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Uncharted Territory: A Collection of Bravoman Shipping One-shots

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They were rivals, and nothing more.

Just the way Anti-Bravomwn always wanted.

That's why he found a blush creeping onto his face every time Bravoman said something nice to him. Every time his presence was even acknowledged. Thank goodness for a scarf that let him hide his true feelings. He was just… embarrassed that Bravoman would ever compliment a rival. Yes.


Embarrassment was his goal the night he took hold of Bravomans’ hand when he was invited over. So he could embarrass the hero back - not that it worked with how oblivious the hero was about how he felt.

Yes. Embarrassment was his only thought in mind, and not how nice it was to hold hands with another human being. And how nice it would be if Bravoman pulled him in for an embrace and held him close while they watched cartoon reruns. That was totally normal. 

Wasn't it?

They were rivals, but Anti-Bravoman was beginning to wonder if he wanted something more.