they locked the door behind them.

They turned around, slamming their back against the door and whimpering as pain shot through them. They slid down the piece of wood until they ended up in a heap on the floor, completely spent from the small interaction. So much had been happening in such a small span of time, but they had to learn to deal with it if they ever wanted to be a hero. They took in a couple of deep breaths before they got up and walked to their room.

They grabbed a couple of old boxes that they had stuffed underneath their bed from the last time that they had gotten packages of books from their father. They began to put some of their favorite books into the boxes, though they had read so many of them and loved them all so much that they couldn’t really decide which ones were really their favorite. They quickly discovered that they had over five hundred books and had settled on bringing only a hundred of them that they couldn’t bear to abandon if worse came to worst.

They grabbed a backpack, shoving most of their girl clothes into it. They wanted to make sure that they could keep those clothes as close to them as possible at any time. They paused for a moment as they saw the shirt that they had picked out when they had first gotten together. A soft smile took over their lips, rubbing the fabric in between their fingers for a moment before they stuffed it into the already full bag. They had to leave a couple of their skirts there, not able to bring everything with them in the backpack.

They moved onto some of their normal, everyday clothes. They really didn’t have much, they realized as they finished packing everything away. The backpack that they had chosen for their girl clothes was abnormally small, so they realized then that they didn’t actually have that many girl clothes. All of their male clothes fit into one duffle bag, leaving them with two bags full of clothes and everything else that they were bringing being books.

They huffed, slumping down as they looked around at everything. They jumped a bit as they heard their phone go off again. They pulled it out of their pocket, noticing that they had a bunch of texts from Kyouka as well as messages from the group chat. They clicked on the texts from their childhood friend first, noticing that they were all asking about where they were. Denki rolled their eyes, smiling as the feeling of worth and being loved filled them. They quickly called the girl, thinking that it would calm her more to hear it come straight from their lips.

“Hello?” she asked, her voice sounding a small panicked.

“Hey, Kyouka. So you know that All Might-sensei and Aizawa-sensei are going around to everyone’s houses and telling them about the dorms,” they began to ramble.

“Yeah,” she confirmed.

“Well, I told them that I was attacked.”

“Did you tell them that it was your shitty-ass parents that did it?”

“No,” they whispered, a small bit of guilt consuming them.

“That’s okay. We’re working on it, right?” she sighed. “You’ve already made a lot of progress with telling your boyfriend, and I’m proud of you. Are your parents home right now?”

“No. I still have no clue where they are,” they answered. “But anyway, back to what I was saying. Since my parents weren’t here and since I told them that I got attacked, they said that they were bringing me to the dorms tonight. So, I kinda can’t come over and stay with you.”

“This is good. This is probably the best fucking thing that’s happened in a while because you’ll finally be safe from them. And maybe then we can actually get around to telling someone about the Hell you’ve been through,” she huffed. “I love you, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I love you too, Kyouka,” they answered easily. With the way that they talked to each other and hung off of each other so naturally in public, it would be easy to assume that they were dating and would one day get happily married to each other. Thinking about it, Denki would be okay with marrying his best friend. If they never fell in love with anyone or turned forty without a significant other and Kyouka was in the same boat, they could easily get married to each other and spend the rest of their lives together.

They pulled themselves out of their thoughts, messaging their sisters to tell them the situation before they looked around their room again. Glancing down at their clock to check what time it was, they settled down with one of the newer books that they were going to be leaving at the house.

They had no real idea about how long they had been reading, probably because they had hyper-focused a bit. They were only pulled out of their transfixed state when someone began to knock insistently on the door downstairs. They sprang up from where they had tucked themselves into a corner, flying down the stairs and flinging the door open. “Sorry! Sorry! I was reading and I didn’t hear you knock the first time,” they blushed, feeling sheepish and embarrassed in front of their teachers. They half expected the two men to berate them about not being vigilant and aware (not that they could really control when they went into hyper-focus), but it never came.

“No worries, young listener,” Mic grinned. His voice was a lot quieter than it was when they were in school. His hair was hanging straight down his back, tucked away from his face a small bit. Aizawa was still dressed in his professional clothing from the day before, but he had let his hair down so that it fell in front of his face.

“Are you all packed up?” the blond asked as the teenager allowed them inside of their home.

“Yup,” they answered, nodding as they led the two pro hoes up to their room. They glanced over all of their stuff before really allowing the other two men into their room, noticing that it looked kind of pathetic that they had nearly nothing other than books. They shook off all of their insecurities, just walking into the room and shoving the backpack full of girl clothes onto their back as well as their school backpack.

“You certainly have a lot of books, little listener,” Mic laughed as he picked up one of the two large boxes of books.

“Reading is one of my favorite past times,” Denki shrugged as they began to walk back out of the house. It almost felt as though they were moving out, which left them with a freeing feeling. Being with two of the people that he trusted most in the world because of their status as both their teacher and some of the most successful pro heroes in Japan.

“Is that everything?” Aizawa asked as he slid the other box of books into the back of the car that they had brought from UA.

“Yeah,” they mumbled, not daring to look up from the spot that they had found on the ground to look at either of the men.

“We then, little listener, it’s time to head off to the dorms!” Mic called out, elaborately opening the door for the teen with a laugh. Denki looked up with a grin, before glancing over to where their best friend’s house was. She was standing on the porch as if watching every move that the teachers made to make sure they didn’t hurt them. They waved at her before clamoring into the car. They pressed their bag to their chest, tucking their legs underneath them to make sure that they were as small as they could be.

The trip to the school campus was almost completely silent, just the small talk made by the teachers that left the teenager feeling awkward and shy. They had ended up pulling their phone out and texting their boyfriend for the last half of the ride, telling him all about the situation at hand.

Like almost all of their conversations, it turned into the two teenagers telling each other how much they loved one another and how much they missed them. Despite the repetition within the conversation, it did make the blond feel a bit better to talk to someone that they cared so truly and deeply for.

The moving in process was just as quick and silent as the moving out process had been. The teachers had just sat down the two boxes when Denki cleared their throat to get their attention. “Aizawa-sensei, if you could not act like I’ve already moved in, that would be great. I just don’t want to bring a lot of attention to myself and I would prefer to be treated like everyone else when they all move into the dorms as well.”

“Jesus kid, you need to spend less time around Midoriya,” the black-haired man sighed. “I can do that. Just make sure to be outside the dorms before seven.”

The blond let out a breath once the teachers had left their new home, leaving them alone. They whirled around, hands on their hips as they looked over what little they had to unpack.

Soon, Denki found themselves in one of the male dorms surrounded by books that they had no idea where to put. They placed their hands on their hips for a moment before they grabbed their phone, putting on some of their random YouTube playlists to listen to while they worked. It had always been hard for them to exist in silence as it let their mind wander faster than it normally did.

Once they could hear the music filling the small dorm room, they were able to actually get to work. They hid all of their girl clothes in a drawer at the bottom of the provided wardrobe. Their male clothes were easy to put away since they didn’t have to worry about people finding them. The books were really the only thing that took a while, but by ten o'clock they had put everything away.

Denki collapsed down on their bed, throwing their arms over their face. They allowed the calm silence to fill their mind, reminding them that they were alone and yet they were safe. Nothing could get to them here, no one could or would hurt them while they were inside these walls.

They were safe.

Chapter Text

Denki sleepily blinked at the clock in front of them. They had barely slept the night before, but instead of it being due to terror they had just had a random bout of insomnia. The blinked a few more times as they tried to get the bright light of the screen to come into focus for them. It was pretty early in the morning, and earlier than Aizawa had told them to get up.

They grumbled, rolling over in their bed and falling out onto the floor because of how they were wrapped up in their blanket. They groaned a bit, laying their head down along the ground and just laying there for some time. They threw their arm over their eyes, sighing slowly. They lay there for as long as they could, just staying on the floor. They didn’t know how long they had been down there, but they eventually pulled themselves up. They placed their hands on their hips for a moment before they picked up their blanket and threw it onto the bed.

“Clothes,” they grumbled, whirling around and grabbing a pair of black jeans and a black shirt. They smirked a little bit, thinking about how Kyouka was going to tease them about being goth despite the fact that she often wore all black outfits as well.

They grabbed their school backpack, flinging it over their shoulder to make it look like they would be moving into the dorms as well. They grabbed their phone, checking the time before shoving it into their pocket. They had a bit of time before they had to make their way downstairs, so they just collapsed down onto their bed for a moment. They continued to blink slowly, trying to make themselves wake a bit more.

They sighed, pushing themselves off of their bed and slowly making their way through the building. They walked out of the dorms, flinching as the sun hit their eyes and temporarily blinded them. They turned around, acting as if they had just gotten there while they waited for either their teacher to come or some of the other students from their class.

“You’re certainly here early,” Iida said as he and Yaoyorozu walked towards them, Shouto trailing a ways behind them though he was still part of their newly formed trifecta.

“I may be dumb but I’m not dumb enough to be late,” Denki shrugged, answering easily as a lazy smile fell onto their face. They were used to being the brunt of jokes from the people that they hung out with in Middle school and now that they weren’t a tiny ball of worry, it was easy to make self-degrading jokes once again.

“Dear me,” Yaoyorozu giggled, placing her hand over her mouth as she tried to muffle her giggling.

“That joke is highly inaccurate. You’re not dumb, Kaminari,” Iida frowned, placing his hands on his hips as he looked at the blond. They felt a small blush form over their face at the compliment from one of the smartest people in their class.

“I mean, it was a joke. That’s kind of the point of jokes, them not making sense or being truthful, I mean,” they rambled a bit, bouncing up and down on the balls of their feet.

“I suppose,” Iida hummed, folding his arms over his chest as he contemplated what he had just been told.

The group fell into silence for a moment, allowing them to focus on the familiar hunger that was growing in their stomach. They had never really made a habit out of eating breakfast and there was nothing in the dorm kitchens, so today was just one of the days where they wouldn’t eat. They shoved their hands into their pockets, rocking back and forth slowly as they grew bored.

“I wonder what the inside of the dorms is going to look like,” Yaoyorozu spoke up, trying to make conversation within the group.

“Probably super boring because it’s a school run building,” Denki answered, their idiotic grin slipping onto their face.

“I hope it would be at least somewhat homey,” she answers, playing with the edge of the skirt that she was wearing. It was kind of odd seeing this group of peers dressed in their normal clothing as opposed to their uniforms, but at the same time, it was oddly comforting. It brought a bit of humanity to these teenagers that they had always strived to be, that they had always viewed as the golden students.

After all, they were anything but a golden or honor roll student.

They pushed the thought away, smiling harder as they knew that their smile had slipped away a bit. “Even if it’s not I’m sure that everyone will put their own touches on everything!”

“Hello everyone!” Uraraka called as she walked over to their little group.

“Good morning,” Midoriya said from behind her, waving shyly. They formed a little circle, which Denki half expected to be excluded from since this was their group of friends. Thankfully, they all seemed completely fine with including them in their conversation.

“How do you think the dorms are going to be set up?” Uraraka asked, her bubbly voice reminding Denki a bit of his little sister Mei.

“Hopefully we won’t have to dorm with everyone else,” Denki piped up.

“I think that might be fun,” Midoriya chirped, his eyes shining. “I’m an only child, so I never got to share a room with anyone before I kind of want to find out what it’s like.”

“No,” Denki shook their head, their eyes going wide. “I have seven sisters until I was eight I was living in the same room as three younger girls. It’s not as fun as advertised.”

“You have three siblings? I never would have guessed,” Uraraka chuckled.

“I actually have seven sisters,” they corrected. “I have two older sisters and then I have five younger sisters.”

“You’re a middle child?” Iida asked.

“Yup. Almost completely in the middle too,” they nodded. They realized that they had only really spoken about their family to their tight-knit friend group and that the rest of their class really had no idea what their life had been like before they came to UA.

“So you’re a big brother? That’s so cute!” Uraraka giggled.

Denki wiped out their phone, scrolling to the picture that they had taken on the twin’s birthday, where all of their sisters had posed together. “No, they’re cute,” they answered with a small smirk, easily ignoring the ‘brother’ part of her comment.

“What are their names?” Midoriya asked, looking at the picture with great interest.

“Oldest is Shera, second oldest is Nala,” they said, pointing to each one in turn. “Then there’s Amara, who’s the youngest after me. Mei, and Yumi,” they pointed. Midoriya stood up, his face blanching a little bit as he heard the last name. “The twins are Akane and Myri, right there. This was taken at their fourth birthday.”

“That’s so cute,” Yaoyorozu commented pleasantly as she looked at the family picture. They turned it around, looking at it for a moment before turning their phone off and shoving it in their pocket.

“Yeah. I love my little sisters a lot, my big sisters, too,” they grinned. They wanted so badly to only say ‘sister’ instead of the plural, but they knew that that would get suspicious.

“Do they all have electric Quirks?” Uraraka asked, but the blond in front of her didn’t have to answer the question as another group of people walked through the campus to where they were standing.

“Den!” a voice squealed and a pair of bright pink arms wrapped around their neck.

“Mina!” they shouted back, collapsing down on the ground as the weight of their friend caused them both to topple over. “Why are you like this?” the blond asked, easily wriggling out of her grasp and helping her up.

“It’s their fault,” she answered, pointing to both of her fathers that had come to see her off. Denki gaped for a moment, vaguely recognizing them from some of their sidekicks that Midnight had talked about in her class.

“Don’t blame us for your attitude little miss,” one of them teased, wrapping her up in a hug.

“Pretty sure that you got that before we got a hold of you,” the other answered, hugging her from the other side.

“Fathers!” she teased, pulling away from them with a dopey smile. “Enough hugging!”

“Never,” they answered, grabbing her back into the hug. The blond watched them interact, feeling a pit of want grow in the bottom of their stomach. They wanted parents like, parents that actually loved them and would accept them no matter what.

They looked away, grabbing their backpack off of the ground. Mina whirled around once her fathers had left, throwing her arm around their neck and placing her chin on their shoulder. “I was unaware that you had two fathers Ashido,” Yaoyorozu commented, causing the pink girl to frown a bit.

“If that a problem?” she asked, quickly getting defensive.

“Oh, no,” Yaoyorozu shook her head. “I suppose that’s not what I meant to say. I meant that I didn’t know that those two were your fathers. I’ve seen them working with a couple of pro-heroes that my family worked with.”

“Oh yeah. Sometimes I forget that their sidekicks. They’ve always just been my dads,” she shrugged. “Well, not always. I was adopted.”

“I wish I could get adopted,” Denki mumbled to themselves as they got out of their friend's grip. They glanced around as Yaoyorozu and Mina struck up a conversation with each other. They shoved their hands into their pants, waiting for their boyfriend or childhood friend to arrive. They chewed on their lip, spying a familiar head of spiky red hair in the distant parking lot.

They picked up a slow jog, heading off to greet their friend. By the time that they reached the parking lot, he was by himself. “Hey,” they waved, feeling a bit sleepy now that they were around a familiar face that wasn’t knocking them over.

“Hey,” Eijirou replied, giving him a brief hug. “What are your pronouns today?”

“Same as last time,” they yawned, running a hand through their bright blond hair. “Man, I barely slept at all last night.”

“Any reason why?” he asked, leaning on one of his suitcases.

“I just didn’t,” they shrugged. “Your moms already leave?”


“Dang, I was hoping that I would get to meet them,” they clicked their tongue and shoved their hands into their pants. “I got to meet Mina’s dads. That was a lot of fun.”

“They’re great, aren’t they?” the redhead grinned widely. “Speaking of Mina, do you know where she is? I kinda need to tell her something.”

“Tell me what?” the bubblegum pink girl asked as she stepped away from her conversation to where the duo was standing.

“Uh, maybe we could talk away from everyone else?” he asked, nerves building up inside of him.

“That’s kinda concerning,” the girl laughed.

“I’ll watch your stuff, go tell Mina the thing,” Denki yawned again, sitting down next to the two suitcases that their friend had brought. They watched as the two teenagers walked off down the other side of the dorms. They sat next to the two suitcases, trying not to fall asleep as their body began to scream at them about how much it desired the sweet release of rest.

“Denki, did you sleep at all last night?” Kyouka asked as she walked over to where they were sitting.

“No,” they drew out the sound, thinking back to make sure that they weren’t lying accidentally. “Sort of? I didn’t have a good sleep, but there was some sleep in there somewhere,” they joked.

“God, you’re going to give me an ulcer by the time we’re twenty,” she grumbled, sitting down next to them and slinging her arm over their shoulder to force them into a hug. They collapsed on her, letting their eyes flutter shut for a moment before they heard Eijirou and Mina returning.

Once all twenty of them were standing around each other, all of them excitedly chatting with each other, their teacher appeared from wherever he had been beforehand. “Alright problem children,” he called out, getting them all to quiet down a bit. Once they all had, he continued talking. “There four floors, the first three floors are all dorms rooms while the first one includes a kitchen, living room and game room. If you want something in the kitchen then send a request to Lunch Rush and it will be there. Anything you break in the game and/or living room you will have to pay for. Each one of the dorm floors has a girls side and a boys side as well as a couple rooms in between. Come and talk to me if you need one of those. Each room is empty other than a bookcase, desk, and bed. There is a small, half bathroom in each room as well as a girls and boys bathroom and shower room with their respective halves of the floor. Now, I’m going to read off who is on the fourth floor and as soon as your name is called out you’re free to go get settled in.”

“There are rooms that don’t have a gender associated with them, that’s so great,” Denki grinned. “I’m going to have to ask for one of those eventually. I’m not quite ready to come out to the class yet.”

“I’ll support you wholeheartedly when you do,” Eijirou grinned at them.

“Hush, problem children,” Aizawa shouted over the class as they started getting worked up again. “On floor four, room ten, girl’s side is Uraraka Ochako. Room nine: Jirou Kyouka. Room Eight: Ashido Mina. Room ten, boy’s side is Ojiro Mashiro, room nine: Mineta Minoru, room eight: Kaminari Denki.”

The picked up their backpack, flinging it over their shoulder as they yawned once more. They stalked off towards their dorm room, the allure of their already moved in room calling to them. They opened and closed the door quickly, making sure that no one saw that they had already moved in. They collapsed down onto their bed, wrapping their blanket around them tightly as they let the warm blackness engulf them.

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RED RIOT has changed Blasty Mcsplodes’ name to Katsu-cutie


Queen Mina to Class 1-A

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Washi Tape to Class 1-A

Mina, more breathing, less jumping


Deku to Class 1-A

Kirishima, are you and Kacchan dating???


Katsu-cutie to Class 1-A

None of your fucking business nerd.


Queen Mina to Class 1-A




Zoomies to Class 1-A

Bakugou, please refrain from name-calling and swearing. It is un-hero like behaviour.

May I ask who changed my nickname?


Electric Blanket to Class 1-A


3AM is one hell of a drug….


Washi Tape to Class 1-A

You need sleep Denki.


Electric Blanket to Class 1-A

You can’t tell me what to do



Jirphone to Class 1-A

No, but I am. Get some goddamn sleep Den.


Electric Blanket to Class 1-A




RED RIOT to Class 1-A

Den, you’re kinda whipped bro


Electric Blanket to Class 1-A

Bet you 100 yen that you’ll be worse with Bakubro in a week


RED RIOT to Class 1-A

I’ll take that bet.


Zoomies to Class 1-A

Betting is against the rules, please do not proceed with this.


Electric Blanket to Class 1-A

FiNe DaD


Unknown Person to Class 1-A

can someone please explain to me why mina is taped to the wall outside of her room?


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I approve of your name Asui! :D


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call me tsu


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The Mina thing was me

She wouldn’t stop bouncing around and squeeling

So I brought her back to the girl’s dorms and yeah…


Electric Blanket to Class 1-A



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@Yaomomo Mom, Denki needs to be grounded.


Yaomomo to Class 1-A

You’re grounded.


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Ha! You got grounded Den!!


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Yes ma’am?


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Congratulations on confessing to Bakugou. Hopefully you can make him calm down a bit.


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Ex-fucking-scuse me Pony Tail?

I don’t need my fucking boyfriend to fix me.

I’m just fucking fine on my own


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You are kind of loud and angry, Kacchan.


Katsu-cutie to Class 1-A

Shut the fuck up, Deku.


RED RIOT to Class 1-A

Babe, I know you can be nice. Please try? For me?


Katsu-cutie to Class 1-A

Fucking fine.


Electric Blanket to Class 1-A

I take back my earlier bet. Bakubro is totally the whipped one


Zoomies to Class 1-A

I once again reiterate that betting is against the rules of U.A. and you should refrain from doing so immediately. Sero, I would like to ask for you to please remove the tape from Ashido.


Mom to Class 1-A

Iida, the betting is a joke. They’re not actually exchanging money.


Zoomies to Class 1-A



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Congrats on your relationship Kirishima! If any of us can handle Bakugou it’s totally you!


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@Monkey Do Lookie Mashi! We’re not the only couple in class anymore!!


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Thanks Uraraka!


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Woah. That’s kinda weird.


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I never want to see tape ever again in my life.


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It wasn’t that bad!!!!


Washi Tape to Class 1-A

I take personal offense to that, Denki.

I thought you were bae, but it turns out you’re just fam


Jirphones to Class 1-A

Stop making my boyfriend walk into walls, thanks.


RED RIOT to Class 1-A

I keep forgetting you and Denki are dating, Jirou. No offense.


Jirphones to Class 1-A

None taken. And @Monkey See , I take it you’re the same way?


Monkey See to Class 1-A

Oh! I’m so, so sorry Jirou!!!


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To be fair, you guys don’t really PDA a whole bunch or talk about it all the time


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You want PDA? I can give you PDA.


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Please do not. Some of the people in this class may be not enjoy watching two of their peers exchange saliva.


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What’s happening? Midoriya told me to get online and I am now thoroughly confused.

Why is my nickname Sore Spot?


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Remember, you’re still grounded Kaminari.


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I thought it was a good name. :(


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It is a good name, bro.


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Thanks, bro


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I am no content with my life. I can die in peace.


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You better not fucking die. I just fucking asked you out


Deku to Class 1-A

Ignoring the Soft Kacchan, I just want you to know that I explained the name to Todoroki and he’s been giggling while staring at his phone for the past five minutes.


Sore Spot to Class 1-A

He’s lying.


Oh! There goes gravity to Class 1-A

We both know Deku is incapable of lying.


Deku to Class 1-A



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I don’t mean to be rude, but she’s right Midoriya


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I had faith in you, Tsu and you go and do this to me!


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Uraraka has a point, Midoriya.


Deku to Class 1-A

You too Iida?

I feel so betrayed right now.

Maybe I can lie really well, and I’m so good at it that you can’t tell I’m even lying in the first place.


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Which is why, out of the two of us, you were always the one to get fucking caught when we broke our parents shitty rules.


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Ooooh, busted!


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They let faggots into the school? That’s so disgusting…


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What the actual fuck


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Excuse me?


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That’s not okay


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This is not what i expected when i clicked into this chat for the first time. I feel a bit personally attacked~


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Mineta, that is a highly offensive and degrading slur. Not only should you refrain from being biased and bigoted at all if you want to be a hero, but you should not go out and flaunt it where you could hurt people. Please apologize to Kirishima.


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Koda and Satou left as well. I’m going to add them back in after all of the dust has settled.


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I guess I’m sorry


You’re all just too sensitive

You should lighten up a bit


Oh! There goes gravity to Class 1-A

How about I slap you across that fucking homophobic face of yours and teach you lighten up?


Bae Bro to Class 1-A

Only if I get to explode his fucking guts first, Round Face


Oh! There goes gravity to Class 1-A



Girl Bro to Class 1-A

@Bae Bro , is Kiri okay?


Bae Bro to Class 1-A

Getting there.


Bro #1 to Class 1-A



Denki smiled softly as his class all cheered through the chat, affirming that they did want to be cheered up by him. A small bubble of happiness formed in his chest, allowing him to block out the guilt swamp that seemed to always rest in his stomach.

Chapter Text

Denki hummed as he cuddled further into his boyfriend. The taller of the two wrapped his arms around the tiny blond, holding him close. He placed his head on the other’s for a moment before moving to place a tender kiss on the fluorescent colored hair. Denki let all of the tension in his muscles from training fade away, making him feel like jello. They hadn’t spent quality time like this together since they had gotten together since they didn’t want to get caught by any of their classmates.

He wriggled around for a moment so that he was looking into his boyfriend’s eyes, getting lost in the midnight blackness. “Can I help you, My Emperor?” he asked, the pet name rolling easily off his tongue in the form of a coo.

“Kiss me?” Denki asked, making puppy eyes at his lover. The black-haired teenager did as he was told, leaning down and connecting their lips together.

Every kissed that they shared together seemed to hold the same magic that the first one that they had shared. Figurative sparks seemed to fly between the two of them (and there may have been a couple literal ones thanks to the blond’s Quirk). They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, meaning that they were touching every bit of skin that they could. Hanta ran his hands over his boyfriend’s hips, dipping his fingers underneath the light blue tank top that he was wearing. The hands trailed up on the inside of the shirt till the fingers reached his nipples where they began to toy and tweak enough to get both of the rose nubs to perk up.

Denki pulled away, a small whine reaching past his lips. Hanta smirked a bit, letting them both get their breath back with a break from kissing. He moved his leg so that it was in between his boyfriends, tenderly grinding it against the erection the blond was sporting.

“Fuck, Hanta,” he whispered, clenching his golden eyes shut as a jolt of pleasure rushed through him.

“Is this okay?” the other teen asked, pausing for a moment.

“Yes,” Denki nodded, giving the other his consent. “Is it okay with you?”

“I wouldn’t have asked you if it was okay if it wasn’t okay with me,” he answered, still breathless.

Denki reached forward, trailing his hands down from where they had been clutched in his boyfriend’s hair. They trailed down around his neck, reaching his chest before they grasped the thin cotton of the shirt that he was wearing. He used the garment to pull them together, crashing their lips together aggressively.

Hanta complied, pulling his hands out from underneath the blond shirt and bringing them to rest on his cheeks as they kissed. This one was different from the last one, instead of being a battle it was more like a series of long-lasting pecs. The blond teenager paused for a moment, rocking down on his boyfriend’s leg. He let out a moan, allowing the other to push his tongue into his mouth and let them kiss in a deeper way than they had been before.

The smaller teenager releasing the fabric of his boyfriend’s shirt, allowing his hands to travel around again. He moved his left hand up and down his lover’s shoulder as his right hand moved down to the tent that Hanta was sporting. He cupped the erection, pressing down on it for a moment before releasing it again. The black-haired teen pulled back with a hiss, clenching his eyes shut.

“Is that okay?” the blond whispered, concern pooling in his gut for a moment.

“Yeah, more than okay,” Hanta nodded. He let out a breath slowly as if trying to keep himself from being too aroused too soon. Denki smirked, pulling away from his boyfriend so that he was sitting upright on the bed with his legs tucked underneath him. He toyed with the bottom of his shirt for a moment before he pulled it over his head in one smooth movement. He dropped the garment down on the floor, moving his hands down to his pants. He toyed with the belt that he had been wearing, pausing for a moment before he slowly began to undo it.

“Are you giving me a strip-tease?” Hanta asked, his eyes lighting up with his mischief as he took in every inch of his boyfriend’s skin.

“What else would I be doing?” the blond asked, raising one of his eyebrows in an unamused manner.

“You’re so fucking hot. Remind me again why you’re dating me?” he asked. He moved so that he was sitting with his legs crossed over each other and grabbed the other’s hips. He pulled the smaller of the two so that he was straddling his waist, every inch of his newly exposed skin now available to him.

He carefully ran his hands down the smaller teen’s torso, savoring every moment. Denki shivered at the tender touch, biting his bottom lip to stop him from being too loud. The black-haired teen’s hands moved around so that they carried over his back, where he could feel the rough scar tissue. He paused for a moment, a dark frown falling over his face. The blond felt his body go rigid as panic raced through him, “Hanta?” he asked, his voice a mere whisper.

“Did you fuckhead of a father do this to you?” he asked, his voice quiet and reverent. Denki could tell that he was upset, but it didn’t feel like when his parents had gotten upset at him. It felt more like he was angry at the world, and it was a calm anger instead of an overboiling pot that his father always was.

“Yes,” he nodded, looking down at his boyfriend’s still clothed chest in a bit of shame.

“Are they why you don’t want to shower with all of us?” he asked, concern growing heavy in his voice.

“Yeah,” he answered again.

“God, you’re still so fucking perfect even with them. You know that? Hanta asked. He lifted his chin up so that their eyes met again before he crashed their lips together passionately. Denki groaned, his attention once again focused on their erections that were pushing together. As their lips and tongues intertwined he removed his belt from around his waist. He slid his pants and boxers down just enough to let his cock spring free. The cold air caused him to pull back from the kiss and gasp loudly.

Hanta smirked a bit. His hands were looped around Denki’s waist, allowing the blonde to writhe and move around as much as he pleased without worrying about falling off the edge. He removed one of his hands for a moment, traveling down to his pants and undoing his button and zipper after a moment of struggling.

The blond took that moment to tug the shirt off of his lover, leaving both of their upper halves exposed to the outside world. He paused for a moment, looking over the gorgeous, milky skin that the other held. His skin was completely unblemished and free of any imperfections. He had prominent collarbones that stuck out enough to attract his lover’s eyes almost immediately. The blond leaned forward, connecting his lips with the bone. He began to suck and nip that the area where the collar bone connected with the shoulder, leaving a dark purple and blue bruise.

“Fuck,” Hanta whispered, looking down at the mark like he had been blessed with it. He turned back to Denki, his eyes still holding the same look as they gazed at the blond. “My Emperor has claimed me,” he grinned widely, looking more in love than the blond had ever seen him before. The same feeling filled him, leaving him brimming with an emotion that he could barely describe.

Everything felt amazing and wonderful when he was with the other. It was as if the world could come crashing down around them, but everything would be okay as long as they would be together. His heart ached and throbbed the love and affection as he stared at the teenager in front of him. His body seemed to hum and vibrate with emotion.

“I love you,” he whispered, leaning forward and pressing their lips together for another passionate kiss. They pushed back and forward playfully, hands running up and down now heated flesh as they tried to describe how much they loved each other without using any words.

They pulled back when neither of them could breathe, just pressing their forehead together in silence. Denki slowly slid off of where he had been positioned on his lover’s lap. He spread his legs out carefully, making sure that he wouldn’t fall off the bed.

He continued where Hanta hand left off, removing his cock from his pants. He leaned down, taking the head of it into his mouth. “Hah! Oh shit,” the taller of the two moaned, his hands grabbing at his sheets and his boyfriend’s head as they searched for what they were supposed to do.

The blond smirked before pulling it out of his mouth. He licked a strip down the shaft, leaving a wet mark. He gently blew on it, causing the liquid he had left to chill quickly. Hanta shivered, throwing his head back against the wall and causing a ‘thunk’ noise to echo through the room. Denki winced a bit, looking up at his lover to make sure he was okay before he continued. He licked another strip up the shaft, this time not blowing on it. He stopped when he got to the head, moving his tongue around in a circle before he gently pressed his tongue into the slit.

“How are you so fucking good at this?” Hanta whispered, his mouth hanging open in pleasure. “Am I not your first?”

“You’re my first. I guess I found my talent,” he joked before taking the entire five inches of his lover inside of his mouth. The end of the cock just barely struck the back of his throat, but not enough that it triggered their gag reflex.

“Denki, fuck,” he groaned. His hands buried deeper into the blond locks, pulling on them a little bit. The smaller teenager sucked hard, hollowing out his cheeks before he swallowed. He could taste a small amount of precum in the back of his tongue, making him want to smirk. He resisted the urge, instead pulling mouth back a little bit and dragging his tongue around in circles as he did so. “Hah, hah, shit, shit,” the other chanted as if he was praying.

He moved back down, engulfing the entire length in his mouth. He hummed a bit, creating a couple vibrations shooting through the cock. “I’m going to cum,” Hanta said decidedly, moaning loudly.

Denki doubled his efforts to make the other boy cum, moving his mouth up and down rapidly. He sucked once, his hand moving down to stroke and rub on the part where he wasn’t currently sucking. He let out a small, surprised gasp as his mouth filled with his boyfriend’s cum.

“Sorry, sorry,” Hanta whispered, removing his hands from the blond hair and going down to rub at the other’s jaw. Denki easily swallowed it, grinning widely once every drop had run down his throat.

“Do you always cum that hard?” he asked, his voice hoarse and sore from the work that it had just been put through.

“No, you’re amazing,” he whispered. He pulled his lover back up into his lap, his long fingers traveling down to the weeping erection. Denki moaned loudly, throwing his head back and bucking into the touch. The black haired teen expertly tugged and pumped his hand, wringing the orgasm out of his lover. Denki let out a high pitched whine as he ejaculated all over their bare chests. His muscles tightened up, the spool of pleasure that had been building in his gut finally releasing and leaving him gasping for breath.

“Holy shit,” Hanta whispered, pulling his hand back and looking down at the pearly white substance that now coated it. “I didn’t think it was possible but you’re even more gorgeous when you cum,” he grinned wickedly, giving his lover a chaste kiss on the lips.

“That was amazing, especially for our first time ever being with someone,” Denki mirrored his crazed smile, feeling giddy and happy all over.

“Damn straight,” Hanta chuckled, removing Denki off of his lap so that he could go get something to clean them up.

“But Hanta, we’re not,” the blond called after him, struggling to keep his eyes open as he began to grow tired.

“Oh, ha-ha,” he mocked, returning with a small washcloth. He ran it over the blond chest, cleaning him of the sticky substance before moving onto his own. “Go ahead and sleep, I’ll be back in a moment,” he sniffed, tucking his now flaccid cock back into his pants.

“Mm,” the blond hummed, rubbing messily at his eyes. He grabbed the blanket that lay on the bed, wrapping it around his shoulders and taking in the soothing, familiar scent of his lover. He burrowed into it, flopping down on the pillows. A moment later a lanky arm dropped over his waist, pulling him in close. Hanta placed another kiss on her head before they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

“Hello?” she asked, blinking away the fog that had come over her eyes from staring at her textbook for too long. She placed her chin on her hand, propping herself up a bit as she listened to the voice coming from the other end of the call.

“Denki? Is that you?” Nala asked, her voice sounding up-tight and worried. A ball of anxiety was released in her stomach, causing her to sit up straight and worry her lip in between her teeth.

“Yeah. What’s up?” she asked, trying to play it off as if she wasn’t a couple nudges away from a panic attack. Hanta roused from his sleep a bit, looking up and blinking as he watched his girlfriend talk to whoever was on the other end.

“Uh, Mom and Dad finally came home. Shera is with them too. She looks like she’s been through Hell and back. Like, covered in bruises and scrapes. She also feels different, like she an entirely different person. I don’t think she has a Quirk anymore,” Nala whispered, her voice growing small and panicky.

“Shit,” the blond swore, feeling their bright golden eyes widen in shock. Sure, she probably shouldn’t have any empathy or sympathy for the people that had abused and neglected her her entire life, but Shera was still her sister.

“They’re back home now, so we all had to go back home too. I-I heard them talking last night and, oh God, I’m so sorry Denki,” she began to sob. The younger sister stood stock-still for a moment, panicking internally. They had never once heard their older sister cry as much as she was now. She had been around when Nala had gotten dumped or when they were watching a particularly sad movie, but these were not pretty tears. These tears were from someone who was scared for their life, scared for their family and broken beyond belief.

She snapped back when she saw her boyfriend raise himself up off of the ground and move around the table. “Hey, Nala,” the blond quickly began to sooth the older girl. “It’s okay. Whatever happens, I can take it. I’m going to be a hero, after all.”

“Denki, they’re going to start trying to train Yumi. Her Quirk is the strongest out of all the girls, and so they’re going to try and get her to take Shera’s place,” Nala sobbed out, her voice shaky and uncertain.

“No! No, they can’t do that. She’s just a little kid! She’s fucking seven, Nala!” she shouted, not meaning too. “Sorry, sorry,” she whispered immediately, running a hand through her messy bangs to get them out of her face. Hanta’s eyebrows knit together as he watched his girlfriend. He maneuvered himself around so that he was sitting behind the blond with his arms wrapped comfortingly around her waist.

“I know! I know! God, you think I don’t know? I’ve been living with them for the past month while you’ve been off at your fancy hero school. Which our parents aren’t happy about, you know? I’m constantly worried that they’re going to fucking beat me like they did you and then I won’t be able to save the girls. You should be here with us, making sure that Mom and Dad don’t hurt us. What kind of a man are you anyway?” she shouted, her tone getting louder and more panicky the more she spoke.

Denki winced at the accusation and wanted nothing more than to shout that she wasn’t a boy, she was a girl, and sometimes she wasn’t and hat she was trying her fucking best. Instead, she clenched her teeth together, gritting them back and forth for a moment as she tried not to sob. The hand that wasn’t holding the phone moved down to the pretty purple and black skirt that covered her legs, clenching the fabric.

Hanta began to slowly rock them back and forth, pressing careful kisses to her neck as he tried to soothe her. She leaned into the touch, grateful that he was there with her. “I’m sorry,” she whispered around a sob that escaped her lips. “I’m trying my best, okay? They won’t let us come visit on weekends yet, but as soon as they will I’ll come home and talk to them and make everything better.”

“You’d better,” she sniffed before the line went dead. Denki dropped her hand down onto her lap, leaving the phone on as she tried to comprehend what was happening.

She felt her breath catch in her throat and it was like the room was becoming smaller and smaller the more she was inside of it. The air grew stale and sticky like she was trying to breathe soup. She could feel energy flowing through her veins and filling up all of her muscles like they wanted her to move like they wanted her to leave. She could vaguely feel the tears slipping out of her eyes and down her face, soaking her neck and shirt. She clambered out of her boyfriend’s grip, needing as much space as she could get. She stumbled to the door, pressing her back against it and bringing her legs up to her chest.

Everything was too much. Too bright, too stuffy, too quiet, too loud. She shivered harshly, digging her nails into her arm as she tried to ground herself. She felt dizzy, full of energy. She needed to run, to get away from everything- including herself.

“Denki,” Hanta whispered, cautiously approaching her. She turned away, ducking her head down like he was going to hurt her. The teenager winced, moving away from her and to the window. He opened it up, remembering that fresh air sometimes helped with panic attacks.

He left her alone for a moment, allowing her to breathe. “Denki?” he asked, seeing that she hadn’t gotten any better after the thirty seconds that he had waited. She crouched down, folding into herself and trying to ignore the world around her. Hanta moved forward, placing a hand on her arm which caused her scared golden eyes to widen and look at her. “Hey there, Empress,” he whispered.

She felt a new round of tears appear in her eyes, threatening to spill over and down her cheeks. “Shh, you’re okay,” he whispered, placing his arms on her hips. He pulled her into a hug, rocking them back and forth soothingly. “You’re okay. I’m here, nothing bad is going to happen.”

She clenched her fists into her shirt, allowing the sobs to wrack her body as the panic drained away from her. She felt more than exhausted as if she would never have enough energy to move again. Every so often her body would convulse in a shiver, her muscles trying to relax after being wound up so tightly. “My Empress, please talk to me. Tell me what happened?” the taller teenager asked, his hand still moving in soothing circles on the bottom of her back.

“Mom and Dad are back at the house and the girls have to live with her. They’re taking Yumi and trying to train her in the ways of the villain. She’s seven Hanta, she’s only fucking seven,” she growled, electricity raising to her heated skin, threatening to flick off at the slightest touch. “This is my fault. I have to get back to them. I have to save the girls. I can’t let them go through what I had to go through.”

“I won’t let you. I won’t let you go back there, not after what he did to you. As your boyfriend, it’s my duty to keep you as safe as possible, that means not letting you back to your abusive family. We can tell the teachers, they’re all pros, they can help us,” Hanta urged, hugging his girlfriend a bit tighter.

“What if they expel me, Hanta?” she whispered, her voice filled with hatred and venom, none of which was directed at the teenager she was talking to. “What if they decide that I’m too dangerous to keep around?”

“They can’t do that, right?” the black-haired boy asked, more to the world that to his girlfriend.

“Do you remember how often Aizawa-sensei threatens us with expulsion for pretty much nothing? They can definitely expel me for being in cohorts with villains.”

“It’s not like you were purposefully talking to them and you didn’t choose to be around villains,” the other argued.

“I-I just can’t, okay? Let me make sure the girls are safe before I do anything. I don’t want them getting hurt,” she said decidedly.

“Fine, but if anything else happens I’m going to report them for child abuse at the least,” he argued.

“Fine,” she huffed, leaning her head against his neck. She cuddled into him a bit further, content to just let him hold her.


The entire week, she couldn’t get the phone call out of her head. She stopped eating as easily, seeing as her stomach was always so tied up in knots that she could barely get down a fourth of her meals. She stopped sleeping as well, worried that if she fell asleep she would miss a phone call that would help her save her sisters. Due to her eating and sleeping the very minimum amount to keep her alive, she had been a bit slower when it came to sparring during class.

Her teacher’s exact words were ‘find someone to spar with after class so that you can get back on track.’

She had done what she was told to, finding her childhood friend and dragging her into the sparring area so that they could work together. They spun around the gym-like area, neither of them touching each other just yet. Kyouka leaped forward, wrapping her arms around her friend’s shoulders, moving her arm up around her neck after a moment. Denki grunted, pushing away her arms by using a bit of her Quirk to make the muscles seize up for a moment.

She staggered back a few feet, blinking as the world around her grew hazy. She could feel everything begin to spin, rotating around her like she had been spinning for the last five minutes. Darkness appeared in the corners of her vision, making it incredibly hard to see. Her eyes decided that they were going to flare in and out of focus, the darkness narrowing down until she couldn’t see anything.

Chapter Text

Light returned back to them slowly, coming just as it had left. They still felt like the world was spinning around them, making them feel sick. Thoughts raced throughout their brain, making them worry about what had happened before they woke up again. Their stomach rolled over inside of them. They tried to sit up a bit, blinking at everyone around them. They were inside the hospital type building that the school had, in one of the beds. For a moment, they felt like they were back in the hospital because of the familiar scent and noises. Their back ached for a moment, hurting with the memory of the wounds that had since turned into scars.

Their lips stuck together for a moment before they were finally able to open their mouth enough to say a sentence. “I feel like I’m gonna be sick,” they gagged as they sat up, the sudden movement making the nausea that they were experiencing even worse. “I’m going to be sick,” they affirmed before a bucket was shoved onto their legs. They leaned down a bit, letting the bile fall out of their mouth and hit the plastic bucket on their lap. They only actually vomited once, and spent the rest of the bout of nausea gagging and wishing that they had something else in their stomach so that the experience could be over faster.

“So you’re awake. Everyone else, shoo!” Recovery Girl walked over to the bed that they were lying on, making motions with her hands to get all of their other teenagers to go away. They reluctantly left, Hanta giving him a worried look as he followed the rest of the teenagers out into the hall.

“How do you feel?” she asked once they were all out in the hall. She staggered over to them, pulling out a thermometer from her pocket.

“Awful,” they croaked. They moved their head to the side to give the nurse better access to their ear. She gently placed the instrument into their ear canal, leaving it there for a moment before it beeped.

“What kind of awful?” she asked, looking for clarification. She moved around to the other side of the bed to take the temperature from the other side.

“My stomach feels like there’s a bunch of rocks in it,” they tried to explain the awful feeling that came. “And my head hurts like I overloaded myself with my Quirk, but I know I didn’t.”

“Odd,” she grumbled, taking the temperature in the other ear before sighing. “You have a normal temperature, so no worries about you having the flu or something of the sort. I noticed when you came in that you were extremely dehydrated. How much water have you been drinking on a regular basis?” she asked, tucking the thermometer into her pocket.

“I haven’t been drinking as much water as I probably should for the past week or so,” they answered, looking down at their hands as shame filled them.

“I have also noticed that you are underweight,” she commented, grabbing her clipboard from the end of the bed. “Have you been eating what the school has provided diet wise?”

“I’ve been having some trouble eating,” they shrugged a bit, mumbling their words as if it would make the words less truthful than they were. “And sleeping.”

“Have you been taking care of yourself at all?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips as she looked at the student.

“No, not really,” they answered, shaking their head back and forth. As they thought back to the past week they really realized how badly they had been treating themselves.

“Is there a reason for this or did you just feel like developing a complete disregard for your own health?” she asked, obviously fed up from all of the students that she had to see on a daily basis.

“I had a bit of an incident with my family recently and I’ve just been really anxious,” they rambled a bit, rubbing their arm with their hand as they tried to get rid of the shame and embarrassment that they were feeling.

“Ah,” the hummed, her voice calming down from the chastising tone that it had been to a more pleasant, comforting tone. “I’m going to come back and let you tell me more about what happened with Aizawa here. I’ll let back in the others. Do any of them know anything? Are you alright with them knowing?”

“Hanta and Kyouka know, but none of the rest of them know and I would prefer to keep it that way,” they mumbled, their throat now aching more so than it had before a moment ago as they grew nervous again.

“Of course,” she nodded before walking to the door where their friends had disappeared out of ten minutes ago. She said something to them before moving out of the way, allowing the teenagers back into the room. Hanta led the group, warming the heart of the teenager on the bed. He sat down on the chair next to the bed, threading their fingers together romantically. For a moment the blond expected the group to say something, but none of them really seemed to notice.

“How are you feeling?” Hanta asked, his voice chock-full of worry and concern for his partner. It made the blond want to lean over and kiss them until he was smiling and happy again.

“Gross,” they answered, wincing a bit at how sore their throat was. They coughed a bit again to make it a bit easier to talk. “What happened? I just remember sparring with Kyouka and then everything just went black.”

“You collapsed,” the purple-haired girl answered as she walked over to where she had been sitting before. She grabbed their other hand, threading their fingers together. “I was so scared. I thought I had hurt you.”

“You couldn’t hurt a fly,” the blond sniped at her.

“Seeing as I’m training to be a hero, I hope I can hurt more than a fly,” she shot back at them, smiling as some of the color returned to their face.

“The more I sit here the better I feel. Despite feeling like I was hit by a train currently,” they sighed.

“Speaking of which, you need to get your rest, everyone out!” Recovery Girl chastised, waving her hands at them as she tried to usher them out of her office. They did as they were told, though Hanta being the most reluctant to walk away from the blond.

Denki mouthed ‘I love you’ at the black-haired teenager before he really left, letting him know that everything was going to be okay. They glanced back over at where Recovery Girl was, noticing that their homeroom teacher was standing just behind the nurse. He looked about as angry as he had when people had been doubting Bakugou during the Sports Festival. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked over to the bed next to the older pro-hero.

“Alright, Young Kaminari,” the elderly woman smiled, sitting down in the chair that Hanta had been forced to vacate. “You mentioned earlier something about your home life. Care to elaborate on that so that we can help you a bit?”

“Uh, I’m not sure what you want to know,” they whispered, getting so nervous that they wanted to melt into themselves.

“How has your family life been this year?” Aizawa asked, seeming to know exactly what he had to ask his student to get the right answers that they needed.

“Same as it’s always been, but a little more violent,” they answered, staring down at their hands that were fidgeting with the thin blanket that had been draped over them. All of this was far too similar to what had happened after the incident with their- no his parents that landed him in the hospital. He felt his breath catch in his throat as he thought about the fact that his little sister could be going through something more or just as traumatic as that.

“What has it always been like?” Aizawa asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed and speaking in a calm, soothing voice. It kind of made Denki wonder if he had any children of his own.

“My dad travels overseas a lot, which means that my mom has to work extra. I have a lot of siblings, so I was always kind of ignored,” he answered.

“How many siblings do you have?” the nurse asked, seemingly just out of her own curiosity.

“Uh, I have two older sisters and five younger sisters,” he responded.

“How old is the oldest and how young is the youngest?” she asked.

“The oldest is eighteen and the twins are both four,” he licked his lips, futilely trying to wet them despite having cottonmouth.

“How often would you say that your parents were around?” Aizawa asked, bringing the conversation back to where it had been originally.

“Maybe like, one day a week,” he guessed. He thought back to what it had been like when he was a child. A lot of the time, he was alone in the house because Shera and Nala would do things with the younger girls, but because he was a boy he never got to go with them. He had spent a lot of his time wandering the empty house calling out for people until his voice was hoarse. He shuddered a bit at the memory, hating how alone he suddenly felt.

“Did you have anyone else taking care of you?” the pro hero asked, giving him a sympathetic look when he saw his students shudder.

“Not really. My older sisters didn’t really like me because I was a boy,” he sniffed, not realizing that tears had pooled in his eyes. He finally realized that that’s where his fear of being a problem or an outsider came from. “Kyouka’s parents would let me stay over a lot, but I didn’t want to be a bother so I spent less time over there when I was about five.”

“Did you get meals regularly?”

“I got lunches pretty regularly but I never ate breakfast and dinner was always at odd times if it was made at all.”

“Would you say that you were neglected as a child?” Aizawa asked, his tone dead-serious and yet so full of emotion that it kind of scared the teenager.

“I-I, uh,” he stuttered, wringing his hands as his breath caught in his throat. “Um,” he tries again, but the tears have returned with a force and are cascading down his face. A sob rips through him, surprising only him. He clapped a hand over his mouth, trying to muffle the avalanche of sobs and hiccups that come after it.

There are too many memories, and everything is too much again. He can feel the loneliness, and unwantedness from all of the years that he had been left to fend for himself again and again but instead of being stretched out over fourteen years, all of it comes in a span of five minutes.

“Look at what you’ve done, Aizawa,” Recovery Girl chastised as she grabbed her patient’s hand. “Look at me, Young Kaminari.”

He does as he was asked, though he can barely see her face through the tears that are racing out of his eyes at the speed of bullets. “Whatever pain and suffering you have been forced to endure through your past is over now. You are safe here with me and Aizawa. No one can get to you while you are in here with us. You are safe,” she repeated, making sure that he was looking directly into her eyes. He nodded, gulping down a sob and finally forcing the tears to stop.

“I do need an answer if you want anything to be done, Kaminari,” Aizawa said after the teenager had finally calmed down enough to answer any questions.

“Abused and neglected,” he nodded, sniffing and wiping at his face to rid it of the tears residue.

“Abused?” the pro hero asked, looking for clarifications. The teenager scooted forward on the bed, turning his back to face the teachers carefully before he pulled his shirt up to reveal the horrid scars that covered his back.

“My parents gave me these,” he whispered, his voice not wanting to say the words. The pool of guilt and fear in his stomach lessened as if someone with a bucket had finally come to move it away. “I had to be hospitalized for three days because they were so bad.”

“That’s it,” the black-haired teacher growled, shooting up from his seat and walking out of the infirmary. He stopped in the doorway, turning around to face the teenager. “I’m going to start an investigation on your parents. You’re custody of the school until we find out about whether or not you're safe. With any luck, we can get your younger sisters away from their care as well.”

“Thank you, Aizawa-sensei,” the blond called after his teacher as he tried to process the information that he had just been given. He had been carrying that secret for so long, longer than he could remember. It felt so nice to finally not have to keep it to himself any longer. He turned back around, pushing his shirt down over the scars.

“Now you really do need to get some rest. I’ll bring you something to eat around dinner,” Recovery Girl chirped as she looked at the blond. “I meant what I said, you’re in safe hands here, honey.”

“Thank you,” he whispered, feeling a faint smile take over his face. He lay back against the pillows, staring up at the ceiling for a moment as he wondered in Kyouka and Hanta would be proud of him for finally telling an adult about the abuse.

Chapter Text

Kyouka threaded their fingers together as the blonde rearranged herself on the desk. They were all supposed to be studying but had chosen to just hang out with each other for the time being. The rest of their classmates had already filtered back to the dorms, leaving only the Bakusquad. Denki glanced down at their hands before looking over to where her boyfriend sat. She tried to hide the longing in her eyes, but it was incredibly hard to do so. Kyouka had begun to hang out with their group more and more often as they tried to act more like a couple since a couple of the students in their class had begun to act suspicious.

“Did you understand Cementoss’s lesson at all today?” Eijirou asked, leaning into his boyfriend’s touch.

The ash-blond rolled his eyes, a small smirk forming on his face, “It wasn’t that fucking hard, how did you not get it?”

“You’re one of the smartest people in the class, Bakugou. You got it when the rest of us didn’t because we all collectively have one brain cell,” Mina groaned, flinging herself around in her chair before she draped her back over the desk that she had been sitting on.

“Mina, skirt!” Kyouka called out, pulling away from her childhood friend to pull the pink haired girl’s skirt down. The other teenager blushed, placing her hands over the piece of fabric that she was wearing as if it would make it stay down more. She sat up, puffing her cheeks out indignantly. Kyouka just chuckled as she sat back down next to Denki. She threaded their fingers together once again, leaning on the blond’s shoulder a bit.

“You need to stop flashing us. I feel like I’ve seen way more of you than I ever wanted to,” Denki rolled her eyes playfully.

“We’ve all seen more of Mina than any of us wanted,” Eijirou agreed.

“That’s mean coming from Denki,” she pouted.

“Why just from me?” she cried out, throwing her unoccupied arm up into the air in mock offense.

“Because you’re straight! Eiji’s gay as a rainbow, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to see anything on a girl’s body,” she explained, crossing her arms over her chest crossly.

“Did you just assume my sexuality?” she asked, blinking at the other teenager.

“Yes,” she answered, giggling a bit as her stone-hard expressing began to crack and break.

The group was completely silent for a moment before they all burst out laughing. Eijirou began to laugh so hard that he had to pull away from Bakugou, holding his stomach. Denki gasped for air, her lungs not being able to supply enough to her as she was laughing too hard. Her face split open in a wide grin, loving getting to spend time like this with her friends.

The laughter died down a bit for a moment before they all began to giggle once again. The loudspeaker crackled to life above them and each of the students instinctually shut up. Present Mic’s voice came a moment later, “Kaminari Denki, please come to the front gates. Kaminari Denki, to the front gates.”

A roll of anxiety coursed through them, unlike it had since they had told Aizawa and Recovery Girl what had been happening with her home life. Her thoughts began to spiral for a moment before the voice of one of her friends pulled her out of it. “Why do they need you at the front gates?” Mina asked, touching her pointer finger to her bottom lip.

“I-I don’t know,” she answered, her face paling significantly as she dropped Kyouka’s hand. She ran a hand through her hair, beginning to panic a little bit. “I haven’t done anything to get into trouble recently, so why would they need me? I mean, what if I did something that I didn’t know was bad and now they’re going to expel me? I knew I should have studied harder for the test and-”

“Hey, hey Den, calm down,” Hanta soothed, easily slinging an arm over his girlfriend’s shoulders since he was sitting on the desk next to her. “I’m sure you’re not in trouble. Maybe Nala had to bring Akane here because she wouldn’t go down for a nap,” he offered, coming up with a wild scenario to sooth the blond’s worries.

“Yeah, maybe,” she whispered, running another tense hand through her hair again. The locks had grown quite a bit since they had moved into the dorms and had now gotten to the point where it was constantly hanging down in her eyes. “Would you guys mind coming with me? I kind of don’t want to go alone.”

“Of course we can!” Mina chirped, placing her hands on her hips in a superpower pose. The group all slid out of the desks that they had been sitting in, walking over to the door. They were completely silent as they walked, no longer laughing and joking as they had been moments ago. Hanta began to walk to her left, his hand twitching every so often as he wished that he could hold her hand and feel better. Kyouka walked on her right, threading their fingers together and leaning on her so that she could try and help her calm down.

The closer and closer that they got to the gates of the school, the slower and slower the blond walked. Her stomach felt like it was in knots and made of stones. Her thoughts raced and panicked with what would happen when she got to the front gates. She hoped to any God that would listen to her that it wasn’t her parents because there was no way in Hell that she would be able to face them without crying. She had gotten her Provisional Hero License earlier that month and had been through so many other things but her parents were still the thing that scared her most in life.

Her group of friends peeled back and waited behind her a ways away from where the teachers were, leaving her to walk up to them by herself. Present Mic and Aizawa were standing next to each other, both in deep conversation with each other.

“Y-you wanted to see me?” she asked, shrinking down on herself a bit when she saw the two men looking at her.

“We need you to confirm that these are your parents before we let them on school grounds,” Aizawa sighed. “Look through there and if they are we can let them in,” he said, pointing towards the small screen that hung on the wall so that they could tell who was outside.

She felt her stomach drop down in the ground below her, hating even the thought of having to think about her parents. She looked through the tiny screen at the people standing outside of the campus. She began to shake uncontrollably, wrapping her arms around herself as if she was trying to shield herself.

“I believe what you told me a while ago, but unfortunately, there has been so much going on with the League of Villains that they have not been able to go through with the investigation and find out whether or not your parents are guilty,” Aizawa whispered to her, making sure his voice was quiet enough that no one else could hear.

“Th-that’s them,” she whispered, holding herself a bit more tightly. The teacher frowned deeply, hitting a button to let both of the adults into the campus.

“Kaminari Denki!” the woman chided, placing her hands on her wide hips. “You are in so much trouble young man!”

“What did I do?” she asked, flinching back from both of them as her mother screamed at her.

“Speak up, be a man,” her father shouted, reaching forward to grab the lanky girl. He glanced back at the teachers before he did so and dropped his hand back down to his side. The fear had already been struck into the teenager in front of him, and she flinched away from him. She hunched her shoulders forward, her dysphoria streaking through her and leaving her feeling foreign in her own body.  

“What did you do?” the woman scoffed, reaching into her overly large purse that hung off of her shoulder. “We found this in your bedroom,” she hissed out, pulling out one of the skirts that she had had to leave at home. More anxiety ran throughout them, leaving them feeling like they had the night that they had ended up in the hospital.

“Clearly this hero school is giving you too many ideas, we’re going home,” the man spoke again, puffing out his chest. Electricity ran over his skin, crackling to life for a moment before it died down. “I won’t have my son thinking he’s some disgusting tranny because of an idiotic school that I shouldn’t have ever let you attend.”

“Hey,” Eijirou called out, rushing forward and grabbing hold of Denki’s arm. He threw himself in front of his friend, puffing out his chest as well. “You can’t just do that!” Denki was unable to move, watching as her friend defended her.

“We damn well can, we’re his parents!” the man hissed out, charging up to the redhead. Electricity covered his skin again, this time lurching off of his body and onto the other, burning off his clothing. Denki gaped a bit, watching as the teenager in front of her didn’t flinch away,  not caring about the fact that his binder was showing to everyone watching.

Her mother turned on her Quirk, making her entire hand made out of electrical wiring. She lurched her hand up, knocking Eijirou back onto the ground and slicing through part of the skin on his head. Blood the color his hair began to seep out of the wound, but not fast enough that any of them were really concerned about him bleeding out. Denki needed to move, she needed to help her friend, but she couldn’t.

The redhead jumped up off of the ground, taking up a proper fighting stance that had been taught to them at the beginning of the year. “Is this what you do to her? Is that why she’s so scared to go home?” he asked.

Hanta walked forward as well, his elbow now exposed and ready to shoot tape at the other two if they were to attack again. “Don’t touch her,” he growled out, looking back at the small blond behind them. Mina and Kyouka shot out into action as well, grabbing hold of their friend and bringing her away from where the fighting was happening.

“You have no say in how we treat our successor!” the woman shrieked, pushing past them and grabbing hold of Denki’s shoulder. She ripped her away from the other two girls. She activated her Quirk on her hand, slapping her daughter across the face and ripping away some of the skin there to make it sting.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she sobbed, trying to squirm away. She hadn’t even realized that she had started to cry before tears were coursing down her face. Her father a move to go help his wife in the beating of their child but didn’t so much as take a single step forward before he was easily restrained by their teacher’s capture weapon around his entire body. Hanta and Eijirou turned around as well, the former of the two boys shooting enough of his tape out to wrap around her hair and pulled her back away from their friend.

Denki got up off the ground and scrambled away from them, sprinting away from them and through the crowd. She didn’t know where she was running to, but she knew that she was going away. Her feet hit the ground quickly, moving her further and further away from her parents. She stopped when she was sure that she had gotten to a safe place. She pressed her back up against the brick wall, flashbacks from the USJ Attack coming back to her. That had probably been her fault too, seeing as that would have been the only ways that they would have known when and where they were.

Tears burned in her eyes for a moment before she blinked, causing them to pour over her face. She brought her legs up to her chest, trying to calm down her heart and breathing.

“Hey there Little Listener,” Present Mic called out quietly as he walked down to where she was sitting. He had removed his directional speaker, allowing it to hang in his hand. She whimpered a bit, curling up on herself some more. She knew that the teacher wouldn’t hurt her and only wanted to make sure that she was okay, but at that moment she was so terrified and dysphoric that she didn’t want anyone to see her.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to help you,” he soothed, slowly approaching her. “Are you hurt?” he asked when she uncurled from herself a bit to look at her teacher.

“Shouldn’t you be asking Eijirou that? He jumped out in front of me when all I could do was just stand there,” she whispered, a sob escaping her lips when she had finished speaking.

“Kirishima, I’m sure, is being taken care of by Aizawa and your classmates. I need to focus on you. I know how traumatizing it can be to have an abuser come back into your life and hurt you,” he soothed, sitting down next to the teenager. “Firstly, are you okay physically?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “My cheek hurts but it’s not the worst that they’ve ever done.”

“Aizawa told me that you got the scars on your back from them and had to be hospitalized,” the pro hero said. “When you’re feeling better we should probably go see Recovery Girl and get that patched up so it will heal faster.”

“Okay,” she nodded.

He stood up from where he had been sitting, offering his hand out to the teenager to help her up. She took the hand, getting up off the ground. She shrunk down on herself, hating her body even more than she had before now that people would be staring at her. They walked in complete silence as they got to the infirmary. Several people were staring them, word of the attack had spread around the school like a wildfire. Present Mic had put his directional speaker back on around his neck so that he could use his Quirk a bit easier if the time were to come.

When they got to the infirmary, Eijirou had already been placed in one of the beds and was being taken care of by their school nurse. The rest of Denki’s group of friends was standing outside the door, and for half a second the blond expected to be yelled at for letting the redhead get hurt. Instead, Mina, Kyouka, and Hanta all ran over to her and began to smother her with love.

“Empress,” Hanta whispered, his arms wrapped around her tightly to hold her and make her feel better. His breath brushed against her ear, meaning that only she could hear his words. “I’m never letting them get you again, I’m sorry that I failed you and let you get hurt. It won’t happen again, I can protect you now,” he whispered frantically, shaking a little bit as he began to cry.

“Hanta,” she whispered, trying to pull him out of his hysterical ramblings. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. We can talk more when we get back to the dorms.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” the taller man pulled back. He smiled down at the blond, his eyes shining with love and relief.

“Den, holy fuck,” Kyouka whispered, pulling her childhood friend into a hug. “I hate your fucking parents so much,” she growled. “Who the fuck told them that they were allowed to hurt you so much?”

“Kyouka,” she whispered, trying to calm the purple-haired girl down. “I’m sure they’re gone now, and that they’re never coming back.”

“I should be making sure that you’re okay, not the other way around,” she shook her head. “Are you okay?” she asked, looking into her friend’s golden eyes.

“I will be,” she nodded. Mina came up from behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist and just holding her for a moment before she let her go. The pink girl was always silent when things got serious, seeming not to know what to say. Everything was okay now. She was around people that loved and cared for her, so she was safe and protected.

Chapter Text

They were all silent as they sat around Eijirou’s bed, the ticking of the heart monitor the only sound filling the large room. Recovery Girl had informed the group that their friend was going to be fine and that they were just waiting for him to wake up. Despite this, the air around them still felt really heavy due to how worried all of them were.

“Denki,” Mina spoke up, looking at her friend for a moment. The blond glanced up, feeling another wave of guilt course through her. She hadn’t wanted anyone else to be hurt because of her parents, and yet she hadn’t been able to defend her friend.

“What?” she asked, trying to fight the thoughts that were bringing her closer and closer to a panic attack.

“Do you want to tell us what happened?” she asked, her eyes filled with worry. “Like, what’s been happening?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, trying to figure out what exactly the pink-haired teenager wanted to hear.

“Are your parents abusive?” she asked, her voice small and scared as if her saying it made it real.

“I mean, maybe not abusive,” she answered, her lips sticking together as she spoke for the first time in an hour.

“Bullshit,” Kyouka and Hanta said at the same time, both of them turning to look at her.

“Those scars on your back and your nightmares say otherwise,” Hanta frowned, folding his arms over his chest.

“You’ve been having nightmares?” Kyouka asked, all anger draining out of her voice and face, leaving only concern. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We all have nightmares, we’ve been through a lot,” the blond shrugged. “And I’m used to going through all of my problems by myself.”

“Denki… that’s horrible,” Mina whispered, staring down at her hands. Tears had welled up in her neon yellow eyes, teetering just at the edge and threatening to spill over. “No child should have to take care of their own problems. And-and you’re parents beat you?” she asked, the words flying out of her mouth like they were made out of acid.

“They really only beat me twice,” she answered. “The first time it was just a punishment like I used to get when I was a kid. The second time wound up with me almost dying,” she explained. She swallowed harshly, glancing around at her friends. Bakugou remained staring at his boyfriend, though he sneered a bit when he heard the story that the blond was telling.

“Punishments as a kid? That’s still abuse, Denki,” Mina shook her head. She uncurled herself from where she had been perched in her chair, placing her hand on her friend’s thigh. “There’s a difference between punishments and beating your child.”

“I know,” she whispered, looking down at the hand.

“Your parents are the type of fucking people that deserve to rot in fucking Hell,” Bakugou spoke up, looking away from his boyfriend for a moment to meet the other blond’s eyes.

“Thanks, Bakubro,” she smiled weakly, trying to find the part of herself that she had lost when her parents had shown up again.

“If it’s okay, I just have one more question for you,” Mina whispered, catching her friend’s attention again. Denki nodded, telling her that it was alright to continue on with her asking. “What was up with the skirt? Why did they assume it was yours?”

“Because it was mine. I hid it because I didn’t have enough room in my backpack to bring it to the dorms,” she explained with a small shrug.

“Are you trans?” Mina asked, cocking her head to the side before a look of realization took over her face. “OhmyGod I’ve been misgendering you all year!”

“I mean, I am kinda trans,” she answered with a small shrug. A bit of her returned back from where it had been scattered to as her friend’s concern washed over her. “I’m genderfluid.”

“Oh,” Mina blushed, looking a bit sheepish for a moment. “Wait! That still means I’ve been misgendering you all year. Shit, now I feel even worse,” she groaned, lolling her head onto the back of the chair.

Denki felt a couple tears race down her face, falling onto her shirt before she realized what was happening. “Please don’t feel bad because of me…” she whispered, her voice barely working. “I know that all of this is my fault and that I’ve done so many horrible things and made things so bad for the class, but I don’t want any of you to hurt because of me.”

“Nonononono!” Mina shook her hands in front of her. The blond felt a pair of familiar arms wrap around her waist, pulling her into her boyfriend’s sturdy arms.

“Empress, you’re alright,” he whispered into her ear softly, rocking them back and forth. The blond nodded, and let her arms wrap around Kyouka as the other girl stood up and hugged her tightly. They stayed like while the blonde sobbed, ridding herself of the guilt and loneliness that she had been bottling up inside of her.

“Why don’t we go get something to eat?” Mina offered when the trio had all pulled away from each other. “We can go talk to the class and tell them how Eiji’s doing while we’re at it. I’m sure they’re worried too,” she grinned widely, knowing that she had to be the bright center of the group for once.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Kyouka nodded, threading her fingers together with Denki’s as she began to lead the group out of the infirmary. “What do you want us to bring you, Bakugou?” she asked the blond, knowing full well that he wasn’t going to leave Eijirou’s side until he woke up.

He only grunted, his eyes not once moving away from where they were staring at the unconscious redhead. The group moved on, all of them silently walking back to the dorms. The class was all huddled together, each of them too scared to talk as they worried about their friend. The silence was broken as the Bakusquad minus two members returned back from where they had been.

“How is he?”

“Did Kirishma die?”

“What the Hell happened back there?”

“Are you okay, Kaminari?”

“Is it true that those were your parents?”

“SHUT UP!” Kyouka called out, flinging her arms up in the air as she silenced all of the voices that had been coming at them all at once.

“Jirou’s right. If you’re going to ask questions, ask them respectfully and one at a time,” Iida said, waving his hand through the air as he moved to stand up.

“I feel like the biggest question here is if Kirishima is okay,” Momo said. Kyouka pulled away from the group, walking over to sit next to the taller girl. The rest of the group sat down on some of the empty chairs and couches, now more prepared to answer the questions.

“He’s doing okay. Recovery Girl patched him up and now we’re just waiting for him to wake up,” Mina answered, tucking her legs up underneath her like she always did, shrinking herself down. Every so often she would glance over at the people that were sitting next to her, her cheeks an ever slightly darker shade of pink.

“Well that’s a relief,” Uraraka grinned, placing her hands together in the quirky way that she seemed to be so fond of.

“Were those your parents, Kaminari?” Midoriya asked, turning to the blond.

“Uh, yeah,” she answered, looking down at her hands once again. Hanta placed a reassuring hand on her lower back, which was his way of telling her that he was there and everything was okay. “I guess I should explain a little bit…”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Iida spoke up from where he was sitting, giving him a pointed look.

“I mean, I kinda do and don’t at the same time?” she answered, rubbing her arms anxiously. So many people were looking at her, thinking that she was a boy. She shuddered, the thought coming at her before she really knew that she had been thinking about it. She pushed it back, focusing on the topic at hand. “Okay, so, I’ve never had the best home life. My dad was rarely ever home and my mom had to work all the time. I was basically raised by my older sisters and they spent a lot of time picking on me because I was the only boy in the family,” she winced at herself, dysphoria taking over her body for a moment.

“I guess I had to grow up way too fast, and that left me with a lot of trauma. One thing I guess I should explain is that my parents are the villain Bioshock,” she whispered, nibbling on her lip as she worried about what her classmates would think about the revelation.

“So? You’re not your parents,” Todoroki, of all people, spoke up with a small shrug.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Well, anyway,” the blonde continued. “They wanted me to become their successor, despite how much I wanted to be a hero. The only reason that they let me come to UA was because they thought they could get all the secrets of the new heroes out of me. I tried my best to keep them away from you guys but because of my sister that didn’t really happen. Her Quirk is to be able to track people using their electronics, and I guess that I’m the reason that the League of Villains was always able to find us…”

“Well, that’s certainly better than there being a mole,” Aizawa said from where he had been listening to the conversation.

“Jesus,” Denki swore, placing a hand on her chest as she jumped.

“How long have you been there, Aizawa-sensei?” Tsu called out, placing a finger to her chin as she looked at the teacher.

“Long enough to get more incriminating evidence on some villains,” he answered with a small shrug. “Continue with your story, Kaminari.”

“Right, okay. Uh, would it be too cliche if I said that I almost died? It kinda sounds like YouTuber clickbait,” the blond mumbled.

“It’s not clickbait if it’s true,” Kyouka interrupted.

“True,” she nodded. The more she spoke the better she felt, the guilt in her stomach disappearing. “The night that All Might retired, my parents, uh, they abused me to the point where I was dying. I hadn’t seen them since that night, which is kind of why I wasn’t able to go after them like Eijirou was. I passed out a couple weeks ago, I passed out because my older sister Nala, the second oldest, told me that they had begun to ‘train’ my younger sister Yumi to take over for me since I had been brought to the dorms. It stressed me out so much that I stopped eating and sleeping.”

“Kaminari! You have to eat and sleep, the Hero Course is so hard on our bodies that you could have had permanent damage from treating yourself like that for long enough,” Iida spoke up, concerning edged on his face and voice.

“I know. I already got this lecture from Recovery Girl,” she mumbled. “Not that I don’t appreciate the concern,” she quickly backtracked.

“But to end the story, my parents found something that they shouldn’t and got upset. They were going to take me out of school and do Lord knows what with me,” she finished.

“Kaminari, I know that I act like I don’t care about anything, but if you ever need to compare notes, so to speak, on abusive parents, my door is open,” Todoroki spoke up.

“Oh, uh, thank you?” she asked, not sure how to respond to that.

“I’m also open to talking about neglectful parents,” Hagakure spoke up, her shirt sleeve raising up in the air.

“As am I,” Yaoyorozu smiled comfortingly at the blond.

“I can as well,” Shouji spoke up from where he had been sitting silently next to Tokoyami.

“Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kaminari,” Iida spoke up. “If it would be alright with the rest of the immediate friend group, I think it would be fitting if we could all go visit Kirishima in the hospital when he wakes up.”

“I don’t want to visit the tranny!” Mineta groaned from where he had been shoved off into a corner. Denki glanced over to where Aizawa had been, seeing that he had already left. Her shoulders slumped forward, leaving her to deal with her own anger and hatred boiling in the bottom of her gut.

The rest of the students completely ignored the asshole, each of them raising from where they had been sitting and following after the Bakusquad back to the infirmary. They piled into the large room, still giving the ash-blond and redhead their space until the aforementioned teenager awoke. They formed an awkward circle, each of them talking to each other about things that didn’t really matter.

They continued to talk until they ran out of conversation pieces, falling silent as they waited for Eijirou to wake up. Somewhere along the way, Bakugou had begun to mutter things to his boyfriend, trying to wake him up with the sound of his voice. It seemed to work at the redhead’s eyes fluttered open, showing the rest of them that he was awake. They all made their way over there as the ash-blond took care of his boyfriend, handing him some water. Another wave of guilt coursed over Denki as she realized how much pain she had caused one of her closest friends.

“Is he awake?” Yaoyorozu called out as they walked over to the bed.

“Eiji-chan! You’re awake!” Mina squealed, throwing her arms around him.

“Ow,” he whined, shying away from her. He drew out the sound for a lot longer than he needed to.

“Get off of him Raccoon Eyes,” Bakugou growled protectively, pulling her off of the injured boy. She sat down on the bed, pouting at the ash-blond before she turned back to the redhead.

“Sorry Eiji-chan,” she apologized. “We were all just so worried about you!”

“All of us were,” Yaoyorozu piped up from behind the big group.

“Why?” he asked, his brain moving at the pace of a constipated turtle. He glanced at everyone crowded around his bed before he turned back to his boyfriend.

“What kind of drugs did they put him on?” Tsu asked, touching one of her fingers to her cheek out of curiosity.

“I don’t know specifics but I do know that it was a fuck-ton of pain killers,” Bakugou responded, moving his other hand off of his leg and pointing to the gash in his side. “You were beat up pretty fucking bad fighting those assholes.”

“Everyone, we should probably come back when Kirishima is more in his right mind. I’m sure he would not enjoy knowing that we all saw him when he was so vulnerable once he recovers,” Iida shouted, making chopping motions with his arm. The erratic movements caused the redhead to giggle in an amused manner. The reaction caused everyone to really understand how far under the drugs that he really was, and they turned and left. Katsuki remained by his side, as did the rest of the Bakusquad.

Mina sat down on the bottom of the bed, tucking her legs underneath her and shoving her hands in her lap. Denki and Hanta sat off to the side in chairs that they had grabbed. The blonde folded her legs up underneath her, resting her head on her legs as she tried to make herself as small as possible.

Eijirou tossed his head to the side, seeing the ash-blond next to him again. He smiled, another giggle slipping past his lips. “You’re really pretty. You should be my boyfriend,” after the words had tumbled out of his mouth, he looked down at their clasped hands and his eyes widened. “Woah,” he whispered as if he had just found out the most interesting thing in the world.

“Hey, Eijirou,” Mina called from the end of the bed. “Guess what?” she asked, a bright, mischievous smile on her face.

“What?” he asked, turning to her and staring at her with innocent eyes.

“You’re already dating,” she responded.

“Really?” he asked, turning to look at his boyfriend again. “But he’s so pretty!”

Bakugou’s entire face had turned almost completely red. He pressed his forehead into the heel of his hand, trying to ignore the astonished words coming out of the sick teenager’s mouth. “You’re not so fucking bad looking yourself,” he huffed after a moment, taking a through his fingers at the redhead.

“Katsuki, Katsuki,” he said after a moment, seeming to have forgotten what they were just talking about. He moved their hands up and down fervently like he had something really important to say. “Guess what?” he asked through giggles.

“What?” he sighed, rubbing his temples.

“I forgot,” he responded with another round of giggles. “Can I have a kiss?”

“God, you’re so high,” he rolled his eyes. He stood up from the chair anyway, pressing his lips to his lover’s forehead.

“I’m not high, I’ve never done drugs,” Eijirou slurred, grinning like a madman when he got the affection he was desiring. “Never, never, never.”

“Not even a little bit of drugs?” Hanta teased, leaning forward so that his elbows were resting on his knees. “Even the smallest amount of marijuana?”

“No!” he shook his head back and forth adamantly, making sure each of his cheeks touched the pillow. When he stopped, he had successfully made himself dizzy. He let out another giggle, pressing his head into the pillow behind him to try and get the feeling to go away.

“Raccoon Eyes, put the fucking phone away,” Bakugou snapped at the girl sitting at the end of the bed. She whined but turned the recording off, placing the device in her pocket.

“Katsuki, Katsuki,” he whispered again, tugging on the hand that was tightly holding his.

“What?” the ash-blond asked, looking a bit exasperated despite the loving expression he was shooting at his drugged boyfriend.

“I’m sleepy,” he answered, making a small pouty face.

“Then go to sleep.”

“Can you cuddle with me?” he asked.

The ash-blond opened his mouth to object, but the look his boyfriend was giving him made him rethink what he was going to say. “Fine, but don’t be mad at me if I accidentally touch your fucking wound,” he answered, getting off of the chair. He dropped their hands for a moment as he walked around the end of the bed and got into it on the side where he wasn’t hooked up to an IV.

“I have a wound?” the redhead asked, trying to look himself over but he could barely lift his head off of the bed.

Yes,” he responded with a small chuckle.

“Text us when he wakes up again and isn’t so drugged out of his mind?” Mina asked as she got off of the bed.

“You fucking know I will,” Bakugou growled. The group stood, filtering out of the room.


Denki rushed down the hall, pushing their hair out of their eyes as they walked. The sound of footsteps behind them made them turn around, always fearing the worst since the attack. The blond felt anger and disgust roll in their gut as they caught sight of the worst person in their class. They turned around again, trying to ignore Mineta as they continued walking. Just as they got outside of Eijirou’s door, the purple-haired asshole spoke up.

“Thanks for letting me tag along, Kaminari,” Mineta’s disgusting voice echoed off the walls.

“I didn’t,” the blonde sighed, trying to spit the words with as much venom as they could muster.

“What was that?” the other asked.

“Nothing,” Denki piped up, far too worn out to get into another conflict. He just wanted the asshole to leave so that they could go properly apologize to their friend. “Why did you even want to come to see him? You hated him since the moment he and Bakubro came out of the closet and started dating.”

“Bakugou is actually kind of a good guy, you know?” the gremlin of a human being said, skirting around the question.

“And why is that?” the blond sassed, waiting for an actual answer to her question.

“He let her keep pretending like she was a boy for so many months after they started dating. If it was me I would have made her dress up in all sorts of pretty clothes,” the sick bastard grinned widely, rubbing his hands together.

“Get the fuck out of here now! Eijirou is a boy, has always been a boy and always will be. It’s not his fault he was born in the wrong body, but it is your fault but it is your fault that you’re being a transphobic asshole,” Denki spewed. They raised their hand out in the air, ready to attack the dickbag before they thought better of it. The words had not just been for the man in front of them, but also for their parents. The purple-haired teenager turned around, sprinting down the hallway and out of sight. The blond stayed there for a moment longer, catching their breath before they went to go meet their friend.

“Eijirou?” Denki asked. When they actually caught sight of their friend wide awake they could no longer keep the words inside their mind “I’m so sorry. All of this is my fault! I should have just lied and said that they weren’t my parents and then they wouldn’t have come into the school and hurt you and outed you and all of this is my fault!” they sobbed, standing there and letting the waterfall of tears rush down her face.

“They all know?” he whispered, his eyes wide and panicky.

“Eijirou, deep breaths,” Bakugou said from next to his boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around him, before turning to his friend as well. “You too Pikachu. Both of you fill up your lungs all the way and then hold it,” they both did as they were told. Denki filled their lungs up until they felt like they were bursting, used to having to do this breathing routine to calm themselves down.

“Release it as slowly as you can,” the ash-blond commanded. “Keep doing that until you’re both back to the annoying fuckers you are,” he whispered, still carding his hand through the short red locks of his lover. They did as they were told, and once they had both calmed down they resumed their conversation like the civil beings that they were.

“You had no way of knowing that they were going to melt my clothes and then rip off my binder,” Eijirou shook his head. “You didn’t do anything. If it matters at all, you technically helped since you told Mineta off.”

“The fuck did that fucking pervert do?” Katsuki asked, his voice rising.

“We’ll talk about it later,” Eijirou assured him. “Are you okay? Does everyone know about you now too?”

“No,” they shook their head. Them not having to come out in the same way that Eijirou was forced to played into the new bout of guilt that was consuming them “I think everyone actually looked over and started paying attention after you started fighting with my mom.”

“Well at least one of us will get to come out of our own terms, right?” he asked, trying to lighten the mood.

Denki winced again, “I’m sorry.”

“I was trying to make a joke, Den,” Eijirou assured them.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were already here Kaminari,” Midoriya apologized as he opened the door to the room that Eijirou had been moved into. “Is it alright if I still come in? I just have something to drop off.”

“What the fuck do you want, Deku?” Bakugou spat, protectively curling around his boyfriend.

“Kacchan,” he sighed, his shoulders slumping heavily. “I’ll be in and out, I promise.” He walked the rest of the way down to the bed Eijirou was in, holding out a familiar looking object.

“I know that you lost your binder during the fight, so I thought you could use one until a new one could be sent to you,” the green-haired boy smiled shyly. “It’s one of my old ones and I don’t know if you’ll fit or not, but I thought it would be better to offer than to not. I know how awful dysphoria can be when you have to go without a binder after a long time of having one,” when he had finished his nervous ramblings and Eijirou had taken the binder from him he turned and walked out as quickly as he could.

The two teenagers began to have a bit of a whispered discussion, telling them that it was their time to leave. “See you after school,” Denki waved as they turned around and left the infirmary.

Chapter Text

tit has sent an image to Class 1-A

tit to Class 1-A

Wow. Our class has more secrets than I thought. First, Kirishima was pretending to be a boy and now Kaminari is cheating on Jirou. Not very heroic, but don’t worry, I’ll be her shoulder to cry on.


Denki picked up her phone, looking at the message that had been sent to the group chat. A wave of panic began to drown her, swirling around her in an unstoppable hurricane. One of her skirts had been stolen the day after she had blown up at the asshole of their class. The picture that had been included in the degrading, demeaning message was of her skirt. She had no idea that it had been him that had stolen it and had been far too worried about her sisters to really focus on the state of her skirt. Another message sent to the group chat pulled her out of her thoughts, bringing her back down to the screen in her hand.


Bro #2 to Class 1-A



Mom to Class 1-A

Kaminari, I can’t believe that you would do that! Jirou is a very sweet compassionate girl. If she’s not enough for you then you should have just told her that instead of getting someone else caught up in your mess!


Oh! There goes gravity to Class 1-A

If anyone in our class was going to cheat I never thought it would be Kaminari…


Deku to Class 1-A

@Iida Tenya, Mineta was snooping through Kaminari’s room


Bro #1 to Class 1-A

I never cheated on Kyouka! I would never!


tit to Class 1-A

Then who’s skirt is this?


Jirphones to Class 1-A

Den, you don’t have to tell them if you don’t want to. You’re not in the wrong here.


Bro King to Class 1-A

I’m here to support you bro!


tit has changed Bro King’s name to Faker


Bae Bro to Class 1-A

So you insult my boyfriend for a week, go through my friend’s shit and then accuse him of faking his gender?



Her hands shook as she waited to send the message, hovering over the button before she accidentally hit it, sending the message off to the class.


Bro #1 to Class 1-A

It’s MY skirt. For my girl days.


Zoomies added Unknown Person to Class 1-A


Zoomies to Class 1-A

Please read up, Aizawa-sensei. I think you’ll find that what Mineta has done something completely unacceptable and his past behavior has warranted at least some degree of punishment.


Unknown Person to Class 1-A

Mineta, come see me in my office. Now.


She had cried far too many times this year, and yet here she was once again. Tears raced down her face, clouding her vision to the point where she couldn’t see anything around her. She dropped her phone down onto the bed, her hands shaking harshly as she tried to steady her breathing. She could hear her door opening, the sound causing her to curl up in on herself and flinch.

“Den? Oh, baby,” Hanta cooed, his voice sending a comforting shiver throughout his girlfriend. She uncurled herself from the ball that she had been tucked in, reaching her hands out for him. He obeyed, picking her up around her waist and sitting down on her bed. He folded his legs under him, then placed her on his lap. She leaned into him, crying out all of the emotions that had been coursing through her for months while listening to the sound of her boyfriend’s heartbeat. His arms clung to her waist, getting rid of a bit of her dysphoria by making her feel like she actually had one.

“Wh-what if they all hate me?” she whispered, looking at the taller teenager with wide, scared eyes.

“Empress,” he soothed, cupping her cheek with his hand. He wiped away the new batch of tears that she had begun to cry with his thumb, just soothingly rocking them back and forth. “None of them will hate you. Everyone easily accepted Eijirou, didn’t they?”

“Y-yeah, but I’m different,” she tried to explain through her hiccuping sobs. “I change and it could be too hard for them to change pronouns for me all the time and they might not want to and,” she rambled, the tears returning once again.

“You’re not different, Empress,” he whispered, pressing careful kisses to her head as he spoke. “We’re in a class full of wannabe heroes, if they really want to become heroes, they would do their best to respect you and your gender.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, her lips sticking together as they had become chapped in her gasping for air.

“Very sure,” he nodded, looking deeply into her eyes. He leaned forward, catching her lips in a sweet, semi chaste kiss. “The people in our class are good, they wouldn’t hurt you on purpose.”

“Mineta,” she pointed out, grimacing as she had to say the name.

“Mineta’s going to get expelled. No question about it,” the black haired teenager shook his head back and forth. Their phones chirped in unison, telling them that they had gotten a message from the group chat. Hanta picked up his device, opening it so that they could both see.


Girl Bro to Class 1-A

Guys! Does anyone know where Den is?


“Can I tell them what’s going on?” he asked, turning to look at his girlfriend again. She only nodded her consent, picking at the chapped skin on her lips. Her eyes drooped tiredly, the strong emotions that she had been through draining her. Hanta typed out his response before he turned the phone again so that they could both see the chat.


Bro #2 to Class 1-A

I’ve got her. She’s a mess, but she’s okay


Dark birb to Class 1-A

So I take it Kaminari’s pronouns are She/Her?


Bro #2 to Class 1-A

Yeah. At least, right now they are. Her pronouns change a lot


Froggit to Class 1-A

So Kaminari is Genderfluid? Not trans?


Deku to Class 1-A

Okay! I’m back!

And Genderfluidity actually falls under the transgender spectrum, Asui


Back Soothing Cream to Class 1-A

Midoriya punched a hole in the wall.

Why is that my username?


Zoomies to Class 1-A

Midoriya! Why would you punch a hole in the wall? I had more faith in you than this.


Froggit to Class 1-A

Call me Tsu.


Deku to Class 1-A

Sorry Iida! I just got really angry…

I hate it when people belittle others or slur at them. It hits kinda close to home for me.


Faker to Class 1-A

Oh yeah, speaking of which

My moms say thank you for the favor you did to me, Midoriya


Bae Bro has changed Faker’s name to Bakugou’s


Bakugou’s has changed their name to Bro King


Bro King to Class 1-A

As cute as that is, I feel like this is more of an act of defiance.


Back Soothing Cream to Class 1-A

Can someone please explain my nickname to me now?


Mom to Class 1-A

Not it.


Unknown Person to Class 1-A

@Bro #2 could you please tell me what kind of cookies denki likes


“Who is that?” Hanta asked, squinting at the screen.

“I think that’s Satou, babe,” Denki spoke up, her voice soft and horse. She always seemed to have a softer, gentler tone on days that she was female, and the tone only intensified when she was talking to her boyfriend. “And I like really soft sugar cookies, like gooey level soft,” she grinned, feeling herself returning back to her body.


Bro #2 to Class 1-A


She said she really likes soft sugar cookies


Unknown Person to Class 1-A

im satou rikkido btw


Unknown Person to Class 1-A

The situation has been handled. And don’t worry, problem children, you won’t have to deal with that problem any longer. Kaminari, if you need anyone to talk to I know a counselor that I can send you too. The same goes for you Kirishima.


“Aizawa sensei wrote this,” Hanta pointed his head at the screen, tapping on the message with his thumb.

“I pretty much guess that,” Denki scrunched up her nose, turning and sticking her tongue out playfully at her boyfriend.

“I don’t know! You seem really tired and out of it. I was just trying to be helpful,” he scoffed, letting out a harsh breath.

“I know. Thank you,” she grinned widely, pressing their lips together again. Hanta dropped his phone down onto the bed, his hand flying up to her hair. He threaded his long fingers through her bright blond locks, pressing his palm against her scalp. They kissed like they had been apart from each other for years, pushing each other back and forth in a mock fight for dominance.

Denki moved around where she was, keeping their lips connected the entire time. She got up on her knees, her feet over the lower parts of her boyfriend’s legs. She placed her hands on his chest, pulling back only when she needed to breathe. She pushed him back against the bed, a wide smile splitting her face. He looked up at her like she was the moon, full of wonder and a certain reverence like emotion that she couldn’t really place.

“You’re gorgeous, my Empress,” he whispered, his hand moving up to loop a strand of her bright hair behind her ear. The teenager in question felt her cheeks turn a bright shade of red. She leaned down, burying her face in the crook of his neck to hide her blush. “Don’t hide your beautiful face from me,” he laughed, pulling her up so that he could look at her again.

“You’re making me blush,” she squirmed, wrinkling up her nose.

“Good. That’s my job, as your boyfriend,” his eyes shined as he caught her lips on his own once again. He sat up, sliding her down into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her hips, holding her close to him as they lazily kissed each other.

“Can I change? I kind of want to wear some of my girl clothes now that I can,” she asked once they pulled back.

“Why would I say no? I love the way you look in your skirts and dresses,” he teased, sliding his hand up and down her thigh.

“Hanta!” she squawked, blushing again as she slid off his lap. The black haired teenager only laughed, flopping back on the bed and staring at the ceiling to give her some privacy.

Denki pulled out some of the clothes that she had stashed away in the back of her closet. She took off the pants of her uniform and slid on the skirt, fastening it around her waist and sliding the zipper around to her back. It was a gorgeous lavender color and made out of a silky material that felt amazing against her skin. She picked out her shirt next, choosing to wear the black one that she had bought the day that she and Hanta had begun dating.

“God, what did I do to deserve you?” the teenager asked from where he was laying on the bed.

“I should ask you that,” she responded with a small giggle. She made her way over to the bed, moving her boyfriend around so that she could curl against him. Hanta obeyed, opening his arms for a moment before he wrapped them protectively around her. “I’m going to take a nap,” she yawned, sleep pulling heavily at her.

“Right here?” he asked, referencing a vine that they had both seen.

“Shut up,” she grumbled, her voice already slurred as she fell asleep. Hanta chuckled, running his hands through her hair to calm her down and help her sleep.

“Love you,” he whispered, pressing a kiss onto the top of her head.

Chapter Text

“Hanta, we need to come out to the class,” Denki grumbled, rolling over and poking their boyfriend’s chest.

“Do we have to? That seems like a lot of work,” the black-haired teen whined. He looked over from where he had been studying, catching the other’s eyes and pouting.

“It’s literally one message,” the blond laughed, shaking their head back and forth teasingly. “I can do it since you’re too busy pouting,” they stuck their tongue out at the other before they pulled their phone out of their pocket and tapped out a message to the class group chat.


Bro #1 to Class 1-A

So, Hanta and I have a thing we need to say. Kyouka too, I guess. Kyouka and I were never really dating. We were pretending so that she would stop getting harassed by the diaper stain, even if it didn’t really work. But like, she’s super gay. And I am too. So, really Hanta and I are dating and Kyouka needs to woman up and tell her crush that she likes her. Thanks and this has been rambled explanations with Kaminari Denki


They sent off the text quickly, and waited for the replies. A lot of them were sweet and cute, just a lot of congratulations. Kyouka sent an angry message, yelling at her childhood friend. The blond shook their head before they turned off their phone and put it back in their pocket.  “You’re cute,” they giggled as they looked at their boyfriend. They leaned forward, pressing their lips together tenderly for what must have been the millionth time since they had come back to the blonde's room. It had been two days since the incident and Eijirou was scheduled to get released from the infirmary, but the two thought that it would be better to let their friend come to them in their own time. They had just gotten out of class as well, so they didn’t think he was going to be out of the infirmary for some time.

“I could say the same thing about you,” Hanta replied, pressing a small kiss to their nose.

“But you’re cuter. I’m just a mess,” they giggled, pulling their arms away from where their boyfriend had been holding them and wrapping them around his neck.

“You’re not a mess,” he rolled his eyes, a small smirk taking over his face.

“Don’t lie to me,” the blond pulled, placing a hand on their chest as they pretended to be offended.

“Fine. If you’re a mess then you’re my mess,” he responded. The blond giggled, pressing their lips to their boyfriend in another passionate kiss.

They cuddled together for a little longer, letting the room fall into a calm, soothing silence. The next noise that occurred was the sound of a knock on the door, making them both jump a bit. Denki slid off of their boyfriend’s lap, walking over to the door and hesitantly opening it. “Hello?” they asked, peering out at who was standing there.

“Young Kaminari, there are some pleasant faces I think you want to see,” All Might grinned widely, placing his bony hands on his even bonier hips.

“Last time someone came to visit me at school they attacked one of my best friends,” they said, opening the door cautiously.

“Den? Who is it?” Hanta called out, rolling over from where he had been laying on the bed.

“Oh, hello Young Sero,” All Might smiled widely. “I didn’t realize you would be here with Young Kaminari. Speaking of which, I do think that you would enjoy seeing these faces. They want to see you very much,” the blond chuckled.

“Alright, I trust you,” the teenager sighed, their shoulders slumping forward. They were wearing an overly large sweater to hide their form, something that they always did on days where they were somewhere in between gender. They heard Hanta slid off of their bed, following after them as they walked down the hall after their teacher. The taller teenager placed his hand on his significant other’s back to reassure them as they walked out of the dorms.

The blond’s face turned from the worried expression they had been sporting since leaving the safety of their room to an elated happiness. They dropped down to their knees, holding their arms open. The twins rush at them first, wrapping their tiny arms around their torso. Denki stands up with them, one twin under each arm. They began to cry, burying their faces into their sibling's neck. The blond began to cry as well, holding both of the four-year-old tight to them. After a moment the older sets their siblings back down onto the ground and gets a tackled hug from Yumi next.

“Hey, Yumi,” they breath, holding onto her tightly. They were more than happy to find that their sister was relatively alright, other than having a slightly damaged mind. The other girls rushed over to them a moment later, throwing their arms around them as their other sister had done a moment ago. The large family stayed in that position for a good five minutes before they all pulled back. “What are you guys doing here?” Denki asked, wiping the tears off of their face.

“I can answer that,” Present Mic answered, a wide grin splitting his face. “They’re here in the protection of the school until we get the paperwork worked out and get them to a relative of yours in Southern Japan. An Aunt and Uncle, I think,” he rambled, shoving his hands into his pants.

Denki nodded, thinking back to the family reunions that they had been to when they were younger. The only other family that they had that lived in Japan as opposed to England or America was a couple of sweet elderly people that had always been nothing but the nicest to Denki. They had brought little toys and trinkets for all the kids and always allowed them to play by them, talking to them as well and giving them sweets.

The blond thought about it for a moment before they replied to their teacher. “I’m glad that they’re going to those two. They’ll grow up with an actual childhood, unlike me,” they smiled tightly, looking over their siblings.

“Will we get to see you?” Amara asked, looking down at the ground instead of at her sibling.

“Of course. And I bet that you’ll get to see me on TV too since I’m going to be a real hero soon,” they grinned. It was only a half truth and meant to really just make all of them feel better for the time being.

“Promise?” she asked, sniffing away the rest of her tears.

“Promise,” they affirmed, hugging her tightly.

“I hate to cut this family reunion short, but we should let the girls get settled into their rooms and you need to change your room to one of the genderqueer ones,” Present Mic grinned even wider as he saw the shock fall over his student’s face. He rattled off the room number before one of Denki’s sisters takes away his attention

“No way, I really get to move into the genderqueer dorms?” they whispered, their eyes wide and excited. “Thank you so much sensei’s!” they jumped up and down excitedly, clasping their hands in front of them.

“Of course. The rest of the belongings from your house are in your new room since you’ll be staying at the school permanently,” All Might chips in for Present Mic as the other blond hero leads the pack of blond children back to the place where they will be staying.

“Hanta, let’s go set up my room!” they grinned, grabbing their friend’s hand and racing off to the dorms. When they got into the hallway, Mina stopped them, holding her hand out to make sure that they can’t walk past her.

“What’s going on?” she asked, worry evident in her voice.

“Good things,” Denki answered before they blabbed the entire story of what had happened to their pink-haired friend, bouncing around the entire time.

“That’s great!” Mina squealed, throwing her arms around her friend before she began to shoo them back in the direction where they had been heading before she stopped them. “Go move!” she squealed before heading downstairs. The two teenagers continue their race upstairs until they reach the room that the blond had been staying on. Denki and Hanta quickly got to work, rounding up the clothes and books that the blond had and move them down to the hall to where their new room is.

Denki gaped as they walked into their new room, seeing that there are more than enough bookshelves to compensate for their plethora of books. The grinned widely, standing in the middle of the room for a moment before they whirled around to face their boyfriend. “Look, Hanta! There’s enough room for all of my books!”

“And I thought you had a lot before,” the black-haired teenager laughed, dumping his armful of books down on the bed before he spotted something on it. “Hey babe, look at this,” he called out, tapping on the paper that sat on top of the items of clothing on the bed. Denki whirled around, walking over to the bed.

He picked up the paper, looking at the note.


The dress code still applies to this uniform, Kaminari. Tell me if you need a different size.



The note reads, making the blond smile widely. “Woah,” they whisper. They look up from the paper that they reread a couple times to make sure it was real. They looked at their boyfriend for a moment before they turned to the female uniform laying on their bed. “Hanta, this is for me. I have a girl’s uniform,” they sniffed, a bright smile splitting their face.

“I told you everything would be fine. You should listen to me more often,” he giggled, pressing a kiss to his partner’s lips.

Denki responded by sticking out their tongue playfully. The couple went back to their work as they had been before, but there were quite a few more teasing remarks and jokes thrown between the two of them. Soon, all of the books had been put away and Denki sat on the floor as they worked on putting away all of their clothes. Hanta sat closely next to them, ‘helping’ in his own way by distracting them with kisses and jokes.

Mina flung their door open, making it bang on the wall before she giggled, “He’s out of the hospital!”

“Welcome back Eijirou!” Denki called from the ground, waving at their friend. Eijirou grinned, waving back at them as he walked into the blond’s room. “Lookit what Aizawa-sensei brought me! It was on my bed when I got to come into the room! I have a skirt if I want to wear it. This is so cool.”

“Dude, that’s great!” Eijirou moved the uniform over a bit and sat down on his friend’s bed, looking over all of the books that lined the room. “Did you have this many books when you first moved in?”

“No, I just brought some of my favorites. I’m technically living in the school for the next three years so I brought the rest of them,” they answered with a small shrug as they moved away from Hanta to finish unpacking all of their clothes.

“And by their favorites they mean about a hundred,” Hanta said, turning to face the newcomers. Mina had found Katsuki, who walked in and sat down next to his boyfriend. “Rude,” Denki scoffed, turning to look at the black-haired teenager. “And here I thought you loved me,” they made a large pouting face at the other teenager. Hanta crawled forward, pressing a careful kiss to their lips.

“I do love you,” he responded before falling back on the floor.

“Wait! What happened while I was gone? I thought you weren’t cheating on Jirou!” Eijirou cried, incredibly confused by the interaction between his two friends.

“I’m not,” they shook their head. “Kyouka and I were never dating. We were pretending because the disgusting pervert was always paying her too much attention for her to feel safe. We’re both gay anyway. Before the Summer Camp Hanta and I started dating in secret. We came out on the group chat and everyone was super sweet and everything. Have you not been online?”

“It seems every time I get online something bad happens,” Eijirou laughed as he ran a hand through his unstyled hair.

“Well now that the grape stain is gone good things happen there,” Mina retorted, the most malice and hate the group had ever heard her use stuffed into the words.

“Woah, Mina,” the redhead giggled. The pink-haired girl just smiled, tilting her head to the side a bit. The group remained silent for a moment before Eijirou spoke up again. “So what else happened while I was gone?”

“Today in class we met the top three students in class 3-A,” Mina offered, wiggling back and forth on the spinning chair that she was sitting on. “There was this really tall, blond one that picked a fight with the entire class. That was kinda fun. What was his name again?”

“Toogata Mirio,” Hanta responded as he got up off the ground and helped his partner unpack their clothes. “Amajiki Tamaki was the one that confused me. Why would someone in the top three have that much social anxiety?”

“Hey, don’t judge him so quickly!” Denki scolded. “You don’t know his history and you have to remember that being a hero is different than standing in front of our class and talking.”

“Why did you specify that it was our class?” Mina asked.

“Because we’re a bunch of disaster queers,” they continued to explain.

“Did any other couples form while I was away?” Eijirou asked when the laughter at Denki’s comment died down.

“There’s a fucking couple I wish had gotten together when you were away. I’m so fucking sick of having to listen to shitty Deku talk about fucking Icryhot’s eyes when we have dinner with Auntie Inko,” Katsuki grumbled, rolling his eyes.

“So you took my advice?” the redheaded teenager asked curiously, turning to face his boyfriend as elation took over his face.

“Sometimes I forget that you grew up with Midoriya because of how much you hate him,” Mina hummed, tapping her cheek as she spoke.

“Yes, I took your fucking advice. And shut the fuck up, Raccoon Eyes!” he shouted, glaring menacingly at his friend. “I don’t fucking hate shitty Deku, I just have some issues with him that we’re working through.”

“And I am very proud of you for it,” Eijirou responded, leaning over and pecking his boyfriend’s cheek.

“Kirishima, Kaminari, please come with me,” All Might said, knocking gently on the doorframe to get their attention. The two teens glanced at each other for a moment before they stood up and followed after their skeletal teacher.

Chapter Text

“Did we do something?” Denki asked, their voice quivering with fear. Of course, something would awful would happen after all of the good that had been happening to them.

“No,” All Might shook his head, a small smile ghosting his gaunt face. “Neither of you are in trouble. We just thought that after the recent incident regarding,” he paused for a moment as if looking for the right choice of words. “Your former classmate that you and some of the other students could use an extra class.”

“Does this have to do with us being trans?” Eijirou asked.

“Yes,” All Might nodded as he led them into one of the rooms that none of them had ever used. It was a makeshift classroom for what both of the students assumed was if they ever had to have a lockdown but they still had to have classes. They walked through the door to the classroom like room. Thirteen and Aizawa stood at the front of the class and there were several of their classmates in the seats. Yaoyorozu sat in the very corner, leaning in on herself and looking shyly at the rest of them. Midoriya sat perched on his seat, in deep conversation with Asui next to him. Tokoyami sat on the other side of the green-haired teenagers. There was another boy sitting at the back of the class that neither of them recognized, but the blond assumed that that was their new classmate who was replacing Mineta. Denki and Eijirou shared a look with each other before they moved to sit down with their other classmates.

“Sensei, what is this all about?” Yaoyorozu asked, her eyes flitting to the two new people who walked into the room.

“All Might, if you could go get the Big Three that would be useful,” Aizawa grumbled out, waiting until the skeletal man had closed the door behind him to answer the question. “It has come to our attention that we have to do this extra class for you problem children concerning the recent events with the transphobic idiot that I just got the pleasure of expelling.”

“Aizawa, behave,” Thirteen warned.

“I am behaving,” he growled back to the other hero, narrowing his eyes. He turned back to his students, “This is essentially explaining to you that you will get misgendered. This world is full of horrible people. There’s simply no avoiding it. Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Hitoshi and Midoriya, you’ll all have a fairly good chance of not getting misgendered unless you choose to come out to the public. If you don’t, then everyone will just assume you are male or female once you’ve finished your transition. Like what happened with me,” the tired man leaned on the podium in front of him, his arms still crossed.

“Asui and Tokoyami, unfortunately, if you choose to come out to the public or don’t you will get misgendered as well. Even though society is more accepting and compassionate towards transgender people, they are not so sure how to deal with agender and non-binary people,” Thirteen stated. Before they had a chance to continue, the door swung open and three older students walked in. Denki quickly recognized them as the Big Three, or the students that had sparred with them earlier today.

“Don’t make any noise just yet, Thirteen isn’t done talking,” Aizawa warned, motioning for them to go sit down. The trio obeyed, all taking their seats just behind where the majority of the other students sat.

“As I was saying,” their other teacher continued. “In my personal experience, even if you come out to the public in saying that you are agender or nonbinary and you would prefer if people used they/them pronouns, most people will not do so. It is a sad truth, but I see it happening more and more as more diverse heroes come out and ask the public to treat them as decent human beings.”

“Speaking of which, since you lot are all training to be heroes, it might be even more important than you think to come out as trans to the public. While I personally did not want to do this because that’s just too much attention for me, you can see from heroes like Hawks that it does have a large effect on people,” Aizawa rambled. The longer the makeshift lesson went on the more their teacher seemed to really care for them, like he wanted to make everything better for them.

“Good point, Aizawa,” Thirteen commented. “So you may have a stroke of good luck when and if you do choose to come out to the public, Asui, and Tokoyami, but it isn’t likely.”

The more that their teachers spoke, the more terrified that they became. Everyone around him had someone like them. Eijirou, Midoriya, the new purple-haired student, and Yaoyorozu were all trans, so they were similar to each other and would be able to relate to each other. Tokoyami and Tsu had each other, even if they weren’t really the same gender they still could talk to each other and relate to one another. No one would be able to relate to the blond though. None of their other classmates were genderfluid, and none of them had ever gone through what Denki had gone through. They glanced around them, seeing everyone over and over again, half expecting some of them to turn on them and reject them.

“Kaminari, you will get misgendered. Because you identify as genderfluid, there is no way around it. I know it’s going to be hard to deal with, but you will the role model of all role models if you choose to come out to the public,” Aizawa said, more compassion than the class had ever heard crammed into his voice as he spoke. “Now, I’m going to give the time over to the Big Three so I can go resume my nap,” he said, dragging himself off of the podium and walking out of the classroom.

“I’ll be in the back of the classroom chaperoning,” Thirteen commented as they moved out of the way to allow the three older students to talk.

“Let’s form a circle everybody! It’ll make it easier to talk!” the girl with blue hair said with a wide grin. The students did as they were told, getting up and moving the desks so that they formed a circle. Eijirou was in a bit of a trance, still trying to process the information that he had been given. The three older students sat together on top of some of the desks that had been moved while the rest of the students crowded around the rest of the circle.

“Since we don’t really know all of you, why don’t we do introductions?” the blond boy suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea to me! So name, preferred pronouns, and what you identify as gender-wise,” the blue-haired girl chirped. “I’ll go first! My name is Hadou Nejirie, my preferred pronouns are she/her and I am MtF trans,” she grinned brightly. She pointed to the person next to her, gesturing for him to go next.

“I’m Toogata Mirio, he/him and I am FtM trans,” the blond answered, placing his hand on his hips confidently. He looked to the boy next to him, seeing that he was shrunk down on himself and quivering a bit. “I’ll introduce them since their anti-social. This is Amajiki Tamaki, they use they/them pronouns. They identify as nonbinary,” he reached over, threading their fingers together soothingly.

“Great, now let’s get everyone else introduced!” Hadou clapped her hands in front of her with a bright smile. She pointed to Eijirou, “You first!”

“I’m Kirishima Eijirou, he/him pronouns and I am FtM trans,” he nodded.

“Just keep going in a circle,” Hadou urged, pointing to Denki.

“My name is Kaminari Denki. I’m genderfluid, so my pronouns change and today they are they/them,” they nodded, fidgeting around nervously.

“Tokoyami Fumikage, they/them and nonbinary,” Tokoyami spoke up, looking away from the rest of the class.

The new student was sat by them. He sat up and cleared his throat, looking incredibly awkward, “Shinsou Hitoshi, FtM trans, preferred pronouns are they/him.”

“Asui Tsuyu, call me Tsu. I’m agender and my pronouns are they/them,” they croaked, placing a finger on their lips.

“I am Midoriya Izuku, male pronouns and I am FtM transgender,” Midoriya grinned, bouncing up and down to excess energy.

“My name is Yaoyorozu Momo, and I am MtF transgender. I use female pronouns exclusively,” Yaoyorozu spoke up, her voice wavering for the first time ever.

“Great! It’s so nice to meet all of you!” Hadou grinned widely and she clapped her hands in front of her. “We should divide and conquer, you guys! Amajiki, you can talk to Tsu and Tokoyami. I’ll talk with Kaminari and Yaoyorozu and Mirio, you can talk with Midoriya, Kirishima, and Shinsou!”

“What are we supposed to talk to them about?” Tamaki asked, looking over to their two friends.

“Coming out to their class, ways to deal with misgendering, stuff like that!” Hadou replied and she jumped off the desk, gesturing for Yaoyorozu and Denki to go over to her.

They glanced at each other for a moment before they followed after the older student. The woman perched on another desk in the corner, her hand hanging down in front of her to make sure that her skirt stayed down. Yaoyorozu sat down in one of the desks in front of her, leaving Denki to sit down next to her.

“Alright you two,” Hadou grinned. “Have either of you come out to anyone yet?”

“Other than my parents and my childhood friend, I have not,” Yaoyorozu answered. “Though I suppose I have now come out to this group of people.”

“You should probably come out to the rest of the class. It can be really useful if the people you’re fighting with know your true identity, because that way they trust you more and know what might happen if something gets brought up concerning that secret,” Hadou replied. “What about you?” she asked, turning to Denki.

“Oh, uh,” they mumbled, rubbing the back of their head. “I was outed to the class by somebody…”

“What? That’s awful,” she frowned deeply, pressing her hands into fists on her hips. “Who was this person? Does Aizawa know? I hope that they aren’t in class anymore.”

“He’s not. He got expelled right after he outed me to the class. Everyone was really sweet and supportive when they finally understood what genderfluidity was,” the blond smiled widely.

“Well, that’s good,” she hummed, fidgeting around as she thought about what she was going to talk about next. “I guess I should talk to you two about tucking. How far along into your transition are you, Yaoyorozu?”

“I’ve been on hormone blockers since I was nine and I started estrogen last year,” she said, a proud smile taking over her face.

“That’s amazing!” Hadou grinned, clapping her hands in front of her. “Have you had any of the surgeries?”

“Only the chest surgery,” she answered, shaking her head.

“So I should talk to you both about tucking, got it,” Hadou answered, nodding in understanding. “I assume that you both have looked up how to do it online, having been a young trans person myself once upon a time,” she continued to explain how to tuck safely, in explicit detail that made both of the younger teenagers in front of her blush darkly.

Their conversation continued on, both of them asking questions and getting somewhat embarrassing questions from the bubbly upperclassman. The blond got more than enough information about what to do on their female days, and how to cope when they were misgendered. The experience was altogether informative, thrilling and exhausting.

Chapter Text

Denki rolled over in her sleep, pulling her boyfriend’s arm over her waist a bit more. She balled one of her hands into a fist, closing it over the shirt that her lover was wearing. Hanta hummed, placing his chin on the top of her head for a moment before he pressed a kiss into her hair. She had fallen asleep when they had been cuddling together after a tiring day of training. She had been sleeping better since she knew that her sisters were safe and she would never have to see her parents again, but she still adored sleeping when curled around her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, the lull of sleep was broken by the sound of a phone call coming through on the blond’s phone. She roused from her sleep, sitting up on the bed and looking down at the device. She blinked a couple times, trying to register what was happening with her sleep-addled brain. She picked up the device, answering the call. “Hello?” she asked, her words slurred and scratchy as her vocal cords woke up as well.

“Is this Kaminari Denki?” a strangely familiar voice asked from the other line. The voice caused the blonde to wake up, all thoughts and after effects of napping shooting out of her.

“Yes. Who’s asking?” she asked, her voice turning slightly menacing and wary.

“This is your aunt,” the voice said after a moment, soothing and motherly. “I just wanted to call you and tell you that the girls have settled in incredibly well.”

“Oh,” she blushed, feeling her cheeks turn a bright red color. Hanta sat up on the bed, using his elbow to prop himself up.

“Who is it?” he asked, his other hand flying to her leg so that he could comfort her just in case she was panicking.

“It’s my aunt, the one that my little sisters are staying with,” she answered, moving the phone away from her mouth so that she could talk to her boyfriend. The black-haired teen nodded before he laid back down on the bed, placing his hands behind his head and staring up at the ceiling.

“Denki? Who were you talking to?” the maternal woman asked, concern filling her voice.

“My boyfriend,” she blurted out easily before realizing what she had really said.

“Oh that’s wonderful!” the woman chirped with a small laugh. “How long have the two of you been together? Does he treat you well? What’s his name?”

“Uh, his name is Sero Hanta. He’s amazing and treats me like a Queen or King or Ruler, depending on the day,” Denki smiled. His heart fluttered in his chest as he thought about his boyfriend. The boy in question turned, raising his eyebrow as he heard his name spoken.

“What do you mean?” she asked, her voice confused.

“Oh, uh, I’m genderfluid,” he answered, toying with the hem of Hanta’s shirt that he had stolen a while ago.

“Ah! That makes sense about why my brother freaked out on you,” she hummed, and he could hear the sound of tapping fingers from the other line. “He always was a bit backward thinking, no matter how hard mother tried to make him think otherwise.”

“I kinda forgot that you grew up with my father,” he laughed. He had taken to calling the people that had created him with the formal titles, realizing that they did not deserve to be called by the affectionate nicknames after all they had put him through.

“I wish I could forget. And I’m sorry that you also had to grow up with my brother and that horrible woman that he married. No offense, kiddo,” she teased affectionately. Something about the woman was more maternal than his mother had ever been, making him feel like he could trust her no matter what.

“None taken,” he replied.

“Anyway, back to the original topic of my phone call. Your sisters flew down here earlier today and seem to be elated to be in such a big house. They each have their own room and we’re planning on going shopping tomorrow to get them some more clothes and toys and whatnot. They should all start school on Monday. Well, the twins won’t but they will be going to daycare so that they can meet some new friends. I’ve also signed the older ones up for counselors so that they can get through some of the things that they were forced to go through,” the older woman rambled.

“That’s-that’s amazing,” he breathed. Never in his life had he heard about an adult accepting and loving children that weren’t theirs so quickly and easily. A bright smile split his face in two, his heart beating happily in his chest. He felt happier than he had in months knowing that his sisters were happy, healthy, and getting what they would need for their future.

“Now that I’ve told you that,” she continued on. “How are you doing, dear? From what I understand you got the brunt of the abuse. Has your school provided you with a counselor? I’ve also heard that it’s beneficial if teenagers under the transgender umbrella to go to counseling,” she rambled once again.

“I kinda haven’t gotten around to it? They have a therapist especially for our class because of all the things that we’ve been through but I just haven’t gone and seen them yet. I was thinking about going to them with Hanta first,” they hummed. They reached over, threading their fingers together with their boyfriend’s. Today was just one of those days where they switched between genders like kids switch between careers.

“That sounds like a good plan to me, dear,” the woman chuckled. “I’ll let you go now, but feel free to call us at any time if you need anything. Oh! Before I forget, Joru and I were planning to fly you down here during the next break so that we could all spend some family time together. Would you be alright with that?” she asked.

“That sounds awesome, of course, I would!” they responded, fidgeting around with how excited they were getting.

“Wonderful! I’ll let you get back to your boyfriend now. The girls might call later when they’re fully settled in,” she hummed.

“Bye Aunt Taana,” Denki responded before they pulled their phone away from their face and ended the call.

“So? What was that all about?” Hanta asked, his hand moving up and down his lover’s thigh. The blond shuddered a bit, their heart fluttering madly at the feeling of the hand gliding up and down their leg sensually.

“It was my aunt that lives down in Southern Japan. She and my uncle are taking care of my sisters. She was calling to tell me that they were safe and taken care of and to check up on me. She took it really well when I accidentally came out to her. It’s kind of a wonder that she and my father are related in any shape or form,” they rambled. They grabbed their boyfriend’s hand after a moment, threading their fingers together so that the blond could avoid becoming aroused.

“That’s wonderful baby,” he cooed as he moved to sit up on the bed. He leaned forward, pulling his lover in for an adoring kiss. He knew that the other wasn’t in the mood for anything sexual, so he kept the kisses sweet and short but still jammed full of love.

Denki complied, cuddling into their boyfriend and meeting the kisses with just as much care of compassion. They loved doing this, getting to spend all of this time with their boyfriend. They got to spend a lot of time together around their classmates as well, which always made them feel free from the chains that they had had to wear before.

They pull back from the last chain of kisses and rest their forehead on their boyfriend’s. The couple stayed like that for as long as they could before a pounding knocking sounds on the door. Denki groaned with a roll of their eyes before they walked over to the door. The knocking sound only stopped when they actually opened the door, showing their bright pink friend.

“Dinner time!” she sang, grabbing hold of his wrist and pulling him out of his bedroom. On the bed, Hanta laughed loudly before he got up and followed after the two of them. The lanky teen quickly caught up to the duo and grabbed his boyfriend’s hand, threading their fingers together like they had become so accustomed to doing. The trio fell into their normal places around the dinner table.

Mina went over and sat down by her girlfriend and her boyfriends, bubbly and happy as ever as she chatted with them. Denki and Hanta both sat down at the end of the table, sitting next to Katsuki and Eijirou. The blond looked over at their childhood friend, shooting her a certain look as she leaned over on her girlfriend. The purple-haired girl responded by sticking her tongue out at her friend childishly.

Lunch Rush and Satou quickly got to work with laying the food out in front of the hungry teenagers as they always did when it came to dinner time. The group of students had taken to eating with each other every evening to get to know each other better.

The students quickly fell into their normal patterns of conversation, each of them talking over each other about nothing important. Denki grinned widely as he finished his food, looking over all of his friends that he had made in the past year. He had come so far since the beginning of the year. He knew that he had another while to go, but this was the ending of a chapter that left him more prepared for the rest of his life and left him in a safer environment to live that new chapter through.